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Agricultural Stewardship Association

Agricultural Stewardship Association Protecting our community’s working landscape of farms and forests, connecting people to the land, and promoting a vibrant future for agriculture in the region. W e C onserve G ood F armland . F or G ood . F orever .

Highlights The McArthur-Sauert Farm in Greenwich became the 100th farm to be protected by ASA. This 155acre historic farm is owned by Joan McArthur-Fiske and has been in agricultural production since before the Civil War. Over $12,000 was contributed by ASA members and supporters to complete this project. To date, ASA has helped protect 100 properties on 15,600 acres of land. ASA was awarded three New York State farmland protection grants in 2014 – more than any other New York State land trust - totaling $1,287,112 to conserve three farms. 2

ASA expanded our educational programming to include more workshops and trainings for adults, children, landowners and networking opportunities for young farmers. We developed a five year farmland conservation plan that calls for conserving an additional 8,400 acres, bringing our total acres conserved to 24,000 acres by 2020. The Strand Estate, the largest gift of real estate ever given to ASA, was sold to Salem native, Jim Roche. Proceeds from the sale will be used to ensure the long-term sustainability of ASA. Thank you Curt & Fleur Strand!

FROM OUR LEADERSHIP Dear Members and Friends of the Agricultural Stewardship Association, Thanks to you, our loyal members and supporters, ASA passed a number of important milestones in 2014-2015: • We conserved our 100th property! • We reached a total of 15,600 conserved acres! • We launched our 25th Anniversary Year Celebration! While 25 years seems like a long time, we actually spend a lot of time thinking about the concept of “perpetuity”. How to conserve land, how to protect our food sources, how to keep our farmers successful not only for this year, or the year after, but actually far, far into the future. We truly believe that the success and enduring strength of our local farms is key to the region’s long term economic success and quality of life. Corporations often think in terms of the next quarter, or the next year. At ASA, we’re in the business of thinking about the next 100 years. And we have plenty more land to conserve. We estimate that in the long term, we need to conserve about 50,000 acres in Washington and Rensselaer counties to make a meaningful difference to ensure a future for farming in our region. New York State has allocated an unprecedented $20 for farmland protection in the Hudson Valley and $14 million statewide for 2015-16. That money helps us to buy development rights, but we have to raise matching funds. Also, that money doesn’t cover our operating expenses. We will be working to get our share of that state funding. And then, if we are successful in obtaining those grants, with your help, we’ll leverage that money to maintain this region as the agricultural powerhouse of the Hudson Valley. To mark our 25th Anniversary, two of our volunteers, David deVries and John Oakley, devoted countless hours to produce a fabulous birthday gift for ASA: a stunning 11 minute video about ASA’s conservation achievements to date and goals for the future. We hope after taking a look at their video, you’ll feel as proud as we are about conserving local farms, securing a long term source of local food, and keeping our rural communities vibrant and alive, producing food and jobs for ourselves and future generations.

With gratitude,

Katherine Roome Teri Ptacek Chair, Board of Directors Executive Director



McArthur-Sauert Farm, Greenwich “With so much good farmland disappearing, where are people going to get their food from in the future?” – Joan McArthur-Fiske By the end of August we were able to raise the remaining $7,000 required to protect the McArthur-Sauert Farm, a treasured landmark in our community. This beautiful farm located on Bald Mountain Road contains some of the richest agricultural soils in the town of Greenwich. This irreplaceable resource now serves primarily as support land for a local dairy operation and, thanks to you, will be here to produce food forever. When Joan McArthur-Fiske approached ASA about conserving her farm, she told stories about what the farm meant to her family and what it has come to mean to her. “It’s always been home to me,” she said. “I have always had stressful jobs. This farm is a respite- a haven. It deserves conserving.” The farm has been in Joan’s family for most of the last 100 years and she wanted to make sure that her farm would stay a farm. Joan understands the value of good soils: “With so much good farmland disappearing, where are people going to get their food from in the future? Housing developments don’t need good soils to grow. Food does.” How can you argue with that? Joan generously donated a portion of her development rights. Funding was provided by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Farmland Protection Program with a match made possible with 4 funding from the New York State Environmental

Protection Fund, Castanea Foundation and nearly 50 members of the community. ASA is Awarded Three New York State Farmland Protection Grants Totaling $1,287,112! After a six-year hiatus, New York State once again started funding farmland protection projects. In late October of 2014, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $17.6 million to protect 6,400 acres of farmland across New York State. ASA was awarded three of the 21 grants awarded by the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Walker Family, Land View Farms

These funds will be used to conserve the 611-acre Landview Farm in White Creek and Hoosick, and the 166-acre Homestead Farm in Brunswick. The third award will fund a five-year lease of development rights to ASA on the 604-acre Berle Farm in Hoosick with the hope that either state or private funding will eventually be found to conserve this farm in perpetuity.

McArthur-Sauert Farm 155 acres in Greenwich

Young/Beginning Farmer Over the past year, ASA has hosted several informal gatherings for young and/or beginning farmers to provide information and networking opportunities. These included pot luck dinners, a gathering at the Brown’s Brewery in North Hoosick, and a farm tour. ASA hopes to be a resource for these farmers and to help ensure that there is a next generation of farmers on the land.

Zack, Annie & Willa Metzger

Hudson Valley Farmlink Network We continued to work with American Farmland Trust and other partners in the Hudson Valley on the Hudson Valley Farmlink program, including creating a database to help match farmers with landowners looking to rent or sell their land.

S TEWARDSHIP In 2014-2015 ASA’s stewardship team worked with landowners to conduct site visits on all of our conserved properties (100 and counting!). In addition to annual site visits, ASA staff worked with landowners to address questions about their easements, assisted with the notification and approval process for certain activities on the land, and promoted good land stewardship practices by hosting workshops and programs based on feedback from our easement landowners. Our landowner workshops, which Game of Logging we also offer to the public, continue to expand and diversify. We are also fortunate to partner with many local and regional organizations and agencies on programming. These included the Game of Logging training (chainsaw safety and proper tree felling techniques), a forest management woods walk, maple and milk tours at Cannon Cattle Ranch, a presentation by Connor Stedman on agricultural lands as riparian buffers, and workshops on farm transfer and estate planning. 5

Outreach & Education

We greatly appreciate our program sponsors, partners, farms and landowners that helped make all of our programs and events happen this past year.

Farm Photography Programs Several adults decided to get in on the fun and adventure this year when we expanded the farm photography program to include adults by adding three sunrise/sunset workshops on conserved farms. In addition to the programs for adults, we offered five sessions of Farm Photography for Kids with photographers Corrina Aldrich, Ellie Markovitch, Dona Ann McAdams and Cliff Oliver. The kids photographed pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, farm equipment and barns while learning about photographic composition. We also teamed up with the Arts Center of the Capital District to offer a two-week long Farms, Food and Photography Camp for teens. They visited five farms, created recipes with local ingredients and learned about aperture, framing, composition and how to use Adobe Photoshop. Other Programs and Events In addition to photography programs, we held an ornithology workshop with Steve Sanford at the White Oak Farm in Buskirk, tours of Tybush Mountain Alpaca Farm, Slack Hollow Farm and the Argyle Cheese Farmers for members of the Tractor Parade Lighted Holiday Honest Weight Food Co-op, and a program for day campers at the Troy YMCA that included a visit to Mapledale farm to learn about milk and cheese production. ASA’s annual Forever Farmland Supper took place at Gardenworks Farm in 6

Salem. The sold out event was a terrific success. This was followed a few weeks later by the Wild BBQ with the Cabin Kings from National Geographic’s Building Wild TV show. This event, held at the new Brown’s brewery located in North Hoosick, NY, sold out within a few days and was attended by over 400 people. The evening Paulie & Tuffy, included live Building Wild Cast music from the popular local band Eastbound Jesus, a delicious chicken barbeque prepared by DJ Herrington and sweet corn donated by the Moses Farm. A live auction was called by local auctioneers Ron and Kyle Seifert. The event raised over $10,000 for local farmland conservation. The capstone of the year was our annual Landscapes for Landsake Art Sale & Exhibition on Columbus Day weekend at Maple Ridge, curated by artist and volunteer Leah McCloskey and featuring art by Gigi Begin. New Film about ASA’s Mission and Work! David deVries, an award winning documentary film maker, spent a year filming local farms and interviewing farmers, conservationists and local landowners to bring the story of the Agricultural Stewardship Association to life in this short form documentary. Assisted by videographer and editor John Oakley, deVries brings home, in vivid images and compelling interviews, the importance of conserving our local working landscapes to our local economy, our historic rural communities and our quality of life in this region. ASA is honored to have its story told by a director, producer, and writer whose many critically acclaimed films have appeared on PBS and The History Channel.


Financial Position

Financial Report Consolidated Statement of Financial Position for the Year Ended March 31, 2015

Contributions 27% Fundraising Events 15%


Foundations 24% Government 23% Investment Income 11%

Easement Acquisition 23%


Programs 65% Fundraising 3%

ASSETS Current Assets Investments Land Other assets Total Assets LIABILITIES Accounts payable Accrued expenses Total Liabilities NET ASSETS Unrestricted Board restricted Temporarily restricted Total Net Assets Total Liabilities & Net Assets


733,034 424,783 110,000 7,454 $ 1,275,271 $


7,081 21,212 28,293


10,891 147,096 588,991 $ 1,246,978 $ 1,275,271

Management & General 10% Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for the Year Ended March 31, 2015

Supporting the Agricultural Stewardship Association is an important investment that will help ensure a future for farming in Washington and Rensselaer counties. Our work to protect farmland is sustained by generous contributions from individual donors and businesses. Your contributions have a lasting impact. Eighty-seven percent of ASA’s 2014-15 donor contributions went directly to supporting our programmatic work, including farmland protection and stewardship activities, outreach and education, events, and so much more. We greatly appreciate your support!

Tara M. Nolan, Treasurer

REVENUE AND SUPPORT Contributions Fundraising Events Foundations Government Investment Income Total Revenue and Support EXPENSES Easement Acquisition Programs Fundraising Management and General Total Expenses Change in Net Assets


77,932 95,735 156,543 149,082 68,720 $ 648,012 $

151,301 434,137 18,122 64,016 $ 667,576 $ 18,891

ASA’s financial records have been audited by Pattison, Koskey, Howe & Bucci, Certified Public Accountants. P.C. A complete copy of the FY 2014-2015 audited financial statements may be obtained by 7 writing or calling ASA.

Thank You!

ASA is grateful to the individuals, foundations, businesses and partners whose generous contributions have supported our work over the past year. Foundations Anonymous (3) American Farmland Trust Castanea Foundation The Community Foundation of the Greater Capital Region Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fitzgerald Family Foundation The GE Foundation Gordon Foundation Horowitz Family Foundation Key Bank Foundation McHenry Memorial Trust Nordlys Foundation, Inc. The Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation, Inc. The Review Foundation Robert H. Wentorf Foundation, Inc. United Health Group Woodshouse Foundation

Government New York State Conservation Partnership Program* New York State Council on the Arts ** Rensselaer County

Harvest Hero Anonymous (2) Albert H. Garner and Annie Paulsen Saratoga Casino and Raceway Kathy and Hugh Roome Marine and Alexander Zagoreos

Champion Anonymous (1) Ayco Company, L.P. EarthShare New York Liz Gordon and Thomas Christenfeld Judy and Noel Hanf Margaret and David Horn Constance Kheel The Phantom Laboratory Don Pompliano and Kathy Taylor John Umlauf Mary Ellen Williams

Cream of the Crop Anonymous (2) Aghamora Dairy a division of Beech Hill Farm, Dawn and Jeffrey Sharts Allenwaite Farm, George Allen Derek Bruening Capital Tractor, Inc. Jean and Gene Ceglowski The Chazen Companies Gina and Stephan Deibel Luke Deikis and Cara Fraver Alexander Ewing and Winnifred Senning The Fort Miller Group Philip Gitlen and Melody Mackenzie Barbara Glaser and Paul Zachos Cheryl and James Gold Terry Griffin and Peter Deming D. Nancy and Kenneth Johnson

Diane Kennedy Josh Levy and Pam Magnuson Longlesson Farm, Melanie and Bob Mason Richard and Cindy McClenning Maryann McGeorge and Susan Sanderson Margaret Meath Nolan CPA Services Salem Farm Supply Sterling Stewart’s Shops Robert Taylor TD Bank, NA Anne and Ethan Winter

Benefactors Anonymous (5) Norm Allen Matthew Bender Betterbee, Inc. Linda and Douglas Bischoff Kerri Culhane and Jason Black Cambridge Valley Machining, Inc. Creek Farm, Guy and Selena Clark Currin Compliance Services, LLC Farm Credit East James Fitzgerald and Cathy Fairbanks Debbie and Bo Andersson Glens Falls National Bank Golde Engineering, P.C. Frederic Guile Gregory Hansen, Stone Hill Farm Juniper Farm KC Consulting, Rick Kranz and Martha Culliton Vincent Kelleher and Richard Bump Kelly Sellar Ryan, Attorneys at Law Joan and By Lapham Tupper Limbert Meika Loe and Matthew Alinger Bethany and Brian O’Grady Lois and Don Porter Teri Ptacek William Ralston and Joan Bleikamp Elliott Rebhun and Brad Voigt Ingrid and Peter Schaaphok Peter and Courtney Simon Lee Shapiro and Patrick Gill Sherry Skellie Sally and Jeff Small St. Croix Farm, Eva and John Moore Stirling Brook Farms Toolite Farms, Dick and Jason Tooley Anne Van Ingen and Wes Haynes Elizabeth Lynne Van Nest Kenneth Vittor and Judith Aisen

Steward Anonymous (4) Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund Barbara Ahern and W Conard Holton Archdale Agricultural Products, LLC Baker Insurance Agency Battenkill Veterinary, P.C. Sharon Bedford and Fred Alm Kean Bouplon at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Tracey and Don Boyd Arthur F. Brod, Jr., Planners East Caffry and Flower, Attorneys at Law Cambridge Village Market Gordon Chaplin Sue and John Corey Lisa and Tom Evans Meegan Finnegan and Bob Maggio Debbie Forester and Tim Tear Bertram Freed and Caroline Eastman Rudy and Bruce Goff Carol Hand Kathleen and Allan Hoerup Elisabeth and Hein Holtkamp Anne Jennings and John Weber Kane Jilek Ann Marie Kaplan Judith Klingebiel Ruth and Sandy Lamb Shirley and Roy Lerman Doris and Mitch Levinn Breanna Lundy at Edward Jones Investments Josh McHugh Ronald McLean Rebecca and Thomas Meath Annie Miller and Don Minkel Moses Farm, Kathy and Richard Moses New Minglewood Farm, Chris Lincoln and Tammara Van Ryn Tara Nolan Dari and Richard Norman The Noxon Family Sarah Pawlick Ed Pelz White Clover Farm, Remus Preda and Lisa Randles Sean Quinn and Melissa Murray Marcia and Charles Reiss Rensselaer County Farm Bureau Gretchen and James Ruhl Jonathan and Diana Ruhl William and Kimberly Ruhl Judith and Michael Russert Linda Salzer-Schauer Caroline Serotta Barbara Simoneau and Joe Caron Timothy and Lisa Smith Rebecca Sparks The Chronicle Tiashoke Farms, Theresa and Franklin Ziehm Kay and Jim Tomasi Thomas Ward Wel-Dun, Inc. Wiley Bros. Kathleen and Tim Wiley Michael and Katherine Zdeb

Sustaining Anonymous (7) Randall Adams Nancy Ames Deborah and Herb Anderson Andland Farms, Howard Andrew, Jr. and Howard Andrew Robin Andrews Raymond Armstrong

Sarah Ashton and John Mooney Bill Badgley Larry Bailey and Amy Walker Bailey Kim Baker Kathleen and Joel Batha Andrew Beers and Elizabeth Meers Wendy and Mike Bittel Black Creek Valley Farms, Donald and Tracy McEachron Blakemore Farm, Cynthia and Larry Blakemore Annmarie and Randy Boduch Pauline Boehm and William Koebbeman Booth’s Blend Compost Phyllis and Leonard Borden Curtis Breneman and Miriam Pye Paula Brewer Helene Briggs Al Brock Clinton Brock The Bunker Hill Inn, Laura Coldwell Tena Bunnell Jill and John Burwell Cambridge Auto Parts, Inc. Cambridge Pacific, Inc Marilyn Cassidy Stephenson Rebecca Christner and Carter White Carl Cipperly Beth and Jim Clark Rae Clark John Cogan, MD Todd Collins and Bill Thomas Elizabeth Compton Concra Appraisal Association Jessica R. Corey Harold Craig Crandall’s Corner Farm, Stephen Holbrook and Julie Callahan MaryDee and Clem Crowe Jenness and Gary Cunningham Eleanor Darcy Arlene and Steve Davie Amy Davis and William Ambrose Gloria Dawley Susan and Allan DeKrey Dill Abstract Company Michael Dirac and Maria Gomez Patricia and John Donnelly Nancy Downing Bill Eberle Elizabeth Ellard Anna and Gerard Falotico Jon and Jacquie Farbman Jon Feidner and Clare Avery Louis Ferrari and Rob Levy Ann Fitzgibbons and Sandy Hackney George E. Foster Joann and William Frazier Fronhofer Tool Company Gardenworks Farm, Meg and Rob Southerland Susan Gibbons and Christopher Shumway Kerry Giles Rae and Robert Gilson Ari Gradus and Diana Reh Gradus Granville Veterinary Service, P.C. Tom and Rulyn Graves Carol and George Green Jamie Greenberg and Mary Anne Chiariello Susan and Stephen Griffing Alex Gutierrez and Lucia Skwarek Nancy Hand Higby and David Higby John Hartnett Sophia Healy

Helping Hands Physical Therapy, Barbara Hamel Barbara Hennig Joseph Hess and Patricia Foley-Hess Hi Brow Farms, Kim and Jay Skellie Katharine Highstein Elaine Hillman Moroney Michael Hochanadel Susan and Brian Holbritter Hank Howard Judy and Edward Hughes Katie Jilek Hans and Brigitte Kahn Claudia Kavenagh and Joel Giller Karen Kellogg and Mark Youndt Maureen Kennedy Kenyon Hill Farm, Donna and Mike Nolan Michelle Kimball Amy Klein Koval Bros. Dairy, Christopher Koval Michael Kovarik Heidi and Chris Krahling Sharon and Jurgen Kruger Janet and Bernice Kuhl Carol and Ron Kuhr Margaret and Lars Kulleseid David Kwasniak Carl Laanes Bonnie Lamb Jo Ann Lancaster Landview Farms, Jane and Roland Walker Carolyn Lansberry Millicent and Ed Lawrence Dorothy Lee Lewis Waite Farm, Nancy and Alan Brown Long Days Farm, Deborah Jaffe and Edwin Schiele Jenny and C.J. Lyttle Mack Brook Farm, Kevin Jablonski and Karen Christensen Alice Mairs Virginia Martin Kevin McCarthy Alyssa McClenning Paula and Patrick McCullough Barbara and John McDonald Naomi Meyer and Ron Renoni Lester Migdal Mary Ann and Terry Mitchell Monks of New Skete Eileen and Frank Musso Robert O’Connor, DVM Cathy and Dick Ogden Cynthia and Jack Parillo Faith and John Parker Maryanne and Daniel Patane Perry’s Orchard, Anita and Jim Perry Penelope Poor Mike Popper and Eliza Migdal Colleen Quinn and James Rodewald R. P. Hubbell and Company, Inc. Tom Rees and Katherine A. Farrell Byron and Solon Rhode North Bennington Variety, Galen Rhode Maralee Rice Carol and Burton Richmond

River Brook Junction, JoAnne and R. Harry Booth Christophe Robert and Shannon Mason Jessica Roesel Helen Roosevelt Round House Backery at Pompanuck Farm Barney Rubenstein, MD and Sandra Scroggins Colleen Ryan and Eric Hoppel Arlene and Dave Sampson Anne and Herbert Sanderson Saratoga Apple, Nathan Darrow and Marie Christine Gaud Anne Savage and Michael Myers Paula Sawyer David Schmidt Dottie Schneider Ryann and Doug Sellar George Sigut and Pamela Regan Donna and Donald Skellie Norma Skellie Skellkill Farms, Melissa and Steve Skellie Carla Skodinski and Michael Fieldman Elise and David Smith Howard Smith Susan and Steven Smith Christine and Edward Smyth Louise and J.B. Sobing Gail and Joel Solomon Sandy and Harry Stein Ropel Stephen Hannah E. Stevens Janet and Clifford Stewart Gary Stine and Nina Lockwood Julia and Robert Stokes Stone Meadow Farm, Hideko and Daniel Stone Amy and Jim Stott Strawberry Fields Farm and Nature Preserve Angela and William Sturgis Carol and Mitchell Throop William Throop, III Erin Tobin and Roger Bearden Bill Tomkins and Kathy Nichols-Tomkins Fred Tomkins Patricia Towers Maria and David Trabka Trout Paper Molly Turlish D. Evan VanHook Annette Van Rooy and Jippe Hiemstra Lawrence Vedder Val Washington and Henry Stebbins Carolee and Bob Webster Ann and Tim Whalen Marge and Don Wilbur Sally and Joe Brillon Nancy Winter Tauno Wirkki Mary Withington James Woods Meg and Rob Woolmington Laura Yaun and Michael DeNardis Sharon and Lewis Zankel Jessica and Stuart Ziehm

*Funding for the New York State Conservation Partnership Program is provided by the Environmental Protection Fund in collaboration with the Land Trust Alliance and the State Department of Environmental Conservation **Administered locally by the Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council

Troy YMCA Day Camp at Mapledale Farm

Supporting Anonymous (6) 3- Corner Field Farm, Paul Borghard and Karen Weinberg Cary Abrams Agard & LaPan Land Surveying Paula and Richard Amann Deborah and Mark Anderson Andrew Pate Design Edie Brown David Armbruster Caroline Ashton Frank Barrie Mary and Gordon Batcheller Battenkill Conservancy - NY Cindy and Jack Begin Rachel Block Natalie and Kenneth Bollerud Jennifer and David Braucher Evelyn Braymer Bill Briggs Brotherhood Farms, George and Earline Houser Nancy and Al Budde Cathy and Bill Burke Mary Jo and David Burton Janet and Peter Calabrese Robin Campbell and Paul Schneider, Jr. Jane Canova Marilyn Causey Jacki and Kevin Chamberlain Nancy and Paul Charbonnel Tatiana and John Coffinger Barbara Coughlin and John Fallon Patricia de Man Deep Roots Holsteins, Donna and Albert Marns Waltraut Deibel Janet and Jerry DeLazzero Judy DeWitt Sally M Dodge and Dale R Guldbrandsen Dothedale Farm, Dottie Requate David Ebershoff Jamie Lynne Elacqua Raymond and Marti Ellermann Sharon and Artie Erbe Deborah Esrick Sue Evans Cathy Firman Lucy and Mike Fraser Leo Frisino Babette and John Furman Galerie St. Etienne Elizabeth and Alan Gee Butch Gilchrest Mike Goldstein

Fran and Jeffrey Goldstone Good Fence Farm, Katie De Groot and Jon Harris Ellen and Edmund Green Anna Maria and Walter Grom Ina Harney ML Healey Carolyn and Donald Henry Christina and Richard Hernandez Betsy Ho David Hochfelder and Ann Pfau WC Holton Homespun Occasions Marcia Hopple Harry Hurt Don and Kathy Idleman Ann and Brian Jennings Kathy and Vincent Jimino Margaret M. and Robert Jones Judith and Ivan Kazen Bill and Patty Keating Christina and John Kelly Ellen Kelly-Lind and Gary Lind Leonard Kerr Betty Ketcham Reginald H. Killmer, II Hwa Su Kim Sandra Kingsbury Dorothy and Robert Kuba Faith Lambparker Evan Lawrence Holly and Mark Lawton David and Martha Layton Linda LeClair Sharon and Michael Lozman Joyce and David Lukas Christine and Steve Lulla Carol and Joe MacDonald Stephanie and David Mahoney Mannuccio Mannucci Jacqueline and Ralph Marino Martinez Family Realty, LLC Barbara and Bill McGovern Ronald Medaglia and Jacqueline Desnoes Medaglia Medical Society of New York State Diane Merancy Lawrence Meyers Adele and John Miller Samuel W Miller Sarah Miller and Nathaniel Corwin Allison and James Moore Charles Moses Ellen and George Mulvaney Barbara Murphy Dede Nash and Clay Palazzo Christine Nemec Elizabeth and William Niemi 9 O.A. Borden & Sons, Inc.

Karen and Tom O’Leary David Owen and Barbara Freund Patricia and John Paduano Jane and John Pattison Miriam Peters Pleasant Valley Farm, Sandra and Paul Arnold Judy and Paul Pontiff Sally Proudfit Mara Ptacek Kate and Jim Reid Rebecca B. Resnick Nancy Roberts and John Schmidt Mary Ellen and William Robinson Anne and Peter Rokeach Dolores Romack Craig and Susan Roods Bridget Rowan Joan and Karl Ruger Patricia Russell Mike Ryan Chris and Richard Salmon Louise and Fouad Sattar Schoolhouse Boatworks Caroline Seligman and George Jolly Majken and Robert Sellar Rowland Sinnamon Snoblazers Susan and Stephen Snyder Karyn and Michael Sobing Spoonful Kitchen & Catering Alexandra B. Stevens Shelly Stiles and Michael Batcher Susan and Peter Stover Peter Subers and Rob Bauer Peter Throop Brian Trombley and Kristal Van Dyke Stephen Trout Underwood’s Shushan Valley Hydro Farm Walker’s Farm Home + Tack Caroline Welling and David McGuire Susan and John West Grahame Shane and Regina Wickham Elaine Winslow Mary and Leo Wong Elana Yerushalmi Kamenir and Steven Kamenir Catherine C. Ziehm Brian Zweig

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Daneille and Randall Eddy Brooke Farrell Jerry and Camille Freedner Ina Frisino Johanna Garrison Marjorie Geiger Owen Goldfarb and Priscilla Fairbank Tanya and Michael Goldstein Selma and Leon Gortler Grazin’ Acres Farm, Meghan Kubiak and Nathan Mattison Jennifer Hamilton Happy Hill Farm, Patricia Nestle Charles and Sally Hauck David Holck Valerie Imbruce Joan K. Lowe, E.A. Joint Venture Farm, Maryann and Gary Brownell Pam Keniry Sue Kenyon J Kinsley Richard Kobik Elsie Kowalchyk Mary Laedlein and Dale Hall Sharon LaPier Liberty Ridge Farm Jo Ann Locke Suanne and Todd McLenithan Theresa and James Migli Mountain View Confections Lori and Bob Moylan Annette Nielsen and Dan Garfinkel Diane Nolan Olive Naturally Edwin L Osterhout Janice and Karl Peterson Jane and Kenneth Robbins Marjorie Robertson Marja C Samsom Sandra and Louis Schneider Erika Sellar Ryan and Matt Ryan Ashley and Susan Seward Janet L Stark Lisa Towne Ann and David Townsend Daniel o. Van Pelt Susan and Thomas Van Raalte Sandra Watson Karen Weltman and Jon Sterngass Paul L Werner Rae and David Whitehead Cynthia and Kent Wian Don Wise

Monthly Giving Randall Adams Linda and Douglas Bischoff Amy Davis and William Ambrose Stone Hill Farm, Gregory Hansen David Hochfelder and Ann Pfau Long Days Farm, Deborah Jaffe and Edwin Schiele Diane Kennedy KC Consulting, Erich Kranz and Martha Culliton Ronald McLean Diane Nolan Tara Nolan Anne Savage and Michael Myers Louise and J.B. Sobing Erin Tobin and Roger Bearden

Raffle for 2-weeks in Camaret Sur Mer, Brittany, France Raises $24,400! A sincere thank you to the donors who let us use their beautiful Brittany home for this amazing fundraiser. Many thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets! In Honor Of Ann Blanchard Paula Sawyer Reed Boduch Annmarie and Randy Boduch Ashley Bridge & Luke and Iver Goldreyer Caroline Serotta Percy and Grace Carpenter Barbara Hamel Barbara Glaser Cynthia and Kent Wian Liz Gordon Barney McHenry Barbara Gramuglia WC Holton M L Healey Barbara Coughlin and John Fallon Kitty Highstein Mary Ellen Williams Bonnie Lamb Ruth and Sandy Lamb Glenn Lamb Ruth and Sandy Lamb Jack McClenning Alyssa McClenning Bernice Mennis Paula Sawyer Katherine Roome Elliott Rebhun and Brad Voigt Joan, Erich and Paul Ruger Anonymous Maddilyn Ryan Tatiana and John Coffinger Theresa and James Migli Teri Ptacek and Andrew Kelly Ryann and Doug Sellar David Sampson Barney McHenry John and Joann Tarbox Charles E Hauck Walter & Elenanor Taylor Robert Taylor Ann Umlauf, Andrew Brewer and their son Jack Newton Brewer John Umlauf Tyler Ziehm Anonymous Catherine C. Ziehm

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Castanea Foundation

Corrina Aldrich Nancy Moses Alexander Sarah Ashton Deb Balliet John and Gigi Begin Gabe Begin Leslie Bender Linda & Doug Bischoff Jay Bridge Andy Brizzell James Kinsella Brown Nancy Brown Lynn Brownell Devin Bulger Pam Cali Matt and Peggy Cannon Alane Chinian Thomas Christenfeld Todd Collins Anna Courtney Ian Creitz John and Minette Cummings David deVries Judy Ellers Sirell Fiel Cathy Firman Nan Fitzpatrick Carole Hanson ML Healy Dave and Margaret Horn Diane and Tom Jilek Kamber Jilek Ivan and Judith Kazen Annelise Kelly John Lavelle Evan Lawrence Carole Lewis Nina Lockwood Quimby Mahoney Melanie & Bob Mason Amy Maxwell Marge Maxwell Leah McCloskey Lisa McCaffrey Miller Annie Miller Don Minkel Becky Molloy John Mooney Dana Mosely Caroline Murray Bridey Nolan Lila Nolan Dari Norman John Oakley Sue Poudrier Ingrid Remak Holly Rippon-Butler Molly Robertson

In Kind Goods & Services James Alcott Pat Bakatitis Gigi Begin Heather and Jay Bellanca Beatrice Berle and Berle Farm Brown’s Brewing Company Brunswick Community Center Building Wild Cast and Crew Matt & Peggy Cannon Capital Tractor Todd Collins and Bill Thomas Cornell Cooperative Extension Paul DiMeo Wendy Duvall Eastbound Jesus Good Fence Farm Noel & Judy Hanf Tim Holmes and Sue Quillio Hoosick Grange Kane Jilek T-D-J Farm, Tom Jilek Joint Venture Farm Connie Kheel King Bakery at Double K Farm Liberty Ridge Farm Catherine and Kim Littell Livery Café Leah McCloskey Mediation Matters Rich and Kathy Moses, Moses Farm Glenn Nesbitt Tara Nolan Nolan CPA Services Rich Norman NYS Agricultural Mediation Program Cindy and Jack Parillo Sean Quinn Retirement + Benefits Partners Christophe Robert and Shannon Mason Roundhouse Bakery Ron & Kyle Seifert Nanson Serrianne Margaret and Steven Silverberg Slyboro Cider House, LLC Spoonful Catering George Verschoor The Village Café Alexander & Marine Zagoreos Stuart and Jessica Ziehm

Milk & Maple Tour at Cannon Cattle Ranch

Zach Rollend Todd Rollend Annie Roome Matt Ryan Salem FFA Jim Schanz Dottie Schneider Lawrence Sconzo Lucas Sconzo Jay Skellie Maddie Skellie Cindy Spence Bill Thomas Riley Vandewater VOSCA Sheila Wahl Lawrence White Brian Ziehm Stuart Ziehm Ben Zipperer

Harvest Hero: $5,000+ Champion: $2,500 - $4,999 Cream of the Crop: $1,000 $2,499 Benefactor: $500 - 999 Steward: $250 - 499 Sustaining: $100 - 249 Supporting: $50 - 99 Friends: $1 - 49

BOARD of DIRECTORS 2014-2015 Katherine Roome CHAIR, Greenwich Mary Ellen Williams VICE-CHAIR, Greenwich Noel Hanf SECRETARY, Jackson Tara Nolan TREASURER, Eagle Bridge Travis Allen, Valley Falls Art Brod, Easton Gene Ceglowski, Rupert, VT Beth M. Clark, Glens Falls Breanna Lundy, Argyle Liz Gordon, Easton Greg Hansen, Easton Dave Horn, Easton Rich Norman, Greenwich Cynthia Parillo, Pittstown Sean Quinn, Easton Dave Sampson, Troy Erika Sellar Ryan, Greenwich

Photography by: Corrina Aldirch, Katie JIlek, Ellie Markovitch, Maddie Skellie and Lawrence White

Gifts of Real Estate

ASA Staff Teri Ptacek Executive Director Renee Bouplon Associate Director Chris Krahling Project Manager Janet Britt Easement Steward Katie Jilek Communications & Outreach Manager Annmarie Boduch Database & Financial Assistant Ellie Markovitch Rensselaer County Program Coordinator 11

Agricultural Stewardship Association

BY THE NUMBERS 2014-2015

25 Years

100 Farms

15,599 Acres

ASA has been protecting local farmland

Protected as agricultural land for the future & forever

Conserved in perpetuity

Over $200 MILLION Value of food products produced in Washington & Rensselaer counties annually


1,900 Acres In the process of being conserved 24,000 Acres Goal for total acreage for 2020 $1.9 Million Amount needed to reach 2020 goal

ASA has raised in grants and donations over the past 25 years $18 Million toAmount conserve 15,599 acres in Washington & Rensselaser counties


The number of land trusts in the U.S. (including ASA) that have conserved more than 5,000 acres of farmland and have more than 25 conservation easements (Source AFT) 2531 State Route 40 Greenwich, NY 12834 (518) 692-7285 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

ASA 2014 2015 Annual Report  
ASA 2014 2015 Annual Report