AIANYS 2016 Design and Excelsior Awards

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Westport Pool House Westport, CT SPAN Architecture New York, NY Architect Photo Credit: François Dischinger

Upper West Side Apartment New York, NY Stadt Architecture New York, NY Architect Photo Credit: Ben Andersen

The landscape includes multiple pools and a pool house constructed to provide alternate exterior living areas to the Connecticut residence.

The Upper West Side Apartment is a renovation of a 1970s condo conversion for a young professional. Before the renovation, the apartment’s three distinct levels were disjunctive and forlorn. We sought to establish a common visual language, through materials and detailing, to reinforce the continuity between the three levels. Bespoke walnut flooring and paneling weaves and unites the three floors, while bright white cabinetry provides a counterpoint to the existing brick walls.

Drawing on material cues from the existing context, the pool house is conceived of a fragmented stone wall which forms the foundation for a series of long cedar pergola beams. The stone walls reference the materiality of the existing stone house and rubble landscape walls bounding the property. An interior/exterior series of spaces of which only the changing room, bath and sitting room are weatherized, makes up the frame. The sitting room is a transformable space capable of being enclosed or fully opened to the exterior through a series of sliding wood and glass walls. Jury Comments: This project is an artfully composed sequence of structure and landscape that works skillfully with material, light, and views. It is beautifully designed and crafted.


Jury Comments: This smart and well-proportioned small project creates spatial richness with a well-executed expanded loft space.