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Panasonic Toughbook Driving Healthcare Efficiency Through Mobile IT

Jon Tucker Strategic Industry Manager Panasonic Computer Products Europe (PCPE)

The Challenges…… A Changing Health Environment Changing Demographics Population more mobile Greater long term chronic illness Patients more educated on health and want greater involvement Health recruitment at record low levels Compliancy Budget Constraints

Need for healthcare optimisation and efficiency improvement

Has overburdened the system

Patients die each year from medication errors Procedures cancelled Safety incidents due to documentation errors Healthcare moved away from the patient

What do I mean increase efficiency / optimisation? Business Value Results  13% time savings in workflow – 55 min daily per therapist

 20% increase in Staff satisfaction  A reduction in wrong ID is possible with MCA’s bar-code scanning.

‘The pain of change must be less than the pain of remaining the same’ Steve Butler CEO Segue Software Inc. 1999

Transforming Healthcare Services – The Puzzle

User Adoption

Implementation Training

Financial buy in

Change Management Support Service

Air time

Device Device

Why Toughbook? – Core Manufacturer •

Panasonic Products > Panasonic Factories – Manufacturing portable products since 1982 – 260 engineers focused solely on Toughbooks

All Major Components Manufactured Internally

Advantages to Customers: – Reliable quality > Cost savings – Customer-driven product development – Rapid response to engineering issues – Control of supply chain

Engineered for Mobility and Reliability •

Key Toughbook Features – Magnesium Alloy cases – Shock-mounted, removable HDD/SSD – Flexible internal connectors – Sealed, where appropriate – Daylight viewable screens – Spill resistance – Extreme battery life – Physical and data security – Optimized wireless integration

• Independently Tested • Real World Proven • Toughbook Tested – Vibration – Water-Resistance – Dust-Resistance – High and Low Temp – Thermal shock – Electrostatic Discharge – Infection Control

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) •

PRICE ≠ COST – Expense extends beyond purchase

What Does it Cost – To buy? – To support and maintain? – To deploy and decommission? – To have employee downtime?

What Value Will it Bring? – Return on investment (ROI)

Panasonic Toughbooks – Not cheapest to PURCHASE – Least expensive to OWN

Panasonics continued evolution of Healthcare products

• Lightweight • Optimized Antenna • Long Battery Life

• Dual Hot Swap Batteries • Ergonomic Strap • Infection Control

And what about performance?

High Performance Faster, smarter, adaptive—that’s intelligent performance The all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family: Smart energy efficient processors that automatically deliver extra performance when users need it most and help to reduce power consumption. Adaptive performance with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology and increased responsiveness.

Intelligent performance meets ultimate mobility.

So What’s the ‘Big Deal’... Problem



Everything moves in a healthcare

Mobile IT frees up workflows from

Clinicians more effective, efficient,


physical boundaries

and spend more time with patients

yet most computers don’t

Who’s making the most of mobility? Customer – Azienda USL di Bologna, Italy Huge Regional Healthcare Organization 9 public hospitals (2400 beds); 6 healthcare districts; 74 outpatient clinics; 23 elderly care hospitals; 9 private accredited hospital (2000 beds); 1400 physicians; 3000 nurses. Annual Budget – 1300 Mio€ Annual ICT Budget – 9 Mio€

Tender won by Panasonic :

80 x CF-H1 to enable patient tracking with RFID technology Potential Development During the next year deployment will rise to 300 x CF H1 1000 units expected to be deployed over 3 years.

Summary… IT enabled change :

•Do more with what we have •Improve safety •Increase staff morale •Improve frontline patient care •Improve patient experience •Prepare us for the next challenge

Thank you for your kind attention


Driving Healthcare Efficiency Through Mobile IT