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Letter From MCP “It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change – Charles Darwin” AIESEC as an organization is evolving to impact many more than we have ever done previously and AIESEC India has the responsibility of pioneering this evolution. The quarter that just went by laid the foundation that we will now build on to become bigger and better. At this point, with the Development Blocs demanding more than just attention and AIESEC India 2015 goals staring at us, the challenges ahead of us are to break free of our mindsets of what is easy and achievable and march towards what needs to be accomplished. The question of why we need to do so much will always be there at the back of our head but till the time we are sure about our “why” as an organization and we work toward satisfying that “why”, I don’t see what can stop us. In order to move towards the 3 wheels and to become more relevant as an organization we need to reach out to more and more people and impact them via the experiences we deliver so that these people in the future impact the society around us to become better than what it is right now. We can do so by ensuring that we deliver high quality AIESEC experiences to not only our TMP/TLP participants but also the participants of all the programmes that we run. In order to deliver these high quality experiences we need to ensure that we are using the right growth drivers that are relevant to our realities. By growing only in the ICX portfolios we are denying the youth of our country the opportunity to discover the leader inside them by undergoing an international cultural experience, and that beyond anything else should be our “why” to ensure growth in this portfolio. I hope when reading this report we are able to realize our success and failures as a network in Q3 and learn from them to ensure a better Q4. Hope you enjoy reading the same. Ramita Vig President AIESEC India Yuva, Member Committee 12-13


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Experience Delivery

Inferences •

• • • •

Drop in the Raises as the focus correctly shifted to Matching and delivery from Raising in Q3. 29 % Growth in Matches but could have easily been between 35 – 40 % if o IGIP had contributed more in terms of Matches in Q3. 80% Growth in IGCDP. Innovations in OS and TMP/TLP caused Growth in IGCDP. LC’s that are doing well in TMP/TLP grew sustainably overall in all Programs. Delivery Rate has improved massively.

Over All Operations | AIESEC India

General Inferences • • •

AIESEC India was the leading contributor in IGCDP and IGIP in Q3. China delivered 1283 OGCDP Experiences versus India’s 106 OGCDP Experiences. AIESEC India’s OGCDP and OGIP Contribution to Asia Pacific was only 4 % and 12% in Q3. Almost 45% of AIESEC India’s performance has come from the top 4 LC’s.

MC Projects and Priorities in the Program


International Relations - Capitalized on Country Meetings at IC, CEED Program Initiated GN specific NST’s for better relations and LCP’s to take forward IR during their Internships.

NPS – Initiation of National Control Board, Quality Managers Appointed at LC Level, Quality Checks conducted, Release of Monthly Quality Ranking.

Programme specific external collaboration - Partnerships struck with CIIE, Indian Cancer Society and Udaan India (Visa Agency)

Programme Evolution - Conceptualization and Implementation of Learning Networks for IGIP and OGIP, Execution of nationalized Projects in IGCDP and Conceptualization of GEP and GLP for OGCDP.

Web Platforms – Discover India Wiki, Learning Hub for all Programs and Podio work.

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Inferences •

No growth in raises in Q3 due to lack of follow up from JNC Output. No UR and lack on synergy in recruitment resulting in no growth in the number of raises. Not enough raises in Q3 for Q3 realizations resulting in a growth of only 34 matches. OS for IR was not implemented due to lack of membership. Growth of only 24 realizations in Q3 because proper initiatives (promotions, showcasing reintegrated EPs case studies) to create a off peak was not taken. Lack of follow up on JNC output.

General Inferences • •

27 % contribution in total raises coming from AIESEC Delhi University 46% contribution to total realization coming from DI, DU and Hyderabad. Other LC’s need to contribute more to the national association.


200 180

177 178

160 140 120




80 60 40 20


2011 2012



Q3- Achievement’s• Meeting with VISA Agency • Packaging GCDP as GEP externally as well as packaging GCDP for members as GLP to enhance their internship experience. • OS given to LCs to improve processes as it was previously very raising heavy. • Creating Young Global Leaders a brand in the AIESEC network. • 25% of EPs reintegrated. • WIKI created for Learning Hub, VISA, EP Guide, IR and R &D. Q4- Progress and Action Steps• Synergy with NST IR for delivery of national partnership • Growth Drivers Implementation • Preparing EPs through EP Engagement, synergizing with NST AIESEC XP and Delivery for the same. • Focusing on raising for Africa through the Africa Campaign (Africa is a growth region for us)


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Inferences •

• •


AIESEC India has shown growth of 70% in terms of number of experiences delivered. However, the quality of these experiences is still a concern area. More than 9 Lc’s have shown growth of 100% in experience delivery. LC like Ahemdabad, Kolkata & Surat showed massive growth and more focused towards Nationalized projects.

General Inferences: • • • • •

AIESEC India showed a growth of 80% in experience delivery in Q3. Most of the job role of Nationalized Projects is not nationally aligned. Job role should be more iGIP centric along with current job role. Need to focus on Q4 and Delivery of Q1. Currently LC’s are not financially Sustain to deliver iGCDP programme.

Q4: • • • • •


Q3 Achievements • Selling Nationalized Project regionally. Launching Financial Model Revamping Nationalized Project Job role. • Implementing New o/s • Implementing National Growth Drivers

Successfully Delivery of Discover India Trainee conference, For all regions AIESEC India Delivered 1246 experience in nationalized Projects. Regional Project is conceptualized and delivery will start from Q4.

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Inferences •

There is a decrease in raises in Q3 as major raising was done in Q1 and Q2 and the focus was to delivering these forms rather than raising a lot (A fall of 21.7 % in Q3 Raises) With the Focus on Matching we still grew minimal by 5.4 % and had a total of 24 Match Breaks which shows we did not match proper The realization in Q3 has increased and most of the growth in iGIP 2012 has come in Q3 (10.78 % Growth) which is still less than What AIESEC India needs to do to achieve it’s goals for 2012-13 Delivery Rate of Q3: 52.09 %



General Inferences •

High growth shown by AIESEC Baroda and AIESEC Delhi IIT which is compensated by Negative Growth in AIESEC Delhi University, Chandigarh, Bangalore and Pune There have been a total of 24 Match Breaks in One Quarter even after focusing on Processes (No AN’s taken before sending CV’s to companies) Most of the forms are quite old and need to be re-raised. Out of these forms most forms are cloned Which decreases the delivery rate of AIESEC India and shows more forms than usual

Implementation and Structuring of Learning Networks Q3- Achievement’s- Introduction of Learning Networks, Product proposal in place ,Client Bifurcation done according to LN’s, Client Meeting and Flow of Learning Network to them done, Promotion of Learning Network done at IC and a follow of Sub Products Countries raising in Q4 taken through Survey. AIESEC Baroda and AIESEC Delhi IIT delivered Elements of Global Learning Environment. Alumni Re-Connect Proposal in Place and alumni Delivery iGIP in place for Capitalization of Alumni Q4- Progress and Action StepsTarget Specific Sub Products for Growth in Q4 for Delivery and define a specific target for countries in Q4 for each country partner. Start Promoting the TN’s in each Learning Network with promotional material of learning network in place 6

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Inferences •

Growth by 20 raises from 2011. This is mainly because most LCs have a department dedicated to oGIP. We have seen a slow growth (12) in the number of matches seen in Q3, because most members in this department aren’t equipped with the skill and knowledge required to use resources optimally There has been barely any growth in the number of realizations because of the continuous random raising over the last years. Delivery Rate- 34.4%

General Inferences •

Members need to be able utilize resources like AFTs& DAAL for better global alignment. Only 46% of the Indian Eps fall under the sub products we want to focus on .




90 80


70 60 50 40 30 20


31 28


2011 2012

10 0

Only 23% Indian Eps fall under the technical background which happens to be India’s forte. LC need to capitalize on the same.

AIESEC Chandigarh, Delhi University, Navi Mumbai & Hyderabad contribute to about 50% of India’s Realizations. LC’s like Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow, Baroda & Jaipur are on the rise and should look at contributing on a larger scale.

Q3- Achievement’s- 27% growth in Raises 60% growth in Matches 10.7 % growth in Realizations. Product Packaging – Discover India Young Professionals as a brand was floated at IC and among partner countries . Packaging oGIP for Alumni is something most LCs have taken up. AIESEC India is currently running activities in 5 /16 IITs in India . We have put down a phase wise implementation plan and have started it with IIT Roorkee . Q4- Progress and Action Steps-Market Segmentation –Focusing on top 3 Subproducts – Aligning LC to Global Supply & Demand timelines- Marketing oGIP to target audiences – Branding EPs & LC in the AIESEC Network- Focusing on conversion & delivery by working closely with the Education sub product.

TMP and TLP Growth/ Fall in RMR in Q3 and reasons for the same Growth in TMP – 400% Growth in TLP – 250% Reasons: • •

Short term TMP TLP experiences and dual experiences in July-August because of HR crunch Programme OS evolution post JNC

General Inferences • •

Major growth in TMP TLP through programme OS evolution We want TMP TLP to drive OGX growth and quality in ICX and planning, recruitment and growth driver implementation was done accordingly. As a country we have to focus on TALENT PLANNING AND FOCUSED RECRUITMENT in order to ensure we build talent capacity to drive growth.

Connecting to GIP and GCDP •

• •

Since most of the growth in TMP TLP came at the end of Q3, we are expecting to see GIP, GCDP growth in Q4 and 2013 Q1. All growth drivers and processes created and implemented keeping in mind GIP, GCDP needs. VP TMs and VP GIP and VP GCDP’s have to work together to analyze the needs (programme and function related needs) of GIP, GCDP to ensure TM builds capacity to drive growth.

Integrated Experiences Update: • •


107 oGCDP returned Eps out of 400 have been reintegrated. Currently 75 TMP TLPs are raised for a winternship on the system. (We have 3000+ members), only 75 raised.

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Talent Management

Functions Report

Q3 Functions review • • • •

Evolving Recruitment (Planning, selection, allocation, induction, and mentorship) LEAD launch and Implementation for every profile at conferences and virtually Induction and Mentorship Initiate Associate Membership

All Q3 Projects were successfully completed but need to be built on in Q4.

Steps for Q4 as per MC Projects and Priorities in the Programme and Function • • •

• • • •


OS evolution project Integrated Experiences LEAD – For every profile and launch of LEAD for female leadership (with varied delivery methods) o LEAD Mentorship – 25th October – 25th November o LEAD for TLs (leadership challenge) – 25th October – 25th November o LEAD for selected Core teams and EB teams – First week December o LEAD for outgoing EBs – NLS. o LEAD for all profiles virtually through microsite – continuous Associate Membership driving OGX growth Building Talent capacity to drive GIP, GCDP Scaling up Associate Membership to drive OGX growth and ICX Quality Optimizing the recruitment process (making it faster)

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Business Development Report

Fund Raising: Confirmed Funds of Rs 1,13,00,000 Vs Target of Rs 75,00,000. Received: 42,00,000 BoA Engagement: • Specific Board Engagement Plan Created. All Board Members contacted. • Participation of 3 Board members at Y2B and 2 at National Conferences. Y2B Profitable event delivered, with the participation of 6 corporate partners and BoA members. Plan for Q4: • National Board Charter and Review • Creating Product Portfolio for the year. • Sales of Regional and National GCDP Projects. National Sales Focus Areas Account Creations and Management

Increasing Manpower to improve Delivery

IR Building

Target- 45

Update • Active clients increased from 4-11 • New Delivery structure and Pricing model has been introduced • 2 NSTs, 3 National Coordinators. • Partnerships initiated with Global Partners at IC • IC promotion for NEP as a separate product • Virtual Country Meeting with NSTs and NCs Achieved- 41(Till 1st Oct) 11,45,000/- Raised (Invoiced)

• • •

Way forward for Q4 National Sales team raising new MC list companies and appointing NCs for every account. LEPsàNEPs up-scaling Review system for all the coordinators(weekly & Monthly) NST focusing on the North Market

Frequent country meetings with NSTs and NCs • promotion through NSTs and NCs Target- 35 •



Focus Areas


Way forward for Q4

Driving down the relevance and Capitalization Strategies to the Local level through Alumni Relations Managers for programs growth

Phase Evolution of Alumni tracking and capitalization introduced and implemented

Special Attention to oGIP and iGIP growth in synergy with the portfolio

Engagement Strategies

Local level events preplanned for the year and promoted, including Alumni First Thursdays

Possibilities of forming LAAs (Local Alumni Associations) to facilitate Capitalization

AIESEC India Alumni Website portal

Website in place, introduced to all alumni through a newsletter

Work further towards making the portal more interactive

AIESEC India Sustainability fund

AIESEC India Sustainability Fund account in place + the key strategies to take this forward

Sustainability fund proposals, appointments, pitching and follow ups

Engage international Alumni

Alumni in the US contacted and engaged through two events and personal meetings

AIESEC US already in touch with possible leads. Follow up on the same

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Marketing Report Q3 Key Strategies 1. EwA – Youth Empowerment (YE) 2. External Collaborations 3. National Event • Success o Applicants: 13,000 in Q3 o Youth to Business Forum 2012 o Partnership with MTV, Nokia, Coca Cola, IndiAfrica, ISIC, MindRocks and Teach for India o Product Packaging: GEP • Next Steps for Q4 o Product Packaging: YE, iGIP and oGIP o Re-launch o OGX Centric Marketing & PR and YE o Brand Audit MC Projects and Priorities in the Programme • Y2B – Delivered • Increasing outreach by EwA [YE] – On Going • Brand Audit – Q4 • Single Brand Message – Hiring Digital + PR Agency in Q4

Information Management Report Q3 Driving Internal Communication and Information Management in AIESEC India • 4 phases implementation process plan flow down to LCs with guidelines and MoS per phase. • Form 0 to 13 LCs implementing IM principles and policies. • 4 LCs in a high implementation level, ready to start process optimization and business intelligence implementation. • 11 LCs implementing education circles for basic IM tools and • Internal Communication strategy true and direct mails from the national office: 5 newsletters|4 bulletins |1356 readers, 563 clicks NEXT STEPS: Individual coaching | Virtual education circle | Phases detailed Guides | Business Intelligence implementation guides | Process optimization guides | LCs Podio implementation. IT & Web tools Management and development • Podio Implementation and application development for the National Office • files and wikis review • Discover India Project review – divided in two phases. Phase one developed: internal communication strategy build on and launched to the global network • Alumni website developed and launched • Basic Learning Hub for Operations in NEXT STEPS: - National Podio guidelines | strong education and guidelines | Discover India Project phase 2 | External website development tool for increasing results in operations with 10 top country partners | Alumni Website integration with | AIESEC India up level Learning hub development | Tool to increase finance process effectiveness| Sales Force as CRM tool implementation.


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Financial Report Q3 INCOME 40,00,000




30,00,000 20,00,000 10,00,000 -

1,76,181 LC Contribution

Business Development


30,00,000 25,00,000 20,00,000 15,00,000 10,00,000 5,00,000 -




24,17,721 17,29,578 9,18,446 3,97,493

1,56,722 Affiliation Admin Fees Fees

National Investments Services Fees

Total Q3



40,00,000 9,76,685

20,00,000 Income


Quarterly Profit/Loss: 9,76,685 INR LC Receivables: 31,76,643 INR ER Receivable: 87,50,000 INR Reserves: 83,00,000 INR



Achievements Debt repayment model for ‘EiD’ New internal Business Model AIESEC India PAN Card FCRA Application

MC Projects and Priorities in the Programme

1. New business model (Internal) to become financially sustainable as a National Association a. Business Model launch to Focus & Finance Commission – NSC b. Education & transitioning the same – Coaching visits, NLS & MNC Commission c. Launch of this model to national association – NLS d. Implementation of this Model – July 2013 (Next MC term) 2. SOP’s for legal procedures in all programmes a. Internal program specific pricing structure – MNC, March b. Standardized & legal MOUs & Contracts for all the programs – MNC, March 3. Finance Website to ensure and track financial sustainability a. Project Initiation – November b. Project conceptualization & final outlook of the website/virtual tool – December c. Designing the project, testing - January d. Launch of the website/virtual tool – March, MNC 4. Centralized Audit and Legal Advisory Firm & Working towards attaining the correct legal status a. FCRA & PAN finalization – December b. Proposing new structure & change in MoA – November c. Initiating LC audits – Starting from Q4 d. Finalization and change in structure and MoA of AIESEC India – March 2013 12

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Over-all National Association analysis

• Development Blocs and MC Alignment o Expansions taken up North & East OEs – Bhubaneshwar | Dehradun | Jodhpur IGs – Jammu | NIT Silchar | IT BHU | Meerut | Thapar University | Kanpur | Ajmer | BITS Pilani | ISM Dhanbad | Ranchi | Ludhiana West & Central OEs – Vidyanagar | Goa IGs – Nagpur | Bhopal | NIT Raipur | Nashik South OEs – Vizag | Vijaywada | Kochi IGs – VIT | Shastra University | SRM | NIT Warangal

o Conversion to ELD from EwA • LCs have not tracked their conversion from EwA initiatives to ELD programmes. This is something that LCs need to correct ASAP. • Conversion of people showing interest online to active ELD participants: approx 20% for TMP/TLP and approx 5% for OGX Pilot Projects City based Expan sions

Univers ity based Expans ions

Associ ate memb ership

Youth Empo werme nt

EwA with external organiza tions






LLC and partner ing with alumni 9


Nation al and region al project s 13


CRM tool

TMP|TLP on exchang e

Virtual TMP|TLP and ILCEPs

EPs on short term TMP|TL P





o Using IM • Some LCs still don't have enough number of skilled people working specifically on IM • Education levels around IM tools & importance is low in general • management level is low in general • Complete Podio implementation is going to be taken forward in LCs in Q4 and new EBs should be using the platform in full force. • Exchange Management o T vs A inferences (LCs have not tracked figures for TMP TLP programmes) 180

200 150 100 50

125 85

Blue Red

70 22


34 6

0 oGCDP 13




Average targets across different X based programmes Average achieved across different X based programmes All stats are based on the average targets and achieved of all LCs across AIESEC in India

iGIP lorem ipsum :: [Date]

• • •

AIESEC India LCs focusing more on iGCDP than any other X based programme iGCDP also has the highest target vs achieved ratio Target vs achieved ratio for all other X based programmes highly compromised. LCs not achieving even half of their targets in these programme

NPS Ranking There are very few LCs in the green zone based on the NPS ranking. This is an extremely unhealthy sign since it means that we are not providing quality experiences to a lot of the people that we engage with us.

Financial Management and Sustainability FD’s 11 AIESEC India LCs have FDs Average FD amount is Rs. 2,86,120 Debt 8 AIESEC India LCs in debt to the MC Average debt amount is Rs. 1,30,745 4 AIESEC India LCs in external debt Average external debt amount is Rs. 32,628 Average Bank Balance Average bank balance across AIESEC India LCs is Rs. 1,78,558 Average revenue generated across the different X based programmes oGIP







97437 0


Average revenue generated

OGCDP has the top spot with the highest amount of revenue generated amongst all the X based programmes.

100000 200000 300000 400000

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Governance and Accountability •

Board of Advisors ONLY 10 LCs have had a combined BoA meeting this year. The rest have done meetings with individual BoA members. Board engagement and management is a concern area for a lot of LCs in general. ONLY 8 LCs have signed contracts with their BoA. Other LCs work with their BoA members on an ad-hoc basis. LCs need to go ahead and sign standardized contracts with their BoA members. Certain LCs have signed contracts with few BoA members and not with the others. This is not an ideal case scenario either. LC Compendium No LC in AIESEC India has a LC compendium. The LCs, which did have one, have discontinued its use. This is a positive sign since all LCs are supposed to adhere to the AIESEC India [national] compendium and nothing else. HR | IM and Financial Policies HR policies All AIESEC India LCs have HR policies. This is a good sign. IM policies All LCs barring 4 have IM policies in place. -­‐ The remaining LCs need to create ad start implementing IM policies and practices in their LCs ASAP. -­‐ Even in the LCs where IM policies exist: implementation of the policies and IM practices is a big concern and needs to be looked into. Financial policies All LCs have financial policies in place.

AIESEC in Nepal Establishing AIESEC in Nepal is an initiative that AIESEC in India has taken up to contribute and move towards 2015 and AIESECs vision as an organization. Ever since the initiative has been taken up, AIESEC in Nepal has shown steady progress in terms of becoming organizationally and operationally independent. • • • •

• •


We had the expansion coordinator from Nepal attend AIESEC in India’s June National Conference Expansion coordinator attended International Congress 2012. 5 members from AIESEC in Nepal also attended the recently held Expansions Conference parallel to National Strategy Conference. Today, AIESEC in Nepal has an interest group of 40+ people in 2 of the biggest cities in Nepal as well as numerous confirmed partnerships with companies, NGOs, corporates and universities. Recently, we established an office and initiated legal registration procedures as well. Documents for legislating AIESEC in Nepal as an official extension of AIESEC International were submitted on the 20th of October. The announcement for the same will be made on the 20th of November post which AIESEC in Nepal will have its own account and AIESEC in India will initiate a lot of exchange with AIESEC in Nepal with the purpose of making it a stronger entity.

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Education • An education hub was recently launched with resources to cater to the operational training needs of the members of AIESEC in India. • The hub is being worked on and developed further to make it a one-stop platform for all that an AIESECer might need in terms of education - operational training and|or organizational understanding etc. • Hub’s design will be user-friendly and interactive in nature. • Besides that, virtual conferences and learning circles are going to be the next big thing for AIESEC in India. The first one of these initiatives is being launched right about now. Expansions • One of our visions as an association is to have a presence in every state, virtual or physical. In order to take that forward, we are initiating a research project on the North-East region of India to understand and assess which cities and universities we can be present in. • We have already expanded or are in the process of expanding into states that we were not present in earlier such as Jharkhand, Bihar, Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh etc. • 10 new IGs established in the last quarter. • Regional Expansion managers from the MCs side will now start doing business development to create more IGs as well as coach the existing IGs. • AIESEC India Expansion strategy has been refreshed!


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Closing Thoughts and Q4 Achievement As AIESEC India Member Committee, Yuva, we have tried and successfully implemented a lot of things while quite a few are still in motion and hopefully will progress to bring success very soon. None of this is going to be possible without the commitment of each and every member of AIESEC India because the task ahead of us in Q4 is humongous to say the least, as can be seen in the table below GIP












2012, Q4




















To be able to move towards the same we have made MC structure changes during the review. The new MC structure is • • • • • •

MCP Vice President Finance Vice President Marketing Vice President Information Management Vice President Talent Management Vice President Organization Development o Regional Director o Regional Director o Regional Director Vice President Business Development o Director Alumni Relations o Director National Exchange Partnerships Vice President Operations o Director iGCDP o Director iGIP o Director oGCDP o Director oGIP

Additionally we are opening part time paid roles that will support the MC from Mumbai, i.e., TMP/TLP Manager who will work with the VP Talent Management and National Community Manager who will work with the VP Marketing. In the appendix you will find JD’s and other info needed. Please get in touch with me at by the 10th of November for any clarifications or information. 17

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AIESEC India Quarter Report Q3  

AIESEC India Quarter Report Q3 [MC Q1]

AIESEC India Quarter Report Q3  

AIESEC India Quarter Report Q3 [MC Q1]