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AIR FORCE MUSEUM FOUNDATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Foundation’s Board of Trustees is a diverse group of individuals representing a wide range of industries and disciplines. Their vast experience and long-term-perspective governance ensures our ability to remain resilient as new and challenging situations arise. CHAIR

Dr. Pamela A. Drew, Former President, ITT Exelis VICE CHAIR

Lt Gen C.D. Moore II, USAF (Ret), President & CEO, A3R Consulting SECRETARY

CMSAF Gerald R. Murray, USAF (Ret), 14th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force TREASURER

Brig Gen Paul R. Cooper, USAF (Ret), Former President, University of Dayton Life Long Learning Institute


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Col James F. Blackman, USAF (Ret) Mr. John G. Brauneis Mr. Roger D. Duke Ms. Anita Emoff Col Frederick D. Gregory Sr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Benjamin T. Guthrie Mr. James L. Jennings Mr. Scott L. Jones Mr. Ki Ho Kang Dr. Thomas J. Lasley II Mr. Scott E. Lundy Gen Lester L. Lyles, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen Ted P. Maxwell, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen Brian C. Newby, USAF (Ret) Gen Gary L. North, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Edgar M. Purvis Jr. Maj Gen Frederick F. Roggero, USAF (Ret) CMSgt Darla J. Torres, USAF (Ret) Dr. Andrea Townsend Mr. Randy Tymofichuk EMERITUS BOARD MEMBERS

Col Mark N. Brown, USAF (Ret) Mr. James F. Dicke II Ms. Frances A. Duntz Mr. Charles J. Faruki Maj Gen E. Ann Harrell, USAF (Ret) Col William S. Harrell, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jon G. Hazelton Mr. Charles F. Kettering III Mr. Patrick L. McGohan Lt Gen Richard V. Reynolds, USAF (Ret) Col Susan E. Richardson, USAF (Ret) Gen Charles T. (Tony) Robertson, USAF (Ret) Mr. R. Daniel Sadlier Col James B. Schepley, USAF (Ret) Mr. Scott J. Seymour Mr. Philip L. Soucy Mr. Harry W. (Wes) Stowers Jr. Mr. Robert J. Suttman II, CFA

NOTE FROM THE BOARD CHAIR & CEO 2021 was another year of unique, unexpected challenges. Even as strides were made in the battle against COVID, economic uncertainties, supply chain issues, and the persistent downturn in tourism all contributed to an environment that continued to confront us all. If there is one thing we were reminded of, it’s that adaptability, perseverance, and a “We Can Do It!” attitude — fueled by your support — were keys to our successes. Your support helped us accomplish so much, including: — The Museum hosted Operation: Dinosaur, a one-day event featuring life-sized moving dinosaurs that brought in thousands of new visitors and new business to the Foundation amenities.


— The new Humanitarian and Enlisted Force permanent exhibits transformed from dreams to reality. — The Introduction to Becoming a Pilot program run by the Museum’s Education Division, became so well-known and well-regarded, a group of students came all the way from Texas to attend. — The Museum grounds are more beautiful and accessible than ever. 2022 promises to be an exciting year with special exhibits like Above and Beyond coming in September, celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Department of the Air Force, and planning for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Museum in 2023. And that’s just a sample of what’s to come this year. As always, the Air Force Museum Foundation family — staff, volunteers, and Board members — thanks YOU — our donors, volunteers, and community partners — for standing by us to make 2021 another amazing year.



Pamela Drew 3


The newly restored Thomas Morse S4C Scout. NMUSAF photos

NOTE FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE NMUSAF Another year of COVID, and despite that, another successful year for the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force™ (NMUSAF) and Air Force Museum Foundation (AFMF). With new COVID guidelines, by the month of March 2022, we were completely out of masks for both visitors and staffs. I am guarded that we may still see some changes to protocols but will hold onto some optimism as we move forward. The Museum team continued to produce new and engaging experiences for our visitors. The Thomas Morse Scout completed restoration, and with its accompanying video, shows the public what goes into the restoration of a World War I aircraft. We had an impactful art exhibit on space, and an associated special (and interactive) exhibit on space in building 4. Finally, we celebrated the formal opening of the Force for Good exhibit covering Department of the Air Force humanitarian operations. Gen Mike Minihan, the Commander, Air Mobility Command, served as the keynote speaker. Both the Air Force and visitor communities have applauded this exhibit and its message. We have seen a growth in events, both those sponsored by the NMUSAF staff and those sponsored by AFMF. Two examples highlight how both teams are reaching out to the community. The NMUSAF sponsored three days of microdrone races in Building 2 — the third year this event has occurred. The AFMF Event team sponsored the Red Bull regional paper airplane competition, and the customer was so pleased, Red Bull ran their national event here. Events like these have sold the Museum as a partner to our surrounding Ohio community — a major improvement driven by the work of both staffs.


Scan this code with your smart device to watch the video of the Thomas Morse S4C Scout restoration.

I want to thank our Foundation family at large for their extraordinary support. As part of the strategy to make the Museum more relatable, we are bringing in special (temporary) exhibits. In February, we brought in Leonardo da Vinci, Machines in Motion — a winner with the public. Exhibits like these are fully funded by the Foundation and its donors. Thank you for helping us pursue this new approach — it is paying off by drawing new generations of visitors through our doors.

Dave Tillotson 5

NMUSAF photo

NMUSAF photos


AFMF photo

YOU ARE HELPING VISITORS EXPERIENCE THE THAI CAVE RESCUE The mission of the United States Air Force is to “Fly, Fight, and Win.” However, the service does far more than that in its daily operations. A recently opened exhibit at the Museum, A Force for Good: Department of the Air Force Humanitarian Missions, covers another aspect of the Air Force mission beyond those three simple words. An innovative part of that exhibit is Thai Cave: Rescue Mission, an interactive element that gives visitors an experiential look at the 2018 multinational rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team from the flooded Tham Luang cave in Thailand. This interactive element was a collaborative effort between Museum staff and Real Art, a creative agency in Dayton, Ohio. In a custom-made cave enclosure, one or two players guide Air Force rescue divers through a section of rough cave terrain, navigating the challenges of low visibility, forceful currents, and limited oxygen. Success is not guaranteed.

Scan this code with your smart device to watch MSgt Kenneth O’Brien share his experience of the Thai Cave Rescue.

“The cave rescue section as a whole was developed with heavy involvement from one of the PJs on the mission, MSgt Kenneth O’Brien,” explained Exhibits Division staff member Mitchell Dorsten, “ensuring an authentic, engaging display with a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective.” According to Dorsten, this interactive is unique among the Museum’s displays in that it allows two visitors to play cooperatively. “The gameplay allows visitors to imagine themselves as rescue divers. It helps them better understand the mission by acting it out.”

AFMF photo

AFMF photo

The flexibility afforded to the Museum by your donations to the Foundation was essential to the successful completion of this exhibit, and this element in particular, according to Dorsten. “Thai Cave: Rescue Mission could only have happened thanks to Foundation funding, as it was the only way to fit such an in-depth, interactive element into the Museum’s ambitious exhibit production schedule.” Real Art spent 1,112 man hours designing and programming the interactive experience, which freed up Museum exhibits staff to work on other elements of this exhibit and on the other exhibits the Museum has opened recently and will be opening later this year.



YOU ARE HELPING EDUCATE TOMORROW’S AIRMEN AND GUARDIANS Education is an important part of the mission of the Museum, and your generous support enables three successful programs for youth in the areas of air, space, and cyberspace. Cybersecurity is a concern for anyone who has an internetconnected device, and the Department of Defense is no exception. The Museum hosts high school students participating in the CyberPatriot Program, part of the National Youth Cyber Education Program created by the Air Force Association (AFA) to inspire students toward careers in cybersecurity and learning about securing computer networks.

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force™ 2021-2022 Rocketry Team Orion (top) placed third in the Ohio Cup Challenge on April 2, 2022 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Team Prometheus (inset) placed first in the competition. Six rocketry teams participated in the launch. NMUSAF photos

The 10- to 11-month learning and competition program is part of the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition which puts teams of students in the position of managing the computers and network of a small company. Teams are given a set of virtual operating systems and are tasked with finding and fixing cybersecurity vulnerabilities while maintaining critical services. Thanks to your generosity, the program purchased 13 new laptops and added a second team of CyberPatriots at the Museum. Brothers Calvin and Graham were enrolled in CyberPatriot in 2020-2021. While Calvin’s

(L to R) Students from Texas participating in the Introduction to Pilot program. Team Titan, the Museum’s Rocketry team of 2020-2021 after their Ohio Cup Challenge first place win. NMUSAF photos

interests were more hardware oriented, Graham has been interested in video gaming and computers since he was 4. “Specifically, I work with music and art software as a hobby,” he said recently. “I have always enjoyed learning how computers and software work.” Both are homeschooled so the program gives them an extracurricular activity, and Calvin has used some of the program topics for his computer science curriculum. Last fall both boys joined for the 2021-2022 campaign excited to learn more. Graham enjoyed the opportunity to learn about cyber security last year. “I gained an in-depth knowledge of Linux and Windows,” he said, adding that he plans to explore career opportunities in cyber security. “Deciding to apply for a second year was an easy decision. Being on a team and competing has been very valuable in comparison to just learning the material in a classroom.” Both are excited to learn more about this fast-growing field, thanks to you. Your financial support also has enabled the Museum to expand to two teams for The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC), the largest rocket contest in the world. According to Cindy Henry, Museum Educator, “The Museum’s goal is to increase students’ knowledge in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), while teaching rocketry principles and the engineering design process.” In the TARC competition students collaborate to design, build, and launch their own rocket to meet a specific goal. The goal in 2021 was to design a rocket to reach an exact altitude of 800 feet, remain aloft between 40 and 43 seconds, and launch and safely return a raw egg to earth. Teams attempt to come as close as possible to the goals, receiving one point for every foot over or under the altitude, and four points for every 1/100 of a second over or under the time frame…and of course the egg had to be intact. The lowest score wins. The Museum’s team (Team Titan) took first in the Ohio Cup, the state-wide competition, with a score of 25.18. In 2021-2022 the goal is to carry two raw eggs to an altitude of 835 feet, stay aloft for 41 to 44 seconds, and return the rocket safely to the ground with the eggs intact. Team Prometheus recently finished first in the Ohio Cup and qualified for the National Finals. The goals are slightly modified for the finals so the team still has some work to do before they compete for the title of National Champion. And the Introduction to Becoming a Pilot (Intro Pilot 101) classes offered at the Museum continue to flourish thanks to your donations. Three advanced classes that build on Intro Pilot 101 are also offered, exposing students to flying a more complex aircraft with increased capabilities and speed. Your financial support ensured the resilience, growth, and success of these important programs through the challenges of last year.



Jason Davis, Restoration Exhibit Specialist at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force™ works on the Douglas A-1H in the restoration hangar.

NMUSAF photos

YOU ARE HELPING RESTORE VINTAGE AIRCRAFT Restoring and preserving aircraft is an important function of the Museum and it is also one of the top reasons donors support the Museum through the Foundation. Scan this code with In 2021, the Museum began the restoration of a Douglas A-1H Skyraider for display your smart device to in an upcoming exhibit about search and rescue. The Foundation adapted and for see a video of the the first time partnered with a single organization to fund an aircraft restoration. Skyraider in the A-1 Skyraider Association president Jim Beggerly said, “The A-1 Skyraider restoration hangar. Association, our members and our generous associates are thrilled to be able to partner with the Air Force Museum Foundation to fund the aircraft restoration.” The Foundation was delighted to have enabled the Association’s support according to Foundation Chief Development Officer Chris Adkins-Lamb. “The A-1H restoration was made possible by their generous financial gifts,” he said. In fact, the Association assisted with far more than just finances. While the Skyraider flew in Vietnam it was born in the late 1940s, and documentation to guide the restoration was very difficult to find. Chad Van Hook, crew leader on the project, praised the assistance of the Association in that area. “They’ve helped a lot with information and pictures,” he said. Jason Davis, a restoration crew member said, “Finding all the drawings and pictures and verifying that they’re the right ones is a lot of work before you go spend money on something.” For example, when work began on the project in May 2021, the biggest problem was missing parts; armor plate in particular. But the Association was a big help in sourcing parts in addition to their financial support purchasing them. “They have all the connections in the warbird community,” Van Hook said of the Association. “When we started the plan was to 3-D print all the armor plating because no one thought there was any available. Then a couple of collectors came forward and said ‘Hey, I have some pieces.’” Some pieces were donated directly to the Museum, and Restoration purchased others with funds provided by Foundation donors. Restoration still had to 3D-print some replacements, but they prefer to purchase original parts. They spent over $3,200 purchasing armor plate in 2021, and that number has more than doubled since then.

Douglas A-1H in the restoration hangar at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.

NMUSAF photo



2021 FINANCIALS OPERATING UNITS Bouncing back from the economic slowdown of 2020, Operating Revenue for 2021 was up nearly 129% over 2020. In addition, Operating Revenue from the Air Force Museum Store, Cafés, Events, and Attractions for 2021 exceeded Operating Expenses by almost $690,000.

OPERATING REVENUE: Other $472,603 Events $44,860 Café $311,666


Museum Store $3,198,714

Attractions $1,001,398


Cost of Goods Sold $1,288,333

General & Admin $512,762 Other $112,718 Advertising/ Marketing $93,576 Attractions Operations $340,847

$4,341,697 Compensation & Benefits $1,974,619

NON-OPERATING UNITS The Foundation’s non-operating revenue includes donations, investment income and interest/dividends. 2021 Non-Operating Revenue exceeded Non-Operating Expenses by just over $3,095,000. 2021 Non-Operating Revenue was nearly 64% higher than 2020, with slightly less than a 22% increase in Non-Operating Expenses over the same period.


Other $140,095 Investment Income $1,526,027


Development $2,805,812

NON-OPERATING EXPENSES: Compensation & Benefits $750,237

Other $59,272

$1,376,811 Museum Program Support $351,871 General & Administrative $107,118

Advertising/Marketing $108,313



DEDICATED DONORS The Legacy Society was established to acknowledge and thank the many friends who have remembered and supported the Air Force Museum Foundation through their estate planning and intended future charitable giving. Their dedicated support ensures that the Air Force story will be preserved to inspire future generations to service, and to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. If you would like information about planned gift opportunities, or to be included in the Legacy Society, please contact Megan Rehberg at or 937.751.1571. You can also visit our legacy giving website at

Mr. William G. Coleman Brig Gen and Mrs. Paul Cooper, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard Cronk* Col Dennis Crouch, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Larry Beaty Mr. B. Michael Beck Mr. Lawrence Behle* Mrs. Joanne Bennett* Mr. Albert Pretzinger Beust*

Maj Gen Terrance L. Dake, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bob Dana Maj Thomas L. Davis, Trustee, for the LVD Charitable Trust Ms. Evelyn F. Degutis*

Mr. Thomas Henry Blakey*

Mr. Laurence Holmes Dorcy Jr.*

Mr. Homer K. Bowen Jr.*

Mr. Lawrence Dunn

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Mr. Adam Elrod

Mr. William Braun

Mr. Pierre R. Fath

Lt Col John J. Briggs, USAF (Ret)

Robert M. and Pamela K. Foose

The asterisk below indicates the donor is deceased.

Col Mark N. Brown, USAF (Ret)

Anonymous (6)

Mr. Don Brown

Lt Col Robert M. Gelpke, USAF (Ret)

Mrs. Jacqueline Adkins

Mrs. James J. Brown

Ms. Mabel Glaser*

Mr. Craig Andrews

Dr. Morris W. Goldberg*

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MSgt Gerald L. Buit, USAF (Ret)

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Sherry Bryan and Michael Hagge

Paul H. Lilly, MD, MPH, Col, USAF, MC, CFS, Ret

Mr. Paul Schneider MSgt Gerard Scholl, USAF (Ret)

Lt Col Lawrence Hammond

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lockhart

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Mr. Gerald B. Hawkins Jon and Marjorie Hazelton Mr. Robert Hellmers

Mr. Eugene Lynch* Mrs. Lisa Mayberry Col J. Patrick McCarthy*

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CMSAF Rodney McKinley, USAF (Ret)

Lt Col John R. Henry, USAF (Ret)*

Mr. Leon Mensing

Richard C. and Cheryl D. Henry

Allan and Elizabeth Meredith*

Mr. Jack Hoffman* Mr. Charles J. Hotaling Jr.*

Richard and Crescent Emma Miller

MSgt David K. Howells*

Capt Ronald Nass*

Mr. Erik P. Humlie

Richard J. and LuAnn W. Noll

Col Richard M. Hutchins, USAF (Ret)

SSgt Frank W. Novak

Jerry and Marsha Irwin

Mrs. Andrea Oleksa

Harold A. and Madeline R. Jacobs* Mr. Robert C. Jacoby Curt and Norma Jerauld Mr. Richard Johnson Ms. Karen Johnson Lt Col Paul Kari Mr. Everett Kazup* Mr. David Kiefer Mr. Lester Ray King Jr.* Mr. Donald Kitterman* Mr. Fred Koors* Mr. Anthony Koziol Jr. Lawrence and Gerald Krupianik Mr. Gary Daniel Kwan* Pete and Rita Lane

Mr. Steven M. Miller

Mr. Joseph O’Brien* Mr. Charlie Osborn Lt Col Ralph Owens SSgt Lee Patterson Michael and Julie Perigo Mr. Cy A. Pierquet Mr. Edward Potter Laurel and Lawanda Prince* Mr. Michael Prince Mr. Larry Reser Mr. Ronald Resh* Lt Col Richard Rinebolt* TSgt Eugene Robertson* and Col Jean Chambers Mr. Dominick Rucereto CMSgt Albert J. Scheibly, USAF (Ret)*

Col James B. Schepley, USAF (Ret)

Mr. William J. Smith Jr. Robert T. and Mildred L. Smith Mr. Thomas Somermeier* Ms. Audrey Sparrow* Robert and Audrey Sparrow* CMSgt Earl C. Spohr, USAF (Ret)* Sgt Jude D. Steele Lt Col Douglas D. Stewart Sr., USAF (Ret)* Mr. Robert P. Stewart C. Joseph Styles Mr. James Sullivan Lt Col David Sussman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Milo Swanson Jr. Mr. Merrill Thruston* Mr. Raymond J. Tomory Mr. Barry L. Tracey Charles and Terri Trent Mr. Ronald J. Ulishney Mr. Gary Van Deluyster Joseph and Pamela Venditti Robert and Christina Waldvogel* Mr. R. Watkins Mr. Walter M. Williams Jr.* Mr. Carl Wolaver Mr. Jasper Woodroof III Col James F. Wright, USAFR (Ret)* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry York Lt Col William R. Young

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