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Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Redefining Storage Performance and Efficiency Kostas Piperis Open Storage & Archive SE Sun Microsystems Sun Proprietary Information - 2009




Storage IT Challenges Why Flash Storage New Storage Hierarchy Sun Flash Storage Portfolio > Sun F5100 Flash Array > Sun Flash Accelerator F20 • Applications • Resources • • • •


Storage IT Challenges Business Data Growth Driving Storage Infrastructure Challenges Performance

for applications and SLA requirements


applications for business requirements


Power, Space and Cooling


Why Applications Don’t Perform Waiting for DATA – HDDs can't keep up

• Today’s Multi-Core, Multi-Socket application server design are increasingly held back by slow storage • When requesting data, the server spends most of its time waiting for storage • Application performance remains sluggish regardless of the Server CPU horsepower • The traditional remedy of adding more DRAM or “short-stroking” HDDs is both expensive and inefficient 4

CPUs Have Become I/O Starved

HDDs Can't Keep Up... Need a New, More Effective Storage Solution ! HDD vs. CPU Relative Performance Improvement • Moore’s Law has outstripped improvements to disk drive technology by 64 times. • Servers are now hopelessly unbalanced between the CPUs need for data and the HDDs ability to keep up.






2006 2007 2008 2009

64 times Improved



Turbo Charge Applications Instantly with Flash

IOPS Performance of

300 Drives

400X Better

Power Efficiency 6

Flash Array vs. Disk Storage 1.6M IOPS of HDDs: 18 racks

4,000 Disks 68 kWh

1 Flash Array 0.3 kWh 1.6M IOPS of Flash: 1 rack unit

Flash Saves 266X the Power and 756X the Rack Space 7

New Storage Architecture Server Multi-Core, Multi Socket CPUs



Performance Affinity

High Performance DRAM High Performance Flash Devices

Capacity Expansion High Capacity HDDs 8

Solaris Hybrid Storage Pools

Managing Hybrid Storage Pools with Solaris ZFS Automating data placement for best Performance and cost

Application Hybrid Storage Pool ZIL


Disk Pool



HDDs 9

The Sun Flash Product Portfolio For accelerating applications and reducing operating costs

Flash Arrays*

(Highest Performance DAS)

Performance and Scalability

Flash PCIe Cards*

(Highest Performance In-Host)

Flash Modules*

(Most Cost Effective Performance)


(Most Versatile Performance)

Fully-Integrated Flash-Based Hardware and Software * Based on Sun FlashFire Technology (higher performance and reliability) 10

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array The world's fastest Flash Array with unprecedented performance and ecoefficiency Over 1M IOPS !

Great for Accelerating Databases... F5100 is the best, most efficient way to accelerate database applications that doesn't require expensive tuning, power or space. It decreases latency and improves I/O response times for greater productivity and operational efficiency. 11

Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array


Database Accelerator

1.6M Read IOPS 1.2M Write IOPS

in 1RU of Space

1.6M read IOPS (4K) 1.2M write IOPS (4K) 12.8GB/s sequential read 9.8GB/s sequential write


Up to 1.92TB in 1 RU 4 discrete SAS Domains per system

● ●


16 x 4-wide3Gb/s SAS Port Direct connect up to 16 hosts

● ●


Hot-swap, redundant power and fans Advanced wear-leveling, write endurance Integrated Super CAP power backup

● ● ●

Redefining Storage Performance and Efficiency ● ● ●

World record performance Unprecedented power efficiency Unmatched space efficiency

Performance greater than 3,000 HDDs !

Power ●

300 watts

Management ●

CAM software 12

F5100 for Databases: Easy to Deploy Run your databases twice as fast • What You Get with the Sun F5100:

•2x faster response time •2x faster throughput •2x faster transaction times

Existing Deployment

✔Attach F5100 Flash Array ✔Rebuild Indexes on F5100 ✔Point to F5100 Indexes and Go! 13

The World's Fastest Database Performance with F5100 • 12 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 servers, 60 Sun Storage F5100 Flash arrays and Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition with Real Application Clusters and Partitioning delivered a world-record TPC-C benchmark result.


Flash Driven Results

6X Less Power Consumption 8X Less Floor Space 25% More Performance 16X Better Resources Times


per Transaction


per Transaction 15

Customer Quote: Thomson Reuters "...the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array reduced our total database operation times by an average of 4X and power saving by up to 4X. In addition, it improves the performance in our existing servers, allowing us to increase the client count and maintain our performance SLAs without adding additional server or disk hardware. The end results were the deployment of faster applications, smaller space footprint, and lower energy utilization which ultimately helped our bottom line and our green initiatives" - Paul Lavoie, Thomson Reuters


Speeds Up Application Performance • Delivers Record Performance on Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll 9.0* > Sun's M-Series server with F5100 processing 250,000

employe payroll checks > 81% faster and up to 10x better latency response compared to traditional fibre channel (FC) disks

* This benchmark representing typical OLTP workloads for a larger organization processing employee payroll. Sun Confidential – NDA Required


Most Reliable and Easy to Manage Flash Array on the Market Robust, highly reliable design using Sun FlashFire enterprise-class module technology ➢ Advanced wear-leveling and write endurance (25% extra capacity for durability and bad block mapping) ➢ Double the MTBF of disks with over 2M hours each ● Redundant power and cooling ● Supercapacitor based power backup for highest data integrity (cache and write-through protection) ● Host mirroring, ZFS triple parity RAID protection ● Easy to manage with Common Array Manager software ● Easy to Deploy. Compatible with existing applications and operating environments. No special drivers needed ●


Include These Services with the F5100 Assessment

Find out the best way to accelerate your storage

Sun Services include to get the most out of your solution


Sun Experts using best practices

Architecture Optimization Get the best from your investment

Spectrum Support

Add to your purchase to protect your investment 19

Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card Turbocharge your servers and your applications quickly and efficiently for faster response and greater productivity

IOPS Performance of

300 Drives 400X Better

Power Efficiency 20

Sun Flash Accelerator

Performance ●

and disk controller

Over 100K IOPS per PCIe slot

● ●

100K read IOPS (4K) 84K write IOPS (4K) 1GB/s sequential read 500MB/s sequential write

Capacity ● ●

96 GB of SLC Flash Attach up to 8 internal SAS/SATA HDDs

Reliability ● ● ●

Advanced wear-leveling, write endurance Integrated Super CAP: no batteries! Enterprise ready

Connectivity ●

Turbocharge Applications Instantly ● ● ●

Unprecedented power efficiency Unmatched space efficiency Unparalleled flexibility

● ● ●

PCIe slot, 8-lane (low-profile) HBA: 2 x 4-wide 3Gb/s internal SAS ports SAS expander , HBA and Flash Standard HBA drivers

Power ●

16 Watts

I/0 Performance of Over 300 HDDs Sun Confidential: Internal and Authorized Partners Only


Sun Flash Accelerator F20 PCIe Card Makes Databases & I/O Intensive Applications Go Faster ●

Turbo charges servers and applications ● Increases I/O performance, reduces latency for better application performance ● I/O performance of 300 HDDs on a PCIe card ● Faster, higher density than SSD Controls entire Hybrid Storage Pool (Flash and internal HDD) ● No extra HBAs needed ● No extra PCIe slots consumed ● No HDD slots consumed

Sun Servers

Flash + HBA combo card 22

F20 Application Example: Oracle Exadata V2 World's fastest database machine uses Sun FlashFire Technology Up to 56 x F20 Flash cards 14 Sun Fire X4275 servers single rack (4 cards each server)

World's fastest system for Data Warehousing and Online Transaction Processing. A huge leap in performance over the competition and Oracle's previous Exadata: * 20x increase in random I/O * 5x speedup in I/O bandwidth with Sun F20 FlashFire Technology * 2x the compute and network performance capacity 23

Flash your server directly with high density, high performance Flash Module for faster storage I/O

Flash Modules

(On Motherboard Flash Drives)

Performance ● ● ● ●

25K IOPS random read (4K) 15K IOPS random write (4K) 265MB/s sequential read 118MB/s sequential write

Capacity ●

24 GB (SLC enterprise-grade Flash)

Reliability ● ●

Advanced wear-leveling, write endurance 2M MTBF hours

Form Factor ● ●

Enables diskless storage in servers ● Used in Sun servers, Flash Arrays ● Released as Open Standard ●

I/O Performance of 50-80 HDDs

Industry-std SO-DIMM (laptop DIMM) 68.8 x 30 x 3.8 mm 3 Gbps SATA-II

Power ●

2.5 W maximum 24

Improving application performance and eco-efficiency instantly with SSDs

Sun Solid State Drive

Performance ● ● ● ●

35K IOPS random read (4K) 3K IOPS random write (4K) 250MB/s sequential read 170MB/s sequential write

Capacity ●

32 GB (SLC Flash)


A new era in storage performance and efficiency Dramatically Improved Performance Cost Saving and Eco-Efficiency Simplicity and Ease of Use Improved Reliability

2M MTBF hours

Form Factor ● ●

2.5” enterprise SFF 3Gb/s SATA-II

Power ●

2.5 W maximum

I/O Performance of Over 10-100 HDDs 25

FlashFire for Faster Performance

Sun Flash Products for Turbocharging your Applications > Large Databases (Oracle,

MySQL, Sybase, DB2, etc) > I/O intensive HPC applications > Financial modeling •

1.6M IOPS, 1.92TB

Over 100K IOPS, 96GB

Over 25K IOPS, 24GB

> > > >

Scale Out Databases Storage grids Hybrid Storage Pools Data logs

> Use in Servers & Blades > Local caching & logs > Hybrid Storage Pools

Use in Servers and Storage Systems Tier “0” storage, read oriented Hybrid Storage Pools

● ●

35K IOPS, 32GB


Sun as a Flash Leader is... Delivering More Performance with Less Power, Space and Cost • Highest performance through Flash optimized software, OS and system/storage integration • Automated performance tuning using Hybrid Storage Pools • Delivering highest level of performance, reliability and durability with Sun's FlashFire technologies • Solving performance, scalability, and energy challenges with the best Flash portfolio • Services expertise in Flash and best practices to architect, deploy and maintain 27

FLASH – Changing the Storage Paradigm Delivering Best IOPS/$ and Eco-Efficiency

Benefits ●

Experience more performance with less power and space Instantly

● ● ●

Accelerate applications, increase business productivity and response Reduce latency, eliminate storage I/O bottlenecks Lower Power and cooling costs Improving space utilization Optimize performance and scaling with less cost Improve efficiency, reduce TCO

Sun Confidential – NDA Required


Tools and Resources Tools You Can Use ! • How can Flash accelerate your system performance? Try the Sun Flash Analyzer • How much energy can you save? Try the Sun Power Savings Calculator at

Get Informed ! • Learn about all of Sun's Flash products • Blue Print: Accelerating Databases with the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array • Blue Print: Deploying Hybrid Storage Pools with Flash Technology and Solaris ZFS • Blue Print: Optimizing Systems to Use Flash Memory as Hard Drive Replacement • White Paper: A New Approach To Database Storage Optimization: Sun Flash Array • White Paper: Unleashing Application Performance with SSDs and Sun Servers • Documentation and Videos: Flash Technology, Applications, Products • , and

Get Flash ! •Get Solaris ZFS & Hybrid Storage Pools software today at •Easy way for you to double your storage performance Sun Storage Assessment Engagement •Contact your local Sun representative or reseller 29

THANK YOU Kostas Piperis

Sun Proprietary Information - 2009


Flash/SSD Market and Technology Trends Flash/SSD Technology Tends • > 2X/year capacity increases (faster than HDD) • > 50%/year $/GB price decreases (faster than HDD) • Increases in performance and write endurance

SSD Market Growth 2007-2011* $40M to $5,400M (71% CAGR)

SLC vs MLC Single-Level Cell (SLC) Flash • 10X better write endurance • Faster write performance • Read and write oriented applications Multi-Level Cell (MLC) Flash • Greater capacity (2X) • Much less write endurance • Read oriented applications

* IDC 2008


SSD to HDD Comparison

SSD for Performance, HDD for Capacity


Building the Hybrid Storage Pool with Flash

Performance Scaling

Combining Performance and Capacity for best I/O Response and Storage Efficiency

Per. Level Needed

Flash Performance & Capacity

HDDs Capacity Only

Capacity Scaling (Number of Devices) 33

HSP Economics

Conserving Money and Power

1 the /5th Pow er 1/1

0th the C ost


ZFS Data Automation The Hybrid Storage Pool

• ZFS Automatically : – Writes new data to a very fast Flash/SSD pool as write cache (ZIL) – Determines data access patterns and stores frequently accessed data in the Flash/SSD based read cache (L2ARC) – Bundles I/O into sequential lazy writes for more efficient use of low cost mechanical disks ZFS “Waterfall Caching”

ZFS Automatically Caches Hot Data on Flash/SSD • Easier to meet SLAs with Predictable Performance • Improved Power and Storage efficiency • Reduced need for DRAM and high RPM HDDs 35

F5100 Performance By the Numbers

The Most Efficient Way to Accelerate Databases and I/O Intensive Applications

• 1.6M read and 1.2M write IOPS, and 2TB in just 1RU of space > I/O performance of over 3,000 disk drives • Less than 1/15th HDD latency > Reduce I/O service time 10x-15X • Consuming only 300 watts of power > Equivalent to 3 light bulbs • Industry leading IOPS/GB, IOPS/$, IOPS/watt > Best storage performance cost & efficiency 36

The Database Sweet Spot: Indexes • Most databases are I/O intensive, with Indexes having very high IOPS density! • Oracle example where 'SAN' Indexes Accesses are: ➔ greater than 1 IOPS/GB ➔ 10-15 ms per access ➔ Sequentially blocking ➔ 8KB aligned (ideal for Flash) • Moving the Index to Flash can lower to 1 – 2 milliseconds! 37

Easy to Deploy: New/Existing DB Environments

F5100 Flash Array

Business Value of adding F5100 Flash Array: - >2x better throughput! - Cut transaction time in half!





System and workload dependent F5100 Comparisons – Max Theoretical* F5100 Flash Array

F20 Comparisons – Max Theoretical*



(15K rpm)





Max Transaction/device




Devices/2100 transactions

Power Cost (5 years)

$ 1,313



Space Cost (5 years)

$ 187

$ 99,890


Max Transaction/device Devices/30K transactions

F20 Flash Accelerator



(15K rpm)








Power Cost (5 years)

$ 72



Space Cost (5 years)




Measured Benchmark: TPC-C (large DB)

Measured Benchmark: iGen (small DB)

Oracle 11g w/60 F5100s and 857 HDD (850TB) vs IBM DB2 w/11,000 HDDs (750TB)

Oracle 10gR2 with 700 concurrent users: Using 6 x 146GB 10K drives vs moving redo logs to one F20

• 25% faster (7.7M tpmC vs 6.0M tpmC)

• 4X better throughput (transaction per minute)

• 16X better transaction response times

• Required 4X less drives to deliver same transactions

• 6X less energy

per minute

• 1/4 the space • 20% less cost ($2.36 vs $2.81 per transaction) * Maximum theoretical values based on 40 IOPS per transaction (4K). Actual performance dependent on workloads and system capability.



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