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[Edunesia] Harmony in Diversity

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WhyThis Project Exists? EdunesiaExplanation What is Harmony in Diversity? Project Activity Whatto bring& Projectfee Welcome toSurabaya § Whereis Surabaya? § Indonesia § InterestingfactaboutSurabaya § Meetingpointattheairport § Dailyconversationinbahasaindonesia § Roomtour § Dailyclothes § Currency § Transportation § TOP Food,drink& snackinSurabaya § InterestingPlaces § Information&emergencynumber

Why this Project

Exist ?

SDGs No.4 Quality Education By giving education to thoseunlucky children,we hope that equalityon education canbe realized. Alsowe will be ableto achieve SDGsNo.4Quality Education

Target In 2030, eliminate gender disparities in education and ensure equal access to all levels of vocational education and training for those who are vulnerable, including those with disabilities, indigenous peoples and children in vulnerable situations

What is Harmony in Diversity Harmony in Diversity is Project based on SDG Number 4 . We want to make impact to student to more understanding about cultural difference that happen around the world and also & teaching English to local student. You will be helping the local teacher to deliver knowledge about cultural and English.

Project Activity With 6 weeks of Project

5 days of Teaching

2 days of Day off

Project Activity • • • • •

Educate students about cultural differences Teaching English to students Creating interesting & fun games for students Teaching training for EP Doing crowdfunding

Snacks bring traditional snacks of your country to share with global volunteers in global village

Traditional game Bring your simple game,idea of gamefrom your country to be introduced to the childrens

Merchandise You may also bring traditional costume, merchandise typical of your country to share with global volunteers

Books Bring books to be shared with childrens

Please prepare the items that you will need as long as you here




Interesting facts about Surabaya •

Located in the Eastern region of Java Island, Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province.Covering a total area of 350.5 km² Devided into 31 districts (The districts are grouped into five areas: Central, North, South, East, and West, 161 urban villages

The name of the city Surabaya is a unique combinationof two creatures, the shark &crocodile City of heroes

today’s menu : cow nose salad

Indonesia is a muslim majority country, you’ll findmany mosques

You will hear adzan very often. Adzan is the muslim’s call to prayer

Indonesia Most of indonesian food doesn’t contain pork in it

Meeting Point A&W Juanda International Airport Terminal 1

Meeting Point Starbucks coffee Juanda International Airport Terminal 2

Daily Conversation in


How are you? Imfine. How’s yours ? ”Apa kabar? saya baik. Bagaimanakabarmu?“ What’s your name?mynameis … ”Siapa namamu?namasaya …“ Nice to meetyou ”senangbertemudenganmu“ GoodBye ”Sampaijumpalagi“ Good night ”selamatmalam“

Goodmorning ”selamatpagi“

BASIC Morning/Pagi Thank you/Terimakasih

I/Aku From/Dari

Night/Malam Hungry/Lapar Drink/Minum Eat/Makan Sleep/Tidur Bad/Jelek




How/Bagaimana Who/Siapa

Besok/Tomorrow Yesterday/Kem arin


Good/Baik Help/Please/Tolong Why/Kenapa


Where/Ke na ma


ROOMTOUR! Most of indonesian household does nothave toilet paper, instead use water dipper

Most of indonesian household uses squat toilet

Majority of indonesian household uses fan instead of A.C

Most of household in Indonesia does not use shower, but uses a tub and dipper

Daily Clothes

Temperature 32°C Wind 19 km/h

Temperature 24°C Wind

10 km/h



Polite Shirt


Long Pants/Skirt

climate conditions in surabaya sometimes get too hot that makes some people uncomfortable, it is recommended to bring a hat

because this project will be at school and in some places the land conditions are still not good enough then we recommended to wear shoes

seen by the EP's teaching destination, we suggest clothes that are polite and closed.

the population in Surabaya sometimes feels very disturbing, so it's better to prepare to bring a mask

it would be more polite to wearlong pants/skirts



A bowl ofbakso (indonesian meatball soup)

Angkot Around trip with angkot


Mineral Water

You’ll get one soap and onetoothbrush

3x mineral water

What will you get with 1 USD Dollar ?

IDR 14,000 The official currency of Indonesia is Rupiah, as shown in the figure above, or also known as IDR.


Taxi Local taxis are also available in Surabaya.You can find one by phone call or you can just stop them at the street. The recommended services are Bluebird, Orenz,Cipaganti.

Price dependsondistance



This type of public transportation comes in various colours where each colour determines the route of the angkot

transport from one place to another in urban areas by using public bus cars that are bound to regular andregular transportation routes.

IDR 5,000

IDR 5,000

Grab /Gojek It’s a mobile applicationthat provide motorbike and car transportation services

Price depends ondistance

Becak Becak (pedicabs) can be found on the corners of streets. It is a short- distance transportation which can load a maximum amount of 2people.

IDR10,000 – 20,000

Be prepared for the traffic jams during rush hour (especially in west and central surabaya) Ø 07.00 – 09.00AM Ø 04.00 – 07.00 PM

Mostly people in Indonesia using motorbike

There are a lot of train barrier

TOP 6 F o o d in Surabaya


Tahu Tek


Soto Ayam

Nasi Pecel


Cow’s nose salad, steamed potato,bite sized lontong with peanut souce

medium cookedfried tofu, bite sized lontong,steamed potato, slices of cucumber and then topped with peanutsauce

a strong rich tasting traditional Indonesian beef black soupserved with rice

Chicken soup with koyah (mix of shrimp crackers and fried garlic)

Traditional Javanese salad, consisting ofmixed vegetables in a peanut sauce dressing, usually served with steamedrice

Indonesian meatball





15,000 – 20,000

10,000 – 15,000

20,000 – 30,000

10,000 – 20,000



10,000 – 20,000

10,000 – 25,000

TOP D r i n k & S n a c k in Surabaya

Es Teler

Es Pisang Ijo




Cenil &Lupis

Avocado, coconut, jackfruit, sugarpalm fruit, tapai with shaved ice andmilk

Banana, rice flour porridge with shavedice, milk and coconutmilk

Peanut, sugar palm fruit, Glutionousflour with Gingersyrup

Fried chicken/duckegg with minced meat,and vegetable

Indonesian pancakewith variant flavorsinside

Mixture of flour and cassava sprinkled with grated coconut andpalm sugar







10,000 – 15,000

5,000 – 10,000

10,000 – 50,000

10,000 – 50,000

3,000 – 5,000

10,000 – 15,000

Food packaging usually uses oil paper or leaves

Our cuisine is also famous for being spicy

Most people are eating with their hand

Interesting Places Ciputra Waterpark

Monumen Jalesveva Jayamahe JL.Taruna 1, Dermaga Ujung, Pelabuhan Tanjung Perak,Surabaya


Masjidmuhammad ChengHo

Jl. Gading No.2Ketabang, Genteng


Jl. Sukolilo No. 100,Kota SBY



TamanPelangi Jl. Ahmad YaniNo.138, Gayungan, Surabaya


KelentengSanggar Agung

Kawasan Waterpark Boulevard Citraland, Made, Sambikerep,Kota SBY

DeMata trickeye Museum

Surabaya TownSquare Lt.1


TamanSakura Keputih

Masjid Sunan Ampel Ampel, Semampir

Kenjeran, Bulak,Surabaya

Jl. Keputih tegal timur II no 249


Tamanair mancur menari kenjeran






Polda Jatim (Police)


RS Dr Soetomo Disease there are several diseases that often occur in Indonesia (dengue fever, malaria)

Curfew in Surabaya, it has a curfew at 10 pm, where most people aren’t doing activity outside the house anymore

Insects & Reptils


In Indonesia will often see these kind of insects and reptils, there are : • Lizard • mosquito • cockroach

Lowest weather in Surabaya is 24°C and the highest is 32°C.




Vice President

IR Manager



Profile for AIESEC in Surabaya

[Edunesia] Harmony in Diversity  

[Edunesia] Harmony in Diversity