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You’re invited! Campaign Launch at Pre-Class Bash Sept 6th (Monday), 6-8pm @ Palmer Field

Join us for the Campaign’s launch at the Annual Pre-Class Bash brought to you by the Residence Halls Association and the Michigan Student Assembly. Come grab a bite to eat, get free stuff, join in on the games, and dance the night away-- all on Palmer Field!

Arts Diag Day Sept 9th (Thursday), 11am-2pm @ the Diag

Interested in music, dance, and the arts? Stop by the Diag on Thursday, Sept 9th between 11am and 2pm to check out over 30 of the University’s best art-related student organizations. Got class? Then be sure to stop by at lunch for the liver performances and DJ-ing lessons between 12-1pm!

Explorth: Explore North Campus Sept 15th (Wednesday), 4:30-7:30pm @ the North Campus Diag

Did you know that North Campus has a wind tunnel? How about complete recording studios? A Wave Field? A 3D Lab? And did you know that they’re available for all students to use for free? North Campus is full of incredibly interesting places and spots. Wanna learn more? Catch an Explorth shuttle (outside of South Quad, East Quard, and the Hill, exact locations TBD) to the North Campus Diag.

Multi-Cultural Potluck Sept 20th (Monday), 11am-2pm @ the Diag Service Diag Day Sept 23rd (Thursday), 11am-2pm @ the Diag

Also Check Out and Get Involved at: Day of Change Sept 6th (Monday), 11am-4pm Mendelssohn Theater Gayz Craze Sept 6th (Monday), 12pm-4pm Palmer Field Festifall Sept 8th (Wednesday), 11am-4pm the Diag MSA Open House Sept 14th (Tuesday), 10am-2pm the Diag Northfest Sept 14th (Tuesday), 11am-3pm the North Campus Diag MSA Mass Meeting Sept 15th (Wednesday), 7:30pm-9pm the Michigan Union Ballroom UMEC Social Change Event Sept 30th (Thursday), TBD North Campus

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Visit the campaign online

Interested in Student Government?

JOIN! the

Michigan Student Assembly 3909 Michigan Union, 530 S. State Street Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Phone: 734-763-3241

MSA Commissions:

MSA Committees:

- Budget Priorities - Academic Affairs - Campus Governance - Alumni Relations - Communications - Campus Safety - Community Service (funding) - Campus Improvement - External Relations - Environmental Issues - Rules & Elections - Health Issues - International Student Affairs MSA Select Committees: - LGBTQ Issues - Athletic Relations - Minority Affairs - Disability Issues - North Campus Affairs - Diversity Affairs - Peace & Justice - Greek Relations - Student Rights - Transfer Students - Voice Your Vote - Women’s Issues

The Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) is the central student government at the University of Michigan, striving to represent the student voice to the University administrators, fund student organizations on campus, be a central resource for a variety of student issues, and foster collaboration for the campus community through events and advocacy. n Organize campus-wide events such as the BEAT OSU Rally and Homecoming n Coordinates projects such as airBus (affordable rides to and from the airport before and after breaks) and has fought in Lansing on issues ranging from higher education funding to Student Veterans

MSA is comprised of elected representatives as well as commissions and committees which you can join! If you would like to help with an existing project, propose one of your own or find out about elections and get involved, contact MSA to learn more or check out our website!

Check out our website for more information or contact to join!

Welcome to



t is with great pleasure and joy that I welcome you all to the University of Michigan, home to one of the most diverse and active campuses in the world. You are about to embark on a four year journey where you will explore the many treasures that Michigan has to offer. From the rich history that spans over generations of eager young students to the over 1,000 student organizations, there is a sea of bright minds working to make Michigan a more vibrant place.

This is where you come in: in the next few months, you will be prompted by plenty of diverse, dynamic, and engaging student organizations inviting you to join them in their mission. I cannot stress enough the richness of the opportunities and experiences that you will be exposed to by heeding these calls. Getting Involved at Michigan is more than just an opportunity to boost your resume, it is a chance to shape and mold your University experience. It is your chance to make the University of Michigan the Michigan you want it to be, and expand your perspective past what you would have ever thought possible. Don’t doubt the potential you have to make a difference here at this great University. Talk to some friends in your hall and start a group on campus, bring a cool event idea you have to a mass meeting you attend, or even start your own initiative that you think can improve student life. No matter what you do, remember that you are a part of Michigan now, and your actions have the capacity to influence this community and your fellow Michigan Wolverines. It’s your time at Michigan. Define it; create it; get involved! Go Blue.

Chris Armstrong Student Body President


The First Michigan fraternities, Beta Theta Pi and Chi Psi, were established.



Michigan Daily begins publication. Michiganensian begins publication.


First sorority, Eta chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, established at Michigan.



Michigan Union established for male students, alumni, faculty, and regents.



1890 1884

Alpha Phi Alpha established on April 10 and is the earliest known U-M African American fraternity.







Peter Smith Photography

U-M Men’s Glee Club formally organized, although unofficial men’s singing groups may have performed as early as 1846.

Angela Cesere |

U-M Marching Band organized by a student director and begins playing at football games. First student newspaper, The Peninsular Phoenix and Gazetteer, published on the university campus.


“Today we welcome the world to our library”- Mary Sue Coleman history.shtml

Girls’ Glee Club founded. The Club came in and out of existence until it was finally discontinued in 1953. Student Council established.

“Freshman Week” established as a period of preparation for student life for incoming students.

Presidential Candidate John F. Kennedy gave an impromptu speech on the steps of the Michigan Union supporting the establishment of the Peace Corps.


1927 1921


The all-male Student Council is replaced by the Student Government Council, a co-ed student legislature.


In March, the Black Action Movement (BAM) boycotts classes for two weeks.

In “the largest commencement ever,” an estimated 80,000 people filled Michigan Stadium to hear President Lyndon Johnson’s commencement address.


Students stage a sit-in against classified research at the Administrative Office Building.


1967 1965

Regents approve a merger of the Michigan League and Michigan Union, thus establishing a University Activities Center (UAC). Both buildings become open to all students.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority founded on April 7 and is the earliest U-M African American sorority. Tom Hayden, ‘61, member of Students for Democratic Society (founded by Hayden in 1961), drafts the Port Huron Statement, which brought national prominence to SDS.

1970 1968


On April 9th, minority students under the Black Student Union take possession of the LS&A building demanding increases in minority enrollment and support services for minority students.

Vietnam protests occur during Homecoming. A group including many University of Michigan students staged a sit-in at the Selective Service office in Ann Arbor protesting the Vietnam War and the draft. First “Hash Bash” held on the Diag (April Fools’ Day).

“For today, goodbye. For tomorrow, good luck. And forever, Go Blue!” – Bob Woodruff




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t e G Involve

Pursue special interests, hobbies, issues Achieve personal goals

Develop leadership and communication skills Build relationships with faculty and staff Have a more enjoyable college experience Increase self confidence and self-esteem Mature personally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually Gain marketable skills Learn more about yourself and others Give your time and talents back to the community

“Those who stay will be champions” – Bo Schembechler




Show up at a mass meeting

Get Involved

Check out Festifall and Winterfest Stop by the student organization offices on the 4th floor of the Michigan Union Look over the student organization information on page 11 and 12 Talk to people about your interests - someone could feel the same way as you! Take part in an activity or event sponsored by a student organization Make a quick stop at the Michigan Student Assembly (3909 Michigan Union), your student government Attend one of the workshops or Diag Days hosted by the Get Involved Campaign (Next to the Table of Contents) Keep your eyes open for flyers and banners posted around campus Surf the web to find student org websites: “Leaders and best” – The Victors


Cootie Catchers What can I Get Involved in? & MSA facts


Step 1: Fold one corner of the paper diagonally to the other corner. (Repeat for the other corner)

Step 2: Open your paper. You will now have a center point marked on the paper.

Step 3: Fold each corner of the paper towards the center.

Step 4: When all four corners have been folded, your Cootie Catcher should look like this.

Step 5: Turn the paper over so that the folded sides are face down. (Repeat Step 1 through 3)

Step 6: Slip your thumbs and pointer fingers under the four flaps.

“Hail to the Victors�- The Victors by Luis Elbel

l a r t e n es e G ter in



Athletic/ Recreation

Board Games, Racquet Sports, Recreational Dance, TV/Radio Risk Club, Club Tennis Team, Ballroom Dance Club, MSalsa, WCBN-FM, WOLV-TV




Cultural arts, Dance, Film, Theatre, Writing

Encompass, RAAS Association, Ballroom Dance Club, EnCore, funKtion, Michigan Bhangra Team, Michigan

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Tear carefully on the dashed lines.


Quizbowl, Mock Trial, Solar Car Team, MPowered Entrepreneurship, Alternative Spring Break, Dance Marathon, K-Grams, The Detroit Partnership, Model United Nations, Michigan Student Assembly, Michigan Daily


s rt st A re te In

Academic competitions, professional academic organizations, community service, environmental, leadership, publications, and more!


Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, Jain, Interfaith, and more


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No matter your religion, you can find religious and spiritual resources and organizations on campus.

RELIGIOUS INTEREST studentaffairs/spiritual_ resources.htm


s u io st g i e l Re ter In


MSA sponsors airBus, a service to transport student to the airport for vacation periods.

MSA sponsors various events such as pep rallies, lectures, and concerts.





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Tear carefully on the dashed lines.

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Over 150 students participate in MSA in some capacity. We have plenty of opportunities to get involved.

MSA has 25 different committees and commissions.

MSA has its own student judiciary called the Central Student Judiciary.



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MSA has representation from every college/school within the University.




MSA has a long history. The central student government was established in 1906.

MSA allocates over $300,000 in funding each year to student organizations.


Organization Mass Meetings Arts A Cappella Council September 7th, 8pm Michigan League Ballroom Contact |

Bringing the university and A Cappella community together through social events and collaborative productions such as MACFest and A Cappella Rush.

Ballroom Dance Team September 9th and 16th, 8pm Michigan League Ballroom Visit | F.O.K.U.S. September 30th, 7pm The Clock Tower Fountain

FIGHTING OBSTACLES KNOWING ULTIMATE SUCCESS (F.O.K.U.S.) is an arts advocacy organization at the University of Michigan, encouraging student, local and national artists to develop and share their creative talents.

NOIR September 16, 7pm Michigan Union Tap Room Contact |

A fashion-based organization combining the essence of style and creativity in effort to bring together a diverse community.

Men’s Glee Club Sept 9th, 5:30pm U-Club, Michigan Union

the Detroit and Ann Arbor communities through meaningful collaborations. Raising awareness, breaking stereotypes, promoting multiculturalism and social justice.

Community Service

DORAK September 15th, 8 pm The Michigan Room, League Contact |

Founded in 1859, a 100 men ensemble that holds steadfast to its tradition, camaraderie, and musical excellence

Best Buddies September 13th and 14th, 8pm 3463 Mason Hall Circle K September 14th and 20th, 7pm Pendleton Room, Union (9/14) Rogel Ballroom, Union (9/20)

Circle K is home to the largest club in all of Circle K International with a goal of completing 15,000 community service hours this year.

Dance Marathon September 8th and 14th, 9pm Great Lakes Rm, Palmer Commons September 20th, 6 pm East Room, North Campus Contact |

An organization dedicated to help ensure every child the childhood they deserve through raising awareness and funds.

Detroit Partnership September 20 & 22, 7:30-8:30pm Koessler Room, League (9/20) Kuenzel Room, Union (9/22) A service-learning organization joining

Our goal is to spread good cheer around campus through simple, fun, and random acts of kindness! We expect nothing in return, hoping our deeds will inspire others to spread kindness throughout their lives and the lives of others.

United to Heal Sept. 13th, 21st and Oct. 6th, 7pm Forum Hall Auditorium, Palmer Commons (9/13) Room 2105B, Union (9/21,10/6) A student-run, humanitarian aid organization working to collect surplus medical supplies and equipment from local hospitals then shipping them to resource-poor hospitals around the world.

International Chinese Students and Scholars Sept 29th, 1-3:30pm Pierpont Commons Visit | Project Suyana September 20th, 8pm Room 4, Michigan League Visit | projectsuyana/


Organization Mass Meetings Continued...


Black Student Union September 16th, TBD Contact | IASA September 9th, 7pm Michigan Union Ballroom Arab Student Association September 15th, 8pm Kuenzel Room, Michigan Union Contact | An organization aiming to unite and serve the Arab community on campus while educating the general student body about Arabs. Promoting Arabic culture and heritage and increasing public awareness about Arabs.

UAAO September 15th, 6pm

Yuri Kochiyama Lounge, South Quad Contact |

South Asian Awareness Network September 16th, 7.30pm East Hall Atrium Contact |

Political/Socially Active ACLU September 20th, 8pm @ TBD Contact |


College Democrats September 12, 3pm Kuenzel Room, Michigan Union Visit |

Increasing student interest and participation in Democratic affairs, acquainting students with philosophies, issues, and candidates of the Democratic Party, registering voters on campus and in the community, and assisting in the election of local, state, and national Democratic candidates.

College Republicans September 12th, 2pm Henderson, Michigan League Visit | Interfaith Action September 7th, 7pm Ginsberg Center Contact |

Brings students from diverse cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds together through service and dialogue.

SAPAC September 22nd, 7 pm and 8 pm Suite 202, 715 N. University


PULSE: Peers Utilizing Leadership Skills for Education Sept. 15th, 21st, and 22, 8pm Kalamazoo Room, League (9/15) Boulevard Room, Pierpont (9/21) Wolverine Room, Union (9/22) Contact |

Publications Michigan Every Three Weekly September 21st, 5.30pm Kuenzel Room, Michigan Union Visit | SHEI Magazine September 9th, 7pm Kalamazoo Rm, Michigan League LEAD Magazine September 16th, 7pm Kalamazoo Room, League Contact | Michigan Review Sept. 8th and 13th, 7pm Room 4, Michigan League (9/8) Kalamazoo Room, League (9/13) Contact |


National Society of Black Engineers September 17th, 5-8pm 1610 IOE Contact |

An organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the field of engineering while promoting academic excellence, professional success, and cultural responsibility especially among members of the black community.

To find more information...log onto


Division of Student Affairs

Counseling and Psychological Services 3100 Michigan Union | 734.764.8312

Career Center

3200 Student Activties Building (SAB) | 734.764.7460

Campus Information

First Floor, Michigan Union | 734.764.INFO

Dean of Students

3000 Michigan Union | 734.764.7420

Ginsberg Center

1024 Hill Street | 734.647.7402

Greek Life

4115 Michigan Union | 734.936.3686

InterGroup Relations

3000 Michigan Union | 734.936.1875

International Center

603 E. Madison | 734.764.9310

Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs

2202 Michigan Union | 734.763.9044

Michigan Student Assembly

3909 Michigan Union | 734.763.3241

Michigan Union Ticket Office

Ground Floor, Michigan Union | 734.763.TKTS

Office of the Ombuds

6015 Fleming Administration Building | 734.763.3545

Office of Student Conflice Resolutions G121 South Quad | 734.936.6308

Recreational Sports

734.763.0050 |

Student Activities and Leadership 2205 Michigan Union | 734.763.5900

Sexual Assault Prevention Awareness Center 715 N. University, Suite 202 | 734.998.9368

Student Organizations Account Services 2400 Michigan Union | 734.763.5767

Student Organization Resource Center 4015 Michigan Union | 734.764.0436

Spectrum Center

3200 Michigan Union | 734.763.4186

Services for Students with Disabilities G-664 Haven Hall | 734.763.3000

Student Legal Services

2304 Michigan Union | 734.763.9920

University Health Services

207 Fletcher Street | 734.764.8320

University Housing

1011 Student Activities Building (SAB) | 734.763.3164

University Unions

Suite 3410 Michigan Union | 734.936.0869

UU Arts & Programs

4303 Michigan Union | 734.763.3202


Pamphlet Design | Angela Chih Get Involved Logo | Ahmed Ghani Š 2010 Michigan Student Assembly |

MSA: Get Involved  

The Michigan Student Assembly's first pamphlet for freshmen orientation students in 2010.