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How to use Internal Pipe Spray Equipment-Telansen NKP-1-3

Internal Pipe Coating Equipment should be used in equip with airless sprayer pump, it can spray various pipes with inside diameter from I.D. 2”inch to 47” inch (50mm ~1200mm). Inner pipeline sprayer uses the high-pressure paint transported by airless sprayer pumps, then atomized in tuba form/conic shape and moves along pipe inner surface to finish spraying the pipe inner surface. Preparing Work: 1. Pneumatic Airless Spray Pump Output Pressure not less than 270Bar 2. Internal Pipe Spray Equipment 2-1, Internal pipe coating Model: NKP-1 for Pipe Diameter 2”-12” inch 2-2, Internal pipe coating Model: NKP-3 for Pipe Diameter 12”-47” inch 3. Air-compressor 4. High pressure Hose Fitting size is 1/4”

Inner Pipeline Sprayer Photo

Working Principle:

Use 1) Contact this internal pipeline sprayers with airless sprayer pump following above photo. 2)Pull from one end of the pipe to be sprayed towards another end with hooking NKP Internal Pipe Paint Sprayer with a wire. 3) Start airless sprayer pumps and input high-pressure paint into hose,and then press the trigger of SPQ-2 Spray Gun,tubaform shaped paints will be spraying.Pull the NKP interior pipe spray tools with uniform speed to spray pipe inner surface from one end to another. 4) We supply 0.4, 0.5,0.7 three type nozzle, 0.7 Nozzle is spraying thicker firm than 0.4 Nozzle. 0.5 type nozzle is standard on NKP-1 machine 5)After spraying, lift the suction pipe of airless sprayer from paint bucket. Open the discharging valve to operate sprayer pump; discharge the residual paint in pump, filter, high-pressure hose and NKP Inner wall Paint Sprayer (the nozzle of NKP Type Sprayer can be dismantled). Then, add solvent noload circulation to clean interior of pump, filter, high-pressure hose, NKP Internal Pipe Sprayer and nozzle. 6)After spraying, wash and clean the device in time, otherwise the paint will solidify or even blocking, which is hard for cleaning. 7)When delivery, there is some light machine oil in the machine. Please clean with solvent before using firstly. If unused for a long time, add some light engine oil into the system to prevent from corrosion. Application Video of NKP-3 Internal Pipe Painting Equipment Troubles Removal Please refer to our internal pipe sprayer Manual for futher detailed information. Please contact us before if clients want to internal Spraying Epoxy Paint to pipe wall.We’ll provide extra spare parts for better performance. Where to buy Internal Pipe Spray Equipment? Telansen are only manufacturer of Internal Pipe Sprayers Equipment in China. Please contact us

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How to use Internal Pipe Spray Equipment-Telansen NKP-1-3 How to use Internal Pipe Spray Equipment-Telansen NKP-1-3

How to use Internal Pipe Spray Equipment-Telansen NKP-1-3 How to use Internal Pipe Spray Equipment-Telansen NKP-1-3