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Principal Sparling School 1150 Sherburn Street Winnipeg, MB R3E 2N4 Phone: 783-6195 Fax: 786-6373 L. Pang, Principal

May 2011 Important Dates For May May 3 - 3:00pm Dismissal - Chicken lunch - Lockdown Practice May 5 - Regional Heritage Fair @ U of W All Day - Rooms 14 and 19 @ West End Library in Afternoon May 8 - Mother’s Day May 11 - Parent Council Dinner 5:30pm May 12 - HPV/Hep. B in Afternoon May 13 - NO SCHOOL in Afternoon May 19 - BBQ Hot Dog Lunch - Bake Sale May 20 - Bake Sale May 23 - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL May 26 - Assembly May 27 - EMS, Firehouse, and Events

Happy Spring! Dear Parents/Guardians:

Important Dates For June June 2 June 3 June 6 June 9

- Freezie Day - Freezie Day - Parent Council Meeting 6:30pm - Freezie Day - Community Cleanup June 10 - Freezie Day June 14 - Nursery/Kindergarten Farm Trip All Day June 16 - Fun Mountain 9:30 - 3:30 Grade 6, Patrols and Peace Keepers June 17 - Grade 6 Leadership All Day - Field Day June 21 - Field Day Rain Date - Awards Day June 24 - Report Cards Go Home June 28 - Grade 6 Farewell in Morning June 29 - NO SCHOOL June 30 - 11:30am Student Dismissal

Student led conferences were a success!. Thank you to all the parents/guardians who were able to attend the conferences and share their child’s learning. The conference time also showcased our school wide Inquiry Project, “Children Around The World”. This project also continues to reinforce the Winnipeg School Division Principles of Learning: Inclusion, Assessment, Engagement, Collaboration and Understanding. As we head into the Month of May, there will be may fieldtrips for children. Field days help to extend the learning environment as well as reinforce curricular goals. Please ensure children are dressed appropriately when attending fieldtrips (sunscreen is also important). We continue to encourage parents to volunteer on fieldtrips. If you are interested, please make arrangements with your child’s teacher. We will continue to practice fire drills and safety measures from our Crisis Response Plan. This will ensure the school is prepared for all emergency situations should they arise. Our grade 6 students studied and learned about the Federal Election process. A Federal Election Resource kit was obtained and a mock election took place. All students Grade 1 to Grade 6 voted. Many discussions took place as to how often Federal elections occur (usually every 5 years) and how important it is to exercise your vote. The parties were researched to learn about their platforms. By creating our own election, students were very eager to participate. Understanding this process, may create new and upcoming politicians. Room 15 initiated scheduled voting stations for candidates running in the riding of Winnipeg Centre. Way to go! If you know of any children in the area that will be attending Principal Sparling School this fall, please encourage them to come and register .

Kind Regards, L. Pang


go out to all seven students who participated in the Winnipeg School Division’s 41st annual Science Fair this past weekend. You represented Principal Sparling in a way that made us all proud! All seven participants were rewarded for their efforts and for that you should all be proud, and once again – congratulations!! The results were as follows: Honourable mentions: Chantelle & Trisha

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Bronze medal: Leah Silver medals: Angel R. & Jandro Gold medals: Nicole & Heather

There are 389 Days until Principal Sparling’s 100th Year Anniversary! Or…


ncipal Sp 1 Year, 23 Days arling turn 55 Weeks (rounded down) s 9336 Hours M a y 2 4th, 2012 560,160 Minutes . 36,609,600 Seconds Festivities and celebrations will take place.


Student Council will be doing fundraisers in the upcoming months of May and June to raise money for Principal Sparling’s first Year Book! Student Council will be hosting a Bake Sale on May 19th and 20th. Students and staff will donate baked goods such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc. Room 8 will also be donating Origami to sell. Student Council will also be hosting Freezie Days in June. Freezies will be for sale June 2nd, 3rd, 9th, and 10th. They will be the Jumbo Freezies (the good kind) and priced are still to be determined. Hopefully no more than .50¢. All sales will take place during morning and afternoon recesses, as well as during lunch hour. Thank you so much for any help and donations you are willing to give.

Rangoli!!! These beautiful circular patterns are made for festive occasions and celebrations in India. We have been making our own Rangoli over the past weeks; studying patterns and symmetry while also learning about life and culture in India. To help us study a different country we started by talking about the things we did know about India and from there we read books, searched online and watched videos to help us see more and learn more about what life was like there. This got us asking questions about many things that we wanted to know more about. We have worked very hard to answer our questions about India. During the month of May we are looking forward to celebrating our hard work by trying some traditional Indian foods like butter chicken, basmati rice, chapattis or naan (flat bread) and some decaffeinated chai (tea). Many children in India like to fly kites for fun‌ so we are building our own kites and learning to fly them. We have made this wonderful display of our Rangoli as part of a celebration of our learning – and just in time to share it with our families at Student-Led Conferences! Thank you to every family that comes out to support and celebrate the learning we do together at Principal Sparling School. Room 13

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