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Principal Sparling School 1150 Sherburn Street Winnipeg, MB R3E 2N4 Phone: 783-6195 Fax: 786-6373 L. Pang, Principal

April 2011 Important Dates For April April 1 April 4 April 5 April 11 April 14 April 15 April 19 April 22 April 24 April 27 April 28 April 29

- April Fool’s Day - School Reopens - 3:00pm Dismissal - Parent Council Meeting 6:30pm - Science Fair Set-Up at Tec Voc @ 3:30pm - Science Fair @ Tec Voc All Day - Lifetouch Rooftop Spring Photos - Good Friday - NO SCHOOL - Earth Day - Easter Sunday - Bus Ridership - Student Led Portfolios - Student Led Portfolios

Ribbon Dancers Dear Parents/Guardians: Important Dates For May May 2 May 3

May 5 May 8 May 12 May 13 May 23 May 26 May 27

- Parent Council Meeting 6:30pm - 3:00pm Dismissal - Lockdown Practice - Chicken Lunch - Regional Heritage Fair @ U of W All Day - Mother’s Day - HPV/Hep. B. in pm. - NO SCHOOL in pm. - Victoria Day - NO SCHOOL - Assembly - EMS, Firehouse, and Events

I hope everyone will spend some family time during Spring Break. With all the technology accessible to our children today, it is still important for families to play a board game, take a trip to the museum, or plan a crafts day together. Have some fun outdoors! An important part of being comfortable in school is to have dry clothing (shoes, socks, etc.). Please ensure your children are dressed appropriately for the wet weather. As well, the use of plastic bags for homework will keep books and paperwork nice and dry. We will be practicing fire drills and safety measures from our Crisis Response Plan this month. This will include fire drills and lockdown drills which prepare us for emergencies within or around the school. This will prepare the school for all emergency situations if they should arise. Please do not drop off children at the intersection (4-way stop)/corner of the Sherburn and Grundy as this poses a serious safety hazard for the children including those crossing. Please park in available spaces on Sherburn Street to drop off your children. Have a wonderful Spring Break! School reopens April 4th. Kind Regards, L. Pang

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There are 419 Days until Principal Sparling’s 100th Year Anniversary! Or… 1 Year, 1 Month, 23 Days 59 Weeks (rounded down) 10.056 Hours 603,360 Minutes 36,201,600 Seconds Festivities and celebrations will take place.



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Student Council will be doing fundraisers in the upcoming months of April and May to raise money for Principal Sparling’s first Year Book! Student Council will be hosting a Bake Sale as well as they will be partnering up with Mrs. Bodner for the Talent Show. They will also be having a Freezie Day in May. Student Council will be selling Freezies for .25¢. The proceeds from the Talent Show tickets, Bake Sale and Freezies will go towards the Year Book!

If you give a mouse a cookie… IF YOU GIVE A DOG A BONE!!! If you give a dog a bone he will want to dig a hole. When he’s done he will want to put his bone in the hole. That will remind him of your friend’s dogs. So he will want to play ball with them. When they are finished playing ball with them he will be so hot he will want to swim in your pool. Swimming will remind him of the hippos at the Zoo. So he will want to go to the Zoo to watch them. When he’s leaving the Zoo he will see the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop will remind him of the Shopping Mall. He will want to go shopping at the Mall. After shopping he’ll be hungry so he’ll ask for some ice cream. While he’s eating his ice cream he’ll see the bus go by. It will remind him of going home, so he’ll ask to go. When he gets home he will remember that he buried his bone. He will want to dig it up. When he’s done he’ll be so tired of digging he will want to take a nap. By Amanda If You Give a Cat a Party If you give a cat a party he will want a New York hat and some blingage. It will remind him of money, so he will ask for some. With the money he will ask you to buy a club so he can go dancing. After he goes dancing he will be hot so he will want something to drink. He will ask you for a glass of milk and some cookies. He’ll want to go home to get his new hat.

If You Take a Monkey to the Movies If you take a monkey to the movies hw will want some candy and some popcorn. The popcorn will make him thirsty so he will ask you for some money to buy a drink. He will drink it all up. When he is done he will ask you for some candy. By Eric If you Give a Pig a Party If you give a pig a party he will want cupcakes to go with it. Then he will want icing to go with them. When you give him the icing he will get sticky so then he will want a shower, So I will give him a shower. After his shower he will see the cupcakes and want a party. By Ashley If You Give a Dog a Party If you give a dog a party he will ask you to invite some friends over. His friends will want some drinks. He will want you to go to the store. When you are there he will call you and tell you to get some krazy string and decorations. When you get back he will ask you to bring the food from the kitchen and serve it to his friends. Finally you will say “That’s it Dog I’ve had enough! Why are you bossing me around? You never act like this.” The dog will finally say “Sorry for bossing you around.” He will say “Thank you for bringing all the supplies for making the party.” The End.

By Darian By Angel IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PIZZA If you give a pig a pizza he will want some juice. After he has juice he will want a cupcake for desert. He’ll ask for sprinkles. When he’s done his cupcake he’ll need to take a nap. When he wakes up he’ll be hungry and ask for pizza. By Ocean

If You Give a Monkey Hot Chocolate If you give a monkey hot chocolate he’ll want some marshmallows to go with it. The marshmallows will remind him of a pillow so he’ll need a short nap. When he wakes up from his nap he’ll be hungry so he’ll ask you for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The sandwich will make him thirsty so he’ll need a drink. Chances are, he’ll ask you for some hot chocolate! By Felicity

If You Take a Dog to Walmart If you take a dog to Walmart he will see the dog food. He will want to eat it up. When he’s finished eating he’ll be full. He will want a drink to go with it. After the drink he’ll want to go look at the pets. He will see the dog toys and want to play. After he’s done playing he’ll be hungry and he’ll want something to eat. Chances are, he’ll want some dog food. By Jamie If You Give a Mouse Some Cheese If you give a mouse some cheese he will want crackers to go with it. He will want some hot chocolate with marshmallows too. Then he would like to play tennis with his friends. After tennis he’ll get hungry so he’ll want to go to lunch with his friends and eat all the cheese. By Marcus

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