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ditor’s Note always believe that nothing is permanent except God. People come, people go. Nothing is constant-- we move, and while we live, we must prepare for changes, we must prepare for His plans. For this surprising change, I would like to thank everybody who entrusted me this legacy (the Banagbanag). I am very grateful too that there are those people who guaranteed me that everything will be fine. Kung natingala mo nganu lahi na ang nawong sa EIC, (basin nagparetoke?..haha, joke lang), well, Kuya Joevin Ybañez, the former EIC, is currently working for the “Big Change” of his life. The Lord is preparing him for something very worthy. So BukYo, let us all pray for him.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Since Kuya Joevin has never left a message for the readers, I would like to thank everybody in behalf of him. Thank you for those people who had been supporting this publication and to everybody who keep on praying for the continued existence of this publication. I hope you would never get tired of supporting us. ^_^ And so, this is it! The whole staff of Banagbanag is delighted to present to you this issue with the theme: Stay Connected @ Col. 3:20, which would remind us all on how significant connection and obedience is onto our parents, who had given us the gift of life through their love, and especially to our Lord who would be pleased when we obey them. You’ll find a lot of interesting articles too in this issue. So, we wish you all a happy reading and enjoy! ^_^ CHARMAIN GRACE CASQUITE Editor in Chief


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VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

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bedience is a not-so-popular word for today’s generation. A lot of us, young people, lack discipline on our homes, never pay respect to our parents, and paying no attention to our parent’s requests. Some are very materialistic and violent too. Some even engages on dangerous drugs, alcoholic drinks and cigarette smoking! So, what had just happened to the young people of today? Whose fault it is? Is it us who behave badly or the parents w ho have changed?

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

“Lahi na jud ang mga batan-on karon.” We often hear those phrases from older people. Probably they were born in an era where discipline is kneeling on salt or where it is perfectly okay to beat children until they had their manners. Most probably, parents would not do it today. They would not even let mosquitoes bite their children. They’ll give everything to their child to make them happy. Did you see the difference? There is iii really this huge dissimilarity on how parents discipline

us before and today. Should young people. Our parents we consider this reason have been young people too. for the young people’s misbehaviour? The fast growing technology such as social media Kenneth John Freeman, websites has been a great a student, said on his factor for the young’s risky Cambridge dissertation actions. These technologies published in 1907, “The had become prominent on counts of the indictment the lives of the young people are luxury, bad manners, and are giving them a taste contempt for authority, of freedom. They produce disrespect to elders, and a disobedient children. They love for chatter in place of have given children a lot of exercise. Children began to pictures or ideas which leads be the tyrants, not the slaves, to a never ending curiosity of their households. They and soon, regardless of no longer rose from their the parents’ admonitions, seats when an elder entered they will try to find out the room; they contradicted for themselves whether it’s their parents, chattered really true. The young are before company, gobbled anxious to uncover truth up the dainties at table, on their own by spotting and committed various discrepancies. Being offences against Hellenic exposed to disobedient tastes, such as crossing models produces their legs. They tyrannized disobedient audiences. over the paidagogoi There are a lot of movies and schoolmasters.” or shows which imply that ( smoking, for example, is Does Freeman’s statement cool. As a result, teens would (considering that this smoke because they believe statement was written way it was cool. Young people back 1907) implies that there believe they are the master is no really big difference of their own universe. They between the young people of do what they wanted to do. the yesterday and today? The They always believe that older people have always everything they’re doing was the same thoughts over the the “right thing”. What then

is the right thing? In Colossians 3:20, the Lord wants us, as a child, to obey our parents for this is right. It is always the right thing, that we should obey our parents. They only think of the best things for us. They don’t want us to experience what they had experienced before. Remember that parents have been in the same road we are still walking. They know what it was like and what

would be the outcome of our actions. Christ has been a good example in everything— even in His obedience to God the Father. As the perfect Son, He obeyed His Father in all things. “So Jesus said, ‘When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me. The one who sent me is with

me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him.’” (John 8:28-29)

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Who may the reason be behind young people’s misbehavior; whether it is our own fault or the fault of our parents, we have to remember that obedience is always good and that Jesus taught us to obey and as His children, we should be obedient to Him as He is iv obedient to God.

DIOCESE OF MALAYBALAY Bishop’s Residence Datu-Mampaalong Street Malaybalay City

Peace! “Stay connected @ Col. 3:20” It is with great joy that I greet all the young people in our diocese. It is really heart-warming to see these young people really trying their best to live the gospel values in their lives and trying to influence other young people to do the same as well. Your presence in our church and in our society is a sign of hope, that in spite of the negative images the world is painting today about children, you are able to contribute something positive. It is very unfortunate that there are those young people who are being exploited and manipulated to do harmful things in the society. To them, let your light shine, that they may also experience the joy of following Jesus in their lives. VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Stay connected. Yes, no matter how high you fly, you must always stay connected. Stay connected with your family for no matter where we go or what we do, it is in your family that you will find the comfort and love that you need. Always learn to listen to your parents. Stay connected with God. It is in Him that our works will find fruits, fruits that will lasts. I pray that God will always pour out the blessings you need to finish the good works He has begun in you.

+JOSE ARANETA CABANTAN, D.D. Bishop of Malaybalay

Diocesan Commission on youth Diocese of Malaybalay San Isidro Cathedral, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

GUD DAY mga BUKYO! Everything in this world is connected. Plants, animals, human being, and everything are connected to the earth. Nobody can survive without connection to anything or anybody. This is the reality of all living creatures, to be connected to something or somebody. This is our nature.

As you continue your service to your fellow young people, don’t forget to be always connected to them. Know their needs. Know what they want. Listen to what they are trying to tell you. Only in that way, you will be able to reach them. Stay connected! REV. FR. RITCHELL S. QUITA Diocesan Spiritual Youth Director

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

Stay connected, as the Pope is connected to Bishops, bishops to priests, priests to the laity. Connection will make us strong! Connection will make difficult things an easy one, connection will lighten our burdens.


Diocesan Commission on youth Diocese of Malaybalay San Isidro Cathedral, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Dear Bukyo, Usa sa mga madunggan nato nga komento karong panahuna: ang batan-on karon lahi sa batan-on sa una, sa pamulong, sa panuot, sa kaugalingon ug sa uban pa. Dili daw maminaw ug mosunod ang mga batan-on karon tungod kay pirmi naay nakabutang na earphone sa dalunggan o nakatan-aw sa tv, computer o gadgets.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Bukyo, kung naay Indigenous People (IP) o netibo, naa pud gitawag karon nga media native; kamu na. Gihatagan kamo sa Ginoo ug bag-ong kaalam. Hinaut pa unta kini gamiton aron makapaninaw og sakto ug makasunod ilabina sa ginikanan. Obedience comes from the Latin word OBIDERE nga sa ato pa to LISTEN. Buot ipasabot kung naminaw kita mosunod kita. Busa gamiton nato ang mga gadgets to connect, sa pagpaminaw ug pagsunod, mo-reply kung naa silay isulti ug magpahibaho ug mananghid kung kinahanglan. Sa ana nga pamaagi kita makapahimuot sa Ginoo. Ingon pa ni Santa Magdalena sa Canossa, “Obedience is the surest way to heaven�.Bukyo maminaw ta, mosunod kita aron makaabot kita sa langit. Pangayuon nato sa Birheng Maria, nga sama sa iyang kinabuhi kanunay kitang maminaw ug mosunod sa Ginoo aron sama kaniya, hatagan usab kita’g gasa nga makasaka sa langit. In Jesus, SR. LERMA A. SOTALBO, FDCC Chairperson, Diocesan Commission on Youth

Diocesan Commission on youth Diocese of Malaybalay San Isidro Cathedral, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

Dearest BukYo, This quarter’s theme reminds us to grow together and nurture our relationships to God, self and others. We may have faced a lot of challenges, coped with changes and probably troubled by problems, but with each other’s presence and companionship, we are sure to surpass every trial and stay firm in faith. With this challenge, let us stay connected to God and others thru the Eucharist. Let us not forget that in prayer, we meet God and in each encounter with Him, we become better in our dealings with others. Let us stay connected mga kapatid!

JORRIE MAE D. HERNANDEZ Diocesan Youth Leader

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

Connecting to you,


HK anchors cove live corresponde 4 Popes 1 Holy Gatherin


| Shiela C. Lumambas

M VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Reportedly, millions more around the world watched as two former pontiffs were for the first time installed as saints in a dual canonization, and two other pontiffs— one emeritus and one incumbent were seen in the event.

A L AY B A L AY CITY—April 27, 2014, Divine Mercy Sunday, was set as the date of the canonization of two well-loved Popes in history—John XXIII When Pope Francis went to greet Pope Emeritus and John Paul II. Benedict XVI both before On that same day, the and after the event, Hugyaw Kabatan-onan and the camera rolled (HK) anchors, as aid to on them, the two were DXDB Radyo Bandilyo received with laud and lend a hand in covering joyful cries from the the said canonization, faithful gathered. As to the with live correspondents canonization coverage, from Rome—Fr. John Hugyaw Kabantan-onan Mark Colipano and Fr. anchors together with Jonathan Tianero, who, Fr. Oliver O. Verdejo, with the many faithful the station director of bustled at St. Peter’s DXDB received reports Square, Vatican City, from Fr. Colipano and Fr. Tianero, with the two attended the gathering. always muttering words

of praises for all the faithful gathered as well as feelings of excitement (and goose bumps) the event has brought. Fr. Verdejo and the HK anchors started at around 1:00 in the afternoon Philippine Standard Time (PST) by discussing biographies of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II. Fr. Rodolfo Isada, Jr. (former Diocesan Youth Spiritual Director) also came as a visitor and helped discuss Pope John XXIII’s advocacy and its relation to the many seminaries attributed to his name as pontiff. John XXIII, during his papacy is best remembered because he called the historic Second Vatican Council, with its first session on October 11, 1962. Also came were two active members of the Divine Mercy Devotion, which

er canonization with ents from Rome


It is also remembered that John Paul II was declared as patron of World Youth Days together with Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. John Paul II was the first nonItalian pope since the Dutch Pope Adrian VI who served from 1522 to 1523. Short biographies John XXIII (1881-1963) -- known as Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli before he became pope -- was one of 13 children born into a family of Italian peasants, farmers from a tiny village in the country’s north. He was sent away to study for the priesthood at age 11. John Paul II (19202005), born Karol Jozef

Wojtyla, w a s b r o u g h t up in a grimy industrial town in Poland and raised by his soldier father after his mother died when he was just 8 years old. He spent his formative years living under first Nazis, then Communists. His beatification is the quickest in modern times, made possible because Benedict -- who succeeded John Paul in

2005 -- waived the normal five-year waiting period after death to get someone’s beatification rolling. (source: edition.cnn. com/2014/04/27/world/ pope-canonization) Excerpts



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VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

is greatly attributed to Pope John Paul II. They helped discuss the origin and spreading of the Divine Mercy Devotion to all parts in the world.


New youth council

M VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


told to be active

AILAG, Valencia City—“Because you were installed, you should be active in the parish youth apostolate. That is your responsibility to the parish.” These were the words of Fr. Ian M. Calabria to the newly elected parish youth council of the Mother of Good Counsel Parish, Mailag, Valencia City during their oath-taking before the parishioners. The oathtaking happened during the Eucharistic Celebration at the same parish, May 25, 2014.

Fr. Calabria, the parish priest, also told them that because being active in the youth apostolate of the parish is their responsibility, they should tender a resignation in case they can’t stand for

| Shiela C. Lumambas

the commitment they avowed before the parishioners; contrary to what most youth officers do—AWOL (absence without leave) or leaving without notice and without appointing somebody who will look after the ministry. The oath-taking happened two weeks after their parish youth gathering last May 2-4, 2014 in which they had selected a new set of officers. Orland Tongan, who before the election was appointed by their former youth leader to lead the youth apostolate is retained in the same position as their parish youth leader (PYL). As of this writing, the officers were busy preparing for a delegation to be sent to the first ever gathering of the

Catholic youth organizations and campus ministries affiliated to the Diocesan Commission on Youth (DCY) dubbed as 1Direction (1D) on June 21, 2014 at Bukidnon State University Gymnasium. Each parish youth apostolate is entitled 20 slots and unlimited slots for youth organizations as a tribute to their complementary effort in the making of the Bukidnon Youth (BukYo) profile. There was also a P20.00 registration for each participant for logistics purposes and they were required to bring their own meals (i.e. lunch and snacks for the day). The activity carried the Federation of National Youth Organizations’ (FNYO) slogan, “Magkakaiba Ngunit Nagkakaisa.”


ayo 13, 2014, 7 pm sa San Isidro Cathedral , usa ka pre-fiesta variety show ang gitanyag alang sa mga parokyano sa Malaybalay ug nag uluhan kini nga “TALENTADONG PAROKYANO PARA KAY SAN ISIDRO”, diin ang nahimong mga performer niini mao ang mga kabatan-onan sa parokya diin gi-awit ang mga alawiton sa nagkadaiyaiyang interpretasyon ug mao ang musonod: Love never fails, sama sa gugma ni San Isidro nga walay

pagkahupas ,Creation, diin gilarawan ang pagpangga sa kinaiyahan, Freedom, nga nagpakita sa mga ambisyon sa mga kabatanonan kaniadtong mga bata pa sila. Ug sa katapusan gi awit ang kantang “Ang Atong Patron” alang kay San Isidro Labrador. Ang maong pasundayag gitanyag isip pahinungod ngadto kay San Isidro Labrador nga mao usab ang patron sa Diocese of Malaybalay nga nagsaulog sa kapistahan sulod niining bulan sa Mayo. Gitambungan usab kini sa mga ginikanan, kamadrehan ug mga aktibong kabatan-

onan sa diyosesis diin nagpakita sa ilang full support alang sa maong aktibidades. Wala pud mag paulahi, mipakita usab sa ilang talent diha sa natad sa pag sayaw ang atong mga kaigsoonan gikan sa kumbento diin usa si Fr. Ramel Donda sa mi sayaw inabagan ni Rev. Janrey Zabala, usa ka diyakono. Ang maong pasundayag nagmalampuson tungod usab sa mga tawo nga kanunay anaa aron magmalampuson kini sama nila ni Sir Denis, Sir. Josh , Ms. Forchia Mae Cutar ug Ms. Marze Matic nga mao gayud ang nangunay niini. (Joven dela Peña Jr.)

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014





VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014



Bisita Iglesia | Joven dela Pe単a Jr.


pril 17, 2014, Huwebes S a n t o nahigayon ang tinuig nga Bisita Iglesia kun pagduaw sa mga kasikbit nga kapilya sulod sa Parokya ni San Isidro Labrador. Gisalmutan kini sa kapin kun kulang 120 ka batan-on gikan sa nagkadaiyang kapilya. Sulod sa pila ka oras nga pagbaklay sa kadalanan gisabayan usab kini sa pag litok sa Rosaryo, usa pud kini ka pamaagi aron sa pagpalambo sa espirituhanong aspeto

Gipahigayon sa kinabuhi sa matag usa. Usa pud kini ka pamaagi aron ang mga kabatan-onan, sa ilang ginagmay nga mga buhat makabaton sa importansya sa pagsakripisyo sama sa pagsakripisyo ni Ginoong Hesus sa iyang panaw sa iyang ministeryo. Ang maong aktibidades gipaluyuhan sa mga opisyales sa Parish Youth Apostolate ug suportado usab sa mga kadagkuan sa parokya , ug kini nagmalampuson sama sa niaging tuig.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

pril 18, 2014, Biyernes S a n t o , tradisyon kanatong mga Katoliko ang pag salmot sa naandang Station of the Cross diin pagasubayon ang dose (12) ka kasakit ni Hesus sa dihang siya gisakit pag ayu. Usa ka pinasahing portrayal ang gipakita sa mga kabatan-onan sa San Isidro Cathedral diin nahimong emosyonal ang maong pasundayag sa matag estasyon niini. Ang pinasahing pasundayag nag malampuson pinaagi usab sa direksyon ni Ms. Armie Andoy, usa ka batan-on, diin hanas na usab sa maong larangan. Kadaghan sa nakasaksi niini natandog pag-ayo. Ang uban kanila nadala sa ilang emosyon. Labaw sa tanan nagmalampuson kini inabagan sa Parish Pastoral Council president, Mr. Nestor Sotelo ug sa Parish Administrator, Fr. Noel Nonoy Suarez.




VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


ay 5-6 2014, nagsaulog ang mga kabataonan sa parokya sa Kitaotao ubos sa pagpaningkamot sa mga batan-on ug kahi-usahan ang ‘’ animation workshop. ‘’Gitambungan kini sa 24 ka mga partisipante ug pinaagi sa pag- tudlo nila kuya Vincent Acodile ug ate Charmain Grace Casquite. Bisag sa kalisod sa sitwasyon ug sa mga kawad-on tungod sa dili malikayan nga mga problema ,namugna kini bisag ang venue nagka balhinbalhin. Kini gitambungan sa nagka lain-laing zone gikan zone #1 paingun sa zone #5. Gikan sa mga kabatan-onan sa parokya sa Kitaotao, kami mapasalamaton gihapon ug kami nagpasalamat sa mga mikumpleto aron magmabulokon ang maong aktibidades . “Kay ang Dios nahigugma man gayud sa kalibutan nga mihatag sa iyang bugtong anak , aron si bisan kinsa nga nagatoo kaniya dili malaglag apan adunay kinabuhing walay katapusan” (Juan 3:16). Daghang salamat & God bless us all.


TULONG NA, TABA | Rose Ann V. Mindaña

here is no permanent in this planet except ending. Yes, even summer has come to an end. It’s back to school again. It’s time to prepare our school campus buildings to be physically equipped and be part on nurturing the “tabularasa” mind of the learners.

ceremony held in a public school as the final stop of the caravan. Stakeholders are those that invests in the welfare of the school and its students. It includes the school adminstrators, teachers, staff members, students themselves, parents, familes, community members, and government officials.

Last May 19-24, 2014, the Department of Education conducted the Brigada Eskwela 2014, also known as the “National School’s Maintenance Week” as anchored by DepED Memorandum No. 32 S. 2014. On the first day of the said implementation, the schools division offices held a caravan to launch its start and to encourage all stakeholders to be part of this brigada eskwela and gracefully join the kick-off

There were many agencies, organizations, NGOs, LGUs, parents, students, and even teachers who were holding hand-inhand to share their most valuable time, manpower, effort, and resources to renovate, repair, beautify, redecorate, and repaint the schools all over the country. Bro. Armin A. Luistro, FSC said, “Every Filipino can contribute in helping create clean and resilient

WALK THE TALK |Angeline Bago (YFC)

learning environments for our learners.” DepED undersecretary for partnerships and linkages, Mario Deriquito also emphasized that this year’s brigada aims to maintain disaster preparedness principles in schools. “ Indeed, Brigada Eskwela brings back the spirit of togetherness and mirrors “bayanihan”, camaraderie, participation,and cooperation among stakeholders nationwide. It certainly carries out a conducive learning environment and a welcoming aura to flare up the minds and ignite the hearts of every Filipino learner to achieve what they are dreaming of and to hold the torch of success soon through education.


aking part in the success of the ANCOP Global Walk for scholars made me realize how people, even in times of hardships, still a lot of them are willing to share their time and resources to those who need it more.” – Darwin Tabilas, Provincial Youth Communications Head – YFC Bukidnon. May 25, 2014 – Sunday, Couples For Christ ministry held its annual activity for the poor – ANCOP Global Walk (Answering the Cry Of the Poor). The said activity is not only held here in the Philippines but also around the world where the ministry of CFC is present. An estimated of hundred and more participants were welcomed with lovely fogs at the venue – Municipality of Don Carlos, Bukidnon. This year’s global walk has the theme: “WALK

THE TALK”, stating that we need not to just talk all the things that we know but also put to action with what we say. “I feel I sweat for a big cause…and that cause is for someone’s future.” –Aguildefoe Arcenal, Youth For Christ Fulltime Pastoral Worker – Bukidnon. As one ministry in Christ, Kids For Christ, Youth For Christ, Singles For Christ, Handmaids of the Lord, Servants of the Lord and Couples For Christ gathered in that event. Seeing happy faces of different people walking for a cause shows that everyone, no matter what the age and circumstances can offer their help for the poor. The scholars of ANCOP were also present that day showing that they are very happy seeing so many individuals happy of what they are doing for the welfare of other people who are in need.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014




| Charmain Grace Casquite

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


he Diocesan Commission on Youth Coordinating Council held its evaluation, meeting and outing at Canossa beach, Opol, Misamis Oriental last May 16-18, 2014. It was attended by the different youth leaders and representatives of the different parishes and organizations. This DCYCC centers not only in the quarterly meeting but also for the young leaders to have a break from the hard 9 work they had done for upholding the youth ministry.

Fun and pleasure filled the second day of the assembly. The day started with a breakfast and the meeting immediately followed which was facilitated by the Diocesan Youth Leader, Ms. Jorrie Mae Hernandez. She presented the 1Direction, a one day gathering of all the youth organizations and parish youth apostolates of all the parishes in the Diocese of Malaybalay which aims to gather all Catholic youth, to share the best practices of the youth organizations, to become aware of the existence of the different youth organizations in the parish and to understand that despite the differences, we are ONE. The DYD9 evaluation and the planning for the incoming DYDekada was also presented and tackled where ideas and suggestions were carefully accommodated. The meeting ended after the short message a n d continued to page 15


VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


The participants started to arrive on the afternoon of May 16, 2014. After registering their names, they started to socialize with the other participants while others put up their tents. The first day was concluded after the dinner and a short program where participants gathered around a bonfire and introduced themselves to everybody.



he long wait is over! After almost 16 years of existence of YFC Youth Communications (YCOM) here in Bukidnon, the moment has come to conduct the YCOM Academy 1. April 12-13, 2014, Valencia City Central School is a remarkable date and place because it is where the YCOM Academy 1 was held and conducted.




VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014



1 | Florjane Rivero

YCOM Academy 1 was set to enroll and to enhance the talents of the youths. This is intended for the YFC leaders and members to be part of the YCOM crew. It is an overnight activity with pastoral sessions and talent workshops namely, Glam Up, Musicianary, The YFC Artist, My Voice, Speak Up, Dance for Jesus and Captured. The youth were given the opportunity to appreciate their own talents and skills and help them in their creative evangelization by making use of the talents and creativity of the YCOM crew. It was just a proof that the Lord gave us not only the beauty inside and out but also the plus factor of having the talents that we can use to glorify Him more. More than this, it was a venue and a good breeding ground where everybody was encouraged to freely express themselves and to open their creative minds and explore their capabilities. They were also taught how to use their talents for the greater purpose of bringing it back to God and being able to become a creative missionary for God. (Florjane Rivero)

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” Life begins its journey on a bliss feeling and emotions. It continues its passage on a road to success or disaster. Human being must understand the journey individually and the passage, unequivocally. A journey is at the outset--a travel from one point to another. Figuratively, it is a passage through life. The commencement of journey takes its first step under the guidance of parents and well-wishers, and in justifiable and valued environments. However, these people are objective and subjective in their outlook. Thus, it is affecting comprehensively the very personality of the individual. People have the choice, either to take the journey of bliss, or disaster and continue the chosen passage. Those who follow the true path will be rewarded a n d

those who deter from it will be punished. He journeyed through the passage of time, the life span of an individual goes through different phases. It takes a good measure of individual judgment to consolidate his or her knowledge and wisdom to follow the path of success. Gautama Buddha says, “On a long journey of human life, faith is the best companion; it is the finest refreshment on the journey; and it is the greatest property.” Thus, the journey is also a personal growth which is cultivated through the passage of time. It certainly improves the quality of life. It develops awareness on its passage paving the way to emotions, feelings and values. The passage of life in a journey is intended to be fruitful, though rough terrain experienced. The course of action adopted

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VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


ometimes we feel very distant, disconnected from the source that gives us power to live this life and keeps us on the right course. Even when we come to worship, we don’t always feel He’s near. Sometimes it’s hard to really believe that His presence is even there. Maybe, it’s sin that keeps us away or maybe it’s something else. We don’t always know the reasons why we well up with so much doubt. We end up feeling “What is the point and why do we carry on?” The love, the joy and peace we had has withered away and gone. Maybe we really have to go through these in life. God has allowed to prune us back, so more growth can come into our lives bringing faith where we had lacked. It’s so important to stay connected no matter what we go through, for if we give up and not finish the race, we may lose eternity too!

from page 11

thoughts from the Diocesan Commission on Youth Chairperson, Sr. Lerma A. Sotalbo, FdCC, and a prayer. After the meeting, the participants were given the whole afternoon to enjoy and have fun. Others enjoyed swimming on the sea, some spent time singing in the videoke and the rest played and mingled with their ministry friends. The DCY Spiritual Director, Fr. Ritchell S. Quita, arrived that afternoon. A social night was then set after the dinner where some of the young leaders showcased their talents in singing, dancing and acting. It was facilitated by Jorrie Mae Hernandez and Joven dela Peña. Fr. Ritchell presided the dawn mass on the last day of the assembly. He stressed out in his homily that everything is connected, that everybody is connected to God if we would believe in Him and that we could not survive if we are alone. After lunch, the participants of the different parishes and organizations went home bringing with them their happiness and the challenge of preserving the youth ministry.

live correspondents from Rome, 4 Popes, 1 Holy Gathering from page 2

Francis’ homily “Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II were not afraid to look upon the wounds of Jesus, to touch His torn hands and His pierced side. They were not ashamed of the flesh of Christ, they were not scandalized by Him, by His cross; they did not despise the flesh of their brother (cf. Is 58:7), because they saw Jesus in every person who suffers and struggles. These were two men of courage, filled with the parrhesia of the Holy Spirit, and they bore witness before the Church and the world to God’s goodness and mercy. They were priests, and bishops and popes of the twentieth century. They lived through the tragic events of that century, but they were not overwhelmed by them. For them, God was more powerful; faith was more powerful – faith in Jesus Christ the Redeemer of man and the Lord of history; the mercy of God, shown by those five wounds, was more powerful; and more powerful too was the closeness of Mary our Mother.”

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

(PYA Malaybalay Journey) from page 13

emphatically shows the thinking pattern of an individual. A matured and sensible person weighs all pros and cons prior to executing any plan. He will analyze and evaluate the pre and post scenario of the situation. He will consult those who possessed knowledge and experience of life. The diversion which is designed to be advantageous is adopted and dangerous path is abandoned. The confidence is built within the self of an individual hence determination shows the rightful path. The commencement of the journey through the passage of time is towards another realm in a different time zone. As Steven Tyler, an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist rightly said, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” Once the purpose of life is established and understood, then the journey and passage through life become peaceful and rewarding. The worldly attractions and lustful diversions failed to deter the purpose and are relegated in the back. The individuals continued their journey on the right track remembering and thanking the mercies bestowed upon them. As Stephen R. Covey says, “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Although human beings by birth are not wicked or bad, yet their creational inheritance reflects impatience and ungrateful nature. Here, the knowledge and wisdom play an important part in shaping the human life. The human being will step out in the right direction under the guidance and continue to flourish. We can now sum up the nitty-gritty of life span from the commencement until the culmination in this realm. The passage planned for the journey in the next realm and time zone is entirely depended upon the success or failure in this phase of life.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

DCYCC Outing HK anchors cover canonization with & Evaluation


Follow Me | Aris Jay F. Lapizar

The two words of Jesus Christ. Definitive. Decisive Determinative Ultimate. Words that can change a man’s life. But more so determine His eternity. Jesus said, “Come, Follow Me And I will make you fishers of men.”(Mt.4:19)

Following Him means discipleship. Discipleship is faithfulness. Faithfulness is learning to serve Him alone. Wealth. Power. Prestige. Privileges Are some of the treasures of this world. They are enticing, alluring, seducing. Lord said, “You cannot give yourself both to God and to money.” (Lk. 16:13)

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Discipleship is a call to service. It is a passion to help, not to be helped. It is painful, humiliating, degrading. Authentic service is to volunteer, to offer. Learning to give, not to get. Self- giving not self-gratifying. Christ said, “Whoever wishes to follow after me Must deny Himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Mt. 16:24) The language of a disciple Is total obedience to the will of his Master. To him, God’s business is above any other. Trust, deeper relationship, Dependence makes one obedient. An obedient man is more of work than of complaint. He is not thinking of burden rather of cheerful vibes. Scripture told us, “For God’s love requires us to obey His commands.” (1Jn. 5:2-3)

He recognizes that everything is a gift from the Most High. A humble man is willing to say “I was wrong, I’m sorry” And able to see his own faults, Before seeing the faults of others. In accepting one’s limitations and giving up of our pride. We then learned to believe in God’s grace. “Happy are the meek, they shall possess the land.” (Mt. 5:5) To follow Him is an invitation to holiness. It is not about regulations and demands nor A succession of do’s and don’ts and terrible reprimands. Moral living is simply following Christ. Ours is a sex polluted age and a moral

decay. Prostitution, pornography, rape, Addictions, erotic songs occupies our generation. Jesus said, “What I just did was to give you an example as I have done, so you must do.” (Jn. 13:15) A disciple is a missionary. He is fluid. Mobile. Flowing. Full of enthusiasm. Ready to be sent out anywhere. He will proclaim the Good News to all creations. Neglecting boundaries, cultures and traditions. A missionary is a disciple maker. Lord commanded us, “Go out and make Disciples of all nations.” (Mk. 16:15) Is following Him possible today? My answer is a loud “YES”!

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

To follow Christ is to humble oneself. Humility is the source of disciple’s conduct.



Movies that are worth your time

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014



aleficent is Disney’s retelling of its iconic animated princess movie Sleeping Beauty from the villain’s point of view. Audiences will learn the reasons why the “fairy badmother” (played by Angelina Jolie) is so bitter and resentful at not being invited to baby Aurora’s welcoming party that she curses

the infant princess. Far more so than the animated original (which itself is often too scary for younger kids in the preschool age bracket), this live-action version can get quite dark and may frighten younger kids, particularly during violent action sequences between the kingdom and the magical creatures of the moors. But

the movie’s overall message -- about redemption and love -is positive, and giving Maleficient more depth and context will help kids sympathize with her. As long as kids can handle the battles which requires parental guidance, they’ll probably enjoy this new take on a classic Disney villain.

POSITIVE ROLE MODELS Aurora is a sweet, kind girl who’s curious and loves the creatures of the moors, just like young Maleficent, who was brave and protective of her fellow fairies and creatures. Maleficent is both a villain and a hero, because she had reasons to be bitter and unkind and is eventually remorseful for the hateful way she cursed baby Aurora. Against all odds, Maleficent is able to love again when she sees what a smart and generous young woman Aurora has become. Diaval is a loyal and truthtelling servant/helper to Maleficent.` VIOLENCE & SCARINESS The movie’s tone becomes quite dark, and there are some genuinely jump-worthy/scary scenes -- like when Maleficent realizes that her wings have been cut off (a brutal scene that’s reminiscent of sexual assault in some ways), as well as the various battles between the kingdom and the creatures of the moors, including the climactic fight between Maleficent, the king’s guards, and the king himself. The three fairies can be physical with each other -- pulling one another’s hair, hitting, and slapping -- but it’s usually portrayed in a humorous manner. People die on and off camera, including one key character who plunges to his death.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

POSITIVE MESSAGE The movie’s over-arching message is to not allow greed and hatred to blind you from love and generosity. If Maleficent had let go of her anger at being jilted, she wouldn’t have cursed Aurora, and if King Stefan hadn’t been so greedy and hurtful, the kingdom and the moors could have lived in peace. Aurora’s journey is about staying in the light, even when surrounded by darkness.



iracle in Ce “A Gift from is a 2013 So film star Seung-ryong, Kal So-wo Shin-hye. The film is a he comedy and family about a mentally chall wrongfully imprisoned who builds friendships hardened criminals in h they help him see his dau by breaking her in.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


The film’s early workin December 23.

Lee Yong-gu is a mentally man with the intelligence

old, which is actually the age of his own daughter Ye-sung who is much smarter than her peers. The two of them lead a happy life while Yong-gu makes a living by working as a parking attendant at a local supermarket. But one day, when the police commissioner’s young daughter dies in a strange accident, Yong-gu is the one who happens to find her. He is falsely accused and sentenced to death for abduction, sexual assault, and murder of a minor. Ye-sung is sent to a childcare institution and Yong-gu ng title was gets imprisoned and assigned to Cell No. 7, the harshest cell in a maximum security prison. y challenged e of a 6-year-

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

ell No. 7 (lit. m Room 7�) outh Korean ring Ryu on and Park eartwarming melodrama lenged man for murder s with the his cell, and ughter again


In my Confession Room WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN? by: #nabagUhan

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014



rggghhhh!”, “ahhhhh!”, “wahhhh!”, pffffft!” were my often interjections when I first felt this strange and wicked feeling (forgive me for the term). I often had swarms of butterflies in my stomach whenever that person is near. Strange because why now? I mean we’ve known each other for quite some time and I never had problems dealing with him? At first I had second thoughts of sharing this to others because (1) I don’t know what it is and (2) I am afraid of what will it be until one day... boom! I couldn’t contain it anymore. Though I had an idea of what is happening inside of me but I had to have second opinions. And so did I confirm it. Man! I’m in love! “Wait! What? I’m in love? But

browse for his pics on FB (so not me). Usually, we had casual talks but now I am always lost for words when we are talking. During nights, I am always having a hard time sleeping coz I am busy, busy thinking about him especially when he’s sort of emotionally unstable; he sometimes sends unenthusiastic messages. This is so hard for me. I always wanna be with him whenever he’s down and out. I thought falling in love is just a piece of cake; when things around you turns to pink whenever he’s near but it turned out to be a little bit of ...different. In my case, things were unlikely different. Maybe this is how it is when you fall in love for the first time; you need to adjust to things especially to forbidden. There are some instances that I felt pain because of him, I felt indifference from him. There are times that I have been disconsolate for days. Every corner of everywhere seems so lonely and silent and melancholic. I always find it hard to look at him directly coz every time I

do, the sad reality would always be slapped to my face that we will never be together; that he will never be mine. Though whenever i’m not sober :P I sometimes whisper to the winds “pwede nga pwede nalang me?”, “pd naay exemption Lord? pwede nga pwede nalang mi duha? magbinut-an na lagi ko, magtarong na lagi ko ug skwela” I think my screws have fallen somewhere else, but then again I can’t go against the reality of life; I can’t contest God’s will, who am I anyways. Although this experience of mine caused me a considerable amount of pain and hurts, still I am thankful. I am thankful that I experienced this. I am thankful that once in my life I felt the feeling of falling in love. It’s so good. Close friends would say that I am inspired, that I have satisfactorily accomplished things, that it can be seen in me that someone’s inspiring me. True, I am inspired but I am still hopeful that this feeling would someday subside. Ika nga sa pelikula: “I can never unlove you, I’ll just 24 love you in a different

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

why?” were some of my litany when clouds had left me! “So my intuitions were true!” The thing that I feared most to happen to me really did happen. I fell in love with a friend. What’s worse is he’s my bestfriend! “I don’t want this!” “I hate this!”, “this can’t go on!” are some of my frequent chirps. This is new to me. I never had this before. Although I had flings and flirts before but I never felt this strange thing. I never had problems of not seeing him in a day, I never had problems with him not replying to my messages, I never got tongue-tied during our conversations, I used to have good sleeps, I usually don’t blush when being paired-up with somebody else, I am not the type that stalks on Facebook and frequently looks at the pics in it, I usually ignore him whenever he’s around, etc. But now... now things get different, tables were turned and I... got slapped at my face with those corny mumbo-jumbos. I can’t believe that I couldn’t last a day without seeing his face that’s why when that happened, I

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A Mother’s Letter to Her Son on Father’s Day | Aris Jay F. Lapizar


ear Son,

As I wake up this morning, I took a short glance on you ‘coz I’m having an early meeting with potential clients. As usual, you already know that mommy is so serious in running our business that someday will become your business too. Yes my son! You will inherit all our fortunes. Everything.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

My son, sorry if I did not bother to wake you up to personally say “Good Morning”. I just decided to write this letter as what I am doing every time I’m not around. Honestly, my son, I am wondering if you are seriously reading my entire letter or maybe you’re just so tired of opening it and you would just put it in a box together with all the letters that I had sent you. But the thought that you are keeping 27 it somewhere makes me smile my son.

Maybe, upon seeing my letter, you would think that it would contain the same letters...the same words... the same lines...the same drama...the same reminders... Yes! Repeated reminders just like closing your door before going to sleep...changing your clothes before going to bed... drying your sweat...and etc... What if you got pneumonia or allergies? I’m just so worried my son if it happens that you’ll get sick. Because I know that I am not always around to care for you. But this time my son...please... please...please pay attention to what I am writing. This is going to be my first time to write these things to you. Early this morning, I have a conversation with yaya. She told me that you arrived very late last night. Are you doing this often? Where have you been? Who was with you? Aside from it, yaya also told

me that you slammed your car on the gate. Remember, I just brought that car last month. Look at it now...the side mirror and headlight were damaged and our gate was broken. Anyway, don’t worry about our gate honey, the masons will work for it. Regarding with your damaged car, just leave it there. I’ll buy you a new Porsche. The thing that I am very worried about was when I found out that you were drunk. Very drunk and it seems like you were high. Are you taking drugs? Who taught you? You are poisoning your body son. What is happening to you? You are like a volcano willing to explode in any minute. Why are you doing these things? Your heart is full of anger. Is it because you are angry with your daddy that you also want to hate the world? To hate your life? To hate everything? Or is it that you’re angry with

My son, did it ever come into your heart to hate me too? Your mommy? Did it ever come into your mind to ask why daddy left us? Why a good man like your daddy would leave a woman like me? My son...stop hating your daddy... it was not all his fault after all. It was mine my son. I’m not a good wife to your dad...and never it will be. I was the one who started breaking our fragile marriage. I realized how stupid I am. I still remember those days when your daddy needs a

tender care and affection of a woman. When he needs someone to comfort and inspire him every time he’s down. When he needs advices...when he needs congratulations...when he needs company...when he needs someone to talk to... when he needs me...a friend...a lover...a wife...I am not around at the important moments of your dad’s life because I am busy with my career. I don’t have time for him. And here comes your ninang, his personal secretary, always filling my gap, always filling the responsibility that I wasn’t able to do as a wife. After all, my son, daddy still loves you. He loves you more than the love he gave to me. At these times when our relationship was fading, he never forgets to check if you’re doing well, how was your study? What do you need? But I failed to tell you

everything about it, because I hate him. I don’t want to talk about him or even hear his name. I even tried to keep you away from him. I hid the gifts he sent you on your birthday and the scrapbook he effortly made just for you. Years have passed, the pains will gradually heal. I realized a lot of things. It’s not too late to start all over again. My son, forgive your daddy. Stop ruining your life. Stop hurting your dad. I write this letter to you to remind you to learn from our mistakes. Maybe you are puzzled by a lot of things that this life has brought you, but you will understand these things soon, when you are already a husband...a good daddy...and you will know what it takes to be a father...a real father, son.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

your ninang when you found out that she was having an affair with daddy? Is that why you are losing your trust and confidence with the people around you? Are you angry with both of them because they betrayed us? That they betrayed you? And that they betrayed me? They broke our hearts...our relationship...our life...

Son... today is your father’s 28 most important day...greet him a Happy Father’s Day.


assion of Christ

| Ian Amto, PYL - Landing

L VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

ive Christ, Share Christ and Love Christ. These words emit on the heart of the Youth as we serve on Him. Challenges are part of the growing journey of youngsters. As we celebrate one of the highlight activities during ` the Lenten season, Jesus encouraged us to READ, REFLECT, and REPENT the way He sacrificed His life and died hanging on the cross. The Medalla Milagrosa Parish Youth Apostolate bravely accepted this challenge as we hosted the 2014 Holy Week Celebration of our parish. Last April 18, 2014, we reinacted the Passion of Christ and for the 1st time, the youth read the 7 last words of Christ.

From planning to practices, we gave our full effort to make the play more realistic. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Labajo catered the workshop of the youth and afterwards the Parish Youth Apostolate viewed the movie “The Passion of Christ” to deepen our understanding and appreciate the 29 play.With the collaborative effort

of the Parish Pastoral Coordinating Council and Couples for Christ with their Youth for Christ , the PLAY has been made. Meanwhile, these would also be one way of inviting the youth who are church goers to participate on the activities in the parish. As we do our practices for the play, we’ve seen the effort of our fellow youth in giving their best to portray their characters, and this flattered us because despite the external temptations of the world (internet, playing and strolling) they still choose to respond on the call of service. Hence, we build camaraderie with our fellow youth in our community. Furthermore, we are looking forward for the next Holy Week celebration and may we remain eager to serve Him and give the best of what we could give. And truly these are the real meaning of Holy Week celebration. The message of accepting His challenge, live His words, share His will and love Him more. The activity successfully ended but the journey with Him has been started. Come! Take your cross and walk with Him.

In my Confession Room WHAT DID JUST HAPPENED? way”. I am always hoping that what I am feeling right now will be purified, that one day, I will just wake up and our relationship as friends would be as great as it had been before. That is my constant prayer. Funny, but because of this ill-fated feeling of mine, I have somehow improved my attendance to mass. It has taught me lessons, though I have learned the hard way but it is still precious to me. During this experience, I have learned that loving somebody needs to be selfless, coz falling in love is not about being loved in return, falling in love is putting first the happiness of that person and yours next. It doesn’t require you to confess to that person your feelings coz you will first think “will this be pleasing to him?” or “if I will do this, would it help him or will it just disturb him?” Maybe this is what it means “to love selflessly”. It’s so frustrating but because you love that person you will do things that will make them happy even if it means you’re

not included in the picture. Truly, love is such a mysterious thing. Indeed, this is mysterious because this feeling just came out waltzing from the blue. Love has caught me unguarded. I never thought that I will fall in love with him. Sometimes I question myself “nganung sa iya man ko na inlove? Dili man siya kagwapuhan,dili pud xa tall and dark”. Though he’s got this sweet attitude but he’s really not that material boy (giggles). Nevertheless, at the end, I fell for him. Despite, all of these I am still thankful to him for letting me feel this way. Thank you for making me feel this way. Thank you for coming in to my life and distract my perspective because what you did to me is precious. What you made me feel will not go to oblivion. I will always and forever cherish this feeling. As of now, nothing has changed with regards to my feelings for him but I am still hopeful. Hopeful for that one day to come

wherein this sensation would be purified into something richer. And when that day comes, we will become the best of friends. According to the movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman “Every great relationship starts from a place of conflict and then evolves into something richer.” and I am holding on to that. I am struggling right now because I am certain that if I’ll spill this out, our friendship would be ruined and I will not permit that to happen. I love him but I also love our friendship. Masakit mang isipin pero kailangan. I love him that is why I want to be his friend. Now what will happen to me? Well I’ll just continue life (with deep regards for him of course), him as my inspiration to do good. I just can’t wait for the day that I can innocently ask (just like a kid waking up from a sweet dream) WHAT DID JUST HAPPEN?

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

from page 25



am made for love and to love | Ivy-Ann Ruaya Sumagang

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


Looking back at the different events of my life and seeing how wonderfully I am able to continue to live life with gratitude in my heart, I have affirmed that it has been God’s love that keeps me through and pushed me this far. Thus, during the Youth Encounter I was affirmed and that I am loved and valued by Him. By that, I was able to reflect this: Everyone is not perfect.We are made just as the very persons God had wanted us to be. Amidst the imperfections, the affirmation from others could lift us up and inspire us to be the best persons as we accept and love ourselves as creation of the Most High. Thus, love encompasses what the eyes could only see and mind could only think through the heart that trust and love beyond those imperfections. People, although we encounter different trials we never fail to hope and believe for the better and new morning to come into our lives. God indeed never fails to show his unconditional love to us through the people we meet along our journey. Our journey may be tough but with love that’ll keep us through, we will survive and we can do all things, not just for us but for His Greater Glory. I am made for love and to love. And it is to be carried out through actions. The great challenge of Faith is to act and work without counting the cost. Lastly, the challenges in life are to be answered by Faith. And to that, may God be praised!


FIVE MORE MINUTES! | Unknown Author

While at the park one day, a woman sat down next to a man on a bench near a playground. “That’s my son over there,” she said, pointing to a little boy in a red sweater who was gliding down the slide.

“He’s a fine looking boy” the man said. “That’s my son on the swing in the blue sweater.” Then, looking at his watch, he called to his son. “What do you say we go, Todd?” Todd pleaded, “Just five more minutes, Dad. Please? Just five more minutes.” The man nodded and Todd continued to swing to his heart’s content. Minutes passed and the father stood and called again to his son. “Time to go now?” Again Todd pleaded, “Five more are a minutes, Dad. Just five more minutes.” patient father,” The man smiled and said, “O.K.” the woman responded. you


The man smiled and then said, “My older son Tommy was killed by a drunk driver last year while he was riding his bike near here. I never spent much time with Tommy and now I’d give anything for just five more minutes with him. I’ve vowed not to make the same mistake with Todd. He thinks he has five more minutes to swing. The truth is, I get Five more minutes to watch him play.” Life is all about making priorities, what are your priorities? Give someone you love 5 more minutes of your time today.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014




YE Corner

YE-ers’ expressions/ feeling during their Youth Encounter

feel free to enter and encounter God in our hearts. Surely, you’ll find the true happiness that you long for. God is so good.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


e xperienc the YE e one of is of mine unforget t s the mo e c n e peri table ex se e becau v a that i h d n a e ed m it chang d n a , le life my who h it fa my it makes k n a h t and stronger , s i’ c fa he you to t se who ho t y ll specia ted us. a it il fac

i deepened my faith, by knowing about myself and the persistence of our heavenly Father.

i realized t hat no matter how imperfect we are, God will a lways accept an d love us. –liezl

YE is one of the most happiest moment in my ordinary life, it is enjoyable.

salamat sa Y.E mas nahimo kung lig-on tungod niini.

Lift u p you r heart s i n praise !!! Y.E best : the )

i realized that God will always be there for me, it’s just a matter of paying attention and letting Him enter into our hearts. Dili gyud naku malimtan na encounter jud naku si God :-)

ka grave jud ope enjoy, i h a ni :-) mautro p


raY HOoo ! odaYa z for Ty reg risdhm Send nang Par alla sa taE sa Med . Take CUT sa Parish ys and a ro ! Millaglang ta alw g GOD care tinue servpinaglambo con ayun sa YO Pad KaBUK nd_la ug -PAGZg :> sa akong in hinigugma nga si w gre ould I Maethel Jane. Antos e l o u KAW t tht my ifke to antos sa ta baby ha? A Ha pP A I you so much, OS YANere sariends miss I Hai r L py father’s ka UM TOL ON mg love you he day sa tanan to fat y Padre’s g jemy jeanBO yoATE a YOUTa inFAITH #beFIRM p n p u a pa k pa a , balak mahim lh nie s,Chria,Ste uth s nd to H -Winstonmejias ritchehaii pud sa papa’s p ,t p s papa,ug feeling pa ung h y p e oto tia ha ec all :D p t pa. LANTAPAN day jesse ha he .. gre a Hehe.. specially GO hehe ,nica n,dikenie,Shially e sa y s D , ak h ong ha papa, imung papa wa conti and mJessieeryl,dadd ahaha .. ega d la ln ug papa , day w akung ame hope ba na to ng tanan. In u jud FRO Dng iwuae serissyoulan o’s ce li k r a U a e nan ving d h p M u ni D c ky p a , pu h ro E : n pa a MusJ pa a h . Ha e p n mg len anlo lanta g limbaga.. ll Lantapa : Happy papa day. ha. a tamos mga cia u_ ansa And to a jeff  from va -G and erl kabukyo y . a o t ch ii a ..h gv MMPY/yangsters.! :D youth darl_yan Hi i’m hoping and looking n! Shout ebriwaaa forward for anther out to all my Akong ipadayag happy day/s with ang akong gipahipi homies! Kitakits ra ta you.!SEE YOU ALL.. nga pagbati alang ninyo sa DYD10. Hoping Gree God Bless.  nak eet sa mga batan-on sa makauli ko ug regards ko sa Greet -sheryL calva :) Jove o silang Bukidnon. :D forever active DYFT, sa akong n , Jes lang Ch -nagmamahal, LANTAPAN FAMILY, sa team Lerma2x, Alex sa, AKO esp. ila Raven, Juanswag, , a BUGOK, S ko sa akung , r F . Jorr r. R Aldrin, Yagong, Jairus, Jairo, print ie, Raffy itchell, pinakakusgan ug a er ng ug s J-boy, Rafael, Tetel, Analyn, Aloh mo nag a kamuloa ! ug sa mga nalimtan, hehe, H f pinalanggang amahan, f r .. b i print sa egar ka inyo ing - Ahd WINSTONMEJIAS ’s a d o k on et Mr. Aresio Cadamia ug usa kong s ko LANTAPAN greet ecial gre angh b p h a e s C y s e F happy happy father’s . h F n e d n B e h per masa ili na ga to H n-ch y ka o y bta ko to m and che odbless day! Love you pang! Hi ma a yan aii e g n p G k n . alan o r ga h la nd gs cha are and ! From - Lady Dhynne sa m ical gga a ka ts Fr aii t ybal to aters ec o k a lo d n e T . A o ay ll m a bb Me ion - IC ko :3 an . labb ka bff y p ng Fr Missrs esp. HIG fro adr el ;) . Ma outh e e O n m d r h ’ : R s d ap ing Boa g ahdon ac ay py , kan he . lle

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

inahiping agbati


Literary Attempts

Just For You THONY

Thank you very much for coming into my life, For giving me inspiration all of the time. I know that it is impossible that you will love me too, That’s why I wrote this poem to express my love for you. Maybe someday you’ll know how much I admire you.. But there’s only one thing I want you to know I will never ever let you go!


VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

To twin heart You’re like an angel when I saw you. I believe it is not an accident. It’s a blessing that our path crosses. Further, we became friends. I heard your life story, I sympathized. I started to care. And I realized I started to LOVE. I wanted to tell you everything but I’m afraid our friendship would end. 37 I prayed that our roads will meet again. I’m gonna miss you and I love you.


The Camp That Changed Me Charien Ruaya Sumagang

He never looks for praises He’s never one to boast He just goes on quietly working For those he loves the most His dreams are seldom spoken His wants are very few And most of the time his worries Will go unspoken too He’s there.... A firm foundation Through all our storms of life A sturdy hand to hold to In times of stress and strife A true friend we can turn to When times are good or bad One of our greatest blessings, The man that we call Dad.

I don’t know him that well I know, And sometimes rebellion is what I do. But since I joined that camp for youth, I was led to a better road. The rigors of following Him is too demanding, So I wanna show Him that my love’s unending. Even if sometimes I may fall a bit, I know His love for me will lift. Let’s keep our faith burnin’, Like fire that lights up the dark. Keep on praying, never ceasing, Till we reach Jesus’ heart,

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


ilent trong Dad

I was about to enter a whole new world, To prepare myself the best I could. And gain more knowledge about Him, Though so difficult it may seem.


“Where Do I Find God?” Aris Jay F. Lapizar A simple question that… Challenges deep contemplation, Where is God? Yeah! God is here. God can be found somewhere. God is above us …He is over us. He is under us … He’s behind us. He is inside us …He is around us. He is within us …He is all over us. All I can see is God- the goodness of God. He is found in the person that we meet. …Our parents, friends and loved ones. …In our teachers, mentors and educators. …In the priest, nuns and religious. And in those people who love us.

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014


He is also present in the food we eat. … In the water we drink, in the air we breathe, … In the flowers that bloom and the abundant harvest, … In the rivers and mountains, seas and oceans, … Birds and wild animals.

He is there in the rising and setting of the sun. … In the cycles of the moon, … In the constellation of the stars, … In the belt of the asteroids, … In the beauty of comets and meteors. Do you think God can’t be found…? In the dying and the sick? In the desolated and broken hearted? In the neglected and marginalized? The poor and the oppressed? No! God is always with them… In the form of your hands, Telling you to extend it to those in need. I ask myself again, where do I find God? My answer is simple…God is everywhere… Because He allows himself to be present anywhere, In every events and situations. It’s just a matter of appreciation. Let us pray because God is most present there. Now! Will you tell me a place where God can’t be found? And I’ll tell you a million reasons that He is there.

An Ode of a Gushing Heart Aaron

Heart’s enveloped with wicked cloud contant cry’s: hear its beat so loud boy you’ve completely taken my soul and you’re taunting me like a ghoul I know this feeling’s not for long but my ego’s singing it like a song whimsical thoughts made the fire burning alas! blisters are all my proud burning I hate you for cathching me unguarded pride has been affluently eroded oh when can i taste the feel of your love for this being been caught like a dove

Blindedly, I follow - ichigo

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

Night’s bounteous with cold This victim’s fate foretold Desired ending is a blissful dillusion None of them would succeed in motion What’s been painstakingly stated above A trace of an ambitious, arbitrous love sky’s carpeted with a lively gloom Alas! feeling’s concealed; swept with a broom chasin pavements is what this hopeless do along the journey, feet blistered on a damage shoe Else I can do is to blindedly follow This feeling better kept in a burrow It is also with conviction that I believe Sometimes love is a thing you better off but leave.




g n a p a P Dear erting

ni Itol ug B

Dear Papang! Ako si Nog-nog, nagpadala akog sulat kanimo Papang kay nahibalo ako nga ikaw ra gayud ang bugtong itik nga makatambag kanako. Aduna akoy problema bahin sa akong uyab but before anything else papang, ang akong uyab diay, student pa. Aduna sya’y taas nga buhok, itumon og pamanit ug medyo siga-on ug mata. Ingun ana ka gwapa ang akong uyab papang (sure?) :-)

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

Ang akong problema gyud sa akong uyab papang, kaning iyang pagka-demanding (mura rabag kagwapa sa buing), ug kaning pagkahilig sa pag-kaon (mura rabag siya ang ga-gasto). Kung manglaag mi Papang, muhapit gayud kami pirmi sa plaza kay mag-papalit ug turon, wa pa gani niya nahurot ang isa ug kaon mag-papalit nasad og usab. (Surab gyud tawhana). Samtang nag kalawom ang gabii nga nag-uban mi, nag kadako pud ang akong... ang akong eyebags (hihi :P). Peru bisan pa man Papang gihigugma gayud nako siya, with all of my heart, body and soul. Busa tabangi ako papang kay di nako kabalo sa akong buhaton. I don’t wanna lose her papang, i don’t. So please Papang, please.... :-)

NOGNOG 41 Letter sender

Dear Nognog, Maayong adlaw diha kanimo Nog. First of all, salamat kaayo sa imong pagsalig sa pagpadala sa imung sulat tampo sa dear Papang. :-) Sumala sa imung gi-ingon, aduna ikaw problema sa imung uyab tungod sa iyang pagka kanding, awhp...sorry pagkademanding hilabi na gayod kay mga pagkaon pagyud kasagara idemand kanimo. Abi nimo Nog, nowadays aduna gayud mga uyab nga kusog kaayo mukaon bisan ug busog pa. Mao nang usahay malibog tah kung tao pa ba ni or kanding na, diba? Sama bitaw sa kanding nga sige ra jud ug usap-usap. Pero ang akong ika tambal, (ai) i mean ikatambag nimu Nog, nga unta taas-taasan nimu ang imung pasensya ug apil na pud ang budget. :-) Malay mo sa ilaha wala siya ug gakan-on maong kung magkita mo mamawi gyud sya ug kaon. Luoy pud tawhana. Sa gi-ingon pa sa Mt. 5: 42, “Give to the one who asks of you and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow.” Oh debah, PAK! DAUG. Busa Nog, pagpasalamat sa Ginoo kay ang pagka kanding (ai! Again sorry) pagkademanding niya kanimo, sa pagkaon lamang, which is for sure affordable ra kaayo para kanimo, so Nog, mao ra man siguro na. Again, daghang salamat sa imung pag-salig. Padayon sa pag-lawig ug May God Bless us all. Sa katong naai problema sa kinabuhi, ayaw lang financial mga igsuon hah! Kay mao pud na ang akong problema. Hehe :-) Bitaw, katong adunay gipangbati, mahimo ninyong isulat kini ug ipadala sa Dear Papang Station, mahimutang sa DCY office, Malaybalay City. Pangitaa lang si ate Jessa. Daghang Salamat!

bukyoscope “ang nakaka-anong kapalaran” AQUARIUS


Likayi karong adlawa ang paghigop ug sabaw nga naay kalamungay kay magdate mu sa imong crush. Basin pagngisi nimu mupilit ang kalamungay sa imong ngipon, labless gihapun!

Nindot kayo ka tan-awon sa imong sanina karon, kaso lang ga glow xa tungod sa imong ka dark!

Lucky Color: Green (ahw sorry unlucky diay na xa) Lucky Number: 0 (kung magtuman jud ka)

(the NEONizer gal)

Lucky Color: Colors of the Wind Lucky Day: Chosday



Bad News: Walay agas karong adlawa, dili ka makaligo ug makatooth brush. Good News: Ok rana, kae uso man gihapon ang dirty look karon, so in ka pa rin!

Ayaw lang kayo ug kaguol kung ang imung uyab sa imu nibulag, iya man pud nawng kay purya buyag!

(taas kamay, you’re under Aries!)\

Lucky Color: Brownish Neck Lucky Day: Aw sorry, wala kay Lucky day karon. Better luck next time

(the ever loyal Dyesebel Pan)

Lucky Color: Budlisan Blue Lucky Day: Tabo Day



Nalipay ka kae nay 136 ka notification imong status. Ang problema lang ang nakabutang dadto, “BAYOT KO!” nalimot diay ka ug log-out kaganina sa internetan.

Expressive kayo ka, kada taod2x ga-GM ka pero please lang ihunong na kana. Ayaw himoang diary among inbox!

(ang hororscope ni manenay)

Lucky Color: PUSHya pink Lucky Day: DAY ko kabalo

(mga tao nga karaan, mga CANCERvative)

Lucky Color: Penk Lucky Day: Someday



Amega! Uki rajud mukatawa kae kana tambal sa problema pero ang pagkatawa nga walay hinungdan, ah alam na, paycheck up na kae ikaw aduna nay problema.

Tip lang amega, ayaw cge ug selpie kae pakaapekto naka sa world economy --- kalas ug memory!

(ikaw adunay kuriCORN)

Lucky Color: Kanal Gray Lucky Day: Hoy-bes

(mahilig muinom ug Viir)

Lucky Color: Ironic Hue (kung bisaya pa: TAYA) Lucky Day: Bsain ugma!



Pasagdi lang kung gamay ra ang balon basta sa lablyp dili ka lon-lon :3

Good Vibes may be to thee! Ang imung kagwapo magadepende sa imung self-confidence so push lang yan

(gugmang ga urus-ursus)

Lucky Color: Red Bull Lucky Day: PasagDAY

(ang gwapo nga kabayo)

Luck Color: raTAN Lucky Day: every 29th of February



Malipay ka krn kae tagaan ka ni mommy pangdate kauban imong baby apan lang sa inyong gi-date-tan si mommy pud nakit-an, nay kauban nga usa ka man. Ayay! The Legal Husband?

Mura ka ug si Libra karon, tsada tan-awon sa imong sanina … apan lang, ikaw mura ug tabanog (LOL)


Lucky Color: Legal Red Lucky Day: actually dili xa lucky- karon!

(ang fashionistang lolo)

Lucky Day: every winDAY Lucky Color: Mlue Miolet

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

(from the root word AKOA hihi)



What happened on


VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014



1 3 2 4 FIFTY DAYS AFTER HIS RESURRECTION, THE LORD SENT THE HOLY SPIRIT DOWN FROM HEAVEN UPON HIS DISCIPLES. THE AGE OF THE CHURCH BEGAN. On Pentecost, the Holy Spirit transformed fearful apostles into courageous witnesses to Christ. In a very short time, thousands had themselves baptized: it was the birthday of the Church. The miracle of the languages on Pentecost shows that the Church is there for all the peoples from the very beginning: She is universal (= the Latin term for the Greek kat’holon, catholic) and missionary. She speaks to all men, overcomes ethnic and linguistic barriers, and can be understood by all. To this day the Holy Spirit is the “soul” of the Church, the essential principle of her life. (ref. YOUCAT, pp.75, #118) WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Holy Trinity and has the same divine majesty as the Father and Son. When we discover the reality of God in us, we are dealing with the working of the Holy Spirit. God sent “the Spirit of His Son into our hearts” (Gal. 4:6), so that he might fill us completely. In the Holy Spirit a Christian finds profound joy, inner peace and freedom. “For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the spirit of sonship [in whom] we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’” (Rom 8:15b). In the Holy Spirit, whom we receive in Baptism and Confirmation we are permitted to call God “Father”. (ref. #38, pp.35, YOUCAT)

WHAT ROLE DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT PLAY IN THE LIFE OF JESUS? Without Holy Spirit, we cannot understand Jesus. In His life the presence of God’s Spirit, whom we call the Holy Spirit, was manifest in a unique way. It was the Holy Spirit who called Jesus to life in the womb of the Virgin Mary (Mt 1:18), endorsed him as God’s beloved Son (Lk 4:16-19), guided him (Mk 1:12) and enlivened him to the end (Jn 19:30). On the cross, Jesus breathed out his Spirit. After his Resurrection, he bestowed the Holy Spirit on his disciples (Jn 20:22). At that the Spirit of Jesus went over to his Church: “As the Father has sent me, even so I send you” (Jn 20:21). (ref. #114, pp.73, YouCat) WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT DO IN MY LIFE? The Holy Spirit makes me receptive to God; he teaches me to pray and helps me to be there for others. Augustine calls the Holy Spirit “The quiet guest of our soul.” Anyone who wants to sense his presence must be quiet. Often this guest speaks very softly within us and with us, for instance, in the voice of our conscience or through other interior or exterior promptings. Being a “temple of the Holy Spirit” means being there, body and soul, for this Guest, for God in us. Our body is therefore God’s living room, so to speak. The more receptive we are to the Holy Spirit in us, the more he becomes the master of our life, the sooner he will bestow on us even today his CHARISMS for the upbuilding of the Church. And so, instead of the WORKS OF THE FLESH, the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT grow in us. (ref. YOUCAT,pp.76, #120)

DIOCESAN COMMISSION ON YOUTH OFFICE G/F, Old Convent, San Isidro Labrador Cathedral, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon

(088)- 31-400-64


stay connected!

VOLUME 33 NO. 1 | APRIL - JUNE 2014

Almighty guiding


Banagbanag - April - June 2014 Edition  
Banagbanag - April - June 2014 Edition  

"Stay connected @Col. 3:20" is this quarter's issue. Focused on the featuring issues regarding family ties.