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Building the Next Generation Datacenter Today Catalin Iordan – Technology Consultant Dumitru Taraianu – Technology Consultant

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Ideal Data Center.. Scalable Flexible Capable of provision the resources on demand

Centralized, automated management reporting and control Secured Highly Available and Protected Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Scalability and Performance

CLARiiON CX4: Next-Generation Innovation for the Mid-tier  Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST)  64-bit FLARE and multi-core CPUs  Drive Spin Down  Enterprise Flash drives  Five 9s (99.999%) availability  UltraFlex technology  Virtual Provisioning  Virtualization-aware Navisphere Manager

CLARiiON CX4 Next-generation architecture © Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


CLARiiON AX4 and CX4 Series 

– – –

Industry-leading Performance and Scalability

Leader in Data Integrity – – – – –

State-of-the-art I/O-interconnect technologies Full end-to-end 4 Gb/s design Low latency and high bandwidth

Fully Redundant Architecture – – – – – – –

Dual Storage Processors Redundant power, cooling, data paths, and universal power supplies (UPSs) Customer-replaceable units (CRUs) Online hardware changes and software upgrades No single points of failure; modular architecture Advanced 4 Gb/s UltraPoint technology Continuous diagnostics and phone home

Mix RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0, 3, 5, 6 Mirrored-write cache Destage write cache to disk on power failure SNiiFFER—Disk-sector inspection utility Automated global hot spares

Flexibility – – – – –

UltraFlex Connectivity new 10Gb iSCSI Virtual Provisioning Virtual LUN technology UltraPoint auto-sense speed setting Mix drive types—Fibre Channel, Flash, SATA


CLARiiON CX4-120

CLARiiON CX4-240

CLARiiON CX4-480

CLARiiON CX4-960

• From 4 to 60 SATA and/or SAS drives • Up to 2 GB cache • Up to four front-end connections (Fibre Channel or iSCSI) • Max 64 HA hosts per array • Single or dual Storage Processors, mirrored cache on dual-processor version

• Up to 120 drives • 6 GB cache • Standard four host ports (Fibre Channel or iSCSI) • Max 128 HA hosts per array • Flash Drives

• Up to 240 drives • 8 GB cache • Standard four host ports (Fibre Channel or iSCSI) • Max 256 HA hosts per array • Flash Drives

• Up to 480 drives • 16 GB cache • Standard 8 Fibre channel & 4 iSCSI host ports • Max 256 HA hosts per array • Flash Drives

• Up to 960 drives • 32 GB cache • Standard 8 Fibre channel & 4 iSCSI host ports • Max 512 HA hosts per array • Flash Drives

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Why EMC Symmetrix V-Max Series?  Purpose-built for virtual environments – Combines high-end capabilities with unmatched levels of scale, “ease of,” and automation to virtualize the entire environment

 Lowest cost of ownership – Reduce costs and deliver higher service levels through scale-out and tiering

 Automatically optimize performance – Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) automatically optimizes performance to meet service level requirements

 Unprecedented performance and scale

The world’s most trusted storage platform

– Start small and scale out resources to provide performance on demand with predictable service levels

 Unmatched application availability – Achieve “always on” availability to eliminate outages and improve service delivery

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Symmetrix V-Max Virtual Matrix Architecture High-Availability Symmetrix Director Pair Up to 128 ports per system, two hot-pluggable modules per director

Back-end connections for Flash, Fibre Channel, and SATA disks (up to 128 ports, 2,400 disks, 2.1 PB)

Four Quad-core Intel processors at 2.33 GHz per core (16 cores per engine)

Global mirrored memory and redundant CPU complexes that can be accessed and shared across Symmetrix engines

Virtual Matrix interface connects and shares resources, providing massive scalability in a single system

Up to eight engines per Symmetrix system Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Celerra Family— The Industry-Leading IP Storage Platform Unified Storage


Dedicated storage Easy to deploy Simple to manage

Shared storage Add NAS, iSCSI to Fibre Channel SAN Leverage existing storage investment Scale performance and capacity








Failover (N+1)

Failover (N+1)

Advanced Failover (N+M)

Advanced Failover (N+M)

Failover (N+1)

Advanced Failover (N+M)

Number of X-Blades

1 or 2

1 or 2

2 or 4


1 or 2



NAS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

NAS, MPFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

NAS, MPFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

NAS, MPFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

NAS, MPFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel

NAS, MPFS, iSCSI, Fibre Channel






CLARiiON, Symmetrix

CLARiiON, Symmetrix

Maximum usable IP storage capacity (X-Blade/system)

16 TB/ 32 TB

32 TB/ 64 TB

64 TB/ 192 TB

128 TB/ 896 TB

64 TB/ 128 TB

128 TB/ 896 TB

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Celerra Ease-of-Use Capabilities = No charge

Celerra Startup Assistant

Celerra Manager

Automated Volume Management

Installation 15 minutes power-up to production

Intuitive Web-based management

Provision file systems in four clicks

Celerra Virtual Provisioning

Celerra SnapSure

Celerra Monitoring

Simple snaps

At-a-glance system status

User A 10 GB

User B 10 GB

User C 10 GB

Logical application and user view Physical allocation

4 GB

Physical 2 GB 2 GB consumed storage

Built-in thin provisioning Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Celerra Built-in Advanced Functionality = No charge

Celerra Replicator Production Local Site

Celerra Data Deduplication

Remote Site

Celerra FAST

File data 1 TB Network



Active FS/ LUN







Compress and dedupe


10-minute RPO 2-hour RPO

Simple business rule RPO

File-Level Retention


Up to 50%savings

~ 500 GB File-level deduplication and compression

Celerra Event Enabler

File Management Appliance Policy Engine

Integration with Rainfinity File Management Appliance to provide FAST

Multi-Path File System IP

Celerra User

Anti-virus/QM server

NAS request

Application servers Fibre Channel or iSCSI

Write Once-Read Many (WORM) Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

Integration with third-party anti-virus and quota management vendors

SAN Delivery NS

Improved performance and scalability 10

Provisioning and Flexibility

Vblock Infrastructure Packages: Accelerating Deployment of the Private Cloud

Š 2009 Cisco | EMC | VMware. All rights reserved.


Vblock Infrastructure Packages Architecture Details  Enables incremental scaling with predictable performance, capability and facilities impact  Best of breed technologies Compute: Cisco UCS family Network: Cisco Nexus family, Cisco MDS 9000 series Storage: EMC Symmetrix V-Max or EMC Unified Storage (Celerra, CLARiiON) Virtualization: VMware vSphere 4 Unified Infrastructure management framework

Pre-Engineered, Pre-Integrated and Validated © 2009 Cisco | EMC | VMware. All rights reserved.


Vblock Infrastructure Packages Modular, Standardized, Scalable Vblock 2 (3000 – 6000+ VMs) • A high-end configuration that is extensible to meet the most demanding IT needs of large enterprises or service providers

Vblock 1 (800 – 3000 VMs) • A mid-sized configuration that delivers a broad range of IT capabilities to organizations of all sizes

Vblock 0 (300 – 800 VMs) • An entry-level configuration to meet the IT needs of small datacenters • Test/development platform for Partners and customers

Designed for a Broad Range of Organizations © 2009 Cisco | EMC | VMware. All rights reserved.



RSA—The Security Division of EMC

RSA is the premier provider of

Secure Information



Data discovery, classification, policy management and enforcement for data resident in a datacenter, at endpoints, or moving across network boundaries

RSA Key Manager

Encrypts sensitive data at the application level and manages the lifecycle of encryption keys across the enterprise


Dynamically controls access to and use of unstructured data inside and outside the enterprise with rights management

EMC Certified Data Erasure

Securely and effectively erase data from media, up to D.O.D specifications, when drives are repurposed or repaired

Secure Identities


RSA SecurID Authentication

Two-factor authentication uses hardware and software tokens with changing passwords to validate identities of online users

• Secure information

RSA Access Manager

Controls access to web applications, enables web single sign on, manages large numbers of users via centralized security policy

• Secure infrastructure

RSA Federated Identity Manager

Securely exchanges user identities between disparate internal business units and with customers and partners

RSA Digital Certificate Solutions

Modules for managing digital certificates and creating an environment for authenticated, private communications and transactions

information-centric security solutions for business acceleration. Together, EMC and RSA deliver the capabilities required to ensure that information remains an asset and never becomes a liability. Fueling our mission to secure the information lifecycle is the passionate belief that security should be about lifting business limitations, not imposing them.

The RSA System • Secure identities

RSA Identity Protection and Single platform for consumer authentication, fraud protection, and Verification Suite transaction monitoring for financial institutions

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

Secure Infrastructure


RSA enVision

Scalable enterprise platform for collecting and managing security and compliance information and supporting compliance reporting


Management and control

Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


EMC Ionix Solutions

Service Management IT Operations Intelligence • Monitoring & analysis • Root cause, rapid triage • Cross-domain • Across virtual & physical

Service Discovery & Mapping • Dynamic, passive, agentless • Application dependency mapping • Discovery consolidation • Data path, network path, app path • Across virtual & physical

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

• CMDB • Service desk & ITSM • Service catalog • Workflow • Across virtual & physical

Data Center Automation & Compliance • Server & network configuration • Storage management • Configuration analytics • Best practices & compliance • Across virtual & physical


FAST Technology: How Does It Work?  Available for Clariion, Cellera and Symmetrix  Identifies candidate LUNs on Fibre Channel drives for relocation  Simplifies the migration of user-approved LUNs on Fibre Channel drives to Flash or SATA drives Flash

– Moves “hot” LUNs to Flash drives – Moves “cold” LUNs to SATA drives

Fibre Channel


Easily align LUNs to the right storage for improved performance and cost savings

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Virtualization-Aware Navisphere for CLARiiON CX4 with FLARE 29 Managing virtual machine environments with Navisphere  Automatic discovery of virtual machines and ESX servers  End-to-end virtual-to-physical mapping  Taskbar automation and reporting

Automation reduces infrastructure reporting from hours to minutes…

 New advanced search for instant virtual machine discovery






CLARiiON CX4 End-to-End Management © Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


VMware-Based Storage Management with EMC Storage Viewer Plug-in for vCenter Server Provides integrated views of storage use, configurations, and checks for best practice settings

Free download for EMC customers Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Availability and Data Protection

Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


RecoverPoint Family Overview

Data protection, replication, and disaster recovery solution  Single product for local and remote sites  Provides fast point-in-time recovery compared to alternatives  Reduces leased line costs between sites – Unique bandwidth reduction and compression – Optimizes network utilization by five to 10 times

© Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

RecoverPoint Family CDP: local protection

CRR: remote protection

CLR: concurrent local and remote protection

 Dynamic switching between synchronous and asynchronous replication  Supports popular operating systems  Host, CLARiiON, or fabric-based splitters  RecoverPoint/SE: CLARiiON only; replicated capacity up to 32 TB  RecoverPoint: EMC and non-EMC storage; replicated capacity up to 150 TB 23

RecoverPoint Replication Disaster Recovery Site

Production Site

Local Copy

RecoverPoint Replication/Restore

Remote Copy



Application servers

Standby server

Production LUNs

SAN/WAN RecoverPoint appliance

 Local and/or remote replication  All data accessible during replication  Synchronous, asynchronous replication  Supports Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, and other applications across multiple servers  Data compressed by five to 10 times  Unique bandwidth reduction technology optimizes network use © Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.

RecoverPoint appliance

 Server-consistent replication and recovery  Storage- and application-consistent data recovery  Changes to copy can be resynchronized to the primary site  Read/write access to any point-in-time copy


Demo available at the stand Celerra SRM Failback Clariion SRM Failback Recover Point integration with SRM Avamar – dedup backup for Vmware Power Path – load balancing and failover for virtual environment EMC Storage Viewer plug-in for vCenter EMC Networker integration with MS DPM Replication Manager with MS SQL and MS Exchange Live Migration with MS Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and EMC Clariion EMC Celerra deduplication demo © Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


Š Copyright 2009 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved.


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