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2014 the year Smart Hotels are in Style

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Guest-tek checks in at Marriot London Edition

Airwave supplies 50% of the top ten UK hotels

Putting guests in control

For total control, all you need is OXIGEN. The new hospitality TV package from Philips offers remote management tools and unique revenue opportunities. OXIGEN helps hotels to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while ensuring that guests enjoy the latest connectivity with a wealth of Smart TV apps and mobile device sharing. For more information visit:

06305742 ADV PHILIPS 297 210 4A i dd 1

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The Big Picture for 2010 brought to you by


The new 300c series interactive hotel TVs from LG – just like home only better! If you’re looking to impress your guests with a premium in room offering, then take a look at the LG 300c series, a new generation of high spec LCD TVs especially designed for the hospitality sector. Available in 5 screen sizes with a host of smart user features these TV systems will not disappoint. And, with the support of LG’s Premier Partners to rely on, this really is a dream ticket. When a quality TV service really matters, the LG 300c puts you in the frame.

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ime flies when you are enjoying yourself, and I cannot believe this is now the fifth year anniversary of The Big Picture supplement providing hoteliers with an overview of some of the latest technological products and services available. Reviewing previous issues, we are pleased to have provided expert advice that has stood the test of time, enabling our customers to stay ahead of the curve, and helping to shape the future onscreen experience in hospitality. At Airwave, we fully understand the issues of convergent technology, and our unique multi-brand approach allows us to offer the best solution for both hoteliers and guests. Again, we trust that this guide is both informative and inspirational – so please enjoy the Big Picture 2014. Tim Worrall, MD Airwave Europe Limited

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The Sky’s the Limit How to meet guest demand with Sky TV

The LH200H LCD hotel TV provides everything a premium hotel needs from an invisible clock (front LED) to an outstanding level of in-room entertainment. Movies, shows and sports are enhanced by a fantastic dynamic contrast ratio. Everything is taken into consideration from the hotelier’s needs to the guests’ expectations with LG’s Hotel TV solutions.

High Class Definition Philips introduce the new Ultimate HD range

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MEDIASUITE Philips launch their new Smart TV range

Top Ten! Airwave celebrate ten of the best hotel AV installations

HOTEL SATELLITE Airwave's best installations unveiled

A Different View Samsung explore the latest hotel technology

DYNAMIC DISPLAYS Sharp Aquos TV offers the complete hotel display solution

Super Seven The benefits of the new Philips TV range

TELEADAPT Get ready to connect your guests to Media, Audio, Internet and Power


In the Know Airwave fill us in on everything you need to know about TVs LG 300C

Is 2013 the year that Smart becomes a reality?

LG Hotel TV For more information

Take a Stand OmniMount continue in the commitment to conserve our planet’s resources

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Get Smart and Connect

The Apex of Guest TV


Economy, efficiency, functionality and style with Philips

Airwave’s best installations unveiled

Smarten up and get app happy with AirMEDIA

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Future Trends


Every year we stand back to consider the major trends and developments in technology and consumer behavior, so we can assess the implications for the hospitality sector, allowing hoteliers to be informed so they can make the right decisions. TV is still KING There has been a massive revolution, with the exponential rise and use of smartphones, tablets and laptops, but the TV has still managed to remain King when it comes to the hotel room, as it is the most visual statement that the hotelier also lives in the modern world and is conscious of the demands of its guests. The multichannel environment is well and truly here, and even modest guest houses now boast 80 odd crystal clear digital channels, together with an array of radio stations on the most basic of Freeview systems. This means that all higher grade hotels need to raise their

game and differentiate the offering, just as they do when it comes to the other obvious quality indicators like the comfort of the bed and the style and functionality of the bathroom and shower. The first way to do this with TV, is by specifying a brand which matches the aspirations of the guest. Whilst the modest B&B, may well be satisfied with an unbranded supermarket model, with no hotel functionality, (and probably a remote control with a sellotaped battery flap!), serious hotel brands are also identifying with the consumer brands such as Loewe, Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp and Toshiba to benchmark their

positioning and offering. All these brands have hotel specific models with the standard functionality such as menu block, maximum volume level, start-up channel and cloning. The more advanced features include dedicated information menus and remote centralised tuning and channel mapping. This consumer electronics industry is global, and these market leaders have departments dedicated to developing a vast range of features suited to each sector of the hotel market from standalone Freeview through to fully interactive IPTV. This delivers very relevant benefits: for instance, with the rise of international 0845 555 1212


future trends travellers, both leisure and business, there is a growing requirement for hotel TVs with built-in satellite tuners. The beauty of these screens is that they remove the requirement for the normal stack of set-top boxes in the hotel’s comms room, as the signal decoding takes place within the TV itself. The benefit to the guest is clear – live TV in their native tongue, but the hotel has managed to deliver it at a fraction of the normal cost, with less ongoing maintenance issues. As new free-to-guest channels are added on the satellite, there is no need for any more equipment, but merely a retune of the TVs. Of course with the remote tuning features provided by the likes of Samsung, Philips and LG, this task is made even simpler. As traditional Hotel Pay TV has been on the decline, there has been a corresponding rise in demand for more channels, and better quality images such as HD. For any hotelier opting for a screen from 40 inch upwards, we would always recommend ensuring they choose terrestrial HD TVs, meaning those which possess a DVB-T2 tuner. In 2014, there are a whole host of new HD free terrestrial channels being launched on Freeview, and with events like the World Cup coming up, picture quality will again come into focus. Of course, in retrospect 3D TV can now been seen as a technological blip and a fad (the serious fun starts when glasses are not required). However, the next real quantum change will be 4K, also known as Ultra HD. The hardware is there, but the content is not. Airwave has already installed these screens into boutique hotel lobbies as stunning fashion statements, but they will only enter the mainstream in-room environment once the broadcast industry catches up with the content, which will take a few years.

Size and Depth count The growth of screen sizes within hotels has probably lagged that of the domestic market, but guests have clearly been demanding larger TVs. We believe this trend will continue, but hotels will be


relieved to know that there will be a natural limit to screen sizes, as there is an optimum relationship between viewing distance and screen size in normal circumstances. There could however be a trend in pod-type, space conscious, technology rich, city centre hotel rooms for entire walls to become the canvas for entertainment, information and relaxation. Watch this space. The budget hotel brands are still on the rise, and the new benchmark is 40 inch, so we believe that any hotel wishing to ensure their asset delivers over the next 5 years should use this screen size as a starting point. The trends in the domestic world do not always align with the requirements in the hospitality market, and one such area is in depth of screen. As Plasma technology made way for LCD, which was closely followed by the LED introduction, the general trend has been thinner TVs. These low-profile screens are aesthetically pleasing and the mistaken belief the

industry had was that consumers would hang their TVs on the wall, like a picture. The reality turned out differently, and the TV still remains an item of furniture, often inhabiting the corner of a room, or sitting on its stand. Manufacturers quickly realised this and the focus turned to the thinness of the bezel. The cost economics of production meant that we saw the average depth of screens actually increase again! This was not good news for hotels where TVs often hang on walls, and the most visible element of a TV when entering a room is its depth. The more in-tune brands understand this and bring dedicated models to market with low depth profiles.

BYOD You only need to sit on a train and look around to see the growth in the trend know as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Consumers are using their smartphones, tablets and laptops to access personal content at a time that suits them. The implications for hoteliers is they should provide easy connectivity to the large TV to act as a monitor. This is easier said then done, as there is a battle in progress between the giants leading the technological revolution over common standards. There is some progress however, with protocols such as DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which requires manufactures to build in compatible handshakes between devices, thus brining this connected world closer. Industry providers are struggling with the challenge, and are bringing interim solutions to market, but nothing to date which is simple, intuitive, seem-less and all embracing. Watch out for the growth of Widi Miracast enabled devices over the next year or so, as yet another streaming solution comes to market. Today, the two main methods of connectivity are wired and wireless. Companies such as TeleApapt have pioneered the use of the wired connection,

future trends which is a robust, intuitive concept which is easily understood by the majority of travellers. The wireless solutions available today, whilst being more elegant remain the preserve of the more technically savvy guest. As there is always a group of people still struggling to get to grips with the functionality of their own devices, at the moment, wireless connectivity for content may cause more problems then it solves. Robustness, and universal ease of use remain the mantra for the hotelier. The “My Away” APP which sits of the Guest-tek platform is probably the best wireless solution available on the market, as not only does it enable the guest to stream their own content to the TV, but they can also request content like live TV and VOD is streamed to their own device. Ideal for luxury Spa Hotels and holiday resorts, where guests inhabit not just a room, but an entire complex.

Judged by your BANDWIDTH When asking a friend what their hotel was like, it is not uncommon to hear the response “Their bandwidth was terrible” before any mention of the bed, breakfast, shower or even the TV. Reports from the USA show that demand for bandwidth in hotels is growing at an exponential rate as a result of more people arriving with multi devices, and using them for ever more bandwidth hungry services. Of course, it is not as simple as just obtaining great bandwidth from companies such as Airwave partner Exponential-e, but there is also the need to design a robust managed data network to ensure complete wireless coverage through the property. We believe that as a guide, the average 100 roomed hotel should obtain no less that a 100Mb dedicated pipe, and initially take 25-30Mb with the ability to ramp up as demand grows. With city-centre bandwidth costs falling, we have seen an increasing number of sites install 1G connections to stay ahead of the curve. It is now becoming clear that a growing number of hotels recognise they have a group of guests requiring Free Internet to quickly check emails, and another distinct cluster of heavy internet users who will consume as much bandwidth as they are given. In the same way, that in such circumstances it would be foolish to provide a free all-you-can eat buffet, an increasing number of hoteliers recognise that tiered internet access is the way to go. This way, the user heavily reliant on robust, secure and fast connectivity can be catered for, but at a price which

is reasonable. Charges seem to vary between £4.95 to £9.95 for a 24 hour period and the cost can also be bundled with other services.

Go OTT At broadcast industry events one of the catchphrases is OTT, over-the-top, which describes the way in which mainstream TV is delivered traditionally via coaxial, but extra on demand services are accessed over IP. This is a general industry trend, which also has resonance in the hospitality sector. For many years, we have been recommending hoteliers gear themselves up to deliver TV services over thick coaxial cable, but also run CAT5/6 data cabling to the TV to cater for interactive services such as internet and streaming etc. This is the established standard in the consumer market, and likewise it is the most sensible way to design the infrastructure in a hotel. High bandwidth TV signals are best delivered over a coaxial cable, which is robust and low cost, (and the TVs have tuners that do this job perfectly). We can then load up the data-network only with the content which is interactive or ondemand. The best example of this is the new cloud-based, AirMEDIA solution, which is a small android based box running a Google browser, which connects to any TV with an HDMI port, to provide a full interactivity and a customized experience

for the guest as well as full hundreds of Smart APPS. Products like AirMEDIA allow the guest to access relevant content like their own NetFlix account, or BBC iPlayer, and mirror or even exceed the experience they already enjoy at home. For international travellers features such as local news APPS in their native tongue add to the benefits. For instance, the Sky News Arabia APP enables Middle Eastern guests to access not only news stories from their own area in Arabic script, but also watch live news stories on the big screen. Of course, being APP based, the content is constantly evolving and being updated so for instance as the growth of Chinese travellers increases, we are able to introduce specific APPs to cater for their needs. A picture paints a thousand words, so I would really recommend requesting a demo to appreciate the tremendous power of the system.

APPs at your Fingertips The rise of the hotel APP has been a long time coming, but it is clearly evident that dedicated hospitality APPs are the perfect way to build strong relationships with your guests and enable easy access for making reservations, whilst also increasing loyalty. The natural extension of this, is to make use of the same APP as part of the customer journey that includes a comprehensive experience covering check-in, room access, front desk connectivity, lighting, A/C, TV and all room 0845 555 1212


future trends controls. Innovations like the new Fingi system have made this dream a reality, and we see this trend shaping the future as new rooms are designed with guest connectivity in mind. Of course, all these systems must also assume the possibility of a lost or stolen phone, or the more common occurrence of a flat battery, so there is always a local over-ride system present. These systems are most easily installed in new build, but there are many options to also retrofit existing properties during major upgrades and refits.

2014 – Those Future Trends in a nutshell ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

32 inch screens moving to 40+ inches Stand-alone TVs, to incorporate Smart TV Basic Freeview will be enhanced by international channels Standard definition being upgraded to HD Channelised Sky systems replaced by Sky HD In-Room Cheap solutions making way for value-engineered offerings VOD contribution falls as tiered internet revenue grows Isolated TV systems become connected to the cloud Guest APPS will enable full room control Successful technological development remains guest focused and value-drive

A further application comes with the development of the new proposition from Sky, which provides that real home-fromhome experience delivering an amazing choice of high quality premium HD channels directly to the room. This solution has struck a cord with hotels across the spectrum, from the budget sector, through to boutique hotels and the most prestigious and iconic five star properties in the UK. The value of this proposition is bourn out by the glowing guest reviews on TripAdvisor.

Smarten up

IP is top of the tree

The other trend which can only be ignored at your peril is the Smart TV revolution. We believe that the most relevant in room APPs are those for catch- up services, live streaming or VOD, such as BBC iPlayer, NetFlix, Tune-in Radio and YouTube. Many hospitality systems from the likes of Samsung, Philips and LG possess access to all or some of these services with varying degrees of functionality, as do systems like AirMEDIA. The critical issue for the hotelier is in ensuring that personal data is remains private, so only Smart systems with dedicated hospitality functionality are recommended. We have seen instances of some hotels potentially compromising guest personal data in a short-term bid to save costs by installing domestic models, with disastrous consequences.

In the top echelon of business hotels, an all-embracing solution covering IPTV and Wireless from companies such as Airwave’s partner, Guest-Tek is the solution of choice. The latest concept, developed in North America and now just installed in the UK at the new Marriott flagship, London Edition works without a set-top box as h-browser functionality is embedded within

IRS – TVs superhighway Real Estate developers have known about Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) for many years, as they provide the backbone in nearly all apartment blocks in the UK to allow residents to hook-up their homes to multiple sources, be that terrestrial or satellite TV and DAB services, but via a single headend and antenna network. Exactly the same system is now being deployed in hotels to ensure the “biggest bang for the buck” within the hotel room. Many hospitality screens from the likes of Samsung and LG already include satellite tuners, enabling hundreds of high-quality UK and international TV and radio channels to be easily received in room.


the high end Samsung LEDs. The entire network is IP and with the “My Away” APP, guests can even take the content with them to view later on their own device. AirMEDIA is an incredibly flexible solution and has been also able to address this niche, as it can function as an IPTV solution, but at a low-cost. Being cloud based, the only local cost is the IPTV encoding. In the long term, we believe that TV channels will increasingly be delivered by IP from the cloud, and this will start with niche international programming. We already see this with an array of Arabic channels available on AirMEDIA, which are not even broadcast in Europe. Now that’s progress. Not everything in the IP world is rosy, and many hoteliers were burnt by being early adopters in the days when technology architects insisted on data only networks (at the expense of coax), and they ended up with poor-performing but expensive solutions. At Airwave, we have addressed this and therefore also provide a robust system, which delivers digital TV over the data network, but without the need for a fully-fledged IP system.

student castle

King of the Castle First class student solution


tudent Castle is one of the most talked about private student accommodation companies in the UK, providing a fresh, slick and modern solution that guarantees its place as one of the key players in the market. Airwave has been adaptable in offering Student Castle leading-edge in-room solutions to suit specific demands of their sites and their students Throughout 2013, Airwave successfully supplied and commissioned a 685 point IPTV system at the brand new Student Castle London, in addition to sites in Bristol and Cardiff. Airwave’s end to end solution in London is based upon the AirMEDIA SmartTV box, alongside a full range of services including the acquisition of TV and Radio channels, the implementation of the IPTV Head-End, provision of multicast switches, and the supply and commissioning of all 685 LG Hospitality TV’s from the LP360H range. With AirMEDIA students can use APPS just like those on a smartphone

or tablet device, but on a much larger screen. More importantly the Apps can be selected by Student Castle, to reflect the particular needs of the resident students and provide links to nearby University or College resources. The management of the accommodation complex can also use AirMEDIA to send global and personal messages .The installation at Student Castle offer a wide range of high quality digital TV and radio channels, information, news, online entertainment including catchup TV, social networking and interactive games, all controlled by a unique gyro remote control. Airwave worked in partnership with Student Castle and Vinci Construction to supply studio rooms, cluster kitchens and common rooms with a top quality student TV solution at the Bristol and Cardiff sites, both of which were completed ready for the 2013-2014 academic year. Modern and stylish studio rooms were supplied with LG 27” monitors TVs giving the rooms a real focal point as well as providing students with a wide portfolio of

entertainment. The 20 brand new cluster kitchens now have top of the range 37” LG LCD TV screens, perfect for watching films, television or gaming. Student Castle went a step further in the common rooms with Airwave installing stunning LG 60” plasma screens. Here, student experience is at its peak with the very best HD quality viewing – what better way to spend an evening than a movie night, or a game of FIFA on the big screen? Paul Chambers, Sales and Marketing Director at Airwave, said: ‘After receiving excellent feedback from students on the current sites we are looking forward to developing our partnership further with Student Castle, and we look forward to further collaborations in 2014 and beyond.’ 0845 555 1212



A true multimedia experience for your guests from Samsung Add to the luxury of your rooms with a streamlined display


reat your guests to a superb viewing experience with the sleekly designed HB690 Series. These LED displays use minimal space, boasting an ultra-thin profile that is onethird the thickness of traditional displays. The slim design means more space can be devoted to efficient use of luxurious hotel room interiors. A super-narrow bezel helps the display blend into the background, so your guests can focus on the images projected rather than the device delivering them. A metal frame and stand is included for an elevated level of sophistication, enhancing the ambiance of your guest rooms and your luxury hotel image.

“Samsung offers something for every organisation” Expand services beyond basic displays with efficient content management solution Provide your guests with the information they need when they want it. The easy-to-use Samsung LYNK™ solution delivers guest information directly to in-room TVs without the usual complications associated with display content management. Provide customised service to groups or individuals and engrossing IPTV live multicasts with simplified TV monitoring and management using LYNK™ SINC. You can provide guests tourist information, weather reports and more over the IP network using the various applications on Samsung Smart Hub that can be accessed through LYNK SINC solution on Samsung hospitality displays. Plus, guests can connect to popular applications, such as Facebook™, Twitter™ and YouTube™ for more fun. With the LYNK™ DRM software, feel confident that encrypted content passes safely to hotel room TVs and system reliability is maintained with this costeffective alternative to hardware-based content protection systems.


‘I’m looking to upgrade my televisions and want to choose a new system to install in our bedrooms. How do I go about choosing the right one for my hotel?’ The ideal TV and system solution will depend on the hotel’s infrastructure, budget and desired content. Samsung offers something for every business with a variety of system based solutions from video on demand through to stand alone TVs running Freeview. The most comprehensive solution for hotels is a video-on-demand menu based system, which provides the guest with access to extensive content with a cost for the more premium programming. This type of solution also enables hotels to improve the guest experience through a comprehensive menu system that provides communication of hotel services, local area information and even updatable weather. Samsung works with a number of partners that develop such systems and have numerous installations already in place. For hotels looking for a step up, they could opt for a cat 5 menu system. Samsung offers a version of this through its LYNC SINC solution that is fully customisable, allowing the hotel to provide a menu system for their guests with full integration to the PMS server. This content management system enables hotels to send individual welcome messages, update TVs from a central point and even enable check out and pay-bill from the room. Because the solution operates on Samsung’s SMART range of hospitality TVs it provides access to the Samsung SMART hub with a range of apps including AccuWeather, Tune-In Radio, Facebook, Youtube as well as the catch up services of BBC iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player and Demand 5. Another option is a menu based system (called REACH) a coaxial solution that can be customised to include local area services, hotel details, weather information and anything else the hotelier can think of. Once again there is only an upfront cost for the server, which provides a central point for updating all the TV’s and again removes the need for monthly charges.


Smart connectivity,

best lifetime value Oxigen, a new feature set for Philips hospitality TVs, delivers versatile connectivity and ensures the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


P Vision introduced Philips Oxigen in 2013 to deliver on the promise providing innovative solutions that benefit both guests and hoteliers. Oxigen is a new feature package that answers two of hoteliers’ most pressing questions on hotel TVs: ‘How to become future proof when it comes to cloud-based services and connecting to guests’ mobile devices?’ and ‘How to keep overall TV investments low and to create additional revenues?’ All 2013 Philips MediaSuite and Philips Signature hospitality TVs support Oxigen, a set of innovative features and applications that gives hoteliers and guests the latest in connectivity, offers access to cloudbased Smart TV services and ensures easy remote management and installation. It always delivers the best-possible service and newest information to guests.

Versatile connectivity Thanks to SimplyShare, guests can wirelessly connect their mobile devices with the large TV screens in their hotel rooms to stream content stored on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. To prevent neighbouring guests from seeing this private content, Philips hotel TVs feature a special version of SimplyShare featuring a secure pairing solution for TV and mobile devices. Through an interactive browser-based platform, SmartInfo allows hotel services such as spas, restaurants and bars to be promoted purposefully, but also provides information on, for example, local tourist attractions. All information pages can be updated easily from remote. The Smart TV offering on Philips Signature and Philips MediaSuite hospitality TVs is fully cloud based and managed by TP Vision. Hoteliers don’t need to worry about app updates or supplying new apps. In addition, the dedicated hotel version ensures privacy and security by deleting all user data and log-in data after usage.

Low total cost of ownership Oxigen was created with the demand from hoteliers for low total cost of ownership in mind. The package includes SmartInstall, a PC-based remote management tool, which remotely manages several tasks that previously needed physical presence:


upgrading software, installing new channels, or updating SmartInfo pages takes only a few clicks – on all TVs, in one go - and there’s no need to visit rooms and disturb guests. SmartInstall also supports Appcontrol, another Oxigen feature. This enables hoteliers and system integrators to manage remotely the apps displayed on the Smart TV portal of each TV. This means that hoteliers can easily personalise the Smart TV offering for different rooms. At the same time,

Appcontrol optimises bandwidth useage. For example, video-streaming apps such as Youtube can be made exclusive to premium rooms, with the offering for all other rooms centred around news and social media apps, which require less bandwidth. In combination with the heritage of Philips hospitality TVs - with 30 years’ experience in the hospitality market Oxigen provides everything hoteliers need to offer guests an excellent in-room entertainment experience.

All you need is Oxigen OXIGEN helps hotels to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership while ensuring that guests enjoy the latest connectivity with a wealth of Smart TV apps and mobile device sharing. The most important connectivity and TCO-supporting features are:

CONNECT ■ Secure SimplyShare - easy and secure content streaming ■ SmartInfo - branded hotel info pages ■ SmartTV - cloud-based, managed Smart TV service

TCO ■ Smart Install – remote installation and configuration ■ Appcontrol - easy creation of app profiles


Peace of mind with

LG Service, UK

put in. We’ve had great feedback from our customers and partners also which is great.

What about the product? Is it reliable? Again, yes. LG’s “Fault found” returns run at an industry-leading level of less than 1%. Naturally, this makes our job easier but we do still have to work hard, honest!

Any final words?

Mark Evans, LG’s B2B service Manager talks about the importance of a service procedure that works. Why is a good service structure so important within a Hotel environment? To be as clear as possible, a hotel room without a working television is a hotel room that can’t be sold. As a consequence, we need to adjust our service procedure so it enables every room to be sold on any given night. This is why we’re the only manufacturer to base our service structure on a B2B model – we recognise that a B2C model doesn’t work in a hotel environment.

replace the faulty television with the same model typically between 24 and 48 hours, but the promise is 72 hours. In this time, the hotel should be able to use the spare screen that we recommend is kept as an “emergency”. The net result is no room downtime!

Is the LG service model working? Yes, yes and yes! We recently won a global B2B service award which was fantastic as it was a real vindication of the hard work we’ve

Plenty but I’ll leave you with this. I personally take great pride in my work and am motivated by pleasing the customer. Sometimes it’s important to realise that what’s best for the customer should take precedence over what’s best for LG. If the customer’s happy, they’ll remain loyal to LG, simple as that. If necessary, I’ll give a hotel GM my personal mobile and will answer the phone on a Sunday morning if that means a happy customer. It sounds corny but it’s true! And for my very final comment I’ll leave you with this: the LG service team have a very simple philosophy “say what we do, do what we say”.

Meaning actions speak louder than words? Exactly!

“we need to adjust our service procedure so it enables every room to be sold on any given night. This is why we’re the only manufacturer to base our service structure on a B2B model”

What makes a B2B model different? Well, firstly we realise that a hotel can’t wait for a screen to be repaired. This is why we offer a “hot swap” - we’ll

CASE STUDY Airwave gets on-board with P&O Passengers in the luxury club cabins on the North Sea P&O Ferries will be delighted with the new in room TV solution offered to passengers. Airwave supplied super sleek LG Hospitality TVs to four of P&O’s North Sea ferries (Pride of Hull, Pride of York, Pride of Rotterdam and Pride of Bruges), a total of 86 22” LED TVs. The trips to and from Holland and Belgium now have the added enjoyment of an excellent guest

branding. These on-board promotions such as the timings of the latest live shows and movies, and any on-ship offers give passengers valuable information whilst in-turn giving the ships an opportunity to generate extra revenue. Features such as menu locking prevent unwanted editing of standard settings. All TVs are securely mounted to desk poles which prevent damage in rough weather conditions.

“Luckily LG’s screens are recognised as industry leaders in build design and quality and we were able to recommend a great solution” says LG’s Hospitality manager James Babbage entertainment TV solution to help pass the time. P&O made the decision to switch to hospitality TVs after recognising the enhanced features that they can offer. The new TVs allow guests to be greeted with a welcome splash page as they turn on their TV sets, with up to date information and ship specific


LG’s LT series hospitality TV was the ideal choice for P&O as a preferred brand on their cruise fleet and as a brand that always exceeds demand. The new in-room TV system will take entertainment to the next level and enhance the on-board experience. In view of a cruise ship’s unusual requirement, we recognised the need

for a robust screen to avoid internal and external damage caused by a boat’s constant movement” says LG’s Hospitality Television Manager, James Babbage. “Luckily LG’s screens are recognised as industry leaders in build design and quality and we were able to recommend a great solution.”

HOME FROM HOME ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOTELS Introducing the new LP860H, the slimmest premium Hotel TV. Featuring a fully HD screen, smart functionality and content sharing, the LP860H adds an element of beauty to the hotel room. Commercialised connectivity is ever revolutionised with Smart TV functions such as Miracast, WiDi and Smart Share which enables guests to play and view content from their digital devices on their in-room TVs. Let your guests surf the internet just like at home with LG’s easy-to-use Motion Remote Controller and web-browser function.

For more information email:

Life’s Good

air range

The Next Generation Airwave introduces you to the next stage in hotel in-room technology with their latest ‘Air’ solutions, compatible with your existing digital hotel TV screens.

AirMEDIA: Smarten Up Nobody can deny that Smart TV is the current buzzword in hotel technology. However many Smart TV models are restricted in terms of web browsing and styling, as well as requiring hoteliers to purchase new Smart TV sets. Why change your hotel TVs when you can simply upgrade to the AirMEDIA smart solution; providing guests with the very latest Smart TV features and apps, as well as hotel information and services. AirMEDIA transforms HD Ready Hotel TVs into affordable modern Smart TVs. It’s a complete standalone solution that includes the AirMEDIA Box, a unique Hotel Gyro Remote Control and access to the MySmartUp Portal, which gives you complete control over look, feel and functionality.

Get app happy With AirMEDIA guests can use apps just like those on a smartphone or tablet device, but on a much larger screen. This opens up a huge range of applications including popular catch-up TV and video streaming services, journey planners,

event guides, news, magazines, weather services and so much more. Guests can also login to their favourite social networks or chat and shop online. Surfing the Web is a breeze using the feature rich HD Browser that providing access to even more exciting services, and all of this is done from the comfort of the guest’s hotel room. The Hotel Media Share app enables guests to stream their own content from their devices onto their in-room TV screens and watch movies, look at photos, listen music and more.

Dedicated Hotel Features AirMEDIA offers a fantastic service advantage that is specifically designed for hospitality, so guest’s personal details, usernames and passwords are cleared automatically after use; safety and security is assured. Best of all AirMEDIA requires no on-site server, just a wired or wireless network and a broadband internet connection.

Sleek, stylish and ecological It uses a small unobtrusive smart box that works with just about any hotel mode TV; and when you do want to upgrade to a slimmer, more eco-friendly TV, you just move the AirMEDIA box to the new set

AirCAST: Tailored Hotel ‘Red Button’ Services AirCAST is the revolutionary information system, enabling you to communicate with your guests via a dedicated ‘red button’ channel on their TV sets

INFORM Costly, printed in-room directories are a thing of the past. AirCAST enables hotel guests to quickly and easily navigate through different sections and pages on hotel information and services. Hoteliers can instantly update the system via a web interface, keeping information fresh and up to date. ■ Hotel services and facilities ■ Local area information and useful contacts ■ Local sites and attractions ■ Live feeds, e.g. News, Weather, Sport

PROMOTE Generate revenue by using AirCAST to promote hotel products, services and facilities or to advertise local businesses. ■ Hotel offers and promotions


■ Restaurant, bar or spa deals ■ Advertise local businesses, such as taxi firms or restaurants

A TAILORED SOLUTION AirCAST is a bespoke information system for your hotel. It can be tailored to suit your hotels individual style and requirements. ■ Hotel logos, colours, images and corporate videos ■ Hotel specific content ■ Tailored categories and pages

HOW IT WORKS AirCAST is based on the same interactive technology used by broadcasters worldwide, for services such as BBC Red Button, and already built in to TV screens from all major manufacturers. The system works on any coaxial TV network with the only in-room requirement being an integrated digital television (iDTV) such as those already

and your guest experience is still as great as it was before, no unwanted menus and feature changes, no missing apps because manufacturer’s licenses have expired, you remain in complete control.

The premium solution An advanced version of the AirMEDIA solution is available with great additional features. These include: ■ Property Management System (PMS) Integration ■ Movies On Demand (also known as VOD) ■ On-Screen Room Service ■ Feature Rich Concierge Services ■ View Bill ■ Express Checkout ■ Wake-Up Alarm

used to receive Freeview channels in the UK, so there’s no need for any card or set-top box in the room. The AirCAST server simply plugs in, without the need to upgrade the network.

CASE STUDY: Deluxe TV at Doubletree Airwave Europe installed the latest Samsung LED hotel TVs as well as a dedicated AirCAST system at the Doubletree by Hilton. The Samsung screens are supplemented by Airwave’s revolutionary AirCAST hotel red button services. The London Hyde Park and London Ealing hotels each have a tailored hotel information channel packed with useful information on hotel services, local amenities, news and weather. The channels are configured to meet the Doubletree by Hilton branding to include logos, colours, images and videos. Jeff Summers, Key Account Manager at Airwave, commented: “After initial talks with Westbridge it

air range

AirINFO: Get Informed Keep guests informed with a dedicated in-room hotel information channel. Stunning HD images, hotel branding, news and weather feeds makes AirINFO the ideal way to get your guests attention. The system offers hotel information and advertising opportunities and the layout can be easily modified to incorporate hotel logos, colours, images and videos. The AirINFO template consists of: ■ Hotel branding ■ On-Screen clock ■ Looping video feed ■ Regional weather outlook ■ National news RSS feed ■ Motorway traffic RSS feed ■ Areas for advertising and promotions ■ Text / message Area (HQ and Hotel Manager messages)

CASE STUDY: The Vale Resort, Wales Set within 650 acres of beautiful Welsh countryside, the Vale Resort is Wales’ highest rated four star resort. Airwave supplied and installed a tailored AirINFO channel, as well as 150 Samsung 40” screens. The entire network was also upgraded to receive HD quality television. Management at the Vale Resort are very happy with the sleek, high definition information channel. Stepehen Leeke, Managing Director, said: ‘Our AirINFO channel perfect for broadcasting important information to our guests, such as information about our golf course, as well as the weather forecast and news. The channel is full HD quality which looks great on the Samsung screens. Airwave provided a very good, friendly and efficient service.’

AirINFO can be installed on your existing aerial network and broadcast over the internet directly to all guestrooms. Content is easily updated by staff at any location via a dedicated online control panel. AirINFO’s simple scheduling structure allows you to plan updates in advance using a set of date and time rules. Set breakfast promotions to end at 11am and lunch promotions begin. Special events, offers or promotions can be automatically removed when they expire.

was clear that the focus for these hotels was guest experience and they were looking for an entertainment system to match. The hotels are now able to cater for international guests by offering satellite TV channels from across the globe, business guests by enabling access to internet and email, as well as tourists by offering local points of interest, maps and the weather forecast. At Airwave we like to make things simple for everyone. The new system at Hyde Park and Ealing is easy to use, both for guests and hotel staff.”

CASE STUDY: Pomme d’Or, Jersey Airwave Europe upgraded the entire TV infrastructure of the Pomme d’Or Hotel in Jersey, part of the Seymour Group, to allow free-to-air satellite reception, including hundreds of channels from across the globe in many different languages, as well as AirINFO HD, tailored to meet the hotel’s requirements. The channel incorporates images and video as well as information on hotel services and local news and weather. Senior management and guests at the Pomme d’Or Hotel are delighted with the results. Luis de Oliveira, General Manager, said, ‘our guests have very high expectations of in-room services and technology. In a highly competitive market, it is essential to enhance their experience with an exceptional information and entertainment environment. We offer an extensive range of channels in superb clarity. Additionally, a dedicated information channel allows us to promote the hotel facilities and special offers via a very user-friendly portal.’

AirSIGN: Go Digital AirSIGN is the digital signage software, based on the same technology as the AirINFO in-room information services. AirINFO allows you to broadcast hotel information, news, weather and services to screens in public areas such as receptions, lounges, bars and restaurants. AirSIGN can be configured to fit a screen of any size, from small 19” screens up to multi-screen video walls.

CASE STUDY: First Class solution for Rail Gourmet Rail Gourmet are the largest transport and food travel company and offer a ‘One stop shop’ for every element of modern rail catering. Airwave has worked with Rail Gourmet to install digital signage onto their food trolleys. With trolleys being normally linked with just hot drinks, beverages and snacks they are now a key opportunity for advertising, and have attracted key companies such as Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Adagio and Carling. Airwave’s AirSIGN solution is used within the trolleys on a panel PC, AirSIGN allows Rail Gourmet the opportunity to incorporate useful information, branding and advertising opportunities The content is updated remotely in depot’s overnight via Wi-Fi, they are very successful on key routes and trains in the south such as Brighton, Lewis and Victoria. They are also running on the Gatwick Express. Tony Tizzard- Airwave’s Pre-Sales Technical Manager commented, ‘This solution is a great asset to Rail Gourmet, it allows them to promote their food and beverage products directly at point of sale, as well as being able to target the lucrative commuter market with relevant products and business’.

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Sky and Samsung partner to deliver award-winning HD viewing for hotels




n August this year, Sky and Samsung announced a new partnership to offer hotels one solution to their in-room television requirements which will be installed by Airwave. Hotels can now enjoy award winning content from Sky, on stunning Samsung LED HD TV sets. With hotels looking for quality, ease and affordability, the new Sky and Samsung alliance looks set to be a winner. We spoke to Alison Dolan, Deputy MD at Sky Business, to explain more.

How did this partnership come about? Providing guests with quality inroom content and entertainment has become increasingly important, as guests now expect an entertainment experience close to that in their homes. Sky In-Room allows hotels to deliver award-winning TV to guests, creating a home-from-home experience, which, as reviews on show, they appreciate and comment about. For instance, a reviewer commented on a recent stay at Z hotel in Liverpool ‘Well furnished, loved the sky TV (felt right at home).’ Including the TV screens make it easier for our customers to meet these demands, and we have worked with Samsung to offer Hotels the very best in TV entertainment via a number of new packages to suit the hotel’s choice and budget. We know hotels are looking for quality, ease and affordability. Why will the new packages appeal to hotels? Sky In-Room operates exactly like an in-home Sky service, giving guests full control over the content they watch, with a wide choice of channels including entertainment shows, sports, movies and news - all in HD. The new packages mean hotels can now include TVs as well. The screen itself is a top of the range, slim-line LED HD TV, and comes in 32”, 39” and 46” sizes. We have also looked at how we can make it easier for hotels to meet the upfront installation costs, with the launch of a new payment plan.

What prices can hotels expect to pay? The exclusive three-year partnership with Samsung makes it more affordable for hotels to upgrade their TVs to Samsung’s market-leading technology through a new bundle package, which means hotels will have the very latest HD technology. From as little as £13.50 per room/ per month (£14.85 for the Sky In-

Room/Samsung HD TV bundle), national hotel chains through to independent B&Bs1 can now spread their costs over three years, interest free and payable as part of their monthly Sky In-Room subscription – all backed by a three-year warranty.

Why is in-room entertainment so important? Guest demands and expectations are changing. With over 10 million Sky TV homes in the UK, as well as demand from international guests wanting to keep up with the latest shows and news from abroad, having Sky in hotel rooms has become an expectation for guests. Hotels used to lead the way in technology relative to the entertainment systems people had at home - Sky In-Room provides an opportunity to get back to a level that better matches what people enjoy at home. The quality and size of the screen in-room is also important, as it makes an immediate statement about the hotel’s investment in its entertainment offering.


What about guests that may bring their own devices? Despite the widespread demand for WiFi in hotel rooms, when it comes to television entertainment people want the convenience and quality that comes with watching TV, sports and movies on a large screen television watching blockbuster movies is not the same on a small tablet propped up against a pillow, compared to a television screen. Relying on preloaded content means guests miss out on live content, their experience is governed by the quality of the hotel’s WiFi and relies on guests remembering to download content before their stay. Access to the equivalent of Sky Go, for example, is only available within the appropriate geo-restricted territory. It is part of the experience that should be available to a guest, but hotels should not assume it is sufficient content to replace in-room TV. The Sky In-Room and Samsung packages are available now. For more, visit or call 08442 411 606 1 Independent B&B’s must be a limited company to take the payment plan option. Eligibility for all customers is subject to credit checks. Offer available in the UK (excluding Scottish islands and Channel Islands). Minimum price of £100 per premises, per month, ex VAT.

0845 555 1212


airwave at work

Airwave at


Unlock Sky In-Room, as Airwave holds the Quay Airwave installed the ultimate guest entertainment system with Sky In-Room at the Quay Hotel. The Quay commands awe-inspiring views of the most magical scenery in North Wales and is located within easy reach of Snowdonia National Park. The Quay upgraded their original TV system which had a limited lineup of channels, to Sky In-Room giving guests access to hundreds of digital HD channels, including SkySports, across all bedrooms, as well as offering complimentary SkyMovies in the Suites and Penthouse Suites. The Sky boxes, discretely hidden away, directly connected to the existing 32” Samsung TV’s in the classic rooms, whilst in the Penthouse Suites new 40” and 46” Samsung Hospitality TV’s were supplied and installed by Airwave, thus giving these rooms a stunning focal point. Sky In-Room requires the existing coaxial network to be upgraded to an IRS system which provides the satellite channels directly from the dish via the hotel head-end to the faceplate in the room. Airwave upgraded the existing coaxial cable network with the use of fibre optic cable from head-end to distribution points. Steve Ogden, General Manager at The Quay commented ‘Airwave made it easy for us to upgrade our existing systems. It allows guests a greater choice in what they want to view. Thus guest feedback has been very complimentary so far and as a General Manager I now feel confident we offer a much superior offering than most of our competitors’..

Putting on The Ritz The Ritz is the most iconic and best loved hotels in London oozing style, luxury and pedigree. When they recently decided to upgrade their TV system Sky InRoom stood out as the ultimate solution. Guests can now enjoy hundreds of TV and Radio channels (an ever increasing number in HD), seamlessly through new Samsung LEDs. The installation in an historic building can often be a challenge, but Airwave technicians abseiled from the roof to run the most difficult of cables, with minimum disruption to the hotel. Extra international digital channels have also been added to the network to complete the guest offering.

Toon in at the Staybridge Suites Located on Newcastle’s vibrant Quayside, The Staybridge Suites boast home-fromhome stylish studios and 1-bedroom suites, and now to compliment these great rooms the hotel has a stunning new TV system including its very own hotelspecific information channel To make this all possible Airwave installed TV head-end equipment allowing Staybridge to offer guests the full Freeview TV channel selection, with many channels in HD, over their existing CAT5 network. In addition, Airwave provided their AirINFO hotel information channel, giving the hotel a unique branding and marketing opportunity as soon as their guests switch on their TV sets.

such as news and weather to guests as soon as they switch on their televisions. The channel is broadcast over the Internet and received at the hotel using a specially configured PC player. The player’s output is then converted to an HD digital Freeview type TV signal. The televisions were configured so that they display the Hotel TV channel when powered on by a guest, this guarantees the guest is presented with the hotel’s own dedicated and branded channel. The guest can then, if they choose, switch to standard TV channels.’ Jeff Summers, Key Account Manager at Airwave, commented: ‘AirINFO has a bespoke design and delivers information

Movies recharge Wind Farm Crews Crews aboard the Bold Tern working around the North Sea will be able to watch the latest Blockbuster Movies provided by Airwave Europe. There are a great variety of titles to enjoy, allowing the crew to relax after a long days work erecting offshore Wind turbines. The vessels have high-quality accommodation for up to 80 persons in 56 cabins, as well as a heli-deck to facilitate transfers during offshore wind farm installations. The 132 metre long and 39 metre wide Bold Tern was constructed for Fred Olsen Windcarrier, and is equipped with an 800 ton offshore crane and weighs a total of 12,000 tons. Dennis Garrison, Airwave Europe’s Director of Content commented, ‘‘We were the ideal choice to provide Blockbuster Movies such as Star Trek Into Darkness, World War Z, Les Miserables and The Bourne Legacy to entertain the Crew in their leisure time.”


airwave at work

Classy installation in Sloane Square The elegant and sophisticated Sloane Square, located conveniently in central London, boasts 102 stylish bedrooms which overlook the square and the landmark Holy Trinity Church. Airwave provided an innovative and flexible solution to allow all the guests to the very best out of the hotel’s entertainment system. Samsung LED Hospitality TV’s were installed into guest bedrooms and Airwave implemented their AirSTREAM Digital Satellite System which provided 20 foreign channels including German, French, Spanish and Italian directly to the guest’s television. These channels, receivable in HD, allows the hotel to really make their guests feel

at home, and in a busy city like London this home-from-home experience can be extremely valuable to the guest. Wayne Bowring, Key Account Manager commented, ‘We are very pleased to have been selected to up-grade the television solution at this hotel. The installation offers the hotel guests a wide variety of TV channels to enjoy, both Freeview and foreign’.

Caring Solution from Airwave Healthcare During 2013 Airwave were awarded the prestigious contract to install the Patient Entertainment System for the new Children’s Ward at the new £842M South Glasgow Hospitals Campus in Glasgow. This new build site will include maternity, children’s and adult acute hospitals, and state of the art laboratory services all together on the one campus. It will also have the biggest Critical Care complex and one of the biggest Emergency Departments in Scotland. The site is on schedule to open Q1 2015. Brookfield Multiplex, a major international builder was awarded the contract to design and construct the new hospitals and subcontracted specific works out with Mercury Engineering. The new IPTV patient entertainment system will incorporate the latest in bed side screen and arm technologies. The state of the art home-from-home experience will ensure an excellent distraction for an anxiety reduced stay.

Each of the 268 rooms will have a bedside 1.8metre wall mounted arm with the latest in white Samsung Healthcare TVs incorporating Airwave’s innovative AirMedia Smart Applications. The solution will include newly developed gyroscopic remote controls which an in-built keyboard. Paul Chambers, Sales & Marketing Director, commented “Working closely with Mercury Engineering and the various departments of NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Trust the children will have a bespoke Smart IPTV system designed to both provide the broad scope of leading entertainment and information APP tools as well as a system focused to compliment the Hospitals new single patient in-room design. Airwave also provides solutions for Great Ormond Street in London and Birmingham Children’s Hospital and is now very proud to have been awarded this program in Scotland”

Pinnacle of luxury - Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard The Shard has redefined London’s Skyline forever, and likewise the new Shangri-La hotel will set new standards in the city’s luxury hotel market. The hotel occupies 19 floors and enjoys breathtaking views, with an indoor infinity pool on level 52 being one of the coolest places in the world to take a dip. Samsung’s elegant Smart LED range has been chosen for the rooms, with 40, 46 and 55 inch screens being selected to ensure that guests have just as good a view within the room, as from their window overlooking the city. Airwave is project managing the installation, and is delighted to be involved in 2014’s most high profile hotel opening in Europe’s tallest building.

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Fingi: Putting guests in control


ingi™ is a revolutionary mobile App that allows you to be in contact with the hotel and its staff, before, during and after their stay. Airwave Europe is the European distributor and installer of the mobile platform. Fingi™, positions their solution as a big technology with a simple premise, to give guests complete connectivity and control of their overall experience. Fingi™ provides a local telephone number and wireless hotspot connecting guests throughout their stay, both on-property and off, allowing international guests to easily bypass roaming charges. Fingi™ is also the guest’s room key and remote for all in-room functionality, from air conditioning to lights and curtains, to television and all in-room entertainment. The device provides a direct connection to the hotel, from room service, restaurants and spas to the concierge.


The mobile platform has also been featured in high-end residential complexes, and has received industry praise and recognition, being awarded runner-up for most innovative new product at the prestigious HTNG annual convention in April 2012. James Coonan, Business Development Manager at Airwave has been working closely with the Fingi™ team to roll out the two latest UK deployments of the mobile platform.

“ The hospitality industry is crying out for this kind of ‘ready made’ but totally bespoke guest App”

He commented “The solution has been tremendously well received. The hospitality industry is crying out for this kind of ‘ready made’ but totally bespoke guest App. It really empowers guests to interact with a single or group of hotels on their own terms and in a way that feels second nature to them in today’s app rich mobile device centric era. The before, during and after approach Fingi™ offers from the get-go really opens up a new interactive relationship between a guest, hotel and their room.”

digital signage

Clever Campuses Digital signage gives universities a unique opportunity to advertise, engage and inform on screens dotted throughout the university campus. Signage is a great way to inform staff and students and send out appropriate info where you need it most. Content can show anything from displaying directions to guests to highlighting lesson schedules outside classrooms and lecture theatres, offering a unique opportunity to improve the look and efficiency of a working campus. The LG EzSign (pictured) is one of the latest and most successful products in the digital signage market. It offers a unique and flexible solution because the user can control content via a USB stick.

Digital Screens that work for you Airwave’s hospitality solutions go beyond the hotel and reach out to other sectors like stadia, arenas, university campuses and retail

Smart Stadiums In the last year the recession has hit some football, rugby and cricket clubs heavily, so now more than ever it’s crucial for clubs to take care of their facilities to ensure fans keep coming back week-in, week-out. To use football as an example, there is no doubt that the Barclays Premier League is a top global product, producing some of the most exciting football in the world; full of goals, passion drama and controversy. However if you can’t make it to the game, excellent coverage is available at home provided by broadcasters such as Sky – meaning that if you miss the game it’s not the end of the world, plus you save the expense of attending a match. Therefore in these tough financial times, clubs need to make an even greater effort to fill their stadiums; they need to generate ticket revenue and utilise their hotels, bars, restaurants and shopping facilities. Airwave has a number of products that can enhance a stadium’s appeal to their fans, guaranteeing they come back for more every week. These solutions keep fans entertained and engaged, before, during and after a match, therefore helping fans associate themselves more with the club by spending more time at the stadium, whilst ensuring clubs keep their revenues flowing.


Concourse Canvasses Airwave has a number of great information, billboard style digital signage screens which enable clubs to target specific adverting, events and video content to the fans whilst being able to engage them with live or recorded content. Perfect for displaying features such as in-play betting, live score updates from other matches and the latest fantasy football points, signage gives fans a modern and unique two-screen experience keeping fans engaged before, during and after the match. The LG EzSign is a flexible digital signage solution for arenas and stadiums that are looking for a cost-effective way to engage with audiences, using eye-catching, upto-date information. The LG EzSign TV displays live television as well as tailored signage content, uploaded by USB drive and requires no additional hardware or media player.

digital signage

First class student solutions Airwave Europe provides the latest LCD/LED televisions for student accommodation. Brand new televisions can be provided or TV upgrades from older sets. Airwave provides TV screens of any size to fit student bedrooms or larger areas such as living rooms, common rooms and student bars. Freeview can be made available to stream to student’s laptops. IPTV head-end equipment allows data to be streamed directly to student’s laptops via an individual stream, allowing the user to watch Freeview on their laptops without interruption, a welcome relief from an all too familiar problem in student halls where students are competing for the limited bandwidth available. AirMEDIA, Airwave’s Smart Television solution allows students to use Apps similar to those on a smartphone or tablet device; importantly the apps can be chosen by the institution meaning they can pick the most appropriate ones for their users. For example, social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook are perfect for university students. AirCAST gives boarding schools, universities and private accommodation providers a fantastic opportunity to provide their very own red button service, enabling students and pupils to navigate through information pages on anything from accommodation services to travel and weather.

Touch Screens for all! Airwave offers touch screen interactive solutions for classrooms and conference venues with screens of any size up to 80”. These screens are a great tool to engage students or colleagues whilst making a presentation or teaching a lesson, for example the smart pens allow the user to highlight and annotate their presentation as they run through the slides. A product for schools is the Samsung 65” e-board, which allows the user to use the interactive pen or to draw directly with their fingers onto the screen. Superior picture technologies and a 178 degree viewing angle it is one the best products currently on the market.

Great Apportunities! The AirMEDIA system is a fantastic way to entertain fans and guests in your corporate and executive boxes. AirMEDIA gives the club the opportunity for guests to view the club’s app for the first time and engage with a number of familiar apps and games they would receive on a smart phone or tablet. Airwave can design a background to guarantee the screen is perfect for your club and we can also create a unique club app where you can send out exclusive content to your fans directly to their smart phones or tablets.

Stunning Video Walls Wow your fans in a stadium or arena with a video wall. Video walls are a great way to have the picture quality of an LCD or LED television on a grand scale. Video walls are an excellent way of showing live pictures at a sporting event or a concert to help build the atmosphere before the match and are a stunning way of showing content across large screens in great quality. We offer our own Airwave Screens, and award winning super slim panels from Samsung.

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music concierge

How can music make your hotel sound inspiring? Airwave bring you their latest partnership with Music Concierge


e all know how the wrong music can annoy both guests and staff alike. Get the music right though and it can really add to people’s experience of a hotel. Like lighting and interior design, music plays an important role in creating an inviting atmosphere where guests want to spend time and return to. It’s a tool which when used effectively can really add to the guest experience, as well as the brand positioning, and even your F&B revenue.

If music is used in a strategic and creative way, it can make a property sound warm, alluring, and inspiring. Music Concierge is an award-winning music agency which is used by some of the best hotels, spas and F&B outlets in the world. The company has been designing and supplying high quality playlists for the needs of hospitality brands since 2007. Their outstanding client list includes: The Savoy, Claridge’s, COMO Hotels, Hilton, Per AQUUM, The Upper House, Barnsley House, ESPA and Mr & Mrs Smith.


Each hotel’s playlists are hand-picked based on the property’s personality and brand. Music Concierge’s creative team are passionate about creating outstanding playlists which reflect the property’s contemporary design ethic, or evoke its heritage, or its sense of place. Music Concierge’s music experts regularly update the carefully curated tracks. Different music concepts can be designed for different areas of the hotel, for example a lobby can sound warm and welcoming, whilst the atmosphere in the bar could be buzzing creating a real sense of occasion. Playlists can also be tailored to special events such as private functions, or seasonal occasions such as Christmas. The mood also changes throughout the day automatically without the need for staff involvement, so mornings sound perfect, whilst evenings sound vibrant and alive for instance. All the music content is managed, timetabled, updated and supported remotely by Music Concierge with a slick, seamless and responsive service. Guests are experiencing your brand through sound whether you like it or not. So rather than having tired, repetitive or inappropriate music, why not let the award-winning team at Music Concierge make your property sound inspiring and full of character, so that you have a great atmosphere that guests want to return to and remember you by.

Connaught Bar, Connaught Hotel, London

       Exceptional playlists designed by experts Mood changes automatically as each day progresses Different music identity for different zones

     We manage the music remotely Dedicated account manager 7 day a week support Music regularly updated Music for special functions, or seasonal occasions eg Christmas

The Metropolitan by COMO, Bangkok

    High quality audio tracks No gaps between tracks Consistent volume level

More details at Contact Ian Sharpe on +44 (0) 7778 591 555 or


Huvafen Fushi, Maldives


21st Century hospital care in Brighton and Hove


he new £25 million Montefiore Hospital offers patients in and around the Brighton and Hove area some of the most up-to-date clinical care in the country with patients treated for a broad range of conditions, from MRI scans and detailed diagnostic investigations to minor procedures and hip replacements. As part of the Hospitals aim to deliver the best private care anywhere in the UK, Airwave were awarded the contract to install The Montefiore Hospital with the very latest in Patient Entertainment Systems.

In-Room Exemplary Patient Entertainment To offer patients the ultimate in entertainment and communication Airwave installed the very latest in Healthcare IPTV technology. The high quality patient rooms incorporate both the world’s first Smart LED TV with a built-in PC designed specifically for the healthcare environment and leading edge intuitive middleware for easy navigation through the various sources of entertainment and information. The In-Room TVs are products designed specifically for the healthcare market and are driven by a fanless Intel Atom Dual Core processor. Not only does the TV run silently so as not to disturb patients, it also increases reliability as this means one less point of failure. Atom processors have low power consumption so the TV can run for 24 hours a day and are significantly more efficient than a standard TV or PC. The intuitive interface is based on a Windows platform providing both patient and hospital administration staff familiarity with system layout and architecture. Future requirements for HIS, PACS and third party applications access also made Windows an obvious choice. The middleware (software) is easy to use and was customised to incorporate specific Spire requirements, designs & preferences. With Airwave’s solution the hospital’s patients and visitors alike have an abundance of exciting applications to choose from. These choices include the latest in movies on demand, internet, digital radio, games, instant messaging, and social networking all controlled from the bed by an innovative gyroscopic remote control with integrated keyboard. Further services again, all available from the bed or chair, include nurse calling, menus and meal ordering, and access to educational videos, treatment plans, medical procedures and recovery

programs to help support a speedy recovery after the hospital stay Within the Hospital’s Chemotherapy Ward Airwave have installed state of the art 15 inch touchscreens on to the very latest in high quality chairs. These touch screens, manufactured in anti-bacterial plastics and medically compliant in design, deliver identical services to those provided in the main hospital suites. As well as providing the patient with a

high degree of independence during their stay these chair side terminals have been designed to push patient comfort and clinical productivity to the next level. push patient comfort and clinical productivity to the next level. Airwave is very proud to have been selected on an innovative project of this quality. The system installation also focused on innovation and sustainability. Paired with the Hospitals boutique hotel influenced interior design patients are receiving an exceptional visual and informative experience. For Further information please contact Airwave Healthcare on 0845 555 1212 0845 555 1212



Airwave supplies 50% of the top 10 UK hotels in TripAdvisor’s annual awards


he leading travel review website TripAdvisor. com has just announced the results of its 2013 Travellers’ Choice Award, which is based upon feedback from thousands of guest reviews. The results show that the leading industry specialist, Airwave has provided dedicated hospitality television solutions to 5 out of the top 10 hotels, and 10 out of the top 25 hotels in the UK. TripAdvisor enables travellers to post reviews and gather information to assist in travel arrangements, such as booking hotels. Certain key factors influence the hotel’s ranking,such as the quality of the bathroom, comfort of the bed and functionality and ease of use of the TV system. With 45 million reviews & opinions, and over 6 million photos, TripAdvisor is incredibly influential with 72% of people starting their search for accommodation on the site. Jon Farmer, Marketing Executive at Airwave commented “We are continually checking the TripAdvisor reports on the hotels we install, where we see an uplift in ratings, and as direct comments about improvements in the TV system. Guests want what they have at home, large screens, great channels, clear pictures and simple operation. “Airwave is delighted that their customers feature in 10 out of the top 25 hotels in this highly-respected annual award from TripAdvisor”

Pan-European Service Guaranteed

United.TV: Global Vision, Local Care


irwave and partners across Europe have now united to provide customers with services and support throughout Europe. United.TV is a family of companies across Europe with a common set of standards allowing for a consistent installation quality for networks and AV equipment. We will work closely with the key suppliers such as Philips, Samsung

and LG, and also provide a unique support mechanism for pan-European groups. United.TV work together to provide consistent solutions for both the hospitality and healthcare sectors, as well as retail digital signage. United.TV is a hub of innovation and enables the member companies

to create and develop innovative new technology including information channels, OTT services, WiFi solutions and Hollywood Movie content distribution. With a unique collective reach which transcends national boundaries.

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hub concept

Hospitality in-Room Technology is changing.


ames Coonan, Business Development Manager of Airwave Europe discusses Premier Inn’s new ‘hub’ concept. ‘hub by Premier Inn’ will be the new generation of great value, contemporary hi-tech hotels, in London and key city centres such as Edingburgh. The first ‘hub’ will open in the summer of 2014 and will have 167 super-stylish rooms right in the heart of the West End. The ‘hub’ concept brings affordable, stylish and cutting edge city centre accommodation to guests for whom location, design and price is more important than the overall size of the room. Over recent years, Airwave have assisted Premier Inn to provide sector redefining technology across hundreds of UK sites. The ‘hub’ concept pushes the core principles of Premier Inn still further, packing meticulous design and innovative in-room furnishings into an even more stylish, central and affordable experience. Large Samsung LED TV’s combined with a bespoke Fingi powered app allow


guests to book and check in online, as well as being able to pre select their room temperature and lighting mood. They can even choose which TV or radio channel they want playing in their room or activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ panel in the hallway to enjoy that well deserved lie-in. When it comes to drinking and dining, ‘hub’ will have its own deli-style

restaurant, Guests will be able to preorder breakfast using the Fingi powered app. We are excited to be working along side the incredibly talented ‘hub’ team supporting and assisting with the ‘can-do’ attitude Airwave have always provided to Premier Inn. 2014 will be the year that small becomes mighty!

bbc content

Provide the


BBC Worldwide VOD Hotel Service Launched with Airwave


s part of an exciting new initiative, Airwave Europe Limited has licensed Video on Demand (VoD) programming from BBC Worldwide for International distribution to hotels and hospitals. Initial in-room VoD testing began in Cyprus with a variety of BBC titles such as Top Gear, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Human Planet, Life, Space Dive, Secret Universe, Take That Progress Live and Attenborough – 60 Years in the Wild, along with many other great programmes. The research on viewer interest was conducted by Techlive International Limited, a subsidiary of Airwave Europe Limited. Eugenios Savva, Director with Amathus Hotels in Cyprus, commented: “The recent addition of BBC programmes on our TV platforms has been very well received by our guests. The quality of the BBC programmes and documentaries are considered as some of the best Worldwide. Therefore, we believe

“We continue to provide the most advanced delivery and technology systems with our partners in 38 different countries”

that it is a great enhancement of the content we provide through our system”. Airwave’s BBC content can be used as VoD programming as a’ free to guest’ or a paid service. Dennis Garrison, Director of Content at Airwave, said: “Access to high quality BBC content is very important to British travellers and also International audiences. It’s the perfect addition to our range of Hollywood and British Blockbuster titles. The BBC continues to create excellent programmes each year and now they could be enjoyed by travellers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia or Central/South America.” Tim Worrall, MD of Airwave added, “We continue to provide the most advanced delivery and technology systems with our partners in 38 different countries and look forward to bringing the best of BBC programmes into each of these markets. During the next month, all of our Techlive International hotel systems will be upgraded with BBC content.” Airwave Europe Limited Airwave Europe Ltd is one of the UK’s most successful suppliers, installers and integrators of commercial digital television and audio visual equipment. Servicing 35 countries, Airwave provides media solutions to the hospitality, healthcare, leisure and retail sectors, including hospitality TV screens, RF and data networks, Smart TV, IPTV, information channels, digital signage, movies and programmes on demand.

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Guest-tek the premium IP Solution Guest-tek and Airwave have formed a strategic partnership


uest-tek and Airwave have formed a strategic partnership. As the EMEA provider for Guest-tek’s OneView platform, Airwave supports hotels installing the latest generation HSIA, interactive TV and other hospitality technology solutions.

Internet provision is a critical element of guest experience Charly Tomkys, EMEA Sales Manager at Guest-tek, “Hotels are faced with the huge task of keeping up with the home internet experience. With the majority of a hotel’s technology reliant on their network, a robust and top of the range HSIA solution has never been more critical. Guest-tek understands this need and offers the high-level in-room technology and interactive entertainment services UK hotel guests are demanding.’’


Hotel guests now get a lot more from their in-room TV thanks to myAway TV. Instantly broadcast your mobile device before your eyes on the TV screen. myAway TV connects wirelessly to mobile devices using their native sharing

“Hotel guests now get alot more from their in-room TV thanks to myAway ”

features to stream music and video, and even mirror the entire device on a hotel TV. It also supports encrypted content purchased from online vendors, e.g iTunes content. After you load the myAway app onto your mobile device, simply use the code shown on the in-room TV. You can now use any TV in the room to display content shared through your mobile devices. The myAway app can also be embedded in the hotels existing app so the guest will not need to download two seperate apps to gain this function. For more information about Guesttek™ visit: Email:

Help strengthen your Hotel’s service with our bundle packages with exclusive content from Sky on stunning Samsung LED HD TVs^ Bundle packages from 74p* per room per day. Plus benefit from:

No upfront et-up costs se

In nterest free payments



Three year warranty

Up to 10% off†

08442 411 606 Quote SAMS TRA1

sky.ccom/business ^Samsung TVs provided on a 36 month finance lease. Ownership passes to customer after receipt of final payment. *Bundle package with set up cost available from £22 per room per month (excluding VAT). Price based on 30 day month. Minimum subscription 36 months. Payment plans with set up costs include site survey, installation, equipment and delivery. Minimum purchase of 5 Samsung TVs. Packages available to customers who are eligible to take Sky TV on a Hotel UK Sky In-Room Agreement. You must take a channel package in each of your hotel rooms. HD channels included are dependent on your underlying package. Visit www. for full list of channels within each channel pack. **Payment plans including set up will only require upfront payment on the first month of the 36 month payments which includes set up cost. †Discount compared to price when individual components bought separately. General: Minimum price of £100 per premises per month ex VAT. You must be a limited company to take the 36 month option. Premises must be in United Kingdom (excluding Scottish Islands and Channel Islands) Eligibility subject to credit checks. You must get any consents required. Subscription payments subject to annual increase in RPI. Further terms apply. Calls to Sky cost 5.1p per minute (plus 15p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Correct at 3 October 2013. © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Legendary Pictures Funding LLC. All rights reserved.


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The Big Picture 2014 brought to you by Airwave Europe  

Our fifth Big Picture supplement gives you an overview of some of the latest technologies in the Hospitality TV market.

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