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Alpha   Delta  Pi     Eta  Chapter  at  the     University  of  Alabama


The Eta  Chapter  of  Alpha  Delta  Pi   was  founded  March  21,  1907,   making  it  the  second  oldest   women’s  sorority  at  the  University   of  Alabama.   Eta  was  the  1 st  active  chapter  in   the  state  of  Alabama,  and  the  7th   chapter  in  the  country.   In  2007,  Eta  Chapter  celebrated   100  years  of  sisterhood  with  its   active  members,  alumni,  and   international  officers.  

First. Forever.  Finest   Since  1851   Panhellenic     Preview  Weekend  

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Sisterhood “We  Live  for  Each  Other”    

Our motto  is  the   foundation  of  Alpha  Delta   Pi’s  sisterhood.  It  describes   the  close  bond  formed   between  each  ADPi  sister.   From  the  moment  our  new   Alphas  step  onto  our  lawn   on  Bid  Day,  they  are   welcomed  with  open  arms,   immediately  becoming   part  of  our  Alpha  Delta  Pi   family.  

Alpha Delta Pi  

First.  Forever.  Finest   Since  1851   Lorem  Ipsum   Panhellenic     Preview  Weekend     Eta  Chapter  at  the