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Candidature for  Local  Committee  President     ANIRUDH  DEEP      


Personal Questions   First Name Surname Date & Place of Birth Permanent Address

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Primary & Secondary Email Current Position in AIESEC Chennai College & Course

Anirudh Deep 22nd September 1991 , Doha Qatar B.8 Leelavathy Apartments, 5 Prakasam Street, T.Nagar, Chennai -34 ,India +91 74010 41882 +91 91762 42780 +974 6670 7580 Vice President Finance Loyola College, Bachelor’s in Commerce NIT , Diploma in Finance and Tally

Academic/Professional Experiences   Academic     Period   School/University   Grade/Percentage   10th  C.B.S.E.       2007   M.E.S.  Indian  School   76%   th 12  C.B.S.E.   2009   M.E.S.  Indian  School   88.8%   Undergraduation   2009-­‐  Present   Loyola  College   63.5%     Position   Period   Experience   Supervisor  –  Asian   August  ‘06  –  January  ‘07   • Handling  a  team  of  30   Games  2006  -­‐  Tennis   people  and  training     them.   •  Supervisory  Skills  and     Accountability  to     senior  officials   Sales  Manager  –  Fab   July  ’07  –  Sep  ‘07   • Managing    the  sales  for  Fab-­‐   India  –  Qatar     India  in  Qatar   • Increasing  Sales  by  a  margin   of  13%  during  my  tenure  by   innovating  around  the  sales.   Finance  Manager  –   April  ’09  –  June  ‘09   • Stabilizing  the  finances  for     Globcon     the  firm  and  ensuring      

Logistics -­‐  Qatar  

Protocol –  Kainat   Foundation  -­‐  Qatar  

June ’07  till  date  

Chief Financial  Officer-­‐   SMACK  -­‐  Qatar      

Jan ’11  till  date  

receivables were  traced   • Management  of  invoices   and  bills.   • Guests  relations   • Security  of  the  Venue  for   the  event   • Budgeting  and  Budget   Control   • Strategic  Analysis    of  all   sporting  events  facilitated   by  SMACK  

2.  Please  give  a  list  of  your  unaccomplished  objectives  in  the  organization.   There  is  only  one  unaccomplished  objective  I  have  had  in  the  organization  and  that   is  to  represent  this  local  committee  as  LCP  at  the  international,  national  and  local   level.  I  have  no  regrets  about  this  organization  and  the  experience  it  has  provided   me.  I  am  not  perfect  but  I  am  passionately  curious  to  learn  and  gain  more  from  what   it  has  to  provide  me  and  in  return  provide  it  with  the  best  of  my  capabilites  and   potential  


3.Mention your  5  weaknesses  that  come  in  your  way  to  be  the  perfect  leader.  Also,   mention  two  of  them  you  want  to  abandon  and  one  you  want  to  carry  forward  as  an     Weaknesses  –  One  man  army  ,Very  Hardworking,  A  Perfectionist,  Mutlidimensional   Thinker,  Emotional.   Hardworking  and  Multi-­‐dimensional  –  These  are  two  qualities  which  when   acquired  are  the  best  for  a  leader  to  work  with  as  then  both  the  internal  and   external  stakeholders  are  considered  and  100%  delivery  is  ensured  to  improve   quality  of  exchanges  provided   One  man  Army    -­‐    This  is  one  quality  I  have  to  rid  myself  of  as  it  is  very  oriented  to   the  role  of  a  financial  controller.  But  yes  it  has  worked  positively  so  far  and  I  have   not  seen  any  bad  phases  through  it.  Infact,  it  has  enabled  one  to  stand  out  with   genuineness.  



4. When  was  the  last  time  you  thought  of  leaving  AIESEC?   Dec’09.  But  I  came  across  a  belief  “Be  the  architect  of  your  future  not  the  prisoner  of   your  past”    I  chose  to  get  up  when  I  fell  and  I  grew  from  then.  I  want  to  finish  strong.     5.  What  inspires  impresses  and  influences  you  in  life?  How  can  you  make  sure  you  don't   influence  or  impress  rather  inspire  as  a  leader?     Inspiration  –  Hardworking,  good  orator  ,Impressesionable  –  Proactive-­‐ness,  Influencial   –  Emotions  and  Personal  Touch.                   I  don’t  intend  to  influence  or  impress  members  based  on  how  I  am  or  who  I  am,  I  tend     to  inspire  by  them  by  what  I  do  and  how  I  do  it  and  why  I  do  it.  It’s  a  very  common       notion  that  one  doesn’t  believe  in  what  you  do;  one  believes  in  why  you  do  it.       6.  What  is  the  difference  between  ethics  and  objectives?  Give  instances  when  each  of   them  breaks  the  equilibrium  of  an  ideal  state  of  their  co-­‐existence   Ethics  are  the  morals  behind  every  decision  that  a  firm/organization  carries  forward.   Objectives  are  the  tangible  goals  of  an  organization  that  are  measured  in  monetary   terms  or  statistical  reports.     Quality  Manager  :  “  Man  we  have  only  6  spaces  in  our  flats”   Finance  Manager  :  “  Dude  ,  Accommodate  2  more  please.  We  can’t  afford  to  get   another  one”.   There  is  no  mistake  here  but  unplanned  delivery  can  always  disrupt  the  co-­‐existance  of   both.  But  It  is  a  very  firm  understanding  that  the  stakeholder  is  always  right  and  has  to   be  provided  with  a  good  experience  through  the  product  to  ensure  satisfaction.     7.  Enlist  your  three  major  regrets  in  life.  (Not  in  AIESEC)   1. Qatar  National  Athletics  Team  –  Not  being  able  to  continue  with  them  because  of   academics   2. Travelling  –  Being  unable  to  visit  a  lot  of  countries  because  of  college  constraints.   3. Public  Speaking  –  Being  unable  to  be  a  very  good  orator  has  been    one  of  my  biggest   regrets  and  I  believe  AIESEC  has  given  me  the  opportunity  to  improve  on  it.  


The AIESEC  Experience   1.  In  a  chronological  order,  list  your  experiences  on  various  stage  of  AIESEC  Experience   better  defined  in  the  form  of  roles  and  responsibilities  taken  in  the  organization.     Positions   Year/Conference   Description  and  Achievements   Exchange  Manager  –   Aug’09  –  Jan  ‘09   I  came  in  to  AIESEC  as  a  manager  of  OGX   GCDP/GIP  OGX     after  an  amazing  NLDS  and  I  learnt  the     Following  –     -­‐  Understanding  the  operational  and     functional  aspects  of  AIESEC     -­‐Various  Processes  of  the  Exchange  Function     (R-­‐M-­‐R)     -­‐Convincing  and  Marketing  Skills     -­‐  Team  Work;  a  very  important  aspect  of     every  member  is  to  work  together  in  a  team     and  this  experience  taught  me  to  work  in  a     team  and  understand  various  perspectives  of     the  same.     A  feeling  of  passion  and  commitment  was     formed  in  me  for  this  organization  and  it  has     never  gone  since  then.   Organizing   Oct’09  –  Dec’09   Committee  –  External   Relations  and   Communications  


This term  as  OC  VP  ER  &  C  proved  to  be  one   my  most  challenging  terms  yet  a  biggest   learning  in  my  experience.  I  learnt  about   -­‐ Issue  of  Child  Rights   -­‐ ER  Markets   -­‐ NGO  Markets   -­‐ Educational  Markets   -­‐ Media  and  PR  Agencies   Also  I  developed  my  skills  in     -­‐ Project  Conceptualizing,  Planning     -­‐ Proposal  Creation   -­‐ Product  Packaging   -­‐ Selling   -­‐ Working  with  deadlines  and  under   pressure   -­‐ Optimum  Utlization  of  Resources      

Brand Manager  –   GCDP/GIP  OGX  

Jan’10 –  June  ‘10  

Exchange Participant   –  CEED  -­‐  Qatar  

April’10 –  June’10  

Vice President   Finance  

June ’10  -­‐  Present  


This experience  provided  a  platform  for   interaction  with  media  houses  and  PR   agencies  on  a  higher  gage.   Being  a  team  leader  and  being  able  to  handle   ten  members  and  ensure  that  they  are  given   AIESEC  knowledge  and  are  able  to  allign  to   the  organization.   Worked  in  the  fields  of  :   -­‐ Talent  Management  and  Recruitment   -­‐ External  Relations  and  GIP  ICX   -­‐ Conceptualization  of  Products  like   Youth  to  Economic  Forum   It  improved  my  skills  in              -­‐          Global  Environment  Understanding   -­‐ International  Markets   -­‐ People  Management   As  a  Vice  President  and  as  the  chair  for  the   Finance  Task  Force,  I’ve  had  invaluable   learning’s  in  2010  and  2011   • Comprehensive  understanding  of   Finance  as  a  portfolio  and  its  role  as   the  blood  of  the  organization   • Operations  Management  of  the  LC   • Financial  Planning  and  Management   • Budgeting  and  Budget  Control   • Financial  Tracking   • Bank  and  Cash  Management   • Income  Generation  and  Cost  Cutting   Methods   • Effective  optimum  utilization  of   resources   • Complete  understanding  and  clarity  in   all  the  portfolios  and  programmes  of   the  organization   • Importance  of  Synergies  between   exchange  and  exchange  support   functions   • Mentorship  and  Guidance   • A  comprehensive  understanding  of   AIESEC  and  AIESEC  in  Chennai  

Executive Body   Coordinator  –  JLC  ‘10  






Chair –  National   Finance  Support   Team-­‐  IM  

Oct ’11  -­‐  Present  

Chief Delegate  

NSC ‘11  


• Risk Analysis   • Handling  the  Management  Body  and   Delivering  Knowledge  Management   Sessions.   The    experience  of  being  able  to  organize   and  ensure  the  conference  was  run   completely  without  any  hick-­‐ups  in  a  very   short  span  of  time.  A  brilliant  experience   being  a  new  member  on  the  executive  body.     This  was  my  first  experience  to  facilitate  the   National  conference  and  it  taught  me  a  lot   about  Group  dynamics,  and  was  a  great   opportunity  to  interact  with  new  recruits  of   AIESEC  Chennai   This  being  my  second  experience  was  a  lot   more  helpful  in  terms  of  delivering   knowledge  and  training  to  new  recruits   across  the  AIESEC  India  network  and  helped   understand  the  working  condition  of  LC’s   across  the  network  and  acquire  a  lot  of   positive  working  strategies   This  experience  involves  :   -­‐ Revamping  of  the  Standard  Charter  of   Accounts   -­‐ Revamping  of  the  Standard  Operating   Procedures   -­‐ Information  and  Knowledge   Management  in  the  fields  of  Finance   -­‐ Closely  working  with  the  Member   Committee  Vice  President  Finance   Conceptualizing  the  goals  and  vision  for   AIESEC  Chennai  and  being  able  to  play  a   proactive  role  in  the  National  plenary   representing  this  prodigious  local  committee   rebuilt  my  passion  and  commitment  for  this   chapter  

2. List  of  the  conferences  you  have  attended.   Year   Conference   Location   2009,2010,   NLDS   Silvassa,  Jaipur,   2011   Silvassa   2010,  2011   JNC   Silvassa  ,  Jaipur   2011   NLS   Delhi  –  Jaipur     Highway   2011   NSC   Silvassa   Dec  –’09,’10   Local   July  –   Congress   ’10,’11  

ECR,ECR ,  ECR  ,   Mahabalipuram  

Role   Delegate,  Facilitator,  Facilitator   Delegate,  Delegate/Facilitator   Delegate   Chief  Delegate/  Facilitator   Delegate,  EBC/Facilitator,   Facilitator  ,  Facilitator  

3.  Your  5  key  specializations  in  AIESEC.  Mention  tangible  achievements  for  each  of  them.     Key  Specialisations   Tangible  achievements   Exchange  Management    While  handling  OGX,  I  was  given  a  target  of  6  raises  for  the   first  6months  and  it  was  over  shot.  (10-­‐2-­‐2)   Financial  Management   Debt  Clearance  (Rs.  7.83  lakhs)   Bank  Management  (Growth  from  20,000  –  2  lakhs)     People  Management   Conceptualizing  the  Competency  Model  for  AIESEC  Qatar,   which  was  used  in  AIESEC  Chennai  also.   Recruitment  Models  and  PI  Modules.   Marketing  and  Brand   During  my  term  as  Brand  Manager,  I  was  given  a  target  of   Management   setting  up  relations  with  media  houses.  I  had  5  articles   issued  in  3  weeks.  (2  in  The  Hindu,  1  in  TOI,  1  in  DC  and  1   in  NXG)     Facilitation  and  Skill  Training     -­‐ Having  been  to  13  international,  national  and  local   seminars  and  conferences,  I  have  had  the  opportunity   to  facilitate  in  most  of  them.     -­‐ Skill  Building  by  providing  sessions  on  Financial   management,  Soft  Skills,  People  Management,   Mentorship.   -­‐ Being  on  the  executive  body  for  two  years  has  given  me   both  experience  and  expertise  in  skill  training  through   departments  meets,  MB  Training,  LTS,  NLDS  and  FTF’s              

AIESEC Experienec  in  Successes  and  Failures     Successes   Failures   Debt  Clearance  and  Being  able  to  recruit   Synergies  between  CIM  and  other  portfolios   the  first  batch  of  Debt  Free  New  Recruits   during  my  term  as  Brand  Manager.   Being  able  to  mentor  and  guide  the   Management  Body  and  facilitate  MB   training  and  Knowledge  Management   sessions  for  them  

During my  term  as  VP  F  creating  a  Fixed   Deposit  of  4  lakhs  to  ensure  sustainability  of   DT  Projects  

Being able  to  motivate  and  guide  the   executive  body  during  their  times  of   need  and  when  required  both  personal   and  professional  guidance.    

Being unable  to  raise  a  lot  of  funds  for   Balakalakaar  2009.  


5. If  we  have  to  add/remove/replace/evolve  stages  in  the  AIESEC  Experience,  probably  if   any,  what  will  that  be?       Life  Long  Connection     (LLC)       LLC  is  not  a  stage  it  is  a  phase  and     involves  Alumni  being  actively   Engagement  and     participating  in  activities  through   the  new  system  

Allignment with   AIESEC  (EWA)  

Experential  Leadership   Development  (ELD)  


TLP,TMP,GCDP,GIP are  well  defined  programmes  and   are  product  oriented.  TLP  and  TMP  involves  a  member   to  be  the  stakeholder  and  the  enabler  

Members who  are  recruited  need   to  have  organizational  allignment   and  understanding  before  they  are   put  into  ELD’s  to  ensure  there  is  a   proper  expectation  setting.  

6.  What  are  your  opinions  on  the  revised  AIESEC  Experience?  Mention  changes  if  any       The  experiential  leadership  development  phase  allows  young  people  to  explore  and   develop  their  potential  through  different  well  defined  programmes.  The  purpose  of  this   phase  if  for  a  person  to  develop  their  competencies  of  Global  Mind-­‐set,  Entrepreneurial   Outlook,  Social  Responsibility,  Emotional  Intelligence  and  Proactive  Learning.  The   revised  AIESEC  experience  is  defined  based  on  market  segmentation,  product   understanding  and  overall  stakeholder  satisfaction.  It  has  evolved  from  the  I2A-­‐H4TF   AIESEC  experience  based  on  the  above  reasons.        


Organizational Subsystems,  Functions  and  Processes   1.  What  are  the  key  successes  and  failures  of  year  2011-­‐12?  Evaluate  the  performance   on  the  basis  of  the  LC  Focus  areas.   Focus  Areas   1.Financial   Sustainability  

2. Operational   Sustainability  


Successes Failures   -­‐ Increase  in  stability  of   -­‐ Reimbursements     Finances   There  was  no   -­‐ The  fund  raising  standards   mechanism  to  trace   were  being  redefined.   or  track   -­‐ Defining  of  new  financial   reimbursements  for   guides  and  products  to  ensure   members   stability  of  AIESEC  Chennai   -­‐ Investment  in   -­‐ Surplus  was  generated   Membership   through  Y2B,  Balakalakaar  and   I  think  this  is  one   Empower   major  failure  as  we   -­‐ Cost  Centre’s  have  been   didn’t  have  proper   reduced   financial  investments   -­‐ Funding  from  BoA.   in  membership.   -­‐ -­‐    NEP  and  NCEP  exchanges   -­‐ Synergy  between  F   and  other  portfolios   -­‐ Office  Investments   -­‐ July  Local  Congress   Finances  were  not  in   place  and  we  incurred   a  loss  of  60,000     -­‐ Base  in  GIP  markets   -­‐ GCDP  OGX     -­‐ NCEP  and  NEP  markets   The  summer  cycle   -­‐ Quality  Management     due  to  local  realities   -­‐ Stakeholder  Satisfaction   was  a  failure.   Towards  the  last  four  months,   -­‐ GIP  ICX  Matching   the  introduction  of  the  Quality   The  pool  of  EP’s  that   Task  Force  has  improved  our   our  LC  required   Exchange  Quality   weren’t  available  and   -­‐ Growth  in  GCDP  ICX   this  caused  a  problem   A  growth  of  close  to  73%  in   in  our  delivery.   GCDP  ICX  ensures   -­‐ Trainee  Flat   sustainability  and  stability  in   Management     the  programme   Unplanned  delivery   -­‐ Brand  Management   caused  immense   Social  Media  and  Mediahouse   losses  and  loss  in  

3. Membership    

4. High  Number  of   Exchanges  


participation in  all  our  events.   Provision  for  newsletter  and   reports  of  events  and  the  LC.   -­‐ Information  Management   Well  maintained  information   to  ensure  knowledge   management  amongst  the   members   1.  Review  of  All  portfolio’s:  Review   has  happened  in  the  latter  of  the   year,  which  gave  the  clear  picture  to   members  of  Department   performance.   2.  Feedback  mechanism  for  Vice   presidents:  In  2011  feedbacks  about,   all  VPs  were  taken  which  made   members  more  free  and  gave  them   the  freedom  to  express.   3.  Members  were  insisted  to  attend   external  forums  that  gave  them   immense  knowledge  and  also  better   state  of  mind.   4.  Attendance  of  members  was  made   mandatory  which  also  helped   members  to  understand  AIESEC   better.   5.  Management  Body  Meets   A  well  knowledge  MB  ensured   delivery  and  good  processes  in   departments(both  exchange  and   support  functions)     -­‐ Larger  Database  of  Clients   -­‐ -­‐ Quality  and  Stakeholder   Satisfaction    


1. Recruitment  in  big   numbers   2.  Induction  Process   3.  RnR  model:  The  current   Reward  and  recogniton   model  needs  to  be  changed   as  we  are  not  investing  in   members  and  this  might   result  into  Low  efficiency.   4.  Communication  with   Members:  We  still  need  to   develop  ways  of  effective   communication  for   members.  The  ways  can  be   Consistent  sms  and  calls  by   department  heads,  Proper   use  to  Virtual  sources.  Ex:   Google  groups,,  etc. 5.  Mentorship  and  guidance   Mentoring  was  not  taken   seriously  and  a  mentor-­‐   mentee  relation  was  not   carried  out.   Case  Studies   The  number  of  case  studies   made  this  year  are  very  low   and  this  has  caused  a   damage  in  the  number  of   exchanges  delivered   -­‐ Target  Achievement   Achievement  of  Targets  in   the  GCDP/GIP  OGX  and  GIP  

ICX programmes  was  not   carried  out  due  to  both   local  realities  and  EP/TN   pool  issues.     2.  What  are  the  top  3  Focus  areas  of  AIESEC  Chennai  in  2012.   Expansions  –  SRM  ,  NIT  Trichy  and  Tanjore  to  be  utilized  as  markets  for  both  ICX  and   OGX  and  considered  as  expansion  initiatives  through  2012  to  ensure  the   sustainability  and  reaching  out  to  the  larger  masses.   Client  Satisfaction  –  100%  delivery  and  ensuring  overall  holistic  satisfaction  of  the   stakeholder’s  needs  and  necesseties.   Showcasing  Brand  Impact  –  Being  the  first  choice  partner  for  our  unique  leadership   and  exchange  programmes  by  being  a  global  youth  voice  as  a  result  of  creating   positive  impact  in  the  society  

3. Compare  the  role  of  AIESEC  Chennai  as  an  LC  in  National  Association,  AP  GN  and   Global  Plenary  from  years  2007,  2008,  2009,  2010  to  what  will  be  in  2012.   Year   2007   L.C.P.  –   Shezaan   Hameed  

2008   L.C.P.  –  Harish   Rajan  


National Association   Leadership  Roles  Taken  :   MC  –  Piyush  Gupta   We  were  one  of  the   most  sustainable  Local   Committee’s  and  were   known  as  the  randomest   yet  smartest  bunch  of   individuals  

AP GN   Was  a  local   committee  that   contributed  to  the   large  number  of   Exchanges  in  the  AP   GN  network;  which  is   the  number  one   network  across  the   AIESEC  network  in   terms  of  exchanges   -­‐ No  National   We  had   Leadership  Roles  taken   representation  at   up  .   HEROES  2008     -­‐ Debt  Creation  through     JNC  and  Recon   Members  :  Bhavjoth   Payment.     Singh  Anand,  Arjun  

Global Plenary   Quality  of  AIESEC   Chennai  exchanges   was  good  and  we   got  into  the  eyes  of   the  global  network  

AIESEC Chennai  was   barely  visible  in  the   global  plenary  and   this  showed  in  our   exchange  number  

-­‐ We dropped  in  terms   Chidambaram   of  exchanges   -­‐ We  expanded  into   Coimbatore  as  an   official  entity   -­‐ Impactful  Annual   Stakeholders  Dinner  J   2009  –  L.C.P.  –   -­‐ No  National  Roles   -­‐ Partnerships   Abhijit  Sunder   Taken  up   with  countries   -­‐ Membership  was   like  Malaysia   built   and  Phillipines   -­‐ Good  ER  base  set   improved  the   for  2010   GCDP  OGX  .   -­‐ Debt  was  cleared   slowly.   2010  –  L.C.P.  –   -­‐ National  Roles  –  MC  –   -­‐ JXLDS  –  AIESEC   Advyit  Varma   Abhijit  Sunder   Srilanka  –  Chair   -­‐ Best  Support   and  facilitators   functions  in  the   from  AIESEC   country   Chennai.   -­‐ Best  in  the  Student   -­‐ International   Sector   Facilitators  for   -­‐ Communications  was   Dec’  Lcong.     getting  in  place   2012     TLP  –  150   TMP  –  375   BD  Funding  :   30  lakhs   Exchange   Programmes:   580    

Concentration in   Stability  caused  us   to  get  back  into  the   global  plen  as  a   quality  exchange   oriented  city.  

EuroCo 2010  –   Advyit  Varma  was  a   delegate  at  this   conference  for  LCP’s   from  selected   countries.   CEED’s  to  Qatar   were  carried  out   very  successfully  

Best Local  Committee   -­‐ Creating  multiple   -­‐ EuroCo  J  yet   driving  positive  impact   opportunites  for   again  AIESEC   showcasing  the  brand   CEED’s  and  AP  GN   Chennai  will  see  a   and  being  the  first  choice   conferences  like   representative  at   partner  across  the   Unleash  AP,   this  conference.     national  network   APXLDS,  JXLDS.   -­‐ Given  the  status     -­‐ Being  the  best  in   of  the  ideal   the  GN  for  quality,   AIESEC  Local   opportunities  and   Committee  across   experiences.   the  globe.      

4.  What  would  you  want  to  start,  stop  and  continue  in  AIESEC  Chennai  in  terms  of  the   relationship  with  and  Satisfaction  of  our  stakeholders:  Members,  Exchange  Participants,   Alumni,  Clients  and  Parents?        




Exchange Participants   AIESEC  Chennai  

                Clients                   Stakeholder   Start     Membership   -­‐ Defining  proper   job  roles  for  all   members   -­‐ Feedback  Systems   -­‐ Recognition  for   being  a  Performer   -­‐ Year  Calendar   Exchange   -­‐ Usage  of   Participants   Reception   Packages   -­‐ Home  Stays   -­‐ Participation  in   External  Events      



Stop   -­‐ Recruitment  in  big   numbers   -­‐ Current  RnR  Model    

Continue -­‐ Reviewing  all   portfolios   membership   -­‐ Feedback  for   Vice  Presdients  

-­‐ Involvement with  X-­‐ AIESECers  and   Externals   -­‐ Laid  Back  Attitude   -­‐ Lack  of  Involvement  

-­‐ Quality Matching   -­‐ Preference   Based     -­‐ Refining  of  EP’s   to  ensure  




-­‐ Alumni Board   -­‐ Mentorship   -­‐ Networking   Forums   -­‐ Knowledge   Management   -­‐ CRM     -­‐ Strong   Communication  

-­‐ Usage of  Old   Databases   -­‐ Ignoring  Alumni  

-­‐ Promising   -­‐ Unpunctuality   -­‐ Unprofessional   approach  

-­‐ Monthly -­‐  Keeping  them  aloof   Newsletters   and  out  of  the  picture   -­‐ Involvement  in   external  Forums   -­‐ Parent  Meetings   -­‐ Year  Calendar  

Quality -­‐ Market   expansions   -­‐ Funding     -­‐ Events  like   Alumni  Dinners,   Alumni  Premier   League.   -­‐ Invitation  of   Clients  as   speakers   -­‐ Invitation  to   Events   -­‐ Quality  Delivery   -­‐  Hardly  any   parents  relations   were  carried  out   this  year.  

                            5.  Briefly  analyze  the  current  state  of  financial  systems  in  the  LC.  How  do  you  see  the   financial  systems  evolving  in  the  coming  year,  what  would  be  the  changes  you  would   want  to  bring  about  in  the  approach  towards  the  current  thought  behind  the  financial   Management.      

Current State  of  Financial  Affairs   Bank  Balance  :  1,00,000   Receivables  :  1,00,000  (  NEP  exchanges)   Account  Number  :  00821000090860  ,  HDFC  Bank   The  current  financial  systems  are  in  place  but  unplanned  delievery  has  caused  a   cashflow  problem  and  gap  between  the  inflow  and  outflow.  Budget  Control  is   consistant  and  apt  for  the  events.  Cost  Centres  identified  and  worked  upon.   Freedom  of  Control  in  finances  by  Vice  President  Finance  not  given;  this  can  cause   a  lot  of  unplanned  investments  and  losses.  For  eg:  Trainee  Flat  losses.   Changes  in  Financial  Affairs   -­‐ No  structural  changes  but  authority  and  responsibility  of  finances  lies   completely  with  the  Vice  President  Finance  and  Finance  Task  Force.   -­‐ Budgeting  and  Budget  control   -­‐ Financial  Education  for  EB,MB  and  GB  on  a  monthly  basis   -­‐ E-­‐Banking  :  Internet  Banking  (  no  Third  Party  Tranfers)  to  provide  easy   accesibility  to  the  bank  statements   -­‐ Additional  Revenus  –  Fixed  Deposits,  Short  Term  Investment  Plans.   -­‐ Change  in  approach  by  the  LC  –  A  very  laid  back  approach  by  the  Local   Committee  can  cause  the  finances  to  look  very  shallow  and  undemanding  as  a   portfolio.  This  has  to  be  changed  to  being  more  proactive  and  consistant   feedbacks  of  the  finances  in  the  LC.   Processes,  ideas  or  Initiatives  for  :     -­‐  Financial  accountability   Ø Proper  Implementation  of  FTF   Ø Quarterly  Review  and  Presentation  to  the  LC   Ø BOA  review  of  budget  and  incomes  and  expenses     -­‐  Realistic  Budgeting   Ø Auditor  Guidance  for  Budget  Reviewal        


Ø Authentication letters  to  ensure  budgeting  is  done   -­‐  Transparency  and  Financial  learning.   Ø Finance  Manager  for  all  portfolios   Ø CEEDs  and  ILCEPs  for  Financial  Learning   -­‐  Cash  tracking   Ø Checklist  and  Cash  Invoice  and  Receipt  Generator   Ø Proper  book-­‐keeping  on  a  weekly  basis   Ø Online  Spreadsheet  to  show  incomes  and  expenses     -­‐  Investment  in  membership.       Ø Governing  Reimbursements  of  Members   Ø Budgeting  of  the  year  in  presence  of  VP  TM   Ø Review  of  Investment  in  Membership   -­‐  Profit  maximization   Ø Cost  Cutting   Ø Profit  Generation  –  Priority  of  Events     Ø Success  Criteria  –  Success  based  not  only  on  output  of  the  event  but  also  amount   of  profit  generated   Ø Counseling  by  Externals  for  Profit  Maximization   -­‐  Automated  financial  governance   Ø  is  falling  in  place  and  will  be  functional  in  a  few  months.   Ø Through  the  checklist,  financial  governance  will  be  implemented  and  in  place.     7.  What  should  be  done  to  improve  the  following?   v Information   Virtual  Platform   Campaign   Systems   Utilization   Management    

Communication Mechanism  and   Protocols   v Coaching  Sessions   v Effective  Use  of   v All  LC   v Implementation  of   for   Social  Media   campaigns  and   strict  brand   v Brand  Manager   and  Ads   events  to  be   environmentin  the  LC     for  every   under   v Standarization  of  all   department     supervision  of   tools   v Linking   VP  C   v Proper  Knowledge  id’s   v Review  of   Management      

with gmail  id’s   Communication   Structure   v Usage  of  Wiki’s   v Well  Defined  and   and  files  on   Structured  internal  to   Communication   promote   Programmes  and   Projects     8.  What  are  the  areas  where  AIESEC  Chennai  will  pioneer?    

Stakeholder Saksfackon   Operakonal  and   Strategic   Management   Global  Leadership     9.  SWOT  AIESEC  Chennai  at  the  end  of  2011.  Discuss  your  strategies  for  threats  and   weaknesses.     Strengths     Weakness   Opportunities   Threats   Ø Business   Ø International   Ø Quality  of   Ø Financial   Development   Opportunities  ;   Experiences   Transparency   Ø Financial  Systems   CEEDs  and   Ø Expansions     Ø Knowledge   Ø Client  Retention   Conferences   Ø Presence  in   Management     and  Management  Ø Investment  in   National  Plenary   Ø Implementation   Membership   Ø Profit  Generation   of  Projects  as  a   Ø Knowledge   from  Projects   portfolio   Management     Ø STAX  and  Dual   Ø Attendence  in   Ø Culture  of  the  LC   Experiences   external  forums   Ø Stakeholder   Ø Mentorship  and   Ø Event   Involvement   Guidance      

Management Ø People   Management  

Ø Virtual Platform  

Strategies  for  Threats  and  Weaknessess   Threats:   Financial  Transparency  :  Refer  question  5  and  6  of  part  3   Knowledge  Management  :  Knowledge  games  at  LCMs  and  compulsory  attendence  at   LCMs   Weaknessess:   International  Opportunities:  Brilliant  IR    from  the  beginning  of  the  year  to  create  better   opportunities.   Membership  Investment  :  Refer  question  6.   Culture  of  the  LC  :    Motivating  by  example  i.e.  positive  and  proactive  leadership.   Stakeholder  Involvement:  Parent  and  Trainee  Involvement  is  minimal  here  and  this   culture  has  to  be  cultivated  from  the  start  of  the  year  through  parent  meetings  and   invitation  to  our  events  and  members  cultivating  the  same  feeling  in  their  parents  and   our  trainees.  J         10.  How  will  you  ensure  growth  in  External  Relations  next  year?  Give  a  list  of  your   suggested  ER  products  with  corresponding  potential  market  DIFFERENT  from  year  2011   for  2012.   Growth  In  External  Relations     § Client  Retention   § Renewing  Partnerships   § Year  Long  Partnerships   § Pre  Planning  by  VP  ER  and  EBC  ,4  months  prior  to  the  event   § Market  Based  Events   § Defining  new  products  by  VP  ER  and  VP  C   § Virtual  Platform  Selling   § ER  Cell  and  proper  job  roles  definiton   § Inkind  raising   § Specific  Engagement  Plans  with  BoA     “  The  more  the  sellers  ,  the  more  the  funding  and  the  branding”            



Social Media  Partnerships  

-­‐ Ad’s on  our  Facebook  page/  Linked  In/   Twitter  groups  to  educational  based   firms.  

DT Projects    

-­‐ DT projects  that  allign  with  the  C.S.R.   focus  of  companies  are  to  be  sold.  

Virtual Platform  Selling  

-­‐ Website space  to  be  sold  more   rigourously    

Year Partnerships  

-­‐ Partnerships with  clients  who  require   branding  at  all  our  events  and  activities.  

Impact Week  

-­‐ Initiative for  a  week  on  different  social   issues  like  Child  Rights,Women   Empowerment,  Blood  Donation  etc  


-­‐ -­‐ -­‐ -­‐

Empower Balakalakaar   Youth  to  Business  Forum   Annual  Stakeholders  Dinner  

11. How  will  you  make  sure  that  you  are  cultivating,  developing  and  pipelining  the   middle  level  management?  How  can  you  make  your  MB  as  competent  as  your  EB?  List   down  strategies  to  ensure  HIGH  ACCOUNTABILITY  amongst  the  MB  of  2012-­‐13.                                                                Development  Of  MB    

1.External sessions  for  team  management  and  leadership  will  be  given  to  MB,  which           will  also  be  an  ER  product.   2.  The  Job  role  of  the  MB  will  be  defined  in  terms  of  operations  rather  then  issues  or   departments.   3.International  opportunities  for  MB  members.   4.Insisting  MB  members  to  attend  External  Events  and  conferences  for  Clarity  of   thoughts  and  enhancing  their  experiences.                                                                                    

Pipelining of  MB:   1. More  people  in  AIESEC  means  more  people  going  for  Leadership  opportunities,   Pipelining  of  MB  here  is  directly  proportional  to  %  of  retention  in  the  LC.   2. Task  managers:  There  will  task  managers  appointed  for  various  tasks  so,  these   people  will  work  Prominently  for  certain  task  and  will  be  strong  Pipeline  for  the   MB.     3. Sessions  to  conducted  by  the  EB.   “We  do  not  know  what  we  want  and  yet  we  are  responsible  for  what  we  are  -­‐  that  is   the  fact.”  –  Jean-­‐Paul  Sartre   ü M.B.M’s:  M.B.M.’s  will  happen  bi-­‐monthly,  and  agenda  will  revolve  around   updates  and  Review  of  Experience.   ü As  Chief  delegates  at  Local  confrences:  MB  members  by  default  will  be  the  chief   delegates  for  their  department.  The  Executive  board  will  decide  the  chief   delegates  after  Interviews.     Strategies  to  ensure  HIGH  ACCOUNTABILTY  in  MB  2012-­‐2013       ü Frequent  meetings  of  MB  with  The  Executive  board.   ü Serious  repo  cautions  for  Non-­‐performance  and  negative  leadership.   ü Covered  CEED  and  ILCEP  opportunities  for  Performers  on  the  MB.

12. Give  your  plan  to  ensure  HIGH  amount  of  personal  effectiveness  and  efficiency  in  at   each  level  of   Organizational  Structure  in  2010  in  the  order  of  LCP,  Executive  Board  Members  and   Management  Board   Members,  Project  Managers,  GB  members  and  new  recruits.     Personal  Effectiveness  in  2010   Personal  Effectiveness:  It  is  that  capability  of  an  individual  where  he  is  capable  of   producing  a  desired  result.     Personal  effectiveness  for  AIESEC  Chennai:  It  is  that  capability  of  an  Individual  by  which   he  works  WITH  a  team  and  ALLIGN  goals  of  all  team  members  and  achieve  them.  (Which  is   NO.1.)   Role   Ways  to  Ensure  Personal  Effecitveness   LCP   ü Ceaseless  Motivation   ü Accurate  Approach  to  Goal      

Executive Body  

Management Body  

Project Managers   General  Body  

New Recruits  

ü Know-­‐How to  Motivate  People   ü Crisis  and  Risk  Management     ü Humbleness  and  Proactive  Behaviour   ü Conclusive  Approach  and  Constant  Self  Assesment     ü Periodic  Self  Realization   ü Repeated  Team  Meetings   ü Desired  Freedom  and  Flexibility  in  respective  portfolios  (   Under  Brand  Surveillance  )   ü Selection  of  Suitable  and  Dedicated  Members   ü Creation  of  Competitive  Feeling   ü Mentoring  by  clients   ü Team  Member  Endorsements     ü Team  Meetings   ü Assigning  motivated  people  as  a  team   ü Rewards  and  Recognition   ü Mentoring  by  EB  members   ü Knowledge  management  sessions   ü Reviewal  of  Job  Role  and  Targets   ü Certificates  by  Project  Partners   ü Mentoring  by  the  EB     ü Sessions  by  the  EB  and  MB  to  understand  the  relevance  of   TLP’s  and  ELD  Programmes.   ü Assigning  proper  job  roles   ü Flowing  AIESEC  Knowledge     ü Attendance  at  local  and  national  conferences   ü Attendance  at  external  forums  and  events   ü Virtual  Presence   ü Interaction  with  Alumni  and  Internationals   ü Sessions  by  Clients  and  MC  members   ü Mentoring  by  EB  members   ü Buddy  System  

  13.  What  do  you  think  is  the  key  motivation  for  the  current  membership  and  what  are   your  plans  to  ensure  motivation  amongst  the  membership  throughout  2012?   Key  Motivation  for  Current  Membership:  Conferences  ,  Leadership  Experiences  ,   Mentoring  and  Guidance  by  the  EB  ,  Constant  Meetings.  


Ensuring all  of  the  above  are  carried  out  systematically  and  efficiently  by  the  executive   body  and  active  participation  at  conferences  through  interactions  and  sessions   motivate  every  member  and  provide  holistic  experiences.  

14. How  will  you  deal  with  lack  of  adherence  to  targets  across  the  EB,  MB  and  GB?   Role     Methods  of  Tracking     EB   -­‐ Constant  Check.     -­‐ Individual  Meets  to  understand  the   personal  and  professional  aspect  of  the   problem.   -­‐ Target  Split  into  days  in  a  week(and  not   just  weekly)J.   -­‐ Constant  Motivation.   -­‐ Positivity  through  Mistakes  (No  one  is   perfect).   MB   -­‐ MBM’s   -­‐ Accountability  and  Responsibility     -­‐ Constant  Review  of  Targets     -­‐ Mentoring  and  Guidance   GB   -­‐ Allignment  of  Goals  and  PSG’s   -­‐ Understanding  the  why  of  the   organization   -­‐ Learning  about  the  local  realities  and   their  problems     15.  AIESEC  Chennai  has  faced  a  huge  problem  of  lack  of  availability  of  sufficient  ICX   supply  in  Q3,  affecting  overall  performance.  How  do  you  plan  to  make  sure  that  forms   are  being  matched  continuously  throughout  the  year?   The  Pool  wasn’t  a  problem  for  AIESEC  Chennai  in  specific  but  dropped  across  the  AIESEC   India  network.  Providing  high  quality  experiences  and  case  studies  ensure  delivery  and   larger  pool  of  EP’s  throughout.  A  simple  example  for  the  same  is  AIESEC  in  Hyderabad   16.  What  are  your  plans  and  strategies  to  ensure  improvement  of  number  of  the  number   of  matches  and  overall  performance  in  the  corporate  sector?   Please  Find  Attached  in  Year  Plan     17.  How  do  you  plan  on  taking  forward  the  growth  in  the  development  sector  and   ensuring  better  performance  in  2012?   Please  Find  Attached  in  Year  Plan     18.  State  your  plans  regarding  the  Outgoing  Exchange  portfolio  and  how  you  plan  on   having  a  structured  raising  and  matching  system?   Please  Find  Attached  in  Year  Plan      

19. What  are  your  plans  regarding  stakeholder  management?   Continue.Innovate.Grow.  It  is  still  in  its  initial  stages  and  has  scope  for  a  lot  of   development  and  it  is  essential  for  someone  to  track  the  quality  of  exchanges  and   ensuring  proper  goal  setting  is  carried  out  pre-­‐realization  and  stakeholder   satisfaction  is  focussed  on.   20.  How  do  you  plan  on  carrying  forward  the  concept  of  sustainability  started  in  the  year   2011  and  ensuring  that  each  and  every  stakeholder  is  satisfied?   Please  Refer  Answer  4.  (Organizational  Subsystems  and  Processes)     21.  How  do  you  plan  on  improving  our  brand  and  external  visibility  in  the  year  2012?    

Showcasing Impact  

• Based on  showcasing  our   stories  and  stakskcs  

Measures of  Success  

• Based on  the  delievery  of   the  AIESEC  experience  

Performance Indicators  

• Based on  tracking  health   and  driving  behaviours  

    22.  What  are  your  plans  to  ensure  effective  management  of  membership,  talent   tracking,  appraisals,  retention  and  overall  engagement  of  members?   Process   Plan   Membership   ü Increasing  leadership  experiences   ü Right  person  doing  the  right  activity   ü Structured  recruitment  and  induction  into  AIESEC   ü Alignment  between  individual  and  organizational  goals   Talent  Tracking   ü Talent  Managers  for  respective  departments  to  track   member  involvement  and  activity.   Appraisals   ü Quarterly  Appraisals  based  on  recruitment  cycles.   Retention   ü Provide  more  leadership  opportunities   ü Create  international  and  national  opportunities   ü Conduct  sessions  about  the  essence  of  leadership  and      

Overall Engagement  

ü ü ü ü ü

capacity building   Providing  learning  opportunities  through  external   forums     Mentorship     Self  Discovery  and  Self  Realization   Interaction  with  interns  and  alumni.   Sending  members  on  exchange  

  23.  How  do  you  think  members  will  benefit  from  being  in  AIESEC  in  Chennai  apart  from   the  regular  experience  they  get?   Professional  Experience  -­‐    Working  with  a  team  around  global  and  management   issues  like  finance,  marketing,  sales,  women  empowerment  not  only  provide  an   individual  with  experience  but  also  an  upperhand  in  his  professional  career.   Cultural  Exposure  –  Ethnic  diversity  in  terms  of  trainees  and  international  exposure   through  conferences  and  CEED’s.  “  You’ve  not  believed  it  until  you’ve  lived  it”.     Mentorship  and  Guidance  –  Mentorship  being  a  very  strong  process  when  used  in   the  proper  manner  can  lead  to  taking  better  and  efficient  decisions       24.  How  do  you  think  various  stakeholders  will  benefit  by  engaging  with  AIESEC  in   Chennai?  Mention  the  benefits  that  each  and  every  stakeholder  gets  separately.   Stakeholder   Benefits  of  Engaging  with  AIESEC   Members     o Leadership  Opportunities     o Mentorship  and  Guidance   o Global  Learning  Environment   o National  Opportunities   o ILCEP’s  and  CEED’s   o External  Forums  and  Events   Trainees   o High  Quality  Experiences   o Cultural  Exposure  –  Discover  India   o Job  Opportunities   o Impact  of  Global  Relevance   Clients   o International  Work  Force   o Quality  Delivery   o Value  for  Investment   o External  Forums  Engagement        

Alumni Parents    

o o o o o o

Avenue for  engagement     Internship  Opportunities   Job  Opportunities   Growth  for  Ward   External  Engagement  Avenues   Global  Environment  (Home  stays  for  Trainees)  

25.  What  are  your  plans  of  investment  in  infrastructure  and  office  space?   Effective  Infrastructure  Management     BoA  Guidance  on  Office  Space  with  a  rent  of  15,000  /month  or  funded  by  external   source  i.e.  BoA,  CSG,  Clients,  Partners.   New  Office  to  be  Acquired  for  Full  Membership  .   Effective  Investment  in  LC  Laptops  and  Harddrives  by  Quarter  II  .   Trainee  Flat  Management  and  Rent  Collection  based  on  requirement(Not  Unplanned  but   very  realistic  and  not  based  on  targets  set  but  based  on  realisitic  projections)     26.  What  are  your  expansion  plans?  Mention  the  name  of  the  entity,  if  any  and  whether   you  plan  on  making  it  an  official  expansion  in  the  year  2012.   Please  find  attached  in  the  year  plan     27.  Mention  your  plans  to  engage  EB,  MB  and  GB  members  in  CEEDs,  ILCEPs,   International  conferences  and  X+Ls?   Role     Engagement  Avenues   EB   ü CEEDs  for  Exchange  Development  and   future  opportunities   ü ILCEP’s  for  Transitional  Purposes(For  Eg:   DU  for  OGX,  Hyd  for  Expansion  Initiatives   and  TN  growth,  Chandigarh  for  TM  etc.)   ü International  Conferences  like  Unleash   to  improve  IR     ü Create  multi  dimensional  exchange   partners  across  the  GN  through   conferences   MB     ü CEED’s  and  ILCEP’s  being  a  part  of  RnR   Campaign’s   ü X+L  a  criteria  for  Best  MB  member  at   December  Local  Congress  2012   ü International  Conferences  based  on   requirement  for  IR      


ü Exchange can’t  be  made  compulsory  but   CEED’s  and  ILCEP’s  should  be  carried  out   during  holidays.   ü International  Conferences  attendence   during  CEED’s  

  28.  Give  a  brief  outline  of  the  RnR  system  to  be  followed  in  the  LC.   Talent  management  Task  Force  will  present  the  plan  for  investment  in  the  membership   for  RnR  which  will  be  passed  by  the  FTF  after  a  sitting  and  thorough  discussion.  VP  F   doesn’t  plan  the  timelines  for  the  Campaign  instead  VP  TM  does.  It  shall  be  presented   at  AGM  along  with  the  VP  TM  and  VP  F  plans.       29.  How  will  AIESEC  Chennai  fall  in  line  with  national  direction  and  the  NSC  2015  goals.         AIESEC  India  Goals    

Time 2011   2012   2013   2014   2015                        

GIP OGX   200   350   550   1000   1300  

GIP ICX   GCDP   OGX   1000   2000   1300   2600   1900   3500   2800   5000   3500   6200  

GCDP ICX   900   1600   2200   2900   3500  



7000 12000   20000   30000   38000  

2200 3500   6000   9000   12000  

AIESEC Chennai  Plan  of  Action    

December NPM  

•  Incoming and  Outgoing  LCP's  Review  State  of   AIESEC  Chennai   •  LCP's  Define  AIESEC  Chennai'sPath  and  set  LC  goals   •  Alligning    LC  2012  growth  drivers  to  Nakonal   Direckon  

NLS 2012  

•  AIESEC Chennai  get  a  planning  framework   •  AIESEC  Chennai  Finalize  and  re-­‐establish  their  2015   goals   •  Porqolio  Plans  and  Growth  Drivers  

AIESEC  Chennai:  2012-­‐13  

1.   Comment   on   the   Culture   of   AIESEC   Chennai   2011-­‐12.   How   has   it   evolved/changed/depleted   from   the   year   2007?   How   will   you   ensure   culture   of   excellence,   dynamism,   holistic   experience,   mutual   cooperation   and   co-­‐existence?   How   will  you  LEAD  and  MANAGE  CULTURE?     AIESEC  Chennai  2011-­‐12   Improvements   Setbacks   Ø Professional  Approach  J   Ø National  Participation  at  Conferences   Ø Competetive  Feeling   Ø Knowledge  about  Processes   Ø Impact  Oriented   Ø Allignment  to  the  organizational  goals   Ø Capable  Membership   and  values   Ø Increase   in   Attendence   at   Meetings   Ø National  Opportunities   and  external  Forums   Ø Jiving  L     Ø Sustainable  GrowthJ   Ø Financial  AccountabilityJ        

AIESEC Chennai  2012-­‐13   Ø More  Professional  And  Accountable  towards  Stakeholders   Ø Healthy  ,  Potential  and  Motivating  Conversations   Ø Strive  for  Excellence  in  all  our  Processes  with  ethics  and  values   Ø Time  Management     Ø Jiving  J   Ø Office  and  Infrastructural  Management   Ø National  Opportunities  and  Participation  at  Conferences   Ø Sustenance  of  the  Competitive  Culture   Ø High  Attendence  at  Meetings.   Ø Allignment  and  Personal  Goal  SettingJ         Leadership  is  set  by  examples;  Proactive  ,  selfless  and  positive  leadership  only  drives  life   changing  experiences  and    ensuring  that  the  culture  of  the  Local  Committee  is  also  an   objective  of  mine  through  my  term  as  Local  Committee  Present.     Managing  the  Culture  :  Regular  Checks  by  myself,  the  EB  and  MB  and  updates  of  the   culture  in  departments  will  be  in  the  agenda  of  EBM’s  and  MBM’s     2.  What  legacy  will  you  leave  behind  as  an  LCP  for  the  generations  to  come  considering   the  year  2011?     AIESEC  Chennai  will  set  the  benchmark  for  process  management  and  will  be  the  epitome   for  creating  global  leaders  and  will  showcase  positive  impact  through  its  exchange   programmes  and  Support  functions     3.  If  at  all  you  wish  to  bid  for  a  conference  in  year  2012,  which  one  will  that  be?  How  will   you  make  sure  that  you  generate  maximum  profit  from  it  without  it  being  interfering  in   your  plans?   RYLC  (  Regional  Youth  Leadership  Conference)     Strategies  to  Maximize  Profits   ü Financial  Structure  and  Budget  to  be  proposed  to  the  BoA,  CSG  and  Alumni  Board   Designing  new  ER  Products  for  National  Conferences   ü External  Mentoring  and  Review  of  Core  OC  at  the  conference   ü Selection  of  Core  OC  based  on  the  Competency  Model   ü One  OCP  ER  specifically  for  Fund  Raising  and  One  for  In-­‐Kind  Raising        

4. Give   your   plans   ideas   and   innovations   to   ensure   that   AIESEC   Chennai   has   a   high   performing  Q1.(Please  Refer  Year  Plan)     5.  Give  department  wise  exchange  targets  for  Q1.(Please  Refer  Year  Plan)     6.  How  will  you  make  sure  that  you  are  optimizing  your  performance  as  an  LC  in  Q3   which  has  seen  a  major  drop  in  performance  throughout  AIESEC  India  in  2011?   (Please  Refer  Year  Plan)     7.  What  is  your  Theme?  

Transitioning into  the  Energy  Era    

AIESEC Chennai  if  all  we  ever  do  is  all  we’ve  ever  done  then  all   We’ll  ever  get  is  all  we’ve  ever  got.  Its  time  we  moved  and  transitioned  into  a  high   performing  LC.  We  have  high  potential  membership,  our  processes  are  sustainable  and   well  refined.  Why  live  for  sustanence  when  you  can  grow  ?  J  Explore  and  Develop  the   opportunities  across  the  state  in  different  markets  to  achieve  the  transition  into  the   energy  era.  Lets  prove  to  the  network  we’re  more  than  just  another  local  committee.           8.  What  according  to  you  will  be  the  role  of  the  LCP  of  AIESEC  Chennai  in  Focus   Commission  2010-­‐11?   Role  of  An  L.C.P.  Nationally  are  divided  into  5  sub-­‐committee’s  :   1. Membership     2. Legislations  and  Compendium   3. Finance     4. National  Conferences   5. Brand  Management     L.C.P.  of  AIESEC  Chennai  will  also  fall  under  one  of  these.  As  an  LCP  from  AIESEC  Chennai   my  role  would  be  to  provide  smart  input  and  have  high  potential  conversations  with  other   LCP’s  and  be  able  to  grasp  whatever  I  can  for  AIESEC  Chennai  and  also  give  whatever  I  can   as  smart  and  proactive  LCP  of  AIESEC  Chennai.     9.  What  is  your  plan  or  Alumni  Relations  in  year  2012?  How  will  you  make  sure  you  have   an  access  to  the  biggest  ever  pool  of  alumni?  What  structural  changes  you  need  to  have   in  OS  to  make  sure  LC  has  amazing  Alumni  Relations?  (Please  Refer  Year  Plan)   10.  What  are  your  innovations  across  all  portfolios  for  the  year  2012?  (Please  Refer  Year   Plan)        

11. What  is  your  proposed  Organizational  Structure  of  year  2011?  Mention  EB,  MB,  GB   structure  

LCP facilitate  and  drive  goals  and  knowledge  to  the  GB  through  the  EB  and  MB  J   Teams  in  Numbers  :  EB  –  14  ,  MB  :  37  (  wil  constantly  fluctuate  based  on  the  Vice   President’s  Requirements).  Vice  President  Finance  will  also  constantly  strategically   analyse  the  operations  and  processes  of  the  local  committee.     12.  NATCONG  2013  and  AIESEC  Chennai.   AIESEC  Chennai  in  NatCong  2013  will  have  the  best  processes  across  the  AIESEC   India  Network  and  will  be  appreciated  for  high  quality  experiences  delivered.  We   will  be  financial  Sustainable.  AIESEC  in  SRM  will  be  an  official  expansion.  We   would  be  the  first  local  committee  to  do  more  than  200  Outgoing  exchanges.  Our   Pipeline  for  Leadership  in  the  MB  and  EB  will  be  at  its  best  and  highest  Potential.    




General Questions     1.  Why  did  you  decide  to  run  for  LCP,  AIESEC  Chennai  for  any  other  responsibility  in  or   outside  AIESEC?   LCP  AIESEC  Chennai  !  The  day  I  joined  AIESEC  Chennai  I  wanted  to  become  VP  F   but    as  they  say  your  wishes  never  end.  After  I  became  VP  F,  I  wanted  more  so  I   applied    for  LCP  in  2010  as  well.  I  believed  it  wasn’t  the  right  time  for  me  as  I  had   lack  of  experience.  Today  I  stand  at  an  avenue  where  I  have  the  experience,   performance,  leadership  skills,  passion  and  commitment  to  lead  and  guide  this   beautiful  local  committee  and  at  this  juncture  there  is  nothing  more  I  would  want   to  do.  

2. What  is  your  style  of  leadership?  How  can  you  conclude  that  what  AIESEC  Chennai   needs  is  an  LCP  like  you?   Leadership  to  me  is  being  understanding  yet  being  proactive  and  at  the  top  of   everything.    I  don’t  want  to  influence  the  members  because  that’s  not  what  I  do.  I   motivate  through  conversations  and  action.  This  chapter  requires  a  selfless  leader  who   can  guide  and  lead  rather  than  just  lead.  AIESEC  Chennai  requires  national  direction  at  a   higher  level  and  I  know  I  can  provide  them  with  that  platform  for  guidance  at  the  local   and  national  level.   AIESEC  Chennai  members  whether  they  understand  me  or  not,  like  me  or  hate  me  know   that  leading  this  chapter  is  my  dream  and  that  I  am  a  capable  leader.  Through  my   experiences  and  interactions  with  other  LCP’s  and  MC  members  I’ve  realized  what  this   local  committee  requires  and  I  know  I  can  deliver  and  promise  my  100%  to  this   prodigious  local  chapter  called  AIESEC  Chennai.              

3. Why  should  you  be  not  selected  as  the  LCP  of  AIESEC  Chennai  2012?  In  case  that   happens,  what  is  your  plan  B.  Remember  there  must  be  a  plan  B.   If  I  shouldn’t  be  selected  as  LCP  of  AIESEC  Chennai  2012  it  should  only  be  cause  of  my   emotional  touch  to  work.  As  for  a  plan  B  ,  I  don’t  know  I  might  take  up  a  part  time  job   with  some  firm.  I  don’t  know  haven’t  thought  about  it  yet  but  I  can  think,  I  am  a  multi   dimensional  thinkerJ  .   4.  Your  AIESEC  Chennai  DREAM!  

My vision  and  stand  for  this  Local  Committee  is  and  has  always  been  “AIESEC   Chennai  stands  for  delivering  and  showcasing  unique  life  changing   experiences  to  create  a  positive  impact  on  society  in  a  sustainable  manner.”   And  this  will  remain  to  be  my  DREAM  for  AIESEC  Chennai.     5.  What  role  can  AIESEC  Chennai  play  in  addressing  issues  like  Global  Warming,  Youth  in   politics,  fighting  financial  slowdown  and  building  global  harmony?   AIESEC  Chennai  being  a  global  youth  run  organization  will  play  an  active  role  by   participating  in  discussions  about  these  global  issues  and  taking  a  strong  stand  for  the   same.  We  should  never  forget  our  values  and  vision  as  a  global  entity  J     Impact  Week  !  J       Thank  you  !     Now  lets  implement  it  .J  


Year Plan  and  Calendar  For  AIESEC   Chennai  in  2012-­‐13    

Q1(January, February  and  March)  

Talent management:   è -­‐>Transition   è -­‐>Recruitment  planning   (Part  of  transition)   è -­‐>Database  creation   for  Recruitment   è Recruitment   OC   in  place   in  3rd     week   of  December.   è -­‐>Meetings  regarding  the  Evaluation   and   Goal  Setting   è -­‐>Designing  process   of  induction  and  mentorship.   è -­‐>Designing  Job  roles  for  members.   è Slots   for  Interviews  to  be  decided   well   in  advance.   è -­‐>Intake  planning,  Plans   will   be   reviewed  by   an   e xternal(MC   m ember/HR   firm)   è Preparing   New   recruits  for  R.Y.L.C.   è -­‐>Appraisals  and   Feedbacks   (monthly).   è Induction  Plan   for  SRM  University  and  other  expansions.       External  Relations:   è Brand   meets   with   VP   C   for  ensuring   Implementation  of  Brand   experience.   è Physical  transition  to  all  clients.   è Capitalization   on   Perspective   Clients   of  last  year  for  the  Year   long  branding.   è -­‐>Planning  for  Combined   meeting   of  Board   and   Council   in  month   of   February.   è -­‐>Addition  in  board   and   support  groups.   è -­‐>Corpus  planning   with   Finance   and   Auditor   for  the  LC,   same   to   be   pitched   to  the  board.   è Incoming  CEEDs   for  ER.   è Raising   money   for  Research   based   exchanges   from   the  Board.          

Communications: è Transition   è Agenda   designing   of  Y2B,  and   ensuring   delivery   of  Y2B.   è Raising   In  kind   and   partnership   for  Business   week   è Partnering   with   Dream  Solutions  for  Archiving.   è Online  promotion   for  recruitments.   è Communication   Protocol  review   in  the  LC.   è Investment  in  branding   (If   any)  meeting   with   Finance.   è Meeting   with   VP   ER   for  Virtual   initiatives  for  External  relations.   è Newsletters  for  Stakeholders.     Stakeholder  Management   è Revamping  of  Service  Evaluation  Doc’s   è Trainee  Flat  Management   è Parent  Relations   è Formation  of  QTF     è Analysis  and  Research  of  Mistakes  from  Last  year   è Thorough  Research  of  Realization  Cycles   è Reception  Package  to  be  designed  along  with  VP  C  and  ICX’ers     Finance  And  Strategy:   è Transition   è Health  Check   of  the  Local  committee   è Reviewing   Partnership   model   with   ER   clients.   è Preparation   of  Budget,   with   entire   EB   and   external  auditor.   è Introduction  of  All   cost  heads.   è Strategic  Analysis  of  Operations  and  Product  Pricing  for  all  Products   è Presentation  of  Budget  to  Board  and  Support  groups   è External  Audit..     GIP  ICX    (50  –  32-­‐30)   è Matching  drive  for  both  departments  for  all  available  forms   è Review  of  Delivery  Rate     è Collection  of  Market  Dues   è NEP/NCEP  Exchange  Focus   è Client  Retention  and  Management  Model   è Induction  for  New  Members   è Raising  Drives  for  Q2    

GCDP ICX    (80  –  68  –  60)   è  Extensive  Raising  and  Matching  Drives  for  ADHOC  exchanges  and  forms  which   are  to  be  delieverd  in  Q2   è IR  Building.   è Reception  and  Delivery  of  Forms  matched  in  2011   è Induction  for  New  Recruits   è Project  Kanya  (Women  Empowerment)  starts.   è Research  for  Child  Rights  and  Balakalakaar  to  be  initialized  in  March.     GCDP/GIP  OGX  (  90-­‐30-­‐  20)   è Designing  Structured  way  for  Raising  through  MoU’s  and  Contracts  and  Market   Expansions   è Selection  of  EPs  and  Refinement  to  Ensure  Quality   è IR  Building  for  GIP  OGX   è Partnerships  with  schools  and  colleges       Exchange  in  Quarter  1:  220  –  130  -­‐100     January     February     March   è AGM   è Empower   è Recruitment   è LTS   è Matching  Manias   è Transitions   è Raising  Drives   è National  Leader’s   è MBM   è RYLC   è Alumni  Dinner   summit  J   è Parents  Evening  J     è Trainee  Event   è MB  Training     è Team  Days     Innovations  for  Q1   Ø Pipeline  Building  for  Q1  from  December  as  ratification  targets  for  EB  and  MB   Ø GIP  OGX  to  be  reinforced   Ø Proper  Investment  Model  to  boost  exchange   Ø Expansions  to  contribute  to  these  exchanges   Ø Delivery  of  NEP/NCEP  programs     Q2 ( April, May, June)   Talent  management:   è Review   and  tracking   for  department  members.   è Appraisals   of  New   recruits.  

è Membership experience  surveys.   è Meetings   with   department  heads   regarding  member   efficiency.   è Individual  meetings   with   GB   and   new   recruits.   è Review   of  member   exchange   ratio.   è Defining   new   retention  Ideologies.   è “Dare  To  Believe”  RnR  Campaign       External  relations:   è Joint  Board  Meeting  with  EB  to  review  Q1  and  scope  for  improvement.   è Partnership   with   government  for  Exchanges   and   Funding   support  for  all  DT   projects.   è Setting   of  Corporate  Support  Group   that   governs   the  actions   of  the  Local   committee.   è Money   for  Virtual   branding   initiatives  comes   in.  (synergy  with   C)   è Partnerships   for  Balakalakaar  and  Corporate  Week.   è Combined   Board   and   Council   meeting.   Communications     è Brand  Checks  for  the  LC   è PR  Partnerships   è Structured  IR  processes   è External  sessions  for  Knowledge  for  EB  MB  and  GB.  (Synergy  with  ER  and  TM)   è Increased  Online  Activity   è Office  Space  and  Infrastructure   è Attendance  at  External  Events  and  Partnerships     è Matching  Mania’s  that  are  well  defined  and  structured.   è Newsletters  and  LC  Report  for  Stakeholders.     Stakeholder  Management   è Newsletters  to  be  sent  to  Stakeholders   è Trainee  Events   è Alumni  Meets   è Engagement  Avenues  for  Stakeholders  with  Members   è Mentorship  Avenues  through  Alumni   è Invitations  for  Balakalakaar  to  be  sent  out.  J       Finance  and  Strategy   è Budget   Review  by   BoA   and   Support  Groups.   è Financial  task  force  review   of  the  Local  committee   for  checking   the  Financial  

health. è External  mentoring   for  recognizing  new   cost  heads,  and   implementation  of  Cost  effective  tools.   è Re-­‐imbursement  structure   planned   with   the  New   RnR   model.  (with   VP   TM)   è Collection  of  Market  Dues   è Presentation  of  Quaterly  Budget  Review  to  the  LC  (Achieved  vs  Budgeted)     è External  Audit  Submission  to  the  Member  Committee.   è Finance  Knowledge  Sessions.   è Innovating  around  products  and  value  for  the  product   è Increase  in  Corpus.     GIP  ICX  (60-­‐54–  42)   è Realizations  for  All  Forms  that  are  matched   è Review  of  Delivery  to  Clients   è Corporate  Projects  in  the  fields  of  Tourism  and  HR  Building.   è Contribution  of  expansions  to  fall  in  place   è  Hospitality  based  projects  comes  in  place.   è Delivery  of  NCEP/NEP  exchanges  to  enhance  corporate  sector  funds.   è Re-­‐Raising  for  Clients  and  SED’s  Submission.     GCDP  ICX  (70-­‐  82  -­‐  75)   è Realizations  for  All  ADHOC  Forms   è Realizations  for  Kanya     è Client  Base  for  Balakalakar  and  Raising  forms  for  the  same   è Extensive  Matching  for  all  forms  on  system   è Participation  in  all  matching  manias  across  the  network  by  all  members.   è Trainee  Events  and  Interaction  sessions  with  Trainee  Buddy’s.     GCDP/GIP  OGX    (40-­‐  90  –  100)   è All  available  forms  on  system  to  be  matched   è Outgoing  CEEDs  to  countries  for  structuring  and  strengthening  relations  based  on   National  Partnerships   è Structured  IR  and  IS  Structure   è Raising  MT  and  TT  EP’s  with  good  experience  and  qualified  academic  experience   è Reverse  Matching  for  GIP.   è Synergy  with  CIM  to  provide  Case  Studies     è Designing  proper  Job  Role  for  all  members.  (  Synergy  with  VP  TM)   è Initiation  of  Project  Conserve     Exchanges  in  q2  :    170  –  226  -­‐217  

April è Matching  Mania   è OC  for  Balakalakaar  in   place   è MB  Skill  Building   è Pocket  Recruitment  

May è External  Sessions  for   MB   è CEEDs  and  ILCEP’s   è Alumni  Meets     è Project  Conserve  

June è JNC  ,  where  we  smile   and  feel  proud  during   SONA   è Balakalakaar  2012   è Showcasing  our  Brand   Impact  (  Case  Studies)  

    Q3  (July,August,September)       Talent  Management     è Planning  for  Recruitments  with  EB     è Review  of  Membership   è Appraisals  and  Goal  Setting   è Review  of  Job  Roles  and  Member  Efficiency   è Membership  Experience  Surveys   è Revamping  the  Interview  Models  for  MB     External  Relations   è Synergy  with  all  VP’s  to  ensure  proper  support  in  terms  of  funding  and  product   packaging   è Client  Relations  Management  Model  and  Processes   è Capitalization  on  Recruitment  and  LTS  as  a  product   è SBIP(Social  Business  Internship  Program)  Partnerships  and  promotion  of  GCDP   ICX  (  synergy  with  CIM  and  GCDP  ICX)   è Board  Review  of  the  Local  Committee  and  Report  Presentations   è Half  Yearly  Analysis  of  Products     è Support  Groups  Retention  and  Delivery  Report  and  Review     Communications   è External  Review  by  Board  and  Support  groups  on  showcasing  brand  impact   è Virtual  Promotions  and  Online  Registrations  for  Recruitment   è Brand  Environment  Check  with  the  EB   è Communication  Protocol  Review     è Structured  Process  of  Communication     è Online  Activity     è Social  Media  Ads  (Synergy  with  VP  F)  

Stakeholder Management     è SED’s  for  Post  Realization  of  Exchange  Participants   è Case  Studies  of  Returned  Exchange  Participants   è Alumni  Meet  and  Support  Group  meetings   è Half  Yearly  Analysis  of  Quality  and  Report  Review   è Parent  Evening           Finance  and  Strategy   è Re-­‐imbursement  for  Members   è Market  Dues  Recovery   è FTF  Meetings   è Half  Yearly  Budget  Analysis  with  external  auditor   è Trainee  Flat  Investments   è Improving  Financial  Responsibility  amongst  EB  and  MB     GIP  ICX  (50  –  48  -­‐40)   è New  raises  from  existing  and  new  clients   è Induction  for  New  Recruits   è Realizations  for  Corporate  Projects   è Matching  for  Q4  begins   è Learning  Activities  for  Members   è Consistent  IR  Building  and  Partnerships     GCDP  ICX  (80  -­‐70  –  63)   è Major  Realization  Period.   è Members  involved  in  Realizations  (Trainee  and  Client  Engagement  Avenues).   è Fun  based  realization  (Entire  Department  going  for  Trainee  Reception).     è Delivery  of  Balakalakaar  and  Child  Rights  Projects.   è Delivery  for  all  ADHOC  exchanges.   è Initiation  of  Project  HIV/AIDS     GCDP/GIP  OGX  (120  -­‐30  –  10)   è Raising  Drives  for  Q4  Delivery.   è Member  Induction  and  Involvement  in  IS’s  and  EP  meets.   è Matching  MT  and  TT  EP’s  with  high  caliber  Exchange  Programs.  

Exchanges for  q3  :  250  –  148  -­‐113     July   August   September   è LTS   è RYLC   è Recruitment  OC     è EB  Team  Days   è Alumni  Dinner   è Trainee  Events     è MB  Training  and   Capacity  Building   è Local  Congress  V.1         Strategies  to  optimize  in  Q3   è New  Structure,  IR  Building  and  International  Partnerships   è Expansions  Contributing  to  this  number  of  exchanges   è Member  Efficiency  tools   è Structuring  new  and  compact  Job  Roles   è Transparency  and  Goal  Oriented  Behaviour     è Cultural  Checks   è Involvement  of  Parents  and  Trainee’s  will  improve  member  efficiency   è Re-­‐integration  of  EPs  will  improve  the  matching  process  and  quality  delivered     Q4  (October,  November,  December)     Talent  Management     è Preparation  of  Membership  Reports  will  be  presented  to  the  Board   è Appraisals   è Talent  Pipelining  (Future  Leadership)   è Rewards  at  Y2B  for  all  performing  members   è Learning  teams  for  all  portfolios’   è Preparation  for  NSC     External  Relations   è Appointments  for  Learning  Teams   è Designing  new  Products  for  the  year  2013   è Ensuring  proper  involvement  by  governing  support  groups.     Communications     è Matching  Mania  for  Q4  designed  and  implemented   è Showcasing  Brand  Impact  

è Public Relations  and  Branding  for  Y2B   è Communications  Learning  Teams   è Review  of  the  Portfolio  and  Focus  Areas  for  2013     Stakeholder  Management     è Review  of  overall  quality  of  experiences  delivered   è Assessment  of  the  portfolio  and  its  essence     è Annual  Stakeholder’s  Dinner  2012   è Revamping  the  Client  Relations  Model  for  Efficiency  and  Effectiveness       Finance  and  Strategy   è External  Audit  of  Finances   è Quarterly  Analysis  and  Reports  presented  to  LC   è FTF  Meetings   è Learning  Teams  for  Finance     GIP  ICX  (20-­‐  30  –  15)   è Pipeline  Creation  for  Q1  Exchanges   è Membership  Knowledge   è Realizations  and  Matching  Happening  consistently     GCDP  ICX  (30-­‐  20  -­‐15)   è Raises  for  q1  2013   è Structure  and  Learning  for  members   è Capitalizing  on  IR  and  Matching       è Project  HIV/AIDS     GCDP/GIP  OGX  (  20-­‐  100-­‐  110)     è Major  Realization  Cycle   è Travel  Partnerships   è IR  Building  and  Matching   è Major  contribution  by  expansion  Initiatives     Exchanges  for  q4  :  70-­‐  150  –  140     October   Y2B   Member  Appraisals   Dare  to  Believe   Campaign    

November LCP  Elections   EB  Selections   Project  HIV/AIDS  

December December  Local  Congress   Transitions     Training  Modules   MB  In  Place  

EXCHANGES FOR  2012  –     710  –  674  –  580     Threats  and  Innovations       Functions   Threats   Innovations   Ø Product  Packaging   Ø Client  Retention   GIP  ICX   Ø 1  member  –  1  client   Ø CRM       model   Ø Quality  of  EP     Ø Structured  Job  Roles  Ø NCEP/NEP  Exchanges   and  Delivery   Ø IR  Building     Ø Investments  in  TN     Traineeships        

Ø Multi Dimensional   Products   Ø CEED’s  to  Improve   International   Partnerships  


  Ø Membership   Ø Retention   Ø Lack  Of  Interest  and   Ø Motivation   Ø Global  EP  Pool   Ø Ø Client  Retention   Ø


Ø Cycles   Ø Bad  Branding  by  X-­‐ AIESECer’s  and   other  externals   Ø Lack  Of  Motivation  

Social Business   Internship  Programs     Trainee  Reception   Model   Trainee  Involvement   Showcasing  the  Positive   Impact  

Ø Marketing Strategies   Ø Expansions     Ø EP  Involvement  at   events  and  external   forums   Ø Induction  Processes  

Social Media  ad’s   Checklist  Mechanism   Learning  Teams   Brand  Managers   Campus  Ambassadors   Process  Refinement   Membership   Experience  Surveys   Ø Culture  checks   Ø Structured  Job  Roles  


Ø Information Management     Ø PR  

Talent Management  

Ø Ø Ø Ø

Ø New Products   Ø Product  Packaging   Ø Organizational   Ø Funding  Based   Development  Based   Ø Client  Retention  and   Ø Project  Funding     Delivery   Ø Learning  Teams  

Business Development  

Induction Processes   Mentorship   Training  Modules   Skill  and  Capacity   Building  

Ø Alumni Newsletter   Ø Alumni  involvement  in   Corporate  and  Non-­‐ Corporate  Events   Ø Alumni  Support  Group   Ø Mentorship  Alumni   Groups   Ø Social  Business   Transparency   Internship  Programs  to   Financial  Knowledge   ensure  sustenance   LC  Involvement   Ø Strategic  Analysis  on   Timelined  FTF   quarterly  basis   Meetings   Ø Investment  Models   Ø Short  Term  Investment   Plans  

Stake Holder   Management  

Ø Quality Experiences   Ø Trainee  Problems   Ø Trainee  Flat   Management    

Financial And   Strategic   Management  

Ø Ø Ø Ø


Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Plans For  Expansions     SRM  University     Quarter   Quarter  1  

Quarter 2  

Quarter 3  

Quarter 4  


Activites Ø Identify  Market  Splits  for  OGX,   GCDP  ICX  and  GIP  ICX  

Ø All relevant  documents  from  BoA,   MoU’s  and  CSG  to  be  obtained   Ø IS  to  be  conducted  along  with  a   small  scale  empower   Ø Raising  and  Matching  for  Q2  

Ø First Phase  of  Recruitment  for  both   membership  and  EP’s   Ø Goal  Setting  and  Alignment  to   AIESEC   Ø JNC  Attendance     Ø LCC  to  conduct  individual  sessions   with  EB  for  expectation  setting     Ø Re-­‐integration  of  EP’s  and  TL   positions  opened  for  them.   Ø Matching  and  Raising  Forms  for  Q4   Ø EP  Event(  START)   Ø AIESEC  to  apply  for  infrastructure  on   campus   Ø Internships  to  be  recognized   Ø Winter  Cycle     Ø President  and  EB  Applications  open   Ø AIESEC  SRM  is  an  official  entity  

NIT and  Tanjore     Quarter   Quarter  1    

Quarter 2  

Quarter 3  

Quarter 4  


Activities Ø Market  Research   Ø Networks  for  BoA   Ø Recruitments  and  OGX  Raising   Ø Induction  Process   Ø VP  Expansions  to  travel  for  regular   Checks   Ø EP’s  are  sent  and  BOA  in  place   Ø Media  Articles  to  be  published   Ø Promotion  on  Social  media   persistently   Ø ILCEP’s  from  AIESEC  Chennai  to  NIT   and  Tanjore  to  improve  processes   Ø Markets  for  ICX  in  both  GCDP  and   GIP   Ø Recruitment  for  25  members   Ø Office  Infrastructure  in  Campus     Ø Case  Studies  of  returned  EPs  to  be   made  and  promoted   Ø Raising  for  Winter  Cycle   Ø Appraisals  and  Membership  Surveys   Ø Second  Batch  of  EP’s  realized   Ø LC’s  to  be  recognized  as  official   expansions  by  the  FOCUS   Ø President  and  EB  applications   Ø Interviews  will  be  conducted  by   AIESEC  Chennai  

Plans For  Alumni  Relations   Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Initiating more  Alumni  based  events:  AAPL,  Alumni  Dinner.   Alumni  Newsletter   Alumni  involvement  in  Corporate  and  Non-­‐Corporate  Events   Alumni  Relations  Manager  will  be  a  MB  role   Alumni  Support  Groups   Alumni  Feedbacks  to  make  them  feel  connected   Awards  Night  will  include  an  Alumni  award  and  involve  Alumni  

I Choose…   To  live  by  choice,  not  by  chance.   To  make  changes,  not  excuses.   To  be  motivated,  not  manipulated   To  be  useful,  not  used   To  excel,  not  compete.   I  choose  self-­‐esteem,  not  self  pity   I  choose  to  listen  to  my  inner  voice   Not  the  Random  Opinion  of  Others     AIESEC  Chennai  and  my  vision  for  this  beautiful  local  chapter  are   contained  within  this  manifesto.  The  faith  and  respect  the   members  have  for  me  is  worth  commending  and  it  is  the  one  factor   that  keeps  me  motivated  and  strong.  AIESEC  Chennai  has  always   been  known  for  proactive  leaders  who  are  smart  and  random  and  I   choose  to  carry  forward  that  legacy.   AIESEC  Chennai  dares  to  believe  that  it  is  going  beyond  because  it  is   always  excited  to  take  up  new  challenges  and  this  is  the  positive   energy  I  would  like  to  convey  to  you  through  this  executive   summary.    AIESEC  Chennai  will  challenge  the  status  quo.  We   pioneered  the  stand  for  sustainability  and  process  refinement  and   we  will  DO  whatever  is  required  to  stand  by  the  vision  for  AIESEC   globally  and  AIESEC  Chennai  Locally.       Please  Find  Attached  in  this  package     1)  LCP  Manifesto/Application   2)  Endorsements  (  1  MC,  2  Alumni,  2  EB  ,  2  Clients)   3)  Year  Plan  and  Calendar    

To whomsoever  it  may  concern     12th  November  2011     I  hereby  endorse  the  application  of  Mr.  Anirudh  Deep  for  the   office  of  President  of  AIESEC  in  Chennai  considering  the   passion  and  dedication  he  has  for  this  local  chapter.     I  have  worked  with  Anirudh  for  the  past  two  years  and  his   adherence  for  timelines  and  passion  to  work  has  always   been  an  inspiration  to  me.  His  clarity  and  transparency   through  his  work  shows  his  deep  passion  for  this   organization  and  how  it  has  positively  led  to  the  clearance  of   the  debt  this  local  committee  was  burdened  by.  Anirudh   would  be  a  great  asset  to  any  organization  that  he  is   functioning  with.     He  has  also  come  across  as  a  very  smart  and  innovative   individual  across  the  operations  and  processes  of  AIESEC.   I  believe  these  are  the  qualities  that  are  essential  for  a  leader   to  ensure  growth  in  an  organization.  With  this  ,  I  would  like   to  wish  him  all  the  best  with  his  application  and  his  future   endeavors.       Nitish  Bansal   SICASA  Committee  Member  (2009-­‐11)   Article  Trainee  (Sanjiv  Shah  &  Associates)    

To Whom  It  May  Concern    

Date: 12th  November  2011   I  hereby  endorse  Anirudh  Deep,  Vice  President  Finance,  AIESEC  Chennai  2011-­‐12,  for   the  post  of  Local  Committee  President  backed  by  his  knowledge  &  expertise  in  the   organization  and  his  experience  in  working  with  diverse  teams.   Anirudh  has  been  one  of  the  most  passionate  achievers  of  AIESEC  in  Chennai,   starting  his  journey  with  the  local  Committee  in  2009;  he’s  taken  up  diverse  and   challenging  roles  and  excelled  in  all  of  them.  He  has  also  successfully  handled  the   financial  affairs  of  a  Local  Chapter  with  one  of  the  most  diverse  and  growing   operations  in  the  network  and  ensuring  sustainability  at  the  optimal  level.  Having   gone  through  a  strong  and  intense  VP  F  role,  he  took  up  another  exciting  challenge,   taking  up  the  responsibility  of  handling  the  information  management  in  the  national   Finances  across  the  network,  whilst  his  National  Finance  Support  Team  role  as  Chair   at  AIESEC  India  2011-­‐12.  He  without  doubt  possesses  solutions  and  answers  to  the   most  important  questions  and  strategies  in  this  organization.     Having  worked  with  him  at  AIESEC  for  over  3  years,  I’ve  noticed  him  to  be  a  hard   working,  passionate  go  getter  who  is  very  committed  to  the  role  he  takes  up  and  adds   the  eye  for  innovation  whenever  he  is  working  with  a  team.  He  is  also  someone  who   can  adjust  easily  in  a  diverse  environment  and  plays  a  role  of  a  shaper  pretty  well.  He   has  also  worked  at  various  levels  in  AIESEC  representing  diverse  teams  at  the  same   time  and  thus  adds  a  balanced  and  mature  perspective  wherever  required.   With  this  humungous  opportunity,  if  there  is  a  certain  level  of  skill,  commitment   &experience  required,  I  think  Anirudh  fits  in  quite  comfortably,  without  second   thoughts.  Hereby,  I  wish  to  endorse  him  for  the  above  said  position  and  wish  him   Good  Luck  for  the  application.       Advyit  Varma   Local  Committee  President     AIESEC  Chennai  2010-­‐11   Member  Committee  Vice  President  External  Relations  /  Business  Development   AIESEC  India  2011-­‐12    

The Local  Committee  President   AIESEC  Chennai   8th  November  of  2011     Re:  Endorsing  Anirudh  Deep’s  candidature  for  the  office  of  Local  committee  president  of  AIESEC   Chennai   I  have  known  Anirudh  for  3  years  since  recruiting  him  into  AIESEC  Chennai.  He  entered  the  organization   as  an  inquisitive,  proactive  and  humble  person  and  has  used  his  strengths  to  his  advantage  –  a   characteristic  that  few  at  this  age  possess.  Coupled  with  his  hardworking  nature  and  intuitive   intelligence,  he  has  impressed  me  by  coming  thus  far  within  AIESEC.   The  role  of  an  LCP  requires  dedication  commitment  and  maturity  that  Anirudh  will  be  able  to  portray.   Building  a  better  brand  for  AIESEC  in  this  high  potential  city  would  need  a  person  who  is  optimistic  about   the  power  of  this  organization  and  I  can  safely  say  that  Anirudh  has,  through  his  experiences,  built  a   perspective  of  how  AIESEC  can  be  used  to  improve  the  experiences  of  youth  within  this  city.     Moreover,  an  LCP  is  a  brand  ambassador  of  the  city  and  the  local  chapter.  It  requires  immense  poise  and   a  deep  understanding  of  people  that  Anirudh  brings  to  the  table.  As  a  face  of  the  organization  internally   and  externally,  Anirudh  will  be  able  to  successfully  meet  the  expectations  of  people  and  promises   contained  within  this  manifesto.   I  hereby  endorse  Anirudh  Deep’s  candidature  for  the  office  of  LCP  of  AIESEC  Chennai,  and  extend  my   support  in  ensuing  processes  to  him  wishing  him  all  the  best.       Thanks,   Abhijit  Sunder   LCP  AIESEC  Chennai  2010   VP  Finance,  AIESEC  India  2010-­‐11  

To Whomsoever It May Concern

It is with great pleasure that I support the candidature of Mr. Anirudh Deep for the Office of the Local Committee President of AIESEC Chennai. I have known him from my interactions and believe he is responsible, empathetic and a hardworking person. He is sincere, committed to his work and inspirational; to whom members would look up to. His ability to stay calm and composed during adverse situations is admirable. The desire to work for AIESEC Chennai along the drive makes Anirudh a suitable candidate. He possesses characteristics of a good leader and above that a great human being; I endorse him for the Office of Local Committee President and wish him success and luck in his future endeavors. Thank You. Yours sincerely,

Gautam Seth Co-Founder & Director Dreamcast Digitalworks Pvt Ltd | Webcontxt |


31 October 2011 Subject: Letter of Endorsement Please consider this to be a formal letter of endorsement for Anirudh Deep for his application for the Local Committee President 2012-2013.

Anirudh as an indiviual has impressed me with his vast knowledge levels and at the same time inspired me with it. He loves his job and accomplishes his work with great ardour. The energy levels that Anirudh brings is very much needed and his constant motivation to the team from time to time has indeed benefited all of us in our EB term. He has always been helpful and his easy to approach nature is exactly what a leader should have. I would also like to mention here that he has been a great mentor and the effort he has taken to ensure his mentees are satisfied is worthy of note. He has always enjoyed participating in the Local Committee's functioning. He has represented AIESEC in Chennai in every conference and has been a brilliant mascot cause of the lively person he is. His achievement at the national level has been very aspiring for me personally. With the massive amount of knowledge levels and experience gained through the many conferences Anirudh is surely a person who I take inspiration from. He has carried out the duties of the LCP during the laters absense and we have all looked up to him with respect. I am positive that he is the right person to lead the Executive Board 2012-2013. It gives me immense pleasure to endorse him for the post of Local Committee President for I feel he is what AIESEC in Chennai needs to ensure sustainability. I wish him the very best in his future endeavors. Yours Sincerely Sameer Bajaj Vice President Development Sector 2011-2012

TO WHOM SO EVER IT MAY CONCERN It is with great pleasure and honour that I support the candidature of Anirudh Deep for the post of Local Committee President, AIESEC in Chennai 2012-2013. I have known Anirudh since August 2009 when we got inducted into the same department. He was one of the most active new recruits back then and ever since his passion and commitment for AIESEC has been immense. He has always been passionate about his work and dedicated to whatever roles he has taken up in this organization and completed each with par excellence. Anirudh’s zeal for his work is remarkable. He took up the responsibility to stabilize the Local Committee’s financial status in 2010 when AIESEC Chennai was seeing the most unsteady times and lead the Local Committee to be recognized nationally for its Financial Management. Being a re-termer in the portfolio for 2011 also his knowledge level and experience of the portfolio is extraordinary. What is even more remarkable that Anirudh being a complete AIESECer has involved himself actively with the functioning of the other portfolios too. As a co-Executive Body member his insights on matters have always been helpful and supportive. He has always looked out to help us in whatever way he could and has been a valuable asset on the Executive Body. I hereby endorse him and wish him good luck for all his future endeavours.

Nikita Nevatia Vice President | Outgoing Exchange 2011-2012 AIESEC in Chennai, India Email: Ph. No: +91 9840176984

To Whom It May Concern Date: 9th November 2011 I hereby endorse Anirudh Deep, LC VP finance, AIESEC Chennai 2011-12, for the office of the Local Committee President backed by his knowledge & expertise in AIESEC. Anirudh has experienced AIESEC in a holistic manner by virtue of roles he’s taken up at AIESEC Chennai. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him very closely in the capacity of a commission head. It is during this period that I have observed him to be a genuine AIESECer with ambition and more importantly a zeal to achieve it. I’ve also noticed him to be a hard working, passionate go getter who is very committed to the role he takes up and adds the eye for innovation whenever he is working with a team. He is also someone who can adjust easily in a diverse environment and plays a role of a shaper pretty well. He has also worked at various levels in AIESEC representing diverse teams at the same time and thus adds a balanced and mature perspective wherever required. With this humungous opportunity, if there is a certain level of skill, commitment & experience required, I think Anirudh fits in quite comfortably, without second thoughts. Hereby, I wish to endorse him for the above said position and wish him Good Luck for the application.

Himanshu Charan Member Committee Vice President AIESEC India 2011-12

Anirudh Deep-LCP Manifesto 2012  

VP Finance Anirudh Deep's application for Local Committee President of AIESEC Chennai in 2012

Anirudh Deep-LCP Manifesto 2012  

VP Finance Anirudh Deep's application for Local Committee President of AIESEC Chennai in 2012