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Big Ambition Big Results Global Leaders AIESEC Canada Annual Report 2011 - 2012

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.� -Margaret Mead

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#402 - 161 Eglinton Ave. East Toronto, ON M4P 1J5 T (416) 368-1001 F (416) 368-4490 Registered Charity #129835872 RR0001 National Team 2011-2012 Peter Gallivan President Derek Vollebregt Vice-President, Business Development Cassandra Ruggiero Vice-President, Communications Mark Zanewick Vice-President, Corporate Relations Ekaterina Kiseleva Vice-President, Exchange Claudia Wong Vice-President, Organizational Development John Simonton, Finance Manager

Letter from Peter Gallivan President, AIESEC Canada

A year of setting records, orchestrating major changes, and ensuring sustainable growth. The 2011-12 term saw the AIESEC Canada network come together to achieve results we have never seen before. For the first time in over 5 years, we have grown our incoming exchange program by 83%, and set a new record for total number of exchange experiences delivered in one year, with overall 26% growth. We opened the first new chapter in three years at Memorial University in St.John’s, Newfoundland, and role-modeled organizational development strategies and behaviours that have been replicated by AIESEC around the world. This year, AIESEC Canada found innovative ways to engage with the Canadian business community. We forged brand new partnerships with industry associations & major organizations in order to help us deliver our promise of impactful experiences to more young people. We have also raised awareness through national media appearances, attendance at several events to profile the association, as well as hosted our very own Canada Youth to Business Forum. This forum brought together young people, businesses, NGOs, and speakers from across Canada to enter into a dialogue about the kind of future leaders our country needs. The combined results of our Global Internship Program, Global Community Development Program, and corporate engagement products has helped us achieve record financial results for the fiscal year, ensuring we can invest strategically in further growth for AIESEC and its programmes. Our successes are the result of the efforts of over 2000 members from 28 universities engaged in our experiential learning development programs, where they lived and helped deliver life-changing experiences every day. This is the power of AIESEC, its ability to enable young people to develop themselves and connect to the world around them. In 2011-12, together as one Team Canada, we fulfilled the promise we aimed for in our vision at the beginning of the year. With our big ambition we achieve big results, helping to make us global leaders. On behalf of AIESEC Canada, thank you for supporting our membership and the national organization.

Peter Gallivan President 2011-2012 AIESEC Canada Inc.


AIESEC Canada Annual Report

Letter from Barry jarvis Chairman, AIESEC Canada

As fiscal 2011-12 comes to a close, several highlights stand out including the extension of a new local chapter to Memorial University St. John’s, Nfld., continued healthy growth in core programs and the consolidation of a sustainable fiscal base across the organization. The Global Internship Program again experienced impressive growth in both the incoming and outgoing exchange programs reflecting sustained focus on selling the program into the Canadian student marketplace and accelerated efforts to sell and deliver this program to Canadian businesses and organizations. During the past year the organization impacted over 2100 young Canadians through our programs including the Global Internship Program, the Executive Board and Leadership Program and our Annual Skills Development and Awareness Conference Program. The incoming exchange program grew by an astounding 83% this year underlying both the additional focus on delivery of this program by our local offices but also the willingness of Canadian organizations to engage in a unique opportunity to bring the world to Canada. The outgoing exchange program saw 19% year over year growth reflecting continued effort and focus by local offices on providing more members with the opportunity to experience life and work abroad. In addition, the Skills Development and Awareness Conference Program successfully delivered five successful conferences and provided direct training to over 1000 members. Finally, Executive Board and Leadership participation continued to grow across our national network of 28 universities once again demonstrating continued interest by students in enhancing their academic careers by developing practical skills and abilities in the operation of local chapters from coast to coast. As we look forward to fiscal 2012-13 the organization will remain focused on core programs, solidifying its fiscal position and ensuring AIESEC Canada continues to develop socially responsible leaders who have the skills, abilities and aptitudes necessary to succeed in an inter-connected world. On behalf of AIESEC Canada, thank you for supporting the organization and our membership across Canada.

Barry Jarvis

Chairman AIESEC Canada Inc.

AIESEC Canada Annual Report






New record!









AIESEC utilizes its extensive international network to provide a wide variety of international opportunities for students and recent graduates. Present in 110 countries and territories, with 80,000 members worldwide, it is the largest student-run organization in the world. AIESEC acts as a platform for students to get involved as a member, to take on a leadership role, or to go abroad for experience in their field of study or as a volunteer.

The values we uphold guide our decisions and support the achievement of our organizational goals.


1958 6



AIESEC Canada Annual Report

• • • • • •

Activating Leadership Demonstrating Integrity Living Diversity Enjoying Participation Striving for Excellence Acting Sustainably












AIESEC Canada Annual Report


Canadian Students

Go Global

Young ProfessionalS


175 19%

gCdp = global Community developement program gIp = global Internship program

AIESEC in Canada continues to provide career development opportunities to Canadian Youth. This year our Canadian interns received a placement with our global partners such as DHL, UBS, Alcatel Lucent, Vale, Electrolux, and Microsoft or worked for smallmedium sized enterprises (SME) where they had the opportunity to exercise their entrepreneurial skills. Our Global Internship Program continues to offer a rich professional experience for students in an international environment where they have the opportunity to explore a new business culture and hone practical skills that are transferable to their future endeavours.

Social Impact of the Global Community Development Program AIESEC’s development and educational internships abroad increase the ability of Canadian youth to provide assistance to marginalized communities. Every year we are seeing growth in interest for our Global Community Development Program internships that focus on diverse social issues such as environmental sustainability, HIV/AIDS awareness, cultural understanding and women’s rights. The growth over last year is 55% (it was 14% the year before).

Exchange Partnerships This year, AIESEC Canada had specific partnerships with AIESEC in India and AIESEC in China. These AIESEC Countries reserved 116 specific internships for our Canadian exchange participants, and helped to increase our exchange performance. Students had the opportunity to match to internships in the following fields: Business, Information Technology, Social Issues, and Micro-finance. 8

AIESEC Canada Annual Report

Exchange Types

GCDP 200   53%  

GIP   175   47%  

Micro-Finance Initiatives The Birks Foundation sponsored 2 Canadian interns to work in micro-financing institutions in India. Money was lent to the under-privileged to start their individual businesses, in order to promote poverty alleviation. Upon their return, the interns will provide and share the knowledge received with their peers and grow awareness of the micro-finance industry in Canada.

gCdp = global Community developement program gIp = global Internship program

Internships by Region Canadian students are sent annually to explore the 110+ countries in the AIESEC network, grouped in 6 geographical regions. 180 160   140   120   100   80   60   40   20   0  


Eastern Europe  

Asia Pacific  

La9n America  

Middle East  and   Europe  and  North   North  Africa   America   AIESEC Canada Annual Report



Global Youth in Canada



By positioning the Global Internship Program as an innovative talent sourcing solution in the Canadian market, AIESEC in Canada experienced exceptional growth; growth which surpasses results seen over the last decade of AIESEC Canada’s history. AIESEC Canada’s relevance and ability to recruit top talent in specific fields continues to be its leading edge, ensuring growth for years to come.

Internships by Industry AIESEC’s Global Internship Program is customizable to any industry and brings a particular advantage to industries experiencing shortages in human resources. The information technology sector has continued to be a leading industry which utilizes the Global Internship Program to recruit talented and skillful youth to build its competitive advantage.

Internship by Region AIESEC’s Global Internship Program recruits youth from over 110 countries, thus organizations have the opportunity to tap into our worldwide network. This year, AIESEC Canada internationalized Canada by bringing in youth predominately from Western Europe and North America. The organization has seen a remarkable increase in trainees hired from Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa over previous years.


AIESEC Canada Annual Report

Manufacturing Business   University   Consul;ng   Technology   Engineering   Government   Other   0  







30 25   20   15   10   5   0  


Eastern Europe  

Asia Pacific  

La8n America  

Middle East   Western   and  North   Europe  and   Africa   North   America  

Duration of Internship AIESEC’s Global Internship Program provides a flexible timeline lasting anywhere from 6 weeks up to 18 months. Over the last year, a large portion of organizations have brought in our interns for specific short term projects while others utilized the Program as a long term solution to fill the gaps linked directly to specific skill sets currently unavailable in the Canadian market.

12-­‐18 Months   35%  

2-­‐6 Months   31%  

6-­‐12 Months   34%  

Angelique Mannella with four of Decode Global’s interns brought through AIESEC along with two employees.

“As the founder of a new social enterprise focused on developing mobile applications for social change, and providing international opportunities for young technologists, AIESEC is the perfect partner! Working with AIESEC has been exceptional. They are organized, efficient, and professional. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.” Angelique Mannella Founder, Decode Global “[AIESEC] is a group of young people, covering all nationalities and origins, intelligent, not only thinking about what do they need to change the world but instead using their numerous skills in order to do so. They are not afraid of thinking differently if that is what it takes for making an impact society and every single person they approach feel part of something bigger and better. People alter the way perceive themselves thanks to this group of young leaders and eventually transform into agents of positive change in the world, no matter when or where. I have never seen such an organized group of young people so aware of their world, their environment, their society; always using technology, knowledge and charisma to achieve goals some “grown up” enterprises wouldn’t even dream of achieving... and they even know how to dance.” Oscar Barrios Varela IT Intern, Mondabel AIESEC Canada Annual Report


The second annual Canada Youth to Business Forum took place on May 4, 2012 in Toronto. It brought in 400 AIESEC students and organizations from across the country to have a two-way dialogue on what Canada needs from the youth of today to build the country we want for future generations. The day included panel discussions between business and youth, keynote speeches, workshops and networking. Feedback form partners and students was very positive and the event hashtag, #Y2B2012 was trending on Twitter across Canada.

Selection of the Speakers, Moderators & Panelists: • Kevin Lynch, Vice Chairman - BMO Financial Group • Sean Stanleigh, Editor of the Report on Small Business - Globe & Mail • Bruce Graham, CEO - Calgary Economic Development • Alan Middleton, Executive Director - Schulich Executive Education Center • Marie Lynne Desrochers - VP Business Accounts & Global Transaction Services - RBC

2011-2012 Partnerships INNOVATION THEME PARTNER


Partnership Spotlight: Syntegrity Group Syntegrity Group partnered with AIESEC this year and brought together AIESEC students from across the country to provide a collective response to key issues through Syntegrity's innovative facilitation process. The first one saw students discuss and collaborate strategies to help Canada better develop the next generation of leaders. The second one focused in on developing AIESEC's strategy to facilitate 900 exchange experiences in the coming year. 12

AIESEC Canada Annual Report



MEDIA APPEARANCES For an organisation that has been around for over 60 years, AIESEC is always described by its members’ as “the world’s best kept secret”. AIESEC Canada chose this year to break this trend and get our name back out into the public, to promote the organisation and its successes to the entire nation. Through working with our communications partners, launching a new website and capitalising on current markets and trends, AIESEC Canada was able to attain over 100 media appearances across the nation this year and substantially increase our social media following to over 10,000 people! From gaining attention for our skills development program for students, to highlighting our women in the leadership of the organisation, to promoting our internship program to students and companies, we were able to get the message of AIESEC out to the Canadian public. The continued promotion of our organisation, the work we do, and the life-changing experiences we provide will help AIESEC to reach its full potential in Canada.

AIESEC Canada Annual Report


ALUMNI IMPACT AIESEC has been around for over 50 years in Canada, and has had some exceptional people become members of the organisation. Every year we are more and more impressed by the fantastic activities our alumni are focusing on, companies they are working for, and positive impact they are achieving. This year, we were able to highlight a few of our younger alumni in AIESEC International’s Top 40 under 40 publication. Here they are and what they have been up to recently: Kurt Archer - Founder of two NGOs with focus on sustainability: my world, my choice!/Pakistan Sustainability Network Chad Park - Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Natural Step Canada, Ottawa Brodie Boland - PhD student at Case Westerns Reserve University in Organisational Behaviour Ted Kouri - Co-Founder and Principal at Incite Solutions, Edmonton

Alumni hall of fame

At International Congress 2011 in Kenya, Colin Baril was inducted into AIESEC International’s Alumni Hall of Fame for the AIESEC Contribution Award. As said by Peter Gallivan, President of AIESEC Canada: “Colin Baril’s unrelenting passion, depth of experience, and commitment to growth highlight his incredible contribution as both a mentor and an alumnus. Colin’s focus on external partnerships and hands-on support has been instrumental in moving AIESEC Canada forward at both local and national levels.”


AIESEC McGill for Local Commitee of the Year AIESEC HEC for Excellence in Outgoing Exchange - GCDP AIESEC McGill for Excellence in Outgoing Exchange - GIP AIESEC Laval for National Contribution AIESEC Guelph for Excellence in Corporate Relations and Incoming Exchange AIESEC HEC for Excellence in Human Resources AIESEC Toronto for Excellence in Finance AIESEC Edmonton for Excellence in Alumni Relations AIESEC Concordia - AGF Management LC Growth Award AIESEC SFU for Excellence in Communications

Alumni awards

Lewis Perinbaum - Maryse Patenaude Miville Ménard - Tricia Sabessar *Lewis and Miville are the names of the awards, the recipients are Maryse and Tricia 14

AIESEC Canada Annual Report


Other Revenues   17%  

AIESEC Canada secured grants, donations and fundraising totalling $254,717 and exchange program revenue of $229,425. Both of these were significant increases over the previous year. The organization was able to make a significant surplus and confirm funding for future years, and thus allowing for additional HR capacity for the coming year.

Fundraising 36%   Program   47%  

Expenditures Salaries and travel represented most of the expenditures, totalling 44% and 19% respectively.

Other 14%   Strategic   Planning   4%   AIESEC   Interna6onal   11%  

Salaries and   Benefits   54%  

Office Rent  and   Expenses   11%  

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Balance Sheet as of May 31, 2012 Current Assets 880,536 Cash 809,536 Short-Term Investments 20,474 Receivables 45,741 Other 5,021 Investments 179,518 Fixed Assets 5,775 Intangible Assets 1,021

Communica6ons 6%  

Income Statement for the Year Ended May 31, 2012 Revenues 94,502 Sponsorships and Donations 254,717 National Development 100,839 Program Revenues 229,425 Other 9,521

Current Liabilities 348,825 Payables 135,086 Deferred Grants / Fees 213,739

Expenses 467,558 Salaries and Benefits 209,929 Travel and Development 89,250 Communications 24,811 Office Rent and Expenses 44,130 AIESEC International 45,755 Other 53,683

Fund Balances 718,025


Total Assets 1,066,850

Total Liabilities and Fund Balances All figures in CAD. All financial data refers to he period from June 1st, 2010 to May 31, 2011.


Excess of Revenue Over Expenditures from Operations Strategic Initiatives 12,404

Excess (Deficiency) of Revenue Over Expenditures 114,540 All figures in CAD. Head office audited financial statements are available upon request.

AIESEC Canada Annual Report


National Partner Group Platinum Partners

International Trade Partner

Gold Partners

Silver Partners

Communication Partners


AIESEC Canada Annual Report

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Ruth Fothergill - Head, Corporate Responsibility at Export Development Canada Christian Fortin - Agent, Member Relations at Greater Montreal Real Estate Board Patrick Hounsell - Chief Digital Officer at Merkle Alan Middleton - Executive Director at the Schulich Executive Education Centre Janel Kirstein - Director, Systems and Process Development, Production Management at Canadian Pacific Railway Anne Huang - HR Manager, HR Strategic Support at TELUS Wendy Carruthers - Manager, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship at the Co-operators Jennifer Pendura - Group Lead, Community Relations & Investment at Cenovus Energy Shabir Ladha - Partner at Kouri Berezan Heinrichs John Peters - Senior Legal Counsel at Export Development Canada Barry Jarvis - President at Diapason Group Inc. Andrea (Franco) Ross - Financial Analyst at Sanis Health Inc

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS GROUP Ms. Ruth Fothergill Head Corporate Responsibility Export Development Canada

Mr. David Hughes* President and CEO Pathways to Education Canada

Mr. Blake Goldring* President and CEO AGF Management

Mr. Dennis Deters* Former Senior Vice-President The Co-operators

Mr. Pierre Alary* Senior Vice-President and CFO Bombardier

Mr. Claude Lessard Chairman of the Board, CEO Cossette Communications

Mr. Ed Lumley Chancellor University of Windsor

Mr. Charles Coffey, O.C. Former Senior Executive RBC Financial Group

Dr. Eric Newell, OC, LLD (Hon) Chancellor University of Alberta

Dr. Lewis Perinbam**

Ms. Laura Dottori Global Head, Corporate Credit Products CIBC World Markets

* AIESEC Canada Alumnus **In Honour of the late Dr. Lewis Perinbam

AIESEC Canada Annual Report




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Ekaterina Kiseleva Vice-President, Exchange Derek Vollebregt Vice-President, Business Development

Mark Zanewick Vice-President, Corporate Relations Claudia Wong Vice-President, Organizational Development

Peter Gallivan President Cassandra Ruggiero Vice-President, Communications

AIESEC Canada Annual Report 2011-2012  
AIESEC Canada Annual Report 2011-2012  

The annuall report documenting the operations and financials for the 2011-2012 year.