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Intrebari si raspunsuri

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Parteneri preferati HP in Timisoara •

BE Proffice

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Net Brinel

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17 July 2009

Cine suntem si ce oferim? •

Cine suntem − Hewlett Packard Financial Services (HPFS) - Divizia de Leasing − Parte a companiei Hewlett-Packard − HP International Bank cu sediul in Irlanda, Dublin − $9 miliarde in costuri fixe, $2 miliarde venit annual − Peste 1,500 de angajati in mai mult de 50 de tari − Printre cele mai mari companii de leasing de IT din lume

Ce oferim − Solutii financiare complete: HW, SW, Servicii − Finantare atat pentru echipamnete HP cat si non-HP − Servicii complete (“end-to-end”) pentru infrastructura

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Portofoliul HPFS 1.

Leasing Financiar


Leasing Operational


LOAN (Credit)


Embedded Lease (Servicii integrate)


Sale & Leaseback (Leasing pentru produsele existente)


Asset Recovery Services (Servicii de Buy Back)

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1. Leasing Financiar •

Caracteristici: − Termen contractual: 12 – 60 luni − Suma minima: 100,000 US$/an, dobanda 0% − Optiuni de plata: lunar/trimestrial/in avans/la sfarsit − Optiuni pe durata contractului: adaugare echipamente, suma minima: 15K US$/an − Optiuni la terminarea contractului: returnarea echipamentelor, achizitia echipamentelor sau extinderea contractului

Avantaje: − Echipamentul se inregistreaza ca activ penrtu Client − Investitie realizata din bugetul de achizitii (CAPEX) − Imbunatateste lichiditatea (cash flow-ul)

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2. Leasing Operational •

Caracteristici: − Termen contractual: 12 – 60 luni − Suma minima: 100,000 US$/an, 0% dobanda − Optiuni de plata: lunar/trimestrial/in avans/la sfarsit − Optiuni pe durata contractului: adaugare echipamente, suma minima: 15K US$/an − Optiuni la terminarea contractului: returnarea echipamentelor, achizitia echipamentelor sau extinderea contractului

Avantaje: − Echipamentul se inregistreaza ca activ pentru finantator − Investitie realizata din bugetul de celtuieli (OPEX) − Utilizatorul plateste pentru dreptul de folosinta a produselor

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Avantajele Solutiilor HPFS • • • • • • • • • • •

Reducerea semnificativa a costurilor (TCO) Nu se percepe avans Posibilitatea de a folosi cash-ul pentru activitatile de baza Injectie de capital (cash) in cazul tranzactiilor de buy back Posibilitatea de a alege intre buget de achizitii sau cel operational Imbunatatirea indicilor economici (ROA/ROI) Posibilitatea de a amortiza un bun ca “asset” sau inregistrarea sa ca si cheltuieli operationale Plata taxelor se face la sfarsitual contractului si numai la valoarea (mica) de achizitie a bunurilor Solutie de finantare completa (HW, SW, Servicii, echipamente non-HP) si punct unic de contact (HP) Diverse optiuni: Adaugare de echipamente/Reinnoirea contractului / Extensia contractului/Achizitia echipamentelor Termeni flexibili: Moneda/Plata/Perioada pag e7



Virtualization Virtualization is everywhere • • • • •

Networks Desktops Servers Applications Storage

 Server virtualization comes in several forms, but Host based server virtualization dominates the market today  Server virtualization uses software to partition a physical server and allows a single server to support multiple logical servers, or virtual machines.

Virtualization is happening now Reasons to Virtualize Servers CIO Magazine, Jan 2008

Cut costs via server consolidation


Improve disaster recovery and backup plans


Provision computing resources to end users more quickly


Offer more flexibility to the business


Provide competitive advantage


Is your firm planning to deploy server virtualization technology? 4% 20%

Yes Studying No

Source: Yankee Group, 2006

IT transformation enabled by virtualization

• • • • •

Shift to larger servers Deployment in days/minutes Faster disaster recovery Management of resource pools Alternate delivery models


“Through 2012, virtualization will be the highest-impact trend in infrastructure and operations” --Tom Bittman, Gartner

Why Virtualize? Consolidation


Utilization 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%

More workloads on fewer servers for higher utilization

Server Administrator


Fewer physical servers save power and reduce management time


B C Spare

HP Virtual Connect Modules

Network Administrator


X1 X2 1 2 3 4


5678 HPBladeSystmEherntModule Storage Administrator


SAN HPFibreChanelConcetraoMdule

Blade Enclosure

Reduce hard dependencies between infrastructure domains


Workloads can be moved between servers to optimize performance and reduce downtime

What is storage virtualization?

Virtualization: Abstracting the physical from the logical to ease management, and an approach to pooling and sharing storage resources so supply meets business demand.


17 July 2009

HP StorageWorks array portfolio XP Consolidation and Performance


LeftHand SAN

XP24000 XP20000

MSA2000 All-in-One Outstanding TCO Scalable, Clustered IP SAN

Low cost consolidation Simple Unified Storage

• •

iSCSI SAN and • Optimized NAS with integrated snapshots, backup, replication, • and simple management. •

4GB FC, 1GbE iSCSI, and 3Gb SAS SAS & SATA together Controller-based snapshot/clone

FC & iSCSI host ports


Storage consolidation + disaster recovery

Simplification through virtualization

iSCSI, 10GbE optional

Scalable Performance


Cost effective high availability

VMware, Citrix, HyperV, Windows, Linux

HP-UX, Windows, Linux, VMware + more

Mid Market MS, Oracle & SAP applications

Windows, Linux, HP-UX, VMware + more

WEB, Exchange, SQL

Windows, Linux, VMware, more.

Business Continuity and Availability 12

July 17, 2009

Restricted - HP & Partner internal use only

Always-on availability •

Data center consolidation + disaster recovery

Large-scale Oracle/SAP applications

HP-UX, Windows, + 20 more, including NonStop & mainframe

HP LeftHand P4000 SANs


Š 2008 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice

HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions Storage for virtualized server environments •

HP LeftHand P4000 SANs - solving storage issues of server virtualization today − Always-on – simple, cost effective high availability across sites − Scalable capacity and performance without downtime − Increased capacity utilization with thin provisioning − Complemented by enterprise feature like snapshots and long distance replication − Easy to deploy and manage

HP LeftHand P4000 VSA for VMware ESX − The first storage system completely virtualized − Perfect for remote sites and branch offices − Turn internal and direct attached storage into a full featured P4000 SAN − Shared storage for HP Blades and Proliant environments • Scalability and availability within and beyond a single BladeSystem





Market dynamics •

Server virtualization is driving the need for a “new” storage solution: − Cost effective storage with enterprise features − Flexible and scalable to address constant change − Virtualization & consolidation driven requirement for high availability IDC Western Europe External Disk Forecast 2007-2012 CAGR %

iSCSI entering mainstream − Affordable cost, leveraging common infrastructure − 10Gbit Ethernet providing performance boost − Emergence of IP SANs as preferred storage for server virtualization • 52% plan to use iSCSI (NAS 36%, FC 27%).*

* ESG, “The Impact of Server Virtualization on Storage”, Dec 2007


iSCSI SAN 51,9%

60,0% 50,0% 40,0% 30,0% 20,0%

NAS 0,9%

10,0% 0,0% -10,0% -20,0%

Exernal DAS -8,0% FICON/ESCON SAN -11,6%

Fibre Channel SAN 1,1%

Storage Architectures and Trains A scale up architecture is like a freight train • Array controllers: 1-2 locomotives for performance & redundancy • Disk shelves: Wagons for capacity • For a short train, locomotive has lots of horsepower • It‘s very cost effective to add wagons • Adding wagons may exceed power limits

A scale out architecture is like a metro train • Each wagon holds capacity and performance • If engine in one wagon goes off, other wagons take over • Adding wagons scales performance in parallel • The combination functions like a single train


HP LeftHand P4000 Storage Clustering Scale performance and capacity non-disruptively •

Storage SASNode

Customer problems


− Large up front investment


− Inherent performance bottlenecks

SAN/iQ Storage Software

− Silos of storage

Redundant Cooling

− Troubleshooting performance issues

Redundant power

HP LeftHand storage clustering SATA

− Pay as you grow, scale out architecture − An all inclusive feature set − Scale performance non-disruptively − Manage all systems via single pane of glass − Integrated performance monitor


Cache Hardware RAID

− Storage controller upgrades


Centralized Management Console

HP LeftHand P4000 SAN solutions A new Storage Architecture Adopt to Serverization of Storage: Scalable SAN solutions based on a clustered architecture with integrated replication capabilities and enterprise feature set.

 iSCSI Networking Flexibility with common infrastructure at affordable cost

 Network RAID Availability beyond the box

Storage Clustering Scalable performance and capacity


 Thin Provisioning Reduce costs, increase capacity utilization

 Local & Remote Copy Efficient backup and disaster tolerance

3,000+ satisfied customers & growing; 11,000+ installations Healthcare / Services Media/ Communications

Nikon Europe

Manufacturing/ Transportation Education


Government NORAD


HP LeftHand P4000 SAN Solutions HP LeftHand P4300 SATA Starter SAN solution

HP LeftHand P4300 SAS Starter SAN solution

HP LeftHand P4500 Virtualization SAN solution

HP LeftHand P4500 Multi-Site SAN solution

Cluster Nodes & Disk Drives

Starts with 2 nodes &16 drives

Starts with 2 nodes &16 drives

Starts with 2 nodes & 24 drives

Starts with 4 nodes & 48 drives

Starting Capacity

12.0 TB 7.2K SATA

4.8 TB 15K SAS

10.8 TB 15K SAS

21.6 TB 15K SAS

Dual Active/Active Controllers

(two per site)

Every HP SAN/iQ feature

3 Yrs 9x5 Software Support

3 Yrs Hardware Maintenance On-Site, Next Business Day

Customer Self Installable

1 day customer training seat

Windows Solution Pack

Replication for Remote Office Pack



√ (10 pack included)

√ (10 pack included)

Expansion nodes





Site 1 20

Site 2

HP ProLiant server family 700 series 500 series

500 series

c-Class 300 series

300 series

100 series

100 series




Density-optimized for rack mount environments

Maximum expansion for rack and tower environments

Maximum flexibility and control in blade server infrastructures

HP SIM and Insight Control Environment


17 July 2009

Some easy nomenclature rules… •


100 series − Industry-standard manageability: Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) − Limited high availability features − Low acquisition cost 300, 500, 700 series − System Insight Manager − iLO2 − ProLiant Essentials − Better warranty One’s digit in model number − DL380, BL460c = Intel − DL385, BL465c = Opteron 17 July 2009

HP ProLiant 100 series • • • • • • •

Processors –Intel and AMD Rack-mount and Tower/Rack-mount Storage – support for SAS and SATA Minimal high availability features Industry standard manageability (IPMI) Warranty – typically 1-1-1 (P-L-O) Low acquisition cost


DL160 23

17 July 2009

HP ProLiant 300 series Processors –Intel and AMD Typically more memory capacity than 100 series Storage – support for SAS and SATA − 2.5” or 3.5” More high availability features than 100 series Enterprise Quality Management • Integrated Lights Out (iLO2) • Systems Insight Manager (SIM) • ProLiant Essentials Warranty 3-3-3 (typical)

• • •

• •

• 24

17 July 2009





HP ProLiant 500 series comparison HP ProLiant 500 series servers •Processors −up to 4 dual- or quad-core Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron •Maximum Memory −64 to 256GB −some models having hotpluggable modules •Storage −up to18 SAS drives •Enterprise Quality Management −iLO2 −SIM −ProLiant Essentials •3-3-3 Warranty 25

17 July 2009

HP ProLiant DL785 G5 Product Overview •

A ProLiant with more of Everything!!!!

Flexibility, scalability and performance − 8-socket, 7U rack form factor − Quad-core AMD Opteron Processors − 512GB Memory − 11 PCI-e Slots − All the familiar industry leading ProLiant features • 2.5” SAS • Smart Array • iLO2 • Systems Insight Manager • Proliant Essentails − 3-3-3 Warranty *2H ‘08


17 July 2009

The HP BladeSystem approach to simplify infrastructure Consolidate Server


Power & Cooling







Policy and Task

Modularize and integrate components

Create logical, abstracted connection to LAN/SAN

Surround with intelligence

Manage as one

Pool and share server, • Keep control storage, network, and power

Reduce time and cost to buy, build and maintain

Greater resource efficiency and flexibility

Simplify routine tasks and processes to save time

Free IT resources for revenue bearing projects

Delivering Tangible Savings for Business

Capital Expenses

Operational Costs

Conventional IT Bladed

Lower costs, greater agility


Data Center


Third Party

Data Center Third Party

HP Servers & Storage

HP Servers & Storage

Reduce or eliminate lengthy processes

Simplify procedures

Reduce complexity

Lower power, fewer cables

Less space

Reduced Ethernet/FC costs

Lower cost HP management tools

Integration of components

Sharing of resources

Infrastructure control software

Power and cooling comparison Rack servers vs. blade servers HP ProLiant DL360 340 W per server 16 servers

Two Intel Xeon 5100 Sequence processors

4GB memory

Two 72GB SFF SAS hard drives

Two Multifunction Gigabit NICs

Two 4Gb Fibre Channel ports

HP ProLiant BL460c 226 W per server 16 servers

Running Prime98 at max CPU utilization Power and Cooling Requirements at 25°C In 10U In 16U •

3616 watts

5440 watts

384 CFM 576 CFM HP BladeSystem c-Class requires 34% less power 33% less CFM

Why blades cost less to buy from the start 8 blades

Save $669

2 x power cables 3 x Ethernet cables 4 x Fibre Channel cables

on cables

8 standard servers

16 x power cables 27 x Ethernet cables 20 x Fibre Channel cables

Save $5,188

Ethernet switch/router L3 ~$1799

Ethernet switch/router L3 ~$4987

on interconnects

Avg. FC switch ~$5999

Avg. FC switch ~$7999

Server Costs Save ~$1,417 per server

4 power supplies

16 power supplies

6 fans

32 fans

2 port HBA ~$600

2 port HBA ~$1200

Save $17,193 on HP BladeSystem with 8 server blades

BladeSystem c-Class Portfolio Infrastructure Portfolio

HP BladeSystem c-Class Portfolio Enclosures

A Full Range of 2P and 4P Blades Workstation Blades

Server Blades

Unified Management

Choice of Power

Storage Blades

Services Assessment Implementation Support

Interconnect choices for LAN, SAN, and Scale-Out Clusters Virtual Connect


Ethernet NICs





Fibre Channel

InfiniBand 4X DDR

c7000 Enclosure Front View

Half-Height Blade Server Up to 16 per enclosure

Full-Height Blade Server Up to 8 per enclosure


Integrated power

8-16 blades

Simplified configuration and greater efficiency

Same flexibility, capacity and redundancy

Onboard Administrator •

HP Insight Display, set-up simplification

c7000 Enclosure – fully redundant Rear View

Active Cool fans • Adaptive flow for maximum power Interconnect bays

efficiency, air movement & acoustics • 8 bays; up to 4 redundant I/O fabrics • Redundant fan design • Up to 94% reduction in cables • Ethernet, Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, IB Onboard Administrator Mid-plane aggregate •• Enclosure Remote administration view bandwidth capacity of 5Tbs Power management • Robust, multi-enclosure control Redundant connectionsor to each server ••• Choice of single-phase Redundant Active/Passive design blade three-phase enclosures • Mid-plane is fully redundant (no active • AC redundant mode or components) power supply redundant mode • Both OA’s can fail, and the enclosure • Best performance per watt will still run! • Only 3 PS needed for a full enclosure

c3000 front view

Onboard Administrator module


8 Device bays


Supports c-Class Server and Storage blades

OA Insight Display

Optional DVD drive

c3000 rear view Onboard Administrator & iLO links

Optional KVM switch connector

2 to 6 Power Supplies – Single-phase AC PS – or, DC (-48V) Power supplies

4 Interconnect bays

Accepts c-Class

Interconnect Modules

4 to 6 Active Cool fans



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17 July 2009

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Ovidiu Seceleanu – ESS SPO Intrebari si raspunsuri - Parteneri locali Gold HP - Finantare HP si fonduri structurale - Solutii servere blade...