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Interdisciplinary Course Descriptions

Introduction to Photography for Non-Majors 3 credits IPHOT 1220 This course is a basic, hands-on introduction to the photographic arts. It addresses both technical and aesthetic areas of photographic concern. Beginning with the basic properties of light, this course covers camera and lens functions, basic black and white printing processes, and presentation of the final image. Aesthetic concerns of space, composition, point of view, image rendering, manipulation and the intentions of the artist are covered in class critique. Introduction to Photography: Digital 3 credits IPHOT 1240 Introduction to Photography for Non-Majors: Digital explores the traditional concepts, techniques, and language of photography via the use of contemporary digital technologies. Taking In: The Best of AIB Photography 3 credits IPHOT 2215 Taking introduces students to the “professional publishing world.” This class focuses on the organization, production, and printing of a photographic magazine. All the preparatory steps are taught, including: digital scanning, book layout, how to communicate with commercial printers and binders, advertising, distribution, and exhibition. The class also organizes: a jury to select artwork, a gallery showcase, and a gala opening to celebrate the release of the Taking In publication. The class culminates in the final presentation of “Taking In: The Best of AIB Photography,” at the opening release party in October. Watercolor 1.5 credits IFINE 2250 Through painting from observation and imagination, the basic water color techniques of wet-onwet, dry brush, and glazing are studied. Emphasis is on transparent watercolor methods, but gouache may also be explored. Prerequisite: Foundation studio.

Video I 3 credits IANIM 2570 This course is an introduction to the aesthetic and technical aspects of video production. Students shoot their own videotapes using lightweight, digital video cameras from scripted treatments. The basics of Adobe Premiere editing software are introduced. Video II 3 credits IANIM 3570 A course designed for further study in digital video production. Students complete several production assignments, including individual and collaborative projects. Students are expected to present and discuss the thought process behind their video acquisition/shooting. More sophisticated video and editing techniques are taught along with an emphasis on the role of the director. Prerequisite: Students must have basic skills in shooting video and in editing in Final Cut. Visual Books I 3 credits IPHOT 3110 Students explore the nature and possibilities of artist’s books as a medium for photographers. Sequencing, theme, techniques for binding books and various forms are considered. Using photographic images and words, students create their own artists’ books. Visual Books II 3 credits IPHOT 3120 This course is for students who have taken Visual books, or who have had previous experience in making books. It gives students the opportunity to further develop the skills and techniques learned in Visual Books. This course is useful to students in developing their own writing skills, using writing with other mediums, and as a way to continue creating and inventing their own unique books. The course includes field trips to important collections, as well as visits from book artists in the Boston area. Prerequisites: IPHOT 3110 or permission of instructor, open to non-photo majors.


At AIB at Lesley University, we believe that your work as an artist is enhanced by a broad course of study that crosses all disciplines. Through the passport program, the University has made interdisciplinary courses a hallmark of an AIB education. This approach enables you to explore widely, finding inspiration from areas of art outside your major focus. It also allows you to work with faculty members from outside your chosen department—accessing a broad base of experience and perspectives. Interdisciplinary courses promote experimentation and a multidisciplinary approach to making art. They also encourage you to develop broad strengths as an artist and prepare you to adapt to different career circumstances. Our interdisciplinary courses include a selection of courses in most areas of study, from photography and mixed media to film and digital software electives. In addition to the following courses, all Fine Arts courses can be taken as interdisciplinary electives by students in any major.

Interdisciplinary Course Descriptions

Interdisciplinary Studio I and II 3 credits IFINE 3190 / 4190 Junior and Senior Fine Arts majors explore and combine their interests in various media and subjects into single works of visual art. This may include media within the Fine Arts department, or a combination with media from other majors and academic classes. Lectures, visiting artists, fieldtrips, and critiques expose students to new artists and contemporary trends in this field. Prerequisite: 12 credits of Fine Arts Major Courses. Exploring New Genres 3 credits IPHOT 3590 This class examines the relatively new genre of installation and its interaction with traditional Fine Arts approaches. Students develop installations both inside and outside of AIB and explore site-specific work, the creation of environments, and issues such as temporality, scaling, and non-traditional art techniques and materials. In addition, there is the opportunity to experiment with and incorporate elements of performance art, such as spectacle, confrontation, and storytelling. Class time includes critique, in-class assignments, studio time, discussion of related contemporary artwork, and may include studio visits and guest lecturers. Comic Book and Storyboard 3 credits IILLU 3610 The comic book is an art form that knows no age or social boundaries; it is a feature of popular culture that is present from museum walls to the newsstand. Through historical perspectives and assignments, students explore this visual, narrative art. Issues of content, plot, character development, sequential narrative and design are addressed. Techniques for creating compelling storyboards for a variety of outlets are also covered. Prerequisite: IILLU 2100.

Drawing Images in a Series 3 credits IILLU 4100 The primary objective in this class is story telling with visual images in a sequential pattern. We explore the industry standards of storyboards, graphic novels, comic book funnies, directing manuals and picture books. In addition to image sequencing, basic drawing elements are reviewed by creating multi-figured compositions and narratives as examples. Prerequisite: IILLU 2100. Rites and Celebrations 3 credits IPHOT 4300 Day of the Dead: Rituals and Ceremony is a class that educates students in the intricacies of rituals and ceremony through observation and research. The course includes assigned reading, discussions, papers and field trips. Students are expected to produce visual assignments and a final project based upon a major 5-day field trip to Oaxaca, Mexico for the Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is a 3-day celebration of feasting and celebration honoring and remembering family members who have “passed on� and whom Mexicans believe will return home for a visit one day each year. There are candlelight processions, Feasting and games in the graveyards, fireworks, parades and festivities. All students enrolled in this class are expected to be covered under a comprehensive health insurance policy. Additional travel expenses are approximately $1,000, which covers round trip air between Boston and Mexico City to Oaxaca, lodging at the Calesa Real Hotel and meals. Poster and Cover Concepts 3 credits IDESN 4520 An interdepartmental course focusing on the use of images to communicate specific messages clearly, creatively, and in a compelling manner for a particular audience. Students work on book and magazine covers, CDs, and posters to explore issues of subject and symbol, image and inspiration, audience and impact, as well as the interaction of words and images.


Introduction to Photography: digital 3 credits IPHOT 1240 Introduction to Photography for Non-Majors: Digital explores the traditional conce...

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