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Planting the Seeds of Change

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Friday november 6, 2009

Vegetarianism and Yoga Bring Back the love Bc has a new Political Party after the 2010 crackdown the 8 Spectrums of trust Solitary observing reality dressing up on the east end

NaTioNaL - canada’s close ties with isreal - canadian action Party responds - Bill c-6 - towards the republic of Kanata - Why not Vote conservative - a referendum on everything - top10 reasons to avoid h1n1 Vaccines - towards a north american union - time for the law to Step in

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The World Within The Walls of maples adolescent Psychiatric and forensics Center of British Columbia By SimoN doyLe


he Maples is the last stop in BC for the most abused teenagers; the ones most at risk and dangerous to themselves and the community. How can we heal and protect these youth when the very place charged with healing and protecting them has its own serious issues? Why is there no accountability? A man with a resume like no one else in BC is speaking up about Maples, but he is dismissed, and attempts are made to discredit him. Wes Pidgeon has been working with children in BC for the past 17 years. He was day program coordinator in the Chilliwack school district for many of the highest profile kids, those considered too troubled to attend alternate school full time. A stack of signed references commend Wes for his past services and establish his credibility. Included within this stack are references from the BC attorney general and solicitor general’s offices, as well as numerous letters from various family centres and churches. As a former employee of the Maples Adolescent Treatment Centre, Wes says he has seen things many parents would have a difficult time imagining.


“The solution to our environmental woes is to end prohibition: Planting the seeds of their destruction” by Chycho



Friday october 16, 2009

the agora

VancouVer ConTinuED froM fronT pAgE

Enlightenment in the City By Elle Monaco

Drama must be of some amusement; otherwise why would so many go on the ride?


ecently the subject of Drama has come up in my life. As in, Drama has decided that it has missed me, and has tried to become my friend once again. I feel sorry for it, really I do. We used to have a very close relationship, and now my desire for her is minimal at best. I actually love my life, much better than I ever have before and the turmoil that Drama brings isn’t as much fun as it once was. You see, I was the product of an unhealthy childhood--and while Drama was part and parcel of the whole “non-reality” portion of being raised in an unstable environment--after a while, the lack of being able to communicate in a healthy relationship, starts to leave one wishing for a much different and happier life. I wasn’t quite sure of where to turn until I started my official enlightenment training 6 years ago and finally started making the most glorious sense of life! Much to Drama’s dismay, I started turning my back on her long ago once Truth hit the scene… and now I’ve got a new best friend in town!

Drama simply makes me want to cry. She’s bitter, nasty, and blames other people instead of helping herself.  Drama doesn’t see that though… she’s too busy being wrapped up, in… well, herself! The simple facts are that Truth and Drama tend to be incompatible and I’ve chosen to back the one who makes me sing. Living in Truth is like reveling in the long hot water jets in the shower; it’s like smelling freshly laundered blankets that warm my bed at night. Truth is the one who’s introduced me to better people; and supports me in my dreams. I can ask for things straight out, get a direct “yes” or “no” answer and proceed cleanly with my life, from then on in! I always know what’s up with Truth. It gives it to me straight and leaves me to decide as a responsible adult, whether or not I want to participate in whatever is being offered at the time! Drama simply makes me want to cry. She’s bitter, nasty, and blames other people instead of helping herself. Drama doesn’t see that though… she’s too busy being wrapped up, in… well, herself! I’ve introduced her to Truth a number of times and whenever I do, Drama runs away instantly. I rather like the side effects of a little dose of Truth, yet it seems that not everyone wants to play my way. I like how Drama takes off in the face of Truth, yet sometimes she likes to puff up bigger to make herself seen more. If I wasn’t too impressed with the thought of dealing with her the first time, her being larger than ever isn’t going to make the idea more pleasant. I’d rather just leave the room, though I prefer to work things out and end it all with no hard feelings. Life doesn’t always end with closure in every situation, unfortunately, so though I prefer peace and that no one gets hurt, it doesn’t always end up that way. If I can’t have everybody get along, then what’s a sister to do? I open up and dig through my spiritual toolbox, I realize that love and understanding are at the basis of everything. I got that…It just feels strange to lie to myself by trying to say that I still love Drama and it’s a tool that feels strange to be putting back in use with her. I used to be quite ConTinuED pAgE


While employed there between June 1998 and July 2000, Wes claims to have read internal documents describing accounts of children being beaten and abused, staff negligence causing bodily harm, staff incompetence leading to life threatening injuries, and drug dealing between staff members. Much of the abuse and negligence Wes says he witnessed first hand, he supports with a sworn affidavit. This is not the first time the Maples centre has been in the spotlight. In 1994, 14-year-old Serena Fry was alleged to have hung herself with a belt while in the care of the Maples centre. She had been raped two weeks earlier, while out on a pass that allowed her on city streets alone on a Friday night. Serena’s father testified in court that he had many concerns around the lack of information around his daughter’s death. Many of the facts were unclear, and attempts at getting to the truth of what occurred were made all the more difficult by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development’s lack of cooperation. For more than one year, journalist Anne Rees tried to get access to the documents surrounding Fry’s death through the Freedom of Information Act. Included among these restricted documents was Serena’s own diary. In the end, Rees was unable to secure their release and was flagged as a potential threat to the government through the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act surveillance system. Historically, the Maples has a track record of blocking the truth and threatening the staff in order to keep the abuses in house. In the past, when media have tried to investigate, the staff has openly stated that they are afraid to talk. When you talk to Wes Pidgeon you get the distinct impression this man bears a heavy burden. You are struck by the clarity and detail of his memory; besieged by spoken volumes of names, places and dates all overlapping in a myriad of interconnected accounts. His sincerity becomes apparent in his words, “Why in the history of this province is it so rare for an individual who has worked within the system to step out and speak out about many of the abuses and misconduct occurring within the system? And even more so, a considered expert with a long history that encompasses many of the most talked about issues in this province, steps out and is stonewalled.” He continues, “Every time I tried to report this stuff I got minimized, avoided. My life became hell… Any time a major issue… even if there’s a hint of a major incident around that industry, more times than not it tends to get marginalized, disappeared, omitted, avoided, neglected.” Wes recites the occurrences at Maples as though he’s repeated it all many times before. His concern and determination to convey the gravity of the dismal reality these children endure, appears undiminished. His numerous accounts of what goes on between the walls of Maples speak for themselves, “A staff member at the Maples was suspended for a couple days for punching a kid in the head… [There was] a call for male staff to go to a unit. The staff member has a history of aggressive, untrained behaviors in the past. Then it happens.” He describes the staff member’s casual justification, “I thought he was going to punch me so I punched him in the head first.” Wes continues, “[Name omitted] had introduced one of the kids to their drug dealer as well as driving kids to get to their drug dealer.” “Ann Mayo, a former staff member, was witness to staff dealing drugs, on site to each other, reported it to our unit supervisor and nothing happened.” I’m inquisitive enough to ask what kind of drugs, to which Wes replies, “Anything.” He goes on to describe an incident when a staff member requested Super Bowl night off and was denied, so he used unit money to throw a party at work, “[Name omitted] ends up throwing a party at the Maples in the low stimulus unit… reimbursed from the kids’ activity money.” I ask what the low stimulus unit is all about. “This unit houses the ‘not criminally responsible due to mental disorders, unfit for trial and thought disordered,’ ” describes Wes. “The rest of the staff are in the staff room and [name omitted] is out there with the football game on. Every time there is a big play in the game the staff member jumps up yelling and cheering. As a result the kids start responding aggressively. I stated that it looks like this is going to be a dangerous night and maybe they should rethink this. I then asked if he should stay. They all said not to worry about it. The next day I come in… four staff were taken to the emergency ward, and two kids tried to kill themselves by slashing their wrists.” I nod, the full meaning of the term “low stimulation” having suddenly occurred to me. After describing how the staff would bribe kids with cartons of cigarettes to get cooperation on blood tests, Wes pauses and shakes his head. I embrace the lull in anticipation of even more ridiculous misconduct. Wes Pidgeon continues, “We had a youth who was displaying clinical depression for several days. His actions were observed and thoroughly documented. The root of his condition was directly related to the break up of his on-unit girlfriend, which was approved by the unit supervisor. All of which goes against policies and procedures as well as all psychiatric and clinical advice in this environment. He decides at nighttime to go for a walk. He’s already shown other suicidal behaviors… convinces the supervisor that he should be let out, goes to Number 1 and Boundary Road, dives off head first. Survives. Metal plates, screws, rods, all of it. And the first thing we’re told is, ‘If the parents or the press call, you keep your mouth shut. Don’t say a word.’ One of the responsibilities of a particular supervisor at Maples, was to censor the incident reports.” Wes runs down a list of prominent people in our communities he has contacted about Maples. Politicians, newspaper editors, publishers, prominent businessmen, police investigators, the list goes on and on. “When I’ve tried to speak with these people the strategies range from avoidance, ‘I can’t help you, there’s nothing I can do about it,’ lectures, or even anger as to why I would waste my time. I have come to find that there are a lot of skeletons in all three parties’ closets and anyone who initially tries to help is quickly shut down. This is a small province and the fear runs deep around the most dysfunctional ministry that this province has ever seen. You would think if they were serious about protecting our kids and they really were investigating, they would talk to the guy who told them about it. Well, they haven’t… Who will protect our kids if these people won’t?” What follows is a list of people Wes says he has talked to. This list is small portion of the master list, which is in Wes’ sworn affidavit. It’s a who’s who of leaders in this province who Wes says dismissed his concerns. rich Coleman, Liberal MLA for Fort Langley-Aldergrove, BC minister of housing and social development (when approached Coleman was the solicitor general. He is a former RCMP officer) ConTinuED pAgE


Vegatarianism and Yoga

by Leslie Joy plaisance


vegetarian diet is good for humans, animals and ultimately the environment. As naïve and simplistic as it may sound, the world wide adoption of a vegetarian diet holds the key to solving many of the problems facing the modern world. The world’s problems are so diverse, that it’s hard to make the connection, but the connection is there and I’d like to discuss that connection with you. Some of the issues that would improve because of vegetarianism include starvation, the environment, and personal well -being, to name a few. The evidence that I will be referring to is based on various studies. The two types of studies that the data is based on are epidemiological studies and clinical studies. Epidemiological studies are the studies of the distribution and determinants of health-related states and events in populations, and the application of the study to the control of health problems. A clinical study, on the other hand is a study done in a controlled medical environment to test a specific hypothesis. A good example of an epidemiological study is the recent 5 year study in China conducted by T. Colin Campbell. The people carrying out the study visited every province in China, interviewing people on their medical history, hereditary factors, the quality of the water they drank, as well as the exact weight, measurement and nutritional breakdown of what they ate every day. The medical tests and exams were rigorously carried out. What results from studies such as this, is a picture of where certain diseases occur and the rate at which they occur. The pattern emerging from this particular study and similar studies previous to it is, that the less industrialized, more primitive countries, where the people still basically eat the diet of their ancestors, have a startling absence of the chronic degenerative diseases of the West. They are more prone to infectious, contagious diseases due to less efficient sanitation, crowded conditions, and the ravages of war and famine.

A vegetarian diet is good for humans, animals and ultimately the environment. As naïve and simplistic as it may sound, the world wide adoption of a vegetarian diet holds the key to solving many of the problems facing the modern world. A clinical study by contrast, is done in a controlled medical setting to test a certain hypothesis. For example, 20 years ago, Dr. Dean Ornish decided to test his hypothesis which was: to find out how certain lifestyle changes might influence the health of the cardiovascular system. These lifestyle changes were based on a typical yogic lifestyle and include the following: ConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora



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Do Do (you/I/they) (you/I/they) keep keep (your,my,their) (your,my,their) bout w hat word about what word a (you/I/they) (you/I/they) say say (you/I/they) (you/I/they) will do. do. will

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8 SPectrumS of truSt map By Elijah ignatieff

more trust rather than making things worse.


The first step is to create some sort of reference point to determine what trust is and what trust isn’t. How do you know if you can trust someone more and what tests and signals are used to determine this?

erhaps you are connected with a few groups that could use some more trust? Perhaps you have experienced what it is like to be in a group or organization where trust is very low ? Perhaps that is why you are looking a bit closer at this map. You want a way to build a high trust zone in your team and\or organization. That is the purpose of The 8 Spectrums of Trust Map. We are here to explore why we don’t trust, how to build trust, and how to maintain trust by having a map that everyone can use to identify and measure trust and then to have processes to move people to higher and higher levels of trust. At the center of the map is the Full Trust Zone. This is where there is an openness with sharing information and knowledge between people that only comes when all the barriers have been dropped. There are a number of conditions that have to be met over time to create this Full Trust Zone. All of the positive poles of the 8 spectrums are in the Full Trust Zone. Teams and organizations that are in the Full Trust Zone are completely different functioning systems. Systems that operate in the full trust zone have very different interactions with their environments and within their boundaries than teams and organizations held together with little trust. When you look at most dysfunction, most communication breakdowns, somewhere at the heart of the matter is some fundamental trust issue. There is no greater mystery on the planet than the word ‘trust’. In God we trust but perhaps not much more. We are in the age of distrust and this means much in terms of why things are falling apart. The glue of human relationship is trust. And yet we do seem to trust a lot below the surface of things. There are embedded trusts everywhere. I trust you are not going to move your car 4 feet to the right so you won’t smash in to me. I trust this medicine is going to make me feel better. I trust this law is just. All this time we are trusting that the fabric of our society is there for our safety and protection, not to imprison us into slavery. We trust in things we can’t see and people we don’t know. We trust that the news anchor is telling us something relevant to our lives. We trust the pilot in the plane has flown before. We trust in so many things just to keep sane, to satiate our safety needs and yet when it comes to the people we know….how much do we trust them? Why do so many well intentioned efforts fail? It’s not so much ‘the system’ or the ‘banking cabal’ or ‘illuminati aliens’, it’s the fact that no ‘activists’, ‘leftists’ and any other such freedom loving people, can unite long enough in great enough numbers over a long enough a period of time to create some significant planetary level transformation. There are many reasons for this and we may have to tackle them one at a time. And yet at the core or the start of most problems is the subtle and not so subtle lack of trust between people. And when there are no processes to deal with this lack of trust at the beginning of any new enterprise, project, or mission…at some point…things tend to break down. The problem is we need a way of talking about trust in an organization. A way that fosters

Most of our trust processes are largely unconscious and come from our childhood ‘conditioning’. We are not really operating from mature places, especially when we are triggered in relationship to ‘trust breaking’. Unless we have done significant work on ourselves, most of us are reacting from parts of ourselves that were formulated when we were very young. If we are triggered most trust is gone and we descend into what Eckart Tolle calls the ‘pain body’. We are in instant defence or offence, flight or fight - no longer in the realm of reality by a lot of peoples’ standards. We tend to become the slave of our habits. We need to become more conscious of how we are in regards to building and or breaking trust with people. So to be conscious in how you talk or act in a group in regards to trust, a visible and somewhat accurate ‘REFERENCE POINT’ is needed to be agreed upon by all parties to the way that trust is determined. Then each party can use the ‘REFERENCE POINT’ to describe their own unique experience. This is your unique contribution. If we had a reference point that we all agreed upon or set of criteria for talking about trust we could communicate our conscious decisions to trust or not trust. The problem is that trust is multidimensional. It has components on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. You cannot use one definition of what trust is and then talk about what it means to you, because it might not match at all someone else’s internal world or outer experience. A way of measurement is needed so you can show movement, either towards more trust or less trust in regards to your process to build trust. If all parties can share this process of really seeing what builds trust and lowers trust, then people can be much more conscious of their actions and words. (This is if everyone is on the same page and wants to build a full trust team or organization. There are usually people or outside forces that benefit from the lack of trust. This will not be addressed here but it must always be in mind when things are breaking down unnaturally.) If a team or organization has no trust building process that is self evident to all, then the team learning systems will not nearly be as effective. And these days, how quickly organizations can learn is one of the most important skills or core competencies they can possess. Especially tech companies which can grow so quickly, where first to the prize gets the market. And as we transform more into a knowledge driven economy, then an organizations’ ability to learn may be THE MOST important core competency. So the magical ‘REFERENCE POINT’ being referred to is a map called the ‘8 SPECTRUMS of TRUST MAP. With this New Paradigm Tool, you can look at any individual, group, or project and assess how much you trust them. You can then use the ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE



map to form a common reference point to communicate just what trust is and isn’t to you. By having 8 spectrums we are opening up to the multi dimensional nature of selves and our fundamental connection to the rest of the Universe. And this map is not alone, trust changes dependent upon the context and who we are interacting with and when. (There are other maps that connect to this map that are part of a larger holistic thinking system called the Inflow Matrix. But we will not discuss this further here. ) The 8 SPECTRUMS of TRUST map brings to everyone’s attention 8 aspects of trust that need to be addressed. These are not the ‘only’ spectrums of trust or ‘the’ 8 spectrums of trust. There are other aspects of trust not addressed here. (Getting feedback on what spectrums are missing is essential feedback (send feedback here)). But the 8 spectrums addressed here are a good start. Each of these 8 spectrums exist and we will explore each of them 1 at a time.

1. The fuTurE LongEViTY SCALE If I know I am going to see you over and over again, I am going to have some sort of recognition that you or I are not going anywhere. We live in the same town and you live down the block. No matter what, people trust what they know far more than what they don’t. All the other aspects of trust may render this aspect irrelevant (eg. You feel uncomfortable about the person who lives down the road) but it is a good starting point in determining how much you do or how much you should trust somebody. Do you see a future together? Are you going to be lifelong friends or did you just talk at a bus stop? Some people will tell their life story to a stranger. They actually have more trust because the person is in their life for only a moment. So it is not always true that more time means more trust. The opposite can hold as true. But as a reference point to communicate about where you are at with trust, the FUTURE LONGEVITY SCALE is a good start. If we are looking to be married the rest of our lives we will act differently towards one another compared to if we think we may not even be seeing one another in 1 year. How willing are you to open to someone, to truly trust them, if it is just for the short term? This realization of whether you have a future together may be meaningless to you but very important to your partner in regards to building trust. A good question to ask each other is how important is this scale to you and your partner in building trust? In using the tool to talk with a lover, a partner, or a friend, really explore if one or more of the spectrums are already integrated into your trust building process. Perhaps there are some spectrums here on this map that you never consider consciously and these may help you get a more holistic approach to understanding how you build or break trust in relationships that are important to you. Each spectrum, could have a whole chapter devoted to stories and explanations as how to understand and use each SPECTRUM to understand your selves and your interactions with those you love. This is just a quick description to give you a general idea. It is up to you to explore what it means to you. The best way to do that is to follow the exercises given at the end of the article.

2. The pAST EXpEriEnCE SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is MUTUAL RESPECT and on the other end of the scale is the DEALBREAKER in the no trust zone…The Scale is the PAST EXPERIENCE SCALE. The 2nd spectrum to look at is the opposite to the FUTURE LONGEVITY SCALE. It is in relationship to the past. What kind of experience have you already had with someone? Was MUTUAL RESPECT built and maintained or has there been a DEALBREAKER along the way? If in the past I have had interactions with people, I may not interact with them anymore because either I or they or both of us were involved in some sort of DEALBREAKER. A DEALBREAKER is when all trust is broken because of something that crossed your boundaries in such a way that you no longer want to interact with someone. This is at the far end of the PAST EXPERIENCE SCALE. The interaction was such that trust was completely broken and the relationship was ended. At the top end of the PAST EXPERIENCE SCALE is a complete MUTUAL RESPECT for each other. Whatever has happened between you has left a feeling of mutual respect and full trust as a result. Now in between these 2 poles (DEALBREAKER & MUTUAL RESPECT) is a wide spectrum of experience. A lot of people will use this experience as their immediate sense of trust. We trust what we have experienced and our own interpretations.

3. SHArED BELiEf SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is SHARED BELIEFS and on the other end is CONFLICTING WORLDVIEW in the no trust zone. The scale is UNDERSTANDING. Our world is coming into more focus and all of the worldviews are starting to ‘see’ each other. No longer can people cry ‘heathen’ and ‘blasphemer’ and mobs quickly gather. They just have to advertise for wrestling events. There are certain worldviews that do not tolerate other worldviews. They think or know they are right. And they are. Within their worldview. If you have never left your worldview to test it through experience against other worldviews, can you ever state accurately you have chosen your current beliefs? That is a bit of a different matter but still relevant when looking at getting more conscious of inner and outer trust building processes. Most worldviews mistrust other worldviews because the nature of how people perceive and interpret reality is very different. Their valuations of what is occurring is very different. Their values are very different. Christians will trust Christians because their interpretation of reality is the same. They can speak about the Devil and there is some connection. If they speak of the Devil around some other worldviews – trust may disappear. Just what the Devil wants.

Because most people are trapped in their worldview they tend to trust people that have the same beliefs. The most important matter to consider here is just looking at what you believe and why. What is your worldview and do you take it into account when attempting to understand who other people are, how do they think, and what the best approach to communicating with them is? If I have had a good interaction over time with someone (EXPERIENCE SCALE), the fact they have a different worldview (BELIEF SCALE) might mean nothing. If I just met them and they are bringing a bible out, I may disappear. My past experience with that worldview group has caused me to stop wanting future relationships (LONGEVITY SCALE) with them. And that is irrespective of my belief in, love of, and worship of Jesus Christ, the enlightened being who shared what He shared.

4. The unDErSTAnDing SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is SHARED CONTEXT and on the other end is NO UNDERSTANDING in the NO TRUST ZONE…The Scale is UNDERSTANDING. Did you ever meet an old friend and have to catch up with them for hours about what has happened in your lives since you last saw them? You are updating your shared context so each person knows the significant events that have happened in your life. Depending on how close you are and to what depth do you share with the other, each person shares a part of their lives, a part of their soul through communicating your context to fill in the pictures of how they see you. The closer we are with someone, the more we trust them, the more someone understands us and our context, the more we feel we can share. It can backfire though where we fear people who know our context. If there is no integrity on the INTEGRITY scale, it may not be a good idea to share our context with someone. If you are going through an abortion and I know it, I am much more aware of your context than if I don’t. There is certain information that you cannot share because people really don’t understand your context. The information would be irrelevant because they can’t really get what you are going through….and you don’t want them to. Or you know they couldn’t really get it and it would be worse if they did know. There is a lot to having a shared context and it usually comes with people who have shared a lot of experience together. It can also come from people who share the same vocation, or circumstances…an executive in a corporation who has 3 young kids will immediately understand another executive’s context who has small kids. They will understand their strains as well as the pleasures…immediately there is a trust that the other knows because they are going through the same experiences. This is very different from talking to a twenty something surfer who hangs out on the beach. Neither understands each others context, unless the exec used to be in the same circumstances 20 years before.

5. The inTEgriTY SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is HIGH INTEGRITY and on the other end is NO INTEGRITY in the No Trust zone. The scale is INTEGRITY. If you are of good moral character and you keep your word, I will trust you. But how much in what way it depends on the context. In general we will trust someone who has their own character monitoring system. Do they keep their word? Are they aware when they break their word? Do they communicate when they have broken their word to renegotiate the agreement or to acknowledge the breach of trust? This is a critical spectrum. How many friends do you have who show up half the times they say they will be somewhere. Is your trust lowered as a result of that interaction? Now think of a friend no matter what, if they say they are going to be somewhere they are there. How much do you trust them? Completely.

6. The SKiLL SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is HIGH COMPETENCE and on the other end is COMPETENCE in the No Trust zone. The scale is SKILL. Students won’t trust someone who is teaching them something they themselves have not mastered. Or a manager that is teaching communication to their staff but they are horrible communicators. How much is the staff going to participate? We tend to place a high degree of trust in people that are very good at doing something. Olympic athletes, although they may only excel in throwing a disk through space, because they do it better than anyone, will get a lot of trust in their words and actions because they have proven excellence. If you are looking to get into business with someone, it is a good idea to look at their core competencies and see if they match what you need. So many things break down because someone said they could do something they couldn’t. How good are you detecting what the skill is that is necessary to get a particular job done and if the skill isn’t there…what do you do? If you deal with these matters at the outset…by determining how much trust exists in this area, you can head off many problems before they become fiascos. Simply because at the beginning you established a way to talk about issues of trust breaking and trust building in the arena of skills, you found out how to determine what work can or can’t be done by the people assigned to do it.

7. The CoMforT SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is HIGH COMFORT and on the other end is LOW COMFORT in the No Trust zone. The scale is COMFORT. Some people will trust people just based upon how they feel in the moment. Do they feel comfortable or uncomfortable? Some situations don’t feel right. Some directions are off. Our feelings give us messages that our other senses may not. ConTinuED pAgE


Friday october 16, 2009

the agora L1 People will say things like “I’m not comfortable about that.” Or “It doesn’t feel right”. Their B.S. detectors are on and they are using their body to discern in the moment what is actually going on. Scientists have discovered that we all have fields that extend far beyond us and that we have detection systems in these fields.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Generally if we are uncomfortable something is being said to us. In times of prophecy, these feelings may lead is away from danger and towards safety.

8. The rELiABiLiTY SCALE On one end of the scale in the Full Trust Zone is ACTION and on the other end is NO FOLLOWUP in the No Trust zone. The scale is RELIABILITY. You may keep your word but it is so lame a follow through that it wasn’t worth having you around. When you show up do you show up…on time and ready to do what has to get done? Or do you show up late, not be prepared and basically be useless? No one wants to admit it but we can all be anywhere on this spectrum at any time. We are hardly always at the peak of our game. People trust people who show up doing the best that they can. They trust people who follow up with what they said they were going to do. People trust people who follow their words with actions. And the opposite is true. If you do not follow up on your word, if you are always talking and nothing ever happens. They will not believe you and will stop trusting you. This has nothing to do with me, ok? This hasn’t been some half baked examination of my own life and what are all the reasons all the relationships ended. This was discerned from careful scientific observation. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable.


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gordon Hogg, Liberal MLA for Surrey-White Rock, ex-children and families minister Mike de Jong, Liberal MLA for Abbotsford West and BC attorney general and government house leader John van Dongen, Liberal MLA for Abbotsford South, ex-minister of public safety and ex-solicitor general Allan Markwardt, deputy minister for children and families Barry penner, Liberal MLA for Chilliwack-Hope and BC minister of the environment Anne Mayo, John Nuraney’s former constituency assistant and former Maples staff Jane Sterk, leader of the Green Party of British Columbia Stuart MacKinnon, Green member of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and a former Maples staff who witnessed some of the abuse paul Jenkinson, founder of the BC Association of Social Workers, has witnessed some of these concerns while working on the children’s help line Carole James, leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party Adrian Dix, NDP MLA for Vancouver-Kingsway (was children and families critic but switched portfolios shortly after Wes spoke with him. It is also important to note that Adrian was the premier of the day’s assistant back in the late ‘90s which was the same government that impeded the Serena Fry investigation) Bill good, CTV News anchor, CKNW radio talk show host (one of the many individuals who viewed photographs of neglectful conditions in regards to care of our most at risk youth and the wasted money involved) Harry Lali, NDP MLA for Fraser-Nicola As Wes explains, the BC Child, Family and Community Service Act, Section 14 applies to everybody on the list and anybody else who is confronted with this information and chooses to do nothing. Section 13, Subsection 1 states:

This was a simple exploration into a very complex subject. This map is the start into deeper and deeper conversations about what trust means to each of us in relationship to each other. How can you really use the map? Here are a few exercises you could do to make this practical.

A child needs protection in the following circumstances: (i) if the child is or has been absent from home in circumstances that endanger the child’s safety or well-being, “If a child is in the ministry’s care and they are being abused and neglected, part (i) applies to them,” explains Wes.

Identify the person you are having the most communication difficulties with. Use this map to discuss whatever issues you are having. Set the intention at the beginning of the meeting to create a process to increase the trust between you. Let each other know where you stand towards all 8 of the spectrums. Find the weaknesses and the strengths.

A person who has reason to believe that a child needs protection under Section 13 must promptly report the matter to a director or a person designated by a director.

Look at each of the 8 spectrums and identify the one which you think is your greatest weakness. Spend the next whole lunar cycle improving your skill level in that particular aspect of trust building. Choose 5 relationships to improve. Make a concerted effort to build trust with them. Bring out the map and explain their use. Print the map and give to ten people and ask them if they would like to start a deeper trust building process with you. Print out a copy for everyone in your organization. Have a TRUST building week and implement 3 very fun ways to build trust by using the 8 spectrums map as a reference point. Maybe people could staple the trust map exactly on the bum of the guy you have been wanting to strangle for the past 4 months because they didn’t get a very important piece of information to you. If you see a relationship struggling…give them a copy of the map and see if they are open to developing their own trust building process. Most couples love interference from cartographers. People need a reference point. And if what they are doing now is not working and they don’t have a trust building process why do they think anything is going to change. So bring forth the map. Pushiness always is needed to build trust in others. If this interests you please follow through at Or contact: We have other tools available at: Further Discussion at:


Section 14, Subsection 1 states:

Section 14, Subsection 3 states:

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Stretching exercises (asana) Relaxation (pratyahara) Meditation (dhyana) breathing (Pranayama) Creative Imagery A low fat vegetarian diet The men in the program all had varying degrees of coronary blockages and their only other prospect was bypass surgery. By the way, in the US someone has a heart attack every 32 seconds and it’s the number 1 killer of women. Dr. Ornish’s study was a resounding success and has scientifically proven that comprehensive lifestyle changes made and maintained, can reverse and prevent heart disease. And note that 70% of the participants were willing to follow the guidelines in order to be pain-free and to have a better quality of life. It has become obvious that the diseases of the west are diseases of excess not deficiency. As a matter of fact, most degenerative diseases of modern man first showed up in kings and queens, as they had the most rich and denatured foods available. The peasants, by contrast, ate unprocessed foods. It has been stated that as much as 70% of cancers are directly attributable to lifestyle. Of the four main factors affecting our health, lifestyle accounts for 53%, heredity 16%, environment 21% and healthcare 10%. If you’re clinging to heredity factors, think again! When some people hear such statistics, they feel annoyed because they don’t want to change their detrimental habits. They like to use heredity as an excuse to behave in a fatalistic manner. Others feel empowered to know that they can play an active and extensive role in preventing disease in their bodies. Many studies over the years have shown that a balanced vegetarian diet is the optimum diet for human beings. The vegetarian diet provides plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and protein. As well, risk of food poisoning is diminished. Another bonus to being vegetarian is that you have a lower level of bio-toxins in your tissues. As you move up the food chain the concentration of pesticide residues etc. increases. For example, large fish that eat small fish, that in turn ate smaller fish, are going to absorb all of the chemicals ingested by the series of animals that have been ingested from the start. So if you were thinking of turning to seafood as a healthful alternative, think again. As well, some sea foods, such as lobster are scavengers that live off all of the garbage on the bottom of polluted bodies of water. Most of the animals that humans eat are vegetarian, but even they don’t eat other animals, they don’t have control over what they eat and it’s laced with chemicals unless they are raised organically. Generally, animal products have nine times more pesticide residue than fruits and vegetables. In other words, of all the toxic chemical residues found in foods, less than 10 % are found in fruits, vegetables and grains and 90% come from animal products where its stored in the fat (the chemicals are fat soluble).

A person who contravenes subsection (1) commits an offence. Section 14, Subsection 6 states: A person who commits an offence under this section is liable to a fine of up to $10,000 or to imprisonment for up to 6 months, or both. “This is unacceptable for the people who are in positions of authority and trust to turn their backs on these children. The lowest thing that can be done, in our society, is the abuse of children, so why is it that these people chose to continue to ignore, avoid, hinder, gloss them over or simply allow the practices?” Wes asks. Now that I and The Agora have become privy to Wes’ allegations, the responsibility to bring them to the proper authorities rests on our shoulders. As compassionate human beings we are compelled to do what is right. We are now bound and determined to have these allegations investigated. After the meeting with Wes, I called the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. I asked what their protocol was when someone came to them with allegations of child abuse and neglect within their ministry (understanding that at no point did we make reference to any specific case or incident). I asked if we could have an interview with the minister herself, Mary Polak, but was deferred to Allan Markwardt, deputy minister. After trying unsuccessfully to contact Markwardt for a phone interview, I received an email from the ministry’s communications officer notifying us that we would be unable to speak with Markwardt due to privacy issues. We were then referred to a service provider’s link regarding the BC Handbook for Action on Child Abuse and Neglect. The handbook states that anyone who suspects a child is being abused while in the ministry’s care must contact the designated regional director. When asked who the designated regional director was for the Vancouver area, the ministry’s communications officer did not respond. I have now witnessed, first hand, the unwillingness of the ministry to cooperate with reporters, and was dismayed at the runaround I received while trying to get the answer to a simple question. We would like to see full investigations into abuse within the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. We want our political representatives to stand up for our children and defend their right to a safe and caring environment to grow up in. My intent is not to slander anyone mentioned in this article, but to ensure we have a safe and effective system in place to help the children who need it most. - C.D.

It has been stated that as much as 70% of cancers are directly attributable to lifestyle. Of the four main factors affecting our health, lifestyle accounts for 53%, heredity 16%, environment 21% and healthcare 10%. If you’re clinging to heredity factors, think again!

For example, by being vegetarian, a nursing mother reduces the contamination of her breast milk by half. In addition to the pesticide problem, it must be noted that 50% of all antibiotics produced are fed to livestock, which are then consumed by people. This accounts for the fact that certain bacteria that infect humans are becoming resistant to antibiotics, so if you get sick with these bacteria and you take an antibiotic, it won’t work. (example - salmonella). Our current protein obsession was based on a study that was done on rats. This obsession is fueled heavily by the meat industry that wants us to buy their products. It’s important that to remember that the meat industry is a business. Rats require a different protein profile than humans, but they applied their findings to humans, a totally different species! And remember, thalidomide was tested on guinea pigs and deemed safe for humans, and unfortunately, ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora BC has a new political party – with a difference!

VancouVer After the 2010 Crackdown: A letter from the future of the olympic resistance


he BC Refederation Party salutes The Agora. A BC newspaper that does not censor news is badly needed in this province.

What’s different about the BC Refederation Party ? There are over 30 political parties in BC, but BC Refed has become the fifth largest party in the province in the space of two elections, and is poised to run 85 candidates in the 2013 election. What is this party saying that is attracting attention? First, when this party is elected to govern this province then political power will be put into the hands of the voters, and taken away from the small group of politicians in Victoria. A powerful but simple addition of direct voting to our political system will give the voters the last word on large issues. Second, a BC Refed government in Victoria will collect and keep all GST and income tax raised in this province. That is the basis on which the provinces originally created the central government. No more direct taxes will be taken out of BC by Ottawa. How will Ottawa survive if all the provinces follow BC’s lead and keep their direct taxes ? Ottawa will bill the provinces for services provided [military, post office etc]. No longer will the central government steal our taxes and then bribe us with our own money.

The BC Refederation Party intends to return to the original agreements called “The Quebec Resolutions, 1864,” with strong provinces and a smaller central government.

How will Victoria spend all this new tax money that it collects and keeps ? The BC voters will have a say, not like now when the government ignores the wishes of the majority. Here are two figures for you. This province operates on about $20 Billion a year. Ottawa takes about $12 Billion a year out of BC and gives us back peanuts. $12 Billion a year kept in BC will pay Ottawa’s bill and leave a huge amount in the BC Treasury for social programs like Health and Education, etc. More important, the people’s veto will make sure that BC’s politicians spend that money the way the majority decide it should be spent - just like a corporation. In a corporation the shareholders control the board of directors. But is all this legal? Anything is legal if a law is passed. The proper question is , is it lawful? The reason that it is lawful for the provinces to keep all the direct taxes raised in a province is that back in 1864 when the provinces created the central government, they forbade the new central government to collect a direct tax in the provinces. The BC Refederation Party intends to return to the original agreements called “The Quebec Resolutions, 1864,” with strong provinces and a smaller central government. That’s where the party name came from. Note that re-federation is the opposite of separation. The story of how the central government got control over the provinces since 1867 is on our website – . More details on how BC Refed will put the people in charge of the politicians in future articles in The Agora. You will never get that information from the controlled media. -ReFed

L4 tragedy resulted. Protein complementary is a theory that was popularized in the early 70’s by Frances Moore Lappe. She wrote a book on it entitled, Diet for a Small Planet. This book was originally written for a few hundred people around Berkeley California, who were concerned about getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet. She recommends scrupulously combining beans and grains in order to obtain all of the essential amino acids. She refuted her theory many years later, but Dr. Rudolph Ballentine, thinks it is better to err on the side of caution and to include some form of beans and grain together in at least one meal of the day. He states that the body has no protein reserves, so they must be replenished on a daily basis. Examples of complete protein combinations are peanut butter and whole wheat bread, tofu and brown rice, beans and brown rice, chickpeas and cracked wheat, corn and beans and soy milk and cereal. A wide variety of whole foods will prevent any possibilities of a protein deficiency. Eating vegetarian junk foods or a small range of foods is not recommended. Generally, in our society, most people get twice the amount of protein that they need in the form of animal foods. Excess animal protein has been implicated in kidney disease, bone loss and arthritis. In the early 70’s, a group of hippies from California bought some land in Summertown Tennessee and set up a farm. They grew all of their own foods organically and set up a soy dairy and become pioneers in soy technology. They raised their children totally vegan. A vegan is a pure vegetarian who eats zero animal products, meaning no meat, fish, fowl, eggs or dairy. These children are now in their late 20’s and have been the subject of many medical studies throughout their lives. They are extremely healthy and have passed all of their milestones and tests with flying colors. The only noticeable difference is that stature-wise they tend to be a wee bit smaller. This is probably due to the total lack of growth hormone in any of their food.

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Photo by Arne by Zoe Blunt


he 2010 Olympics are over, and we’re told that everything is back to normal. Wrong. Vancouver will never be the same.

Never mind what the news jockeys said about the thrilling celebration of our nation’s proud heritage, showcasing our city, hosting the admiring elite of the world, promoting our youth, and attracting new business and tourism. It’s all bull. For us here at ground zero, the Olympics turned the Lower Mainland into a nightmare landscape of security zones, armed troops, and police traps. And guess what? The nightmare didn’t end when the circus left town. The past two months have seen chaos and repression so secret that we’re still trying to piece together the whole story. It’s ironic, because we’ve been trying to expose this sort of abuse for years – part of the campaign to keep our city livable, support human rights and end police persecution of everyone who’s poor, native, or critical of government priorities. When we witnessed what was happening with the latest round of evictions and brutality, we felt compelled to get the story out. Then, of course, we became targets too. Even after all the discussions and predictions, we weren’t prepared for the scale of the crackdown. It went like this: dozens of arrests the week before the Games started, forced removal of homeless people for the duration, indigenous people targeted and independent journalists singled out – as many as they could get their hands on, anyway. A bunch of us were pre-emptively – arbitrarily, illegally – detained under the new security orders. Doors were kicked in, cameras, videos, and computers were seized, and people were taken away and disappeared. Without so much as a peep from the major newspapers, TV, and radio stations. And yet, we pulled ourselves together and carried on. That’s what we need to do now – seize the moment, hang on to our experiences and analyze what happened, if only to bring some perspective to the chaos. Let’s start with the successes.

The huge throngs of people at the public protests in and around the “free speech cage” were amazing to behold. Apparently the Homes Not Games message hit a nerve.

The huge throngs of people at the public protests in and around the “free speech cage” were amazing to behold. Apparently the Homes Not Games message hit a nerve. That nerve was pretty sore already after the bank collapses and thousands of layoffs, plus the revelations about secret budgets, high-profile scandals, more evictions, and, of course, the ever-swelling Olympic deficit that our children will still be paying off in thirty years. Then came the massive, never-ending traffic gridlock and the troops in the streets. The hubris of it all added up to a whole lot of pissed-off citizens. So naturally, the protests spilled over into downtown. Not just protests, either. Months of planning focused on empowering people to start building the kind of society we need. Like Food Not Bombs, the Homes Not Games actions were organized by people who found ways to fill those needs themselves, rather than waiting around hoping the authorities would give a handout. These decentralized non-organizations stymied the police – with no headquarters for them to raid and no leaders to arrest, they didn’t know how to stop the movement. Several individuals in the network got busted the week before the Games, but they had the good sense to keep their mouths shut about their fellow activists. The affinity groups were also tight – people took their safety and security very seriously. The scene was so heavy that anyone who was not 100% committed to the goal stayed home. After the first wave of raids and arrests, no one needed ConTinuED pAgE


There is no precedent in human history for the way that westerners currently eat.

Another pioneer of sorts that I’d like to mention is John Robbins. He is the author of several books, including Diet for a New America and May All be Fed. He is also the founder of the Earthsave Foundation. Earthsave’s goal is just that, to save the earth from environmental destruction through public education on the realities of an animal-based diet. It took him 5 years to write Diet for a New America. All of his findings are based on studies from the American Journal of Medicine and from Reports of the US Department of Agriculture. He spent one and a half years on the bibliography alone. He wanted to make sure that readers didn’t think that his data was pulled out of thin air or fabricated. He had nothing to gain financially by writing this book. As a matter of fact, he was the heir to the Baskin Robbin’s empire, but he turned it down to live in harmony with the calling of his own consciousness. I had the pleasure of meeting John in New Orleans, where he was the guest speaker at a vegan banquet. His book was nominated for a Pullitzer Prize. In terms of the health of the environment, our food choices have a direct and sweeping impact. Nature isn’t a commodity, it’s a community to which we owe our lives. What we do to nature, we do to ourselves. The fate of the earth and our fate is one and the same. At this point that I would like to emphasize that there is no precedent in human history for the way that westerners currently eat. Past civilizations were grain based with meat as a condiment. So the way that we eat now is the exact opposite of the way people have eaten for the last 10,000 years. Before the cultivation of grains, people were foragers, subsisting on fruits, roots, wild vegetables and nuts and seeds. (The so-called caveman diet). Meat was hunted and eaten until it went bad, because the refrigerator hadn’t been invented yet. Meat wasn’t same then either, by the way. Only in the last 50 years has the mechanized mass slaughter of animals been possible. And only since WWII have antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides and pesticides been available and widely used. With the internal combustion engine, huge farm vehicles are able to cultivate vast tracts of land. And we need to cultivate vast tracts of land to feed the animals, because in the US there are 4 times as many animals as there are people. Because of this, the animals eat 95% of all the food grown in the US. They eat 80% of the corn crop, 90% of the soy crop and 95% of the oat crop. Growing all of this food takes a staggerConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora L3 fond of her: I used to love the rush of having a really good comeback when someone “made me” mad, instead of having a talk about what I really had an issue with. There was also nothing quite like a good solid temper tantrum, whenever things went “wrong”, and people didn’t do what I thought they should. My love of her wily ways has dissolved though, as I’ve come to realize the pain that she causes others as well as my self. If loving her is out of the picture, then the tool that I have left to deal with her is my understanding, and that’s where my breakthrough with her has come. Drama is simply a message, she’s a gift that is waiting to be understood! Now I say this lovingly, (oh, so that’s where the love for her has come in), for I know that drama has a sensitive soul. She’s too scared of finding out what the consequences would be if she were to say what is really going on for her in that moment. This is why she’s giving me the run-around; she’s simply unsure of how to deal with some things. Drama might not even be aware of it herself and I understand that this is what she is going through. I let her know that understanding where she is coming from is not about accepting her behavior. I like how Truth would give it to me straight; indirectness is Drama’s sweet cup of tea. It seems sometimes as if she’s milking it for all it’s worth. Thankfully (for me) our relationship this time isn’t as heated and as passionate as it once was. There was a small bit of yelling; yet nobody had to hold themselves back in order to make things work. She wasn’t quite sure of what she had to tell me; I listened as best I could. I saw all her different sides and just as Drama tried hard to rear up for one last attempt, I reached in, dug around and finally found the message that she had wanted to give me this whole time. Truth walked through the door again in that moment. Finally, everything became calm! As much as I don’t like to admit it, Truth was with Drama in that moment, just as much as it was there for me. Truth lies at the heart of each and every one of us and once I was willing to dig through Drama’s wily ways to get at her heart, I found the real message. She melded then and there with Truth and me, and I’m happy to say that once again, she and I have parted ways. Elle Monaco was the author of the column “Enlightenment in the City” for over two years and is back on the scene once more. If you would like to participate in a “Dear Elle” column, and have get answers about this column, relationship issues or how to use spiritual teachings in the everyday world write: Elle is an Authenticity Consultant, public speaker and a writer based in Surrey, B.C. Visit her website at for more information.

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VancouVer ConTinuED froM pAgE L5 a reminder of what was at stake. The folks who set up the legal defense fund in advance of the Olympics deserve a huge shout-out, along with the lawyers who are working for free or for reduced rates. Hundreds of people are facing charges – anti-poverty activists, indigenous people, tree huggers, indy journalists, and dozens more who were probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The people who went missing have been found, some of them in jails fifty or a hundred miles away. Some might get time served or a few weeks if convicted, others are looking at “terrorism enhancements” of many years behind bars, even though there was clearly no intention to hurt anyone. Civil liberties advocates are hoping to push back the trend of police brutality and Charter rights violations. The criminal trials will be going on for months, and believe me, they’re educational (and open to the public!) The media collectives and solo journalists deserve awards for extreme bravery in documenting dozens of cases of police attacks and human rights abuses with hundreds of hours of video – and getting away with the footage! Of course, the major media didn’t run those videos, but the web streams went around the world to millions of viewers. And the hot new “instant documentary” is coming any day now – the video posse is working round the clock putting it together. There’s dozens of clips online already, and a whole pile of new material that the cops are really going to hate – especially when the lawyers show the evidence to the judge and get our friends’ charges dropped. We learned some things about playing to our strengths and their weaknesses. We outwitted the enemy a couple times. We outran them too. We are quicker, smarter, and more versatile than the crowd-control units. We know the terrain. We can switch to Plan B in an instant. They need orders. They’re weighed down by riot shields and command structures. Except when they get wound up in their adrenaline and testosterone frenzy, and start beating on people at random. All I can say is thank god for the street medics. The street medics are heroes. They put themselves in the line of fire and waded into clouds of tear gas to help people who were blinded and panicked and disoriented and walked them out of there. They patched people up in the middle of the night and kept it quiet. Of course, a lot of people who were near the front lines – including the medics! – are still nursing injuries and pepper-spray after-effects. Plus, we are all suffering from “post traumatic activist stress disorder” – weeks later, some folks are still traumatized and in shock. No one expects this brutality to happen to them. But people are taking care of each other and reaching out to each other. The extreme level of police coercion stunned everyone. Even long-time activists who felt psychologically prepared for police violence told me how surreal it felt, suddenly finding themselves looking down a line of automatic weapons aimed at their heads and robocops barking incomprehensible orders. Everything slows way down and gets very bright and sharp. Impossible to forget, even if you want to. Many of our comrades from the past few weeks won’t be returning to the movement – they’re burned out.

And we won. We got the message out, and we all came together, and that was what they really feared, above all. Not just that we would loudly and publicly dissent for the world to see, but that we might actually join forces and work for common goals, like hastening the fall of this corrupt and unjust system.

Bring back the Love


walk around this city with a smile on my face, But no smiles in return, no, not even a trace. It's not that you don't see it, but that you don't even look, Your eyes always looking down, but you're not reading a book. So much you could discover if you just lifted your head, Maybe take off the headphones; you could have heard what I said. I mean, I like music too, but I like people more, And every one of us is an unlocked door. But I'm a door it seems, you just assume is always locked, Or maybe you just don't take the time to check if I'm not. I guess all I'm trying to say is there's no need to be cold, I mean I'm out there all the time, and it's all getting old. You going to go through your life with your head always down? Never going to jump in, cause' you think you might drown? I mean, what's the harm in exchanging a friendly 'hello'? It would brighten our days, and then off we would go. Is human interaction so absolutely terrifying? I guess that's what I want to know, I mean, I'm just clarifying. How bout' next time you head out, go on and keep your chin up, Let your friendly side show, I mean it's all within us. Next time I smile at you, why don't you smile back? Take the first step, let's get this city on track. -Matt Gallinger


Our public events were infiltrated by police informants and many of us were monitored for months before the Games. The cops pulled all kinds of petty stunts – faking people’s identities online, sending messages to try and start conflicts, playing on the divisions within the group like race and class and gender. Fortunately, it seems like the various affinity groups were quick to catch on, although a few out there are probably still figuring it out. Surveillance cameras and face-recognition software made it easy for the cops to look out for possible “domestic threats.” (Threats to what? We’d like to know!) They watched for certain individuals and pounced on them when they approached the security perimeters. Obviously, you can fool the software with a bandanna, but they also arrested anyone with their face covered. We weren’t expecting the total blackout on dissent for the duration of the Games, or the crushing media backlash after the party ended and the guests went home. Obviously we didn’t think corporate Olympic sponsors would give indy journalists free air time – but we thought at least we’d have access to our own blogs and independent media sites! A lot of those sites suddenly went off-line (or off-limits) in early February. A lot of cell phones stopped working, and some folks swore they were being recorded. We had to keep figuring out ways to work around these obstacles. The radicals were isolated, thanks in part to intimidation and pressure on our more moderate allies. That was no surprise – we figured the mainstream groups would cave if the authorities leaned on them, and that’s what happened. They cooperated with the detectives and cut their ties with us. So we were basically left out in the cold, surrounded by hostile forces. Several of our demonstrations were outnumbered by the pro-Olympics cheerleaders and sports fans; there were lots of vocal threats and even a few violent incidents as they lashed out at the groups of peaceful demonstrators. By the time it was over, there was a backlash from all sides against the people who were trying, against all odds, to get a message out to the world, to speak to the conscience of a nation against racism and brutality and homelessness and injustice. And we won. We got the message out, and we all came together, and that was what they really feared, above all. Not just that we would loudly and publicly dissent for the world to see, but that we might actually join forces and work for common goals, like hastening the fall of this corrupt and unjust system. It started for me when one of us asked – what sort of position do we want to be in, after the Games? How do we survive, evade, and resist the occupation? The TV cameras have packed up and left. The soldiers are back at their bases. We’re still here. What next? - Z.B.

L5 ing toll on our natural resources. Let’s take water for example: Over half of all the water consumed in the US is used in animal agriculture. That’s more than all of the human uses combined, such as drinking, putting out fires, swimming pools and industry. The Olgalla Aquifer in the midwest area of the US contains as much water as the Great Lakes, but if it continues to be used up at the current rate, it will be bone dry in 25 years. Perhaps we should only irrigate crops that directly feed people. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of beef. A pound of wheat only requires 25 gallons of water. As a matter of fact, the amount of water that goes into the production of a 1,000 lb steer is enough to float a naval destroyer. As well as using the most water, the agricultural industry pollutes more water than industry and residential pollution combined! The major source of this water pollution is manure. In the US, 7 and a half trillion pounds of animal excrement are created each year for which there is no sewage system. It is heaped in piles where it gives off methane gas (a greenhouse gas), as well as leaching into the groundwater and surrounding rivers and lakes. As well as fecal contamination, this runoff carries an immense quantity of deadly biocides (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc.), inorganic minerals and soil particles which clog up and muddy rivers and lakes, which eventually die. And eventually, that same water comes out of our tap. (case in point – Walkerton, Ontario). This is not an isolated event, by the way. Another precious resource that is being polluted by agricultural production is our air. The cultivation of food to feed animals uses astronomical quantities of fossil fuels. The fields are plowed by tractors, irrigated where necessary. Then the food is harvested mechanically and transported to feedlots. The animals are raised in factory farms, which use large quantities of power to function. Then the animals are trucked to feedlots to fatten up. Then the animals are transported (more fuel) to the slaughter house. Slaughter houses are mechanized, running on power from power plants that burn fossil fuels. Once the animal is rendered, its body parts, now called meat, require immediate refrigeration, to slow down decomposition and putrefaction. The styrofoam packaging used with meat products contains CFCs (chloroflourocarbons) which destroy the ozone layer and are greenhouse gases. Another source of CFCs are the refrigerant chemicals that run the refrigerators. A great deal of the meat is also frozen which uses more energy. Then the meat is distributed by refrigerated trucks to restaurants and stores where the refrigeration continues. The increasing amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, known as the greenhouse effect is directly attributable to the burning of fossil fuels. In this century, we have increased the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by more than one third. Now, about soil……when the Europeans arrived in North America, there was 21 inches of soil. Does anyone know how many inches are left? 6 inches. It takes nature on average 350 years to build an inch of soil. Hence the benefit of composting, which creates humus, an important component of soil. 85% of topsoil erosion is directly attributable to livestock production. This occurs through overgrazing, deforestation and poor soil management practices. Deforestation - Trees are the lungs of the earth. They produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, which counters the greenhouse effect. Forests are generally cleared to produce grazing land and fields to grow feed crops. Deforestation contributes to species and plant extinction. 17,500 species a year are lost in South America alone. The destruction of the tropical rainforest has been referred to as a problem that is second only to nuclear war in regards to the future of humanity. Another frightening trend is the desertification of the earth. Most of the world’s deserts were formerly forests. For example, the Sahara Desert is an area that was deforested by the Romans to plant vast fields of grain. So now over two thirds of the earth is desert. 52 million acres of land are turned into desert annually. OK enough is enough. Before you freak out and throw your hands up in despair, be aware that there is a solution. The earth is a living organism which will heal itself when given the correct circumstances. If we stop injuring it, it won’t remain injured, it will regenerate itself. The solution is in your hands.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

The 10 % Solution : A 10 % reduction in consumption of animal products would result in: 1)A significant reduction in arteriosclerosis 2)Over one and a half trillion gallons of pure water saved each year 3)Nearly half a trillion pounds of animal excrement would not be dumped into our waterways 4) A reduced need for fuel. This would reduce fosConTinuED pAgE



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VancouVer L6 sil fuel demands by the equivalent of 2.3 billion gallons per year

ConTinuED froM pAgE

reiki and pregnancy

What do secrecy secrecy,, police provocateurs, an assault on democracy and infringements on citizens rights have in common? The Security and Prosperity Partnership.

You, Me & the SPP Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule

A feature length documentary about the Security and Prosperity Partnership

5) 25 million acres of trees would be saved, which would provide us with oxygen and would consume carbon dioxide 6)12 million tons of grain would be freed up per year. This is more than enough to feed every one of the 20 million people who starve to death year (most of whom are children). This is due to politics not lack of food. 7)A saving of 700 million tons of topsoil a year

White Rock Premiere

Thursday November 12th, 7:30 White te Rock Commu Community unity Cen Centre, R ll Ave. 151 154 Russell A Av Admission by Donation Filmmaker Paul Manly in Attendance for Q & A

Hosted by Surrey-Langley-White Rock Chapter Council of Canadians

for information contact Peter Thomson: 604-888-3153 or Phil Harrison: 604-536-6706

BC Screenings sponsored by the BC Teachers Federation. National Tour Sponsors

by Alicia Charles


ost new mothers and mothers to be these days are very concerned about what they put into their bodies and into their children’s bodies. For most of us Natural is the way to go. We want natural whole foods, eco-friendly cleaning supplies in our homes, and natural remedies for what ails us. For pregnant women, the thought of pumping synthetic drugs into our bodies is a cause for great worry. The worry is what those drugs will do to the baby. Which is why more and more women are looking for natural, drug free alternatives. One of those alternatives is a treatment called Reiki.

For more information visit www.Y www.YouMeSPP

Solitary by Beevis Sibbs


Reiki is a gentle, natural, drug free treatment that is great for pregnancy and childbirth. During the 1st stages of pregnancy, Reiki is used to relieve the illness and stress that the mother is feeling. Tests conducted at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut shows that “Reiki used during pregnancy reduced anxiety by 94 percent, nausea by 80 percent, pain by 78 percent and improved sleep by 86 percent.” ( Reiki is also great during labour. It is very effective in lessening and controlling the pain and anxiety that is a part of childbirth. It has been shown to make delivery easier on both the mother and baby. Also, mothers who have had previous c-sections who receive Reiki in later pregnancies show a clear reduction in the need for caesarean surgeries. But it does not stop there. Reiki is shown to reduce the emotional rollercoaster of adjusting to a new baby. Mothers who have used Reiki during and after pregnancy can better adjust to their babies and the risk of postpartum depression is greatly reduced. Babies are also better adjusted to the outside world when the mother has had Reiki therapy during her pregnancy and birth. Adjusting to life outside of the womb can be a stressful time for the baby. When Reiki is used in the delivery room it makes it an easier transition. It also reduces anxiety, sleep problems, colic, and enhances motor activity and active sleep. It can also be beneficial for couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. So what is Reiki exactly? It’s a natural, drug free energy treatment. The Canadian Reiki Association describes Reiki as this: “Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality. Working as a support mechanism to the body, Reiki re-establishes a normal energy flow of ki (life force energy) throughout the system, which in turn can enhance and accelerate the body's innate healing ability. Through a series of hand positions either directly on or just above the body, the energy worker allows for the flow of energy through their body. The client’s body then draws off the amount of energy that is required.” Reiki is beneficial to everybody regardless of age, gender, creed, or state of health and is great or treating a number of issues like stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and lack of vitality and focus. I have personally found is to be a great addition to my holistic regime which is why it is one of the most popular services my company offers. Sceptical? Try a session and see for yourself.

plan on providing you with an experience that happened a long time ago inside a provincial maximum security jail, or as I like to call it, the depths of slavery, abuse and hell. It all started with a fight with a family member due to extreme stress and the fact that I am a Bipolar and Schizophrenic individual. At least that's my label society crucifies me with. To friends I am known as a nurturer, friend, mystic and provider. I arrived in jail at the ripe age of 20 years old on an assault charge. Known by the authorities to be an unmedicated bipolar person, the judge decided to put me in a 30 day jail remand sentence to see if I was sane enough to stand trial. Now, I have seen the movie, "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest", and realized insanity was my ticket out. Luckily, I'm certifiably, criminally insane! For the first two weeks of living in jail, things got better. I learned how to live, learned how to act, and avoided problems. Going down the second week locked up, I hit a manic and psychotic high. Imagine being so filled with positivity nothing could get you down, that ordinary thinking becomes magical, logic and all reality vanishes. One night I decided I couldn't handle being locked up. So I had a psychotic break. I was led to the psychiatrist's by a guard in the middle of the night, after refusing, completely, mind, body and soul that I would not stand for being treated as a prisoner. Well that was my mistake. After getting transferred to segregation that is when all reality and humanity from the guards disappeared. After flooding my cell, I was shut off from water for six days. I was refused water, and soon enough became a victim to dehydration. The jail guard's taunted me, telling me how I would die, or I would die when they entered my cell and beat the hell out of me.. Many, many threats, but that was nothing compared to what would come next. On the third day, completely psychotic, I had run out of water. Now if you can, picture being stripped naked, alone in a tiny concrete cell, completely out of water. The thought occurred to me I would have to drink my own urine. The jail guards laughed at me when I begged for water. I had to stay alive, so on the third day, I started drinking my own urine. I had nothing else to drink, the guards taunted me, like the cowards that correctional and police officers truly are. I was completely unaware of who I was and why I was being tortured and being held in a tiny cell. They offered me no medication, or water. No human dignity, respect or compassion. After six days I was transferred to Colony Farm, British Columbia's insane asylum. My stay in solitary confinement lasted for another two solid straight months, where I was abused and had my spirit broken. All I remember is guards entering my cell then being in the back of a sheriffs truck. I don’t remember the whole trip, but soon enough we arrived at Colony Farm. I was immediately stripped back to being naked and thrown in solitary. For some reason they hadn't thought of medicating me yet, but that was soon to come. Sitting inside a brand new solitary cell, I started freaking out. Well a few hours later, after being ordered to submit and sit in the corner of the cell, I was rushed by the cell extraction team. I gladly fought them off as hard as I could, releasing all aggression and hatred towards these psychotic power tripping jail cops. I was subdued, tackled, slammed into the concrete floor and walls by 5 or 6 armed guards. I was then sat on top of by two or three of them, I felt like I was going to die. I couldn't breathe. I got a needle slammed into my hip and woke up 4 days later. I woke up with tons of food and water, but alone in this solitary, grey, tiny, menacing concrete box. I freaked out. Once again I was swarmed by five or six guys easily 225 lbs and over, covered in armor and holding weapons with shields. Once again they subdued me, sat on top of me so I couldn't breathe, stabbed me in the hip. Kind of like a lifer inmate killing his enemy, only these guards use tranquilizer filled needles. I got left to lay there for another 4 days, completely dehumanized, naked, on a concrete floor, unconscious. During the following weeks time, I was subjected to shock torture "therapy." I was shock tortured to break me down into submission and passiveness to the system. They broke me down. They killed my soul. In order to make me complain. No better way to get someone to agree to destroy them by torture right? Four months later, the charges were dropped due to my insanity and I was released. It's been almost ten years ago, but to this day, I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. I suffer from flashbacks, and see jail as my future regardless of my choices. I fear it worse then death. Let it be known, Canadian correctional facilities torture inmates. I happened to be one. I am a solitary confinement survivor.



Reiki is a gentle, natural, drug free treatment that is great for pregnancy and childbirth.

8)120 million acres of choice land would be made available for more prudent use 9)600 million animals a year would be saved from the slaughter house Spiritual Aspects of the Vegetarian Diet “And he knew that food was Brahman. From food all beings are born, By food they live and into food they return.” Taiitirya Upanishad 3.2 If we are concerned with living a harmonious life, free from toxins that cause anxiety and tension, we eventually examine the subject of diet, specifically vegetarianism. In this culture, we are told that we need meat to live, while millions live vigorous lives never having tasted a morsel of it. Flesh is a dead food, often days old by the time it reaches the supermarket meat counter. Preservatives and dyes are added to prevent decay and to hide the grey color. Note – meat, unlike all other foods in the supermarket has no ingredient list or nutritional breakdown, so just what is in it anyway? Most food stays in your system for about a day. Meat is already dead and inert when you put it in your body. Try this experiment: place a piece of meat in a glass of water and put it on the counter for a day at room temperature. Do the same thing with a flower and when you check them, out take a big sniff. I think you can imagine what you’ll find. Structurally, the human digestive is much closer to that of an herbivore. Meat is hard on the system, increasing uric acid levels, which harms the kidneys and causes gout. For this reason kidney patients are routinely placed on meatless diets. Meat today is of a totally different quality than it was in the past. Animals’ lives these days are totally removed from nature. They are raised in indoor factory farms (a euphemism for prison), overcrowded, artificially lit, where every natural instinct is thwarted. They are fed antibiotics and poor quality food. With poor ventilation, pitiful sanitation, all of their natural instincts thwarted, no room to turn around, let alone get any exercise, they are disease ridden, stressed anxious and fearful. Some of them go mad. In Ayurvedic terms, they are full of ama (toxins at all levels).

“Meat today is of a totally different quality than it was in the past. Animals’ lives these days are totally removed from nature.” When they reach the slaughterhouse, hungry, thirsty, and confused, they reach a state of panic when they smell the blood and fear. Animals ConTinuED pAgE


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VancouVer Vaccines: Why fear Sells Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is an osteopathic medical doctor from Cleveland, Ohio. Her board certification is in Emergency Medicine and Osteopathic Manual Medicine. At her integrative medical clinic focuses on Allergy elimination, including treatment of children with asthma and allergies and women’s health, using bioidentical hormones and breast thermography. Her clinic has restored the health of patients who have come from 38 states and 8 countries. Dr. Tenpenny has recently accepted the position of Executive Director of Sanoviv Medical Institute, in Baja, California. Sanoviv is a 47bed hospital that provides wellness programs for those who are healthy and progressive, integrative medical care for those who need to get well. Sanoviv offers programs using state of the art conventional and alterative technologies for treating illness and promoting health.

250-868-0610 Fx: 250-763-0787



Dr. Tenpenny has been a guest on National TV talk shows and syndicated radio programs. She is a regular speaker at national and international seminars on topics ranging from iodine and breast health to vaccines and vaccination injury. She has also written two books, “FOWL: Bird flu – it’s not what you think” (what you need to know about flu shots) and “Saying No to Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages” (a title that speaks for itself.)


t's interesting how quickly a discussion about vaccination can become heated, even hostile. Would the same debate occur over an antibiotic or an antihypertensive medicine if there was evidence the drug was harmful? Damaging drugs are stopped in clinical trials if they are causing harm or taken off the market when they are killing people. And we have the right to sue. Not so with vaccines. Vaccines are promoted with fanfare and are rarely removed from the market even when persons die or when thousands experience serious side effects. The vaccine manufacturers and their colleagues at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take every step to discredit reports of reactions and negate nearly all possible connections between a vaccine and the injuries it causes. However, the more than $1.3billion that has been paid to vaccine-injured persons in the U.S. through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program shows that safety is not all it is promoted to be. Vaccination is built around a belief system. We believe vaccines are safe; we believe vaccines are important to health; we believe the stories that vaccines are responsible for the elimination of smallpox and polio. And we really want to believe that our doctors have read the available information on vaccines – pro and con – and are informed about possible complications from vaccines. Sadly, most have not. Why is there an almost desperate need to defend the current belief about the effectiveness of vaccines to keep us from getting sick. Belief is based on faith, not necessarily on fact. For example, we want to believe that vaccinating our children will keep them from getting sick with measles or chickenpox or influenza, even though there is a significant body of information that says this is not necessarily so. The public’s view of germs seems to be similar to our current view on terrorism: Random attacks that can be deadly. The media hawks this view of infections – from childhood illnesses to the current swine flu pandemic – and spends millions in advertising dollars to convince us that vaccines are necessary to keep us alive. Doctors push this story, educational institutions reinforce it and pharma loves selling it. People have a "better be safe than sorry" mentality about the effectiveness of vaccination. After nearly 200 years of use, fear still sells vaccination. What do we really know about vaccines? A review of the medical literature and CDC documents reveals the following: 1. Vaccine safety studies are relatively small and include only healthy participants in the clinical trials. Once the trial has been completed, vaccines are given to everyone, regardless of the condition of their health, family history or genetics. 2. Vaccine safety studies are short. Most clinical trials monitor for side effects a paltry 21 days; sometimes, only for 5 days. The current swine flu vaccine clinical trials fall into this category. "Safe" is a designation based on limited information. It can be months before complications of a disrupted immune system appear. 3. Vaccine safety studies do not use a true placebo. The gold standard in medical research is the "placebo-controlled" trial. An inactive substance, such as a sugar pill, is the placebo given to one group of participants, while the treatment group is given the experimental new drug. The data is analyzed comparing the number of side effects that occurred in those given the drug compared to those given the inert substance. Side effects are apparent and safety profiles are realistic. This system is not applied to vaccine research. The "placebo" used is not an inert substance, such as an injection of sterile saline. The placebo is another vaccine, one with a “known safety profile.” Saline injections can sting, but they have no other side effects. Comparing the side effect profile of an experimental vaccine to another vaccine called a placebo may be acceptable as research, but reporting a side effect profile of the new vaccine to be as “safe as placebo” is deceptive science. 4. Vaccine-induced antibodies do not correlate with protection. In fact, the esteemed journal Vaccine stated clearly: "It is known that, in many instances, antigen-specific antibody titers do not correlate with protection." Even the package insert of the new H1N1 swine flu vaccine states that antibody titers that develop after a vaccination has not been correlated with protection from influenza illness. Vaccination has been accepted as safe, effective and protective. The shots can be described as a medical "sacred cow," by definition, "a medical procedure that is unreasonably immune to criticism." A strong response is elicited when it is suggested that the "medical cow" should be "sacrificed." It is heresy to suggest that the status quo is wrong. When Copernicus insisted that the sun, not the earth, was the center of the solar system, his belief went against the philosophical and religious views of medieval times. He kept quiet about his findings and when died in 1543, he never knew the stir his work would cause. When two other Italian scientists, Galileo and Giordano Bruno, embraced and expanded Copernican theory, their work was considered blasphemous. Bruno had the audacity to go further than Copernicus, suggesting our solar system was not unique and there may be similar systems with inhabitants. For his blasphemy, Bruno was tried before the Inquisition, condemned and burned at the stake in 1600. Thirty years later, Galileo was forced to renounce his Copernican beliefs under the threat of torture and death. He was found guilty of heresy and placed under house arrest until his death in 1642. The more one investigates vaccination and its adverse effects, the more one becomes a Copernican heretic. I have personally invested nearly 9,000 hours and almost 10 years into exposing the real truth about vaccines. If the result of this inquiry labels me a heretic, then I am in esteemed company.

by Dr. Sherri J Tenpenny

L7 have emotions, which any pet owner will verify. Now their bodies are flooded with stress hormones (the same fight or flight kind of hormones that stressed out humans are full of). When an animal dies like this, the chemicals remain in the flesh and regular consumption of this flesh increases the presence of the same chemicals in the human system, where they create tension, anxiety, insecurity and confusion. Does it seem worth all of the suffering? The suffering is real. If you don’t believe it, visit a slaughterhouse, if they’ll let you in. If people can survive without meat, why should they have to kill their fellow creatures for food? By eating flesh, one indirectly participates in the killing of a living being that, if given the choice, would certainly resist and run. Plants become suitable food at the end of their reproductive cycle (fruits and the tree continues to live) or at the end of their life cycle when the plant dies in the fall (ie -potatoes). Consumption of fruits and vegetables by animals perpetuates the species, as the seeds in the animal feces sprout and a new plant issues forth.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

“Yoga aims at helping us to transcend body consciousness and helps us move beyond the limitations of the body.” “Of all energy sources, those that are most efficient are those closest to the source - the sun (solar power). Similarly, vegetarian food is the most efficient nutriment for the human system, because plants form the base of the human food chain, closest to the source itself. Simple logic dictates that the closer one is to the source of anything, the purer the substance will be.” (Harish Johari). The red blood cell and a molecule of chlorophyll are identical except for their center bond. In the blood cell it’s iron and in the plant cell it’s magnesium. The type of food that a society chooses reflects its level of development. From the nature of the food that a society chooses, its stage of consciousness is revealed. Eating is our first interaction with our environment. If the experience is not based upon love and compassion, all other actions are bound to suffer. Interestingly, many parents have told me that their children spit meat out when it’s given to them, but they keep shoveling it in and the kids give up. According to Ayurveda, food is the first and most important form of medicine. “Without right food no other healing modality can be effective.” (David Frawley) Both Ayurveda and Yoga recommend sattvic or pure food because sattvic foods (one the gunas) create balance, eliminate harmful factors and help reduce all of the doshas. The basis of sattva is Ahimsa, the first of the Yamas or moral commandments, which are the foundation of all yoga practices. Ahimsa means non-harming. If a yoga practice is based upon the harming other creatures, it won’t go far spiritually, which is what yoga practice is for. Sattvic food would be natural organic foods, grown in harmony with nature, in good soils, ripened naturally, cooked in the right manner and with the right attitude of love. (Ideally!) You want to start with baby steps, so if you cannot do all of this right away, don’t worry. Yoga aims at helping us to transcend body consciousness and helps us move beyond the limitations of the body. Because of this, most traditional yogic diets are ascetic in nature - including light diet, proper fasting, raw foods and detoxification measures. Reducing the body allows the mind to develop and expand. If any of you have fasted for any length, you may have noticed the increase of mental clarity . However, for this climate and for our stressful lifestyles, something less extreme is better, such as cooked pureed foods, with raw foods only making up only a small portion of the diet and eaten mostly in the summer. Raw food is more difficult to digest, because it requires more energy. Cooking makes most food items more digestible. Therefore, the path of least resistance is cooked vegetarian food. Eating meat has a direct effect on the quality of our spiritual practice. “ We cannot readily break down animal tissues into the right components for human tissue. Instead of digesting and transforming meat into the appropriate human tissue, its animal energies are preserved and become substituted for our human tissues.” (David Frawley) Meat brings a subtle energy of death into the auric field. The lives of the creature we have eaten weigh down the astral body with their negative feelings and impressions, making it difficult to meditate. It’s also harder to meditate because the body’s channels get clogged and the mind tends towards dullness. (Tamasic) “Not only violence and crime, but religious intolerance has been more common among meat eating groups. This is not just a moral issue, but ConTinuED pAgE



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the agora A religion of one by Matt gallinger


hat do you think about a religion that is based on worshiping the Earth that we live on? Everything and everyone is one. I'm sure many of you have heard of the Gaia Theory - that everything on Earth is one living organism. Why not create a religion whose foundation is an eternal love and oneness with Earth and everything on it? Many people probably just flipped the page after reading that and wrote me off as a hippy. That's okay, they'll learn; it will take total destruction of everything we know, but they’ll learn. A religion which loves each and every person and other living being - a novel idea no? Does such a thing exist? Perhaps, but not that I’ve heard of. Perhaps there have been religions (such as Buddhism) which are strongly rooted in finding ones inner self, but what about everything and everyone simply being one? What about a religion which takes some of the ancient teachings of a variety of religions and applies them to modern society? Sure the Bible and the Qur'an (for example) have some great teachings, but they are taken far too literally and most often very out of context. Why not take some of those fundamental teachings, along with a variety of other morals and create a religion that is in itself, all that is good, and all that should be? What about a religion whose roots are in preserving all that is on this Earth? This doesn't just mean stop polluting. This means to have a religion where all human beings can come together and be at peace with one another, no matter their race, religion, past convictions, or any other barrier which we create to set others apart from ourselves - a religion where we actually strive to make the world a better place. Imagine raising the next generation on a religion such as this. What an unimaginable world it could be, if we could drastically diminish the hate in the world in one generation. Sure, it sounds incredibly idealistic, and sure we can't teach everyone what is right and what is wrong. But what a change we could make. There would be no need for an arbitrary God or prophet or anything of the likes. We would worship all that is - everything on this Earth and beyond: love, peace, acceptance, purity, preservation, and a universal understanding that we are all one. We would not pray per se; we would simply harvest the positive energy within ourselves, and send it to all those is in need. We would believe in a power which brings us all together. Would you join me? Would you dispose of your current stereotypes, biases, assumptions, bad habits, and hate? Would you learn to love each and every person, animal, plant, rock, drop of water, and star like it were your own? Perhaps the ultimate question would be, ‘Could you?’ Matt Gallinger

Vancouver Co-operative radio CFRO, 102.7FM ( is a noncommercial, co-operatively-owned, listener-supported, community radio station. CO-OP Radio 102.7 FM has many programs that are cutting edge shows, which rip open the veil and expose the hidden secrets that are not being told by mainstream media, at this time. And with shows like Monday Brown Bagger (Monday From noon to 1 pm PST), Red Eye (Saturdays 9:00 am to 12:00 pm PST), Hidden From History (Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm PST), Wake Up With CO-OP (Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7 to 9 am PST), and others, CO-OP Radio continues to push the norm, while we look forward to the future with the help and support of our members and listening audience. CO-OP Radio 102.7 FM CFRO ( is located in the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside; Co-op Radio is a voice for the voiceless that strives to provide a space for under-represented and marginalized communities.

VancouVer L8 an energetic issue for body, mind and spirit on both individual and collective levels. We cannot truly evolve as a species and go beyond war and crime until we give up eating our animal brothers and sisters.” (David Frawley) Often people want to know if eggs are acceptable in a yogic lifestyle. Eggs are still animal flesh and cause exploitation to chickens. Many Hindu temples do not allow those who eat eggs into their inner sanctuaries. Meat is truly disgusting, but we are also living in the era of bad food. These days food is dyed, bleached, gassed, refined, enriched, fractionated, hydrogenated, preserved, genetically engineered, synthetically produced, doused with artificial flavors and brought to you with a shelf of 20 years and questionable digestibility. Most of our food is mass- produced, mass- prepared and mass -consumed with little care or attention and certainly little love or consciousness. We must learn to grow our own food, support local and organic gardeners and become politically active on environmental matters. Raising our food consciousness and food discrimination is an important part of any ecology strategy for saving the planet.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Comments of the Saints For our existence, we have to live on one thing or another. Everywhere in the universe there is life - tiny creatures in the air, in the water, in the soil. We inhale them, we drink them and we walk on them. The ancient rishis and sages knew that as long as they were confined to the world, they would have to adopt the course that was the least harmful. They knew that they had to subsist on creatures, so they chose to subsist on creatures, the killing of which would be the least sinful. They knew that killing incurred karma and they were trying to eliminate their karmic debt so that they wouldn’t have to reincarnate again and instead they would merge back into the Godhead. So how did they determine what would be the least sinful creature to eat? They discovered that all living beings of this world could be divided into classes as regards to the composition of their bodies and the number elements they contain. By elements, they didn’t mean the 90 or so elements discovered by modern scientists; but the main conditions or divisions of matter. There are five such classes of substances - ether or akash, air, fire, water and earth. According to their classification, under class one came all of those creatures in whom all five of these substances are active - only man. In the next class came those in which only four elements are active and one dormant, namely, the quadripeds (four- legged animals). In them, there is no sense of discrimination, because the ether element is dormant. In the third class fell creatures in which only three substances are active; namely air, water and fire. They are birds and they lack earth and ether. The fourth class is made up of insects, in which only two substances are active, air and fire. Then comes the last class, the fifth, in which only one element or substance is active, that the vegetable world. In them, water is the only active element. Experts have proved that, in many vegetables, there’s as much as 95% water. When the creatures of the other classes are killed or injured, they cry out in pain. But not so the vegetables, though they have life. So the Sages concluded that the eating of vegetables was the least sinful. (The least karmic burden). Although the eating of vegetables produced some karma, it was of a light nature and could be easily worked off by spiritual exercises. Thus they choose the course of least resistance, and so abstained from the killing of other forms of life.” (Kirpal Singh) “We are guilty. But this is only the first response. And normal. What we do with our heightened consciousness is the question.” And remember, every Saint has his past and every sinner his future. This is probably the easiest time in history to become vegetarian. There are lots of books and recipes to help ease the transition. It’s very popular among teenagers, as well as tots as young as four! Apparently movies like Babe and Chicken Run, Food Inc, etc have made quite an impact on our youth. In response to this, dietitians and registered nutrition consultants are well prepared to help where needed. Several years ago, The American Dietetic Association published their position on vegetarian diets. They were totally supportive of a varied vegetarian diet that was based on whole foods. A good place to find recipes and ideas are in ethnic cooking such as Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Indian to name a few. As well, there are lots more vegetarian foods available than there were even just a few years ago. Instant soups and bean dips, where you just add boiling water, veggie pates, tabouli and hummus mixes, burger mixes and prepared burgers, instant veggie gravy, veggie bouillon cubes, powdered egg- replacer etc. The list goes on. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. NAMASTE! -L.P.

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the agora observing reality by Damaya Hoffman

l 10

VancouVer Artist Spotlight

Dressing up on the East End by Isaac Oommen


"To hear many religious people talk, one would think God created the torso, head, legs and arms, but the devil slapped on the genitals." ~Don Schrader


ome view "IT" as being an act driven by the devil himself. He charges all the devil wands out there and directs them towards "IT." I'm not sure why this is... "IT" is something that a lot of people like to sweep under the rug like a lot of other "dirty" things. "IT" is something that some people are brought up to be embarrassed about. If it's so natural, then why are people brought up like it's the most un-natural thing you could ever do with your physical and mental being? And some people, like your parents, make you feel so guilty that you need to scrub off any evidence of the act off of your sinning body. There are some that wait forever to try "IT." They wait until the day that they've got this massive snow beast of a gown on, and with layers and layers of makeup painted all over their faces, and finally they wait until the time when "God" gives them the blessing... Wait until the special day when the devils wands all over the world can open up the woman's sacred jewel box's and forever be living in "cleanliness." It's a dirty act to do until you're given the blessing. Interesting... After waiting for that long, how do you know that you'll connect with each other on a sexual level? That you'll even physically fit together in that way... Some are unable to physically fit together like this. Waiting and waiting, and what if you find out that you're not sexually attracted to that person after all? At least if you do "the act" before hand, then you'll know for sure and have experimented it enough to get pretty professional and get to know what each others likes and dislikes are. And that can sometimes take a while to get to know. Is this "God" in charge of your own sexual well being, or your own being in general? Or are you? You're your own God you create your own heaven and you create your own hell on a day to day basis. Just a thought. I don't mean to critisize anybody or offend anyone, it's just a mere thought to think about. Until next time... Have a good day! :)

Art by Gillian Cole


illian Cole grew up in a small town. Gillian had always had an elephant-sized imagination, andaspired to do something with herself that would harbor her creativity. It didn’t take Gillian long to realize that the small town she had grown up in was a vacation spot and did not fit her constant need to create. Gillian packed her bags, paper airplanes, ceiling fan and VHS tapes and applied to Emily Carr University of Art and Design. After four lengthy years Gillian graduated and broke free, making a trail of short animated films. Gillian currently resides in Vancouver, B.C and continues to paint, draw, animate and read theory. Gillian is an active member of the arts community. Some of the projects Gillian has done include public service announcements for Insite, Roy Was Here artist collective in which she is “creative director�, and is co-founder of the Motion Sickness Collective (animation collective). Contact:

ave you seen the streets outside?" a downtown east side resident asked me as we sat chatting about local affairs. "They're quiet. Not a person out there. They've been cracking down on these three blocks every couple of hours." The strip of pavement on the south side of Hastings from Abbot to Columbia was strangely quiet for a Wednesday evening. I had noticed that there had been little activity at all. The variety of people that made East Hastings and Main infamous were suddenly just not there, replaced instead by the vague west side resident that was taking a short cut and the occasional lost tourist. Just a few weeks ago, I had been traipsing down Columbia Street towards the skytrain, and happened to walk across the road since there were no cars coming by. Too late, I saw a policeman writing a ticket to be given to a local resident, the latter looking like he lived if not on the street then in some level of poverty. I could have kicked myself for not having seen the VPD car sitting on the other side of the street. Reports of police crack-downs on jaywalking had been spreading like wild-fire among downtown east side residents, who were particularly incensed at what they saw as a targeted campaign. Soon enough rumours turned to common knowledge that the police were working with the city to hide the blemishes they saw on the latter's fair face. The policeman in question, as he wrote up the ticket to a pleading man, glanced up at me and then back at his ticket-book. I walked right by. At first I thought that perhaps he had decided out of the kindness of his heart to let me go. Then, I took a look at my clothes in contrast to that of the ticketed man. I was wearing a formal shirt and trousers with a nice coat my aunt had bought for me from one of her sporadic trips to London. The man was wearing several layers of dusty clothes that had holes in them. The naked distinction that had been made was shocking to me. The police deny that the sudden spate of tickets and crackdowns are targeted at the poorer residents of the downtown east side. However, with the unveiling of recent plans that will allow police to enter the homes of anyone living in special security zones during the Olympics, such a crackdown seems far more a plausible reality than wild fiction. City officials seem to be over-reacting in setting up this exercise. Every city has poor neighbourhoods. Certainly, Vancouver has spent millions on advertising itself as the greatest city in the world, but cannot expect anyone to walk through here expecting a complete Shangri La experience. Even athletes that I saw from the World Police and Fire Games that happened to wander into the east side did not seem particularly fazed by what they witnessed any more than they would be back home. This is poverty, but it is still Vancouver poverty. Of course, there is the proximity issue. The downtown east side is not just a Whalley that is far outside the city. Dan Rather last year along with UBC students documented the various issues in the downtown east side, focusing particularly on drugs. One wonders if he might be the very last internationally renown journalist to do so before the Olympics kick off, with the city trying its very best to hide its poorest neighbourhood. Certainly the area is a dose of reality - a gritty untreated blast of truth for anyone that gets overly bedazzled by the mountain scenery and expensive restaurants just a few blocks away. Talk to the area's neighbours that live toward the west end, and you will come across everything from baleful shakes of the head, to warnings against giving any money to pan-handlers on the east side, to adamant demands that the area be surgically bombed (I have personally heard this on two separate occasions). The Vancouver police seems to have opted for the most ineffective and temporary of solutions to an enormous issue that has gone unchecked forever. "And for what?" continued my friend in the downtown east side. "The dealers and everyone just disappear from the streets as soon as the cops get here. And as soon as the cops leave, they're back. This is their place." At least the city was too late to hide the east side from Google Maps' new Street View photos. - I.O.

l 11

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the agora

VancouVer By Jesse Lemieux

Combining the tradition and wisdom of the ages with the science of modern technology to develop over 300 unprecedented products for Looking Good and Feeling Good!

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Good For You Canada Corp. is a family operated business and has been manufacturing and marketing health related products for nearly 30 years. Dr. Randy Widmer (Doctor of Naturopathy) and President of the company has researched and formulated herbal supplements for Good For You which now supplies over 200 different supplements to its members. Dr. Widmer has lectured on how to maintain good health and overcome disease in many countries throughout the world. Good For You markets products in over 30 different countries. Our unique products are of the highest quality possible.They are introduced within a three fold approach to superior health. This approach addresses the major concerns of our time: nutritional deficiency, cellular contamination and being overweight. The human body is a marvelous biological machine. It strives to maintain the fine balance of life despite the uses or abuses it is subjected to daily. Our bodies have the same basic needs as a machine: maintenance, proper care and fuels. Personal health is fundamental to our well being, because no machine will continue to run if constantly abused. We combine the best of both worlds. By relying on the wisdom of the ages and the innovation of modern scientific technology, we have conceived a unique line of products to enhance the health of everyone. And as scientists and scholars have proven, lasting health is the framework for a happy and prosperous life.

Call Dan Merchant 778-828-8246 or email me at Visit for a product catalogue.

t is often the case that permaculture is mistaken for being just another form of organic gardening. This description is seriously lacking when considering permaculture and the influence it is having and can have in our rapidly changing world. “Permaculture is a design system for the harmonious integration of landscape and human habitat” (Mollison) An organic garden is only one element, an important element, but only one in an infinite number of different elements that might make up appropriately designed human systems. At the heart of good design are the functional relationships between elements and how they support each other. Permaculture is not about finding new and complicated high tech ways to support our present culture of waste and protracted thoughtless labor. It is about integrating: site, energy, social, and abstract components to provide for human needs by creating and recycling resources and energy without degrading local and distant environments.

Site Components Water, earth, landscape, climate, plants An appropriate design first considers local conditions and then harmonizes developed systems with the local conditions to achieve that highest level of energy conservation and creation. Water Access Structures This is the priority sequence of permaculture site design. By first designing water infrastructure (swales, dams, irrigation lines, diversion drains, irrigation ditches…) to harvest rainwater and store it passively throughout the landscape, we insure the fertility of the land and soil into the future. If water is stored, soaked and spread out through the landscape we have made a great effort to preserve the health of the local ecology. Once the water features have been determined we can design our access structures to harmonize with the water features. All run off from roads and trails is directed passively to water harvesting structures like swales and dams. The third step, structures, is now easy, as building sites will become obvious against the designed access and water. This pattern of settlement development enriches the local environment through increased year round moisture, increasing the productivity of local soil conditions, often results in a surplus of useable energy as water stored in small earth dams up slope, and produces an designed ecology that supports and provides for the local inhabitant. Energy Components Technologies, Connection, Structures, Sources When designing and establishing systems we must prioritize our investments first in structures and technologies that create energy, second that save energy and last that consume energy. It is inevitable that we will spend energy to initially establish our habitat. This is not a problem, so long as the designed habitat produces more energy over its lifetime than was initially spent. All systems should provide their own energy needs and remove themselves as much as possible from a dependence on distant sources. “When the needs of a system are not met from within, we pay the price in energy and pollution.” (Mollison) When designing to the site-specific components the first priority is water, as water is an enConTinuED pAgE


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the agora


The Essence of Callousness

ergy that can be put to great use. Higher elevation rainwater storages (earth dams and tanks) should be designed into a landscape whenever possible. This is done to provide gravity fed water for crops houses and other uses at lower elevations. Swales are always planted to trees. They are tree-growing systems. The trees use water harvested by swales to turn the suns energy into wood and foods, like nuts and fruit. The wood can be used to build and maintain structures, provide fiber and heat, for solar efficient homes, in high efficency stoves. By first investing in the water structures we have created numerous energy storages in our settlement.

By Darrin Lr fiddler


n essential service; now that sounds important! You would think that whoever holds an occupation under this banner would deserve some respect. Maybe we should be encouraging their efforts, and building up their numbers. Our paramedics show us that they are an underpaid service; we should be focusing on resolving the problem so that they can focus on their jobs. For the past eight months, they have been on ‘unstrike’ for a fair negotiation on their wages. They have aired their concerns and intentions, and have not let it affect their services; the effects that we are feeling are due to the economy and budget cuts. The government has introduced Bill 21, the Ambulance Services Collective Agreement Act, legislating our paramedics back to work. Their services are as vital as other emergency personnel, yet they require a 30% raise to put them on par with the firefighters; I’m not picking sides here, but that sounds obscene. While they agreed to a mere 3% increase, they have received a backhand of disrespect from our government. Our government has made a habit of bullying their unionized employees; the nurses, the teachers, and now the paramedics. How do those in these occupations feel about coming to our province to set up shop? There’s not much incentive to move into a province where the government is willing to take away their rights. There’s also not much incentive for students to gain an education, and take up these occupations in our province. We are allowing the government to have reign over what defines our civil rights. If, as a society, we stand aside and allow our government to behave so callously, then we are silently agreeing with dictating their agenda. We cannot base our society on such disrespectful representation, especially since our lives are so dependent on these services. If this is a society that is setting an example for our youth, then we are not setting a very good precedent for our children’s behaviour, or for their future. When such acts are performed on the school grounds, they’re considered to be acts of bullying. We must demand our representatives sit down and complete their negotiations with these lifesavers of society. Contact your MLA immediately and demand that they vote down Bill 21, as a disgruntled paramedic does not make for a healthy society. - D.F.

Blood and Iron I could talk about training. I could speak of methodology, mindset or history. I will leave that for a later column. Today I speak of the warrior mindset through examples. So many of us talk about training martially, and for an hour twice a week we go to the gym, or we go to the dojo, or we read a book by the late bruce lee. Honestly, how many of us really understand the teachings of the great military philosophers, teachers and generals. How many of us teaching and training truly understand why we fight, why we train, and why we are drawn to a often thankless, injury-laden, simple and impoverished lifestyle. Very few of us who define ourselves as warriors actually really are. In reality, most of us are combat enthusiasts. People in love with the glory, and seek this glory, but who have no interest in the inevitable pain that comes with years of training, fighting, and competition. The path of the warrior is a difficult path, is not a glorious one, although it is often glorified by artists, poets and play wrights. It is a life of service, self-sacrifice, and doing what needs to be done regardless of the personal cost.


To really understand this lifestyle, you must be honorable, and stand firmly by your word. After all a warrior stands by his brothers and sisters; they chose sides, they stand tall and ready to defend those they have sworn oaths to.


Everyday their chosen arts are practiced and perfected, even if it is only for a short period of time.


Silently they vow not to make use of these skills and training unless it is in friendly competition, or when the appropriate and necessary case for violence arises.

LIBERTY The warrior does not slight others unnecessarily, and as a result a slight against their person is considered a grievous offense that must be addressed at its earliest convenience.


The warrior understands that it is not all about fighting, that the fight is both a literal and metaphorical struggle. Furthermore, to understand the concept of struggle, they must first understand that to stand alone against a coming storm is pointless, hence allies must be carefully chosen, as good company makes hard times easier to bear. As a result, the warrior seeks to constantly better their community by helping and attempting to serve those around him one person at a time. This person strives to lead by example, and is fearless (and sometimes reckless) in this pursuit. LU




Loyalty, Honor, Perseverance, Strength, and Integrity, these are the values that must be vigilantly upheld. After all, when values, purpose, morals, strength of character, and the ability to lead are absent... Then you are simply a person with training.


l 12


Social Components People, Culture, Trade, Finance Cooperation not competition is the key. Presently my wife and I live on an apple orchard, together we contribute 40-50hr/week of our time and energy to the orchard. We are not the owners. In exchange for our efforst, we get a roof over our heads, clean and healthful food from the garden, access to land for our own food production and a good community. Assessing this arrangement from a purely financial perspective would neglect all other levels of wealth that we obtain from the relationship. Further more we can be assured that a significant proportion of our time and energy will stay within the systems on the farm. If we were to have regular jobs, within the formalized economic system of distant capital and finance, most of our time and energy would inevitably by exported out of the local environment and economy. By working to keep our time and energy cycling in the local economy through a none formalized systems of exchange: trade barter and cooperation, we work to ensure our efforts go towards building the health and security of our community. We reduce our need for monetary gain, as our basic needs of clean food, clean water, clean shelter and healthy community are produced through our basic day-to-day interactions. If we all make effort to provide some part of our needs through the local non-formalized systems of exchange we work to build the long-term security of our communities. The more we have invested locally the less susceptible we are to international fluctuation in trade and finance. Abstract Components Timing, information, ethics Without an ethic or belief structure and actions in relation to survival on our planet, permaculture has no starting point. The basic permaculture ethic is as follows: Care of the earth Care of People Return of Surplus to the above two ends (can also be understood as setting limits to growth) With the ethic as our sounding board, we can use all available information to design healthy communities and provide for those communities without degrading local and distant ecologies. In order to spread good design we must spread information to where it is need and assist others who are trying to learn. As much as we need to combat against a lack of information, we should guard against an over abundance of data. “Information is only a resource if acted upon.” (Mollison) At some point we need to take a step forward and get our hands dirty. It is only through the functioning connections between components that a complete whole system design can be achieved. The designed systems must maintain and build the health of the local environment and work for its occupants, not distant sources of capital, if it is to be sustainable. This can only be achieved by analyzing the needs and products of various components and placing those components so they supply each others needs and best utilize the inherent energy flows of the landscape and climate. Organic gardening is vital to any sound design, as we all have a right to clean food, but it must be placed appropriately within the context of the whole systems design that is known as permaculture. Jesse Lemieux presently resides on Denman Island, BC where he divides his time between orchard work, fishing, mushroom hunting and Pacific Permaculture. Pacific Permaculture is a service which focuses on education and design in both urban and rural settings. If you would like to get in touch with him you can do so at


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the agora

national ConTinuED froM fronT pAgE

Close Ties With israel Call into Question Canada’s Morality

police State Canada 2010 and the Canadian Action party responds to Darkside of the olympics urgent Concerns of Canadians

By Dana gabriel

T by gen Sander


s much as we Canadians like to consider ourselves wardens of peace, we’re running out of time to wash our hands clean of Palestinian blood. The verdict is out and we’ve been found complicit. It’s not as clear-cut as supplying weapons to the Israeli war machine – we passed that job onto our southern neighbours in 2005. No, Canada’s role is currently a little more insidious than that, involving “unshakable” support and profitable commercial, military, and security relations, all carried out in our name and legitimizing Israel’s military imposed apartheid-like regime throughout Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory. “unshakable” Support On a number of occasions, the Canadian government has declared that Israel has a clear right to defend itself against rocket attacks, which it does – although this right is not unlimited. Canada persistently remains silent, however, on any comparable right for the Palestinian people, ignoring that while indiscriminate rocket attacks are clearly prohibited under international law, they do not warrant an illegal response and are, in fact, a direct result of Israel’s “steadily escalating criminality,” to steal the words of Naomi Klein. Although never justified, the rockets cannot be taken out of context; this year’s war on, and the ongoing siege of, Gaza, the annexation wall, the checkpoints, the 133 illegal settlements, the 102 illegal outposts, the house demolitions, the I.D. cards, the arbitrary arrests, the kidnappings, the torture, the targeted assassinations, the incursions, the discriminatory legal regime, the network of settleronly roads, and the daily military control are just a few of the most recent examples of the violations of international law that make up Israel’s ongoing campaign of ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

Canada was the only member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to vote against a resolution, which passed a 331 vote, condemning Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza.


The 2010 Olympics Security Coordination Center will coordinate the security efforts for over 40 federal, state and local agencies on the U.S. side of the U.S. – Canadian border. This facility will provide a strategic response platform to facilitate critical response efforts during the Olympic Games and beyond.

-2010 Olympic Security Planning Committee

Despite such prominent features of Israel’s occupation, Canada’s support for Israel remains “unshakable,” as revealed in a speech given by Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Israel’s 60th anniversary last year. In December, 2008, Harper went as far as saying that “Canada stands with Israel, and will stand with any nation willing to put its trust in its people and follow the principles of freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.” This statement was both confirmed and contradicted not a month later when Canada was the only member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to vote against a resolution, which passed a 33-1 vote, condemning Israel’s deadly assault on Gaza. As if to add insult to injury, the Tories recently lambasted the much-anticipated 575 page Goldstone report – the UNHRC fact finding mission on the Gaza conflict. Disregarding mountains of evidence verifying that war crimes and crimes against humanity were in fact committed in Gaza last December and January, Peter Kent, minister of state of foreign affairs, discredited the authors ConTinuED pAgE

he 2010 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from February 12-28. It will be the largest security operation in Canadian history. Military planners will undoubtedly use it as a template for securing future high profile events. Canadian security officials continue to work closely with their American counterparts in preparation for the test that the Games will pose to the security of its shared border. Integration of Canada’s security and military structures with the U.S. have already been advanced through the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), NORTHCOM, the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the Bi-National Planning Group, the Civil Assistance Plan, as well as other initiatives. Training and security provisions for the Olympics might be used to further accelerate the merging of U.S-Canada command structures and the militarization of North America. The 2010 Olympics will be a hellhole of police state measures with far-reaching effects that could remain in place long after the Games are finished. Security planners have followed a graduated process in preparation for the 2010 Olympic Games. This includes the Olympic Integrated Exercise Program which “is designed to ensure coordinated responses are sufficiently tested in preparation for incidents that might arise during the 2010 Winter Games. The program has three key components.” Exercise Bronze was held in November 2008. It brought together all agencies involved with security for the games and examined security structures. Exercise Silver was held in February of 2009 and “focused on information-sharing across government and non-governmental agencies” as well as providing “safety and security participants with hands-on experience.” Exercise Gold is scheduled for November of this year and will confirm readiness for the Games. There has been questions whether Exercise Gold would involve American forces. The Canadian Defense Department has responded, “Yes. NORAD is a binational command that includes both Canadian and American personnel and equipment. NORAD will be participating in exercise Gold. Various US military headquarters and operations centres will be exercising with Canada Command during exercise Gold, through exercise Determined Dragon (a Canadian Forces exercise) and exercise Vigilant Shield (a US military exercise). In addition, a small number of US military liaison officers will be participating with Joint Task Force Games.”

In September of 2008, the 2010 Winter Olympics security preparations spending bill was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. This included funding for construction of the Olympic Coordination Center in Bellingham, Washington. Members of the 2010 Olympic Security Planning Committee have stated that, “The 2010 Olympics Security Coordination Center will coordinate the security efforts for over 40 federal, state and local agencies on the U.S. side of the U.S. – Canadian border. This facility will provide a strategic response platform to facilitate critical response efforts during the Olympic Games and beyond”. In September of this year, NORAD conducted Exercise Fabric Virgo, which involved CF-18 fighter jets flying at low altitudes and escorting civilian-looking aircraft. This exercise was designed to familiarize NORAD personnel with operations in the Vancouver area. There are numerous other drills and exercises which are planned before the Games begin or have already been conducted. Some have not been made public. Training for the Olympics and the actual security operation could be used as a pretext for the further militarization of North America. It could also advance the merging of U.S.-Canada military and security structures. As part of the SPP, there were calls for a North American security perimeter. The entire security operation for 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games is being overseen by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). This will include over 5000 RCMP officers, along with an additional 1800 other police from municipal, regional and provincial units from across the country. Canadian Forces will provide maritime security, logistical support and surveillance. This could include the use of unmanned drones which are now being used along the U.S.-Canada border. Some 4500 Canadian soldiers will also be deployed for various security purposes. This is twice the number of troops that Canada has in Afghanistan. The U.S. is set to contribute Coast Guard and Navy vessels. NORAD will be a key player in Games security. They will patrol the skies and monitor the airspace over ConTinuED pAgE



n October 5th 2009, the new Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party, Melissa Brade, requested that three policies formulated within Canadian Action Party’s Policy Committee be enacted as ‘Interim Policy,’ until they can be ratified by Canadian Action Party members. These urgent policy issues concern the Canadian Action Party’s opposition to Bill C-6, the risks of biological viruses and the potential of enforced inoculations, as well as CAP’s perspective on aboriginal issues. These initiatives establish the Canadian Action Party as the party truly concerned with the health and well being of the citizens of Canada, and the issues of justice and civil liberties. The Canadian Action Party’s policy on BIOLOGICAL THREATS—including the Swine flu, Bird flu, the H1N1 virus & other recombinants, is especially bold. It raises the issue of a global elitist network actually having eugenics plans, numerous biological weapons and research labs. These elites have sullied the reputation of well meaning and hardworking doctors and health professionals the world over. The most recent H1N1 influenza is itself suspect as the product of the biological weapons industry and the same people who create new viruses also manufacture the vaccinations. This is a multi-billion dollar industry for the international pharmaceutical cartels, but it subjects Canadian citizens to a form of biological terrorism and experimental vaccine testing. A system of profits at all cost and self serving elitism by the corporations has corrupted the honest intentions of Canada’s most trusted professionals.

...Urgent policy issues concern the Canadian Action Party’s opposition to Bill C-6, the risks of biological viruses and the potential of enforced inoculations, as well as CAP’s perspective on aboriginal issues. Many are concerned that the outbreak of such a pandemic might be used as a pretext to impose martial law, restrict population movements and to introduce programs of enforced inoculations. Inoculations will be introduced without adequate testing and research, while the corporate pharmaceutical companies obstruct outside objective scientific evaluation of their products and consistently deny negative effects and research. These vaccinations include all kinds of toxic substances ranging from mercury, aluminum, and the adjuvant ‘squalene,’ to viral and carcinogenic materials. There is now overwhelming evidence that many vaccination programs are having serious medical side effects on the populations of the world. The rates of childhood autism are skyrocketing, as are learning disabilities, ADHD, Alzheimer’s and mental degeneration, cancers, arthritis and respiratory disease, and sterility. The corruption of a ConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora


ConTinuED froM pAgE n1 by declaring that the report was produced by the United Nations’ “most flawed” body. He went on to accuse the Human Rights Council to have “preemptively assumed Israel’s culpability,” adding that “this government has never equated Israel, a democratic state, with terrorist groups which seek to destroy both it and its people.” Flying in the face of current widespread international condemnation of Israeli actions in the occupied Palestinian territory, Canada’s unwavering support of Israel boils down to one thing: economics. Illegal settlement construction, the Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRDF), along with the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) and the “Declaration of Intent” on Public Safety send billions of dollars directly into the pockets of both countries every year. Apparently this is how Canada rewards impunity: by forging, expanding, and profiting off commercial, military, and security relations. In light of Israel’s continued illegal military occupation of Palestine, as well as its most recent war on Gaza, these close ties are unequivocally putting our collective morality and ‘reputation’ on the line; and we’re running out of time to do something about it.

Canadian apartheid



Canada’s unwavering support of Israel boils down to one thing: economics. Illegal settlement construction, the Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRDF), along with the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) and the “Declaration of Intent” on Public Safety send billions of dollars directly into the pockets of both countries every year.

The Canada-Israel Industrial Research and Development Fund (CIIRDF)

Established in 1994, CIIRDF was created to promote collaborative research and development between firms in both Canada and Israel. Currently, there are several funded projects in operation, many of which are defense-industrial projects, amounting to about $6 million (US) a year, bilaterally. One such example involves Frontline Robotics of Ottawa and the Lahav Division of Israel Aircraft Industries, currently developing a version of Frontline’s “Robotic Operations Control” (ROC) that will be integrated into Israel’s Guardium unmanned perimeter control vehicles. These military vehicles, used to patrol border fortifications like the annexation wall, are robotically operated and built to counteract “terrorist threats” and to employ “various forceful means to eliminate the threat.” Canadian industry, in so far as it contributes to the development of machinery used to sustain the military occupation of Palestine, is directly contributing to gross human rights violations of Palestinian people. The Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA) Another partnership that not only legitimizes, but also deepens Canada’s involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine, is CIFTA. The first agreement signed by Canada with a trade partner n3

n1 the Olympics. In addition to police and military, there will be up to 5000 private security personnel. Olympic venues will be designated as special security zones. This will include electronically monitored fencing and other measures similar to security screening at airports. Surveillance cameras will also monitor venues and public areas using face-recognition technology. Some residents of Whistler, B.C., which will host skiing and other events, have complained that it feels like they are already living in a security zone. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is working with the RCMP and other federal agencies in evaluating and monitoring security threats and have warned of the potential for violence by anti-Olympic activists. ConTinuED froM pAgE


Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, Lawrence Cannon, stated last May that Israel’s expansion of settlements into Palestinian territory is an “illegal move” that undermines Middle East peace. Considering sister construction firms Green Park International and Green Mount International, both registered in Quebec, have been involved in building, marketing, and selling residential units in the illegal Israeli settlement of Modi’in Illit, this is a peculiar proclamation to make. Should these companies not be held accountable then, if they are involved in Israeli settlement expansion, which has been internationally recognized as illegal? The villagers of Bil’in, whose agricultural land has been unlawfully appropriated to expand this settlement, thought so. This past June they brought their case to the Montreal Superior Court in a continuation of their struggle for justice. Accusing the companies of violating both international and Canadian domestic law, the villagers sought a permanent injunction against the companies and $2 million in punitive damages. In a judgment released on September 18th, Quebec Superior Court Justice Luis Paul Cullen rejected the lawsuit, ruling it inappropriate for a Canadian court. Of course, the fact that the villagers of Bil’in had already, unsuccessfully, tried to bring their case to the Israeli High Court of Justice – the so called “appropriate forum” for their complaint – did not seem to matter. Why does justice always lose when it’s up against profit?

ConTinuED pAgE


rCMp preparations In advance of the 2010 Games, anti-Olympic groups have been subjected to surveillance and harassment by police and intelligence agencies. There is a concerted effort to curb any protests during the Olympics and restrict the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. City of Vancouver 2010 Winter Games By-laws will limit protesters to specific free speech zones. They will prevent anyone who is not licensed to do so, from carrying signs or handing out materials on or near Olympic venues and other designated city property. Violators could face huge fines or jail time. A lawsuit has been filed which challenges the Olympic sign law. It was filed by Chris Shaw, a professor at the University of British Columbia and student Alissa Westergard-Thorpe. Shaw is an outspoken critic of the Olympics and author of the book Five Ring Circus. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, he plans to criticize the Games with signs and the distribution of leaflets at prohibited sites. Under another by-law possession of any voice, amplification equipment on city property is prohibited for the duration of the Games. Many of the by-laws are an attempt to quell dissent and give the illusion that everyone supports the Olympics. They can only be described as unconstitutional. It will be interesting to see if any LRAD sound cannon weapons, which were used against protesters at the recent G20 Summit in Pittsburgh, will be deployed at the Olympics. Some of the police state measures being enacted for the Vancouver Olympics are temporary, but others including infrastructure, will remain in place long after the Games are over. There are rising costs associated with holding the Olympics which will leave taxpayers on the hook for millions. The security bill alone is expected to top $900million, which is almost five times higher than original estimates. Like previous Olympics, Vancouver will be left with a huge deficit. This has left some local residents less then enthusiastic about hosting the Games. Anti-poverty and housing rights groups also point to the negative impact the Olympics have on the homeless. This includes the criminalization of the poor in areas near event facilities. The Olympics are being used to impose greater social control and rid the Vancouver city core of its poor. According to some estimates over the last 20 years, the Olympic Games have displaced over two million people around the world. In many ways, the Olympics have become a political tool, a corporate driven agenda that goes far beyond the athletes and sporting events. Much of the security surrounding the Olympics in Vancouver seems aimed more at protesters and other so called undesirables.

“There are rising costs associated with holding the Olympics which will leave taxpayers on the hook for millions. The security bill alone is expected to top $900-million, which is almost five times higher than original estimates.”

Security measures at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games will be an indication of what to expect at other upcoming events. In June of the same year, Canada will host the G8 as well as the G20 Summits. Both will attract their share of protests. Canada is also expected to host the 2010 North American Leaders Summit where security measures could dwarf what was witnessed at the 2007 Summit in Montebello, Quebec. Some will recall that anarchist protesters were identified as police provocateurs. There are fears that police could infiltrate anti-Olympic groups, in order to stage events which would justify a crackdown during the 2010 Winter Games. It is important to be aware of those who not only seek to demonize peaceful protesters, but also incite angry and violent responses by police. In some cases, police do not need an excuse as was evident at the recent G20 Summit in Pittsburgh and this could be a prelude of what to expect in the coming year. Welcome to police state Canada 2010! Dana Gabriel is an activist and independent researcher. He writes about trade, globalization, sovereignty, as well as other issues. Contact:

ConTinuED froM pAgE


few individuals at the top of the pyramid hierarchy has compromised the well meaning intentions of our health care system. The anthrax vaccination program on the Gulf War American soldiers produced hundreds of thousands of disabled veterans; and one study reports flues occurring two and a half times more frequently among those who get the flu shots compared with those who do not. The emerging evidence from a wealth of real life stories suggests that we need a major public inquiry into the usefulness of all vaccination programs. Much questioning is also required into the issue of the inordinate control that the pharmaceutical companies appear to have over our elected government MPs and the medical establishment. Healthcare decisions need to be made by family doctors, not foreign chemical companies. The Canadian Action Party believes that the government should not be controlled by international corporate elites and power brokers. The Canadian Action Party wants real health care for Canadians to begin with an industry with open access to scientific information.

“...the Canadian Action Party demands open public inquiries and criminal investigations into the eugenics programs of the global elite and the research being done in biological labs within Canada.” The Canadian Action Party also opposes chemtrail (indirect semi direct aerosol campaign) spraying of Canadian citizens from airplanes, which is being done from coast to coast. This resolution was passed at CAP's 2008 convention. Inform your local MP about chemtrail spraying; ignorance will be cured by our hard work and due diligence. In its new policy, the Canadian Action Party demands open public inquiries and criminal investigations into the eugenics programs of the global elite and the research being done in biological labs within Canada, and we oppose any enforced inoculations. We would expose media propaganda designed to mislead the populace into submitting to inoculations which are not unequivocally documented to be safe and effective—which the current vaccinations could not possibly be. The Canadian Action Party favours the use of voluntary home quarantines, natural medicines and detection test kits as the primary method of containing such outbreaks. We urge union groups to stand up for the rights of employees, and citizens for their children, soldiers, health care and emergency workers, pregnant women and aboriginals. If we don't, they will become the next set of hidden health statistics. Say NO to enforced inoculations and demand open public investigation and debate on these issues. The Canadian Action Party’s third initiative is a new policy on Aboriginal Affairs. The Canadian Action Party acknowledges that the native community has historically suffered from abuses and genocide as a result of colonization, marginalization, and the suppression of their people and culture. At the present time, native bands across the country are involved in disputes with the government and corporations over land claims and the ongoing corporate seizures of lands and resources. Now, with the global awakening, native communities have the support of a diverse spectrum of citizens; together we can change society for the better. The Canadian government has consistently failed to honor treaty obligations, to investigate serious crimes committed against the native communities and to protect native rights and freedoms. The native community is being assaulted by the same corporate practices and schemes as are currently threatening all Canadians. It is essential that the Canadian Action Party be recognized as a possible political instrument to support the changes and justice that native communities seek within Canadian society. Further, it is essential to the Canadian Action Party to have the help, strength and wisdom within the native community to enable us to address the shared issues and dangers we face as Canadians in this period of international corporate-financial control and theincreasing formation of a totalitarian and police state system. It is the intention of the Canadian Action ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE n2 outside the Western hemisphere, CIFTA came into force on January 1, 1997. Apart from blindly engaging in, and profiting from, a trade relationship with a country that clearly does not adhere to “the principles of human rights and the rule of law,” CIFTA is a ghastly deal for Palestine. Unlike Israel’s trade agreement with the European Union, which distinguishes between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, CIFTA is based on the areas that Israel maintains territorial control over instead of on internationally recognized borders, applying, therefore, to the entire territory of historic Palestine, including the occupied territories. Canada’s acceptance of the text within the agreement in and of itself works to legitimize Israel’s territorial control over, and prolonged occupation of, Palestine. This legitimacy is intensified by the fact that products manufactured in Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law, are also being imported into Canada under CIFTA. Furthermore, the agreement clearly states in Article 10.2 that both states must pursue their obligations under the United Nations Charter, which seeks to uphold international peace and security. In maintaining this trade relationship, contingent on respect for the UN Charter that Israel is clearly violating, Canada is also in breach of its agreement obligations, while simultaneously condoning Israel’s consistent violation of international law.

“A Call From Within,” a letter signed by 500 Israeli citizens, many of them prominent artists and scholars, was sent to all the European Union Ambassadors in Israel on January 9th 2009, calling for a massive intervention by the international community including “the adoption of immediate restrictive measures and sanctions.”

The Canada-Israel Declaration of Intent on Public Safety Signed in March 2008 – without any debate in parliament and next to no media attention – this agreement targets direct Canada-Israel security cooperation in a number of areas, including border management and security, correctional services and prisons, illegal immigration, and crime prevention – to name only a few. We must ask ourselves why Canada is pursuing this secretive ‘Declaration of Intent’? We do not share a border with Israel, so what is the underlying agenda? Echoing a statement made by Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Canada should identify and define the qualities sought in a public safety partner before launching into agreements so central to a nation’s values. As a country apparently founded on the principles enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we must limit our public safety partners to those who uphold human and humanitarian rights; a failure to do so categorically undermines our commitment to the Charter. Ending Impunity – What We Can Do “A Call From Within,” a letter signed by 500 Israeli citizens, many of them prominent artists and scholars, was sent to all the European Union Ambassadors in Israel on January 9th 2009, calling for a massive intervention by the international community including “the adoption of immediate restrictive measures and sanctions.” It called on the world to stop handling Israel with “kid gloves” - an interesting reference to the way in which the world appeases Israel in order to avoid confrontation and the awful ‘anti-Semitic’ label. It is imperative that we stop dealing with the state of Israel as if it were made of a rare and delicate porcelain, and start both recognizing and exposing its grave violations of human rights and international law. We must also firmly reject the irrational notion that criticism of Israel likens one to being anti-Semitic, even if last year Stephen Harper announced that anti-Israeli sentiment was “really just a thinly disguised veil for good-old fashioned anti-semitism.” Not only is this false, but it also inhibits our moral responsibility as Canadians and global citizens to take immediate and concrete action against Israel, just as we did in the 1980s and early 1990s to help put an end to apartheid in South Africa. Indeed, in 1985 the Canadian government adopted a number of punitive measures against South Africa including prohibiting certain imports, banning all flights bound for South Africa, as well as putting an end to the sale of equipment to the police, armed forces, and ConTinuED pAgE


national ConTinuED froM pAgE

Towards the republic of Kanata

The time has come to end our complicity in mass murder. Our exposure of the Canadian genocide has simultaneously indicted the social order that gave rise to it. Euro-Canadian Christian society as a whole stands condemned in the dock alongside those persons who ran the Indian residential schools, sterilized and murdered children, spread smallpox, and dug mass graves. Despite their best efforts to ignore this fact and contain the whole matter with pseudo “apologies”, the Canadian government and its partner Catholic, Anglican and United churches now face the same kind of historical reckoning that Nazi Germany did after its defeat in 1945: an awakening to their own criminal nature. On April 20, 2007, Canada and those churches suffered a fundamental moral defeat in Parliament, when the first cabinet minister in Canadian history publicly acknowledged that untold thousands of children had died in Christian Indian residential schools. The extent of this defeat has yet to be appreciated by most Canadians, or even indigenous people. But its impact is nevertheless reverberating throughout every level of society and undermining the very basis of Canada ’s existence. The question now is how to draw the larger conclusions of this defeat in order to reinvent Canada from the top down, and the bottom up, with a basic purpose: the establishment of a decolonized, secular, and genuinely democratic federation of sovereign nations: The Republic of Kanata.


Party to seek direct input from First Nations communities across Canada to work with us to create policies that best address native issues. The Canadian Action Party wants to search together for ways to transform the corruption and incompetence of the Canadian government and corporate sectors, the police services, and the judiciary. We want to work with Native individuals and communities to restore justice and individual sovereignty within Canada while enabling aboriginal communities to thrive. Canadian Action Party is certainly reemerging as a party speaking truth to power, seeking to shine a new light on creative solutions for our communities that will bring health and well being to Canadians. Together with the progress of the global awakening we will create a Canadian legacy which will be truly representational for individuals of all creeds, faiths and beliefs. -CAP

Why not vote Conservative?

Shedding the past, Creating a future Canada has never been allowed to become a sovereign and democratic nation because of its historical role as a resource base and captured market for first the British and then the American empire. That dependency required that Canada remain frozen as a colonial, church-dominated, semi-feudal society: a condition that has caused the sustained genocide of indigenous peoples and the destruction of their lands, and now threatens the lives of all of us. The two attempted democratic revolutions in our history – the abortive rebellions in 1837 in Upper and Lower Canada, and the Metis Insurrection of 1885 in the Red River basin – had as their common aim the ending of an Imperial oligarchy and the creation of a democratic Republic in which aboriginals and Europeans could coexist equally. The crushing of both rebellions ensured that oligarchy and apartheid would remain the political norm in Canada. And yet, the same vision of freedom that propelled these revolts had been first offered by the eastern Six Nations to the arriving Europeans through the “Two Road Wampum” Great Law of Peace, in which both cultures would share the land and not seek to dominate or conquer the other. That offer was rejected not by Europeans as a whole, but by the religious and commercial elite who ran the foreign policy of both the French and British Empires, especially during the European Religious Wars of the formative 17th century. a neo colonial regime like Canada , where “the Crown” legally owns all the land, native people must continue to be killed off, legally and methodically, for such theft to continue. A constant aboriginal death rate twenty times the national average is the deadly proof of this regime.

Time and again, the Catholic and Protestant churches subverted peaceful relations between whites and natives, and among aboriginal nations such as the Huron and Iroquois, as part of their plan to exterminate all non-Christian peoples and take their land. In the words of the Jesuit missionary Jean Brebeuf, “There can be no peace or parity between the savages and Christians. This is required by our Faith and the fur trade.” Canada as we know it has arisen on the basis of this basic philosophy of Christian Superior Dominion. There is still no equality between natives and non-natives in Canada because of an apartheid Indian Act that relegates “Indians” to a separate and inferior status, and holds most of them in a state of permanent sickness, landlessness and poverty on their own lands. Such permanent internal colonialism is required by the foreign and domestic corporate interests that run Canada as a fuel pump and watering hole. Quite simply, in a neo colonial regime like Canada , where “the Crown” legally owns all the land, native people must continue to be killed off, legally and methodically, for such theft to continue. A constant aboriginal death rate twenty times the national average is the deadly proof of this regime. This genocidal reality will never change in Canada as it is presently constituted, since the maintenance of natives, and the poor generally, as a disempowered cash cow for others to exploit is an institutionalized part of Canadian society. The nine billion dollar Indian Affairs industry requires a sick, dependent aboriginal populace, and a compliant class of collaborating native elites to administer ConTinuED pAgE


by Boyd Adams


ell, here we are. "Conservative" government since January 2006. Brought to you by none other than Stephen Harper and the Reform Party of Alberta. Oh, I mean the "Conservative" Party of Canada... Right... After handing our softwood lumber over to the United States and creating the largest man made natural disaster in our history out of the Tar Sands, good ole Stevie has proceeded to treat the First Nations like the scum of the earth while enlisting the help of the LIEberals to destroy Status of Women Canada. His good friends in the LIEberal socalled "opposition" even helped him pass sweeping immigration reforms. Now not only do I not have to be concerned with paying Canadian taxes, but you can take some time off work while the "temporary foreign worker" does your job (for a lot less and with no benefits).

“It is not enough that so many Canadian soldiers give their lives defending the crusaders in their ordained duty to "strip search" defenseless muslim women because they are a different religion than we are.” I sure am glad the LIEberals helped ole Stevie pass his mess. Not only would it guarantee a deficit bigger than anyone expected, but there were a lot of other goodies packed in the fine print. We no longer have to worry about women seeking mitigation with the Canadian Human Rights Commission for equal wages. Isn't that just wonderful? I like the way Stephen Harper stuck old Diane ConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE n3 other South African departments and agencies involved in the enforcement of apartheid. We’ve done this before and we need to do it again.

“We must also firmly reject the irrational notion that criticism of Israel likens one to being anti-Semitic.” Given Israel’s track record, as well as our supposed respect for international law and human rights, it is troubling that in 2008 alone Israeli exports to Canada rose 45 percent, accounting for nearly $828 million (US) in sales and contracts. We cannot condone this any longer, not in our name. We must put an end to our complicity and come together to join a global movement that will help bring Israel’s apartheid-like regime to an end. There are several ways in which we can respond to Palestinian calls for solidarity. First, we can call on the Canadian government to immediately suspend its cooperation agreements with Israel, until it recognizes fundamental Palestinian human rights. Second, we can join the global Boycott, Divestments, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, which originated in Palestine in 2005, and boycott all products made in Israel (generally beginning with a 729 barcode), and isolate companies that do business there. Third, we can show our solidarity with Palestine while bolstering its economy and encouraging sustainable development by purchasing fair trade Palestinian products such as olives, olive oil, dates, couscous, almonds, thyme (za-atar), soap, and honey. Organizations such as the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC), located in the West Bank city of Ramallah, can arrange international exports, or their products can be purchased in Canada through organizations such as Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP), located in Montreal. Kole Kilibarda of Canadians Against Israeli Apartheid put it most succinctly when he said, “every step taken toward isolating Israel for its violations of Palestinian rights makes it more likely to win shortterm demands, such as lifting the siege on Gaza.” Not only is relatively easy, it’s the right thing to do. So, how about it? -G.S.

A referendum on Everything


national n3 this sickness. For the resulting totalitarian control of native people at every level is precisely what resource-hungry corporations need to take the last remnants of oil, timber, minerals and water from what is still aboriginal land. Such a structurally criminal regime cannot be tinkered with or reformed, resting as it does on the oppression of most of the population, whether native or non-native. The existence of Canadians as “subjects of the Crown” under the ultimate authority of one person – a Governor-General accountable only to a foreign monarch – amounts to a state of legal slavery utterly repugnant to democracy and sovereignty. “The only way to reform a colonial system is by dismantling it” said the great Irish nationalist, Bernadette Devlin. And the key to dismantling the Canadian oligarchy is to establish responsible government by severing ties with the English monarchy and creating a federated and secular Republic of sovereign indigenous nations with full public ownership of the economy, the land, and all its resources. In short, every vestige of the system that spawned genocide in Canada needs to be abolished, if we are serious about ending its legacy and doing justice to aboriginal people and residential school survivors. We believe that the original vision of the Two Road Wampum is still possible to enact in our land: of equality and living justice between all our nations. But to build this dream, we must first dismantle that which has prevented it.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

A program for Ending genocide Legal genocide in Canada has rested historically on three pillars: a colonial political oligarchy under the authority of the English Crown; a powerful, unaccountable and state-protected religious oligarchy in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and later, the state-created United Church; and a foreign-controlled, dependent economy. To dismantle the root causes of genocide in Canada, we must replace all three of these systems, through a process of active de-construction and reconstruction: undoing what caused the wrong and building an altogether new political and social regime in its place. To commence, our general aim must be the following steps of “decolonization and de-construction” in order to lay the basis for a true democratic and secular Republic:

ConTinuED froM pAgE


'Stepford Wife' Finley up there so she could coldly turn away American war heroes [You know, the ones who refused to run over children in Iraq and Afghanistan.] while she opened the flood gates for his big foreign banker friends to the south. Don't you just love that good ole tokenism? Speaking of tokens, he could toss a little coinage to his pal Sarah Palin over there for all her help with the pipeline running into Alaska from Alberta. That would be nice, considering that she thought Stef Carse was the Prime Minister. Ha ha ha... Well, no hard feelings. You know, while we're on the subject of "hard" and "feelings", why don't we talk about how Harper is bringing Canadian social policy in line with that of his banjo-strawhat bumpkin pals to the south? You know, he tried to sell RADARSAT2 to a U.S. military contractor. He even wanted to disband our senate. Remember that? Well, that's not good enough. He wanted to revert into historical revisionism as well. He wanted a death penalty in Canada, so that his Public Safety minister does not have to sneak around about shooting Latino kids in the back in Montreal anymore. I've even heard that "Conservatives" want to have corporal punishment in schools in Canada. That would be great, wouldn't it? It is not enough that so many Canadian soldiers give their lives defending the crusaders in their ordained duty to "strip search" defenseless muslim women because they are a different religion than we are. No... We need to import the United States' version of good ole fashioned schoolin' straight to Canada so our children can grow up learnin' a thang or two about sociology, eh, Stevie? When them thar womenfolk yonder talks back, Stephen Harper has an idea of how to handle that. He learned it from his good ole American friends down south. Just take a look... "Conservative" government in action!

I. Politically: Active disaffiliation from the English Crown and the Canadian state and its courts;


II. Spiritually: Disestablishment of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada; and

The Ascendancy of the new World psychiatric Disorder

III. Socially: De-corporatizing our economy and establishing local, self-sufficient economies under public ownership. A real Program of Justice for all victims of genocide in Canada must restore social equality, the health of the land, and democratic sovereignty of all nations within Kanata , through these and other measures: i.

1. Abolish the office of the Governor-General, disavow all Oaths of Allegiance to the British Crown, and issue a formal Declaration of Independence from the Crown. 2. Establish a new Constitution of the Republic of Kanata. Reconstitute Canada as a federated and secular Republic of Kanata, based on a recognition of the root title sovereignty of all indigenous nations and of the common ownership by all citizens of the economy, wealth, lands and resources of Kanata. 3. Abolish the Canadian armed forces, the Indian Act, the federal and provincial courts, the Senate, the RCMP, and the Indian and Northern Affairs department and their puppet aboriginal agencies. 4. Create a new standing army based on popular citizen militias. 5. Establish popular, indigenous courts of law.

by Timothy Dobbyn


orgive me for my ignorance. I've only managed to sit through a couple minutes at a time, watching our elected officials at work. From what I've observed they don't do much, besides hollering at each other across the floor like children. (Actually in school, children are told to speak one at a time.) I really wonder how often do they actually “get any work done?” I'll go out on a limb and wager that it averages out to about once a week or less. There really must be a better way to make the decisions that affect us all. Government is obsolete. No conscious person cares in the slightest for these bland political “parties” and their personality cults we have to choose from. The last thing we need is more elections and more politicians, those dinosaurs have had their day in the sun and it was over a long time ago .


ConTinuED pAgE


Spiritually: 1. Tax the churches: Revoke the charitable tax-exempt status of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church, nationalize all church property and land, audit and assess all payments owed by these churches to the people and indigenous nations since their inception, and return all lands and effects stolen by these churches from native people. 2. Revoke the legal charters and legislation governing the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, and thereby end their official, legal status. 3. End diplomatic recognition of the Vatican and expel the Papal Nuncio. 4. Separate church and state: no funding for religious schools or churches, no religious oaths or functions connected to the state, no state protection for clergy or churches (i.e., revoke sections 176 and 296 of the Criminal Code of Canada).

“The world is a much different place than it was when these systems of government were devised. They don't seem to be able to adapt to the current situation and are completely out of touch.” Now that we have the Internet and nearly universal access, we could be spending 5 minutes a day voting on whatever issues we care about instead of voting for the politicians every 6 months. It's a pretty bold move, I'm aware. But I think we need to make bold moves to stave off impending doom and the converging catastrophes which are anchored just offshore. So many problems fester for years while they bicker about the budgets, trade insults and plan their next election campaigns. A lot of them know how to talk and tell you what you want to hear. But almost never does one come to the fore ready and able to change the most glaring of problems in this country.


5. Establish a public, international inquiry into crimes of these churches against native people, including in Indian residential schools, with the power to subpoena, try and jail offenders. iii.

Socially: A Jubilee Campaign to restore the land and economy to the people:

1. Cancel all debts and mortgages, and return all land to its original owners. 2. Place banks, money supply and credit under public ownership and control. 3. Impose a 100% tax on all wealth gained by inheritance, interest and specConTinuED pAgE n5

A book by Christopher p. Holmes

ZEro poinT Institute for Mystical and Spiritual Science R. R. 1, KARS, Ontario, Canada K0A 2E0, (613) 7216182, 558-2966 Visit: Zero Point Publications 2009 “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” J. E. Hoover, former head of the fBi “At present the population of the world is increasing...If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full...the state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it? Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others….Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an orConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE


Some things that are in dire need of attention: -Decriminalization of drugs and prostitution. -Implementation of the Tobin tax. -Reining in the police forces and putting in place a neutral party to investigate them when they break the law. -Removing the Canadian military from the unwinable and unjust occupation of Afghanistan Withdrawal of subsidies from the tar sands. Taking concrete actions to quickly take action against climate change. -Deciding if we really need a $enate. -Changing the capital city to Winnipeg. It's more central and nobody likes Ottawa. -No doubt there would be a lot of kinks to figure out like: How would we get people interested in voting on a regular basis? -How would we make sure the system is secure? -How would the issues to be voted on be selected? -What to do with all the money we save, on not having a sitting government body? -Who gets to go to the gala banquets and trips overseas? Yes it's true there are a lot of questions to be answered. But it does seem like a tasty idea doesn't it. A true, direct and pure democracy. Where everyone has a voice and a vote that actually counts for something. Or the closest resemblance we could find for this huge country anyways. Think of the money we would save! $300 million per federal election, plus the comfortable salaries and pensions our elected officials rake in. True, a secure website capable of handling 100 million votes a day would probably not be cheap but would still be a substantial savings. It does seem like a long shot to change the way we are governed in the slightest. We can't make proportional representation happen in this country. Even allowing people to vote online in our current elections is a long shot, though it would probably boost voter turnout in a big way. The world is a much different place than it was when these systems of government were devised. They don't seem to be able to adapt to the current situation and are completely out of touch. Does it really make any sense at all anymore to be governed by an elite body prancing around in their weird victorian customs?

national n4 ulation, and abolish all income tax. 4. Establish a maximum wage and redistribute all surplus income to the lower paid. 5. Collect all back taxes owed by corporations and impose a special tax on the super wealthy and on corporate profits. 6. Abolish foreign ownership of the economy. 7. Abolish all land speculation and the commercial trading in land. 8. Nationalize all resources. 9. Socialize all housing, medicine, education and transportation, and make these services freely available to all people. 10. Create Local Exchange and Trading (LET) networks across Kanata to decentralize and democratize the economy, abolish money and credit, and harmonize humanity with the earth.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

A Gaia Campaign to restore the health and harmony of the land: 1. Impose a Green Tax on all privately owned vehicles in order to phase out their use. 2. Abolish nuclear power and the uranium industry. 3. Develop wind, solar and tidal energy industries. 4. Phase out petrol vehicles, and replace with non-polluting, mass-transit systems. 5. Immediately nationalize all polluting industries and abolish or eco-convert them. 6. Legally limit the size of all land ownership to no larger than 100 hectares. 7. Collectivize all farming and agriculture, and abolish all pesticides and herbicides. 8. Abolish the sale and commercialization of water: Provide free, universal access to water through the establishment of public ownership over all water resources.

Acting on this Vision and program These proposals are but a beginning in a long process of social and spiritual emancipation from corporate genocide. Our purpose as a de-colonizing movement is to create a new society within the shell of the old: to bring about a parallel social order in opposition to “Canada” through a massive democratic movement from below. We can only succeed in this goal through a conscious, activated citizenry who take control of their lives and the land, and undo the legal and mental slavery foisted upon them. Consequently, we reject any reliance on or involvement in the existing parliamentary or electoral system, which is based on an undemocratic allegiance to a foreign monarch. Instead, we will seek to create new popular assemblies and courts through which the people can express their will freely and openly, justice can be directly enacted, and the present political system can be overturned. We will use mass civil disobedience, strikes, withholding of taxes, and other direct actions to undermine and replace Canada and its institutions with a truly democratic republic. Without an independent land and economic base, we cannot create the Republic of Kanata. We therefore look to peoples' direct actions to secure such resources for our Republic, by helping them to withdraw their allegiance to and involvement in the existing economic system.

Many problems, many solutions. - T.D.

helping ei recipients move by Yvan Ung


nstead of spending money to celebrate provincial and national holidays, how about canceling the Celebrate Canada program and handing this money ($6.7 million) to EI recipients at the moment of address change? In the wake of Adscam, there is a high risk that the Conservative government may use this money to fund propaganda at the taxpayer's expense as the Liberals did with their Adscam. It is time for the population to realize that the ads provided as part of Adscam did not make Quebecers any more loyal to Canada than before. The federal government can no longer prop up holidays that are increasingly seen as either city-funded or province-funded; therefore, we must leave the cities and the provinces full responsibility in this respect. Since we're talking about reforming EI, and that EI recipients tend to spend whatever EI money in full and quite rapidly at that, it could be better since we could aid the poor EI recipients to move, even and especially if said recipients change addresses for a new job. How it will work: since each and every Employment Insurance recipient has to declare to the EI authorities their new addresses whenever they change addresses, each and every address change will be accompanied by a $250 check. It matters not how the EI payments will be changed otherwise; it will just increase the number of $250 checks handed out. Even if we left EI as it is now, it is clear that there wouldn't be enough money to help every EI recipient that moved while still on EI with $6.7 million, much less so if we implemented all the ConTinuED pAgE


Our purpose as a de-colonizing movement is to create a new society within the shell of the old: to bring about a parallel social order in opposition to “Canada” through a massive democratic movement from below. We can only succeed in this goal through a conscious, activated citizenry who take control of their lives and the land, and undo the legal and mental slavery foisted upon them. We call upon all those who share our vision and goals to take these three steps: a) withdraw their funds from all banks and financial institutions and reinvest them in cooperative agencies established by our movement, b) withhold all taxes and other payments from every level of government in "Canada", and c) join the Local Exchange and Trading (LET) networks established by our movement to create alternative, agricultural-based green economies. In short, we are declaring an economic boycott of the present regime in order to build a future for our planet and all its people. To coordinate and lead this campaign, we look to a mass revolutionary party to engender but not dominate our movement. The creation of a democratic and secular Republic of Kanata will unleash the greatest freedom and diversity among the people, who will learn through their own struggles the meaning of self-government. Our underlying recognition is that true democracy and sovereignty cannot come into being or survive without the complete public ownership of all of Kanata by all the people. The poorest person has as equal a right to the land and its wealth as the richest, and we shall work to create a society where all class distinctions and the private ownership of the economy have been abolished. We encourage you to share this Program and Vision, and begin to act on it, for you are Kanata, and the future. As a first step, we call upon all people who are in agreement with this Vision and Program to take the Pledge of Allegiance to Kanata (below) and to form organizing committees in their communities to prepare for the formal launching of the Republican Party of Kanata. We especially look to the sovereign hereditary elders and clan mothers of all indigenous nations to endorse our movement and work with us to end the oligarchical church-state regime known as "Canada". In solidarity and hope for our common future, - The Elders and National Council of the Republican Movement of Kanata

n4 ganized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.” Bertrand russell, The impact of Science on Society

ConTinuED froM pAgE

“The Rockefeller Foundation has the SAME agenda as the Illuminati and the Gates Foundation. David Rockefeller, a member of the Illuminati, is a founder and member of several organizations such as the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers and the Club of Rome, whose purpose is to a) set up a One World Government, b) control ALL business throughout the world and, c) dramatically and rapidly reducing the population of the world from 6 billion to 500 million, by war, disease and famine.” Dr. L. Day, 2008 “… international terrorism does NOT exist and the September 11 attacks were the result of a set-up. What we are seeing is a manipulation by the big powers; this terrorism would not exist without them. “Terrorism” talk is the weapon used in a new type of war in complicity with the media, which allows modifying international politics and changing existing reality. In other words, “Terrify the people with incessant talk of “Terrorism” so they will give up their rights and become malleable slaves in the hands of the New World Order.” general Leonid ivashov, Axis for peace 2005 Conference

Chapter 1 There’s an Elephant in the room


he expression that “There is an elephant in the room” refers to the idea of there being something highly obvious to perception but to which no one responds. No one talks about the elephant in the room even though it is right there in front of everyone and its presence poses a threat to all involved. However, people carry on as if there is no elephant in the room—as if they are too numbed, confused or afraid. Instead, people carry on their busy lives while ignoring the elephant in the room and not speaking about it. Today, in Canada, we have an elephant in the room—something quite monstrous which is threatening us as a nation, in our individual lives and that of our children and grandchildren, and it threatens to bring about further wars, starvation, impoverishment, poisoning, violence and human suffering throughout Canada and the broader world. The Beast has already stolen our countries and resources from us and is threatening even our continued existence on this planet. E. Hoover, former head of the FBI, referred to a conspiracy “so monstrous” that a normal individual could not conceive or imagine that such might exist. Along the same line, Dwight Eisenhower, former president of the United States, warned us of the “military-industrial complex” which threatened the future of American democracy; as had John Kennedy warned before his assassination. Unfortunately, conspiracies are real and history is littered with the tragedies deliberately created for the masses by the shadow elements within our societies—the real terrorists of modern times.

“Some people will want to dismiss me as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ which is actually a label that I would be pleased to accept. Firstly, science is made up of ‘theories’—like the theory of relativity, quantum theory, the theory of evolution, cognitivebehavioural theory, and much more. So as I consider myself a scientist...” Some people will want to dismiss me as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ which is actually a label that I would be pleased to accept. Firstly, science is made up of ‘theories’—like the theory of relativity, quantum theory, the theory of evolution, cognitivebehavioural theory, and much more. So as I consider myself a scientist, I try to understand the evidences and competing theories which explain the various conspiracies being carried forward in our era and which have been carried out through the centuries. If anyone is not a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ then they simply understand nothing of human history as most of the blood stains through the tapestry of human history are the results of such conspiracies. ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora n5 changes requested by the opposition concerning EI access. The last thing we need to get a clear estimate of the costs is the number of movings done by EI recipients in a given year, or a good approximation thereof. I know that this suggestion, if implemented, would make many EI recipients' lives easier when moving from a domicile to another. I hope this suggestion will be well received among the population, for there is a pressing need for it and, although its impact will be limited, its impact is immediate.


ConTinuED froM pAgE

n5 The term ‘conspiracy’ suggests ‘breathing together’ –in private or away from public view with the intent of engaging in criminal and illegal activities. Criminals on all levels are always conspiring and that is the basis of organized crime. In 2006, the Bilderberg group met in Kanata, Ontario, just outside of Ottawa, to conspire together. The head of the world bank, representatives of all the financial elites, the queen of Holland, war criminal Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, media moguls and all, gathered together to plan the next stages of bringing about their “new world order”—world government by the scumbags at the top. People meet together and conspire about the criminal things they intend to do to the world’s populations, who still believe that they live in democracies. In 2007, these creeps met in Turkey, in 2008, West Virginia, USA, and in 2009 in Turkey. All of the Canadian Prime Ministers of recent history have been involved with the Bilderberg group, as it is within these inner circles that the fortunes of the parties, the leaders and the country are conspired.

ConTinuED froM pAgE


- Y.U.



am writing to you on a matter of deep concern, not only to myself but to millions of people throughout the world. By way of introduction, may I simply say that I am a Canadian citizen who was in New York City just days after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. A great public trust was broken in the aftermath of 9/11 when authorities from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a government body whose stated mission is "to protect human health and the environment", gave the go-ahead for people to return to work in the general area of Manhattan surrounding ground zero. The EPA's indication that there was no risk to health was seriously flawed and an army of debilitated people attest to this. Like hundreds of firefighters and countless other citizens, I too breathed the toxic air that hung over Manhattan in the wake of what is undoubtedly one of the most precipitous and far-reaching socio-political events of all time.

Not in babies: In a review of more than 51 studies involving more than 294,000 children, it was found there was “no evidence that injecting children 6-24 months of age with a flu shot was any more effective than placebo. In children over 2 yrs, it was only effective 33% of the time in preventing the flu. Reference: Vaccines for preventing influenza in healthy children." The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. 2 (2008). Not in children with asthma: A study 800 children with asthma, where one half were vaccinated and the other half did not receive the influenza vaccine. The two groups were compared with respect to clinic visits, emergency department (ED) visits, and hospitalizations for asthma. CONCLUSION: This study failed to provide evidence that the influenza vaccine prevents pediatric asthma exacerbations. Reference: “Effectiveness of influenza vaccine for the prevention of asthma exacerbations.” Christly, C. et al. Arch Dis Child. 2004 Aug;89(8):734-5. Not in children with asthma (2): “The inactivated flu vaccine, Flumist, does not prevent influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma…In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than children who do not get the vaccine.” Reference: The American Thoracic Society’s 105th International Conference, May 15-20, 2009, San Diego. 'Some vaccines, including the MMR, smallpox, and chickenpox vaccines, contain live viruses. By giving three and sometimes four live viruses together, the risk of developing a lifetime viral infection (a persistent viral infection) increases tremendously. This is especially so with the MMR vaccine, which contains two live viruses known to suppress the immune system for months. That suppression effect is powerful. It resembles the immune suppression seen with the HIV virus associated with AIDS. During this prolonged period of immune suppression, both adults and children will be much more likely to develop other infections. This means that your child might die from meningitis or chickenpox as a direct result of the vaccine and not because not enough people vaccinated their children, as the vaccine proponents would have you think. One virus a child might contract during the period of immune suppression is the cytomegalovirus, which commonly infects babies and small children whose immune systems are suppressed. This virus is strongly associated with carotid stenosis, which causes strokes in adults.' _47.pdf 2) SQUALINE HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED ON CHILDREN

Since the very day of the disaster, I have sustained an avid quest to understand what happened. This has included countless hours of research on the subject - research that continues to convince me that the official investigation conducted by the US Government is far from complete. It is clear to me that there are many, many ConTinuED pAgE


Vaccines themselves can be dangerous, especially live, attenuated viral vaccines or the new recombinant nucleic acid vaccines, they have the potential to generate virulent viruses by recombination and the recombinant nucleic acids could cause autoimmune diseases. A further major source of toxicity in the case of the flu vaccines are the adjuvants, substances added in order to boost the immunogenicity of the vaccines. There is a large literature on the toxicities of adjuvants. Most flu vaccines contain dangerous levels of mercury in the form of thimerosal, a deadly preservative 50 times more toxic than mercury itself. At high enough doses, it can cause long-term immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioural dysfunctions. Also associated with mercury poisoning are autism, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, and speech and language deficiencies. Another common adjuvant is alum or aluminium hydroxide, which can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis, and macrophage myofascitis, a chronic inflammation syndrome, In cats, alum also gives rise to fibrosarcomas at the site of injection. Numerous new adjuvants are no better, and could be worse. According to a recent review in a science and business pharmaceutical publication, most newer adjuvants including MF59, ISCOMS, QS21, AS02, and AS04 have “substantially higher local reactogenicity and systemic toxicity than alum.” The new H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine is going to be made by Novartis. It will probably be made in PER.C6 cells (human retina cells) and contain MF59, a potentially debilitating adjuvant. MF-59 is an oil-based adjuvant primarily composed of squalene, Tween 80 and Span85. All oil adjuvants injected into rats were found toxic. All rats developed an MSlike disease that left them crippled, dragging their paralyzed hindquarters across their cages. Squalene caused severe arthritis (3 on scale of 4). Squalene in humans at 10-20 ppb (parts per billion) lead to severe immune responses, such as autoimConTinuED pAgE


And so, we have an elephant in the room, a monstrous conspiracy, and the peoples are unable to speak of it or deal with the enormity of the problems and lies.

The government itself has conspiracy theories—ones to confuse and deceive the sleeping public who are led to believe all kinds of ridiculous things which people swallow whole as if they were quite stupid. Particularly, the governments maintains the ridiculous myth that Osama Bin Laden and his reindeer made the New York twin towers blow up and collapse in fifteen seconds each, and that an airplane hit the Pentagon and disappeared into a fourteen foot hole, and that no-one covered anything up. These are Tales of fantasy right out of Hollywood and sold through the hypnosis of the media with its multiple levels of deceit, spin and misinformation. People cannot believe in a conspiracy “so monstrous” that our government, police and media would all deliberately deceive the Canadian, American and world populations as to the true causes and events of 9-11. It is certainly more comforting to believe in Arab or Muslim terrorism and to believe the propaganda of our government and media, than it is to grasp the even more ugly truths. In the movie The Matrix, the hero is offered a red pill which enables him to wake up and begin to learn the truth about the matrix, or a blue pill to go back to sleep and return to normal life. If you take the red pill, you will see the elephant in the room and over time you will understand it more and more clearly—who these people are, what their schemes and philosophies are, why they are so degenerated in their nature as to engage in such organized patterns of criminal activity and even in programs of population reduction. People cannot see the real monster within the room. The monsters were not under the bed, nor over the ocean in Afghanistan and Iraq, but instead, the monsters are within our society and control the American and Canadian governments, the police, intelligence and military communities, the media and corporations, the pharmaceutical, hospital and medical industries, the brainwashing of your children through the ‘educational system,’ and the impotent churches, synagogues and mosques. The Canadian people and the Canadian government are controlled by a criminal class of corporate elite, financiers and ‘banksters,’ and government officials. This system, whereby our elected officials are only the puppets of the shadow government can now be more clearly understood and proven. The evidences have all come out as the internet has made a wealth of documentary movies and evidences available to capable researchers, Of course, there are still many mysteries and unresolved issues but the overwhelming volume of evidence clearly document the nature of the monstrous conspiracy which has been perpetrated upon the peoples of Canada, the United States and elsewhere around the world. The elites themselves declare their intention of bringing about ‘a new world order’— which I prefer to call the ‘old world psychiatric disorder’—a world controlled by psychopaths, perverts and pedophiles, megalomaniacs and the ‘masters of war,’ that Bob Dylan sang of thirty years ago. And so, we have an elephant in the room, a monstrous conspiracy, and the peoples are unable to speak of it or deal with the enormity of the problems and lies. Further, Canada has been lost. While we were sleeping, they have come ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora n6 unanswered questions. I am not alone in my disbelief. Notable among other disbelievers are hundreds of architects and engineers (Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth) who are constantly bringing forth new evidence regarding the actual physics of this grave matter. Countless independent investigators are also piecing together far-flung pieces of the puzzle. These include the victim’s families, many of whom are still grieving the loss of loved ones because of a lack of closure with what actually happened. They seek the truth that will set them free from their grief.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

A SPECIAL REQUEST On this, the first day of Fire Prevention Month here in British Columbia, I am poignantly aware of the many firefighters who died, directly and indirectly, as a result of the 9/11 tragedy. It is with these many brave souls in mind, that I present you with a special request. My request is that you, personally or by delegation to someone of high political stature, urge President Obama to reopen the official investigation into 9/11. Along with that request, I urge you to include reference to a similar request by actor Charlie Sheen who, on September 11, 2009, presented the world with both an open letter and a video addressed directly to the President. Both messages detail a number of unanswered questions pertinent to the events of September 11, 2001. They present a comprehensive point of departure for any discussion of the matter. For your convenience, I refer you to the following website where you will find Mr. Sheen's complete letter to the president, his video and a comprehensive bibliography containing all of the evidence he presents: Additionally, here is a link to the official website of Architects and Engineers For 9/11 Truth spoken of above: With these information resources at your disposal, I feel certain you will agree that a new investigation of 9/11 is in order. Please keep me apprised of efforts you will be taking to fulfill my request by having your office respond to my letter at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

national n6 mune arthritis and lupus. Reference: Kenney, RT. Edleman, R. "Survey of human-use adjuvants." Expert Review of Vaccines. 2 (2003) p171. Reference: Matsumoto, Gary. Vaccine A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GI’s Are Only the First Victims of this Vaccine. New York: Basic Books. p54.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Squalene caused severe arthritis (3 on scale of 4). Squalene in humans at 10-20 ppb (parts per billion) lead to severe immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus. 'GSK's proprietary adjuvant is called ASO4. It contains alum and MPL. MPL stands for monophosphoryl lipid A. The U.S. Army's proprietary (unlicensed) adjuvant developed prior to the first Gulf War for use in a second generation anthrax vaccine was called Tri-Mix or Triple Mix. Tri-Mix contained MPL (monophosphoryl lipid A) and squalene. After the war, Army scientists considered MPL to be too toxic, so they began working with Chiron Corporation of Emeryville, CA to develop an adjuvant that contained squalene and water only ... on the assumption that adjuvant toxicity with Tri-Mix was due to MPL. This assumption also proved incorrect. There are more than two dozen animal studies that generated data demonstrating squalene's ability to induce autoimmunity; and there is disputed evidence that nanodoses of squalene in anthrax vaccine sickened countless military personnel who received squalene-tainted vaccine during AVIP. MPL was also a component of the Ribi Adjuvant System. The Ribi Adjuvant System, or RAS, is a derivative of Tri-Mix, which is approved for use in animals only. There is no existing data showing whether MPL elicits an immune response specific to it. If MPL is immunogenic, it raises the possibility of a dangerous "cross reaction." The human body is full of lipids. Antibodies and immune cells responding to MPL might also respond to other lipids in the body, thus breaking tolerance for endogenous lipids (those native to the human body) and initiating autoimmunity.' Gary Matsumoto - Journalist/Author of Vaccine A "Carcinogenicity - we have done no testing for the carcinogenicity of MF59 adjuvant or any of our vaccines. We haven't done it and we don't plan to." Dr. Novicki, Scientist for Novartis, FDA-NIH Meeting, 12/2008 p.391

Sincerely, Dwayne Edward Rourke Cumberland, BC

The Institute of Medicine has warned that infants, children, and pregnant women should not be injected with thimerosal, and yet the majority of flu shots contain 25 micrograms of it.

upDATE/fLASHBACK: Bill C-51, Codex and the Spp

It has been calculated that, by age two, American children have received 237 micrograms of mercury from vaccines alone, which far exceeds the current EPA “safe” level of 0.1 mcg/kg per day.

n6 and stolen it all away. Canadian democracy is a lie, as all five political parties—the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, the Bloc and the Greens are all part of the new world psychiatric disorder system, and all have played a role in deceiving the Canadian public in support of the elitists’ agenda. None will speak the truth of 9-11 and have allowed the Canadian public to be intentionally deceived while our soldiers die in a criminal war in Afghanistan. The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, confirms his support even for the Israeli war crimes and terrorist acts committed against the people of Gaza. The Prime Minister hides the fact of Israeli involvement in perpetrating the 9-11 events, now clearly known, and the sick Zionist control of western governments and the media has now been more widely exposed. On a truth net radio show, one announcer tells the joke of there being a sign within the Senate of the US, reading, ‘Beware, Israeli occupied territory.’ The Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations, all the Rockefeller and Rothschild institutes and think tanks, these groups and more, like those that conspire at Bohemian grove in California where the Bushes, Clintons and others run around with no clothes on, enjoy each others fine company and pee on trees, all of these are conspiratorial groups scheme such things as mass murders, war industries, how to steal the wealth of nations, how to sicken and starve the populations, how to modify the weather and use psychotropic weapons, what false flag terrorist events to stage next and who to blame it on, and much more. We have a nation ruled by lunatics and madmen, megalomaniacs and psychopaths whose ambitions for personal power, sexual perversions and greed, has allowed them to rise to the top, as scum rises on the waters of life. The sheep people of Canadian society know nothing of this or are afraid of even looking at the elephant in the room. Mainly they are under the mass hypnosis of their media—their televisions, radios and newspapers, and the lies perpetrated through the educational system. Canada has been lost to the control of these people, hidden behind the scene, while their corporate media lulls the population into sleep, feeding them propaganda and lies. The Media even plays a role in staging events and is actually scripted like a soap opera behind the scenes.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Nick Rockefeller explained to film maker Aaron Russo that the aim of the elites, so-called, is ultimately to have a micro-chipped population while the elites own all of the world’s wealth and natural resources, with common peoples confined to cities as worker populations.

Aaron russo

nick rockefeller


by Dana gabriel upDATE:


any will recall the intense opposition voiced against Bill C-51 which proposed sweeping changes to the Food and Drugs Act. There was also much contention surrounding Bill C-52, the Consumer Products Safety Act. Both Bills would have expanded the powers of Health Canada in areas of seizure and detention. After the last federal election in October 2008, the Harper government essentially reintroduced Bill C-52 as Bill C-6. It has now been passed in the House of Commons and is being debated in the Senate. The Conservatives con-

ConTinuED pAgE


The Institute of Medicine has warned that infants, children, and pregnant women should not be injected with thimerosal, and yet the majority of flu shots contain 25 micrograms of it. It has been calculated that, by age two, American children have received 237 micrograms of mercury from vaccines alone, which far exceeds the current EPA “safe” level of 0.1 mcg/kg per day. List of Vaccine Fillers: Officially administered by design with vaccines provided to the public. Combinations may vary . In addition to viral and bacterial RNA or DNA that is part of the vaccines, fillers include: aluminum hydroxide aluminum phosphate ammonium sulfate amphotericin B calf (bovine) serum betapropiolactone fetal bovine serum formaldehyde ConTinuED pAgE


The peoples of Canada have been completely deceived as to what Canada really is. It is a nation controlled by a criminal elite who have infiltrated the highest levels of our police and intelligence communities, the military and government, the banking and corporate worlds, the media and health care industries. These same criminal elites will now impoverish the population, consolidate more and more of the banks and corporations under their control, steal the pension funds of the peoples of Canada, sicken and weaken the population through the poisoning of the food and water supply, intentionally spread poisons among the population through inoculations and chemtrails, while they create an Orwellian nightmare world of Big Brother surveillance, police state mindsets and mind control methodologies. They even imagine that they are ‘masons,’ doing god’s work or that of Lucifer. The conspiracy really is monstrous and beyond the capacity of most little pea brains to grasp. Nick Rockefeller explained to film maker Aaron Russo that the aim of the elites, so-called, is ultimately to have a micro-chipped population while the elites own all of the world’s wealth and ConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora n7 tend that Bill C-6 has nothing to do with natural health products. There are still concerns that it contains elements of Bill C-51 and could threaten health choices. Part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) agenda, includes harmonizing regulations. Codex Alimentarius is about implementing a global food code and has the potential to further endanger health freedoms. It has been reported that Codex worldwide implementation is slated for December 31, 2009. Many initiatives such as Bill C-6 are moving forward under the guise of public safety and would further expand governmental powers which could be used to violate civil liberties.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

“There are still concerns that [Bill C-6] contains elements of Bill C-51 and could threaten health choices. Part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) agenda, includes harmonizing regulations.”

national ConTinuED froM pAgE


blood, rabbit brain,dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue) porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein *This data is available via:


Analysis of vaccine fillers:

by Dana gabriel


n April 8, 2008, Canada's Health Minister introduced Bill C-51 which proposed sweeping changes to the Food and Drugs Act. The Canadian government has since been forced to make amendments because of intense grassroots pressure. There are fears that this Bill could lead to some vitamins, herbs, minerals, and dietary supplements no longer being available in the country. Through the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), Canada, the U.S., and Mexico are already busy harmonizing food and drug regulations into a North American Union structure. Some have suggested that this Bill would also bring Canadian law into compliance with the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Bill C-51 has the potential to take away the rights of people to freely choose natural medicine as an alternative to expensive drug-based products and treatments.

If the Harper Conservative government thought that they were going to quietly pass Bill C-51, were they ever wrong. When word hit the Internet and blogosphere that up to 60% of natural health products currently sold in Canada could be outlawed, it sparked a swift and strong public reaction.

Bill C-51 will further encroach on civil liberties and increase police state measures. There is reason for concern because of the Bills ambiguous language in regards to raids and seizures. It has been referred to as a police state bill masquerading as a health bill. It will make it easier for Canadian officials to seize natural health products and remove them from store shelves. It grants inspectors the power to raid homes and businesses without a warrant and the power to seize bank accounts and property. Some might recall that in the early 90's, the FDA engaged in paramilitary raids on American health food stores, holistic treatment centers, and other nutritional supplement businesses. This behavior created such a public outcry and backlash, leading Congress to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) to protect the right of American consumers to purchase and use nutritional supplements. If the Harper Conservative government thought that they were going to quietly pass Bill C51, were they ever wrong. When word hit the InConTinuED pAgE


-ALUMINUM (two variants) - directly linked to Alzheimer's Disease -AMMONIUM SULFATE - an inorganic chemical compound used a fertilizer and "protein purifier"; known to cause kidney & liver damage, gastrointestinal disfunctions -AMPHOTERICIN B - an "antifungal disinfectant", damages the urinary tract, bowels, heart functions -EGG PROTEINS - includes Avian Viruses -FORMALDEHYDE - used as "a preservative & disinfectant", known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation when exposed to the body's immune system -MSG - now known to cause cancer in humans, also linked to obesity -PHENOL - a highly toxic disinfectant dye, attributed to liver, kidney, heart & respiratory damage -PHENOXYETHANOL (ANTIFREEZE) - proven to have extreme neurotoxic side effects -POLYSORBATE 80 (Tween80™) – which can cause severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis -RE-CYCLED ANIMAL TISSUE (multiple) - the building blocks of Mad Cow Disease -RESIN AND GELATIN - known to cause allergic reaction -THIMEROSAL (MERCURY) - a neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological & immunological problems. Nervous system damage, kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, nerve damage and inability to concentrate can occur. Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech and, in rare cases, even death and paralysis. This additive alone was the catalyst for another recent Class Action Lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with Autism & the many related behavioral disorders associated with it. Autism is now occurring at levels never seen before in history, 1 in 67. The average used to be 1 in 20,000. -TRITON X100 – detergent

“A further major source of toxicity in the case of the flu vaccines are the adjuvants, substances added in order to boost the immunogenicity of the vaccines. There is a large literature on the toxicities of adjuvants.”

4) VACCINE BEING GROWN IN LIVE CANCEROUS DISEASED GREEN MONKEY VIRUS - LONG TERM CANCER RISKS 'Aside from the dangerous ingredients many people already know about (like squalene or thimerosal), one of the key ingredients used in flu vaccines (including the vaccines being prepared for the swine flu pandemic) is the diseased flesh of African Green Monkeys. This is revealed in U.S. patent No. 5911998 - Method of producing a virus vaccine from an African green monkey kidney cell line.' 'As this patent readily explains, ingredients used in the vaccine are derived from the kidneys of African Green Monkeys who are first infected with the virus, then allowed to fester the disease, and then are killed so that their diseased organs can be used make vaccine ingredients. This is done in a cruel, inhumane "flesh factory" environment where the monkeys are subjected to a process that includes "incubating said inoculated cell line to permit proliferation of said virus." Then: "harvesting the virus resulting from step (c); and... (ii) preparing a vaccine from the harvested virus.' ConTinuED pAgE


n7 natural resources, with common peoples confined to cities as worker populations. Some psychopaths in the Nazi sections of the UN estimate that if the world’s population is reduced to the level of 500,000 million, then this would be sustainable for their Utopian nightmare world. Another Masonic goof ball even constructed the Georgian Guide Stones in the state of Georgia, US as a tombstone for the people who are to be murdered in the upcoming flood. In Atlanta, Georgia, there are 400,000 coffins, each capable of holding three bodies, and crematoriums have been built at FEMA Camps across the nation, as a police state is gradually crafted throughout America. O, America, land of the free and brave. What a joke. Oh yea, there are camps also for Canadians—outside of Halifax, London, across Canada and into northern BC! Oh yes. Not only is Canada lost and the US, but further, it is not an elephant in the room, but groups of psychopaths, elitists, war criminals and mass murderers. These psychopaths have high jacked your country, undermined your democracy and are actually spreading illnesses through the nation while corrupting the health care industries. They have inoculations waiting for you, as well as genetically modified poisons, biological and nuclear weapons. Next time, they will tell you that it is Bugs Bunny and Iranian terrorists who commit such acts, or someone else, depending upon who they plan to invade and murder next in their quest for world domination. What could be more monstrous than this? And it only gets worse.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

formalin gelatin glycerol hydrolized gelatin monosodium glutamate (MSG) neomycin neomycin sulfate phenol red indicator phenoxyethanol (antifreeze) potassium diphosphate potassium monophosphate polymyxin B polysorbate 20 polysorbate 80 residual MRC5 proteins sorbitol sucrose thimerosal (mercury) tri(n)butylphosphate, VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells washed sheep red blood cells animal tissues: pig blood, horse

Resource links: Bill-C-6 Farewell Canada- Bill C-6 Codex Alimentarius

Bill C-51, Codex and the SPP (Originally Published on June 20, 2008)


Chapter 2 in next issue. -C.H.

by Mike Stafford


n February 10th, 2009 former PM Paul Martin stated that we must give up our sovereignty to make the world work. Last month, United States President, Barrack Obama at an United Nations General Assembly stated, "The traditional division between nations of the south and north makes no sense in an interconnected world". Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been quoted as saying, "Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion"

“It would seem the idea of giving up our sovereignty and joining the "interconnected world" by forming a North American Community crosses over party lines as well as borders.” It would seem the idea of giving up our sovereignty and joining the "interconnected world" by forming a North American Community crosses over party lines as well as borders. When the ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora


n8 ternet and blogosphere that up to 60% of natural health products currently sold in Canada could be outlawed, it sparked a swift and strong public reaction. In Bill C-51, the word drug has been replaced with "therapeutic products" and gives the government broad reaching powers to further regulate their sale. Health Minister Tony Clement has vowed to change the parts that lumped natural medicines in with pharmaceutical drugs. This includes a clearer definition of natural health products into the Food and Drugs Act. There have been other amendments made, but there are still many concerns surrounding Bill C-51. It might be safer to do away with it in its entirety and start from scratch.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

NDP MP Peter Julian said in the House of Commons that, “Bill C-51 would limit access to many health products and allow the fast-tracking of new drugs that have not been proven safe.”

It is the SPP working groups that are harmonizing regulations and laws, writing out policy initiatives and recommendations. They are the real power, laying the foundation for a North American Union. Part of the SPP calls for the "Identification and appropriate adoption of best practices in maintaining the safety, efficacy and quality of pharmaceutical products." NDP MP Peter Julian said in the House of Commons that, "Bill C-51 would limit access to many health products and allow the fast-tracking of new drugs that have not been proven safe. Bill C-51 blends in with the SPP agenda, which is about harmonizing regulations across the board with the United States, resulting in lower standards." There are fears that Bill C-51 will bring about a more U.S. style approach to food, drugs, and consumer product safety. This includes turning more power over to the drug companies with increased reliance on their testing and research. These same drug manufacturers would themselves be more responsible in fast-tracking the drug approval process and further looking after any safety concerns once the drug has hit the market. Under the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the FDA is also working with Canada and Mexico in further harmonizing regulations between the three countries.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission which is part of the United Nations is setting international guidelines for food products including dietary supplements.

It is not just through the SPP and the Trilateral Cooperation Charter that the harmonizing of food and drugs is being achieved. The Codex Alimentarius Commission which is part of the United Nations is setting international guidelines for food products including dietary supplements. They are using muscle provided by the World Trade Organization to undermine and bypass domestic laws. Section Six of CAFTA talks about using the Codex codes as the regulatory standard for all signing nations. It is through the Codex guidelines that vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements could become limited and even banned. Some fear that Bill C-51 is an attempt to place Canada under Codex control. Many argue that Bill C-51 is unnecessary, and that there are already laws in place to protect consumers from natural health products. It's not about keeping Canadians safe, it's about further harmonizing our health and safety regulations into a North American Union. How can fast-tracking potentially dangerous new drugs and at the same time outlawing some beneficial natural medicines be good for anyone? One must understand that it is also about ensuring huge profits for Big Pharma. Bill C-51 should be rejected on the grounds that it threatens the ability of Canadians to choose alternative health products and treatments. Dana Gabriel is an activist and independent researcher. He writes about trade, globalization, sovereignty, as well as other issues. Contact:


ConTinuED froM pAgE

'Trials have uncovered a pattern of severe nerve damage in those tested.' 'A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter. The letter from the Health Protection Agency, the official body that oversees public health, has been leaked to The Mail on Sunday, leading to demands to know why the information has not been given to the public before the vaccination of millions of people, including children, begins. It tells the neurologists that they must be alert for an increase in a brain disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), which could be triggered by the vaccine. GBS attacks the lining of the nerves, causing paralysis and inability to breathe, and can be fatal.' 5b) GERMAN HEALTH EXPERT FEARS H1N1 VACCINE MAY INCREASE THE RISK OF CANCER 'Lung specialist Wolfgang Wodarg has said that there are many risks associated with the vaccine for the H1N1 virus. He has grave reservations about the firm Novartis who are developing the vaccine and testing it in Germany. The vaccination is injected “with a very hot needle”, Wodarg said. The nutrient solution for the vaccine consists of cancerous cells from animals and "we do not know if there could be an allergic reaction". But more importantly, some people fear that the risk of cancer could be increased by injecting the cells. The vaccine - as Johannes Löwer, president of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, has pointed out - can also cause worse side effects than the actual swine flu virus.' 6) INADEQUATE TESTING ON VACCINE The lack of sufficient testing on this experimental vaccine raises many concerns. There is no criteria on its efficacy or valid statistics to speak of, 'Novavax uses genetic information and "recombinant, virus-like particle technology" to rapidly engineer a vaccine. Its technology has only been through Phase II clinical trials but might be released prematurely. Novavax's CEO, Rahul Singhvi announced Friday, "There is an emergency authorization avenue that is available that would allow us to use the vaccine in an emergency without further testing." The Division-E provisions would protect the company from all liability.' 7) CHILDREN UNDER 2 MAY BE GIVEN 4 SHOTS Children up to 18 months have no blood barrier in the brain, their nerve fibers still completely vulnerable, the Myelin sheath not yet developed - leaving them highly susceptible to toxins & heavy metals. 'School children who have never had a flu shot may need to get vaccinated four times in the fall - twice for seasonal flu, twice for pandemic swine flu - officials at the CDC told health professionals on Wednesday.' 'This July 30, 2008 landmark MMR case adjudicated by the United States Vaccine Injury Courts confirms that the vaccine injury courts accept that the MMR vaccination causes ischemia/impaired blood flow and oxygenation to the brain this is part of the M.A.S.S. and Zeta response as detailed in the Tolerance Lost video series. In the case of Benjamin Zeller, who developed seizures, lost his language, motor, and social skills, young Benjamin ALSO exhibits the same ischemic neurological damages, from vaccination, that we also record, with BrainGuardMD, following vaccine induced autism, specific learning disabilities, sudden infant death, and much more. Cause-effect is established.' Scientific evidence shows that babies can have severe adverse reactions to vaccinations at critical intervals following their shots, and that vaccination is the more likely cause of cot death and shaken baby syndrome. 'Mitchell et al.'s data show that all those babies they studied died as a direct consequence of their DPT and OPV vaccination, showing perfect clustering along the critical days. The "reduced" risk of SIDS in the "immunised" group is misleading, because only those who received vaccines on schedule were categorised as "immunised". Obviously this biases this group to be relatively healthier children because a, or the, major reason for vaccines not being given on time, and sometimes not ever again, is the child being unwell, at least when the shots are due, if not constantly. So, ironically, a child who suffered visible adverse effects from previous vaccines is likely to be in the "non-immunised" category in this study, even if he or she received further vaccines.' 8) MULTI-DOSE VIALS - DOUBLE DIPPING NEEDLES LEADS TO AN INCREASED RISK OF ACQUIRING HIV 'LEADING infectious disease experts have called on the Federal Government to abandon its mass swine-flu vaccination plan because of fears the vaccine is a contamination risk that could spread blood-borne diseases.' ConTinuED pAgE


ConTinuED froM pAgE n8

most powerful leaders in business and government get together and say they are going to do something, they are not just blowing smoke! Although many people continue to say "how will this be accomplished? I just can't see it happening!" A starting question could be, what steps would a country have to take to prepare itself for a loss of sovereignty? Would we know it when we see it? Some might suggest the first steps would be to harmonize and integrate regulations and standards between the participating countries and expand NAFTA. So have we seen any steps that have been taken by our trusted government and big business that would indicate a move in this direction? We sure have! On April 24, 2004, The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) published a major discussion paper titled “New Frontiers: Building a 21st Century Canada-United States Partnership in North America.” Some of the paper’s 15 recommendations expand on the North American Security and Prosperity (NASPI) framework in areas such as tariff harmonization, rules of origin, trade remedies, energy strategy, core defence priorities and the need to strengthen Canada-United States institutions, including the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD). Other recommendations focus on the process for developing and executing a comprehensive strategy, including the need for greater co-ordination across government departments, between federal and provincial governments and between the public and private sectors. Then on November 1, 2004, an Independent Task Force on the Future of North America is formed. This task force is a trilateral task force charged with developing a “roadmap” to promote North American security and advance the wellbeing of citizens of all three countries. The task force is chaired by former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister John Manley. It is sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales. In 2005, This Independent Task Force on the Future of North America releases a document titled “Creating a North American Community – Chairmen’s Statement.” Three former high-ranking government officials from Canada, Mexico, and the United States call for a North American economic and security community by 2010 to address shared security threats, challenges to competitiveness, and interest in broad-based development across the three countries. Among its key recommendations are the establishment of a continental security perimeter, a common external tariff, a common border pass for all North Americans, a North American energy and natural resources strategy, and an annual meeting where North American leaders can discuss steps towards economic and security integration.

“...on November 1, 2004, an Independent Task Force on the Future of North America is formed. This task force is a trilateral task force charged with developing a “roadmap” to promote North American security and advance the well-being of citizens of all three countries.”

Robert Pastor, author of “Toward a North American Community” and member of the task force on the future of North America, publishes an article titled “The Paramount Challenge for North America: Closing the Development Gap,” sponsored by the North American Development Bank, which recommends forming a North American Community as a way to address economic inequalities due to NAFTA between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor consists of a series of interconnected transportation systems, including: rail, road, air and marine shipping, that run through the centre of North America from the Arctic Port of Churchill in Manitoba, though the American Heartland to Mexico. The key cities along the Corridor include: Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Kansas City (Kansas), Kansas City (Missouri), Oklahoma City, DallasFort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Monterey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. This would be part the Corridor system that Canadian Prime Minister denied existed to the Canadian people. This same year, the leaders of Canada, the ConTinuED pAgE n10

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

national n9 'Tom Gottlieb, president of the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases, reportedly sent a letter to Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer Jim Bishop. In the letter, he expressed deep concern about the use of multi-dose vials for the vaccine and urged the government to abandon its plan until it had single-dose vials. Why? Because many health professionals consider the multi-dose vials a contamination risk that could spread hepatitis, HIV and other blood-borne diseases.' Multi-dose vials in Australia had been linked to the transmission of HIV from a patient to four other people in a Sydney surgeon’s rooms in 1989, he said. Overseas, they had been linked to outbreaks of hepatitis, HIV and bacterial diseases. "The majority of vaccine will be in multi-dose vials, the remainder in single dose syringes or nasal sprayers." CDC

ConTinuED froM pAgE

*iS DEMoCrACY WorKing for CAnADiAnS?*


hen David Emerson won the Federal Election in Vancouver-Kingsway in 2006, the voters elected him as a Liberal. Do you remember how people reacted when they found out the Riding had a Conservative Cabinet Minister instead? They felt betrayed, but nothing could be done by the voters who elected him. Public censure is not an effective political force in Canadian democracy. We have no meaningful voice in the major decisions that impact our lives. Psam Frank decided to push back. His solution is simple, revolutionary, and effective. He developed an "ongoing" rather than a "term" electoral system, which means you and I can change our votes at any time, not just when “they” call an election. This gives us the power to keep the politicians honest. Candidates are "ongoing" too. All candidates are encouraged to remain active in their community, ready to serve their public. They are motivated, whether elected or not, to listen and respond to the concerns and interests of the electorate at all times. A dynamic, ongoing relationship between voters and candidates is created. The electorate can rest assured that everyone involved in this system knows that the candidates can't say one thing just to get votes, and do something else once they're elected. If they do, we can vote them out of office just as quickly as we voted them in. When necessary, it's our responsibility to do this. Representatives serve until the movement of votes causes a campaign period to begin, which could lead to a change in representation. The voters decide. Our "term" form of democracy was only the first step toward true self-governance. The next step is to ensure that elected representatives are always accountable to the electorate, not just making promises during the campaign. Psam Frank calls this the Ongoing Demographic Democracy System, or ODDS. The Canadian Action Party is the first party in Canada to experiment with this electoral system within their party structure. Members of CAP are experiencing it first hand, and will decide themselves whether they want to implement it officially, after using it for a while. The following link tells a bit about the initial stages last winter:

n 10

9) PHARMACISTS, DENTISTS & PARAMEDICS WILL BE ON THE FRONT LINES ADMINISTERING THESE SHOTS Due to a shortage of Doctors/Nurses to cover the whole population secondary administrators will be utilized. Most are likely to be ill equipped to deal with any crisis which may arise from a child suffering adverse reactions to the vaccine. 'Pharmacists and paramedics around Nova Scotia may called on to give entre forbe ace, utobiography swine-flu injections'.





, Gender, and Age


Lawyers Rights Watch Canada

Invite you to join us for a public talk by


'Dentists & Pharmacists Approved to Give Flu Shots'

Dr. Sherene Razack


'Three Polish doctors and six nurses are facing criminal prosecution after a number of homeless people died following medical trials for a vaccine to the H5N1 bird-flu virus. The medical staff, from the northern town of Grudziadz, are being investigated over medical trials on as many as 350 homeless and poor people last year, which prosecutors say involved an untried vaccine to the highly-contagious virus. The director of a Grudziadz homeless centre, Mieczyslaw Waclawski, told a Polish newspaper that last year, 21 people from his centre died, a figure well above the average of about eight.'

n9 United States and Mexico sign the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) of North America at the trilateral summit in Waco, Texas. Canada is signed on by Prime Minister Paul Martin (Liberal). They lay out a 40-point, Smart Regulation Plan as part of the SPP agreement. It is a far-reaching plan that introduced huge changes to Canada’s regulatory system in order to eliminate some regulations and harmonize other regulations with the U.S. Reg Alcock, President of the Treasury Board and Minister responsible for the Canadian Wheat Board, launches the Government of Canada’s implementation plan for Smart Regulation at a Newsmaker Breakfast at the National Press Club. In 2006 after Mr. Harper (Conservative) gets elected as Prime Minister of Canada and attends the Summit of the Americas in Cancun Mexico. Canada along with the U.S. and Mexico released the Leaders’ Joint Statement. The statement presents six action points to move toward a North American Union, aka a North American Community. These action points include: 1) Establishment of a Trilateral Regulatory Cooperative Framework 2) Establishment of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) 3) Provision for North American Emergency Management 4) Provision for Avian and Human Pandemic Influenza Management 5) Development of North American Energy Security 6) Assure Smart, Secure North American Borders. U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez then convenes the first meeting of the North American Competitiveness Council (NACC), the advisory group organized by the Department of Commerce (DOC) under the auspices of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and announced by the leaders of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico as mentioned, on March 31, 2006. The newly formed NACC meets in Washington, D.C. to hash out priority issues for the SPP. The business leaders decide that the U.S. secretariat of the NACC will deal with “regulatory convergence,” the Canadian secretariat, housed by the CCCE, will deal with “border facilitation,” and the Mexican secretariat will handle “energy integration.” Amazingly, there is no media coverage of this event.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

“We didn't kill 'em, we didn't cut their heads off": Reflections on Torture at Abu Ghraib

Saturday, October 24th, 2009, 7–9 pm

Vancouver Central Public Library, Coast Salish Territories 350 W. Georgia St., Alice MacKay Room he_canadian_action_party_at_odds Thank you for listening to this new idea! If anyone would like to talk about ongoing democracy or explore this system provincially, please phone:

Time for the Law to Step in Barring George W. Bush from Canada But the Spp is dead right?

Obama stated the following "Starting my first year in office, I will convene annual meetings with Mr. Calderon and the Prime Minister of Canada. Unlike similar summits under President They can also tell you more about the Canadian Bush, these will be conducted with a level of Action Party. The Canadian Action Party can be transparency that represents the close ties reached online at our website: www.canadianacamong our three countries. We will seek the or by email: info@canadianactiontive and open involvement of citizens, labour, the private sector and non-governmental." New documents were then uncovered that reveal how heads of state of the U.S., Mexico and Canada are beseeching business leaders they privately meet with to launch public relations campaigns in order to counter critics of the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP). The documents detail how corporate representatives have been urged to “humanize” North American integration, promote NAFTA success stories to employees and unions and evolve the harmonization agenda “without fuelling protectionism”. The documentation consists hy bother doing this, is a question often asked of efforts to have George It’s now four years since the barred Abu Ghraib pictures hit the discussions of torture of internal memos from Canada’s Foreign Affairs W. Bush from Canada or prosecuted for airwaves torture once and he arrives. and Internal Trade ministry, which were obtained Being questioned, is not the quality of the overwhelming evidence of are still everywhere. Dr. Razack explores how manyand contemporary discussions ofWorld torture Bush’ involvement in torture (and other war crimes crimes against humanity), by the Net Daily reporter Jerome Corsi but rather the power of Canadian law to either prevent or punish torture and under an Access to Information Act request. Rethat take placeother as crimes critique, rely byupon, even as theyAllinstall, thewere idea that newed the enemy is committed the Bush administration. these crimes cominterest in the Expanding the Pathways To mitted outside Canada and, for the most part, against non-Canadians; so what Prosperity In The culturally different from us.lawShe the work doneeven by people the idea that Arab/Muslim meansAmericas (PPA) under Obama can Canadian do? traces It is a question that stumps responsible for would be an example of this new "humanized" enforcement. Even judges, police officers and political leaders get it wrong, North American Integration. a different kind law of human thatonly cantheonly be kept in line through violence. thinking that either: International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over While the Security and Prosperity Partnersuch crimes, or, Canadian law has no jurisdiction over even the most heinous ship is no longer an active initiative of the three crimes if they were committed outside Canada, or, Canadian criminal law doesn’t NAFTA Dr. Sherene Razack Sociology Equity Studies Education OISEcountries, of themany of the components have applyisto Professor short term or of special visitors to and Canada, and even that thein universal ban at already been implemented or are still moving foron torture is just a political platform and not the law. University of Toronto. Her area2004, of research on racegroup, and Lawyers genderagainst in the ward. law. This Heragenda mostfor continental integration conIn December a member offocuses the Canada-based the War (LAW) filed a 7-count information alleging that Bush, as President of the tinues. The corporate giants and think tanks The Eviction From Western Law andand Politics (2008). recent book is, Casting U.S. and Out: Commander in Chief ofof theMuslims U.S. Armed Forces, had aided, abetted behind the SPP are in the process of re-branding counseled torture at Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and other offshore U.S. prisons. this agenda. The end of the SPP in name was ConTinuED pAgE n11 ConTinuED pAgE n11

Doris Foster, (250) 379-2815, or Psam Frank, (604) 765-1496.

by Gail davison


Admission is free. Please RSVP for ASL Interpretation & on site Childcare.

For more information contact the RAGA Centre at 604-822-0232 or

n 11

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

national n10 A judge of the Provincial Court of BC, when the information came before him for a fix date, sealed the courtroom, made a gag order banning publication and summarily dismissed the information on the basis that, as a sitting head of state, Bush had, “immunity from prosecution under the criminal laws of Canada.” The judge then went on, apparently accepting the need to prosecute, to suggest that, “… perhaps an information could be laid in [the International Criminal Court], and perhaps if it were laid, then Canada may be involved in various proceedings to assist…” Although the judge was wrong to think that the International Criminal Court has jurisdiction over Mr. Bush, he was right to suggest that Canada would be duty bound to assist in a prosecution of him for torture. At the B.C. Supreme Court level, the judge hearing LAW’s appeal from the order by the Provincial Court didn’t express doubt about the quality or quantity of torture evidence against Bush but instead questioned the intentions of the informant who had laid the torture information. The judge dismissed the appeal, again summarily, because she suspected the informant intended, “to use the criminal procedure [against Bush] under the Criminal Code as a forum to express her political views.” Apparently the judge mistakenly took the informant’s submissions that freedom from torture is universal right that cannot be displaced by anyone, anywhere, under any circumstances, to be a political platform rather than an accurate statement of Canadian and international law. When Bush (the same George W.) was scheduled to visit Calgary in March 2009, the head of the RCMP War Crimes Investigation Section explained that his department would not take any action because of an internal policy to focus, “… investigative efforts on persons who are suspected of having committed criminal offences under the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act, and who are present (living) in Canada on an ongoing basis.” This, in apparent ignorance of Canadian law and his own department’s written policy, both of which prohibit people suspected of any involvement in torture or other war crimes and crimes against humanity from entering Canada for any period and for any purpose. The most recent report of the War Crimes Program affirms the necessity of barring war crimes suspects from Canada, “The most effective way to deny safe haven to people involved or complicit in war crimes or crimes against humanity is to prevent them from coming to Canada.” The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) requires every person seeking entry to Canada to be assessed for admissibility: there are no exceptions for people coming for short stays, special purposes or for people in high places. Section 35 of that act bars entry to any person suspected on reasonable grounds, of involvement in any violation of Canada’s Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Act (CAHWC). According to the Supreme Court of Canada, reasonable grounds are more than a suspicion and less that proof to the balance of probabilities: simply put, an honest belief in a serious possibility based on credible evidence. In fact, the involvement of the Bush administration in general and Bush in particular, in the widespread use of torture in U.S. offshore prisons such as Guantánamo, Abu Ghraib and Bagram has been so extensively investigated and reported—the International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations experts, the U.S. Senate Committee, American Civil Liberties Association—that many commentators have concluded the Bush’ culpability and that of other key members of his administration, is beyond questioning. The RCMP Deputy Criminal Operations Officer for Alberta explained RCMP inaction somewhat differently, writing, “I believe the matters concerning Mr. Bushe (sic) and allegations of his involvement in war crimes have been examined by the International Criminal Court, Hague. You should also be aware, in Canada, the Dept. of Justice determines if conduct constitutes criminal activity as defined within the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.” In July 2009 Canada’s Minister of Public Safety—responding to LAW’s letters of February 2009—apparently misunderstanding both the inadmissibility provisions of the IRPA, and his own duty to ensure that suspected war criminals are barred entry, by saying, “Foreign nationals who are found inadmissible (on the grounds inter alia, of…human or international rights violations…) may be denied entry into Canada unless special permission is granted.” While there is discretion under the IRPA to admit to Canada people suspected of being a security risk, there is no discretion to admit people suspected of involvement in CAHWC offences. In September 2009, the Saskatoon Police Chief had this to say when responding to a complaint about Bush’s scheduled October 21 visit to Saskatoon, “Although the pending visit may not be popular with some people/organizations, there is no legal ramification to bar the event. In reply to your request for the Saskatoon Police Service to begin an investigation into past actions by the former President; as a municipal police agency in Canada, we have no jurisdiction in this matter of international law.”

ConTinuED froM pAgE

PLayiNG To WiN By TimoThy aNTi TerroriST


nce upon a time, there was everywhere and nowhere, everything and nothing, just pure consciousness experiencing being conscious. After an indeterminable amount of 'time', simply experiencing being conscious became a little monotonous, so consciousness decided it would be nice to have a conversation about being conscious. Consciousness divided itself in two, and although both parts were aware they were one, discussed the experience of being conscious. The conversation was captivating for a while but—inevitably—it became cyclic and dull. "Let's play a game," said one half, "Let's pretend that being over there is more important than being over here." So they did. They spent 'time' moving back and forth, despite already being everywhere and nowhere at once. The mental exercise, suspending disbelief and discussing whether or not they were where they were, was thrilling, for a 'time' but - as before - it became repetitive and predictable. "I know," said the other, "Let's pretend that if I get over there before you, I win." So they did. They raced back and forth and took turns at winning, and they congratulated each other and the game was absorbing and interesting. 'Time' flew by. They divided and split and multiplied over and over, mitosis and cytokinesis, increasing the odds and making the race more and more exciting but, eventually, even that became a little dull. "Let's make it so that if I win, I really win and if you lose it means I am better than you are." The others smiled and said in unison, "That's just silly, I AM you." They laughed for an eternity, then, "Okay, let's pretend that if you lose, you forget that you are me." And so the game took a fascinating turn and we have been playing it ever since. When you finally remember who you are—when you know that we are all one—this game ends and we can begin a new adventure. - T.A.T To be continued next issue...or you can visit: www.the a ntite r r or is t.c htt p://www.y out ube .c om /wa tc h?v = fEhE x E 6 2 ls s htt p://www.y out ube .c om /wa tc h?v = a tx ib0 r 5 r 7 Y

So What do the Protestors Want? They want the evidence and criminal charges (accusations) against G.W. Bush to be tested in a fair trial and his guilt or innocence determined by an independent and impartial court—a right Bush has illegally denied to thousands of non-Americans prisoners, many of whom are now dead. The protesters think that Bush should be tried, first for torture as his involvement in torture has been extensively investigated and reported on. Other charges—a recent book by U.S. professor Michael Haas, cites 269 categories of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Bush administration during the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan—would then also be put to the test of fair trials. Many protesters realize that perhaps such prosecutions should ideally be conducted in the U.S., but understand that, as this is not happening, once Bush enters Canada, the duty to prosecute him or extradite to another jurisdiction to be prosecuted for torture is triggered. Unlike the politicians and police officers in charge of law enforcement, the protesters know that the law allows for no special treatment either on the basis of Bush’s former status or on the basis that he plans a short visit. They know that once Bush enters Canada, the torture and the other crimes committed by the Bush administration are deemed to have been committed in Canada and have to be treated as such. That’s why they want him barred from Canada. They understand that once he enters, those in charge of law enforcement—police, judges and politicians have to act to enforce Canada’s laws. Protesters agree with UN Special Rapporteur Martin Scheinin who reported, “…States must not aid or assist in the commission of acts of torture, or recognize such practices as lawful, …Under international human rights law, States are under a positive obligation to conduct independent investigations into alleged violations of the right to life, freedom from torture or other inhuman treatment, enforced disappearances or arbitrary detention, to bring to justice those responsible for such ConTinuED pAgE


n10 predictable. In a May interview, American Consulate General Phillip Chicola stated that President Obama would likely want to re-brand the Bush era Security and Prosperity Partnership but the process of deep integration would continue. When President Obama was in Ottawa on February 19th 2009, he was asked what he thought the Canada-U.S. relationship would look like in four years and his response was “I think we will see continued integration…” In a September 5th, 2009 article in the Telegraph Journal, Thomas d’Aquino, outgoing head of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives who also serves as the chairman of the advisory group to the Canadian North American Competitiveness Council said he was unconcerned about the future of trilateral discussion despite the fact that Obama’s administration is “cool” to the continuation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. “The reality is that whether it’s called SPP or it’s given a new name, which I predict will be the case, there will always be very important levels of trilateral collaboration.” D’Aquino was also quoted in an August 26th article in Embassy Magazine as saying “There is no question that the Obama administration is rethinking the architecture of trilateralism in North America,” he says. “However, anyone who thinks that the trilateral priorities have suddenly disappeared…is dreaming in Technicolor.” The article also quotes Paul Martin as saying, “The SPP agenda may change its name, but I don’t believe it, as a vehicle that really serves Canada, has in any way, shape or form come to an end.”

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Paul Martin: The SPP agenda may change its name, but I don’t believe it, as a vehicle that really serves Canada, has in any way, shape or form come to an end.

The agenda to integrate and harmonize Canada, United States and Mexico is alive and well, but is simply going through a re-branding phase under the Obama administration. This transition period has not stopped the advancement of the agenda. For example, in November, 2008, Ontario Bill 85 received Royal Assent, most provinces in Canada followed suit to get inline with the American Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative(WHTI) requirements, allowing for the issuance of a standardized and integrated, enhanced drivers licence, equipped with biometric and RFID technology. Don't believe it's an integrated ID system? Ask your American friends what their new drivers licences is called - Enhanced Divers Licence (EDL). These new requirements came into effect officially June 2009. They not only apply to Canadians wanting to enter the United States but also for American citizens wishing to come home from abroad. The technology to run this North American ID program is at the same time being adapted to a global ID system under the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system, turning our new North American ID compatible with the global network. Just before the WHTI requirements came into effect, Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety and Janet Napolitano, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security signed an Agreement to make Shiprider -joint law enforcement teams stationed along the international maritime border – permanent. “The Shiprider concept involves law enforcement officials from both countries operating together in integrated teams” (IBET). Utilizing Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and U.S. Coast Guard vessels. They also announced an integrated border system with shared facilities and personal. Now that American authorities are allowed to make arrests in Canadian territory, the door is ConTinuED pAgE


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

national n11 acts, and to provide reparations where they have participated in such violations.” (emphasis added) Protestors agree with then President of the UN General Assembly Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, when he said in March 2004, "The illegality of the use of force against Iraq cannot be doubted…” and “…the aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan and their occupations, constitute atrocities that must be condemned and repudiated by all who believe in the rule of law in international relations.” Protestors agree with Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner of Human Rights when she said in August, “There should not be impunity for torture or any other unlawful treatment of detainees, whether it is in the United States or anywhere else in the world.” The protestors agree with Martin Sheinin when he said, "We have had a witch hunt for alleged terrorists for the past 7 1/2 years….Now I think the witch hunt is over and it is time for the law to step in." That is what protesters want from Canada’s politicians, police and judges: for the law to step in. ConTinuED froM pAgE

Putting Things Into Perspective by inge Hanle


ne criteria for Useless and Dangerous Big Pharma Products, and another criteria for those who are Trying to Protect Themselves And their Fellow Man from the Consequences of these Useless and Dangerous Big Pharma Products - the ones that get the FDA’s Green Light with the flick of a pen, with a legalistic waiver. Welcome to the Land of the free!

Are you are still wondering whether or not the government is truly interested in your health as it claims to be in mandating the H1N1 Flu vaccine for every man, women and child in the country, with military assistance, if needed (just in case you are not bright enough to want to take it on your own.) – a vaccine which was approved with a ‘fast-track’ waiver, bypassing the necessity for any scientific tests that would permit any scientific validation of either efficacy or safety? Perhaps you would like to look at the WARNING Letter from the Court to Dr. Andrew Weil - the Notice of Potential Illegal Marketing of Products to Prevent, Treat or Cure theH1N1 Virus (dated October 15, 2009) What terribly dangerous things is Dr. Weil doing that would lead the FDA to initiate such a court action against Dr. Andrew Weils - one of the most renowned Naturopathic physicians in America. Surely it must be “to keep dangerous products off the market to protect the American public!” As a superb physician with many long years of experience and unquestionable expertise and results, Dr. Weil is suggesting to people how they can build up their immune system to help combat a flu, with, of all things, the things Nature gave us. God forbid! What a travesty! The FDA to the rescue! Doesn’t he yet know that Big Pharma’s Tamiflu is the H1N1 REMEDY of SANCTIONED CHOICE. Is it necessary to bring to your attention the fact that when the Government withdrew most of its funding for the FDA a few years ago, Big Pharma graciously stepped up to the plate. and with sacrificial generosity “donated” sufficient funds to guarantee its operational viability. (No strings attached, surely!) And what is its operational mandate? Surely it is to protect the public? No!! In practice it has been to make sure that the DRUGS and VACCINES of Big Phanrma are expediently approved, lest the American public be deprived of these “essential therapeutics” – which in times of “declared emergencies”, are “fast tracked”, waving the necessity for testing for efficacy or safety – now ASSUMED - in order to expedite rapid accessibility. (I’m so relieved! Aren’t you?) Interestingly, the campaign to remove from the marketplace all truly effective “unpatented and/or natural” remedies that have the potential to offer “self-help” against infections started several months ago, right after the H1N1 virus poked up its little “released” head. First they went after colloidal silver, then hydrogen peroxide, and now herbs with a long established record of antiviral properties. Just a guess as to what is next in line for target practice. What Agencies say is propaganda fluff. PR - Predictable Rhetoric, Published Rubbish, and now Prohibited Remediation. Look at what they actually do, on a consistent basis. The FDA has consistently been the regulatory WATCHDOG that has made sure that products that present a competitive financial threat to Big Parma’s “bottom line” would be barred from the marketplace – thereby would be inaccessible for the public, WHILE making sure that all the roadblocks to Big Pharma’s products would be removed, no matter how unsafe or how many people are sicken or even kill. . Isn’t it interesting how intensively and aggressively they are proceeding to make sure that NOTHNG is permitted to sabotage their H1N1 AGENDA. Do I have to spell it out? But be assured, the assault on Dr. Andrew Weil is just the beginning. There will be many more great physicians who will face criminal charges for being great physicians. After all, great physicians help people to get and stay healthy. But then, that is not very profitable for an industry whose inflated income is totally dependent on sick people and its ability to make and keep people sick, is it? And I just can’t keep from wondering why FEMA has millions of plastic coffins stored in huge stockpiles all over the country. Surely they won’t let them go to waste, will they? I’m so relieved that the FDA is making sure that H1N1 can’t be cured - naturally? Aren’t you? The question, of course, is - what are you going to do about it? As never before, we must all stand in solidarity with these physicians, give them all the support they need, and refuse to surrender OUR right to self-help, nature's bounty, and good health. Failing to face this kind of regulatory legalistic tyranny is to accept being enslaved in a police state. - I.H. Founder of CDSAPI - Citizens Demand Scientific, Academic and Political Integrity

n 12

n11 now open to move ahead with their inland port system, featuring customs pre-clearance for international shipping. It would seem a major problem they had with getting this idea off the ground was the inability of American authorities to make arrests inside Canada territory. It would seem this integrated law enforcement program at the border could pave the way for this phase as well as the multi-modal transportation corridor (NAFTA Super Highway). The Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor consists of a series of interconnected transportation systems, including: rail, road, air and marine shipping, that run through the centre of North America from the Arctic Port of Churchill in Manitoba, though the American Heartland to Mexico. The key cities along the Corridor include: Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Kansas City (Kansas), Kansas City (Missouri), Oklahoma City, DallasFort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. This would be part the Corridor system that Canadian Prime Minister denied existed to the Canadian people at the SPP Summit in Quebec.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

So why isn’t this happening? Police and Politicians VS Protestors Other than the few responses set out above, protestors haven’t received any explanations from those in control of law enforcement in Canada for their refusals to act. Protestors are therefore left to wonder what possible reasons the politicians in control—the Prime Minister, Attorney General and the ministers of Immigration and Public Safety—could have for not enforcing the law: for violating not only Canadian law but Canada’s international law responsibilities. Perhaps, like former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, Canada’s Attorney General finds the Geneva Conventions ‘quaint’ and ‘obsolete’ along with the Criminal Code, the Convention against Torture and the CAHWC, and can therefore be ignored. Maybe Canadian government legal advisors, like those advising the Bush administration, are advising the executive how to get away with violating or ignoring our laws instead of how to enforce them. Or maybe the Prime Minister, the Attorney General and others ministers responsible just don’t like the law. Perhaps they are aping the likes of former Governor or Alabama George Wallace, who just didn’t like anti-segregation laws and so defied them and used his power as Governor to compel and persuade others to follow suit?

So is it against the law to refuse to enforce the law? The protestors think it is necessary to enforce the law against Bush, to hold him and others accountable. Both common sense and history tell them that enforcement is necessary in order prevent further crimes. The Canadian government, backed up by the RCMP and municipal police, plan instead to welcome Mr. Bush to Canada. The RCMP, alone, plan to spend upwards of $500,000 to protect Bush during his October visit from the protests of those calling for the proper enforcement of the law. Protestors are beginning to ask—are they, politicians and police—breaking the law by refusing to enforce it? Can we charge them? Certainly both the government and police are giving the message that, at least in Canada, George W. Bush will be immune, not accountable: that he will be welcomed, not barred. Protestors fear that by providing even temporary immunity to Bush, Canada offers licence to other leaders to commit torture and other war crimes and to do so with immunity. Protestors fear that by so doing, Canadian officials tacitly encourage other states to commit the very crimes that Canada has agreed to vigorously and effectively prevent and punish wherever they occur. These crimes include torture, murder, unlawful confinement, denial of a fair trial, enforced disappearances, wilfully causing great suffering or serious injury, extensive destruction and appropriation of property, unlawful deportation or transfer. In order to combat impunity for these crimes and to ensure justice for victims, Canada has agreed that these crimes, “…must not go unpunished and that their effective prosecution must be ensured by taking measures at the national level…” and also that, “…it is the duty of every state to exercise its criminal jurisdiction over those responsible for international crimes.” The protestors want that commitment honoured and the laws passed in furtherance of the commitment to be enforced: our government and law enforcement officials apparently refuse to do so. Instead they appear poised to bypass the law and use law enforcement resources to shield Bush and other suspects from accountability while they are in Canada. We hope the law wins. We think that our collective survival depends on it. By Gail Davidson October 15, 2009 Gail Davidson is a spokesperson for Lawyers against the War (LAW) a Canadabased organization of lawyers and others who oppose war, advocate adherence to international humanitarian and oppose impunity for violators. Email: Website:

While our Federal government is busy playing dumb, the provincial government of Manitoba has introduced legislation to build an “inland port” around Winnipeg’s James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Intended to take advantage of the city’s proximity to the geographic centre of North America, the CentrePort Canada Act would authorize the creation of a corporation to oversee the “port”, and to fast track “investment and economic development decisions based upon a single, comprehensive transportation, infrastructure and land-use plan” for approximately 20,000 acres of land around the airport. A world-class inland port run by a “corporation” in Winnipeg using the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport and surrounding land as a hub to import goods from Asia and Europe, and distributing those goods throughout North America by air, rail and road. So it would seem there are indeed steps that have been taken, to further merge our three sovereign nations. The idea of a North American Union or a North American Community or the annexation of Canada to the United States is certainly not new. One could trace the idea all the way back to the war of 1812. Canada has had this virus growing inside of it even before it was born! The goal of watering down our sovereignty and destroying our Constitution remains high on their agenda and they now come right out and tell you that. They are achieving their goal through incrementalism and doublespeak while taking advantage of world crisis under the banner of Security and Prosperity. So now we must ask ourselves, what is the next move? What’s stopping them from completing this agenda? Is it our Constitution? Does our government realize they have no federal power other than to "GOVERN" "CANADA" -the existing country defined and established in the BNA act of 1867? Do they realize that they have no power to act extra-territorially under s. 92? Do they realize they have no power to secede under s. 92? Could this be why they are now promoting that we give up our sovereignty? Canadians need to realize that the only route to stop the NAU is the Constitution. We must all now stand on guard for thee! Mike Stafford is an activist and independent researcher. He writes about the NAU, globalization, sovereignty, as well as other issues. Contact: Visit his blog site at

n 13

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

national ConTinuED froM LEfT CoLuMn

Elections in Afghanistan: Solution or problem?

comfortable with Karzai’s generous politics of “you can do whatever you want to do, as long as you are supporting me”, and is very unwilling to have a new and untested president, even if his allegiance to the occupation forces and the corrupt and criminal ruling elite is guaranteed. The people of Afghanistan and people around the world understand that imposed, militarized elections do not bring legitimacy to the occupation by US/Canada/NATO forces. But what makes this election legitimate or illegitimate is not the election itself, but the terrible social condition of Afghan people after eight years of living under foreign occupation and ‘military democracy’. Previous elections did not legitimize the occupation forces and the puppet regime in Afghanistan, nor will this election will do so. Pretending to have democracy will not legitimize the government of Afghanistan. Independence, social progress, and being able govern with dignity and mass support is what any government of Afghanistan lacks under an occupation by foreign powers.

By Janine Solanki


hursday August 20th marked election day in Afghanistan, the second election farce conducted during almost eight years of foreign occupation. The election was lauded as a great achievement for ‘democracy’ in Afghanistan. However, all reports from the election showed evidence of widespread fraud, corruption, ballot selling and a lack of security at polling stations. No wonder not only independent reporters, but also mainstream news media reported that they observed very uneven participation with very low turn out. However, the most critical question remains: How can democratic elections occur in a country occupied by more than 100,000 foreign troops? However elections are conducted, the fact remains that whatever happens in Afghanistan is decided by the occupation forces – not by the people of Afghanistan. Despite the so-called ‘democracy’ that the US/Canada/NATO occupation forces claim to be bringing to Afghanistan, the human rights situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen. After eight years of supposed ‘reconstruction’ in Afghanistan, less than one quarter of the population has access to drinkable water, two-thirds of the population remains illiterate, suicide rates among women are higher than ever, and the rate of civilian deaths at the hands of the occupation forces has increased by 25% in the last year alone, according to the United Nations. Now that the presidential election is over and Hamid Karzai continues in his position as president of Afghanistan, it has become clearer how difficult it is for the US/NATO occupation forces to justify occupation and further harsher military assault on the people of Afghanistan. The August 2009 presidential election was a huge political failure for the US and NATO. One, extremely low turn out for the election was a sign of disinterest and lack of trust in the impartiality, fairness and democratic process of the election. By many accounts and confessions by foreign observers, this was a huge victory for Taliban, because they were campaigning on a broad scale for a boycott of the election. Having a presidential election did not per se add to the credibility of the occupation forces or puppet government of Afghanistan. Two, the scandal around allegations such as massive vote-rigging and fraud have added to the illegitimacy of the election and the phoniness of this election farce. Three, the US, as the main occupier and central commander of the occupation of Afghanistan, suffered from an embarrassing defeat while trying to impose a new face (such as former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah) on the people of Afghanistan. They attempted to deceive the whole Afghan population by scapegoating Karzai for all the existing problems in Afghanistan and wanted to install a new face, Abdullah Abdullah, as a new man of a new era with a new program, plan and solution. That failed because to the surprise of the occupation forces, the extremely corrupt ruling elite of Afghanistan remains quite ConTinuED rigHT CoLuMn

In Canada, opposition to the war is growing as more and more Canadian soldiers – now 133 come home in caskets. An October 2009 Angus Reid poll showed that at least 56% of Canadians oppose the war in Afghanistan. After eight years, this madness, this cruelty, this destruction of human life must stop. Now is the time for all who believe in a world of justice and who value human life to come together to put an end to this occupation. We must raise our voices together to expose the disgusting truth of the occupation of Afghanistan, and unite around the demands: CAnADA/uS/nATo ouT of AfgHAniSTAn noW! SELf DETErMinATion for AfgHAniSTAn noW! TroopS ouT noW! Janine Solanki is the co-chair of Vancouverbased antiwar coalition Mobilization Against War and Occupation [MAWO] –

oaTh keePerS of CaNada - CaNada’S PoLiCe aNd miLiTary - We The PeoPLe aSk ThaT yoU reSiST orderS To imPoSe “The PoLiCe STaTe”


by doug Shapiira

wen Sound Free Press in conjunction with a contingent of community members in Owen Sound are asking that police officers, local military members and other service people involved in law enforcement and regulation compliance to consider augmenting their oaths of office to ensure the people of Owen Sound and area are fully protected from peril. Please pass this idea on in your community. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Canada, as with most other nations of the world, is facing a loss of sovereignty and devastating Economic Depression. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) openly states that they plan to shut down the sovereignty of nations like Canada through total collapse of our economy. WE THE PEOPLE must avert a catastrophe, we seek the protection of a moral and constitutionally compliant armed forces, police force and various other enforcement and civil protection agencies. We see indications of a militarized police state being formed in the USA and even Canada. Particularly in the USA, soldiers are being used to patrol the streets, search civilians and carry duties normally restricted to the jurisdiction of police. Some US residents have been interned into holding camps after losing their homes due to economic conditions in California An organization has formed recently in the USA called the Oath Keepers. This particular organization is composed of mostly active police officers, military service people and similar professionals concerned about recent developments in their nation that indicate that an incremental elimination of people’s rights and freedoms is being implemented along with a burgeoning militarized police state. The Oath Keepers are comprised of a patriotic council of men and women who vow to refuse any orders from their superiors to impose any immoral and/or unconstitutional measures on the people they are sworn to protect. The Canadian people need assurances that their protectors will act in the best interests of the civilian population at all times, as it is apparent that the forces of globalization seek to plunder every man, woman and child of their rights, freedoms, personal property, right to health care, shelter and access to food and natural remedies of their choice. It is imperative that WE THE PEOPLE have an understanding with, particularly, our police and military that we should not be considered the enemy and that they have a responsibility to protect us first and foremost. Support the Troops- Bring them Home- Not only do we stand behind our troops, we stand behind them! Support the Troops- Bring them Home- Not only do we stand behind our troops, we stand beside them! Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. both highly successful leaders in civil justice, understood that in order to avert tyranny and massive civil unrest they needed to be proactive, non-violent and lead mass movements of well informed and motivated people. In light of recent events unfolding globally it is prudent to request that not only leaders and commanders take a moment to find out about Oath Keepers, but also their subordinates. Globalist doctrine is filtering down through the chain of command and it is as important here in Canada, as in the US, that our enforcement officers recognize this anti-democratic doctrine and uphold our constitution and our rights and freedoms. The emergence of an Oath Keepers of Canada is needed whereby we as Canadians affirm an oath to one another in an effort to maintain our way of life of which we are so rightfully proud. The following is a tentative collection of vows that I hope all will consider adopting. These vows are not carved in stone and I encourage community dialogue to institute a standard oath that would be universally accepted by ideally everyone - not only police and military. The following is fashioned after the Oath Keepers of the USA; (for more info see: www.oathkeepers.blogspot. com) Please act according to your conscience and sense of humanity …. 1. We will not obey orders to conduct warrantless and/or unlawful and immoral searches, questioning and property confiscation of the Canadian people. We will obey the laws of trespass and respect private property. 2. We will not obey orders to detain Canadians as “Enemy Combatants” or subject them to military tribunal. The law of Habeas Corpus must be upheld along with Miranda Rights. 3. We will not obey orders to impose martial law on Canadians. States of emergency cannot justify immoral and unconstitutional treatment of Canadians. 4. We will not obey orders to blockade communities, turning them into concentration camps. 5. We will not obey any orders to intern Canadians into concentration camps or similar detention facilities under any pretext. 6. We will not obey orders to allow foreign troops of any nature to deploy on Canadian soil to carry out an occupation of any part of our sovereign nation or to impose unconstitutional or immoral measures on Canadians. United Nations troops under “Peace Keepers” or similar guise will not be allowed on to Canadian soil. Command of our police and military troops by foreign powers will not be permitted. 7. We will not obey orders to confiscate any property or food from Canadians. Peaceful Canadians must be allowed to maintain responsible firearm ownership. Canadians must be allowed to access the foods, natural health products and supplements of their choice. Croplands, water and livestock must be protected. 8. We will not obey orders that halt the access of publicly funded health care for all Canadians. We will not obey orders to carry out forced vaccinations. 9. We will not obey any orders that violate The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, and The Canadian Bill of Rights- (”notwithstanding” and escape clauses will be disregarded - rights will be protected). Constitutional rights of Canadians must be protected first and foremost. 10. We will not obey orders that violate Canadians’ rights to protest, peacefully assemble and to petition or redress grievances to the government. Freedom of the Press must be protected. - D.S.

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora



ConTinuED froM fronT pAgE

ConTinuED froM fronT pAgE

entering the Truth To power – psychopaths Greatest rule our World depression in history: more Bubbles Waiting to Burst Niall Bradley

by andrew Gavin marshall by Chycho


he best solution to our environmental problems is to end prohibition. There is no other viable option short of the immediate end to military conflict that will have the same positive impact on the ecosystem. Our first step towards a sustainable existence should begin with cannabis. Its assimilation into our civilization is the safest, simplest, most efficient immediate solution that we can implement in time to prevent an ecological catastrophe. Cannabis is a plant, and its use is as old as civilization itself. It has thousands of immediate and potential applications. Its cultivation rejuvenates the soil, it can replace wood products, it’s medicinal, and it can be used as building material, textiles, paint, plastic, fuel, paper, food and body care. It is one of the most important bounties of nature. It’s a plant that we were meant to use. So what’s the hold up? The short answer is America’s “War on Drugs”. The United States started a legislative war on this plant genus almost a century ago and they do not want to give up the fight. It is a war against citizens of the United States and those of other nations. It’s a war without borders. It has gone through multiple mutations and over the last few decades grown into the monstrosity that it is today. It is a one sided war declared by nations on their citizens. A conflict not reciprocated by the citizens. It is a war that is sustained entirely due to ignorance, fear, and greed. If there is such a thing as a just war, then the war on drugs is on the other end of the spectrum. It is the most unjust war that has ever been. It is a war exclusively waged for money. Every other war throughout history has had at least one other fathomable pretence. The war on drugs doesn’t. The irony is that this war and the destruction that it unleashes can be brought to an end within an instant, if it was so desired. All that is required is to end prohibition, to repeal one law. We know that the end to prohibition will have positive effects for our society because precedent for this has already been set. When prohibition of alcohol ended, so did most of the violence associated with gang warfare, as did much of the corruption in government. When prohibition ended, precious resources were made available again and a major source of revenue and employment was established through the sale of alcohol and its associated paraphernalia.

The war on drugs is not a war between nations; it’s a corporate war on people, irrelevant of their nationality or ethnicity.

These same results have also been observed in Portugal’s experiment with drug decriminalization. The United Nations has also confirmed these findings in its annual report on the state of global drug policy, and many countries have been paying-heed and following Portugal’s example. Decriminalization is sweeping through major parts of Latin America as well as numerous municipalities and States within the United States of America. The only reason that America’s Federal “War on Drugs” still continues to this day is because its ConTinuED pAgE



hile there is much talk of a recovery on the horizon, commentators are forgetting some crucial aspects of the financial crisis. The crisis is not simply composed of one bubble, the housing real estate bubble, which has already burst. The crisis has many bubbles, all of which dwarf the housing bubble burst of 2008. Indicators show that the next possible burst is the commercial real estate bubble. However, the main event on the horizon is the “bailout bubble” and the general world debt bubble, which will plunge the world into a Great Depression the likes of which have never before been seen. Housing Crash Still not over.

The housing real estate market, despite numbers indicating an upward trend, is still in trouble, as, “Houses are taking months to sell. Many buyers are having trouble getting financing as lenders and appraisers struggle to figure out what houses are really worth in the wake of the collapse.” Further, “the overall market remains very soft [...] aside from speculators and first-time buyers.” Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington said, “It would be wrong to imagine that we have hit a turning point in the market,” as “There is still an enormous oversupply of housing, which means that the direction of house prices will almost certainly continue to be downward.” Foreclosures are still rising in many states “such as Nevada, Georgia and Utah, and economists say rising unemployment may push foreclosures higher into next year.” Clearly, the housing crisis is still not at an end.[1]

“It would be wrong to imagine that we have hit a turning point in the market,” as “There is still an enormous oversupply of housing, which means that the direction of house prices will almost certainly continue to be downward.” -Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research The Commercial real Estate Bubble In May, Bloomberg quoted Deutsche Bank CEO Josef Ackermann as saying, “It's either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.” Bloomberg further pointed out that, “A piece of the puzzle that must be calculated into any determination of the depth of our economic doldrums is the condition of commercial real estate -- the shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings that tend to go along with real- estate expansions.” Residential investment went down 28.9 % from 2006 to 2007, and at the same time, nonresidential investment grew 24.9%, thus, commercial real estate was “serving as a buffer against the declining housing market.” Commercial real estate lags behind housing trends, and so too, will the crisis, as “commercial construction projects are losing their appeal.” Further, “there are lots of reasons to suspect that commercial real estate was subject to some of the loose lending practices that afflicted the residential market. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices found that whereas in 2003 just 2 percent of banks were easing their underwriting standards on commercial construction loans, by 2006 almost a third of them were relaxing.” In May it was reported that, “Almost 80 percent of domestic banks are tightening their lending standards for commercial real-estate loans,” and that, “we may face doublebubble trouble for real estate and the economy.”[2] In late July of 2009, it was reported that, “Commercial real estate’s decline is a significant issue facing the economy because it may result in more losses for the financial industry than residential real estate. This category includes apartment buildings, hotels, office towers, and shopping malls.” Worth noting is that, “As the economy has struggled, developers and landlords have had to rely on a helping hand from the US Federal Reserve in order to try to get credit flowing so that they can refinance existing buildings or even to complete partially constructed projects.” So again, the Fed is delaying the inevitable by providing more liquidity to an already inflated bubble. As the Financial Post pointed out, “From Vancouver to Manhattan, we are seeing rising office vacancies and declines in office rents.”[3] In April of 2009, it was reported that, “Office vacancies in U.S. downtowns increased to 12.5 percent in the first quarter, the highest in three years, as companies cut jobs and new buildings came onto the market,” and, “Downtown office vacancies nationwide could come close to 15 percent by the end of this year, approaching the 10-year high of 15.5 percent in 2003.”[4] In the same month it was reported that, “Strip malls, neighborhood centers and regional malls are losing stores at the fastest pace in at least a decade, as a spending slump forces retailers to trim down to stay afloat.” In the first quarter of 2009, retail tenants “have vacated 8.7 million square feet of commercial space,” which “exceeds the 8.6 million square feet of retail space that was vacated in all of 2008.” Further, as CNN reported, “vacancy rates at malls rose 9.5% in the first quarter, outpacing the 8.9% vacancy rate registered in all of 2008.” Of significance ConTinuED pAgE



olitical discord between rival criminal cartels is purely for public consumption. Bread and circuses. Policy is not shaped by party politics. Decisions are made by a few: everyone else adjusts or starves. It’s now apparent that the weapons of financial mass destruction deployed late last year by Goldman Sachs et al1, under the guise of protecting the economy from collapse, instead brought about the crisis they needed to vacuum the wealth of nations - the work people produce - into ever fewer hands. While we share a symbiotic reality, mutually bound by rules and conventions, theirs is very different. It shadows ours, feeding off the real economy below by manipulating the supply of money, which private banking cartels control. ‘Market crashes’ are built into the system. Rules designed to regulate economies and prevent volatility are periodically altered. Hysteria is induced in people through repeated media suggestion forecasting impending doom. In the ensuing panic brought on by shock, windows of opportunity open for the few to recast the rules in their favour2, extending and entrenching their vice on the real economy. Canadian author Naomi Klein calls this Disaster Capitalism. In her book The Shock Doctrine, she relates how cruel experiments using electro-shock therapy and mind-altering drugs were performed on patients by scientists who believed that mental illness could be mended by wiping the ‘broken mind’ clean of memories and implanting new ones by various means of suggestive programming. One of the key figures behind this mad science was none other than the president of both the American and Canadian psychiatric associations: The experiments were exported to Canada when the CIA recruited Scottish physician Donald Ewen Cameron, creator of the “psychic driving” concept, which the CIA found particularly interesting. Cameron had been hoping to correct schizophrenia by erasing existing memories and reprogramming the psyche. He commuted from Albany, New York to Montreal every week to work at the Allan Memorial Institute of McGill University and was paid $69,000 from 1957 to 1964 to carry out MKULTRA experiments there. In addition to LSD, Cameron also experimented with various paralytic drugs as well as electroconvulsive therapy at thirty to forty times the normal power. His “driving” experiments consisted of putting subjects into drug-induced coma for weeks at a time (up to three months in one case) while playing tape loops of noise or simple repetitive statements.3 Though obviously a failure from the point of view of curing schizophrenia, the CIA’s discovery that repeated doses of shock reduced adults to an utterly compliant child-like state was readily applied to torture manuals devised for its operatives busy subverting governments and popular movements throughout the world. Klein further demonstrates how this ‘shock therapy’ was incorporated into neo-liberal economic doctrine, then exported to and tested upon whole populations. Effectively continuing Cameron’s heartless experiments on a macrosocial scale, the new maxim of power was summed up thusly by Nobel-laureate economist Milton Friedman: “Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change.”4 Today the use of crises - induced and natural - to deliver ‘shock treatment’ in the form of procorporate programs that concentrate economic and political power is pervasive. In Klein’s own country Stephen Harper’s minority conservative ConTinuED pAgE



Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE W1 so-called adversaries, criminal organizations and certain sectors of government, don’t want it to end since its continuation guarantees them flow of funds. All of the above is common knowledge to anyone who has remotely researched this topic, or for that matter, even thought about it. After all, who in their right mind would ever approve of a war on nature, a war on a plant, a war on a plant that’s not even poisonous, a war on a plant that is actually beneficial for us, our society, and the ecosystem? You would have to be deranged to do such a thing. But this is exactly what we have done. We have been waging a war on a plant for almost a century. We have been waging a war on cannabis that spans the globe, costs trillions of dollars, destroys millions of lives, and consumes precious resources.

World W1 for those that think and claim the crisis will be over by 2010, “mall vacancies [are expected] to exceed historical levels through 2011,” as for retailers, “it's only going to get worse.”[5] Two days after the previous report, “General Growth Properties Inc, the second-largest U.S. mall owner, declared bankruptcy on [April 16] in the biggest real estate failure in U.S. history.”[6]

ConTinuED froM pAgE

“a piece of the puzzle that must be calculated into any determination of the depth of our economic doldrums is the condition of commercial real estate -- the shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings that tend to go along with real- estate expansions.” -Bloomberg

hemp fibers “On the behest of certain corporations and a small minority that profit from prohibition, we have been waging a war on a plant that has the potential to help us reduce our ecological footprint.” This must be the ultimate definition of stupidity, and if it isn’t, then it most definitely is the ultimate definition of psychotic. So, the question is; how do we end this madness? How do we end the war on drugs? The answer is that we must destroy the beast that spawned this plague. The instigator, the aggressor in this war was, is, and continues to be the United States of America. They started this war and they are the main obstacle to peace. To end the global war on drugs, prohibition laws in the United States must be repealed. To accomplish this task the mantra for many over the last few years has been to overgrow the government. A very valiant and valid strategy, but, unfortunately, there are casualties associated with using such tactics, as most Canadians and one Marc Emery, a champion of this mantra, recently discovered. There is, however, another way to end prohibition that does not include sacrificing ones life. One of the best ways to end America’s “War on Drugs” is to support grassroots organizations that are actively working towards repealing prohibition laws. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) actually admitted this fact in 2005 when they began proceedings to extradite Marc Emery from Canada to the United States for drug trafficking related to his activities as an online cannabis seed retailer. Following Emery’s arrest, the head of the DEA at the time, Karen Tandy, released the following statement:

“...we must destroy the beast that spawned this plague. The instigator, the aggressor in this war was, is, and continues to be the United States of America.” “Today's DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group - is a significant ConTinuED pAgE


In April, the Financial Times reported that, “Property prices in China are likely to halve over the next two years, a top government researcher has predicted in a powerful signal that the country’s economic downturn faces further challenges despite recent positive data.” This is of enormous significance, as “The property market, along with exports, were leading drivers of the booming Chinese economy over the past decade.” Further, “an apparent rebound in the property market was unsustainable over the medium term and being driven by a flood of liquidity and fraudulent activity rather than real demand.” A researcher at a leading Chinese government think tank reported that, “he expected average urban residential property prices to fall by 40 to 50 per cent over the next two years from their levels at the end of 2008.”[7] In April, it was reported that, “The Federal Reserve is considering offering longer loans to investors in commercial mortgage-backed securities as part of a plan to help jump-start the market for commercial real estate debt.” Since February the Fed “has been analyzing appropriate terms and conditions for accepting commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) and other mortgage assets as collateral for its Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility (TALF).”[8] In late July, the Financial Times reported that, “Two of America’s biggest banks, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo ... threw into sharp relief the mounting woes of the US commercial property market when they reported large losses and surging bad loan,” as “The disappointing second-quarter results for two of the largest lenders and investors in office, retail and industrial property across the US confirmed investors’ fears that commercial real estate would be the next front in the financial crisis after the collapse of the housing market.” The commercial property market, worth $6.7 trillion, “which accounts for more than 10 per cent of US gross domestic product, could be a significant hurdle on the road to recovery.”[9] The Bailout Bubble While the bailout, or the “stimulus package” as it is often referred to, is getting good coverage in terms of being portrayed as having revived the economy and is leading the way to the light at the end of the tunnel, key factors are again misrepresented in this situation. At the end of March of 2009, Bloomberg reported that, “The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve have spent, lent or committed $12.8 trillion, an amount that approaches the value of everything produced in the country last year.” This amount “works out to $42,105 for every man, woman and child in the U.S. and 14 times the $899.8 billion of currency in circulation. The nation’s gross domestic product was $14.2 trillion in 2008.”[10] Gerald Celente, the head of the Trends Research Institute, the major trendforecasting agency in the world, wrote in May of 2009 of the “bailout bubble.” Celente’s forecasts are not to be taken lightly, as he accurately predicted the 1987 stock market crash, the fall of the Soviet Union, the 1998 Russian economic collapse, the 1997 East Asian economic crisis, the 2000 Dot-Com bubble burst, the 2001 recession, the start of a recession in 2007 and the housing market collapse of 2008, among other things. On May 13, 2009, Celente released a Trend Alert, reporting that, “The biggest financial bubble in history is being inflated in plain sight,” and that, “This is the Mother of All Bubbles, and when it explodes [...] it will signal the end to the boom/bust cycle that has characterized economic activity throughout the developed world.” Further, “This is much bigger than the Dot-com and Real Estate bubbles which hit speculators, investors and financiers the hardest. However destructive the effects of these busts on employment, savings and productivity, the Free Market Capitalist framework was left intact. But when the 'Bailout Bubble' explodes, the system goes with it.”

at the end of march of 2009, Bloomberg reported that, “The U.S. government and the federal reserve have spent, lent or committed $12.8 trillion, an amount that approaches the value of everything produced in the country last year.” Celente further explained that, “Phantom dollars, printed out of thin air, backed by nothing ... and producing next to nothing ... defines the ‘Bailout Bubble.’ ConTinuED pAgE


W1 government used the cover of the global financial shock in the fall of 2008 to try and push through a radical agenda of slashing public services and limiting civil liberties. Harper then suspended parliament when the House of Commons sought to hold a ‘vote of no confidence’ and remove him from government. Money for healthcare was deemed a luxury Canada could not afford, yet as reported by the Toronto Star, the government plans to spend $490 billion expanding Canada’s military, which under Harper’s premiership is goose-stepping with America’s all the way to totalitarianism.5 Should we expect any different from a man who wrote to the Wall Street Journal in 2003 praising Bush’s “fundamental vision of civilization and human values”? There’s a long history of Canadian support for Zionism, but Harper’s commitment to an Israel-friendly Canadian foreign policy is extreme. His decision, taken in close consultation with the Israeli government, to ban Scottish MP and antiwar activist George Galloway from entering the country on the grounds that he was a threat to Canada’s national security is symptomatic of an official culture that has become intolerant of criticism and freedom of speech. But it also brought to light bilateral security arrangements between Canada and Israel. Canada is bound by contract to recognise Israel’s right to subjugate the Palestinian Occupied Territories. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa discovered that in return for Canada’s uncompromising support of Israel’s slow-motion genocide of the Palestinian people, “the agreement allows for officials from the State of Israel to play a role in Canadian ‘public security’ including border security and immigration.”6

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Politicians like Harper know not to bite the hand that feeds, lest they disappear down the memory hole. Consider that former Italian President Francesco Cossiga stated in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that 9/11 was the work of US and Israeli intelligence agencies. Furthermore, according to Cossiga, all leaders in Europe and North America are aware of this fact. They play by the rules that are dictated to them and are mere pawns to the master strategists – the financial elite, head honchos of the CIA, Mossad and MI6 and assorted ‘civil servants’. They’re hired and fired as perception managers who effectively serve as public relations officers to give people the illusion of freedom of choice. The slightest whiff of dissent from the population is met with a supporting cast of militarised police armed to the teeth with ‘non-lethal’ weaponry designed specifically for ‘crowd control’. This was evident during protests at the recent G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. While leaders met to discuss what form the new world currency would take, congratulate themselves for allegedly saving the world from the mess they helped create and decree their club the new “permanent council” for international economic cooperation, demonstrations outside were deemed ‘illegal’. They went unnoticed in US media, but the UK Guardian reported that demonstrators were subject to “painful wartime acoustic weapons” and several arrested by military personnel.7 With governments indebted to them and most ignorant of their existence, the original instigators of crises remain elusive. Successful management of the flow of information can incite or tranquillise populations as required. Bombardment by stressful signals of alternating intensity and frequency, via the media and the environment, gradually weakens a person’s psychological resistance while increasing his suggestibility. This enables the managers to manoeuvre legislation appropriate to their desired outcome. Like pieces on the chessboard, there’s small change here, incremental change there, until eventually the parameters have been radically reset. In this deceptive, yet methodically scientific manner they progress towards neutralising resistance to the digitised global ‘human pen’. Toto, i have the feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Think of the contradictory signals regarding H1N1 and compulsory vaccination. The journal ConTinuED pAgE W3

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE W3 blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement… Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery's illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canada. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.” If the DEA is willing to spend millions of dollars and years in proceedings to extradite a Canadian to the United States in the hopes of preventing a few hundred thousand dollars from flowing to “marijuana legalization groups”, then it is to our interest to make sure that funds continue to flow to these organizations. Many of their employees and volunteers have made it their life’s work to end our global war on a plant, and they need our help. Our monetary support of organizations helping to repeal prohibition laws in the United States and Canada is what the DEA and those who oppose legalization fear. We should do our best to give them cause to fear us.

fields of industrial use hemp

Keep in mind that many of these organizations are very efficient at what they do, as most grassroots organizations are, hence the US government must spend a few orders of magnitude more than they do to counter the effects that our donations will have. By funding these organizations we become the government’s nemesis, since they will have to spend a lot of money to neutralize our contributions. This, of course, may prove to be a daunting task for a cash and credit strapped United States, they are, after all, facing an out of control Federal deficit and a national debt that is estimated to double in the next ten years - a gross underestimation some would argue. It should only be a matter of time before citizens of the United States realize how foolish it is to allow their tax dollars to be spent on waging war on a plant, or so every sane person on this planet hopes. Below you will find the names and websites of some of the more prominent groups spearheading the battle to end prohibition in the United States and Canada. They are trying to bring sanity to our lives and I’m sure they would appreciate our help as much as we appreciate their efforts. A few hundred thousand dollars in donations to these organizations brought the full weight of the United States government onto Marc Emery. Considering the economic crisis in the United States of America, there has never been a more opportune time to end the war on drugs by forcing the US government to commit resources to this war that they do not have. Let’s help plant the seeds of their destruction by funding organizations working towards repealing prohibition. It’s one of our best options in our attempts to build a sustainable civilization.

World ConTinuED froM pAgE W3 Just as with the other bubbles, so too will this one burst. But unlike Dot-com and Real Estate, when the "Bailout Bubble" pops, neither the President nor the Federal Reserve will have the fiscal fixes or monetary policies available to inflate another.” Celente elaborated, “Given the pattern of governments to parlay egregious failures into mega-failures, the classic trend they follow, when all else fails, is to take their nation to war,” and that, “While we cannot pinpoint precisely when the 'Bailout Bubble' will burst, we are certain it will. When it does, it should be understood that a major war could follow.”[11] However, this “bailout bubble” that Celente was referring to at the time was the $12.8 trillion reported by Bloomberg. As of July, estimates put this bubble at nearly double the previous estimate. As the Financial Times reported in late July of 2009, while the Fed and Treasury hail the efforts and impact of the bailouts, “Neil Barofsky, special inspector-general for the troubled asset relief programme, [TARP] said that the various US schemes to shore up banks and restart lending exposed federal agencies to a risk of $23,700bn [$23.7 trillion] – a vast estimate that U.S. federal reserve head Quarters was immediately dismissed by the Treasury.” The inspector-general of the TARP program stated that there were “fundamental vulnerabilities . . . relating to conflicts of interest and collusion, transparency, performance measures, and anti-money laundering.” Barofsky also reports on the “considerable stress” in commercial real estate, as “The Fed has begun to open up Talf to commercial mortgage-backed securities to try to influence credit conditions in the commercial real estate market. The report draws attention to a new potential credit crunch when $500bn worth of real estate mortgages need to be refinanced by the end of the year.” Ben Bernanke, the Chairman of the Fed, and Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary and former President of the New York Fed, are seriously discussing extending TALF (Term Asset-Backed Securities Lending Facility) into “CMBS [Commercial MortgageBacked Securities] and other assets such as small business loans and whether to increase the size of the programme.” It is the “expansion of the various programmes into new and riskier asset classes is one of the main bones of contention between the Treasury and Mr Barofsky.”[12] Testifying before Congress, Barofsky said, “From programs involving large capital infusions into hundreds of banks and other financial institutions, to a mortgage modification program designed to modify millions of mortgages, to public-private partnerships using tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to purchase 'toxic' assets from banks, TARP has evolved into a program of unprecedented scope, scale, and complexity.” He explained that, “The total potential federal government support could reach up to 23.7 trillion dollars.”[13]

is a future Bailout possible? In early July of 2009, billionaire investor Warren Buffet said that, “unemployment could hit 11 percent and a second stimulus package might be needed as the economy struggles to recover from recession,” and he further stated that, “we're not in a recovery.”[14] Also in early July, an economic adviser to President Obama stated that, “The United States should be planning for a possible second round of fiscal stimulus to further prop up the economy.”[15]

* Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) * Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) * Educators For Sensible Drug Policy (EFSDP) * Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) * National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and * The November Coalition * Students for Sensible Drug Policy * Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation (SAFER) * Drug Policy Alliance (DPA Network) -Chycho

ConTinuED pAgE



U.S. Capitol Building In August of 2009, it was reported that, “THE Obama administration will consider dishing out more money to rein in unemployment despite signs the recession is ending,” and that, “Treasury secretary Tim Geithner also conceded tax hikes could be on the agenda as the government worked to bring its huge recovery-related deficits under control.” Geithner said, “we will do what it takes,” and that, “more federal cash could be tipped into the recovery as unemployment benefits amid projections the benefits extended to 1.5 million jobless Americans will expire without Congress' intervention.” However, any future injection of money could be viewed as “a second stimulus package.”[16] The Washington Post reported in early July of a Treasury Department initiative known as “Plan C.” The Plan C team was assembled “to examine what could yet bring [the economy] down and has identified several trouble spots that could threaten the still-fragile lending industry,” and “the internal project is focused on vexing problems such as the distressed commercial real estate markets, the high rate of delinquencies among homeowners, and the struggles of community and regional banks.” ConTinuED pAgE


W3 Science published research encouraging people to roll up their sleeves as “an aggressive vaccination program that first targets children and ultimately reaches 70 percent of the U.S. population would mitigate pandemic influenza H1N1.” On the same day the New York Times reports that any vaccination program would probably be too late to prevent a pandemic.8 The following week a UN report ‘leaked’ to British newspaper The Observer alarms people with the claim that “swine flu could kill millions and cause anarchy.” So what’s the underlying message here? “Just get your damn vaccine! But don’t expect it to save you from disease or society from chaos. Both are inevitable anyway.” How’s that for crazy-making?

ConTinuED froM pAgE

While there is little in any of this that any normal person might consider reasonable or logical, if we consider it in terms of Trans-Marginal Inhibition, then perhaps we can see the method behind the madness. Transmarginal Inhibition, or TMI, is an organism’s response to overwhelming stimuli. Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov demonstrated that when transmarginal inhibition began to take over, a condition similar to hysteria manifested. In states of fear and excitement, normally sensible human beings will accept the most wildly improbably suggestions. By inducing prolonged stress in people, the masters of our backwoods of the Universe seek to eliminate any will to think or resist among the population and ensure a smooth transition to totalitarian government, the flagship policy of which appears to be mandatory vaccination. What remains to be seen is whether any vaccination program is a means to an end, or the end in itself? The threat of mandatory vaccination programs is presently hanging over many countries. Imitating France’s turn towards ‘liberticide’, Belgium’s national parliament recently granted its government emergency dictatorial powers under the pretext of dealing with a pandemic emergency. In response to public outcry led by national newspaper Le Soir, Belgian Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx, interviewed on Belgian TV, replied that it was “A necessary evil. I don’t like [imposing military rule] at all, but it’s indispensable.” The Globe and Mail reported that Canada’s compulsory vaccination program has been stalled only by news that people who take the regular flu jab are twice as likely to succumb to H1N1.9 Meanwhile the federal government answered Ahousaht First Nation’s concerns about whole villages falling ill to the Tamiflu vaccine by reportedly sending body bags. The testimony of legally certified medical experts like Rebecca Carley10 warning of the extreme dangers of vaccinations is being either ignored or suppressed in the zeal to reach mass vaccination targets. Breathtaking, is it not? And immoral. And frightening. How can such callous disregard for people’s well-being be expressed by those supposedly elected and trusted to represent the will of the people? What can possibly motivate our leaders to terrorise people - under threat of military violence - into taking dangerous vaccines against what amounts to a mild seasonal flu virus? Is it possible to understand the bizarre behaviour of those we once trusted who now stupefy and betray us? Can the laws of nature shed any light on why persons we entrust with ever greater spheres of social control reach ever more depressing depths of hypocrisy and irresponsibility? The world has only one problem psychopaths Ponerology11 is a branch of science drawing on psychology, biology and the social sciences. Born in the very setting which it studies, Political Ponerology, A Science of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes12 was penned by a brilliant psychologist named Andrej Lobaczewski. Carefully ConTinuED pAgE W4


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

World W3 Further, “The team is also responsible for considering potential government responses, but top officials within the Obama administration are wary of rolling out initiatives that would commit massive amounts of federal resources.” The article elaborated in saying that, “The creation of Plan C is a sign that the government has moved into a new phase of its response, acting preemptively rather than reacting to emerging crises.” In particular, the near-term challenge they are facing is commercial real estate lending, as “Banks and other firms that provided such loans in the past have sharply curtailed lending,” leaving “many developers and construction companies out in the cold.” Within the next couple years, “these groups face a tidal wave of commercial real estate debt -- some estimates peg the total at more than $3 trillion -- that they will need to refinance. These loans were issued during this decade's construction boom with the mistaken expectation that they would be refinanced on the same generous terms after a few years.” However, as a result of the credit crisis, “few developers can find anyone to refinance their debt, endangering healthy and distressed properties.” Kim Diamond, a managing director at Standard & Poor's, stated that, “It's not a degree to which people are willing to lend,” but rather, “The question is whether a loan can be made at all.” Important to note is that, “Financial analysts said losses on commercial real estate loans are now the single largest cause of bank failures,” and that none of the bailout efforts enacted “is big enough to address the size of the problem.”[17] So the question must be asked: what is Plan C contemplating in terms of a possible government “solution”? Another bailout? The effect that this would have would be to further inflate the already monumental bailout bubble. ConTinuED froM pAgE

UToPia or oBLiVioN

W3 networking with colleagues in Poland and other Nazi and Soviet occupied countries during and after the Second World War, their research bore tremendously valuable fruit that both re-conceptualises and reinforces our understanding of the “causal factors and processes of the genesis of moral and psycho-biological evil.” The ponerogenesis of macrosocial phenomena - large scale evil - which constitutes the most important object of this book, appears to be subject to the same laws of nature that operate within human questions on an individual or smallgroup level. The role of persons with various psychological defects and anomalies of a clinically low level appears to be a perennial characteristic of such a phenomena.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Political Ponerology, p.31

The great European Bubble

by Gunther ostermann


topia or Oblivion, that’s the prospect for humanity, said the late Buckminster Fuller. And I wonder… Is it Missed Opportunities? Conspiracy? Greed? Vested interests? Or just plain stupidity, if we carry on as usual! What are human beings fundamental birthrights? They need to be understood and claimed, especially for the disenfranchised and future generations, who cannot speak for themselves. Many people are concerned about injustices, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, drug addicts, healthcare, crime, war, terrorism, globalization, species extinction, natural resource depletion, pollution, climate change, and many other miseries that are destroying our beautiful planet. The late scientist Buckminster Fuller researched those problems and came to the following conclusion, in his book CRITICAL PATH in 1982. “It is now possible to give every man, woman and child a standard of living comparable to that of a modern-day billionaire. This is not an opinion or a hope; it is an engineering demonstrable fact…World Game makes it eminently clear that we have four billion billionaires aboard our planet, as accounted by REAL WEALTH, which fact is obscured from public knowledge by the exclusively conceived and operated money-game and its monopolized credit system accounting… We find all the no-life-support-wealth-producing people going to their 1980s jobs in their cars and buses, spending billions of dollars’ worth of petroleum to get to their no wealth-producing jobs. It doesn’t take a computer to tell you that it will save both Earth and humanity billions of dollars a day to pay them handsomely to stay at home.” It was meant for the North American Continent in 1982 as an example. This statement can be verified by the US research organization Technocracy, which stated some 80 years ago that, if we would operate our society in an intelligent manner, with the ‘Energy Certificate’, instead of money, then these could be our benefits…The first 25 years of anybody’s life could be devoted to schooling and job training, suiting a person’s aptitude and ability, with no financial burden to student and family…A working age from 25 to 45 with perhaps a quarter the present working hours and then retirement with full purchasing power and privileges. …Equality of men and women…Full medical and dental care for life…No more debts of any kind to anybody… An orderly planned society obviates competition, advertisement and shoddy products to assure continuous sales and service. The whole fear industry could be transformed to render useful service…The present reason for economic crimes, alcohol and drug abuse would be gone…No more need for anybody to prostitute themselves. And no more wars! Imagine what it could be like now, 80 years later, if this would have been promoted like an automobile commercial, and put on the ballot box. It would make political parties and elections obsolete. It could have been the modern version of what Plato talked about, that “Rulers were not to have any private property or wealth, as the temptation to sacrifice the interests of society for their own would be too great.” Of course, Plato’s and Technocracy’s ideas are not without faults, but should give us something to think, talk and do about. The late psychoanalyst, social theorist, and humanitarian Erich Fromm confirms what Fuller ConTinuED pAgE W5

in april of 2009, it was reported that, “eU governments have committed 3 trillion euros [or $4 trillion U.S. dollars] to bail out banks with guarantees or cash injections in the wake of the global financial crisis.” - the european Commission In October of 2008, Germany and France led a European Union bailout of 1 trillion Euros, and “World markets initially soared as European governments pumped billions into crippled banks. Central banks in Europe also mounted a new offensive to restart lending by supplying unlimited amounts of dollars to commercial banks in a joint operation.”[18] The American bailouts even went to European banks, as it was reported in March of 2009 that, “European banks declined to discuss a report that they were beneficiaries of the $173 billion bail-out of insurer AIG,” as “Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and a host of other U.S. and European banks had been paid roughly $50 billion since the Federal Reserve first extended aid to AIG.” Among the European banks, “French banks Societe Generale and Calyon on Sunday declined to comment on the story, as did Deutsche Bank, Britain's Barclays and unlisted Dutch group Rabobank.” Other banks that got money from the US bailout include HSBC, Wachovia, Merrill Lynch, Banco Santander and Royal Bank of Scotland. Because AIG was essentially insolvent, “the bailout enabled AIG to pay its counterparty banks for extra collateral,” with “Goldman Sachs and Deutsche bank each receiving $6 billion in payments between mid-September and December.”[19] In April of 2009, it was reported that, “EU governments have committed 3 trillion Euros [or $4 trillion dollars] to bail out banks with guarantees or cash injections in the wake of the global financial crisis, the European Commission.”[20] In early February of 2009, the Telegraph published a story with a startling headline, “European banks may need 16.3 trillion pound bail-out, EC document warns.” Type this headline into google, and the link to the Telegraph appears. However, click on the link, and the title has changed to “European bank bail-out could push EU into crisis.” Further, they removed any mention of the amount of money that may be required for a bank bailout. The amount in dollars, however, nears $25 trillion. The amount is the cumulative total of the troubled assets on bank balance sheets, a staggering number derived from the derivatives trade. The Telegraph reported that, “National leaders and EU officials share fears that a second bank bail-out in Europe will raise government borrowing at a time when investors - particularly those who lend money to European governments have growing doubts over the ability of countries such as Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy and Britain to pay it back.”[21]

While the EU refused money to Eastern Europe in the form of a bailout, in late March European leaders “doubled the emergency funding for the fragile economies of central and eastern Europe and pledged to deliver another doubling of International Monetary Fund lending facilities by putting up 75bn Euros (70bn pounds).

ConTinuED pAgE


These pioneers discovered a blind spot in our perception of the world, which only lent itself to study when historical circumstances transformed their countries from relatively open societies to closed totalitarian systems, and the underlying pathological factors that produced Rule by Terror were unmasked. Political Ponerology examines the nature of evil - a condition traditionally considered a theological matter - in light of modern medical knowledge of pathology and psychopathy. It proceeds to map out the ‘pathodynamics of psychopathology’ - how the pathological influence of psychopaths infects conscience throughout society, transforming individuals’ behaviour and rendering best intentions into their corrupted opposites. Presenting a panorama of the psychological reality, Ponerology’s scientific acumen guides the reader through the previously uncharted dark underbelly of our world. “More and more data are leading to the conclusion that psychopathy has a biological basis, and has many features of a disease.”13 Lobaczewski & co found that a small but statistically constant 6% of the Polish population comprised various types of deviant personalities. A percentage of these were genetic psychopaths. Yes, you read that correctly. People are born without conscience. Though they generally do not display officially recognised psychological disorders, psychopaths role in ‘ponerogenesis’, the infection and spread of evil, is exceptionally great. They are true biological machines, incapable of empathy. It seems that conscience and feelings are related to the abstract concepts of ‘future’ and ‘others.’ It is ‘spatio-temporal.’ We can feel fear, sympathy, empathy, sadness, and so on because we can imagine, in an abstract way, the future based on our own experiences in the past. We can ‘predict’ how others will react because we are able to ‘see ourselves’ in them, even though they are ‘out there’. In other words, we can not only identify with others spatially, so to speak, but also temporally - in time. The psychopath does not seem to have this capacity.14 Psychotherapist Amos Gunsberg elaborates on how it is that they do not understand what is meant by a ‘fact’. Where we rely on facts to interpret reality, adjusting its parameters accordingly with each new fact, reality for psychopaths is whatever they declare it to be.15 This was wonderfully demonstrated by a member of the Bush administration in an interview for the New York Times with journalist Ron Suskind: In the summer of 2002, after I had written an article in Esquire that the White House didn’t like about Bush’s former communications direcConTinuED pAgE W5

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora ConTinuED froM pAgE W5 and Technocracy disclosed in his book THE SANE SOCIETY, for example “The present development is characterized by the increasing replacement of manual work by machine work, and beyond that, of human intelligence by machine intelligence. While in 1850 men supplied 15% of the energy for work, animals 79%, and machines 6%, the ratio in 1960 will be 3%, 1% and 96% respectively.” End quote.

Professor John Farina of the Wilfred Laurier University said in 1982: “ Man invented machines so man would not have to work and we’ve succeeded to the point of one and a half million unemployed. (In Canada) But instead of cheering about it, we’re in despair. To me that is sheer raging idiocy.” In view of the previously verifiable statements, it should be obvious that the people in education, business, and politics missed a fantastic opportunity to create, for the first time in history, a just and sustainable society. Sadly, there is nobody in ‘Who is Who’ who will talk about such possibilities publicly. Imagine, if there is no financial gain through litigation, a simple ‘excuse me’ or ‘I’m sorry’ would settle most grievances, and would make most lawyers, judges and many other professions obsolete. The former media mogul Ted Turner challenged us in 1992 with this statement:’ If we don’t make the right choices after we have all the information, then we don’t deserve to live.” Well, we have more than enough information. Oil and gas, the stored sun’s energy, which took hundreds of millions of years to incubate, gone forever within this century. We are, in fact, approaching PEAK EVERYTHING. Our planet will be around for millions of years, what gives us the right to dig out the last of the none-renewable resources and destroy the environment in the process? And now, nations are posturing to exploit the Arctic resources, just because they’re there? The oceans, where ALL life began, are fished out and used as convenient sewers, and ocean bottoms are scraped clean of all living things and creatures, with no thought given to future generations. This is just a fraction of what is ailing our world. We’re living in a finite world, and cannot carry on as usual.

Honest research would make it obvious that ’Obsolescence Incorporated’; like making last year’s car models obsolete, as well as thousands of other consumer goods, is not only foolish, but also morally wrong, as it wastes precious resources that we’re stealing from our descendants. The “fight” for job-creation and full employment is utterly absurd. We need a co-operative-participatory-shared-leisure society, where everybody’s NEEDS are supplied. ConTinuED pAgE W6


World W5 When Eastern European countries were in desperate need of financial aid, and discussion was heated on the possibility of an EU bailout of Eastern Europe, the EU, at the behest of Angela Merkel of Germany, denied the East European bailout. However, this was more a public relations stunt than an actual policy position. While the EU refused money to Eastern Europe in the form of a bailout, in late March European leaders “doubled the emergency funding for the fragile economies of central and eastern Europe and pledged to deliver another doubling of International Monetary Fund lending facilities by putting up 75bn Euros (70bn pounds).” EU leaders “agreed to increase funding for balance of payments support available for mainly eastern European member states from 25bn Euros to 50bn Euros.”[22] As explained in a Times article in June of 2009, Germany has been deceitful in its public stance versus its actual policy decisions. The article, worth quoting in large part, first explained that: Europe is now in the middle of a perfect storm - a confluence of three separate, but interconnected economic crises which threaten far greater devastation than Britain or America have suffered from the credit crunch: the collapse of German industry and employment, the impending bankruptcy of Central European homeowners and businesses; and the threat of government debt defaults from loss of monetary control by the Irish Republic, Greece and Portugal, for instance on the eurozone periphery. Taking the case of Latvia, the author asks, “If the crisis expands, other EU governments - and especially Germany's - will face an existential question. Do they commit hundreds of billions of euros to guarantee the debts of fellow EU countries? Or do they allow government defaults and devaluations that may ultimately break up the single currency and further cripple German industry, as well as the country's domestic banks?” While addressing that, “Publicly, German politicians have insisted that any bailouts or guarantees are out of the question,” however, “the pass has been quietly sold in Brussels, while politicians loudly protested their unshakeable commitment to defend it.” The author addressed how in October of 2008: [...] a previously unused regulation was discovered, allowing the creation of a 25 billion Euros “balance of payments facility” and authorising the EU to borrow substantial sums under its own “legal personality” for the first time. This facility was doubled again to 50 billion Euros in March. If Latvia's financial problems turn into a full-scale crisis, these guarantees and cross-subsidies between EU governments will increase to hundreds of billions in the months ahead and will certainly mutate into large-scale centralised EU borrowing, jointly guaranteed by all the taxpayers of the EU. [...] The new EU borrowing, for example, is legally an ‘off-budget’ and ‘backto-back’ arrangement, which allows Germany to maintain the legal fiction that it is not guaranteeing the debts of Latvia et al. The EU's bond prospectus to investors, however, makes quite clear where the financial burden truly lies: “From an investor's point of view the bond is fully guaranteed by the EU budget and, ultimately, by the EU Member States.”[23] So Eastern Europe is getting, or presumably will get bailed out. Whether this is in the form of EU federalism, providing loans of its own accord, paid for by European taxpayers, or through the IMF, which will attach any loans with its stringent Structural Adjustment Program (SAP) conditionalities, or both. It turned out that the joint partnership of the IMF and EU is what provided the loans and continues to provide such loans. As the Financial Times pointed out in August of 2009, “Bank failures or plunging currencies in the three Baltic nations – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – could threaten the fragile prospect of recovery in the rest of Europe. These countries also sit on one of the world’s most sensitive political fault-lines. They are the European Union’s frontier states, bordering Russia.” In July, Latvia “agreed its second loan in eight months from the IMF and the EU,” following the first one in December. Lithuania is reported to be following suit. However, as the Financial Times noted, the loans came with the IMF conditionalities: “The injection of cash is the good news. The bad news is that, in return for shoring up state finances, the new IMF deal will require the Latvian government to impose yet more pain on its suffering population. Publicsector wages have already been cut by about a third this year. Pensions have been sliced. Now the IMF requires Latvia to cut another 10 per cent from the state budget this autumn.”[24] If we are to believe the brief Telegraph report pertaining to nearly $25 trillion in bad bank assets, which was removed from the original article for undisclosed reasons, not citing a factual retraction, the question is, does this potential bailout still stand? These banks haven’t been rescued financially from the EU, so, presumably, these bad assets are still sitting on the bank balance sheets. This bubble has yet to blow. Combine this with the $23.7 trillion US bailout bubble, and there is nearly $50 trillion between the EU and the US waiting to burst. ConTinuED froM pAgE

An oil Bubble

ConTinuED pAgE


W5 tor, Karen Hughes, I had a meeting with a senior adviser to Bush. He expressed the White House’s displeasure, and then he told me something that at the time I didn’t fully comprehend - but which I now believe gets to the very heart of the Bush presidency. The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality - judiciously, as you will – we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors ... and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”16

ConTinuED froM pAgE

While they promote certain ideologies vigorously, psychopaths themselves feel no attachment to the words they utter. Instead they calculate appropriate emotional responses for each situation, enabling them to manipulate one against another, each ‘side’ in any given conflict providing requisite cover for their hidden strategy. Thus shielded by what pioneer in the field of psychopathy Hervey Cleckley termed a Mask of Sanity17, the vast majority of them are successful, insofar as their true nature is not realised until it’s too late. When the human mind comes into contact with this new reality so different from any experiences encountered by a person raised in a society dominated by normal people, it releases psychophysiological shock symptoms in the human brain with a higher tonus of cortex inhibition and a stifling of feelings, which then sometimes gush forth uncontrollably. The mind then works more slowly and less keenly because the associative mechanisms have become inefficient. Especially when a person has direct contact with psychopathic representatives of the new rule, who use their specific experience so as to traumatize the minds of the “others” with their own personalities, his mind succumbs to a state of short-term catatonia. Their humiliating and arrogant techniques, brutal paramoralizations and so forth, deaden his thought processes and his selfdefense capabilities, and their divergent experiential method anchors in his mind. In the presence of this kind of phenomenon, any moralizing evaluation of a person’s behavior in such a situation thus becomes inaccurate at best. Only once these unbelievably unpleasant psychological states have passed, thanks to rest in benevolent company, is it possible to reflect, always a difficult and painful process, or to become aware that one’s mind and common sense have been fooled by something which cannot fit into the normal human imagination. Political Ponerology Renowned Canadian authority on psychopathology Robert Hare isn’t mincing his words when he labels this different type of human an “intra-species predator.” His book Without Conscience cites case studies where psychopaths absorbed all attempts to ‘cure’ them by engaging in psychotherapy simply to learn new and better ways of manipulating. He once submitted a paper to a scientific journal that included brainwave EEG (electroencephalography) results from several groups of adult men performing a language task. The editor of the journal returned the paper saying, “Those EEGs couldn’t have come from real people.” In a sense, they didn’t. They were the EEGs of psychopaths. Normal people unconsciously presume the universality of conscience, blind-siding themselves to a predator that exploits them in myriad ways by appealing to their conscience. We are imprisoned in a web of guilt, shame and fear that is ultimately of our own making. Psychopaths need rarely resort to violence to get what they want in one-on-one interactions; the most successful ones keep their murderous impulses in check until they reach the halls of power where opportunities arise for committing mass murder ConTinuED pAgE W6


Friday november 6, 2009

the agora W5 How did it ever come about, that the farmers and workers, who, without nobody could live, have to go begging for a living wage, while the financial and related paper shuffling institutions, who produce nothing of real value to society, demand and get, no, take, millions and billions? In view of all declining resources and escalating miseries, perhaps anybody who wants to be a leader in academia, business or politics should live and lead by example, with a new Global Ethic “ Do not expect others to live with less than what you’re willing to live with.” That would determine anybody’s integrity. Remember, we come with nothing and leave just the same. Immature minds crave prestige and an insatiable appetite for possessions, but a mature human being could say:” My riches consist not in my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants.” By the simple fact of birth, all humans are coowners of the wealth of this Earth and the marvels of technology. No useful invention can appear before its time, we’re all indebted to somebody else. Example: In 1990 a 12 year patent infringement lawsuit was settled for 10,2 million for the ‘inventor’ for the intermittent windshield wiper against the Ford Motor Company. He claimed that they stole his invention. Isn’t it a logical course of improvements that any 5th grader could eventually figure out? ConTinuED froM pAgE

“The never-ending pro-and-con arguments about global warming or climate change, whether men-or-sun-made, or even true, must look really ridiculous, when intelligently viewed from a cosmic-time perspective. eliminating non-life-producing jobs and businesses, without anybody suffering, could cut resource-demand and greenhouse gases significantly.”

Why does the rest of humanity have to be held hostage for this, and millions of other cases that clog up the courts and need thousands of lawyers, who are required in our predatory society, but produce little of real value to society? Bill Gates is a smart ‘opportunist’, he got lucky first, but he couldn’t have Microsoft without a Tesla, Faraday, Edison and thousands of other ‘innovators’. Let’s be thankful to all pioneers, inventors or innovators and let’s get on with life. The never-ending pro-and-con arguments about global warming or climate change, whether men-or-sun-made, or even true, must look really ridiculous, when intelligently viewed from a cosmic-time perspective. Eliminating none-life-producing jobs and businesses, without anybody suffering, could cut resource-demand and greenhouse gases significantly. Our consumption oriented “Having” society should be encouraged to explore the concept of “BEING”, a philosophy best articulated by the late Erich Fromm, in his books. Quote: ”If life’s tendency to grow, to be lived, is thwarted, the energy thus blocked undergoes a process of change and is transformed into life-destructive energy. Destructiveness is the outcome of unlived life. Evil constitutes the crippling of a human beings power. Criminals (and terrorists) are made not born.” End quote. The late scientist Ashley Montagu, is both frank and explicit in his book, The Humanization of Man, said, ” Evil is not inherent in human nature, it is learned…Aggressiveness is taught, as are all forms of violence which human beings exhibit.” Why don’t we apply such wisdom in society and the world, instead of clogging up the prisons and destroying our world in endless wars and wasteful competitions? In view of such powerful and verifiable statements, by these humanitarians, all members of past and present governments should be held morally, and some criminally responsible, and that includes CEO’s as well. I may be a dreamer, but please heed the words of Albert Einstein; “ We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Well, now, Albert gave us something to think, talk and do about. -G.O.

World ConTinuED froM pAgE


W5 by proxy. Naturally this can be difficult for normal human beings to acknowledge because we so desperately cling to a belief in the inherent goodness of everyone. Failure to recognise the reality of this interspecies predator leaves us wide open to their destructive instinct. But there exists a fundamental schism between our world and theirs that cannot be abridged. Martha Stout, in her seminal book The Sociopath Next Door, concludes that the “presence or absence of conscience is a deep human division, arguably more significant than intelligence, race, or even gender.” This is the crux of the matter: they cannot be cured. They do not see themselves as diseased. Rather, to the psychopath in power, the normal people of this world are the disease, the cure for which is full-spectrum warfare levelled not against phantom enemies created by Terror Inc., but against us.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

In early July of 2009, the New York Times reported that, “The extreme volatility that has gripped oil markets for the last 18 months has shown no signs of slowing down, with oil prices more than doubling since the beginning of the year despite an exceptionally weak economy.” Instability in the oil and gas prices has led many to “fear it could jeopardize a global recovery.” Further, “It is also hobbling businesses and consumers,” as “A wild run on the oil markets has occurred in the last 12 months.” Oil prices reached a record high last summer at $145/barrel, and with the economic crisis they fell to $33/barrel in December. However, since the start of 2009, oil has risen 55% to $70/barrel. As the Times article points out, “the recent rise in oil prices is reprising the debate from last year over the role of investors — or speculators — in the commodity markets.” Energy officials from the EU and OPEC met in June and concluded that, “the speculation issue had not been resolved yet and that the 2008 bubble could be repeated.”[25]

“Congress has not done enough to curb excessive speculation in the oil markets, leaving the country vulnerable to another price run-up in 2009...oil prices are largely not determined by supply and demand but the trading desks of large Wall Street firms...Nothing was actually done by Congress to put an end to the problem of excessive speculation...there is nothing to prevent another bubble in oil prices in 2009. In fact, signs of another possible bubble are already beginning to appear.” - Michael Masters, hedge fund manager In June of 2009, Hedge Fund manager Michael Masters told the US Senate that, “Congress has not done enough to curb excessive speculation in the oil markets, leaving the country vulnerable to another price run-up in 2009.” He explained that, “oil prices are largely not determined by supply and demand but the trading desks of large Wall Street firms.” Because “Nothing was actually done by Congress to put an end to the problem of excessive speculation” in 2008, Masters explained, “there is nothing to prevent another bubble in oil prices in 2009. In fact, signs of another possible bubble are already beginning to appear.”[26] In May of 2008, Goldman Sachs warned that oil could reach as much as $200/barrel within the next 12-24 months [up to May 2010]. Interestingly, “Goldman Sachs is one of the largest Wall Street investment banks trading oil and it could profit from an increase in prices.”[27] However, this is missing the key point. Not only would Goldman Sachs profit, but Goldman Sachs plays a major role in sending oil prices up in the first place. As Ed Wallace pointed out in an article in Business Week in May of 2008, Goldman Sachs’ report placed the blame for such price hikes on “soaring demand” from China and the Middle East, combined with the contention that the Middle East has or would soon peak in its oil reserves. Wallace pointed out that: Goldman Sachs was one of the founding partners of online commodities and futures marketplace Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). And ICE has been a primary focus of recent congressional investigations; it was named both in the Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations' June 27, 2006, Staff Report and in the House Committee on Energy & Commerce's hearing last December. Those investigations looked into the unregulated trading in energy futures, and both concluded that energy prices' climb to stratospheric heights has been driven by the billions of dollars' worth of oil and natural gas futures contracts being placed on the ICE— which is not regulated by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.[28] Essentially, Goldman Sachs is one of the key speculators in the oil market, and thus, plays a major role in driving oil prices up on speculation. This must be reconsidered in light of the resurgent rise in oil prices in 2009. In July of 2009, “Goldman Sachs Group Inc. posted record earnings as revenue from trading and stock underwriting reached all-time highs less than a year after the firm took $10 billion in U.S. rescue funds.”[29] Could one be related to the other? Bailouts used in Speculation In November of 2008, the Chinese government injected an “$849 billion stimulus package aimed at keeping the emerging economic superpower growing.”[30] China then recorded a rebound in the growth rate of the economy, and underwent a stock market boom. However, as the Wall Street Journal pointed out in July of 2009, “Its growth is now fuelled by cheap debt rather than corporate profits and retained earnings, and this shift in the medium term threatens to undermine China’s economic decoupling from the global slump.” Further, “overseas money has been piling into China, inflating foreign exchange reserves and domestic liquidity. So perhaps it is not surprising that outstanding bank loans have doubled in the last few years, or that there is much talk of a shadow banking system. Then there is China’s reputation for building overcapacity in its industrial sector, a notoriety it won even before the crash in global demand. This showed a disregard for returns that is always a tell-tale sign of cheap money.” China’s economy primarily relies upon the United States as a consumption market for its cheap products. However, “The slowdown in U.S. consumption amid a credit crunch has exposed the weaknesses in this export-led financing model. So now China is turning instead to cheap debt for funding, a shift suggested by this year’s 35% or so rise in bank loans.”[31] In August of 2009, it was reported that China is experiencing a “stimulus-fueled stock market boom.” However, this has caused many leaders to “worry that too much of the $1-trillion lending binge by state banks that paid for China's nascent revival was diverted into stocks and real estate, raising the danger of a boom and bust cycle and higher inflation less than two years after an earlier stock market bubble burst.”[32] The same reasoning needs to be applied to the US stock market surge. Something is inherently and structurally wrong with a financial system in which nothing is being produced, 600,000 jobs are lost monthly, and yet, the stock market goes up. Why is the stock market going up? The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which provided $700 billion in bank bailouts, started under Bush and expanded under Obama, entails that the US Treasury purchases $700 billion worth of “troubled assets” from banks, and in turn, “that banks cannot be asked to account for their use of taxpayer money.”[33] So if banks don’t have to account for where the money goes, where did it go? They claim it went back into lending. However, bank lending continues to go down.[34] Stock market speculation is the likely answer. Why else would stocks go up, lending continue downwards, and the bailout money be unaccounted for?

All it takes is a handful Another trademark of the psychopath is that he blames his victims for the very thing that he is in fact guilty of. He will even project onto his ‘mark’ the very thing he is about to do. Examples of this dynamic abound in the international arena. For some years Israel has been leading the chorus against Iran’s nuclear development program, charging that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is deceiving the world and secretly intends to “wipe Israel off the map” with nuclear weapons. The facts, however, reveal these claims to be complete fabrications. Even the New York Times reluctantly explained that Ahmadinejad had merely expressed hope that the world would one day be rid of the racist ideology of Zionism.18 Meanwhile it is Israel that has secretly developed up to 400 nuclear weapons with clear intent to use them. It is Israel that is deceiving the nations at every turn. Newsweek reported that the U.S. intelligence community has been aware throughout the war mongering that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.19 The IAEA, the UN body tasked with regulating the global nuclear industry, has repeatedly stated that Iran has neither the desire nor the capacity to develop the bomb - not now, and not in future. When we examine this parallax between what is said and done in terms of ponerology, we can see that Israel is projecting onto its next intended victim the very actions it wishes to carry out. Furthermore, in keeping with the behaviour of a psychopath, Israel expects and entrains (through its gargantuan influence in the media) other nations to fulfil its desire to annihilate Iran. In the macrosocial phenomenon we shall later call ‘pathocracy’, a certain hereditary anomaly isolated as ‘essential psychopathy’(*) is catalytically and causatively essential for the genesis and survival of large scale social evil. [...]

What Does the Bank for international Settlements (BiS) Have to Say? In late June, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the central bank of the world’s central banks, the most prestigious and powerful financial organization in the world, delivered an important warning. It stated that, “fiscal stimulus packages may provide no more than a temporary boost to growth, and be followed by an extended period of economic stagnation.” The BIS, “The only international body to correctly predict the financial crisis ... has warned the biggest risk is that governments might be forced by world bond investors to abandon their stimulus packages, and instead slash spending while lifting taxes and interest rates,” as the annual report of the BIS “has for the past three years been warning of the dangers of a repeat of the depression.” Further, “Its latest annual report warned that countries such as Australia faced the possibility of a run on the currency, which would force interest rates to rise.” The BIS warned that, “a temporary respite may make it more difficult for authorities to take the actions that ConTinuED pAgE


In spite of their deficiencies in normal psychological and moral knowledge, they develop and then have at their disposal a knowledge of their own, something lacked by people with a natural world view. They learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood, and they ConTinuED pAgE W7

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora

World W6 are necessary, if unpopular, to restore the health of the financial system, and may thus ultimately prolong the period of slow growth.” Of immense import is the BIS warning that, “At the same time, government guarantees and asset insurance have exposed taxpayers to potentially large losses,” and explaining how fiscal packages posed significant risks, it said that, “There is a danger that fiscal policy-makers will exhaust their debt capacity before finishing the costly job of repairing the financial system,” and that, “There is the definite possibility that stimulus programs will drive up real interest rates and inflation expectations.” Inflation “would intensify as the downturn abated,” and the BIS “expressed doubt about the bank rescue package adopted in the US.”[35] The BIS further warned of inflation, saying that, “The big and justifiable worry is that, before it can be reversed, the dramatic easing in monetary policy will translate into growth in the broader monetary and credit aggregates,” the BIS said. That will “lead to inflation that feeds inflation expectations or it may fuel yet another assetprice bubble, sowing the seeds of the next financial boom-bust cycle.”[36] Major investors have also been warning about the dangers of inflation. Legendary investor Jim Rogers has warned of “a massive inflation holocaust.”[37] Investor Marc Faber has warned that, “The U.S. economy will enter ‘hyperinflation’ approaching the levels in Zimbabwe,” and he stated that he is “100 percent sure that the U.S. will go into hyperinflation.” Further, “The problem with government debt growing so much is that when the time will come and the Fed should increase interest rates, they will be very reluctant to do so and so inflation will start to accelerate.”[38] ConTinuED froM pAgE

The New World order: Beyond darkness and Light

Are We Entering A new great Depression?

by Joel Lord “We shine our lantern into places of darkness, down unfamiliar pathways only to discover footprints we ourselves once made but have since forgotten.” - Joel Lord


he New World Order is really a misnomer. By all accounts it is clearly the Old World Order, wide-reaching and powerful in scope, determined in pursuit of its penultimate objectives. This ancient cabal has operated in relative obscurity and under a solemn vow of secrecy for centuries. What distinguishes it from other similar organizations? How is it we suddenly find ourselves at the precipice of total annihilation of the species; the advent of a futurist nightmare a la George Orwell’s 1984, without warning, without preparation or comprehension of the motives or modus operandi of our adversary? When tackling this Rubik’s cube of history it is important to weigh and measure one’s research. There are countless rabbit holes, red-herrings and misconstrued theories circulating that claim to expose the inner workings of it all, disinformation and spin used as propaganda to deflect attention away from the true intent. Prudent journalism is required, intelligent discernment of fact vs. fiction. By deconstructing the pyramid gradually, you begin to see the big picture. Essentially the New World Order is a mafia. The biggest, oldest, most well coordinated, crafted, insulated, financed, indoctrinated, fundamentalist, determined and ruthless occult cabal ever to walk the face of the Earth. It is said to span several millennia, predating most current religions, encompassing the cornerstones of major philosophies, developed societies and political power structures of the establishment. How does it operate? Much like any mafia, ruled by greed and violence, a literal hierarchy that ensures survival of the beast, and determines its path by the limitless goals of its ambitions. I tend to see it as a quilt, albeit a murky foul patchwork of deceit and larceny. The New World Order consists of a mostly European cartel of private banking elites: the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgan, Prescott Bush, Harrimans and a select few others. In conjunction with a network of powerful companies that steer the overall agenda, they constitute one ring of financial power that seeds the power structure itself, sometimes referred to as “The Committee of 300.” Their influence cannot be underestimated. Within this ring we find several other interlocking rings, the Vatican, the Jesuits, the 13 bloodlines of European royalty encompassing that of Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, France, Denmark and others, which constitute the Black Nobility. The inner rings of the Illuminati possess more knowledge than the outer rings. The deeper the veil the less is known about it by design, essential in maintaining the complex mechanism of the system. All major Western leaders have blood relations with these royal families. Similarly the entire Western private banking establishment maintains an inclusive system, inter-breeding exclusively amongst those banking families belonging to the club. Money is coveted and circulated steadily through various nefarious means: the IMF, World ConTinuED pAgE W8


In 2007, it was reported that, “The Bank for International Settlements, the world's most prestigious financial body, has warned that years of loose monetary policy has fuelled a dangerous credit bubble, leaving the global economy more vulnerable to another 1930s-style slump than generally understood.” Further: The BIS, the ultimate bank of central bankers, pointed to a confluence a worrying signs, citing mass issuance of new-fangled credit instruments, soaring levels of household debt, extreme appetite for risk shown by investors, and entrenched imbalances in the world currency system. [...] In a thinly-veiled rebuke to the US Federal Reserve, the BIS said central banks were starting to doubt the wisdom of letting asset bubbles build up on the assumption that they could safely be "cleaned up" afterwards - which was more or less the strategy pursued by former Fed chief Alan Greenspan after the dotcom bust.[39] In 2008, the BIS again warned of the potential of another Great Depression, as “complex credit instruments, a strong appetite for risk, rising levels of household debt and long-term imbalances in the world currency system, all form part of the loose monetarist policy that could result in another Great Depression.”[40] In 2008, the BIS also said that, “The current market turmoil is without precedent in the postwar period. With a significant risk of recession in the US, compounded by sharply rising inflation in many countries, fears are building that the global economy might be at some kind of tipping point,” and that all central banks have done “has been to put off the day of reckoning.”[41] In late June of 2009, the BIS reported that as a result of stimulus packages, it has only seen “limited progress” and that, “the prospects for growth are at risk,” and further “stimulus measures won't be able to gain traction, and may only lead to a temporary pickup in growth.” Ultimately, “A fleeting recovery could well make matters worse.”[42] The BIS has said, in softened language, that the stimulus packages are ultimately going to cause more damage than they prevented, simply delaying the inevitable and making the inevitable that much worse. Given the previous BIS warnings of a Great Depression, the stimulus packages around the world have simply delayed the coming depression, and by adding significant numbers to the massive debt bubbles of the world’s nations, will ultimately make the depression worse than had governments not injected massive amounts of money into the economy. After the last Great Depression, Keynesian economists emerged victorious in proposing that a nation must spend its way out of crisis. This time around, they will be proven wrong. The world is a very different place now. Loose credit, easy spending and massive debt is what has led the world to the current economic crisis, spending is not the way out. The world has been functioning on a debt based global economy. This debt based monetary system, controlled and operated by the global central banking system, of which the apex is the Bank for International Settlements, is unsustainable. This is the real bubble, the debt bubble. When it bursts, and it will burst, the world will enter into the Greatest Depression in world history. -A.G.M. For full bibliography go to

W6 develop an awareness of the existence of other individuals similar to them. They also become conscious of being different from the world of those other people surrounding them. They view us from a certain distance, like a para-specific variety. Natural human reactions - which often fail to elicit interest in normal people because they are considered self-evident - strike the psychopath as strange and interesting, and even comical. They therefore observe us, deriving conclusions, forming their different world of concepts. They become experts in our weaknesses and sometimes effect heartless experiments. The suffering and injustice they cause inspire no guilt within them, since such reactions from others are simply a result of their being different and apply only to “those other” people they perceive to be not quite conspecific. Neither a normal person nor our natural world view can fully conceive nor properly evaluate the existence of this world of different concepts. (*) Born psychopaths Political Ponerology Through the lens of Ponerology and from observing the behavioural characteristics of psychopaths we can understand how they successfully ascend the social scale and cluster around the governing levers of society. From there, their malevolent influence upon whole societies metastasises. But Ponerology also invites us to consider that their “different experiential worldview” is ingrained into the founding principles of whole areas of human endeavour to begin with. The very institutions that govern socio-political economy invariably reflect their devious strategies. And where they don’t, appropriate ideological vehicles are hijacked (by a process Lobaczewski terms ‘ponerization’) to co-opt such institutions and drive through ‘reform’. This facilitates ‘negative selection’, whereby they actively groom and position more psychopaths and other pathological deviants of lesser degree amenable to their ends until a critical number of persons with pathological disorders is reached and a Pathocracy is born. Approximately 6% of the population constitutes the active structure of the new rulership, which carries its own peculiar consciousness of its own goals. Twice as many people constitute a second group: those who have managed to warp their personalities to meet the demands of the new reality. [...] The second group consists of individuals who are, on the average, weaker, more sickly and less vital. The frequency of known mental diseases in this group is at twice the rate of the national average. [...] Pathocracy survives thanks to the feeling of being threatened by the society of normal people, as well as by other countries wherein various forms of the system of normal man persist. For the rulers, staying on top is therefore the classic problem of “to be or not to be.” Thus the biological, psychological, moral and economic destruction of the majority of normal people becomes, for the pathocrats, a ‘biological’ necessity.

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Friday november 6, 2009

the agora W7 Bank, US Federal Reserve, puppet governments, drug/gun running, fomenting of wars indiscriminately; and routinely laundered through numerous trust funds, endowment funds, foundations, scholarships, humanitarian and charitable organizations. This ensures not only the security of illegal profits but also serves to legitimize public perception in the media. Thus both hands are lined, maintaining these covert operations. The Illuminati thrives because it compartmentalizes its many players, restricts all access based on loyalty and sacrifice of the individual; rings within rings, the focal point of their authority and longevity. They are said to possess vast knowledge that has been passed on like a torch throughout history, tracing back as far as the first “astral theologists” of the Phoenician and Caananite cultures. From deep within the “mystery schools” of ancient Egypt the same thread continued as enlightened high priests practised the ancient Egyptian art of alchemy, encoding secrets from Sumerian and Babylonian times, and coveted the earliest sources of scripture much of which has never seen the light of day. Isis and Osiris to them symbolized the female and male dual aspects of sexuality and figure prominently as central archetypes to this day. The Brotherhood of the Snake/Dragon (the path toward wisdom) or the Saturnalian Brotherhood as they came to be known, worshiped the planet Saturn, god of chaos, darkness, destruction and banking; an evolution of their ancestry and a fundamental component of the religion. The Dog Star Sirius in ancient times was perceived as a second sun due to its extraordinary brightness. It was called the “Morning Light/Star” or “Blazing Star” both synonymous with Lucifer. The close affiliation between Sirius and the Arc of the Covenant or Contract, the Egyptian connection to the whole mystery, holds the greatest meaning to members of the cult. Legend has it the origins of the Illuminati are directly tied to this star; that visitors came from Sirius 5-6,000 years ago, telepathic beings known as the Anunnaki or Nephilim, averaging eight feet in height, which were naturally welcomed as gods, such was their technological advancement. They interbred with humans. This cosmic connection binds the followers who believe they are the descendants of a distant race.


ConTinuED froM pAgE

The Israelite exodus from Egypt meant the guild had to uproot itself. The original Elders of Zion were in fact high priests belonging to the brotherhood, part of a diverse mosaic of tribes known as the Israelites who had migrated from many regions of the world to former PhoeniciaCaanae of the Middle East seeking true independence, banding together in solidarity. The roots of Zionism and that of the Order are intrinsically linked. Its forefathers were part of the mass migration, which eventually landed in Jerusalem. Driven into hiding by the Romans the “holders of the key” surfaced again and again throughout the centuries. The Knights Templar, Gnostics, Rosicrucians, Knights of Malta, all derived from the same strain. Darker aspects of the Kabala were wound into the fold during the Middle Ages. Zealots such as Sir Francis Bacon refined the Order through the 16th century, setting up the Royal Society while trumpeting beliefs that America was the old Atlantis born again, another mythos of the brotherhood. Finally the great Illuminati surfaced and took hold in 18th century Bavaria as founding father Adam Weishaupt, the Rothschilds and others wisely consolidated their forces. The Freemason movement became a tool not only to carry out foot soldier duties but also to provide a necessary decoy while governments were co-opted one by one. The Celtic-Druidic circles throughout England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales represented the real bastion of Masonry but its influence was also widespread throughout Europe. Absolute complicity of the church in this conspiracy, many cardinals, bishops and select popes, some of which were Masons themselves, assured this end. By the 19th century, Illuminati dominance had broadened its reach. With the birth of the radical new scientific elite in Europe, ConTinuED pAgE


W7 Many means serve this end, starting with concentration camps and including warfare with an obstinate, well-armed foe who will devastate and debilitate the human power thrown at him, namely the very power jeopardizing pathocrats’ rule: the sons of normal man sent out to fight for an illusionary “noble cause.” Once safely dead, the soldiers will then be decreed heroes to be revered in paeans, useful for raising a new generation faithful to the pathocracy and ever willing to go to their deaths to protect it. Political Ponerology There are an estimated 2,800 Canadian Forces personnel currently deployed in Afghanistan under America’s NATO umbrella. What is their reason for being there? The cover story morphed from ‘hunting Osama bin Laden’, alleged perpetrator of 9/11, to winning the hearts and mind of the Afghani people in a full-scale ground war against the Taliban. This slaughterfest is led by notorious psychopath, US General Stanley McChrystal. His job in Iraq from 2003 to 2008 was to create terrorism (through fake suicide bombs - well, the bombs were real, but they were ‘disguised’ as suicide bombs by simply telling people after the fact that the perpetrators were suicide bombers - car bombs and kidnapping and torturing people to death). We often hear the term ‘counter-insurgency’ in the media; the Pentagon War Industry is very fond of it. But what does it really mean? The logic goes something like this: when you occupy and violate a country, you inevitably provoke the population into a response. An insurgency, supported by the host population, does what it can within its limited means to thwart your efforts to control the country by attacking your army’s bases, supply lines and, when they’re brave enough, engaging your forces directly. No invading force can survive long where it’s not welcome. So what do you do? You seek to make yourselves welcome by winning the people over to your side. To do this you drive a wedge between your opponent and the people by training select members of your personnel to play ‘insurgents’ and instruct them to massacre as many innocents as possible - the gorier the results the better. The more successfully you disguise your actions as being those of the insurgents, the more likely the population will succumb to the shock induced by the confusing carnage and believe your deceit. In the people’s eyes the roles switch as their protector, in this case the Taliban, become their enemy, while you become the protector and acquire the time and space you need to continue suppressing resistance to your invasion. Meanwhile your actions silence dissent back home because everybody now sees that bloodthirsty terrorists (i.e. your forces) are roaming the land and must be ruthlessly stamped out. So ‘our boys’ take on the doubly noble task of saving others from evil and ensuring it doesn’t arrive on our shores. Even the ‘Liberal Left’ is with you against the terrorists: if we leave now, the country will be left in the hands of savages. Throughout the madness, people are oblivious to the fact that the creation and perpetuation of the myth of the enemy without is being orchestrated by the true enemy within. An “obstinate, well-armed foe” is thus created to control populations at home and abroad. Pathocrats (psychopathic ruling elite) think of it as fighting fire with fire. When firefighters encounter a raging forest fire, they often start another alongside it to strangle its oxygen and fuel. The analogy is patently ludicrous to normal people but to a psychopath it makes perfect sense. The raging masses must be quelled into total submission. It’s psychopathic from conception to execution. Though disturbing to acknowledge, if we momentarily suspend our instinctive impulse to moralise on the gross injustice of it, we can see in this terrorising of whole populations the behaviour of the psychopath violating its victim for money, pleasure and power. This is the hallmark of Ponerology: the principles derived from scientific observation of psychopathology and its pathodynamics are readily applicable to every level of the social scale, ranging from the immediate and local to the generational and transnational. As one commentator so aptly put it: “The world feels wrong because psychopaths run it.”20 The world doesn’t reflect humanistic values because a different species has taken over.

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dick Cheny’s Tourture Tour: While america fights for its Soul

by dJ Ball “There is no longer any doubt as to whether the Bush administration has committed war crimes, the only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.” -U.S Maj.Gen Antonio Taguba, the retired major general who investigated abuses in Iraq.


ately Dick Cheney resembles a genital wart or venereal disease, the former (Vice?) President just won't go away. Practically everyday this Pinocchioesque windbag of fear mongering, soulless vomit is on television defending TORTURE. Please, somebody jam this monster back into the time machine that he slithered out of and return him to the medieval dimension where he so belongs. Yes, Torture, a crime so heinous that The United States has signed treaties banishing it and in the past has doled out the death penalty to those convicted of administering it. In December 2008, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney admitted on national TV of not only being aware but overseeing torture programs of suspected "terrorists". If only "terrorists", had been tortured, it would still be a disgusting black mark on American History. Unfortunately for Dick The Coward and The Torturers, innocent civilians have been caught up in this illegal and immoral policy. From the moment that Guantanamo opened in early 2002, former Secretary of the Army Thomas White said, it was obvious that at least a third of the population didn't belong there. Spend some time, as I have, researching the torture issue and you will be completely disgusted. It is far worse than you could possibly imagine. Even more unforgivable is that Cheney and Bush wanted to use 911 as a pretext to invade Iraq . They tortured people in the hopes of getting false confessions of a link between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Colin Powell presented tortured and false testimony to the U.N as the “evidence” that Saddam was sitting on massive stockpiles of WMD”S. Torturing people and lying to go to war. This meets the definition of evil. The ACLU,The Red Cross and Amnesty International have documented cases that will make your stomach turn and unfortunately won't be examined on Fox News or any of the Major networks. Torture is a national disgrace. More than 100 inmates have died in American custody in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo. After two Afghan inmates were beaten to death by American soldiers, the American military investigator found that one of the men's legs had been “pulpified.” Watch Academy Award Winning “Taxi to The Darkside” or the stellar PBS documentary “Torturing Democracy”. These should both be mandatory viewing for all Americans. It's no wonder that Cheney's Pro-Torture PR campaign is in high gear as the wagons of justice are circling. Unfortunately for Chickenhawk Dick, the majority of Americans are disgusted that this most heinous act was carried out in their name. Americans realize that if they're ever to regain face amongst their fellow mankind they need to investigate and prosecute torture. And herein lies the problem for Cheney. He has already confessed to torture. Dick the Coward calls it "enhanced interrogation" but it's torture. Plain and simple and Dick The Coward ordered it. At the end of WW2, Japanese Officers were executed for administering water boarding or the drowning torture. Changing the name of an act doesn't change the act nor does having your lawyers give a legal opinion make torture legal. "Hey guys, crank open the faucet on the patsy! You, Gonzales and Addington say we can torture now so it's OK!!!!" ........ Seriously, you thought that would fly? I have to commend Attorney General Eric Holder for succumbing to public pressure and at least pretending that the rule of law still exists. America's reputation is beyond soiled and reconciling torture is a big part of regaining it's moral standing. Unfortunately President Obama wanted to "look forward" on torture, but thanks to Mr. Holder the descent into total tyranny is momentarily suspended. President Obama thought playing nice with Republicans would help get some of his agenda passed. How foolish, take a look at the Healthcare issue. He should have done the right thing and opened up serious investigations into the past administration instead of appeasing them by "looking forward". Try telling a judge if you ever find yourself in a court of law that he should ignore the crime you're accused of and just try to "look forward". Good luck with that The rule of law MUST be applicable to every human being, including politicians and the Executive Branch. Making exceptions for leaders turns nations into ConTinuED pAgE M9

none but ourselves can free our minds Ultimately, pathocrats are terrified of the inherently creative nature of humanity. In their relentless drive to conquer this terror, they must subsume that which they cannot have by annihilating humanity. This is a terrifying prospect, but one we must acknowledge is happening all around us. Some people react to shocks by shutting ConTinuED pAgE M9

Friday november 6, 2009

the agora W8 Darwinian-inspired eugenics through the Royal Society led by Julian Huxley (Aldous Huxley’s younger brother) and Sir Cecil Rhodes (of Rhodes scholarship fame) crept into the vision as the revisionist globalist agenda began to manifest on the world stage; the unleashing of specific pandemics and virulent viruses, the triggering and financing of major conflicts between nations all with the express purpose of forced population reduction. The British East-India Company and wellseated round table groups were behind many such atrocities on behalf of the Illuminati. They have always viewed the planet as a chessboard, part of what they call “The Great Game” merely a token instrument of their sport and conquest.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Skull and Bones Cross

By the 20th century all the crucial pieces were in place. Britain’s RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs), Chatham House, Fabian Society and other sectors were pulling strings throughout Europe, blackmailing and co-opting nations to bend to the will of the Illuminati. The Rothschild dynasty, pre-eminent financial magnates of their time, continued to consolidate an illustrious flow of wealth fleecing their royal clientele, destroying and absorbing all competition while building an iron wall across Europe. In the United States, Rockefeller already controlled the lion’s share of Oil (Standard), J.P. Morgan dominated industry: steel, rail, grain and electricity as well as running New York’s primary central bank. Along with Prescott Bush (Bush dynasty), financier to Adolf Hitler and other crooks they now merged forces with the powerful Rothschilds and a new economic empire was born. It was led by the Rhodes-Milner Round Table Group behind the scenes, an organism capable of transcending the limitations of government, superseding all authority and dictating the direction of foreign and domestic policy worldwide. Their newest weapons were the infamous US Federal Reserve, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, CIA, NSA, NSC, World Bank, IMF and UN, all designed to further the aims of the Illuminati by co-opting government top to bottom, infiltrating, corrupting and colluding with key elected representatives of the people to establish a formal shadow government. Both World Wars served as a catalyst to push forward the New World Order mandate, first in 1920 with the failed League of Nations, again in 1945 with the founding of the United Nations. This time though the formula worked. The end of WWII marked an escalation in their methods. The best and the brightest of Hitler’s top doctors/scientists were smuggled out of Germany (Operation Paperclip) with help of Vatican-issued false passports (The Rat Line), allowing them a pipeline to safety in ports of call such as Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Then they were diverted into the United States where they quietly took over prime executive positions in major pharmaceutical companies (Bayer, I.G. Farben, Searle, Merck and others) while similarly being utilized as high level advisors within NASA and the newly formed UN. Today the overall network is so widespread it is hard to distinguish the truth from the lies. Media, owned and operated by the globalists, merely serves to distract and pacify the gullible public while their crimes are perpetrated behind the scenes. The justice system has also been coopted, a revolving door which provides these criminals a golden parachute whenever they become exposed or cornered, while justice is typically denied to real victims of the system. Government staged false flag terror attacks against us have become all too commonplace. We are regularly bombarded with harmful chemtrails, subjected to HAARP’s electro-magnetic interference, our water fluoridated and food irradiated without contest, nutrients stolen away by Monsanto, deliberately misled with vaccine lies, products loaded with mercury, bisphenol A plastics, dyes, aspartame, MSG, melamine (silent weapons for quiet wars or soft-kill method). ConTinuED pAgE



World W8 3rd world , crap hole, banana republics. Especially when it comes to torture and war crimes. , the most heinous of crimes. Bush and Cheney lied to the world everyday in the lead up to invading Iraq. But torture? Jesus Christ. First they blamed torture on a few "bad apples". Now they admit they authorized and implemented the program. Of course they lied. Have they done anything else but lie? They call it spin but it's lying. They hung out the grunts to dry even though it was their program. Cowardice and treason oh my! Who thought they would ever see the day when a former American (vice?) President defended torture everyday? Nixon's Watergate scandal makes BushCo's litany of serious crimes seem like a practical joke played by old buddies. Neither Watergate nor the Lewinski setup hold a candle against the myriad of crimes committed by Cheney, Bush, Rove, Rumsfled et al. Maybe that's the problem. There are so many crimes where do we start? We start with torture. It's a very serious crime and they've already confessed. Torture did nothing but recruit fighters and kill Americans. In fact, Cheney and Bush's Torture Policy was the NUMBER #1 recruitment tool for Al Qaeda. It was somewhat amusing watching the Cheney's and the torture apologists for the first couple months but now it's just making America look completely pathetic. The televised Pro-Torture pollution is poisoning the nation and at a time when the worldwide image of Brand America is about as low as it's ever been. Sinking to the level of Neanderthal cavemen is not acceptable to most Americans, with maybe the exception being a small percentage of inbred Christian fundamentalists. Which begs the question, who would Jesus torture? As Dick The Coward and his daughter Liz defend torture they simultaneously keep America from repairing it's tarnished reputation. After 8 years of BushCo's war crimes, torture, and fear mongering, Americans gave Barack Obama a resounding victory and a new mandate to end the wars, prosecute torture and show the world that America is a force for good. Well, it's certainly looking like we got ConTinuED froM pAgE

suckered, again. Unfortunately, the wars continue and are even expanding in the case of Afghanistan.If you want to see some poignant and humorous satire watch President-Elect Obama's campaign promises and compare them to President Obama's actions. President Obama? Change? Nope. Same crap, different puppet. Doesn't Obama remember what happened to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan? It wasn't that long ago. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict where this conflict is going to take the United States. Afghanistan is the burial ground for empires. "Staying the course," is resulting in a military broken and a nation bankrupt. Maybe it would be easier for us to swallow if the government just came out and said “Of course it's about the Heroin and Oil Pipelines”. Instead we're force fed this charade about caring if “democracy” thrives in Afghanistan while it dies at home. America has no money for healthwhen it comes to outspending therest of the planet combined on our military, no problem, apparently we have endless finances to dump down the Afghani toilet. Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex in his farewell address. Now do you believe him? Here it is in full effect. Enjoy. Ever since Obama took office, Darth The Coward Cheney has been publicly attacking him in an unprecedented manner on every statement and policy decision. Quite strange considering Cheney was silent for a majority of the 8 years when he was in office. When the Southern Coast of the United States and New Orleans was being annihilated by Katrina, where was VP Dick Cheney? Probably hiding in his dudgeon, chugging whiskey, watching the tragedy unfold on TV and maybe even enjoying it. He does seem to have a drowning fetish. Like mafia dons offering "protection" the neo-con chicken hawks plead their torture case as a necessary evil in "The War on Terror". And “Keeping America safe” But that's complete BS. Torture doesn't work, the chicken hawks should have asked people in the military instead of watching Jack Bauer. Try telling the parents of dead American GI's that Torture has been effective in “keeping America safe”. Good luck with that. Even a Cold War fossil Republican like John McCain knows this and thinks torture is not only useless but also reprehensible. I'll take McCain's word over that of treasonous Faux News chicken hawks like Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, and Bill O'Reilly. In his recently published book, former Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge dropped a massive bombshell, that the Bush Whitehouse raised the terror alert for political reasons and poll ratings. In a bizarre but "predictable for pathological liars," move, Ridge now states that he didn't write his own words, in his own book. You can't make this stuff up. Tom Ridge now says Tom Ridge didn't write the words previously written by Tom Ridge in Tom Ridge's book. Tom, are you trying to tell us that you didn't read your own book before it got published and you went on the road for the promotional tour with it? Lies. More lies. Obviously Ridge now realizes the seriousness of Fake terror alerts and the crime this is. Ridge must have had a visit by his old accomplices because he has since recanted his own statement in his own book. How absurd. This alone should be a national scandal. This alone should merit a massive investigation and treason trials. These people were hired to protect the nation, instead they terrorized it for political gain. For years the Bush Whitehouse terrorized 300 million Americans with bogus terror alerts. When the country was on edge, Bush and Cheney amplified the fear, and turned up the terror. Treason. ConTinuED pAgE W10

W8 down and dissociating and trying to find something ‘pleasant’. We need to get over being shocked because when you are in a state of shock - what Lobaczewski described above as short-term catatonia - your thinking processes stop and you are easily controlled and manipulated. That’s why scare tactics used by the psychopaths in power work so well. People have become used to dissociating or have been made numb via televised violence and cruelty. It isn’t ‘real’, and it is experienced in a dissociated state anyway, so there is never any emotional connection. But after awhile, with knowledge, the shocks become less “shocking” and conscience begins to heal. In this way people can acquire immunity from pathological infection and begin seeking ways to alleviate the suffering of others. The best thing one can do to alleviate the suffering of humanity is to share this knowledge, to help others to stop being controlled by the shocks of horror that are created to put humans in a constant ‘deer in the headlights’ state. Psychopaths dream of a future in which they can revel according to their true nature without fear of persecution from ‘those other people’. Government, media, corporations, education, intelligence agencies, ideologies, religions, social and political movements – nothing and no one is immune to their influence and all are harnessed to their goal of world domination, unconsciously or otherwise. The only antidote to infection is knowledge of the disease and its pathodynamics. It seems Mother Nature opted for species variety when, instead of conscience, she endowed some with talents for preying on others’ weaknesses. The collective traumatic experience of co-existence with our natural predator has finally brought our awareness to the brink of realising that we are not all human. Once awareness of the predator in our midst becomes widespread, the game is over. The psychopaths in power know this. They think humanity can be terrorised into ‘learning’ to think as they do. But as Lobaczewski explains, this is an impossible feat: The pathological authorities are convinced that the appropriate pedagogical, indoctrinational, propaganda and terrorist means can teach a person with a normal instinctive substratum, range of feelings and basic intelligence to think and feel according to their own different fashion. [...] Actually, normal people cannot get rid of the characteristics with which the Homo sapiens species was endowed by its [genetic] past. Such people will thus never stop feeling and perceiving psychological and socio-moral phenomena in much the same way their ancestors had been doing for hundreds of generations. Any attempt to make a society subjugated to the above phenomenon “learn” this different experiential manner imposed by pathological egotism is, in principle, fated for failure, regardless of how many generations it might last. [...] In their conceptual world, pathocrats consider it virtually self-evident that the “others” should accept their obvious, realistic and simple way of apprehending reality. For some mysterious reason though, the “others” wriggle out, slither away and tell each other jokes about pathocrats. Political Ponerology

ConTinuED froM pAgE

With no conscience to impede their hate-fuelled trajectory, the onus is on us to disentangle ourselves from the psychopath’s web by taking responsibility for our own actions. By choosing to believe their lies which promise relief from the pain, we repeatedly surrender our responsibility and give our power away. Thusly we play our part in the genesis of evil. If we are to reclaim this power, we must recognise the predators for what they are, for both self and others. For now, history is on our side. Each time pathocracy coalesces, it only has one place to go: down. Wishful thinking, the Achilles heel of the Global Pathocracy, suggests it will meet a similar fate. What remains to be seen is how long we will dance with the devil until we remember that our suffering ends when we turn to face Truth. -N.M.

W 10 Friday november 6, 2009

the agora W9 Similarly we witness UN conducted sterilization programs of indigenous people in Africa, South East Asia, China, India and Americas, escalating police state brutality, insidious tactics such as provocateurism meant to incite riots while dehumanizing citizens. We saw the advent of talking head journalism with fake news packaged by government bureaucrats sold as editorial content, fake environmentalism and fake terrorism threats used to ensnare nations under a world government mandate; all a precursor to bankruptcy and total enslavement of the individual.

ConTinuED froM pAgE

Washington d.C.

Worldwide, most major cities are literally drenched in rich Masonic symbolism espousing this vehemently corrupt ideology, a testament to their extraordinary reach. Vast corporations, federal/provincial/ courts, government offices, industries, city centres, sports franchises, educational, financial and religious institutions throughout, faithfully adhere to the strict code by always embedding the same specific numbers and ancient referential symbols within their advertising logos and infrastructure. The general public is mostly unaware of these motifs, the meaning they hold to initiates or the possibility that they are being acclimated to accept a “Brave New World Utopia.” Many assassinations such as John F. Kennedy’s, who was about to dismantle the US Federal Reserve, have been carried out on specific dates in precise conjunction with architecture and locations, which according to strict measures of the occult hold formal significance. JFK was in fact buried without his brain, a signature of the “killing of the king” rite in Masonry. The Illuminati are reportedly seeking a rapid worldwide annihilation of 90 percent of the human population. The 500 million who are left would be severely managed, forced to work for the government without repeal, herded into oppressive mega-cities, micro-chipped, scanned, brainwashed, deprived of free speech or the right to protest, vaccinated regularly, forced to eat only GMO food, adhere to a one child policy, all the while incrementally merging with the hive mind, to pay carbon taxes in exchange for credits to a Draconian-style world government run by the very private bankers who have enslaved us for generations. Numerous leaked documents from the Club of Rome (pre-eminent globalist think tank) justify curtailing the lifespan of successive generations and culling the "useless eaters." Hundreds of CFB/FIMA camps complete with red zones, yellow zones and green zones, denoting each type of “terrorist” category, cattle fencing and maximum security infrastructure have been quietly constructed for decades across North America in preparation for a massive round-up of ordinary citizens. The favourite buzzwords at the United Nations today are, “corporate governance” or “global communitarianism,” essentially a return to the Middle Ages, a futuristic type of neo-feudalism under a fascist collectivist flag. “Bio-ethics,” the UN-directed social engineering vision coined by globalist kingpin Zbigniew Brzezinski, founder of the Trilateral Commission, has replaced the more frightening term “eugenics” in the media. Scientific think tanks such as the Jason Group, a high level advisory council of elite theoretical physicists, have been drafting a plan for our destiny. "Trans-humanism," Brzezinski’s Darwinist-inspired nightmare scenario is gradually being unleashed upon us as a natural and necessary evolution of the species in an overpopulated, rapConTinuED pAgE


World W9 Orange Alert !!! Orange Alert!!! Was this not an act of terrorism? Most of us knew it was nonsense but now it's out there in the open. Total garbage. Complete fear mongering by the people paid to maintain the public trust. The daily terror alerts from Bush and Cheney terrorized Americans worse than Osama Bin Laden could have ever dreamed of. The fact that these terror alerts were bogus should put all of these men behind bars, for years. Lying to go to war, torture and fake terror alerts. Nice legacy douche bags. Chickenhawk Dick took 5 deferments from serving his country in Vietnam but had no problem sending other peoples kids to their deaths while he was in office. What a hypocritical coward. Maybe if Dick the Coward would have got a first hand taste of combat he wouldn't be the Rambo wanna-be that he is now. Maybe if he saw the carnage that warfare brings first hand he wouldn't be the sideline cheering chicken hawk that he is now. Maybe if he had cleaned his friend's brains off his helmet so he could send his parents a memento stateside, he would know better. Maybe if he had to piss in a bag for the rest of his life from shrapnel injuries he would zip the hoo-rah. Dick the Coward Cheney hasn't been there so he doesn't know first hand that War is absolute hell. Sure he's flown in and visited a base or 2 but how about being in the trenches covered in piss and craping your pants while your friends get shredded into pieces around you? While metal zings by your head every few seconds, coming within inches of snuffing your life and the air echoes with the type of screaming that you've never heard before, and never want to hear again but burned into your memory for the rest of your life. There's nothing glorious about war. No matter what Chickenhawk Cheney and Fox News says. Maybe if Dick The Coward hadn't pussied out of the ‘Nam he would be a long forgotten,homeless Vet drowning his PTSD in drugs and alcohol. Instead he gets liquored up and shoots his friends in the face hunting birds. Instead this old, pig bellied, coward spends everyday advocating war and torture. From the sidelines and with no combat experience. How pathetic. Remember Dick The Coward and the Republican smear machine calling into question Senator Max Cleland's patriotism and service? Cleland lost 3 limbs in Vietnam while Cheney was filling out deferment papers and making excuses. Same with John Kerry, a Bronze Star recipient, was attacked by the cowards, the war cheerleaders. Instead of attacking real war heroes they should stick to lewd encounters with strangers in airport bathrooms. Ahhh yes, Republican absurdity and hypocrisy is beyond ridiculous. The irony of the Reich Wing impeaching Clinton for snapping a batch off on a blue, dress-wearing, trollop while now DEFENDING TORTURE and War Crimes is not lost on the majority of the planet. The hypocrisy of these people is at levels unbeknownst to most human beings. What else would you expect from Pro-death penalty, anti-abortion, fake Christian, homosexual homophobes? And what about the all-encompassing liberal media? What happened to investigative journalism ? Now all we have are surgically enhanced models reading White House Talking points off teleprompters. Now journalists are “commentators” used for political character assassinations. It ‘s been exposed that most of the “experts' shaping the debate on the Iraq War were defense contractor lobbyists and ex-Pentagon brass. Even worse, Google Jeff Gannon. The gay escort given a media pass by the Bush Whitehouse and called upon frequently to lob softballs. No, you can't make this up. Jeff Gannon is a perfect representation of the media-whore clown-show we're stuck with today. I remember what happened to Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. Dr Paul was marginalized by the establishment press because he was advocating a humble foreign policy. As well, all of the establishment candidates ganged up on Paul for suggesting it was time for America to halt the war crimes and audit the Federal Reserve. The main stream media did their part with his character assassination. Standard Operating Procedure. Beside Olbermann and Maddow, where is the Liberal media on Torture ? The Liberal media is a Reich wing myth. The proof? the lead up to the Iraq invasion and occupation. The Liberal media was nowhere to be found. Just network after network, banging the drums of war. We're left with sycophant media-whores like Fox's Chris Wallace teeing up softballs for the Torturer in Chief. The political diatribe in this nation has deteriorated ConTinuED froM pAgE

into something resembling a poorly choreographed wrestling feud. There are no longer journalists left on any of the major networks. Just Pentagon Propaganda Parrots. Watching these jerk offs reminds me of the Iron Sheik vs Hulk Hogan back in the AWA days in the mid 80's. Except the guys in tights were more believable than these guys in suits. Washington's elite, their corporate press and the paid hack pundits are falling short of fooling anyone of real debate. Remember when Comedian John Stewart single-handedly destroyed CNN's show Crossfire? Yep, we need more of that. Tucker Carlson and his bow tie R.I.P. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans represent the people anymore. Nowadays both parties merely facilitate corporate sodomy, which permeates amongst every facet of society in 2009. Both parties are completely tainted and lacking of any moral authority. Neither party will ever be able to focus on torture or the war crimes of invading Iraq and the murder of hundreds of thousands of its civilians. Both parties and it's senior leadership are complicit and guilty as sin and allowed Cheney/Bush to unleash this vile hell on earth. Neither party will be able to do what needs to be done. You can't investigate yourself. It would be a shame but maybe justice will come from outside of the U.S. Shout out to Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon. ConTinuED pAgE W11

Live or die – you decide!

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Until now mankind could only dream of obtaining significant quantities of microscopic plants. Through years of research, the Sea Farms can now grow these in quantity. This state of the art facility allows us to produce something unique in the world for your benefit. Many manufactures call cyanobacteria algae. Our phytoplankton is not cyanobateria but true micro-algae in its many forms and species. This along with our processing makes our product totally unique in the world. h ttp:// W11

ConTinuED pAgE

Friday november 6, 2009 W 11

the agora W11 idly accelerating, technologically hyper-futurist society. The humanity of the person however will be completely erased, bypassed to make way for “augmentation” of the genetic code, a scientific birth of the new man. This is a focal point of globalist reasoning. “Positive freedom” will set the guidelines for all societal behaviour. Universal freedoms once inherent to the individual as a citizen will be banned. Service and sacrifice on behalf of the government will determine the limits of one’s privileges. For the time being the agenda is steaming ahead, destroying the middle class in the US, thus restoring the jewel in the crown back into the hands of the old British Empire (Cecil Rhodes’ lifelong dream and final ConTinuED froM pAgE

1 . maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. 2. Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity. - Georgia Guide Stones

confession given in his will) while tanking the rest of the world’s major economies simultaneously, then to auger in their grand solution of the New World Order. Leaders at the top of the Illuminati pyramid (33rd degree Masons) are currently preparing the world for the imminent arrival of their “entity,” a second coming of Lucifer or some hybrid that serves their end. We are to be the sacrificial ritualistic burnt offering to welcome their supposed ancestors back to Earth. Any survivors will worship Gaia, the sacred earth mother as the universal religion, in the tradition of Pantheism or secular humanism. "The end justifies the means" is their holy mantra to each other. The Illuminati blueprint set the bar high. Leader Adam Weishaupt laid down the “five laws” in 1776 that are still considered benchmarks. How unrealistic were they in their aims? Only time will tell. 1) Abolition of all monarchies and ordered governments. 2) Abolition of private property and inheritance. 3) Abolition of patriotism and nationalism. 4) Abolition of the family unit and institution of marriage, and establishment of communal education for all children. 5) Abolition of all religion (but for their own.) George Orwell was prophetic in his ominous warnings. The question is, are we prepared to accept our fate or might we find a better road to lead us toward the future, one free of tyranny and perpetual injustice? I certainly think so or else I wouldn’t be here, nor would you I might add. The human spirit can rise above history’s shadows; replace our endless capacity for destruction and violence with something altogether more sophisticated, a true evolution of the species. We have such remarkable potential for goodness. Let us somehow find the will to flick on the lights and reveal our true nature before that choice is made for us. As painful as this material might be to read, it was also difficult having to wade through the murky waters of their mindset. These globalists don’t deserve all this attention. We must find our inner strength and turn their vile hatred into a future worth living. Fear is their greatest weapon, self-sufficiency our strongest option. It is not only cathartic exposing these villains for who they really are, degenerates and pathological criminals, but also liberating, as it brings us closer together as brothers and sisters. Nothing they throw at us can pierce that metal of love and hope for one another. Everything about our efforts will bring this life closer to the light of reason and sanity. Those who choose to ignore these signs do so at their own peril. My love to everyone on our wonderful blue and green orb. We have much more in common today than we might realize. - J.L.

World W11 Sure we might have the odd politician like a Cynthia McKinney, Robert Wexler or Dennis Kucinich but most of the clowns in DC are weasels, bad actors that say one thing but do another. Mainly the bidding of whatever lobbyist pads their offshore accounts. Compromised sellouts periodically pretending to give a damn about their constituents. There's the ruling class, their puppet politicians and the rest of us. Until lobbyists are treated like Al Qaeda there is no hope. A renaissance awaits us if we can exorcise the demons that control us through fear and the old divide and conquer game aka left vs. right - the false paradigm. Republicans, Democrats - whatever..there're the slave masters and there're us. The sooner we understand this, the better off society will be. But back to The Coward. Enough already, the 8 years of his administration was more than enough. It was a nightmare that we don't need to rehash (unless it's in a courtroom at TheHague) Whether Cheney is worried about getting indicted OR that he gets sexually aroused by talking about torture everyday, he needs to quit. Its hurting America. Big time. Maybe Dick should focus on getting those titanium inserts sewed into his fat ass. Love life in a penitentiary could be very painful for him. Instead of doing interviews on Fox News , Cheney should be getting prepared for prison life. He's a grotesque caricature, absurd really, a bad cartoon, a B grade character guilty of A grade crimes. Dick, We've had enough of you (and your daughter). Is it a coincidence that you resemble a crossbreed of Dr Evil and Mr. Burns, except post stroke, with that guilty smirk on your face? We've had enough of the condescending ghoul rubbing his hands together spewing his lies. We're sick of watching your daughter Liz further embarrasses the rest of your clan with every breath of Pro-Torture air and every venomous word that spews out the hole in her face. She is worried for her Daddy's future, as she should be. Her Daddy has done some very bad things. Deeds that in the past have resulted in execution and very long prison sentences. Not only is it extremely selfish but Liz Cheney's Pro-Torture PR campaign is bad for America. We've had enough. "See in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda." ~ George W Bush Besides lying to go to war and torture the Republicans are masters of revisionist history. They believe they can change reality by repeating lies until they overturn truth. Let's not forget how 911 happened on Cheney's watch and that his administration ignored the PDB memos "Bin Laden Determined to Attack". Let's not forget how Cheney and Bush refused to testify under oath and stonewalled the 911 Commission. Let's not forget about the run up to the war in Iraq. The daily lies which completely and purposefully undermined UN Weapons Inspectors such as Scott Ritter and Hans Blix. Let me quickly state a few of the obvious reasons why this gruesome bastard deserves the gas chamber. In no specific order: ConTinuED froM pAgE

1) Gave the stand down order on 911 (see Transport Secretary Norman Mineta's testimony to the 911 Commission) resulting in dead Americans at the Pentagon. TREASON 2) Outed a CIA agent's (V. Plame) cover putting operative(s) in harm for political purposes. TREASON 3) Repeatedly lied about Iraqi WMD's and launched an illegal invasion murdering a million Iraqi's. WAR CRIMES, GENOCIDE , MASS MURDER. 4) also resulting in the death of thousands of his own troops. TREASON, MASS MURDER. 5) Cheney's lies have maimed tens of thousands of American soldiers as well as psychologically destroyed over a 100,000. TREASON. 6) Implemented and oversaw torture programs violating American and International law. These programs have victimized thousands of innocents and killed over a hundred. As well, courtesy of Dick Cheney, American POW's are now in grave danger of being grossly abused in captivity. TREASON, MANSLAUGHTER, MASS MURDER, CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY 7) According to Seymour Hersh, Cheney has violated American and International laws by running secret death squads into foreign country's and assassinating rivals. Not only was this highly illegal and immoral but endangered valuable relations with allies and risked America's long-term geopolitical security. MURDER, TREASON 8) Terrorized 400 million Americans daily with bogus terror alerts to gain political advantage. TREASON And maybe not gas chamber material but...... 9) Fathered Liz Cheney America's credibility and some would argue future depend on Cheney et al being fully prosecuted for orchestrating this brutal torture policy. America is fighting for its soul right now and the Pro-Torture Camp is most definitely an enemy combatant in this fight. Famed prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi even wrote a book against the Bush administration and their crimes. Bugliosi never lost, and according to him prosecuting these demons would be a slam dunk. There's more than enough evidence. The only thing standing in the way of justice is politics. Torture isn't political. Politics should never stand in the way of justice. No matter how many times Torture Inc. state that this is a political issue, it's not. In layman's terms “Your either with us or with the Torturers.” The rest of the world is watching closely and hoping that Americans do the right thing and restore their reputation as a force for good. Illegal wars, occupation and torture is all they've seen for almost a decade now. Not punishing torture will have astonishing and horrific results down the road. The next time an American POW is tortured the blame will go directly to Cheney and Bush for putting torture back on the table. Dick The Chickenhawk Coward spent 8 years destroying America's reputation and economy while funneling taxpayer money into Halliburton and his portfolio. If that wasn't bad enough, Torture certainly is. Its too bad Satan 2.0 doesn't have the anatomy which would allow for heart failure. Unfortunately, Chickenhawk Dick deferred from Vietnam 5 times and was too cowardly to serve his country. The world would be a much better place if he had been aborted in a rice paddy. DJ BALL DJ BALL is a director and activist whose mixtapes have been downloaded tens of thousands of times as well as the founder of the Vancouver Chapter of WeAreChange. He directed the AmBUSHed music video this year by Conspirituality which raised the bar for political hiphop videos. He despises torture and the scumbag cowards who ordered it.

ConTinuED froM pAgE


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W 12 Friday november 6, 2009

the agora


Friday november 6, 2009 W 13

the agora


The TiP of The SPear - iNfoWarS.Com SPoTLiGhT oN PakiSTaN Who doeS The TaLiBaN Work for? arrest Provides more evidence india, israel, and the U.S. Behind mumbai attacks

Pakistan and the Taliban: What General mcChrystal didn’t tell you

by kurt Nimmo

by kurt Nimmo



- K.N.

- K.N.

t is becoming increasingly a hard sell to pin the blame for the Mumbai attacks on Pakistan and thus set the stage for an attack on Pakistan after Barack Obama enters the White House in a few weeks. It now appears Indian intelligence played a large part in the terrorist attacks. On Saturday, the Associated Press reported that a “counterinsurgency police officer who may have been on an undercover mission” was arrested for illegally buying mobile phone cards used by the gunmen. Mukhtar Ahmed is an Indian police operative who provided cell phone SIM cards to Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Pakistan terrorist group blamed for the Mumbai attacks. The counterinsurgency operative, Mukhtar Ahmed, worked for the police in Indian Kashmir. “The implications of Ahmed’s involvement — that Indian agents may have been in touch with the militants and perhaps supplied the SIM cards used in the attacks — added to the growing list of questions over India’s ill-trained security forces, which are widely blamed for not thwarting the attacks,” reports the Associated Press. In other words, Indian intelligence had penetrated Lashkar-e-Taiba and ran a false flag operation through the terrorist group, putatively connected to Pakistan’s ISI. Indian police in the Kashmir city of Srinagar told Calcutta police that Ahmed is “our man and it’s now up to them how to facilitate his release,” said one senior officer speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the information. Other police officials in Kashmir supported his account, reports the Associated Press. Indian intelligence staging false flag terror attacks and blaming them on Muslims is nothing new. On November 23, Andrew Buncombe, writing for the Independent, reported: “India is in something of a state of shock after learning from official sources that its first Hindu terror cell may have carried out a series of deadly bombings that were initially blamed on militant Muslims.” In addition to bombing attacks in the Muslim town of Malegaon in the western state of Maharashtra in September, the Hindu terror cells are allegedly responsible for last year’s bombing of a cross-border train en route to Pakistan, which killed 68 people, according to Buncombe. It should be noted that the head of the Maharastrian Anti-Terrorist Squad making the allegations about Hindu false flag terrorism, Hemant Karkare, was assassinated as he led his team into the Hotel Taj Kahal during the Mumbai attacks. “Killed in the line of duty, Hemant Karare was targeted as the man who was an immense problem for the BJP [the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party] because his forthright investigation revealed Hindutva terrorism and he was not about to stop. Clearly this invalidated the BJP campaign rhetoric against Muslim terrorism, but the BJP will still use the emotional fervor of Hindutva to win against the Congress party,” writes Allen Heart for OpEdNews. An exposé carried in a national daily published in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh alleges that Indian intelligence supported extremist Hindutvadis in their murderous Malegaon campaign with the cooperation of Israel’s Mossad. “The newspaper writes that relations between Mossad and CIA are world known,” notes the Pak Alert Press blog. “The national daily… has exposed that the officials of the national intelligence agencies have categorically stated that American secret service agency, CIA together with Israel’s secret organization Mossad, has carried out several secret operation all over Asia,” Pak Alert Press reports, translating from the original Urdu. Indian intelligence, however, is no minor player and its foreign policy objectives currently parallel those of the CIA and Mossad in regard to covert destabilization in South Asia and elsewhere. “RAW [the Research and Analysis Wing, the Indian version of the CIA] , ever since its creation, has always been a vital, though unobtrusive, actor in Indian policy-making apparatus,” writes Isha Khan. Since its creation in 1968, RAW has been “given a virtual carte blanche to conduct destabilization operations in neighboring countries inimical to India to seriously undertook restructuring of its organization accordingly. RAW was given a list of seven countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Pakistan and Maldives) whom India considered its principal regional protagonists. It very soon systematically and brilliantly crafted covert operations in all these countries to coerce, destabilize and subvert them in consonance with the foreign policy objectives of the Indian Government.” Specifically, RAW “considers Sindh as Pakistan’s soft under-belly. It has, therefore, made it the prime target for sabotage and subversion. RAW has enrolled and extensive network of agents and anti-government elements, and is convinced that with a little push restless Sindh will revolt. Taking fullest advantage of the agitation in Sindh in 1983 and the ethnic riots, which have continued till today, RAW has deeply penetrated and cultivated dissidents and secessionists, thereby creating hard-liners unlikely to allow peace to return to Sindh.” Sindh includes Urdu-speaking Muslim refugees who migrated to Pakistan from India upon independence. It now appears obvious that India’s RAW with the help of the CIA and Israel’s Mossad created the current situation and have set-up Pakistan’s ISI to take the blame for the Mumbai attacks. Senator McCain, flanked by senators Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, told Ejaz Haider, a senior editor with the Daily Times group, that it could be a “matter of days” before India carried out surgical air strikes if Pakistan did not act on the evidence provided to it on elements linked to the attacks, according to the Daily Star. “If the terrorists succeed in confounding relations between these two great countries, they will achieve their aim. We cannot let that happen,” McCain declared. A conflict between the two nuclear armed nations may very well be the “international crisis, a generated crisis” Joe Biden mentioned in October that will “test” president Barack Obama. In August, 2007, Obama said “the United States must be willing to strike al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan,” a comment that has led more than a few commentators to conclude that the U.S. will attack Pakistan in the coming months. It now appears the false flag Mumbai attacks, described as India’s “9/11,” will serve as a pretext to get the ball rolling on “surgical strikes” against Pakistan.

n September 22, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, told the Los Angeles Times he has evidence that factions of Pakistani and Iranian spy services are supporting insurgent groups that carry out attacks on coalition troops. Taliban fighters in Afghanistan are being aided by “elements of some intelligence agencies,” McChrystal wrote in a detailed and heavily redacted analysis of the military situation delivered to the White House earlier this month. “McChrystal went on to single out Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency as well as the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as contributing to the external forces working to undermine U.S. interests and destabilize the government in Kabul,” the newspaper reported. Allegations of Iran attempting to undermine the twin U.S. occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are nothing new. Bush’s neocons often made the same allegations without much solid evidence. It is difficult to believe this scenario for one obvious reason — Iran is Shi’a Muslim and Afghanistan predominately Sunni. The two factions have been religious and ideological enemies for centuries. The allegation about Pakistan aiding the Taliban, however, is backed up by plenty of evidence. The Taliban was a pet project of not only Pakistan’s ISI, but the CIA as well, although the general did not mention this (he may have in the redacted sections of the above linked document). In 1994, following the CIA’s defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan with the assistance of Pakistan and the Saudis, Pakistan began funding and supporting radical madrassa students known as Taliban, Pashtun for “students.” This effort was funded by the U.S., Britain, and the Saudis. The Saudis in particular backed the Taliban because they espoused the same austere religious beliefs. “With the aid of the Pakistani army, the Taliban swept across most of the exhausted country promising a restoration of order and finally capturing Kabul in September 1996. The Taliban imposed an ultra-sectarian version of Islam, closely related to Wahhabism, the ruling creed in Saudi Arabia. Women have been denied education, health care, and the right to work. They must cover themselves completely when in public. Minorities have been brutally repressed. Even singing and dancing in public are forbidden,” writes Phil Gasper. The U.S. government was well aware of the Taliban’s reactionary program, yet it chose to back their rise to power in the mid-1990s. The creation of the Taliban was “actively encouraged by the ISI and the CIA,” according to Selig Harrison, an expert on U.S. relations with Asia. “The United States encouraged Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to support the Taliban, certainly right up to their advance on Kabul,” adds respected journalist Ahmed Rashid. When the Taliban took power, State Department spokesperson Glyn Davies said that he saw “nothing objectionable” in the Taliban’s plans to impose strict Islamic law, and Senator Hank Brown, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Near East and South Asia, welcomed the new regime: “The good part of what has happened is that one of the factions at last seems capable of developing a new government in Afghanistan.” “The Taliban will probably develop like the Saudis. There will be Aramco [the consortium of oil companies that controlled Saudi oil], pipelines, an emir, no parliament and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that,” said another U.S. diplomat in 1997. The award-winning journalist and filmmaker John Pilger wrote in late 2001 as the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan unfolded, “the Taliban itself is a creation of the Americans and the British. In the 1980s, the tribal army that produced them was funded by the CIA and trained by the SAS to fight the Russians…. When the Taliban took Kabul in 1996, Washington said nothing. Why? Because Taliban leaders were soon on their way to Houston, Texas, to be entertained by executives of the oil company, Unocal. With secret U.S. government approval, the company offered them a generous cut of the profits of the oil and gas pumped through a pipeline that the Americans wanted to build from Soviet central Asia through Afghanistan.” After this deal fell through, the Taliban became an official enemy and remain so to this day. The fact the former CIA asset Osama bin Laden was in-country was an extra added bonus for the propaganda campaign launched by the Pentagon to demonize the former partners. Pilger also notes that the Clinton administration had secretly backed the Taliban, even giving them high-level briefings at the CIA. Moreover, according to Pilger, there “is compelling evidence that Bush decided to attack the Taliban not as a result of 9-11, but two months earlier, in July of 2001. This is virtually unknown in the United States-publicly.” In fact, the corporate media reported on the plan to invade Afghanistan, although it was spun as a reaction to al-Qaeda. “President Bush was expected to sign detailed plans for a worldwide war against al-Qaida two days before Sept. 11 but did not have the chance before the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, U.S. and foreign sources told NBC News,” MSNBC reported on May 16, 2002. According to former Pakistani diplomat Niaz Naik, the U.S. had plans to invade Afghanistan in mid-July, nearly two months before September 11, 2001. “Mr Naik said US officials told him of the plan at a UN-sponsored international contact group on Afghanistan which took place in Berlin,” the BBC reported on September 18, 2001. Killing or capturing Bin Laden was held out as the excuse. As should be expected, all of this was left out of the Los Angeles Times article. Pakistan is the latest target and any hint that it had cooperated with the CIA in funding and supporting the Taliban must be relegated to the memory hole. It would be interesting, however, too see the redacted sections of McChrystal’s document.

What is The agora? The Agora is a point in space and time. The point of The Agora is to provide you the space to project your voice to tens of thousands of people within a short span of time. It is what you make it because it is entirely user generated. The Agora recognizes an increasingly undeniable truism; that flowing beneath the floorboards of the all the inanity and blander of this cubicle complex known as civilization is an undercurrent in the midst of an up swell. Many have already noticed the subtleties; they have seen the trickle pushing up through the cracks, heard the suppressed and muffled gush of movement below, smelled the rot of the wood underfoot and felt the give of its imminent collapse. This undercurrent is no longer underground and represents the embodiment of an unfurling zeitgeist for a different kind of age. The Agora provides an ethereal crowbar to the rebellious spirit within all of us, so that we might pry apart the decaying edifice of this bygone era and let loose the flood. This will be a flood of truth, of justice, and of utterly unhinged creativity. The time has come for a newspaper befitting of our age.

Why call it The agora? Well because, it sounds neat. Oh, but there is another reason of historical interest. The Agora of ancient Greece was a public gathering place and a center of commerce. People mingled here to discuss politics, share ideas, disseminate information, buy and sell goods, and spread venereal diseases. The French Agora of the late 1700’s took on a whole new intensity with the introduction of the printing press. The Palais De Royal, as it was known, comprised a number of adjoining underground cafes. Virtually anything could be said or done within this cultural bazaar. Here were born French ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity. The Agora of today is in no one location. People are too dispersed and transient for that. Instead, it is in the media which transcend physical boundaries and link every individual exercising freedom of expression. The internet has been the primordial ooze from which many modern modes of thought have emerged. All that remains is for this transformation to become manifest in the physical space, to extend outward within the view of human beings whom otherwise might never have considered such possibilities, to appeal to their inborn sense of curiosity and invite them to probe the increasingly luminous depths.

Send us your perspired, your bored, your befuddled masses yearning to read freely. -The Agora will lead the revival of the newsprint media by providing uninhibited access to information and creativity

Send us your wired, your galore, your writers, your art form, your journalists and more. -The Agora is looking for journalists, columnists, artists, media makers, anyone who wants to be visible and heard.

Send us your classifieds, your hate mail, your questions, your answers, for everybody’s eyes. -The Agora will have diverse and unique classifieds, and all ads are free in our first issue! So place you ad soon as space will be gone quickly. -We will publish the best of our hatemail in each issue. -The Agora will serve as a continuous forum of debate, we will publish thoughts on contentious topics in each issue. -You can intereact with some of our columnists, picking their brains for expert advice and crucial information.

Send us whatever it is you’d like the world to see while you’re alive. -We haven’t even begun to explain the ways this paper can be utilized, you will create and direct the material in this paper...the possibilities are limitless! We can be reached at

is this a professional newspaper? Yes, the agora aspires towards a revival of true print journalism, but it is also much more. The content within this paper varies as much as do the people providing it, but there is an underlying theme which reveals itself to the keeners among us. This theme could be intimated by words or encapsulated by a simple feeling which may be beyond any adequate description. This feeling amounts to abject wonderment at the vastness of this universe and what is truly possible. All that is wrong and ugly in this world struggles in futility to obscure an inviolable and mysterious beauty permeating everything. This immaterial beauty is most evident amidst the undaunted exploration of ourselves, each other and our unlimited potential. This potential has but to be realized in order to become reality. This paper endeavors to enable all decent people the chance to explore and discover their potential regardless of imposed boundaries and limited thought patterns; that we might return fate to the hands and hearts of those to whom it belongs.

Why should you use this paper? TheAgora enables us to extend our reach to the many that otherwise would not purview this kind of information. It creates an interface between online and print media, funneling into the so called real world the quality and diversity of analytical brilliance which exists in so many nooks and crannies of the digital world. It fills the void left by the bubblegum papers in regard to news of substance and gravity, and will give us the capability of supplanting them in the long run. It popularizes online writers in the eyes of a more general public via exposure and web traffic generation for their own sites. Eventually, the paper will be printed on hemp and will provide a boon to the Canadian hemp industry. Hemp paper can be recycled a dozen times, tree paper only a few.

ok but what can i do? Whatever you desire. The only criteria are that what you send us be well written, thought provoking, and documented if necessary. Your piece, whether it be written, drawn, painted, scribbled, recorded, researched, imagined, compiled, contrived or created, has a place within The Agora.

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Distribution The Agora is distributed in highly frequented establishments, community centers, and densely populated areas. We target the richest environments for your advertising dollar.

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Agora November 2009  

Agora November 2009

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