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HP Virtualization Storage trends

Alexandru Vilcu – HP Romania

Improving the economics of virtualized storage Using HP StorageWorks EVA family with HP BladeSystem to support virtualized eco-systems

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What we are hearing from customers ”This is a reset – not business as usual” “Current economic conditions and uncertainty has dramatically impacted IT.”

“Each investment is now a strategic and accountable purchase.”

“I need a future-proof infrastructure.”

“Our IT has to be more agile.” 3

26 April 2009

“The single most important attribute of any virtualization solution is the ability to mask complexity and thereby make manageable that which is increasingly becoming unmanageable.� John Webster, Analyst Illuminata

Configurations for every organization •

Whatever the size of your current server and storage needs, we can build a right-fit configuration just for you


As your needs grow, we can help you seamlessly upgrade your solution according to your specific needs


26 April 2009

HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array Virtual Storage for Virtual Environments Fully virtualized Business Class SAN array with no stranded capacity and no stranded performance •


Lowers Cost – EVA allows customers to right size their storage through no stranded capacity and performance, easy re-deployment Mitigates Risk – the EVA is highly available with proven 5’9s availability Accelerate Growth – Dynamic Capacity Manager and LUN shrink and growth allow customer grow, shrink and re-deploy their storage painlessly 26 April 2009





EVA virtualized storage features & benefits •

EVA automates array management processes − Which means you benefit from lower management & operational costs

EVA offers Dynamic Capacity management allocates only the storage the application actually needs − Which means you buy less storage upfront and longer term

EVA offers choice of RAID levels, and remote replication − Which means enhanced continuity of operations

EVA delivers enterprise-class performance and availability − SSD and increased cache reduces performance bottlenecks which means greater user productivity and more informed decision making

EVA reduces complexity in the data center − Which means improved service levels, so you can focus on your business and service more customers


26 April 2009

Example: HP and VMware ESX Server IT consolidation solution block Dedicated storage Shared virtualized storage with HP EVA with 56 x 146GB dual port fiber channel drives 2 x HP fiber channel blade switches Data protection and recovery HP Data Protector v6.1 & VMware consolidated backup Performance HP ProLiant BL460c Server Blade has up to 2 Dual or Quad Core IntelŽ Xeon™ processors with up to 32 GB RAM 15

26 April 2009





Benefit Consolidated 28 physical servers into one HP BladeSystem with dedicated SAN storage

VMware ESX Server system 1 x HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure 4 x HP ProLiant BL460c Server Blades with 2 dualcore processors with 12GB RAM VMware ESX Server v3.5 Enterprise licenses 4 x HP Virtual Connect Modules Guest operating system: Microsoft Windows or Linux

The intelligent solution for business applications HP BladeSystem with HP EVA

VMware, Citrix, Microsoft

High performance and enterpriseclass availability at an affordable price

Reduces the number of physical servers by improving server utilization and uptime

Designed from the start to simplify your computing environment, and minimize management time and operating costs

Simplifies the IT structure while fully leveraging existing computing investments

The bottom line •


Comprehensive virtualization solution on a flexible infrastructure that is easy on your budget and ready to grow

26 April 2009

Take the next step Contact your HP representative to arrange for an evaluation of your business environment

EVA Family and HP BladeSystem virtualization solutions: ,, ,,


26 April 2009

Technology for better business outcomes

Enterprise-class availability and reliability •

Availability and reliability features only available before on high-end arrays − EVA architecture is highly available with proven five 9s availability − High availability features found in EVA product family − Data tiering (SSD, FC & FATA) − Support for HP Business Copy and Continuous Access snapshot & replication software


26 April 2009




EVA Supports Application Optimization •

Tune your business application environments: Exchange, Oracle, SAP − Improves performance − Tightly integrated snapshots with Exchange − Ease of management and re-configuration − Better capacity utilization − Continuous Access EVA and Business Copy EVA supports zero downtime and disaster tolerant environments (solutions)

Documented best practices with MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS SQL Server

Use the HP BladeSystem and Oracle E-Business Suite solution to Get more done in less time, with fewer resources and at a reduced cost


26 April 2009

HP EVA6400

HP BladeSyste m

What’s new with the EVA6400/8400 Feature


Support for Vraid 6

Increased data protection

Increased maximum LUN size up to (32 TB)

To support application needs

Solid State Disk

Support for high I/O/low latency applications

Improved footprint and density by 92% and 32% on the EVA6400 and EVA8400

Improved capacity footprint equals better TCO

Increased cache up to 22 GB

Improved application read and write performance

Support for 64 Snapshots

Increased flexibility in data mining and restores

Improved Command View Performance

Improved support for multiple instances of Command View

Replication Solution Manager

Support for all EVA generations

Dynamic Capacity Manager on Linux

Ability to grow and shrink LUNs on Linux volumes


Competitively speaking •

Industry leading ease of use

More than just your average RAID 6

EVA virtualization enables superior ease of use and data availability

EVA6400/8400 offers a 3 year next business day warranty which includes installation and start-up

EVA provides for no stranded capacity

The EVA offers no stranded performance

Solid State Disk in a Vraid 5 set along with a smaller disk group • EVA6400/8400 now supports up to 64 snapshots •


26 April 2009

“Edison’s analysis show that, when performing the list of tasks, the HP EVA required 70 percent fewer steps than EMC and 82 percent fewer steps than NetApp, with 79 percent less time than EMC and 76 percent less time than NetApp for performing a series of standard administrative tasks.”

The Edison TCO White Paper: EMC, NetApp, and HP Midrange Storage Arrays

“Depending on the operation performed, the EVA demonstrated up to five times the management efficiency of EMC and NetApp.� The Edison TCO White Paper: EMC, NetApp, and HP Midrange Storage Arrays

Access the full Whitepaper at:

EVA Simplicity Challenge

HP StorageWorks EVA Dynamic Capacity Management Improved disk utilization improves power efficiency! Only buy what you need today − Less storage capacity at purchase and delay the purchase of new capacity − Virtually eliminated stranded storage − Less floor space − Raises capacity utilization efficiency by up to 2X − Save up to 45% on power − Save up to 45% on hardware purchases

Capacity utilization improvement




Allocated to applications Actual capacity installed Capacity in use by applications 36

26 April 2009



Resources •

White Papers − Edison Ease of Use Studies − Solid State Disk − Best Practices − No Stranded Performance

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26 April 2009

EVA web page: EVA Power Calculator xls Product Selector Tool Single Point Of Connectivity Knowledge (SPOCK) Sizer Tool Solution Demo Portal 5009292&demo_id=502141 Storage Works Solutions for Microsoft (internal only) Storage Works Solutions for Oracle (internal only) Storage Works Solutions for SAP (internal only) Product Bulletin Home Page White Papers HP StorageWorks EVA Upgrade TCO Calculator

For more information •

Sales focused − Internal announcement page: ng/Pages/GoEVA.aspx − Channel Partners – visit your local CPP


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26 April 2009


Alexandru Vilcu – HP Romania HP Virtualization Storage trends HP Virtualization Storage trends Using HP StorageWorks...