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Fine Arts Curriculum & Courses

Fine Arts BFA Degree Total Credits: 123 Foundation Year First / Second semester: 33 credits First year studies in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fine Arts include Foundation program requirements and courses in Liberal Arts. Refer to page 147. Second Year First semester: 15 credits Fine Arts Major Course Fine Arts Major Course Studio Elective Art Since 1945 Liberal Arts Elective Second semester: 15 Credits Fine Arts Major Course Fine Arts Major Course Studio Elective Art History Elective Math Requirement Third Year First semester: 15 credits Advanced Fine Arts Major Course Studio Elective Studio Elective Art History Elective Social Science Elective

Fourth Year First semester: 15 credits Senior Studio I Professional Development Advanced Fine Arts Major Course General Elective Liberal Arts Elective Second semester: 15 credits Senior Studio II Advanced Fine Arts Major Course General Elective General Elective Liberal Arts Elective

Fine Arts / Design Double Major Total credits: 144 Students may earn a BFA degree with a double major in Fine Arts / Graphic Design. This requires an additional year of study.

Fine Arts / Illustration Double Major Total credits: 151 Students may earn a BFA degree with a double major in Fine Arts / Illustration. This requires an additional year of study.

Second semester: 15 credits Advanced Fine Arts Major Course Studio Elective Studio Elective Liberal Arts Elective Science Requirement


The Fine Arts curriculum helps prepare you for a lifetime of artistic pursuit and involvement by means of a flexible, cross-disciplinary approach that ensures personal exploration and a broader arts education. Students prepare to be exhibiting fine artists or can use their fine arts training as a foundation for an art-related profession in such fields as art education, art therapy, or museum work. The department offers courses in both traditional and new media, which serve as a continual source for ideas and inspiration for all AIB students.

Fine Arts Curriculum & Courses

Fine Arts Course Descriptions Drawing: Heads, Hands and Feet 1.5 credits IFINE 1610 An investigation of the issues and interests artists have in drawing through an intense study of these three parts of the body. A variety of drawing mediums are used. Woodshop for Painters 1.5 credits IFINE 1620 This class enables the painter who wishes to learn basic carpentry skills to make painting stretchers and simple frames. The course also shows how to make braced panels to paint on. Drawing: Structure and Light 3 credits IFINE 2100 The figure, still life, and landscape are studied in an exploration of seeing and mark making. The essential forms of nature in terms of volume and space are revealed in the play of light and dark. A variety of drawing materials and formats are used. Drawing: Space and Composition 3 credits IFINE 2110 Traditional motifs are the starting point for discoveries of the possibilities available for expression in drawing media. Emphasis is on the play between abstraction and representation. Fine Arts Drawing Studio 3 credits IFINE 2115 The instructor of this class posts a course description at the time of registration. This allows the faculty to design unique drawing courses of concerns or media tailored to both their interests and those of the students. The class may be media, subject or concept based, abstract or figurative. Sophomores, juniors and seniors may take these classes as a Fine Arts Major Course, or as a Studio Elective. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Figure Drawing Studio 1.5 credits IFINE 2120 Gesture, axis, grouping of forms and negative space are explored through drawing the human figure. The central concept is finding two-dimensional equivalents for the gestalt of the figure in space. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

3-D Elective 1.5 credits IFINE 2170 The instructor posts a description of this course prior to registration to allow faculty to design classes based on personal 3-D interests and preferred technique, such as metalworking or stone carving. Prerequisites, if any, will also be listed. Painting the Human Head 1.5 credits IFINE 2190 This course is an introduction to the concerns and difficulties addressed in painting portraits. Planar structure, form and anatomy, issues of color, and light and paint handling are discussed. Quick, one-sitting and multiple-sitting poses bring up questions about the likeness and character of the sitter, as well as the artist’s personal interpretation and design of the painting as a whole. Self-portraiture may also be investigated in this class. Prerequisites: Foundation Figure Drawing and Painting I, or permission of instructor. Painting I 3 credits IFINE 2200 A beginning level course designed to introduce students to a direct or alla prima approach to painting in oils. Emphasis is on color mixing and the physical manipulation of paint as direct response to visual perception. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Painting II 3 credits IFINE 2205 Painting II is a continuiation of the techniques and ideas explored in Painting I. Working perceptually from still-lifes, the figure and interiors, students will further investigate the properties of color, space, and form and consider the relationships between abstact and representational painting. Abstract Painting 3 credits IFINE 2215 This highly structured, advanced level course is intended to expand and refine the technical repertoire of painting processes and manipulations available to students through the exploration of non-objective, abstract painting. The course begins with monochrome painting, explores stripes,

the grid, and abstract mark-making. It ends with extended, individually designed final projects, undertaken in consultation with the instructor. Prerequisite: IFINE 2200 or permission of instructor. Figure Painting Elective 1.5 credits IFINE 2220 The goal of this course is to help students gain an understanding of the model, the nature of color, and an expanded knowledge of paint. The tension between the image of the living body and the painted surface is the major focus of investigation. Prerequisites: IFINE 2200 or permission of instructor. Assemblage/Mixed Media 1.5 credits IFINE 2230 This course offers students the opportunity to address the technical, conceptual and aesthetic concerns that confront the developing artist who is interested in combining different art media. Special emphasis is placed on the development of an individual approach in subject matter. Students are encouraged to develop their sensitivity to a variety of 2- and 3-dimensional materials. This course continues to address formal issues such as compositional structure and properties of color, while introducing alternative methods to image-making. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Relief Printmaking: B & W 1.5 credits IFINE 2280 The basic concepts and techniques of woodcut and linoleum printmaking are investigated. This class focuses only on black and white relief printing, allowing ample time for development of cutting and printing skills. Historical and contemporary prints are discussed. No previous printmaking is required. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Relief Printmaking: Color 1.5 Credits IFINE 2290 This is an introduction to color relief printing. Both multiple-block and reductive techniques are explored. Emphasis is placed on printing processes, color mixing and imagery development. Historical and contempo-

Printmaking: Intaglio I 3 credits IFINE 2300 Various intaglio techniques are learned, including dry point, etching and aquatint. Emphasis is on both technical proficiency, and on the student’s development of personally significant imagery. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Printmaking: Intaglio II 3 credits IFINE 2310 A deeper exploration of etching with the introduction of color printing techniques and engraving, The student’s development of imagery will continue to be stressed. Prerequisite: IFINE 2300. Printmaking: Collagraphs 1.5 credits IFINE 2331 This versatile print medium takes a collage approach to creating the printing plate. Thin layers of paper, fabric, tape, gesso, carborundum, etc. are adhered and sealed to heavy matboard or masonite, and printed intaglio or relief. This course introduces carborundum prints and polyester silk prints, as well as a more painterly approach using gesso, glue and modeling paste. When printing, the emphasis is on color experimentation rather than editing. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Photo Printmaking 1.5 credits IFINE 2332 In this course, students have the opportunity to work with photo-based images to create prints. Both photo-lithography and photoetching are used as students work with personal, appropriated and manipulated imagery, as well as personalized hand-marks. Printmaking experience is not required; familiarity with Photoshop is helpful. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Introduction to Etching 1.5 credits IFINE 2340 An introduction to the basic intaglio techniques of dry point, etching, soft-ground and aquatint. Emphasis is on plate development, printing, presentation, health and safety rules, care of equipment and studio practices. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Abstract Principles of Sculpture 3 credits IFINE 2420 Issues of mass and gravity, process and materials are investigated towards an understanding of three-dimensional definition. The emphasis is on experimentation that leads to discovery of the fundamental principles of sculptural expression. Prerequisites: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Lithography 3 credits IFINE 2351 Utilizing handwork and photo processes, students will develop a firm understanding of this very versatile medium. Traditional stone and contemporary plate lithography will be taught in both color and black and white. Students will be encouraged to use this medium to develop their personal voice and imagery. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Principles of Perceptual Sculpture 3 credits IFINE 2430 Working from the human body and forms from nature, students explore the basic concerns an artist needs to address when working in three dimensions, such as design, proportion, structure, surface and gesture. Mold-making and casting are also introduced. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Introduction to Monotype 1.5 credits IFINE 2370 Monotype techniques are the most direct printmaking media; unique images are drawn and painted directly onto the plate and transferred to paper through the pressure of the etching press. Students learn a variety of methods to develop rich, painterly prints. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Claywork I & II 1.5 credits each IFINE 2415 This class teaches wheel-throwing and handbuilding, providing the skills required for art forms executed in clay. Beginning students learn essential skills through a series of projects. Intermediate and advanced students develop individual programs (pottery or sculpture) in consultation with the teacher. Clay studio available for student use. May be repeated for credit.

Core Clay I 3 credits IFINE 2445 An intensive study of ceramic form and process. Through structured exercises and individual exploration, students will build a repertoire of core technical skills that can be applied to both ceramic sculpture and clay vessels. Students are encouraged to stretch the limits of their material formally, functionally, and expressively. Demonstrations cover wheel throwing and hand building, surface treatment, glaze mixing and application, as well as kiln loading and firing methods. Figure Sculpture 1.5 credits IFINE 2500 Working in clay, students examine issues of gesture, design, grouping, axis, negative space, and plane in the human figure. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: IFINE 2430 or permission of instructor. Abstract Drawing 3 credits IFINE 2555 Utilizing pen, brush, and ink on paper, students explore issues of process, control, and accident. Students utilize a basic vocabulary of dots, lines, wash, and collage to evolve a personal abstract drawing vocabulary. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. .


rary trends are discussed, especially German Expressionist prints. Care of prints, materials and shop equipment is stressed. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor.

Fine Arts Curriculum & Courses

Woodworking I & II 1.5 credits IFINE 2650 Students use hand and power tools to learn the basic techniques and skills of woodworking as a fine arts medium. Issues of joinery, assemblage, layout, safety rules, and studio practices are emphasized. More complicated techniques and projects are available for the advanced student. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Figure Painting 3 credits IFINE 2700 Using the live model, this course explores a range of conceptual, chromatic and scale considerations. Paintings begin with 2-3 session set-ups and gradually increase to larger, 6-session projects. Varied painting techniques and mediums accompany each assignment. Prerequisite: IFINE 2200. Advanced Projects in Drawing 3 credits each Fall: IFINE 3100 / 4100 Spring: IFINE 3110 / 4110 Figurative: Working from a variety of sources, this class investigates a wider range of representational drawing issues and concerns on a deeper level. Classroom experiences are supported by individual research for large-scale works in selected mediums that address both contemporary and historical figurative drawing. Abstract: Through a variety of approaches and mediums, students evolve a personal graphic vocabulary as a vehicle for individual expression. Issues of mark making, process, control and accident are explored. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: 6 credits of 2000 level drawing.

Collage 1.5 credits IFINE 3180 An exploration of 2-D collage highlighting its significance as a 20th century medium, including the seminal works of the Cubists, Dadaists, and Surrealists. Collage work that explores these innovative techniques are created in the course. Discussion of collage in the context of early Modernism takes place through slide lectures. Topics also include the work of the Russian Avant-garde and their use of text, Abstraction and Photomontage. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Advanced Projects in Painting 3 credits each IFINE 3200 / 4200 This class investigates individual approaches to non-objective painting. Abstraction, conceptualism, mix media, and the painting as object are explored. A range of ideas in twentieth century painting are discussed. Prerequisite: Two courses from the following: IFINE 2210, IFINE 2215, IFINE 2700. Concepts in Drawing 3 credits IFINE 3270 / IFINE 4270 This course examines a wide range of approaches to drawing as a means of conveying ideas. Using both traditional and alternative drawing media, this class emphasizes development of concepts, use of imagination, and invention. Students are encouraged, through selected problems, to expand and even challenge the conventions of mark making. Inquiry into separate themes: perception, formalism, fantasy, and ritual, provide students with a variety of strategies for developing a personal approach to drawing methods and imagery. Prerequisites: IFINE 2115 or IFINE 2555.

Advanced Projects in Printmaking 3 credits each IFINE 3300 / IFINE 4300 While new intaglio techniques are introduced, students begin to work on individually directed series of prints. Students with previous experience in other print media, such as woodcut, lithography and monotype, may continue to explore these mediums. The spring semester class creates a group, theme-oriented portfolio. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites for Fine Arts majors: IFINE 2300, IFINE 2310 or permission of instructor. Special Topics in Claywork 3 credits IFINE 3415 In this course, students choose topics of personal interest to explore in depth. Library research, internet research, museum and field trips are assigned on an individual basis. Students keep notebooks recording their research and their studio work. Each student develops a body of work to be presented at the final critique. Prerequisites: IFINE 2415 or IFINE 2445. Advanced Projects in Sculpture 3 credits each IFINE 3420 / 4420 Working in a variety of materials, students explore contemporary trends in sculpture: mixed media, installation, process, conceptual, and systemic art. Projects are conceived and executed entirely by the student in small classes, under the professor’s supervision. Technical instruction is individually tailored to meet the needs of each project. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Two courses from the following: IFINE 2420, IFINE 2430, or IFINE 2445.

Alternative Printmaking 1.5 credits IFINE 3550 This course uses Photoshop as one of the main methods for generating imagery. It is used both as a drawing program with stylus and tablet, where drawing are generated in the program itself, as well as a manipulative tool for pre-existing images that have been scanned and then transformed. Printmaking techniques explored include Lazertran film, waterless lithography, and simple transfers. Prerequisite: Foundation or permission of instructor. Advanced Figure Drawing 3 credits IFINE 3700 / IFINE 4700 Working from a variety of sources, this class investigates, on a deeper level, a wider range of representational drawing issues and concerns. Classroom experiences are aided by individual research for large scale works in selected mediums which address both contemporary and historical figurative drawing. Prerequisite: 6 credits of 2000 level drawing. Advanced Figure Painting 3 credits IFINE 3950 / IFINE 4950 This course deals with large scale, long term figure paintings. There are three assignments, each one consisting of eight session poses. Slide lectures, studio visits and museum shows accompany each painting assignment. Prerequisites: Painting I and Figure Painting.

Form Development in Clay 3 credits IFINE 4415 Since clay is a material linked to earliest human expression in nearly every culture around the world, in what ways can we draw on those historical sources, yet transform them to develop an individual voice in clay? This course explores a source idea’s evolution toward personal expression through the methodology of working in a series. Prerequisite: IFINE 3415. Wood and Stone Carving 1.5 credits IFINE 4520 This hands-on class will focus on carving subtractively in both wood and stone as well as safely utilizing tools. Projects include relief sculpture and sculpture in the round. Materials may include walnut, poplar, slate and granite. This class is open to beginning and advanced carvers. Senior Studio I & II 3 credits IFINE 4800 / IFINE 4810 Seniors are given semi-private studio space to work on independent projects in their choice of media and subject. They meet as a class each week with Fine Arts faculty to discuss their work. Students interact with each other at group critiques and field trips. Visiting artists give lectures on their work and provide additional feedback. An exhibition in the school’s student gallery is required for completion of this course. Prerequisite: 6 credits of advanced Fine Arts Major Courses.

Professional Development 3 credits IFINE 4900 This course includes a series of informal lectures and discussions covering a range of professional issues, including job opportunities, further education, exhibiting, grant writing, bookkeeping, taxes, and artists’ rights. Guest lecturers. Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of instructor. Studio Assistantship 1.5 credits Course number is assigned when paperwork is submitted to the Office of Student Services. The student assists a faculty member with the weekly preparation and instruction of a class. Duties may include research, slide show preparation, demonstrations, instructing, and assisting in critiques. This position provides valuable experience and insight into the teaching profession, and strengthens the student’s abilities to articulate and communicate visual concepts. Additionally, this position provides the opportunity for developing mentor relationships. Participation in this course is limited to students selected by the faculty of the specific course and/or the Department Chair. Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing and permission of the Department Chair.

Fine Art Internships Variable credits IFINE 4880 The Fine Arts Department offers students a range of fine arts related internships to provide experience and exposure to the professional art world. Pending availability, internships are available for 1 to 3 credits during the Fall, Spring, or Summer sessions. All internships must be approved and supervised by the Fine Arts faculty internship coordinator. An ongoing list of potential internships is available. Interested students should meet with the internship coordinator prior to the semester of internship. 159

Advanced Figure Sculpture 3 credits IFINE 3515 / IFINE 4515 This course allows students to delve into more ambitious works using direct observation from the human figure as the primary resource. Students aim towards developing their ability to interpret structure, surface, anatomy, and form. Both single figure and multi-figure compositions are addressed through long term homework assignments. Casting techniques covered include silicone rubber molds and waste molds. Prerequisite: IFINE 2430.


Second semester: 15 credits Advanced Fine Arts Major Course Studio Elective Studio Elective Liberal Arts Elective Science Requirement Fine A...

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