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Issue No. 9 18th Sept, 2012

AIESEC Curtin GoGlobal 2012

AIESEC Curtin SLAP Corner Portfolio updates EP RTF and MAC updates AIESEC Curtin EB election 2013 details Upcoming events and important notices

Second Language Acquisition Program (SLAP) Hey guys, welcome to the SLAP corner! Let me enlighten you about the SLAP (Second Language Acquisition Program) project that will be running over summer (Nov 5th- Dec 20th). This SLAP project is the first in AIESEC Curtin and it will be in Spanish! The whole idea behind this SLAP project is to invite a native Spanish speaker from either Spain or Latin America, to teach and share their culture while they stay and experience Australia. The classes will be less than 10 students and aims to be fun and interactive. So for those staying in Perth, it is a good and affordable opportunity to take up Spanish! The course content includes learning about basic introduction, youth culture, shopping, travelling, food, etc. There will also be a Spanish movie night and a multicultural evening where everyone can get together and practice their Spanish!

Some fun facts about Spanish: 1. It is the second most used language in the world after Chinese 2. It is one of the most phonetic languages. Hence makes it easy to read and pronounce 3. Spanish and English share much of their vocabulary

We will be having a promotion for the SLAP in Spanish from the 17th till the 21st of September, where if you and one of your friends register for the course on the same day, you both will get 10% off the cost of the course! So what are you waiting for!! Promotion last up till this Friday ONLY! The SLAP OC team is really excited and working really hard towards making this program a success, and we would like to share it with all of you, so do come and join us for SLAP, as it is for you guys!! Cheers. If you would like more information about SLAP, please visit SLAP at Curtin FB page or talk to Jacinta Lee, SLAP OCP.

SLAP Event Page: SLAP Registration form: pakMzR0kxUzVKTFQ4eFpoZEE6MQ#gid=0

Portfolio update – BD, Finance Business Development 

Networking event with the theme "Experience international talent in your workforce” was very successful as the externals were well engaged and enthusiastic for follow up meetings. This event is definitely a highlight in September. Thanks the OC for all effort put in to organize this event and making it a success.

Chad, Dominic, Michelle and Adil have created their plan of attack for the next 3 weeks before the tuition free week. In their plan, there is division of labour for BD activities to increase efficiency. A plan is ready, NOW IT'S TIME to put plan into action.

Michael has matched STAWA with a Botswana intern, Tsungie and now he is assisting Tsungie for Visa application before we can welcome her in the Perth Airport. :) Finance 

Cash at Bank = $10,517 (It is definitely a pretty figure to look at :D)

I have replan the LC budget to provide a realistic view of financial capability of AIESEC Curtin in the next quarter. Here are a few key things to note for September-November period: o o o

Our main income source is EP revenue hence MAC & OGX your hard work is crucial for the next period! Bring it on guys! Another big lump of income is TN revenue hence BD & UR keep FIGHTING to raise an intern! You can do it! I've included a $150 for LC retreat in the budget as an appreciation of all the efforts that you members have contributed to the LC in the whole 2012!

Portfolio update – TM "Hi all, Hopefully you enjoyed the Membership Review and Learning Hub sessions by Sunil Kumar on "How to live an Inspired Life" at LCM last week. For last week, we had another awesome workshop too: Starting your business from the scratch Time: Monday, 17th September, 3pm - 4.30pm Location: 201.412 Presenter: Tara Franzinelli, CEO of the Jungle Body Also we had RCM (Regional Committee Meeting) at Curtin in last week!! That was also the last RCM of this semester, which we had really a blast on that night!!! Hope you all enjoyed the great RCM and the singing too! Until next time, TM.

Portfolio update – UR UR  “Experience International Talent in the Workforce” Networking Event The event was held on the 20th of September (Thurs) and the OC Team lead by Michelle Tran has been working really hard to make it an unforgettable event for externals.

 Centre for Aboriginal Studies Project team is currently in discussion with the Centre for Aboriginal Studies to raise an intern to fill the Student Service Coordinator role. The role is expected to set up and service a student club for aboriginal students. Decisions will be made by the end of September. Wish them best of luck.  SLAP – Please refer to the SLAP corner for more information!

Portfolio update – MAC, EP RTF update What zzzupp AIESEC Curtin  This month for MAC is a bit quiet as there are not so many events and promotions happening regularly on campus. Instead, we are expecting to realise the results that generated from July and August activities and events. Recently, we have run a 15% Discount campaign for students to join our Go Volunteer and Go Teach programs and got 10 people applied for exchange during the promotion. Also From the beginning of semester 2 til now, we have achieved:       

37 Exchange applications 360 Signups for Exchange 45 Information Session Attendees for the last 5 sessions 1,029 LIKES for our FB Fan Page Average 600 views on AIESEC Curtin website weekly 14 Lecture Bashes 3 BlackBoard announcements in 3 faculties (Accounting, OT & Social Work, and Finance) in collaboration with UR  1 TV Avert in Building 402 in collaboration with UR  48 Followers on AIESEC Curtin Linkedin company page  2 Internal newsletter released These numbers are just some main achievements that signify how much effort and hard work that the MAC team and EP RTF have put in so far in semester 2. Of course, we cannot achieve this numbers without the support from ALL OF YOU who have been there at the stalls with us, come to the information sessions, given us feedback in what we do. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH<3 So what is coming up? 19th September – LAST Information Session of the recruitment A 10% Discount for referrals (1 friend) to go on exchange with AIESEC will be promoted Exchange Applications CLOSE on the 28th September 2012-09-16 That’s it for now! Hope everyone is going well with all the exams and assignments these weeks! Feel free to talk to us anytime to know more about what we do and maybe to distress… Love from, Linh Tran

AIESEC Curtin EB election 2013 details AIESEC Curtin Executive Board (EB) election for 2013 is coming soon and this is important to every member in the LC. In this section I will show you the important steps and days for the election process. First I am very happy that LCP 2013 Ivan had helped me in this part for explaining the process to me. And he had something to tell the LC:

“Hey AIESEC-ers! In case you didn’t know, nominations for your 2013 Executive Board are now open! How exciting! The nominations close on the 26th of September which would be the date that platforms are released as well. What are you waiting for? Do you have someone in mind that you think would do a great job in determining the direction and future of AIESEC Curtin next year? Well nominate or second them! If you think that you have what it takes as well to be part of the Executive Board for 2013, don’t just stand there and wonder about it, get yourself nominated! I had the opportunity to run for the Executive Board for 2012 and even though I didn’t get it at that time, the experience that I had gotten was something that I will never forget. I recommend for everyone to experience it as well. Good Luck & Stay Awesome! Love, Ivan Tang”

EB election 2102

AIESEC Curtin EB election 2013 details con’t EB election 2013 starts here!

Step 1: Nomination on nomination forum Forum opened now and will be closed on Saturday 26th September 2012 at 11:59pm (WST) All LC members can be nominated and accept it on the forum

Step 2: Platform will be released on 26th September, 2012 Candidates must complete their platform and upload it to before 3rd October, 2012

Step 3: Election day 5th October, 2012 It will be similar to LCP election structure with single and group Q&A time. LC members will vote for the candidates. Candidates will be given “confidence” by the LC and process to the next stage

Step 4 Individual and group interview On 13 October “Confident” candidates will have individual and group interviews

Step 5: Announcement On 14 October, 2012 result will be released! th

Important links: Elections wiki (including most of the information): AIESEC Curtin EB 2013 Nomination froum:

Portfolio update – OGX Hi all! With assignments and test popping out here and there, everyone is busy for a couple of rough weeks. OGX is working even harder than usual with September being a crucial time for both RAISING and MATCHING EPs. With the collaboration with MAC and EP RTF, we have increased our applications to 37, especially with the special promotion held during the last 2 weeks. We had a successful run the past 2 weeks, with a total of 13 expectation interviews conducted and 9 MRB passes. And out of those 9, we have 3 AIESECers! This puts our total members for going on exchange to 7! As for Matching, the process has been a bit slow, as the programs are not fully out yet and some EPs are still undergoing the process and interviews for matching. The main preferred destination spots for EPs for this year happen to be in the Asia Pacific region – namely Taiwan and Vietnam, and Eastern Europe – mainly Poland. There has also been some interest expressed to Latin America like Brazil. So give yourselves a pet in the back if you helped promoting these countries in our EP recruitment  We also have some assistance from the MC who made Country partnerships with the following countries last month – Columbia, Poland, Taiwan, Czech republic, Egypt, SCONE (Argentina, Peru, Chile), Malaysia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Thailand, Hungary, Romania, Philippines and Bulgaria. All these countries have agreements with Australia to accept Australia Interns!

Many thanks to Percy Grunwald who helped out with both EPRTF and MRB for the past 2 weeks 

Date-to-Remember: 28th September 2012 (Application deadline!)

Upcoming events and important notices 1. Second Language Acquisition Program(SLAP) SLAP is a project organized by AIESEC Curtin over summer 2012. It is a program that involves the teaching of a foreign language and culture by a native speaking intern. This program Curtin is teaching Spanish in coming summer. It will be from 5th November to 21th December. Registration is opened now so feel free to sign up if you would like to learn the Spanish language and the culture. Event Page:

Registration form: BSX1BpakMzR0kxUzVKTFQ4eFpoZEE6MQ#gid=0

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