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AIESEC in Albania

MCP 17-18 Applica'on Booklet

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Jonufer Beach, Vlore

Note from the current MCP………..…3 MCP Role and ResponsibiliDes…......4 ApplicaDon Checklist………….….…..…5 QuesDonnaire…………………….…...……6 Contacts to Approach……….…………..8

Note from the current MCP Dear Curious AIESECer, A year ago I was in your exact place, contempla:ng whether or not to take a leap of faith and apply to be the MCP of AIESEC in Albania for the 16.17 term. The decision to apply wasn’t easy, and the process was even more difficult. However, being the MCP has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I have celebrated wins, I have struggled through challenges, I have met some of the most passionate people in my life, and moreover, I have discovered my true purpose and personal power. This experience will not be easy for you either, but it will allow you to transform into the best version of yourself in a servicing role, working for an en:ty where you can see your relevance and impact each and every single day. Now is the :me to let go of your fears, let go of the “what ifs” and take the risk to fight for a beOer Albania, a country that so badly needs AIESEC. I wish you the best of luck in this process and know that you have every resource within you to make a difference for AIESEC in Albania. AIESECly yours, Anchal Dhingra MCP of AIESEC in Albania 2016/2017 3


MCP MCPRole Roleand andResponsibiliDes ResponsibiliDes The MCP’s main responsibility is to ensure the growth of AIESEC in Albania by providing leadership, guidance and overall direc:on to the en:ty while represen:ng AIESEC in Albania to all Na:onal and Global stakeholders. Core responsibili:es of the MCP are: - Living the organiza:onal values - Team management - Ensuring common direc:on of the MC team - Strategic development and planning - Management and facilita:on of na:onal planning processes - Ensure long-term perspec:ve of AIESEC in Albania - Providing coaching and support (including evalua:ons and feedback) to team members - Coaching, training, suppor:ng and giving feedback to LCPs - Ensuring the financial sustainability for AIESEC in Albania -  Organiza:onal leadership and LC development

- Interna:onal Rela:ons - Represen:ng AIESEC in Albania at external events - Represen:ng the views and opinions of AIESEC in Albania to the global network - Downscaling AI strategies to the na:onal level and ensure implementa:on on local level - Legal and compendium understanding - Management of Board of Advisors - Ensuring AIESEC in Albania’s direc:on is aligned with AIESEC 2020 and the AIESEC Way - Final responsible for AIESEC in Albania 4

Valbona Valley NaDonal Park by January 15th 23:59 GMT+1. Checklist Includes: 1) CV 2) Picture of candidate

January 19th. . The process will be as

follows: - Opening Speech (10 min) - Q&A (90 min) - Closing Speech (3 min)



General InformaDon

MCP QuesDonnaire

Name: Surname: Home En:ty: Current Posi:on in AIESEC: Skype ID: Email address: Phone Number: List your top 3 conference experiences whether as a delegate or part of the conference team and highlight key learnings. List your top 3 roles in AIESEC along with an overview of your JD and highlight the key learnings and outcomes.



QuesDonnaire 1. What is driving you to con:nue in AIESEC? Why have you decided to stand for MCP of AIESEC in Albania? How does this experience link with your personal aspira:ons?

6. What currently defines the organiza:onal culture in AIESEC in Albania? Describe the evolu:on in culture and behaviour you would strive to create in the 17.18 term.

2. What kind of leader does AIESEC in Albania need in the next term? Describe how you fit with this descrip:on.

7. What is your vision for AIESEC in Albania by the end of the 17.18 term? By the end of 2020?

3. What does AIESEC mean for Albania? What is the relevance of a youth leadership movement in Albania? 4. Conduct a SWOT analysis of AIESEC in Albania. 5. Describe your strategies to capitalize on the strengths, turn the weaknesses into strengths, opportuni:es into reality, while mi:ga:ng threats.

8. What are your numerical goals and focus programs for the 17.18 term? Explain the logic behind. 9. What is your proposed MC structure? Explain JD and profiles you are seeking. 10. How will you ensure financial sustainability in your term? 7

Contacts to Approach

MCP 16-17 Anchal Dhingra | | FB: Anchal Dhingra MCVP B2B 16-17 Hugo Munarini | | FB: Hugo Vidal MCVP B2C 16-17 Ahmed Fahiem | | FB: Ahmed Fahiem MCP 15-16 Lada Merkulova | | FB: Lada Merkulova MCVP GCDP 15-16 Sencer Ozden || FB: Sencer Ozden MC VP ER 15-16 Nurjona Pinguri || FB: Nurjona Kastra LCP16 EUT Megi Shuke | | FB: Megi Shuke LCP16 TU Redi Xhangolli | | FB: Redi Xhangolli LCP17 EUT Morena Sheta | | FB: Morena Sheta LCP17 TU Kristian Gjergji | | FB: Kristian Gjergji


Argyrokastro, Gjirokaster,


for Albania CreaDng role models

AIESEC in Albania MCP 17.18 Application Booklet  
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