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Conversion of a Hand Painted Gujarati type into a Display Font type design 10 weeks guide: Tarun Deep Girdher status:


Why this Project? # Influence of Typography Day - 2012 # # Awareness about the dying art # Love for typography # Breaking from what I usually do.

What is

What is ? # Hand painted Type is a project that is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India. # Hand painted Type is a collaborative project. # WhiteCrow to convert fonts on digital platform

How does it work ? # Analysing Painter Kafeel

Project Objective

# Developing a Gujarati typeface from a handpainted banner, containing all the Gujarati characters.

Building the Scenario

Interacting the Painters # Painter Sudesh Rao Dhamdere He has been practicing this profession for around 15 years and loves colors. He can replicate anything you give him on a canvas. Painters on painter street charge Rs. 15 per sq. ft. for Lettering at an average.

Interacting the Painters # Painter Bobby (Mulchand) He has been practicing this profession for around 25 years and loves colors. All rounder in street art. Very famous throughout Ahmedabad.

Talk with Sarang Kulkarni # His method of Type Design # Discussed Painter Kafeel Type # Graphic Design interventions involved in the type. # Asked me to study more about the Gujarati Script

Talk with AmĂŠlie Bonet # Her process involved making fonts. # Advised me to go for merging 2 hand painted types to get a better learning of type design

Understanding Gujarati # Facts and origins # Unicode

# Studying Navneet - Gujarati Varna Parichaya Studied character formation Analysed characters Learnt the language

Exploring the Script # Vowels & Consonants # Categorizing

# Glyphs

# Calligraphy Proportions Freehand

Meeting with Amit Kharsani - 1 # Discussed the project # Correct proportions # Origin of Gujarati script

Meeting with Amit Kharsani - 2 # Aksharyog # Demo

In the Field # Difference

Type Modular

1 out of 10 Shops had a Modular type

# Difference

Positioning • Comparatively Delicate

Inner Lanes

# Difference

Positioning • Bold & Heavy

Main Roads

# Difference

Type Mono linear - Bevel - Relief - Sharp - Soft Shadows


# Difference

Type Mono linear

- Flat - Rounded - Pattern


# Difference

Type Mono linear - Black Shadow - Highlights

Shadow / 3D

# Difference

Profession - Curvy - Outline


# Difference

Profession - Bevel - Relief - Edgy Industry

# Difference

Profession - Swirly - Ornate - Shadow


# Difference

Profession - Curvy - Shadow


The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead # Deriving a sentence which will have all the consonants and Vowels of the Gujarati script - Poetry - Essays - Trying to come up with own composition

# Talks with the Painters

Factors to be Considered #

Taking a decision whether to stick with one type or make a new type from getting inspired form hand painted types

# Finalizing a Style # Vectoring the finalized Banner from a point of view of a graphic designer # Experimenting Digitally # Laying out the type on Software (Fontlab)


Estimated Time 5 weeks Documentation: Ongoing Blog

Hand Painted Type - Gujarati Semester 4 Jury Presenation  

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