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September 2011

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18 Guinness World Records Holders

From the Editor O u r G r ea tes t G lor y is n o t in n ever f a llin g b u t in r is in g ever y time we f a ll . We ar e committted to b r in g th e commu n ity th e bes t in N ews f r om Af r ica a n d th e D ia s po r a.  Yo u ma y a ls o vis it o u r web s ite www. af r ika n p os f o r d a ily n ews u p d ates f o r Af r ica. D is cla imer : Th e o p in ion s ex pr es s ed in ar ticles a n d s to r ies in th is N ews pa per ar e th os e o f th e a u th or s a n d do n o t n eces s ar ily r ef lect th e views o f Af r ik an Pos t . All co mmen ts a n d s u g ges tion s ar e welco me.

Bridgette Jordan, 22, a college student in Centralia, Illinois, has just been declared the "World's Shortest Woman" by Guinness World Records. She stands 2 feet, 3 inches, 1.5 inches shorter than the previous record holder. She is not only the current "World's Shortest Woman," but she shares the title of "World's Shortest Siblings" with her 20-year-old brother Brad. Bridgette stands 27 inches while Brad is who stands 38 inches high. George Bright-Abu Publisher and Editor

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Tonto Dikeh pg. 36

RELIGION Putting God First Pg. 35

HEALTH ISSUES 7 Ways to Detect Signs of Ovulation pg. 13

HER PAGE The Lord’s Report pg. 20

SPORTS Ghana Claim Gold At All African Games

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The Brockton Roxstadium has started selling an $80 hot dog topped with caviar, Creme Fraiche, truffles, and mushroom dust.

The Berghoff, a German restaurant in Chicago, wanted a world record in the "wurst" way -- and they succeeded -- It was all good, clean fun as 152 men and women showered together in Bournemouth, England on August 13, with a 47-foot, three-inch bratwurst. The record-break2011 to break the group shower record. ing brat weighed more than 40 pounds and needed a bun that was 50-feet long. There's a new top dog when it comes to hot dog records. A team of 245 people have reportedly cooked up the Chanel Tapper has a tongue that measures a whopping world's largest hot dog in Paraguay. Stretching some 668 3.8 inches, from tip to top lip. However, British citizen feet, the nearly 270-pound wiener took the title from a Stephen Taylor's lengthy licker stretches 3.86 inches. 492-foot hot dog. Sarwan Singh of Canada holds the record for longest A team of cocktail experts in Italy set a new Guinness beard: 7 feet, 9 inches. World Record by mixing a 1,300-liter glass of mojito. The massive cocktail, made by The Raptor Ltd. and Cafe The world's most pierced man, Rolf Buchholz, of Dortmund, Germany, has 453 studs and rings all over his Eupili, bests a 2010 record set at 877 liters. body, including 94 piercings in and around his lips, 25 in At 305 feet, the world's longest picnic table is longer than his eyebrows, eight in his nose and 278 in his genital a football field. It weighs 11,304 lbs. and can accomodate area. 405 people. A team of four people worked ten days to put Aevin Dugas of New Orleans, La., is the proud owner of this together. Guinness World Records recognized this a record-breaking afro. It has a circumference of 4 feet, feat on June 18th. Safeway markets sponsored the event along with Open Nature natural foods at the Marina 4 inches. She trims her afro two or three times a year, and uses up to five conditioners at once when she wash- Green in San Francisco. es it. Lu Zhi-hao is believed to be the world's fattest 4-yearold. The obese boy from China's Guangdong province Survival has located a Brazilian Indian, believed to be the oldest living person in the world, as she prepares to weighs a stunning 136 pounds -- posing a major health risk, according to doctors. A health clinic in Hong Kong celebrate her 121st birthday. Maria Lucimar Pereira is has offered free weight-loss treatment for the child. one of the Kaxinawá tribe, and lives in the western Brazilian Amazon. She says she will spend her birthday, At 25, Rifca Stanescu is grandmother to a little boy age on September 3rd , with her family. 2. She was married when she was 11 to Lionel Laiu, then age 13 and now 27. She had her first child at 12 years Pauline Potter, a 47-year-old, 643-pound Californian, old. has earned a spot in the 2012 Guinness World Records 2012 record book as the World's Heaviest Woman. She The world's most expensive roses, known as Happy weighs 643 pounds. Roses, get their rainbow color from plant extract that's injected into the stem. Canadian Jean-Guy Laquerre is surrounded by his Guinness record-breaking collection of Santa Claus Source:Huffingtonpost memorabilia, which totals an astounding 25,104 items

The Lord s Tower Prayer Line Intercessory prayer line

pg. 39

Exclusive Interview With Sarkordie

Guinness World's Records confirmed on August 10, 2011 a new world record and the debut of the World's Largest Fishing Lure, weighing more than 355 pounds and measuring more than 12 feet. The home of this giant lure is Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and the SS Spitfire Mercantile, near Destin Florida.

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Sarkodie: On Life,Music, And Everything In Between word reply: “No.” Sarkodie, dressed in a very simple black outfit and chain, seems shy, in terms of his off-stage presence, but he is not afraid to look you dead in the eye. Sarkodie talks directly into you, with his piercing eyes, which in a way have a hypnotic effect. His glare is so intense that if you are not careful, you will forget what you are saying and lose your train of concentration because it is so direct, as if he is tapping into your inner consciousness. But everything about Sarkodie is intense. Sarkodie wants to know how long the interview is going to be and has issued a reminder that he needs to get some rest before the concert. Sarkodie is serious. A joke is cracked. No laugh from Sarkodie. More intense staring. Sarkodie is intimidating and intense. If anyone knows how to make anyone nervous, it is Sarkodie.

Story by Amy Ansong Everyone encounters people who are rare and extraordinary. There are people who merely come and go, and then there are those one or two people who you briefly encounter, but yet they stand out the most in your mind. Sarkodie is among the latter, a rare and unique person with the ability to captivate even the most unsuspecting individual. A few days ago, I was afforded a unique opportunity to meet, greet, and follow Sarkodie as he prepared for his first concert in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. Sarkodie, Ghana’s King of Rap, was in town to show another nation his skills and ability. It was his first time in the U.S, his first time in D.C, the first weekend after Hurricane Irene, the first week after the first major East Coast earthquake, and his first time sitting down for an in-depth behind the scenes interview—Sarkodie was intertwined in a lot of “firsts”.

Lesson 2: Do not waste Sarkodie’s time Born and raised in Tema, Michael Owusu , a.k.a “Sarkodie”, was his mother’s fourth child, out of five children. Sarkodie attended Achimota Prepatory and Tema Methodist Day Secondary. During his early days of rapping, Sarkodie looked up to Obrafour, another Ghanaian rapper. “Obrafour was someone I followed when he came out. He’s a good rapper,” said Sarkodie. Sarkodie began writing his own songs by the time he reached Class 4 and found himself inundated in the world of rapping and rhyming. After receiving a certificate in Graphic Designing from IPMC (Tema Branch), Sarkodie delivered shocking news to his whole family. “After IPMC, I got a job working for a billboard company but I did not take it. Instead I was thinking about the studio. The moment I see computers and a studio, I get inspired,” Sarkodie stated. Inspired by the studio, Sarkodie broke the news to his family that he wanted to concentrate on making music instead of working a “normal” job. However, Sarkodie assured them that he’d pay the bills with his music, he just needed time. According to Sarkodie, “wherever your heart is, is where your treasure is” and he knew his heart was in music. Free from employment responsibilities, Sarkodie was free to make music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As I walked down the long and majestic halls of the hotel in which he was staying, I finally reached my destination, knocked on the door, and was greeted by three men: DJ Mensa, another young man, and Sarkodie. Surprisingly, Sarkodie was standing in the back of the group, very innocently and somewhat reserved. Sarkodie is an observer- he mentally soaks up everything around him, similar to the way a dry sponge soaks up water. With this being our first meeting, it is safe to assume that we were both mentally cautious of each other. I didn’t know how far I could go with my questions and he didn’t know what I was going to ask and how I was going to ask my questions. What I did find out very quickly is that he is a man who does not waste words- he says what he means and means what he says, so you better pay attention.

Lesson 3: Sarkodie knows what he wants and goes after it. He is not afraid to take risks. Sarkodie’s family has always been a musical family- his mother is a singer, along with his little brother. “My family is fun,” Sarkodie states matter-of–factly. Not only is his family fun but they love music, and according to Sarkodie, “my dad LOVED Michael Jackson.” In fact, Sarkodie received the birth name of “Michael” due to his father’s adoration of Michael Jackson. There is only one Michael Jackson. And there is only one Sarkodie. Learning that Sarkodie was named after Michael Jackson led to the discussion of names, and the importance of names in regards to success.

Lesson 1: Sarkodie does not waste his words The most noticeable things about Sarkodie are his voice and his eyes. His voice is as rhythmic and fast-paced as his freestyle. As he talks and says simple things about his childhood and work, it’s almost like he is singing a tune due to his naturally melodious and relaxing voice. At the same time, it is quite fast. ‘Do you ever bite your tongue when you’re rapping that fast?’ One

How important are names? Very important, according to Sarkodie. In fact, the name “Sarkodie” was an intentional name Sarkodie picked out for himself. The name “Sarkodie” is not part of Sarkodie’s birth name at all. While growing up, Sarkodie’s father had at least two friends who went by the name “Sarkodie”. Sarkodie realized that both men had the same name and were also very wealthy, so at a very

early age, Sarkodie equated the name “Sarkodie” with wealth. Sarkodie revealed that he “loved the names Antwi-Buasisako and Sarkodie. There’s something about that name.” Talking about Michael Jackson, an artist whom Sarkodie also admires, seemed to relax him. The more he talked about music, the more relaxed he became. Eventually, Sarkodie insisted that I show him my moonwalking abilities. My moonwalking abilities were never discussed because it’s not worth bragging about, but Sarkodie insisted that the moonwalk be done.

songs with the phrase ”1 tyme for your mind”. What does that mean? It’s simple. According to Sarkodie it means,”you don’t have to hear me twice to believe that I’m good.” Sarkodie is confident.

The D.C concert is Sarkodie’s second stop on his U.S tour. He is slated to go to Boston, Colorado, Atlanta, and other U.S cities in the following weeks. Having already performed in New York City, Sarkodie expressed his observations about his U.S fans, stating that, “people here in the U.S are more hyper because they are hungry and they Lesson 4: Sarkodie is quite convincing and have never seen you perform in person. And persuasive. He is also very direct and precise. surprisingly, the people here know all the The moonwalk was 5 inch heels… words to all of the songs.” While in the U.S, but it was done-without any Michael Jackson Sarkodie is being managed by TM music playing in the background. ‘Hey Sarkodie, Entertainmentz. The CEO of TM are you going to show me your moonwalk skills Entertainmentz, Terry Masson, a strikingly now that I have shown you mine?’ Answer: No. handsome man, stated that he got into the ‘Not at all?’ Answer: No. entertainment business because he “loves music”. TM Entertainmentz has been responLesson 5: You can not make Sarkodie do any- sible for Sarkodie’s overall well-being and thing he does not want to do. Period. seems to be setting high standards, keeping Sarkodie is quite funny. As time goes by, he Sarkodie on schedule and ensuring that he becomes funnier and funnier, adding to his gets to his events well rested and prepared. It already unique character. Now his radiant all goes back to Sarkodie’s statement: wherColgate –like smile is apparent and his intense ever your heart is , is where your treasure is. glare has softened a bit. When asked about the progression of his career, Sarkodie states that he Around 2:10 am, Sarkodie was in his did a lot of free shows in the beginning, at sechotel room, preparing to take the stage at the ondary schools, and other places all over Ghana. D.C concert which was occurring a couple of “The first interview I ever did was for 4Syte TV. floors below him. Although the room was They were the first people to put me on TV. The packed with people and their random converfirst time I appeared in a video was with Edem. sations, Sarkodie was not paying attention to He did a song that featured me approximately 3-4 them- he was in his own world. Surrounded years ago, and it was the video for the song enti- by speakers, a computer, and an empty tled, “U Dey Craze.” When asked about the first Jamaican pineapple juice bottle, Sarkodie time he recalls hearing his song on the radio, a was sitting with his back up against the corslight grin appears on his face as he gleefully ner wall, listening to Tracey Chapman. recalls the moment. “ I was at the barbershop, Amidst all the noise and commotion, when all of a sudden I heard “Baby” (with Sarkodie was literally singing a duet with R2Bees). So I kept it to myself.” Tracey Chapman’s timeless song “I’m Ready” , and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Managed by Duncan Williams, Sarkodie’s Sarkodie marches to a different beat-his own. first major show was Joy FM’s “Night of the Sarkodie, known for his fast rapping abilities, Stars.” Sarkodie points out that he didn’t have an was just as prolific of an artist singing a slow album or a song when he was asked to perform, uncomplicated song. but he took the stage confidently with his freestyle. It was the same freestyle he was showcasing all over Ghana, the same freestyle he had When the time came for Sarkodie to perused to “murder” 25 MC’s on a local radio show. form for his fans, he stood a couple of feet “You do know what murdering an MC is, right?” back from the main entrance. While all of the Yes. “Wherever you are coming from, you capmembers of his management team and secuture the place first and then you move forward,” rity were busy discussing issues, once again, says Sarkodie. “Fans have to remember you. I Sarkodie did things his own way, running on want to go international, but I know my limits. to the stage with a microphone in his hand, Daddy Lumba is a star because he is unprethrilling the fans with his high energy. dictable and not that accessible.” Just like Daddy Dressed in all white, from head to toe, a Lumba, Sarkodie is not that easily accessible and cross chain, Adidas sneakers, and dark tinted far from being predictable. It seems like Sarkodie sunglasses, the stage only contained him and is releasing music every week- it is very hard to DJ Mensa- that’s all it needed! DJ Mensa and keep track of all of his songs and collaborations. Sarkodie performed live (no lip-singing), On his computer, Sarkodie displays the various giving the audience an intimate show to soundtracks producers have sent to him, all remember. With the microphone in his left awaiting lyrics. In the beginning, Sarkodie would hand, Sarkodie randomly chose songs to perwrite down the lyrics to songs and get the beat form, because he has so many chart toppers. later, but now, due to his success, there is a large supply of beats awaiting his rhythmical freestyle Continue on Page 32 magic. Sarkodie frequently verbally stamps his


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As US hopes for defeat of al-Qaida, officials South Sudan: Arabic to Be say group’s No. 2 leader killed in Pakistan Phased Out From Secondary Schools in Three Years operate covertly and plan attacks. Al-Zawahiri is running the group but is considered a divisive figure who lacks the founder’s charisma and ability to galvanize al-Qaida’s disparate franchises. A U.S. official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to summarize the government’s intelligence on alRahman, said al-Rahman’s death will make it harder for Zawahiri to oversee what is considered an increasingly weakened organization.. “Zawahiri needed Atiyah’s experience and connections to help manage al-Qaida,” the official said. The U.S. official would not say how al-Rahman was killed. The Pakistani official did not say how the country’s main intelligence agency, the ISI, knew that al-Rahman was dead. This official did not give his name in keeping with agency rules.

Juba — The caretaker minister for General Education, Hon Dr Michael Milli Hussein has announced that Arabic will be replaced by English as the sole medium of instruction in secondary schools in the Republic of South Sudan within the next three years.

He reported that the ministry is already working on mainstreaming English language in its syllabi. He said that the ministry is currently reviewing 240 English book titles from Kenya. "We have chosen a panel of English teachers to review the books and advise on which ones can Intelligence officials had said at the time that four be acquired", he said. The panel of people were killed in the attack. teachers, he said, is currently meeting A CIA drone strike was reported that day in in Maridi for this exercise and is Waziristan. Such strikes by unmanned aircraft are expected to report in the next one Washington’s weapon of choice for killing terrorists in month. the mountainous, hard-to-reach area along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. WASHINGTON — U.S. and Pakistani officials said Dr Hussein made this announcement Saturday that al-Qaida’s second-in-command, Atiyah Abd alon Saturday at Lobonok in Central Al-Rahman has been thought to be dead before. Last Rahman, has been killed in Pakistan, delivering another big Equatoria State when he opened Yapa year, there were reports that al-Rahman was killed in blow to a terrorist group that the U.S. believes to be on the Senior Secondary School which has a drone strike; neither U.S. officials nor al-Qaida ever verge of defeat. been constructed through the concertconfirmed them. The officials who confirmed the ed efforts of the local community. Al-Rahman was killed Monday in the lawless Pakistani tribal death Saturday said it represented the consensus opinion of the U.S. government. region of Waziristan, according to a senior administration The caretaker minister commended the official who insisted on anonymity to discuss intelligence community for complementing the Born in Libya, al-Rahman joined bin Laden as a issues. government's efforts in extending the teenager in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union. reach of education. He announced that A Pakistani intelligence official said al-Rahman died in a He once served as bin Laden’s personal emissary to the ministry has already begun the U.S. missile strike in Machi Khel village in North Waziristan Iran. Al-Rahman was allowed to move freely in and process of constructing 30 primary out of Iran as part of that arrangement and has been and 4 secondary schools within the Since Navy SEALs stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound operating out of Waziristan for some time, officials next 100 days as pledged by the and killed him in May, the Obama administration has been have said. President. He said this is being done unusually frank in its assessment that al-Qaida is on the with the support of the DFID. He also ropes, its leadership in disarray. Defense Secretary Leon Source: said that the government will sponsor Panetta said last month that al-Qaida’s defeat was within a similar number of schools to be disreach if the U.S. could mount a string of successful attacks. tributed in all the states of the “Now is the moment, following what happened with bin Republic. Laden, to put maximum pressure on them,” Panetta said, “because I do believe that if we continue this effort we can He also explained that all the new secreally cripple al-Qaida as a major threat.” ondary schools, including Yapa, will A Libyan national, al-Rahman never had the worldwide name recognition of bin Laden or bin Laden’s successor, Ayman al-Zawahiri. But al-Rahman was regarded as an instrumental figure in the terrorist organization, trusted by bin Laden to oversee al-Qaida’s daily operations. When the SEALs raided bin Laden’s compound, they found evidence of al-Rahman’s deep involvement in running alQaida. Senior al-Qaida figures have been killed before, only to be replaced. But the Obama administration’s tenor reflects a cautious optimism that victory in the decade-long fight against al-Qaida could be at hand. “It does hold the prospect of a strategic defeat, if you will, a strategic dismantling, of al-Qaida,” incoming CIA Director David Petraeus said in July. Since bin Laden’s death, counterterrorism officials have hoped to capitalize on al-Qaida’s unsettled leadership. The more uncertain the structure, the harder it is for al-Qaida to

not made it to the institutions of higher learning themselves. The caretaker minister also decried the lack of Maths and Science teachers in South Sudan. However, he reported that the government is already training more than 300 Maths and Science teachers in Juba and Aweil. He also said that lack of adequate learning spaces and materials are also bedevilling education in the country. He reported that the DFID has committed to support the purchase of 6.5million books for the South Sudan's schools. He said that the ministry is now working with the stakeholders to identify the books to be purchased. He said that the books will be updated to reflect current realities in the country. The caretaker minister also delivered a cheque worth SSP 496,003 from the government to Yapa Senior Secondary School to cater for the completion of the remaining construction works and feeding of the students for the rest of the year. The event was also attended by the Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly Right Hon James Wani Igga, the GOSS caretaker minister for Finance and Economic Planning Hon David Deng Athorbei, the deputy governor of Central Equatoria State, the Central Equatoria State minister for Education, and chiefs of Lobonok, among other community leaders. In another event yesterday, Dr Hussein met representatives of Misereor, a German Catholic development organization led by its Director Prof Josef Soyer. During the meeting the NGO pledged to work with the ministry to leverage the efforts of the government in improving education levels in the country.

be national boarding institutions to enable the students to concentrate fully on their education. He also said that the schools will be used to cement Dr Hussein said that Misereor has been the unity of the nation by mixing stu- working in the education and health dents from all the states. sectors in South Sudan for over thirty years. He said South Sudan is keen to Dr Hussein also said that the govern- learn how Germany managed to ment is committed to uplifting the emerge from the ashes of the Second standards of education in the country. World War to become a leading world He explained that one way this can be power. On his part, Prof Soyer underachieved is by employing qualified scored the need for educated workteachers. He announced that all secforce for the development of the new ondary school teachers will henceforth country. He said that that skilled be university graduates. He declared labourforce can only be developed that there is no way secondary school through relevant education. students can be taught by a teacher holding a similar certificate. He won- Source: dered how such a teacher can prepare students for the university yet they had



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AFRICA'S HALL OF SHAME - TOP TEN ANTI-PEOPLE DICTATORS OF ALL TIME Africa, like some parts of the world, has had its fair share of dictators over the past decades. Some appear on the scene as liberators, revolutionists while others come in as freedom fighters, but eventually they metamorphose into tyrants, having looted with their families and want to indemnify themselves from accountability. 10. Charles Taylor – Liberia His full name is Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor. The 22nd president of Liberia ruled for eight years [1997-2003]. He was democratically elected. Prior to becoming the no. 1 man of his west African country, he was a warlord as the leader of the rebel group – The National Patriotic Front of Liberia.He lorded over the execution of his predecessor Sergeant Doe. Under his reign, he allegedly committed war crimes against humanity, culminating in his current trial at the International Criminal Court of Justice in The Hague.The 63-year-old was accused by Amnesty International to have looted state coffers and used his troops to rape women and children as terror instruments. He is also standing trial for fueling the conflict in Sierra Leone through the illegal sale of ‘blood diamonds’ to support the rebels. He extended the dangerous antics he engaged in ruling Liberia to neighboring countries. He sponsored a war in near-by Sierra Leonne, so he could enrich himself with that coutry's diamond. 9. Sekou Toure – Guinea Toure was the first president of Guinea. He fell short of four years to have ruled for three decades non-stop [1958-1984]. At one point in time he declared Guinea a one-party state. Toure was initially seen as the ‘Guinean Messiah’, but later became the sting of his people. A lot of Guineans fled the country into exile to avoid his ferocious wrath. Death camps were instituted under his watch, where his political opponents were tortured and some executed. He died in America while undergoing cardiac treatment. Sekou Toure saw himself as the one and only man with the power to determine the fate of his fellow countrymen and women. He had no idea what they called courtesy to opposition. He made life unbearable for anyone who tried to challenge his notorious authority. Respect for fellow human beings meant nothing to him and he didn't attempt to learn it. Everyone who opposed his ideology was watched with kin eyes. 8. General Sani Abacha – Nigeria Sani Abacha came to the scene in a bloodless coup d’etat in November 1993. He was in power for only five years, but his nefarious feats fit someone who remained in power for life. Political pundits have christened him as the most brutal dictator of the west African powerhouse. He ruled with impunity. He allowed corruption to thrive in Nigeria without doing anything to stop it. Abacha

brought in corrupt business partners from other countries and used them to siphon Nigerian money abroad. He was the head of state who didn't see anything wrong with corruption. Abacha was reported to have stolen millions of dollars from the country’s purse into western banks, including Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Goldman Sachs. It is unconfirmed though, but rumors from official circles have it that the senior military officer died in sexual bouts with Indian prostitutes. The highlight of his brutal reign was the 1995 killing of the political and environmental activist, Ken Saro Wiwa. 7. Laurent Kabila – DR Congo He was full of promises, but none came to pass. He seized power in 1997 after toppling Joseph Mobutu. Having headed rebellion for decades before reaching the light to turn the misfortunes of his people, he rather aggravated their social condition in his four-year rule. An estimated 3.3 million people died during his reign. He failed to unite the people and succeeded in dividing them on tribal lines. Kabila banned opposition parties and never held an election contrary to his promise. His regime unleashed an era of fear on the people. Many thought he was worse than the regime he toppled. ''My long years of struggle were like spreading fertilizer on a field. But now it is time to harvest,'' he told Reuters when he overthrew Mobutu and indeed he reaped from what he sown. He enriched himself and friends while his fellow countrymen were living in poverty. Enough! Was the clarion call. Kabila met his waterloo in 2001 when one of his bodyguards shot him in a dramatic style. 6. Kamuzu Banda – Malawi Banda was highly intoxicated with power and was never ready to let go. He fired ministers who had the sense to counsel him that ‘sir, you are biting more than you can chew.’ He was constantly on the hunt to haunt his opponents and many of them fled to exile. The tyrant declared a one-party state in 1966. His regime was a classic case of ‘grace to grass’. The National Assembly stripped him of his powers in 1993 and died four years after in South Africa. Kamuzu Banda was said to be a head of state that didn't care about his own people. He cared more about what to steal from the nation's treasury more than the people's welfare. He only allowed those who were close to him to benefit from the nation's wealth. 5. Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe Uncle Roo is a classic case of hero to tyrant. He played an integral role in bringing freedom to Zimbabweans, but got himself drunk with power and went overboard. The veteran has clung on to power from 1980 till date. Zimbabweans are fed up with his repressive regime. He hates press freedom. The economy is in a bad state. If you are an opposition member, be prepared to make the prisons your second home and the courts will be frequent places of visits. He succumbed to power-sharing in 2009, but the Movement for Democratic Change leader,

Morgan Tsvangirai, now a key government figure touted to bring hopes to the former British colony of Rhodesia, is not having it easy with his opponent in the corridors of power. He moved Zimbabwe from a prosperous agricultural nation to a poor hungry nation. Millions of Zimbabweans have fled the country for neighboring African countries.

the age of 27.He has ruled with eagle eyes over his oil-rich country and has dealt with dissidents (“rats”) severely in the past decades through public hanging and long term imprisonments. His regime is near collapse as rebels close in on him to drag him out of power from the beginning of the year. Gaddafi hired a lot of women as bodyguards and house-hold helps. 4. Mobutu Sese Seko – (Zaire) Congo However, he appeared to have little respect He was born Joseph-Desire Mobutu, but popularly for women. He told the Western allies' miliknown as Mobuto Sese Seko (Nkuku Ngbendu wa tary, NATO, that he and his soldiers were "not Za Banga) – a title he added to his name to wit, “the women." all-powerful warrior who, because of his endurance Like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Gaddafi is and inflexible will to win, will go from conquest to a typical example of a ruler who started as a conquest leaving fire in his wake”. hero and ended up as a tyrant. He lead a miliHe was Zaire’s long-serving dictator, who stayed in tary revolution that promised to end a corrupt power for 31 solid years. He felt bigger than his regime. However, he lost focus along the line country and thought the nation cannot do without and started seeing himself as the second God him. It took one Laurent Kabila (No. 7) to force him in his country. into exile. Mobutu was cunning, violent and always had his hands in state coffers. He lived in a grandeur state while his country was 1. Idi Amin Dada – Uganda stumbling in poverty. Those who criticized his He is the most notorious of all African dictaregime were sacked from their jobs and relegated to tors ever. He has been described as the nothing. He was a typical African despot who had “Butcher of Uganda” for his brutalities in the no mercy for opposition. Mobutu gave only those 70s. He who supported his regime access to the nation's was in the wealth. He died while in exile in Morocco after a limelight protracted battle with cancer. in 1971 after a 3. Jean-Bedel Bokassa - CAR military He was a former colonel who seized power in the coup and Central African Republic in 1966 and declared him- ruled for self president for life. Bokassa I was accused of eight cannibalism of imprisoned school children. years. He His stock in trade in most parts of his 14-year rule conferred was torture and execution of his opponents. He on himself lacked mercy for those who opposed his governthe title of ment. He intended his meanness to the families of Field those who opposed him. Marshal. He was one of the most rapacious African heads of He is state. He spent money like it was limitless. It is known for the famous quote on the day of the widely reported that his coronation alone cost coup: "His Excellency President for Life, US$30 million and he amassed about US$125 m in Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, VC, his personal accounts. DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth His regime ended in 1979 when French paratroopers and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the overthrew his government while he was on an offi- British Empire, in Africa in General and cial trip to Libya. Bokassa had 17 wives with close Uganda in Particular." to 50 children. He died at 75 from a heart attack in A lot of people considered Idi-Amin a mental1996. ly ill man because of his ability to change from a nice, gentleman to a voraciously angry 2. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi - Libya person within a short period. He sometimes The beleaguered Libyan ruler is the longest-ruling ordered his hit squads to go after his oppoAfrica and the nents and kill them with a snap of the fingers. Arab world's Idi-Amin used his ‘killer squads’ to eliminate “most erratic, hundreds of his opponents and the members most grimly fasciof their families. He lacked mercy for anyone. nating leader He saw himself as the beginning and the end presiding for 42 of Uganda. Amin was ousted in 1979 by years over this Ugandan nationalists, after which he fled into desert republic exile. with vast oil reserves and just Source: six million people,” Aljazeera described him. The revolutionist came to power through a 1969 bloodless coup against King Idris at




Thoronka Law Offices U.S. Immigration Law Practice Naturalization Green Card

Removal and Deportation


Work Authorization Personal Injury/ Criminal

Employment Visa (H1B) Divorce Licensed in Maryland and Massachusette

Virginia Office Kamah Gueh-Thoronka 14416 Jefferson Davis Highway Unit #11 Woodbridge, VA 22191 voice(703) 910-4672 or 703-763-1624 Fax: 703-910-4674

Ohio Office 1425 E. Dublin Granville Road Ste 103 Columbus, Ohio 43229-3312 614-781-1300 / 781-1303

E-VERIFY PASSES COMMITTEE AND HEADS TO HOUSE SHOW DOWN Smith said. But Democrats charged that the government databases under E-Verify, currently a voluntary program for private employers, is rife with errors that could cost thousands of legal workers their jobs.

Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale WASHINGTON — A Republican-sponsored immigration bill that would require employers to use Internet-based government databases to check the immigration status of new workers drew protests from Latino and immigrant rights groups Thursday after a House panel voted along party lines to approve the legislation. The Legal Workforce Act, sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith, RSan Antonio, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has stirred the immigration debate. Smith said 23 million Americans are unemployed and seven million people without legal U.S. status are employed. “These jobs should go to American citizens and legal workers,”

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston, said the measure is being sold to employers as a quick fix to preserve jobs for legal workers.“However, despite attempts to improve the system, it remains flawed,” Jackson Lee said, and without improvements the agriculture industry could lose up to 1.5 million farm workers. The bill was passed by the House Judiciary Committee, 2213, on Wednesday and sent to the full House for consideration. A Senate version of the E-Verify legislation, sponsored by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, is opposed by Democrats, who control the upper legislative body. President Barack Obama has repeatedly called on Congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill to address the estimated 11 million people living in the United States illegally. Meanwhile, business and agriculture groups are split on the House bill. But opposition has grown strong enough from the agricultural sector that Smith has offered up a separate agriculture guest worker bill that the committee with address next month.

NumbersUSA, a group that advocates for tighter immigration controls, backs the House bill as a necessary measure to curtail illegal immigration. The National Immigration Forum and other immigrant rights groups oppose the bill as a thinly veiled national ID system, based on flawed databases. “Representative Lamar Smith yesterday came a step closer to forcing every American employer to get permission from government before hiring,” said Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum executive director. Some conservative and Libertarian groups, like Tea Party Nation and the Liberty Coalition also have come out in opposition to the bill. Specifically, the bill would require all private employers to electronically check immigration status and workforce eligibility through databases maintained by the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Homeland Security Department. The electronic checks would be conducted on employees after they are hired Source:


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Eight men, believed to be Boko Haram members, faced court for their suspected role in the August 26 attack [Reuters] Prosecutors in Nigeria have accused four men of organising the August 26 suicide bombing at the United Nations headquarters in the West African nation that killed 23 people, bringing charges that carry the death penalty. The four men charged came in a group of 19 brought before a magistrate court in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, on Friday. All are accused of belonging to the Muslim sect, Boko Haram, which claimed responsibility for the attack that also wounded 116 others. In charging documents, prosecutors said Abdusalami Adamu, Danzumi Haruna, Salisu Mohammed and Musa Mukailu of Kano ordered a suicide bomber driving a Honda 4WD vehicle to attack the world body's headquarters. The men did not make pleas as Azubuike Okegu, the magistrate judge, said the case should be transferred to Nigeria's Federal High Court system. He ordered the suspects held until a court appearance on November 3. It was not immediately clear if the men had lawyers. Prosecutors also said 25 people died in the car bomb attack, up from an estimate of 23 offered by the UN. Boko Haram, which means "Western education is sacrilege" in the local Hausa language, claimed responsibility for the attack. The sect has assassinated local officials and bombed locations around Nigeria in the last year as it continues its campaign for the strict implementation of sharia [Muslim law] across the country. The attack launched far from the group's base in the country's northeast represented a major escalation in violence. Officials also fear the group now has ties to terror organisations linked to al-Qaeda elsewhere in Africa. Obasanjo meeting In a related development, Olusegun Obasanjo, one of Nigeria's best known elder statesman, met family members of the slain former leader of Boko Haram as part of a peace initiative. Obasanjo, who served as president between 1999 and 2007 and still wields influence in Africa's most populous nation, went to the northeastern city of Maiduguri on Thursday for the meeting, according to those in attendance.

Obasanjo spoke with the family of Mohammed Yusuf for two hours, Shehu Sani, a civil rights activist, said. The meeting represented the first visit of a Nigerian leader to the family since Yusuf was killed while in police custody following a 2009 sectarian riot and security crackdown that left 700 people dead. "It was an open, heart-to-heart discussion during which he inquired about what happened two years ago and how to end the violence that the 2009 killings precipitated," Babakura Fugu, Yusuf's brother-in-law, said by phone. During their meeting, Sani said Obasanjo asked the family why Boko Haram continued to attack security agents, religious leaders and government officials. Relatives said the attacks represented revenge against the government for Yusuf's death and the killing of two other leaders during the 2009 uprising, Sani said. Yusuf's relatives also provided rare details about the group, saying they have representatives in Chad, Niger and Cameroon. "They said the Nigerian security forces and the army cannot crush them because they have the capacity to reach out to anywhere if they want to,'' Sani said. Confidence raised Fugu said the meeting with Obasanjo raised their "confidence by 100 per cent" and that Obasanjo promised to brief Goodluck Jonathan, Nigeria's current president, about the talks. Family members asked Obasanjo to have their destroyed homes rebuilt, to receive a promised court settlement of $6,600 from the government, Fugu said. They also asked that officials compensate other sect members who lost relatives in the 2009 security crackdown. It remains unclear who is actually leading Boko Haram since Yusuf's death. Analysts and diplomats have said they believe the sect is split into at least three sub-groups, each with its own command structure. Complex bank robberies appear to be aimed at funding the group, but Yusuf's family said about 40 per cent of the sect's funding now comes from outside of Nigeria.

Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata (above) lost the 2008 elections to Rupiah Banda by 2 per cent [EPA] Opposition leader Michael Sata has been declared the winner of Zambia's presidential election, ousting incumbent Rupiah Banda as the leader of Africa's biggest copper producer in polls marred by public violence. Chief Justice Ernest Sakala declared Sata the winner early on September 23, 2011 after he received 1,150,045 votes compared to Banda's 961,796 with 95.3 per cent of constituencies counted. Sata received 43 per cent of the vote also contested by many minor parties. Rupiah Banda, 74 and leader of the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) party that has run Zambia since one-party rule ended in 1991, is expected to make a statement on Friday about the vote. Sata supporters spilled into the streets in the capital Lusaka after the announcement, singing and chanting in celebration. Youths fought running battles with riot police on September 22, 2011 in the towns of Ndola and Kitwe, 250km north of Lusaka, setting fire to vehicles and markets in the normally peaceful southern African country's mining heartland. Hackers who hit the Election Commission's website overnight, posting false results showing Sata on course for a landslide, added to the confusion and tension of what was already a tight race between two old rivals. Chinese companies have become major players in Zambia's economy, with total investments by the end of 2010 topping $2 billion, according to data from the Chinese embassy. But Sata accused Chinese mining firms in the earlier stages of the campaign of creating slave labour conditions with scant regard for safety or the local culture. Banda had strong backing in urban areas and the country's economic centre in the Copper Belt. Analysts said younger voters also helped propel him to victory with youth using the ballot box to bring about change in a continent that has seen the long-standing rulers of Egypt and Tunisia toppled by mass street protests. Sata lost to Banda by just 35,000 votes, or 2 percent of the electorate, in a 2008 presidential run-off triggered by the death in office of Levy Mwanawasa.



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7 WAYS TO DETECT SIGNS OF OVULATION Pros: Doesn't require any know-how. Just being in tune with your feelings. Worse comes to worse, if you have sex and you weren't about to ovulate, you still (hopefully) had a nice time with your partner. Nothing lost!

It's by no means an accurate indicator of ovulation. Breast tenderness may come before or after ovulation, as well as right before menstruation and as a side effect of some fertility drugs. Getting too obsessed about how tender your breasts feel can lead obsessing over imaginary pregnancy symptoms.

Cons: The stress of trying to conceive can squash sexual feelings. Also, depression or anxiety, common in couples coping with infertility, can lower sexual desire. It's not a definite sign of ovulation. You may notice an increase in sexual desire at any time in your cycle, including right before your period, or even after watching a great Johnny Depp or Pierce Brosnan movie. (Or maybe that's just me.)

Sign of Ovulation #6 – Positive Result on an Ovulation Predictor Test Another common way of detecting ovulation is with an ovulation predictor test kit. Ovulation predictor kits, sometimes referred to as OPK tests, require you to either pee on a test stick, or dip a special paper into a cup of collected urine, once a day for a week before you expect to ovulate. There are two lines on the test strip. Whenever the test line is darker than the control line, the test has detected an LH surge. (This is the exact same hormone that causes fertile cervical mucus.)

Sign of Ovulation #3 - Body Basal Temperature Changes Body basal temperature charting is perhaps the most popular method of tracking ovulation among women trying to get pregnant. Your body basal temperature will rise by a few tenths of a degree, and stay elevated, after ovulation. This rise in temperature is caused by the hormone progesterone, which increases immediate after ovulation. By charting your body basal temperature, you can detect this increase in temperature.

Pros: If body basal temperature (BBT) charting is not an option, an ovulation predictor kit can be used. Also, if cervical mucus is dried up from medications, OPK tests can help. As opposed to BBT charting, you ideally only need to bother with Signs of ovulation aren't difficult to notice, once you the tests for a week before you expect to ovulate. know what to look for. Some signs of ovulation help warn When BBT charting gives unusual or confusing results, some you that ovulation is approaching, allowing you to time sex Pros: women use ovulation predictor kits as an additional confirmation for pregnancy. Other signs of ovulation let you know that If your temperature rises, you can be almost positive that you ovu- of ovulation. ovulation has passed. While there are many methods lated.It's low cost, and almost free (except for the purchase of a below, don't think that you should use them all. That would thermometer, which you probably already have). Cons: drive you crazy and have you thinking about getting pregMay help your doctor make a diagnosis. Expensive compared to other methods of ovulation detection. An nant even more than you probably already do. (Something ovulation predictor test kit for one cycle costs anywhere from $10 I don't suggest!) Cons: – 20 dollars. Over a year, that can add up. Won't warn you that ovulation is coming, but only confirm that it Determining when the test line is darker than the control line isn’t If you don't notice any signs of ovulation, or your periods has passed. always easy. are irregular, you should definitely let your doctor know. If your sleep patterns are unusually erratic, or you work the night- You can miss the LH surge and never see a darker line. For examThis information may help your doctor make a diagnosis of shift, body basal temperature charting will probably not work for ple, if you test Monday morning, and your LH surged Monday infertility. you. afternoon, by Tuesday morning, when you test again, it may be Some women feel overwhelmed by taking their temperature every over already. (Some women test more than once a day for this reaWould you like to receive trying to conceive tips and fertil- morning. Also, worrying about every little fluctuation in tempera- son – raising the cost.) ity information every week? Sign up for your free fertility ture can make some women more anxious than they already are. It If you ovulate irregularly, you may need more than one kit per newsletter here! can easily become a bit of an obsession. cycle. Sign of Ovulation #1 -- Cervical Mucus Changes Not a definite sign. You can have positive OPK results, and not Sign of Ovulation #4 - Changes in Cervical Position ovulate. You can also have more than one LH surge detected per As ovulation approaches, your cervical mucus changes in cycle, but only the last of those surges correlates to possible ovulaamount and consistency. When you're not ovulating, cervi- Just as your cervical mucus changes as ovulation approaches, your tion. (Common in women with PCOS.) cal mucus may appear sticky or creamy, or may be entirely cervical position also goes through changes. When you're most absent. As ovulation approaches, cervical mucus become fertile, your cervix will be higher, softer, and more open. Sign of Ovulation # 7 -- Saliva Ferning more abundant, takes on a watery to raw-egg-white-like A unique and uncommon way to detect ovulation, a ferning pattern consistency, and stretches up to an inch or more between Pros: of your saliva is another possible sign of ovulation. There are speyour fingers. It's free. cial microscopes sold for this purpose, but you could technically Get to know your body better. use any toy store microscope. A ferning pattern is a pattern that Pros: May help you figure out if you're ovulating, even when your cerlooks like frost on a window pane. The ferning pattern appears 100% free. vical mucus is drier from Clomid or antihistamines. during the body’s LH surge, which occurs 24-48 hours before ovuConsidered to be one of the most accurate indicators for lation. timing sex for pregnancy. Cons: Get to know your body better. Takes practice to get a feel (no pun intended) for the differences. Pros: Some people are grossed out by the idea. Cheaper than ovulation predictor kits. Cons: Not a definite sign of ovulation. Like with cervical mucus, you Unique! (Impress people at parties. “I was checking my saliva’s Some people are grossed out by the idea. can have fertile cervical signs but not actually ovulate. ferning pattern this morning, and…”) Not a definite sign. You can have fertile cervical mucus, and not ovulate. (Common in women with PCOS.) Sign of Ovulation #5 -- Breast Tenderness Cons: Clomid or antihistamines may dry up your cervical mucus, Some women experience tenderness in their breasts just before or Uncommon. Won’t be easy to find people to ask advice from. which may make detection difficult. after ovulation. This is related to the hormones rushing in your Many women find it difficult to detect the ferning pattern. (I've body, getting ready for the potential of pregnancy. For me person- never tried it, but everyone I talked to that did couldn't figure it Sign of Ovulation #2 - Increased Sexual Desire ally, the last confirmation I have that ovulation has occurred is out.) Turns out nature does know what it's doing (sometimes, breast tenderness. Just as with tracking cervical mucus and using OPK tests, noticing anyway.) Research has shown what many of us already a ferning pattern does not guarantee that ovulation will occur. notice: Women experience an increase in sexual desire Pros: when they are most fertile. This is a couple days before It's free. Source: you ovulate, which is the right time to have sex if you Helps you get to know your body better. want to get pregnant. Cons:


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WANGARI MAATHAI, NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER, DIES perspective, to stop the desert from spreading, but also as a way to activate women and fight the Daniel arap Moi regime," said Geir Lundestad, director of the Nobel Institute, which awarded Maathai the peace prize in 2004.


Maathai believed that a healthy environment helped improve lives by providing clean water and firewood for cooking, thereby decreasing conflict. The Kenyan organization she founded planted 30 million trees in hopes of improving the chances for peace, a triumph for nature that inspired the U.N. to launch a worldwide campaign that resulted in 11 billion trees planted.

Maathai's work was quickly recognized by groups and governments the world over, winning awards, accolades and partnerships with powerful organizations. Meanwhile, her dedication to nature remained, as could be seen in her role in a movie called "Dirt! The Movie," where Maathai narrated the story of a hummingbird carrying one drop of water at a time to fight a forest fire, even as animals like the elephant asked why the hummingbird was wasting his energy.

"It turns to them and tells them, 'I'm doing the best I can.' And that to me is what all of us should do. We should always feel like a hummingbird," she said. "I certainly don't want to be like the animals watching as the planet goes Maathai, a university professor with a warm down the drain. I will be a hummingbird. I will smile and college degrees from the United do the best I can." States, staged popular protests that bedeviled former President Daniel arap Moi, a repressive and autocratic ruler who called her "a mad woman" Recognizing that never-say-die attitude, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga said Maathai's who was a threat to the security of Kenya. death "strikes at the core of our nation's heart." In the summer of 1998, the Kenyan government Odinga said Maathai died just as the causes she was giving land to political allies in a protected fought for were getting the attention they deserve. forest on Nairobi's outskirts. Maathai began a campaign to reclaim the land, culminating in a confrontation with 200 hired thugs armed with machetes and bows and arrows. When Maathai tried to plant a tree, she and her cohorts were attacked with whips, clubs and stones. Maathai received a bloody gash on her head. "Many said, 'She is just planting trees.' But that was important, not only from an environmental

University of Nairobi.

Maathai was the first woman to earn a doctorate in East Africa – in 1971 from the University of Nairobi, where she later was an associate professor in the department of veterinary anato"Wangari Maathai combined the protection of my. She previously earned degrees from Mount the environment, with the struggle for women's Tributes poured out for Maathai online, includ- St. Scholastica College – now Benedictine rights and fight for democracy," he said. College – in Atchison, Kansas and the ing from Kenyans who remember planting trees alongside her as schoolchildren. One pop- University of Pittsburgh. Maathai said during her 2004 Peace Prize ular Twitter posting noted that Maathai's knees acceptance speech that the inspiration for her always seemed to be dirty from showing VIPs The Green Belt Movement said on its website that Maathai's death was a great loss to those life's work came from her childhood experiences how to plant trees. Another poster, noting in rural Kenya. There she witnessed forests Nairobi's cloudy skies Monday, said: "No won- who "admired her determination to make the being cleared and replaced by commercial plan- der the sun is not shining today." world a more peaceful, healthier and better tations, which destroyed biodiversity and the place." Edward Wageni, the group's deputy executive director, said Maathai died in a capacity of forests to conserve water. Her quest to see fewer trees felled and more planted saw her face off against Kenya's pow- Nairobi hospital late Sunday. Maathai had been After arap Moi left government, Maathai served erful elite. At least three times during her in and out of the hospital since the beginning of as an assistant minister for the environment and activist years she was physically attacked, the year, he said. natural resources ministry. including being clubbed unconscious by police Maathai is survived by three children. Funeral during a hunger strike in 1992. arrangements were to be announced soon, the Although the tree-planting campaign launched Green Belt Movement said. by her group, the Green Belt Movement, did not Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Monday called initially address the issues of peace and democ- Maathai a "true African heroine." The Nelson Source: racy, Maathai said it became clear over time that Mandela Foundation also expressed sadness. responsible governance of the environment was The foundation hosted Maathai in 2005, when not possible without democracy. she headlined the foundation's annual lecture.

NAIROBI, Kenya — Kenya's former president called her a mad woman. Seen as a threat to the rich and powerful, Wangari Maathai was beaten, arrested and vilified for the simple act of plant- "Therefore, the tree became a symbol for the democratic struggle in Kenya. Citizens were ing a tree, a natural wonder Maathai believed mobilized to challenge widespread abuses of could reduce poverty and conflict. power, corruption and environmental mismanagement," Maathai said. Former elementary students who planted saplings alongside her, world leaders charmed by her message and African visionaries on Monday remembered a woman some called the Tree Mother of Africa. Maathai, Africa's first female winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, died on the evening of September 25, 2011 in a Nairobi hospital following a battle with cancer. She was 71.

damage, degrade and extract short term profit from the environment, she used hers to stand in their way, mobilize communities and to argue for conservation and sustainable development over destruction," said Achim Steiner, the executive director of UNEP.

"We need people who love Africa so much that they want to protect her from destructive processes," she said in her address. "There are simple actions we can take. Start by planting 10 trees we each need to absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale." The spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Maathai was a "pioneer in articulating the links between human rights, poverty, environmental protection and security." In a statement released by the U.S. State Department, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was inspired by Maathai's story and "proud to call her my friend." "Her death has left a gaping hole among the ranks of women leaders, but she leaves behind a solid foundation for others to build upon," she said in the statement. A long time friend and fellow professor at the University of Nairobi, Vertistine Mbaya said that Maathai showed the world how important it is to have and demonstrate courage.

"The values she had for justice and civil liberties and what she believed were the obligations of civil society and government," Mbaya said. "She also demonstrated the importance of recognizing the contributions that women can The United Nations Environment Program make and allowing them the open space to do called Maathai one of Africa's foremost environ- so." mental campaigners and recalled that Maathai was the inspiration behind UNEP's 2006 Billion Njeri Gatonyo, a member of the Green Belt Tree Campaign. More than 11 billion trees have Movement board, said Maathai's organization been planted so far. will continue with the work that Maathai began in 1977. Mbaya said work would continue to "Wangari Maathai was a force of nature. While establish a Wangari Maathai Institute for others deployed their power and life force to Environmental Studies and Peace at the

Wangari receiving the Noble Peace Prize


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CHRIST PENTECOSTAL INTERNATIONAL CHURCH (CPIC) CHILDREN’S DAY Christ Pentecostal Int. Church allowed the children ministry in the church to hold a Sunday service. The Youth Choir supported this event by leading the praises and worship for the day The children had many activities including Bible memory verses, songs, day born offering and some powerful holy host dancing to show their love for the Lord. The entire church supported the children by buying some portrait frames to raise funds for the children’s ministry. Afikan Post was there to capture this exciting event.

Children reciting thier memory verses

Cross Section of the children

Youth Praises and Worship Team

Afrikan Post

Children’s Choir

The Children Praising their God

Alfred Amoah

Ebenezer Duah reciting his memory verse





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5TH ANNUAL AFRICAN DAY PARADE IN NEW YORK Showcasing the Beauty, Richness, and Diversity of African Culture. 54 Countries. One Continent and the African Diaspora, the 6th Region of the African Union. Harlem, New York, USA The 5th Annual African Day Parade and Festival will take place on Sunday, October 9th 2011 in Harlem, New York. The Parade will start at 10AM , from 135th Street to 122 nd street along Malcolm X Boulevard (Lenox avenue), Harlem and Commence at 122nd and Marcus Garvey Park. The theme of this year’s Event is “the Year For People of African descent,” and its objective is as always, to bring people from Africa, the Diaspora, and everyone together, in appreciation of the African Culture. The African Day Parade has been an ongoing whirlwind event which has captured the hearts of many from its inauguration in 2007.

Harlem, New York. This year’s theme, International Year for People of African descent, is based on a Parade of Kings and Queens of Africa. We are expecting Africans in Diaspora to parade in their own versions of Kings and Queens. We are looking forward to an even more pronounced parade and festival of costumes, integral cultures, colors, multi-ethnic, multi-national, and multi-cultural pride from a diverse group of Africans and African Diaspora. We are expecting participants from West, East, Central, Southern, and North Africa, as well as groups from Brazil, Unites States, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Caribbean, Honduras, Haiti, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, etc.

In the 21st century, diversity, openness, and tolerance are vital national assets. They strengthen our societies and expand our capacity to meet our shared challenges and to seize the new opportunities before us. Participating in this In that, in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 more than year’s parade is important, as it shows our cul40 marching groups, dozens of Performers, and tural strength as a necessary asset in the new hundreds of participants from Africa, the global era. So as we mark this International Americas and other parts of world marched in Year for People of African Descent, I hope the parade and was enjoyed by more than 20,000 you’ll join us in renewing our efforts to prospectators. Participants included, drummers, mote opportunity, understanding, and respect at dancers, children, associations, bands, singers, home and all over the world. ” and various groups, from more than 25 countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya,Ethiopia, We are looking forward to an increased coverBurkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Guinea, age this year as we have grown bigger and betMali, Senegal, Niger, Benin, Namibia, South ter. Africa, Honduras, Haiti, Trinidad and more. The African Day Parade and Festival is one of This year we are expecting groups from North the first and most successful continental Africa, Panama and other countries, to join us in African Parades in New York, if not the USA, even greater numbers, and we hope to have more and is also one of the most diverse African stunning African Masked Dancers in the Parade. Cultural events in the City. The US secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, announced on behalf of the United Nation and Please contact Mr. Kone Mamadou (646-934the Organization of American States, that 2011 is 7337) the International Year for People of African descent worldwide in March, earlier this year. Via e-mail at for further inquiries. On May 30th, the United Nation’s Africa Day conference, the African Union announced that African Diaspora is the 6th region of Africa. This means that around 200 million people who identify themselves as being of African descent living in the Americas, and many millions more live in other parts of the world, outside of the African continent have an official acknowledgement of their African heritage. This is considered a necessary step towards reparation of the identity crisis that has plagued African in Diaspora for so many years. Senator Clinton also stated that “this is an opportunity for all of us around the globe to celebrate the diversity of our societies and to honor the contributions that our fellow citizens of African descent make every day to the economic, social and political fabrics of our communities.” While we expect this year’s celebration to take place everywhere in the world, it is quite understandable that the capital of parade and festival is



The African Development Foundation Honors Exceptional Group At 6th Annual Dinner

Azumah Nelson

Emmanuel Yeboah The African Development Foundation is pleased to announce the honorees for its 6th Annual Dinner to be held at the New York Marriott Marquis on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011. This year's Honorees include former world champion boxer Azumah 'The Professor' Nelson, NY Knicks coach Herb Williams, renown cyclist and advocate for the disabled Emmanuel Yeboah, and HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud. "This is an outstanding group of people. We are very excited about our honorees and all they have done to further the cause of the ADF and its mission," said ADF Founder and President George Ntim.

Herb Williams

HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud The evening included silent and live auctions featuring baseball and other memorabilia with proceeds going towards a 2-Field Baseball Complex, which the ADF began constructing in July 2010 on the campus of the University of Ghana, Legon. The ADF is an international non-profit organization, created to garner goodwill and strengthen relationships between the United States and Africathrough youth-oriented initiatives. Its outreach includes providing African youths with computer training, health-related resources, and recreational outlets.

September 2011



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September 2011

The Lord’s Report ram. Ahab’s Baal prophets called upon him for hours and hours, yet no fire fell on the ram, but when Elijah called his God, after he had deliberately soaked his ram and altar with gallons of water, fire from heaven powerfully came down and consumed not only the ram, but the fire consumed the entire altar itself. And there is more of that report.

Dr. Miriam C. Gyimah


n a recent morning, I had a moment of excitement and the moment lasted throughout the day. But somewhere in the middle of the day, I realized that this excitement is something I live with; it is something that bubbles underneath the surface and it only needs a trigger to cause it to explode, exciting me, encouraging me, empowering me.


he thought that triggered the explosion of excitement and encouragement in me was the question, “whose report will you believe?” For some reason, upon waking up that morning, this was the first thought that came to mind even before getting out of bed. Within me, I answered “I will believe the report of the Lord”. Upon affirming this, a smile quickly formed on my face. It was a smile of blessed assurance. It was one of acknowledging the countless confirmations of that report, the report of the Lord. The report of the Lord is the truth of God’s word, the fulfilled promises and the hand of God in your own life, the miracle of Christ’s birth, the account of His deeds, the sacrifice on the cross and the truth of His resurrection. Whose report will I believe? I will believe the report of the Lord!


hereport of the Lord goes far before the creation of Adam. However, for our own purpose, should we begin with the Garden of Eden, we see God’s sovereignty in a meticulous creation even as He declares judgment on mankind and better yet, the serpent. The report of the Lord causes us to recall Moses, who after miracle upon miracle, in defeat of Pharoah and his magicians, leads the Israelites out of Egypt, ultimately crossing the Red Sea. Pharaoh and his magicians challenged Moses with their signs and wonders, their belief in their gods, but the miracles of God, the awesomeness of the Great I Am is unmatched. The truth of His sovereignty left the Egyptians lacking.


Though Allah is the Arabic word for God, their reference and belief in their God is not the same as that of Christians. For while the Islamic religion only acknowledges Jesus as a prophet, Christianity establishes that Jesus is not only the Son of God, but God himself, as He is God incarnate. This is what Jesus Himself asserts and religious movements or individuals who do not he report of the Lord continues with Daniel accept this truth cannot claim to be worshiping who remains harmless although he was cast the same God as that of Christians and Christians into a Lion’s den to be devoured, because he should not be deceived and believe that we speak wouldn’t stop praying to his God, despite a law of the same God. Furthermore, Mohamed is dead which forbade him to do so. It continues even with and gone, but Jesus died, resurrected and ascendthe three Hebrew boys, who when cast into the fiery ed to heaven and is yet alive as not only the furnace for their refusal to bow down to an empty opposing Saul of Tarsus experienced, but many golden idol, were not harmed even by smoke but others after Him. were joined by the Son of God Himself, Jesus. O, but the report of the Lord goes on. o whose report will I believe? I will reject the Buddhists, the Moslems, the Taoists, the he report of the Lord continues even as Confucianists, the Zoroastrians, and all Christ, the Son of God, casts out innumerable other occults, however well meaning they may demons from a tormented man, Legion, and present themselves. I will reject the seemingly sets him free after years of lunacy, homelessness, harmless infusion of “modern” and “new age” torture and bondage. The report of the Lord is concepts and religious movements and lifestyles accounted again with the case of Lazarus, where that stand to cast doubt, challenge, nullify and even after four days of being dead and entombed, is erase the truth and source of that report. And I raised back to life by Christ in the midst of many will unabashedly and unashamedly declare my witnesses. The report recorded or not is countless alliance and reliance on the report of the Lord. from the Old Testament and throughout the New. For only His report includes atonement of sin The report is unending in the lives of those who call with His shed blood; only His report sees His witupon His name. nessed resurrection. Only His report claims His return and a final conquering of evil. How could he report continues today with those who call one aligned with this God not become excited, Him by His name. We know His role in our encouraged, emboldened? And how could one lives. We know what He has done for us. We aligned with this report conceivably accept any of know the emotional and spiritual and figurative the error religion and faulty movements and conmountains and valleys that have plagued our lives cepts being pandered by opposers of that report? and we are acutely aware that if it were not for His Where do you stand regarding the report? Do role in our lives, we will not be where we are today, you know the report? that even if things are not perfect with us, we are far f you accept Christ and His report, then hold better off today, because we know Him as our Lord. The report of the Lord is clear and sound. on to Him while sealing His truth in your heart, soul and life, not permitting any false or me, besides the critical references I have movements or leaders to sway you from the only mentioned above, there is one line in the Bible way, the only truth and the only life. If on the that seals the entire deal for me and, I believe, other hand, you have not come to know and anyone calling himself a child of God, a follower of accept the truth of the Lord’s report, then considChrist. The line is: “I am the way, the truth and the er all that has been noted above and look into it life. No one cometh unto the Father but by me” yourself. For if you are truly seeking the truth John 14:6. This, for me, is more meaningful than about the right path to peace and joy here on the words and movement of a wealthy man who earth as well as eternal life, then you will surely abandons his riches in order to seek enlightenment, come to acknowledge the only way, the only truth hoping to achieve nirvana. Yes, I am referring to and the only life. Buddha and Buddhism. Christ’s words that He is the way, the truth and the life, and that no one cometh unto the Father but by Him confidently assert that it is through Him and only through Him that we will see God and have everlasting life. This is more than Buddha could ever claim and demonstrate. Christ was more than a wealthy earthly person who rejects his riches. No. He was and is the creator of the universe, of man and all creatures. He gave up a heavenly kingdom in order to come to earth in human form to show us the way, the only way to eternal life. He is the way.




he report of the Lord takes us to the Prophet Elijah who upon God’s wishes can command that there be no rain for three years and then turn around and command rain to fall once again. The report of the Lord can be read through Elijah’s challenge of Ahab and Jezebel’s error religion, faulty prophets and he above words of Christ again are more their worship of Baal, a god of no match to assuring than a prophet and his legions of folJehovah Himself. We see parts of the report lowers demanding total submission. Yes I am unfold when Elijah challenges the prophets of referring to Mohammed and the Islamic faith, which Baal to a challenging sacrifice, to call for fire contrary to many people’s misunderstanding, does from the heavens to consume their sacrificial not revere the same God as the Christian God.




How to know what God Wants of Us


I believe God reveals his will to us intwo or three stages. Initially, we may get afeeling of direction from God from different sources: 1. Prayer. In order for God to speak to us, we need to be in his presence listening for his voice. As we spend time in prayer, we may sense God's leading in our lives. 2. His word. God speaks to us throughhis written word as we study and meditate upon his holy scripture. 3. Circumstances. Many times God willcause doors to open, or others to close. If we are walking in obedience to him, we have to assume that events in our life areordered by God. They don't just happen by chance. Maybe the reason why a door has opened up to us is that God wants us to go through it! 4. Our heart. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will minister to our spirit and reveal God's plan for us. We will have an assurance deep in our heart. We will feel God's voice guiding us. 5. Others. God can use other believers to bring us his direction. Sometimes we will be singing a song in church, or we will be reading a Christian book, or hear the Pastor's message, or one of our friends will say something that will show us God's will. God can reveal his direction to us through any of these five ways. But even when he does, it's sometimes difficult to discern that what we sense or feel is truly God's plan for our lives. Jesus said in Matthew 18:16, " the word of two or three witnesses every word may be established." Jesus is here quoting Deuteronomy 19:15, " the mouth of two or three witnesses the matter shall be established." I believe this is a good principle to follow in trying to figure out God's plan for you. Initially, you get the direction from one of the five ways mentioned above, but now God will confirm his plan to you in the mouth of two or three witnesses: in other words: one or two more things will confirm God's direction for you. When you see this confirmation, then you will know it's time to step out in faith. There have been times in my life when I simply had to take that first step of faith, and when I did, God confirmed his plan for me as I went. You may sense God asking you to do this, but remember, God understands our human weakness. If we sincerely seek him and are willing to obey his word, he will usually affirm his will for us in other ways.

September 2011




Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, is further heating up. On the west coast, Senegal is boiling over as disgruntled citizens’ rage against attempted life presidency. In the untelevised (potential) revolution in Burkina Faso, cotton king of the Continent, people are reaching their last thread of patience with President Blaise Compaore's regime. And as a consequence of a people's revolt on the northern shores of the Red Sea, images of a deposed, ailing Hosni Mubarak and his two sons locked up in a pan-optic prison cage on trial were broadcast worldwide. Since the end of 2010, protests across the African continent and places beyond have captivated audiences and given new and more complex meanings to the concept of people power. Increasingly, the uprisings in Africa and the Middle East have also raised the profiles of political analysts, journalists and academics relied on for their "expert views" to explain these people’s revolts. Favored by fortune, the enterprising have published books on the Arab Spring long before it's over, while Tom McMaster is still hawking the twisted memoirs of a gay girl in Damascus/straight man in Edinburgh. Analytically, the contagious effect of mass resistance has meant that it is commonplace to use events in Egypt and Tunisia as a critical lens through which to understand what has led chanting crowds onto the streets of Mauritania, Malawi and Morocco. Though being infected with protest fever is one way of explaining events and exploring whether or not other African countries will go the way of Tunisia and Egypt, there is a tendency to narrate events within a useful but limited, potential-Egypt copycat frame. The democratic 90s? Curiously characterised as riots - the same word used to describe acts as diverse as placard-waving pro-democracy activists in downtown Lilongwe and Foot Locker flash-looters in Brixton, south London - pundits weighing Malawi's potential to flare up in the future also need to consider the demonstrations as one of many, a mark in time in a country's long protest history. In 1994 Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the handkerchief-carrying strongman of Malawi, was defeated in the country's firstever multi-party elections due in part to protests by ordinary Malawians. During Banda's trial for corruption, civilians demonstrated outside the courthouse against Banda's amnesia and geriatric defense for not remembering his fraudulent administration. Elsewhere in Africa, the 90s was the decade to remove anticolonial nationalists turned iron-fisted dictators from power;

alongside Malawi, Kenya voted out Daniel Arap Moi, multi-party elections saw the end of Kenneth Kaunda in Zambia, and a people-backed overthrow led to the fall of CIA-installed Mobutu Sese Seko of the former Zaire, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Both South Africa and Namibia claimed their independence from oppressive white-minority rule and citizens of all races cast their votes in the countries' first-ever democratic elections. Although a rebel takeover in the DRC shows the dark side of regime change and has resulted in prolonged military rule and unending conflict in Africa, voting is a positive and different form of organised resistance against strongman rule. Like en masse protests, the result, if successful, is that a new government comes into being. Considering how various populations have mobilised themselves in the past, framing the question "which country is next?" in the discourse of "sub-Saharan Africa, a homogenous land mass so fraught with conflict and poverty, it lacks the capacity effectively organise resistance", needs to change. From a local, regional, and continental perspective, the frequency of political protests and their size in the recent past alongside factors affecting the current political and economic climate are all useful indicators in predicting whether or not and when "sub-Saharan African countries" will be ripe for revolution. Places without history The evolution of digital media has made the world more instantly connected to and better informed of news events, but unequally so. For example: The UK riots have been given their due economic and historical context, while reports on Malawi's demonstrations efficiently tallied up the death toll at 19, but neglected to mention the fall of Banda as important background information. Even worse, seven months on, Burkina Faso is still the forgotten uprising, often absent from the world's broadsheets. Maddeningly, Egypt and Tunisia's young revolutionaries have repeatedly had to stress that revolutions do not come in a do-it-yourself kit premarked "instant"; their uprisings were "ten years in the making". Overlooking the backstory, rightly or wrongly, creates an impression that countries in the global South are framed as places without history by those at the centre of international news production. More likely, though irritating but unsurprising, in a fastpaced 24-hour news cycle, stories are constructed in the instant present, as though unrest springs out of nowhere - because it makes for a thrilling, racy story with mass appeal. As the West is key in shaping dominant media narratives, reporting without historic context becomes standard across a world whose media is hungry for revolution. Needless to say, no amount of media coverage will guarantee crowds of demonstrators. Otherwise, anti-cuts protesters in London would have successfully turned Trafalgar into Tahrir Square in late March of this year. Meanwhile, Burkina Faso's most significant challenge to a 24-year-old regime has taken place largely in the absence of flashing cameras and blow-byblow tweets, since less than 200,000 of the country's 16m people have internet access. But not every spirited Facebook invitation to protest means that the masses will turn out on the streets: look at Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Not every attempt to topple a government in days will succeed because youth and opposition movements wish it so: see Uganda. So what if Senegal's youth movement failed to unseat Abdoulaye Wade and Blaise Compaoré defeats both civilian and junior military mutineers and clings onto power for a few more years in Burkina Faso? Regardless of the catalyst, would it be failure because protests didn't lead to the toppling of regimes in the age of the Arab Spring? More plausible is that this is a slow combustion, a seismic knock to post-colonial African and Arab governments with a reputation for violently silencing resistance. Never before has Burkina Faso experienced months of sustained unrest where civilians demonstrate against state-sanctioned crackdowns and military rampages of public spaces like the markets of Ouagadougou, its capital.

In one afternoon, angry protesters in Dakar reversed the Senegalese president’s bid to run for re-election. Although turnout was low, the uprising in Swaziland on April 12 and the trade union protest a month before were symbolically significant, the first in years in a kingdom where political opposition parties have been banned since 1973. To some extent, the Saharawis protesting Morocco's military dawn raids on Western Sahara in November 2010 are reflected in the subsequent Sunday marches in Morocco by an economic and politically frustrated population which, in a time of economic austerity, would probably prefer to invest in the country rather than permit its autocratic monarchy to spend another cent more on an illegal, 35-year-long Israeli-style military adventure. Climate for revolution In reading the tea leafs of revolution, future food security is another "which country is next" factor. The University of Texas at Austin's Strauss Center has developed research on climate change and protests and found a link between the years of surplus rain or drought and social conflict. No rain means very poor harvests, whereas excess rainfall raises the likelihood of crops being spoiled, which leads to shortages and high food prices, thus raising socio-political tensions. For Malawi, a country dependent on crop farming and foreign aid, the Strauss Center's research would suggest a connection between climate change, food insecurity, resource wars and the current uprisings. For now, the termination of UK aid after a diplomatic spat with the Malawi government will have little impact on food security, but this could change should violence erupt once again and the regime fails to heed calls to remember the sacred cash cows by Madonna. Instinctively, eyes roll and lips sneer at the Queen of Pop's save-a-Malawian-baby crusade, but her political influence serves a good purpose, sometimes. In a brief statement issued after the July protests, Madonna asked the government to "find a peaceful solution that allows donors to have confidence that their money will be used efficiently". If the Material Girl is right and other foreign benefactors follow Britain's lead and withdraw financial support due to Mutharika’s further heavy-handed reaction, there could be tough times ahead for a country whose budget is 40 per cent funded by aid and whose already vulnerable food security is further threatened by climate change and the global economic downturn. It's unlikely that "Malawi risks becoming another Zimbabwe", as human rights activist Undule Mwakasungula claims. But if the prices of bread and gas rise sharply, protests will become much more likely. For the emerging genre of political, protest, and conflict pornography, events in Malawi are the heart-racing story of marching multitudes fleeing toxic clouds of tear gas. This makes great headlines, and condemnation from "the international community" fits the porn template, but exploring the deeper, more complex reasons and making connections between these events appears to be a less-cherished task . August 17th was marked as a day of mourning and protest in Malawi, but the UN has intervened and turned it into a day of dialogue between the government and the civil society coalition behind the protests. Elsewhere, this unmarked calendar date means small acts of resistance will continue in Burkina Faso, Egypt and Senegal. For those still asking "which country is next" or "is Egypt’s revolution a success": look at the small things that make up the bigger chain of events. It's these minor acts of dissent that turn a protest into an uprising, and an uprising into a revolution. Source:

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Africans And African Americans Come Together For Diversity Affluence Event “Diversity Affluence awards brunch shines bright in the Hamptons” More than 120 guests attended the 2nd annual Diversity Affluence Brunch in the Hamptons on Sunday, which honored a trio of media and entertainment pioneers.


The event was created by Diversity Affluence, the New York-based consultancy specializing in diversity marketing communication, research and business development. This year’s brunch was presented by JPMorgan Chase, Belvedere (the world’s first luxury vodka), agency network Draftfcb, and jeweler Baume & Mercier, to celebrate individuals who have achieved success as a minority or who have advanced the diversity agenda in America. This year’s honorees were Madeline Nelson-Small, Chair of the Board of and Senior VP of Artist and Label Relations at Sony Music Entertainment; Emil Wilbekin, Managing Editor of; and Keith Clinkscales, Senior Vice President of Content Development & Enterprises of ESPN Inc. and its Head of Publishing and The Magazine Divisions. The event was hosted by broadcaster and journalist Lola Ogunnaike, newly appointed entertainment contributor to NBC’s “Today”.

Honorable Rodney Hood, JP Morgan Chase

Francis Poku, Latoya Henry

Guests at the brunch heard how affluent African American consumers currently posses almost $90 billion in purchasing power, and growing. . Speakers included The Hon. Rodney Hood, representing JPMorgan Chase; and Noel Hankin of Moet Hennessey USA. Among notable guests were Laurence Boschetto, CEO of Draftfcb; Reggie Van Lee of Booz Allen Hamilton; New York Hospital renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Muri Raifu, and Ivan Kagame, son of the President of Rwanda. Inspired by the highly-touted book, Black Is The New Green: Marketing to Affluent African Americans, co-written by Diversity Affluence Founder Andrea Hoffman with Len Burnett, the brunch provided the corporate sector Kenny Frimpong, Ingrid Bentil, Shawn Pride, Kojo Bentil Derek Thompson, Emil Wilbekin, Tai Monique with access to some of the most influential leaders and key tastemakers of the affluent African and African American communities. “Diversity Affluence is committed to raising awareness of the vibrant affluent ethnic economic sector that people of color and other minorities occupy in contemporary society,” says Hoffman. The event committee includes: Princess Keisha Omilana, Diana Hilson, Latoya Henry, Nkrumah Pierre, Fabrice Armand, Keenan Davis, Dr. Erika Faust and Chuck Bone. About Diversity Affluence As the only company of its kind, Diversity Affluence is a diversity research, marketing communications and business development consultancy that helps brands and businesses understand and market to affluent ethnic consumers—a group coined as “Royaltons™.” For over twenty five years, Andrea has been a marketing strategist and trend forecaster. Written By: David Wilson

The honorees: Keith Clinkscales, Madeline Nelson-Small, Emil Wilbekin

Left to right: Ron Myers, Reggie Van Lee, Marco Candini, Nicole Townsend, Corey McCathern

Honorable Rodney Hood, Steven Kinder, Andrea Hoffman, Keisha Vaughn, Laurence Boschetto, Jennifer Comiteau, Noel Hankin

Princess Keisha Omilana, Prince Kunle Omilana

Ron Myers, Dr. Erika Faust, Paul Wilmot




CPIC Held Their 10th National Women Convention in Virginia

Dec. Esther , Joy and Dec. Victoria Leading the worshiping Section

Dancing Time

National Leadership Team

Cross Section of the congregation worhiping the Lord

Leadership recognizing some of the women

Pastors attending the event to support the women

Cross Section of the Congregation








MUM BREAST FEEDS GOAT that sometimes I feel like I am drying up so easily. That She also suffers from the pumping and hard-sucking style pump and humping thing really makes me weak,” she said, adding that “my son has grown to like and learn of the goats, which is unlike the human mode. how to feed with them, although at times he flexes with them until I have come and separated them (sic).” Her husband, she said, agreed to the recourse, given its importance in ensuring the family’s economic future. She intends buying, someday, a cow through the two Narrating her story to the newspaper, she said she used to baby goats she is breastfeeding currently, shrugging off farm for survival but the climatic conditions had not been the gossips about her unnatural behavior. “I don’t care what the people outside are saying as long as I achieve helpful for some time now, thus affecting dismally the what I am aiming at (at) the end of the day,” she said. outcome of her enterprise.

For Ajwang,

feeding a goat while son is crying for food

A lactating Ugandan woman has resorted to breastfeeding her orphaned kids (baby goats) following the death of their mother. Pictures of the weird story which featured prominently on local TV stations made a front page headline in a number of Ugandan newspapers, including Daily Onion, and expectedly prompted a lot of discussions, with veterinarians alongside others making varied submissions on it. For Ajwang, mother of 3, her unusual soft-spot for the kids was informed by economic circumstances. Having lost the mother of the kids, Ajwang said she was compelled to think out a means of saving the young goats, whose survival, for her, could make a difference in her economic circumstances. Faced with a staring economic catastrophe, she came up with something ingenious, using her lactating status to advantage, by breastfeeding her young one alongside the baby goats. It has so far worked out well, even though sometimes the kids and the human kid struggle for the breasts in a very acrimonious manner.

Space for Rent Ideal for Church Service, Meetings, and Many Events 14455 Jefferson Davies Highway #11 Woodbridge VA 22191 Call: 703-362-2432/ 703-314-3180

She managed however to buy the female goat which produced the two kids. When the mother of the kids died abruptly, she was devastated, given the hope she had that someday they would grow and change her economic gloom to prosperity.

She said, “You look at how skyrocketing prices of food and other things (sic). If as a woman I don’t stand up and use what I have then we shall starve. It’s my life, my responsibility. I make my own choices. I’m going to look after myself, my son and my two goats no matter what”.

“I got a big chance which I always say was from God that Source: peacefmonline I got some little savings that enabled me to buy a goat. This goat was my everything. I looked at it as the most turning point in my life (sic).” When the goat died after delivering two kids, she said, “to tell you the truth I also kind of died. That day I was frustrated because it had just delivered two bouncing little ones.” The death coincided with the breastfeeding of her young boy and so she quickly thought out something ingenious but bizarre. “I said I would spare some litres of milk in my breasts and give the little poor animals just to survive. Ever since that time, I have been feeding them every time I breastfeed my son,” she said. Having trained them to come to her sometimes, she said they tried to find their way to her brassiere and even struggled with her little boy for space at the nipples. “The only problem is that they suckle with a lot of force

The Law Office of Gina Takemori

U.S. Immigration Law Practice

Have questions about U.S. immigration? I have your answers! Evening and weekend appointments available C o n ta c t G i n a a t 2 4 0 . 6 4 4 . 2 6 3 7 12008 Leatherbark Way Germantown, Maryland 20874 M e m b e r : N e w Yo r k Sta t e B a r A s s o c i a t i o n • American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)




WORLD'S LONGEST-SURVIVING CONJOINED TWINS such a disability. Lori says: "There was absolutely nothing wrong with us, apart from physically. "But people didn't know any better. "We learned to look after ourselves from a very young age and got excellent grades at school."

Five years ago Lori was engaged, but four months before the couple were due to marry, her fiancé was killed by a drunk driver.

George says: "Most people don't believe us but we do have very normal lives. "We travel, tidy our flat and Lori has even had a boyfriend. Nothing stops us doing what we want." The twins, from Pennsylvania in America, were born sharing 30 per cent of their frontal lobe brain tissue and critical blood vessels, meaning they cannot be separated.



"George looked after me. If it wasn't for him, I don't know if I could have lived through the heartbreak."

"It was a huge decision but we have overcome so much in our lives and together we are such a strong team. Nothing can break that."

The famous pair have been the subject of television documentaries, appeared on talk shows and even made a cameo appearance on the hit American TV drama Nip/Tuck.

Lori considers herself a girly girl and does all the cooking for herself and George while he will do all the DIY around their flat.

"Turning 50 is something we were told would never happen, but we are both over the moon that it has."

Although the pair are both single, Lori has dated men. She says: "I lost my virginity at the age of 23 to my second boyfriend.

"When I went on dates, George would bring along books to read and, as we don't face A court then decided their parents couldn't each other, he could ignore any kissing. I care for the twins properly and they were don't see why being a conjoined twin should placed in an institution in which the majority stop me having a love life and feeling like a of patients were suffering from severe men- woman." tal disabilities, despite neither twin having


Lori says: "It was devastating and my heart is broken. "I am still in contact with his family and have only recently started dating again.

When the pair turned 21, they entered into a legal battle with the institution so Lori could After college Lori worked in a hospital laundry room. While she was working, George attend secretarial college — and won. would read or listen to music. She adds: "We had to prove we could live Throughout the Nineties, George had a sucon our own and we were finally allowed to cessful music career in the States and won an be independent. Now we have a two-bedLA Music Award for Best New Country room flat and alternate the nights we sleep Artist. Lori says: "My life was working in a in each other's rooms. laundry room while George's career took us Happy birthday ... Lori and travelling all over the world, to perform in "My room is much more girly and reflects George Schappell Japan and Europe. my personality, while George's has all his THE world's oldest living conjoined twins music posters." The twins not only had to have defied doctors' predictions and reached deal with their birth defect but George was "It was such different extremes, but we suptheir 50th birthday. George and Lori ported each other the whole time." hiding a secret torment from his sister. Schappell, who are joined at the head, celeStrangers are fascinated by the lifestyle of the brate their special day this Sunday. world's oldest conjoined twins and they conHe says: "I have known from a very young stantly approach them to ask questions about age that I should have been a boy. And the pair are marking the landmark birthhow they live. George says: "It's the little day with a trip to London. things that intrigue people the most. "I loved playing with trains and hated girly outfits. I kept my desire to change sex hidRemarkably, the Siamese twins are able to "I don't drink but Lori loves a vodka and den — even from Lori — for many years." live very different and separate lives, with orange occasionally. She can feel terrible with Lori having had relationships and George — George came clean about his desire four a hangover and I'll feel absolutely fine as our who was originally named Dori — deciding years ago. He changed his name from Dori bodies are completely separate." to live life as a man. and began living as a man. Lori loves bowling and shopping for bargains, Lori is also a champion ten-pin bowler and He says: "It was so tough, but I was getting while George is more introverted and not into George performs as a country and western older and I simply didn't want to live a lie. I fashion. singer. Lori says: "When we were born, the knew I had to live my life the way I wantdoctors didn't think we'd make 30, but we While they are enjoying their own hobbies, ed." proved them wrong. the other twin will often "zone out". Lori George has not had a sex change, but dress- says: "We are able to enjoy ourselves in our "We have learned so much in the last 50 own way, while the other will read a book or es and introduces himself as a man. years and will continue living life to the do a puzzle. full." While Lori, who is 5ft 1in, was born Lori says: "Obviously it was a shock when able-bodied, 4ft 4in George suffers from "It's the best way we have found to cope with Dori changed to George, but I am so proud spina bifida, which has caused severe mobil- of him. being conjoined." ity problems. As George cannot walk, he sits in a wheelchair-type stool which Lori pushes so the two can move together.


A set of conjoined babies who were attached at the stomach and the chest have been separated, to the elation of their parents and medical teams. Doctors have hailed the seven-hour surgery a resounding success and say they fully expect the twins to make a full recovery and go on to live normal lives. The two little girls - named An An and Xin Xin - were separated on September 5 at Shanghai Medical Centre in China. The twins were born in April with connected livers and hearts, and doctors initially feared the surgeons would be unable to separate them. However, scans revealed that all of Xin Xin and An An's other organs were individual They shared one liver but had separate liver blood vessels and gall bladders. Their hearts, although separate, were joined and they both have congenital heart disease. The girls' connected organs were separated and surgeons then re-shaped their ribs and reconstructed their chests with titanium-alloy plates. The babies require round-the-clock supervision in intensive care and rely on breathing apparatus. However, they are in a stable condition and doctors expect them to make good recovery. A month after the arrival of Xin Xin and An An, another set of conjoined twins were born in the south western Chinese province of Sichuan. The baby girls, who share one body but have two heads, are thought to suffer from a condition known as dicephalic parapagus - a rare form of twin conjoinment where only a single body develops. However, doctors say there is little hope of successfully separating the twins as they share the same body. The birth of dicephalic parapagus conjoined twins - who develop after a fertilized egg cell fails to divide fully - is extremely rare, with most cases occurring in southwest Asia and Africa. However, there have been instances of dicephalic parapagus twins being born in the West. In July 2009, Lisa Chamberlain, from Portsmouth, gave birth to twins Joshua and Jayden, who shared the same single body. Joshua was stillborn while his brother lived for 32 minutes before dying in his mother's arms. And in the U.S. dicephalic parapagus twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel have become media celebrities, appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and featuring in television documentaries. The sisters, now 21, from Minnesota, appear to share a perfectly normal single body, although in fact several of their internal organs are doubled up.





By Pastor George Annan I know the subject of Speaking in Tongues is an issue of contention in some circles. Whatever it is, Christians believe the Bible is very consistent and has no contradictions. I am going to approach this topic with a very basic principle of Bible interpretation that states: Scripture must interpret scripture Isaiah 28: 9-10 and 2 Corinthians 13:1. What it means is that whatever one scripture you stand on to make your argument you must have more scriptures to support it. The Principle is called the Principle of simplicity. Violation of this principle is an indication that you are taking the scripture out of context and giving a meaning to scripture that is subjective to your worldview. In a previous study on the topic: The OutPouring of the Holy Spirit – Power to Witness, I mentioned that before the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven He had told the disciples of receiving the Power to witness Acts 1:4-5. Little did they expected that the infilling of the Holy Spirit will be accompanied with the speaking of other tongues. Jesus expressly stated that the baptism is for the endowment of power to be witnesses for the heavenly vision of soul winning. If however the baptism came alongside with the speaking of Tongues then it is an added blessing without necessarily changing the first and initial evidence which is: POWER FOR WITNESS. Yes throughout the New Testament the speaking in Tongues reveals added blessings or benefits which all culminate in energizing the POWER for effective, bold, adventurous, inspiring and courageous WITNESSING AND GOSPEL CAMPAIGN across continental, national and tribal territories, breaking down demonic strongholds and establishing the kingdom of our God. Below are few of the blessings or benefits of praying in Tongues: •Praying in Tongues assures us of the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. The news of Jesus’ death disheartened the disciples. Nevertheless He assured them that He will not leave them comfortless but He will send the comforter which is the Holy Spirit and He will be with us and IN us FOREVER John 14:16-17. And as the infilling is accompanied by the speaking in other Tongues, it definitely assures you of the Spirit’s indwelling presence in you.

•Praying in Tongues aid us in praying according to the will of God Romans 8:26. In Matthew 7:7 Jesus has asked us to Ask, Seek and Knock. Anyone who asks will receive and he that seeks will find and he that knocks the door shall be opened. And again in response to the disciples question on how to pray He gave them the Lord’s Prayer. However in the book of Romans the apostle Paul emphatically told the church in Rome that they don’t know how to pray as we have to so the Holy Spirit will help us to intercede, mediate or pray according to the will of God because He, the Holy Spirit knows what is on our mind and in our hearts and also knows the mind of God. And Paul uses the word with “groaning, yelling’s, screaming or better still fervency or intensity” which in our natural self we will think it’s stupid or demeaning to do. Prayer therefore has its component of been powerful and effective in Holy Spirit. •By praying in Tongues also referred to as praying in the Holy Ghost you build your most holy faith Jude 20. Faith is of the heart Romans 2:29, Proverbs 4:23 and it comes by hearing the word of God Romans 10:17. The word is Spirit and Life so the Word stored in your heart is Spirit. Praying in Tongues stirs up the Word in its dormant stage to be active and much alive so much that when you come into a situation that you need God’s intervention, the Holy Spirit takes a scripture stored in your heart and bring it to your mind and that deepens your conviction so you go through the situation which might have seem impossible with a radical attitude and prevail. The Word is called the Rhema or spoken word. •1 Corinthians 14:4 says he that prays in an unknown Tongue edifies himself. Just like any kind of power, be it dry cell, car battery, hydroelectric dam or any power generating plant that has an outlet need to be refilled or recharged, God’s power in us which has an outlet of being used in missions also has to be recharged. The human body as it is get weak, tired, exhausted and over used sometimes and praying in Tongues brings refreshing to your spirit, soul and body Isaiah 28:11-12. Act 3:19 to rise up and peruse the main assignment of missions. If you are not strong enough you cannot strengthen your friend. •Praying in Tongues is a gateway to the gifts of the Spirit. In Acts 2:38 Peter required the souls who were pricked in their heart to repent and they shall receive the GIFT of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit as a person is a gift of God to as many as receive Jesus as their Lord and personal savior. In baptism we get filled with this precious gift. Once we are in-filled with the Holy Spirit, He distributes to every believer several gifts for service in the church and the kingdom of God. These gifts are what the Bible calls the gifts of the Spirit 1 Corinthians 12:411. Praying in Tongues is an outward manifestation given to all to benefit from. Praying in tongues stirs the word in your spirit, build your innermost faith and make you more sensitive to the Holy Spirit for you to discover the gifts that

the Holy Spirit will have you to use for service in the church and the kingdom if you so desire and ask for. •He who prays in an unknown Tongue speaks mysteries 1 Corinthians 14:2.To be able to speak in a language that you did not learn and still feel the presence of God so close is indeed a mystery. On the day of Pentecost the Apostles of Jesus who were all illiterates together with the rest of the disciples all spoke in other Tongues that they were not familiar with. Yet the different nationals heard them speak in their native languages. That is a big mystery. It does not always mean that when you pray or speak in Tongues people around you should understand 1 Corinthians 14:2. The occurrence on the day of Pentecost was the Public Use of Tongues Read my next Article on the Private and Public Use of Tongues. The use of Tongues is so mysterious even the devil does not understand. In that case the Bible encourages the one who prays in Tongues to pray that he can interpret for greater benefit 1Corinthians 14:13. What a mystery. Until you are able to interpret it remains at the level of private use. •When the Apostle Paul was addressing the proper use of Tongues to bring order in the Corinthian Church, he hinted on the use of Tongues for worship. He said we can pray in our understanding and also pray in the Spirit (Tongues) and we can also sing in our understanding and also sing in the Spirit (Tongues) 1 Corinthians 14:15-16. •Praying in Tongues when done in the context of holiness sharpens your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit promptings in your life Romans 9:1. a) The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God: Romans 8:16. b) For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God. Romans 8:14 Pastor George is a teacher, a conference speaker, a lecturer and the author of Experience God’s Glory and 7 keys to fulfilling your dream. Get your copies from or

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Obaa Yaa - Yen mfa Adwene (Saturday 8 to 10pm)

The 'Amankrado' Kwame Mark

Dada Asamoah - Highlife Sports (Saturday 12 to 1:30pm

Dr .Rokoto (formerly of Obra fame) Akwantufuo Ntakrah Wed 8pm

Wofa Yaw Agyarko- Appea (Saturday 10-12pm)

Nananom Nana Kwame Nketia

Wofa Yaw Ansah Wofa Yaw.Nana Adu Konkoni Amammre,Amanie ne Abakosem Tues 7-9pm

Dereck Koranteng Sika Asem - Monday 7-9pm

Quality Programs and Music -24 hours-The difference is clear

'Mike' Carlmichael Kumi - Highlife Sports (Saturday 12 - 1:30PM)




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Koby Maxwell Won The ‘Best Reggae African Music’ Award


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Afrikan Post

September 2011

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Koby Maxwell Won The ‘Best Reggae African Music’ Award The 2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival (WMIFF) was held on Saturday August 20th 2011 at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C. Hundreds from all over the world gathered to attend the 2nd anniversary of this monumental event. Film makers, Producers, Directors, musicians, artists, actors, actresses, and the list goes on came together on this day to Honor those in the Music and Film industry who have left a lasting impression within the past year. The event began as early as 10:00am when the celebrities, performers, nominees, and guests began to arrive and were greeted with a heart-warming Red Carpet aligned with photographers, news media, radio personnel and cheering fans. After the swarming press or maybe more appropriately referred to as the ‘paparazzi’, got their fill of interviews, photographs, and autographs, all the nominees were escorted to their seats into the luxurious event room lit up by elegant chandeliers. As the opening remarks were made, the anxiety in the room grew by every minute that passed by. Without further delay, the categories were announced. They included ‘Best Short-Film’ ‘Best Documentary’ ‘Best Feature Film’ ‘Best Music Video’ ‘WMIFF People Choice Awards-Music Videos’, ‘WMIFF People Choice Awards Movie Trailer’ and the category list went on. The focus on this day was on one individual. An individual who is no stranger to the music world. This individual has been fighting for African music and representing the nations, and he is definitely making a mark in the music industry. Soon-to-be known on a national and international scale, this gifted bass player, singer, lyricist and composer brings a unique music mix blended with a taste of Europe, a twist of America and a squeeze of Africa that’s all stirred up to create a colorful and powerful sound of Fusion. His name is Koby Maxwell, and he was recognized by his peers on an international scale on this day.

Koby Maxwell Accepting His Award

Koby’s acting debut in the critically acclaimed Nollywood USA movie "Paparazzi: Eye in the Dark, which he starred in, alongside Van Vicker, Syr Law, Chet Anekwe, JJ Bunny, Tchidi Chikere and others, was employed by the experience of an American Filmmaker Tim Wilson aka “Black Magic Tim”, who was nominated for the ‘Best Cinematographer’ category on this day for the movie Paparazzi. Paparazzi: Eye in the Dark is a 2011 romantic mystery film which focuses on an aspiring photographer Rich Amarah (Van Vicker) who dreamed of making his fortune through his art, but found the life of being a sneaky paparazzi spy to be more lucrative. By selling pictures to the national newspapers, he has the opportunity to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Superstar Ghanian recording artist Mr. Maxx (Koby Maxwell) was at the top of the paparazzi food chain and Rich's appetite for success leads him into a whirlwind of chaos when he accidentally films the "scoop of the century". This event not only becomes the newspapers’ biggest exclusive but threatens his very survival as he alone holds the images to the city’s biggest murder mystery. Both Koby Maxwell, and Tim “Black Magic” were nominated for their roles in this film. Tim, was nominated for ‘Best Cinematographer’ for paparazzi, and Koby Maxwell for ‘Best Reggae African Music’. Tim Wilson Won the ‘Best Cinematographer’ Award, and Koby Maxwell Won the ‘Best Reggae African Music’ Award. The Cast from Paparazzi: Eye in the Dark took home the golden trophies. Applause filled the room when Mr. Maxwell stepped on stage to give his speech, and an ovation was given when he stepped off. When asked how he felt about winning the award, Mr. Maxwell said “It is an honor to be nominated, but a glory to win” Many other reputable names in the industry were present to receive awards, from state dignitaries, to A-list Hollywood Celebrities that flew in to attend the event. No time to go through the list of celebrity sightings, because it was an event you had to see for yourself to believe. The 2011 World Music and Independent Film Festival was history in the making for Koby Maxwell, and all those trying to succeed in the industry. Congratulations to both Mr. Tim Wilson, and Mr. Koby Maxwell.

Demond Elliot and Koby Maxwell



Her music is basically a combination of the traditional gospel rhythms and other danceable gospel tunes. With her presence in the music scene, Mercy has promised to run things in a different dimension with support from Frank Kwaku Nyamekye of Naska Music Production based in Kumasi.

The crowd knew every single word to every single song and DJ Mensa and Sarkodie kept them entertained the whole time. The show ended with Sarkodie bringing fans on to the stage to display their Azonto-dancing skills to his hit song “U Go Kill Me”. The D.C crowd was well prepared to show Sarkodie what they were made of, and boy did they bring it!!

Stay connected with Sarkodie:Official website: Twitter: @sarkodie Facebook: Sarkodi Obidi Story by Amy Ansong

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All the songs on the album are inspirational, and though it is obvious they were composed and sang by a Ghanaian, the rhythms and modulations in some of the songs could easily compete with those on the international music market.

(Sarkodie: On Life,Music, And Everything In Between)

Fun Facts about Sarkodie:Favorite T.V Show: Keeping up with the Kardashians Favorite Food: Rice and Egg Stew Fill in the blank: I can not do without: Music Favorite Sarkodie Song: Life Song that shocked him when it became a hit:Borga Performers he would like to collaborate with: Jay Z and Busta Rhymes



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After the concert ended, Sarkodie took a few pictures with some of his fans, and headed back to his room. Back in his room, Sarkodie plopped onto his bed, and stared at the wall. When asked what he was thinking, the sneakerless and sunglass-free Sarkodie replied in a coarse voice that he was simply thinking about the show and preparing himself for the next one. As a kid, Sarkodie had two main dreams: to become a doctor and to become an artist. Music was his third dream. If Sarkodie is this great at making music, which is his third dream, imagine what kind of doctor he would have been if he had stuck with his original dream? In the words of Michael Jackson, Sarkodie is a “bad” man, who is “workin’ day and night”, “making a change” in the music world, making everyone “feel real good” “knocking us off our feet” ,and has all of us “ rocking the night away” and “shaking our bodies down to the ground” with his lyrical prowess. As long as Sarkodie continues , and doesn’t “ stop till (we) get enough” then “the way (he) makes (us) feel” will continue to be a “thriller”. There is nothing common about Sarkodie. All the words in the dictionary are incapable of capturing the essence of Sarkodie because he is more than just an artist- he is a living icon.



She was optimistic that her style of music, coupled with the fact that most of her songs were fused with good drum beats and rhythms, would take her places. Ever since she joined the movie and music industry, Mercy has received rave reviews.

MERCY ASEIDU Top local actress Mercy Asiedu, who is popularly called Asabea, launched her second album titled ‘Ye Meho Nsenkyereni’ at the Kumasi Cultural Centre last Sunday. The actress, who has been acting in Twi movies since 2005, told BEATWAVES that her main aim was to reach the top of the ladder, adding that it was her dream to make it to the international music market. Mercy Asiedu, who has developed a strong passion for spreading the gospel of Christ through music, hinted that her new album had nine tracks which were a delight to listen to as the lyrics focused on real life issues. The lyrics of the album and her good vocal power are neatly arranged with sensational and inspirational rhythms, making the album unique and pleasing to the ear.

In a chat, the actress/singer noted, “I have taken both my musical and acting career very serious. I was into music before going into acting. I have been singing for years and produced my first album with my own resources”. Before she joined the movie industry, Mercy was part of Concert Party, though acting was not her dream then. She had always wanted to become a musician but instead ended up acting within Kristo Asafo drama group alongside Nkomode, Bishop Bob Okala and Akrobotu. In 2001, she was adjudged the best actress for her roles in concert party plays. Source: News-One

GHANA MOVIE AWARDS 2011: WHICH MOVIES DO YOU THINK WILL MAKE THE FINAL NOMINATION LIST + WHO WILL WIN THE BEST ACTOR & ACTRESS AWARD? To be honest with ourselves, aside the few things retarding the advancement of the growing Ghana Movie Industry, it’s an undeniable fact that 2011 [though not yet over] saw many movies being churned out on regular basis.

Conference to acknowledge and award personalities in the country’s movie industry who have expelled in the year. With more movies released in the year consisting of the ‘said’ 80 percent adoption stories, it will be interesting how the final nominations of the awards will look like. The 80 percent adoption stories can be From where I’m standing and my job as an entertainment journalist disputed and it’s neither here or there since every story has been told offered me the opportunity to see most movies at press/media previews before before they are eventually premiered to the general public and subsequently released onto the market for consumption. The final nominations of the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards will be unveiled to the press and general public in November at Golden Tulip I must in all sincerity confess that, I really saw some great movies pro- Hotel in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. Even before that day, I believe duced in Ghana this year. I want to play it fair here and not mention a movie enthusiasts are keeping their fingers crossed. particular movie/s. If I do, it will derail the purpose of this write-up, Now let’s get talking and guessing. From the movies you have which is to get the readers to guess their own movies and to be fair to watched this year, which one do you sincerely think merits nominaother movies that from my perspective are nothing to write home tions in this year’s awards. about. On the flip side, where do you think the Best Actor and Best Actress All too soon, another Ghana Movie Awards will take place on Award will go? Christmas Day, December 25, 2011 at the Accra International



September 2011

Still Trusting in Horses or Horsemen? GRACE FRONTIER

Rev. Kwabby Adom-Fosu email

Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots, because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel, neither seek the LORD ’ - Isa 31:1 Right after the fall of the Soviet Union, all the smaller Soviet republics rushed to form alliances with the United States, ostensibly to use US superior fire power as a bulwark against future Russian aggression. They were in union with them for seventy long years and saw how callous Russia could be, hence the rush. US also welcomed them with open arms. United States’ superior fire power strides the rest of the world like a colossus. The US is developing fourth generation fighting machines while the rest of the world is still grappling with first generation weapons of war. GLOBALFIREPOWER.COM ranks the United States first on the list of global military powers followed by Russia, China, India and Britain successively. Notice, India’s fire power is rated above “not so Great Britain”, their colonial masters. The sun has now set over the British Empire. When the British Empire was up and running their great naval power made them superior. Great Britain controlled the sea ways. Not anymore. Modern warfare is mostly fought in the air. Of about 3.000 satellites in orbit fifty percent of them belong to the US. The US Air Force has 18,234 aircrafts. China follows with 5,100. The US has 6,417 Helicopters. Again, the next closest is China with 1,400. The US has 11 aircraft carriers; these give their pilots the ability to re-fuel and re-arm over waterways close to the battlefield. These carriers also enable the US to facilitate quicker projections of military power into local and regional conflicts. Italy and Spain have two carriers. China, the emerging superpower, just produced its first aircraft carrier, according to the newspaper, USA Today.

Consequently, in today’s language, trusting in horses, chariots and horsemen is like trusting in B52s, Apache Helicopters, Stealth Bombers and all the modern instruments of war that send fear down the spine of those who dare the US and her Allies. Saddam Hussein was at the receiving end of that;, Osama bin Laden tasted it; and lately, it has made Muamah Gadhafi laugh from the wrong side of his mouth.

me would be killed. That is the wrong use of power. Gadhafi did not show his subjects mercy of any kind.

Psalm 62 verses 11 and 12 say “God has spoken once and twice have I heard that power belongs to Him. And unto Him also belongs mercy.” Absolute power belongs to God, not some power. Yet the bible says God does not use His power arbitrary. He tempers it with mercy. God is not a dictator. Your situation may demand judgment, but if you genuinely ask for mercy, the merciful God grants it. This was where Israel (Judah) had found herself. Israel had gone to form alliance with “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of then superpower, Egypt, as a buffer against the marauding Assyrians. God unreservedly grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to denounced that unholy alliance through His help in time of need (Heb.4:16) God imparts favor in His Sanctuary. Favor is the sum total of prophet Isaiah. mercy and grace. Where two or three are gathered together in reverence and expectation, He shows What are you afraid of Israel? Have you no up to meet needs. memory? What did I do to this same Egypt when you were coming out of slavery in that Dr. Bill Barkeby of Word of Grace Fellowship in country. I drowned all their chariots, horses Herndon, VA recounts how doctors had given up and horsemen in the sea while you walked free. I want to remind you, the Egyptians are on a couple in his church. They had been men not God; and their horses are flesh and declared unable to have a baby. This was a rich American couple. Elsewhere in the world, the not spirit. The idea is that God is God, and couple would have said, well, if we could raise He is Spirit, and can therefore do infinitely more than men and horses combined. Think some money and get to the US the advance techabout it. He warned, if you refuse to seek my nology and superior scientific innovations could face and look up to me for help, I will lift up be of help. But these guys live here and could my hand against you and the Egyptians who afford to pay. Yet cutting edge technology could not save them. My friends, human abilities and are supposed to help you and bring both of efforts have limitations. Helpless but not hopeyou down. (Is 31:3-4) less, the husband appealed to God’s mercy; he At any given point in time God wants those decided to work around the church. In the summer time he would mow the grass. In the winter in covenant with him to look up to Him for would clear snow and in the fall you might found help no matter what. He delights not in the strength of the horse: He takes no pleasure in him raking leaves. And God’s grace kicked in; the legs of a man. The Lord takes pleasure in from nowhere a baby was dropped into his wife’s them that fear Him, in those that hope in His doctor-forsaken womb, a miracle baby. A miracle is nothing but God’s intervention in the issues of mercy. (Ps.147:10; Ps 33:16-22) life. The couples higher education could not help Again, I can hear God saying to Israel, when them get a baby neither did their riches. The fact Jericho heard about My exploits; things that I that they live in the US, the most developed econwas doing on your behalf, they shivered like omy; the apex of man’s civilization could not sick dogs and locked up their well protected help either. But their faith in God did. gates in fear. Though your crude instruments In Church, it is wise not to be overly embroiled in of war were not a threat to them physically, they feared you because of Me. Right before church politics and forget why you are there. Church politics can be good, depending on how your eyes their storied walls crumbled and they are used. Church politics is simply the you overran their city. Why are you refusing method or methods your spiritual leader uses to to trust me? position you in ministry for maximum benefit to the vision he believes God has given him. You Psalm 32 verses 10 says “Many sorrows may get hurt if you naively challenge that. No shall be to the wicked, but they that trust in God mercy shall surround them. My friends, matter what a pastor does, remember he is there the mercy of God will cause Him to remem- for the general good. Bear in mind, a people united cannot be defeated. (Gen 11:6) Do think ber His covenant with you and deliver you when you call. We show our trust in God by more about unity, for it invites God presence into human gatherings. (Ps 133) pouring out our hearts to Him in prayer. Prayer lets God know you trust Him to solve In Church, look for mercy and grace. No matter your problems for you.(Ps 62:8) what may be pursuing you, if God’s favor enters Prayer invites God’s mercy. My friends, God your camp the impossible becomes possible. is merciful. Colonel, Muamar Gadhafi made a coup in 1969 killing the King of Libya and In view of this, do not put too much trust in human efforts; family names, education, beauty, imposing himself on the people of Libya. After 42 years the people said no sir, you are or wealth. These things often fail. Let your faith in God be your guiding light.” the not the only wise man in this country. Go Egyptians are men and not God and their horses and let somebody else rule over us. He said are flesh and not spirit”. God is Spirit. He never no, it is me or no one else. Whoever resists fails; trust Him.



St. Anne and the Pools of Bethesda

September 8 is known in Catholic tradition as the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. While the canonical Gospels are silent about her origins, we know about her parents Joachim and Anne, her birth and childhood from the second century Protoevangelium of James. Early Christian tradition places the home of Joachim and Anne next to a double pool that was a popular healing center - the pool of Bethesda, known to us from the Gospel of John: “Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, in Hebrew called Bethesda, which has five porticoes. In these lay a multitude of invalids--blind, lame, and paralyzed.” (Jn 5:2-3) It is there that Jesus healed a paralytic. The double significance of the site as birthplace of Mary and location of a miracle soon turned it into an important Christian sanctuary. The Byzantines built a large basilica, St. Mary of the Probatic, over the pools.” Damaged by the Persian invasions in 614, it was rebuilt and then destroyed by the Arabs around 1010. The Crusaders built a small monastery over the ruins, and in 1030 they also built the present basilica, a large Romanesque church dedicated to St. Anne, above the caves where the memory of the Virgin’s birthplace was kept. At the end of the Crusader period, St. Anne’s was turned into an Islamic law school, and it fell into neglect under the Ottoman Empire. In 1856, the Ottomans offered the basilica to France, and it was entrusted to the Missionaries of Africa or White Fathers, who have welcomed pilgrims there until today. The Church of St. Anne is located at the beginning of the Via Dolorosa in the Muslim Quarter, just inside Lion’s Gate at the eastern entrance of the Old City. The complex is an oasis of peace amid the noisy hustle and bustle of the Arab markets. The Basilica is known for its extraordinary acoustics, and visitors are invited to sing their hymns of praise to God before they walk down to the crypt dedicated to Mary’s birth. The massive complex of pools and ruins of the Byzantine and Crusader churches is still well preserved. Visitors can walk down into the deep cistern where water remains, as a memory and perhaps invitation to all those who still seek healing in this place central to salvation history. Source:



September 2011

Culture and Arts - Profiles


ducers and I work for them,I don’t even know half of my colleagues but I work with them. On Friday the 2nd, the actress signed an I kiss and hug them on set.We flow,we endorsement deal of N40 million (more enjoy the friendship on than $250,000.00) with Noble Hair, a set based on the energy and connecNigerian company owned by Rebecca tion that exists between group incorporated. myself and the next person on set but that does not mean we are The two year contract was concluded on friends in the real sense of it. Friday with the representatives of the comYou can’t just be a friend to everypany at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria body,it’s a normal thing. Island, Lagos. Mercy Johnson is not just my friend. Asked if she had a serious quarrel TONTO DIKEH The actress is also one of the ambassadors with her,she said; Even if I of Globacom, the telecommunications com- Star actress,Tonto Dikeh is always an issue in had,I had let go everything.It doesn’t the industry,especially when it comes to her pany owned by Mike Adenuga Jnr. About really matter to me anymore. controversial lifestyle. In a recent interview, three weeks ago, the actress pocketed N14.5 Everybody is doing well,It’s just she unbuttoned her heart,and stated that her million (about $95,000.00) when her conbecause we are not close,we fallout with Mercy Johnson is not the reason tract was renewed for another two years. only did about two or three movies she didn’t attend her wedding. She said; The N14.5 million is an annual payment. together.We have never been That’s not the reason I didn’t attend her wedclose friends. ding,it’s surprising,why people think you just have to be everybody’sfriend. Source: In the industry,I don’t know half of the pro-

LIST OF NOLLYWOOD STARS THAT ARE GLOBACOM AMBASSADORS AND THE AMOUNT THEY ARE PAID Without mincing words, Globacom Ambassadorship deal, has been the mainstay of many Nigerian artistes in the last four years. Checkout the list of Nollywood artistes that are Globacom Ambassadors and the amount they are paid. Ramsey Nouah - N15 million Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha N15 million

Ramsey Nouah

Funke Akindele Uche Jombo

Ini Edo -N14.5 million Rita Dominic -N13 million Uche Jombo -N13 million Mike Ezuruonye -N12 million Funke Akindele -N10 million Kunle Afolayan -N10 million



Nigerian star, Ini Edo, one of Nollywood’s most bankable actresses, recently made N54 million from deals with two companies.



Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha

Mike Ezuruonye

Kunle Afolayan

Odunlade Adekola -N10 million Monalisa Chinda -N10 million Source:

Rita Dominic

Odunlade Adekola

Monalisa Chinda




Putting God First: A Study of Matthew 6:19-33 Having Proper Spiritual Priorities Verses 22-23 The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is sound, your whole body will be full of light; but if your eye is not sound, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

In these verses Jesus talks about our vision. How This Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, the beginning is your vision? Do you see things clearly and in of the season of Lent. During the 40 days and six focus? When I was growing up, I was the only Sundays of Lent, we remind ourselves of the suf- one in our family without glasses. My sister’s fering and sacrifice that Jesus paid. But we should eyesight is so bad that without corrective lenses, also ask what we can sacrifice for God. These she’s considered legally blind. And my brother verses in Matthew 6 reveal to us how we need to began wearing glasses at a young age. So I was be willing to change our focus and put God first very proud that my eyesight was so good. But as in our life. the years have progressed, I have had to start using reading glasses for things that are close. Verses 19-21 And it helps if I turn on the reading lamp. Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and where thieves If we want to have clear spiritual vision, we need break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treas- to look through the lens of God’s word and we ures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust con- need to have the light of God’s Spirit shining in sumes and where thieves do not break in and our heart -- let the Bible be our glasses and the steal. For where your treasure is, there will your Spirit be our reading light. Notice how Jesus tells heart be also. us our vision affects the whole body. When we don’t see things clearly, we are in darkness. Jesus The treasures of this world are fleeting, but the adds the words, “how great is the darkness!” If treasures of the next world are eternal. We will you pursue the things of this world, you will live have to spend some time on the treasures of this in great spiritual darkness. world in order to provide for our family and our needs, but Christ’s message is that our real treas- In 1857 John Lange wrote, “...false spirituality ure is in heaven. Let us not spend so much time in always has its root in worldliness: It’s source is earthly pursuits that we neglect the spiritual treas- secretly cherished worldliness; it is essentially a ure that God offers us. manifestation of the carnal mind....” Let us learn to take our eyes off of the world, and place them When I was a teenager, I had an older friend who on Christ. Let us in every endeavor, in every was an avid hunter. He told me about one time activity, and in every moment to put God first in when he was out alone in a quiet, secluded area our life. grown over with vegetation. As he surveyed his pristine surroundings, he wondered if he was the Verse 24 first human who had ever entered this space. He No one can serve two masters; for either he will looked around examining the area, and to his sur- hate the one and love the other, or he will be prise he noticed that covered over with plant life devoted to the one and despise the other. You was the outline of a foundation of some previous cannot serve God and mammon. dwelling. And as he looked further, he noticed what appeared to be the remains of a very old The Greek word used here for mammon means automobile rusted over, sunk into the ground, and worldly riches. There are two masters struggling hidden by trees and bushes. He realized his pris- for control of our time and our commitment -tine area wasn’t as uninhabited as he had imagGod and worldly riches. Whom do you serve? Is ined. Instead, it had been reclaimed by the plants, God more important to you than the wealth and the elements, and the harsh weather. Our posses- the possessions this world has to offer? The treassions in this life are fleeting. ures of heaven far exceed anything we can conceive or imagine. Let us not be torn between two How we spend our time in this life is all a matter masters. Let us be willing to serve God and put of priorities. We can put our own desires and him first. wants first, or we can put God first. Notice that in verse 21 Jesus tells us that “where your treasure Have you ever observed that those who walk the is, there will your heart be also.” The attitude of tightrope at the circus always look straight ahead our heart determines what is important in our life. while on the rope? They never look down at the If God is important in our life, we will want to rope or the crowd. They know that if they were to seek treasures in heaven. do that, they would lose concentration and be in danger of falling. So it is in our Christian walk. Davis wrote, “Oh, my congregation, let us treat We must keep our eyes focused on God and spirigold and silver and precious stones as toys, and tual matters. When we look down at the treasures let us treat moral goodness, spiritual beauty, right- or pleasures of the world, we will surely fall. eousness of heart, Christlikeness, Godlikeness, as Verses 25-26 our only treasures worthy the name!” Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall

The one area that provides young couples with more anxiety and worry than any other is finances. God doesn’t want us to be foolish and not provide for our family, but often we overspend and run up our debts because we are too impatient to wait until we are able to afford the things that we want. The problem is that our priorities are wrong. God doesn’t want us to be seeking the treasures of this world. All we need are the necessities -- food, clothing, shelter. God may bless us and give us the finances to afford more, but as long as God takes care of the necessities, we shouldn’t be anxious about the rest.

Christians spend a large part of their time seeking money and possessions, but God wants us to have a different priority. The futility of riches is stated plainly in two places: here in Matthew 6:20, and in IRS form 1040. Every year at this time, we realize that we are not as rich as we thought we were.

Jesus reminds us to look at the birds of the air. They don’t worry about the necessities of life, and neither should we. God will provide as long as we are faithful to him. He takes care of the birds, and how much more valuable are we who are his children!




Nollywood Actress Eucharia Turns Evangelist

Eucharia Anunobi

Star actress Eucharia Anunobi has reportedly repented and turned into an evangelist. In the past three years that she has been divorced Matthew Henry points out, “...this is an encour- from her husband, Eucharia has slowed agement to us to trust God for food and raidown in the screenbusiness. ment, and so to ease ourselves of all perplexing cares about them. God has given us life, and The reason behind her sabbatical has given us the body; it was an act of power, it remained hidden to people, as the was an act of favour, it was done without our glamour lady has managed to stay away care: what cannot he do for us, who did that? -- from Nollywood scene. The one time sexy what will he not? If we take care about our woman who liked to dress in skimpy souls and eternity, which are more than the outfits is no longer found in such revealing body, and its life, we may leave it to God to dresses. provide for us food and raiment, which are less. God has maintained our lives hitherto; if some- Going by the information gathered from times with pulse and water, that has answered inside sources, Eucharia has changed her the end; he has protected us and kept us alive. lifestyle, surrendered to Jesus Christ and He that guards us against the evils we are become an evangelist. exposed to, will supply us with the good things we are in need of.” As gathered, the gorgeous actress now moves from one church to the other, preachVerse 27 ing the gospel of the Lord. And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life? Her new found faith is said to be taking most of her time, as she has reduced her frequenCan you add one day to your life by worrying cy in movie making business to make time about it? We know that God has appointed a for her preaching activities. time for each one of us. So why do we get so anxious about the cares of this life? Our life is Source: ultimately in God’s hands. We need to realize that, and it will make our life much more peaceful and happy. The Span of Days My days are shorter than a span; A little point my life appears; How frail at best is dying man! How vain are all his hopes and fears!


September 2011

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I AM VERY CONTROVERSIAL BUT WHY IT'S LIKE THAT IS WHAT I DO NOT KNOW.TONTO DIKEH what others do,they will call you a lot of names,that’s just what I can say about that You have been perceived as an actress that finds delight in controversial movies to the extent that you,at times kiss endlessly,do you enjoy that kind of role? What happens is that I love doing my work the way it should be done and I am doing it well.Like I always say,if you take out movie in me being a village girl and you take out of me being a hull,you can’t fault anyone. I am good at that,I am good at this.It is not just because you see me that way in movies and you think that’s the way I am in real life.

Controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh is no doubt one of the most talented and hottest actresses in the movie industry; aside this, she is undoubtedly pretty and adorable. In a recent interview,she opens up like never before on her controversial lifestyle.

No doubt,Tonto Dikeh is among the hottest actresses right now,how does it feel? It feels great but really I don’t see myself from that angle. How would you describe yourself? I think I can say I am a very broad minded person.I have a good heart. But the impression out there is that Tonto Dikeh is a controversial actress,what is your reaction to this? Yes,a lot of people say I am controversial.I can even say that about myself.Tonto is that,Tonto is this,today Tonto is doing this,tomorrow she is doing that.I can say categorically that I am very controversial but why it’s like that is what I do not know.

We don’t have issues at all.It’s just that we have to move on and do something different for ourselves. How do your parents react to all these movie roles you interprete? I thank God for the kind of family I am from.They are very understanding,they know its all about my job and nothing else. Aside acting,if I do something wrong,they still scold me and advice me the right way.They have been very supportive. Another issue your fans complain about is that you’re a smoker and you have once admitted enjoying it,what’s your reaction?

I appreciate the fact that people are getting But to some extent,all these roles to some people worried about that but why? Is it because I am Tonto Dikeh or because they love me and are indecent,how,do you feel about that? they want me to be in good health? They”re I think why I can’t see anything wrong about it is two different things but I don’t care.I care because I am an artist but it is easy for you to see only when you give reasons for talking about the other side of people and judge who is climb- me smoking. ing,but left to me,I don’t see any offence in that I don’t think that should affect you,so far because it’s a movie and am interpreting a role you’re not my brother or my sister.We are according to the script. not from the same family.

I am trying to tell a story.So,just like I have told you,I don’t need to be judged by what I do in How would you described your career at the moment? movies.Anybody,who does that,is just giving him I think it’s really flourishing,it’s doing very well.I am or herself unnecessary headache. happy about it and with the Damage produced by Does that mean your real self is kilometers away Uche Jumbo which I featured in,I believe my career from Tonto Dikeh people see on the screen? has been taken to the next level. I am really happy for the success.

That tells you that what people are saying does not exist at all.It is only that we are no longer close as we used to be.Anytime we see,we talk and we have drinks.

My smoking habit doesn’t affect your life in any way.If I die tomorrow,you’re not going to bury me.My father has the money to bury me.So,why are they talking about it? Don’t you know some people love you and they want to see more of you as an actress?

Page 36

Another Pageant Hits Ghana: Miss Ghallywood Beauty Pageant & Talent Hunt While many beauty pageants around the world ends with the organisers not fulfilling their side of the bargains or some winners’ triumph being doubted, this does not stop new pageants from popping up day in and out. The latest beauty pageant to hit the shores of Ghana is ‘Miss Ghallywood Beauty Pageant & Talent Hunt’. “It is an event designed to celebrate Ghanaian movie actors/actresses, appreciating the fans who patronise their movies, discover and make new movie stars and celebrities”, the organisers told GhanaCelebrities.Com. It is very strange that, though the name ‘Ghallywood’ has not full been accepted as a suitable title for the Ghana Movie Industry, many people still continue to use it. The ‘Miss Ghallywood Beauty Pageant & Talent Hunt’ is an idea of West Coast Entertainment [Ghana] Limited. The company specialises in Movie and Music Production, Modelling, Photo Studio, Artiste Management among others.

Of course,yes,I am free to be a different Tonto in That’s what I am saying,it all depends on the every role I interprete in a movie.But I also believe I have my personality at stake.So,I can’t motive,any good reason for writing about it The name of the event suggests it’s for or posting it on the internet? I have not seen actresses already in the industry but on the do anything that will affect my personality. any reason as far as I am concerned.Period. contrary, it’s meant to attract the interest In most cases,you’re comfortable kissing endand divert the attention of the youth, May be because of the wide campaign that lessly in movies,what’s your reaction on that? notably the young budding and give them a smokers are liable to die young and they meaningful opportunities in life. To me,that’s very easy.I take things like that for won’t want that kind of a thing to happen to granted.So,far it’s over,it’s over.It doesn’t reflect you? The pageant also seeks to create job opporin my life.Immediately I am through with that kind of role,I leave and start thinking of what next to do.

(Cuts in) Even if I am going to die young,I am not their sister.It’s something I know is a bad habit and I think I should stop it.That will be done at the right time.It’s not as if I On June 9,2011,you added another year,we learnt you received a lot of gifts topped by a brand new see it as something I should be proud about,it’s just a terrible habit that I am used BMW 6 series given to you by your fiancé? to. I am not going to talk on anything like that.Besides,I don’t have a fiancé.

But you have a boyfriend that was actually responsible for that if not fiancé? I think that Africans are not all that exposed to a lot of daring acts and once you do that,you become a very Really? I didn’t see any one around.(Laughs) strange person to them. Some people are saying you and Halima are no And before you know it,you have become a topic.It longer in good terms,how true is it? goes on and on like that just because you have deviated from who they think you’re. That’s not true.Immediately you came in,I asked you about her. Just because you’re doing something different from

I will stop it at my own time,people should just give me a breathing space.

tunities for the winners with automatic slots in ‘Ghallywood’ movies. No audition will be required from them. The event will be officially launched in the coming weeks after which auditions will be held inGhana(Southern and Northern sector) to pick 12 finalists. The grand finale is slated for December 2011. Expected to grace the finals in December includes Ghana Movie Industry actors/actresses and the very best of Nollywood.

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September 2011

2011 Golden Foot: last two weeks, Eto'o strong rise Just two weeks are left before the end of the 2011 Golden Foot award voting. The winner will receive the prestigious career award from HSH Prince Albert II and he will leave his footprints on the Champions Promenade in Monte Carlo next October 10. More than 222,000 users already chose their winner (new record) and Samuel Eto'o, new Anzhi Makhachkala idol, is in strong rise. After overtaking David Beckham and Raul Gonzalez Blanco, he is in the top three with Gianluigi Buffon and Xavi Hernandez. You can vote on our website until next October 7 (12,00 am Monte Carlo time). Everything is still possible. The fans will decide.

Their game against Mozambique was moved to Cairo and played behind closed doors - and the Libyans have kept their campaign on track with a 1-0 win. Rabiyah Lafi got the only goal of the game and the result means that they will qualify if they beat Zambia in their final pool match next month. The Libyan team were wearing a new national team strip, sang a new national anthem and played under the flag of the rebel National Transitional Council. Elsewhere on Saturday, Tanzania and Algeria drew 1-1 in Dar-es-Salaam in Group D - a result which leaves both sides still well behind the joint group leaders Morocco and Central African Republic, who play on Sunday.


Africa Cup of Nations: Egypt out, Senegal qualify

Kenya left it late to go beat Guinea Bissau in Group J- it was 1-1 going into stoppage time at the end of their match when Denis Oliech stepped up with a drmaatic winner. The Harambee Stars are now second in their group with seven points, behind Uganda who can qualify with only a draw against Angola. in their game on Sunday Malawi have the edge in the race towards the automatic qualification spot for second place in Group K. The Flames were held to a 0-0 draw by Tunisia on Saturday, a result which leaves them tied on 11 points each behind the already qualified Botswana. But with head-to-head results counting in the event of a tie, Malawi's two away goals in their 2-2 draw in Tunis would put them ahead.

The Pharaohs are bottom of their group with only two 1-1 but then Sierra Leone were awarded a penalty and points from five games and were beaten 2-1 by Sierra Mohamed Bangura stepped up to earn a victory for the Leone. Leone Stars which gives them a continued chance of making it to the finals. But Senegal have secured their place in the finals with a fine 2-0 win over DR Congo in Dakar. Senegal are through to the finals in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon next year after a strong performance in Elsewhere, Libya claimed an impressive 1-0 win over Dakar to beat DR Congo 2-0 on Saturday. Mozambique, Malawi and Tunisia drew 0-0 and Cameroon and Ivory Coast both scored 5 goals unan- Two goals for Moussa Sow secured them an unassailswered. able lead at the top of Group E on 13 points, five clear of Cameroon in second place. All the details of the day's action are rounded up below Cameroon took their time to get going against Mauritius in Yaounde - the game was a remarkable 0-0 at halftime. Egypt were already struggling to make it to the finals but their defeat by Sierra Leone means they cannot But the Indomitable Lions banged in five goals in the make it out of Group G. second half - including a brace from Eric ChoupaMoting - to take them to 8 points in the table. A team of Under-23 players, bolstered by veteran captain Ahmed Hassan, went behind to the home That means they still have a chance of going through as team in Freetown through Sherrif Suma's early goal. one of the best runners-up - but it is a slim one. The Pharaohs pulled one back thanks to Mohsen Maruwan and going into stoppage time it was tied at

Libya have continued their qualifying campaign despite all the troubles facing their country.

In Group A meanwhile Mali took a giant step towards qualification with a 3-0 win over Cape Verde in Bamako.

Page 38

Cheick Diabate got two quick goals towards the end of the first half to put them in front and the win was sealed by Mahamand Traore with a stylish finish early in the second. The Malians must wait until the outcome of Sunday's match between Zimbabwe and Liberia in Harare to fully assess their chances of making it to the finals. Ivory Coast have already made sure of their place at the finals but they reaffirmed their quality with a 5-0 demolition of Rwanda in Kigali in Group H. Arsena's Gervinho created most of the success for the Elephants and he helped himself to a goal right at the end to go with two from Wilfred Bony and one each from Didier Ya Konan and Salomon Kalou. Kolo Toure, returning from a sixmonth ban for failing a drugs test, was part of the squad but did not play Namibia got a late win against The Gambia in Windhoek. Tangeni Shipahu got the only goal of the game, which puts the Brave Warriors level with The Gambia on 3 points each in this three-team pool - well behind the leaders Burkina Faso. But this group is confused by Namibia's ongoing claim that the Burkinabe fielded an ineligible player against them. Their appeal to Caf has yet to be decided upon, but if the governing body of African football dismiss their claims then the Burkinabe have already done enough to go through to the finals from this group.


September 2011



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Afrikan Post 6236 Oscar Court Woodbridge VA 22193

Tel : (703)725-6968 E-mail: Pu b lis h ed By Brigh t Ho u s e Pro d u ct io n s Man agin g Ed it or G eorge Br ight- A bu Email:editor @af r ikanpos

Amy AnsongH ar dcopy/p r int copy editor ) The Black Meteors Jubilating after the match Ghana beat South Africa 4-2 on penalties to win the 2011 All Africa Games after both team tied 1-1 after regulation time.

Asamoah Gyan

South Africa opened the scoring in the 86th minute through Eugene who struck inside the box after goalkeeper Daniel Agyei’s save hit his chest and dropped in front of the on-rushing striker.

Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan has joined United Arab Emirates club Al-Ain on a season long loan deal from Sunderland.

The Black Meteors never gave up and drew level added on time from the spot in what looked like a dubious penalty call by the referee.

The 25-year-old, who was strongly linked with moves to Tottenham, Galatasaray and Marseille, completed the switch to the Middle East club this morning.

Hearts of Oak striker Mahatma Otoo made no mistake and snatched the equalizer to push the game into extra-time.

Gyan has agreed personal terms with Al Ain and will be unveiled by the club Thursday afternoon.

Both sides failed to score after 120 minutes action and Ghana converted all four of their kicks while the Amagluglug missed two out of four kicks. The feat also comes as a boost for local coaches as Akwasi Appiah’s achievements with the team will restore their image.

Sunderland manager Steve Bruce could afford to put Gyan on loan after the arrival of Republic of Korea international Ji Dong-won, Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner and England under-21 star Connor Wickham at the Stadium of Light this summer.

Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi will also get some of the credit for leading the country into the right direction having won Africa’s first U20 World Cup title and also sending the Black Stars to the World Cup for the first time.

Gyan joined Sunderland from French side Rennes in August 2010, making 37 appearances in all competitions for the Black Cats and scoring 11 goals.

Source: Ghanasoccernet


GHANA FINISHES 12TH AT ALL AFRICA GAMES Ghana bagged 17 medals – 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 8 Bronze to finish 12th at the All Africa Games in Maputo, Mozambique. South Africa finished tops with 61 Gold, 55 Silver and 40 Bronze, followed by Egypt with 32; 14; 20, and Nigeria 31; 28; 39. Ghana’s gold medals came from Ajarah Busonga Mohammed who won the Women's 1500m and 400m in the Paralympic Sports, with Margaret Simpson picking gold in the Heptathlon while the Black Meteors won gold in the Men’s soccer. Vida Anim won silver in the Women's 200m, Ignatius Gaisah in the Men's Long Jump, Men's 4x100m Relay, Women's 4x100m, and the Black princesses with another silver in theWomen’s soccer. Bronze medals came from: Anita Fordjour- Women's 1500m; Felix Acheampong Men's 1500m; Daniel Sam - Badminton Men's Doubles; M.S. Nyarko - Badminton Men's Doubles; Beach Volleyball; David Bawah - Boxing Men's Light Heavy 81kg; Maxwell Amponsah - Boxing Men's Heavy 91kg; Fatao Alhassan Taekwondo Men's Under 87kg. Tunisia with 68 medals, Algeria with 84, Kenya with 50 and Senegal with 33 placed fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh respectively

Ajarah Mohammed - won two gold medals

Fran cis Boan oh Grap h ics an d On lin e N ew s Ed it o r w w rik an p os t .com em ail: b oan oh @ gm C h arles N t iam oah N im o- Men s ah ( Mr. C N N ) C o- Pu b lis h er

Correspondents Ohio Cincinnati - Frank Adjei-Mensah Columbus- Big Ben Photos Georgia - Frank Amponsah Maryland - Fred Nnoma Addison California - Isaac Amo- Kyeremeh Florida - Samuel Kissiedu Worcester- Patricia Sagoe Massachusette - Stephen Nyamekye Connecticut - Prince Osei-Bonsu/ New York - Kwaku Kyei Francis Boanoh New Jersey-Juliana Asante

Affiliates-Kumasimail Newspaper- C on t rib u t in g C o lu m n is t s M ir iam G yimah, P H D S amuel K is s eadu P r ince O s ei Bons u F r ed N noma- A ddis on ( A mipnew s .org) Rev. K w aby A dom- F os u O r al of or i

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