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2020/ Admissions 202 1 Most students will join us in Year 10 for the Four-Year Programme,

Year 10

which involves both, iGCSE level and A Levels (Years 10 - 13).

Students may also join Akademeia in:

Year 12

for the Two-Year Programme, involving only A Levels

Foundation Year

for a preparatory programme before they start the regular Akademeia High School Four-Year Programme

Alternative entry points are possible in individual cases. As an academically selective school it is important to ensure the right fit between student and school. This is the main goal of our Academic Potential Assessment process.

During the Academic Potential Assessment candidates will be asked to:

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4. 5.

attend university-style lectures in English. sit an English language competence test. have individual meetings with subject teachers. take part in group tasks. sit a Mathematics test.

The assessment process lasts for two days and is conducted over the course of a single weekend. At its conclusion, the student and parents receive a full report that is discussed at an individual meeting with the Admissions team.

The report is also a basis for our admission decision.