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February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013,

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FEBRUARY 9, 2013 - FEBRUARY 15, 2013

Protesters Demand Parity for Maryland HBCUs By Teria Rogers AFRO Staff Writer Sidney Sheppard sat on a brick wall in front of the Maryland Statehouse in Annapolis wearing a knitted Bowie State University


America’s Inaugurations The AFRO Coverage Truman, 1949— The Hero

Charles H. Houston Prophesies A Black Presidential Coming

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cap. He had graduated from Bowie State with a degree in education in 1947, but came out in the colors of his alma mater on Feb. 4 to protest what he characterized as unfairness on behalf of state lawmakers toward students at Maryland’s four historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). “Maryland has denied black folks ever since we got our freedom and they’re still doing it,” said Sheppard, 89. Sheppard was among more than 200 people who showed up at the state capitol Feb. 4 for a rally to support parity in funding for Maryland’s historically black colleges and universities. As temperatures hovered in the 30s, students and alumni from Bowie State University, Coppin State University, Morgan State

University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, stood alongside Black Greek organizations, HBCU administrators, leaders from the NAACP and legislators to demand equity in college funding. The rally was called to show support for the historic $2.3 billion lawsuit the Coalition for Equity and Excellence in Maryland Higher Education filed in 2006 against the Maryland Higher Education Commission. The case seeks equity in funding for Maryland’s black colleges which have been historically underfunded, organizers said. The lawsuit was argued last year and a decision is expected this year. State legislators said equitable funding for Continued on A3

Morgan State Board Removes Chairman AFRO Staff

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Super Bowl Champs

In the latest episode in a twisting drama involving Morgan State University’s leadership, members of the board of regents on Feb. 5 ousted their chairman, officials said. Though he will remain on the board of regents, Dallas R. Evans, who has headed the board for 13 years and has served on the panel for more than 20, will no longer serve as its leader. The decision to remove Evans, which was made on a 9-5 vote, came during a regularly scheduled meeting at the northeast campus. He is expected to serve out his term on the board which runs through 2015. “Morgan State University and the Board

Photo by J.D. Howard

Ray Lewis greets the crowd at M&T Bank Stadium after the Ravens Parade.

of Regents want to express appreciation to Chairman Dallas Evans for his many years of service as chairman as well as his willingness to continue to serve on the Board of Regents,” the board said in a statement released by the university on Feb. 5. “The Board has decided to proceed in a new direction and looks forward to working collaboratively in the best interest of the University.” Martin R. Resnick, vice-chair of the board and founder of Martin’s Catering, will serve as interim chair. Some faculty members saw the move as the latest incident in a battle between Evans and university President David Wilson. The board

Black Love: Secrets to Success In honor of Valentine’s Day, the AFRO spotlights famous African-American couples’ secrets to marital bliss.

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Rev. Dobson’s Life is Much More Than a Memory By AFRO Staff Anyone who has heard the late Rev. Vernon Dobson talk about the “Is-ness” of God or witnessed his sounding the alarm for justice for the community is convinced of his love for people and how that love motivated his life’s work. That was the tone sounded at the Feb. 2 service held to honor his memory at St. Mark’s Institutional Baptist Church, founded by his father, the Rev. Spencer Dobson. The overflow audience was treated to a lesson in Black history by the mere combination of speakers. There were those that remembered Rev. Dobson’s involvement in establishing the Maryland Food Bank. There were those who remarked about his involvement on every level of civil empowerment through Continued on A6

Photo by J..D. Howard


Where’s the best place to honor Harriet Tubman 100 years after her passing? Her homeland on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Join in special events March 8-10. HARRIET TUBMAN CENTENNIAL 2013 Join the journey. Walk in the footsteps of a hero.

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The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013


Flawed Air Bags, Windshield Wipers Trigger Massive Toyota Recall

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Drivers of more than one million cars manufactured by the Toyota Motor Co. could be operating vehicles with either flawed air bags or defective windshield wiper systems. The company said in a statement Jan. 30 that roughly 752,000 Corolla and Corolla Matrix owners and about 270,000 Lexus IS owners may require special service, depending on the year the car was made. Faulty wiring could lead to “abnormal current flow and increased heat” inside the air bags systems of Corollas made in either 2003 or 2004. “Owners of vehicles covered by these safety recalls will receive an owner notification letter via first class mail in the near future,” said the company in a statement. “Any authorized Toyota or Lexus dealer will perform this recall at no charge to the vehicle owner.” In the same statement, the company said that windshield wipers on the 2006 Lexus IS vehicle could have defects related to a “wiper arm nut” that can become loose, creating problems for the vehicle operator in inclement weather. “If movement of the wipers is restricted by an external load, such as a buildup of heavy snow on the windshield, one or both of the wipers could become inoperative.” The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said earlier this month that for the year 2012 there were more than 600 recalls on more than 17.8 million vehicles or vehicle products and accessories.

Baltimore Man Sentenced for Foiled

Cocaine Stash House Assault

A federal judge sentenced a 26-year old Baltimore man to a decade in prison for his role in planning to rob a cocaine stash house and sell the proceeds. Dawron Kip Mason of Baltimore was directed by U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett Jan. 28 to serve 10 years in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Mason is the first of six men, all of Baltimore, to be sentenced for a scheme to grab several kilograms of cocaine in a violent assault on a house where the illegal drug was warehoused. According to a statement released by the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, Mason was found guilty of masterminding the plot to rob a cocaine stash house, “beat or kill” its’ occupants and divide the proceeds. Mason hatched the scheme through a person who served as an informant for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and an undercover ATF agent he believed to be “drug courier.” “On November 14, 2011, the day of the planned robbery, the undercover agent and confidential source spoke with Mason several times, during which Mason reiterated his willingness to commit the robbery,” said the statement. “The undercover agent then met with Mason and his conspirators. Mason arrived at the meeting in his vehicle, which was filled with six others. The details of the robbery were discussed, and Mason and his men were given the opportunity to refuse to participate in the robbery.” According to prosecutors, Mason’s intentions were to invade the stash house and forcibly overcome the people who secured the drugs right up until law enforcement agents interrupted the plot and, after the defendants attempted to flee, arrested the men. In addition to Mason, police arrested Michael Allen Smith, 20, Douglas McArthur Thomas, 23, Donte Terrell Thornton, 28, Christopher Lee Turpin, 29, and Brandon Sykes, 29. All but Sykes, who was found guilty after a trial, pleaded guilty. All five of the remaining defendants await sentencing.

Rapper Rick Ross Targeted in Drive-By Shooting

In an epic tale of life imitating art, rapper Rick Ross finds himself at the center of a police investigation involving the kind of street violence he often rhymes about in own songs. According to law enforcement officials in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the artist, whose given name is William L. Roberts, was behind the wheel of his Rolls Royce when shots rang out around 5 a.m. on Jan. 28.. Neither Roberts nor his passenger, 28-year-old Shateria L. Moragne-el, reported any injuries from the shooting or the car crash that occurred as a result of the gun play. Wikimedia Commons “Preliminary investigation Rick Ross has revealed that a 2011 silver Rolls Royce was traveling eastbound on East Las Olas Boulevard, approaching Southeast 15th Avenue. The occupants of the Rolls Royce heard multiple gunshots being fired in their direction,” said a statement released by Ft. Lauderdale police on Monday. “The driver of the Rolls Royce attempted to drive away from the direction of the shots being fired and lost control of the vehicle, striking a nearby apartment building.” The shooters sped from the scene before authorities arrived. The sounds of bullets flying caught the attention of George Maznicki, who told CBS4, Miami’s local CBS affiliate , that he heard the altercation from inside a home in the area. Ft. Lauderdale police say they are investigating.


The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013

February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013, The Afro-American


Washington View

Signs of an O’Malley Presidential Run?

In the whirlwind mania leading up to the Super Bowl last week, Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, appearing on a CBS morning show from New Orleans, was asked not only about the Baltimore Ravens’ prospects of winning the big trophy, but also about his own prospects of taking a run at sport-utility vehicle sought in By Alan King the presidency. connection with the murder of AFRO Staff Writer Grinning ear-to-ear Hudson’s motherfrom and brother. The white, 1994poorly Chevrolet Jennifer Hudson and other but attempting to be Suburban with Illinois license relatives positively identified coy, O’Malley downplayed Adrienne his intentions of running for Washington president in 2016. “2016 is AFRO Columnist a long way away,” he said. Why then is the fundraising committee he set up after the 2012 election, aptly named the “O’Say Can U See” PAC? See what—Beyonce lip synching the “The Star Spangled Banner” at your inaugural? Moving in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? As they say on the street, “Stevie Wonder can see” that the Maryland governor has his eyes on the prize. “Oh, everybody knows he’s running for president,” said Rodamays Cabrera, a Prince George’s County political activist. “And, he’s using Clinton’s playbook.” Former President Bill Clinton, that is; not the former secretary of state, Hillary, who’ll be the 2016 Democratic Courtesy Photos

nominee for president if she so desires. In fact, during the same Imagine for a moment, Cabrera suggested, an O’Malley CBS interview, O’Malley heaped a crab-pot full of praise on the presidency or vice presidency, the latter of which would be “impressive” Miz Hillary. more likely. Imagine Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) moving up Meanwhile, back in the Inner Harbor, it can only be a good in the Senate leadership, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) retaining thing for the state of Maryland’s future to have the world his leadership role in the House, and given the state’s growing watching the Free State champions and contenders being majority-minority population, the 2014 prospect of a Black November 1, 2008governor - November 7, 2008, The Washington elevated on the playing and political fields. in either Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown Afro-American (D) or Baltimore “Maryland could join that elite club of California, New Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (D). York and Massachusetts,” as the states leading the national “Maryland could have a Black governor and he could take Democratic Party’s agenda, Cabrera said. “It would become a the credit,” Cabrera said of O’Malley, adding that the governor major center of Democratic politics and O’Malley running for was instrumental in securing for Rawlings-Blake a leadership from a neighbor about a suspiposted fliers bearing his photopresident codifies that.” post at the DNC’s Washington headquarters recently. cious vehicle. The man noticed graph around the city. On Forward, indeed. Thehis “O’Say Can You See” PAC’s website Remember, O’Malley raised hisSunday, national profile Hudson as a nightly the vehicle while walking Jennifer asked dog. According to the Chicago to use the PAC to continue building for last the public’s help in finding reads: “O’Malley is expected fixture on cable television during the campaign serving as a Tribune, the boy shotstage as he weighs a move beyond her nephew. In herand MySpace his exposure onhad the been national staunch surrogate for President Obama’s reelection liberal multiple times in the back seat blog, she thanked fans and supMaryland.” Further, it notes that his tenure as chairman of the Democratic policies. of the vehicle. The SUV, regisporters for their prayers and Democratic Governors Association, which facilitated travel However, like Bill Clinton andoffered Democratic Virginia Sen. to tered to Hudson’s murdered a $100,000 reward and television appearances, Mark Warner, another possible presidential contender brother, was towed with the ended in December. Much like Bill anyone who returnedinthe boy boy’s body when insidehe and is Arkansas being alive. Clinton’s was governor and DGA chair. 2016, O’Malley has set about trying to establish himself as a processed by evidence Since the investigation, “O’Malley is seentechnias a bridge between the old and the new, fiscal steward, a good government and a results-oriented chief cians and workers. The body Hudson – who gained stardom and what it means to be a Democrat post-Obama,” Cabrera said. executive. Sort of a quasi-liberal, quasi-conservative-from-awas later removed and taken to after appearing on “American O’Malley “will Medical help define that.” mid-Atlantic-state kind of guy. Idol,” and then won an the Cook County Just look at the progressive issues O’Malley has pushed in In his State of the State addressAcademy last week,Award entitled Examiner’s office. for“Better her role in Hudson and family thepatted movie Dreamgirls has Maryland. Heother rushed to beat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Choices, Better Results,” O’Malley himself on the–back members at the Medical out of the public eye. a leadingarrived 2016 presidential prospect, to the punch by getting for bringing Maryland through thestayed recession in better shape Examiner’s office mid-afterThe Chicago Tribune reporta gay marriage bill through the legislature before Cuomo did. thannephew. most states, improving education, cutting crime and using Julian King, Jennnifer Hudson’s noon to identify the body. ed that a parade of cars moved His PAC supported passage of the Maryland DREAM Act, “a balanced approach” to taxes and spending Given the choice between lookslowly past cuts. her family’s home A spokesman for the office the murders but is being held in providing in-state tuition to immigrant children. He’s called for Now, where have you heard “the balanced approach” ing directly at the body or Monday morning, past the told the newspaper that Hudson jail for parole violation after viewing on acontrol wall-mounted news vans, reporters and curistricteritgun legislation, repealing the death penalty and before? ous onlookers. exploring wind power. Yes, from the Oval Office.


Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain Nephew

Jennifer Hudson and her mom, Darnell Donerson who was killed, as well as her brother, Jason.

“She held hands with her family. It was obviously a very emotional moment.”

Neighbors stood quietly and reflected on the

Black Engineers Conference Lures Students and Professionals the body of her 7-year-old By Jacqueline nephew Monday,James just hours after body was found in a and his Krishana Davis

AFRO Staff Writers

plate X584859 was found on their fields. TheSide winner Chicago’s West afterof the police 7 a.m. call Black received Engineera of the Year

Award for 2013 is Freeman Hrabowski, III, the president of the University of Maryland Baltimore County. “I received an amazing phone callCowboys from a group and Dallas playersof Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, people I would consider to among the names submitted to be some of my heroes, wellelection officials. established theworkers, field of who Hurd said in those engineering,” Hrabowski were doing those things without ACORN’s knowledge said of being notifiedorofpermission,award. were fired. the “I was greatly “The evidence that has sursurprised and humbled.” faced so far shows they faked Senator Ben for Cardin forms to get paid work they didn’t do, will not todeliver stuff ballot (D-Md.) the boxes.” ACORN, said, is the keynote address she at the BEYA victim of fraud, not the perpetraluncheon Feb. 8, where

ACORN Fights Back Some of the nation’s best and brightest professional and student STEM minds will converge on By Alan King AFRO Staff Writer Washington, D.C. Feb. 7-9 for the 27th annual BEYA Presidential candidate John (Black Engineer the McCain’s attack onofACORN – Year Award) STEM Global Associated Community Organization for Reform Now – Competitiveness Conference. confirms the successevent, of the to be The three-day organization, the head of the held at the Marriott Wardman group says. Park Hotel in Northwest, will “This is testimony to the work honor a number of leaders we’ve done and success we’vein had,” Maude president of the world of Hurd, technology who ACORN, said inexcellence an interviewin have achieved

video screen, the family chose the latter. According to the Hrabowski will be honored. Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, that’s him.” Organizers said the

goal of the conference is to spotlight Blacks in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. The BEYA conference draws professionals and students No wonder Obama’s campaign is trying to distance him from interested in entering thethe group, saying, “Barack Obama STEM field. The Council Never Organized with ACORN.” of Engineering at run But Obama’s ties Deans to ACORN Historically Colleges long and deep.Black He taught classes for They even endorsed andACORN. Universities, Lockheed him for President. Martin Corporation, and But now ACORN is in trouble. USReporter: Black Engineer & There are at least Information Technology 11 investigations across the country involving thousands (USBE&IT) magazine areof potentially hosting thefraudulent event. ACORN forms. Tyrone Taborn, BEYA’s

Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’

with the AFRO. “When this attack started, we had just announced that we had registered 1.3 million new voters,” she said. “That’s just to say Continued fromrunning A1 scared that someone’s because of ACORN’s success.” McCain, who running for historically blackis colleges president on the Republican tickis top out priority for thein the et,the lashed at ACORN Legislative Black Caucus final debate against Barack of Obama, contending the group Maryland which seeks $14 “is on the verge of maybe perpetratmillion in additional funding ing one of the greatest frauds in every year for five voter history in the this next country, years the state’s maybefor destroying theHBCUs. fabric of democracy.” “We are asking for justice a non-partisan, equality for Maryland’s Web site, found those claims to four historically black be “exaggerated,” with “no evicolleges andsuch universities,” dence of any democracydestroying fraud.”Braveboy, said Del. Aisha McCain theHurd blackbelieves caucusthe chair. charges were politically motivat“This ed. issue did not start with thesaid, O’Malley-Brown She “Because it’s lowand moderate-income people, administration, but under their and people of color, I believe the leadership it can end.” McCain campaign thinks those Several politicians voters are going to vote at the protest also which pledged their Democratic, is not necessarily true.” support for additional funding, ACORN no stranger to including Gov. Anthony controversy. Brown (D), Montgomery For 38 years, the non-partisan County Executive Isiahfor social organization has fought and economic justiceGeorge’s for lowLeggett and Prince and moderate-income County Executive Rushern L. Americans. With 400,000 memBaker III. organized into more ber families you are educated than“Whether 1,200 neighborhood chapters in 110 cities nationwide, at Towson or Morgan, Coppin ACORN hasPark, over Eastern the years seen or College its share of criticism while advoShore or Frostburg, at Bowie cating for affordable housing, or Salisbury, [every student] living wages, healthcare for the underserved— andan while organhas [the right to] equitable izingadequate voter registration drives. and education,” But none has been as withering Brown told the crowd, and baseless as this one. drawing cheers and applause. With the presidential election lessThough than twothe weeks away, mood of ACORN’s detractors allege the the rally was joyous—with organization has engaged in masstudents clad in caps, scarves, sive voter registration fraud after T-shirts anddiscovery jackets bearing the reported of bogus names, such as Mickey Mouse


tor of it. Hurd said the only things bogusschool are thecolors chargeschanting themtheir selves. And factcheck. org their school songs and joking agrees. around with classmates— It concluded, “Neither ACORN norwere its employees have organizers clear about beengravity found guilty of,cause or even the of their and charged with, casting fraudulent the impact that the inequity votes.” in funding among Maryland’s The problem came about primarily because of the way universities is having on ACORN operates. Rather than students. rely on volunteers, it pays peoreallyor unemple,“The manystudents of them poor need enough funding for ployed, to sign up new voters. The idea was helpTiffany both those financial aid,”tosaid being registered and those doing Gardner, a third-year musical the registration. theater major at Bowie Maud explained, “We have a State. “Without the for financial zero tolerance policy deliberate falsification of registration.” aid, students will not attend Most news account neglect to school.” point out that ACORN is Some students said required by law to turn in all regthe funding disparities istration forms. And theyare also fail to note that it was the organizaevident in the facilities when tion, in manythe instances, first comparing physicalthat plants brought the phony registrations at HBCUs to the state’s to the attention of authorities. majority-White institutions. The McCain camp apparently isn’t“They’re interestedbetter in those fine funded. points,have preferring air misleadThey bettertofacilities ing ads that seek to link Obama while we’re just hoping that to ACORN, thereby undercutting the bathrooms get cleaned up his political support. every day, that still have McCain: I’mwe John McCain and I approve this message. toilet paper,” said Dionte Announcer: Who is Barack Salvi, a sophomore and Obama? A man with “a political student baptism government performed at member warp at the University of Marylandspeed.” Vast ambition. After college, he moved Chicago. Eastern Shore to who discussed Became a community the disparity betweenorganizer. his There, Obama met Madeleine school and nearby Salisbury Talbot, part of the Chicago State, institution branchanother of ACORN. He was so impressive that he was of asked to under the University train the ACORN Maryland system,staff. after a What did ACORN in Chicago three-hour bus ride banks. with engage in? Bullying fellow students to get to the Intimidation tactics. Disruption of business. ACORN forced rally. banks to issue risky ahome loans. Joshua Harris, senior and The same types of loans that student government member caused the financial crisis we’re in today.

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Announcer: Massive voter fraud. And the Obama campaign paid more than $800,000 to an at Morgan State University, ACORN front for get out the vote had plenty to share about the efforts. differences between his risky school Pressuring banks to issue loans. Nationwide voter fraud. and nearby Towson State. Barack Obama. Badisjudgment. “Their campus larger, Blind ambition. Too risky for their buildings are newer, up America.

to date,” Harris said. “They Since McCain’s comments, have more technology services ACORN’s officestohave [and] more87access theirbeen bombarded with threats and racist mail. The day after the presidential debate, vandals broke into the organization’s Boston and Seattle offices and stole computers. After a Cleveland representative appeared on TV, an e-mail was sent to the local office saying she “is going to have her life ended.” A worker in Providence, R.I., received a threatening call saying, “We know you get off work at 9” and uttered racial epithets. A caller to one office left a message on the answering machine, saying: “Hi, I was just calling to let you know that Barack Obama needs to get hung. He’s a (expletive deleted) nigger, and he’s a piece of (expletive deleted). You guys are fraudulent, and you need to go to hell. All the niggers on oak trees. They’re gonna get all hung honeys, they’re going to get assassinated, they’re gonna get killed.” Another message said, “You liberal idiots. Dumb (expletive deleted). Welfare bums. You guys just (expletive deleted) come to our country, consume every natural resource there is, and make a lot of babies. That’s all you guys do. And then suck up the welfare and expect everyone else to pay for your hospital bills for your kids. I jus’ say let your kids die. That’s the best move. Just let your children die. Forget about paying for hospital bills for them. I’m not gonna do it. You guys are lowlifes. And I hope you all die.” Hurd thinks the hate calls will cease soon. “In two weeks, I think these attacks will be over. But I think it will be harder for us to get our name back on good graces because they really trashed us in the last few weeks.” But ACORN will not be deterred. “We’ve been fighting for a long time, for over 30 years, for the rights of low- and moderateincome people all across the country,” Hurd said. “We’re going to continue to fight for economic justice in our communities.”

“remained strong for her family” and was clearly its leader. “She held hands with her of famichairman and publisher ly,” the spokesman said. “It USBE&IT magazine, told was obviously a very emotional that the moment.” conference The boy –will the draw son ofFortune Julia Hudson, Jennifer’s sister – had 500 executives, military been missing since Friday, leaders and high-ranking when a relative found Julian’s government officials grandmother, Darnell who know that 57, education the Donerson, and his is uncle, Jason 29, the shotnumber to death key toHudson, increasing in grandmother’s home in of his young people entering the 7000 block of South Yale STEM careers. The BEYA Avenue. STEM Conference An Amber Alert –isa the desiglargestfor gathering STEM nation high-riskofmissing children – was and issued Friday professionals leaders after Julian whose goalwas is todiscovered increase missing after the murders. the number of William people from Police arrested historically underrepresented Balfour, the missing boy’s stepfather and estranged husband communities in technology of Julia, at his girlfriend’s careers. Southside apartment several hours after the murders. Balfour’s mother, Michele, libraries--24 hours. We canhas told reporters son had only afford tothat haveher our library nothing to do with the slayings. open until midnight Balfour remains aand suspect in

being convicted of attempted murder and vehicular hijacking.“Fewer Cook County young records people show that he pleaded guilty to both are selecting STEM study charges in 1999. He was also paths as the globalfordemand convicted in 1998 possesfor technological workers sion of a stolen motor vehicle. He was released from prison increases,” Taborn said in in 2006 after serving seven years a statement on the website. for the attempted murder and “Tohijacking keep engineering car charges. and scientific in the missing United The boyjobs remained through a long weekend in States, and ensure America which police volunteers maintains herand leadership,

we need to inspire a new generation of Americans to pursue STEM careers. One way to do so is to spotlight successful role models already in these fields.” Scheduled events at the BEYA STEM Conference include the Stars & Stripes

violence. In front of the Hudson’s Dinnermen on Feb. 8, which home, in heavy jackets and sweatshirts came to will hooded highlight the military’s kiss the twin white crosses contribution to STEM; thebaring the names of Donerson and Student Leaders Dinner on Jason. Feb. 8, where “future leaders “Everybody is sick of going through stuff like this,” Artisha in the STEM community are West, a formeraccording resident oftothe showcased,” area told the Tribune. “We all the website; and have to stick together. All these the black-tie gala, and young childrenBEYA are dying, nicknamed for what?” the “Oscars of the

STEM industry,” scheduled for Feb. 9, the culminating event of the conference.

See a complete list of the STEM professionals to be honored on

expressed their pride in seeing the outpouring of student support for such an important Jason Hudson sometimes we have to travel issue. to Towson or John Hopkins to “Our students understand study late at night.” that the lack of adequate Each of the Black resources is standing in the university presidents way of the ability to receiveHIGH SQUARE addressed the crowd and a competitive and top-notch

education,” said Dr. David Wilson, president of Morgan State University. “They’re here tonight to say to the state of Maryland we appreciate the investment in the past, but you’ll have to make a much greater investment in these institutions going forward.”







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The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013

America’s Inaugurations – The AFRO Coverage Harry S. Truman –1949 — The Hero T

Charles H. Houston Prophesies A Black Presidential Coming

o many American citizens in the spring and summer of 1945, Harry S. Truman must have AFRO Cartoon - January 29, 1949 appeared to have been the right man for the nation at the right time. Following the demise of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the third month of his fourth term of presidency on April 12, 1945, Truman stepped into the presidential office and over the next four months, among other things; issued the proclamation of VE-Day ending the war in Europe on May 8, authorized dropping atomic bombs on Japan on August 6 and August 9, and ordered the conventional bombing of Tokyo on August 13 that precipitated the Japanese surrender being announced on August 14. But to the Black community, Truman represented a hero who at long last was not willing to subordinate their civil rights to the broader national interests of the country. Instead of being thrown under the bus, the colored community was about to finally step up onto the bus of opportunity like the rest of America’s citizenry. In February 1948, Truman submitted a civil rights agenda to congress that addressed voting rights and the elimination of job discrimination. This was indeed a shock to Congress, particularly the Southern Democrats who believed themselves essential to Truman’s pending re-election hopes. Truman sent another shock to the South when in July of 1948, apparently driven by his outrage of the violent treatment of Black GI’s returning from World War II, particularly in Mississippi and other places in the south where they had been beaten upon their arrival back home, he issued Executive Order 9981 desegregating the Armed Forces. This was an action even Roosevelt had hesitated to initiate. By creating a national priority for Black civil rights, Truman splintered the Democratic Party resulting in the creation of the Dixiecrat segment comprised of southern States Rights proponents headed by South Carolina Governor Strom Thurmond who challenged him in the 1948 election. This segmentation of the Democratic Party appeared to give New York’s Thomas Dewey, the Republican candidate, a big advantage in the November election. However, when all the votes were counted, Truman had been chosen to continue his presidency for another term defeating Dewey and clobbering Dixiecrat Thurmond. As the Black community approached the Jan. 20, 1949 inauguration of the victorious Truman, the AFRO reported on the normal hesitations reflected in the community on how the presence of Black citizens would be received. Such hesitation appeared to be justified in a Dec. 4, 1948 article, where the AFRO reported segregated toilet facilities being part of an inaugural platform under construction. When pressed for an explanation, no one appeared to have any knowledge about who or how such had been authorized. While no resolution of the blame was presented in the appears to suggest that such segregated facilities were dismantled prior to the commencement of the article, the number of excuses generated by those in charge when approached by the AFRO reporter inaugural events. In the 1949 inauguration, there is another Houston involved in the inaugural planning. W. L. Houston, a prominent Black Washington attorney and father of NAACP civil rights legal icon Charles December 4, 1948 H. Houston, was the vice-chairman of the general inaugural planning committee. W. L. Houston, JC Moves in as Workers Prepare for Truman however, is no relation to G. David Houston who was Roosevelt’s Harvard classmate and chairman of the Roosevelt inauguration’s 1933 and 1937 Special Entertainment Committees. As reported in a Inauguration: Dec. 25, 1948 AFRO article, W. L. Houston reassured that all ceremonies of the Truman inauguration Officials Can’t Tell Who Set Up Separate Facilities were to be fully integrated. In comparison to the sparse 1945 Roosevelt inauguration, which involved a 15 minute ceremony Nobody seems to know how the separate toilet facilities, at the White House, and no inaugural ball or concert; the 1949 Truman inauguration was a full labeled “For Colored” and “For White” were erected on the Capitol blown no-holds-barred week-long celebration including, for the first time in many years a formal grounds for workers constructing the platform for the inauguration inaugural ball that was (apparently for the first time) fully integrated. It was also the first televised of President Truman, the civil rights champion, nevertheless they inauguration in history. are there. It is the civil rights improvements over previous inaugurations that make an AFRO evaluative When contacted by the AFRO, David Lynn, Capitol architect, commentary about the 1949 Truman inauguration by NAACP civil rights legal icon Charles H. said at 10 a.m. Tuesday that he knew nothing about any such Houston an amazing capstone to the AFRO Truman inauguration coverage. Houston’s apparent conditions but would look into it immediately. perception of the civil rights progress reflected during the Truman inaugural events he experienced, Later, the contracting firm of Skinker and Garrett, with offices heard about and describes, caused him to ponder the possibility of a Black president becoming a at 1719 I St., N.W. was contacted and James Skinker said he knew reality in the near future should such civil rights progress continue. Indeed Houston even visualized nothing about it. “We take our orders from a government inspector such person possibly being a spectator or listener of the Truman inauguration on TV or radio. After on the job. If any such signs are up there he must have ordered injecting his own belief that such person was probably already born (which we now know he hadn’t them. We do what he says,” Mr. Skinker declared. — Obama 1961); Houston concluded that when the first Black president is elected, it will be the The office of Sen. Carl Hayden (Ariz.), head of the voter’s belief in that person’s capabilities not his blood line that will precipitate his (or her) election. This Houston “I have a dream” moment if not completely realistic for its time is nevertheless Congressional Inaugural Committee, said he had no knowledge of insightful into what many civil rights warriors like Houston, committed their lives to achieve. the separate facilities. Houston closes with a series of prophetic observations on what the colored community must do to begin preparation for the reality of the first colored president. Like many Black leaders of that Hildredth Acts period, Charles H. Houston did not live long enough to see his dream come true. Houston died in M.L. Hildredth, chairman of the Washington Committee for 1950 at the age of 55 - a year after his AFRO commentary was published. Presidential Inauguration, disavowed any knowledge or connection with the erection of the signs, and moved swiftly to try to get it corrected. which will move from the Capitol along Constitution and After going the rounds, the AFRO went back to Mr. Lynn Pennsylvania avenues, to the White House, at the inaugural who told him about 2 p.m. that he had not been able to go into headquarters, old Tariff Building, 700 block of E Street, N.W. the matter, having been in conference all morning but, that “the The highest ($10) and the lowest ($2) tickets have already been situation will be corrected.” sold, but there are still plenty of seats remaining in the middle Phileo Nash, a White House advisor, said the White House price range. knew nothing of the incident and had nothing to do with Members of the official inaugural ball committee include inauguration plans, but he would look into the matter immediately. Judges James A. Cobb and Armond W. Scott, Mrs. Olivette D. Brown, Mrs. Blanche W. Nelson and Dr. William G. Lofton. Mrs. Campbell C. Johnson is a member of the office volunteers committee and Mrs. Ulysses Houston is on the housing committee. December 25, 1948 Mr. Houston is chairman of the committee on national Truman’s to Be First Inauguration participation, which includes as members, Rufus G. Byars, J.H.B. Evans, Capt. C.E. Gibson, Robert H. Harrison, Jesse E. Mitchell, Without Color Line Hubert B. Pair, Henry S. Penn and Mrs. Willa Ransom. Ceremonies Will be Fully Integrated, Says Houston Mr. Houston, who has been residing in Washington since 1890 and has seen segregation increase to the point where it is now termed as a “blot on our nation,” hopes that the Inaugural Day The proponents of segregation in the nation’s capital will have ceremonies will usher in an era which will find this “blot” erased. to go into hiding on Jan. 20 if the plans of President Truman’s inaugural committee materialize. For the first time since the administration of William Howard Taft, when Jim Crow is said to have first reared its ugly head in the January 8, 1949 District, the foes of segregation have gained a foothold, and plan a Hampton Band to Do Show on Truman’s completely integrated program on a city-wide basis. Inaugural Program: According to W.L. Houston, vice-chairman of the general inaugural planning committee, all of the inauguration day events, 1st Tan Musical Unit to Get Assignment including the parade and the ball to be held at the National Guard Armory, will be open to all citizens, regardless of “race, creed or Lionel Hampton, who last month played a record-breaking color.” engagement here at the Howard Theatre, returns to Washington on

Hard Fight, Houston Says Mr. Houston admitted to the AFRO that he has considerable trouble in keeping the program on an integrated basis in all phases. Much of the trouble, however, has not come from the White members of the committee, but from racial groups who seek to promote their own interests, Houston said. Although Mr. Houston would not comment upon it, there is a general feeling around the inaugural committee headquarters that the minority group residents of Washington haven’t “warmed up” to the inauguration day festivities as much as the rest of the community. Procrastination Charged It is felt in some quarters that, if and when, colored citizens get interested in obtaining tickets for the Inauguration Day parade, the tickets will be sold out and there will be charges of discrimination and the like hurled. Tickets are on sale for the gala two-and-a-half-hour parade,

the night of Jan. 19 in another role. On that date, Hampton will appear at the National Guard Armory as a feature of the pre-inauguration of President Harry S. Truman, marking the first time that other than white musical organizations have worked a President’s inaugural affair. Booking of the bands involved in the pre-inauguration performances and President Truman’s Inaugural Ball are being handled through the American Federation of Musicians, of which James C. Petrillo is president. The Hampton band will put on a show the night before the inaugural but will not play for dancing. During the past year, Hampton has been busy on a bondsselling campaign for the U.S. Treasury Department through his own radio show over more than 500 Mutual stations. He also appeared as a co-feature with Louis Armstrong in a new musical film, “A Song is Born.” Following his Washington stint and a number of theatre dates, his band will move into the Music Box (old Latin Quarters), Chicago, on Jan. 25, for two weeks.

January 29, 1949 Houston Attends Truman Dinner:

Unsegregated Affair Marks Inaugural Week A policy of non-segregation and non-discrimination was followed for the first time in history here Tuesday night when colored guests were among the 250 persons attending the national Truman-Barkley Club dinner at the Mayflower Hotel. Among the guests at the affair honoring President Truman and Vice President-Elect Alben Barkley were William L. Houston, attorney of Washington, D.C.; Mr. Houston’s sister, Miss Clotille M. Houston, and his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Charles H. Houston and Albert Allmons, Chicago pianist. They were guests at the table of Welburn Mayock, of Los Angeles, general counsel of the Democratic Committee. Mr. Mayock’s son-in-law, Elliott Paul, author of “The Last Time I Saw Paris,” who presided at the table when Mr. Mayock went to the speaker’s table, said: “This is the first time in the history of inaugurations that colored people have been admitted to a function of this kind and I rather enjoy presiding at the table.” Senator J. Howard McGrath (R.I.), Democratic national chairman, declared the Democrats “never discriminate.” The unsegregated dinner marked the first formal affair of inaugural week to be highlighted by the inauguration of President Truman Thursday noon and a 4-hour parade. Guests at the dinner paid $15 a plate. Speaking off the cuff to the unsegregated diners, President Truman emphasized that he intends to carry out the Democratic platform pledges and exert all his efforts to get “peace in the world,” and urged full support from “all of you and the Congress.”

January 29, 1949 Our Civil Rights By Charles H. Houston Last Thursday I kept wondering whether the first [colored] president of the United States was among the children looking at the Inaugural parade in person or by television or listening to it over the radio; or whether he has been born. Personally, I think he has been born, and that if we can speed our rate of progress and self-discipline some of us may live to see him inaugurated. Of course, when that day comes it will not make any difference to the people what blood he has. The sole question is likely to be simply whether he is the best man (or woman – why not?) for the job Making Progress The events of Inaugural Week show we still have a long way to go but we are making progress. Fundamentally, the atmosphere in Washington was different this Inauguration from any other. Planning for the Inauguration started off with the principle that all citizens had the right to participate in Inaugural functions according to level and station. That left us out of many things because we are still on the bottom rungs of most ladders; but taking each level horizontally, colored people participated in all public or official events. Colored people were at the Truman-Barkley dinner on Tuesday night, the President’s Gala on Wednesday night, the President’s reception Thursday afternoon and the Inaugural Ball Thursday night. We were represented in all sections of the Inaugural parade, although not in all units. The Marine Corps was still lily-white. American Legion Posts were still jim-crow, in sharp contrast to the completely integrated A.V.C. The armed forces outside of the Marines did a trifle better. The Navy showed a token of integration, and there was a spot of integration here and there in the Air Corps; much more integration in the Merchant Marine Academy; still separate units in most of the Army detachments. Civilian floats were practically all lily-white except the District of Columbia float; and they tell me there was a colored girl on the float representing Chicago. If so, she was a beauty; but frankly, I could not tell although I had my ideas, because white folks and colored folks are getting to look so much alike these days half the time I can’t distinguish who is which. More Integration Indicating how far the process of integration was seeping down, when private householders called the Inaugural Committee to list rooms, they are all asked whether they would accept colored guests. Most of the replies were in the negative, and the reader may well ask why was such a question necessary to be put in the Capital City of the world’s leading democracy? Facing reality, the out-of-town guests had to be protected against insult and lack of accommodations. Many of the hotels accepted colored guests with advance reservations. On the whole, if one knew his Washington, he might well feel that in the Inauguration the city had taken one tentative step forward. As far as I have been able to check, not a single unpleasant incident occurred at any of the functions. Colored artists appeared on the program at the Gala and were enthusiastically received. They carried themselves with poise and dignity at the Inaugural functions and some members of the Inaugural Committee feel that the experiences of Inaugural Week have made it easier to integrate public functions on other occasions. There was [no] colored person in the Presidential reviewing stand except members of the White House domestic staff. As far as that goes, there were a whole lot of white folks who did not get into the Presidential reviewing stand. Our absence did not reflect so much a present racial attitude as it does a lack of an official position, which has historically a racial background. Now we can settle down to work ahead, to broaden the base of civil rights, to increase the level of our official positions and standing, and to prepare the way for the first colored president by making better citizens of ourselves and by doing our part in building the kind of nation he will be humbly proud and happy to serve.

February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013, The Afro-American



Smart Homes: What’s New And Next in Tech By Tabb Bishop “The only thing that is constant is change.” That adage, nearly 2,500 years old, is even truer now. Today, technology dramatically speeds the pace of constant change. Take our households, for example. Technology is hard at work in many of our homes so we don’t have to work as hard. And, we can do things in our homes even when we aren’t there. Because the home front is where tech companies look to expand, technology is rapidly changing our everyday lives. As a Verizon employee, I see firsthand how technology brings powerful answers to

Tabb Bishop consumers’ wants and needs. How does this happen? One of the biggest ways is

by using wireless and wired systems over the Internet so devices can “talk” or respond in specific ways when they receive certain information. This is known as machine-tomachine (M2M) technology, which makes the business environment more productive. Same for the home. If love makes a house a home, then technology makes a house a “smart home.” In such a dwelling, equipment comes to life as it no longer must wait for us to show up. We can program lighting, heat, AC, energy, and play movies, television shows or music from our PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. And how does that happen? Smart homes have

a central control system that receives commands. These automated devices talk with the controller and the appliances being controlled. And, the right application, or “app” for short, gives consumers new freedoms. Apps increase the capabilities of devices like computers and smartphones that are used in home automation. Since I was convinced that I was more nice than naughty in 2012, I gave myself a tech holiday gift, the Samsung Galaxy Note II – an exciting combination of smartphone and tablet small enough to fit into my jacket pocket. With that, I have been researching the Android (the operating system my Galaxy uses) apps


Motor Trend International Auto Show Baltimore Convention Center, One West Pratt St., Baltimore. 12-10 p.m. Hundreds of the hottest cars, trucks, crossovers and more will cruise into the Baltimore Convention Center for the 2013 Motor Trends Auto Show. $10. For more information: Charm City Jazz Pre-Valentine’s Day Cruise The Spirit of Baltimore Ship, 561 Light St., Baltimore Inner Harbor, Baltimore. 8 p.m. Enjoy jazz music and a delicious dinner aboard the Spirit of Baltimore. $75. For more information: 443-858-9781.

Charm City Pi Omega Pre-Mardi Gras Friday Night Party Hilton Baltimore, 401 W. Pratt St., Baltimore. 9 p.m. In celebration of Pi Omega Chapter’s 61st Annual Mardi Gras, the Charm City Ques are kicking off Mardi Gras Weekend with a Friday night extravaganza. $20. For more information: 443-813-6808.

Feb. 9

Booklovers’ Breakfast 2013 Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel, 700 Aliceanna St., Baltimore, Md. 8:30 a.m. Terry McMillan, author of Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back will be the special guest at this year’s booklovers breakfast. T:11”

for the home like DroidSeer, ElkDroid and Android@ home for lights, security and a larger number of devices. Other apps can be purchased, such as Apple’s iHome Touch and several others sold by a host of companies to perform similar tasks. Spend some quality time online to educate yourself on the latest and on what is soon expected. Imagine how much easier life would be if you used a smartphone to start dinner, set the thermometer, close blinds, adjust lights and order movies and music on your way from work. Once you reach home – which has been kept secure inside and out by motion-sensitive surveillance cameras – you would automatically deactivate the alarm, open doors using fingerprint sensors and admit visitors after viewing them on a screen when they ring your doorbell. By the way, if you were late, you could even unlock the doors before arriving so your guests could come in from the cold. This all can be done with technology that’s available now. The tech industry’s home focus also makes sense in that it brings technology’s evolution to our lifestyles. Remember the magic of Beta videocassette recorders, which was followed by VHS, DVD and Blu-Ray

technologies? Today we’re able to download and view movies and TV shows from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and Vudu – and, soon, from Redbox Instant by Verizon. Another benefit comes from concerns about safety for seniors, especially those living alone. Home automation can be used to support those taking vital medications and contacting medical professionals when problems arise. An additional advantage would go to families with seniors suffering from conditions such as dementia who might be prone to wandering. Surveillance, tracking and notification device features can help keep loved ones secure in one location while other family members are somewhere else. As the nation’s senior population continues to climb, such smart home technology can provide a life-or-death difference as well as peace of mind. So, let’s be smart about the smart home. Its future is currently being shaped. We should resist falling behind. And, as we learn more about smart home advances, all of us will no doubt conclude that the future is already here. Tabb Bishop is Verizon’s vice president for state government affairs for the mid-Atlantic region.

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If you’re a Bank of America customer struggling to make your mortgage payments, please take advantage of this opportunity to sit down with one of our specialists to see how we may be able to help you avoid foreclosure. Together, we’ll review your situation and help you complete your documents so you can be eligible for a decision as soon as possible—some customers can even get a decision on-site. Call 1.855.201.7426 or go to to register and schedule your arrival time. Then use our online checklist to help you prepare for your appointment and gather all of the documents that you will need for a successful meeting.

If you’re unable to attend this event, you can also speak directly with one of our specialists by calling 1.800.846.2222. Or for more information, visit us at Bank of America, N.A. Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Credit and collateral are subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. © 2013 Bank of America Corporation. AR60X487


The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013,

February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013, The Afro-American

Black Love: Secrets to Success Barack and Michelle Obama In a 2012 interview with O magazine, Michelle revealed that one secret to their 21year marriage is to not sweat the small stuff. “I might want to talk to him about an issue I have with what he said the other day, but you know what, it’s really not that important,” she said. “I’m stockpiling a list of issues that I’d like to discuss with him in 2016, though. The president added, “When you’re under all of these pressures, to come home every single night...and have Michelle and the girls there...they are my balance and keep me grounded, and that’s truer now than it’s ever been.”

us! Our friendship carried us through our early years of challenges, and our faith has given us the strength and answers to work through problems that could have destroyed our marriage.” Davis added, “Our relationship started out with us becoming very close friends before we even dated. We shared our lives and philosophies and our love of music with each other. As we found our spiritual direction and grew in our faith, we became even closer.”


In honor of Valentine’s Day, the AFRO spotlights famous African-American couples’ secrets to marital bliss.


Bill and Camille Cosby Bill Cosby and wife Camille have been married for 49 years. In a now-famous quote, Bill Cosby stated that creating memories is the key to marital bliss. “The heart of marriage is memories; and if the two of you happen to have the same ones and can savor your reruns, then your marriage is a gift from the gods.”

Rev. Run and Justine Simmons Hip hop legend Photo: Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons and wife Justine were married in June 1994. In a 2009 interview with, the Barack and Michelle Obama couple said putting aside big egos is a crucial key to having a successful marriage. “You just have to give in,” Run said. “You have to want to love this person more than you want to put LL Cool J and Simone Johnson your opinion across to be Marilyn McCoo right. You have to get rid and Billy Davis Jr. of ego and say, ‘Okay, I LL Cool J and Simone Johnson Soul singers might even be right but it Rev. Run and Justine Simmons Rapper LL Cool J married his Marilyn McCoo and doesn’t matter, I love you teenage love, Simone Johnson in August Billy Davis Jr. told PR too much.’ I just give in a 1995. In an interview on “Oprah’s Next Newswire in 2009 that lot and if I make a mistake, Chapter,” Johnson said God was the reason that their their marriage, which I’m ready to say sorry. I want my marriage more than I want marriage has lasted over the years. has spanned over four my ego.” “We both come decades, is successful from a spiritual because of their faith background,” and friendship. Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. Johnson said. “[We “In our case faith Continued from A1 also] pick our battles, and friendship keeps us various vehicles, including to local government,” said Ministerial Alliance he helped compromise and together,” McCoo said. the storied Goon Squad of Carl Stokes, Baltimore City found, and in Baltimoreans respect each other.” “They may not be the sexiest of ideals but they sure work for Baltimore clergymen and Councilman. United in Leadership other community leaders who “We have lost an able Development, another one of adopted an aggressive pursuit statesman whose wisdom, his cherished projects. of justice. experience and proactive The city’s subset of And there are those who leadership will be dearly justice warriors has been remembered the impact missed at a time when cities tremendously reduced with the “Pastor,” as he was like ours could benefit from Rev. Dobson’s passing, affectionately called, had his wisdom and expertise.” following shortly behind Goon Squad compadre Rev. on an individual life on one His legacy exists Marion Bascom and former street, a family around the in the work of the Sen. Clarence Mitchell III. corner and the congregation Interdenominational he served for almost 40 years. Some testified to having been rescued from the streets by the towering figure who convinced them there was a better way. Others recall being drawn to the streets – skills in hand – to help lift someone beyond their present plight. “We have lost a vital light and uncompromising spirit that has changed lives, stood by those who were accused unfairly and commanded attention from elected officials from the State House Photo:

Bill and Camille Cosby

Rev. Dobson’s Life

Photo by J.D. Howard

Dr. Homer Favor, retired professor and Union deacon, Rev. William Calhoun, Trinity Baptist Church and Dr. Harold A. Carter, pastor New Shiloh Baptist Church

Morgan State Continued from A1

in early December announced that Wilson’s contract would not be renewed after two and a half years. Two weeks later, the board reversed itself and announced that they had extended Wilson for a year. Evans was the lone member of the board of regents to vote against the plan that included the extension. “I think it is a good decision,” said Dr. Gabrielle L. McLemore, chairwoman of the faculty’s university council. “I am on the president’s side because he’s been good for the school.” McLemore said she believes “something is afoot” on the campus because faculty

and staff are still in the dark as to why the board decided in December to remove Wilson from the presidency. The decision led to protests from some students, faculty, and staff. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), a regent for the university, told the AFRO immediately following the Dec. 28 meeting where Wilson’s contract was extended that communication played a part in the institution’s administrative woes. Wilson issued a statement admitting that he had not communicated appropriately and pledged to improve.

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Is Black History Month Still Necessary? Absolutely!

What better place to talk about emancipation and freedom than at church? During a discussion about Feb. 2 on the topic “At the Crossroads of Freedom and Equality: The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington” the reason for even having the discussion was called into question. While many of us proudly plan and participate in Black History Month activities, there are some who are asking why Black History Month is even still necessary. So, those of us who still firmly believe in the need, should be ready to tackle this issue head on. Some critics question the need for Black History Month by pointing to the fact that African Americans are widely represented in all aspects of American life, we have our first African American President of the United States, we celebrated the completion of the memorial to Dr. King Shirley Jones on the National Mall, and last year broke ground for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture on the Mall, in the proximity of the Washington Monument. Isn’t that evidence enough that Black History Month’s time has come? Actually, no. Even when Black History Month (initially Black History Week) was first conceived of by Carter G. Woodson, Africans and people of African descent were already making history, so pointing to such recent accomplishments clearly misses the full purpose of Black History Month. Actually, Woodson also in fact hoped that the designation of a time for looking back at Black history would be eliminated one day, but only when black history has become an essential component of the teaching of American history. Unfortunately, we know that still isn’t the case and that is the reason we continue to celebrate Black History Month. While the late Howard Zinn included the history of African Americans in his revisionist writings (e.g. A People’s History of the United States), mainstream history continue to exclude or miniminze our contributions. But, Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates believes that “Black History Month has been very effective in resurrecting the stories of our ancestors and in integrating those stories into history.” According to Gates, we can talk about ending Black History Month when as many Americans are as familiar with Harriet Tubman as they are with Paul Revere. And, other proponents of Black History Month note that there’s no specific month designated as White History Month because their contributions to society are already highlighted in American history.

I am personally so very proud that many of us continue to use our talents and even our personal resources to ensure that Black History Month continues to be taught and discussed. And, I am personally very happy that we still have a desire to celebrate our very rich heritage not simply rest on recent notable accomplishments. Shirley A. Jones is president of the Region XI Council of Blacks In Government.

Ask President Obama to Create a Marshall Plan for Black America

We’re thankful for President Obama’s leadership during the Great Recession, and we appreciate what he’s done to make Bernie Foster America a better place. Here’s just some of his best work: His first achievement was to sign the Lily Ledbetter Act that guarantees equal pay for women. He moved to stop anti-gay discrimination in the military by ending, “Don’t ask Don’t Tell.” He put a stop to the breaking up of immigrant families and the deportation of thousands of young people who grew up here and are American in every way, except on paper. We stand with our Latino brothers and sisters in supporting immigration reform, and you have signaled that will be part of your agenda. We applaud the president for Obamacare, for rescuing America’s automobile industry, and for the American Recovery Act funds that delivered intensive care to our mortally wounded economy. Those achievements prevented some misery and poverty for African American families, as they have for every other group of Americans. But we wonder why the crisis facing America’s Black communities has received almost no attention. Where are the policies that will reduce the wealth gap, lower Black unemployment and make sure Black families have roofs over their heads, food on their tables, and college on their resumes? Last summer, census figures revealed that, in 2010, the average (median) White household was worth $110,729. But an average Black household’s net worth is just $4,995. What’s more the wealth gap widened considerably during the recession. Then there’s unemployment. The December jobs report shows the overall unemployment rate at 7.8 percent. Yet for Blacks it’s 14 percent. And for young Black males you need to double that figure – at least. Don’t’ we all know that when there is no work to be had, crime takes its place? On Jan. 21, 2013, President Obama was inaugurated for the second time. That’s an achievement that could not have occurred without the enthusiastic support of African Americans. He received more than 90 percent of the Black vote in both elections. Yet, he has done nothing specific to improve the wellbeing of America’s Black communities. Our communities are in crisis, with no sign of a bailout. After WWII, the Marshall plan

rebuilt many of Europe’s destroyed communities. Today, we need some kind of Marshall Plan for America’s Black communities. History has shown us that when large bureaucracies control federal funds, they often don’t reach the people who are in most need. So we’re asking for funds to go to Black-led grassroots organizations with a track record of success in their communities. President Obama, we call on you to create a Marshall Plan for Black America. We need an infusion of funding into Black institutions, education and employers. We need financial resources to create economic development that will get our communities back on their feet. Mr. President, at your rallies, the crowds shower you with love. And we hear you telling your supporters “I love you back.” But haven’t Black Americans shown you a lot of love? So when are you going to love US back? We hope our readers will agree that America’s Black Communities need and deserve an economic development plan backed up with the financial resources necessary to put our communities on an equal footing with the rest of America. On Jan. 17 we launched a petition at the White House website, “We the People,” to ask President Obama to create a Marshall Plan for the Black Community. From there we will have 30 days to gather 25,000 signatures. The Skanner News will post a link to the petition on our website for 30 days –from Jan. 21 to Feb. 20, 2013. Will we succeed? That’s up to you. Sign the petition. Ask your friends and families and organizations to sign the petition. Hold a Marshall Plan house party or signature collection event. If enough people sign, we can get the president’s attention and maybe even, “A Marshall Plan for Black America.” African Americans are in economic crisis: Take action today by signing our petition Here’s how to participate: First, enter the White House’s We The People website: Then, sign the petition at Next, talk to your people at work, church, school and your social clubs and ask them to support our request that President Obama create a Marshall Plan for Black America. Bernie Foster is publisher of The Skanner, a website and newspaper published in Portland, Ore. and Seattle, Wash.

Maryland’s Lord Nickens Deserves a Place in Black History Month African Americans have been part of the American story from the founding of our nation. Men and women of African ancestry have been instrumental in forging the great nation we have today.  For too long, racism and prejudice obscured the rich history of African Americans.  Since 1926, February has been Black History Month, a time to celebrate America’s beautiful diversity, and to honor those who have worked hard to ensure that our diversity would forever be one of our greatest strengths. This month we celebrate well-known heroes -- Rosa Parks, W.E.B. Du Bois, Jackie Robinson, Thurgood Marshall, Frederick Douglass – and the list goes on.  While Black History Month is a national celebration, there are a number of African Americans from Maryland who deserve special recognition.  I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about one such Marylander -- a man of conviction, a veteran, a civil rights leader and a humanitarian.  Lord Nickens, a longtime resident of Frederick, Md., is a name many Marylanders may not know, but he is someone who deserves to have his story told.  Born in 1913, his parents moved the family from Virginia to Frederick to escape the malignant and dangerous climate of Virginia’s Jim Crow laws.  As a young man, although denied many of the rights of a citizen because of his race, Nickens was drafted into World War II. During the war, he served in the Pacific rose to the rank of Sergeant Major before being honorably discharged.  After the war, Nickens married and began working as a lab technician at Fort Detrick.  In

Ben Cardin


the following years, Nickens was a part of history; he attended Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” organized boycotts against businesses supporting segregationist George Wallace, and founded the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA), helping Frederick families in need.  Nickens served 22 years as president of the Frederick County NAACP. During his tenure as president he was targeted for assassination by the Ku Klux Klan, a plan that was foiled by a tip to police.  The following year, Nickens changed the law by successfully suing Frederick County for issuing discriminatory public-rally permits to the KKK.  On Jan. 4, Lord Nickens passed away at the age of 99.  Many people honored him in his passing, paying special tribute to his vision of a better world.  He once invited members of the KKK to a meeting of the NAACP to show the futility of hatred.  He will certainly be remembered as a civil rights pioneer and model Marylander, who had received special recognition and praise from both Dr. King and Rosa Parks.   But he will also be remembered for much more by those who knew him.  He made our state and our nation a better place through his commitment to core principles of equality, justice and fairness. As we celebrate Black History Month, we celebrate Lord Nickens -- and people like him -- who devote their lives to ending racism and hatred. Sen. Cardin is a Democrat who represents Maryland in the U.S. Senate.

Send letters to The Afro-American 2519 N. Charles St. • Baltimore, MD 21218 or fax to 1-877-570-9297 or e-mail to



The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013

February January 9, 5, 2013 2013 - February - January15, 5, 2013, The TheAfro-American Afro-American

Soloist, Dr. Gretchen Starks, House of Prayer for All People

A1 B1

Diane M. Yelverton and Henry Clark, her father Baltimore welcomed the Rev. Rodney T. Morton, his wife, Rhonda Kim Nix, and their son, Rylan Alexander, to the pastorate of Central Baptist Church with an installation banquet, Jan. 11 at the BWI Hilton Hotel. The 92-year-old church’s congregation was joined by community leaders and fellow clergy as they celebrated this new season of ministry with their tenth pastor, who is from Alabama. “God has begun a good work in us and we are committed to following through with Him,” Rev. Morton said in a celebratory statement. The Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter Sr., pastor of New Shiloh Baptist Church, was the preacher for the Jan. 13 installation worship service for which the Rev. Dr. A.C.D. Vaughn served as worship leader.

Trustee Marcia R. Tuck escorting Rev. Rodney T. Morton

Master Ryland A. Morton, First Lady Rhonda K. Morton, Rev. Morton and Dr. Winston R. Gray

Pastor Donald L. Nix

Henry and Emma Clark

Dr. Darron McKinney, Rev. Rodney T. Morton and Rev. Dr. C. Guy Robinson

Deborah Winfield, Angela S. Tate, Denise Fowler-Moot and Harriet Banks

Councilman William “Pete” Welch

Deacon Herbert Ford, Deaconess Pearl Ford, Rita Ford-Farmer, Sherika Massey Ortiz and Clarence Massey

Bishop Darneal F. Johnson III, Living Word Min. Cathedral Angela and William Tate

Photos by Anderson Ward

Dr. Alison Riddle-Fletcher. The Outstanding Soror of the Year was Janeen Jackson. The Unsung Soror of the Year was Martina Washington. For Outstanding Leadership Achievement, plaques were presented to Dana Davison and Linda Jones Coxson. Community Service award was presented to Donna S. Robinson, and the Cultured Pearl, the highest Award given to a member of Rho Xi Omega was Robin Smith Ott for her distinguished service to the chapter.

Photos by A. Lois De Laine, Ed.D

Constance R. Pizarro, NA regional director, Erma Barron, Wanda King

Members of the Rho Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, along with family members and friends celebrated their 25th Anniversary with a Prayer Breakfast at Valley Mansion in Cockeysville. After an inspirational message by Rev. Dr. Lisa Weah of New Bethlehem Baptist Church, the chapter presented plaques to its members for their outstanding dedication and contributions to the chapter. For Outstanding Professional Achievement, the awards were presented to Letitia Green Royal and

Anita Jackson, awards committee member, Dr. Gina McKnight-Smith, past Cultured Pearl recipient

Francine Stokes-McElveen, president, Epsilon Omega Chapter, Angela Gibson, past president

Golden member LaVerne Gaither

Denise Winston and Regan Farley

Golden member Sandra Frier

Donna Stevenson Robinson received the Community Service Award

Golden Members LaVerne Brooks Gaither,Dr. Norma S.C. Jones, Sandra Frier, Gwendolyn Barbour, Sheila Whitaker, Anastatia Phillips Benton, Anita Turks Hunter Golden Members JoAnn Jolivet, Myrna Jackson Cann, Lanie Hamlin, Vivian Braxton LaKeisha S. Coleman, Bettye Fitzgerald

Nichole Cameron Becketts, Dana E. Davison, Tiffany Johnson

Tracey Babour-Gillett, president, Rho Xi Omega Chapter, Hon. Joan Pratt, Baltimore City Solicitor

Mother-daughter, Kaliq Hunter Simms, Anita Turks Hunter

Robin Ott, recipient of the Cultured Pearl Award, is congratulated by sister Vanessa Ray and daughter, Saran Ott

Joanna Langston, Angela Burnett, Mary E. Langston, Michelle Davis-Adams, Deanna McCray James

Pamela Williams Scott and Chandra D. Jackson

Rev. Dr. Lisa Weah, New Bethlehem Baptist Church, gave an inspirational message

Tracey Tanner Abney, John Berkley, Yvonne Davis-Robinson


The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013


What’s Ahead for the Baltimore Ravens? AFRO Sports Desk Faceoff By Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley AFRO Sports Desk NEW ORLEANS, La.—With the dust settled in the wake of a Super Bowl triumph, the Baltimore Ravens will now turn to gearing up for next season. After totaling 72 regular season wins since 2006, mostly with legendary inside linebacker Ray Lewis as their leader, Baltimore has been one of the National Football League’s (NFL) steadiest teams. But following the Super Bowl, the Ravens will enter next season with a host of questions. Topics such as Joe Flacco’s contract status, the impact of Lewis’ retirement, aging stars and a likely Super Bowl hangover should be circling the team bus as it pulls away from the Superdome. So what’s next for the Ravens? Perry Green and Stephen D. Riley debate.   Riley: You can’t act like a decline isn’t in order because it definitely is. This offseason will probably be the first crossroad that the franchise has faced in quite some time. With Lewis’ retirement and Flacco’s contract dangling in the air, the team could totally shift philosophies if Flacco re-signs for big dollars. But with several other factors still nipping at the team’s coat tails, they’re going to be hard-pressed to duplicate this championship appearance next season and beyond. A lot of balls bounced in Baltimore’s favor just to make it to New Orleans this year, I can’t see that happening again.   Green: Well, thankfully you’re not a psychic, Riley. This franchise is in excellent hands with general manager Ozzie Newsome pulling the strings. He knows how to set the table and keep an appetizing meal that serves the fans. Newsome’s a brilliant GM and I expect him to make the right calls this offseason that’ll keep the Ravens rolling for a while. Lewis’ retirement will hurt but there’s a lot of pride and talent on this team. The cupboard isn’t bare by any stretch. This team has a lot more years of winning in the near future.   Riley: The Ravens have talent but that Super Bowl hangover, whether win or lose, is a tough one. Removing a leader like Lewis, a guy who could probably direct them out of any funk, is critical as they head into next season. How many Super Bowl losers have we seen not even make the playoffs over the last few years? The New York Giants won it all last year and couldn’t even sniff the postseason this year. There’s going to be some sense of complacency circling this team after their first Super Bowl appearance in over a decade. And asking a team to

deal with that, plus possible defections of star players and aging players is a lot to ask. Green: At the end of the day the Ravens still have the most talent in their division. And at the end of the day winning the division is all every team prepares for. That’s the first step to a successful campaign so even with Lewis stepping down, the Ravens remain the most talented team in the AFC (American Football Conference) North. Flacco will get his deal and the offense will roll again with Ray Rice in the backfield. The defense no longer has to be a lightsout unit and they’ll still play with pride with Lewis retired because many of the players he’s mentored still remain, like linebacker Terrell Suggs and defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. This is Flacco’s team now and after this season he’ll either be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback or just a Super Bowl quarterback. In my opinion, Baltimore’s only on the way up as Flacco enters his prime.   Riley: Maybe I’m underestimating Flacco but even he will have some fog to navigate through should he enter next season with a Super Bowl ring and a fat new contract. Hangovers are real and I’m not talking about the college ones. You have some teams in the NFL that hit their peak before they fall back into the pack. After competing and plugging away for so long to finally reach the big game, it’s going to be hard for the Ravens to approach next season and battle through considering the many factors that will linger into the season.   Green:  When Ravens head coach John Harbaugh first took over in 2008, he looked us reporters in the eyes and told us he would turn this team into a championship dynasty. The look in his eyes made you believe him. His players see that same look and they believe, too. That’s why I’m not worried about this team being motivated to keep the wins rolling in. This is a tough group. They’re hard-working and resilient. Newsome knows how to insert the right pieces to keep this team in the running and Harbaugh is a hell of a coach. The Ravens have the front office and brass to stay running for a while. Even with all of those “surrounding factors.”

Ravens Hold Off 49ers’ Comeback Attempt for  34-31 Super Bowl Victory By Perry Green AFRO Sports Editor

Football League’s 47th Super Bowl on Feb. 3 hosted at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, La. Flacco delivered a flawless performance against the 49ers’ NEW ORLEANS, La.--Joe Flacco was named Super Bowl tough, physical defense, passing for 287 yards and three XLVII MVP after leading the Baltimore Ravens to a thrilling touchdowns, all of which were thrown in the first half of the 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the National game. Most importantly, the five-year quarterback didn’t commit any turnovers and was able to march the Ravens’ offense down field at will when needed. Flacco led the Ravens to a 21-6 lead at halftime, “MusT-see TheaTer evenT.” “ThoughTful, Daring.” and the lead ballooned to 28-6 after Ravens receiver/ —Chesapeake Taste —The Baltimore Sun return specialist Jacoby Jones returned the second“haMilTon’s PorTrayal “Thrilling.” half kickoff for a 108-yard touchdown, a new NFL —City Paper of King is aMazing.” record. —MD Theatre Guide But the 49ers took “ProfounDly Moving.” advantage of a power outage in the Superdome that lasted —DC Theatre Scene for more than 30 minutes, —DC Metro Theater Arts ultimately killing the Ravens’ momentum. San Francisco then went on a 23-6 run, cutting the lead to 34-29 with less than four minutes in the game. Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers’ second-year 49ers quarterback, did everything in his power to complete what could have been one of the most amazing comebacks in Super Bowl history, marching his team down to the Ravens’ goal line with just more than a minute left. But Ray Lewis and the Ravens’ defensive unit stiffened with their backs against their own end zone and kept the 49ers from scoring a touchdown. The Ravens then ran the clock down to just 11 seconds before taking a sacrificial safety, which gave the 49ers two points and the ball back, but with only four seconds left in the game. The Ravens made a tackle on the mandatory safety kickoff, ending the game 34-31 and clinching their second Super Bowl victory in franchise history.

Must Close feb 24!


By Katori Hall • Directed by Kwame Kwei-Armah

410.332.0033 •

Myxolydia Tyler and Shawn Hamilton. Photo by Richard Anderson. 50 th Anniversary Presenting Sponsor

Supported by

Most Outstanding Player(s) of the Game: Obviously, Joe Flacco was the most outstanding player with his mistake-free performance against the best defensive unit in the NFL. He joined elite company as he now shares Hall of Famer Joe Montana’s record

Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens

Ravens wide receiver Anquan Boldin scores a touchdown. for 11 touchdowns thrown without an interception during a single playoff run. Flacco told reporters last offseason that he believes he’s the best quarterback in theNFL, which led to much criticism from several NFL pundits. But now no one can deny his greatness with a Super Bowl MVP victory on his resume. Sharing the Most Outstanding Player honor with Flacco is Ravens’ speedster Jacoby Jones. The New Orleans, La. native came up huge for the Ravens. Not only did he score the Ravens’only touchdown of the second half with his recordbreaking kick return, but he also caught a 56-yard touchdown bomb from Flacco just minutes before the end of the second quarter. Jones caught the bomb, then did a spin move to lose one defender while out-running another defender to the end zone. Unsung Hero of the Game: Linebacker Ray Lewis played his last game as a Raven and has a Super Bowl ring to show for it, thanks to the help of fellow inside linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. Lewis will get credit for leading the Ravens on their final defensive stop to end the 49ers’ comeback attempt, but it was Ellerbe who led the team statistics with nine tackles. Baltimore lost Pro Bowl defensive lineman Haloti Ngata to injury during the second half, but that didn’t stop Ellerbe from jumping into running lanes to contain the 49ers’ rushing attack. Without him playing so well, the 49ers may have done a lot more damage offensively. More Game Notes: Forty-niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick started out a tad slow and tossed a poor pass in first quarter that was picked off by Ravens’ star safety Ed Reed. But he settled down and started making plays, finishing with 364 total yards and two touchdowns, one a run and the other a pass. Frank Gore, 49ers running back, also played well, rushing for 110 years on 19 carries; he out performed Ravens’ star running back Ray Rice, who had just 59 yards on 20 carries and an untimely fumble that helped San Francisco make their second-half comeback. Ravens veteran receiver Anquan Boldin made clutch catches for Baltimore, finishing with six receptions for 104 yards and a 30-yard touchdown. Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta had four catches for 26 yards and a touchdown. Ray Lewis finished his last game with seven tackles while Ed Reed had five tackles and an interception.

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Hello everyone! As you know, Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14, Yes, this is a very special day for couples who love and care for each other. It is a day for flowers, candy, and romance; this is the weekend to find that special place in your home or a hotel with a fireplace, put logs in the fireplace and sat back with a cocktail and listen to music with that special someone.   My column this week, will celebrate some of Rambling Rose’s chosen sweethearts and couples for this Valentine’s Day. Also, depending on your taste of entertainment, I have a couple of suggestions on where you can go.   There is a big “Pre-Valentine Gospel Concert at the Miracle Deliverance on Walbrook and Ellamont Street in Baltimore on Feb. 10, starting at 3:30 p.m. Honey Child! Get ready for some shouting good times. This is one of the best gospel programs you will ever see. I am talking about some down-home Southern gospel. The program will feature Willis Pittman and the Burden Lifters, The Christianaires, The United Boyd Singers, Karen and The Fellas, and Brand New and the Christian Friends. For tickets, call 410-358-9661 or 443-6107583.  I will see you there. The other event is on the opposite end of the pole; it is Brian McKnight Concert at the Maryland Live! Casino on Feb. 14. For tickets, go to 

Mr. & Mrs. Maclonza “Mac” Lee and Lesley Brown

Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Cynthia Easley

Mr. & Mrs. Brett and Carlotta Tyler

 Mr. & Mrs. Allen and Paula Easton

On that note, I would like to inform you that Warren “Billy” Taylor, renowned R&B promoter, is in the hospital. He had a stroke and is in a coma. Please keep him in your prayers. Mr. & Mrs. Grafton and Juanita Brown   Well, my dear friends you enjoy your week. If you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or email me at UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.

InvIte you and a guest to attend an advance screenIng of Mr. & Mrs. Everett and Stella Fullwood


Mr. & Mrs. Clayton and Wanda Winkler Tucker

Brian McKnight, Platinum recording artist headlines a special Valentine’s Day performance at Rams Head Center Stage at Maryland Live! Casino in Anne Arundel County on Feb. 14 for two shows, 7 and 9:30 p.m.

For your tickets to an advance screening in the Baltimore, MD area log on to WWW.AFRO.COM



No purchase Necessary. While supplies Last. one pass per person. each pass admits two. seating is limited and not guarnateed. participating sponsors, their employees and family members, and their agencies are not eligible. This film is rated r by the Mpaa.

In tHeaters feBruary 14



The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013

Photos by Anderson Ward

Ravens arrive to rousing cheers of Baltimore fans at the Inner Harbor Jan. 28

Photo by J.D. Howard


rom the AFC Championship to the Super Bowl, Baltimore turned its streets, buildings and people purple to show support for and pride in our Ravens. People of all ages were doing the squirrel, Ray Lewis’

signature dance. People danced and partied in the streets when the Ravens brought home their second Lombardi trophy, a third for the city. As recently as Feb. 5, thousands packed downtown to show their pride and

appreciation for the team that surprised everyone who’d bet against them and got it done. What a send off for team leader Ray Lewis who retires after 17 seasons with the Ravens!

Cheerleaders entertained as the crowd in Baltimore waited to send Ravens off to New Orleans

Photo by J.D. Howard

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake pumps the crowd

Brigance Brigade in Purple

NBC Today Show’s Natalie Morales learning the Ray Lewis Dance with Poe and Baltimore tech guru Mario Armstrong

A victory dance

Watching the game

Denean McLoughlin​, Nikey Williams, Alexia Newman, LaToya Carmichael and Tony Hodges

Leslie Dobie and Nickey Gruber

We are # 1 The Raven and Sheila Mullen

Fans galore at Corinthians O.M.G!!

Wanda and Robert Draper of New Shiloh Baptist Church

Calvin Dotson, Dennis Fulton and Deenie Smith at New Psalmist Baptist Church

Deacon Wilmon and Shirley Barber of New Shiloh Baptist Church

We knew they would win!

Keisha Byers of New Shiloh Baptist Church

Greg and Cynthia Green New Psalmist Baptist Church

Naja Powell, Keishia Powell, Reese Powell and Jaikai Powell of New Psalmist Baptist Church

Yeah Anquan!

Doing the Ray Lewis dance

Revelers partied out of their coats

February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013, The Afro-American

LegaL Notice

To merchants who have accepted Visa and MasterCard at any time since January 1, 2004: Notice of a 6+ billion dollar class action settlement. Si desea leer este aviso en español, llámenos o visite nuestro sitio web. Notice of a class action settlement authorized by the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of New York. This notice is authorized by the Court to inform you about an agreement to settle a class action lawsuit that may affect you. The lawsuit claims that Visa and MasterCard, separately, and together with banks, violated antitrust laws and caused merchants to pay excessive fees for accepting Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards, including by: • Agreeing to set, apply, and enforce rules about merchant fees (called default interchange fees); • Limiting what merchants could do to encourage their customers to use other forms of payment through, for example, charging customers an extra fee or offering discounts; and • Continuing that conduct after Visa and MasterCard changed their corporate structures. The defendants say they have done nothing wrong. They say that their business practices are legal and the result of competition, and have benefitted merchants and consumers. The Court has not decided who is right because the parties agreed to a settlement. On November 27, 2012, the Court gave preliminary approval to this settlement.

The SeTTlemenT Under the settlement, Visa, MasterCard, and the bank defendants have agreed to make payments to two settlement funds: • The first is a “Cash Fund” – a $6.05 billion fund that will pay valid claims of merchants that accepted Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards at any time between January 1, 2004 and November 28, 2012. • The second is an “Interchange Fund” – estimated to be approximately $1.2 billion – that will be based on a portion of the interchange fees attributable to certain merchants that accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards for an eight-month “Interchange Period.” Additionally, the settlement changes some of the Visa and MasterCard rules applicable to merchants who accept their cards. This settlement creates two classes: • A Cash Settlement Class (Rule 23(b) (3) Settlement Class), which includes all persons, businesses, and other entities that accepted any Visa or MasterCard cards in the U.S. at any time from January 1, 2004 to November 28, 2012, and • A Rule Changes Settlement Class (Rule 23(b) (2) Settlement Class), which includes all persons, businesses, and entities that as of November 28, 2012 or in the future accept any Visa or MasterCard cards in the U.S.

WhaT merchanTS Will geT from The SeTTlemenT Every merchant in the Cash Settlement Class that files a valid claim will get money from the $6.05 billion Cash Fund, subject to a deduction (not to exceed 25% of the fund) to account for merchants who exclude themselves from the Cash Settlement Class. The value of each claim, where possible, will be based on the actual or estimated interchange fees attributable to the merchant’s MasterCard and Visa payment card transactions from January 1, 2004 to November 28, 2012. Payments to merchants who file valid claims for a portion of the Cash Fund will be based on: • The money available to pay all claims, • The total dollar value of all valid claims filed, • The deduction described above not to exceed 25% of the Cash Settlement Fund, and • The cost of settlement administration and notice, money awarded to the class representatives, and attorneys’ fees and expenses all as approved by the Court. In addition, merchants in the Cash Settlement Class that accept Visa and MasterCard during the eight-month Interchange Period and file a valid claim will get money from the separate

Interchange Fund, estimated to be approximately $1.2 billion. The value of each claim, where possible, will be based on an estimate of one-tenth of 1% of the merchant’s Visa and MasterCard credit card dollar sales volume during that period. Payments to merchants who file valid claims for a portion of the Interchange Fund will be based on: • The money available to pay all claims, • The total dollar value of all valid claims filed, and • The cost of settlement administration and notice, and any attorneys’ fees and expenses that may be approved by the Court. Attorneys’ fees and expenses and money awarded to the class representatives: For work done through final approval of the settlement by the district court, Class Counsel will ask the Court for attorneys’ fees in an amount that is a reasonable proportion of the Cash Settlement Fund, not to exceed 11.5% of the Cash Settlement Fund of $6.05 billion and 11.5% of the Interchange Fund estimated to be $1.2 billion to compensate all of the lawyers and their law firms that have worked on the class case. For additional work to administer the settlement, distribute both funds, and through any appeals, Class Counsel may seek reimbursement at their normal hourly rates, not to exceed an additional 1% of the Cash Settlement Fund of $6.05 billion and an additional 1% of the Interchange Fund estimated to be $1.2 billion. Class Counsel will also request reimbursement of their expenses (not including the administrative costs of settlement or notice), not to exceed $40 million and up to $200,000 per Class Plaintiff in service awards for their efforts on behalf of the classes.






To receive payment, merchants must fill out a claim form. If the Court finally approves the settlement, and you do not exclude yourself from the Cash Settlement Class, you will receive a claim form in the mail or by email. Or you may ask for one at:, or call: 1-800-625-6440.

oTher BenefiTS



Merchants will benefit from changes to certain MasterCard and Visa rules, which will allow merchants to, among other things: • Charge customers an extra fee if they pay with Visa or MasterCard credit cards, • Offer discounts to customers who do not pay with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards, and • Form buying groups that meet certain criteria to negotiate with Visa and MasterCard. Merchants that operate multiple businesses under different trade names or banners will also be able to accept Visa or MasterCard at fewer than all of the merchant’s trade names and banners.

legal righTS



Merchants who are included in this lawsuit have the legal rights and options explained below. You may: • File a claim to ask for payment. You will receive a claim form in the mail or email or file online at: • Exclude yourself from the Cash Settlement Class (Rule 23(b)(3) Settlement Class). If you exclude yourself, you can sue the Defendants for damages based on alleged conduct occurring on or before November 27, 2012 on your own at your own expense, if you want to. If you exclude yourself, you will not get any money from this settlement. If you are a merchant and wish to exclude yourself, you must make a written request, place it in an envelope, and mail it with postage prepaid and postmarked no later than May 28, 2013 to Class Administrator, Payment Card Interchange Fee Settlement, P.O. Box 2530, Portland, OR 97208-2530. The written request must be signed by a person authorized to do so and provide all of the following information: (1) the words “In re Payment Card Interchange Fee

and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation,” (2) your full name, address, telephone number, and taxpayer identification number, (3) the merchant that wishes to be excluded from the Cash Settlement Class (Rule 23(b) (3) Settlement Class), and what position or authority you have to exclude the merchant, and (4) the business names, brand names, and addresses of any stores or sales locations whose sales the merchant desires to be excluded. Note: You cannot be excluded from the Rule Changes Settlement Class (Rule 23(b)(2) Settlement Class). • Object to the settlement. The deadline to object is: May 28, 2013. To learn how to object, see: or call 1-800-625-6440. Note: If you exclude yourself from the Cash Settlement Class you cannot object to the terms of that portion of the settlement. For more information about these rights and options, visit:


courT aPProveS final SeTTlemenT



Members of the Rule Changes Settlement Class are bound by the terms of this settlement. Members of the Cash Settlement Class, who do not exclude themselves by the deadline, are bound by the terms of this settlement whether or not they file a claim for payment. Members of both classes release all claims against all released parties listed in the Settlement Agreement. The settlement will resolve and release any claims by merchants against Visa, MasterCard or other defendants that were or could have been alleged in the lawsuit, including any claims based on interchange or other fees, no-surcharge rules, no-discounting rules, honor-all-cards rules and other rules. The settlement will also resolve any merchant claims based upon the future effect of any Visa or MasterCard rules, as of November 27, 2012 and not to be modified pursuant to the settlement, the modified rules provided for in the settlement, or any other rules substantially similar to any such rules. The releases will not bar claims involving certain specified standard commercial disputes arising in the ordinary course of business. For more information on the release, see the settlement agreement at:

The courT hearing aBouT ThiS SeTTlemenT On September 12, 2013, there will be a Court hearing to decide whether to approve the proposed settlement, class counsels’ requests for attorneys’ fees and expenses, and awards for the class representatives. The hearing will take place at: United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York 225 Cadman Plaza Brooklyn, NY 11201 You do not have to go to the court hearing or hire an attorney. But you can if you want to, at your own cost. The Court has appointed the law firms of Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP, Berger & Montague, PC, and Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP to represent the Class (“Class Counsel”).

QueSTionS? For more information about this case (In re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation, MDL 1720), you may: Call toll-free: 1-800-625-6440 Visit: Write to the Class Administrator: Payment Card Interchange Fee Settlement P.O. Box 2530 Portland, OR 97208-2530 Email: Please check for any updates relating to the settlement or the settlement approval process.

w w w. P a y m e n t C a r d S e t t l e m e n t . c o m 1-800-625-6440 •



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TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:03:31 EST 2013


BID NOTICE ADVERTISEMENT Adams Robinson Enterprises is seeking bid proposals and quotes from qualified Disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprises (DBE), Minority Business Enterprises (MBE), Women Business Enterprises (WBE) and WSSC´s Small Local Business Enterprises (SLBE) subcontractors for the City of Laurel, MD Parkway Wastewater Treatment Plant Biosolids Handling Facility Improvements project which bids on Thursday February 21, 2013 at 2:00 P.M. Plan information may be obtained at Adams Robinson Enterprises, 2735 Needmore Rd., Dayton, OHby contacting Kevin O´Brien at 937-274-5318 or a security clearance is required by obtaining an application for security clearance by contacting WSSC´s Procurement Office by phone (301)206-8288. Requests for plans and drawings can only be fulfilled by completing the security investigation. Items of work to be subcontracted include, but are not limited to the following: hauling, paving, sediment control, trucking, demolition, site utilities, sitework, structural concrete, on-grade concrete, testing (soils, concrete, asphalt), masonry, carpentry, roofing, windows & doors, sealants/ caulking, painting/finishes, fire protection, HVAC, plumbing and electrical. A WSSC´s Subcontracting and Supplier Certification Form or MBE/SLBE Unavailability Form is required and must be signed and submitted to us by February 15th. Submit written proposals until 1:00 P.M., Thursday February 21, 2011 to Adams Robinson Enterprises, 2735 Needmore Road, Dayton, OH 45414, Phone (937) 274-5318; Fax (937) 274-0836 or TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:04:04 EST 2013 email


Adams Robinson Enterprises is seeking bid proposals and quotes from qualified subcontractors and suppliers for the St. Mary´s County MetroOCEAN CITY, politan Commission Marlay Taylor Water ReclamaMARYLAND. Best tion Facility ENR Upgrade Contract #8-38-S selection of affordable project which bids on Tuesday February 19, 2013 at 2:00 P.M. Plans may be viewed at Adams Robinrentals. son Enterprises, 2735 Needmore Rd., Dayton, OH Full/ partial weeks. Call at their FTP site - login: for FREE brochure. arco, password: estimating; available for purchase Open daily. and review at Dewberry´s office, 3106 Lord Baltimore Drive, Suite 110, Baltimore, MD 21244-5800 Holiday Real Estate. at a cost of $300/set, nonrefundable. Items of work 1-800-638-2102. Online to be subcontracted include, but are not limited to: reservations: reinforcing steel, caulking, plumbing, trucking and hauling, sidewalks, masonry, painting, HVAC, site grading, asphalt paving, roofing, electrical, silt fence, excavation, TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 11:58:50 EST 2013 landscaping, floor tile and carLEGAL NOTICES pentry.



l ad



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NAME: ________________________________________________ ADDRESS: _____________________________________________ PHONE NO.:____________________________________________ CLASSIFICATION: ______________________________________ (Room, Apt., House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:_________________

BALTIMORE AFRO-AMERICAN NEWSPAPER Legal Advertising Rates Effective October 1, 2008 PROBATE DIVISION (Estates) 202-332-0080 PROBATE NOTICES

Submit written proposals until 1:00 P.M. Tuesday February 19, 2013 to Adams Robinson Enterprises, 2735 Needmore Road, Dayton, OH 45414, Phone (937) 274-5318; Fax (937) 274-0836 or TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:04:26 EST 2013 email

a. Order Nisi $ 60 per insertion b. Small Estates (single publication $ 60 per insertion c. Notice to Creditors 1. Domestic $ 60 per insertion 2. Foreign $ 60 per insertion d. Escheated Estates $ 60 per insertion e. Standard Probates

City of Baltimore Department of Finance Bureau of Purchases

CIVIL NOTICES a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 b. Real Property

Sealed proposals addressed to the Board of Estimates of Baltimore, will be received until, but not later than 11:00 a.m. local time on the following date(s) for the stated requirements:

$180.00 per 3 weeks $180.00 per 3 weeks $180.00 per 3 weeks $360.00 per 6 weeks $125.00

$ 80.00 $ 200.00


202-879-1212 The object of this suit is to officially change the DOMESTIC RELATIONS name of the petitioner FEBRUARY 13, 2013 from 202-879-0157 TREE PRUNING CONTRACT B50002697 Eva Rita Hammond FEBRUARY 27,2013 to PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES B50002644 Eva Rita Tonin a. Absent Defendant $ 150.00 It is this 26th day of THE ENTIRE SOLICITATION DOCUMENT January, 2013 by the Cirb. Absolute Divorce $ 150.00 CAN BE VIEWED AND DOWN LOADED BY cuit Court for Baltimore c. Custody Divorce $150.00 VISITING THE CITYS WEB SITE: City, ORDERED, that publication be given one time in a newspaper of general cirTo place your ad, call 1-800-237-6692, ext. 262, Public Notices $50.00 & culation in Baltimore City depending on size, Baltimore Legal Notices are $24.84 per inch. on or before the 26th day of February, 2013, which 1-800 (AFRO) 892 shall warn all interested For Proof of Publication, please call 1-800-237-8892, ext. 244 persons to file an affidavit in opposition to the relief requested on or before TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:04:51 EST 2013 LEGAL NOTICES the 13th day of March, TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:05:19 EST 2013 2013. Frank M. Conaway CITY OF BALTIMORE Clerk TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:03:11 EST 2013DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS BALTIMORE COUNTY, MARYLAND 8/8




The object of this suit is to officially change the name of the petitioner from Sheldon Brent Robinson to Sheldon Trent Robinson It is this 14th day of January, 2013 by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, ORDERED, that publication be given one time in a newspaper of general circulation in Baltimore City on or before the 14th day of February, 2013, which shall warn all interested persons to file an affidavit in opposition to the relief requested on or before the 28th day of February, 2013. Frank M. Conaway Clerk 8/8

DEPARTMENT OF RECREATION AND PARKS NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed Bids or Proposals, in duplicate addressed to the Board of Estimates of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore and marked for RP 12807Radecke Park Athletic Field Renovation will be received at the Office of the Comptroller, Room 204, City Hall, Baltimore, Maryland until 11:00 A.M. on Wednesday, March 6, 2013. Positively no bids will be received after 11:00 A.M. Bids will be publicly opened by the Board of Estimates in Room 215, City Hall at Noon.The Contract Documents may be examined, without charge, at the Department of Public Works Service Center located on the first floor of the Abel Wolman Municipal Building, 200 N. Holliday Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 as of Friday, February 1, 2013 and copies may be purchased for a non-refundable cost of $50.00. Conditions and requirements of the Bid are found in the bid package. All contractors bidding on this Contract must first be prequalified by the City of Baltimore Contractors Qualification Committee. Interested parties should call 410-396-6883 or contact the Committee at 751 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. If a bid is submitted by a joint venture (“JV”), then in that event, the document that established the JV shall be submitted with the bid for verification purposes. The Prequalification Category required for bidding on this project is G90132 Park Rehabilitation.Cost Qualification Range for this work shall be $1,000,000.01 to $2,000,000.00. A “Pre-Bidding Information” session will be conducted at 2600 Madison Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217 on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 at 10:00 A.M. Principal Items of work for this project are: Park Rehabilitation The MBE goal is 24% The WBE goal is 5% RP 12807 APPROVED: Bernice H. Taylor Clerk, Board of Estimates APPROVED: Alfred H. Foxx Director of Public Works TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:05:49 EST 2013 NOTICE TAXPAYERS NIGHT A HEARING ON THE FISCAL 2014 PROPOSED BALTIMORE CITY OPERATING AND CAPITAL BUDGETS WILL BE HELD WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 2013 AT 6:00 PM in the War Memorial Building located at Gay & Fayette Streets. At 5:30 pm, citizens may begin signing the registration list to address their views on the budget to the Members of the Board of Estimates. City employees will be available from 5:30 pm to assist any citizen into the building.

TO Advertise in the AFRO Call 410-554-8200


CONTRACT NO. 11203 GX0 EASTERN SANITARY LANDFILL - PHASE X - BASE LINER SYSTEM 6257 DAYS COVE ROAD, WHITE MARSH, MARYLAND 21162 WHITE MARSH - DISTRICT 11 c 5 CONTRACT COST GROUP “F ($5,000,000 to $10,000,000)” WORK CLASSIFICATION: K-3 BID DATE: TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 2013 at 10:30 A.M. LOCAL TIME On or after Monday, February 11, 2013 the above contract documents may be inspected and purchased from the Division of Construction Contracts Administration, Department of Public Works, Room 300B, County Office Building (COB), 111 W. Chesapeake Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, upon receipt of payment of $35.00 (THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS) per contract. All checks should be made payable to BALTIMORE COUNTY MD. NO REFUNDS will be made to anyone. Direct any questions to410-887-3531. Bidders obtaining documents from another source other than Baltimore County WILL NOT be allowed to submit proposals to Baltimore County. The proposed work consists of: Installation of a landfill base liner, to include cell floor preparation, geosynthetic clay liner, geomembrane geotextiles, aggregate drainage layer, protective soil cover material and rain-cover, as well as installation of litter control netting. A pre-bid meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. local time at the Eastern Sanitary Landfill. Located at 6257 Days Cove Road, White Marsh, Maryland 21162. THE PROJECT IS SUBJECT TO A MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE UTILIZATION GOAL AND FEMALE CONTRACTORS UTILIZATION GOALS. THESE GOAL REQUIREMENTS ARE MORE FULLY EXPLAINED IN THE SPECIFICATIONS. THE MBE/WBE FORMS IN THE PROPOSAL BOOKLET MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED AT THE TIME OF BID OPENING. Sealed proposals (the entire book) addressed to Baltimore County, Maryland for this contract will be received in the Baltimore County Purchasing Division, Room 148, Old Courthouse, 400 Washington Avenue, Towson, MD 21204, until the time specified on the contract at which time they will be publicly opened and read. ONLY CONTRACTORS WHO HAVE BEEN PREQUALIFIED BY BALTIMORE COUNTY AT LEAST TEN (10) DAYS PRIOR TO THE OPENING OF BIDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS. All proposals must be accompanied by a Bid Bond, on the approved form provided, in the amount as set forth in the “Information for Bidders”. No other form of proposal guaranty is acceptable. The Purchasing Agent reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or bids or parts of bids and to waive technicalities as may be deemed best for the interest of the County. Keith Dorsey, Director Office of Budget & Finance


ested by rtify the Services repairs, tewater



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February 9, 2013 - February 15, 2013, The Afro-American


TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 11:58:18 EST 2013


CERTIFICATION OF PUBLICATION CITY OF BALTIMORE OFFICE OF BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS PUBLIC NOTICE PROJECT # 1178 - ON-CALL CIVIL/STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR THE BUREAU OF WATER AND WASTEWATER The City of Baltimore Office of Boards and Commissions has been requested by the Department of Public Works, Bureau of Water and Wastewater, to certify the qualifications of Civil/Structural Engineering Firms to perform ON-CALL Services for the Bureau. Two (2) firms will be selected to perform design related to repairs, maintenance, and new construction managed by the Water and Wastewater Engineering Division. The firms interested in providing these services must demonstrate and document: Experience in Civil, Site and Geotechnical Engineering. Experience in Sanitary, Water and Storm Water Engineering. Experience in evaluating existing overhead steel tanks and concrete structures. 0 Experience in Structural Engineering in steel and concrete structures. 0 Manpower Availability and ability to complete assignments within time and budget. 0 Experience in preparation of Bid Documents and Cost Estimates including QA/QC procedures to be performed at critical stages. 0 Overall team approach with Minority/Women Business Enterprises 0 0 0

The City intends to select the services of two (2) firms. Services will include review of available information, project management, contract administration, investigation, design, developing and implementing public information and education programs, emergency services, preparation of reports and contract documents, including construction cost estimates, permit applications, right of ways, shop drawing review and consultation during construction. The engineering services will be for a period of three (3) years and the estimated cost of these On-Call services is $1,500,000.00, each contract. Should you have any questions regarding the scope of the Project, please contact Mr. Gurminder Singh at (410) 396-5385 or by e-mail at Gurminder.Singh@ Projects must comply with the 2006 edition of ”The Specifications for Materials, Highways, Bridges, Utilities and Incidental Structures”. City personnel will utilize the City of Baltimore Guidelines for the Performance Evaluation of Design Consultants and Construction Contractors for this contract/project. Firms intending to submit a proposal as a prime consultant for this project should submit a ”Letter of Interest” to the Office of Boards and Commissions, 751 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 (FAX: 410-625-4667). Since these letters are utilized to assist small, minority and women business enterprises in identifying potential teaming partners, the letters should be submitted within five (5) days of the date of the project´s advertisement. The letter should contain a contact person. Failure to submit a ”Letter of Interest” will not disqualify a firm submitting a proposal for the project. Each prime consultant applying for this Project will be required to complete and submit an original Federal Form 255, along with five (5) copies, to the Office of Boards and Commissions. The Federal Form 255 and the five copies must be submitted on or before 12:00 P.M. (Noon) on 3/8/13. Submittals may not be accepted after this deadline.Prequalification Requirement Prequalification Requirement All architectural, engineering, and surveying firms listed in the specific proposal for the Project must be prequalified by the Office of Boards and Commissions for each applicable discipline at time of submittal for this Project. A copy of the prime and sub consultant´s current Prequalification Certificate should be included in the bid submittal package. Information regarding the prequalification process can be obtained by calling the Office of Boards and Commissions on 410.396.6883. Insurance Requirements The consultant selected for the award of this project shall provide professional liability, auto liability, and general liability and workers´ compensation insurances as required by the City of Baltimore. MBE/WBE Requirements It is the policy of the City of Baltimore to promote equal business opportunity in the City´s contracting process. Pursuant to Article 5, Subtitle 28 of Baltimore City Code (2000 Edition) - Minority and Women´s Business Program, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Women´s Business Enterprise (WBE) participation goals apply to this contract.


verifying that all MBEs and WBEs to be utilized on the project are certified by the Minority and Women´s Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO) prior to submitting the proposal. A directory of certified MBEs and WBEs is available from MWBOO. Since changes to the directory occur daily, firms submitting SF 255s should call MWBOO at (410) 396-4355 to verify certification, expiration dates and services that the MBE or WBE is certified to provide. Non-Affiliation TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:01:37 EST 2013 A firm submitting a proposal may not use an MBE or WBE to meet a contract goal if: 1. The firm has a financial interest in the MBE or WBE 2. The firm has an interest in the ownership or control of the MBE or WBE 3. The firm is significantly involved in the operation of the MBE or WBE Maryland Department (Article 5, Subtitle 28-41).of Housing and Community Development

Contractual Accountant Advanced Division of Finance and Administration Additional Requirements A firm submitting as a prime consultant that fails to comply with the requirements of Recruitment#: Article 5, Subtitle12-999999-093 28 of Baltimore City Code when executing a contract is subject to the following penalties: suspension of a contract; withholding of funds; recision of Filing Deadline: February 19, 2013, 11:59 pm contract based on material disqualification as a consultant from eligibility to Pay: $20.09 - 26.01 perbreach; hour (Grade 16/base-step 9) provide services to the City for a period not to exceed 2 years; and payment for damages incurredDepartment by the City. of Housing and Community Development The Maryland

(DHCD) is a national leader in affordable housing and community devel-

A resume for each person listed as key personnel and/or specialist, including those opment. of Finance andshown Administration seeks an enthusiasfrom MBEThe andDivision WBE firms, must be on the page provided within the tic individual with strong Excel skills. This position performs advanced application.

accounting functions including reconciliations and journal entries. The

DHCDbe offers freethat parking, an on-site café, casual Fridays, and Please advised for the purpose of reviewing price dress proposals and invoices, in-house Please thefollows: link above for more inthe City of training Baltimoreopportunities. defines a principal of a visit firm as

formation Wed and toFeb apply EOE TYPESET: 06 online. 12:02:43 EST 2013

A principal is any individual owning 5% or more of the outstanding stock of an entity, a partner of a partnership, a 5% or more shareholder of a sub-chapter ’S’ Corporation, or an individual owner.

Physician - Adult

Out-of-State must identify their corporate agent within the Health CareCorporations for the Homeless in Baltimore City isresident seeking a full-time application. physician who is interested in providing comprehensive, outpatient medi-

cal care, multidisciplinary to homeless adults andaschildren. Firms will in nota be considered forsetting, a specific project if they apply both a subconsultant and prime consultant. Requirements:

Graduate of anfor accredited school of 255) medicine. The applications this Project (Form cannot be supplemented with any 0 Completed residency and or certified in either Internal additional information such as Board graphs,eligible photographs, organization chart, etc. All such information shouldMedicine. be incorporated into the appropriate pages. Applications Medicine or Family 0 should not be bound. should simply be stapled in the upper left-hand Physician´s licenseApplications in Maryland. 0 corner. Cover sheets should not be included. Inclusion submittal of addiSuccessfully complete credentialing processes of and/or contracting hospital tional may result in the applicant being disqualified from consideration for andmaterial Health Care for the Homeless. this project. 0 Comfortable with team management. 0

Experience with nurse practitioners and otherormid-level clinicians Failure to follow directions of this advertisement the application may cause 0 Experience inofquality assurance and risk management programs disqualification the submittal. 0 0

Experience and comfort with indigent or homeless populations. 0 Desire to collaborate in multi-disciplinary setting, integrating medical Kumasi Vines, Chief and behavioral services. Office of Boards and Commissions

Any submittals that do not include the proper MBE/WBE (in some instances DBE) participation will be disapproved for further consideration for this project. Verifying Certification Each firm submitting a SF 255 for consideration for a project is responsible for verifying that all MBEs and WBEs to be utilized on the project are certified by the Minority and Women´s Business Opportunity Office (MWBOO) prior to submitting the proposal. A directory of certified MBEs and WBEs is available from MWBOO. Since changes to the directory occur daily, firms submitting SF 255s should call MWBOO at (410) 396-4355 to verify certification, expiration dates and services that the MBE or WBE is certified to provide. Non-Affiliation A firm submitting a proposal may not use an MBE or WBE to meet a contract goal if: 1. The firm has a financial interest in the MBE or WBE 2. The firm has an interest in the ownership or control of the MBE or WBE 3. The firm is significantly involved in the operation of the MBE or WBE (Article 5, Subtitle 28-41). Additional Requirements A firm submitting as a prime consultant that fails to comply with the requirements of Article 5, Subtitle 28 of Baltimore City Code when executing a contract is subject to the following penalties: suspension of a contract; withholding of funds; recision of contract based on material breach; disqualification as a consultant from eligibility to provide services to the City for a period not to exceed 2 years; and payment for damages incurred by the City.

ber for the Fall 2013 semester. Additional information may be obtained at CRIMINAL JUSTICE -

Location: Glen Burnie, MD Closing Date: 2/14/13 EEO

CRIMINAL JUSTICE FACULTY Carroll Community College seeks a fulltime, 10-month Criminal Justice faculty member for the Fall 2013 semester. Detailed information may be obtained at

Sheriel L. Sexcius, whose address is 229Vines, Quackenbos Kumasi Chief Street NW, DC Office of Boards and Washington Commissions 20011 was, appointed personal representative of the estate of Melvin Rudolph Johnson, who died on February 23, 2012 without a Will, and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., 3rd Floor Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before April 19, 2013. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before April 19, 2013, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Date of Publication: October 19, 2012 Name of newspaper: Afro-American Washington Law Reporter Sheriel L. Sexcius Personal Representative 202-257-9730 TRUE TEST COPY REGISTER OF WILLS 10/19, 10/26, 11/2

Accountant I Buyer IV Environmental Sanitarian I/II Facilities Maintenance Mechanic II Information & Assistant Specialist Management Aide Plans Examiner (Engineer II) Utilities Repair Crew Leader Visit our website at for additional information and to apply on-line. You may use the Internet at any Anne Arundel County library, or visit our office at 2660 Riva Road in Annapolis. Deadlines to apply on-line. TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:02:22 EST 2013 AEO/DF/SFE Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Contractual Administrative Officer III CDA Special Assistant Recruitment#: 12-999999-086 Filing Deadline: February 13, 2013, 11:59 pm Salary: $18.57 - $24.38 per hour (Grade 15/base-step 9) The DHCD seeks a contractual Special Assistant with experience in legislative affairs to prepare reports, presentations and correspondence for the Director of the Community Development Administration (CDA). Please visit the link TYPESET: Wed Feb information 06 12:01:59 EST above for more and 2013 to apply online. EOE

The DHCD is hiring two Energy Construction Management Officers in its Community Development Administration Housing and Building Energy Programs. Experience in weatherization or conducting energy audits required. These are full time positions with benefits. EOE

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A resume for each person listed as key personnel and/or specialist, including those TYPESET: Octthe 29 11:18:45 EDT 2012 from MBE and WBE firms, must be shown on the page providedMon within application. Please be advised that for the purpose of reviewing price proposals invoices, Superiorand Court of the City of Baltimore defines a principal of a firm as follows: the District of District of Columbia A principal is any individual owning 5% or more of the outstanding stockDIVISION of an entity, PROBATE a partner of a partnership, a 5% or more shareholder of a sub-chapter ’S’ CorporaWashington, D.C. tion, or an individual owner. 20001-2131 Administration No. Out-of-State Corporations must identify their corporate resident agent within the 2012ADM994 application. Melvin Rudolph Johnson Firms will not be considered for a specific project if they apply as both a subDecedent consultant and prime consultant. Wesley L. Clarke K Street NW The applications for this Project (Form 255) cannot be1629 supplemented with any Suite 300 chart, etc. All additional information such as graphs, photographs, organization Washington DC 20006 such information should be incorporated into the appropriate pages. Applications Attorney should not be bound. Applications should simply be stapled in the upper left-hand NOTICE corner. Cover sheets should not be included. Inclusion and/or submittalOF of addiAPPOINTMENT, tional material may result in the applicant being disqualified from consideration for NOTICE TO this project. CREDITORS AND NOTICE Failure to follow directions of this advertisement or the application may TO cause disqualification of the submittal. UNKNOWN HEIRS


Send resumes to Johnson, HCH, 421 Fallsway, Baltimore, MD 21202 by February 18, 2013. E-mail:, Fax: 410-837-8020. TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 11:59:15 EST 2013 No phone calls. EOE Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) Administrator II EDUCATION Energy Construction Management Officers MD Motor Vehicle ENGINEERING FACULTY Administration Recruitment#: 13-002587-004 Division Manager, Filing Deadline: February 20, 2013, 11:59 pm Carroll Community College seeks a fullVehicle Inspection Services time, 10 month Engineering faculty memSalary: $44,600 - 57,885 per year (Grade 17/base-step 9)

The MBE Sub-goals: African American 15% Hispanic American 4% Asian American 8% The WBE goal is 10% Both the proposed Minority and Women´s Business Enterprise firms must be named and identified as an MBE or WBE within Item 6 of the Standard Form (SF) 255 in the spaces provided for identifying outside key consultants/associates anticipated for utilization for this project.

TYPESET: Wed Feb 06 12:01:12 EST 2013

Obituaries are printed for free by the AFRO-American Newspapers. Send funeral program and picture to: Obituaries Baltimore AFROAmerican Newspaper 2519 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218

To advertise in the AFRO Call 410-554-8200

Strictly Personal Lonesome Hearts Pen Pals

To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section, write the message you want printed in the space below. Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25 words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost 50 cents each.

To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or money order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have forwarded. NO CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the box number of the person you wish to contact. All letters, queries and notices should be sent to: STRICTLY PERSONAL 2519 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218



The Afro-American, February 9, 2013 - February 9, 2013



TOP PRIZE $100,000

Ma i l i n f o

r Se c o n d

o t p $ u 4 n 0 i , w 0 o 0 t g 0 n i w a r D e c Chan

First Entry Deadline is February 13 at 10 a.m. th

The Maryland Lottery® encourages responsible play. Remember, it’s just a game.


Baltimore AFRO-American Newspaper February 9 2013  

Baltimore AFRO-American Newspaper February 9 2013

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