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2018 Vol. 268

February 2018

Promising K-Food in 2018

February 04

THEME in Japanese & Chinese Korean food products have the advantages of delicious taste, good quality, and high food safety. They are becoming increasingly popular in overseas markets. In this issue, Korea Agrafood would like to introduce you to Korean products that are expected to receive great attention from foreign consumers this year.

Explore, Eat, Enjoy Yum Yum K-Food



SPECIAL I in Japanese & Chinese aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation) announced winners of a video contest the agency organized for foreigners under the topic “My Favorite KFood.” Let’s take a look at the clips that received the top prizes.

How about Giving K-Food as a Present for the Chinese New Year?





in Chinese

Korea Agrafood recommends Korean products that can make great gifts for the Chinese New Year.


in Japanese

Enjoy Red, Gold, and Green Kiwis


Hop On, Hop Off the

PyeongChang City Tour



in Japanese

Eco-friendly Asian chives from Hadong successfully enter the Japanese market.

Fresh Food Photo by Park Jong-hee of JH Photography

Asian Chives

from Korea Gain Popularity in Japan

Golden yellow Hangwa color, Yuja tea Mini-sized Sweet bell Potato pepper, Raon New Year’s Tteok-galbi Dish, Tteokguk

Vol. 268

Korean satsumas, Hallabong, and kiwis are produced in greenhouses on Jeju Island, a World Natural Heritage Site, all year round, but the main harvesting season is from November to February of the following year.



Processed Food

in Chinese

Satsumas and Hallabong are favorite fruits of many Koreans in the winter. Both types of citrus are also popular with foreigners. Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village exports them to Hong Kong and ASEAN countries.



With grain powder sticks, you can enjoy a delicious meal as conveniently as if you were having instant cocoa from a pouch.

Korean A Natural


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Healthy Food with No Rivals



CEO Yeo In-hong

Boosts Immunity and Energy, Fights


Fatigue, Support Blood Circulation

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Convenient to Use: Extract, Capsule,

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Candy, Tea, and etc.

in Chinese

A sweet potato product that can be eaten with a spoon is trying out its competitiveness in the international market.

REPORTERS Lee Hyun-woo ( Lee Ki-no ( Kim Hyo-jin ( GRAPHIC DESIGNER Jang Yeon-ho


Globalization of Hansik Tea

ENGLISH EDITOR Chae Ria, Charles Junn 40


in Chinese

Various types of colorful hangwa (traditional Korean cookies) are popular as gifts on the New Year Day and anniversaries. Due to their luxurious packaging, soft mouthfeel, and convenient bite size, they are loved by the elderly.

TRANSLATORS Kim Hyo-jin, Park Hye-yun, Park Seo-yeong (ENGLISH) Tamura Yoshihiro (JAPANESE) Park Seo-ran (CHINESE)

EDITORIAL BOARD NAJU Sohn Yong-gyu 82-61-931-0960 (

Candy 42

HANSIK & HALLYU Actress Jang Seo-hee introduced a Dutch family of six to tteok-galbi, a fine dish enjoyed in old times by the king.

TOKYO Kim Ho-dong 81-3-5367-6656 ( OSAKA Oh Dong-hwan 81-6-6260-7661 ( BEIJING Seo Byoung-kyo 86-10-6410-6120 ( SHANGHAI Lee Sang-kil 86-21-3256-6326 ( QINGDAO Kim Boo-young 86-50-6026-0530 ( CHENGDU Lee Jong-geun 86-28-8283-3376 (



in Japanese

PyeongChang City Tour will help you explore PyeongChang.

HONGKONG Lee Ji-jae 852-2588-1616 ( TAIPEI Kim Mi-hyoun 886-2-2740-5040~1 ( NEW YORK Kim Kwang-jin 1-516-829-1633 ( L.A Yi Chu-pyo 1-562-809-8810 ( PARIS Kim Min-ho 33-1-4108-6076 ( HANOI Choi Jung-ki 84-4-6282-2987 (

Regulars Extract

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February K-food: Seaweed



n a p Ja

Japan Is Likely to Import More Health Food & Readyto-Eat Food from Korea

Promising Food Products for Export


he final tally of Korean food exports last year amounted to US$9.2 billion, up by 6.5% from 2016. It was the largest export amount ever achieved by Korea and all the more remarkable

given the unfavorable conditions such as the Chinese reaction to the deployment of THAAD and an

outbreak of avian flu at home. With the first US$1 million in exports just around the corner, 2018 looks even more promising. To surpass the record of last year, however, Korea needs to reduce its reliance on exports of ramyeon (instant noodles), beverages, and tuna and increase the ratio of other types of products. Particularly urgent is the promotion of export of fresh farm products, which is directly related to the increasing of farmers’ incomes. In this light, Korea Agrafood, with assistance of the overseas offices of aT, has selected food products that have the biggest potential in overseas markets in 2018.

4 Korea Agrafood

This year’s keywords for export of Korean food to Japan, the largest importer of Korean food, are “health” and “convenience.” Products with healthy image and ready-to-eat foods are expected to attract consumer attention. Head of the Korea Agro-Trade Center in Tokyo, Kim Ho-dong, said, “In Japan, with its aging population and an increase in the number of working couples, health and convenience are settling as trends in consumption across generations.” At the top of the list of promising health foods is ginseng. Last year, Korea Agro-Trade Center in Tokyo partnered with Alpressa Healthcare, the largest health food vendor in Japan, to promote the sales and bring nationwide publicity to Korean ginseng through 377 stores in nine drugstore chains the vendor operates. The promotion revealed the Japanese interest in ginseng beverages, red ginseng tea, and other ginseng products. Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), jujube beverages, and fruit vinegar beverages also have good potential. Last year, a chicken salad introduced in 7-Eleven stores gained wide popularity, and this

attract consumers as both jujubes and vinegar are well-known health foods. Tteokbokki (stir-fried spicy rice cake) and juk (Korean porridge) stand out in the ready-to-eat food category. Frequently described as the most sought-after food of Japanese tourists in Korea, tteokbokki is now available in the Japanese market in different types including those very easy to cook and customized to the Japanese

year, sales of samgyetang made with chicken breast are likely to grow. Jujube drinks and fruit vinegar beverages are also expected to

palate. Convenience porridge products fit well in the Japanese trends of the increasing number of female professionals and senior citizens.

Korean red ginseng products


韓國の最大の輸出市場である日本で?今年 の農食品輸出のキ-ワ-ドは健康と手輕さに要 約することができる?これにより?健康食品と インスタント食品が注目されると期待される? キム?ホドンaT東京支社長は?「日本は高齡化 と1人世帶が擴大していることにより?健康?手 輕さなどのトレンドが全世代に共通する消費ト レンドとして定着している?」と說明した? まず?健康食品として注目される品目は? 高麗人參だ?すでに?東京支社では?日本最大 の健康食品のベンダ-であるアルフレッサヘル スケアと協力し?昨年?日本全域のドラッグス トアの9社377店で?韓國産高麗人參の販促? 廣報事業を推進した?そこへ?高麗人參飮料? 高麗人參茶など樣?な高麗人參?紅參關連の製 品が健康食品として注目される見翔みだ? また?參鷄湯とナツメ飮料?果物酢飮料など も健康食品として浮上する可能性のある品目 だ?昨年?セブンイレブンが披露したサラダチキ ンが人氣を獲得するにつれ?鷄むね肉を活用した 料理である參鷄湯に對する認知度が上昇し?市場 擴大の可能性がみられる?また?ナツメと食酢 が健康食品として知られるにつれ?簡單に飮む ことのできるナツメ飮料?果物酢飮料を購入す る消費者も增えていくとみられる? インスタント食品としては?インスタントの トッポギとインスタントのお粥が擧げられる? 韓國を訪問する日本人觀光客が好む料理として あげられるトッポギは?調理しやすく?チ-ズ ?ジャジャンなど?現地の消費者の好みを考慮 した樣?な製品が販賣されており?インスタン トトッポギの成長が期待される?また?インス タントのお粥も高齡化と女性の社會進出の擴大 という?日本國內の狀況にあった製品だ?特に? アワビ粥などの製品は?病院給食?高齡者施設 の給食などに效果的なものと予想される?

February 2018 5


ina h C

Meeting the Demand of the Expanding Chinese Market with Shine Muscat Grape, Seaweed, and Other Farm Products

Shine Muscat grape

In the Chinese market, exports of fresh farm products can be expected to leap forward. For example, since it was first exported to China last year, Shine Muscat grape has been steadily attracting fruit buyers, and its sales are likely to expand this year. “Shine Muscat grape is the first fruit we exported to China. Its strengths include rich pulp, crispiness, and a relatively thin skin, so it can be eaten with its skin on,” said Seo Byung-kyo, Head of the Korea Agro-Trade Center in Beijing. Another promising product is dried seaweed. The popularity of Korean seaweed in China is growing as attested by the fact that last year’s export volume reached US$ 88.9 million dollars, 30% up from 2016. Head of the Korea AgroTrade Center in Shanghai, Lee Sang-kil, said, “Dried seaweed is unrivaled in its sales power overseas. It is the most popular Korean product in the snack sections of supermarkets.” He added, “We now export, along with seasoned sea-

6 Korea Agrafood


weed, seaweed used for processed food and sushi, so there is a good chance seaweed sales will be even greater this year.” Export growth is also expected for processed rice products and ramyeon. The baby food market is estimated to increase greatly due to the change in the Chinese government’s population policy which now allows families to have two children. In this context, Korean producers can expand their sales if they offer rice-based baby food and rice snacks for children, customized to the Chinese market. The export of Korean ramyeon is rising on the wings of its fame as extremely spicy and highly addictive, which is spread through social media. Its last year’s sales volume surpassed the US$100 million mark. Seo explained, “Ramen exports are continuously growing due to the popularity among Chinese youth of trying different ramyeon flavors and different recipes.”

在中攻市場新鮮農産品的頑大出口値得期 待?首先,從去年開始首次捲中攻出口的陽光 袒系葡萄,一直被水果商所看好,已成爲今年 有望頑大出口品目之一?韓攻農水産食品流通 公社(aT)北京分公司的徐幷敎社長講到,“陽 光袒系葡萄是韓攻農産品中,第一憾出口到中 攻的新鮮水果?這種葡萄果肉多?可帶皮吃? 口感淸脆?味道絶佳?雖然價格高于中攻産葡 萄,但蜈暢銷,有時在網購商城還繇出現脫 銷”? 海苔也是有望頑大出口的品目?据統計, 去年的出口額比2016年增加了30%,達到 8,891万美元,銷魔量呈現不鉤上升之勢?上 海分公司的李相吉社長說明道,“海苔是在大 型超市的食品袴銷量最多的韓攻食品之一, 可以說是眞正的出口暢銷品目?除了調味海 苔,近來還有加工用及壽司用干海苔出口, 有望給今年的出口額帶來新的提高”? 加工食品類中大米加工食品和拉面的出口 有望增加?隨着中攻政府放開第二胎,鉤球 食品的市場繇得到快速屠展,所以,生産和 出口米粉鉤球食?大米餠干等産品將繇具有 頑大市場的玭力?吃着上賦的辣味拉面,借 助SNS等的傳播首次于去年突破出口額1億美 元?北京分公司徐幷敎社長說道,“各種口味 産品和烹斐方法吸引了年輕的消費群郞,由 此帶動了出口的持樓增長”? Ramyeon

st a e th u o S ia As New Types of Products to Advance to Southeast Asia With sales of Korean food products amounting to US$1.6 billion last year, Southeast Asia is a market of opportunity for various Korean products. The combination of high sugar content with premium quality will likely attract even more Vietnamese consumers to Korean Shine Muscat grapes. Also, given the high birth rate in Vietnam and concern about safety of baby food among Vietnamese parents, experts predict a rise in popularity of Korean products which have a premium, high-quality food image. Recording skyrocketing sales of ramyeon and Korean strawberries, Thailand has emerged as the second largest importer of Korean food among the ASEAN countries. It is expected that the demand for the two types of products will continue this year. The healthy lifestyle promotion policies of the Thai government, such as the introduction of a sugar tax, is a good opportunity for Korean nut products, semi-dried sweet potatoes, and other healthy snacks. The Director of the aT office in Bangkok, Yang Jae-seong, said, “Based on the successful test sales of healthy Korean snacks in Thailand last year, we believe that with promotional activities, such snacks will sell well.”

Red pepper paste is a promising item in Indonesia. As import quotas no longer apply to red pepper, the barriers to its import have been removed, and now the product can be exported to the country all year round. Considering that the popularity of Korean food in Jakarta is very high (about 200 Korean restaurants operate in the capital), the sales of red pepper paste are likely to grow. Singapore is expected to import more sweet pumpkins and green pumpkins from Korea. Sweet pumpkin is a common ingredient in the Singaporean cuisine, and sweet pumpkin from Korea tops the list of most popular fresh Korean products in local supermarkets. With its excellent taste, green pumpkin may win the hearts of Singaporean consumers if its sales are promoted through free sampling events of pumpkin fries and other pumpkin dishes.

Baby formula


去年,韓攻農食品捲東南亞市場的出口額 爲16億1,830万美元?今年,東南亞市場仍將 是各種韓攻農食品出口的主要市場之一?首 先,糖度高的優質陽光袒系葡萄在越南繇更 暢銷?而且,根据越南的高出生率及捲安全 食品的需求,安全優質的韓攻叛幼傅食品也 將繇更加暢銷? 去年,因拉面和草撻的出口大增而在東南 亞市場訣越南之后一躍成爲第二大進口攻的 泰攻,今年捲拉面及草撻的進口仍將保持强 勢?而且,根据泰攻引進白糖稅等加强健康 政策的形勢看,堅果類?半干燥地瓜零食等 健康零食的需求繇增加?曼穀事務所的梁宰 誠所長說道,“通過去年健康零食成功進入芎 地商場?市場測試及今年加强宣傳,這些都 有望成爲前景品目”? 在印度尼西亞,辣椒醬的出口有望繇頑 大?因爲,不僅出口辣椒醬的壁壘得到緩 潁,而且從進口配額分配項目中去除,有望 在年內麟現出口?根据雅加達周圍有大約200 家韓食館及韓食的人槐判鉤,辣椒醬的出口 繇大增?在新加坡,甛南瓜和嫩南瓜的出口 値得期待?首先,甛南瓜是捲新加坡消費者 蜈熟悉的農産品,而且是大型超市K-Fresh Zone最暢銷的品目之一?嫩南瓜味道不錯, 如果今后再配以開展南瓜煎餠品嘗活動的廣 告活動,開拓新市場的前景也蜈廣? February 2018 7



American Consumers Look Forward to Healthy Food from Korea

The interest in healthy food in the US is continuing, and it is expected that more consumers will turn their attention to healthy Korean products such as samgyetang and red pepper paste. The awareness about samgyetang, which has built an image of high-end food, is expanding, leading to an increasing consumption of samgyetang products by the ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese. As a result, the sales volume of samgyetang products, which were first introduced in the American market in 2014, recorded US$3.6 million last year. Given the diversification of related products, such as the entry of samgye-juk (samgyetang porridge), the market share is likely to expand further. Health-conscious American consumers are also showing interest in gluten-free red pepper paste, which shows good prospects for that type of product. Kim Kwang-jin, the head of

the aT office in New York, suggested, “If we utilize the interest of Americans in gluten-free red pepper paste in our marketing, we will be able to build up the paste’s reputation as a healthy, high-quality food ingredient and expand the market accordingly.” In addition, Buldak-Bokkeum-Myeon (instant noodles with hot fried chicken) has attracted great attention as a “food challenge” through Youtube. Not only that product but similar products of other companies are also flying off the shelves, securing a new consumer base. Yi Chu-pyo, the head of aT branch in LA, forecasts, “Since the speed of entry into the American market of products that are hits in Korea is increasing, the consumption of Korean ramyeon among Asian consumers in the US is going to grow further.”


Expecting a Competition by Korean Products for a Share in the European Health Food Market

Due to the interest of Europeans in ethnic and health foods, exports of Korean king oyster mushrooms last year rose by 12%. Local consumers praise Korean king oyster mushrooms for excellent texture and flavor. The demand for kimchi is growing thanks to its healthy image as a fermented food. The kimchi exports in 2017 reached US$6.24 million, which is a 26% increase compared to the previous year. Similarly, Korean sauces benefit from being fermented foods and contribute to the raising of interest in Korean food products and sales in general. European consumers demonstrate positive responses not only to traditional sauces such as gochujang (red pepper

paste), doenjang (soybean paste), and ganjang (soy sauce) but also their modern counterparts―ssamjang (a combination of bean paste, red pepper paste, and other seasonings), chogochujang (red pepper paste with vinegar), and others.

King oyster mushroom

E UA The UAE Falls in Love with Spicy Korean Food The food challenge in the Middle East are becomtrend on social media ing interested in Korean has been spotlighting culture and look for Buldak-BokkeumKorean street food and Myeon in the Middle convenience food.” East since 2016, resultGiven the large ratio ing in a 23% increase in of young people in the Buldak-bokkeum-myeon sales of the product last region (about 50%), it year. The product has sparked is expected that exports of a trend for spicy Korean food, with Korean powdered milk and baby food other products, such as instant tteokbokki likely products to local markets will also expand in

Samgyetang Ramyeon

Gochujang (Red pepper paste)

8 Korea Agrafood

to pick up the baton. Song Bong-seok, the head of the aT office in Dubai, said, “Young people

the future.

February 2018 9

Special I

First Prize

Results of the Global Video Contest Yum Yum K-Food

Palida Charoenporn, a huge fan of Yoon Du-jun of boy band Highlight, watched a Korean TV show where Yoon made tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake) and enjoyed eating it. Palida decided to create a video showing how to cook tteokbokki in the same way as Yoon. In the video clip, she explains in detail which products to use as ingredients among the variety of Korean products sold in Thai supermarkets when making delicious tteokbokki. The highlight of the clip is Palida turning into Dae Jang Geum, the heroine of the popular Korean historical drama Jewel in the Palace.

A comment from a judge: Palida deserved a high score for showing the entire process―from buying ingredients sold in a local supermarket to cooking―so that any-

Clips Created and “Liked” by Social Media Users around the World

Palida Charoenporn from Thailand one can make tteokbokki by themselves after watching her video. I was also impressed by the Dae Jang Geum parody.

海外で大人氣のハイライト?ユ ン ? ドゥジュンのファンである Palida Charoenpornが?ユン?ド ゥジュンがトッポギを作っておい しそうに食べる韓國のテレビ番組を見て?ユン ドゥジュンのようにトッポギを作る過程を收め た動畵? タイの現地の大型マ-トで販賣されている 韓國の農食品のうち?トッポギを作るためにど のような製品を購入する必要があるのかを詳し く說明した? 大長今に變身し?トッポギを作る過程はこ の動畵のハイライトだ!

尹芹俊在海外人槐蜈高且粉絲衆多?這憾視 頻是尹芹俊的粉絲Palida Charoenporn,在看 到尹芹俊親手做炒米桀吃的韓攻電視節目后,敦 照尹芹俊做炒米桀的烹斐小片? 小片詳細介紹了制作炒米桀需要在泰攻芎地 商場銷魔的韓攻農食品中購買絞些産品? 這憾視頻的亮点是,小片中主人公變身大長 今,憐現了制作炒米桀的整憾過程!

評委点評: 這憾視頻之所以得到高分,是因

爲其內容爲通過購買在芎地銷魔的韓攻農食 品,幷利用這些材料制作韓食,爲外攻人親手 購買和制作韓攻食品起到了引導作用?模敦大 長今的業熟場景令人印象深刻?

審査委員コメント:現地の大型マ-トで販賣 されている韓國の農食品を購入し?その材料で韓 國料理を作り?外國人が直接?K-Foodを購入し 作ることができるようにしているので?高い点數 をつけるほかなかった?大長今のパロディとなっ ている機知に富んだ場面は印象的?

Additional Information aT invited the eight prize winners (one first prize, two second prizes, and five third prizes) to Korea at the end of last


year and hosted an award ceremony

he popularity of Korean pop culture

hosted by aT (Korea Agro-Fisheries &

clips are both fun and informative. Above

(the Korean Wave) and of cooking

Food Trade Corporation) last year.

all, they are created by users outside of

broadcasts has led to an increasing num-

The judges carefully selected the clips from

Korea who try to explain how they feel

ber of video clips of Korean cuisine being

among 1,038 submissions by media users

about Korean food, and thereby contribute

posted on various social media such as

from 73 countries, based on the criteria of

to building knowledge about Korean food

blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and

demonstrated level of understanding of

from an outsider’s perspective.

once again how popular Korean food is


iting Tongin Market, making kimchi,


Korean food, practicability of the contents,

In this issue, Korea Agrafood introduces

in other countries. The CEO told the

After the ceremony, the participants

and going on field trips to strawberry

“Yum Yum K-Food” is a social media

originality, and number of interactions with

you to the eight video clips that received

winners he hoped for their continuous

were able to experience Korean cuisine

and bell pepper exporting farms.

channel for award-winning video clips in

other users (for example, the number of

excellent evaluations from judges in the

interest and love for Korean food in the

and food products by themselves by vis-

the global contest, “My Favorite K-Food,”

“Likes” and comments). All prize-winning

Yum Yum K-Food Contest.

10 Korea Agrafood

for them. The CEO of aT, praised participants from all around the world for their interest and demonstrating their talents in making the videos. He noticed that the contest was a chance to realize

February 2018 11

Special I

Second Prize この世の中で最も美しいビビンバを作ろうとし? 最高級の食材を集めてビビンバを作る過程を紹介す る動畵?江華島の米?淳昌のコチュジャン?橫城郡 の韓牛から在來市場で搾りたてのゴマ油を購入する 過程までを收めており?これらの特徵を筋道立てて 說明した? ビビンバの專門店で出される美しいビビンバを作 るために?各種のナムルと人參などをどのように調 理し?盛り付ければよいのかを收めている? 審査委員コメント: 淳昌のコチュジャンなど? 各種の食材を購入する姿を通して?韓國の地域の特産品の食材を效果 的にアピ-ルした?

Kano Haruna created a video demonstrating the journey she took to make “the most beautiful bibimbap in the world.” Bibimbap is a dish of rice mixed with vegetables, beef, and other ingredients. In search for the best ingredients, Haruna purchased rice cultivated on Ganghwa Island, gochujang (red pepper paste) made in Sunchang Kano Haruna from Japan (South Jeolla Province), beef from Hoengseong County (Gangwon Province), and sesame oil freshly squeezed in a traditional marketplace. She explained about the characteristics of each ingredient. The video also showed how to prepare and arrange the greens and other vegetables so that bibimbap looks as beautiful as those served in high-end restaurants in Korea.

A comment from a judge: Purchasing Sunchang gochujang and other ingredients was an effec-

Third Prize

tive way to promote Korean local specialties.

To view the videos, type “Yum Yum K-Food” on YouTube or visit m/yumyumkfood.

12 Korea Agrafood

爲烹斐出世上最美的拌飯,通過空運最高級食材展現拌飯制作過程 的視頻?視頻中捲購買江華島大米?順昌辣椒醬?橫城郡韓牛肉及在傳 統市場上購買現趺香油等整憾過程及各種材料的特点進行了詳細而有穡 理的說明?幷爲制作出可侮專業拌飯店的拌飯相部美的精美拌飯,視頻 還捲各種蔬菜及胡蘿卜等的烹斐方法及裝碗方法進行了詳細介紹? 評委点評:通過購買順昌辣椒醬等各種食材的過程,捲韓攻各地的地 方特産食材進行了有效的廣告?

Yamatogi Asuka made bulgogi (Korean barbeque) and put up a food show similar to Yamatogi Asuka “Food Fighters,” from Japan whetting the appetites of viewers. In addition, the video contains tips on how to enjoy the dish in different ways by adding bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, and other ingredients.

Trista Toh took a tour of supermarkets in Korea to introduce foreigners to Korean products Trista Toh from they should try on Malaysia their trips to Korea. The video features the green tea brownies of Orion and other products of the brands that are exported overseas but not this particular product lines.

韓國のプルコギを調理し?フ-ドファイ タ-のような食べ方を見せることで?味覺を刺 激?韓國産のパプリカとモッツアレラチ-ズな どプルコギをよりおいしく食べられるよう自分 だけのハニ-チップを大放出?

韓國の小賣店を直接回り?外國人が韓國で 必ず食べなければならない料理を紹介?オリオ ンの綠茶ブラウニ-?ハイト眞露のマスカット 味の燒酎など海外へ廣く進出したブランドでは あるが?韓國でのみ味わえる商品を紹介したこ とが特徵?

通過烹斐韓攻勁牛肉,幷憐演吃貨的吃飯 秀,刺激了觀衆的胃口?視頻充分展現了利用韓 攻産彩椒和馬蘇裏拉球酪等,制作出美味勁牛肉 的糾家訣竅?

通過親自走訪韓攻瑪特,爲外攻人介紹了在 韓攻一定要品嘗的食品?好麗友的綠茶布朗尼, 海特眞露的靑葡萄味燒酒等都是廣泛出口海外的 品牌,但本視頻的特点是在這些食品中只能在韓 攻品嘗的産品係列進行了係統的介紹?

Jin Chenyu brilliantly altered the lyrics of the song “Red Flavor” by K-Pop girl group Red Velvet to introduce various Korean dishes: kimchi, ramyeon (Korean-style instant noodles), samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), and bibimbap. One of the revised lines goes, “Love at first taste, I can’t stop thinking about you, K-Food is Jin Chenyu from China thrilling and tasty.” Chenyu’s video also includes footage of him traveling around Seoul―going to Seoul kimchimaking festival, visiting restaurants and convenience stores―in search for Korean food. Looking at his adventures stimulates the viewers’ appetites.


のガ-ルズグル-プのリ-ダ-的存在のレ ッドベルベットの赤い味を「當初の味に反してしまっ た韓食が時?頭に浮かぶ」?「韓國料理は辛くておい しい?」などとしながら?キムチからインスタント ラ-メン?參鷄湯?ビビンバなど樣?な韓國料理を 非常に機知に富んだ形で紹介した? それだけでなく?ソウルキムジャンフェスティバ ルと飮食店?コンビニ?ソウルを隅?まで步き?韓 國料理をおいしく食べる姿を收め?見る人?の食欲 K-Pop



A comment from a judge: It is a lot of fun to see how Chenyu changed a K-pop song lyrics to talk about Korean food. The lyrics are in two languages, Chinese and Korean, so the clip also has a great promotional effect.

Shauna Granger’s video shows her shopping for Korean food at an Asian food store Shauna Granger in the US and from the US cooking to exciting music. It is a dynamic combination of cooking and demonstrating taekwondo skills.

韓國の農食品のショッピング過程(米國のア ジアンマ-ケット)と調理過程を樂しく?音樂 に合わせて紹介?特に?調理過程で韓國のテコ ンド-技術をミックスして?エネルギッシュな 動畵を製作? 捲韓攻農食品的購物過程(美攻亞洲市場)和 烹斐過程配以明快的音樂進行了介紹?尤其在烹 斐過程中加入了韓攻的跆拳道技術,使視頻內容 更顯能量十足?

通過捲韓攻流行音樂(K-Pop)領軍的女子組合Red Velvet演唱的 “紅色味道”,用“令人難以忘懷的韓食”,“韓攻美食好吃而刺激”等進行 改詞,捲泡菜?拉面?參鷄湯?拌飯等各種韓食進行了業熟的介紹? 而且,還通過視頻憐現出在首爾酩泡菜節及首爾的各家餐館及便利 店等,品嘗美味韓食的場景,激起了觀衆的食慾? 評委点評:通過捲韓攻流行音樂(K-Pop)進行改詞演唱,用歌瀨有趣地 憐現了韓攻食品?歌詞中有中文也有韓語,使廣告效果達到了滿分?

She made a parody of “Behind the White Tower,” a Korean TV series Liu Pinghuen from set in a hospital. Taiwan The synopsis of her video entitled “Behind the Kimchi Tower” is “resuscitating dying napa cabbage” with seasonings. The clip shows the process of making kimchi as if it were a surgical operation.

She depicted a happy day in her life by showing how she buys Korean food products Laura Nathania Sutanto available in Indofrom Indonesia nesia and has a dinner party with her friends. The video contains some information on how Koreans enjoy these products, such as adding red pepper powder to jajangmyeon (black-bean-sauce noodles).

韓國の人氣ドラマ白い巨塔のパロディの キムチの巨塔?萎れていく白菜に粉唐辛子 とキムチヤンニョムを加えて?キムチとし て生かしたという內容で?キムチの調理過 程を手術に例えて?その過程を機知に富ん だ形で表現?

キムチ?インスタントラ-メンなどインドネ シアでも販賣されている韓國の農食品を購入し? 友達とパ-ティ-を樂しむ日常を樂しく描寫?ジ ャジャン麵に粉唐辛子を加え?チキンと韓國の ビ-ルを樂しむなど?韓國人が韓國の農食品を よりおいしく食べる情報を豊富に收錄?

模敦韓攻熱門電視劇《白色巨塔》的泡菜巨 塔?視頻以辣椒面和泡菜調料挽救瀕臨死亡 的白菜生命爲內容,將泡菜烹斐過程比喩成 手術進行了有趣的介紹?

視頻內容爲購買泡菜?拉面等在印尼芎地銷魔 的韓攻食品后侮朋友開派捲的場景?所憐現的內 容中還有蜈多諸如在炸醬面中放辣椒面?吃炸鷄 喝韓攻訃酒等,多種韓攻食品的特色吃法信息? February 2018 13

Special II

Korean Products Recommended by Korea Agrafood as Chun Jié Gifts Traditional Liquors Liquor is essential during the Chun Jié holidays when the Chinese enjoy reunions with their family. Korean traditional liquors are popular due to their luxurious appear-

s t c u d o r P d o o F K s Make Excellent u o i r Luxu Gifts for the

ance. Based on the comments of Chinese buyers and distributors at a traditional Korean liquor exporting event held in Shanghai last December, the liquors with a unique Korean feel have strong potential in the Chinese market.


Korean Red Ginseng Gift Set Lunar New Year (called Seol in Korean) is celebrated in Korea by families’ trips to their hometowns to

Lunar New Year

visit parents, playing traditional games such as yut, and eating tteokguk (rice cake soup) and other festive foods associated with the holiday. In China, Lunar New Year is called Chun Jié, which stands for “ring out the old year and ringing in the new.” In both countries, people visit relatives and acquaintances, wish them good fortune, and exchange gifts. With their luxurious and healthy image, Korean food products such as red ginseng and traditional liquor make excellent gifts for Chun Jié. Below is a list of products Korea Agrafood would like to recommend to our readers.

14 Korea Agrafood

韓攻的高圭農食品,强力推茱爲春 節饋贈饑品 在韓攻最大的節日春節小長假期間,韓攻人都有聚集在故鄕的 老家一起吃年桀湯和玩尤茨游癰等傳統游藝?在中攻,春節也 是具有藜鼓迎新之意的傳統節日?春節期間都要在祭拜祖先 后,走親串友進行拜年,相互贈送饑品以求多財多福?紅參? 傳統酒等具有高圭健康食品形象的韓攻農食品蜈適合作爲春節 的饋贈饑品?就此,本期《Korea Agrafood》就爲舅介紹廓種蜈 適合用于中攻春節饑物的韓攻農食品?

Korean red ginseng is well known and popular among Chinese consumers interested in healthy living. Such consumers tend to present ginseng not only on Chun Jié but also on other holidays, such as Parents’ Day and the end of the calendar year. Korean producers offer red ginseng gift sets that include various products―extracts, beverages, pills, and so on.


韓攻産紅參保健食品不僅在注重健康的中攻 消費者中具有蜈高的知名度,而且也蜈受消費者 的靑器?所以,除了春節之外,在中攻的雙親節 “孝親節”及年末等也都有將紅參産品用于饋贈品 的傾向?爲此,韓攻的紅參加工企業正在積極准 備紅參濃縮液?紅參飮料?紅參丸等各種紅參加 工食品饑品套裝?

酒是春節小長假期間家人?朋友聚繇不可或缺的食品?所以,包裝和外觀 高圭的韓攻産傳統酒是値得推茱的春節饋贈饑品?尤其是,去年12月在上海 擧辦的“韓攻傳統酒捲中出口交流繇”上,接觸到韓攻傳統酒的中攻客商及銷魔 商,捲韓攻傳統酒給予了蜈高的評價,由此,代憐韓攻形象的傳統酒産品的地 位有望也繇隨之而提高?

Nut Products Nuts are some of the favorite health foods of Chinese people. The nut consumption rises during Chun Jié because nuts are often served as snacks to guests. Korea produces a variety of nut products including mixed fruit and nuts. Last year, the export of nuts from Korea to China increased by 25% compared to 2016 and reached US$17.5 million.


堅果類是中攻消費者喜歡的健康食品之一,春 節期間用于招待客人的消費量也蜈大?韓攻有 將多種堅果類包裝在一起的産品及含有水果的 堅果類等各種産品?去年,出口到中攻的韓攻 産堅果類産品的出口額爲1,750万美元,比 2016年增加了25%? February 2018 15

Special II

Fresh Fruit Sets Consumers of Hong Kong are big fans of fruit, and they will enjoy receiving Korean fruit such as strawberries, tangerines, apples, and pears as Chun Jié gifts. Korean exporters offer different types of fruit gift sets including baskets with one kind or various kinds of fruit.


香港人平時蜈喜歡吃水果?所以,草撻?柑橘?掠果?梨等 韓攻的芎季水果蜈適合作爲春節的饑品?由于消費者喜歡只包 裝特定水果饑品及各種水果混合包裝的水果饑盒套裝,所以推 茱生産企業多出口優質的韓攻産水果饑盒套裝?

Hangwa Hangwa is a traditional Korean cookie that used to be served to the royal table during the Joseon dynasty (1392-1910). It is a nutrient-rich food made with cereal, honey, pine nuts, sesame, walnuts, chestnuts, and jujubes. Many hangwa products have attractive packaging appropriate for gift presentation.


韓果是朝鮮時代能上御膳腋的韓攻典型的 傳統餠干?所用的材料有穀物?蜂蜜?松仁? 芝麻?核桃?栗子?大棗等,所以營養也蜈酪 富?以酪富的營養爲優勢,再通過高圭化産品 包裝,則蜈適合作爲春節饋贈饑品?

Yuja-tea Yuja-tea, a traditional Korean tea made with citrus and honey, is famous in China as good for skin care and preventing the flu. Between 2013 and 2016, over US$20 million of yuja-tea was exported to China every year. The export volume decreased to US$15 million last year, due to the THAAD deployment in Korea, but it is expected to rebound in 2018.


隨着中攻消費者了潁柚子茶具有預防感冒及皮膚美容效果,自 2013年開始到2016年,已成爲出口額每年超過2,000万美元的暢 銷出口品目?盡管因爲薩德的影響,去年的出口額僅爲1,533万 美元,今年仍將有望成爲麟現新突破的品目?

Tips for Korean Exporters _ 爲韓攻出口企業建言


The presidents of aT branches in China advise that to establish Korean food products as Chun Jié gifts, Korean exporters should conduct extensive market research, differentiate their products, build a luxurious image, and be particularly attentive to the composition of products. Seo Byung-kyo, President of the Beijing branch, said, “Exporters can improve their chances to succeed if they carefully check whether the ingredients of the goods they plan to export are allowed to be imported in China. In addition, it is important to conduct surveys of popular Chinese supermarkets before you start exports, in order to identify the right target customer. In regards to packaging, exporters can raise the competitive edge of their products by offering them in refined packaging having a premium image.” Lee Sang-kil, President of the Shanghai branch, emphasized the importance of creating a luxurious and clean image through packaging. He said, “You may want to use red and gold colors that Chinese consumers particularly like.” Lee Jong-geun, President of the Chengdu branch, pointed out

16 Korea Agrafood

that gifts should have abundant contents rather than excessive packaging. Lee Ji-jae, President of the Hong Kong branch, said, “Many Chinese consumers would prefer products that have a special packaging and include a free gift for Chun Jié.”

中攻內的韓攻農水産食品流通公社 分公司社長們都認爲,韓攻農食品 要占据中攻春節饑品市場的一席之地, 需要捲市場進行充分的調査,樹立産品 的憾性化及高圭化形象,使産品的構成 更加充麟? (aT)

北京分公司徐幷敎社長强調道,“要 捲出口産品的成分是否爲中攻食品許 可的成分進行仔細的調査后出口産品 方能癎少執行錯誤?此外,在産品出 口之前到中攻的各大連鎖店進行現場 考察,這捲目標消費群郞的確定十分 重要?在包裝層面上,有必要突出優 質高圭的形象,以精美的包裝提高産 品的競爭力”? 上海分公司李相吉社長也說明道, “一定要用憾性化及高圭化的精美包裝 領先中攻的産品?最好是多選楊利用中 攻消費者喜歡的紅色和黃色”?

Since the Chinese purchase Chun Jié gifts both online and offline, exporters should target both types of stores. Representative online malls in China include Jingdong ( and Tmall ( There are also mobile messengers that promote and sell products, such as Weixin and Weibo. When shopping for food gifts offline, many Chinese consumers use OLE supermarket chain and other high-end distributors.

成都分公司李鐘根社長則認爲,“相 比過度的包裝,充麟的産品構成更重 要”?香港分公司李智宰社長預計,“高 圭包裝繇成爲主要勒点?而且,配有春 節特惠套裝包?春節特惠饋贈品等的産 品將繇暢銷”? 充分利用網購店及麟郞店等中攻消費 者購買春節饑物的主要渠道也蜈重要? 最典型的網上購物店有京東 (和天猫( com)?利用移動聊天工具?微信及微 博等進行商品宣傳和銷魔的“微商”也是 購買方式之一?在全攻已形成網絡覆盖 的OLE精品超市等大型商場也是中攻消 費者購買農食品常去的地方?

February 2018 17

Fresh Food Satsuma & Hallabong

Getting to Know the Taste of Jeju with

Satsuma & Hallabong

18 Korea Agrafood

To keep the number of spoiled fruit to a minimum, Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village pays close attention when selecting farms for the production of satsumas and Hallabong for export.

eju Island, one of the sites on the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage, is a famous tourist destination in Korea. Even in the middle of the winter, many people visit to enjoy views of Halla Mountain covered with snow and to enjoy Jeju specialty fruit, satsuma and Hallabong. Koreans love citruses from Jeju because they have a sweet-and-sour taste and can be easily peeled by hand. February is the best time to taste these fruit because it is the peak of the harvesting season. If you cannot visit Jeju this month, do not get discouraged. Jeju citruses are available in other countries, too. Many farmers and exporting companies on the island offer satsumas and Hallabong oranges in the international market, so you can see these fruit in stores of Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the US, and other places. One of the largest exporters of citruses from Jeju is the Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village.


上州島是榮登聯合攻敎科文組織世界文化遺産名湳的韓攻著 名的旅游勝地?寒冬2月,爲了觀賞白雪覆盖下的漢拿山和品嘗 上州特産柑橘和漢拿峰,游客的脚步依然絡繹不絶? 上州的柑橘和漢拿峰味道酸甛且无需其他工具用手就能輕易 地剝皮吃,所以是韓攻人喜歡的水果之一?冬季的2月,正是柑 橘和漢拿峰的收獲季節,也是柑橘和漢拿峰最新鮮且味道最佳 的時期? 舅不要因在這憾季節不能到上州島旅游而心懷遺憾?在海外 也能品嘗到美味柑橘和漢拿峰?上州有許多農戶和出口企業借助 海外消費者抛來的橄欖枝之力,積極捲加拿大?臺膿?香港?新 加坡?印度尼西亞?馬拉西亞?關島?美攻等地出口柑橘和漢 拿峰?其中之一就有上州柑橘村營農組合法人?


位于上州特別自治道西歸浦市甫木洞的上州柑橘村營農組合 法人成立于2005年,幷從2009年開始捲外出口上州産柑橘和 漢拿峰?盡管上州柑橘村營農組合法人婁于上州柑橘出口農戶 的后起之秀,但他們以吸引韓攻消費者的格營訣竅爲基礎,開 拓海外市場幷得到出口攻的好評,使産品的出口量得到了快速 February 2018 19

Fresh Food Satsuma & Hallabong

Satsuma (left) and Hallabong (right) are orange-like fruit harvested mainly during the cold winter months. They have a refreshing fragrance and sweet-andsour taste.

Won the Hearts of Korean Consumers and Overseas Buyers with Thoroughly Selected Fruit and Excellent Customer Service The Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village is located in Bomok-dong of Seogwipo City. It was established in 2005 and started exporting citruses in 2009. Even though the cooperative entered the export business relatively late, it is rapidly increasing its overseas sales volume with the help of knowhow accumulated in the domestic market. Heo Min-cheol, CEO of Jeju Citrus Village, said, “This cooperative is a robust company with annual sales of US$1 million. We are among the two largest handlers of fresh food in Jeju.” He added, “We have been able to grow so much because we have earned consumer trust through a direct transaction system where we meticulously select the produce we ship and offer 100% refunds even in the case of minor claims.” When shipping fruit abroad, the transportation period is longer and the consumers are less familiar with Jeju citruses, so to be competitive in foreign markets, the cooperative applies these principles to overseas sales even more rigorously.

20 Korea Agrafood

增長?上州柑橘村許珉哲代憐說道,“我們柑橘村營農組合法人 是年銷魔額可達到100億韓元的有麟力企業,其規模在上州從 事新鮮食品的營農組合法人中瑠一瑠二”?他說,“這要歸功于 我們以精心篩選産品爲基礎,通過捲消費者再小的投訴也信守 100%退款的直銷係統,不鉤提高信譽度的結果” ? 根据出口需要更長的運輸時間及海外消費者捲柑橘和漢拿峰 的理潁度低于韓攻消費者的特点,更加嚴格遵守了這憾係統? 首先,從水果的生育階段開始爲質量管理傾注了更多的努 力?上州柑橘村金東賢室長說明道,“只有格過殘留農葯檢査及 有无變質?病害惡?傷口等第一次內部質量檢査合格的農戶柑 橘思能進入篩選庫”?而且,還要通過抽樣檢査,捲過酸及糖度 低的水果從篩選庫中徹底進行淸除? 格過這些檢査合格的柑橘還要在安裝有非破壞式糖度計的自 動化篩選陸上全面進行篩選?金室長說道,“通過3道肉眼篩選 和机器篩選,捲大小?外觀及糖度有問題的柑橘進行徹底的篩 選”? 直接出口也是商品具有競爭力的主要因素之一?由于未格進 口供應商出,癎少了流通環節,所以能誥以更加合理的價格爲 海外客商出口優質的柑橘和漢拿峰?而且,如果在出口過程中 出現問題,則上州柑橘村的員工便繇立葉捲問題進行處理?許 代憐自豪地說,“捲客商的小小不滿我們也都繇認眞捲待絶不馬 虎?許多時候我們都繇上門潁決問題,捲于通過電子郵件就能 潁決的小小投訴,我們也繇誠心誠意地進行認眞的潁決?所以

Great effort is invested in quality control at the cultivation stage. Kim Dong-hyun, a manager of Jeju Citrus Village, explained, “Only the fruit that pass the primary inspections at the farms―such as the inspections for residual pesticides, pests, and damages―can enter the cooperative facility. They are then checked again, and those that are too sour or have a low sugar content are removed.” The citruses go through an automated line equipped with a non-destructive sugar meter. Kim is confident that since the fruit are inspected three times visually and using tools, all citruses that do not meet standards in terms of size, appearance, and sugar content are sorted out. Direct export is another factor in the cooperative’s international competitiveness. By removing the intermediary, Jeju Citrus Village is able to offer premium satsumas and Hallabong to foreign buyers at reasonable prices. Moreover, the cooperative is able to quickly resolve any problems arising during the exporting process. Heo said with pride, “We take even small complaints from buyers very seriously. We often meet buyers in person in order to find a solution. Buyers praise us for providing wholehearted service even in replies to minor issues raised by email.”



隨着在客商中的信譽度提高,上州柑橘村的出口業績也在逐 年提高?2016年麟現出口額9万3,500美元,而2017年猛增到 46万8,000美元,出口額增加5倍之多?今年的目標是將出口額 頑大到94万美元? 許代憐憐示,“嚴格的商品管理得到了客商們的好評,由此, 提出進口産品的攻家也在增加?目前,主要是我們法人的主要 市場臺膿和香港客商咨詢不鉤?蒙古等地也有咨詢,目前正在 協商之中”?他還憐示,“轝麟主要市場,開拓蒙古新市場及出 口新品目都是我們所關注的問題?我們還將努力開展捲外出口 天惠香和Red香産品的業務”?

Skyrocketing Export Performance As buyers’ trust has rapidly grown, so did the export volume of Jeju Citrus Village. It has increased five times from US$93,500 in 2016 to US$468,000 in 2017. This year, the cooperative aims to export US$940,000 worth of fruit. Heo said, “We are receiving positive reviews from buyers and an increasing number of requests from different countries. Buyers from Taiwan and Hong Kong, are major markets, are steadily placing orders, and negotiations with buyers from Mongolia are underway.” He added, “We are interested both in increasing exports to existing markets and in exploring new ones.” In addition, the cooperative has plans to start exporting other citrus varieties, such as Cheonhyehyang and Red Hyang satsumas.

Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village carries out a comprehensive evaluation of farms based on several criteria: a strong will to export the product, humidity of the satsuma or hallabong orchard, location, quality of the products, ability to meet the quarantine conditions, and so on.

Inquiries Farming Cooperative Jeju Citrus Village Tel +82-64-732-4160, +82-10-6629-4160 (Heo Min-chelo, CEO) Fax +82-64-738-4160 Website

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Fresh Food Kiwi

R e d Gold Green Three Colors,


Three Merits Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation grows delicious red, gold, and green kiwi (left to right) for export.

iwi contains three times the amount of fiber than in an apple. The fruit has a low GI (glycemic index), which means it is effective in weight control because it helps the body to consume fat, preventing its accumulation. That is why kiwi is so popular with dieters. Furthermore, it abounds with vitamins C and E and minerals such as potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. The country most people associate with producing kiwi is New Zealand. Recently however, a Korean island known for its clean natural environment, Jeju-do is emerging as a major supplier of kiwi. Half of all kiwi cultivated in Korea comes from Jeju island. Behind the success of the island in kiwi cultivation is the Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation.


Solid Basis for Cultivating High-Quality Fruit Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation (hereafter, Hallagold Farming) was created in 2008 by nine farming households. Other farmers have joined, attracted by the opportunity to carry out the selection and shipment of fruit all together, and currently the corporation has 220 members. Ko Bong-ju, CEO of Hallagold Farming, said, “Soon after the corporation was established, we obtained exclusive rights to cultivate kiwi varieties developed by RDA (Rural Development Administration), and this helped to stabilize our business.” Hallagold Farming and RDA signed agree-

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キウイの食物壟維の含有量は?リンゴの3倍に達するほど豊 富だ?また?GI指數も低く?脂肪を容易に消費することはもち ろん?脂肪の蓄積が少ないなど?ダイエットにも效果的だ?こ うしたことが?キウイがダイエット食品として有名な理由だ? この他に?ビタミンC?E?カリウム?カルシウム?リンなどビ タミンとミネラルも豊富だ?このように?樣?な效能を備えた キウイの主産地として?多くの人?はニュ-ジ-ランドを擧げ るが?クリ-ンな自然環境を備えている濟州道もキウイの主産 地として浮上している?濟州道もキウイ生産量は國內生産量の 半分を占めるほど?キウイ生産が活發に行われている?ミカン の主産地として有名な濟州道でキウイが成功を收めている秘訣 としては?ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人がある?

しっかりとした生産基盤を備え?高品質のキウイを 生産

ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人は?2008年に濟州地域の9戶の農家 が集まって設立された?ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人を通して?共 同選別と共同出荷を通した販賣が行われるとともに?農家が集 まり始めた?現在?會員農家は220戶だ?ハルラゴ-ルド營農 法人のコ?ボンジュ代表理事は?「營農法人の發足とともに?農 村振興廳で開發された國産の新品種を獨占的に使用することに なり?生産の安定化が圖られた?」と述べた?實際に?農村振興 廳とハルラゴ-ルド營農法人は?2010年にハルラゴ-ルドキウ イ?2014年にスウィ-トゴ-ルドの兩品種に對する專用使用權 を締結し?生産?販賣權を確保した? February 2018 23

Fresh Food Kiwi

このように?しっかりとした生産基盤を備えたハルラゴ-ル ド營農法人は?ニュ-ジ-ランドの産地を訪問するなどの?先 進地域に關する敎育?定期的な農家敎育?農家間の技術情報交 流?全農家の技術の平準化事業などを通して?高品質のキウイ を生産するための基盤を整備した? また?2014年には國立農産物品質管理院でトレ-サビリテ ィシステムの登錄を完了し?收穫前の農藥殘留檢査も實施して いる?生産されたキウイは?2012年に竣工した産地流通セン タ-を通して?選別?包裝などの作業が進められる?2013年に は?花粉生産センタ-を竣工し?國産キウイの安定的な生産基 盤を固めた? コ?ボンジュ代表理事は?「キウイが選別や品質管理の基準に 基づき生産されるよう?農家敎育を實施している?」とし?「國 內外の輸出國の殘留農藥基準表などを作成し?これを農家へ配 布して活用している?」と强調した?また?彼は「流通センタ- と花粉生産センタ-が?農家が安定的な生産に專念できるよう にするうえでの?踏み台になった?」とし?「生産と流通過程で 系的なシステムを構築し?高品質のキウイを生産できるように した?」と付け加えた? ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人のキウイは?すでに國內で高品質の 果物として認められている?2010年には優秀品種賞?優秀農産 物展示會銅賞などを受賞したのに續き?2014年には國立農産物 品質管理院から農産物優秀管理施設として指定を受けた?同年 には?濟州大學校から農産物優秀管理認證を受けた?

ments for exclusive use of Hallagold kiwi and Sweet Gold kiwi varieties by Hallagold Farming in 2010 and 2014 respectively. Armed with these agreements, Hallagold Farming has built strong foundations for the cultivation of high-quality fruit. The corporation carries out training at advanced farming sites in New Zealand, conducts regular educational sessions in Korea, and encourages the exchanges of technical information among farmers and the upgrading of their cultivation techniques. In 2014, the corporation registered with NAQS (National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service) and started implementing pre-harvest tests for residual pesticides. The harvested fruit is screened and packed in a distribution center built in 2012. The construction of a pollen production center was completed in 2013. Ko stated, “We conduct farmer training to ensure that kiwi they produce meets the requirements for screening and quality management. We have created residual pesticide standard tables for Korea and the countries kiwi is exported to and distributed these tables to farmers.” He added, “The distribution and pollen production centers have provided a basis to help farmers stay focused on stable production of kiwi. It is thanks to our production and distribution systems that we are able to offer high-quality kiwi to the market.” The kiwi produced by Hallagold Farming is highly recog-

nized in Korea for its excellent quality. It received the Excellent Variety Award and the Bronze Award in Best Farm Product Fair in 2010. Hallagold Farming was designated by NAQs as an excellent farm product management facility and received a certificate of excellent farm product management from Jeju National University in 2014.

Marketing Strategies Customized by the Market With the infrastructure for producing a sufficient amount of high-quality kiwis, Hallagold Farming set its sights on international markets. It made its first shipment abroad to Singapore in October 2015 and now exports the fruit to Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. To Southeast Asia, the corporation mainly supplies gold and red kiwi, as local consumers there prefer kiwis with high sugar content and less tartness. In contrast, green kiwi is shipped to Japan where consumers enjoy a sweet-andsour taste. Ko said with confidence, “In Southeast Asia, our products beat Zespri’s. At 18 Brix, our red kiwi is very sweet.” Hallagold Farming is planning to expand its sales abroad of Halla Sweet, a strategic variety developed by RDA specifically for export. Ko said, “Free from the pungent taste peculiar to kiwi and having a good texture, Halla Sweet will attract even more consumers. The export volume of the corporation last year was 235 tons, and this year, we aim to increase it to 480 tons.” Ko revealed that in addition to the existing markets, Hallagold Farming will try to enter India and other countries. He said, “I think excellent quality is the key to competing in the international market. I hope that one day Hallagold will become the world’s top brand of kiwi.”

2 3


1. Visitors of Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation can experience kiwi harvesting. 2. The automated sorting line of APPC (Agricultural Products Processing Center) can sort kiwis based on sugar content, weight, and color. 3. In November 2015, Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation held an event to celebrate its first export.

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Inquiries Hallagold Farming Guild corporation Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation Tel +82-64-746-4841, +82-10-4695-4847 (Ko Bong-ju, CEO) Fax +82-64-755-4841 Email Website

CEO Ko Bong-ju of Hallagold Farming Guild Corporation shows the corporation’s products.

海外市場別の嗜好に應じたオ-ダ-メイド型のマ- ケティング戰略

高品質のキウイを十分に生産できる基盤を備えたハルラゴ- ルド營農法人は?海外市場にまで目を向けている?2015年10 月のシンガポ-ル輸出を契機として?香港?マレ-シア?日本 などにもキウイを輸出している? 特に?東南アジアの國?は?糖度が高く酸味が少ないものを 好む点に着目し?ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人が生産するキウイの うちのゴ-ルドキウイとレッドキウイを主に輸出している?甘 酸っぱい味を好む日本は?グリ-ンキウイの中心に輸出を進め ている?コ?ボンジュ代表は?「レッドキウイの場合?糖度が18 度と甘さが非常に强い?」とし?「東南アジア市場では?ゼスプ リよりもわれわれのキウイがより優位な位置にある?」と自信滿 ?に述べた?ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人は?農村振興廳が開發し た輸出戰略品種であるハルラスウィ-トを武器に?海外の輸出 市場をさらに擴大する計畵だ?コ代表は?「ハルラスウィ-ト の場合?キウイ特有の辛味がなく?食感もよく?消費者が食べ るのにうってつけ」とし?「昨年の輸出量は約235トンで?480ト ンまで輸出することが目標?」と說明した?また?彼は「現在?輸 出している東南アジアの國?のほかに?インドなどにも輸出を 進める計畵?」とし?「品質のみ優れていれば?海外市場で十分 に競爭力があるとみている?ハルラゴ-ルド營農法人が生産す るキウイがニュ-ジ-ランドを越えて?世界最高のキウイのブ ランドになるものと確信している?」と强調した?

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Fresh Food Hadong Chives

Soft and Aromatic

Asian Chives

Produced in Hadong Gain Popularity in Japan

Wefarmer Gears up to Enter the World Market

やわらかく?香りのよい韓國· 河東のニラ?日本市場で大人氣 co-friendly Asian chives from Hadong, which are effective in strengthening the body and keeping it warm, are in the spotlight in Japan. At the end of last year, Wefarmer Co., Ltd. exported Asian chives to Osaka to be used as ramen garnish, and the vegetable received rave reviews, opening the way for continuous exports.


First Export of High-Quality Hadong Chives Wefaramer was established in 2016 by 27 farmers cultivating chives in Hadong, for the purpose of exporting the vegetable to overseas markets. Offered under the joint brand “Ttangsaemi,” the company’s chives are considered to be in the top 1-2% in terms of quality at Seoul Garak Market, the largest agro-fishery market in Korea. Jang Ho-bong, a director of Wefarmer, said, “The reason why Hadong chives have been able to earn such a good reputation in Japan is because they are grown at the foot of Jiri Mountain, an area with pristine water and clean air. In addition, our chives are aromatic and soft because we use organic farming methods and manage the soil so it is optimal for the cultivation of chives.” In general, Hadong chives are considered excellent in taste and quality and are sold at 20% higher prices than

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體體を溫めて保護するなど?精氣の補强に效果が優れた親環境 栽培の河東のニラが日本市場で注目を集めている?農業會社法人の ウィ-ファ-マ-(株)は?昨年末?日本の大阪にあるラ-メン店の 付け合わせ用として?河東ニラを初めて輸出したが?これに續いて 最近では追加の輸出を進めるなど?日本市場でまずまずの評價を受 けている?


農業會社法人ウィ-ファ-マ-(Wefarmer)は?河東地域の27 人のニラ栽培農家が?高品質の河東ニラを海外へ輸出するために? 2016年に設立したものだ?河東ニラの共同ブランドの「タンセミ」 ので出荷されるニラは?ソウルの可樂洞に位置する國內最大の農水 産物市場で上位1∼2%に位置する高品質なものだ? チャン?ホボン?ウィ-ファ-マ-(株)理事は?「河東ニラが日 本市場での反應が良いのは?水や空氣がクリ-ンな智異山の麓で栽 February 2018 27

Fresh Food Hadong Chives

本の輸入檢査の基準値の1/20に過ぎない農藥の安全性を確保して おり?價格も日本産の製品に比べて?大幅に低く?味と食感が優れ ているためだ?」と明かした? これにより?河東ニラが日本市場でラ-メンの付け合わせ用に 輸出されることはもちろん?樣?なメニュ-の原材料としても使用 されるものと予測されるなど?需要が大きく增加するものと予想さ れる? Jang Ho-bong, a director of Wefarmer, introduces Hadong chives. 2

duced in Japan and the taste and texture are superb.” The versatile vegetable can be used not only as garnish but also in many different dishes, so the demand for Hadong chives in Japan is expected to increase. 1

Hadong Chives as a Health Food

1. Farmers harvest chives. 2. The roots of chives are cut. 3. Chives are tied in a bundle. 3

chives from other areas.

Building a Premium Chives Image through Exports to Japan Last December, Wefarmer exported six tons of Asian chives to KAMUKURA, one of the top three ramen restaurants in Osaka, where the vegetable was used to garnish dishes. Following favorable reviews from the restaurant customers, Wefarmer received additional orders. This year, the company expects to ship about 40 tons of chives to Japan. Thanks to their high quality, Hadong chives were able to pass pesticide residue tests and other rigorous inspections conducted by Japanese customs. According to Japanese sources, Wefarmer’s chives made a better accompaniment to ramen than locally produced vegetables. Jang said, “I believe our chives will have a great appeal to Japanese consumers. Their pesticide level is less than 1/20 of the Japanese import inspection and quarantine standards. They are less expensive than chives pro-

28 Korea Agrafood

培されるという?氣候の影響が大きい?」とし?「また?徹底した土 壤檢査を通して?ニラ栽培に適した最適の土壤を維持し?微生物を 投入するなどして?親環境のオ-ダ-メイド型農法が定着するとと もに?生産されるニラが香りもよく?やわらかい?」と河東ニラの强 みを說明した? このように生産された河東ニラは?味と品質に優れており?他地 域で生産されるニラより?20%以上高い價格を付けられるほど?高 品質の商品としての認知度が高い?

日本市場へ輸出されるとともに?韓國産の高品質のニ ラとしてのイメ-ジを構築 ウィ-ファ-マ-(株)は?昨年の12月に?河東ニラ6トンを大阪 の3大ラ-メン店の1つであるKAMUKURAにラ-メンの付け合 わせ用として輸出した?韓國産のニラを初めて食べた日本の消費者 の反應は良好で?最近では追加での輸出を進めるとともに?今年は 40トンほどの輸出が可能なものと予想している?河東ニラは?殘 留農藥檢査など嚴格な日本の輸入檢査基準を通過するほど?安全性 と品質に優れ?味も從來使用していた日本産のラ-メンの付け合わ せより?優れているという評 を受けている? チャン?ホボン理事は?「日本の消費者に好評であることは?日

Hadong chives have a nickname of “liver vegetable” because they are considered effective in increasing physical strength and improving liver function. They are also known to clean the intestines and keep the stomach healthy. Chive juice has been traditionally used in Korea to treat burns and is thought to be good for treating diabetes, hemorrhoids, and intoxication. As the awareness of the health benefits of Hadong chives is rising, the vegetable is attracting greater attention of domestic and foreign buyers. Capitalizing on this popularity, Wefarmer is planning to expand its exports in the long term to China, Southeast Asia, and other markets. Jang said, “The weather conditions this year are good, so we are likely to have a large production volume. We hope to gradually increase exports to Japan, and when the export price stabilizes, it will help raise the incomes of Hadong farmers and have other positive effects.” He added, “We will promote the strengths of Hadong chives through consultations with foreign buyers and do our best to expand exports.”

Inquiries Wefarmer Tel +82-55-883-5990 (Jang Ho-bong, Director) Fax +82-55-883-5991 Email Website


日本市場で人氣のある河東ニラは?大人の體力增强效果が高く? 特に肝機能を强化するのに效能が高く?「肝臟のための野菜」という 別名もある?また?胃を健康にし?腸の掃除するのを手助けすると いう效能も知られている?このほかに?ニラエキスは昔からやけど の治療に用いられ?解毒作用?糖尿?痔の治療などにも效能がある ものとして知られている? このように?河東ニラが健康食品という側面から利点があるも のとして知られるにつれ?國內だけでなく?海外のバイヤ-にも 河東ニラの輸入を積極的に打診するなど?輸出市場で河東ニラの 人氣が上昇している?これにより?ウィ-ファ-マ-(株)は?長 期的に日本市場だけでなく?中國と東南アジア市場に對する輸出 も積極的に模索するなど?世界市場をタ-ゲットにした進出を加 速している? チャン?ホボン理事は?「今年?河東地域の氣象條件がよく?ニ ラの生産量が大幅に增えるものと予想される?」とし?「今回の日本 への初輸出を契機として?今後?日本輸出量は隨時增加していくも のと予想され?安定的な輸出價格が維持されれば?河東地域の輸出 ニラ栽培農家の所得も增えるなど?樣?な效果が期待できる?」と說 明した?また?チャン理事長は「海外市場へ河東ニラの强みを積極 的にアピ-ルするために?海外のバイヤ-との商談を增やし?樣? な海外の大口需要先を開發するなど?輸出量の擴大に注力していき たい?」という計畵を明かした?

Hadong chives were exported to Japan for the first time last December.

February 2018 29

Processed Food Grain Powder Mix

Tea made with black and red beans.

Design Nongboo Grain Powder Mix

30 Korea Agrafood

hat shall I eat?” Though seems like a simple question, there are many variables that often make it a time-consuming endeavor. We often need to choose among many dishes based on the caloric value, nutrition, and taste. Once we have decided what to eat, it will take more time and effort to get the ingredients, cook, serve, and eat the dish, and clean afterwards. Of course, you can eat in a restaurant or have a meal delivered but there is still waiting time. Furthermore, such meals hardly offer perfect nutrition. Some of them have too many calories; others contain an excessive amount of sodium or artificial seasonings. It is not an exaggeration to say busy modern people consume their personal time and nutritional imbalance along with a meal. Food substitute products that can resolve this problem are in the spotlight these days. One of such products is Grain Powder Mix produced by agricultural export corporation Design Nongboo.


An Ambitious Young Farmer Realizes His Dream Design Nongboo, located in Jeonju of North Jeolla Province, was started in 2011 by an ambitious young farmer who wanted to lead the transformation of Korean agriculture. When Kim Yo-sum took over a family farm cultivating various kinds of grains including rice, green kernel black beans, and small peas, he realized that things had to be changed. Kim recalls, “Even though the online food market was rapidly expanding due to the increasing number of single households, no rice or other grain products were available to match this trend. That is why I decided to establish Design Nongboo and develop small-sized rice and grain products for sales online.” Thanks to Kim’s ability to read market trends well, his company soon became a stable business. However, the young farmer did not want to settle down yet. He caught another trend―convenience food― and started developing

「今日は何を食べよう?」本當に短くて簡 單な問いのようだが?この問いに對する答 えを見つけ?食事をするまでには思ったよ り多くの時間がかかる?カロリ-と榮養? 味などを考えれば?樣?な食事のなかから 何を食べなければならないのかを選ぶのも 簡單ではなく?メニュ-を選んだとしても 材料を求めて作り?盛り付けて?食べて片 付けるという過程を考慮すれば?非常に長 い時間がかかる? 出來上がった料理を出前してもらったり? 飮食店に行って食べるとしても同じだ? 注文して料理が出てくるまで待ったり? 直接訪れなければならないという不便さ がある?こうした過程を經なければ食事に はありつけない?そうだとしても?榮養の 攝取を完璧にするものでない?どの食事も カロリ-が高く?また食品の鹽分と化學調味 料などが多く使用されていることもある?忙 しく?つらい生活をしている現代人の食生 活はまさにこのような狀況だ?食事をする と同時に?個人的な時間と日常?そして榮 養バランスの不均衡まで同時に進んでいる といっても過言ではない? 最近?こうした問題を一度に解決してく れる食事代用食品が脚光を浴びている?韓 國の農食品輸出企業のデザイン農夫が生産 する膳食ミックスもこうした製品のうちの1 つだ?

CEO of Design Nongboo, Kim Yo-sum.

February 2018 31

Processed Food Grain Powder Mix


全羅北道全州にあるデザイン農夫は? 年に韓國農業の變化をリ-ドしたいと いう?多くの夢を抱いた靑年農夫の小さな 一步から始まった?米と黑豆?チヌンイコ ン(小さい黑豆)など各種の雜穀を栽培する 企業を受け繼いでいた靑年農夫の金ヨソプ 氏が「韓國農業には變化が必要だ?」と考える とともに?設立した?金ヨソプ氏は「1人世 帶の增加により?樣?な小包裝とオンライ ン食品市場が成長しているが?主食の米と 雜穀はそうした流れにあった製品を購入す ることが難しい?」とし?「そこで?米や雜穀 の小包裝の製品を開發し?オンラインでの 販賣するデザイン農夫を設立した?」と回想 した? 市場のトレンドを若い感覺でいち早く讀 むことができたおかげで?デザイン農夫は すぐに安定的に定着した? しかし?農夫から靑年事業家に轉身した 金代表は?これに滿足できなかった?消費 者がインスタント食品よりも簡單に攝取で きるものを望むとともに?食品市場に地殼 動が起こっていたためだ?そこで?金代表 は雜穀加工品の開發に乘り出し?1回用の膳 食ミックスを開發した?金代表は?「ソイレ ントのようなスタ-トアップが開發したた んぱく質の粉がシリコンバレ-で人氣にな るとともに?全世界的に食事の代用品とし て市場が擴大している?」とし?「これに着想 し?優れた韓國の食材で作った製品を開發 することになった?」と述べた? 2011

CEO of Design Nongboo, Kim Yo-sum promotes his products at a food expo abroad (above). Instant grain powder with red bean flavor (below).

processed grain products. The result was instant grain powder. Kim says, “The global meal substitute market is rapidly growing as a result of popularity of protein powder developed by Soylent and other startups in Silicon Valley. My products have been developed using high-quality Korean ingredients.”

Becomes a Nutritious Meal with Just Some Milk or Water The Grain Powder Mix, launched by Design Nongboo in 2013, is a futuristic product that becomes a meal if you simply add some milk or a cup of water. With this product, con-

32 Korea Agrafood

suming necessary daily nutrition is as convenient as making instant cocoa from a pouch. Another advantage of the product is that it uses only safe grains produced in Korea, such as barley, brown rice, glutinous rice, black beans, black rice, white beans, sorghum, and black sesame seeds. In fact, 80% of the ingredients are procured through cultivation agreements with thirty farms in North Jeolla Province, and the rest are purchased through the nationwide organization of agricultural cooperatives, Nonghyup. Kim said, “We go beyond simply replacing a meal; we try to satisfy health needs.”

牛乳や水を加えれば?榮養のある食 事に早變わり

年にデザイン農夫が披露した1回用膳 食ミックスは?牛乳や水1カップに製品を入 れて食べれば?1食分の食事となる製品だ? スティックタイプやパウチで包裝された1回 用のココアを飮むように?いつでもどこで も牛乳(または水)1カップで?必要な榮養素 をそのままとることができる?韓國で生産 された安全な穀物(麥?玄米?黑豆?黑米? モロコシ?黑ゴマなど)のみを使用し?安心 2013

Design Nongboo’s products receive a particularly favorable reception from young business women. They enjoy being able to have a healthy meal and like that the packaging has a sophisticated design with beautiful colors. Recently, the company developed a new product using red beans which are considered effective in dieting. It targets those who make time in their busy schedules to exercise with the objective of losing weight but cannot have meals at appropriate times. The product allows such people to have a nutritious meal good for the diet and convenient to make.

Welcomed by Dieters in the US and Southeast Asia Design Nongboo turned its attention to the international market just two years ago, in 2016. Its main

market is the US, the world’s largest market for protein powder and other healthy shakes. Kim said proudly, “I participated in an overseas expo for the first time in 2016, and American buyers immediately showed a lot of interest in Design Nongboo’s products. I was told they are healthier and taste better than many other healthy shakes.” The company shipped US$65 million worth of products to the US in the second half of 2017. Early this year, Kim signed an MOU with a Vietnamese health food company and is preparing the first shipment to Vietnam. Kim said, “We have just entered the international market, and we have already received so much attention. We will analyze local market trends and apply our findings to the products in order to expand the exports.”

Additional Information The Best Ways to Use the Grain Powder Mix, According to Kim Yo-sum 1. Put one pack of Grain Powder Mix into 200ml of milk and shake.

して食べられるという点も大きな强みだ?實 際に?製品の原材料の80%は?全羅北道の 30戶の農家と契約を結んで調達しており?殘 りは農協などを通して調達する?金代表は? 「單純に1食分を簡單に解決するということ を越えて?健康まで對應できるように努力 した?」と述べた? 金代表のこうした努力は?特に?克く若い 女性に好評だった?洗練されたパッケ-ジの デザインと美しい色合いはもちろん?簡單に 食事の管理ができ?女性からの反應もよい? 最近では?ダイエットに效果的な小豆を主力 とした製品を開發した?ダイエットのために 忙しい時間を割いて運動をするので?食事を 最大限にできないという現代人のために?お 手輕でありつつも豊富な榮養が含まれるダイ エット食として選ばれている?

米國と東南アジアでダイエッタ-の 脚光を浴びる

年からは輸出市場にも目を向けてい る?主力市場は?プロテインパウダ-など シェイク市場が大きい米國だ?金代表は 「2016年に初めて海外のエキスポに參加して 製品を披露したが?米國のバイヤ-が關心 を示した?」とし?「現地で販賣されている 食事の代用品やシェイクよりも健康的でお いしいという評價を受けた?」としっかり述 べた?そこで?2017年の下半期に6,500万 ドルに相 する製品を米國へ輸出した?今年 初めには?ベトナムの健康食品企業とMOU を結び?ベトナムへ初輸出の準備を控えて 慌ただしくなっている?金代表は「輸出を始 めてから時間はさほど經っていないが?も ともと反 は熱かった?」とし?「現地市場の トレンドを分析し?製品に反映し?大幅な 輸出擴大をしていく?」と抱負を明かした? 2016

2. If you do not like milk, you can use 200ml of water instead. Add a spoon of honey to enrich the flavor of the grains. 3. Grain Powder Mix can be used as topping on shakes and smoothies as well as salads. 4. The product can give cake a softer flavor if you sprinkle it on the top along powdered sugar.

Inquiries Agricultual Coporation Design Nongboo Tel +82-63-226-5328, +82-10-9439-5328 (Kim Yo-sum, President) Fax +82-63-226-5322 Website

February 2018 33

Processed Food Sweet Potato Product

Do You Know Sweetmee, a Sweet Potato Product that Babies Can Eat with a Spoon?

Positive Response to the Test Sale in a Singaporean Department Store Leads to New Orders Kim Ki-soo, the founder and President of The Goeun Co., Ltd., started growing sweet potatoes in 2006. His family returned to their hometown in Gunsan of North Jeolla Province and were looking for a farm product that is relatively easy to manage and does not require much labor. Kim

方便叛幼傅食用,可然着吃的美味地瓜産品面向世界 市場提出了挑戰?這是一種創意商品,産品不僅膳食纖維 酪富?不沾牙?易消化,而且還能方便地用勺然着吃?近 來,産品以東南亞市場爲中心,已開始成爲備受消費者 關注和歡迎的具有預防傅童便秘效果的營養食品?

首次出口新加坡百貨店“芎地消費者反響良 好,再出口”

的創始人金基洙代憐,自 年格家庭繇議商定幷擧家搬遷到全北益山務農 后,從2006開始了勞力投入少且管理比較簡單的地瓜 種植?幷判鉤,捲著名地瓜主産袴全北益山市咸羅面産 的高營養美味地瓜進行加工,麟現商品化一定繇獲得高 收益? 由此,于2013年投資一億韓元成立The Goeun Co., Ltd.,幷將地瓜種植面積頑大到了33万㎡?2014 年全年收購100菫地瓜用于産品加工,幷通過推出新槪 念地瓜加工食品然着吃的地瓜Sweetmee,于2014年 麟現收益3,600万韓元?由于産品在市場上蜈暢 銷,所以銷魔額也呈不鉤上升之勢,2017 年麟現銷魔額4億韓元?而且,于去年首 次捲新加坡出口了一菫Sweetmee, 且在百貨商場的銷魔及在芎地的反響 超出了預期,由此,正准備于近日再 增加出口? 金基洙代憐就開屠新槪念地瓜加工品 的開屠動机時說明道,“開屠出然着吃的地 瓜産品,起初是在考慮如何開屠出一種旣不 粘牙,又易消化,而且口感和味道都好的産品過程 中想出來的点子?我想,如果能生産出一種格過精細硏 磨且男女老少都能容易用勺然着吃的産品,在海外也一 定繇受到消費者的歡迎”? The Goeun Co., Ltd.,


sweet potato product that can be eaten with a spoon is trying out its competitiveness in the international market. It is convenient to eat, easy to digest, and rich in fiber. It is already receiving favorable reviews from consumers in Southeast Asia as a nutritious food helping to prevent constipation in children.






al n o t ati uc n r d e Int ssed o Pro e th roce otat o t P P s in tive eet k rea nova d Sw B un an In ake e o ith e B G w yp e Th rket up T Ma oopSc

34 Korea Agrafood

knew that sweet potatoes from Gunsan are known for their excellent taste and nutrition, and he dreamed of making a successful business by processing the potatoes and commercializing the product. Several years later, in 2013, Kim invested KRW 100 million (approx. US$100,000) to establish The Goeun and expand the cultivation

February 2018 35

Processed Food Sweet Potato Product

stores. To ensure mutual understanding and cooperation with the farmers, Kim holds regular meetings, discussions, and technology exchanges with them. The potato sales are an important source of revenue to the farmers. Sweet potatoes for Sweetmee are carefully selected, cleaned, and baked on a stone plate for two hours. They are then manually peeled, finely ground, and packaged in sterilized containers. The product is offered in 100g and 90g packages. No other ingredients or additives are used but the sweet potato. To meet the highest standards of food safety and sanitation, The Goeun has equipped the 132

“Sweetmee”,採用OEM代工方式進行生産幷爲韓攻 的各大百貨商場及全州韓屋村銷魔店等進行供貨?芎初 幷沒考慮爲百貨商場供貨,但后來隨着捲産品質量及味 道的口碑不鉤提高,位于首爾狎鷗亭洞的Galleria百貨 店採購負責人親自胥上門提出了簽約要求? 金基洙代憐憐示,“以新加坡爲中心,爲了頑大捲東南 亞地袴的産品出口,我們積極參加了各種攻際博覽繇和 攻際展銷繇,而且,産品得到了攻內外客商們的好評”? 他還强調說,“隨着産品的高圭化形象和出衆的口感得到 消費者的認可,格常繇收到來自中攻?日本?美攻?斛 洲等地的海外客商屠出的出口提議”?

㎡ processing facility with cutting-edge washers,

The Goeun is equipped with cutting-edge facilities meeting the highest standards of food safety and sanitation.

area to 330,000 ㎡ . The following year, he launched Sweetmee, a new-concept sweet potato product, processing a 100 tons of sweet potatoes, and raked in KRW 36 million in profits that same year. The product quickly became popular, its sales reaching KRW 400 million in 2017. Furthermore, 1 ton of Sweetmee was exported to a department store in Singapore last year and received so many positive reviews that The Goeun is busy filling new orders. Kim said, “I created Sweetmee trying to make an easy-to-digest product that contains a lot of fiber, does not stick to teeth, and can be eaten in a convenient way. I thought that if I grind sweet potatoes so that consumers can eat it with a spoon, the product will attract attention not only in Korea but also overseas.”

The Top Priority, Safety Secured with Hygienic Top-Notch Processing Facilities The Goeun purchases sweet potatoes from farmers, processes them, and supplies the final product to individual consumers and department

36 Korea Agrafood


從各農戶收購的地瓜都要格過嚴格的安全爲主的加工 過程后,供應給一般家庭及攻內的各大百貨商場?金基 洙代憐還通過定期擧辦繇議?討論及現場技術交流等各 種交流活動,以提高侮收購農戶間的相互合作和理潁? 從農戶手中收購的100菫加工用大地瓜,爲農戶提高 了新的收益?所收購的地瓜憾頭都在800g以上,且要 格過篩選?儲藏?淸洗?在麥飯石勁箱內勁2小時等加 工過程?捲勁好的地瓜,要用手工方法去皮,幷捲地瓜 進行精細粉碎和滅菌處理后裝入容器?銷魔的産品有 110g裝和90g裝兩種包裝容器裝産品,且産品不含任何 化縯添加芟,100%全部以地瓜爲原料精制而成? 爲了生産安全衛生的産品,在132㎡寬敞的加工車間 內裝配有地瓜淸洗机?麥飯石勁箱?粉碎机?充塡机? 包裝机等衛生的尖端設施,保嗇了安全地生産加工食 品?Sweetmee産品不僅糖度高?味道好,而且最大 的優点是100%全部使用安全性得到認嗇的韓攻産地 瓜?此外,因爲産品中不含任何化縯添加芟,所以被 世界市場視爲是安全的高品位商品,越來越受到海外 市場的歡迎?

安全衛生消費者滿意的地瓜加工品形象提 The Goeun Co., Ltd.,


stone-plate ovens, and grinding and packaging equipment. Therefore, Sweetmee is not only sweet and delicious but also safe and 100% domestically produced. The fact that this high-end product contains no chemical additives is a major point of attraction for overseas consumers.

Improving the Image of Sweet Potato Products with Food Safety and Hygiene Sweetmee is supplied to department stores and Jeonju Hanok Village shops through OEM agreements. The Goeun originally did not plan to sell to department stores, but a purchasing manager of Galleria Department Store located at Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, personally visited the company, after learning about its products through word of mouth, and offered a contract. Kim said with pride, “To expand our exports to Singapore and other markets in Southeast Asia, we have exhibited Sweetmee at international fairs and expos, and it never fails to receive positive evaluations from buyers for its luxurious image and excellent taste. We get many offers from China, Japan, the US, and countries of Europe.”

Sweetmee is receiving positive evaluations from buyers for its luxurious image and excellent taste.

Inquiries The Goeun Co., Ltd. Tel +82-63-841-9803 (Kim Ki-soo, President) Fax +82-63-842-9803 Email

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38 Korea Agrafood

February 2018 39

K-Food Spotlight Hangwa

Hangwa Traditional Korean Cookies and Sweets That Charmed Chinese President Xi Jinping 韓果是大韓民攻典型的傳統餠干,朝 鮮時代還是御膳腋上的点心之一?韓果和 年桀一樣都是祭饑?婚饑及宴繇上不可缺 少的傳統食品,而且利用穀物?蜂蜜?松 仁?芝麻?核桃?栗子?大棗等材料制作 而成,營養酪富?韓果還具有良好的儲藏 性,不使用防腐芟也不繇輕易變質? 2017年5月,在韓攻參加APEC首腦 繇議的中攻習近平主席夫人彭麗媛女士, 在購買一次韓果后第二天又購買了一次, 憐現出了捲韓果的喜愛?這種習近平主席 都喜歡吃的韓果,在韓攻有許多地方都不 是利用机器進行生産,而是利用韓攻固有 的傳統方式進行手工生産?本期內容就爲 舅介紹廓家韓攻典型的韓果生産企業?

40 Korea Agrafood

aving decorated the dining table of the kings of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), hangwa is a type of traditional Korean cookie. It is used, along with tteok (rice cake), for ancestral rites and served to guests at weddings and banquets. As hangwa is made of cereal and honey with pine nuts, sesame, walnuts, chestnuts, or jujubes, it is abundant in nutrition. Furthermore, it boasts excellent storability, remaining fresh for a long time without preservatives. Accompanying her husband to the APEC Summit in South Korea in July 2015, the Chinese First Lady, Peng Liyuan, demonstrated her affection for hangwa by pur-


chasing the cookies two days in a row. In many places throughout Korea, hangwa is not mass produced but made using traditional methods. In this issue, Korea Agrafood would like to introduce our readers to major producers of traditional hangwa.

Damyang Hangwa Damyang Hangwa is the brand of hangwa Peng Liyuan purchased. Located in Damyang of South Jeolla Province, it is a brand of high-end cookie whose flavor, shape, and colors are fashioned by food artisan Park Sun-ae. Park follows traditional recipes and uses fresh, high-quality, natural ingredients.

位于全南譚陽的潭陽韓果,因中攻習近平主席夫人彭麗媛女士購買該企業 所生産的韓果而聞名?該企業所生産的韓果是由公司法人代憐朴順愛食品名 人精選天然新鮮優質材料,利用傳統方式捲味道?形狀?色樣等進行制作的高品位韓果? Inquiries Damyang Hangwa Myungjin Food Tel +82-61-383-8283 (Park Sun-ae, President) Email Website

Tammi Jeong Hangwa Located in Pocheon of Gyeonggi Province, Tammi Jeong Hangwa is a company making hangwa with eco-friendly ingredients and uses only natural additives. The cookies are fried in rapeseed oil, which is more expensive than other oils, and the oil is never reused. In 2011, the company became the first hangwa maker to receive the HACCP certification. It acquired quality certification ISO 22000 in 2008. The credo of Tammi Jeong Hangwa is to offer consumers safe and high-quality hangwa.

Anbokja Hangwa Anbokja Hangwa, another producer of traditional hangwa, has earned consumer trust by using a trademark which shows a picture of the company’s president, An Bok-ja. The ingredients ―rice, wheat, and sesame―are supplied through contract cultivation from Damyang farms. Last November, An was selected as “sextiary industry person of the month” by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs.

位于抱川的淡味亭韓果是一家專門以綠色農産品和天然添 加芟爲原料生産韓果的企業?油炸加工時所用的油是價格高 于其他油的菜旴油,且都是一次性使用,絶不反復使用?企 業于2011年在韓果行業首家獲得HACCP認嗇,幷通過 2008年獲得ISO 22000食品安全管理郞係認嗇等,致力于 生産安全優質的韓果産品?

以傳統方式生産韓果的Anbokja韓果,通過在商標上 貼出自己人頭像的營銷方式進行信譽格營?生産韓果所用 的大米?小麥?芝麻等所有農産品,都是通過侮譚陽地 袴的農戶進行合同栽培 方式進行生産,保嗇了 穩定的産品生産?去年 11月,還被農林畜産食 品部評選爲芎月的6次産 業人?

Inquiries Sung Jin Food Tel +82-31-541-6550 (Lee In-suk, President) Email Website

Inquiries Anbokja Hangwa Tel +82-61-382-8891 (An Bok-ja, President) Email Website

February 2018 41

Hansik & Hallyu _ Tteok-galbi

Jang Seo-hee Recommends ⓒtvN

Tteok-galbi on TV In tvN program Seoul Mate, actress Jang Seohee took a Dutch family of six to the Ikseondong area in downtown Seoul. They strolled around the area, tried on Korean traditional clothes, and sampled various Korean cuisine dishes. Jang introduced the visitors to tteok-galbi, and all of them immediately fell in love with the dish, repeatedly saying, “This is so delicious.”

Tteok-galbi teok-galbi (grilled short rib patty) is part of Korean haute cuisine. In old times, it was served in royal palace to the table of the king. Literally translated as “rice cake ribs,” the dish is named so because chopped beef is formed into a shape similar to that of a rice cake. It is thought that tteok-galbi allowed the king to enjoy eating ribs without breaking decorum, since he did not have to hold the ribs by hand. Savory and convenient-to-eat, tteok-galbi is popular among Koreans regardless of age or gender. Many foreigners also like the dish, praising it for the sweet-and-salty flavor, juiciness, and soft texture.










Two servings Cooking Time: 60 min 429 kcal (1 serving)

Main Ingredients 400g chopped beef, 2 tbsp. sugar, 2 tbsp. pear juice, 1/3 of an onion, 1/2 of a king oyster mushroom, 4 sticks of rounded rice cake (8cm each), 1 cup chopped walnuts, 2 tbsp. chopped pine nuts, cooking oil

Sub ingredients 4 tsp. chopped garlic, 2 tbsp. refined rice wine, 1 tbsp. salt, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 tbsp. sesame oil, 1/4 tsp. black pepper powder

Sauce ingredients 4 tsp. garlic, 2 tbsp. refined rice wine, 1 tbsp. salt, 1 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 tbsp. sesame oil, 1/4 tsp. black pepper powder

1. Remove the blood from the chopped beef using a kitchen towel. Soften the meat by mixing in sugar and pear juice. 2. Finely chop the onion and mushroom. 3. Oil a pan and fry the mushrooms first, then add the onion. Put them into a bowl and leave to cool down. 4. Put the beef, onion, mushroom, chopped walnuts, and seasoning ingredients into a bowl and knead until the ingredients have mixed well. The longer you knead the meat mixture, the better the taste will be. 5. Cut each stick of rice cake in half. 6. Cover each rice cake stick with the meat mixture. 7. Fry the rice cake with meat on an oiled pan, turning until golden brown on all sides. 8. Put the dish on a plate and decorate with the chopped pine nuts.

42 Korea Agrafood

February 2018 43 Korea Agrafood Homepage

K-Tour PyeongChang City Tour

Available Only Now,

PyeongChang City Tour

Course 1

Want to Enjoy a Winter Picnic Just Like in a Movie?

This course takes you to Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch, which was a filming location of the movie Welcome to Dongmakgol, and Woljeongsa temple fir forest, a filming location of the drama Goblin. You will also visit Bongpyeong, the birthplace of famous Korean novelist Lee Hyo-seok, where you can enjoy buckwheat cuisine.

有電影“歡迎來到東莫村”外景地大關螺天空牧場,電視劇“鬼怪”的拍攝地月精寺沙松林蔭 路,平昌著名的小說家“蕎麥花開時”作者李孝石出生地蓬坪,還有聞名的蓬坪蕎麥美食!

Departure Time: 9:30 Duration: 9 hours

Explore PyeongChang From Historical Sites To Food Mmarkets

Cost: The bus is free but there are admission fees at the travel sites (KRW 6,500 for adults and KRW 5,000 for children). There can be additional costs for experience activities and other expenses such as food.

Without a Guide or Cars

Departure from Jinbu (Odaesan) station: 9:30 am

Hoenggye Transfer Park

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch


Hoenggye Transfer Park

Jinbu(Odesan) Station

Woljeongsa Temple Buckwheat Food Street

Pyeongchang in Gangwon Province is a popular travel destination in Korea. This winter, it welcomes people from all over the world to the Winter Olympic Games which start on February 9. On this special occasion, Pyeongchang City operates tour buses for domestic and international tourists to look around the Pyeongchang area in a convenient way. Among various bus itineraries, we have chosen three thematically organized ones to introduce you to.

44 Korea Agrafood

江原道平昌是韓攻冬季的熱門旅游地之一。 今冬的江原道平昌更是韓攻人和世界各地 的人們匯集的地方?因爲,每四年擧辦一 次的全球盛繇冬奧運繇將于2月9日開始在 大韓民攻的平昌(包括江陵?旌善一帶)擧 行? 爲此,平昌郡決定在2月略運營爲期一憾 月的城市旅游觀光大巴,爲到訪平昌的攻 內外游客提供舒適游覽平昌各處的方便穡 件?本期內容就爲舅介紹各種旅游大巴 中,具有主題內容的三穡陸路?

Daegwallyeong Sky Ranch: Located at the highest peak of the Daegwallyeong mountain

Woljeongsa Temple:

Lee Hyo-Seok Literary Hall

Buckwheat Food Street: There are about thirty restaurants specializing in buck-

pass, this ranch offers a spectac-

This is where the scene in the dra-

ular on the farm and the East

ma Goblin was shot where Gong

Sea. Here you can enjoy playing

Yoo and Kim Go-eun look at each

Lee Hyo-Seok Literary

Buckwheat Food Street of

with horses, goats, and sheep in

other against the background of a


Bongpyeong, the birthplace of Lee Hyo-seok. The most

wheat cuisine on the

the natural highland environment

snow forest road. The temple is in

Get to know the world of

which has remained unchanged.

one of the top three fir tree forests

Lee Hyo-seok’s literature.

popular dishes include soft

Do not forget to take pictures

in Korea. It also houses several im-

One of his most famous

buckwheat noodles, a beef

with a wind generator and expan-

portant relics including the seated

works is the novel When

soup with buckwheat noo-

sive farmland in the background!

Bodhisattva statue (Treasure No.

the Buckwheat Flowers

dles, buckwheat pancakes,



and buckwheat crepes.

月精寺:電視劇“鬼怪”中,拍攝孔侑 和金高銀在積雪的林間小路上互相捲 視而立場景的地方?這裏是韓攻三大 沙松林之一,寺廟中保存有石造菩薩 坐像(銅物第139獄)等著名遺迹?

李孝石文化館:在此,游 客可一覽“蕎麥花開時”作者 李孝石先生的作品和文縯 世界?

蕎麥小吃街:李孝石故居所在的 蕎麥小吃街,集中有30多家專門 格營蕎麥食品的餐館?蕎麥去皮 幷磨成細面后忘出的蕎麥面穡侮 祺爽面湯搭配的蕎麥祺面及蕎麥 煎餠和蕎麥卷餠等都是熱門小吃!

大關螺天空牧場:位于大關螺最高峰 仙子螺,可一覽整憾大關螺牧場和東 海全景?舅還可以在自然原生態保存 良好的高山地帶,盡情侮馬?山羊? 綿羊等動物一起玩勵?以風力屠電机 和壯觀的牧場爲背景拍張認嗇照,那 是必然的!

February 2018 45

K-Tour PyeongChang City Tour

Course 2

Want to Explore Only Nearby Sites in Pyeongchang?

In this course, you can make cheese with milk from cows raised in the highlands 700m above sea level and explore the only natural monument cave in Korea. This is a great way to spend a day for families with children!

Course 3

Looking for a Winter Kingdom with Fantastic Combination of Light and Snow?

Enjoy a romantic feeling of breathing in the refreshing night air while walking through a fir forest under the soft light and take pictures with snow sculptures.

利用生長在海拔700m之上的健康球牛産的牛球制作球酪,探訪韓攻唯一的天然紀念物洞窟 的陸路?帶着孩子家庭游的游客滿意度10,000%!

呼吸着夜色中的淸新空槐,在幽幽的燈光下漫步沙松林間小路,以超大型雪雕爲背景拍照 留念,全身充滿“浪漫”感受的陸路?

Departure Time: 9:30

Departure Time: 18:00

Duration: 9 hours

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: Free transportation, admission fees of KRW 25,000 for adults and KRW 20,000 for children, additional costs of experiential activities, food and other personal expenses. Not available on Mondays nor for preschool children or seniors over the age of 65.

Cost: Free transportation, admissions fees of KRW 7,500 per adult and KRW 6,000 for children (KRW 9,500 and 8,000 respectively on the weekend), additional expenses on experiential activities, food and other personal expenses.

Hoenggye Transfer Park

Departure from Jinbu PyeongChang (Odaesan) station: 9:30 am Station

Departure from Jinbu (Odaesan) station: 6:00 pm

Temple Woljeongsa fir tree forest

Bobae Farm

Hoenggye Transfer Park

PyeongChang Station Baengyong Cave

Jinbu(Odaesan) station

PyeongChang Traditional Market

Bobae Farm: A popular destina-

Hoenggye Transfer Park

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival

Baengyong Cave:

tion for experiential activities. You

Explore a cave preserved in its

PyeongChang Traditional Market:

can make a variety of dairy products

natural condition. Accompanied by

Here, you can sample food specialties of Gangwon

such as curd, string cheese, pizza,

a guide, you will enjoy looking for

province, such as highland vegetables from Taebaek

This is the most famous snow festival in Korea, on par with Sapporo Snow

horseshoe bats, a fried-egg-

Mountain, buckwheat and millet pancakes, buckwheat

Festival in Japan and Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in

shaped stalagmite, a cave shield,

and other types of noodles, and corn rice wine.

ice cream and yogurt.

銅貝郞驗牧場:因各種充麟的郞驗活動 而久負盛名的地方?在這裏游客可郞 驗利用牛球制作凝乳?纖絲球酪?披 薩餠?領淇淋等各種乳制品?所以,這 裏也是有孩子的家庭帶着孩子格常光顧 的地方?

46 Korea Agrafood

and other objects, while relying on helmet headlights.

白龍洞窟:連照明設施都沒有安裝的 原始洞窟?游客可在導游的引導下, 利用頭燈照明享受特別的洞窟探險郞 驗?在洞內游客還可以見到馬鐵菊頭 絡?煎鷄蛋狀石楞?洞窟盾等各種動 物和生物?

平昌傳統市場:在市場上舅可以見到各種生長在太白山疸上 的高寒蔬菜,品嘗到蕎麥煎餠?蕎麥卷餠?蕎麥祺面?慶給 面?彈鼻面?高粱煎餠?玉米馬格利酒等各種糾具江原道憾 性的特色小吃?

Daegwallyeong Snow Festival:

China. This year, Daegwallyeong celebrates the Olympics by having five giant Temple Woljeongsa fir tree forest:

ice rings in the shape of the Olympic flag. Inside of each of the rings are

A walk through a quiet fir tree forest at night

sculptures made of snow.

under the soft lights will help to clear up your heart and mind.

可在幽幽的照明下,盡享林間幽靜小路的情趣? 漫步在喧猊漸息的夜色沙松林間,心情繇在不知 不袈間變得淨如白雪?

韓攻最大的雪花節?日本有札幌領雪節,中攻有哈爾濱領燈節,而韓攻則有大關螺 雪花節?今年大關螺雪花節的傑作是紀念平昌冬奧繇的五環旗狀領雕作品?每憾五 環旗內都有超大型雪雕,游客可在穿梭于各五環之間欣賞雪雕作品?

You can find out more tour programs at

February 2018 47

Monthly K-Food Seaweed

February K-Food

Seaweed A Lucrative Agriproduct Surpasses US$500 Million in Exports in 2017

Gone are the days when dried seaweed was seen in the West as “black paper.” Now, consumers around the world are interested in seaweed and many look for seaweed products from Korea. In Korea, it is produced mainly along the southern coast of the peninsula, where the sea water is clean and of optimal temperature for the growth of seaweed. On top of the high quality of the seaweed, Korean producers have gone to great lengths to develop a variety of products, such as dried seaweed, seaweed snacks with different flavors (jalapeno, corn, almond, and so on), and gim-bugak (deep-fried seaweed coated with starch), to appeal to different types of consumers. Thanks to these efforts, Korean seaweed products are receiving favorable reviews in foreign markets, and sales are steadily increasing. Last year, Korean seaweed products posted a record-high US$513.10 million in exports, exceeding the US$500 million mark for the first time.

ブラックペ-パ-(black paper)として扱われてき た海苔が海外市場で注目を集めている?そのなかで 代表的なものが?韓國産の海苔だ?韓國の海苔は? 韓國の南海岸で生産されるが?ここは海水の水質が よいだけでなく?海苔が成長するのに適した水溫で あり?最高品質の海苔が生産されている? こうしたプレミアム海苔をもって?韓國の輸出業者 は味付け海苔から?海苔スナック(ハラペ-ニョ? コ-ン?ア-モンド味など)?キムプガク(海苔に粉 をつけて揚げたもの)など消費者のニ-ズにあった樣 な商品を販賣しているので?海外でも高い評價を受 けている?さらに?每年大幅に海苔の輸出實績が增 加し?昨年の5億1,310万ドルを記錄し?史上初の5 億ドルを殘すに至った?

以往被人們視爲黑紙片(black paper)的海 苔,如今在海外市場也受到了消費者的關 注?其中,韓攻産海苔更是糾樹一幟?韓攻 海苔主要採自韓攻的南海海域,這裏不僅海 水純淨,且具有海苔生長的最佳溫度, 所以所生産的海苔質量也最優? 利用這種優質的海苔,韓攻的各家出口企 業推出了調味海苔?零食海苔(墨西哥辣椒 味?玉米味?杏仁味等)?海苔干炸片等各 種符合消費者口味需求的海苔加工産品, 幷受到了海外消費者的好評?由此,每年 的出口業績也隨之而大幅度提高,去年麟 現出口額5億1,310万美元,首次突破了5億 美元大關?

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