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// Si NOTE All the longer articles in the Akrapovič magazine will include a text that will be marked with the // Si sign and placed in a special frame. The Akrapovič company is based in Slovenia and this is why we decided to keep this part of the text in Slovenian as well.

AKRAPOVIČ Akrapovič Lifestyle Magazine Issue 9, Autumn 2011 Akrapovič d.d. Malo Hudo 8 a SI-1295 Ivančna Gorica Slovenia

Printed in Slovenia in November 2011 in 15.000 copies. This magazine and its entire textual and pictorial content are subject to copyright. Any reproduction thereof without prior written consent of the copyright holder is prohibited. The articles contained herein do not necessarily correspond with the opinions of Akrapovič d.d., the publishers or the editors. Not for sale.

Publisher: Korpmedia d.o.o. Tomšičeva 1 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia ID No.: 2272237000 VAT No.: SI14601737

President: Miran Ališič Marketing and advertising manager: Mateja Kos Pregelj Printing: Florjančič Tisk d.o.o. Nad izviri 28 2204 Miklavž, Slovenia




Showtime Autumn. It’s showtime again and for us here at Akrapovič, this is an especially busy period. In September, we exhibited for the very first time at the IAA International Frankfurt Automotive Show in Germany. It’s a giant of a show for the big boys in the car world, where millions of euro, yen, pounds and dollars are spent on creating a buying mood for car buyers all across the globe. It was a milestone for us and we proudly exhibited our latest products, including the all-new exhaust systems for the BMW 1 M Coupe, Audi R8 and a range of other new and recent products. In fact, you could find Akrapovič on a number of stands and it was especially pleasing to use Frankfurt to announce our collaboration with ALPINA on the new B6 Bi-turbo car, where our Akrapovič titanium system is factory fitted - bringing extra power, less weight and enhanced sound to ALPINA customers. You can read more about this exciting project in this edition of our magazine.

our Passion For Speed exhibition, which you can also read about in this edition. But we also looked to the future with more new motorcycle exhaust models and a display of our new custom range for Harley Davidsons and also our Scooter products in the heart of scooter-mad Italy. Coupled with some iconic machinery from our twenty years and our new merchandising, the Akrapovič stand proved a must-see for racing and motorcycle fans and media the world over. And at the show we were delighted to reveal our new and limited availability Anniversary Edition Slip - Ons as part of our twenty-year celebrations. Look out for these collectors’ pieces early in the New Year.

The IAA was swiftly followed by the US show at Las Vegas, SEMA. Creating a unique display here is always a challenge so we decided this year to design and manufacture our displays locally in our factories in Slovenia. Six full exhaust systems suspended four metres off the ground seemingly hanging in the air amidst our very own carbon-fibre frames. A treat for the eyes! As was the Mercedes SLS AMG exhaust system, launched at the show and unveiled to the global media there.

Enjoy the magazine and for those of you with iPhones and iPads, you can now experience the world of Akrapovič with our new app which is now available through the App store free of charge!

Then it was time to pond hop back to Europe and to our heartland, at the Milan Show, EICMA. Motorcycles, of course. And close to home. Here we continued to celebrate our twenty years of racing success, following

Editor-in-chief: Gregor Šket Photo editor: Bor Dobrin Photo Assistant: Jernej Prelac Art directors: Neja Engelsberger, Saša Kerkoš

So, showtime and yes a little show business, but our real work is what we do everyday, designing and making the best exhaust systems for the world’s best cars and motorcycles. So let’s not get too carried away!

Neil Morley Marketing Director


Contributors: David Carradale, Alan Cathcart, Matevž Hribar, Primož Jurman, Neil Morley, Mitja Reven, Gregor Šket, Tina Torelli

Client Editor: Neil Morley

Contributing Photographers: Ray Archer, Bor Dobrin, Gregor Gulin, George Rye, Črt Slavec, Aleksander Štokelj

Lectorship: Michael Manske

Translation: Matjaž Horvat

On the cover: Yamaha YZF-R1 Anniversary Edition Slip-On. Available in limited numbers in early 2012. Photo by: Aleksander Štokelj, Studio 54

Akrapovic Named Best Brand Again 06

In 2011 the Akrapovič exhaust systems again thrilled the readers of various magazines, from Motorrad and PS Motorrad Magazin to sport auto, where they voted Akrapovič the best brand in the car exhaust systems category for the second year running. The Best Brand awards promise that the Akrapovič’s outstanding work will continue in the future and they reflect customer satisfaction with the company’s products.

The Grand Opening Together with a number of invited guests and in cooperation with the Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra, Akrapovič officially opened its exhibition Passion for Speed, which honors the company’s twenty passionate years infused with speed. To commemorate the company’s two successful decades, Akrapovič mounted a special exhibition of racing gems, from Edwards’ WSBK Honda dating back to the beginning of the millennium to Cairoli’s KTM and Lorenzo’s MotoGP Yamaha. At the grand opening Igor Akrapovič, his guests, and other speakers including Minister of Education and Sport Igor Lukšič remembered the company’s beginnings and growth. A number of Akrapovič partners and racers, including some world championship title winners, helped present the successful history of this excellent manufacturer of premium exhaust systems behind the scenes.

Twenty Year Anniversary Edition Slip-Ons Akrapovič celebrates its twentieth year at EICMA by announcing a limited run of Anniversary Edition Slip-Ons. These new silencers will be available early 2012 and are produced for the following bikes: Honda CBR 1000RR, Kawasaki ZX10-R, Yamaha YZF-R1 and Suzuki GSX-R 1000. The silencers feature a unique finish incorporating ceramic nano coating of 5-10 microns. They look amazing with a deep zinc coloured lustre and feature a unique Akrapovič logo with Anniversary Edition text. Product benefits include – exclusivity, design, scratch resistant, anti finger printing properties, anti-oxidation, long life, easy to clean and fit and of course the normal Akrapovič traits of performance and a deep resonant sound.

Akrapovic Morsus Windows 7 Theme After a very successful Windows 7 theme downloaded by several million users, Akrapovič has prepared another one. Windows 7 users can now download the Morsus Theme at and this two-wheel vision of perfection made of titanium, stainless steel, and carbon fiber will now accompany you everywhere your laptop goes. The Morsus is a born winner, which is also confirmed by its persuasive victories at custom shows all over the globe.

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Akrapovi] News

Akrapovic Winning In addition to a number of motorcycle victories in Enduro and Motocross to MotoGP, WSBK, and other series, Akrapovič has also stood on the podium in car races in 2011. In addition to another victory at the 24 Hour-Nürburgring race by the Manthey Racing team, the Akrapovič a-workx team also won the ADAC GT Masters race at the EuroSpeedway in Lausitz. The young racers Sebastian Asch and Michael Ammermüller were uncatchable in their Porsche GT3 R.

Presentations, Presentations ... 2011 has been very active for Akrapovič because there has been no lack of events, salons, and exhibitions for the manufacturer of motorcycle and performance car exhaust systems to present its range of products. In the summer, the company participated in the famous Festival of Speed in Goodwood. Akrapovič used this world’s greatest car-culture event for the world premiere of its Abarth 500 system. This was also the year when Akrapovič first appeared at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, where it launched the new exhaust systems for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, Audi R8, and Lamborghini Gallardo. There was also a lot of talk about Akrapovič in other production halls, especially the German ALPINA. The manufacturer of luxury cars presented its BMW ALPINA B6 Bi-Turbo to the world featuring a titanium Akrapovič exhaust system fit as a factory standard.


The Red M1 In 2011, the Yamaha racing division is celebrating a venerable fiftieth anniversary. To mark its fiftieth birthday, the Akrapovič MotoGP partner outfitted world champion Jorge Lorenzo’s and Ben Spies’ YZR-M1 race bikes in red and white livery. An Akrapovič exhaust system seems like the perfect accent on the YZR-M1 WGP 50th Anniversary bike.

Rakela Pays a Visit to Akrapovic In summer 2011, the world-renowned traveler Željan Rakela was on an adventure tour in the U.S. With his wife Ivana and a BMW R 1200 GS, which has racked up over 200,000 kilometers by now, he also stopped by the Akrapovič America subsidiary in Irvine. A few months later, when Željan was already back on the Old Continent, he also came to Slovenia and paid another visit to the Akrapovič factory. He was proud to reveal that the Akrapovič exhaust system on his motorcycle had over 100,000 kilometers on it and was still working flawlessly.

/ 08





by Gregor Šket photography Bor Dobrin

MICHEL NEVEN, 45, IS SALES DIRECTOR AT AKRAPOVIČ AND LIVES IN LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA. A CONFIRMED PETROL HEAD WITH A LOVE OF PERFORMANCE CARS AND MOTORCYCLES, MICHEL JOINED THE COMPANY IN LATE 2009. HE IS A BELGIAN NATIONAL WITH MANY YEARS OF INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AT YAMAHA EUROPE, WHERE HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL YAMAHA COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES ACROSS 17 COUNTRIES. Have you noticed any effects of the global economic crisis in your branch? To be honest, no. Our car activity is still in its early phase and the majority of the car systems we offer fit onto the types of cars whose (wealthy) owners are not really affected by the economic crisis. Akrapovič has the reputation of being one of the best moto exhaust systems on the planet. But it is also becoming an important player in the car world. What share of the total business is in car systems? Value-wise the share of the car business is growing at a very steep rate. Whereas last year the share represented a mere 13% of our total business, in 2012 we are already aiming at a share of 26%. Mind you, even our motorcycle business kept growing during the past 2 years, which makes this an even more amazing result. Before 2016, we want to equally match the business size of our motorcycle segment. Where do you see space for improvement? There are many areas where we can still improve our car exhaust sales. First of all we are extending our base portfolio at a rate of about 8 new car systems per year. In addition to this,we are working hard to get a dedicated and global distribution network in place. Our recent successes within the car industry have also awakened the interest of certain car manufacturers. We have received plenty of requests for possible cooperation in the past months. Finally, we need to work on the level of brand recognition. We may be a big player in the motorcycle

exhaust industry, but in the car segment we are still a real newcomer. That’s also why we will put more emphasis on brand-building activities. Who are your main partners? Many of our business relationships with car manufacturers are covered by a non-disclosure agreement,so we are not allowed to use them as a public reference. Some of them I am allowed to mention, such as our several years of cooperation with Porsche or the very recently announced partnership with Alpina. For the latter, we not only supply a full titanium exhaust system but also some exterior carbon parts for their latest B6 model. The list of cars for which it is possible to get an Akrapovič exhaust system grows longer by the day. How many cars are on the list? Today,we cover about 27 car models but before the end of 2011 this will be 30 different models. By the end of 2012 you can expect at least 38 cars to be covered. Could you name a few of the most prestigious models? In the existing range, I would certainly point to the Ferrari 458, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8 V10 and Porsche 911 range. Very soon the Mercedes SLS AMG, Lamborghini Aventador and other exotics will be added. Akrapovič is a well established global brand. Are there any markets where you

would like to increase your share? Asia and especially China are presumably a big challenge? Since we started our after-market car business in 2008, we’ve been careful to build a stable global platform, and not to depend too much on local economies. So far we have succeeded in this goal very well and today we can say that the world is ours with an almost equally divided share of business on the 3 main continents, namely the USA, Europe and Asia. The fact is that China remains an important growth market, and we intend to keep it sharply in focus. What are the main goals for 2012? We have a strong tradition of proving that what we produce can withstand the most severe circumstances, whether it’s on two wheels or four, so we will stay loyal to that philosophy. Hence our ambition to step up to some of the highest levels of international car racing in 2012. As we speak, the agreements to make this happen are already under development. Besides this, we are also investing a lot in our internal processes both on the administrative as well as on the production side. We think this is a strict requirement to support stable and sustainable growth in the years to come. All of the above will not preclude us from remembering to have fun in what we are doing. We operate in an exciting world, with sports vehicles that are built to deliver the highest level of riding or driving pleasure. We see it as our calling to increase such experience even more.

We make magazines with passion!

Korpmedia d.o.o., TomĹĄiÄ?eva 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, tel: +386 1 620 96 00, fax: +386 1 426 96 01,

Moto Season 2011

Development With a Scent of

by MatevĹž Hribar photography Archer R., Buenos Dias, Suzuki Racing, BMW Motorrad France, Margini M. /

KTM Images, Yamaha Racing, Yamaha ParkinGo

Sometimes people ask how long it takes to develop an exhaust system for a rider. The answer is that it basically never ends. Apart from the work at the factory, it is racing itself that plays an enormous part in the development of any exhaust system which proudly displays the red scorpion. And our test riders do snatch a world champion title or two on the way.

Ken Roczen (MX2) and Antonio Cairoli (MX1)

10 / 13

Moto Season 2011




Martin Bauer (IDM)

Alvaro Bautista (MotoGP)

BMW Motorrad France (Endurance World Championship)

Marc Coma (Dakar 2011)

Jorge Lorenzo (MotoGP)

“We work for the riders and they work for us.” It is impossible for us to develop the best exhaust systems in any other way, as the motorcycle handling virtuosos present the best source of the type of information we desire. This is why employees of the Akrapovič ‘racing service’ spend only a few weekends at home during a season and this is why all our employees regularly watch races and cheer for ‘our’ boys. The boys whose bikes breathe through Akrapovič tubes. And there is quite a lot of them out there. The cover photo story is about winning in motocross. It was a pleasure to watch the successes of the KTM works team riders Antonio Cairoli and Ken Roczen, who won enough points to be crowned champions in their respective categories before the final race of the season. Cairoli won his fifth title at the Grand Prix of Europe in Germany’s Gaildorf (he took the podium in 2005 and 2007 in the MX2 category and beat everybody else in the past three years in the MX1 category), while the only 17-year old Roczen won his first laurels in the MX2 category. The teenager could not hold back the tears in front of the passionate home crowd: “It’s unbelievable for me. It’s my biggest moment ever. I went over the line and I could barely stand. I was crying and, seriously, this is the best feeling I’ve ever had. I’m really happy with how things have gone and with the team, so a big thanks to everyone.” The KTM team with Akrapovič’s exhausts also won the construc-

tor titles in MX1, MX2 and WMX categories. W for Woman. This year’s motocross world champion Stephanie Laier won five races and finished second six times. A gal and a half! The orange team can also boast another worthy title: Austria’s Martin Bauer proved in the International German Championship that his two-valve KTM RC8R can easily compete with its European and Japanese counterparts. He amassed 247 points in eight races, 43 more than the second-placed Michael Ranseder on a BMW. He proved he really does deserve the title in front of his home crowd at Salzburgring at the start of July. A day before the race he did not know whether he would be able to take part due to an arm injury, but with the assistance of his doctor and psychotherapist he showed up for both races and regained the top spot in the standings by finishing second and fourth. Every point counts! At the time of writing it is still unknown who will win the fiercely contested British Superbike Championship, as a total of six riders have the chance to catch the coveted title. The probability that one of ‘our’ boys will end up on top is quite large, as five of the top six use Akrapovič’s exhausts – Hopkins, Hill, Byrne, Laverty and Kiyonari. Let’s cheer them on! Also ongoing is the 13-race season of the superbike world championship. Before the final two races in France and Portugal, the Akrapovič boys occupy positions from two to six. The almost invincible Carlos Checa on his Ducati is tailed by Marco Me-

10 / 13

Moto Season 2011



Chaz Davies (World Supersport)

Antonio Cairoli (MX1) landri (Yamaha), last year’s champion Max Biaggi (who regrettably had to forego a total of four races after a fall on his Aprilia in the Nürburgring practice session), Melandri’s teammate Eugene Laverty and two Leons; Haslam (BMW) and Camier (Aprilia). The superbike category seems to suit Melandri, who crossed over from MotoGP – he has finished at the top of the podium three times this year. In the supersport category, Chaz Davies did the same five times with his Yamaha R6 and he came in second and third once to boot; enough to be in the top spot with a 35-point lead over his closest rival. Chaz, we are counting on you! 2011 was an important year for Akrapovič, as we began cooperating with the Yamaha works team in the king’s class of road motorcycles. Last year’s champion Jorge Lorenzo and the new arrival to MotoGP Ben Spies hold the second and fifth place respectively, but both have already proven that they can win races: Lorenzo in Jerez, Mugello and Misano, and Spies in Assen. But getting better in

every race and reducing the amount of mistakes is the third Akrapovič rider in the class – Alvaro Bautista with his Suzuki. He took an excellent sixth place in the Aragon Grand Prix, beating Hayden, Barbera, Crutchlow and Rossi! He can definitely be quick and has the fighting spirit – he is only lacking a bit of consistency. But an even more exorbitant about turn was executed by Marco Marquez in the Moto2 category. After a weak start to the season, he won six out of the last seven races and is currently only six points behind the leader Bradley Smith. The Moto2 championship is extremely interesting for Akrapovič, because all of the teams are forced to use the same engines. »The exhaust system is thus the only thing that can entice a hidden horse power or two from the four cylinders and allow the rider a more seamless acceleration out of the corner. The teams are beginning to realize that we excel in this area,” says Slavko Trstenjak, the head of sports exhausts development at Akrapovič, who is naturally holding his fingers crossed for a Moto2 overall victory. His years of experience, though, have taught him not to count his chickens before they hatch. “Until the rider crosses the finish line in the first spot, the championship is not over.” If Akrapovič’s development team mainly helps the riders to coax those precious kilowatts and Newtonmetres from their engines on the tarmac, the main problem in motocross is too many decibels. Yes, noise is the most disturbing element in categories such as motocross and enduro. These categories are also seeing the replacement of static noise measurements with dynamic ones. This means that the bikes not only have to meet the measurement instruments’ requirements, but are increasingly forced to accommodate the local population. The latter want less

noise, the riders want more power. Mission impossible? Not really. We can brag about the following victories in the off road category while meeting the required noise standards: the Dakar Rally in South America and the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (both won by Marc Coma on his 450 cc KTM); the extreme enduro race in Austria’s Erzberg (Tadeuzs Blazusiak was the first past the chequered flag for the fifth time on his KTM); the US and World Championship in indoor endurocross (Blazusiak again!); the extreme enduro Hell’s Gate race in Italy’s Tuscany (Graham Jarvis, Husaberg); and the famous sandy beach Le Touquet race (Steve Ramon, Suzuki). After a promising start, James Stewart (Yamaha) sadly did not manage to remain on top in the US supercross championship and finished fourth. We are still waiting for the end of the Enduro World Championship, where the second placed Eero Remes (KTM) from Finland in the E1 category and Spain’s Mario Roman in the junior category still have the chance to finish the season on top. We are also waiting with baited breath for the end of the endurance motorcycle season, which will finish on 12 November with an 8-hour race in Qatar. After the 24-hour race in Le Mans, the current leaders are the BMW Motorrad France 99 team sporting an Akrapovič exhaust on their BMW S 1000 RR. Also in the running for the gold are Yamaha France GMT 94 Ipone (currently fourth), Monster Yamaha YART (currently sixth) and Bolliger Team Switzerland in the seventh spot. We will count all of our champions when the last rider passes the chequered flag, but it seems that their numbers will be quite spectacular this year as well. Teams, we are proud of you!

Razvoj s pridihom zmagoslavja Včasih kdo vpraša, koliko časa traja razvoj izpušnega sistema za tega ali onega dirkača. Odgovor se glasi, da se pravzaprav nikoli ne konča. Poleg dela ekipe v tovarni predstavlja prav samo dirkanje ogromen delež razvoja kateregakoli izpušnega sistema, na katerem se ponosno razkazuje rdeč škorpijon. Mimo grede pa naši testni vozniki osvojijo še kak naslov svetovnega prvaka.

Moto Action / 5 minutes before the race

Text and photography by Primož Jurman

Álvaro Bautista “At the track, you are searching for the limit, on the road, the limit is searching for you.”

victory at the 2007 Italian Grand Prix at Mugello. He eventually finished the 2007 season in fourth place overall. That year he was “Rookie of the Year” for the 250cc class. He remained in that class for the 2009 season,

Álvaro Bautista made his debut in the international grand prix scene in 2002 and scored his first podium spot during his second full season in 2004. With eight wins in 2006, he won the 125cc World Championship. In

finishing in second place overall. Bautista moved up to MotoGP for the 2010 season, with the factory Suzuki Team for which he is single rider in 2011 as well.

2007 he competed in the 250cc class where he secured his first 250cc

Álvaro, you are former 125cc world champion. How do you feel now as a MotoGP rider, among the crème-de-la-crème of the world’s best riders?

After being World Champion in 125cc and fighting for the title in 250cc some years later, I’m now in the MotoGP. I’m still learning but doing my best and working to have a competitive bike. I still have a winning spirit and the desire – once you have that inside of you, as a rider, you never lose it. If you work, and if you have the desire, and you are patient, the results will come. In the beginning of the 2011 season you were injured - have you recovered?

Yes, I don’t feel anypain anymore; I can ride my bike normally.

If you compare MotoGO with 125 and 250 classes, what would be the biggest difference, when it comes to your feelings on the bikes?

Bikes are completely different. When you try a Mo-

toGP bike for the first time, it’s like “Wow, this thing

is flying!” Coming out of the corners you get this feeling that you’re taking off, like a plane. It’s fantastic! And it’s not just that - the rider’s grid in the MotoGP class is also full of the best riders on the planet.

What would you do with your life if you weren’t racing?

I’ve been racing practically all of my life. My bike is my life, so honestly speaking, I don’t know. I like the racing world. If I wasn’t a rider, then I’d probably be a mechanic or something like that. If you had the chance, who would you choose as a teammate?

Every rider wants to be better than his teammate, but I’d like to have a very competitive teammate, because you can compare yourself with him using the same bike. Who is your childhood hero?

When I was child I liked Michael Doohan very much, because of his dedication to the sport. After his injury, when he nearly lost his leg, he came back and won five world championships in a row. What would we find in your garage?

One car, one bike, a ping-pong table and a lot of tooling equipment.

What would be your favourite place in the world?

For sure the place I feel the most comfortable: my home. But when I want to disconnect myself from the rest of the world, I like Caribbean Islands. There

I can find a relaxing atmosphere, nobody knows me, I can do what I like…. You’re using AkrapoviË exhausts this season on your bike. What is your opinion of them?

I started using them last season and since then we haven’t had any problems with them. I’m really happy thatwe have them. What will be the next step in your career?

Definitely to move onwards: in the MotoGP class you have the top six riders and then everyone else. I want to be among those top six. What would be your advice to all the motorcyclists around the world?

I understand that fans on the roads are keen to ride like their idols at the track, but they should be aware that the road is not a track. They should also be aware that on Sunday, when they watch the race, the riders know every part of the track perfectly, since they were practising there before the race. On the road the situation is not the same; at the track, you are searching for the limit, on the road, the limit is searching for you. So they should go and have fun at the track!


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Moto Action

The range is modest in terms of the number of lines, but cutting edge in terms of design and quality. Months of benchmarking the best brands in fashion and also automotive collections and working with a leading Slovene designer seems to have paid off. Designed In Slovenia is a new kind of label to be worn with pride by those who appreciate the quality and effort that goes into every Akrapovič product. The project team included not only the best designers but also experts in sourcing, production and quality control. Key items in the range include, of course, the obligatory T-shirt, hoody and soft shell jackets – these are a must for any pit-lane die hard. But for the first time Akrapovič is also aiming at a more street style and also the female fans with a number of PURE POWER garments.


APPAREL It’s EICMA, the Milan Bike Show of November 2011 and for the first time, Akrapovič decides to release its new range of branded premium merchandise, available to buy at the show stand through its Italian distributor. In the spring 2012, the Akrapovič on-line store will be relaunched, so for now if you want to show your allegiance to the iconic exhaust brand then you have to either visit EICMA or contact your local dealer.

A number of the items are shown here for the first time, and we hear that more will be added in future.



6 4




12 3 5


9 13

1 2


Baseball hat

Women’s white Tshirt



Men’s soft shell jacket

Women’s Black Tshirt

4 5

8 9

Men’s hoodie

Men’s grey Tshirt







Polo Shirt


Cyber Cafe

by David Carradale

photography Bor Dobrin

The iPhone. The iConic handtool for the modern generation. Never be without it. Addictive, stylish and damn useful. Oh, and the app store, the ultimate candy store for baby boomers and the up and coming. There’s an app for this and an app for that. However, did we manage before Apple designed our lives 24/7? Hot news then from Akrapovič, who this autumn launched its first ever app. And, wait for it, it’s for their car exhausts. Motorcycles will apparently come next, sometime in 2012. We hope so because the motorcycle community needs an app as much as the car guys do.

16 / 17

Cyber Cafe

≤ 16


So what’s so special about the Akrapovič app? Here’s what I learned when I was allowed to play with it just before its launch. First impressions: well, I’ve never been one to swoon at gadgets, but it’s actually gorgeous. A real visual treat with some fantastic choices of materials and all beautifully put together. Technical. Addictive and so Akrapovič. First of all, the looks. For such a stylish brand, the Akrapovič app is full-on techno styling, nice finishes and functions. Great styling, nice buttons and so satisfying to use. The movements are almost sensual. But looks aren’t everything – how does it work? Will I be able to live without it? The app was developed in cooperation with a leading app development company, Yuza Mobile, based in London. “We have greatly enjoyed working alongside the Akrapovič team on their new iPhone and iPad app. Bringing the brand to life inside a mobile app set us new challenges in how we develop software, and we are very proud of the results. We hope you have as much fun with the app as you we did working on developing it,” said Richard Skaife , CEO and Co-Founder at Yuza.  We spoke to Akrapovič app project manager, Andrej Mihelič who explained the thinking behind the new car app and highlighted some of its special features. What did you set out to create with the Akrapovič app? There were many reasons for creating our own app. One is logical. We wanted to give our potential customers access to information including visual and sound content and of course to educate people about the advantages that an Akrapovič product offers. The app also directs interested buyers to their nearest dealer and enables more of a dialog with them going forward. What are the coolest features, the ones that set it apart? We wanted to offer something cool for any user, not just avid sports car drivers. With the app you can watch great videos and listen to the fantastic deep throaty sounds of our exhausts in use. Headphones or speakers are a must! And if users want to make their iPhone or iPad cooler, they can download some Akrapovič wallpapers, which feedback tells us are pretty cool. The big difference I guess though is how we approached the project at the outset. We didn’t want to create just another app. Having a standard user interface was out of the question. We wanted a fully customized interface with our design but with known iOS simplicity in use. All iPhone and iPad users are familiar with picker, it’s easy to use, simple to understand and looks nice. So we tried to keep the logic but changed how it looks so that it suited our needs. That goes for the whole app – we put a lot of thought into every button. Ulitmately, it’s the features that will set us apart.

It is, of course, very informative and the content is good – nice imagery, great video and sounds. You can see the speedometer and experience the sound at the same time. Our biggest challenge has been getting all the sounds recorded, so we will continue to add sounds all the time. Arguably the best feature is the virtual factory tour which will be available on the next update. Our factory is state of the art and many say it is a work of art itself – it’s not what people expect at all and it’s bursting with innovation, technology and skills. We have tried to represent this in a unique way – with some really interesting videos. How long did it take to develop? We started in March, following a business conference with our distributors, where we presented the concept. They seemed to like it as it gives them 24/7 product information and something our competitors generally don’t have. I have worked on it with the agency in London since then, nearly every day. I have been doing mobile for 8 years but we still needed to go back through all the basics and try and create something special which people will use and like. I’m told the app is ok for iPads too? Yes, the iPad app keeps all the iPhone functionality and presents it with a customized user interface for the bigger screen. It also manages landscape or

portrait configuration. And what about updates? Well we launch around 6-8 new car systems a year, which means regular product, video and sound updates and we haven’t ruled out any new functionality either. What’s next for Akrapovič in the world of apps? Right now we’re developing some interesting ideas for our motorcycle app. We hope to create that and release it in 2012. It’s a big project because our range of exhausts is extensive and we want the app to be very intuitive. We also know we have to offer more mobile communications and include products for Android and Windows phones and we have to start working on our next generation website – so the next 12 to 18 months is an exciting time for the team here. You can check out the Akrapovič app by visiting the App Store.

Car Action

More and More Latest products: Car systems by Mitja Reven photography Aleksander Štokelj

There’s a long list of cars clambering to have an AkrapoviC exhaust system. But three or four months of development, a whole lot of testing, and perfect production, mean that not everyone’s wishes can be fulfilled. Quality comes before quantity.

18 / 19

Car Action


At the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, Akrapovič presented a series of brand-new exhaust systems for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé with an inline six-cylinder engine, the Audi R8 with a ten-cylinder engine, and the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Slovenian manufacturer of premium exhaust systems also announced the release of new exhaust systems for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche 911 (991), and BMW M5 in the coming months. This means the winter/spring of 2011/2012 will be at least as exciting as the fall of 2011. The exhaust systems for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé are probably the most-awaited innovation of 2011. But how could it be any different, given that the official MotoGP safety car has been teasing all

pipes, the entire exhaust system for the BMW 1M is made of a special titanium alloy that is resistant to high temperatures. The basic Slip-On boasts an EC Type approved certificate. The Evolution System includes the Slip-On and then adds titanium link pipes to it with resonators that run from the stock downpipe back. These link pipes feature largerthan-stock-diameter tubing and cast titanium flanges that are made at our in-house foundry for a perfect fit. In addition, the secondary catalysts are removed, further decreasing backpressure and weight, while at the same time deepening the exhaust tone and increasing power output. In fall 2011, Akrapovič also started producing exhaust systems for the Italian car icon, the Lamborghini. The Slip-On exhaust system provides the potent Gallardo with around 15 additional horsepower and 28 Nm of torque and, to top it off, replacing the exhaust with an Akrapovič version means the rear loses around 17 kg. This also translates to improved handling, because the powerful rear-mounted ten-cylinder engine increases the car’s weight in the back. The advantages the Akrapovič systems offers the Gallardo can be summed up as: lower weight, more power, and an unbelievable change in engine sound. Akrapovič gives the Gallardo a new soul and, thanks to the increased horsepower and an even

Audi R8 auto sport fans with its wonderful sporty sound and beautiful carbon-fibre tail pipes since this spring. Akrapovič is offering several exhaust system versions for the BMW, from the basic Slip-On model with a rear muffler to the Evolution model with optional down pipes. To top it off, Akrapovič is also offering a wireless kit for operating the exhaust valves, which drivers can use to adjust the volume of their exhaust system at the simple push of a button. With a complete Evolution system upgraded with the Akrapovič down pipes, engine tuning is obligatory, and so this exhaust system’s only meant for those that plan to race on the track in a BMW-M and turn their Coupé into a race machine. This configuration features a really sporty, purely racecar-level sound, which, coupled with the agility and fun of the BMW Coupé, is reason enough for you to only leave the racetrack when you run out of fuel and tires. All Akrapovič exhaust system versions for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé can be fitted with carbon fibre or titanium tail pipes, which are larger in diameter than the stock pipes, so even from a distance, a 1M sporting them stands out as something special. Except for the stainless-steel down


BMW 1M better sound, drivers will have the feeling they’re driving a racing-class Gallardo. As always, the Gallardo exhaust system is the result of several months of work in a real and virtual 3D-environment. A large number of versions were tested before the optimized system finally hit the stores; it’s made of lightweight durable titanium, just like the housings and butterfly valves for the bi-mode system, cast in the Akrapovič in-house foundry. All Akrapovič systems can be easily mounted onto factory-made points and parts of the exhaust system, and the one for Gallardo is no exception. The optional

Lamborghini Gallardo Wireless Kit control for the exhaust valves additionally contributes to a virtual symphony emanating from the large displacement V10. The crowning touch to all of this is a beautiful set of “dry carbon fibre” exhaust outlets featuring vented titanium inner sleeves. Carbon fiber components are designed and manufactured by our on-site production facility. They are vacuum-bagged and autoclaved to create a part that’s both striking and incredibly durable. Akrapovič also developed a very similar system for the Audi R8, with two carbon fibre tail pipes, a specialized muffler shape, and computer-designed inlets/outlets. This system provides gains similar to the Gallardo system: 14 additional horsepower, 15 Nm of torque, and 16 kilograms less weight in the back. In seeking an optimal sound, the Akrapovič engineers used a pair of resonators and the results are so impressive that you’ll simply want to have an Akrapovič if you own an R8 5.2 FSI—preferably with the optional Wireless Kit, which includes an active in-car control unit, so the driver can override the valves and open them fully at any time. This offers racecar-level sound from idle to redline. And when we say “racecar-level sound,” we really mean it. The Slip-On exhaust system completely changes the sound of the ten-cylinder R8. Perhaps a little muffled to begin with, with Akrapovič, it turns into a true racecar-level sound. The Audi R8 with an Akrapovič exhaust system is a perfect platform for further tuning the car.

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Car Tips

Car Tips

Ca r e x h au s t sys t e m s : Ta i l p i p e s A mark of prestige by Mitja Reven photography Aleksander Štokelj The visible part of the exhaust system sticking out from under the rear bumper is called the tail pipe or exhaust tip. Depending on the model, an exhaust system can have one to four tail pipes. Akrapovič exhaust systems usually have two or four, with certain special exceptions such as the Ferrari 458 Italia, which sports three tail pipes. The exhaust systems made by this Slovenian manufacturer are famous for their exceptional design, and Internet forums often comment that they’re too beautiful to be hidden underneath the car and should be displayed on the wall instead. This is another reason why Akrapovič’s eye for quality is all the more demanding when it comes to the only visible part of the car exhaust system. Only outstandingly designed products make it to the stores. Akrapovič’s determination to design a perfect product originates from its initial line of business: developing and producing motorcycle exhaust systems. With motorcycles, you can

practically see the entire exhaust system, which is also part of the motorcycle’s aesthetic value. Akrapovič’s engineers and designers feel the same way about car exhaust systems, which can end with titanium or carbon fibre tail pipes. As a rule, the tail pipes of Akrapovič exhaust systems are larger in diameter than the stock exhausts, and even when admiring the rear of the car from afar, one can see that this is something different and sportier. Titanium tail pipes are made from a proprietary titanium alloy. This alloy is considerably more expensive and difficult to form than the more common commercial alloys; it ensures a product that’s substantially more durable, dimensionally stable, and heat resistant. During a high-performance sports ride, the high-exhaust gas temperatures turn the titanium tail pipes a characteristic blue color, and looking into the blue interior of these tail pipes is close to magical. Titanium tail pipes can be polished, sand-


blasted, and given a special coating to protect them against scratches. As a rule they sport the Akrapovič logo—just in case anyone’s not sure what’s sticking out from under the rear bumper. Because of their wide application in auto sports, carbon fibres remind us of fast race cars. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to choose between the titanium and carbon fiber, and the decision is influenced by the car owner’s personal preferences, the color of the car, and a number of other factors. All Akrapovič carbon-fibre tail pipes are designed and produced in-house. The components are vacuum-bagged and autoclaved to create a part that’s not only striking but also incredibly durable. The exhaust systems and tail pipes have also been tested on the BMW MotoGP M-cars. The internal perforation of the BMW M3 carbon fiber tail pipes is not only attractive to look at (especially when they turn blue), but also contributes to shaping the sound. The tail pipes also vary in shape, from the classic round ones seen on the Mini John Cooper Works and Ferrari 458 Italia, to more unusual shapes such as the one in the magnificent Porsche 911 Turbo, which are practically inserts in the bumper. Before the final decision on the tail pipes is made, the Akrapovič staff creates various shapes and sizes of tail pipes in their 3D-computer environment and then print them using a 3D-printer, install them on your car, and analyze which tail pipes would be the best. There’s a lot of testing, especially on carbon fibre tail pipes, which are made with various binding elements and coatings. The tail pipes that stand out the most in the wide range of Akrapovič exhaust system tail pipes are those pro-

Znamenje prestiža Izpušni sistemi segajo tudi krepko čez štiri metre, očem pa je vidnih le nekaj centimetrov. Tu pride do izraza pozornost do detajlov. Vidnemu delu izpušnega sistema, ki se očem kaže pod zadnjim odbijačem, pravimo zaključki izpušnega sistema. Odvisno od različice ima lahko izpušni sistem od enega izhoda do štirih. Akrapovičevi izpušni sistemi imajo običajno dva ali

duced for the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG, which are cast in Akrapovič’s state-of-the-art foundry. Akrapovič provides exclusively aftermarket tail pipes for some cars, such as the MINI Cooper S and the BMW X6. With some you can even choose between four versions of tail pipes, which is the case with both exhaust systems for the Chevrolet Corvette: either the titanium or carbon fibre ones, with a 115 or 125 mm diameter. The decision is really hard to make, but the investment pays off quickly in the form of a personalized car communicating to others that it’s got a lightweight exhaust system that yields more horsepower and torque to the engine.


štiri izhode, izjeme kot so trije pri Ferrariju 458 Italia, pa tudi obstajajo. Izpušni sistemi slovenskega proizvajalca slovijo po izjemni izdelavi, na internetnih forumih je mnogokrat opaziti komentarje, da je izpušnih sistemov škoda za pod avtomobilov trebuh, bolje bi jih bilo razstaviti na steni. Tudi zato so oči kakovosti pri Akrapoviču še toliko bolj zahtevne, ko gre za edini viden del izpušnega sistema za avtomobile.

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In the City

In the City

Akrapovič. Scooters. >>

Young. Urban. Cool.

by David Carradale photography Bor Dobrin

Scooters. Young. Urban. C o o l . Stylish. Purposeful. The guys and girls on these two-wheel machines are going places, maybe they are tomorrow’s leaders. And they’re most likely to be tomorrow’s motorcycle riders. Ah, now I see. Clever.


It was probably an unexpected move. From the Race Track to the Champs Élysées and the streets of Milan. But Akrapovič is nothing if not a pioneer, willing to move with the times and seek new challenges.


450,000 Scooters were sold in the Eurozone and US in 2010. Not to mention the emerging markets of Asia and the Southern Hempishere. Millions. But Akrapovič is not, and never will be, a mass producer. And never wants to be. Exclusive. Exquisite and powerful, top notch. So scooters may be the rational transportation choice for the younger generation seeking affordable mobility but Akrapovič…mmm. So where to start? If you are the best at what you do then you start with the best scooters, those with the power and the panache, those made by the best brands. That means the Yamaha T-Max, of course, and the Vespa GTS and GTV’s with all theresonant cool heritage from the days of Brighton Rock and beyond. But also the best selling models from Aprilia, Honda and Piaggio. For many readers who haven’t ridden a scooter recently, you should go try one. They can be a hoot! Around town there’s

arguably no better way to travel. Sunny day, open helmet, pretty girl, café. Okay, maybe a cliché, but just hang out in European cities and you’ll see what we mean. Probably has to be the Vespa for authenticity, of course, and now it has to have Akrapovič pipes. Nice sound. More power. As for the other brands: we’d say start with the Yamaha. You see them whizzing around all day in the race area at the MotoGP. Pretty damn cool, especially with one of the GPriders on them. A friend of mine recently took a scooter around the race track at Portimao during WSB testing in February. He said he’d never experienced such an adrenaline rush, nor laughed as much. So maybe scooters aren’t so rational after all? Akrapovič. Scooters. Suddenly it makes sense.

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On the Track

On the Track

MotoGP Safety Car: The BMW 1 Series M Coupé

Ahead of Everyone by Mitja Reven photography BMW


It’s the only one racing in front of the MotoGP world stars themselves, who are constantly watching its carbon fiber tail pipes. One of the rare cars that all motorcycle enthusiasts look at with respect. Ladies and gentlemen, the official MotoGP Safety Car: the BMW 1 Series M Coupé.

True motorcycle enthusiasts usually don’t pay much attention to cars because they get their kicks riding on two wheels. But there are still some four-wheel performance machines that make every head turn at the MotoGP stands: the BMW M-cars, which began using Akrapovič exhaust systems at the start of the last season. When the Bavarian auto giant was working on this year’s official MotoGP safety car, the outstanding BMW 1 Series M Coupé, it expected the usual from the experts in Ivančna Gorica: an exhaust system that was light and loud. Wonderfully loud, of course. Akrapovič meets these kinds of demands on a daily basis and they tackled the 1 Series M Coupé safety car the same as any other project. With all the seriousness and determination to produce an exhaust system for the new M that would provide additional horsepower and torque to the already sufficiently powerful engine, a system that would be lighter and use its deep sporty sound to make Lorenzo, Spies, Bautista, Stoner, Rossi, and the other two-wheel aces marvel at its carbon fiber tail pipes. The titanium system with carbon fiber tail pipes is one of a kind, just like its “driver,” the BMW 1 Series M Coupé Safety Car. The safety car and its exhaust system have another thing in common: they’re the conceptual brothers of the following two stock products: The BMW 1 Series M Coupé, which has been on the market

Varnostni avtomobil MotoGP Safety BMW serije 1 M Coupé Edini, ki dirka pred samimi svetovnimi zvezdami MotoGP-ja in le te ves čas zrejo v njegove zaključke izpušnega sistema iz ogljikovih vlaken. Eden redkih avtomobilov, za katerim s spoštovanjem pogledujejo vsi ljubitelji motociklov. Dame in gospodje, uradni varnostni avtomobil MotoGP Safety BMW serije 1 M Coupé.

since this spring, and the Akrapovič Evolution exhaust system, which has been dazzling buyers of aftermarket exhaust systems since last fall. What makes the Safety Car different from the production 1 Series M Coupé? The 250-kW (340 HP) straight-six M TwinPower Turbo engine and the entire drivetrain were taken over unchanged from the production model. In the interests of optimizing weight, the BMW Safety Car comes with a carbon fiber-reinforced hood featuring additional large air vents, as well as polycarbonate side and rear windows. The exhaust system is different too. An adjustable rear wing provides the requisite downforce. On the Safety Car the aerodynamically honed front apron with its precisely defined air ducting, including air curtains, features an additional splitter integrated on the underside of the apron. Many differences can also be noticed in the interior, where you can sense a touch of uncompromising purism. No rear seats, a bolted rollover cage, two racing bucket seats with six-point safety belts, an M steering wheel in Alcantara, and a fire extinguisher—this is the Safety Car. The sports-tuned chassis, high-performance suspension technology, the brakes (six-piston fixed-caliper), and 19-inch mixed tires measuring 255/35 in the front and 285/30 in the rear of the BMW 1 Series M Coupé were specially adapted for the Safety Car.

Srčni ljubitelji motociklov običajno ne dajo dosti na avtomobile, saj svoj užitek najdejo v vožnji po dveh kolesih. Pa vendarle obstajajo štirikolesni športniki, za katerim s tribun dirk MotoGp-ja pogleda vsaka glava. Gre za BMW-jeve M avtomobile, ki so od začetka lanske sezone opremljeni z izpušnimi sistemi znamke Akrapovič. Ko je Bavarski gigant pripravljal uradni varnostni avtomobil MotoGp-ja letošnje sezone, gre za odličnega BMW-ja serije 1 M Coupé, so imeli od mojstrov iz Ivančne Gorice klasična pričakovanja: pripraviti izpušni sistem, ki bo lahek in glasen. Seveda čudovito glasen.



Akrapovic Celebrates its 20-Year Anniversary with a Unique Exhibition of Racing Machines

Twenty passionate years of speed by Primož Jurman photography Aleksander Štokelj, Bor Dobrin, Črt Slavec

Akrapovic celebrates its


twentieth anniversary this year and one of the peaks of this years festivities was an outstanding exhibition of some of the most famous racing motorcycles at the Technical Museum in Bistra, Slovenia. The exhibition brought together, maybe for the f i rst and only time, a collection of iconic racing machines and both on and off road bikes. The vehicles, all from the last twenty years, were on display for a limited period, which ended October 2nd. Star exhibits included the Suzuki GSR-V (Alvaro Bautista), Honda VTR SP-2 (Colin Edwards), Yamaha YZF-R1 (Ben Spies), Kawasaki ZX-RR (Shinya Nakano), Aprilia RSV4 (Max Biaggi), Suzuki RMZ450 (Steve Ramon), Yamaha YZF450 (James Stewart), KTM SXF350 (Antonio Cairoli), KTM LC8 950 Rallye (Fabrizio Meoni) and motorcycles from the 2011 season such as the KTM Rallye 450 (Marc Coma) and Yamaha YZR-M1 (Jorge Lorenzo). No matter how different they might be, all share a crucial similarity: Akrapovic exhausts.

26 / 33

The sound

It’s that vibration in the air, accompanied by the quivering of the eardrums and a feeling in the gut, that awakens the primal sensations in a person. Exciting. Symphonic. Filled with adrenaline. Sound was at the genesis of Igor Akrapovič’s passion, for whom that vibration in the air is a constant challenge. The mechanical sound of his exhausts, in combination with passion, form a perfect pattern of success in harmonious speed. This is proven by the results achieved over the past twenty years on and off the track.

The passion

Without it, even love is just superficial and languid: platonic. It was passion that brought Igor success, along with his unquenchable desire to be the best and the fastest. With his exhausts he succeeded, almost magically, in transferring some of his passion to the racers and giving them that little something that lifts them up to Mount Olympus, to victories, and to fifty-seven world championship titles so far.

The speed

This sweet but dangerous companion loves to get into people’s heads; only the greatest masters know


how to tame it, only the best know how to control it, and only champions can use it to their advantage. It’s especially dangerous when combined with passion. Along with the passion and fire in its heart, the Akrapovič Company also has a realistic vision in its head. Its technical solutions make it stand out in the tiny circle of the best that dictate world trends, including in sports -- especially because of investment in know-how and continuous development. Their dedication to their work and continuous search for technological perfection gives birth to champions. Who can win without top-quality equipment and material—let alone without a passion for speed?


Yamaha YZR-M1, 2011

Stefan Everts, 10-time World Champion and KTM team manager: »Marvin Musquin and the 250 MX factory bike became a dream team and almost unbeatable. We had zero failure with any part during the whole season.«

KTM 250 EXC, 2010

Robert Oliver: Yamaha US Supercross/ Motocross Development Supervisor: “Yamaha US chose a partnership with Akrapovič because we know the fitting, the finish, and most of all, the power output, is always the best in the world”.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR, 2005

Husqvarna SM 600 RR, 2001

Paul Denning, Rizla Suzuki MotoGP Team Manager: “Akrapovič has always delivered topquality performance and the ones we use on the Suzuki GSV-R in MotoGP and the Suzuki GSX-R in BSB are no exception. The quality and performance are second-to-none and we are happy to use Akrapovič’s technology on both machines.”

KTM 1190 RC8 R, 2009

KTM GP V-4, 2005

Ducati RS 1198 08, 2008

Kawasaki ZX-RR, 2005

Yamaha YZF-R1, 2008

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Racing story so far:

28 29

1990: Igor Akrapovic establishes a company based on his own racing experience

The Akrapovič Company’s story began when Igor Akrapovič formally put into effect his daring vision of being the leading exhaust system producer after his own experience as a racer and tuner himself. The scorpion was born!

Yamaha YZF-R1, 2009

Aprilia RSV 1000, 2002

Havier Beltran, Honda Racing: “The first racing V twin 1000 cc engine from Honda put us on an equal platform with the other 1000 cc machines and in a great position to win, with constant evolution through its debut season, including improved works of art in Akrapovič exhausts to match a new engine spec. Colin took the bike to eight wins, three second places, one third place, and the world championship.”

1993: Entry into the international arena; the scorpion beats the factory exhaust

Akrapovič began collecting its first international victories, especially in the German Pro Superbike series, becoming a synonym for high-quality exhaust systems.

1997: First victory at a world championship race

KTM 350 SX-F, 2011

In the year when the company changed its name from Scorpion to Akrapovič, it also achieved its first victory at a world championship race: Japanese rider Akira Yanagawa on his Kawasaki was the fastest in the Superbike class.

1999: All the Japanese use Akrapovic During this season all the Japanese factory teams competing in the World Superbike Championship were using Akrapovič exhaust systems.

2000: First world championship title

KTM 250 SX-F, 2004

Aprilia RSV4 Factory, 2010

Colin Edwards and his Honda SP-01 will always have a special place in the company’s history. The American became a Superbike world champion! This success was also demonstrated by German racer Jörg Teuchert, who took the world championship title in the Supersport class with his Yamaha and an Akrapovič exhaust.

2001: Double win at Suzuka

KTM 250 SX-F, 2011

KTM 450 Rally, 2011

The start of the new millennium was followed by increasingly greater racing successes: with their Hondas outfitted with Akrapovič exhausts, Valentino Rossi and Colin Edwards, and Alex Barros and Tady Okada turned in performances that went down in history: they took first and second places at the Suzuka 8 Hours.

2002: Entry into the MotoGP class and f irst victories in the off-road segment

Aprilia RS3 Cube, 2005

BMW S 1000 RR, 2010

BMW HP2 Sport, 2008

Massimo Meregalli, Team Director Yamaha Factory Racing: “I have really good experience with the Akrapovič Company, since we started working together in 2007 when I was team manager for the Yamaha world superbike team. I must point out that we’ve established a really superb relationship with Akrapovič, as we now also work together in the MotoGP class. We see Akrapovič as a partner of the team, not just as a supplier. Together with them we can make a bike better!”

Akrapovič started working with Honda, Kawasaki, and Aprilia. The scorpion exhausts roared their way to victory in off-road racing as well: Fabrizio Meoni won the Dakar Rally on his KTM and Juha Salminen became the World Enduro Champion (also on KTM).

2003: Motocross and Endurance World Championship title

In the year when Joel Smets became the MX3 world champion with his KTM and an Akrapovič exhaust, the Suzuki Phase One team took the Endurance World Championship title.

2004: First Formula 1 exhaust and new off-road victories

R&D engineers developed an exhaust system for the Bar-Honda Formula 1 team. The agreement between the company and the team required confidentiality, so the company couldn’t advertise its cooperation with the team. This great learning opportunity for the company and the season ended with notable offroad achievements: two world championship titles in the Motocross (Ben Townley and Yves Demaria on KTMs) and Enduro classes (Juha Salminen and Samuli Aro, also on KTMs), as well as a world championship title in the Supermoto series (Thierry Van den Bosch on a KTM).

BMW S 1000 RR, 2010

KTM 1190 RC8 R, 2010

Ducati 851/888, 1991

Harald Eckl, Team manager Kawasaki racing team: “With the best result being 5th position at Jerez and a final MotoGP World Standing 10th position, Kawasaki experimented with different engine configurations from screemer to BigBang in order to improve traction and drivability. Akrapovič played a very important role in our MotoGP development since we started in 2003. Various exhaust layouts were necessary to enable different engine concepts. In several meetings, Kawasaki and Akrapovič worked on the test benches at the Slovenian factory to develop this bike.”

Aprilia RS3 Cube, 2004

KTM 950 Rally, 2002

2005: Five world championship titles

Things just got better this year. It became commonplace for Akrapovič to win five world championship titles per season. In 2005, the champions included Sven Breugelmans (KTM), Ivan Cervantes (KTM), Samuli Aro (KTM), David Knight (KTM), and Boris Chambon (KTM).

2006: “Best Brand” Award

The largest European motorcycle magazine, Motorrad, held its first reader poll: its readers voted on the quality and popularity of various motorcycle brands. Akrapovič won the Best Brand Award in the exhaust systems category. The stars of the season include Yves Demaria (KTM), Bernd Hiemer (KTM), Ivan Cervantes (KTM), Samuli Aro (KTM), and David Knight (KTM).

2007: Seven world championship titles and company restructuring

Seven world championship titles recorded: Chris Pfeiffer (BMW), Bernd Hiemer (KTM), Tyla Rattray (KTM), Juha Salminen (KTM), Ivan Cervantes (KTM), Steve Ramon (Suzuki), and Yamaha became the manufacturer champion in the Superbike class. In addition, Niccolò Canepa (Ducati) won a world cup championship. The company was transformed from a limited liability company into a joint stock corporation.

2008: First auto-racing victory and conquering the U.S.

A good decade after Akrapovič’s first win on the international motorcycle racing scene, the Manthey Racing team won the prestigious 24-hour Nürburgring race with its Porsche 997 RSR. Akrapovič took part in the German Porsche Sports Cup with its own racecar and team. In addition to Chad Reed’s and Yamaha’s victory in the popular Supercross series in the U.S. that same year, the season was quite successful, considering five world championship titles and a world cup championship. The stars of the season were Tyla Rattray (KTM), Sven Breugelmans (KTM), the Suzuki team in the MX1 class, Bernd Hiemer (KTM), Samuli Aro (KTM), and Brendan Roberts (Ducati).

Lugi Dall Igna, Team Aprila Manager: “Aprilia RSV4 is the result of the experience collected with the previous four-stroke bikes, only one sentence could resume the quality of the RSV4: WSBK World Champions, rider and manufacturer at the second season of participation. Akrapovič is an important and strong Aprilia supplier, always ready to support us with performance material and to help us to develop an exhaust system in the direction we need.”

Yamaha YZ-450 F, 2009

KTM 950 Rally, 2002

Suzuki RM-Z 450, 2007

Yamaha YZ-450 F, 2010

KTM 250 EXC Racing, 2004

2009: Twelve world championship titles

In the year when the Company’s own foundry began operation, the collection of world championship titles

26 / 33


won reached record numbers. Ben Spies (Yamaha), Cal Crutchlow (Yamaha), Yamaha Austria, James Stewart (Yamaha), Marvin Musquin (KTM), Pierre Alexandre Renet (Suzuki), Stephanie Laier (KTM), Johnny Aubert (KTM), Ivan Cervantes (KTM), Oriol Mena (Husaberg), Chris Pfeiffer (BMW), Mats Nilsson (Yamaha), and Xavier Simeon (Ducati) won twelve world championship titles altogether and two world cup titles. Suzuki RM-Z 450, 2007

KTM 540/570 SX, 2003

2010: New Superbike World Championship title Ten years after achieving his first world championship title in the Superbike class, Max Biaggi reclaimed the title on his Aprilia with an Akrapovič scorpion on the exhaust. Additional titles were also won by Tony Cairoli (KTM), Marvin Musquin (KTM), Carlos Campano (Yamaha), David Knight (KTM), Stephanie Laier (KTM), Lorenzo Santolino (KTM), Ayrton Badovini (BMW), Ivan Cervantes (KTM), and Mats Nilsson (Yamaha).

Yamaha YZ-450 F, 2008

2011: Cooperating with the Yamaha and Suzuki factory teams in MotoGP

BMW HP2 Sport, 2008

Heinz Kinigadner, Offroad Legend: »Like all previous KTM Rally machines, the new 450 was made to win the toughest race in the world. The bike – and the exhaust – which survives the Dakar has more than proven itself, believe me!«

KTM 250 SX-F, 2010


Honda VTR SP-2, 2000

Yamaha YZF-R1, 2009

KTM 350 SX-F, 2010

Honda RA004E, 2004


After the successful support of the Suzuki MotoGP factory team in 2010, the company also concluded a cooperation agreement with the Yamaha factory team. World champion Jorge Lorenzo is also riding for the Yamaha factory team this season.

The scorpion is at its zenith, and its passion for speed remains as strong as ever!



Honda VTR SP-2, 2000

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Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja, 2001

Husqvarna SM 600 RR, 2001

Yamaha YZF-R1, 2009

Yamaha YZF-R6, 2009

Kawasaki ZX-7RR, 1998


Serafino Foti, Motorrad Team Italia BMW Manager: “We are very happy to work from many years with Akrapovič. Together, we have achieved many successes. Our last goal was to give to BMW the first championship of their history. Many thanks to Akrapovič for the technical support we’ve received in all these years of our mutual cooperation”.

Aprilia RS3 Cube, 2005

Berthold Hauser, HP Race Support, BMW Motorrad: “For BMW Motorrad, the relation to Akrapovič is a very successful cooperation in terms of technology, development and business. We are especially proud to have the acceptance of our customers, that the bikes of BMW Motorrad get an extra cool image and additional technical value by using the exhaust systems of Akrapovič. Also in racing, many activities were and are still supported by Akrapovič and the passion of all the people there to look for the best performance of their products together with the whole system of our motorcycles fighting for results and successes. BMW Motorrad is happy about the many years of our lasting partnership and business relationship with Akrapovič.”

Suzuki GSV-R, 2011

Honda CBR600 RR, 2006

KTM 530 EXC-R, 2010

Sylvain Geboers, Team Suzuki Manager: “In Akrapovič we have found a partner that holds the same norms and drive as GRP and Suzuki. Quality and performance combined with a great feel for noise control and a splendid way of cooperating makes it possible to build the best bikes – bikes that can win championships, like we did in 2007!” KTM 660 SM, 2002

Aprilia RSV4 Factory, 2010

// Si

Prvih dvajset let V letu, ko družba Akrapovič beleži svojo 20-letnico, je bil eden izmed vrhuncev obletnice družbe razstava tekmovalnih motociklov, opremljenih z izpušnimi sistemi Akrapovič v Tehniškem muzeju v Bistri. Slovensko znanje je v teh dvajsetih letih pripomoglo k osvojitvi kar 57-ih naslovov svetovnih prvakov v različnih zvrsteh motošporta. Zbirka motornih koles je bila impresivna - med motocikli je bilo moč videti tudi takšne dirkaške dragulje kot so Suzuki GSR-V (Alvaro Bautista), Honda VTR SP-2 (Colin Edwards), Yamaha YZF-R1 (Ben Spies), Kawasaki ZX-RR (Shinya Nakano), Aprilia RSV4 (Max Biaggi), Suzuki RMZ450 (Steve Ramon), Yamaha YZF450 (James Stewart), KTM SXF350 (Antonio Cairoli), KTM LC8 950 Rallye (Fabrizio Meoni) KTM Rallye 450 (Marc Coma) ter Yamaha YZR-M1 (Jorge Lorenzo). Ob motociklih so bili razstavljeni tudi agregati, ki so za družbo Akrapovič še posebno pomembni, med njim nekaj svetovnih posebnosti, kot denimo motor KTM V-4 iz razreda MotoGP. Predstavljeni motocikli in agregati so bili prava poslastica za ljubitelje motošporta, ogled razstave pa enkratna priložnost, ki se ne bo ponovila tako kmalu.

State of the Art

The World of Akrapovič Custom

Entering the custom-made world and the phenomenon that is Harley Davidson may have been an idea in Igor Akrapovič’s head some time ago, but now it’s a reality. In our last issue of this magazine we revealed The Morsus and the new range of Akrapovič after market exhaust systems, which are now produced for most of the Harley range.

34 / 35

State of the Art

by Neil Morley photography Aleksander Štokelj, David Dolenc



Since its creation and reveal to the custom world, The Morsus seems to have captured the imagination of many who follow the custom scene. Having won Best Bike at the first outing in Biograd, Croatia, the Morsus has gone on to win awards for best machine at subsequent events in Barcelona and also in July in Morzine, France. So it seems the legend is growing. Built by Dreamachine Motorcycles to bring some attention to the all-new Akrapovič aftermarket exhaust systems for Harley Davidsons, The Morsus has attracted attention wherever it’s appeared. Coverage, especially in European media is very strong and demands for its appearance at events continue to come in. During the summer The Morsus made its first appearance in the USA at the legendary Sturgis event and completed its Harley event schedule at European Bike Week at the Faaker Sea in Austria. The Akrapovič after-market custom range for Harley-Davidsons also seems to be causing a stir, with a record number of pre-orders from our distributors in all the key markets. It seems that the custom

world is ready for a new entrant of technically accomplished, great sounding and cool looking pipes! We are especially pleased with the sound achieved by our design and engineering team. It’s no surprise to us because we have twenty years of experience in developing sound and Igor is himself a self-confessed audiophile. The unmistakable deep resonant sound of Akrapovič has been carefully tuned for that authentic custom experience. Customers can choose an Open System or Slip-Ons and can adjust the sound to accompany the ride. When starting the project, no-one was sure whether it was just about great design and sound that was the goal. Akrapovič, of course, is famous for achieving more power because of its racing pedigree. So now that the power curves are all mapped, it’s nice to definitively show how much better the power delivery is with these new custom pipes. Our custom products are starting to flow from our factory in Slovenia, with first deliveries to the key markets in the US and Europe already commenced. Please check directly with our distributors who are listed on our website

36 / 41

Ride With Us

Ride With Us



by Tina Torelli photography Aleksander Štokelj


A L P I N A i s n o t i n t h e b u s i n e s s of making lower,

ALPINA’s typical ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

w i d e r, l o u d e r a n d m o r e p o w e r f ul models - in-

mentality is paired with a perfection in comfort

s t e a d c h o o s i n g t o c o n c e n t r a t e on following its

and supple handling.

p h i l o s o p h y o f m a k i n g e x q u i s i tely honed and

It is not a sin to take your B6 Bi-Turbo to the

f i n e l y b a l a n c e d a u t o m o b i l e s f or connoisseurs.

local shop, but the car ’s essence l ies in long

O f t e n m i s r e p r e s e n t e d , A L P I N A i s a car manufac-

distance cruising and superior high-speed per-

t u r e r i n i t s o w n r i g h t , h e n c e t heir automobiles

formance. The feeling behind the B6 Bi-Tur-

c a r r y t h e n a m e B M W A L P I N A a nd feature a spe-

bo’s steering wheel is exquisite. Your body is

c i f i c v e h i c l e i d e n t i f i c a t i o n n u m ber. Despite ex-

positioned in textbook-style comfort, the in-

h i b i t i n g s i m i l a r p o w e r o u t p u t s and engine con-

struments in ALPINA blue are easily visible,

f i g ur a t i o n s , f o r e x a m p l e a t w i n - turbo V8, as the

the hand-finished steering wheel grips nicely

B M W M d i v i s i o n , M u n i c h ’s c l o s e neighbours are

and gives brilliant feedback. The seats feel so

n o t a d i r e c t c o m p e t i t o r t o t h e Bavarian giant.

comfortable that you actually cons ider asking


A L P I N A’s c r a f t s m e n t o m a k e you a couch and

fect bespoke interiors, clad in finest luxurious

a s o f a f o r y o u r l i v i n g r o o m . P u sh the start but -

Lavalina leather (of the same quality as used by

t o n a n d a l l e i g h t c y l i n d e r s o f t h e B6 Bi-Turbo’s

Rolls Royce). The design of the upholstery and

a m az i n g e n g i n e c o m e t o l i f e , p roducing a sono-

other interior surfaces is entirely at the mercy of

r o u s s o u n d t r a c k d e l i v e r e d i n h i -fi thanks to the

the customer ’s desires, no two interiors are every

b r i l l i a n t A k r a p o v i č t i t a n i u m exhaust system.

completely alike.

A l l t h e s e a r e r e a s o n s w h y y o u quickly decide

The 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission with

a g a i n s t f l y i n g f i r s t c l a s s , i n s t ead choosing to

ALPINA SWITCH-TRONIC enables the driver

d r i v e a f e w h u n d r e d k i l o m e t r e s in the B6 Bi-

to easily take charge of how power is delivered

Tu r b o , a m u c h m o r e f u n a n d p l e asurable experi-

by using small buttons on the back of the steer-

e n c e . N o c r o w d s , n o c h e c k - i n , n o security proce-

ing wheel to manually choose gears. Naturally

d u r e s , n o p a s s p o r t c o n t r o l s a n d no more waiting.

the transmission also offers an auto matic shift-

Yo u w o u l d b e f o rg i v e n f o r m i s t aking the power

mode and different shift-characterist ics, ranging

d e l i v e r y a n d e ff o r t l e s s p e r f o r mance of the B6

from comfortable to super quick, depending on

B i - Tu r b o f o r t h a t o f a j e t p l a n e . Not taking ”the

your mood. Regardless of setting, the transmis-

g e n t l e m e n ’s a g r e e m e n t ” t o o s e r i ous, you acceler-

sion harmonises extremely well with the pow-

a t e f r o m 0 t o 1 0 0 k m / h i n l e s s t han five seconds

erful all-aluminium V8 powerplant which gen-

a n d r e a c h s p e e d s i n e x c e s s o f 3 00km/h, leaving

erates 507hp (373kW) at 5500rpm and a very

b e h i n d t r i d e n t s f r o m M o d e n a a nd athletes from

generous 700Nm of torque between 3000 and

S t u tt g a r t . E m e rg i n g f r o m t h e B 6 Bi-Turbo after a

4750rpm. These figures clearly show that there

l e n g t h y d r i v e , y o u f e e l a s f r e s h as when you got

is more than enough power, solely the driver ’s

i n . E v e n f r e s h e r, m a y b e .

right foot dictates how this is used. The B6 Bi-




Turbo can sprint between sets of traffic lights,


be a successful long range hunter or gently purr


along. It feels equally at home quickly solv-

e g a n t l i n e s s e t a g a i n s t i c o n i c 20” ALPINA

ing 800km between Hamburg and Munich as it



does on a sunny Mediterranean esplanade. All

a e r o d y n a m i c c o m p o n e n t s w h i c h play a central

these characteristics are intensified by Akrapovič with

r o l e i n p r o v i d i n g e x c e l l e n t h i g h-speed stability

whom ALPINA partnered with to develop an ex -

a n d h a n d l i n g . B o t h t h e f r o n t a n d the rear of the

tremely light and high-temperature resistant ti-

c a r e x h i b i t t h r i l l i n g d e t a i l s p e r f ectly executed in

tanium exhaust system for the B6 Bi-Turbo. The

c a r b o n , w h i c h p r o v i d e t h e B 6 Bi-Turbo just the

system is not only more than 45 percent lighter

r i g h t d o s e o f a g g r e s s i v e n e s s w i thout going over

than a comparable stainless steel system but it

t h e t o p . T h o s e w h o p r e f e r a more understated

also optimises exhaust gas flows and reduces

l o o k c a n c h o o s e a s m a l l e r r e a r spoiler over the

back pressure to a minimum. The exhaust system

o p t i o n a l r e a r w i n g . L e a t h e r c r a ftsmanship is an

features built-in valves which are controlled by

a r t f o r m a t A L P I N A a n d i s s h owcased by per-

the engine electronics. When pressure on the ac-

Series rior


B i - Tu r b o and


d o e s n ’t

characterised wheels


based hide by a

on it.


d y namic fine




36 / 41

Ride With Us



c e l er a t o r p e d a l s i g n a l s t h a t t h e driver is engag -

switched off most of the time.

i n g i n a d y n a m i c d r i v i n g s t y l e calling for more


p o w e r, t h e e x h a u s t v a l v e s o p e n releasing a more

chassis and suspension components are tied into

p o t e n t a n d s o n o r o u s s o u n d . Selecting Sport

a system which offers an ama-zingly wide range



of set-ups, from extremely comfortable to dis -

ton will result in the exhaust valves remain-

tinctly taught and sportive. Highlights include

ing open at all times. Furthermore, a optionally

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres (255/35 ZR20 at

a v a i l a b l e w i r e l e s s r e m o t e c o n t rol enables the

the front, 285/30 ZR20 at the rear) which are non

d r i ve r t o o p e n o r c l o s e t h e e x h a ust valves at the

run-flats thus increasing both handling and com-

p u s h o f a b u t t o n , i r r e s p e c t i v e o f any other vehi-

fort, as well as electronic dampers and optional

c l e s e t t i n g s . T h i s ‘ l o u d b u t t o n ’ enables you to

active roll stabilisation. A mechanical limited-

i n f l u e n c e t h e s o u n d t r a c k o f y o ur B6 Bi-Turbo

slip differential allows the tail to be easily guid-

d e p e n d i n g o n y o u r m o o d o r d e pending on how

ed through the turns with the aid of the accelera-

l a t e y o u c o m e h o m e . A n d w i t h whom. Or maybe

tor pedal, the nose obediently follows the precise

o n t h e w e a t h e r. I m a g i n e a s u n ny day, an open

and easily manageable steering.

r o a d , y o u o p e n t h e r o o f o f t h e c onvertible, press


the button and the system perks up to offer the best

Bi-Turbo’s huge power. Just drop yourself in the

the mighty V8 petrol engine h a s on tap. Listen-

comfortably hugging driver ’s seat and the thou-

i n g t o t h e m u s i c a l s y m p h o n y f r om the four ex-

sands and thousands of hours from ALPINA’s en-

h a u s t p i p e s y o u q u i c k l y f o rg e t about the superb

gineers that have gone into perfecting this car

b u i l t - i n s t e r e o s y s t e m , w h i c h y o u end up leaving

will drive you insane with driving pl easure.

















BMW ALPINA B6 BITURBO Kdor pozna malega proizvajalca ekskluzivnih avtomobilov iz nemškega mesteca Buchloe, ve, da Alpina izdeluje zelo posebne avtomobile za mali krog navdušencev, ki radi potujejo hitro in udobno. Novi BMW Alpina B6 Biturbo je v tem razred zase - popolna usklajenost elegance in moči, sparjena z odličnimi materiali, fenomenalnimi zmogljivostmi in čudovitim zvokom. Alpina ne predeluje avtomobile v širše, nižje, glasnejše in močnejše - namesto nalogam klasičnih tunerjev sledi svoji poti, izdelavi ekskluzivnih in uravnoteženih avtomobilov za prave poznavalce. Alpino pogosto napačno predstavljajo. Alpina je pravi proizvajalec avtomobilov, zato njene avtomobile krasi znamka BMW Alpina, modeli pa so poimenovani.

Čeprav imajo njeni avtomobili motorje podobnih zmogljivosti kot na primer dvojni turbo V8 iz BMW M, münchenski sosedje niso neposreden tekmec bavarskemu gigantu. Tipična “volk v ovčji koži” Alpinina mentaliteta je sklenjena s popolnostjo udobja in vodljivosti. Ni se greh zapeljati z B6 Bi-Turbo do lokalne trgovine, čeprav je bistvo tega avtomobila v dolgih potovanjih in suvereni vožnji pri večjih hitrostih. Občutek za volanom B6 Bi-Turba je zelo natančen. Telo razvaja učbeniško udobje sedeža, modro osvetljena instrumentna plošča je lahkotno berljiva, v usnje ročno odet volanski obroč je odlično oprijemljiv in navdušuje v povratni informativnosti. Sedeži so tako udobni, da ni daleč ideja, da bi vprašali Alpinine mojstre, če lahko sešijejo še kavč in zofo v dnevni sobi.

36 / 41

Ride With Us



Our customers are connoisseurs. They know and like the best things in life - whether that is cars or wine. We are fortunate to develop outstanding cars and deal with the best wines. There is no such thing as a typical ALPINA customer, because it’s a very personal thing choosing an

— Andreas Bovensiepen, ALPINA Owner and Head of Sales & Marketing ‘’Our cars are designed for people who like to drive fast” says Andreas Bovensiepen as we leave the ALPINA headquarters in Buchloe, deepest Bavaria. ‘’The new B6 BiTurbo is no exception but it delivers much more than just performance”. Andreas – son of Alpina founder Burkard, has been deeply involved from the start in the B6 Bi-Turbo project, so we took some of his time to ask him about it and about ALPINA in general.

What makes ALPINA so special? We make exclusive cars for demanding customers. Our company was founded in 1965 – so with ALPINA you are getting a lot of experience and expertise. That’s nearly fifty years dedicated to what we do.

Who is the ALPINA customer and why do they buy?

exclusive car. However, it is fair to say the majority are male and they are also extremely well informed. They like exclusive brands, they definitely love great cars and we find they like to get to know us as a brand and as partners. With ALPINA you can chose from our product range but most customers like to go beyond this and really personalise their car – especially the interior and we try and help them make the best choices when they visit our company for a test drive or to commission their very bespoke car. Its not just about performance either. Its true that our cars are great to drive – but its not just horsepower. We get regular customer feedback which stipulates that regardless whether the customer drives a distance of 10km or 1000km, they like to enjoy the performance, feel cosseted in the car and arrive feeling relaxed. Some high-end performance cars are demanding to drive fast or for longer distances, we try and provide a harmonious balance in everything the car delivers. We like to think we offer something exclusive and very special. Great performance of course but comfort too, and real usability, cars that can deliver a great driving experience every day. Cars that stand out but don’t scream ‘look at me’.

— Miloš Dežnak, Akrapovič CEO We m a n a g e d a f e w m i n u t e s w i t h t h e b o s s a t Akrapovič, CEO Miloš Dežnak. ” We a r e v e r y p l e a s e d A L P I N A c h o s e Akrapovič as partner for the B6 Bi-Turbo p r o j e c t . A L PINA are a company with a strong heritage in motorsport racing and manufacturing exclusi v e c a r s . We d e v e l o p e d a v e r y g o o d w o r k i n g relationship at all levels in our companies and t h e r e s u l t – t h e B 6 B i - Tu r b o f i t t e d w i t h o u r exhaust system is a state of the art system and s i m p l y f a b u l o u s ’’ .



B 6

B i - T u r b o


—Akrapovič Titanium Alloy Exhaust System for Ti t a n i u m


BMW ALPINA B6 Bi-Turbo system,

D e s i g n e d f o r o p t i m u m e x h a u s t f l o w, r e d u c e d

45% lighter than equivalent Stainless Steel sys-



back pressure giving better performance and


lower fuel consumption

Deeply resonant and adjustable sporting sound

High strength, temperature resistant titanium

by Akrapovič

system with excellent corrosion resistance

40 41


Hot stuff

Hot Stuff from AkrapoviÄ? 42

AkrapoviÄ? exhaust systems are designed for riders who demand maximum performance from their motorcycles. They feature exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials, increased engine performance and of course amazing sound and appearance. The change is also visual, as our mufflers Kawasaki ZX-10R perfectly fit the exte+ 9 HP/9130 rpm rior line of modern - 5 kg motorcycles and add a clean racing image.

Ducati Diavel + 4 HP/9400 rpm - 2 kg

Suzuki GSR750 + 2 HP/10340 rpm - 4 kg

Harley-Davidson Sportster + 6 HP/5200 rpm - 7 kg

Honda CBR250R + 1 HP/8530 rpm - 6 kg Harley-Davidson Softail + 7 HP/4900 rpm - 8 kg


Car Stuff

Car stuff

Welcome to our range of aftermarket exhaust systems for cars. We offer complete, partial, open or street legal products that significantly improve performances. We use only the best and exclusive titanium and stainless steel. We combine these two materials with high technologies and craftsmanship of our welders that divide this exhausts systems from anything else on the market.

43 Audi R8 5.2 FSI Coupé/Spyder + 14 HP/5890 rpm + 15 Nm/5000 rpm - 16 kg Titanium Wireless kit for sound control

BMW 1 Series M Coupé More power More torque Less weight Titanium Wireless kit for sound control

Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Coupé, LP560-4 Coupé/Spyder, LP570-4 Coupé/Spyder + 15 HP/3820rpm + 27 Nm/5000 rpm - 18 kg Titanium Wireless kit for sound control

Abarth 500/500C (1.4 16V T-Jet) + 3 HP/4100 rpm + 5 Nm/3860 rpm - 3 kg Stainless steel Wireless kit for sound control

44 / 47


Ralph L auren

YOU CANNOT DRIVE A PAINTING ... by Gregor Šket photography Musée des Arts Décoratifs


1938 Al fa Romeo 8c Mi ll e mi g lia Well, him being a designer and all that. When he feels like a lord he uses the princely Bentley. When youth again surges through his 71-year old veins, he goes for the orange Porsche RS3 GT, a car that glues you to the driving seat as the speedometer reaches 100 in less than 5 seconds. And Mr. Lauren has plenty more such combinations. Sporty driving is his passion. He relishes the speed on the roads around his ranch in Colorado’s Telluride, he whisks along the lonely roads of New York state ...

But his biggest love is his precious oldtimers. In the years when his clothes featuring the silhouette of a polo player brought him fortune, he kept spoiling himself, going to auctions and buying rare Bugattis, Bentleys, Mercedes, Ferraris ...The steel stallions now ring in at more than 60, but their number keeps on growing. And because Lauren is a perfectionist, he wanted to provide a decent home for all this beauty. He spent several years looking for a suitable location around his estate in Westchester County

in the south of New York state to keep and exhibit his collection. He was even contemplating an underground garage and consulted famous architect Charles Gwathmey. But they sadly discovered that a structure like that would be impossible to build there. Then one day Mark Reinwald, a technician taking care of Lauren’s cars, came in bearing good news. He found an enormous deserted building that used to be the warehouse of a luxury cars dealer. Lauren immediately said yes. He even accepted the

Creators, filmmakers and other figures in the show-business world are known for their idiosyncrasies, which – if looked at from the viewpoint of a mere mortal – border on weirdness. Karl Lagerfeld has a special suitcase containing

40 of the most capacious iPods, on which he stores almost all of the world’s music. Director Francis Ford Coppola used his earnings from the first Godfather movie to buy the Rubicon estate in California’s Napa winegrowing valley and become a winemaker himself. TV host Jay Leno has a collection of over 200 cars, including at least 100 rare ones – he is especially proud of his precious Duesenbergs from the 1920s and 30s. Ralph Lauren has dreamt about cars ever since he was a boy growing up in New York’s Bronx. He now has enough to match his clothes.



1929 Bentley 4 1 / 2 li tre blowe r

fact that he could not than when they were bought. This goes for both their looks and their parts. If a car is not perfect, Lauren will bestow perfection upon it. He sends most of his cars to Paul Russell in Massachusetts, where they get restored following a detailed consultation with Lauren. Russell is one of the US’s best known restorers of oldtimers. He’s known for his workshop, which actually looks more like a lab. The floor is so clean that

you could eat off it. His employees wear snowwhite robes, making them look more like doctors than mechanics. But despite all the glorious memories of la dolce vita and other enchanting periods in car history, Ralph Lauren gave a special place to a recently made car. Lauren’s Lamborghini Reventon, which was made in 2009 as part of a limited series of 20 vehicles, is the only such car in the USA. It has

a similar place in his collection as the Venus de Milo does in the Louvre. “With its corners, sharp edges and shadows, it looks like a building to me. It reminds me of Star Wars. Every time I look at it, it seems different,” he explains. Then it becomes clear that these cars are like works of art for him: “I have never collected paintings. You cannot drive paintings,” is the single sentence that says it all ...

19 3 0 me rc e de s benz s s k

19 5 4 fe r rar i 3 7 5

Polo Ralph Lauren

Photo: Profimedia

When Ralph Lauren was still an unknown boy from the Bronx, his real surname was Lifshitz. He was mortally ashamed that it contained the word “shit,” and tired of being the butt of many jokes, he decided to change it to Lauren. When he became successful later in life, he was accused of being ashamed of his Jewish roots. “Absolutely not. I have always been proud of my Jewish origins. But as a child the “shit” in my surname caused me too much grief. I was looking for something simple, easy to understand, easy to remember. My cousins from California changed their surname to Lawrence. I meanwhile went for Lauren,” he told Oprah Winfrey. It is interesting to note that Lauren never went to a designer school, but he did work as a salesman for Brooks

Brothers. While working there he decided to go solo and, with the financial aid of Norman Hilton, he opened a small shop called Polo to sell his creations. He won the COTY award for his menswear collection in 1970. In the same year, he created the first women’s suits that were tailored in a classic men’s style and sported the first Polo emblem that later became his trademark. Soon thereafter he began selling short-sleeved men’s t-shirts in 24 colours. They became the trademark of his brand and of an American style. His international renown was meanwhile boosted by designing the clothes for Coppola’s 1974 film The Great Gatsby. He owns more than 50 shops in the USA alone, which generated over five billion in turnover in 2009. Forbes estimates his wealth at 5.8 billion dollars, making him planet Earth’s 173rd richest man.

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“Slike ne moreš voziti ...” Kreatorji, filmarji in drugi predstavniki iz sveta show businessa so znani po svojih nenavadnih navadah, ki z vidika običajnih smrtnikov mejijo na čudaštva. Karl Lagerfeld ima poseben kovček, v katerem hrani štirideset iPodov največje zmogljivosti, na katerih je skoraj vsa glasba tega sveta. Režiser Francis Ford Coppola si je z zaslužkom od prvega Botra kupil posestvo Rubicon v kalifornijski vinski dolini Napa in se podal med vinarje. Televizijski voditelj Jay Leno ima zbirko več kot dvesto vozil, med katerimi je vsaj sto redkih avtomobilov, še posebej pa je ponosen na nekaj redkih duesenbergov iz dvajsetih in tridesetih let. Ralph Lauren pa je že kot deček iz newyorškega Bronxa sanjal o avtomobilih. Danes ima toliko avtomobilov, da jih pravzaprav lahko kombinira s svojo opravo.

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Glücklicher E-Biker Das Stadtleben ist toll, aber manchmal kann es auch reichlich unangenehm sein – vor allem wenn man versucht, so schnell wie möglich von A nach B zu kommen. Motorräder kommen da sehr gelegen, aber nicht irgendeines, sondern ein E-Bike. Die deutsche Firma PG-Bikes bietet einen neuen Weg urbaner Mobilität: schnell, elegant und emissionsfrei. Mit einem PG-Bike kann man ohne Anstrengung längere Distanzen zurücklegen und kommt immer frisch und glücklich am Ziel an. Was kann man sich mehr wünschen? PG-Bikes sind für die einmalige Synthese von exklusivem Design und zuverlässiger innovativer Technologie bekannt. Die handgefertigten Rahmen und die Endfertigung in Deutschland garantieren höchste Verarbeitung und Langlebigkeit. Bei PG-Bikes sagt man gerne, dass ihre Motorräder die Zukunft der Elektromobilität darstellen, was sie mit ihrem einzigartigen Modell eines E-Bikes bewiesen haben. BlackTrail ist das schnellste, modernste und exklusivste E-Bike der Welt. Designed von Christian Zanzotti und gefertigt aus Karbonfiber, Titan und feinem Leder, mit diesem Bike könnte man jedenfalls zu einem der 667 glücklichsten Biker auf der Welt werden. Jawohl, weltweit wurden gerade einmal 667 hergestellt. Ein kleiner Tip: Vergessen Sie es nicht abzuschließen.


Under a tree Thanks to French speaker manufacturer Elipson, you can now sit in your living room under own tree. Sound Tree is a set of speakers designed by Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman and Jean-Yves Le Porcher and was originally conceived for convivial spaces. The haute couture sound object comprises a 150-watt audio system, which includes a trunk-style base which hosts an 8-inch subwoofer while the system’s intricate and sprawling cables can be custom-fitted to your individual space. The Sound Tree is available with 6 or 12 fiberglass speakers shaped as red fruits and can be adapted to any environment, intimate or social. For environment lovers and anyone that would like to have an art installation in their living room.


Sleeping Beauty Don’t feel like getting out of bed today? If you’re an owner of a HiCan bed, we totally understand you. HiCan is not just a bed with mattress and pillows, it’s a seriously high-tech bed. It includes retractable privacy blinds, a hi-def video projector that works with a retractable screen at the foot of the bed, a built-in multimedia PC and gaming console, and top quality sound system. For those who don’t like to watch TV in bed there’s also a pair of reading lights. It comes in eight different colors and is designed by the Italian company Hi-Interiors.


Hamptons time Since 1830, Baume & Mercier has been designing watches of the highest quality that are endowed with lasting appeal thanks to their classic, timeless aesthetic. Their desire to match those who wear the watches as closely as possible, to reflect their lifestyle and values, is expressed in their new collection: The Hampton collection. It fully captures the spirit of Hampton – as well as the heritage of Baume & Mercier. In fact, it was a museum piece from the 1940s that served as the basis for the interpretation that gives the 2011 Hampton watches their very distinctive character. The assurance of the original Art-Deco inspired timepiece remains... but with a modern twist.


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Picture perfect Are you sick of modern mini-cameras and their futuristic and colorful look that just doesn’t jibe with your classical style? But you still want perfect technical capacity? The LEICA M9 is a camera that carries the legend of Leica M cameras into the digital age. The combination of an extremely high-resolution image sensor, the superior performance of M lenses, and sophisticated processing of captured digital information ensures the best imaging results in all photographic situations. At the same time, the Leica M has intuitive controls and is simple to use. With a Leica M, there are no superfluous functions and no overcomplicated menus. Photographers are given the opportunity to concentrate on the essential: creating memorable pictures. The 18-megapixel CCD image sensor, specifically designed and developed for this camera, enables the capture of the full 35-mm film format without any compromises. Leica M cameras are not just good, they also look good. With their minimalistic design they are just pure classic. The M9 model is available in two models: elegant steel gray or black paint. The M9-P also offers two options: the classical Leica silver chrome camera finish or in black paint. With this camera, you will definitely be noticed!


Back to the future In 1965 the Achille brothers and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni transformed the structural concept from architecture to apply it to design, by planning a monument to music. Thus, the radio-phonograph was born. A unit with a solid construction enclosed radio, record player and loudspeakers. It was a groundbreaking and unique device, a true work of art. Almost fifty years later, the Italian brand Brionvega decided that the 60s and 70s were worth bringing back and they did so with the RR226, a modernized model of the 1965 phonograph. It has a CD and DVD players but otherwise remains as close as possible to the original. The new RR226 is entirely handmade, piece by piece, which means every construction of the unit and loudspeakers, made from wood, is unique, since they are not serially produced. Feeling sentimental?

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AUSTRALIA THE LAND OF GENIUSES IN SHORTS Australia is unjustly called the youngest continent. In reality, the landmass at the bottom right corner of the world map is one of our planet’s oldest continents and has been inhabited by Aborigines for over 40,000 years. But because Europeans learnt of its existence a mere 200 years ago, it’s been nicknamed the ‘youngest.’ In a way, this nickname is actually quite suitable. Australia is a youthful country, which is developing into one of the world’s most modern states. It is inhabited by carefree people who are almost always in a good mood. by Gregor Šket photography Tourism Australia, Gregor Šket


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BUT THAT WAS NOT SO AFTER ITS ‘DISCOVERY’, as Australia needed quite a lot of time to get rid of its ‘penal colony’ moniker. Soon after it was sighted by Captain James Cook in 1770, the English began colonizing the fifth continent and really were transporting their criminals there. Only a rude traveller would today mention that the inhabitants of the land down under are the offspring of English criminals. The comment has little to do with reality. In the beginning of the 20th century and especially after the Second World War, immigrants from all over the world began arriving in this land. Thus, Australia boasts people from 150 nationalities, including the Irish, Scottish, Italians, Germans, Greeks, Thais, Indians … Melbourne actually has the second largest Greek-speaking populations after Athens. Is it therefore difficult to say who a real Australian is? The Aborigines came to this far-away land some 40,000 years before the arrival of the English. The latter in turn called the newly discovered continent “terra nullius”. Reasoning that it belonged to nobody, they simply added Australia to their empire. But the land had its


own people. Maybe they also thought Australia was a no man’s land, but since they had remained there for 60 millennia, they should quite rightly be considered the legal inhabitants of the ‘youngest’ continent. The arrival of English sounded a period of great repression for the Aborigines. The newcomers took their land, all their rights, and tried to force them into the English way of life. And then in the 1950s, there was the ‘stolen generation’. The whites were convinced that Aboriginal children would have a better chance of societal inclusion if they grew up with white people. So the children were taken away from their parents and put into foster care. The Aborigines, who were pushed to the sidelines of Australian society until 1967, when they finally got the right to vote, are very proud of those of their kin who succeeded in the ‘white world’. One of them is tennis player Evonne Goolagong, who won her first Wimbledon in 1971 and went on to win five grand slam tournaments in all. “The reason why there are so few successful Aboriginal athletes lies in the simple fact that we were not permitted to enter sports clubs until 1967,” explains the 50-year old Evonne, who went on to search for her roots after concluding her career. “We say sorry” also sounded at the opening of the Sydney Olympics with Aboriginal athlete Cathy Freeman lighting the fire.

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< Sydney: After completing the obligatory sightseeing tour (Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Darling Harbour …), head off to one of the beaches. Bondi, Manly or Coogee, it doesn’t matter which. You will undoubtedly be charmed by Australia’s surfers. > Melbourne: Its botanical garden is among the most beautiful in the world. If you get there in January or February, read the line-up for its cinema under the stars. Browsing the stands of Victoria Market or the unusual shops in Fitzroy is also a very pleasant experience. Adelaide: Adelaide is said to be a sleepy town – in comparison with Sydney or Melbourne. But it’s not true. The town is jam-packed with delicious restaurants. Perhaps

SYDNEY AND MELBOURNE – ETERNAL COMPETITORS Australia is not a densely populated place: its 7.69 million square kilometres are inhabited by just over 22 million people, with a whopping 90% living on the coast. The east coast between Brisbane and Sydney and the southern part of Victoria State around Melbourne are the most densely populated. Australians nevertheless boast several modern architecture icons. The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge in Sydney alongside the kangaroo and koala are among Australia’s most famous icons. The building that symbolises an open shell has a very interesting story. The city council decided it should be built at the spectacular Bennelong Point, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city. The first plans were drawn up by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. But around halfway into the construction, severe disagreements arose between the architect and the investors, causing Utzon to leave the project. He never returned to the capital city of New South Wales to see the finished building. Sydney, its bays and famous beaches (Bondi, Manly, Coogee …) have helped it earn the title of world’s most beautiful city. “Where else in the world can you take a ferry to work every day and enjoy a splendid sunset on the deck in the evening,” Mrs. Walsh enthuses over her city from her home in the Paramatta district, located not too far away from Homebush Bay, where the majority of the 2000 Summer Olympics events were held. The Darling Harbour, with

its monorail and fascinating view of the “AMP Tower,” gives the hint of how modern cities might look like in the third millennium. Sydney’s eternal competitor is Melbourne – the 1000 kilometres distant capital of the state of Victoria. The two are completely different. Maybe Melbourne cannot compete in beauty with the much more glamorous Sydney. But the inhabitants of Victoria are still hugely proud of its Royal Botanic Garden, which leaves the one in Sydney in the dust. The Melbourne botanical garden is among the most beautiful in the world. In the summer, the park flowers both day and night. In the daytime, it is a popular venue for athletes and sightseers and almost every evening you can enjoy numerous theatre, musical and film shows. Both Sydney and Melbourne are very lively places, where the fun just never ends. Sydney is especially famous for its gay and lesbian scene, which forces its inhabitants to put up with numerous jokes.

the nicest one, ‘Henley on Sea‘, is located on the namesake beach. This is where several scenes from Shine were filmed. Ayers Rock: Uluru, or the largest rock in the world, glows every morning and evening. Cairns: Mandatory diving on the Great Barrier Reef. A jump among the tropical fishes of countless colours seems like a dreamlike experience, but you are soon brought back to reality by a nearby shark. They say that the sharks on the reef are not dangerous for humans?! Surfers Paradise: Beach, beach and more beach. Surfers Paradise is a proper exhibition of Australian water culture. Surfers, rowers, bodybuilders … Jogging without sandals on the endless beach does wonders for the body. You can try riding the waves or go among them in a boat. But whatever you do, don’t forget a factor 30 sunscreen.


Dežela genijev v kratkih hlačah Avstraliji po krivici pravijo najmlajša celina. V resnici je kontinent v spodnjem desnem kotu zemljevida sveta najstarejša celina našega planeta, saj ga že več kot 40.000 let naslejujejo avstralski domorodci. Glede na to, da smo belci zanjo izvedeli šele pred dobrimi 200 leti, pa se je je prijel vzdevek ‚najmlajša‘. Na nek način je ta vzdevek kar primeren. Avstralija je mladostna dežela, ki se razvija v eno izmed najmodernejših dežel sveta. Njeni prebivalci pa so brezkrbni ljudje, ki so skoraj vedno dobre volje.

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SPORT SUPERPOWER Nature is what draws more and more tourists to Australia every year. The endlessly long sandy beaches, the crystal clear sea, the fish with their thousands of different colours, the red rocks and humid jungles with lush vegetation, are all among Australia’s trademarks. The UNESCO World Heritage List includes a stunning 11 Australian national parks (the Kata Tjuta park with the famous Ayers Rock and the Olgas; the Lord Howe island; the Kakadu national park, the Great Barrier Reef …). Australians are incredibly environmentally conscious people. It seems that care for the environment is in their blood. Even the wild surfers, who, when they do not listen to the sounds of the waves, listen to even louder music, are aware that our Earth is the only planet we’ve got. Australia is, without a doubt, a very clean continent. The Aussies are naturally obsessed with sports. “Australia vs. Anybody!” That is how cocky they were before the Sydney Olympics. And they really proved they were developing into a sports superpower, capable of successfully competing with the Americans, Russians, Germans and Chinese. Ian Thorpe, Cathy Freeman, Greg Norman, Patrick Rafter, Lleyton Hewitt … These are just a few names from the long list of Australian sports superstars.

Australia is nearly the size of Europe or North America. It is hard to imagine that a three-week tour allows you to see all of its most interesting spots. Maybe you can use the following itinerary: Our point of arrival to the continent down under was Sydney, where we stayed for three days. Our next goal was Melbourne. We flew there and stayed for two days. We then rented a car and drove to the approximately 1,000km distant Adelaide. We naturally took the famous Great Ocean Road, where the main sights of the Victoria state are located: Torquay, Bells Beach, Angelsea Golf Course, the Twelve Apostles, London Bridge. We flew from Adelaide to the ‘red heart’ of the country, Alice Springs, and took the bus to Ayers Rock. Then we took a plane to Cairns, where we sailed from the nearby Port Douglas on a catamaran to go diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Before returning to Sydney, we also stopped in Brisbane and Surfers Paradise.

A tale in itself is Australians’ obsession with riding the waves, which was brought to the country by Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku. Since beaches with huge waves abound in the country, the new sport immediately took root. The most famous Australian surfing spot lies in the immediate vicinity of Queensland’s Brisbane and has a telling name – Surfers Paradise. But the real surfers are at home in Torquay, in the south of Victoria state. This is the location of the famous Bells Beach, where an unofficial surfing world championship is held around Easter every year. (It is, incidentally, also the location of the end of the Hollywood movie Point Break, starring Keanu Reaves and Patrick Swayze.) Torquay is also the home of the worldfamous surfing apparel maker Quicksilver, established in the late sixties by the excellent surfers John Law and Alan Green. To live in Torquay, to live life to the fullest, and to surf day after day until you die, is their collective motto. The ticket to this dream world included the colourful surfer boardshorts, invented by Law and Green, which first caused a revolution among the Australian and -- soon thereafter -among the global surfing population. The common characteristic of all Quicksilver employees is their enthusiasm and skill in surfing. “Surfing for life,” swears John Law, “there are 24 hours in a day and out of those at least eight are dark. If you turn on the light and work then, you can enjoy the waves when the sun shines. This is not only true for the managers, but for all Quicksilver employees. If anybody at any time feels that they needs a few hours on the waves, they are completely free to do so. Provided that they make up for the “surfed” time in the evening,” adds John, who signed numerous multimillion contracts in his trademark shorts. The founder of Quicksilver might be a bit atypical, but his philosophy does contain a lot of relaxed Australian mentality. In Australia, the sellers always ask their shoppers with a smile on their face: “How ya going?”




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Crazy Stu ff

1. Commercial Space Station: To the Moon and back Are you tired of crowded airports, screaming kids on the beach and small hotel rooms? Do you want your next vacaition to be peaceful, calm, and with plenty of space? Then the Commercial Space Station is more than perfect for you! It’s a hotel in space, and Russia has announced it will open by 2016. The space hotel will be in orbit 217 miles up and will house seven guests in four cabins with huge windows overlooking the Earth below. It will be far more comfortable than the International Space Station. In the weightlessness of space, visitors will be able to choose beds that are either vertical or horizontal, while showers will be sealed affairs to stop water going where it shouldn’t. Even the menu in the space hotel will be poshier than on the Internatiomal Space Station. They will serve food that is prepared on Earth and ready to microwave in space. Instead of the usual freeze-

dried tubes, the space tourist will be eating more delicious meals, like braised veal cheeks with wild mushrooms, white bean puree, potato soup and plum compote. They can choose between mineral water, fruit juices and iced tea, but no alcohol, which will be strictly prohibited. And what about toilets in space? Waste water will be recycled, while the air will be filtered to remove odour and bacteria and then returned to the cabin. Toilets will use flowing air instead of water to move waste through the system. Five days on the Commercial Space Station will cost you €113,000, but the two-day journey there on a Soyuz rocket will cost you an additional €564,600 . Or as Sergei Kostenko, chief executive of Technologies, which will construct the hotel, said: ‘The hotel will be aimed at wealthy individuals and people working for private companies who want to do research in space.’

2. The Nobis House: Arhitects Home A beautiful, minimalistic and modern house in Berg by Lake Stranberg in Germany is a masterpiece by architect Susanne Nobis. She designed the house for herself and her family of four. The inspiration for the house came from the traditional wooden boathouses that are popular by the lake but the Nobis house has a twist. The house stands on a location where the ground water rises very high, so everything has to fit in a space above ground, even the house, which stands on 60-centimeter-high illuminated legs. The house consists of two separate but connected houses, made primarily from glass and wood. In the first house, there are living and dining rooms, a kitchen and the gallery above it. In the second house are Nobis`s two offices, guest room and family bedrooms and bathrooms.

The Nobis house is full of lightness. Everything in it is reduced to its essential beauty and function. Continuity is an important part of Nobis’ design, where living spaces and work spaces roam open and free, while private sections are tucked away and out-of-sight. They have a marvelous view of the lake and are surrounded with nature, which complements the house perfectly. (Photography:


Photo: Buenos Dias



To Martin Bauer – 2011 IDM Superbike Champion – and his sensational team: Konrad Hefele (team leader), Sebastian Risse (racing engineer), Heinz Payreder (data recording), Timo Dinkel (mechanic), Manuel Strell (suspension elements) and Martin Hefele (tyres). Your untiring efforts have guided the KTM RC8 R to the championship – KTM honours you all! And we also thank the Inghart KTM Superbike Team for their impressive debut. You are all “Ready to Race”!


POS 1. 2. 3.

NAME Martin Bauer Michael Ranseder Karl Muggeridge

PTS 247 204 200

Do not imitate the riding scenes shown, wear protective clothing and observe the traffic regulations!

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B U TA N O G A Poised Shoes from a Poisonous Environment by Tina Torelli photography Aleksander Štokelj, Bor Dobrin

THIS IS NOT A TALE FOR SENSITIVE SOULS. RATHER, IT IS ONE FOR SENSITIVE FEET, AS BUTANOGA’S FIRST-CLASS HANDMADE SHOES ARE TAILORED TO THEM. BUT THAT IS A VERY SUPERFICIAL READING. IT’S LIKE SAYING THAT PERFUME IS ONLY A NOVEL ABOUT A MURDERER AND FRENCH LIEUTENANT’S WOMAN IS JUST A LOVE STORY. OUR TALE IS ALSO A STORY ABOUT THE IRONY OF FATE AND A GREAT LOVE OF LIFE. ABOUT COURAGE AND A RESTLESS SPIRIT. ABOUT IMAGINATION GONE WILD, WHICH WOULD STRANGLE THE ARTIST IF HE TRIED TO TAME IT. THE BUTANOGA SHOEWEAR FILLS YOUR NOSTRILS WITH THE SMELL OF GLUE, DEAFENS YOUR EARS WITH MACHINE NOISE AND DAZZLES YOUR EYES WITH THE SURREAL PAINTINGS PASTED OVER THE SHOE CANVAS. THIS IS WHERE THE SYMBOLIST POETRY OF SHOES IS READ. THIS IS WHERE SHOES COME TO LIFE, SHOES THAT DIRECTLY ASK YOU WHETHER YOU WANT TO PUT YOUR SOUL ON YOUR FEET. THESE ARE FIGHTING, SHOW OFF, LOUD SHOES. THEIR PATTERNS AND COLOURS WERE USED BY MOTHER NATURE FOR PREDATORS. THESE SHOES COME WITH A STRONG SEXUAL DRIVE. THESE ARE LOADED SHOES. Matjaž Vlah, born in 1970, was a teenager when a motorcycle accident decided his career path. It was not a shoemaking grandfather, a kind teacher who spotted his talent, or an open-house day at a secondary school. It was an accident. A fortunate one, as Matjaž says nowadays, as years and successes caused the “un” to fade away. We are in the shop and a team of three – Matjaž, Lea and Stane – are getting ready for an exhibition. Surrounded by colourful provocation, I sense that good luck really never sleeps. “My shoes are worn by people with a need to be different,” Matjaž says. He hates to repeat himself as a creator. Each pair is unique: there are

some minor mutations, mini variations, but that is it. “I’m not about manufacturing. I don’t feel that I should create every shoe in a different colour and size, I just don’t want to do it. I enjoy looking for new inspirations and options the most. The creative process happens when you think about materials and new ways of treating them, you give it a go, maybe throw a shoe or two away, but you feel happy inside.” This is not pop, this is rock. “These are not gentle shoes. You must have a bit of character to wear them,” he adds, accompanied by heavy-metal sounds from the workshop.



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You also need a lot of character to create them, I think to myself. The first were made out of anger over the design of orthopaedic shoes. He first lost his toes, then his foot. He needed shoes that were functional and aesthetic. He wanted wacky shoes, more precisely: Native American hunting moccasins. Shoes for a hunter who respects nature. Shoes for a wise man, who knows that nothing happens without a reason. And he made them for himself. But not just himself, because his friends wanted the exact same ones. He was taught some things, but he mainly learned by himself, through mistakes and successes. He never wanted to do anything else, never wanted to return to his former self, remained faithful to a different skin. He smelled, treated, destroyed it. “What makes a success – you have to work a lot, hold a lot of different materials, have to experiment. You change your mind a hundred times in between until you’re happy. I have regular customers, who keep returning.” While I do not have any of his shoes, I’m sure they’re difficult to take off once you put them on. “Sometimes you just use a different pair. My shoes, but completely different,” he adds with a laugh. True. I can switch to decaf, which looks the same and tastes much like the original, but these shoes have no substitutes. I notice a dearth of high heels on the shelves. “Regarding shoes, I’m more of a stay close to the ground guy, but otherwise I’m far from grounded. Not yet. I’m just not into high heels, but now Lea has joined us and brought some feminine energy.” What kind of art inspires an artist? “Mainly music. I listen to everything: jazz, rock, rock ‘n’ roll, drum ‘n’ bass, electronica, black country … I like Johnny Cash.” A photo of Johnny hangs on the wall. “I used to be wilder, but have now calmed down a bit,” says Matjaž, who gorges on Kubrick, surrounds himself with cactuses and beautiful objects. A fetishist artist with a fetish for all that is beautiful. “If, for example, mu-

sic disappeared overnight, I’d die.” And the smell of leather, would he miss that? “I love the smell of leather, but in here it comes mixed with glue, which is not so cool. The glue is based on acetone and is very poisonous. I have to get out for some fresh air on my bicycle several times a day.” And what else keeps him oxygenated? “I think one should live life being positive about everything and focused on being honest towards oneself and others. It’s smooth sailing if you live an honest life. No brakes, no choking. I essentially feel free most of the time. I do what I love to do. Because I’m a bit of a workaholic, I can get tired sometimes, but that’s the life I enjoy. Maybe I’d also love making food. I like to eat well, I relax when I’m cooking. But currently there’s no way I’d do anything else.” During our conversation, the boundaries between him and his shoes became fainter and fainter. I stopped to look at white male shoes: “Wedding.” Laughter. “No, let’s call them urban hippie.” Hippie chic? “More like hippie shit.” Is creating shoes a love, passion or necessity? “It’s my essential flaw.” And flaws form the basis of beauty. “My work relaxes me, keeps me awake. I feel best when I do something out of the ordinary. I only purchase sneakers from other manufacturers. Because I’m quite picky and because of my leg problems. I have a carbon foot, very sporty, light and nimble and it has to be optimally clad.” I interrupt him, because I think he finds it difficult to talk about that topic. “Not at all,” he laughs, adding that everybody wears braces. “Some on their eyes, some on their teeth, some on their psyche …” He shows me shoes on the shelf, made from fish skin. Fish skin is thin as paper but very durable. Somebody will adopt these shoes, because he will like size 43 grey round shoes. Matjaž only requests the following info: colour, shape and


number. And then you get what you get. And you live with that. If you can. In the spring he will make a collection of shoes with paintings. It will be interesting. He does not expect Slovenians to grab them off the shelves, though. There is not a big market for his craft here. But if he worked somewhere with more room to breathe, half the fun would be gone. Rebelliousness would lose its purpose. “I like to poke fun a bit. I sometimes do something wrong on purpose. I maybe push the boundaries too much. What can I do, I’m airy, I’m an Aquarius. I don’t really care how much I sell. Money is going to go the way of the dodo anyway. I believe in everything that is above and below me, but the material world is awkward. I think materialism cannot stay, it’s just a period in human history that will not last for long. Some have villas and yachts, others have nothing to eat but are still happier than the rich.”

Butanoga V strupenem okolju nastajajo strupeni čevlji To ni zgodba za občutljive duše. Je zgodba za občutljive noge, ker so čevlji Butanoga iz prvovrstnih materialov izdelani po meri. A le če bi jo brali zelo površno. Kot da bi bil Parfum zares samo zgodba o morilcu in Ženska francoskega poročnika samo ljubezenski roman. In potem je to zagotovo zgodba o ironiji usode in veliki ljubezni do življenja. O pogu-

In the end I ask him what kind of shoes he likes on a woman. “The ones with clear lines, and are at the same time simple and feisty. Or they have an interesting shape or are made of peculiar materials. And are by no means black. Shoes also tell me all about the person’s character. I look at every man’s shoes first. If I see an interesting pair, I look forward to an interesting conversation. You can also spot at a glance that shoes are not in keeping with the person’s appearance. If you feel good in something, it automatically suits you. And the other way around. If you are not bothered by baldness, you have a nicely shaved head. But if you are, then you’re just bald. But them shoes, they really say a lot.” I didn’t ask him what he thought about my all-star footwear. Well, at least they aren’t black. Round, yellow, size 38 … -

mu in nemirnem duhu. O podivjani domišljiji, ki bi umetnika zadušila, če bi ji pristrigel krila. V obuvalnici Butanoga v nos buta vonj po lepilu, v ušesa buta hrup strojev in v oči butajo nadrealistične slike, napete čez čevljarska platna. Tu se bere čevljarska simbolistična poezija. Tu oživijo čevlji, ki te naravnost vprašajo, ali hočeš nositi svojo dušo na nogah. To so bojevniški, nastopaški, glasni čevlji. V takšne vzorce in barve je narava sama oblekla samce plenilce. Ti čevlji imajo močan seksualni naboj. Za nabite čevlje gre.

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G o n e B u t N o t F o r g o t t e n C l a u d i o C a s t i g lioni, the late owner a n d P r e s i d e n t of MV Agusta, who p a s s e d a w a y o n August 17th at the a g e of 6 4 a f t e r a courageous battle a g a i n s t i l l n e s s , was in many ways t h e s i n g l e m o s t important person in t h e E u r o p e a n motorcycle industry d u r i n g t h e p a s t 30 years, because of t h e t r e n d s h e set, the companies he r e s c u e d , t h e r iders he supported, a n d t h e d e s i g ners he was patron to. by Alan Cathcart illustration NatanEsku More than any other single person, Claudio Castiglioni was responsible for rescuing the Italian motorcycle industry from its early-‘80s downward spiral towards oblivion. Without his passionate belief as a true motorcycle tifoso in Italy’s ability to develop unique two-wheeled products of universal appeal, in which innovative engineering was complimented by ground-breaking design, Ducati would today be making diesel engines, not motorcycles, and would never have won a single World Superbike title. Moreover, MV Agusta would only be a dusty name in road racing history books, Husqvarna would no longer be making motorcycles, only chainsaws and sewing machines, and Cagiva would never have existed in the first place to challenge and defeat the dominant Japanese manufacturers in 500GP racing, and to end the Honda/BMW domination of the Paris-Dakar. Without his patron Claudio Castiglioni’s personal drive and unstinting support, let alone the financial backing he provided even in the most difficult of circumstances to fund the CRC design studio, Massimo Tamburini would never have created the Ducati 916 and MV Agusta F4, Miguel Galluzzi could not have concocted the Ducati Monster, Massimo Bordi would not have designed the Ducati desmoquattro V-twin engine which in 2011 is celebrating its 25th birthday by winning the World Superbike Championship for a record 14th time, and Pierre Terblanche would never have been asked to create the ultimate singlecylinder motorcycle yet made, the Ducati Supermono. And a host of famous riders, from Carl Fogarty to Troy Bayliss, Doug Polen to Raymond Roche, might never have become World champions...... Claudio Castiglioni was a charismatic and engaging person, who inspired great loyalty and gave it in return. Look only at how many of the Cagiva/MV Agusta employees stayed with him through thick and thin, in equal measure, to see that. For them,

and others. il Presidente was a motorcycle visionary, whose tenacious insistence on producing bikes that weren’t merely superlative examples of Italian design and engineering, but which were rewarding to ride and exquisite to look at, made working for him hard, but so very rewarding. Claudio’s dedication to achieving this goal meant that, on all the motorcycles he was responsible for overseeing the creation of, nothing was ever left to chance. One reason why a new MV Agusta took longer to arrive in the marketplace than other brands was that each smallest design detail would be reviewed and revised hundreds of times, in order to get it just right. The result was the creation of a series of benchmark bikes which remain simply unique – and behind each so-distinct detail, from the MV Agusta Brutale’s Dali-esque headlamp, to the current F4’s under-seat exhaust silencer with its four squaresection ‘Castiglioni organ’ exits, the sits the creative soul of Claudio Castiglioni. Claudio’s passion for racing resulted in a succession of Grand Prix victories and World titles for his various brands both on and off-road, with Finland’s Pekka Vehkonen and Dutch teenager Dave Strijbos earning successive 125MX World titles in 1985/86 on Cagivas, followed by Edi Orioli’s win in the 1990 Paris-Dakar Rally on his Cagiva Elefant, a victory he repeated in 1994. Husqvarna, too, flourished under Castiglioni ownership, winning no less than 21 Enduro, four Motocross and five Supermoto World titles after Cagiva acquired it in 1988. John Kocinski’s third place in the 1994 500GP title race on his V4 Cagiva, and his two GP wins on the Italian bikes, in many ways provided Claudio’s ultimate satisfaction, by proving that the Castiglioni family marque could compete on equal terms with the far greater might of Japan Inc. But it was Ducati’s success in winning six World Superbike titles under Cagiva ownership which mattered

most commercially, although it was American Doug Polen’s 1991 title victory on the Team Ferracci bike run out of the back of a small NCR van, which paradoxically gave Claudio most satisfaction – even if it meant his own Ducati factory team riders coming off second best. “This is the true spirit of Superbike racing,” he declared, “where a customer’s bike can beat the factory machines. It’s also good for business – it shows that we at Ducati can sell you a bike you can win a World Championship with!” This copious success was achieved by a succession of riders from great World champions on down, who all gave their best for a man whose sporting enjoyment at seeing his bikes just lining up on the grid, was matched by a thirst for victory and undoubted satisfaction when that was achieved. Yet his insistence on waving the Italian tricolore - often at great personal financial cost – against much bigger companies from Japan, earned the admiration and respect of his rivals, as well as his supporters, all over the world. But in his passing, we can also celebrate Claudio Castiglioni’s most important legacy, in the array of magnificent motorcycles he leaves behind him in the metal – and not least the exquisite MV Agusta F3 675 that he was able to have the satisfaction of seeing so acclaimed by the public on its debut at last November’s EICMA Milan Show. It’s a cliché to say that someone is gone, but not forgotten – but every time we see an MV Agusta F3 on the road or racetrack in coming years, it’ll be hard to avoid thinking of the man responsible for its creation. Claudio Castiglioni’s memory will live on long after his departure from this earth.

Ten Reasons Why akRapovič is The besT exhausT sysTem foR youR caR and moToRcycle 1. innovaTive design Leaders in exhaust system design. We put design at the center of our business. The Akrapovič patented hexagonal shaped mufflers caused a storm in the motorcycle after market, the shape transforming the concept of exhaust systems replacing the standard oval. Our conical design reaffirms our commitment to great design. Akrapovič: Whether for your motorcycle or your performance car - there are no better looking exhaust systems.

2. puRe poWeR Our exhaust systems are designed to provide you with higher levels of performance. We call it Pure Power. Reduced weight from the combination of the right materials and the best design to ensure optimum exhaust flow. The right catalytic converters and the best shapes. More horse power. More performance. Pure Power.

3. The unique sound of akRapovič Our exhaust systems sound like no others. Just the right notes at the right times. Deep, resonant sound. The sound of Pure Power. Make your own sound with Akrapovič.

4. Race pRoven Racing is in our blood. Akrapovič has successfully supported racing teams since its origination. 57 World Champions rely upon Akrapovič when it really matters. It’s the choice of Champions whether racing on road or off road. Factory racers or privateers. There’s no better proving ground for your exhaust system than on the world’s most demanding racetracks.

5. ReseaRch, developmenT & TesTing Akrapovič invests heavily in R&D. The best people constantly innovating and driving our business forward. New materials, new technology, new processes and new products are the outcomes of this approach. This approach is backed up with rigorous measurement and testing to ensure our exhaust systems meet the most stringent homologation standards where required.

6. only The besT maTeRials Akrapovič only uses the best materials. Titanium heat resistant alloys for all the key parts of our titanium exhausts, not just the outer sleeves like many of our competitors. Stainless steel and ultra light carbon fibre. Our carbon fibre is pre-impregnated and ultralight with high tensile strength and temperature resistance.

7. high Technology Akrapovič is a pioneer in developing and using technology to bring real benefits to the customer. Technology and its application is developed in-house. Hydroforming is one such process where header tubes are molded by applying pressurized water. The material forming the ideal shape for optimum exhaust flow, with no loss in its strength. Akrapovič also pioneers the plastic deformation of titanium alloys and also in welding.

8. sTaTe of The aRT facToRy All Akrapovič facilities are state of the art where control is maintained over quality by designing and manufacturing all exhaust systems in-house. This enables the creation of exhaust tubes to our own demanding specifications for maximum performance and quality. In house laboratories ensure that the most exacting standards for type approval and certification are met.

9. passion & expeRience It’s the passion, experience and dedication of the Akrapovič team that few can match. Twenty years of devotion to developing the best exhaust systems and a desire for perfection in the design, performance and sound from all our products. All Akrapovič employees work with a passion for our products, for racing and for satisfying our customers.

10. aTTenTion To deTail It’s all in the detail. Not just in the design and the testing but also in the assembly, right down to the packaging. Akrapovič carbon fibre is assembled by hand with a meticulous approach to quality and finish. Then it is signed by the person who did it. Now that’s real attention to detail.


AUDI R8 5.2 FSI CoupĂŠ/Spyder

Hard facts:

Titanium 14 HP plus, 15 Nm plus, 16 kg lighter Amazing sound

Optional wireless kit for exhaust valves control Products also available for: Abarth, Audi, BMW, Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang , Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Volkswagen

Akrapovič Magazine vol. 9  
Akrapovič Magazine vol. 9