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AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. It is present in 124 countries, 2400 universities and has developed youth leadership for 66 years. Taking part in Explore! with AIESEC gives you a unique opportunity to volunteer in a new and exciting country, with a global network of young people working with you along the way. As a not-for-profit organization, AIESEC strives to maximize its impact while remains sustainable. Its impact is recognized globally by world leading companies and organizations. AIESEC in NUS and your hosting country will provide strong support system during your Explore! process.

! Volunteer abroad this summer to develop yourself and others, and to impact the local community. By volunteering on environment, business or education related project, you will challenge yourself, have a practical learning experience and value add to your CV.

? A volunteer abroad experience can be an invaluable part of your personal and professional development. By taking yourself out of your comfort zone, experiencing a challenging environment and meeting new friends, this summer will have a genuine impact on you. Such an experience is a well sought-after addition to your CV, as well as potentially an important step in realizing what you are looking to do in the future. 3



Unlike other overseas/OCIP programmes, Explore! allows you to use our online platform to find your favorite country and project. There is no limit in terms of the country and project you go. If you actively search for project and be open to explore countries not limited to European Union countries, we guarantee that 100% you will get a project. GO OVERSEAS ALONE, REDISCOVER YOURSELF

Different from OCIP, Explore! participants mostly join Explore! on an individual basis. Hence, project participants usually come from diverse backgrounds. There are ample opportunities for you to interact with people from different countries. Explore! makes you leave your comfort zone and enters a completely new environment. You will rediscover yourself and realize your potential and limit. BE A SINGAPORE AMBASSADOR

After you go overseas, you will represent Singapore. When you interact with locals and other exchange participants, you will let more people know Singapore and Singapore culture. BE LIKE A LOCAL, NOT ONLY A TRAVELER OR VOLUNTEER

Explore! takes 6-8 weeks. It is not just about traveling overseas nor doing volunteer work. You can gain a holistic experience of living, working and traveling in a completely new environment. 4

! : 6--8 weeks

: All year round (NUS students usually find projects starting in May or June)

: Africa, Asia Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe and Latin America

: Youth Education, Environmental Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and many more.

? Cultural Immersion – you will have a cross-cultural living and working experience for at least 6 weeks in the host country to explore the culture and people, International Friendships – you will have the chance to get to know and work with volunteers just like you from all over the world and also make friends with local people from the hosting country, Self Development – you will develop practical and soft skills and know more about yourself, Social Impact – you will have the chance to make direct positive impact on the local community. 5

! : S$415 +$100 (refundable deposit that you can claim upon the accomplishment of the programme) The programme fee includes: Support from your AIESEC local committee in Singapore to search for and secure your project abroad Exchange preparation seminar Visa application guidance and assistance Food & accommodation in hosting country (in most of cases) Support from AIESEC local committee abroad It does NOT include: air ticket, visa application, insurance, etc‌






? Seize the chance to support the education of local students across any part of the developing world, we offer volunteer education placements around the world. Be part of a truly international team working to create and deliver workshops, not just teaching children English, but also aspects of culture and leadership. In such local communities, it is vital to support local students in their development and awareness of global issues.

: ? International Kindergarten is an innovative, national education project held in Poland. It is a project that supports education in Polish kindergartens. Classes let children learn the first words in English, broaden their horizons and learn tolerance. This is fulfilled by delivering workshops in kindergartens as a part of a multinational team. All workshops will be co-created and delivered by you in English. Are you looking for such a challenge? This project last 6 weeks and provides accommodation, materials for workshops and food (only during workshops) for participants.

This is one of hundreds of Youth Education projects available for you to discover across the whole of the developing world! Get involved to find the one that will impact your summer!





? Looking for a volunteer challenge to make an impact in the area of environmental stability, knowledge building and awareness education? Then volunteering under Environmental Issues is the challenge you are looking for! With opportunities primarily in China, India and Mauritius, you can make a real difference in communities which are looking for sustainable development, which is a growing issue in our ever changing world. Seize this opportunity for something you’re passionate about, and to make a difference!

: ! Green Revolution has been put in place with the collaboration of UN for encouraging local people, mainly youngster in developing a greener, cleaner and more ecofriendly environment. Participants will work alongside environmental related NGOs to acquire a deep knowledge of sustainable living through workshops and field research to motivate young leaders to act sustainably and the importance of protecting the environment. If you are flexible, responsible and adaptable to unexpected changes, Green Revolution is your definite choice.

This is one of hundreds of Environmental Sustainability projects available for you to discover across the whole of the developing world! Get involved to find the one that will impact your summer!





? Looking for a short-term volunteering experience within a not-for-profit or charity, with the role more transferable to your budding career? Volunteer in roles covering areas such as communications, fundraising, human resources or general management to make a real impact in local charities and further onto local communities. Such opportunities are mainly present in Colombia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, offering impactful summer opportunities for both yourself and others around you. Take a step into developing the Third Sector!

: ? Crossing Borders Social Project is a project developed by AIESEC Colombia to generate an impact by studying, developing and supporting NGOs, offering a great opportunity for personal and professional development. The intern will have to do a study about the finance of the NGO: where they are spending money, from where they are receiving this money and what the main costs they have and create a plan on how they can save money based on their expenses.

This is one of hundreds of Social Entrepreneurship projects available for you to discover across the whole of the developing world! Get involved to find the one that will impact your summer!






? !? You have to attend our compulsory National Exchange Preparation Conference on around Week 12 unless you have a valid reason. Other than that, you have to complete the online application process to find a project. You need to write emails to apply and pass the Skype interview for your intended project. You can pass multiple Skype interviews and choose one project to go.



It depends on the country you go! The air ticket and 6-week living expenses will cost around $1K-1.5K for Asia countries, $2K-2.5K for Central Eastern Europe and Africa countries, $4K-5K for Latin America countries.



Yes, if you two apply for the same project and both get selected. We welcome you to invite your friends to join us together.

! : ,

: : : !: LT 16 | 7:45PM 16 & 21 Jan, 2014 : LT 16 | 7:00PM 16 & 21 Jan, 2014 11


AIESEC in National University of Singapore Phone: +65 96393779 | Office: +6563385308 | Email: Office: AIESEC Singapore, 135 Middle Road, #04-012/13 Bylands Building, Singapore 188975| Website: Exchange Partners: UBS, DHL, International SOS, W&M Wealth Managers, Avenue Hotels & Suites | National Strategic Partner: Microsoft | National Sponsor: Pilot AIESEC is the global youth network impacting the world through leadership development experiences


Explore! Information Booklet  

In this document, you will be able to find out the information with regards to the Explore! Programme for Summer 2014. The projects availabl...

Explore! Information Booklet  

In this document, you will be able to find out the information with regards to the Explore! Programme for Summer 2014. The projects availabl...