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Talent Management

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Finance & Legality

Global Talent


Juby Lin

With so much pleasure and horned to open this MCP applica?on, I am thankful for your courage and passion for our home en?ty to decide to open this booklet. My past experience in AIESEC has given me a lesson to learn about: We are the genera?on facing immense challenges, people ques?on us, tough tasks on the way to our end picture. Yet, instead of feeling hopeless we choose to be strong, to choose to see opportunity in every threat, to keep the momentum to persist in doing the right thing, to choose to make a decision with thorough thoughts and to innovate to surmount current challenges. I don’t dare to say we are successful as of now for our achievement but one thing that we kept it strong with us, that passed from genera?ons to genera?ons - ‘’ NEVER GIVE UP’’. Looked back one year ago ?ll now, be very honest I lived in love and joy every day which I am so proud that I choose this way although this is the difficult way to reach. I am working with talented people in our network, leading an amazing team full of beau?ful people. To be a President is not only about learning how to lead your member toward organiza?on’s vision, providing direc?on and being strategic, it is indeed more about holding on to the faith that leads you to start wri?ng this applica?on. The role doesn’t define you, you are the person that defines the role. Be you, be the best version possible for AIESEC in Taiwan. Focus on: WHO ARE YOU / WHAT DO YOU GOOD AT / WHO YOU LOVE / WHAT MAKES YOU, YOU Here I am proud and loud to say AIESEC in Taiwan lives in strong clarity and purposeful ac?on. AIESEC in Taiwan is a spirit and create powerful leader which to contribute ‘’ Peace & fulfillment of humankind’s poten?al’’. And very honored to invite you to take is the journey, be the leader make AIESEC in Taiwan proud and make yourself proud. With love and with pride,


Office Leave

Working Hour


Each member has 7 days of annual leave. (need to be approved by MCP)) Na>onal public holiday (depend on Na>onal >meline) Sick leave (need to provide receipt) Menstrual leave once a month Off in lieu (not over 3 days a month, need to be approved by MCP) Faci for interna>onal conferences will be evaluated whether it’s for organiza>onal objec>ve from MCP and MC VP F&L


8 hours a day. Start at 9:00 a.m. end at 6:00 p.m. (12:00 p.m. to 13:00 p.m. is lunch>me) Full->me member must work in office 40 hours in a week in total, in-school members with less than 9 credits must fulfill 32 hours a week. (MC VP IM will be half-1me posi1on with 20 hours a week.) For student role: in summer & winter vaca>ons need to fulfill 8 hours a day. / All your classes within one and half days.




15,000 NTD per month for full->me & in-school member. 75,00 NTD per month for half->me member. Accommoda>on will be decided by 2018-2019 MCP & MCVP Finance and Legality. *2018-2019 MCP & MCVP Finance and Legality reserve the right to make a final decision on adjustment based on reality.


General Requirement -

Those who want to apply for Member Commi_ee need a wri_en endorsement from current/former Member Commi_ee member or Local Commi_ee President Execu>on Board. Applicants who don’t hold R.O.C. passport must start to apply for Employment Visa during the selec>on process, and get the visa before 2018 summer Na>onal Conference with residence permission. All elected 2018-2019 Member Commi_ee Execu>ve Board are required to a_end MC TKO (April), MC Planning and NPM (May) and 2018 summer Na>onal Conference (August) Complete transi>on with current Member Commi_ee

For MCVP Applicant -

At least 1.5 years experience in AIESEC, and be endorsed by current/former Member Commi_ee member or Local Commi_ee Execu>on Board. Applicants who don’t hold R.O.C. passport need to apply working visa before 2018-19 MCPe give 1819 Member Commi_ee Execu>ve Board announcement. Also, need to succeed to get working visa before term start, Aug,1st 2018. (submit enough working day in Taiwan documents to 1819MCVP Finance.) *if can’t submit document before Aug,1st 2018, will lose your elected role.


MCVP Selec*on Process Deadline : 3/16 23:59 (GMT+8)

Interview >me : 3/18-3/29

Planning Assessment : 3/31

Announcement : 4/2









The applica>ons will be reviewed by 2018-2019 MC EB elec>on board whether the applicants can proceed to the interview process.

2017-2018 MC team will construct & manage the interview process. Applicants will become oďŹƒcial candidates aher passing the interview.

Only applicants who passed the sub-com interview can join Planning Assessment. It will be arranged by 1819 MCP to select MC team through the process.

MCVP candidates will have an individual talk with 1819 MCP elected. And MCPe will conďŹ rm the structure with candidates and allocate candidates into the 1819 MC structure.

MCVP Selec*on Process MC TKO : 4/19-22

NPM/Regional Summit : 5/25-5/27

IC : 7/1-7/9


17-19 MC TKO

Plan Luanch

Interna8onal Congress

Kick out Genera8on





All MCs elect need to a_end

A regional summit co-faci with 1718 MCt. All MC current and elect will be divided into 3 groups to facilitate 3 regions.

1819 MCt will decide the suitable proďŹ les to a_end IC based on the agenda.

All MCs elect need to be the faci in the conference to kick out 1819 genera>on.

All documents should be finished in English and saved as PDF file. Send the applica>on to / / with mail >tle as “1819_AIESEC in Taiwan_MC EB_Applica1on_(English Name)”. Name the applica>on package as “1819_AIESEC in Taiwan_MC EB_Applica1on_(English Name).zip/rar”

Deadline for the applica>on: 2018/3/16 23:59 (GMT+8) All the MC candidates need to go through the official selec>on process, accomplish the requirements of the applica>on documents. Once the applicants who accomplish the process men>oned will be recognized as official candidates for 2018-2019 MC team.


Package Submission Policy

CV+PRISM Report Men>on your key AIESEC and non-AIESEC experience with clear achievement and academic background. Or other informa>on you consider relevant. A_ach your PRISM report with it.

Endorsement Le8er For MCVP APPLICANTS should have 4 le_ers in total which from: 1) Current MC member of AIESEC in Taiwan 2) Current LCP of AIESEC in Taiwan 3) Current/former team leader (at least 6 months experience) 4) Current/former team member (at least 6 months experience)

Ques*onnaire The ques>onnaire consists of general ques>ons for all MC applicants and specific ques>ons for MC EB. For specific ques>ons, Applicants need to choose 1 FO (4 Exchanges/MarkeOng) and 1 BO (TM/F&L/ IM/OD) to answers. Applicants need to answer one specific area with all quesOons, the other for only 3 quesOons you choose. Applicants should complete all the required ques>ons in the maximum of 15 pages including front and back cover. Please make a design of your applica>on. Please refer to [2018-2019 Member CommiLee ApplicaMon QuesMonnaire] for more informa>on.

Mission Package The Mission Package includes moMvaMon video for all MC applicants, blank paper challenge. Please refer to [2018-2019 Member CommiLee ApplicaMon QuesMonnaire] for more informa>on.






Both applicants for 2018-2019 Member Commi_ee President and Member Commi_ee Execu>ve Board need to answer.


MC role understanding

1. What value do you see in AIESEC? I. How AIESEC cul?vated you as a youth leader that is ready to lead AIESEC 1819? II. Why do you want to run for 1819 MC team? III. How would you impact AIESEC in Taiwan?

1. Please discuss the following stakeholders' rela?onship with MC: LC(as an en?ty), AI, LCP, LCVP, BoD, Government, Na?onal Partners, other AIESEC en??es 2. How would you posi?on MC in 1819 AIESEC in Taiwan?

2. Rank the top 3 fields (e.g. area, func?on, exper?se) in which you have the most experience, describe your experience and achievements in each.

Organiza*on Essence 1. How does AIESEC fit and Shape what the world needs? Please use three ar?cles to back up your opinion. 2. How does AIESEC cul?vate youth with leadership? Please describe the flow and include every essen?al element.

Organiza*on Direc*on 1. Please share your understanding and opinion towards AIESEC 2020 and how would 1819 con?nually align with the 2020 progress? 2. What are the trends you see shaping the world over the next 5 years? What do you envision AIESEC 2025 to be like based on the trends?

External Relevance 1. Please provide your insights from external data which can bring new opportunity or strategy to AIESEC in Taiwan 1819. 2. Share your understanding about the leaders worldwide. What traits would you value? What would you disagree with? (Share ar?cles if needed)

Internal Reality 1. List down the milestones of AIESEC in Taiwan from 1314-1718. What are the common challenges? What have we progressed as an organiza?on? 2. Please share one of the biggest boglenecks that we are facing now in AIESEC in Taiwan, and use at least 3 kinds of different perspec?ves with hard data to support your opinion.



MCP applicants are only required to answer MCP specific ques>on. MCVP Applicants need to choose 1 FO (4 Exchanges/MarkeOng) and 1 BO (TM/F&L/ IM/OD) to answers. Applicants need to answer one specific area with all quesOons, the other for only 3 quesOons you choose.

1. By analyzing 3 years OGV target audience and interview at least 5 non-AIESECer returnees and provide proof. i. Is OGV sPll relevant to Taiwanese youth? Why or why not they need OGV? ii. What is the different between AIESEC Global volunteer and other organizaPons which provide similar opportuniPes? iii. What is your 3-year blueprint of this product and what will be the focus each year? 2. How will you evaluate our customer had "good experience"? i. What is the biggest challenge currently of AIESEC in TAIWAN, when OGV are doing CEM? hat will be your strategy that can improve CEM? ii. iii. How will you implement into LC level? 3. LC FuncPon Capacity i. How to strengthen LC funcPonal capacity and communicate with LC in Taiwan ( LCVP OGX/MKT/LCP) ii. What are the key mindset and behaviors that LCVP OGX should have? How will you shape it? 4. IdenPfy the top 5 global enPPes supply of sub-products (that Taiwanese can go) for OGV ( in past three years and please use EXPA RealizaPon to jusPfy your answer) i. What is the insight you get from this data? ii. Base on Taiwan youth MKT, choose 3 sub-products and design your strategy to develop the current sub-products. 5. Base on the context of external relevance (provide arPcles link to government policies, society issues, etc) i. Please choose one like-minded partner that AIESEC can cooperate to develop OGV. ii. Please provide clear objecPve and list down the benefit of this partnership and concrete strategy for product long-term development. 6. a) AIESEC in Taiwan is now currently in 50% CF implementaPon. i. What is the difference between old CF and new CF? ii. Please list down three main challenges while we are implemenPng NCF.(As MC perspecPve) iii. What is your change management plan to strive for 100% CF in the following year? b) Please provide strategies to implement OGV product standards and ensure our MOS move to complete. (Please be specific and menPon key challenges )

Outgoing Exchange Global Volunteer

1. Please analyze past 3 years markePng strategy. How did it connected each year? i. Who are the specific target audiences? Please share your understanding with solid data. ii. What is the value proposiPon of the product. Please use the Value ProposiPon Canvas. iii. What will be the keep/start/stop you think virtual and physical product markePng of OGT. 2. What global trends do you in the next 5 years in terms of Talents? (Please provide evidence) i. What opportunity do you see in Outgoing Global Talent of AIESEC in Taiwan in this trend? ii. What’s your 3-year blueprint of this product and what will be the focus each year ? 3.

Base on current reality, what is the bogleneck that stops OGT from growing? i. Please explain what caused this bogleneck. ii. What is your key strategy?

4. How will you evaluate our customer had "good experience" ? i. What is the biggest challenge currently of AIESEC in TAIWAN, when OGT is doing CEM ? hat will be your strategy that can improve doing CEM as MC 1819? ii. 5. Please debrief your own PRISM. 6. AIESEC in Taiwan is now currently in 50% CF implementaPon. i. What is the difference between old CF and new CF ? ii. Please list down three main challenge that we are facing while we are implemenPng NCF iii. What is your change management plan to strive for 100% CF in the following year ? b) Please provide strategies to implement OGT product standards and ensure our MOS move to complete. (Please be specific and menPon key challenges )

Outgoing Exchange Global Talent


Please create a naPonal project that could implement to LCs in 2 years. Please menPoned this new project in different perspecPves: i. OrganizaPon development ii. Youth engagement iii. TNs' beneficial iv. Taiwan society connecPon v. Business model

2. Based on reality and 1819 development. Please explain your 1819 picture and how to align current AIESEC in Taiwan reality, please propose 3 strategies in each perspecPves: i. ICX sub-product development ii. External Branding (Enablers) iii. External resource engagement 3. The business expansion in this generaPon has been combine and uPlize with mulPple system and technologies. Please level up our raising process as the following stages: i. List down different area of educaPonal organizaPon/bureau that having internaPonal talents implementaPon percentage and their pain-points. ii. Comparison of different social enterprise charging flow/system. (At least 5 companies/organisaPons) iii. LC raising bogleneck in 4 different area analysis. (Northern, North-west, Central, Southern) iv. Please explain what you found and could connect to or revise in our raising process as your research above. 4. First, please list down the milestone and bogleneck of each generaPon from 1314-1718 in IGV. Secondly, specific explain what kind of tool/system we were used to solve those problem(if we didn't solve it, please provide the tool/system that in your perspecPve could help). The third, how would you teach LCVP these tools and in what order(Pmeline)? 5. Please list down our top 7 IR partners in three years(2015-2017) and the characterisPc of those EPs. Please use both CEM and CRM to enhance their learning path which align to our products. 6. For sub-products revising please follow the flow: i. What is the core of our two main projects? What is the methodologies we implement it to DG(students) and society? ii. Please list down 5 educaPonal organizaPons/companies that share our like-minded aspiraPon. Shortly explain what they are doing and try to think where we could collaborate together. iii. To consolidate, please provide two things we could improve in each of our main projects in terms of enhancing the project CEM (to DG and TN), and make it more align to the project core.

Incoming Exchange Global Volunteer

1. Please SWOT analyze Incoming Exchange Global Talent. i. What is the value proposiPon of the product. Please use the Value ProposiPon Canvas. ii. Do you think AIESEC in Taiwan has to engage most of the Industry? Why or why not? iii. How can IGT support Taiwanese talent market in the long term? iv. Why do you think foreign interns choose to internship in Taiwan? 2. What global trends do you in the next 5 years in terms of Talents? (Please provide evidence) i. What opportunity do you see in Incoming Global Talent of AIESEC in Taiwan in this trend? ii. What’s your 3 years blue print of this product and what will be the focus each year ? 3.

Base on current reality, how will you increase sales capacity in naPonal level? i. Please propose a 1 year educaPon plan for different stakeholders, such as LCVP, MS, and MB. ii. What are your key strategies?

4. Who’s IGT’s customer? How will Enabler plays in the role of parPcipaPng in Incoming Exchange Global Talent? i. How will you evaluate our customer had "good experience" ? ii. Base on New Customer Flow, which stage does the customer has the most problem with? What’s your soluPon? 5. Propose a lead framework for EPs in Taiwan. i. Do you think PRISM should be engaged? Why or Why not? ii. Please debrief your own PRISM. 6.

Please create a potenPal naPonal partners’ prospecPng list (at least 5) and answer the following quesPons: I. Reasons that you chose each company II. Products we provide for each company and key value proposi:on of each partnership III. Your ac:on plan (provide a prac:cal ac:on plan on it)

Incoming Exchange Global Talent

1. Please assess and analyze AIESEC Recruitment and OGX markePng in 1415-1718 2. Use following flow to create a campaign for OGV and TMP : Brainstorming->ConsolidaPon->Prototyping KPI : OGV & TMP number of applicaPon and conversion rate from sign up to approved. Please include detail of each steps: (a) Brainstorming: Your brainstorm idea. (b) ConsolidaPon: Please agach frameworks that you use for consolidate strategies. (c) Prototyping: Please agach a poster, and 3 FB posts and 1 LC guideline which support implement your strategies 3. According to you, what stories does our brand tell and what stories should it tell? 4. Please elaborate collaboraPon strategy with partners to co-deliver leadership toward our customers. i. Please make a proposal to one of the partner you will like to work with to improve the brand image and also awareness in Taiwan. The proposal should at least included : (a) AIESEC introducPon (b) ObjecPve of the partnership (c) Benefit for both partner and AIESEC (d) Possible way of collaboraPon 5. Please collect 2 GCPs from other enPty, than answer following quesPon. i. Why do you choose this two GCPs, and how do you think this will help AIESEC in Taiwan managing MKT NST? ii. Base on one of the checklist from 100% NCF , which is merging FB fan page. Please share your opinion about this, but also make a change management plan due to this , the plan must include (a) The objecPve of merging fan page (b) Timeline (c) How will you communicate to LC (d) MC LC NST Role (e) NST structure 6. By evaluaPng the NST structure of AIESEC in Taiwan in the past two years, we can find that currently we are lack of MKT Talent . i. What is your 3 year plan to build up MKT/ Brand knowledge in AIESEC in Taiwan. Please be specific , provide yearly focus and training channel, and educaPon plan.


1. Please describe the connecPon and synergy between Product Development (Strategy & OperaPon) and LC Development, and shows the different role of MCVP OD, MCVP Products, LCP, LCVP Products in this system. Please use graphics to show the relaPon and describe clear for each synergy points, responsibility, and MoS in different roles. 2. Please separately set a 3 years plan for 4X products in strategy development. (Includes strategy name, descripPon, MoS & KPI and the logic behind it.) 3. Share your opinions on what will be a useful “Product Development Management” system, especially in MC & LC cooperaPon. Use graphics to propose your idea and state clearly for the points. 4. Please based on following membership criteria in AIESEC in Taiwan compendium, conduct an analysis regarding enPty status and sustainability of 18 LCs. Please also provide suggesPons on what needs to be done to enhance the LCs situaPon in product development perspecPves. 5. Please propose conference cycle in AIESEC in Taiwan with clear objecPves in each conference/summits. Please propose the agenda of upcoming NPM in May with clear CABD. (CondiPon, Audience, Behavior, Degree). 6. Share your understanding of the milestones about OD/LCD/OP from 1314 to 1718. What should OD focus on in 1819?

Organization development

1. Please prioriPes the following six stages of talent flow based on your 1819 focus, explain why choosing this order and point out what boglenecks exist in these different stages. If you are 1819 MCVP TM, how will you solve these boglenecks from MC strategies and collaborate with LCs to improve the current situaPon? (a)Talent Planning (b)Talent Recruitment (MarkePng, selecPon and AllocaPon) (c)Talent Learning & Development (d)Talent EvaluaPon & Coaching (e)Talent Tracking (f)Talent TransiPon 2. What are the main current challenges and successes to have a fast and effecPve network implementaPon of global and naPonal strategies? How will you evolve it in the 2018-2019 term? 3. What’s your strategies to shape organizaPon culture? What would be the key indicator you would measure the success of culture shaping for AIESEC in Taiwan as an organizaPon? 4. How do you assess MC strategy of Talent Management implementaPon since 1314 Pll now? What do you see as the key learning for implemenPng AIESEC 2020 Global Roadmap in AIESEC in Taiwan? 5. What are the current boglenecks of educaPon and talent capacity in AIESEC in Taiwan and what are two prioriPes in 1819 to combat this? Please outline a strategy with acPon steps and a Pmeline, to increase member producPvity in AIESEC in Taiwan. 6. Choose 3 organizaPons that are rated as Top organizaPons when it comes to Talent Management, what can AIESEC learn from them to implement in a short and long term-scope?

Talent Management

1. Propose a change management plan on accounPng for both MC and LC, base on your finding of AIESEC in Taiwan’s current sustainability. Please consider the awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement for the change. 2. Please review Reference I & II, find the insight and how will you uPlize the insight in your 1819 Plan? **Not include IGE/IGT Ra number Reference I 1415-1617 NaPonal Finance Analysis_LC: hgps:// Reference II 1415_1617-product-performance: hgps:// 3. How would you define the success at the end of your term in the legality perspecPve? What are the KPIs you think you should take a look into? 4. What does it mean to you to have all enPPes being sustainable? Base on your answer, how do you assess overall AIESEC in Taiwan’s sustainability currently? Why do you think that it is this way now 5. What are the milestones you think finance standards of AISEC in Taiwan should achieve in 18-19, 3 years and 5 years from now? Also, please show us how your plan for 18-19 is connected to 17-18. (what will be your main projects? 3 at most) 6. What would be the key indicators you would measure for an overall organizaPonal health model? How would you collect data? What is the analysis you would do with the data? 7. Please evaluate all product AIESEC in Taiwan on sustainability side (should define the aspect you will view) and business model. IniPate how can you contribute to product development as MCVP F&L?

Finance and Legality

1. List down 5 necessary criteria for an organizaPon’s informaPon system, and then evaluate whether current systems (EXPA, Salesforce) fulfills your criteria. 2. Choose 1 non-fulfilling criteria in Q1 and come out with a strategic soluPon towards it, for example, you may want to solve “user-friendly” issue for Salesforce, then you have to: I. Define in what degree would you describe Salesforce as “User-Friendly” and what’s your ideal picture? II. Design a detailed strategic plan including projects, resources needed, key acPons to take and the KPI to assess the strategy. 3. Please describe any related experience with informaPon systems, what’s your bogleneck at the Pme and the key learning awer? 4. Share your understanding of the milestones about IM from 1415 to 1718. What should IM focus on in 1819? 5. What’s the picture of IM in AIESEC in Taiwan in 5 years based on the technological trends? How will 1819 start to connect then? 6. How will make the training IM in AIESEC in Taiwan to make sure the pipeline of IM talents? Please provides maximum 3 strategies to address the acPons and the KPIs?

MC VP IM will be half-1me posi1on with 20 hours a week

Information Management

motivation video Make a video to tell us your purpose in AIESEC and your personal connecOon with AIESEC. The length of the video should reach the minimum of 2 min and shouldn’t exceed 5mins. Upload the video to YouTube and provide the link.

BLANK PAPER CHALLENGE Use one page to show us: By implemenOng ‘’The AIESEC Way’’, how will AIESEC in Taiwan achieve AIESEC2020 in the term of 2018-2019. The only limitaLon is your creaLvity


Special round2018 2019 member committee application booklet  
Special round2018 2019 member committee application booklet