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Environesia Introduction Why This Project Exists? What is Earth Heroes? ProjectCalendar § July § August Welcome to Surabaya § Where is Surabaya? § Lifestyle § Transportation § Currency § Interesting Places

Surabaya is one of the largest city in Indonesia. The environment problem still need to be solve such as the low awareness of plastic and also waste problem in everyday life

Why this project exists Solving and preventing Surabaya's environmental issues by doing seminar, campaign, and practical action SDGsNo.13: Climate Action

W h a t is Earth Heroes?

Every year, Surabaya deals with 9 thousand tons/m3 for only for domestic waste, yet the final waste management place only can take up to 1,4 thousand tons per year. With increasing trends of population growth, urbanization and life style, problems in urban environment often becomes worse. Environmental issues such as piles of solid waste, developing slum/squatter areas, lack of clean water supply and sanitation, pollution, and other problems are the biggest challenges for Surabaya.

Project Calendar



Project Calendar

Welcome to Sur abaya

Where is Surabaya? Located in the Eastern region of Java Island, Surabaya is the capital city of East Java Province. Covering a total area of 350.5 km², Surabaya is a vibrant, sprawling metropolis, which mixes modern skyscrapers with canals and buildings from its Dutch colonial past.

Lifestyle Most Indonesian household does not have toilet paper. Instead, we use water dipper. Most household also uses squat toilet. Though it is quite hot in Surabaya, it is not advisable to wear revealing clothes as it is not appropriate. Majority of Indonesian household uses fan instead of A.C.


Local taxis are also available in Surabaya. You can find one by phone call or you can just stop them at the street. The recommended services are Bluebird, Orenz, Cipaganti.

Transportation Go-Jek/Grab

Angkot This type of public transportation comes in various colours where each colour determines the route of the angkot. It has flat fare of IDR 5000 and you can pay after getting off.


Basically a taxi in the form of motorcycle, but now is also available in cars. Both aravery convenient because it is integrated with a mobile application.

Becak (pedicabs) can be found on the corners of streets. It is a shortdistance transportation which can load a maximum amount of 2 people. The price range is about IDR 10000 20000 depending on the distance.

Currency With 1 USD, here‘s what you could get: A bowl of Bakso (Indonesian meatball soup)

The official currency of Indonesia is Rupiah, as shown in the figure above, or also known as IDR.

3x Mineral Water

A round-trip with Angkot


14000 IDR

Interesting Places

House of Sampoerna

Surabaya Carnival Night Market

Mangrove Forest Ecotourism

Known as 'The City of Heroes', here are several amusement park and tourist spots offered by the city, aside from the ones mentioned above: • Ciputra Waterpark • Surabaya Zoo • Kenjeran Beach • Food Junction • Monument of Heroes

Hanan VP IGV +6282245932303

Profile for AIESEC in Surabaya

[Environesia] Earth Heroes 6.0 Summer 2020  

Project based on SDG Number 13 that concern with environment that held in Surabaya.

[Environesia] Earth Heroes 6.0 Summer 2020  

Project based on SDG Number 13 that concern with environment that held in Surabaya.