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VIBRANT HPL ALKA P KUMRA Member no. 02802878 Background: Durrar Gavel club (Club no. 5159802) was registered with Toastmasters International on 15th December 2015 after only one demo meeting for the children staying in Durrar complex, Riggae, Kuwait. The club was sponsored by Durrar Toastmasters club and at the time of registration, the gavel club had 23 members. Being the president of Durrar Toastmasters club at that time and a mentor of the gavel club, I decided to take up the task of making this club a healthy successful club as my HPL project starting w.e.f. January 2016. Objectives of my HPL: One of the objectives of my HPL, besides mentoring and guiding the young gaveliers to take up all meeting roles and Excom roles, was to motivate them to develop their skills enabling them to be at par with other gavel clubs in Kuwait so as to bring the club to the Gavel map of Kuwait. A description of the project vision, mission and the core values that were percolated down to all members, is given in the table below. Project vision To see Durrar Gavel Club emerge as one of the frontrunner clubs in Kuwait providing high-value communication and leadership skills development. Project mission To mentor Durrar Gavel Club members so as to enhance the quality of the meetings that will make the members more committed and responsible, developing their selfconfidence and be a valuable platform for them to develop their communication and leadership skills. Our core values • Integrity and commitment • Dedication to Excellence • Service to the member • Respect for others • Promote creativity • Mentoring/ supporting each other In my initial speech to my club, I was able to enlist the support of many members as part of my Action team. My Action plan consisted to 6 Key Result Areas (KRAs) to be accomplished within a period of 5 – 9 months.

A brief description of the KRAs is given below: KRA KRA 1 – Club publicity KRA 2 – Bi-annual Excom elections KRA 3 – Explaining meeting roles KRA 4 – Having 2-4 speeches per meeting KRA 5 – Organising club contests KRA 6 – Gaveliers doing evaluations

Goal Membership 30 active members

Deadline 1st June 2016

More members in leadership roles

15th May 2016

More members becoming confident and taking up leadership roles More members doing speeches Ice-breaker – 15 CC 3 – 5 members CC 5 – 2 members Annual speech contests in 4 categories - Tall tales, International, - Humorous, Table Topics Speech evaluations – 5 members General evaluation – 2-3 members

1st July 2016 15th August 2016

30th April 2016

30th September 2016

The Project outcome: The guidance team was very pleased with the efforts and results that all the goals were achieved much before the deadline of 30th September 2016. As of 31st July 2016, the club had 36 active members, the second excom’s term was in progress (May-October 2016), 22 members had done their ice-breaker speeches, 8 had completed CC-3 and 3 had completed CC-5. The winners of club contests had participated in Inter Gavel club contest in May 2016, where one of the members was crowned the Humorous speech champion of Kuwait. Also, already 9-10 club members were confidently doing speech evaluations and general evaluation. The Current Status: Now in its second year, the club is going strong and has 48 active members, conducting enthusiastic meetings, adding features like debate, quiz and innovative table topics. Durrar Gavel club, a vibrant, strong, healthy club with active future toastmasters in the making, is a real pride of Toastmasters in Kuwait. Some glimpses of the Gavel club meetings can be seen in the attached pictures.

Hpl write up durrar gavel club  
Hpl write up durrar gavel club