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530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

In this inventive body of artwork entitled ‘Vectorism in Relief,’ Salvador de Montesinos examines light, shadow, and movement as a visual allegory of nature and humanity. De Montesino’s focus is inspired by late 19th century Impressionism and his ethnic roots. Each piece he creates is born out of a creative response to an experience in his life, particularly from his interests in landscaping, biology, and meditation. De Montesinos invites the viewer to explore the crests and crevices of his compositions from different angles. Therein, in this new art form, beauty can be discovered between the lines of optical illusion and illuminated materiality.

Cleverly playing with perception, de Montesinos creates abstract mixed-media artwork in which two and three-dimensional imagery converge. Textured surfaces appear to be kissed by sunlight and masked by mysterious shadows. Warm earth tones and cool mineral hues emerge out of layered lines and patterns; colorful oil pigments vibrating in unison. Montesinos transforms the painted surface with meticulously hand-sewn thread and knots. Peaks and valleys erupt in relief, reminiscent of a topographical map.


Capricho, 2014 Oil on Linen on Wood 25.5” x 41” $10000 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Crow’s Nest, 2014 Oil on Linen on Wood 32” x 42” $10000
One, 2012 Oil on Linen on Wood 31” x 35” $10000 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Party, 2013 Oil on Linen on Wood 27” x 40” $11000
Strength, 2013 Oil on Linen on Wood 29” x 33” $10000 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Thoughts, 2014 Oil on Linen on Wood 40” x 75” $21000
Yellow, 2014 Oil on Linen on Wood 38” x 72” $14000 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM

I am originally from Mexico and have been painting for over 30 years. During this time, I have worked on developing my own technique, called Vectorism in Relief, which involves using needles and thread to create a topographical effect. The process consists of bunching up the canvas in hundreds of spots, thus creating a crumpled surface and reducing the overall size of the painting. The resulting peaks and dips capture the movement of light and shadows in a distinctive manner that is unlike that of other artists. This three-dimensional transposition of vectors creates a chromatic texture that manifests as an interplay of colors that continually shifts as the viewer looks at the painting from different angles.


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