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Power Back-up services Cristian BUCUR UPS specialist

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Power Back-up services     

Single-Phase UPS , Racks, Consoles, accessories 3-Phase UPS’s Renewable energy related Medical UPS’s Retail

Power Back-up services Tripp Lite Corporate Profile • • • •

Longest History of Trusted Service—85 years of manufacturing excellence Highest Quality Standards—ISO 9001, CE ,SASO, GOST, UL, NOM, TUV and more Broadest Product Offering—over 1,000 power protection, power supply and connectivity solutions Customized Solutions—local solutions to global service in over 60 countries worldwide

UPS System Topology Comparison On-Line Operation UPS Systems (Single- & 3-Phase) • Reliable battery backup with the highest level of input filtering • Rectifier and inverter are always working to provide highest level of output power quality • < ¼ cycle transfer time to bypass • Zero transfer time to battery

Line-Interactive Operation • Reliable battery backup with input filtering and automatic voltage regulation (which decreases dependency on battery) • 2-4 ms transfer time to battery

Standby Operation • Reliable battery backup without input filtering • 2-4 ms transfer time to battery

KVM Switch Types • • • • • •

Single or multiple user With dedicated KVM or Cat5 cables Rackmount, desktop or all-in-one With or without console Expandable (via daisy-chain or cascade connection) IP-accessible

Tripp Lite Complete Networking Solutions

PDUs Cables: FireWire, Fiber Optic, Patch Panels, Cat5e/Cat6, SATA, SCSI and more

KVM Switches

UPS Systems

Rack Systems

SmartOnline Modular Series 20, 40, 60 & 80kVA

3-Phase Modular UPS Systems

Key Specifications Input


• Low input THDi < 5%

• Low output THDi < 3%

• High power factor > 95%

• High AC-AC Efficiency >94%

• Wide voltage correction window (+25/-20%) • Wide frequency correction window (+/-10%) • Dual inputs

Alternate Power Supplies (APS Inverter/Charger) APSX750 APSX750F(New) APSX1250 APSX1250F(New) APSINT2012 APSINT2424 APSINT3636VR

From 750W to 3600Watts , Chargers 20Amps to 60 Apms, ½ or 1 Cycle Target Audience: PC Loads, Residential Power backup, Solar/Wind Hybrid, Commercial Power backup, GSM Cell Sites, Boats , Battery suppliers, Telephone system installers , Vehicular power in Ambulances etc.

Alternate Power Supplies (Sine Wave) APSX6048VR (New)  48VDC,23/90Amp Charger,6000Watt

Capacity  Pure Sine Wave Output  Selectable transfer times : ½ or 1 Cycle  Double boost :10 Secs & Overpower : 60 Secs  3 Stage Wet/Gel battery Charger  Automatic Generator startup & shutoff  Load Sensing control dial  Moisture resistant construction for marine/vehicular/telecom applications  12 sets of DIP switch settings  Target Audience: PC Loads, Boats, Telco, Banks, Residential & Commercial Backup, Generator , Utility & solar hybrid backup etc  Upcoming: APSX1524(?) ; APSX3024VR(?)

SmartPro UPS System - Intelligent line interactive medicalgrade battery backup and network power management

ď Ž

Tested to CE/IEC 60601-1 standard as medical electrical equipment. Built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full line isolation and removes common mode noise while maintaining full AC surge suppression in all modes. Includes high quality hospital-grade plug and outlets. Resistant to electrostatic discharge

• Premium-featured, cost-effective solutions designed to maximize the functionality of notebook computers • Handsome contemporary styling, rugged construction, compact designs • Ideal for mobile professionals, students and others whose lifestyle revolves around their notebook computer • Full product line including:

Cases and Backpacks


Power Protection


Connectivity Solutions

Power Back-up services Team of 6 dedicated people ready to support you! Gabriel Craciun & Cristian Mihailescu - Technical support Violeta Vlasceanu & Cristian Bucur – sales and technical advises Daniela Craciun & AnaMaria Isidor – back-office and logistic support

Thank You! AND Good luck!

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Centre de date 2 decembrie 2009 Cristian BUCUR UPS specialist Power Back-up services  Single-Phase UPS , Racks, Console...