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Activation our Tourism! Project

A series from PBOX Tourism 2012 AIESEC UNAND Feel the Culture of Minangkabau! Know it. Love it

PREFACE Dear AIESECers, AIESEC University of Andalas has been established since 1993 has created many impacts to society around Padang and West Sumatra. The first project already started in 1993-1994, but at that time not involving international students for giving impact to society and still focusing to local issues. The first Exchange-Based Project (XBP), name EXCEED, was held in Bukittingi. Then in 2005-2006 the first Project Based on Exchange (PBOX) was held, name PBOX Disabled Children. Meanwhile, the first Project Based on Exchange (PBOX) Tourism was held in 2009, with OCP at that time Annisa Anindya. Next year, 2010, continue with PBOX Tourism 2010, the OCP was Putri Olia. In 2011, in order to fit with national timeline, PBOX Tourism could not be executed. Nowadays, in 2012, we will take PBOX Tourism at surface again to continue our impact to society, but with the different name: ACT! Project. The objective from changing the name of PBOX Tourism becomes ACT! Project is keeping sustainability existence of AIESEC UNAND Project(s) in society mind. Our society will get used to hear the unique name from our project based on exchange tourism. Society will directly connect to activating tourism in their surrounding while hear about ACT! Project. As we can see from what we can offer to society itself: positive impact and international experiences. We try to give our best to create positive impact (no matter the size is) and inviting students from whole the world to join our project in AIESEC UNAND. International students, as well as local students, will help sounding the tourists place that already exist (but less sounding) in West Sumatra to all media, both virtual and physical. The organizing committees from this project, will be accountable both to Project Development Department and Incoming Exchange Global Community Development Program (IGX GCDP) Department.

Feel the Culture of Minangkabau! Know it. Love it Best Regards, Project Development Department and Incoming Exchange GCDP 1213 AIESEC University of Andalas JamilDianMira & IjulHeruIntanArbiGyshaAyang


Content 1. 2. 3. 4.

Project Overview Project details Timeline Conclusion

Attachment: Contact of Management Board 2012-2013 AIESEC UNAND

1. Project Overview a. Problem Statement ACT! Project is created to give positive impact to society, especially society in West Sumatra. Because of that the name of project is “Activation our Tourism”. Through this project, we suppose to expose tourist objects which is not only in Padang, but also in the other region in West Sumatra. Since West Sumatra province has a huge potential to become tourist destinations around the world, especially in “Minangkabau Culture”. The things we need now is the way how to expose those potential tourist-objects to become famous around the world. AIESEC as international organizations interested in global issues, can fulfill social needs through this project which aims to attract more people into the city field, and make it not only as a tourist destination but also as an international internship for all people from all over the world. This project also aims to bring awareness to youth in Padang for the care of Minangkabau culture, History and surrounding environment. This project will give impact to the Organizing Committee, AIESEC UNAND members, International Participants, Students in all educational schools level, and society as well. This project is possible to be executed in the other provinces, since the name is “Activate our Tourism”, to activate tourism in all places around Indonesia.

b. Project Description ACT! Project is stand for “Activation our Tourism” Project. Based on the name, we obviously know the meaning from this project, which is to activate tourism in somewhere. Our concern from this project is in Padang and West Sumatra province. Possible to be executed in other provinces in Sumatra Island.


International Participants (interns) will join Organizing Committee (OC) to discover the tourist places around Padang and West Sumatra through visiting that place and create articles (both virtual and physical). The article(s) will be published in AIESEC UNAND media partners and another virtual medias that are used by AIESEC UNAND.

c. Project Goals and Objectives 

Explore West Sumatra tourist objects and expose them to medias

Discover new interesting place(s) which is potential to be tourist objects

Identify local tradition, make it more exposure locally and internationally

Attract society to be more care and be proud of local tradition (Minangkabau culture) and its History

Give impact to 500 people

Invite 20 International Participants for end of July until Early of August realization

d. Project Measurement of Success (MOS) KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

MOS (Measurement of Success)

Performance Appraisal (PA) and Competency Assessment Tools (CAT)

OCs and buddies feel satisfied with every things that they have done

Testimonial, Interns Satisfaction Survey

International Participants satisfied with project activities

Testimonial, Project Partner(s) Survey

Project partner(s) satisfied with the cooperation with AIESEC UNAND

News/articles appearance in all media (virtual and physical)

Increasing brand positioning AIESEC UNAND among institution in Padang/West Sumatra/Sumatra

Increase number of realization for ICX GCDP AIESEC UNAND

Invite 20 International Participants in this project


2. Project details a. Targeted Project Partners  Tourism department in Padang and all cities & regions in West Sumatra  Other potential companies for funding this project b. Budgeting Expense

Amount (Rp)

TN Fee (transfer to MC) 20 x Rp100,000


Reimbursement ICX GCDP 20 x Rp100,000


Reimbursement buddies 20 x Rp50,000


Working Capital


Produce T-Shirt 50 x Rp60,000


OC Reimbursement



11,800,000 Income

Amount (Rp)

TN Fee (to be sold) 20 x Rp500,000 (minimum)


Seminar Fee 500 x Rp10,000


Project Fundraising



16,000,000 Debit


Credit 11,800,000



Net income to LC (approx.): Rp16,000,000 – Rp11,800,000 = Rp4,200,000


c. Project Structure

p.s.: • • •

International Participants will be supported from ICX GCDP OCP will be accountable to both VP PD & VP ICX GCDP Buddy will be recruited based on EwA principles (cooperate with TM)

Organizing Committee President (OCP) Job Description in general •

Planning all of series of activities (planning)

Working together with OCs & buddies

Make sure all events running well

Making report to LCVP Project Development & LCVP ICX GCDP

Make team building & team bonding

Make sure all performance appraisals & CAT are collected

Make sure all satisfaction surveys are collected

Organizing Committees (OCs) •

Make sure all technical & details things running well

Making report to OCP

(OCs structure will be given to OCP) 6

International Participants Job Description •

Interns and OCs will prepare and plan project together

Intern should prepare and learn their own cultural knowledge and material, for example meaning of flag, table manner, traditional costume, traditional games or sports, etc. before arrival.

Intern will perform and present their own cultural based on their country representative. The main goal of the country presentation and performance are to show the variety of world's cultures, also to share the ideas of cultural and religious tolerance.

Intern will be a facilitator and trainer of the workshop and being as organizing commitee of the Project such as marketing, communication, logistic, exchange, programmer, and etc

3. Timeline a. Pre-Execution Open application OCP

2 July 2012

Deadline submission

9 July 2012

Open application OC

10 July 2012

Deadline submission

16 July 2012

Full team (target)

17 July 2012

Project Education

18-21 July 2012

Marketing & Follow up

22-28 July 2012


b. Execution (week estimation) Interns realization

29 July – 31 July 2012

Interns education

1 – 4 August 2012

Opening seminar

First week August 2012

Learning Event #1

Second week August 2012

Learning Event #2

Third week August 2012

Global village

Fourth week August 2012

Learning Event #3

First week September 2012


Second week September 2012

Project Report

Third week September 2012

4. Conclusion AIESEC UNAND will start to use simple name to expose Project Based on Exchange (PBOX), such through this ACT! Project. That simple name will represent the issues that going to be executed in this LC. And the project will be continuously executed in AIESEC UNAND to make a sustainability positive impact to society. This project will give impact directly to the organizing committees, international participants, buddies, students in all educational levels. And indirectly to governments (especially tourism department) and society. All the planning should be adjusted again while OCP already elected.  ْ ‫ﺑ ِﺳ ْ ـم ِ ﷲ ّ ِ اﻟر ﱠ ﺣ ْ ﻣ َن ِ اﻟر ﱠ ﺣِﻲ‬ Wish luck for this project! 


Contact of Management Board 2012-2013 AIESEC UNAND Term of Use: This contact is given in order to have transitions or other interest. Every person is prohibited to misuse this contact in any situations and conditions. No


1 Panji Agustian 2 Jamil Ihsan


Hand Phone

Local Committee President


0856-6117-000 0853-6502-2029 0898-2697-492

VP Project Development

3 Julianda Wirda Pratama VP Incoming Exchange GCDP 4 Rahman Agung VP Communication Agus Prianto 5 VP Outgoing Exchange GIP 6 M. Hadiya Rasyid VP External Relation

0831-8179-2643 0853-7644-6790 0853-5563-1430 0821-7281-3814

7 Reynaldo Rayne 8 Ririn Dwiyanti

VP Incoming Exchange GIP

9 Tommy Ocsara 10 Nene Mulan

VP Talent Management

0853-6495-9596 0857-7664-8380

VP Finance and Governance Service and Learning Manager

0853-6303-9200 0812-6712-0666

11 Vidhea Ozami 12 Gysha Nabila

VP Outgoing Exchange GCDP

Service and Learning Manager


13 Heru Nugraha Perdana 14 Riflan Bahri

TN Manager


Service and Learning Manager


15 Intania Selly 16 Rahmad Eka Putra

TN Manager


Exchange Process and EP Maintaining Manager


17 Diana Fitri Anggraini 18 Selly Canserina

Promotion and Market Maintaining


Physical and Virtual Manager


19 Anesti Yurianda Martina Media Maintenance Manager External Communication Manager 20 Fatina Yasmin


21 Mira Aryas 22 Dian Famudillah

Project Creative and EwA Manager


Project Education and Control Manager


23 Azaria Zahirah 24 Bramiarta

Corporate Maintanance Manager


Corporate Development Manager


25 Ahmad Fadhli 26 Yulia Rizki Asnita

Corporate Development


Corporate Maintenance Manager


27 Nikos Joshua HS 28 Vellyana Putri

Expansion Manager


Exchange Promotion Manager Promotion Manager


Exchange Process Manager


31 Amelya Putri Ayely 32 Vilgia Delarhoza

Exchange Process Manager


Business Development Manager


33 Indri Fajria Musfiroh 34 Nanda Ramadani

Relation Manager


Development Manager


35 Utari Fauziah 36 Sabrina Qisthi Yenas

Retaining Manager


Tracking Manager


37 Rangga Dhiwayusja 38 Anggi Putri

Asset and Governance


Accountant Manager


39 Mita Dwiriani Ismet

Project & Financial Coordinator


29 Yolanda Dwi Prastica 30 Yudha Pratama





Project Information Booklet ACT! Project  

Project Information Booklet ACT! Project AIESEC UNAND 2012 (The series of PBOX Tourism 2012)

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