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Company Bolid Handwear System® is the creator and producer of top-range gloves. Bolid Handwear System® develops sports accessories in close co-operation with its customers and top athletes. Since 1992 Bolid® has been specialising in the creation of top of the range sports equipment. Since 2005 Bolid® has been concentrating all its knowledge, combining performance and technology on the development and production of motorcycle, bicycle and ski-racing gloves in Grenoble, France - the 'heart' of the Alps, where they have been thoroughly tested. It is the successful co-operation with top athletes and our own specialists from textile and production fields which makes the Bolid® concept a winner. We are fiercely proud of this co-operation, their feedback is vital for product development! Technological progress, innovation and skill are the foremost aims for the Bolid ® brand.

Bolid® - « The best quality at the best price »

Sizes How to choose the size of the gloves. B

To choose your size of gloves, measure your hand in the following way : 1. Put the palm of the hand "face" to you. 2. Measure the width of the palm - without the thumb (A). 3. Measure the length of your middle finger (B). 4. The average of both figures gives you the size of your gloves. (A+B)/2 = Size


If the average is equal to 9.5, then it is necessary to round up to the superior value (10).

Example: Your middle finger measures 8,0 cm and the width of your palm is 9,0cm, then the corresponding size of glove is 9 what corresponds to size M.

Adult sizes 6














10-11 y.o.

12-13 y.o.

Ski gloves technology OUTSIDE






Outside Leather Every leather is unique, and the leather of every pair of gloves differs. The variations among different pieces of leather make your gloves special, authentic and contribute to the uniqueness of your pair. • The calf leather or buffalo leather are the leathers in which the surface is the most important part and the fibers are  at the same time natural and irregular. These characteristics make these leathers  particularly resistant and high quality materials, which have earned them the nickname of "diamond of leather".

The finishing: • Leather " Full fragrant " is a leather having kept its surface of origin. The noble part of leather, showing the characteristics of the skin: natural fibers and wrinkles. • Leather "Aniline " is a leather " Full fragrant " on which transparent finishing is accomplished by a very light protective film which confers on the skin the softness and the suppleness.

Outside protections PU-Badaan ® the reinforcement of gloves: high density protectors of the knuckles, fingers, cuff, are made of Polyurethan pads called Badaan ®. These protectors are covered by leather reinforced by Kevlar fibers. (intelligent shock absorption and resistance). Insert Hipora ® Hipora ® membrane is a textile which has  two main features: it is waterproof (Hydrophobe) and breathing at the same time, what makes it  a comfortable fabric to be worn during sports and outdoor activities. Lining Micro-Fleece ® It is an innovative, resistant textile created  to reproduce or even exceed the performances of wool. The polaires fibres share certain qualities of wool, but are much lighter. The lining made of polaire fibres is therefore light, hot and comfortable; it dries fast, and lets the skin breath. Insulator Thinsulate ® 200g Insulator Coreloft ® 100g

Ski racing gloves Leopard B Race

Leopard N Race

Leopard N Pro

Lynx B Race

Lynx N Race

Lynx N Pro

Lion B Race

Lion N Race

Lion N Pro





Ski carving gloves Panther B Carve

Panther N Carve

Panther C Carve

Tiger B Carve

Tiger N Carve

Tiger C Carve

Cat Paws B Carve

Cat Paws N Carve

Cat Paws C Carve





Cycling gloves Aero Gel N

Chrono Gel BN

Energy Gel N

Energy Gel BN

Ergo Gel BN

Fire X Kevlar





Race Pack XL

Race Pack

Helmet Pack




60 H

50 H

48 H

35 D

35 D

28 D

47 W

30 W

28 W

Cycling gloves technology "Leather " Clarino® "Leather " Clarino® is an extremely strong synthetic material which consists of ultra fine polyester and nylon fibers. The material "breathes" very well and  evacuates all excess moisture from the hands. The textile is washable and will not loose any of its unique qualities. It closely resembles and feels like suede. Clarino is the first choice for many high quality gloves. This synthetic microfiber is highly resistant to tearing, but it also provides comfort even in humid conditions. Its highly resistant nature, its durability and the capacity to provide the good grip even in humid conditions, makes Clarino the material of choice in these sports. Lycra®, Spandex®, Mesh®, Néoprène® Lycra®, Spandex®, Mesh® are derivatives of Elasthanne. Elasthanne is a synthetic textile resistant to a 600 % tension. It is easily printable. Among the notable advantages of the elasthanne, there are the following characteristics: It can easily be dyed or printed. It is very elastic (the fiber resists up to 600 % lengthening before tearing) and very light. Neoprene® is the first synthetic elastomer. It is used in gloves to reinforce the metacarpals of bicycle gloves. Neoprene knuckle for a great fit. The Silicone Gel Cushions® The protective Silicone Gel® Cushions are made of a rubber mixture and liquid silicone of low density designed to fit into bicycle gloves. These cushioning pads contain Silikon Gel which retains constant density in different thermal conditions, has a very strong shock absorption ability, and resists to high tension. BEOL® System

Safety Reflex®

The system called "Bolid Easy-Off Loops" makes the glove easy to get on and off.

High Visibility Reflective Strips

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