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AIESEC in Italy MC Team Endorsement to Anna Skryabina Leading Growth, Every Day To whom it may concern, With a great pleasure and conviction the whole MC team of AIESEC in Italy hereby endorse Anna Skryabina as applicant for the position of AIESEC International Vice President AIESEC experience. Few words from the MCP 2009/2010 I selected Anna Skryabina for the position of Vice President Communication in March 2009 and I have worked closely with her and several other generations of AIESEC members since 2004. For this reason I can assure you that Anna Skryabina was the best choice among the pool of candidates for the management of the Communication Area in Italy. Based upon this intense experiences together, I am convinced, that Anna Skryabina is the right person to cover the position of AIESEC International Vice President AIESEC XP. I asked myself and to the other MC member of AIESEC in Italy what is needed to show as personal and professional characteristics for this position and as MC team we see her matching very well with the following criteria.

Effective communication & Virtual team management Effective Speaking: Anna Skryabina experienced by herself that "communicating" is not a one-way process. For her listening is an active pursuit for selling her ideas. Moreover Anna Skryabina is a very creative person, which manage very easily to communicate through diverse means such as drawing and writing. She is also very confident in using all the virtual tools in place at the moment in the Web 2.0 stage. She built and managed by her own AIESEC in Italy National Communication Crew , bringing them to the top of results as team and individuals. Moreover we need to remind that as GCC team leader she is able to manage a team coming from different AIESEC countries and also located indifferent time zones.

Commitment to results & Innovation Anna Skryabina is an outstanding person in terms of Commitment to results. She is working very hard and with passion since the beginning of the term in order to build up from the scratch the area of Communication and Information Management in AIESEC Italy. She contributed to the growth of each entity of AIESEC in Italy by sharing and networking very well with all the current EB member and especially with LCVP Communication functional team, aligning them towards standard basic process which were not in place before in the country. Besides that she made AIESEC in Italy growing in core work processes, thanks to a better structure of the external Communication, Anna Skryabina is also very pro-active in getting the information by herself. She is checking all available resources around her to support her work. Therefore we see her very self driven and with the right attitude and ability to innovate process that are already in place in order to make them more suitable for the current external reality. Please take a look at Gen 2010 logo developed by Anna Skryabina in order for you to be more aware about how she is developing ideas around the needs of the Organization.

Developing other & Cross cultural management skills Anna Skryabina is very strong in Developing people by delegating them, carefully and with a structured plan, responsibilities and duties. She always Trust the people she work with. Rather than relying on her power and knowledge she, know how to provide others with the right power to work and perform. All this since the beginning of the term 2009/2010 was done in a totally different environment from the original She is coming from; and with a lot of different mindset and mentality built around Italian culture and AIESEC culture in the AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +

Country. We definitely can say that she manage to overcome the cultural gap exceeding expectation of all the AIESEC member in the Country. Here few words from an AIESEC in Italy member that experienced to work closely with Anna Skryabina: “When we needed support, Anna was always present, ready to help us giving right advices and enhancing our education: for her it's important to make people improving their knowledge and give them tools to solve problems by themselves”. Therefore we perceive Anna Skryabina very open minded, reflective and adaptable to different cultures. Her communication ability makes it very easy for her to understand and talk to people in different languages.

Understanding of Global trends Anna Skryabina knows how to gain information about what is happening in the external environments both at local and global level and to make them useful for the organization she is working for. What counts the most for us it is not that she had different roles but that she always demonstrated the capacity and capability to listen, learn and develop all the information to an extent which really impressed all of us . We see her taking inputs and information and re-elaborate them in the right moment in order to have the best innovative solution for each case.

Marketing Skills Finally we see Anna Skryabina as the real “Marketer” not the one pushy, spammy, overhyping marketers that you see so often on infomercials and on spam websites and knocking door-to-door. Anna Skryabina is natural, professional, honest, she always show that she is good, interact in a positive way, find ways to let people know about the advantage of taking one choice rather than another, without coming on too strong, We can say that she is a talent in “Selling herself”. The Whole MC Team of AIESEC in Italy recommend Anna Skryabina, because we believe she can bring an important contribution for the position she is applying for. Please don’t hesitate to call or write us an e-mail if you have further questions.

Milano 11/01/2010

On Behalf of the MC Team

Danilo Borrello Member Committee President 2009/2010 AIESEC in Italy

AIESEC Italy | Via Andora 4 | 20148 Milano | Italy | | e-mail | tel +39- | fax +

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