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Issue No. 3 13th May 2013



Praises to Catarina of MAC team for a great photo cover!

Focus of the week: Info Stall! Lecture Bashes! Info Sessions!

President’s Address Portfolio Updates Register with QCon Info Stalls Testimonies Are we MAD yet?

President’s Address Hey AIESEC Curtin :) Hope you're doing well with uni and not falling behind! Thank you for everyone who came to RCM last week and for filling in the LC feedback form at the end - we'll try to work on issues that were raised.

This week is the last week of exchange promotion, so really try to push this last week! We've had quite a few applications since the exchange competition started, so you really are making a difference, remember that. You could be the one who changes someone's life.

REGISTER FOR QCON IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE SO ALREADY!! http://qcon2 ation/ (hopefully there's still spots left) I'm so excited to have the opportunity to go to Brisbane with you all and represent Curtin :) We'll book flights soon!!

I know things are getting hectic with the end of semester coming closer, and you might be getting into panic mode or 'I'm so over it' more. Just please remind yourself, you only get out what you put in.

Love, Your LCP

Portfolio - UPDATES TM time Woohoo! Another bunch of brave individuals stepped up for lecture bashing this week! Kudos to Nicholas, Micheal, Haddon, Coby & Natasha who did two lecture bashes! So proud of you *applauds* Each home group will have to have a catch-up session within your team at least one per semester. Nudge your TM buddies about it! :) MAClet and Exchange News The Teams are working hard as always. HUGE shout out to Gayatri and Leon who ran their very first MRB completely by themselves and Natasha and Ivan for being both at the stalls and going for lecture bashes this week. SO PROUD OF YOU ALL <3 Have a great week and start studying for exams people! Finance Fun

This week, Finance team has been working on putting together the LC Budget. Get ready for the FINANCE QUIZ at the coming LCM! YaY! To those who have registered for QCON, please send your delegates fee to the LC bank account by18th May. LC bank details : Bank Name: Westpac account name:AIESEC Curtin BSB: 036-067 Account Number: 282-203

More Updates ER love ď &#x160; Hello all, ER team is working really hard continuously. Big applause for all my members! I love you guys:) Especially thanks to my lovely TLs Emily and Megan, girls you are awesome! Some updates. SLAP finished marketing research. Thanks to everybody who helped. We had really promising meeting with PEC, our last year sponsor. This week many more meetings for sponsorship will be scheduled. Wish us luck! Keep your fingers crossed:) Evaaaaa

Hey Hey!

BD Buzz

BD is currently screening potential resumes to follow up with past meetings and would be up again with two follow ups and some active sales. A shout out to Laura for going to most number of meetings!! Pure Genial!! National Sales Blitz May-June has started and an ipad is up for grabs for winning LC. We have definitely had a good start at this and are going to make sure the ipad come home :) Over and out! Krunal Dangar

REGISTER for Q-Con !

“How was the experience of standing for AIESEC Curtin stalls under the Guild shades last Thursday (9 May 2013)?”

“We got the details of over 20 people and there were some people who were genuinely interested in our Global Exchange programs”

“Those who were interested actually came up to us and asked us about the projects – that was a good feeling.”

“ It was an excellent opportunity to get to know other AIESEC members and to become more comfortable about sharing AIESEC with other students around campus.”

“It`s exciting and fun!! Especially, when I find someone that is really keen about exchange”

“A wonderful opportunity to promote AIESEC to strangers and at the same time get to know more lovely AIESECers from other portfolios.”

Shout out to Sharol, and Vincent who just missed out on the photo.

WE ARE GOING to go M.A.D. “Make A Difference”  Special thank you-es for all contributors, both anonymous and non-anonymous 

AIESEC Curtin Newsletter 3, 2013  

The Third AIESEC-Curtin's Newsletter of 2013! :)