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My successor! • Cassandra Ruggiero • Past LCP – AIESEC Guelph

• Starting July 1st officially •

Linkedin Communication portfolio Coaching call

Objectives • Get you ready for your career by using Linkedin • Leverage LinkedIn for – External Relations – Alumni Relations

• Better AIESEC online branding • YOU teach your Local Committee after

Why? • • • •

2 millions Canadian workers are using it #1 tool for HR departments Google your name, it’s the first result Social network the most under-utilized by AIESEC Canada

Your profile • Professional picture • Title + Description of positions – No acronym

• Public Profile recommended for better Google results • List all schools/jobs experience

Connections • You need at least more than 10 • Bigger it is, the most easier is it to find new connections • Import from your Gmail, but only invite people you know • Invite AIESECers and stakeholders you have been dealing with • 1st, 2nd, 3rd connection

Recommendations • Only from people you have been working with • Do not SPAM

Groups • Do not create a LC profile, create a group instead • Join AIESEC Canada Group – Invite your alumni

• Groups by city for alumni – Not mandatory to create one

• Good for alumni communication and brand credibility • Add BoA as Manager

Events • Use it for – Corporate breakfast – Alumni eventss

• Gives credibility to your event • Connections of your guest will see they are attending

Alumni Relations • Look for existing alumni in Groups and search • Update their current position in their company • A way to contact them if no email

External Relations • Search contacts in companies • Get the name of the right people based on their position • Add people after networking events, get more knowledge on them before recontacting them • Get introduced through connections

External relations • Find relevant groups • Use LinkedIn Answers • Answer to relevant questions – DO NOT SPAM

• Marketing calls booked in the past!

Questions? Suggestions? • Jerome Gagnon-Voyer • • Resources: •

• Linkedin Learning center: •

LinkedIn Training  

Training on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Training  

Training on LinkedIn