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graduate work

Masters in Architecture II UCLA Architecture and Urban Design



In the city, on the move.. A story of emmigration Instructor : Natasha Sandmeier & Nathan Su UCLA Winter Quarter Entertainment Studio 3

PROJECT DURATION: Nov 2019 -Present (Ongoing) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of three Neha Oswal | Akshada Muley | Aishwarya Rajasekar SOFTWARE: Modelling : Cinema 4D Rendering : Cinema 4D + Octane Editing: After effects, Premeire Pro


The scene from movie exploring the exit of the plastic, which has bodily qualities and is trying to exit the city. The very concept of our FOREVER is now going to be OVER.

The project revolves around an overarching metanarrative based in the fabric of the city. The story looks at addressing the affluenza of the cities of today, but through an anthropomorphic perspective. Man’s own creation, plastic waste, is deemed to have an agency. In such a strange realm, this plastic waste starts to make a move to emigrate the city. It exhibits perplexing characteristics as it tries to make a move to exit the city.

Our film sees this as an opportunity to reframe our relationship with plastic; one that is currently driven by guilt and vilification, into one of empathy and responsible cohabitation. It attempts to shift our attitude towards plastic, a material made invisible through its banality. Instead, our story makes plastic viscerally and emotionally present in the city. Plastic here flocks together to challenge our world, on its way to building one of its own. 4



Pouring out


United in feat.

Anthropomorphism Anthropos

Means Humans

Anthropomorphism Morphe

Means Shape or form

thingness. alive. actions Anthropomorphic Representations Structure -Presence of shapes, volumes and mechanisms -Thing-ness of Human Body - Mimicry -Parts Universal to human bodies

Gesture -Action or expression -Imitating the human behaviour to convey -Non-verbal communication -Expressiveness of human body

Character -Immitates human relationships Traits, Roles and Functions -Describes a habit and social role -Relates to human experience

Aware -Simulation of human consciousness -Imitates the human capacity of thought and intentionality -Active participation with others

anthropomorphism . personhood building empathy and Pro- environmental Behaviour 6

Suffocation | Gesture

Despair | Character

Scare | Structure

Stills of the movie 7

Cathy “ The car�

Stubborness| Gesture


Frank : The plastic being Struggle to escape Plastic Monster

Surprise | Structure

Despair | Character

A united Feat

Suffocation | Gesture

A poor baby bag

Anxiety and Enigma| Gesture

Pouring out

Supporting one another Releasing the choke

Love, Care, Affection | Aware

Disgust | Gesture Stills from the movie




Stills from Movie



Stills from Movie


Stills from Movie

Our very own FOREVER is soon going to be OVER...


(Pic.)Perfect A narrative of LA Story

Instructor : Natasha Sandmeier & Nathan Su UCLA Fall Quarter Entertainment Studio 15

PROJECT DURATION: Sept 2019 -Nov2019 (5 Weeks) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of two Neha Oswal & Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Modelling : Cinema 4D Rendering : Cinema 4D Compositing : Cinema 4D Live Action: Iphone 11 Pro Editing: After effects, Premeire Pro


Is “a picture worth 1,000 words?” Yes — if you have the right pictures. The scene from movie exploring the joy of clicking a perfect picture using this Augmented App which guides you through clicking some of the best picture at the most desired location. The app features some exclusive features like predictibility scales, Removal of distracting elements, getting the perfect captions and perfect hashtags etc.

As newbie’s to LA , we have been mesmerized by the city’s ambiguity. It is the best of both worlds, embracing the millennial culture, yet deep rooted in its primitives. The same city, which is home to a growing world which is perpetually inside a screen, is also so in love with its street art. But the best part about this cultural milieu is how this city is building its own world using its idiosyncrasies. These walls, so adorned, speak out to us !

We look at them as just backdrops, but they’re so much more than that today! Every piece is a world in itself! With such a hyper real influence to curate our social image in today’s world, the line between real and fiction which was once so crisp, now seems to be blurring out. This anecdote of the LA story talks about the questof today to achieve perfect picture to gain maximum likes on social media in this hyperreal world. 16


The power of the visualisation that is offered by technologies of today can be a instrumental way to look the these art pieces. The story sets out on the streets of Los Angeles, the mural capital of the world. These streets prove to be a great backdrop to navigate in this hyper real world. The augmented hyper real interface of the movie transports the viewer into this digital realm where a app guides the person the getting the perfect picture along with future predictions and perfect hashtags. Also these flat 2-D art works can be reimagined as 3-D worlds because each of them encompasses its own world and story.


Stills from the movie 19

Stills from the movie 20


From where we stand today it would be fascinating to step into a unique world which is formed by these flat murals that bridge the gap between real and unreal worlds. The scene from movie showing a mural turn into a 3-D space.


Visualising the 2-D space as 3-D space

Various attempts of projection Mapping techniques to achieve different spatial results.

Motiontracking the livefootage in Cinema 4D and superimposing the projection mapping of a single frame to seamlessly blend these together.


Various attempts of projection Mapping techniques to achieve different spatial results.

The simple 2-D mural as imagined in a bizarre weird spatial character. The character of the mural adds to the surprise created by turning of the 2-D space in to 3-D space.



The image created to symbolise the power of visualisation and the opportunities that a mural which has always been a part of the streetscape and the obsession we all have with the camera and how every individual looks at different aspect of the picture.



cohabitation: industry of human and marketplace Instructor : Nathan Su UCLA Winter Quarter Entertainment Technology Seminar 27

PROJECT DURATION: Jan 2020 - March 2020 PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of two Neha Oswal and Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Modelling : Cinema 4D Rendering : Cinema 4D Animation : Unreal Editing: After effects, Photoshop


Symbiosy, a cohabitation of industry of human and marketplace, a unique environment of long aisles and different workspaces together in this whole realm of industry of crowdscourcing accross the world

The ‘flattened’ nature of the current internet, navigated through hyperlinks compresses the notion of ‘journey’ into a split-second click. Without transitional spaces in between destinations, thresholds become pixel-thin. How can we rethink the navigation of information by reorganising it spatially? These conditions of internet and environmental metaphor are represented in form a concept art. The crowdsourcing of internet and supermarket if put

together, what lies in common is the Compartment, or the phenomena of compartmentalization. As a unit, we can look at crowdsourcing of labor in a compartmentalized manner. In this metaverse, the digital realm, an unending number of micro-tasks and their micro-worlds (essentially workplaces) can come together to build a macro world of multiple opportunities. 28

“ Symbiosy “ : Concept Art


Symbiosy, a unique supermarket, a collective of human services, an enormous bank of labor opportunities in a single wholesome world. This market has aisles, endlessly long and ever rising in height, because it keeps on adding new resources by every passing second. For every cell in an aisle looks different and it’s kind of hard to understand why two adjacent units are next to each other.

In this world there is day at one end of the horizon and night at the other. The world is defined by singular identities, workplaces of multiple natures, but at the same time are willing to get involved in a collaborative feat. Thus, it becomes a play, where one can customize the identity of their purpose based on micro-identities of the workforce involved.


Stills from the movie


Parcel Pending Room/ Mail Room

Amazon Parcel Delivery vehicle

Delivery vehicles

Stills from the movie


Micro-worls inside a macro world

Airbnb service Apartments

Bedrooms: Work from home



ARCHITECTURE These kit pieces created act as units that can be modules to multiple options. They can also be used for various purposes owing to size and scale. From smallest of the objects like lamps, to canopies and assembly of spaces, it goes on to huge objects like entire buildings. Thus, it tries to encompass various scales that architecture offers.


Stills from Animation - Lady Drinking Wine Stills from Animation - Wine statistics

Macromanias Traversing the life cycle of waste Instructor : David Iniesta UCLA Spring Quarter Technology Seminar 35

PROJECT DURATION: Mar 2020 - Jun 2020 (10 Weeks) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of two Neha Oswal & Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Modelling : Sketchup and Rhino Illustrartions: Adobe Illustrator Animations: Rhino + Bongo, After effects and Adobe Animate Editing and Compilation: Premeire Pro

Stills from Animation - All projects on one site

Stills from Animation - Bottle thrown and glass washed


Macro-mania is a delusion of the distance of objects being farther than they actually are. Waste coexists in our daily lives, from solid to fluid to digital waste. The projects looks to investigate daily activities as waste generating processes from the scale of a room to a city. The process also looks to highlight the contrast of waste to a commodity exposing the global - social - infrastructural impacts during the entire process.

Throwing waste starts as a local action. Right from the trash bin on our table. But it also encompasses multiple levels gradually as it makes its way from the household bin back same products end up in the same home through the process of recycling. Ironically, What is the waste that gets generated when making or streaming a video? What are the other virtual actions like online streaming and shopping, videos to the physical world. 36



Illustrated Poster - Showing the traversal of physical and Digital waste rom the home back to home at various multiple micro to macro scales.

on the rocks! sun,ocean and perfect vacation.. Instructor : Nathan Su UCLA Fall Quarter Entertainment Technology Seminar 39

PROJECT DURATION: Sept 2019 - Dec 2019 (10 Weeks) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of four Neha Oswal | Aishwarya Rajasekar | Alekya Malladi | Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Modelling : Maya and Cinema 4D Rendering : Substance Painter and cinema 4D Compositing : Cinema 4D Editing: After effects, Photoshop


In an age of fake news, when digital media often wield more The other side of social media is the “perception of perfection”.From fabulous foods to glamorous vacations, social media is filled with them. But the matter of fact is that it is only a part of the story. “On the Rocks” at Anacapa Island is a curated fiction created in order to assess the power of a fiction and its effects on related counterparts. The project aims to test a small-scale fiction across the

tourism industry and its intersection with social media. It later aims towards analyzing the far-fetched effects if such a fiction was replicated through multiple agencies. The project involves mastering the skills of creating fake images and social media content, creating pseudo environments and rendering them to seamlessly blend together. 40





In order to deliver and propogate the fiction, various social media platforms were used.


The fiction has been delivered through the medium of conversation on�WatsApp� among four girls who are planning the trip. These images are some stills from the video, highlighting how the generated content has been delievered and seamlesslessly blended with reality. The project is based on research related to tourism and social media industries, one of the most popular ones today. It dives into the impact of social media content and how it has achieved the power of making people believe fictional worlds. This short film shows how fake tourism makes its way through multiple social media platforms and can end up disrupting plans of a perfect vacation.




What lies infrot of us is a flattened 2-D worldful of seamlessly blended realities and fictions which are propogated through the use of social media or technology. Are we at the crossroads of where reality is a simulcra?


trans(re)form.surface Studio Mentor : Kaiho Yu UCLA Summer Studio Studio Seminar 49

PROJECT DURATION: Aug 2019 - Sept 2019 (6 Weeks) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of four Ali Hakami | Yueshi Min | Lecan Li | Akshada Muley SOFTWARE:Modelling : Rhino & Grasshopper Animation: Autodesk Maya AR & VR : Unity Video Editing: After effects, Premeire Pro Drawings: Illustrator and Indesign


Kitbashed and morphology of Sculpture

The project “Transfigure� started with no. of sculptures by comtemporary artists. In a team of 4 each one had their own sculpture which we remodelled precisely. These models were then fragmented depending on the nature of each scupture to give rise to the matrix of parts. These matrix of parts was kitbashed to create a kitbashed model. This kitbashed model was the base of the morphology. Morphologies were created by scale,rotation etc.

This morphology was then animated,rendered along with different colour strategy. A fabricated model of the same was built. AR and VR experiences were also designed for the same morphology. The project explores the different patterns on surfaces such as iso-curve, grid, contours and using the surface as an interactive element to analyse the relation between surface and solid geometries. 50

Jeff Koons Rabbit, 1986

Grant Aston: Consonance 2018

Louis Bourgeosis Maman, 1999

Nnenna Okare Rooted, 2017




Fragmentation Strategy and Matrix of Parts Deconstructing

Selected Morphology after kitbashing various parts from the matrix of parts from the fragementation of the sculpture.



Localisation Strategy

a. Original non-deformed surface


Surface 01 b. The surface is deformed in relation to the movement of the solid Surface 02

Side Legs

c. Point Library is generated from the surfaceand its contours to facilitate the deformation

Supporting memebers at the end of the legs

Main frame members of the sculpture Kit-Bashing strategy indicating the supporting members, connection between legs, attaching the ends of the legs,and integrating of surfaces and solids.

d. Each of these points on the contour lines are localised with 3-D geometries normal to the surface


Exploded View of the morphology showing the parts kitbashed together from various sculptures.

Jeff Koons: Rabbit

Louis Bourgeosis: Maman

Nnenna Okare: Rooted

Grant Aston: Consonance














Colour Strategy

Exploded View of the morphology showing the various fabrication strategies used in model making






Laser cut Acrylic and bend with heat gun





Laser cutting and Layering




3-D Printing


AR Experience App created with Unity: Detects the Physical Model and shows the model animation effect on it

Documenting the model with Robots and integrating various key elements of the project on the Robot Footage


AR Experience App created with Unity: Detects the model blended into the famous painting by Heironymus Bosch: The Gardens of earthy delights shows different texture on the paiting

VR Experience : First person view and third person view


data apocalypse Instructor : Leah Wulfmann UCLA Summer Studio Entertainment Tech Seminar 57

PROJECT DURATION: Aug 2019 - Sept 2019 (6 Weeks) PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of four Aishwarya Rajasekar | Neha Oswal | Alekya Malladi | Akshada Muley SOFTWARES: Photogrammetry: Agisoft Texturing : Z-Brush Rigging and Modelling: Autodesk Maya Game Engine: Unity


Game View of Post Apocalypse Data Centre.

Developing a character to be a guide through the layers of civilization in a game engine-driven desert island. A spin-off of the stranded on a desert island scenario, where we started to equip our digital avatars with tools, objects and garments for survival upon digital islands. A series of mutated anthropological sites, these primeval desert islands showcase the late stages of humanity and its many readymade byproducts.

A grand attempt to produce connection and meaning contingent on these found and recycled parts, our guides attempt to both embed themselves in and escape their digital sites. We conjure up embodied and alternative ways of being and surviving with our everyday tools and asset packs. We want to learn through memory and physicality, and so, we begin broadcasting. 58

The ultimate light guiding through the water and also help in identification of the teammate A massive keyboard symbolsing the data centre

Protective helmet

Protective glasses which are facilitated with scanning features which note all sources. A source of light to assist in the mission

A data transformer, Power pack of all collected data Information Collector belt. A series of C-D Holder Symbol of the group “The Mouse�

Alpha Channels embedded in body to provide illumination under water

Electric Disks around the boots

Boots for under water travel

L Character Design according to Mo-Cap Suit recording



“Data hunter” on the mission

The team is on a mission in a post-apocalyptic data center, abandoned by corporate conglomerates. These vigilantes come to harvest society’s last bits of data. They search amongst the water-drenched server racks for any documentation of society’s online history (from YouTube videos, memes, videos of wildfires continents away). The conglomerates no longer maintain and actively store our data, so these individuals piece together digital histories, swimming through the last server racks to access what was. The servers are still running, but just jumbled and half broken with half broken digital history that needs piercing together.

Techniques: Photogrammetry creating mesh from desnse point cloud using Agisoft. The mesh was then imported into Z-brush to texture and soften the body. It also involved using Photoshop to generate the UV Map of texture and edit it for the outfit of the character. This mesh is then imported into Maya to achieve Character Rigging and load all the objects modelled onto the body to finish the character design. Finally setting the scene in unity after creating the project assets and assinging the mo-cap suit animations to the character.


Scan for video


work samples

Tushar Desai Associates Homes and Such LLC HCP Design Planning and Management,Ahmedabad 62

dayaniketan Lead Architect: Tushar Desai and Chaula Trivedi Contributers: Akshada Muley Tushar Desai Associates SOFTWARE:

BIM : Archicad

Documents Produced: 1. GFC drawings 63

Building section


Reference 3-D view 64

Execution drawings



Elevation showing the shuttering pattern o


Plumbing location/sleeve locations for execution


Staircase Detail

The staircase design was a little critical since the design of the staircase was designed to encorporate the staircase in the most minimum space possible. Thus the staircase has n number of winders which made it critical to give GFC drawings in consideration of the finishing and edge detail of the staircase. Above is the plan of the staircase along with some of the views generated on sketchup for easier understanding of the staircase. 69

Snaps from the Archicad model of the building

The entire project from the conceptual stage to execution drawings have been entirely done on ARCHICAD. I was involved in the execution drawings. I singlehandedly managed the project. I was continously involved in Client meetings, consultant meeting and site supervisors. It enhanced my skill of looking at the entire project. I was actively involved in the interior design

plans. The building projects many difficulties since it is an exposed concrete building. It has extensive cordination with all the consultants like the Plumbing, electrical as well as the HVAC consultant. This project elevates my skill to create an wholistic approach to any building and keeping in mind these all parameters which help us deliver a succcessful project. 70

Green Acres Academy Chembur, Mumbai


Lead Architect: Tushar Desai and Chaula Trivedi Contributers: Yash Chudiwal and Akshada Muley Tushar Desai Associates

2. GFC drawings for staircase and terrace. ranging from smoke vent details to duct closure details, flooring, plumbing routing , Finishing drawingsetc.


Drafting: Autocad

Documents Produced: 1. Concept video and Presentation


Rendered 3-D view

The school building explores the possibilities of developing a new typology that could create the feel of horizontal expansion into a vertical design. The Floor plate divided into 3 blocks,Two End blocks at one level and central area at a split level created Double height voids which were provided in South to capture wind. Internal staircase conceived as a hub for interaction. Creating elements and opportunities to physically bring students / faculty together

– a very critical requirement in todays digital environment. I was involved in research about the school and survey after occupation. The building is constructed in 3 phases. I was involved in the last phase in the construction drawings of the terrace and staircase. I also created a video for the office education portfolio showing the strategy of design development. These were always accompanied with multiple visits to the site. 72

Conceptual Drawings prepared for various puposes and meetings

Building Section

Building Section : Colour scheme 73

Light Sheves and Chajjas Fabricated hollow Aluminium Box

GFC Drawings for the internal staircase

As built Rendered View


Plumbing routigng modified as per the design aesthetics for the terrace of the school 75


Terrace level door details 77


Option 01

Residential JVPD

SOFTWARE: BIM : Archicad

Lead Architect: Tushar Desai, Chaula Trivedi

Concept Presentation for the client as an VR experience using the BIMX and Cardboard.

Contributers: Supriya Ukidave, Akshada Muley Tushar Desai Associates 79

Documents Produced:

Option 02


Concept Views generated on Archicad . Concept design created using zones

The location of the site was in a densely populated area of JVPD, which earlier was meant to be low rise bungalow area now turning into one of the most premium area of Mumbai. As the land prices are soaring high and transferrable FSI, this kind of a project demanded a high rise residential development. A part of the project was to analyse the regulaations in the area as it falls under the airport funnel and also understanding the building bylaws in the area.

Concept exploration was tried using the zones, which enable in creating massing strategies for evolvement of form and these same zones can be used as a basis for developing the walls. We presented the client an experience in real time which enabled us to grab the project. The two options are designed for different requirements and spatial arrangements. 80

Option 01

Parking + Lobby

Floor Plan

Floor Plan - Typical

Cut view of the Typical Floor Plan


Option 02

Parking + Lobby

Floor Plan

Floor Plan - Typical

Cut view of the Typical Floor Plan


Home Office

SOFTWARE: Photoshop + Morpholio

Lead Designer: Jyoti Ghugale | Homes and such

Concept Presentation for the client in form of Mood board.

Contributers: Akshada Muley 83

Documents Produced:

*This work is copyright with Homes and such LLC. It cannot be copied without the permission of the owner.*

A contemporary take on home office inspired by wellness and soothing aesthetic. Work from home has become a way of life now. Here’s a moodboard for the columbus e-design client, who’s wish was a home-office that is not only modern & chic but has a zen-like vibe.focusing on wellness and wellbeing!

A VLUV active sitting ball (must-have!) in earthy leather perfectly compliments the wood, brass and white marble textures of the office desk from Rove Concepts, with the functional yet edgy Arne Jacobson desk lamp and low maintenance greens and fun Caomaru balls. This work is done as a part of the Internship at Homes and Such LLC. 84

Family Great Room

SOFTWARE: Photoshop + Morpholio

Lead Designer: Jyoti Ghugale | Homes and such

Concept Presentation for the client in form of Mood board.

Contributers: Akshada Muley 85

Documents Produced:

*This work is copyright with Homes and such LLC. It cannot be copied without the permission of the owner.*

A contemporary chic family room with all the soothing and comforting colors and a very homely vibe. The room poses with blast of colors and elements like shag rug bring in warmth. This work is done as a part of the Internship at Homes and Such LLC. 86





Dining Buffet

1" 2'-22

1" 3'-32 1'-9"

1" 4'-42


Chair Chair




1" 3'-22 Chair

Dining table


1" 3'-22



Chair Chair

1" 4'-02 1'-8" *This work is copyright with Homes and such LLC. It cannot be copied without the permission of the owner.*


Dining Room


Lead Designer: Jyoti Ghugale | Homes and such

Drawings like plan + elevation for reference and execution.

Contributers: Akshada Muley 87

Documents Produced:


14'-9" 12'


1" 2'-112

2'-6" *This work is copyright with Homes and such LLC. It cannot be copied without the permission of the owner.*

A french inspired classic yet modern dining room for client based in California. This work is done as a part of the Internship at Homes and Such LLC. 88

*This work is copyright with Homes and such LLC. It cannot be copied without the permission of the owner.*


A french inspired classic yet modern dining room for client based in California. This work is done as a part of the Internship at Homes and Such LLC. 90

Ahmedabad university gate Lead Architect : Kahan Vyas Internship HCP Design,Planning and Management 91


Drafting: AutoCad

Documents produced: Working drawings for the execution : ranging from Setting out plan, Toilet details, Shuttering drawings, Exterior development drawings, Gate fabrication details etc.


Reference rendered view

Out of the total land of 250 acres available for development of Ahmedabad University, in phase 1, about 70 acres have been earmarked for intensive development for academic buildings and student amenities. This phase will house ten Schools and Centers over the next decade. HCP Design and Project Management Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad are Master Planners for Ahmedabad University.

The Central Campus comprises of various institutional and administration buildings along with Performing Art Centre and Student Activity Centre. I was involved in the Working drawings and details for the entrance gate of this campus which made me understand smaller details of a project. I worked on various details from Electrical drawings, Flooring layout to external development of this project. 92


Stone Cladding Details on the facade of the building



Exterior development GFC drawing



undergraduate work

Bachelors in Architecture

Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Mumbai


early intervention centre Mentor : Parul Kumtha

Sir J.J. COA 5th year B Arch Design Dissertation 99

PROJECT DURATION: Nov 2017 - Apr 2018 (6 months) SOFTWARE: Drafting: AutoCAD Modelling : Sketchup Rendering : Skeychup + Vray Editing: Photoshop + Illustator


View of internal courtyard in the building

With an annual birth cohort of almost 27 million per year, India is expected to have the largest number of infants born with birth defects. Developmental impairment is a widespread problem in children health that occurs in approximately 10% of the childhood population. At this point of time when India is advancing the public healthcare system in the country under the various schemes Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK), the Early Intervention

Centre targets the children with special needs. “A trans-disciplinary center to provide the correct positive environment for a program of early intervention services, special education and stimulus in the form of visual perception of form and space with provision of various therapies multi sensory learning, Neurodevelopmental, Psychoeducational Assessment and Interventional Services to children to optimize their development.� 100

Master Plan of the early intervention centre, Auranagabad, India


Site Section



Rendered 3-D Views



Axonometric view of the breakdown of the roof

Fixing the roof members to the super structure

Drainage provision in the members of the roof

The crosssection design of the members of the roof

105 Section through the building and garden


3-D rendered views

Section through the sensory garden


Elevation of the window of the super structure The design caters to the height of the children.

3-D Cut section 107

End wall section

Exploded view of end wall section End wall section


Aerial view of the project 109


The view showing the station behind and the activties near the station.

charni road - Khotachiwadi designing spaces for social engagement Mentor : Mustansir Dalvi Sir J.J. C.O.A 5th year B Arch Architectural Design Studio 111

PROJECT DURATION: Jun 2017 - Oct 2017 PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of five Ashish Dandekar| Sejal Bamb| Ishwari Deshmukh| Aakanksha Hule | Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Drafting : Autocad Rendering : Sketchup + Vray Modelling : Sketchup Editing: Photoshop + Illustator


One of the most prestine areas of south Bombay the area has been one of the most culturally diverse area and commercial hub.Charni Road is one of the prominent station on the Western Line in Mumbai which is famous of the Girgaon Chowpaty Taraporewala aquarium etc. Khotachiwadi is a low rise high density heritage settlement and was established by a small community of east indians. The Khotachiwadi area is dclared as a heriatge precint.

The reason to chose a transit location and end point which has a historical as well heritage value was to draw people towards Khotachiwadi by creating an experience of Khotachiwadi by using various elements in a modern way to enhance the user experience. The idea was to blend with the immediate surrounding and not create something very bold. journey started with mapping the area and then designing interventions upon the observations from mapping. 112

Mapping the area: Charni Road station to Khotachiwadi

Plan indicating the vehicular movement and traffic congestion on the road

Plan indicating the street furniture

Plan indicating the land use of the building and first floor usage


Plan indicating theactivity between 05:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Plan indicating theactivity between 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Plan indicating theactivity between 6:30 am to 8:30 am


Plan of the Hinduja College Lane

Design of temporary hawker spaces during the day and night


The multi-functionality of the space How the same space can be used different local festivals and during the weekend carnivals

Garba festival

Ganpati festival

College Fest

Sunday Happy streets/ Farmer market

3-D rendered views


The design of the hawker unit during the day and night

3-D rendered views


The section showing the shopfront design and signage details

The street section showing the signage regulations designed for the street


The plan of the plaza created due the building setback


The section of the columns used for roof support on the plaza, the style of the roof is indo portugese.

3-D rendered view


Demarcating the road

Locating volumes

Pedestrian Circulation

Following the contours

Connecting the levels

Vehicular Circulation

Site Plan

Final Design

orange smart city Gate complex design competition

Competition entry: Won a prize of 25000 INR Sir J.J. C.O.A. Fourth year B Arch Competition 121

PROJECT DURATION: Jul 2016 - oct 2016 PEOPLE INVOLVED: Team of five Ashish Dandekar | Ishwari Deshmukh | Aakanksha Hule | Sukhraj Sehgal | Akshada Muley SOFTWARE: Modelling : Sketchup Rendering : Lumion Drafting: AutoCad Editing: Photoshop + Illustrator

03 3-D rendered views

Site 3-D model showing the placement of the orientation centre, guest house and the gate

Site Section

Total Site area is about 14 acres and a 24 m ROW has been designed to go inside the site. The project brief demanded the design of an orientation centre as the main feature of the entrance gate complex to the Orange Smart City. The approach involved defining the hierarchy of importance for the various structures built on site, on the basis of their functional aspect and aesthetic aspect.

The entrance gate structure consists of three catenary arches which together acts a good counter-weight to support the cabled bridge. All the functional spaces are located on the left side of the main arterial road. This avoids additional roundabouts and requirement of secondary roads. The planning of the orientation centre has been inspired by a ramp, which involves a single, continuous floor plate that negotiates levels. 122

mass housing

A housing project for airport authority colony Mentor : Parul Kumtha Sir J.J.C.O.A Fourth Year B Arch Architectural design Studio 123

PROJECT DURATION: Jun 2016- Oct 2016 SOFTWARE: Modelling :Sketchup Rendering : Lumion Drafting: AutoCAD Editing: Photoshop + Illustrator


The view of the building and the common garden area created

The project brief creating a mass housing for 3 categories of people that is class D & E which is upclass, B and C which is middle class and A class is lower middle class. The requirements were based on minimum area standards set by the building by laws. These staff members of the airport Authority get transferred every 3 years, which means that the same home is occupied by number of families. After an extensive research, the concept of �Grow House�

GROW HOUSE: A small home with big ideas, Flexible home which can be converted on the basis of the requirement of the family. Minimum walls in the house, a closed loop of similar dimension spaces which enable a person the create more rooms or customise their own house. The number of people in a family of different social class,hence movable walls enable the family to customise the number of rooms they want. 124

Alternative 01: D & E Type of housing

Alternative 02: D & E Type of housing



Alternative 01: B & C Type of housing

Alternative 02: B & C Type of housing



Alternative 01: A Type of housing

Alternative 02: A Type of housing




Master Plan of the housing

3-D rendered views


National institute of fashion technology Mentor : Manu Shetty Sir J.J. C.O.A. Third Year B Arch Architecture Design Studio 127

PROJECT DURATION: Nov 2015 - Mar 2016 SOFTWARE: Modelling : Sketchup Rendering : Lumion Drafting: Autocad Editing: Photoshop


The project brief is divided into 5 critical aspects: Administration area, auditorium, academic blocks, hostel blocks and amphitheatre. The site is naturally sloping terrain which determines the flow of activity in these critical parameters. The amphitheatre is fully equipped with a fashion ramp to facilitate the students. The classrooms and the labs have been integrated to form the integrated classroom modules which consists all spaces needed.

The striking elements of the design the “Library” which is called as the “Harmonic Convergence” which transforms the space with colour and sounds. It plays off giant space X bracing and it takes advantage of both interiors and exteriors. Smaller interpretations of the colours is found all around the campus. Colours are closely associated with fashion and these formal and informal spaces express through the medium of colour in these transitional spaces. 128

Master Plan of the institute

Site Section 129

3-D Rendered views 130

A k s h a d a

M u l e y

+1 (213) 285-6153 akshadamuley@g.ucla.edu

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Portfolio - Akshada Muley  

Selected Works 2013-2020.

Portfolio - Akshada Muley  

Selected Works 2013-2020.


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