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3•28•2012 Vol. 44 No. 11

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Tired of headaches at Hong Kong? Check out an alternative business jet staging post for Pacific Rim trips.

Business aviation in Asia is on track to overtake Europe by 2030, according to speakers at the ABACE opening general session. Page 8

Hong Kong’s Metrojet is teaming with California’s Solairus to boost charter capacity in the soaring Asian market. Page 10

What does it take to ensure that the value doesn’t drain out of your business aircraft? We’ve got an expert view.

Embraer’s Legacy 500 promises to deliver plenty of performance and carve out a value class of its own.

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Stacked Up On Static


Judging by the static display packed with top-of-the-range business jets and massed ranks of industry executives and customers, we could be at an NBAA show in the U.S. or EBACE in Europe. But we’re not–this is ABACE in China’s leading business city Shanghai, where private aviation is putting down deep roots.

VistaJet teams with Beijing by James Wynbrandt VistaJet is expanding its programbased charter network through a new alliance with Beijing Airlines, Air China’s

private aviation subsidiary. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed here at the ABACE show yesterday sets the stage for VistaJet to establish a base in Beijing and eventually provide point-topoint services within China. “This is an historic announcement for VistaJet,” said Thomas Flohr, VistaJet’s founder and chairman. “We have been targeting China as a major market for

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AllPoints lead to Gulfstream by Curt Epstein China’s newest charter operator–AllPoints Jet–ordered a pair of Gulfstream jets yesterday. The long-range G450 and

G550 aircraft will be delivered in the first quarter of 2013 to the company’s base at Chengdu International Airport, from where AllPoints provides charter, management and maintenance. On the first day of the 2012 ABACE show, Gulfstream also celebrated its latest deliveries in Greater China. Hong Kongbased Asia Jet accepted its third aircraft from the U.S. manufacturer, a second

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Subic Bay is alternative to Hong Kong hassles by Charles Alcock Continued overcrowding and access problems at key Asia Pacific airports such as Hong Kong International mean that Subic Bay in the Philippines is well placed to serve as a business aviation hub for the region, according to Aviation Concepts, which last year opened an FBO there. The Guam-based company has seen growth in its aircraft charter, sales and management operations from Subic Bay, but president and CEO Terry Habeck also wants to attract other operators to use the FBO as a convenient and cost-effective staging post for trips into the region. The former military air base at Subic Bay is about 80 minutes’ flying time from Hong Kong, where growing airline traffic means that slots and parking space for business aircraft are very constrained. According to Habeck, it can take up to five days to get permission to land in Hong Kong and then operators face large bills for landing, handling and parking fees. Landing approvals for Subic Bay can be secured in just a few hours and costs are a fraction of those at the region’s larger airports. Technical stops there can be completed in just 45 minutes. Aviation Concepts has just over 161,000 sq ft (15,000 sq m) of hangar and office space at Subic Bay, with plenty of scope to expand its existing handling and line maintenance service. Another advantage of the location is that the airport is a Freeport, making it easy to import aircraft, parts and fuel without being subject to costly and time-consuming importation process. According to Habeck’s

estimates, an aircraft that would incur total fees of $6,000 at Hong Kong would pay only around $600 at Subic Bay. As of press time, the cost of jet-A fuel was approximately $1.50 per gallon less at Subic Bay than at Hong Kong. Hangar space is available at Subic Bay for around $5,000 per month. Habeck claimed that aircraft parked outside in Hong Kong can be damaged by corrosive chemicals emitted into the atmosphere by nearby factories. One potential driver of rising itinerant business aircraft traffic at Subic Bay is the growing numbers of super-yachts docking at the nearby marina. By comparison, Hong Kong also is becoming congested in terms of maritime traffic. Charter Service Expansion

Meanwhile, U.S.-owned Aviation Concepts is continuing to expand both the cabin size and range of its charter fleet and has announced plans to add a Bombardier Global 6000 and a Boeing Business Jet in September 2012. The operation is approved to both IS-BAO and Argus Platinum safety standards. Here at the ABACE show in Shanghai, the company is displaying a Challenger 605 aircraft in front of the Bombardier chalet. The company already operates two other Global Express family models and a Gulfstream G550. Aviation Concepts, which entered the Asia Pacific market back in 2001, also has just opened a new sales and marketing office in Hong Kong. Habeck said this will allow the company to service growing

Subic Bay in the Philippines offers an uncongested, economical alternative to major Asian gateway airports, such as Hong Kong.

numbers of Chinese owners looking for a more convenient way to manage their aircraft. In many cases, this means registering and basing them outside mainland China, where the tax and importation rules can still be prohibitively costly and cumbersome. Habeck said that Aviation Concepts’ charter operations in the Asia Pacific region have been boosted since it opened the base at Subic Bay. In part, this is because its empty-leg operating costs are considerably lower when flying out of the Philippines than from the main base on the Pacific island of Guam. In recent months, the company has seen a 25-percent increase in demand for charter in the Japanese market. o

Aviation Concepts has plenty of space to support business aircraft at its Subic Bay FBO, from where it operates many of its own charter and management flights.

ST Aerospace expands into VIP completions business by Thierry Dubois Aeria Luxury Interiors (Booth H212) is the new name for VIP completions design specialist DRB Aviation, which last month was acquired by Singapore’s ST Aerospace group. The deal takes ST Aerospace, which is well established in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) work, directly into the market for completing and refurbishing business and private aircraft. ST Aerospace has an established MRO facility in San Antonio, Texas, where Aeria is headquartered. It is now converting one of its hangars in a VIP completions center there to provide room for its new U.S. subsidiary to grow. The facility, which should be ready to use by May 1, will include shops for cabinetry, upholstery and electrical work. Projects Out for Bid

“We have already provided several quotations [for cabin outfitting projects] and have been shortlisted on two projects,” said Aeria’s completions general manager Ron Soret. The new hangar will be able to house aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 747-400. DRB Aviation has previously worked on aircraft ranging from Bombardier Learjets to Boeing

6  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

Business Jets (BBJs) and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJs). “Sometimes we were responsible for the completion from A to Z, sometimes we just worked on design or certification,” company president Don Bell told AIN. Soret believes that many Asian business aviation customers currently flying on conventional-size business jets, such as Hawkers or Gulfstreams, will progressively move to larger aircraft, such as ACJs and BBJs. In the future, Aeria may also have completion facilities in Asia but Soret estimated this will take “five years or more” to get established. Presence in China

Meanwhile, in January, ST Aerospace received a license to establish an aircraft repair facility in Guangzhou, China. It is a joint venture with Guangdong Airport Management Corp., which has a 51-percent stake. The new MRO facility is expected to begin operations in the second half of 2013, performing maintenance, repair and overhaul for Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft. For the most part, these will be airliners, but the operation could also provide support for VIP versions of the aircraft. o

The GulfsTReAm G450

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The Hawker 750 comes from the same rugged heritage as the 50-year-old 125 Series of jets and offers good value in the midsized market in terms of factors such as range.

豪客750继承了风靡50年之久的125系列商务 机的出色可靠性,并凭借一流的航程等诸多 优势横扫中型市场。

标题:宽敞的机舱令豪客 750物超所值

Hawker 750 price is right for performance plus cabin space

作者:Mark Huber

by Mark Huber

三年多以前,豪客比奇公司推出了无 可争议的125系列最佳商务机:豪客750。 出色的性能和合理的价位使这种中型飞 机成为市场中的一匹黑马。 豪客系列飞机自1962年起逐步完善。 多年来,其翼型、发动机和系统性能均 已得到显著提升,凭借坚固的整体结构 和一流的可靠性,它们已成为多家主要 的分权所有的私人飞行服务机构的首选 机型。当转向商务机后,这些特征就成 为所向披靡的优势。 凭借出色的可靠性,该系列飞机早已 成为在全球范围内适应远程和严酷飞行 环境的首选机型,750当然也不负众望。 该机型(配置齐全的价格为1330万美 元)能比同尺寸、更豪华、航程更远的 豪客900XP节省270万美元的成本,价格 与其他制造商出品的两种外形更小的飞 机不相上下:赛斯纳公司1200万美元的 奖状XLS+型和庞巴迪公司1300万美元的 里尔60XR型。 虽然750的经济性不如奖状,速度稍逊 里尔,但它仅凭重要的一项就打败了二 者:机舱容积。豪客飞机的乘客舱是604 ft3(17.1 m3),而奖状的是461 ft3 (13.1 m3),里尔的是453 ft3(12.8 m3)。豪客的净空高度也更胜一筹。如 果算上洗手间内的系带座椅,它能提供 九人的座椅配置。通常情况下,豪客非 常适合四位乘客进行长途旅行。 在标准配置下,当穿过主机舱门时, 您会发现一个雅致的前厨房,其内部的微 波炉、咖啡机、冰屉等用品一应俱全,行 李柜与小壁橱相对而设。座椅区包括五张 能自动倾斜和旋转的办公座椅,舱尾是一 张可供小憩的三位长沙发,其后部是洗手 间和能在飞行途中随时进入的小行李舱。 与之前型号相比,洗手间内的橱柜为乘客 提供了存放梳洗用具和私人物品的更多实 用功能。 舱内的电子设备可通过罗克韦尔·柯 林斯 Airshow 21机舱管理系统控制。乘 客利用操作简单的主触摸屏即可控制温 度、照明和娱乐功能。 750虽然不如900XP豪华,但对大多数 用户而言已经足够了。您能选择五种基

本的配色方案,订购升级换代的皮革和布 料。“这种飞机的配备相当齐全,基本上 能满足各类客户的各类定制需求,”豪客 公司市场营销部副总裁Ron Gunnarson说。 他补充道,国际客户通常还会另外订 购航电设备,像高频无线电和备用自动 方位仪。罗克韦尔·柯林斯公司的Pro Line 21航电系统能满足大部分应用的 需求。它配备了四个LCD显示器(8×10 in),用于显示电子导航图、湍流探测 气象雷达和地图叠置分析,以确保飞行 员能对飞行状况了如执掌。 豪客也是首架采用霍尼韦尔TFE731涡 扇发动机(60年代末开发)的商务机。 这种发动机在当时是“效率革命”的杰 出代表。安装它的新一代6-8座商务机仍 可通过《三级噪声标准》的认证。750上 采用的TFE731-5BR发动机的油耗比800系 列豪客采用的731发动机的油耗低20%,但 它仍能确保飞机在19分钟内爬升至37000 ft(11278 m)。 在多数飞行任务中,750仅比XLS+快一 点,但远远落后于里尔60。750的最高巡 航速度是465 knots (861 km/h),而远 程巡航速度要慢30 knots(55 km/h)。 如果是跨国飞行,那可能要很长一段时 间。但大部分豪客飞机都只用于短途飞 更多请查阅14页 u

Just over three years ago, Hawker Beechcraft began delivering what is arguably the best of the venerable 125-series aircraft: the Hawker 750. Performance and price both help to make this midsizecabin model a strong contender. Hawkers have been around since 1962. Over time, they have received improvements in airfoils, engines and systems, and their rugged construction and reliability have made them the mainstay of several fractional-ownership fleets. When it comes to business jets, they are tanks. Thanks to their dependability, they have been a popular choice for operations in remote and harsh environments worldwide, and the 750 is proving to be no exception. At $13.3 million (typically equipped), the model costs $2.7 million less than the same-sized, more luxurious and longer-range Hawker 900XP and about as much as two smaller aircraft from other manufacturers: the $12 million Cessna Citation XLS+ and Bombardier’s $13 million Learjet 60XR. The 750 isn’t as economical as the Citation or as fast as the Learjet, but it beats


性能参数 价格(一般配置)


Price (typically equipped)

$13.3 million


8-9 人

Passenger seats

8 to 9






2195 nm (4062 km)

Range (four passengers)

2,195 nm (4,062 km)


465 knots (861 km/h) 79 ft3 (2.2 m3)

Maximum cruise speed

465 knots (861 km/h)

Baggage volume

79 cu ft (2.2 cu m)

行李舱容积 机舱



21.4 ft (6.5 m)


21 ft 4 in (6.5 m)


6 ft (1.82 m)


6 ft (1.82 m)


5.9 ft (1.75 m) 604 ft3 (17.1 m3)


5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)


604 cu ft (17.1 cu m)



12  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

Source: Hawker Beechcraft

both in one important category: cabin size. The Hawker’s passenger cabin is 604 cu ft (17.1 cu m), while the Citation’s is 461 cu ft (13.1 cu m) and the Learjet’s is 453 cu ft (12.8 cu m). Headroom is better in the Hawker as well. Passenger seating capacity is nine if you count the belted lavatory seat. Realistically, this is a comfortable airplane for four passengers on a longer trip. Enter through the main cabin door and, in the standard layout, you’ll find a small forward galley with microwave, coffee maker, ice drawer and stowage cupboards opposite a closet. Seating consists of five reclining slide-and-swivel executive seats and an aft, three-place divan that is large enough for snoozing. Behind that is the lavatory and a small baggage hold that you can access in flight. Compared with those on previous models, the cabinets in the lavatory provide more functional stowage for personal items. Cabin electronics are handled via the Rockwell Collins Airshow 21 cabin management system. The simple-to-use system’s master touch-screen controls temperature, lighting and entertainment. While the 750 isn’t as plush as the 900XP, it is more than adequate for most users. You can choose from five basic color pallets and order upgraded leathers and fabrics. “The airplane comes so well equipped, there really aren’t a lot of options,” said Ron Gunnarson, vice president of Hawker marketing. Gunnarson added that international customers typically order additional avionics, such as high-frequency radios and backup automatic direction finders. However, the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics system is adequate for most applications. It features four eightby 10-inch LCD displays and can show

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u 更多请查阅12页

行,像从芝加哥到亚特兰大的旅行,它的 速度劣势绝不会耽搁乘客10分钟以上。 像所有125系列的豪客飞机一样,750 不会让用户在乘客全满还是油箱全满之 间纠结。这种飞机允许同时选择二者。 当加满燃料时,它的有效载荷是2250 磅(1021千克)。但在行李舱容积方 面,750却面临和旧型号一样的挑战。与 之前的700、800和900系列相比,750配 有一个独立的可加热的外部行李舱,其 容积为500磅(227千克),而且能容纳 高尔夫球具等大宗物品。加上机舱内47 ft3(1.3 m3)的传统行李柜,750的行 李舱总容积可达79 ft3(2.2 m3)。 航程也是如此。取下220加仑的机身 油箱能增大机舱面积,当搭载四名乘 客时,与900XP的航程2600 nm(4815 km)相比,750的航程会缩短至2195 nm(4065 km)。搭载八名乘客时,航程 仍能超过2000 nm(3700 km)。加装豪 客比奇公司提供的可选翼梢小翼时,能 使航程增加100 nm,飞行时间减少5%。

用户可选购售价295000美元的翼 梢小翼,以保证以更低的气流速度 提高飞机的操控性能。即使不安装它 们,750的航程也远远超过同价位的其 他型号飞机。 先不说航程,取下中央油箱的飞机变 得更轻巧,根据具体载荷不同,750现在 能在更短的机场跑道上降落,这在旧型 号的豪客飞机上是不可能的任务。当以 26950磅(8500磅燃料)的重量满载飞行 时,750能轻松降落在5000 ft跑道上。 它甚至还能在砾石和草坪地带降落,这 对里尔60系列是不可想象的。 多年前,在从阿拉斯加返航时,我驾 驶一家小型单引擎飞机在加拿大西北部 人烟稀少的Hay River附近满是粗糙砾石 带的简易机场降落。当时我没看见有其 他飞机,当机场服务人员问候我时,我 随口说道:“看来我的飞机是几周来第 一架降落于此的飞机。”“哦,不”, 他说道,“一小时前有一架飞机刚刚降 落,是一架豪客。” 我一点也不奇怪。

罗克韦尔·柯林斯公司的Pro Line 21航电系统 能满足大部分应用的需求。它配备了四个LCD显 示器(8×10 in)。

The Hawker 750’s Rockwell Collins Pro LIne 21 avionics system, which is adequate for most applications, features four eight- by 10-inch LCDs.

标题:《商务航空旅游》杂志是您私人航空旅行的专业顾问 本文最早刊登于《商务航空旅游》杂志—它是AIN集团旗下的公司,该集团 还出版《ABACE展会新闻》,并提供全球各地知名航空展览的每日简讯,以及按 月发行的《国际航空新闻》。 在本届上海举办的亚洲商用航空会议暨展览会(ABACE)上,您可以选 择迄今为止第一本中文版《商务航空旅游》杂志提供的年度购买指南。它 旨在为中国的私人飞机用户提供最全面的购买指南,便于其了解目前市场 上最知名的商务机。目前尚无其他私人航空杂志以如此客观、独立的视角 提供如此详尽的航空资讯。 自2003年起,《商务航空旅游》(或BJT)杂志就因帮助订阅者最大限度扩 大在私人航空领域的投资效益而广为人知。它以客观公正的视角介绍全新和二 手飞机,提供购买和销售飞机的专业建议,还有关于税费、法律、融资、安 全、维护、保险和其他方面的贴心提示。它还刊载与最新豪华汽车、度假胜地 和其他休闲娱乐有关的文章,以及对包括钢琴才子郎朗、房地产业巨头Donald Trump和知名企业家Richard Branson爵士在内的知名商务机用户的专访。您找 不到任何一本能提供如此丰富内容的杂志。 自从杂志出版以来,BJT的高净值读者人数已增长了55%。在同一时期内,它 还获得了十多项主要的编辑大奖。 要了解更多内容,请访问www.bjtonline.com或。您可以 –Jeff Burger 注册用户以接收赠阅的BJT 和AIN。

14  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

豪客750的经济性不如赛斯纳的奖状XLS+,速度 稍逊庞巴迪的里尔60XR,但它仅凭机舱容积就打 败了二者。

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electronic navigation charts, turbulencedetection weather radar and map overlays for superior pilot situational awareness. Hawkers were one of the first business jet models to use the Honeywell TFE731 turbofan engines developed in the 1960s. They represented quantum leaps in efficiency and they enabled a new generation of six- to eight-passenger corporate jets that can still pass Stage III noise requirements. The iteration of the engine on the 750, the TFE731-5BR, burns 20 percent less fuel than the 731 engines on 800 series Hawkers while still enabling climbs to 37,000 feet (11,278 m) in 19 minutes. That said, the 750 is only marginally faster than the XLS+ on most missions and considerably slower than a Learjet 60. Maximum cruise speed is 465 knots (861 km/h) and long-range cruise speed is 30 knots (55 km/h) slower than that. However, most Hawker flights are considerably shorter, and on a trip from, say, Chicago to Atlanta, the speed disadvantage won’t cost you more than about 10 minutes. Like all 125 series Hawkers, the 750 doesn’t force operators to choose between full passenger seats and full fuel tanks– this airplane allows for both. With full fuel, payload is an impressive 2,250 pounds (1,021 kg). However, also like its predecessors, the 750 remains challenged when it comes to baggage capacity. Unlike previous 700, 800 and 900 series siblings, the 750 has a separate, heated, externally accessed baggage compartment that holds up to 500 pounds (227 kg) and can swallow items as bulky as

The Hawker 750 isn’t quite as economical as the Cessna Citation XLS+ or as fast as the Bombardier Learjet 60XR, but it trumps both in cabin size.

golf clubs. Combined with the traditional 47 cu ft (1.3 cu m) of stowage space in the cabin, this gives the 750 a total of 79 cu ft (2.2 cu m) of baggage space. It comes as the expense of range. The 220-gallon fuselage fuel tank is removed to make the space, reducing the 750’s range with four passengers to 2,195 nm (4,065 km), compared with the 900XP’s 2,600-nm (4,815-km) range. Range with eight passengers still exceeds 2,000 nm (3,700 km). You can increase range by 100 nm and slash time-to-climb 5 percent by adding aftermarket winglets from Hawker Beechcraft. The aircraft’s optional $295,000 winglets also produce modest handling improvements at lower airspeeds. Even without them, the 750 can fly farther than any comparable airplane near its price. Range aside, taking out the center fuel tank makes the airplane lighter and, depending on how heavily it’s loaded, the 750 can now get into airports with shorter runways. Fully loaded at 26,950 pounds (8,500 of that is fuel), the 750 can easily negotiate 5,000-foot runways. It can also land on gravel and grass strips, something best not tried in a 60-series Learjet. Once, on a flight from Alaska, I landed a small single-engine propeller airplane on the rough gravel strip at sparsely populated Hay River in Canada’s Northwest Territories. No other airplanes were in sight and, by the way the airport attendant greeted me, I thought mine had been the only airplane to come in for weeks. Not so, he said: “We had another airplane in here about an hour ago–a Hawker.” I should not have been surprised.  o

Business Jet Traveler Helps Passengers Make the Most of Private Air Travel This article first appeared in Business Jet Traveler magazine–part of the AIN group, which also produces ABACE Convention News and many other daily editions at leading air shows around the world, as well as the monthly editions of Aviation International News. Here at the ABACE show in Shanghai, you can also pick the first ever Chinese-language edition of Business Jet Traveler’s annual Buyers’ Guide. This has been produced to give ­Chinese private aviation users the most comprehensive guide to buying and using business aircraft available today. No other private aviation magazine covers this mode of transportation in such detail and with such objectivity and independence. Business Jet Traveler–or BJT, as it is widely known–has been helping subscribers maximize their investment in private aviation since 2003. It offers unbiased reviews of new and used aircraft; advice about buying and selling jets; and information about taxes, laws, financing, safety, maintenance, insurance and more. It also features articles about new luxury cars, vacation destinations and other leisure pursuits, plus interviews with famous business jet users ranging from pianist Lang Lang to real-estate mogul Donald Trump and the entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. It’s a blend of content you can’t find in any other magazine anywhere in the world. BJT’s exclusive audience of high-net-worth readers has grown 55 percent since the magazine began publishing. During the same period, it has won more than a dozen major editorial awards. To see more content like this go to or You can register to receive complimentary subscriptions to both BJT and AIN. –Jeff Burger

Sick and far from home? MedAire is there for you by R. Randall Padfield MedAire (Booth H302) provides medical and health services for travelers, both in flight and on the ground. Here at the ABACE show in Shanghai, visitors can get a complete picture of the medical support, plus safety and travel advice that the company provides both in person and via its Web portal. They can also take away a copy of its HealthMap 2012, a large wall map of the world (see below), which shows health-risk levels by country, as well as the locations of the company’s numerous bases across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Acquired in 2008 by International SOS, which has facilities in more than 70 countries (including here in China), MedAire provides medical training for flight crews, on-board medical equipment, on-theground medical and security assistance and a 24/7 telemedicine service, which is staffed by emergency-room doctors. It is credited with establishing the world’s first global emergency response center for the aviation industry, and provides immediate, real-time medical and safety assistance to people in remote locations, whether in the air, on land or at sea.  According to the Kenneth Low, Med­ Aire general manager, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, MedAire currently serves more than 2,500 aviation clients worldwide. In China, MedAire works with both business aviation and airlines, including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China

Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines. “Asia is a very strong market for us, as our clients are traveling farther and exploring new market opportunities,” Low said. “MedAire membership provides executives the peace of mind that they have medical and safety assistance, no matter where they travel.” Recognizing the value of MedAire’s services, several business aircraft manufacturers provide MedAire subscriptions and equipment to a customer who buys an airplane. The subscriptions and equipment vary among manufacturers and are based on their aircraft. The subscription provided by an aircraft manufacturer can range from one to five years, after which owners and operators have the option to renew. Gulfstream Aerospace, which has sold more than 58 business jets in China, includes MedAire’s services as standard on some of its models. Its long-range G550, for example, comes with a five-year MedLink subscription. Gulfstream was one of the first manufacturers to include defibrillators on its own corporate and demonstrator aircraft and now includes these items on every large-cabin aircraft, according to MedAire. Boeing included MedLink, a medical kit, a defibrillator and crew training and with the eight Boeing Business Jets it sold to Chinese buyers over the past four years. Bombardier offers MedLink on its

entire fleet of business aircraft, including the Global Express, Challenger 604 and Learjets. Hawker Beechcraft provides MedAire’s medical services on every aircraft the company sells. Embraer offers MedAire’s services as standard equipment onboard its Legacy business jets. Embraer is also the first jet manufacturer to make MedAire’s online security and travel alerts a part of the program. International SOS Services in China

MedAire’s presence in China dates back to 1989, when International SOS established an operational office in Beijing. International SOS, which has dual headquarters in London and Singapore, also has offices in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai. And the company operates five clinics in China, in Beijing, Tianjin, Tianjin-TEDA and Nanjing. The TEDA clinic officially opened in February this year. If MedAire members need “on the ground” support, the

broader International SOS network enhances MedAire’s services throughout delivery. Clients of MedAire can access family-practice services, emergency medical services and a range of clinical services through a network of providers that is unparalleled in China today, said Low. The support network also includes alarm centers in Beijing and Hong Kong. “Each alarm center provides 24-hour hotline services to all members when they are in China,” Low explained. “Any problem, from lost luggage to a serious medical condition, can be reported to the alarm center, where multilingual coordinators and doctors are on duty to respond to all types of emergencies.” International SOS has “developed a network of hospitals, airlines and local authorities so that we can deliver a fast and efficient response,” he said. “Through this network we support the medical staff, equipment and facilities that we provide to our clients at remote sites.” o

What is MedLink? A MedLink subscription is one of the features of MedAire membership. Members have access to a 24/7 medical response center staffed by emergency room doctors. If any medical situation arises during a flight, members are encouraged to call MedLink to speak with a doctor for treatment advice and recommendations. Should additional on-the-ground treatment be required, membership provides referrals to pre-screened medical facilities at the member’s destination. Membership also provides access to the MedAire Portal, where travelers can view medical and travel information for more than 200

countries. Members can upload their medical history and documents for instant access when traveling, as well as schedule a Trip Watch, if concerned about the health of a fellow traveler. Other benefits of MedAire membership include: referrals to credentialed local medical providers on the ground; guaranteed payment of authorized medical fees on their behalf; arrangements for medical transportation or evacuation; advice regarding lost travel documents; referrals for legal assistance; access to International SOS clinics open to the public; and communication with family and/or company during a medical incident.  n

2012 Understanding Global Health

Alarm Centers Staffed by doctors and nurses, multilingual coordinators, security experts, air and ground logistics personnel, MedAire’s 27 alarm centers deliver 24/7 medical and security assistance services in over 90 languages, all over the world.

Clinics The 32 International SOS clinics operate following international quality standard of care. They are located in cities where medical care of an international standard is not available or where cultural and language barriers make it difficult to receive appropriate care.

International SOS’s dedicated fleet of 10 air ambulances functions as intensive care units in the sky and are monitored by our own regional flight desks. They are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by aero medical specialists. International SOS has access to additional airplanes available 24/7.

Medical Services Centers To support clients’ medical needs in remote locations, MedAire delivers medical staffing, consulting, training, supplies, operations, quality improvements and occupational health through more than 700 remote medical services sites across 70 countries, seemlessly coordinated by 33 medical service centers.

n Low Risk

MEDICAL RISK RATINGS International SOS assigns medical ratings to countries by assessing a range of factors, including the standard of local medical and dental care available, access to prescription drugs, the presence of serious infectious diseases and cultural, language or administrative barriers. The medical risk within a country can vary widely. For example, major cities may have lower risk whereas remote or rural cities may have higher risk. The overall country medical risk rating compromises an average risk rating for each country.

n Medium Risk

n Variable Risk

16  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

n High Risk

n Extreme Risk

Courtesy of MedAire, an International SOS company.

Air Ambulances

亚洲商用航空团体团结一心 Asia’s business aviation lobby aims for strength in numbers 作者:Liz Moscrop

自亚洲商务航空协会重新选举了委员 会并更新了其发展本地区商务航空业的 政策起,距今已经一年。空中客车原大 中华及日韩地区行政兼私人航空销售主管 Jean-Noel Robert升任主席,原Embraer 商用飞机中国区销售副总裁Lee Li及庞巴 迪商务飞机原亚太区副总裁David Dixon 被任命为副主席。另外两位执行委员会 成员分别为Hawker太平洋上海的业务发展 主管Helena Lang以及驻泰国OrientSKY的 Ekavaj Amornvivat。 在过去的一年中,委员会实现了数个其 在2011年3月制定的目标。在接受AIN采访 时Robert说:“从一开始,我们的工作就 卓有成效,我们已经设立了三个航空公司 委员会并成功扩大了四家公司在香港国际 机场的停机位。” 迄今为止,隶属亚洲商务航空协会的香 港航空公司委员会已经举行了六次会议,参

亚洲商用航空协会委员会成员 (从左至右): Embraer 商用飞机中国区销售副总裁Lee Li;空 中客车大中华区及日韩地区行政兼私人航空销售 主管Jean-Noel Robert;David Dixon。 Board members of the Asian Business Aviation Association (left to right): Lee Li, Embraer’s vice president for China sales; Jean-Noel Robert, Airbus’ executive and private aviation sales director for Greater China, Japan and Korea; and David Dixon.

加会议者皆是香港的重量级公司。十四家拥 有航空营运执照的成员中,有十二家是中国 大陆航空公司委员会的成员,此外,一名来 自国际商业航空委员会的审计员参加了去年 十二月在北京召开的第一次会议。 二月份在新加坡举办的航空展见证了东 南亚委员会的首次聚会,具体成员包括来 自新加坡、泰国、马来西亚、越南、以及 印尼的各家公司。Robert补充说亚洲商务 航空协会正在与日本商务航空协会进行密 切合作。 亚洲商务航空协会主席表示,协会 的核心任务之一就是提升该地区的飞 行安全。“我们正在与国际商业航空 委员会密切合作,推行商业航空飞行 的国际标准。” 东南亚航空业如今似乎致力于建立适用 于本地区的共同行业标准及准则。对于东 南亚地区的定义多有不同,不过可以肯定 的是东南亚包括东南亚国家联盟内的11个 国家(文莱、柬埔寨、东帝汶、印度尼西 亚、老挝、马来西亚、缅甸、菲律宾、新 加坡、泰国、以及越南)及两个地区(圣 诞岛及库克群岛)。东南亚还与日本、中 国的两个特别行政区香港和澳门、澳大利 亚,以及新西兰有着密切联系。 Robert指出该地区除基础设施外,还 存在技术短缺和泛东南亚空中交通管理

政策缺失的问题,目前确实不具备足够 的市场开发能力。他补充道:“制约商 用航空业发展的一个因素便是飞机数量 不足。飞机拥有者都是高净值个人,不 喜欢与外人来往。” 亚洲商务航空协会 认为在营运商冒险进口目前严格限于包 机使用的飞机之前,这种情况都不会有 大的改观。 Robert说:“客户在多次咨询后发现根 本没有可用的飞机,结果感到很沮丧,这 严重阻碍了行业的发展。”这进一步导致 了需求不足,由此引发了虽有很大的潜在 利润但包机市场却不景气这一恶性循环。 虽然在香港、日本、印尼、新加坡等地 航空业较为发达,且马来西亚和菲律宾皆 是航空业的空中枢纽,但对亚洲的营运商 来说,中国绝对是一块未来的福地。 目前在中国实际运营的B系列注册飞机 约有170架,在未来12个月另有几架新预订 的飞机将交付。所有主要制造商 的报告都显示这整个地区的市场 潜力很大, 不单限于中国。 潜在的巨大市场不仅仅是飞 机销售,还包括相关服务业,如 飞机维护、培训、飞行员服务等 等。据报道,该地区也存在包机 黑市,不过Robert称与中东等其 他地区相比这只是一个小问题。 然而,一个实实在在的问题是 供应商对飞机的管理和维护。有 报道说该区域某些公司拒绝使用 一些飞机,因为他们无法确保相 应的维护工作,另外,招募西方 的飞行员和技师并将其留在本地 工作也颇为困难。 来自Embraer的Lee Li坚持认为 开发亚洲航空业的关键在于对市场 的启蒙,他指出:“人们必须意识到商业航 空能够带来的效益。” 所有这些意味着洲商务航空协会的确还 有很多工作要做。目前来说,协议管理者 正着重进行协会章程的制定及建立委员会 的相关工作。 香港航空公司委员会计划着眼于短期 目标,采取一些较为大胆的措施,如诸多 针对机组人员护照限制的修改,这些措施 目前为止取得了一定成效,在一定程度上 放宽了商用喷气机在香港国际机场的停泊 条件。协会还将着眼于中长期目标,如针 对外国飞行员执照验证及规章制度的改 革。“我们需要听到营运商的声音,我们 需要知道他们需要我们做什么”,Robert 如此说道。 协会还有意与同处该地区的日本商务 航空协会合作。日本航空业去年较为不景 气,但今年正从之前的海啸阴影中走出。 日本商务航空协会主管Kazuyuki Tamura透 漏日本民航局目前正考虑修订某些阻碍私 人航空业发展的硬性政策,如放松本国内 飞机登记标准等,这一举措将会促进包机 业务的发展。 亚洲商务航空协会同时也与澳大利亚商 务航空协会这一非营利性旨在壮大业界声 威的机构有往来关系。澳大利亚商务航空 协会是集体性质的机构,代表着澳大利亚 商用航空各团体、美国商用航空协会及欧 洲商用航空协会。美国商用航空协会是本 周在上海举办的亚洲商务航空会议和展览 会的组织者。 令人振奋的消息是,该地区又朝着 商用航空业的进一步发展迈出了坚实的 一步。Robert对未来充满信心,他总结 说:“我们在一个接一个地解决最需要处 理的一些问题,这里的市场潜力很大,我 们会一往无前。”

18  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

by Liz Moscrop It has been a year since the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) elected a new board and revamped its strategic approach to supporting business aviation development in the region. Jean-Noel Robert, Airbus’ executive and private aviation area sales director for Greater China, Japan and Korea, became chairman, while Embraer Executive Aircraft vice president for sales in China Lee Li and Bombardier Business Aircraft’s then Asia Pacific regional vice president for business aircraft David Dixon were appointed vice chairmen. The other two members of the executive committee are Hawker Pacific Shanghai’s business development director Helena Lang and Thailand-based OrientSKYs’ Ekavaj Amornvivat. Over the year the group has achieved several of the goals it outlined back in March 2011. “We have seen tangible results since we started,” Robert told AIN. “We have launched three operator committees and managed to get more space at Hong Kong International Airport for our operators.” Indeed, AsBAA’s Hong Kong operator committee has met six times to date and comprises all the main players in Hong Kong. Twelve out of the 14 Chinese holders of aircraft operator certificates are members of the Mainland China operator committee, and an auditor from the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) attended the first meeting in Beijing last December. The Singapore Airshow in February saw the inaugural gathering of the Southeast Asia committee. This final group comprises companies from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Robert added that AsBAA is working closely with its counterpart in Japan, the Japanese Business Aviation Association (JBAA). Improving Safety

According to the AsBAA chairman, a key part of the association’s remit is to improve safety across the region. “We are working very closely with IBAC to encourage members to apply for the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations [IS-BAO] standard.” The Southeast Asia committee appears to be struggling to create a harmonious set of guidelines and rules that work for business aviation throughout the vast area that it covers. Definitions of the region vary, but there are definitely 11 countries (Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) and two territories (the Christmas and Cook Islands) within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). There are also strong links with Japan, as well as Hong Kong and Macau–both special administrative regions of China–as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Robert pointed out that in addition to problems with infrastructure in the region, as well as skills shortages and lack of a coherent pan-regional air traffic control policy, there is simply not enough capacity to cater to the market at the moment. “One thing that is hindering the development of a business aviation sector here is a lack of aircraft,” he commented. “Owners are high-net-worth individuals who like to keep themselves to themselves.” AsBAA believes that until an operator is prepared to take a risk and import aircraft that are strictly for charter the situation will remain static. “People get fed up with constantly inquiring and finding out that there are no aircraft available,” claimed Robert. “It is hampering the industry.” This leads to a lack of demand and then there is a vicious cycle of a great deal of interest in managed aircraft, but a ­crippled charter market. China is the Promised Land for most entrants to Asia, although there also is strong activity in Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, with aviation hubs in Malaysia and the Philippines. The actual installed fleet in China on the B-register is around the 170 mark, with several new deliveries slated for the next 12 months. All the major manufacturers are reporting sales across the region, so China is not the only honey pot. Large Untapped Market

There is a large untapped potential market not only for aircraft, but also for related services–maintenance, training, pilots and the like. Reportedly, there is also a small illegal charter sector, but Robert said this is “nothing like” the problem experienced in the Middle East and other regions. One real problem, however, is sourcing companies to manage and support the jets. There are reports of regional management firms turning down aircraft, since they do not believe they can support them effectively. It is also difficult to recruit Western pilots and technicians to live and work in the region. Embraer’s Lee Li insisted that the key to developing Asia’s potential is to educate the market. “People need to know the benefits that business aviation can bring,” he said. The Hong Kong operators’ committee plans to take aggressive actions on shortterm issues, such as various crew visa limitations. It has had some success already with alleviation of business jet parking limitations at Hong Kong International Airport. It will also work on mediumand long-term issues, such as foreign pilot license validations or proposition of regulatory reforms. “We need operators to voice their needs and tell us what they want us to do,” said Robert. o

巴西航空推出莱格 500, 功能更全、成本更低

巴西航空最新型的莱格赛500公务机 将于今年第三季度进行首航,但仍 定于2013年年底上市。

Embraer’s new Legacy 500 won’t now make its first flight until the third quarter of this year, but should still enter service by the end of 2013.

作者:Mark Huber 由于电传飞行控制系统的软件问题, 巴西航空已将新型莱格赛500公务机的首 航时间推迟到今年第三季度。尽管如此, 莱格赛500与同系列航程更短、外形更小 的莱格赛450已成为继入门级的飞鸿100和 高端型的世袭1000之后,巴西飞机制造商 新近推出的又一上乘之作。 与巴西航空推出的所有公务机一样, 新型莱格赛系列飞机的设计理念很简单: 功能更全、成本更低。这一“杀手锏”已 帮助巴西航空成功赢取了赛斯纳与豪客比 奇公司大量的市场份额。凭借莱格赛500, 巴西航空又将其他飞机制造商列为目标, 包括庞巴迪和湾流公司。莱格赛500与正 在研制的里尔85都旨在创造一种折中解决 方案,即“中型+”,以赢得中型和超中 型飞机客户的青睐。 总价1840万美元(2008年价格)的莱 格赛500能以接近超中型的机舱最多搭载 12名乘客。搭载8名乘客时,其航程可达 2800 nm(5182 km),最大巡航速度为 0.82马赫(871 km/h)。乘客能携带更多 行李、滑雪板、高尔夫球杆和其他中型 或超中型喷气机所能容纳的物品。莱格 赛500的行李舱容积达150ft3(4.2m3), 其中外部行李舱为110ft3(3.1m3),机 内可通过洗手间到达的壁橱式行李舱为 40ft3(1.1m3)。 宽敞、平坦的主机舱长26.1ft(8.2 m)、宽6.1ft(2.1 m)、高6ft(1.82 m)。据巴西航空介绍,客户能选择不 同的内部格局。一种是与附属储藏间或 乘务员侧向座椅相对的设备完善的大型 前厨房,另一种是与小型茶点中心相对 的侧向双位长沙发。厨房内设有冷、 热水、四加仑饮用水、晶体存储器、冰 屉、瓷器和镀银餐具橱柜、110V电源插 座和可选的显示器与咖啡机。 厨房后面是双区主机舱,它能容纳另外

八到九名乘客。可选配置包括两组由单人 座椅构成的双人面对面座椅区,或者前置 双人面对面座椅搭配双人并排座椅和一个 可左右放置的三位长沙发。 单人座椅构成的双人并排座椅能背靠背 旋转然后下弯形成舒适的床面。以此方式 固定和折放座椅能为最多4名乘客提供床 位。座椅后面是配有实木门、洗手台、面 盆和真空抽吸马桶的洗手间,这些豪华配 置在同尺寸的公务机中并不多见。 巴西航空公务机分部总裁Ernest Edwards介绍说,在巴西航空的客户顾问 小组看过机舱的初步实体模型后,座椅和 桌子已进行改进,以充分满足购买者的品 味要求。与小型的飞鸿系列公务机一样, 莱格赛500的机舱内饰也是巴西航空与宝 马公司美国工作室倾力合作的成果。 飞机采用了霍尼韦尔公司出品的 Ovation Select高分辨率机舱管理系 统,乘客能使用安装在吧台内的个人控 制器、手持无线遥控器或厨房触摸屏, 通过该系统管理舱内所有的娱乐、通 讯、照明、温度、厨房和遮阳板。它还 集成了高速卫星通信系统和各种电子产 品,包括iPods、MP3播放器、Apple TV 和游戏系统。此外,由于它采用了以太 网主干,因此还具有强大的诊断和故障 排解功能。Ovation多媒体接口还支持 可选的JetMap3HD移动地图程序和最新 的天气、体育和新闻的更新。Ovation 采用了罗申(Rosen)公司的高级HD 显示器和欧图(Alto)音响组件。在 45000ft(13716 m)的最大巡航高度 时,增压系统能使莱格赛500的机舱高度 保持在令人舒适的6000ft(1829 m)。 机舱独具匠心,但真正夺人眼球的 还是驾驶舱。那简直就是战斗机和宾利 Continental GT的完美组合。

Embraer promises to deliver more for less with Legacy 500 by Mark Huber The first flight of Embraer’s new Legacy 500 has been delayed until the third quarter of this year, due to software problems with its fly-by-wire controls. Nonetheless, the 500 and its shorterhaul, smaller sibling, the Legacy 450, are set to shine as the latest entries in the Brazilian manufacturer’s burgeoning book of business jet offerings, which range from the entry-level Phenom 100 to the uber barge Lineage 1000. Like all of Embraer’s executive jets, the new Legacy models offer a simple value proposition: more for less. It’s a formula that already has taken a big bite out of the market shares of Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft. With the 500, Embraer is targeting other manufacturers as well, including Bombardier and Gulfstream. Along with the in-development Learjet 85, the 500 threatens to take customers from both the midsize and super-midsize

性能参数 AT A GLANCE 价格



8 - 12 人

航程(两名机组乘 员、四名乘客)

3000 nm (5552 km)


0.82马赫(871 km/h) 26 ft 10 in. (8.2 m)


高度: 6 ft (1.82 m) 宽度: 6 ft 10 in. (2.1 m) 容积: 860 cu ft (24.4 cu m)



$18.4 million


8 to 12

Range (two crew, four passengers)

3,000 nm (5,552 km)

Max. cruising speed

Mach 0.82 (871 km/h) Length: 26 ft 10 in (8.2 m)


Height: 6 ft (1.82 m) Width: 6 ft 10 in (2.1 m) Volume: 860 cu ft (24.4 cu m)

Source: Embraer. All figures preliminary.

莱格赛500的驾驶舱的先进程度丝毫不亚于 装备电传飞行控制系统的现代飞机,而且 具有飞行员迫切需要的完善功能。

The cockpit of the Legacy 500 is as cutting edge as you would expect from a modern fly-by-wire aircraft and has plenty to please the pilot.

sectors by creating a niche somewhere in between: Call it midsize plus. For $18.4 million (at 2008 values) the 500 delivers the ability to carry up to 12 passengers in a cabin that is near supermidsize. With eight passengers, it has a range of 2,800 nm (5,182 km). Maximum cruise speed is Mach 0.82 (871 km/h). Passengers can bring more luggage, skis, golf clubs and anything else than they could fit in almost any other midsize or super-midsize jet: The 500 has 150 cu ft (4.2 cu m) of baggage space–110 cu ft (3.1 cu m) in the external compartment and another 40 cu ft (1.1 cu m) in the closet that can be accessed through the lavatory. The spacious, flat-floor main cabin measures 26 ft 10 in (8.2 m) long, 6 ft 10 in (2.1 m) wide and 6 feet (1.82 m) tall. Embraer says several layouts will be available. Customers can choose between a large, well-appointed forward galley opposite galley annex storage or a single, sidefacing seat ideal for a cabin attendant. Or they can have a side-facing, two-place divan opposite a small refreshment center. The wet galley features hot and cold water, four gallons of potable water, crystal storage and an ice drawer, compartments for china and silverware, 110V power outlet and optional monitor and espresso maker. Behind that is the two-zone main cabin, with seating for an additional eight to nine passengers. Possible configurations include two club-four groupings of single seats or a forward club-four followed by a half-club with a three-place, berthing divan on either the right or left side. Half club pairs of single seats can be rotated back-to-back and then reclined together to form a comfortable sleeping surface. With the seats positioned and folded down in this manner, the 500 provides sleeping accommodations for up to four passengers. Behind that is the lavatory, complete with solid door, vanity, basin and vacuum toilet–a luxury not usually seen in an airplane of this size. Seats and tables were revised to better reflect buyer tastes after Embraer’s • March 28, 2012 • ABACE Convention News  23

莱格赛500宽敞的机舱有多 种不同配置供客户选择。

Several different configurations are available for the Legacy 500’s spacious cabin.

航电系统采用了罗克韦尔·柯林斯 (Rockwell Collins)公司最先进的Pro Line Fusion系统。控制台内的四台大型 主动矩阵LCD和可选的抬头显示器能为驾 驶员提供高精度图像;直观的MultiScan 气象雷达系统覆盖范围可达300 mile(555 km),能提供电子图表、地图、以及气象 数据分析;机场地面管理系统能最大限度 减少转弯错误或与地面上的其他车辆碰撞 导致的危险,即使能见度有限时也是如 此。该系统能在减少驾驶员工作负荷的同 时,集中显示所有安全系统提供的飞行数 据。MultiScan气象雷达系统的预测功能不 仅能引导飞行员远离恶劣气象条件,甚至 还能安全穿越。Fusion系统还能有效扩展 以集成新一代产品,包括语音识别、地面 引导、广播式自动相关监视(ADS-B)、空 中交通管制预警系统。 最普通的中杆操纵器不见了,取而代之 的是连接电传飞行控制系统(FBW)的侧 杆操纵器。该系统是第一种应用于4000万 美元以下机型的飞行控制系统。这种设计 移除了飞行控制系统与飞行控制表面(副 翼、方向舵、升降舵和尾翼)之间的机械 连接。飞行员的操作能与传感器输入和电

脑处理的飞行控制规则相结合,以确保既 迅速、又精确地输入不会偏离飞机安全性 能范围的数据。FBW最早应用于军用战斗机 上,后来逐渐在民用飞机上普及。 对该系统在支线飞机和军用飞机上的应 用,巴西航空具有丰富的经验。FBW比传统 的机械控制系统更轻巧,因此能使飞行变 得更安全、更快捷。 但这并非500型上采用的唯一新型设 备,飞机还配备了静音效果出色、清洁、 高效的霍尼韦尔HTF7500E发动机,能满足 最严格的噪音或污染物排放法规的要求。 据霍尼韦尔公司介绍,该发动机采用了独 有技术,它在提高燃油燃烧效率的同时, 显著减少了氧化氮、一氧化碳、未燃尽的 燃油排放物和烟气的产生。如果您喜欢一 大早就闻到航空煤油的味道,那500型肯 定会让您失望。 如果您需要一架航程能横贯大陆、机舱 匠心独具、温馨舒适、配备先进航电系统 和运营成本更低的公务机,莱格赛500绝对 应该是您的首选。巴西航空的Edwards去年 夏天跟我说:“我迫不及待地希望这种飞 机能早点送到飞行员和客户手中”。这一 切将在2013年底实现。

《商务航空旅游》杂志是您私人航空旅行的专业顾问 本文最早刊登于《商务航空旅游》杂志—它是AIN集团旗下的公司,该集团还 出版《ABACE展会新闻》,并提供全球各地知名航空展览的每日简讯,以及按月 发行的《国际航空新闻》。 在本届上海举办的亚洲商用航空会议暨展览会(ABACE)上,您可以选择 迄今为止第一本中文版《商务航空旅游》杂志提供的年度购买指南。它旨在 为中国的私人飞机用户提供最全面的购买指南,便于其了解目前市场上最知 名的商务机。目前尚无其他私人航空杂志以如此客观、独立的视角提供如此 详尽的航空资讯。 自2003年起,《商务航空旅游》(或BJT)杂志就因帮助订阅者最大限度扩大 在私人航空领域的投资效益而广为人知。它以客观公正的视角介绍全新和二手飞 机,提供购买和销售飞机的专业建议,还有关于税费、法律、融资、安全、维 护、保险和其他方面的贴心提示。它还刊载与最新豪华汽车、度假胜地和其他休 闲娱乐有关的文章,以及对包括钢琴才子郎朗、房地产业巨头Donald Trump和知 名企业家Richard Branson爵士在内的知名商务机用户的专访。您找不到任何一本 能提供如此丰富内容的杂志。 自从杂志出版以来,BJT的高净值读者人数已增长了55%。在同一时期内,它还 获得了十多项主要的编辑大奖。 要了解更多内容,请访问www.bjtonline.com或。您可以注 –Jeff Burger 册用户以接收赠阅的BJT 和AIN。

24  ABACE Convention News • March 28, 2012 •

customer advisory panel saw the preliminary cabin mockup, said Ernest Edwards, president of Embraer Executive Jets. As on its smaller Phenom jets, Embraer collaborated with BMW DesignworksUSA on cabin styling on the 500. The aircraft features Honeywell’s highdefinition Ovation Select cabin-management system, which allows passengers to manage all cabin entertainment, communications, lights, temperature, galley and window-shade controls via drink-railmounted personal control units, wireless handheld remotes or a galley touchscreen. It can interface with high-speed satellite communications and a variety of consumer electronics, including iPods, MP3 players, Apple TV and gaming systems. Moreover, it is built on an Ethernet backbone and has extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting capability. Ovation’s media interface also hosts the optional JetMap3HD moving-map applications and the latest news, weather and sports updates. Ovation uses high-end Rosen HD monitors and Alto audio components. The pressurization system keeps cabin altitude at a comfortable 6,000 feet (1,829 m) at the 500’s maximum cruising altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 m). The cabin is impressive, but the cockpit is what really got my attention. Call it fighter jet meets Bentley Continental GT. The avionics are state-of-the-art Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion. The four large active-matrix LCDs in the panel connect the pilots with synthetic enhanced vision with an optional headsup display; electronic charts, maps, graphical weather depiction from an intuitive MultiScan weather radar system that sees up to 300 miles (555 km) out; and an airport surface-management system that minimizes the chances of making a wrong turn or colliding with another vehicle on the ground–even when visibility is limited. The system is designed to minimize pilot workload while incorporating data from just about every known safety system available. The

MultiScan weather radar has the predictive capability to guide pilots not just around bad weather, but over it. Fusion can grow to accommodate future technology add-ons including voice recognition, surface guidance and automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADSB), the future of air traffic control. The stodgy control yokes are gone, replaced by side sticks connected to a fly-by-wire (FBW) flight-control system, the first for an airplane under $40 million. FBW eliminates the mechanical linkages between the flight controls and the flight control surfaces (ailerons, rudder, elevator and spoilers). Pilot inputs are combined with sensor inputs and computerized flight control laws for crisper and faster inputs that do not deviate from the aircraft’s performance envelope. FBW first appeared on fighter jets and later modern airliners. Embraer has extensive experience with it on its large regional jets and military aircraft. FBW systems are lighter than traditional mechanical systems and generally make flying safer and easier. But that’s not all that is new on the 500–so are the quiet, clean and efficient Honeywell HTF7500E engines, which should satisfy any noise curfew or emission standard that even the most creative bureaucrat can fashion. Honeywell says the engines use proprietary technologies that improve fuel burn while reducing production of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, unburned fuel emissions and smoke. If you love the smell of kerosene in the morning, the 500 may not be the airplane for you. However, if you want an airplane with transcontinental range, a comfortable and innovative cabin, the latest avionics and good operating economics, the 500 should make your list of finalists. “I can’t wait for this airplane to get into the hands of pilots and customers,” Embraer’s Edwards told me last summer. That should happen by the end of 2013.  o

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亚洲地区最大的公务机与直升机整体金融服务商 专业 高效 全流程 真品质

我们为客户提供的公务机服务主要分为融资性租赁及经营性租赁。从您意向购买公务机、直升 机起,我们的专业团队将为您在:购机咨询、代理购机、融资安排、财税统筹、执管咨询及对 接、资产管理、残值处置等多个方面提供国内顶尖的专业化服务。公务机租赁模式中,我公司 特别强调保税区项目公司模式和公务机租赁链的上下游配套服务。近期,我们还开创了境外租 赁模式,根据客户的个性化需求,我们可以在境外为客户安排公务机、直升机的租赁业务。

Fired By Passion, Technology Flies.

Falcon 7X Range 11,018 km, Shanghai to San Francisco, nonstop.

Technology, informed by skill and fired by passion, has the power to amaze us. In the Falcon 7X, Dassault Aviation has created a business jet which moves the industry forward. Elegant in more than its physical beauty, the 7X unites space-age materials with technologies that are both advanced and inspired. The results are high quality and safety – and, for Falcon 7X owners, great peace of mind. For nearly a century, the Dassault dynasty has been perfecting the art and science of flight, culminating today in the advanced Falcon 7X. Passion fires. Technology flies.

Discover the ascendancy of Falcon technology at or Beijing: +86.10.5785.3117

Shanghai: +86.186.1615.8150

Since 1963 The Falcon Family Has Flown Over 15,000,000 ight hours. That is over 277,000 times around this wonderful world.

Hong Kong: +852.6623.6772

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