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modular & Prefab buildings in south africa

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Afripanel Construction Solutions offer fully insulated building solutions in South Africa. Our product and solutions are tailored for quick and efficient construction and esthetically good looking buildings. We provide guarantee quality building for any of client requirement.

Prefab Buildings are built in a plant unrelated from the foundations. These panels are manufactured "from scrape". These edifices are made from the ground up without a foundation. They are built up of a huge metal or woody structured flooring frame concealed by wrappers of flooring as in any apartment or house construction. Upon completion of that ground, the brick, rug or whatever alternative surface you select for your house is then laid down and the bulwarks constructed upon the flooring. From the prong on, manufacture is the just the same as any other dwelling, excluding with the Prefabricated House, the building is done on a hydraulic dais huge enough to lodge the breadth of the construction.

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Prefab Buildings, the beckon of the hereafter. They include energy efficient grading, high in repurchase cost when good maintained and they are fast to build, which permits you to go in quicker. If you want to know more so visit our site .All details are here.

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South Africa

Modular & Prefab Buildings in South Africa  

Afri Panels is a leading builder of modular homes, Prefabricated Houses, Prefab Houses and additions with a reputation for high quality, des...