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Vol 10 Issue 5

May 2018

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President Trump Meets Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari

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U.S. President Donald Trump attempted to reset his relationship with Africa as he hosted Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

Buhari is the first sub-Saharan African leader to have a White House summit with Trump, who has been criticized for reportedly making derogatory comments about Africa.

Asked whether those comments came up during his private meeting with Trump, Buhari declined to comment.

"I'm very careful with what the press says about other than myself. I'm not sure about, you know, the validity or whether that allegation was true or not. So, the best thing for me is to keep quiet," Buhari said.

During his public remarks with Buhari, Trump focused mostly on common goals and shared interests, such as fighting terrorism and expanding trade. Trump then chimed in: "We didn't discuss it because the president knows me and where I'm coming from." He added, "And you do have some countries "We love helicopters — he loves them more than I do," that are in very bad shape and very tough places." joked Trump, referring to his administration's decision to Expanded trade? approve a $600 million military sales deal to Nigeria.

Buhari thanked Trump for approving the deal, which the administration of former President Barack Obama had suspended over allegations of human rights abuses.

Nigeria is Africa's most populous country, with at least 186 million people, and has a quickly growing economy. Buhari's trip is meant, in part, to secure more U.S. investment.

"I worked it out so that now you can buy the helicopters that you want," Trump said, adding, "We make the best mil- Trump said the U.S. "hopes to be the economic partner of choice for nations across the continent." itary equipment in the world, and our friends can now buy it." That comment was presumably aimed at China, Human rights groups have accused the Nigerian military of which is currently the top investor in Nigeria. torture, rape and extrajudicial killing in its almost decadeBut the U.S. leader stressed he wants the U.S.long campaign against the Boko Haram extremist group. Nigeria relationship to be based "on the principle of fairness and reciprocity." Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the insurgency, and hundreds of schoolgirls kidnapped, as the group "We give Nigeria well over $1 billion in aid every gained notoriety and spread to neighboring countries, posyear, and we have already started talking to the presing one of the most severe threats to West Africa's Sahel ident about taking down ‌ the very substantial trade region in recent years. barriers," Trump said. Relationship challenges Although Nigeria has been a major partner in the U.S. fight "We think we are owed that," he added. against Islamist extremists in Africa, relations have faced VOA's Esha Sarai contributed to this report. challenges over the past year. Source: In January, Nigeria joined a list of outraged African countries demanding an explanation from the U.S. ambassador after Trump's reported vulgar comments referring to African countries.



US Donates Military Aircraft to Cameroon

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YAOUNDE — The United States has given Cameroon two military aircraft to assist in the fight against Boko Haram militants. It adds to armored vehicles, U.S.-led training on landmine detection and the presence of U.S. Marines in the country.

This is the sound of one of the two planes donated by the U.S. taking off from the military air base in Yaounde on a reconnaissance flight Friday. On board are Cameroon defense minister Joseph Beti Assomo and the U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin.

The two planes, according to Joseph Beti Assomo, are specialized in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Each of the C208 aircraft possess inbuilt cameras that could capture images from the ground for up to 10 kilometers away. Joseph Beti Assomo says he is particularly grateful because pilots and other crew members of the aircraft have been trained by the U.S. and the maintenance of the equipment will be assured for two years by the United States.

He says Cameroon is very grateful to the people of America who have not relented in helping its military to combat Boko Haram terrorism. He says his country's military will use the aircraft to protect not only its citizens and national territory from Boko Haram atrocities, but will also join troops of the Lake Chad Basin Commission to free Nigeria, Chad and Niger from the pain inflicted on them by terrorists.

The United States has been supporting Cameroon its fight against Boko Haram. In 2015, it handed a consignment of U.S. military equipment to Central African nations that deployed a regional military force to counter Boko Haram's insurgency in Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad.

That year the United States had declared Boko Haram a foreign terrorist organization and placed a $7 million bounty on the terror group leader Shekau to help bring him to justice.

In 2016, the United States trained the Cameroon military in detecting and counteracting landmines and explosive devices when the increasing use of landmines and suicide bombings by Boko Haram militants was reported.

In October 2015 and as part of an effort to assist the central African state and other regional governments in their efforts to battle extremist groups, the United States deployed approximately 90 troops to Cameroon to provide airborne intelligence, surveillance and other reconnaissance operations at the request and invitation of the Cameroonian government.

The U.N. refugee agency estimates approximately 26 million people in the Lake Chad region have been affected by the Boko Haram violence, and more than 2.6 million displaced in the conflict that has entered its 9th year.

Ethiopian Airlines Makes Its First Direct Flight Between Abidjan and New York

May 2018

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USCIS Changing Policy on Accrued Unlawful Presen ce by Nonimmigrant Students and Exchange Visitors

WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today posted a policy memorandum changing how the agency will calculate unlawful presence for students and exchange visitors in F, J, and M nonimmigrant status, including F-2, J-2, or M-2 dependents, who fail to maintain their status in the United States.

This policy aligns with President Trump’s Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States to enforce the immigration laws of the country and will go into effect on Aug. 9, 2018.

“USCIS is dedicated to our mission of ensuring the integrity of the immigration system. F, J, and M nonimmigrants are admitted to the United States for a specific purpose, and when that purpose has ended, we expect them to depart, or to obtain another, lawful immigration status,” said USCIS Director L. Francis Cissna. “The message is clear: These nonimmigrants cannot overstay their periods of admission or violate the terms of admission and stay illegally in the U.S. anymore.”

A true hub in the West African sub-region in terms of air transport, Côte d’Ivoire has just crossed a new level in its policy of developing trade between it and the USA with the opening of direct flights to the coast. -is American.

The first nonstop passenger flight connecting Côte d’Ivoire to the United States left this Saturday, May 12 in the afternoon from Felix Houphouët-Boigny International Airport in Abidjan for Newark Airport, in the United States. State of New Jersey. This new service is provided three times a week by Ethiopian Airlines, report our colleagues at RFI.

” We have a large diaspora in the United States and Canada and it was important that we could build that bridge, ” he said. This will increase by 5% trade between people but also trade between the two countries, “said Amadou Koné Ivorian Minister of Transport at the inaugural ceremony.

The Ethiopian company that already liaised between Togo and the United States will now make three direct flights per week between Abidjan and American cities including New York, Washington DC … This will put an end to stopovers, especially in Paris for 53,000 passengers who take the route Abidjan – New York every year. The call price is 470 000 CFA or 716 euros return.

According to RFI, with this new service, Abidjan airport intends to increase its traffic, which is already close to two million passengers a year, thanks in particular to a commercial agreement between the Ethiopian airline and Air Côte d’Ivoire, which will help drain passengers from the sub-region.

Individuals in F, J, and M status who failed to maintain their status before Aug. 9, 2018, will start accruing unlawful presence on that date based on that failure, unless they had already started accruing unlawful presence, on the earliest of any of the following:

The day after DHS denied the request for an immigration benefit, if DHS made a formal finding that the individual violated his or her nonimmigrant status while adjudicating a request for another immigration benefit; The day after their I-94 expired; or The day after an immigration judge or in certain cases, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), ordered them excluded, deported, or removed (whether or not the decision is appealed). Individuals in F, J, or M status who fail to maintain their status on or after Aug. 9, 2018, will start accruing unlawful presence on the earliest of any of the following:

The day after they no longer pursue the course of study or the authorized activity, or the day after they engage in an unauthorized activity; The day after completing the course of study or program, including any authorized practical training plus any authorized grace period; The day after the I-94 expires; or The day after an immigration judge, or in certain cases, the BIA, orders them excluded, deported, or removed (whether or not the decision is appealed). Individuals who have accrued more than 180 days of unlawful presence during a single stay, and then depart, may be subject to three-year or 10-year bars to admission, depending on how much unlawful presence they accrued before they departed the United States. Individuals who have accrued a total period of more than one year of unlawful presence, whether in a single stay or during multiple stays in the United States, and who then reenter or attempt to reenter the United States without being admitted or paroled are permanently inadmissible.

Those subject to the three-year, 10-year, or permanent unlawful presence bars to admission are generally not eligible to apply for a visa, admission, or adjustment of status to permanent residence unless they are eligible for a waiver of inadmissibility or another form of relief.

This policy memorandum is updating Chapter 40.9.2 of the USCIS Adjudicator’s Field Manual.

USCIS is accepting comments on the policy memorandum. The 30-day public comment period begins today and closes on June 11, 2018. For complete information on the comment process, visit the Policy Memoranda for Comment page.

For more information on USCIS and its programs, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@uscis), YouTube (/uscis), and Facebook (/uscis). - USCIS –


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Miss Salissou Hassane Yari Latifa, a 23year old University student from Niger, is Miss Geek Africa 2018

From the Editor

O u r G r ea tes t G lor y is n o t in n ever f a llin g b u t in r is in g ever y time we f a ll . We ar e committted to b r in gin g th e commu n ity th e bes t in N ews f r om Af r ica a n d th e D ia s p or a .  Yo u may als o vis it o u r web s ite a t www. af r ik an pos t. co m f o r d aily n ews u p da tes o n Af r ica. D is cla imer : Th e o p in ion s ex pr es s ed in ar ticles a n d s to r ies in th is N ews p aper ar e th o s e o f th e a u th o r s a n d do n ot n eces s a r ily r ef lect th e views o f Af r ikan Pos t . All commen ts a n d s u g g es tio n s a r e welco me.


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Meet fast-rising GhanaianAmerican MC and host Ellis Wynston-Boye Pg. 15

3G Media Now International Agent, Partners with Ghana’s Legendary Gospel Music Trio; “Daughters” Pg. 28

Senegalese Teacher Creates Software to Simplify Mathematics Page 14

It is Personal Pg. 11 Lagos Lawyer Sues Oxford Dictionary Over Definition

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Miss Salissou Hassane Yari Latifa, a 23-year old University student from Niger, is Miss Geek Africa 2018, crowned at the Transform Africa Summit 2018 that took place in Kigali, Rwanda this week. The competition is designed to inspire African girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and interest them to be part of solving the continent’s challenges using technology. Salissou developed a mobile phone application called ‘Saro App’ that allows people to alert emergency services and inform them of the itinerary to take to reach the location. It also allows emergency services to send crucial practical first-aid information before they get there.

She said her App could be handy to emergency services and reduce the response time in case of an accident. Patience Mutesi, one of the judges said the winning App was well thought through and presented an innovative App as a quick response to road accidents, addressing a challenge emanating from a growing middle-class in Africa.

As the winner beating nine other potential Apps, Salissou walked away with a Rwf3 million cash prize and a travel ticket to an international conference, courtesy of Smart Africa.

Ndeye Fatou Mboup, from Senegal, was the first runner-up. She created a fully smart granary that could help farmers and small-scale traders in the region preserve vegetables and fruits.

The other three finalists were all Rwandans. Christelle Mazimpaka was the second runner-up of the competition and was given Rwf1 million. She highlighted the challenge of matching small businesses in Africa with small investors and proposed a web platform and mobile App, the ISI Circles, where business plans and models can be shared.

Sylvie Mahoro, who showcased a translation App that would enhance communication, was the third runner-up. Alida Umurungi was the fourth runner-up.

Miss Geek Africa, is only in its second year after running for three years as a country competition named Miss Geek Rwanda. It is organized by Girls in Rwanda, women professionals in STEM, and was expanded beyond Rwanda after a partnership with Smart Africa and now includes the whole continent. This year the competition attracted over 200 applicants.

President Trump Meets Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari Pg. 5




Egypt’s Mohamed Salah Wins Writers’ Footballer Of The Year Award

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, left Accra, yesterday, for a fiveday working visit to the high-tech city of Silicon Valley, California, United States of America.

He was accompanied by 15 leaders of Ghanaian Information and Communication Technology (ICT) firms, made up of representatives ofthe Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), Hubtel, SoftTribe, DreamOval, GE, IBM, TrotroTractor, EDEL Technology Consulting, Rancord, Nsano, Expresspay, Bluespace, Callens Solution, and Bsystems.

During the visit, the Vice President will hold discussions with Silicon Valley's thought and technology leaders to explore the possibilities of developing strategic insight, decisions and partnerships with the view to helping to enhance the digitisation of the Ghanaian economy to move Ghana beyond aid.

It would be recalled that the Vice President recently visited a number of Ghanaian ICT firms to understand their challenges in order to aid policy formulation.

The visit to Silicon Valley is, therefore, to engage world leaders in ICT in order to exchange ideas and fashion out Ghanaian solutions to Ghanaian challenges.

12656 Lake Ridge Drive, Suite C Woodbridge, VA 22192 Tel: 571-285-5242

A Law Firm with a Difference Call Today 571-285-5242

Vice President Bawumia is also scheduled to meet with Corporate Executives of cutting edge digital technology organisations, including Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, and Alphabet, and visit a number of facilities, including the G.E. Digital Centre and the IBM Watson Centre.

He will also meet with the Ghanaian community and brief them on happenings back home. The Vice President and his team are expected back home Saturday, April 14.

Source: ISD (Rex Mainoo Yeboah)


Substantial Support from USCIS Plays Key Role USCIS Fraud Detection Unit in Miami Marriage Leads to Convictions in Two Fraud Conviction Separate Immigration Fraud Cases LOS ANGELES – This week, two immigration fraud perpetrators were sentenced to prison due to the considerable efforts of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Los Angeles Fraud Detection and National Security (FDNS) unit. Los Angeles FDNS immigration officers worked closely with law enforcement and intelligence community partners to resolve potential fraud, national security and public safety concerns, and to ensure exchange of current and comprehensive information.

Release Date: May 3, 2018 MIAMI – U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officers detected a multi-year fraudulent marriage scheme which resulted in the investigation and conviction of Michael Roy Fraser, a Jamaican national, on April 25, 2018.

Benjamin G. Greenberg, United States attorney for the Southern District of Florida; Mark Selby, special agent in charge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI), Miami Field Office; and Linda M. Swacina, USCIS Miami and Caribbean District director, made the announcement. Fraser was convicted at a trial on April 25, 2018, of procure“Convictions in both cases send a powerful message to anyone trying to take ment of citizenship or naturalization unlawfully, in violation of advantage of our community or defraud the government,” said USCIS Los Title 18, United States Code, Section 1425(a) and misuse of eviAngeles District Director Donna Campagnolo. “Fighting fraud and ensuring dence of citizenship or naturalization, in violation of Title 18, the integrity of our immigration system are top priorities for USCIS. We United States Code, Section 1423. remain committed and vigilant in weeding out bad actors.” According to evidence presented at trial, in 2007, Fraser, a Jamaican national, paid a U.S. citizen between $8,000 and On Wednesday, Jessica Godoy Ramos, 37, of Lynwood, California, was sen- $10,000 to enter into a fraudulent marriage, so he could unlawtenced for stealing the identity of a New York attorney and filing immigrafully obtain U.S. residency and qualify for citizenship. Based on tion petitions on behalf of foreign nationals who believed she was a legitithe fraudulent marriage, Fraser acquired residency, and in 2013, mate lawyer. Ramos was sentenced to 15 months in federal prison, and upon he became a U.S. citizen. About two months after obtaining a completion of the 15-month prison term, Ramos will spend six months in U.S. passport, Fraser filed for divorce against his U.S. citizen home detention. Calling the crimes “despicable,” presiding U.S. District spouse and soon after married the mother of his child, also a Judge Dolly M. Gee also ordered Ramos to pay $29,693 in restitution to 16 Jamaican national. Fraser then filed immigration paperwork to identified victims. have his Jamaican-citizen spouse obtain U.S. legal permanent residency. Ramos accepted tens of thousands of dollars from dozens of aliens who During a review of Fraser’s Jamaican spouse’s application for sought her services in an attempt to obtain legal status in the United States. permanent residency, a USCIS officer detected various discrepanUsing the name of the genuine attorney, Ramos filed immigration petitions cies that ultimately led to the discovery of the fraud. Specifically, on the behalf of some aliens, but in other cases, she never performed any the officer noticed that Fraser’s new Jamaican spouse claimed to services for her clients. Ramos also created counterfeit immigration parole have been living with Fraser during a time Fraser claimed to be documents to make it appear that she had successfully represented the aliens. married to his previous U.S. citizen spouse. Further, the officer According to court documents, Ramos’ clients initially believed she was a discovered that Fraser and his Jamaican spouse had a child legitimate immigration attorney, but several became suspicious when Ramos together, who was born a year before Fraser’s fraudulent mardirected them to appear at USCIS offices for interviews – but they did not riage took place, and which Fraser failed to disclose throughout have any scheduled appointments. his own applications to become a permanent resident and U.S. citizen The second sentencing, which took place yesterday, involved the owner of This matter was referred to USCIS Fraud Detection National four schools. The owner enrolled hundreds of foreign nationals to fraudulentSecurity (FDNS) immigration officers who worked closely with ly obtain immigration documents, which allowed them to remain in the ICE agents to investigate the fraudulent scheme. USCIS works United States as “students” – even though they rarely, if ever, attended classwith law enforcement and intelligence community partners to es. Hee Sun Shim , 54, of Hancock Park, Calif. was sentenced to 15 months resolve potential fraud, national security and public safety conin federal prison and ordered to forfeit more than $450,000. cerns, and aggressively pursues benefit fraud cases in collaboraShim, along with two co-defendants, ran a “pay-to-stay” scheme through tion with federal law enforcement agencies. three schools in Koreatown: Prodee University/Neo-America Language School; Walter Jay M.D. Institute, an Educational Center; and the American “A conviction of this type sends a powerful message to anyone College of Forensic Studies. A fourth school in Alhambra – Likie Fashion and Technology College – was also involved in the scheme, which ran for at trying to take advantage of our immigration system, our communities and our country’s security,” said Swacina. “Immigration least five years. fraud is a crime against all of us, and USCIS will continue to USCIS continually takes measures to detect and deter immigration benefit ensure the integrity of our immigration system and keep America fraud and aggressively pursues benefit fraud cases in collaboration with fedsafe from such perpetrators.” eral law enforcement agencies. FDNS will continue playing a key role in USCIS efforts to safeguard the integrity of our immigration laws, protect Sentencing is scheduled for July 10, 2018, at 2 p.m., before U.S. American workers, and safeguard the homeland. District Court Judge Beth F. Bloom, in Miami. USCIS also encourages the public to make sure the person helping with an Greenberg commended the investigative efforts of ICE-HSI and immigration case is authorized to give legal advice. Only an attorney or an USCIS. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney accredited representative working for a Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized organization can give legal advice. For more information about avoid- David Turken and ICE Special Assistant United States Attorney Monica Atkins. ing immigration scams, visit our Avoid Scams webpage on For more information on USCIS and its programs, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@uscis), YouTube (/uscis), and For more information on USCIS and its programs, please visit or Facebook (/uscis). follow us on Twitter (@uscis), YouTube (/uscis), and Facebook (/uscis). – USCIS –





USCIS to Begin Using More Secure Mail Delivery Service

WASHINGTON - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that the agency will begin phasing in use of the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery service to mail Green Cards and other secure documents beginning April 30, 2018.

The first phase will affect documents that need to be re-mailed because they have been returned as non-deliverable. These documents include Permanent Resident Cards (also called Green Cards), Employment Authorization Cards, and Travel Booklets. Applicants who have changed mailing addresses during the course of the application process are more likely to have their secure documents sent with the new delivery method, which USCIS will expand to all secure documents in the future.

As part of the new delivery method, applicants must present identification to sign for their documents upon delivery. They also have the option to designate an agent to sign on their behalf by completing the Postal Service’s PS Form 3801, Standing Delivery Order (PDF) or PS Form 3801-A, Agreement by a Hotel, Apartment House, or the Like (PDF). Applicants can sign up for USPS Informed Delivery to receive delivery status notifications. Applicants will also have the option to arrange for pickup at a post office at a convenient date and time by going to the USPS website and selecting “hold for pickup.”

Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery increases the security, integrity, and efficiency of document delivery. The Signature Confirmation Restricted Delivery process provides better tracking and accuracy of delivery information, improving service to applicants.

Information on how to track delivery of secure documents is available on the USCIS website.

For more information on USCIS and its programs, please visit or follow us on Twitter (@uscis), YouTube (/uscis), Facebook (/uscis), and Instagram (@USCIS).


Dr. Hassan Ayariga - Ghana’s All Peoples Congress Presidential Candidate Shares Vision for Ghana With Afrikan Post May 2018



2020 elections and sees his party as a viable third force. In his view, should the current Government fail, Ghanaians would lose hope in the two major political parties and would lean towards his All Peoples Congress as a viable alternative. On the Nations Builders Corps which was announced recently as a government initiative to provide 100,000 jobs to graduates at a cost of GHc 600 million, Dr. Ayariga punched holes in it and referred to it as a “Loot and Share “ program and believes it is not sustainable and a costly venture.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Ayariga thinks the business outlook in Ghana is not attractive and not encouraging due to some unfavorable measures put in place by the current government.

The Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), also see the implementation of the Free Senior High School Policy by the NPP Government as a needed program however he does not agree His younger brother Hon. Mahama Dr. Hassan Ayariga is a Ghanaian with its mode of implementation and see it as a rushed program. In accountant, entrepreneur, and politician. Ayariga also walked in the footsteps of his explanation, he said a lot of students have been absorbed into the his father and is now the Member of He is the founder of the All People’s program but after graduation, not enough provision and facilities Parliament for Bawku Central Congress and was the candidate of the have been made available to absorb these students in the various terConstituency on the ticket of the National People’s National Convention for the tiary institutions thereby creating a huge backlog for University December 2012 presidential election. He Democratic Congress. entrants. formed the All peoples Congress prior to The Young Politician even though comthe 2016 election but the party As his social responsibility of giving back to the Ghana Dr. Hassan Presidential Candidate for the 2016 was mended the Akufo Addo government for Ayariga, is solely funding the construction of a multi-purpose hospidisqualified without concrete reasons by its anti-corruption initiative he is of the tal at Haatso in Accra to support the country’s health care and also a view that the appointment of the Special the Electoral Commission of Ghana. demonstration of his party’s vision and commitment towards free Prosecutor was flawed because as stated Afrikan Post On May 9, 2018, had an health care for the country. The 200 million dollar project would interaction with the businessman-turned- in his 2016 manifesto he would have pre- provide facilities to cater for ordinary people as well as make it pospolitician in Virginia, USA to discuss his ferred an Independent Special Prosecutor sible for high profile personalities who travel abroad for medical rather than a special prosecutor working political career and he used that as an treatment to find it worth using local services. under the attorney general. As much as opportunity to lay out his strong vision for Ghana if he gets the chance of being he has a lot of respect for the President Please read more about Dr. Hassan Ayariga’s and his All Peoples and Hon. Martin Amidu he feels the speelected as president. Congress (APC) manifesto on He is also availcial prosecutor has served as the attorney Dr. Hassan was invited to the United able on facebook as Hassan Ayariga general in the previous administration States as the Keynote Speaker at the and should not have demoted himself to 2018 Atlanta Damba Festival where he take up a position under the attorney genimpressed the crowd with an optimistic eral’s office. Moreover, the government and inspiring message. should not have appointed a card bearing member of any political party. After the event in Atlanta, Dr. Ayariga Dr. Ayariga voiced his displeasure at the who is currently in the United States with his entire family found time to grant fact that former Ministers of State took an interview with George Kwasi Bright double salaries as members of Parliament of the Afrikan Post to throw light on his whilst serving as ministers of state. He does not see the action taken by the govthoughts on Governance in Ghana. ernment as witch hunting and feels the Dr. Ayariga confirmed that he was nurlaw must be allowed to take its course on tured as a Nkrumaist by virtue of his this issue. father Hon. Frank Abdulai Ayariga, being a member of parliament for the The APC presidential candidate Bawku Constituency during the third republic administration of Hilla Limann. confirmed his strong come back in the

It Is Personal

and even cause our demise. At such times, we should recall that because we have clearly and consciously chosen to serve God, though we have been promised righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17) and all that God has to offer to us here and beyond, we have nevertheless enlisted ourselves in an army, and there are ongoing battles and wars in which we partake on the spiritual level which can obviously result in injuries and casualties. We must acknowledge and accept this, for it is a spiritual truth from which we cannot escape. Take for instance the story of Queen Esther. In The Book of Esther, the queen’s cousin Mordecai was personally being pursued by his enemy Haman, because the proud Haman was angry that Mordecai wouldn’t bow down to Dr. Miriam C. Gyimah him as did everyone. Mordecai understood that he was only to bow to God and not to any man or idol. As a result, ver wonder why some things happen to you? Do you search Haman hated him, and conceived in his heart a means to and find no clear answers to questions about your personal kill not only him but all the Jews of the kingdom as well. adversities? There is an answer. It is because of who you The plot was personally designed against Mordecai, but he are. It is because as a child of God, you are special; you are “the knew what to do. He enlisted the help of Esther and apple of His eye” (Zechariah 2:8); you have been made a “peculiar although Esther knew that standing up for Mordecai and person” (1st Peter 2:9) and as a result, someone, something, desires the Hebrew people could mean certain death to her, she that very special thing in and about you. And they will come in took up the challenge and proclaimed a three-day fast for their full strength to separate you from it and even usurp your her people. In the end, it was neither Mordecai nor the place. Are you going to cower in the fetal position somewhere in a Hebrew people who were killed, but the gallows that corner and relinquish your rights, joy and peace for that someone Haman had fashioned intending to trap Mordecai were the or are you going to stand to assert yourself and strength knowing very gallows that sealed his fate; Haman was executed! who you are in the Lord? When you are a faithful child of God, your enemies in the It is obvious that all people will experience adversities spiritual and even the natural realm will become jealous and challenges. That is a clear and undeniable truth of life conand hateful wanting to see you disgraced and destroyed. firmed time after time. Perhaps for an entire year, your nation’s But your response to the trials they precipitate and your rainy season will be so overwhelming that it will begin too early, unwavering belief and faithfulness to God in this time of rain too much and end well after its usual time, leaving your crops pain and anguish will ensure that they will be the ones to in ruins, unsalvageable. Or perhaps, the dry season also will come be made ashamed. What they had wished on you will too early, stay well after its welcome and leave your land parched rather befall them. and unquenchable. The world’s economy could fall drastically and Let’s confirm the above with another incident in Daniel we will all feel the pinch in job loss and inflation. Such things chapter six which has the same end. Daniel, a Hebrew happen not only to you, but to everyone and we will all suffer leader in Persia was hated and envied. Daniel was hated along with each other. because not only did he excel at his work and was favored Then there are those times when something will happen by King Darius, but also because he faithfully prayed to only to you. Sometimes, such occurrences are simply the natural and worshiped his God and not the gods of the land. As a order of life, but then at certain times, they are directed at you and result, venom filled the hearts of the other leaders so much you alone. All we know is that moments before, we were walking so that they plotted to compromise him where he would on solid ground and then in the next moment, we have fallen into a eventually be killed. His enemies connived to have an irrepit, desperately looking up, frantically calling for help. The adverversible edict written and approved by the king that for 30 sity could be financial, where all was well and now as a result of days, only the king should be prayed to and that anyone job loss you become virtually homeless. It can be an unhappy and found praying to any god or man should be put to death. unstable home life, serious health problems, or even the sudden See, the fact is that your enemies watch and study you. death of a loved one. The fact is that once upon a time, you were They come to learn about you so that they can place obstahappily serving and worshiping your God, obeying His word and cles in your way to cause you to trip and fall. Their conenjoying the blessings, but in the next moment, everything changed stant intention is to see you knocked off your pedestal, the as if the ground you were walking on was quaking, threatening to very pedestal with which God has so graciously endowed come apart and swallow you. Don’t fret. It is personal. you. The schemers in this case knew that Daniel was faithAccording to God’s word, our personal trials and tribulations ful to his God and that despite the decree, he would pray and even eventual demise can be warranted by our own disobediand thus, their innermost desire would be realized when ence as in the case of Jonah, who intentionally disobeying God’s Daniel is put to death. Daniel wasn’t fooled. It was perdirections, was swallowed by a whale that God Himself had sonal, but he knew in whom he had believed. He also assigned to swallow him. Jonah remained in the whale for three knew that come what may, he would rather obey his God days repenting and praying until God released him. Let’s also than men. So unafraid and unashamed, Daniel continued to recall Samson, who after disobeying by mingling with people God pray three times a day by his open windows. He was had forbidden the Israelites to consort with, yielded to the seducseized and thrown into the lions’ den to be demolished. tress power of Jezebel and found himself without his hair and But when morning came, Daniel was still alive as God had strength. Samson met his demise with his enemies because he had shut the lions’ mouths so that they could not devour Daniel. sinned by doing his own thing. If you are undergoing adversities, Rather, those who conspired and developed the decree solesearch to see if you have erred in some way and quickly make ly to entrap Daniel were the ones who, along with their amends with God and whomever else, to bring an end to your wives and children, were thrown into the lions’ den and affliction. destroyed. However, many times in our Christian journey the attacks in our It is personal when an entire edict has been establives are not warranted. We have done absolutely nothing to lished simply because of one person. It is personal when deserve those severe hardships. In fact, we have rather been faith- your enemies search and plot to determine how they might ful in our roles as children of God. This is when we should discern bring about pain and misery to your life. Would they be that it is a personal attack brought by our enemies to undermine successful with their gossiping, backbiting and shunning?


May 2018



Will that be the way they will cause you to become discouraged and stop doing what you have been doing for God? Are you going to stop leading the praise and worship team or quit the choir? Are you going to step down from that post to which you were elected or appointed on your job or at church? Are you going to stop attending church service or quit the church altogether? What is going to be your response to the attacks and machinations made against you? Are you going to accuse the Lord of being unfaithful to you because the loss of a good job and good health are now your woes or are you going to stand firm and fight these battles knowing who you are in God and acknowledging the manipulations of the enemy? Finally, let’s consider another individual who was perfect in every way even according to God Himself, but was faced with unbelievable tragedy, simply because of another’s resentment. In the Book of Job, Job of Uz, the greatest man of the East in those times, was blessed beyond measure, because he was upright and faithful to God. But of course, Satan himself could not leave that alone. He was jealous, because while he was homeless roaming back and forth on Earth, Job had real estate properties, innumerable livestock and blessed with ten children. Job also had the respect of his community. Consequently, Satan challenges God that Job is only faithful because of the blessings that God has granted him, not because he loves God. God allows Satan, Job’s enemy, to have his way with his wealth and all his blessings. He does and Job loses everything, even his children in one day. But Job only prostrated himself and worshiped God, accepting God’s supremacy. Dissatisfied with Job’s response, Satan goes back to God and asks to attack Job’s health. God grants the permission, trusting that Job will never cease to love and worship Him. Job’s body is attacked with painful boils from his head to the soles of his feet, but he remained faithful in his worship and never cursed God. In the end, the Lord rewarded Job for his faithfulness by not only healing his body, but by also blessing him with twice as much as he had before. Additionally, God blessed him with ten more children, the very number of children he had previously, and lastly, he was blessed with long life, where he lived until 140yrs. Was the attack on Job personal? No doubt. Was it intended to undermine and discredit him? Absolutely. Did Job stop worshiping God and did he curse Him? No. While Job was not privy to what had transpired between God and Satan, Job knew his God and understood that both blessings and curses can come from His hands. Believing that he had been faithful to God, that he had not brought those curses unto himself, he stayed true to his Lord. What is your response when such things happen to you? What challenge or trial are you facing? Have you determined its roots? Was it brought about by your disobedience to God or can you identify it as a personal attack to test you? What are you doing about it? What will you do about it? Are you going to fight by praying and fasting as Esther, Mordecai and the Hebrews did in order to claim your victory over the situation? Are you going to obey your God and continue to pray and call upon his name as did Daniel? Or are you going to continue to worship and continue your faithful relationship with Him as did Job, knowing that your God is faithful and supreme and that despite your afflictions, He is worthy to be worshiped and praised? When such attacks come, know that they are personal, but know even more that this is when it is time to fight and shame your enemies and claim what is yours. Don’t allow the jealous ones to triumph over you. Don’t let Satan and his demonic and human agents to harass and have their way with you. There is something special about you that they desire. There is something wonderful about you that they want to destroy. Are you going to let them? Fight them all the way until it is over, knowing that God fights alongside you.

A Woman’s Role In African Society

May 2018


Africa’s 10 Iconic Women Leaders


Take a look at 10 iconic women in African history (not in order of importance)

1. Taytu Betul- Queen and Empress (Ethiopia)

Betul is praised for her role as a shrewd political leader who was instrumental in ousting Italian imperialists. She and her husband (Emperor Menelik II) were key figures in the Battle of Adwa (1896), between Ethiopian and Italian forces, which her nation won. Taytu Betul was an influential political leader.

2. Huda Shaarawi – Feminist leader and nationalist (Egypt)

Shaarawi spoke up for women issues and participated in Egypt’s nationalist struggle. She established the Egyptian Feminist Union (1923), and was the founding president of the Arab Feminist Union – to name a few of her achievements.

3. Women soldiers of Dahomey – Military leaders (Benin)

Traditionally, a woman’s place has been inferior to that of the average man, but what place should women have in society? Whatever is considered most valuable in society is placed under the direction of men; whatever is considered less valuable is given to women to care for – even when people ostensible know better.

The culture of women, especially higher education, was of greatest concern from 1880 to 1900, even though the issue nearly dropped from view by the turn of the century. Although there were a few sprinkled comments in favor of identical education from males and females, most commentary took one of two approaches. The first supported education for women within their sphere. Women should be taught to be “teachers to their children” and better housekeepers and they should receive “some careful instruction regarding the beauty of girlhood as shown by modesty, by unselfishness, by unostentatious care for others.”

[In 1917], an article in the King’s Business said that even though women were superior to men intellectually, morally, and spiritually, “her divinely appointed position is that of subordination and it is her ruin to fight against that which God … had ordained for her.” Women were warned that “man does not suffer as much as woman does when she gets out of place.” Many people in modern America complain that motherhood and raising children have been devalued by the feminist movement and the efforts to get women into the workplace. These same people, however, are the religious conservatives who have throughout America’s history been responsible for the actual devaluing of women’s contributions to society.

Motherhood and raising children haven’t been devalued because of feminism and women working in the corporate world; instead, they have been devalued precisely because they are seen as “women’s work” and unsuitable for men. Women who work as CEOs are unembarrassed by this fact; there continues to be some embarrassment, however, on the part of men who life as “house husbands.” Is this because of feminism? Of course not.

The same is true in the many professions traditionally filled by women. Men who worked as nurses struggled for a long time against prejudice and discrimination — not so much by female nurses, but by other men who looked down upon male nurses precisely because nursing was considered a profession for women and, hence, of little value.

Religious conservatives say that they value mothers and motherhood, but their actions over the past couple of centuries speaks much more loudly. Greater valuation of occupations like raising a family won’t be achieved by stopping feminism and taking women out of the regular workforce. It will be achieved only when women’s contributions to society, whatever form they take, are valued as much as men’s contributions. That, however, won’t happen until women are valued as much as men.

The admired but feared warriors of Dahomey Kingdom were also known as the “Dahomey Amazons” in the 18th century. They contributed to the kingdom’s military power, and were respected for being brave and never running away from danger.

4. Gisèle Rabesahala -Malagasy politician (Madagascar)

Rabesahala was the first Malagasy woman to be elected as a municipal councillor (1956), political party leader (1958), and to be appointed minister (1977). The lauded leader also founded Imongo Vaovao newspaper, and is best known for dedicating her life to Madagascar’s independence, and advocating for human rights.

5. Wangari Maathai -Environmental activist (Kenya)

The Nobel Peace Prize winner (2004) founded the well respected Green Belt Movement in 1977, which advocates for people to plant trees to fight environmental degradation. She is also known for championing human rights.

6. Miriam Makeba – Musician and apartheid activist (South Africa)

The Grammy award winner openly opposed South Africa’s apartheid regime, and lost her citizenship because of she was an activist. “Mama Africa” introduced the world to South African music, and political struggles. Listen to Pata Pata here.

7. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf – Africa’s first woman president (Liberia)

The Harvard educated leader made history by becoming Africa’s first female president in 2006. The leader shared her 2011 Nobel Peace Prize with Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, and Yemeni journalist Tawakkol Karman for “their non violent struggle for the safety of women, and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.” (Nobel Peace Prize)

8. Yaa Asantewaa – Queen mother of the Edweso tribe (Ghana)

The Queen mother ‘Edwesohemaa’ led an army of thousands during the Yaa Asantewaa War for Independence, against the British colonial forces in 1900. The following year the British drove her into exile, and she spent two decades in Seychelles until her death in 1921.

9. Nzinga Mbandi- Queen of Ndongo and Matamba (Angola)

Mbandi is described as a “deft diplomat, skilful negotiator and formidable tactician,” according to UNESCO. Nzinga encouraged her people to resist Portugal’s colonial influences, and even worked with the Dutch to drive the colonisers out. The queen resisted colonisation right until her death in 1663. 10. Cesária Évora – Musician (Cape Verde)

The complaints of religious conservatives about feminism not only don’t serve to achieve that goal, but in fact hinder it — just as religious conservatives have been hindering women, their education, and their rights for millennia. Changes have been a long time in coming and we still have a long way to go

The Grammy award winning singer is known for appearing on stage with her bare feet in support of Cape Verde’s homeless, poor women and children. She sang in a style of music called “morna“, which combines West African percussion with Portuguese “fado“, Brazilian modinha and British sea shanties.

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Odomankoma Nana

Tune in to Highlife Radio Every Saturday at 4pm for a Special Program by Odomankoma Nana . Veteran Radio Presenter and Master of Ceremonies. To Book the Eloquent Odomankoma to be your MC at any event call 703 725 6968



Inspiring: Senegalese Teacher Creates Software to Simplify Mathematics

He is called Michel Seck, the 25-year-old teacher who has just created a software program that simplifies mathematics. This academic who teaches mathematics at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar has eased the understanding of mathematics among learners.

The software he has just made available to learners and even his fellow mathematicians includes the following specialties: coding, cryptology, algebra and applications. More specifically, it is a simulation and calculation software that decomplexes the teaching of mathematics. The young doctoral student in mathematics called this software SimulaMath.

Analysis, linear algebra, number theory, 2D and 3D graphs, probability, statistics, arithmetic networks, error correction codes … the advanced calculator of this software covers almost all domains. It is tailor-made for high school students and higher education students.

Michel Seck insists that the Simulamath software is free and ensures that it will remain so. An invention that deserves to be congratulated and encouraged with regard to its contribution to the understanding of mathematical exercises.

To Reduce Teenage Pregnancy, Kenyan Government Bans Night Prayers The Kenyan government has banned evening prayers popularly known as “kesha” in Narok County.

Narok County Commissioner, George Natembeya, made the directive following rising statistics of early pregnancies among school going teenagers in the county.

The county commissioner was speaking at an affirmative action campaign during which bursary cheques were issued to students from various institutions. Early last month, 17 girls from Suswa Girls Secondary School in Narok County were found to be pregnant.

May 2018


Vodacom Becomes First African Mobile Network To Exceed 80% Population Coverage On 4G

Vodacom now provides 80.12 per cent 4G coverage in South Africa, with 99.78 per cent of the population covered by 3G and 99.97 per cent covered by 2G.

The accelerated rural coverage programme, outlined by Vodacom in June last year, has been a significant contributor to providing South Africans with the widest coverage.

Some of the rural areas which now have access to 4G coverage, to name a few, include Sterkfontein in Limpopo, Brandfort in the Free State and Sundays River Valley in the Eastern Cape. Ulundi in KwaZulu Natal now enjoys the same 4G signal as Vodacom subscribers who live in the heart of Johannesburg.

Vodacom has invested R39.69 billion in its network in South Africa over the past five years. Vodacom Chief Technology Officer Andries Delport says: “Despite the ongoing spectrum constraints, Vodacom now provides over 80% 4G coverage in South Africa. Our aim is to expand our network coverage to all parts of the country, including remote rural areas. Access to new, sub 1GHz spectrum will enable the more cost effective rollout of 4G, which will help Vodacom increase broadband coverage to more South Africans.”

4G connectivity has intrinsic advantages over 3G and 2G, providing users with faster and more reliable internet access for devices and laptops. 4G offers numerous benefits for South African SMEs, with speeds that are up to three times faster than 3G and reduced network latency.


Meet fast-rising Ghanaian-American MC and host Ellis Wynston-Boye



May 2018

Ellis Wynston-Boye has been in the spotlight recently as one of the finest and most active Masters of Ceremonies (MC) in the Washington DC metro area, hosting and officiating events within the Ghanaian and African communities and delighting audiences and guests with his humanity no matter the occasion.

“My brand is always working hard to secure the interest of my clients, when I walk out there with the microphone in my hand the most important thing in my heart is my client, to make sure the purpose for which they contracted me is fulfilled,” MC Ellis tells

MC Ellis feels that a good Master of Ceremonies must nurture certain vital elements of their trade, of which include: preparedness, self-confidence, and the ability to go with the flow while keeping an eye out for the audience. “Try not to get carried away too in the process,” he advised, going on to say: “just be as naturally flowing as possible.”

“I always find a way to animate my audiences, whether at private occasions or public events by making sure I totally understand their needs and by also getting a little history of their events to properly arm myself as their MC or host. One reason I also think people keep requesting my service is that I have been blessed with the skill to create laughter, hence my motto: ‘You don’t know what a good laugh is until you’ve met MC Ellis,'” said MC Ellis.

Ellis Wynston-Boye under the microscope Not all events require laughter though, funerals are an example. Over here Ellis noted that as an MC you must find an intimate way to light up the mood of your audience very gently and respectfully because after all, it is a somber moment.

As a young MC, he prides above anything else to create the best of memories that families can enjoy for a lifetime bearing in mind the fact that he has between 30 to 90 minutes or however long he is contracted for to make this happen, this is because every event is special to him, when he walks into one, he wants to leave it with something special too.

“Growing up in Ghana I was taught to attach excellence to everything I do, this has formed the core of my business is integrity — excellence and perfection,” explained MC Ellis, who feels despite his quest for perfection it was important to have deep respect for the occasion and client and know when not to burst onto the scene with elements that do not fit in as that will be most unprofessional.

150 events and still counting Over the years MC Ellis has done over 150 events from acting as the ‘Otseame’ (linguist) at traditional engagements to all kinds of showers or church events hosting, parties, wedding receptions, funeral and memorial officiating, and exclusive private events.

Fluent in the Ghanaian languages of Fante, Ga, and Akan — the multilingual MC loves “connecting with people on an emotional level to help them feel better, with God’s help I enjoy doing that often as I know this is my calling, my dream is to take this global.”

Watch out for MC Ellis Wynston-Boye at an event in Ghana, the United States, or visit to contract him. He’s also on Facebook and Instagram as shorthandsomeboy.

Written by Oral Ofori

MC Ellis (middle) in photo with clients while hosting an event



For The Good Of Their People, These 5 African Presidents Are Known To Have Slashed Their Salaries




George Weah, the Liberia’s newly sworn-in president is taking a 25% pay cut to his salary and benefits. He explained in a statewide address on Monday that, “in view of the very rapidly deteriorating situation of the economy, I am informing you today, with immediate effect, that I will reduce my salary and benefits by 25%”. He is diverting the funds from his salary to a development fund. “Our economy is broken; our government is broke. Our currency is in free fall; inflation is rising,” Weah said. “Unemployment is at an unprecedented high and our foreign reserves are at an all-time low,” Weah continued.

The President of Liberia earns about $100,000 yearly, meaning Weah will relinquish about $25,000. But Weah is not the first African president to take an axe to his pockets in the name of public service.

Here are 5 others who did so before him.

Joyce Banda

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Malawi’s ex-president Joyce Banda pledged to give up half his salary – also declared a 30% pay cut in 2012, and property – in 2014 when the counin what she said was meant to “lead try’s economy retracted after the from the front” following an austerity upheaval of the Arab Spring. measure during the country’s battered “There must be real sacrifices from economy. every Egyptian man and woman. I take the maximum salary of 42,000 Her salary at the time was about Egyptian pounds ($5,200 a month, or $60,000 a year, a figure she said was $62,000 annually at current rates) and already “very low”. no one will take more than the maximum. I am going to do two things: I Her successor, Peter Mutharika, revert- am not going to take half of this sum ed to a normal pay last year. and my property, even what I inherited from my father, I will give up half for the sake of our country,” Sisi declared.

Uhuru Kenyatta

Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta announced a 20% pay trim to his salary in 2014 in a public showdown to address the government’s ballooned public sector wage bill. He cut his minister’s salaries by 10% and urged all MPs to take a pay cut as well.

“We need to deal with this monster if we are to develop this nation otherwise sooner or later we will become a nation that only collects taxes to pay ourselves,” President Kenyatta said. Kenya’s politicians are among the highest paid on the continent. The president receives a $14,000-amonth basic salary ($168,000 annually), now $11,000 effective the pay cut


John Magufuli

Tanzanian president John Magufuli announced last year that he slashed his monthly salary to $4,000 a month in an effort to tackle state expenditure.

Fondly nicknamed “the Bulldozer”, Reuters reports that he is one of the lowest paid African heads of state. He has similarly cut the salaries of other public officials and civil servants.

Muhammadu Buhari

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari, took a 50% pay cut when he assumed office in 2015.

The former military ruler is known to be especially austere, having little personal wealth. The presidential salary in Nigeria is about $70,000, including allowances.


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If the vehicle is not right,and the money is not agreeable,I don’t expect you to do business at my dealership.Fair enough?All cars are new for a minute.A BMW is BMW for life

Afrikan Post

May 2018



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Congratulations from Afrikan Post

Congratulations to Ms. Amy Anson for graduating With a PhD. in Education from George Mason University

5 Out of 6 Black Phd’s graduating from George Mason University were Africans

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Nkrumah of Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church Completed His PhD


May 2018



May 2018



CEO Summit Highlights Small Business in Africa; Spotlight on Mozambique and Botswana



May 2018

Page 24

The Moroccan American Network hosted its Third CEO Summit focusing on small business opportunities from the U.S. to Africa, on May 10, 2018, at the historical National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Entitled “Shaping the Future of Africa: Challenges and Prospects,” CEO Summit 3 presented panel discussions and facilitated the exchange of ideas focusing on growing small business and investment opportunities on the continent of Africa.

The Network was honored to have U.S. Congressman Don S. Beyer, Jr. (DVA) and the Honorable Robert White, Councilman-at-Large for the D.C. government as special guest speakers, along with His Excellency Carlos Dos Santos, Ambassador to the U.S. from the Republic of Mozambique, and His Excellency, David Newman, Ambassador from Botswana, as Guests of Honor. The conference was attended by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the U.S. Black Chamber of Commerce, think tank experts, academics, and business leaders.

The main objective of the CEO Summit 3 is to share ideas and highlight the resources that are available to help small businesses succeed both in the U.S., through the GSA and SBA, as well as in Africa, and to focus on international business opportunities.

“The summit is designed especially to expand opportunities for conducting business in Africa,” according to Mohamed El Hajjam, CEO of AV Actions Inc. and President of the Moroccan American Network. “Specifically, we want to highlight opportunities for greater collaboration and exchange of ideas, promoting foreign investment and economic growth,” he said. “We will be engaging in dialogue and exchange of ideas for macro-opportunities, such as investments, as well as micro-opportunities, in areas such as infrastructure and health, and creating an environment where business leaders can meet other business leaders.”

Ambassador of Mozambique officially presenting the Mozambique flag to The National Press Club

“The summit also highlighted women’s economic empowerment in Africa,” said American attorney and MAN General Counsel Elisabeth Myers. “Leila Ndiaye, the newly appointed Executive Director of the Initiative for Global Development, will be featured on our Africa panel.”

The Moroccan American Network is a network of individuals dedicated to creating opportunities for small business. “Through our business, media, and cultural events, we expand business networks,” said El Hajjam. “The CEO Summit is an excellent opportunity to meet others who face the same challenges and to learn from the know-how of successful business people and experts in the field.”

Ambassador's of Botswana and Mozambique

The conference was presented by the Moroccan American Network, and sponsored by AV Actions Inc., Sanitas International, and Myers Energy International.

Former President National Press Club addressing participants on Journalism and receiving Mozambique flag

Moroccan American Network is a network of senior individuals dedicated to creating opportunities for small business in the US, Morocco, and Africa. Through dialogue, forums, and events, the Network serves as a platform to educate the American public, U.S. media, and U.S. government officials about business and investment opportunities, as well as the history and culture of North Africa, and to connect the Moroccan, American, Moroccan-American, African-American, and African small business and media communities.

The Network sponsors delegation visits and exchange trips between the U.S. and Morocco and engages in partnerships, including memoranda of understanding, solidifying relationships among sister cities, universities, and think tanks. Our team consists principally of American and Moroccan-American advocates and lobbyists, lawyers, journalists, media and PR professionals and filmmakers, and think tank experts with 100+ combined years of experience on Capitol Hill and in international lobbying, national and local media, law and diplomacy, think tanks, and cutting-edge technology. Source:

Mamadou Samba, Director of the Mayor's Office of African Affairs (MOAA). addressing participants

Pictures : Courtesy of Abdul Rasheed Abubakar-Center Africa Broadcasting Network

President Paul Kagame Closes Down 6000 Churches, All Pastors Required to Hold Degree in Theology Before they Can Practice

4A f r i k a n

May 2018


Page 25

Kagame said Rwanda doesn’t need so many houses of worship, claiming that such a high number is only fit for bigger, more developed economies that have the means to sustain them. The closings are bringing mixed reactions in Rwanda, where human rights groups have long accused Kagame’s government of clamping down on freedom of expression, which the president has denied. Six Pentecostal pastors who protested the church closures were arrested and accused of “illegal meetings with bad intentions,” and since then other critics have refused to discuss the issue with The Associated Press.

While Rwanda’s government describes the closures as tackling churches that have failed to comply with building safety standards, it is taking other steps to oversee the religious community in the largely Christian nation of 12 million people.

Legislation Proposed legislation aims to regulate faith-based organisations separately from civil society organizations, said Alexis Nkurunziza, president of the private Rwanda Religious Leaders Forum. Suggestions from religious leaders soon will be forwarded to the Rwanda Law Reform Commission for scrutiny and later to parliament, he said. The legislation is expected to be passed as the ruling party holds a majority of parliamentary seats.

The new legislation would require pastors to have a theology degree before they start their own churches so that they teach correct doctrine, said those familiar with the discussions. The aim is to regulate the Pentecostal churches that often spring up under leaders who claim to have received a call to preach. Not everyone, however, has the money for such a degree, some observers have said.

The majority of churches that have been closed are said to be small Pentecostal prayer houses, with some preachers suspected of growing rich off often impoverished followers. Some churches meet in tents or houses that cannot accommodate crowds and noise pollution from nighttime gatherings is a concern, authorities said.

The President of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame issued a statement saying he has officially closed down 6000 churches in Rwanda saying they were playing with the faith of Rwandan citizens and also put up a new requirement of procuring a theology degree before given license to open up a church in Rwanda.

While at the National Leadership retreat in Gabiro, Rwanda, in March Kagame expressed his concerns on the rising number of churches in Rwanda and asked if they were boreholes or wells that gave people water and also said they didn’t even tally with the number of factories in the country.

Paul Kagame who is known for his strict hand also cited security concerns when closing up these religious institutions.

The Rwanda Governance Board said the move was also meant to tighten rules on registration and functioning of churches in Rwanda and also reduce on the creeping cases of fraud as many religious leaders were reaping off impoverished followers.

Anastase Shyaka, head of Rwanda Governance Board also said installation of a lighting rod would be one of the requirements for new churches after a lighting strike killed 16 worshipers and injured 140 at a Seventh Day Adventist Church in March.

Some Rwandese supported the move saying some religious leaders are motivated by greed and start churches to defraud followers.

Government of Rwanda said it respects freedom of worship but protecting people’s lives was first priority.

How it Started Earlier this month, the president of the East African nation, Rwanda announced he has closed thousands of churches and dozens of mosques as it seeks to assert more control over a vibrant religious community whose sometimes makeshift operations, authorities say, have threatened the lives of followers. President Paul Kagame has said he was shocked by the high number of churches in this small East African country. “700 churches in Kigali?” he said of houses of worship in the nation’s capital in March. “Are these boreholes (deep wells) that give people water? I don’t think we have as many boreholes. Do we even have as many factories? This has been a mess!”

His Beliefs

“The prayer houses were found in such poor physical conditions, and we are not targeting any religion,” Anastase Shyaka, the head of the Rwanda Governance Board that regulates faithbased organizations, told the AP. “We are closing prayer houses of all different denominations and asking them to meet existing health and safety standards for their followers.”

Local media in the capital have reported that over 6 000 churches have been closed so far across the country, but Shaka said the actual number was still being compiled.

Freedom of Worship Rwanda’s government respects freedom of worship but protecting lives of people comes first, he said, adding that churches which meet the required safety standards will be reopened.

One new requirement for churches is the installation of a lightning rod, after a lightning strike in March killed 16 worshippers and injured 140 at a Seventh-Day Adventist church in the country’s south.

Mosques across Rwanda also have been affected. About 100 have been closed, the leader of the country’s Muslim community, Mufti Sheikh Salim Hitimana, told AP.

“We are now trying to fix what the government told us to do,” he said.

Some evangelical leaders said they support Rwanda’s crackdown, saying that protecting the lives of churchgoers is important and having qualified, trained leaders is necessary.

“Government efforts to have churches build better structures are welcome to all of us,” said Esron Maniragaba, president of the Evangelical Free Church of Rwanda and a leader with the Evangelical Alliance of Rwanda.

Some Rwandans said the government should supervise churches and take action against exploitative pastors.

“Some pastors are motivated by greed and start churches to defraud their followers,” said Charles Murinzi, who attends an Anglican church in the capital.,,




May 2018

8 High Paying Salary Jobs That Are in Demand in Africa

Have you ever wondered which are the highest paying jobs in Africa? We all want to experience steady career growth; as a result, we’re always on the lookout for better job opportunities. Thanks to growing economies and the improving political situation in many African countries, Africa now has plenty of job opportunities to explore. Different countries have their own main economic activities, which largely determines what kinds of job opportunities are available locally. The entry of large multinational companies into Africa has further opened up a competitive job market that is constantly in search of top talent from across the continent, as well as across the globe.

If you’re searching for paying jobs in Africa, it’s always important to carry out adequate research and find information that can guide you to make an informed decision. Migrating to another African country in search of better paying jobs should always begin by finding out a country’s economic and political stability. Remember: without a good economic and political landscape, there may be no lucrative opportunities to attract foreign professionals.

Some of the key factors to consider when moving for better job opportunities include: security, cost of living, economic growth and inflation, ease of accessing work permits or visas, job promotion prospects, employment income taxation regime, and remuneration benefits among others. Before beginning to make applications or accepting a job offer from a foreign country, you need to have factual information to better assess the suitability of a job.

So, are you planning for your next big career move and wish to know where you can find the highest paying jobs in Africa?

Below are some of the best destinations to consider if you’re looking for high paying jobs in Africa.

Zambia Zambia is an attractive destination for professionals looking for a place to find well-paying jobs. This country – famous for its rugged, breathtaking scenery and rich, diverse wildlife – is a gold mine for professionals. According to statistics from the World Bank, Zambia witnessed rapid economic growth between 2000 and 2014, with an annual average growth of 7.3%. In the same period, the GDP per Capita went up by 4.3%. Unfortunately, Zambia has experienced political instability that has adversely affected economic growth.

Despite the economic slowdown, the average net monthly salary in Zambia is $1,482. Compared to other African countries, the net salary is lucrative, especially if you search for jobs that compensate well. Some of the top careers that pay well in Zambia include: office administration at $1,925, banking and finance at $1,350, healthcare at $1,310, non-governmental organizations at $1,250, and agriculture at $1,100. Other sectors that pay decent salaries are teaching, tourism, copper mining, and engineering.

The cost of living in Zambia is relatively low compared to many African countries. Lusaka is Zambia’s capital and business hub, so most job opportunities and expatriates reside in Lusaka. Zambia has vibrant financial and banking sectors, large telecommunication giants, and mining corporations. Other towns with a large number of foreign workers include Livingstone, which is the country’s main tourism hub; it is located close to the Victoria Falls and Zambezi River. As always, salaries are paid according to an individual’s cumulative professional experience, industry, and job grade/level.

South Africa South Africa has one of the strongest economies on the African continent, so it is a major hub for professionals looking to


Mauritius Mauritius is a tiny Indian Ocean island; however, it is popular around the continent and globe for its good governance and robust economy. Mauritius is undoubtedly one of the continent’s most competitive economies, and has continued to experience steady averages South Africa’s net salary at $1,270 per and consistent growth patterns. The country is month. Most of the highest paid professionals in the country include lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, software engineers, archi- famously known for its magnificent beaches, vast tects, and petroleum controllers. As usual, what you earn depends solely sugarcane fields, as well as diverse flora and fauna. on your profession; however, the biggest challenge is getting the job, as In recent times, Mauritius has continuously made well as getting the required legal permits to work in South Africa. Even strides in diversifying its economic activities. though the country has numerous cities, most of the jobs are concentratUnlike a couple of African countries that have ed in the large cities of Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and undergone political turmoil, Mauritius has enjoyed Durban. political stability. The island is a hub for various key With air traffic controllers earning about $3,500 per month, the aviation sectors such as tourism, economic processing zones, and financial services. Recent economic gains have industry is one of the country’s most lucrative job sectors. Computer seen Mauritius bypass South Africa to become and information managers take home approximately $3,600, while petroleum engineers earn $3,500 per month. Other careers that pay well Africa’s most vibrant and competitive economy. in South Africa are lawyers, earning $4,000, as well as pilots and flight According to a World Bank Report, Mauritius is the engineers who are paid $4,300 per month. It’s worth mentioning that while the stated salary figures mostly apply to mid-career professionals, best country in Africa for doing business. Despite recent economic recession, the Mauritian economy top executives also earn up to $20,000 depending on the industry. remained resilient, and even posted annual growth rates exceeding 3%. Because of its impressive ecoMost professionals working in South Africa enjoy attractive benefits nomic and political system, this island is a haven for that substantially increase their net salaries. According the latest numprofessionals looking for well-paying jobs in Africa. statistics, the average cost of living in South Africa is 44.44. Pretoria leads with an index of 47.32, followed by Johannesburg 45.51, Cape Town at 43.76, and Durban at 41.17. When looking for jobs in the Some of the best industries for jobs in Mauritius are the finance, manufacturing, business outsourcing, country, you should always take into consideration that the cost of living varies according to the city. Salary figures also depend on the level and tourism sectors. According to statistics from of experience, so it’s also important to keep this in mind when applying Salary Explorer, the average monthly net salary in Mauritius is $660. However, just like any other for a job in South Africa. country, the salary you earn depends on the sector in which you are employed, as well as your cumulative Namibia working experience. For the purposes of exports, Namibia’s economy relies heavily on extraction and processing of minerals. Namibia is among the world’s top 5 producers of uranium, and the country also has sufficient diamond According to statistics from the World Bank, the top deposits. Aside from mining, other key sectors of the economy include 3 sectors that contribute to GDP are finance, real livestock, farming, and fishing. Namibia’s economy thrives when world estate, and business services at 22.8%, manufacturcommodity prices flourish- especially in the mining sector. Proper regu- ing with 16.9%, and transport, storage, and communication services at 10.1%. The highest paid execulatory mechanisms, particularly sound economic policies, have helped to sustain Namibia’s economy. Despite global economic challenges, the tives of multinational companies, such as directors, country’s economic growth has averaged to around 5% in the last cou- earn $16,176. CFO’s earn between $3,676 and $4,000, HR managers earn approximately $3,600, IT ple of years. managers make around $3,500, and accountants receive about $1,936. Namibia has a fairly well developed economic landscape, which has ultimately generated plenty of job opportunities for both locals and Thanks to an attractive entrepreneurship environimmigrants. The average net salary in Namibia after taxation is $753 ment in Mauritius, the country is set to become one per month. One of the most lucrative industries that pays well in Namibia is the aviation industry. Aviation managers earn approximately of the world’s most successful economies and democracies. In addition, the island has strong insti$2,972 per month, while senior pilots and captains earn up to $6,700 tutions that work closely to ensure Mauritius has the per month. best foreign investment climate in Africa. A lot of professionals working in Mauritius have a good time Other lucrative careers in Namibia include those in the oil, gas, and mining industry, which pay professionals an average monthly salary of because the taxation regime is competitive. This means that you get to keep a good amount of your $3,700. Actuarial scientists earn $3,300, but senior professionals take income. home a higher pay perk. Financial and business analysts earn $3,000, medical professionals make $1,700, senior surgeons earn up to $3,715, If you’re considering a career move to Mauritius, it’s and software engineers earn approximately $4,500. definitely worth a try because the island has numerous multinational companies that offer positive Given the high number of multinational companies in Namibia, the perks offered for jobs, especially mid and senior level careers, meet the perks. Furthermore, various economic sectors are highly competitive, thus giving you an opportunity expectations of many professionals. The cost of living in Namibia is to better your career skills. high, and it even surpasses a majority of African countries. This means you need to be careful when negotiating for your salary so that you don’t spend your entire salary on expenses. If you are looking for your Tanzania next big career move in Africa, Namibia may just have the perfect job Tanzania is among the top 10 countries in Africa you’ve been looking for. with the best paying jobs. This East African country advance their careers. If you want a job that pays well and allows you to live comfortably, South Africa is definitely worth the try. Being the continent’s mining, industrial, and financial hub, there are numerous opportunities worth checking out.



8 High Paying Salary Jobs That Are in Demand in Africa


has enjoyed relative political stability that has enabled positive economic growth. As many other African countries are struggling to recover economically after civil wars and political turmoil, Tanzania has steered clear of both internal and external political conflicts. Tanzania has had a number of internal clashes over resource usage and sharing, but most of them were on a low scale and never resulted into violent conflicts.

According to World Bank report, Tanzania’s economy has witnessed impressive annual growth averaging between 67%. Tanzania’s economy grew rapidly in 2016, ranking it among the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Numbeo estimates that the average net salary in Tanzania after taxation is $321.

Findings from the Formal Sector Employment and Earnings Survey, published by the National Bureau of Statistics, indicate that insurance and financial services are the 1st and 2nd highest paying sectors, while the mining and quarrying industry comes in the 3rd position. According to the report, financial and insurance services employ the largest portion of employees at 27.8%, followed by mining at 5.9%.

If you’re keen to work in Tanzania, some of the careers that pay the highest salaries include: lawyers, medical doctors, chief executive officers, finance managers, NGO employees, pilots, financial analysts, and oil and gas engineers. According to salary statistics from Salary Explorer, the oil, gas, and mining industry possesses the highest paying career with an average salary of $979. It is followed by the health and medicine industry at $935. Other sectors that appear near the top of the list are executive management at $844, information technology at $677, and accounting and finance at $538.

The cost of living index in Tanzania’s capital of Dar es Salaam stands at 51.94. It is the third highest ranking capital in Africa, following Accra, Ghana and Harare, Zimbabwe. Rent is one of the most expensive expenses in Tanzania, so you need to apply for jobs carefully, and get a well-paying job that will allow you save more.


Ghana is known to be Africa’s democracy powerhouse, boasting of a well-established political and governance system that has been instrumental to the country’s economic growth. There is no doubt that Ghana is the envy of many African countries, considering the steps it has achieved towards boosting democracy. This West African nation has the highest GDP per Capita in the entire West Africa region, and is ranked among the top three countries in Africa to uphold freedom of speech and press freedom.

Ghana’s economic sector is vibrant as a result of the rich and diverse natural resources that have spurred economic growth. In 2011, Ghana was named the fastest growing economy in the world. The country’s economy is driven by both oil and non-oil sectors, such as manufacturing, automotive, and ship construction, exportation of digital technology goods, as well as exporting rich resources like industrial minerals and hydrocarbons.

Because of the vibrant economy, Ghana is a top destination for professionals looking for well-paying jobs in Africa. The average monthly net salary in Ghana is $320. According to, some of the lucrative sectors that pay professionals decently include the oil, gas, and mining sector $1937, the transport and courier sector at $2,051, the insur-


ance sector at $1823, the education and teaching sector with $1139, the project management sector at $1359, and the marketing industry at $911. Additionally, there are other sectors that pay desirable salaries if you have sufficient experience. These include information technology, human resources, and hospitality.

The cost of living index in Accra, Ghana’s capital, is 62.34, which places it in the first position on the continent. Rent is one of the highest expenses in Ghana, followed by foodstuff and groceries. There are obviously good opportunities for professionals looking to find high paying jobs in Africa. Ghana is a great country to live and work in; however, in order to make a wise decision, you need to do your research well and analyze the salary scales in accordance to the cost of living.

Most of Ghana’s jobs are located in the capital of Accra, as well as other key cities such as Kumasi and Sekondi-Takoradi. Ghana has a large number of multinational companies; therefore, many expatriates and immigrants work in various sectors of the economy.

Morocco Are you looking at Morocco for your next career move? This Northern African country has long been known to have a vibrant and stable economy. For this reason, Morocco is a great destination for expatriates looking for well-paying jobs in Africa. The country’s economy is diverse and market-oriented. Because it is located near Europe, it is also well supported and well developed. In the recent years, Morocco’s economy has experienced steady growth characterized by low inflation. However, the economic meltdown in Europe in 2012 adversely affected the country and triggered a slowdown.

Expats working in Morocco have numerous opportunities to serve in the country’s growing economy. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse in 2016 when the country suffered political instability. Threatened with civil strife, Morocco formed a grand coalition government that is currently working to make Morocco the industrial hub for both the Middle East and North Africa.

With a stabilizing economy, the GDP is expected to rise to 3.7%. The average net salary in Morocco is $420 per month, so if you happen to work in any of the top industries, you stand a good chance to earn a lucrative salary. Positive macroeconomic policies have ensured the country’s economy sustains a positive trend. According to Salary Explorer, some of the well-paying job sectors in Morocco include human resources with $5,325, manufacturing with $4,260, business and finance with $4,260, tourism and hospitality with $3,195, and banking with $2,702. estimates the cost of living index in Rabat, Morocco’s capital, at 42.62. In addition, the standards of living in Morocco vary depending on where you end up working. It is wise to find out the local standards of living in the city you want to find a job. In its African Competitiveness Report of 2014-2015, the World Economic Forum named Morocco the most competitive North African economy.

The Moroccan government has laid out numerous policies to woo foreigners into the country, and this has led to an increased number of multinational firms in major cities such as Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier. The establishment of free trade zones, in addition to the country’s strategic position, is poised to attract more direct foreign investments.

There are plenty of successful job opportunities around Africa. However, these 8 top countries are a good starting point if you want to see how much you’re likely to earn when landing a job in the continent. With more African economies growing, new countries are expected to join the list of African countries that have high paying jobs.

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Libya Many governments advise against all travel to Libya due to its current standing. As with all life transitions, we recommend that you do your research.

Libya is among the top African countries in which lucrative jobs can be found. Libya is also one of the world’s ten richest oil-producing countries. Being an oil-rich country, the economy is in good condition. Therefore, you can find plenty of career opportunities. After the death of Muammar Gaddafi, chaos ensued and plunged the country into political chaos. Even though efforts have been made to restore peace, Libya’s economy was affected.

Despite political challenges, Libya’s job market remains lucrative for many professionals seeking good career opportunities. According to statistics from Salary Explorer, the average net monthly salary in Libya is $1, 800. Some lucrative industries with the highest paying jobs include oil and mining, where a senior geologist can earn up to $7,300 per month.

Other top industries with well-paying careers are banking and finance – top executives take home an average of $6,700. In addition, health industry workers earn around $6,500, and engineering related careers earn approximately $4,400. From the salary scales, it is clear that professionals working in the oil, gas, and mining industries earn the highest salaries compared to those working in supporting roles.

Working in Libya is highly beneficial because the cost of living is relatively low. Key products that are needed on a daily basis, such as bread, water, petrol, and gas are highly subsidized. Aside from rent, many other items are also affordable. This means you get to incur fewer expenses and keep most of your money.

Because there are plenty of opportunities, you may have an easier time finding a good job in Libya if you have the right credentials. Numerous African governments have also made signed agreements with Libya in order to secure employment for their citizens. For instance, in 2017, the Ugandan government managed to secure employment for Ugandan medical professionals in Libya. Under the arrangement, 300 doctors, 600 nurses, and 600 laboratory professionals were to be absorbed into the Libyan job market.

Koby Maxwell's “African Lady” music video wins Indie Music award in Hollywood



US-based Ghanaian multiple artist Koby Maxwell has won the Best Special Video award of the 2018 Indie Music Channel Awards (IMCA) that was held in the United States (US), California, from April 21-22, 2018.

Released in 2017 and published on YouTube in March of that year by Koby Maxwell Productions, the music video has won acclaim among Ghanaians and Nigerians living in the Diaspora as well as Africans all over Koby Maxwell acknowledged, "Wizboyy, myself, our respective Music video of Koby Maxwell's song “African teams and all who pushed this video to this Lady”, on which he featured Wizboyy Ofuasia, award, are really grateful for the massive received the award at the 5th edition of the support. It only motivates us to do more IMCA at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood, and better soon." California, for Best Special Video costing over $5,000. Visit to find out more about Koby Maxwell and Award-winning composer and pianist Danaë his work, also check out the award-winning Xanthe Vlasse of Winnetka in California won music video on Koby's YouTube via this Best Special Video award in that cost under link: $5,000 for her work titled "Swansong". Indie Music Channel, organizers of the IMCA was WknGAgo created by Christopher Ewing who is an Emmy Award-winning TV host, actor & model. His Story source: creation was based on the need to raise support for US-based indie artists and their music. Photos of Koby Maxwell and friends on 2018 IMCA red carpet courtesy of Image Wizboyy is a Nigerian Musician and Producer Works Photography of urban highlife and Afropop songs under the record label No-Tyme Records. The music video for "African Lady" according to Koby Maxwell was shot in the Northern Region of Ghana because they wanted to portray authentic scenery that is normally not seen in mainstream media about Ghana elsewhere. Koby Maxwell said, "we felt it was very important to show the world Ghana and Africa in the most pristine form as a way of promoting the culture."

3G Media Now International Agent, Partners with Ghana’s Legendary Gospel Music Trio; “Daughters” May 2018

On April 11th, 2018, Mr. Charles Nimmo Ntiamoah Mensah aka Mr. CNN, the CEO and President of U.S-based 3G Media, Inc. agreed to become an International Agent/Manager/Publicist for the original world-famous and Ghana-based gospel trio – Daughters of Glorious Jesus. Cynthia, Monica, and Edna, comprising Daughters seek the association with 3G Media as providing them a plank to catapult their music into the stratosphere of a world now occupied by Ghanaians everywhere.

Page, Global Media Alliance and

He credits Ms. Amma Fordjour for making the new relationship with Daughters of Glorious Jesus become real. Moreover, a special acknowledgment to Mr. Kwame Sarpong who is very passionate about the Daughters of Glorious Jesus and he is committed to being one of their big sponsors. A fact about Mr. Sarpong Daughters are one of the of the living and legMr. Sarpong is the Founder and an endary gospel musicians who have been delighting Executive Director of First Insurance their throngs of fans for more three decades. They Company Limited. He is an accomare credited with hit songs such as; “Mebo wo din plished entrepreneur who set up his daa, Edin no, Asomdwoe hene, Tumi wo mu, Fata own companies, nurtured and develayeyie, Ewurade, Yesu, woye m’ade nyinaa, Aseda oped them into household brands in ben, Yeyi waye, Okasa preko, Fa wasem to Ghana. Awurade anim, Momma yenben Awurade, Odomfo, One of these brands; Westec Security Onakwafo Nyame, etc. Systems, is a private security services company and the largest in Ghana with They expect, with the assistance of 3G Media to over 5,000 security personnel and an tour Europe, USA and Canada. 3G Media, Inc. is annual turnover in excess of GH¢30 known for its annual awards ceremonies and million. Mr. Sarpong is the founder and famous names to been honored at these festive Chief Executive Officer of Westec occasions nclude: Former New York Senator Ruth Security Hassell-Thompson , Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, MP, Systems and a Director on the Boards Azumah Nelson, Boxing Legend, Coach Akwasi of its subsidiary companies. He has a Appiah, Soccer Legends; Osei Kofi, Ibrahim significant experience in insurance parSunday, Kuuku Dadzi, Abraham Attah, Hollywood ticularly in marketing and underwriting Actor, Prince David Osei, Shatta Wale, Counselor having worked in the industry in the Lutterodt and more. United States of America for several Mr. CNN is well-known in the businesses of years before returning to Ghana. Photo-journalism, Magazine/online publishing, and Promotions. Bringing a taste of Ghana to the All thanks be to Glorious Jesus. Ghanaian community in Philadelphia, PA. He runs a One Stop African Market with his dear wife Rosemond. He is the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of the New York City-based Ghana Chamber of Commerce, USA, Inc. He is a Board Member of Investigroup Inc. and is affiliated with


Allan Monga Of Zambia Eligible For US Poetry Contest

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Lagos Lawyer Sues Oxford Dictionary Over Definition


Lawyer Ogedi Ogu has filed a N10m lawsuit against Oxford University Press, publisher of Oxford Dictionary, over an alleged wrongful definition of “mortgagee’’ and “mortgagor” .

The first defendant in the suit is the University of Oxford while Oxford University Press was joined as the second defendant.

In his statement of claim filed before the Lagos State High Court in Igbosere, Ogu claimed that he was embarrassed, and has suffered a loss of reputation as a lawyer when he relied on the definitions of the words in Oxford Dictionary.

According to him, the Oxford Mini Reference Dictionary and the Oxford English Mini Dictionary, which he purchased in 2005 and 2006 respectively, define “mortgagee’’ as the borrower in a mortgage transaction, while “mortgagor’’ was defined as the lender.

However, the lawyer said the lexicon mixes up the meanings of the two words.

In his claim, Ogu said he relied on the definitions to offer legal advice to a professional colleague who later pointed out to him that the definitions were wrong.

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A high school student short statement. “We thank the judge for his expein Maine who fled his native Zambia can compete in dited review of the case,” she said. a U.S. government-funded poetry contest, a federal NEA lawyers cited a contest rule requiring comjudge ruled Friday, April 20, 2018. petitors at state and national finals to be U.S. citizens or permanent residents with a valid tax identiThe National Endowment for the Arts had blocked fication or Social Security number, which are the 11th-grader’s participation, saying he doesn’t needed to receive prizes. A total of $50,000 in meet their U.S. citizenship rules. awards and school stipends are given at the national finals, including $20,000 for the national chamZambia Allan Monga in photo courtesy Troy R. Bennett/The pion. Bangor Daily News via AP Monga’s lawyers argued the NEA’s eligibility rule Allan Monga, a 19-year-old junior at Deering High discriminates against asylum-seekers and violates School, won the U.S. State of Maine’s “Poetry Out civil rights laws. They said it takes away his right Loud” contest but initially wasn’t allowed to comto an education — and specifically a once-in-apete nationally because he hasn’t yet been granted lifetime opportunity — that should be open to anylegal asylum. He and the Portland school district one in the country. sued the NEA to let him participate in the finals, which start Monday in Washington. The judge agreed Monga would miss a “unique, fleeting, one-time opportunity.” Portland Public Schools Superintendent Xavier Botana said the school community is ecstatic that Maine Democratic U.S. Rep Chellie Pingree, who Monga is heading to the finals. The teen fled to the co-leads the Congressional Arts Caucus, had urged U.S. last year and has distinguished himself at the NEA to reconsider its decision to exclude school as a poet. Out of 9,500 students from across Maine, he won the March state finals with the poem Monga on the basis of his immigration status. “In the Desert,” by Stephen Crane. The NEA lawyers noted when Monga was prepar“It feels great to know that Allan is going to have the ing to compete in the state finals in Maine, the opportunity to show the world how amazing he is,” Maine Arts Commission contacted the NEA and Botana said. “And it feels great to know that justice was told he wasn’t eligible to compete but chose to ignore it. is being served.”

Melissa Hewey, who represents Monga, said she called him and told him about Judge John Woodcock’s ruling.

“Right now he really wants to concentrate on poetry and make us all proud,” she said. “He was speechless at first and then just really excited. He just said he was really determined to make it all worthwhile for all us.” NEA spokeswoman Elizabeth Auclair released a

Despite his having a Social Security number, the NEA maintained that Monga was ineligible because he’s not a citizen or permanent resident.

Source: MARINA VILLENEUVE, Associated Press

The colleague drew his attention to the correct position in many other dictionaries defining the word “mortgagee” to be the lender and “mortgagor” to be the borrower.

Ogu claimed that he has since suffered a loss of professional respect among his colleagues, as his legal advice was no longer being sought.

He said on account of this, he instructed his lawyer, Emmanuel Ofoegbu, to write a pre-litigation letter to University of Oxford and Oxford University Press on November 4, 2016, seeking redress. He said the defendants replied with a letter dated November 30, 2016, by their legal director, admitting the wrong definitions complained of but refused to accept any liability.

The letter, he said, read partly, “Our dictionaries are made available as a reference tool only; they are never held out by OUP as being an alternative to seeking independent legal or financial advice, and we cannot take responsibility for an individual’s decision to use them as such.”

Ogu said it was consequent upon this that he filed the suit, seeking damages in the sum of N10m.

He also wants the court to order Oxford University Press to always ensure that all dictionaries published by them have a caveat warning readers that they are only available as reference tools and that anyone who relies on them as an alternative to seeking legal or financial advice, does so at his risk. The court has yet to fix a date for the hearing.

The richest person in the history of earth was Mansa Musa from Mali (Black)..

The greatest pop singer was Michael Jackson(Black)..

The greatest footballer was Pele (Black)..

The greatest boxer was Mahumed Ali (Black)..

The greatest and richest golfer is Tiger Woods(Black)..

Greatest female tennis player is Serena Williams (Black)..

Greatest hip hop artist was 2Pac (Black)..

Greatest philosopher was Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr (Black)..

The greatest Reggae artist was Bob Marley(Black)..Most educated president is Robert Mugabe(Black)..The greatest President in the world Nelson Madela (black).

The Man who directed very successfully the USA Space shuttle to moon was called "Arineitwe" a Ugandan born {mukiga} & (Black).

Stop thinking white people are superior than us.

Black people are the most superior in this world.

Start discovering the superiority in you & stop undermining yourself.

Wife in UK calls husband Wife: Where are you?

Husband : At home love.

Wife: Are you sure?Husband : Yes. Wife: Turn on the food mixer.

Husband : (turns food mixer on) Rrrreeereeeereeee...

Wife: Ok my love goodbye.Another day......Suspicious Wife: Where are you? Husband : At home love.

Wife : Are you sure?: Yes.Wife: Turn on the food mixer.

Husband : (turns food mixer on) Rrreeereeeereeee... Wife: Ok my love goodbye.

The next day, the wife decides to call on his son's phone and he asks him, "Son, where is your father?"

Son: "I don't know, he went out with the food mixer...


May 2018



Couple Weds Days After Crocodile Bites Off Bride's Arm By Andile Tshuma Bulawayo — A woman who lost an arm in a crocodile attack in the Zambezi River in Victoria Falls five days before her wedding has revealed how, before the horrific incident, her only worry was decorating the wedding venue and other associated preparations for their nuptials.

Speaking for the first time in an exclusive interview with our Bulawayo Bureau yesterday, Mrs Zanele Ndlovu-Fox and her husband Mr Jamie Fox (not the Hollywood actor) said their love was enough to overcome the tragedy.

"I look forward to friends and family who are going to make me laugh and not remind me of what is going on. I actually spend my time comforting my relatives"

Her arm had to be amputated following the attack a few days before their big day. Defying odds, the two wed in a beautiful ceremony facilitated by Mater Dei Hospital at the hospital's chapel.

"I spent a lot of time preparing for my wedding day, running around for a venue, decor and so forth. I didn't know that fate would have me wed in a hospital chapel, with one limb missing.

The "beautiful story" of the two, whose love got an acid test a few "But in all this, I'm not complaining, my wedding was the best, and days before their wedding, has attracted international media attention I have a wonderful husband," Mrs Ndlovu-Fox said. as they are living proof that love conquers all.

Mrs Ndlovu-Fox was attacked by a crocodile while she was canoeing in the mighty Zambezi River with her then fiancé's family. The surprisingly cheerful Mrs Ndlovu-Fox animatedly described how her husband risked his life to literally snatch her from the jaws of the crocodile.

"We were canoeing in the upper Zambezi using those inflated rafts. The waters were very calm, we had guides and there were about seven canoes in the water," she said glancing lovingly at her husband, who was massaging her feet that were resting on him on the balcony of the Catholic-run Mater Dei hospital. "The crocodile just jumped out of the water and bit a chunk of my arm together with the side of the boat".

The couple could not keep their hands off each other throughout the interview.Asked why he had not run for the hills instead of tying the knot, Mr Fox said: "It's a miracle; there is no other way to explain it. I thought it was some joke and someone was pranking us. It took about five seconds for me to see it was real," said the groom.

"I love her even more and this incident actually made me feel the deep meaning in our vows. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, that's just how our love is going to be. I never even at one point had the thought of calling off the wedding."

"We met in 2016. I had come to Zimbabwe for some programme. I knew then that I wanted to marry her.

"I visited the country a couple of times, but I finally proposed in February 2018 at Antelope Park in Gweru. She said yes. I was at my most nervous as I so much wanted her to say yes. She agreed and I approached her family, paid bride price and we set off planning our "The canoe stared deflating and it all happened so fast. The crocodile wedding. She was responsible for wedding preps and I was sorting bit me again and pulled me out of the water. out her visa." The couple said guides had told them crocodiles were rare in that part of the river.

"My husband was thrown out on the opposite side, so the boat was between us," Mrs Ndlovu-Fox said.

"Jamie swam over to where I was struggling with the crocodile that was trying to pull me to the bottom of the river. He grabbed my waist and with the other hand he rained blows on the crocodile".

At this point, the couple gazed into each other's eyes and burst out laughing.

"It all happened so fast. We have conflicting accounts of events," said Mr Fox.

They said when the guides saw them battling the huge reptile, they joined in.

"The crocodile finally let go," said Mr Fox.

The couple are preparing travelling documents as they will be relocating to the United Kingdom soon.

The wedding had to be conducted at the Mater Dei Hospital chapel where a Methodist pastor officiated before an unexpected 60 guests.

Another wedding ceremony continued – in their absence – at Busters Sports Club in Hillside, which had initially been booked for the wedding. A majority of the guests first heard of the attack at the ceremony.

"Our wedding was blissful. It was perfect and there were so many people in the chapel. We watched the other ceremony on videos and we saw photos. It was beautiful. I really wish we were there, but I'm so happy that the wedding proceeded despite all the drama," said Mr Fox.

Mrs Ndlovu-Fox said her right arm, just above the elbow, was in tat- The love birds could not stop smiling as they sat on the balcony of ters. the hospital ward while admiring the beautiful scenery.

"The pain was excruciating, but with my husband by my side, I summoned the strength to fight through it," said a beaming Mrs NdlovuFox, who appeared unperturbed by her condition. She said they were rushed to safety and her husband was visibly in shock, but tried to calm her down. A helicopter airlifted them to a hospital in Victoria Falls where she was then transferred to Mater Dei Hospital in the city.

"There's always something good about life to celebrate. Just look at how beautiful this view is. Sunshine and green, it's beautiful," said Mrs Ndlovu-Fox as her husband continued massaging her foot. Mrs Ndlovu-Fox was a renowned junior tennis player. She played for the Dominican Convent School's first team, represented Bulawayo Province and toured southern Africa playing International Tennis Federation (ITF) tournaments.

"I get depressed by people who come here and start crying you know. I know people feel pity for me at this moment, but being more sorrowful does not help the situation," said Mrs Ndlovu-Fox.

Washington DC based Diaspora Africans excited about 2018 Jollof Wars rior-tasting jollof rice.

And me? Well I merely sat and watched like the curious observer that I have always been. It was interesting.

May 2018


President Of West African Community Collaborative (WACC) Honored At Call of Esther Ministries (COE) Mother’s Day Event


Then my phone rang, I grabbed it from Kwame, spoke into it for about half a minute, hanged up and told my friends I had to leave. I however informed them that besides Ghana and Nigeria, Cameroon and Senegal will feature in the 2018 #JollofWars. The venue will be the Union Market in Washington DC.

As I prepare to leave they ask in an almost synchronized voice: “by the way who are you “No! No! No! No way will Ghana let Nigeria have rooting for?” I dreaded that question but still the luxury of winning #JollofWars come the 2018 mustered enough courage to quickly respond edition of Jollof Festival in Washington DC again, that I personally am hoping the real inventor of this 2nd time must be in Ghana’s favor, Ghana can- Jollof actually wins – Senegal, or Gambia, or not lose to Nigeria like in 2017!” Exclaimed the Sene-Gambia. At this ppoint they looked at Kwame, my Ghanaian friend who is based in the me in a confused state, so I found my chance Washington DC area of the United States. to say bye and quickly left before it was too late. After blurting out those words, Kwame wipes his forehead with his hands and finally breathes even- Oh well, there you have it, I hope I didn’t start ly. He then turns his gaze towards me and asks, a new war because am not even Senegalese. I “by the way when is the 2018 Jollof Festival hap- still love you Ifeanyi and Kwame. By the way pening though?” Before I could even answer, if you’ve read this far and don’t know what Ifeanyi calmly and cheekily responded: “Kwame jollof rice is then please ask Wikipedia or it’s going to be on Google…

So Ifeanyi; who is a Nigerian-American, and Kwame, became friends of mine after I encountered their enthusiasm for jollof rice during my coverage of the first ever Washington DC Jollof Festival organized by Ishmael Osekre of Afropolitan Insights and presented by Leslie Tita of I/O Spaces. was a media sponsor for that event.

Anyway, for updates on Jollof Festival follow @JollofFestival or @JollofFest on Twitter, or like the Jollof Festival page on Facebook. Also, check out and to find out more about past and upcoming events near you or around the globe.

Oh and will some please tell António Guterres at the United Nations that #JollofWars is back Anyway, I called up Kwame and Ifeanyi to sit with in Washington DC, and this time it’s under the me in the first week of May 2018, just to chit-chat Donald Trump Presidency! about the upcoming Jollof Festival in July as a way of warming up for it, plus these two young men presented me with the greatest picture one could ever paint about the Ghana-Nigeria rivalry that ignited the #JollofWars years ago online. Written by Oral Ofori

On Saturday May 5, 2018 Vivian Boakye, the President of WACC USA was honored by the Call of Esther of Esther Ministries for her exemplary service to the West African Community in Fairfax County. Vivian Boakye has worked as a Community Liaison for Fairfax County Public Schools for more than 15 years and has facilitated the provision of community and school resources to families who are new to the County. She has immense knowledge of programs and resources and has established successful collaborations with many different service providers. In her years with the school system, she worked closely with the African Community to bridge the cultural gap difference between parents and teachers. She speaks Spanish and Twi and is a strong advocate for the West African Community. She was honored for working with the West African Community to access community and County resources and in areas of interpretation, college readiness, leadership skills and educating West Africans on health care

"The Call of Esther" Ministries has women as its focus. It has been established to bring liberation to women, through prayers meetings, workshops, open discussions, conferences and to help maximize their potential. Mrs. Muriel Vanderpuye, Founder of "The Call of Esther" Ministries has been a champion for Women empowerment in the community for over a decade. Also honored at the event was Mrs. Esi Gyenin of America School Of Nursing & Allied Health (ASNAH)

While we chatted Ifeanyi drew my attention to the fact that one Tracey Duodu was the first person ever to use the #JollofWars hashtag on Twitter in April, 2011, I of course had to check that out for myself and voila, she was indeed. I decided I had to send her a shout for her role in #JollofWars history, lol.

“Let me see it for myself” Kwame shouted, so I handed him my phone, he looked into it and then with a smirk on his face he looks at Ifeanyi and said with a wry smile, “my friends, do you actually know that this lady is Ghanaian?” With that, a fresh debate ensues between the two over the possibility of Tracey not being Ghana. But gradually the focus shifted back to which country had a supe-

Pictures:Courtesy of Sonny Vanderpuye

Esi Gyenin and Vivian Boakye

Two Bronx Men Arrested for Online Cell Phone Scam, According to Suffolk Authorities



SCPD arrested (L to R) Michael Atta, 28, and Justice Asare, 40, both of Bronx, for an online cell phone scam. Photo by: Suffolk County Police Department

Suffolk County, NY - May 3, 2018 - Suffolk County Police arrested two men in connection with an online cell phone scam.

Police were contacted by Sprint after several cell phones were fraudulently purchased online and scheduled to be delivered in Suffolk County. Identity Theft Unit detectives surveilled the delivery locations, which were vacant homes, and following one of the deliveries arrested two men after they stole a package containing two cell phones that were purchased online using someone else’s name and Social Security number.

Michael Atta, 28, of Bronx, and Justice Asare, 40, of Bronx, were charged with Grand Larceny 4th Degree and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property 4th Degree. Atta and Asare were scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

While in this case, the arrestees used vacant homes for their deliveries, the department has received reports of incidents during which people went to occupied homes to pick up packages that they claimed were inadvertently delivered to the wrong location. In some cases, the person at the door will have fake identification using the same name as someone in the home where the package is being delivered. The Suffolk County Police Department is asking people to call 911 if a suspicious person comes to their door seeking a recent delivery.

A criminal charge is an accusation. A defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Zimbabwe CEO Makes Prestigious Young Global Leaders List May 2 0 1 8



Photo: The Standard EcoCash general manager Natalie Payida Jabangwe, has been nominated among the 2018 World Economic Forum's 100 Young Global Leaders (YGL), a platform where "the world's brightest under 40 and most promising" future leaders are groomed.

The YGL, which is strictly for people born after January 1, 1980, aims "to create a multi-stakeholder community of the world's next-generation leaders to help inform and influence decision-making through the contribution of new ideas, perspectives and energy."

Ms Jabangwe is the current chief executive for Zimbabwe's biggest mobile money platform, Ecocash and is among the 11 participants from Africa who will be selected this year to take part in the five-year mentorship programme.

"She runs the second largest mobile financial service in Africa, managing the operation and financial transactions for six million customers," the WEF said in its description of Natalie.

Other Africans chosen in the YGL Class of 2018 are from countries including Egypt, South Africa, Gabon Mali, Senegal Nigeria, Benin, Ethiopia and Cote d'Ivoire.

Outside Africa, other participants will come from East Asia, South Asia, Europe, Greater China, Latin America, North America and the Middle East.

Ms Jabangwe, who is a computer engineer, and has over a decade experience in financial technology, said in a terse response that she was "humbled to be part of this team". Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ms Jabangwe was head-hunted by the Econet group to be part of its team over five years ago.

The WEF said the 100 young leaders "were nominated because of their ground-breaking work, creative approaches to problems and ability to build bridges across cultures and between business, Government and civil society." New Ziana/HR.

May 2 0 1 8


Worcester Shop Owner Esther Acquaye Gets 8-Month Sentence For Nearly $300k Food Stamp Fraud Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

People with SNAP benefits are only allowed to use the money on their Electronic Benefit Transfer cards for food or seed purchases. In the fraudulent purchases, the retailer generally swipes the EBT card for twice the amount of money allegedly being spent, then gives the customer half and pockets the rest.

At the sentencing, Ms. Dineen Jerrett noted that many customers switched to Esther’s Fashion Paradise from J&W Aseda Plaza – Ms. Causey’s store – after that store and several others in the city were raided in 2014.

“If we don’t send a message including incarceration, this fraud is going to continue,” Ms. Dineen Jerrett told Judge Hillman. “It effectively sends a message that the fraud (is worth it).”

During the sentencing, Ms. Dineen Jerrett argued that people who sell their food stamps for cash are “equally culpable” as the shop owners.

Mr. Lelling’s office referred questions about whether the government has prosecuted or has considered prosecuting SNAP beneficiaries to the United States Department of Agriculture, which administers the program. A USDA spokesman had not responded to the queries as of Wednesday evening.

WORCESTER - A Worcester woman who admitted last December to defrauding the government of nearly $300,000 in a cash-for-foodstamps scheme was sentenced to 8 months in federal prison Wednesday.

Esther Acquaye, 49, received the sentence after a U.S. District Court hearing in which a prosecutor rebuked her for involving her son, a minor, in her crimes and said stiff punishment was needed to deter similar fraud.

The government declined to say whether it found the sentence appropriate, or whether people who sell their food stamps for cash – referred to as “equally culpable” by its attorney – should be prosecuted.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michelle L. Dineen Jerrett requested a sentence 29 months longer than what Ms. Acquaye received. The woman’s lawyer, Blake J. Rubin, argued for home arrest, noting that Judge Timothy S. Hillman in 2016 sentenced Vida Causey, a Worcester woman who stole more than $3.5 million in a similar scheme, to 1 year in prison.

Mr. Rubin called the sentence “very fair” after the hearing. Ms. Acquaye was ordered to pay about $285,000 in restitution – about $282,000 for the food stamp fraud and roughly $3,000 for also selling knockoff designer merchandise at her shop, Esther’s Fashion Paradise at 872A Main St.

Ms. Acquaye, a native of Ghana here legally for decades on a green card, was also sentenced to 3 years supervised release, though Mr. Rubin said she may be deported as a result of her felony conviction.

Ms. Acquaye admitted to participating in a scheme that has been ongoing in the city for years in which retailers swap cash for Supplemental

The government appears to have evidence it could use to identify customers willing to exchange SNAP benefits for cash, as Ms. Dineen Jerrett in court documents said it identified 298 customers who swiped their EBT cards at both J&W and Esther’s Fashion Paradise.

Additionally, six customers seen on DVR surveillance confiscated from Esther’s Fashion Paradise over a threeday span in April 2016 were “repeat customers” at both that store and J&W.

“These SNAP beneficiaries are ‘participants’ in the fraud even if they are not charged and convicted,” she wrote. “This fraud could not occur without both parties to the transaction.”

Mr. Rubin, appointed by the court for Ms. Acquaye, argued the 49-year-old mother of three deserved leniency. He said she had no criminal record, had to drop out of school at age 10 to care for her brother and grew up very poor in Ghana with little education.

Mr. Rubin said allowing her to still work at Esther’s – which she still operates – would help her take care of her family and pay restitution.

Ms. Acquaye, who smiled as she spoke with supporters on her way into the courthouse, wiped away tears after asking Judge Hillman for leniency through an interpreter.

“I’ve done something wrong, and I’m pleading for forgiveness,” she said. “Since my childhood, nobody has ever taken care of me. I have been struggling throughout my life.”

Mr. Rubin, noting Ms. Acquaye pocketed about half of the $282,000 she admitted to fraudulently charging,


argued she used the $140,000 not for an extravagant lifestyle, but to take care of her family.

Mr. Rubin said Ms. Acquaye, in addition to her shop, worked from 2008 to 2016 as a certified nursing assistant at three different health care providers to make ends meet. In court documents, he said she has less than $1,000 in her bank account and is in significant debt.

Ms. Acquaye has an outstanding mortgage on her 7 Taj Drive home of $280,000, Mr. Rubin said. City records show the 2,825-square-foot Colonial, which Ms. Acquaye coowns with her sister, is valued at $363,700.

“It is clear from Ms. Acquaye’s financial circumstances that she did not materially benefit from her conduct in this case,” Mr. Rubin wrote in court documents. “Contrary to the government’s assertions, the government is not a victim factually, in that it has not ‘lost’ any sums in the sense that the amounts involved in this case were already awarded to the recipients.” Ms. Dineen Jerrett pushed back strongly against that argument, saying it “significantly undermines” the seriousness of the crimes.

“Every time the defendant engaged in the illegal purchase of SNAP benefits for cash, she undermined the underpinnings of the program,” Ms. Dineen Jerrett wrote, adding that crimes like hers have a “deteriorating” effect on the SNAP program.

SNAP benefits have long been criticized by some who believe fraud to be widespread. According to USDA data, of the $66.5 billion in SNAP benefits paid in 2016, $593 million was discovered as being used fraudulently. That’s about 1 percent of the total.

Ms. Dineen Jerrett argued Ms. Acquaye deserved added jail time because, according to investigators, she allowed her minor son to help facilitate her crimes.

She said the woman and her son were doing the math during one fraudulent transaction for how much an undercover agent should receive, and that the son then handed his mom $80, half of what was charged to SNAP.

In a videotape played in court Wednesday, the investigator could be heard joking that it was good to keep the kids practicing math. The child did not appear to be visible in the video, but Ms. Dineen Jerrett said the agent witnessed him doing the math with his mother.

Mr. Rubin argued the child was just helping his mother at the store and there was no indication he knew anything she was doing was illegal.

Ms. Acquaye has until June 22 to turn herself in to begin her sentence. She declined to comment outside the courtroom. Source:



A Peek At The 50 Most Influential Africans At The Moment 2018

Kenya To Become Fifth Black African Country With Satellite In Space May 2018



Fortune, the type of people you are around, that’s the influence of a man. The wealth; they have, relationships, they have and most important. Our Young Africa confreres have compiled the list of the 50 most influential Africans. We draw it below.

The first of this ranking is alongside major American, European and even African names such as Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Nana Akufo-Addo, the Ghanaian president, Akinwumi Adesina and many others. His fortune is immense

50- Murielle Ahouré 49- Salimata Diop 48- Touria El Glaoui 47- Constantino Chiwenga 46- Maria Borges 45- Fally Ipupa 44- Amrote Abdella 43- Rafael Marques de Morais 42- A’Salfo 41- Baba Danpullo 40- Yerim Sow 39- Salim Saleh 38- Bassem Loukil 37- Smockey 36- Fatma Samoura 35- Acha Leke 34- Mahmoud Dicko 33- Rebecca Enonchong 32- Aziz Akhannouch 31- Simon Njami 30- Ramtane Lamamra 29- Yabebal Fantaye 28- Serigne Mounthaka 27- Abdelmoumen Ould Kaddour 26- Tiken Jah Fakoly 25 – Iyad Ag Ghaly 24- Leila Zerrougui 23- Tony Elumelu 22- Othman Benjelloun 21- Abdellatif Hammouchi 20- Patrice Motsepe 19- Issad Rebrab 18- Desmond Tutu 17- Hicham Naciri 16- Vera Songwe Ahmad Ahmad 14- Davido 13- Moulay Hafid Elalamy 12- Olusegun Obasanjo 11- Muhoho Kenyatta 10- Achille Mbembe 9- Akinwumi Adesina 8- Moussa Faki Mahamat 7- Wizkid 6- Naguib Sawiris 5- Louise Mushikiwabo 4- Monsignor Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya 3- Mostafa Terrab 2- Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie 1- Aliko Dangote

Kenya will launch its first locally produced satellite into orbit on May 11, 2018, making the East African country the fifth in sub-Saharan Africa to have a satellite in space. The 10-centimetre CubeSat named the First Kenya University Nano-Satellite – Precursor Flight (1KUNS-PF) was developed by students and researchers of the University of Nairobi in partnership with Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) under the KiboCube programme run by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). The nano-satellite was handed over to the JAXA Tsukuba Space Center in January and it will be deployed on Friday from the Kibo Space Centre, Japan’s own International Space Station (ISS) which is in the experimental stage.

This is the first CubeSat to be deployed from the Kibo Space Centre and it will be done in the presence of a delegation of government officials and university researchers led by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, the University stated.

As of 2018, only nine countries and one inter-governmental organisation in the world have sent objects including satellites into orbit with their own launch vehicles. They include the European Space Agency, Russia, China and the United States.

No African country has launched satellites into space using its own launch vehicles. However, only four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have satellites orbiting the earth. Three African satellites were launched into orbit in 2017 alone.

South Africa South Africa has launched a number of satellites into space including its first biggest private satellite in 2017. The country launched its first satellite in 1999. The most recent nanosatellite called the nSight1 was launched to capture images with its remote sensing camera. Locally built and designed in South Africa, nSight1 is expected to study the largely unexplored lower thermosphere and send information back to earth. Ghana Ghana launched its first satellite called GhanaSat1 into space last year. It was developed by university students who took two years to design, assemble and test as part of a Japanese space project.

It was launched from the international space station. It has high and low-resolution cameras to take pictures and provide data of the coastal regions of the country.

Its main mission is to investigate radiation effects on satellite systems in space which are degraded due to the harsh space environment. Nigeria Nigeria launched two earth observation satellites into space in 2011 for the monitoring of its weather. The NigeriaSat-2 and NigeriaSat-X satellites were launched into orbit aboard a Russian Dnepr rocket from Yasny, southern Russia. Angola Late last year, Angola joined the three African countries to launch its first national satellite into space after suffering a brief loss of contact two days after take-off from the Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan.

The AngoSat-1 communications satellite cost $300 million and was built in partnership with Russia to aid in improving telecommunication services, telemedicine and other projects. The development of the satellite started since 2009 and it’s expected to have a working life of about 15 years.

Meet The Six Famous Polygamist Leaders Africa Has Ever Had



May 2018



Until colonization and the introduction of Christianity by white missionaries in Africa, polygamy, the custom of marrying more than one spouse, was prevalent and culturally accepted by a majority of the tribes in the continent. There are two kinds of polygamy: polygyny and polyandry. The latter is the least popular custom which is when one woman marries more than one man. This was practiced in the Lake Region of Central Africa and among some Maasai people in Kenya. However, polygyny – which is when a man marries more than one wife – is the widely accepted practice in Africa, yet abhorred by the New Testament of the Bible which was preached by the colonialists. Christianity is the only major religion in Africa today, besides Islam and traditional African religions, that has rejected polygamy. According to the World Book Encyclopedia, Christians represent about 45% of the continent’s population. This explains why 21st century Africa sees everything wrong with the age-old custom that has contributed to the creation of large families, and traditionally curbed the problem of single motherhood.

Adama Barrow and his wives during his inauguration as president

Adama Barrow (Gambia) Gambia’s third and current president, Adama Barrow, who was historically elected into office in 2017 is a polygamist. The 53-year-old Muslim has two wives: Fatou Bah, Sarjo Mballow. His marital status was of interest during his election in 2017 when it was unclear as to which of his wives would be the First Lady.

Jomo Kenyatta with his wife Mama Ngina and two of his children

Jomo Kenyatta with his wife Mama Ngina and two of his children Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya) Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first president and father of current president Uhuru Kenyatta, was a polygamist who was married to four wives in his lifetime.

He clarified the matter after the election by saying the first wife, Fatou Bah, will be the First Lady. Barrow normally attends formal events with one wife interchangeably.

Jammeh and his second wife Zineb

Yahya Jammeh (Gambia) Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, who was ousted by a West African joint force in 2017 after refusing to accept election defeat, is a polygamist.

The dictator divorced his first wife Tuti Faal in 1998 after four years of marriage and then married Zineb Jammeh in the same year.

In 2010, he married Alima Sallah who was believed to be 18 at the time. He divorced her after a year of marriage following a strained relationship with his first wife.

It cannot be independently verified if he married a 22-year-old Ghanaian called Nora in 2012, as widely reported by Ghanaian media.

After over 20 years in power, Jammeh was exiled to Equatorial Guinea with his family after he was guaranteed immunity.

Nnamdi Azikiwe (Nigeria) Nigeria’s first president Nnamdi Azikiwe, who served between 1963 and 1966, was a polygamist. He married three wives.

His first wife Flora Azikiwe died in 1983 and he died in 1996 leaving behind two wives, Uche Azikiwe and Ugoye Comfort Azikiwe. He had seven children.

Jacob Zuma and his four wives

Jacob Zuma (South Africa) Former South African president Jacob Zuma is a popular polygamist whose planned 7th marriage was revealed last month by the wife-to-be, 24-year-old Nonkanyiso Conco, from KwaZulu-Natal.

Conco will be Zuma’s 4th wife after the marriage as he is currently married to three women: first wife Gertrude Khumalo whom he married in 1973 after he was released from prison; Thobeka Madiba and Gloria Ngema who he married in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

The troubled ex-president was married to the former African Union Commission chairperson Nkosazana DlaminiZuma, a marriage that ended in divorce. He lost his second wife, Kate Mansho, to suicide in 2000.

Zuma separated from his youngest wife Nompumelelo Ntuli whom he married in 2008. She was removed from his house in Nkandla in 2016 after she was accused of infidelity and planning to poison him

Saudi Arabia: For the First Time, Churches Could See the Light of Day

For the first time in history, churches could emerge in Saudi Arabia. According to the Egyptian media, the kingdom and the Vatican have reached an agreement to build churches for Christians living in the officially Muslim nation.

According to the US website, Breitbart, the agreement was signed by Sheikh Mohammed Ben Abdel Karim Al-Issa, secretary-general of the Islamic League, and Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue at the Vatican.

Breitbart, quoting the Egypt Independent newspaper, reports that Saudi Arabia’s openness and socio-cultural cooperation with the non-Muslim world is the result of its desire to reduce its dependence on oil resources, its main economic engine. In accordance with the agreement, a joint co-ordinating committee will be established, composed of two representatives of both parties to organize future meetings. This committee should meet once every two years and meetings should be held in Rome as well as in a city chosen by the Islamic League.

The reports also indicate that Saudi Arabia is the only country in the region without a church. The country has also adopted Islamic Wahhabism, which prohibits all forms of non-Muslim religious activities. Cardinal Tauran, in an interview with Vatican News, confirmed that an agreement had been signed.

May 2018


Princess Meghan: Markle’s Title After Royal Wedding Revealed

MEGHAN Markle will immediately “become a princess” when she marries Prince Harry for the Royal Wedding and will be known as HRH THE DUCHESS OF SUSSEX, according to a royal commentator.

The American bride-to-be will gain her new regal title after the Queen is expected to grant the title of the Dukedom of Sussex on Harry when the pair tie the knot at Windsor Castle next Saturday.

Richard Fitzwilliams told “After the wedding Meghan will be known as HRH The Duchess of Sussex assuming the Queen confers the Dukedom of Sussex on Harry as expected on their royal wedding day. “She is marrying a prince so she automatically becomes a princess.”

And when Meghan Markle, 36, exchanges her vows on May 19, Mr Fitzwilliams said she will be known as ‘Rachel Meghan’ – her first name.

World Cup: Barcelona Legend, Gudjohnsen Visits Nigeria’s Joseph Yobo and His Family in Lagos

Chelsea, Barcelona and Iceland legend, Eidur Gudjohnsen who is currently in Nigeria, has paid a visit to former Super Eagles captain, Joseph Yobo and his family at their home in Lagos. Yobo took to his Instagram page to share some photos with his family posing with the Iceland legend and wrote: ‘Look who came to our home today #Augustvisitor Eidur Gudjohnsen Ex Barcelona/Chelsea Legend.’ In another photo, Yobo wrote: “Playing against him was a bit frustrating coz he’s a special talent he picks the holes & creates space to get the ball, that made it difficult for defenders to mark & close him down. Everton vs Chelsea days.”




May 2018





Passport DC 2018

May 2018



Passport DC is a month-long journey around the world highlighting DC's thriving international diplomatic community and its lively and varied culture. Celebrated annually in May, which is International Cultural Awareness Month in Washington, Passport DC is 31 days of programming by 70 embassies and some of DC's very best cultural institutions. On saturday May 5, 2018, more than 200,000 people enjoyed the popular embassy open houses (Around the World Embassy Tour) in Washington DC .Participants travel the world as they experience the food, art, dance, fashion, music, innovations, and manufactured goods from different countries. More than 40 embassies opened their doors to visitors in 2017, allowing guests to pet alpacas, play with robots, learn indigenous dances, and more! Come see the world through the embassies of missions of our global neighbors.

Ghana Embassy










May 2018



Afrikan Post May 2018 online version  
Afrikan Post May 2018 online version