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Effective August 24, 2011


Cable TV keeps getting better! Innovative Cable TV continues to launch the channels that you have requested. Effective August 24, 2011 exciting additions have been made to our respective line-ups to standardize Innovative Cable TV’s channel offerings and ensure that we are providing the diverse, quality programming that you want to see. On St. Croix, the following channels, which are already featured in St. Thomas-St. John district, have been added to the Expanded package: Disney XD, which offers animated and live action-oriented programs tailored for pre-teen and teenage males, is featured on Channel 133. Oxygen features lifestyle programming and popular reality programs like the Glee Project and America’s Next Top

Model Obsessed on Channel 136. Innovative Cable TV St. Thomas-St. John launched Turner Classic Movies on Channel 63. TCM presents, commercial-free, the greatest classic motion pictures of all time. Turner Classic Movies has already been available on St. Croix. Horror movie fans will be thrilled by the launch of Chiller, which features horror and suspense programming. From classic horror movies to gory reality shows, Chiller will keep you on the edge of your seat. Chiller airs on both Innovative Cable TV St. Thomas- St. John and Innovative Cable TV St. Croix on Channel 59. Finally, for subscribers of the Starz Superpak, Encore Español airs on Channel 277 on both systems. Encore Español is the Spanish language simulcast of the main Encore channel, which features blockbuster movies and first-run films. As you can see, there is something for everyone with the new group of channels. Innovative Cable TV, your only local cable TV provider, continues to make programming choices based on your needs and requests.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

Cable TV keeps getting better!