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ABOUT JONATHAN DANZIG THE TURTLESTONE GROUP Having spent years in the real estate industry, Jonathan has developed a passion for helping families and homeowners move. He works and lives in the communities he loves. This dedication, along with technology-backed marketing, and a rare set of skills set him apart from ordinary Realtors. Jonathan’s primary role is to sell your home for top dollar. His excellent results come from a former professional and successful career in photography, allowing him to present your home to buyers in a way no other Realtor will. His plan includes aggressive internet and social media marketing, professional photography, drone video, and 3D Tours to name a few. With all of these in hand, he’s developed a routine to quickly sell homes for the most money possible, guaranteed in 30 days or less. His goal is to provide the resources and experience necessary to aggressively negotiate on behalf of his clients, and he has achieved this time and time again for his clients. Incredible customer service is always a priority for Jonathan. As an experienced Realtor, he understands the importance of answering questions and being available to communicate with quickly and easily. He’s here to be a voice you can trust during a time that can be stressful and confusing. You can always rely on him to be easy to get a hold of. Jonathan uses an Administrative Assistant and Transaction Coordinator to coordinate and organize an accurate file for your real estate transaction. Their customer service is top-notch, and their attention to detail helps ensure your transaction is smooth and successful. Jonathan and his family are all native to Southern California. He currently lives with his wife and son in Riverside County.

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TRUSTED ADVICE ARE YOU DEALING WITH AN EXPERT? Did you know that the average agent sells or helps their client buy only 8 homes per year? Did you know that 45% of real estate agents spend less than $500 per year on training and professional development. These are the facts, so how do you know if your agent is an expert when it comes to helping you buy a home?

SE LLER’S I N FO SELLING EXPERIENCE You have decided to sell your home. You’re anxious to start the process, but you really want to make sure you have the right person working to sell your home for all it’s worth. Before anything else, it is a good idea to sit down with an experienced agent and clarify your motivations, draw up a basic time frame and get a detailed outline of the selling process. But first, there are a few questions you may need to ask yourself before listing your home. WHY SELL? Why do you want to sell your property? Do you plan on simply moving to a larger home or property, or do you plan on moving to another neighborhood, school district or city? You might think your reasons are obvious, but it would be helpful for you to consider the implications of each option for your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances. Being clear about your intentions for selling will make it easier for the agent to determine the most appropriate option for your situation. WHEN SHOULD I SELL? You should immediately establish your time frame for selling. For many sellers, it is an urgent matter, and for others, not so much. Obviously, serious sellers would like to sell as quickly as possible and for the most amount possible. However, it is good to know what the most effective plan of action is before listing your home. If you need to sell quickly, I can speed up the process by giving you a complete market analysis and action plan to help you obtain all of your goals. If there is no pressing need to sell immediately, you can sit down with me to thoroughly review the current market conditions and find the most favorable time to for you to sell.



TRUSTED ADVICE SELL YOUR HOME WITH A PROFESSIONAL My proven and successful marketing plan is designed to create results and get your home SOLD - fast! A vast understanding of the real estate market and years of experience in innovative marketing accelerates the selling process through my marketing plan.

MARKETI N G PLAN When you’re ready to take the next step toward selling your home, I am here to help. My comprehensive marketing plan will get your home seen by thousands of motivated buyers. Ultimately, my goal is to get your home the most exposure necessary. THE RIGHT PRICE I thoroughly put together a custom marketing plan with an effective price. A well priced home often generates competing offers and drives up the final sale value. My market analysis takes into account the most actively searched prices and home values throughout your area, including expired listings, for sale by owner and properties still on the market. THE RIGHT EXPOSURE When I market your home, I develop a listing that emphasizes its unique and saleable aspects. I then put your home in front of buyers, establishing it on the local MLS®, other websites, new listings sheets, and real estate publications. My nation-wide network of professional real estate contacts and buyers will also have the opportunity to check out your listing. EFFECTIVE INTERNET MARKETING I will use the Internet and my innovative website to make your listing highly visible. With most buyers checking the web first when looking for a home, this is a part of your marketing strategy that you can’t afford to miss. THE BEST DEAL When I list your home, I will do so at no additional cost. When you start to get offers, I can represent you during this emotionally charged negotiating process and ensure that you get the best price, and favorable closing terms that are clearly spelled out. As your professional aide, I also oversee all paperwork related to the sale.



TRUSTED ADVICE SEE WHAT’S ON THE MARKET For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. When it’s time to sell, get the value you deserve with the help of a professional real estate agent, I have the experience, expertise and innovative marketing plan to help you successfully sell your home.

MARKETING TECHNIQUES Advertising is important. Exposure is key. Having the right products not only helps define your home, but also helps highlight the great qualities of your home. However, great qualities cannot be highlighted in poor products. They go handin-hand. My premium marketing products will meet and even exceed your expectations. These products include: PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY & DRONE: Professional photography is the #1 way to bring attention to your house. We use the very best of professional photographers, and include drone photos and video as well. When home buyers see the photos that Jonathan and The Turtlestone Group advertise with, they connect with your house and want to see more. This helps them understand that you’re working with a trusted agent and that you’re marketing for maximum exposure. PROPERTY BROCHURES: I am committed to marketing your home with high quality materials that represents the time and effort you have taken in obtaining and maintaining your home. 3D TOURS & INTERNET MARKETING: With over 92% of people using the internet in their home search, I’ve developed a way to cater to home buyers searching for their home online. With the introduction of 3D tours and internet marketing, I can successfully find and track buyers that are interested in your home. BROKER TOURS & OPEN HOUSES: The broker tour opens up your home to agents from other various firms. It is a great way to expose the great qualities of your home that may be otherwise missed. It is also a great way for other agents to bring their buyers in to see your property. I believe it is critical to use the tools and resources necessary to give your home the exposure it deserves to ultimately help you sell and move on to your next goal.



TRUSTED ADVICE ASK FOR A FREE HOME EVALUATION A well-priced home will generate lots of interest and sell quicker. There’s even a chance of receiving multiple offers resulting in a higher final sale price. My free market analysis takes into account the most actively searched prices and comparable homes in your community so that you have a detailed evaluation of what your home is worth in today’s real estate market.

SAL ES APPROACH My approach is simple — I do what it takes to sell your home in a timely manner for all it’s worth. COMPREHENSIVE: Even though my sales approach is comprehensive, communication is the vital component to my success. I will involve you in every step of the process. Whether it is establishing a sales price, holding open houses, accepting offers, or closing the deal, I will communicate with you on a regular basis. SALES INFO - DAYS ON MARKET: Lowering the number of days on the market is an essential asset to help you move on with your life. It could be the difference between 10’s of 1000’s of dollars and can give you the piece of mind and comfort needed while helping you take the next step in your life. SALES INFO - LIST TO SALE PRICE: It is one thing to close quickly, but most agents who have quick closings usually end up costing you more money and are typically below the market average. However, it takes a dedicated, well organized, well-informed agent to close quickly for above average list to sale price. The difference can be thousands of dollars in your pocket.



TRUSTED ADVICE CONTACT A PROFESSIONAL Contact me anytime you need to know what’s really going on in the market. If you have questions, then I have the answer! When you’re ready to take the next step toward selling your home, I am here to help. I’ll make sure your listing gets the best exposure and reaches the right buyer—whether they’re in another city, country, or right in your neighborhood.

ONLINE FACTS & TOOLS LET’S GET ONLINE! I use the Internet and all online tools to help find your next home. With most buyers checking the web, getting online is the most effective and efficient way to search for homes. My web presence and online network will help us sell your home for all it’s worth! 99% of people search for a home using three main search engines. I make sure to your home is as visible as possible on these platforms.


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TRUSTED ADVICE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY Sellers often make the mistake of wanting to price their homes high at the start, with the assumption that they can always reduce the price to a more realistic level later on. However, interest peaks when your home is fresh to the market and often declines as time goes on.

H O M E EVALUATI O N WHAT’S MY HOME WORTH? One of the most important questions people looking to sell their home have is: “What will my house sell for in today’s market?” We have a very dynamic real estate market. Prices can change due to local, regional, national and international economic conditions, net migration to the city, political sentiment and of course inventory levels determined by supply and demand. While it’s true that our real estate market is often changing and evolving, this shouldn’t stop you from making a move if you’ve been considering one. The first step in that process is taking an honest and clear look at what your home’s value actually is. Factors that determine what your home is worth: - Total bedroom/bathroom count and size - Recent renovations, upgrades, or additions - Size of backyard and appeal of the front - Number of garage parking stalls - Location and amenities - Appeal of the neighborhood - How well your home is marketed Another important factor is the opinion of value. Properties priced too high will sit on the market and become “stale.” Ideally, the property should be priced at Comparable Market Value. Studies continue to show that a property listed at 15% over market value has a 20% probability of sale; 10% over market value has a 30% probability of sale; 5% over market value has a 50% probability of sale. Properties priced at market value have a 95% probability of sale. A property is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay for it. This is determined by the basic laws of supply and demand. Generally, the highest bidder gets the property. What most sellers don’t realize is that they are bidding on their own property, too. If you think it is worth $15,000 more than the comparative market value, then that’s great! You’ll get to keep the house and continue to live there as you see that additional value. Keep in mind, though, that if you want your property to sell then understanding the buyer’s perspective becomes very important.



TRUSTED ADVICE THE DETAILS, THE DIFFERENCE Doing the little things in order to prepare your home for sale could be the difference between quickly selling your home and having to wait longer than expected. An experienced agent understands what little things truly matter and that the difference is in the details.

HOM E P R EPARATI O N PREPARING YOUR HOME You can do many things to increase the appeal of your property and to create a lasting impact on potential buyers. WHAT TO DO TO PREPARE: The following are a couple of factors to keep in mind when listing your property for sale: 1. CURB APPEAL: Keeping your landscape pristine, and adding creative touches to your yard, such as colorful annuals, will create an immediate impact on passers-by and potential buyers. 2. PROPERTY REPAIRS: Simple upgrades such as window repairs, polishing the doorknobs, and a fresh coat of paint in the most frequently used rooms will instantly brighten up the property. 3. CLEANLINESS AND STAGING: Keep your property uncluttered, sweet-smelling and well-lit from top-to-bottom. Pay attention to details: put away the kitty litter, place a vase of fresh flowers near the entryway, pop a batch of cinnamon rolls in the oven, have your carpets cleaned. Your agent will scan the property before it is listed for sale to see how you can improve the staging of your property. 4. DISCLOSURES AND INSPECTIONS: I am very familiar with the legal procedures involved in disclosures and ready to help you develop a thorough disclosure statement beneficial to both you and the buyer, as well as suggest home improvement measures before placing your property on the market (such as termite and pest inspections). 5. SHOWTIME: Presenting your property to potential buyers is a job that we will take care of for you. Buyers feel more comfortable discussing the property with the agent when the seller is not home. Moreover, I will know what information will be most useful in representing your interests when speaking with prospective buyers.



TRUSTED ADVICE LOOKING TO RELOCATE? Through my network of many real estate organizations, I can help coordinate your move with a top agent no matter what part of the world you plan to move to. There are so many advantages to using me to help sell your home.

THE OF F E R ACCEPTING THE OFFER THE PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT Have you ever heard the saying, “The higher the price, the better the offer.”? Do not let yourself be fooled by this popular misconception. Price is not always the determining factor when accepting an offer for several important reasons: the initial offer is usually not final, and there are a number of terms and conditions that may influence the final outcome of a price. You can trust me to help you thoroughly evaluate every proposal without compromising your marketing position. NEGOTIATING THE RIGHT WAY I take the ethical responsibility of fairly negotiating contractual terms very seriously. It is my job to find a win-win agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved. You may even have to deal with multiple offers before ratifying the one you judge to be the most suitable for you – and as your agent, I guarantee a thorough and objective assessment of each offer to help you make the right choice. THE INITIAL AGREEMENT AND DEPOSIT An effective agreement is a legal arrangement between a potential purchaser and the property’s seller. Laws vary but in order to be a legally binding agreement, the agreement may require consideration. This consideration (initial and additional deposit) is to be held in trust pending the fulfilment of conditions or contingencies in the effective agreement. KEEP WRITTEN RECORDS OF EVERYTHING For the sake of clarity, it will be extremely useful to transcribe all verbal agreements including counter-offers and/or addendums, and convert them to written agreements to be signed by both parties. I assist you in drafting all the paperwork for your sale and make sure that you have copies of everything. STICK TO THE SCHEDULE Now that you have chosen your offer, you and the buyer will be given a timeline to mark every stage in the process of closing the real estate contract. Meeting the requirements on time ensures a smoother flow of negotiations and also that each party involved is not in breach of their agreements. I will keep you constantly updated so you will always be prepared for the next step.stage in the process of closing the real estate contract. Meeting the requirements on time ensures a smoother flow of negotiations and also that each party involved is not in breach of their agreements. I will keep you constantly updated so you will always be prepared for the next step.



TRUSTED ADVICE OPEN HOUSE IS AN EVENT Sellers sometimes shy away from open houses for one reason or another. This can be a huge mistake! Even holding just a single open house gives an opportunity for buyers who can qualify but simply have not yet done so to see the home. Statistics show that when someone likes a home, they go to an open house for that property over 70% of the time.

C LOSIN G TH E D EAL SECURING THE DEAL THE PRICE IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT Ready to close the deal? Maybe not. Sometimes unforeseeable issues arise just prior to closing the sale. Hopefully, with negotiation, most of these have a workable solution. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. But don’t panic. Another buyer might still be found who is willing to accept the house as is. Imagine that your prospective buyers are a couple with young children. They envision your unused attic as the perfect playroom for the kids but, before closing the deal, they request an inspection to see if it’s safe and also if they will be able to install a skylight to provide natural light to the new space. This inspection reveals that under the shingles that are in good condition is a roof that will only last another year or two. The prospective buyers immediately balk, not wanting to incur the time and cost of replacing the roof. Their plans were to move in and only have to spend time and money renovating the attic. The additional cost of the new roof, they say, is just too much. At this point, you sit down with the prospective buyers and calmly discuss the situation and how it can be solved to the benefit of all. First, you agree to get another professional opinion on what really needs to be done. Inspectors are only human, and are not infallible. Once the extent of the damage is agreed upon, you can jointly decide what to do about it. While the buyers hadn’t planned on that expense, you show them that instead of a limited roof life that they would get with most existing homes, they’ll have a new worry-free roof that won’t cost them in repairs for the next decade or so. Since the roof wasn’t in as good shape as you had thought, you agree to lower the purchase price to help offset the cost of the new roof. By negotiating calmly and looking at all possibilities, what could have been a “deal breaker” can be turned into a win-win situation for both the buying and selling parties. In other cases, the most workable agreement for both parties might be for the deal to be called off. The seller can always find another buyer and the buyer can always find another home. To protect yourself against last minute “buyer’s remorse,” make sure the purchase contract anticipates and closes as many loopholes as possible after all known defects have been fully disclosed.



T ESTI M O N IALS WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... “Jonathan was incredible. He is professional and follows up quickly. He ensured our questions were answered and was accommodating to our schedule when viewing homes. He kept us updated and continues to check on us, post-sale. We would definitely recommend him to family and friends.” - SONYA BRAVO “Jon was awesome beginning to end. He cares about his clients and helped us find the perfect home for our family. Very responsive and dedicated, highly recommend!” - CHRIS REQUEJO “Jon is an outstanding realtor because he is an outstanding person. He is professional but friendly, efficient but takes his time to get things right. He does not get flustered and is NEVER pushy. Decisions were all up to me but with his guidance. He took the time to educate me on more complex parts of selling and purchasing options (he sold my old home and found a new home for me). He was fun to communicate with.” - SHARON GARNER “We met Jon at an open house we were visiting and instantaneously we felt a connection with him. We did not have an agent at the time but he wanted to help without any commitment to earn our trust. That same night he sent us a video message that really made us feel at ease that we were in good hands. Jon was never pushy and always was available. He made sure our needs were met and had the most professional demeanor as well. I am happy to now call him, not only my realtor, but my friend. I cannot wait for our next opportunity to reach a deal together.” - PEJMAN AHMADI


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