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16th – 17th March 2013 EdoTel ( Education Hotel ) SMKN 6 Jati Padang, West Sumatera

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ULC 2013 INTRODUCTION ULC stands for Unleashing Leadership Conference 2013 , as the new name for our local committee conference (LCC 3) in our beloved LC, AIESEC UNAND. In the 3rd local committee conference that we will held this term, we want to equip all of the delegates with the tools needed to set the long-term mind-set into action steps and activating your future as well as the future of the organization. In

this conference, we want to make the mindset that AIESEC is full of opportunities for you. Local, national and international have a lot to suggest for your development. Don`t stuck at the same position on a local level, use all opportunities. Beside that,

we want to ensure the next future leaders of AIESEC Unand and also for AIESEC Indonesia.

ULC 2013 INTRODUCTION Objectives


• Delegates understand the relevancy of AIESEC, theirself, and Society


• Increasing talent capacity through developing skill and your own leadership style


• Equips delegates with the tools needed to set the longterm mind-set into action steps - activating your future as well as the future of the organization


• Unleashing new leaders in AIESEC Indonesia

ULC 2013 INTRODUCTION Delegates Profile 50 new members of AIESEC Unand/ ORI 20 Exchange participant returnee Middle Management Board 12/13 AIESEC Unand


Date : 16th-17th March 2013 Where ?

Venue : EdoTel ( Education Hotel ) SMKN 6 Jati , Padang


ULC 2013 AGENDA Conference Block I & Me

In this block, delegates will learn how AIESEC can be relevant for society, theirself, and others. in this block we'll focus for doing self reflection

I & Others

I & Future

In this block, delegates will learn how theirself can be impact others. In this block we'll focus on equip them to become a Leader

In this block, delegates will learn how to make a carrer path. In this block we'll focus on giving motivation and inspired story, how AIESEC can help them to achieve their goals

ULC 2013 AGENDA Conference Rundown



ULC 2013 PARTY Theme : GOTHIC Party !!!

Welcome to the GOTHIC zone! Prepare your group roll dance! We will choose the best group which perform very well! List of group will be announced in the next delegates mailing. Let’s register yourself! Dress code: Dress up as GOTHIC as you can!!!

ULC 2013 DELEGATES PAYMENT INFORMATION Delegate fee Rp 80,000 (include lodging ,member card,and meals)

Deadline payment Friday , 15th March 2013 21:00 (GMT+7) Pay it to: Rangga Dhiwayusja ( Governance and Asset Manager of Finance and Governance Department ) 0857-1733-1413

ELDS CONFERENCE DELEGATES REGISTRATION Register yourself here: Deadline registration

Friday, 15th March 2012 23:59 (GMT+7)

ULC 2013 THINGS TO BRING Lunch for day 1 Clothes for 2 days 1 nights (formal, semi formal, casual, dress for party) Toiletries (towel, soap, shampoo, tooth brush + tooth paste, etc) Your own medicines Stationary (book, pen, pencil, etc)


Executive Board AIESEC Unand 12/13

1st Delegates Mailing ULC 2013  

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