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Ezekiel Ansah Drafted By Lions With No. 5 Pick In 2013 NFL Draft


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May 2013

Us Man Dies Dribbling Football To Brazil World Cup

From the Editor

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D E PA R T M E N T S Vol. 5 Issue 5


Catching Up With Nollywood And Dmv Actress Wendy Bangura Pg. 33

Ghana NGO Wins Top International Award Pg. 17

President Jonathan Declares State of Emergency In Three States Pg. 5


When God Stirs Your Spirit Pg. 20

SPORTS Issa Hayatou Decorated By The Cameroon Government Pg. 39

UPDATE Dr Congo To Build Town In Honour Of Patrice Lumumba Pg. 15

Swanson hoped to travel through 11 countries including Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia

An American trying to dribble a football from Seattle to Brazil in time for the 2014 Brazil World Cup has died less than two weeks into his trip. Richard Swanson, 42, was hit by a truck in Lincoln City, Oregon. His football was found nearby.

Swanson had set off from Seattle on 1 May aiming to raise money for the One World Futbol Project, according to his Breakaway Brazil website.

One World Futbol donates durable footballs to developing countries.

Swanson hoped to travel through 11 countries including Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia.

"It will be a trip of a lifetime where I will push myself further then I ever thought possible," he wrote on his website.

"I felt destined that I should go on this trip," he had said in a previous interview with The Longview Daily News.

A statement on Swanson's Facebook Page announced Swanson's death and said: "His team, family, friends, and loved ones will miss him and love him dearly. You made it to Brazil in our hearts, Richard." An 'inspiring man'

In a YouTube video uploaded in March, Swanson explained that he had lost his job in graphic design, after switching from a career as a private investigator. He was having "a hard time" finding another job and it had given him time to "think about what you want out of life".

He said he'd always wanted to go to the World Cup and instead of walking there, wanted to honour the tournament by dribbling a football.

Having no mortgage, no career and two grown up sons meant that "all the pieces seemed to fit" for making the trip, he said.

"We are deeply saddened to learn about Richard's death," Lisa Tarver, chief operating officer of the One World Futbol Project said in a statement to AP. "He was a very inspiring man who in a very short time walked his way into many lives. Our thoughts are with his family."

The driver of the truck has not been charged, the Associated Press reports.


May 2013


Afrikan Post

May 2013

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Afrikan Post

Best Place In The World To Be A Mother From: cnn

Thinking of having a baby? You may want to consider moving to Finland -- the best place in the world to be a mother, according to Save the Children's 14th Mothers' Index.

The index, part of the group's annual State of the World's Mothers report, is intended to illustrate the link between maternal and child well-being. Each year, nearly three million babies die within their first month of life -- more than a third die on their day of birth -- and 287,000 women die from pregnancy or childbirth, according to the report.

The index ranked countries according to five indicators of a mother's well-being: maternal health (the risk of maternal mortality); children's well-being (the mortality rate of children under five); educational status (number of years of formal schooling a woman receives); economic status (gross national income per capita); and political status (the participation of women in national government).

Finland was followed closely by its Nordic neighbors and other Western European countries. Australia was the only nonEuropean country to place in the top 10.

The United States ranked 30th, performing poorly in under-five mortality rates, maternal death, and political participation, compared to other highly-developed countries.

Industrialized countries account for only 1% of newborns dying on their first day of life, but among them the U.S. has the highest mortality rate, with approximately 11,300 deaths each year. The report attributed this to the country's high rate of premature births (one in eight births) -- the second highest in the industrialized world.

The U.S. also has the highest teenage birth rate of any industrialized country -- and teenage mothers in the U.S. tend to have less education, prenatal care, and financial resources than their older counterparts.

Sub-Saharan African countries ranked as the 10 worst places to be a mother, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo coming in last place.

While newborn, child, and maternal death rates have declined across the developing world in the past two decades, the report found that progress has been the slowest in this region. Developing countries lack basic healthcare for women and their babies before, during, and after delivery, accounting for the

majority of newborn and maternal deaths. The Mothers' Index ranked 176 countries -- all countries are included except those with insufficient data or a national population below 100,000.

Top 10

May 2013


President Jonathan Declares State of Emergency In Three States

1. Finland

2. Sweden

3. Norway 4. Iceland

5. Netherlands

6. Denmark 7. Spain

8. Belgium

9. Germany

10. Australia Bottom 10

167. Cote d'Ivoire 168. Chad

169. Nigeria

170. Gambia

171. Central African Republic

172. Niger 173. Mali

President Jonathan in his Emergency Broadcast still on going, declared a state of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.

No matter what it takes, we will win this war against terrorism

We will do more. We will gun them down" President Goodluck Jonathan declares as he rounded off, fixing his gaze on his prepared speech.

President Goodluck Jonathan had earlier on Tuesday invited the governors of Borno and Yobe, Kashim Shettima and Ibrahim Geidam, respectively to Abuja to discuss security challenges in their states.

The President said the governors of those states should cooperate with government in ensuring peace in the affected states. He warned that the Federal Government would no longer tolerate any act against the secuity of the nation in the states

174. Sierra Leone 175. Somalia

176. Democratic Republic of the Congo

22-Year-Old Nigerian Student Breaks GPA Record at Johns Hopkins University degree in Medicine.

He has also become a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society, a prestigious honor group that features membership of 17 US Presidents, 37 US Supreme Court Justices, and 136 Nobel Prize winners.

Ohuanbunwa will attend Yale University Medical School in the fall.

May 2013

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Lesole’s Dance Project in Partnership with The South African Embassy DC, Celebrates South Africa’s Youth Day & Juneteenth “Freedom of Expression”

Congratulations to Emmanuel Ohuabunwa on this Lesole’s Dance Project (LDP) in partnership with The South Africa Embassy is honoring South Africa’s Youth Day and Juneteenth durphenomenal achievement!

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa not only graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in neuroscience, but he did so with a 3.98 GPA.

That’s an academic record!

Ohuabunwa who hails from Abia State, has been able to make the nation proud and with his efforts has won himself a scholarship to Yale University to get a

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ing our 10th anniversary and 7th annual Freedom of Expression celebration on June 22, 2013 at 7pm. Freedom of Expression will be held at THEARC located at 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20020. LDP will immerse the audience into South African Culture and take them on a journey through the American South with song, dance, and poetry. The audience will learn world history through artistry.

The audience will learn about Hector Pieterson, a child killed during a peaceful protest against apartheid in South Africa. LDP will feature the premier of Hector Pieterson, a LDP commissioned project and choreo-poem written and performed by guest Multidisciplinary Artist, Poet, Writer, Dancer, Professor and Arts & Cultural Journalist Alexis Caputo with choreography by Lesole Z. Maine. We will travel south of the Mason-Dixon with the uniquely talented young voices of The Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS) Children of the Gospel Choir to commemorate the ending of slavery in the United States through song. The WPAS Gospel Choir program promotes an environment of self-confidence, performance quality, teamwork, discipline and respect, and provides students with life learning tools to aid in personal and artistic growth. This event will also include works such as Khoba (a traditional dance from Botswana made possible by Maryland State Arts Council), Ethekweni (a Fusion of Bharatanatyam Indian dance and Nldamu Zulu dance) with The Natananjali Dancers.

Lesole’s Dance Project (LDP), founded by Lesole Maine in 2003, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. The company creates and performs works that highlight the unique qualities of Afro-Fusion dance and provides educational programs on the movement and history of popular South African culture to schools and communities across the world. In 2009, LDP launched its First International Edu-dance Program in South Africa with the help of its board and generous donors. In August 2012, the company returned to South Africa to continue, enhance and strengthen the program established with the help of local artists and teachers in the townships of Sebokeng and Alexandra South Africa.

For further information, please contact Lesole Maine: 240-744-6693 (mobile)

Event Details Date: June 22, 2013 Time: 7pm Location: THEARC, 1901 Mississippi Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20020

Ticket prices: $20 (General Admission) $15 (Children under 12, Students & Seniors) Tickets may be purchased online at

Us Orders New Visa Reviews For Arriving Students

the inability of border agents at primary inspection stations to directly review student-visa information. The Homeland Security Department was working before the bombings to resolve the problem, but the new memo outlined interim procedures until the situation was corrected.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Homeland Security Department ordered border agents to verify that every international student who arrives in the U.S. has a valid student visa, according to an internal memorandum obtained Friday by The Associated Press. The new procedure is the government's first security change directly related to the Boston bombings.

The order, which is effective immediately, came from a senior official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, David J. Murphy. It was circulated Thursday, one day after the Obama administration acknowledged that a student from Kazakhstan accused of hiding evidence for one of the Boston bombing suspects was allowed to return to the U.S. in January without a valid student visa.

The student visa for Azamat Tazhayakov had been terminated when he arrived in New York on Jan. 20. But the border agent in the airport did not have access to the information in the Homeland Security Department's Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, called SEVIS.

Tazhayakov was a friend and classmate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Tazhayakov left the U.S. in December and returned Jan. 20. But in early January, his student-visa status was terminated because he was academically dismissed from the university.

Tazhayakov and a second Kazakh student were arrested this week on federal charges of obstruction of justice. They were accused of helping to get rid of a backpack containing fireworks linked to Tsarnaev. A third student was also arrested and accused of lying to authorities.

A spokesman for the department, Peter Boogaard, said earlier this week that the government was working to fix the problem, which allowed Tazhayakov to be admitted into the country when he returned to the U.S.

Under existing procedures, border agents could verify a student's status in SEVIS only when the person was referred to a second officer for additional inspection or questioning. Tazhayakov was not sent to a second officer when he arrived, because, Boogaard said, there was no information to indicate Tazhayakov was a national security threat. Under the new procedures, all border agents were expected to be able to access SEVIS by next week.

The government for years has recognized as a problem

Under the new procedures, border agents will verify a student's visa status before the person arrives in the U.S. using information provided in flight manifests. If that information is unavailable, border agents will check the visa status manually with the agency's national targeting data center.

It is unclear what impact the new procedure will have on wait times at airports and borders. Customs officials will be required to report any effect, including longer waits, on a daily basis.

A Buffalo, N.Y., college has advised student-visa holders from Canada to add two hours to their daily commute. In an email sent to D'Youville College students, staff and faculty, International Student Office Director Laryssa S. Petryshyn said the security change "is causing and will cause numerous delays for all international students entering the United States."

The Obama administration announced an internal review earlier this week of how U.S. intelligence agencies shared sensitive information before the bombings and whether the government could have prevented the attack. Republicans in Congress have promised oversight hearings, which begin Thursday.

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, asked Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on Thursday for details from the student-visa applications of Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, the Kazakhstan students implicated in helping Tsarnaev after the bombings, including information about how Tazhayakov re-entered the United States. In a follow-up letter sent Friday, he asked Napolitano for additional details on SEVIS records and the student visa program.

Lawmakers and others have long been concerned about terrorists exploiting the student visa system to travel to the United States. A 20year-old college student from Saudi Arabia was arrested in Texas in 2011 on federal charges of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Authorities accused him of plotting to blow up dams, nuclear plants or the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush. He was later convicted and sentenced to life in prison.


Associated Press reporter Carolyn Thompson in Buffalo, N.Y., contributed to this report.


May 2013

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Eu To Pledge 520m Euros For Mali Reconstruction the conference on Wednesday.

The European Union will pledge 520m euros (£442m; $673m) to help rebuild Mali at a conference of international donors in Brussels on Wednesday.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the money would help the West African state become "stable, democratic and prosperous".

The conference is the first since France sent troops to oust Islamist rebels from northern Mali in January.

Mali's government has a 4.3bn-euro plan for "a total relaunch of the country".

It includes rebuilding government institutions and the military, repairing damaged infrastructure, organising presidential elections, holding dialogue with rebel groups in the north, and stimulating the economy. 'Good start' After meeting the European Commission chief in Brussels on Tuesday, Mali's interim President Dioncounda Traore said he hoped about 2bn euros would be raised at the donors' conference.

"I think that's a good start," he told a news conference. "Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, in a week or in a month, it is clear that the international community, the European Union, will inject a lot more than that." Continue reading the main story “Start Quote

The principal actors in this transition are the Malians themselves and their government”

Jose Manuel Barroso European Commission President

Mr Barroso said the aid would benefit Europe as well as Africa.

"The support of the international community is essential to establish a Mali that is stable, democratic and prosperous," he added. "But the principal actors in this transition are the Malians themselves and their government."

He said the EU welcomed the Transition Roadmap, aimed at establishing a full return to democracy and stability in the country, and the Plan for the Sustainable Recovery of Mali, which Malian officials will present at

Officials say 103 international delegations, including 10 heads of state and government, will attend the meeting, which was organised by Mr Barroso, Mr Traore and French President Francois Hollande. Malian soldiers take aim during a training session with French soldiers in Koulikoro (7 May 2013) Military instructors from various European nations are providing training for the Malian army

Since the French-led military intervention at the start of the year, the Islamist rebels have been pushed back from the main urban centres of northern Mali. However, some fighters have retreated to hideouts in the mountains and desert, from where they launch isolated attacks.

Tens of thousands of refugees also remain in neighbouring Burkina Faso, Mauritania and Niger.

France nevertheless began withdrawing the first of its 4,500 troops in the country last month. It hopes to have only 1,000 remaining by the end of the year.

They are due to work alongside peacekeepers from the United Nations' Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali

Mr Traore also told Tuesday's news conference that Mali's presidential elections would take place on 28 July, after months of speculation about the date. He said neither he nor any member of the transitional government would stand in the poll.

BBC international development correspondent Mark Doyle says the Islamists were only able to occupy large parts of Mali in the first place because of because of a weak and corrupt central government.

Rebuilding state institutions is therefore a priority, but it is also an enormous task, our correspondent says.

The aid agency, Oxfam, has said rich countries will have to commit development funding for at least the next 15 years if there are to be sustainable results.

May 2013


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Singer Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Prison On Tax Charges

(CNN) — Singer Lauryn Hill’s failure to pay federal income taxes for three years has earned her a three-month prison sentence. Hill pleaded guilty last year to three counts of failing to file tax returns on more than $1.8 million between 2005 and 2007.

The Grammy-winning artist appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo in federal court in Newark, New Jersey, for sentencing. Hill must also pay penalties and taxes still owed, a $60,000 fine, serve a year on probation and possibly three months of home confinement. She must report to prison on July 8, unless her lawyer files an appeal of the sentence. The income in question was mostly from music and film

royalties paid to companies she owned between 2005 and 2008, according to the U.S. attorney’s office. “Although Hill pleaded guilty to charges specifically related to those tax years, her sentence also takes into account additional income and tax losses for 2008 and 2009 — when she also failed to file federal returns — along with her outstanding tax liability to the state of New Jersey, for a total income of approximately $2.3 million and total tax loss of approximately $1,006,517,” the prosecutor said. Hill’s lawyer, Nathan Hochman, told CNN before the sentencing that, “Ms. Hill has not only now fully paid prior to sentencing her taxes which are part of her criminal restitution, but she has additionally fully paid her federal and state personal taxes for the entire period under examination through 2009.” Hill revealed in a message posted to her Tumblr account last month that she’s been working on new music. “It has been reported that I signed a new record deal, and that I did this to pay taxes. Yes, I have recently entered into an agreement with Sony Worldwide Entertainment, to launch a new label, on which my new music will be released,” Hill wrote. “And yes, I am working on new music.” Her fans have been waiting for new music from here since her 1998 solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

CNN’s Doug Ganley contributed to this report.

African Proverb of the Month

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”


May 2013


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May 2013

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Andrena SawyerPart of the New Generation of African Business and Social Leaders

zations that she worked with as a youth. Her company, P.E.R.K. Consulting, is a Maryland-based consulting company that services small businesses and nonprofits by providing a long list of services including program development, business registration, curriculum writing, and marketing support. Since its official launch, the P.E.R.K. Consulting client list now includes several youth development organizations, local government agencies, and numerous entrepreneurs who similarly have a dream of following their own passions.

The work that she has done in such a short time has not gone unnoticed. In the last year alone, Andrena has received the Hope for Africa award for Leadership in Community Development, and she was featured in When Andrena Sawyer set out to “follow her dreams,� she the 2013 WKYS 93.9 "Top 30 Under 30" list for the never imagined that would lead to creating a platform that top movers and shakers in the DC area. Most recently, now allows her to work with some of the most promising she received national recognition as she was selected young minds of her generation. Her dream was simply to as one of only 16 young entrepreneurs across the impact her community by encouraging others to become catUnited States for's "March alysts for change. Today, the 27-year-old from Sierra Leone Madness" campaign. Those who took note of the who is the Founder and CEO of P.E.R.K. Consulting is doing recognition were quick to point out that she was the that, and much more. This assertive, but unassuming young only African on the list. While she maintains that her woman leads a small but powerful team that is quickly work is not driven by public recognition, it is quite becoming one of the more recognized African-owned busiobvious that this unassuming entrepreneur is an up nesses in the Washington DC metropolitan area. and coming force to be reckoned with in both business As a teenager, Andrena could recall her passion for helping and social circles. She recently published her first others achieve their dreams. At age 15, she founded Triple book, The Other Side of Assertiveness, which details "T" Mad, a community outreach program designed to encoursome of her work. age teen volunteerism at local soup kitchens, nursing homes, and with causes such as the March of Dimes and the national For more information on Andrena and P.E.R.K. AIDS Walk. Years later, while in college at Howard Consulting, visit, or follow University, this same passion led her to coordinate Rock, the P.E.R.K. on facebook at, an annual back to school outreach event for teens in the sult or on twitter @Perk_Consulting. DC area. Today, her zeal and experiences have led her back to a place where she can continue to support the same types of organi- Source:

An African Immigrant Pickaxe Rampage In Milan, Italy

Correspondents the incident has revived a long-running debate over illegal immigrants in Italy. Milan is located in Lombardy, where the Northern League party is calling for tougher policies on immigration.

The motive for the attack remains unclear.

An illegal immigrant has gone on the rampage with a pickaxe in the Italian city of Milan, killing a passer-by and wounding four others, police say.

A suspect has been arrested and named as Mada Kabobo, a 21-year-old Ghanaian.

A 40-year-old man was killed in the attack in a northern suburb of the city. Two of the four people injured are said to be in a critical state.

Police say Mr Kabobo was in the country illegally, and had previously been arrested over a variety of alleged offences including theft and robbery.


Italy's First Black Minister Attacked By Northern League May 2013



Rightwing party labels appointment of DRC-born Cecile Kyenge as 'the symbol of a hypocritical, do-gooding left'

Cecile Kyenge, the new Italian minister for integration Cecile Kyenge, the Italian minister for integration. She is one of two naturalised Italians in the newly sworn-in government. Photograph: Gregorio Borgia/AP

Italy's first-ever black minister was immediately at the centre of a virulent controversy as her appointment was deplored by the rightwing Northern League. Cecile Kyenge, born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, takes on a new portfolio for racial integration. She is one of two naturalised Italians in the government, both elected for the centre-left Democratic party (PD).

The other is a former international canoeist, Josefa Idem. The inclusion in the cabinet of blonde, German-born Idem, who won an Olympic gold medal and five world championships for Italy, caused no similar controversy. Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League in Lombardy, called the 48-yearold Kyenge "the symbol of a hypocritical, do-gooding left that would like to abolish the crime of illegal immigration and only thinks about immigrants' rights and not their duties". He said the League was ready to mount "total opposition" to her in parliament.

The AC Milan and Italy striker, Mario Balotelli, called her appointment "a further, big step towards a more civilised and responsible Italian society". Kyenge said her top priorities included changing Italy's citizenship laws, which are based on descent rather than place of birth.

"Anyone who is born and grows up in Italy is an Italian," she told Repubblica TV.

But any attempt to reform the citizenship rules could open a rift between the PD and its coalition partner, Silvio Berlusconi's Freedom People (PdL) movement.

An eye specialist who has lived in Italy since her late teens, Kyenge has been at the centre of controversy since winning a seat in parliament in February's general election. A politician of Moroccan descent was chosen for the same constituency.

In a discussion of their election on Facebook, the Northern League secretary in her home town wrote: "We ought to do like the Japanese kamikaze [in] the second world war: before the ultimate gesture, kill at least 20 of them."

The Northern League denies it is xenophobic, insisting it is only opposed to illegal immigration. Kyenge came to Italy to study at university and married an Italian.


May 2013


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Nigerian Business Delegation Concludes International Visitors to the U.S. Trade Mission in Detroit, Michigan U.S. Spend $14.4B According to Recent Report May

exports of U.S. equipment, technology and services. Nigerian leaders have embarked on programs to dramatically expand the country’s electrical energy generation capacity, improve its roads and bridges, commercialize its impressive natural gas resources, and revitalize its manufacturing sector. “A positive orientation The city of Farmington Hills and its surroundtoward US products, services and technoloing area is the hub of over 900 business establishments representing 700 foreign-parent firms. gy, makes Nigeria a market U.S. companies “Farmington Hills understand the value of inter- need to include in their international business national business collaborations,” stated Efiong, development plans”, stated Efiong. Executive Director of the African World Expo. That’s why we are extremely excited about this The forum helped businesses learn about trade financial services offered by U.S. commercial business forum and we are really looking forbanks and trade financing agencies. It also proward to providing an opportunity for the vided information on how to enter new marNigerian delegation to be introduced to and be kets, access working capital, find buyers, estabable to begin meaningful dialogue with lish credit and identify financial support, as American businesses.” The forum presented a well as information on protection against nonunique opportunity for both Nigerian and payment, and strategies to improve cash flow. Michigan companies to meet in order to facilitate business between Michigan and Nigeria. The event was organized by the African World Expo in partnership with Watts Partners, With over 170 million inhabitants Nigeria is a strong resource base, with tremendous economic Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce, Core Logistics and the Nigerian Embassy in growth prospects. The Nigerian governmental Washington DC. emphasis on investing in developing the country’s infrastructure and industry, positions Nigeria to offer significant opportunities for

African World Expo and the city of Farmington Hills have hosted a business forum for the visiting Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce trade delegation to mark the end of a 4-city U.S. tour which begun in April in Washington, DC.




Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times

First Quarter U.S. Travel and Tourism Exports Contribute $43 Billion to the U.S. Economy

WASHINGTON — U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank highlighted new data today that shows spending by international visitors to the United States in March 2013 totaled more than $14.4 billion, an increase of nearly 3 percent when compared to last year. International visitors spent $43 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States during the first quarter of 2013. The data release coincides with National Travel and Tourism Week, celebrated each year to recognize the positive impact the industry has on our economy.

“International travel and tourism represents our country’s largest services export,” said Deputy Secretary Blank. “So far this year, international visitor spending in the United States has markedly outpaced U.S. spending abroad by more than $13 billion, which continues our momentum from 2012’s record-setting year. Likewise, last week’s jobs report showed continued strong job growth in the leisure and hospitality industry. Travel and tourism is an important sector of our economy, which is why we are continuing to increase our efforts to attract more international tourists to vacation in the United States.”

Purchases of travel and tourism-related goods and services by international visitors traveling in the United States totaled $11 billion during March. These goods and services include food, lodging, recreation, gifts, entertainment, local transportation in the United States, and other items incidental to foreign travel. Fares received by U.S. carriers (and U.S. vessel operators) from international visitors also increased by nearly 3 percent to $3.4 billion for the month, an increase of $70 million when compared to March 2012. Overall, the United States enjoyed a favorable balance of trade for the month of March in the travel and tourism sector, with a surplus of $4.2 billion.

Travel and tourism-related industries as a whole support nearly 8 million American jobs. President Obama’s National Travel and Tourism Strategy, which was announced a year ago, aims to attract more than 100 million international tourists per year by 2021, visitors that would spend an estimated $250 billion per year, supporting more jobs and spurring economic growth in communities across the country.

Increasing U.S. travel and tourism will not come at the expense of national security. The President’s plan for common sense immigration reform includes a number of proposals to support his commitment to increasing U.S. travel and tourism while maintaining our nation’s security. Specifically, the President’s immigration proposal reforms the Visa Waiver Program to strengthen law enforcement cooperation while facilitating more efficient trade and tourism to the United States, securely streamlines visa and foreign visitor processing, and strengthens and improves infrastructure at ports of entry. These priorities are reflected in recently introduced bipartisan immigration reform legislation, which the Senate Judiciary Committee will begin considering this week.

America School of Nursing & Allied Health


May 2013


Begin Your Nursing Education Today

Classes Offered

Nurse Aide Training Medication Aide Training Home Health Aide Phlebotomy Training Pharmacy Technician Coming Soon: LPN, RN

Morning, Evening, Weekend Classes Available

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Africare Honors President Obama & Dr. Mo Ibrahim at Bishop John T. Walker Gala



Africare also presented Dr. Ibrahim, a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, with the 2013 Bishop John T. Walker Leadership Award for his work to improve leadership in Africa through The Mo Ibrahim Foundation. Dr. Ibrahim also established the Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership, which recognizes heads of state who demonstrate economic and social development and encourages and current leaders to practice better governance.

“I’m really humbled and so grateful for Africare’s kindness,” Ibrahim said during his remarks. “Africa is moving forward – there’s no question about that. It doesn’t mean we are there yet. We see a great rise in the African servant society, mainly from young people and women. These two forces, I believe, are what will change Africa.”

Africare Photo: By Stuart A. Watson

(L-R) Stephen D. Cashin (Africare Interim Board Chair), Dr.Mo Ibrahim, Dr. Darius Manns (Africare CEO)

World Leaders Celebrate Legacy of African Leadership at Africare’s 2013 Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner

WASHINGTON (April 23, 2013) – Africare, the oldest and largest AfricanAmerican led non-profit committed to advancing development in Africa, hosted more than 1,000 global leaders in government, business and international development on Friday at its annual Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner and fundraiser at the Hilton Washington Hotel in Washington, D.C. The gala honored President Barack Obama and Dr. Mo Ibrahim for their outstanding accomplishments and life-changing impacts in Africa.

“President Obama and Dr. Ibrahim have both played critical roles in helping to improve the quality of life in Africa,” said Darius Mans, President, Africare. “Their contributions, along with the consistent support of our sponsors and donors, are helping to provide underserved communities in every major region of Sub-Saharan Africa with access to food, technology, healthcare and more opportunity. We celebrate our progress to date, and eagerly look forward to making an even greater impact on the continent in years to come.”

President Obama was recognized for providing funds through his Nobel Peace Prize award to support the development of Africare’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for Health (WASHH) Project in the Wasa Amenfi West District of Ghana, which not only improved access to clean water, but also implemented sustainable strategies for the continuation of healthy environmental water practices. President Obama’s generous contribution and support has also reinforced Ghana’s initiatives to meet their Millennium Development Goal for water by 2015.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough accepted the award on President Obama’s behalf.

“Tonight we gather to honor those who are building a better future for the people of Africa; to reflect on the progress that we’ve made; and to celebrate the legacy of Bishop Walker, a true humanitarian in every sense of that word,” McDonough said. “If we continue to encourage the forces of progress and reform, of freedom and opportunity, the people of Africa will realize a bright and prosperous future and the people of the United States will be safer and more prosperous as well. So thank you for everything that you do to promote democracy, development and peace in Africa. You have a committed partner in President Obama and the United States and we look forward to continuing our work together to open new avenues of partnership and redouble our support for the aspirations of people across the continent.”

The Africare Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner is held each year in memory of Bishop John T. Walker, the first African-American Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C. and Africare’s longtime Board Chair. Bishop Walker distinguished himself as an exemplar of peace, justice and interracial harmony. The dinner plays an important role in enabling Africare to both broaden awareness about its work in Africa and to raise critically needed funds to deliver life-saving services. This year’s dinner is made possible by the generosity of Chevron, ExxonMobil and The Coca-Cola Company, as well as many others from the business community.

Past recipients of the Bishop John T. Walker Leadership Award include former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who received an award in 2011 for the countless contributions in trade, investment and diplomatic relations between Brazil and Africa.

About Africare Africare is a leading non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to addressing African development and policy issues by working in partnership with African people to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. Since 1970, Africare has provided well over $1 billion of assistance and support through more than 2,500 projects in Agriculture & Food Security; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene; Women’s Empowerment; and Health, HIV & AIDS that have impacted millions of beneficiaries in 36 countries in Africa. Visit for more information.

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Dr Congo To Build Town In Honour Of Patrice Lumumba


The Democratic Republic of Congo is to build a town in honour of independence figure Patrice Lumumba, government spokesman Lambert Mende has said.

The new town of Lumumbaville would be a merger of two existing communities in central DR Congo, he added.

Mr Lumumba - a Soviet ally - was elected prime minister in 1960 after almost a century of colonial rule.

His killing some four months later at the age of 35 was widely blamed on US and UK intelligence agencies.

In April, UK House of Lords member Lord Lea said that former MI6 officer Daphne Park told him the UK had been involved in Mr Lumumba's death. 'Centre of Africa' The BBC's Maud Jullien reports from DR Congo's capital Kinshasa that the government's decision is likely to be welcomed by most people, as he remains an extremely popular figure. Lumumbaville will be built in Kassai-Oriental province, the birthplace of Mr Lumumba, to "honour the memory of a great Congolese statesman", Mr Mende said. Construction work would start in 2014, he added.

The government is hoping that Western donors will help finance the building of the town, and that it will become a major tourist attraction, our correspondent says. Mr Lumumba's son Raymond told BBC Focus on Africa his father would have welcomed the decision to build Lumumbaville.

"He wanted Congo to be the centre of Africa, the centre of development," said Raymond Lumumba.

"So, he'll want it to be a modern town with all facilities." DR Congo is rich in minerals but most people are extremely poor. The country has been hit by numerous conflicts since it gained independence from Belgium in 1960.

The most recent uprising, by the M23 rebel group, began last year in eastern DR Congo, leading to some 800,000 people fleeing their homes.




IWMF Announces 2013 Courage In Journalism And Lifetime Achievement Award Winners


By: SEM Contributor on May 4, 2013.

Washington, DC, USA – For the past 22 years, the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) has paid tribute to women journalists who risk their lives to report the news with its Courage in Journalism Awards. This year, the IWMF honors:

Najiba Ayubi, 45, managing director for The Killid Group in Afghanistan. Ayubi has spent more than a decade working under anonymous threats and attacks from government entities for her reporting on politics and women’s rights. She leads a team of reporters working in print, broadcast and online media and has refused calls for censorship.

Najiba Ayubi, Afghanistan, Director of The Killid Group

Nour Kelze, 25, photojournalist for Reuters in Syria. Kelze occupies the front lines of the conflict in her country, working to document the human cost of the Syrian revolution. She has been shot at countless times, hospitalized twice for wounds sustained while photographing, and targeted in pro-Assad propaganda.

Bopha Phorn, Cambodia, Reporter for The Cambodia Daily

The IWMF Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Edna Machirori, the first black female newspaper editor in Zimbabwe. As a woman journalist in post-colonial Zimbabwe, Machirori rose through the ranks of several newspapers, including The Chronicle and The Financial Gazette, in spite of a deeply patriarchal culture. Now, Machirori continues to write about development, corruption and social issues for The Daily News, among other publications.

Nour Kelze, Syria, Photojournalist for Reuters

Bopha Phorn, 28, reporter for The Cambodia Daily in Cambodia. Phorn’s reporting on environmental exploitation nearly got her killed in October 2012, when her car came under heavy fire during a reporting trip in the Cambodian jungle. Her coverage of crime, land rights abuses and human rights issues have led to ongoing threats.

Edna Machirori, Zimbabwe

The Courage in Journalism Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented at ceremonies in New York on October 23rd and in Los Angeles on October 29th. Bank of America is National Presenting Sponsor of the events.



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Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce Embarks on Multi-City U.S.Trade Mission Nigerian companies represented on this trade mission include:




Ghana NGO Wins Top International Award


1. Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals, PLC 2. Tricontinental Oil Services Limited 3. Exclusive Products & Equipments Ventures, LLC 4. Fosad Consulting, LLC 5. Neo Media & Marketing 6. Adeniji Kazeem & Co. (Barristers & Solicitors) 7. Shorange Petroleum, LLC 8. Bricks Integrals Construction Company 9. Deepfort Enterprise International Ltd. 10.Brand Believers Ltd.

AMIP Photo: Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, President of the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce

Washington, DC

April 20 – May 3rd, 2013 The Nigerian American Chamber of Commerce (NACC) has organized a multi-city U.S. trade mission for some two dozen of its members. True to her core mission the trade mission is aimed at increasing business opportunities between the visiting delegation and U.S. companies with interest in Nigeria. The delegation comprises of business executives from the agriculture, service, consulting, petroleum, construction, manufacturing, and petroleum industries.

Speaking with AMIP News during the opening session at the Nigerian Embassy chancery in Washington, DC, the President of the Chamber – Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa, reiterated the need for Nigerian businesses, especially those in the private sector to diversify.

Mr. Olanipekun Ojo, Executive Secretary of the Chamber explained that much care was taken into putting the delegation together so that the benefits of the trip would spread across several industries.

The schedule of events planned for the delegation in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Detroit include company visits, match making sessions, and lectures from U.S. business leaders. The delegation will end their tour on May 3rd, at the African World Expo in Detroit.

The Nigeria-American Chamber of Commerce was established in 1960, originally as the Nigerian-American Friendship Club. After 5 decades of existence and operations it has become an important pillar supporting the commercial relationship between United States of America and Nigeria. For more information about the chamber visit





According to UN youth report, the number of youth living in developing countries will grow by 89.5%, by 2015. If these youth are not empowered with long lasting productive life skills and ideas through effective training and education then the future of the developing world is at risk. It is against this background that World Partners for Development (WPD) which is a registered NGO in Ghana and also a registered 501(c )3 in the U.S. is taking all the effective steps it can to have high impact on Ghana youth with its sustainable empowerment programs. WPD’s Ghana program, SENSE (Students Engaged in Solar Enterprise) won them a second place prestigious Pan-African award among 350 NGOs from 39 countries. The award Program Fellow who made the final announcement this April, said, “The quality of entries was extremely high and organizations highlighted their innovative and entrepreneurial work in education from all countries. We are excited to announce that World Partners for Development, Ghana was a second place winner of the 2012 Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education which was initiated in United Kingdom”. This is not the first international award that WPD has won; in 2010 they won the top 10 Global Citizen Program Award from the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy in collaboration with the U.S. State Department. WPD is also the first organization in West Africa to win a 5 year partnership program with Adobe Youth Voices to empower Ghana’s rural youth in multimedia projects. Their shoe donation program with partner organizations also support needy school children in Ghana with more than 10,000 pairs of brand new shoes every year. WPD’s award winning program, SENSE, is aimed to empower Ghana’s rural underserved high school students in innovative Do-It-Yourself entrepreneurship education that empowers them to use available materials in the local market to design, assemble, install, maintain, and market their own hand made photovoltaic solar lanterns. The founder and brainer behind WPD projects and programs, Philip Darko, who has been in Ghana’s NGO programs for so long and also as a product of George Washington University in Business Technologies, always comes with new innovative ideas together with his team to empower humanity around the world. To learn more about World Partners for Development, please visit You may also make contacts via to support, partner, volunteer or intern with their high impact work.


Twi Translator Online May 2013


al life. He claimed he could speak in Tongues more than all the believers and for that he was grateful to God. He was making reference to the private use of tongues. He finally encourages all believers not to be intimidated or shy away form the private use of tongues 1 Corinthians 14:39.

Rev. George Annan The speaking of unknown Tongues began with the birth of the New Testament church in Acts 2:1-8 and became an experience subsequent to salvation throughout the book of the Acts of the Apostles. The Apostles ministered to any individual or group of people who received the gospel and got Born Again. The evidence was always with the speaking of other tongues. No single believer was denied (Check back on a future article on the baptism as it runs through the book of Acts; the Early Church).

In one of his teaching epistles to the church at Corinth the Apostle Paul touched on the subject of Tongues because there were misunderstanding, controversies and misuse of the gift. Paul underscored the fact that there is a private and public use of Tongues. The private use is between the individual and God. It is a means of personal edification and a channel of communication with God.

In 1 Corinth 14:2-4 Paul set forth the two usages of tongues. He distinguish between PRIVATE USE (which is between the individual and God) and PUBLIC USE which is ministry of edification to the church or congregation. The public use Paul instructed must always be accompanied by interpretation.

In verse 5-6 he considers the church to be greater than the individual and so prefers tongues with interpretation for building up the church to the private use of tongues because its ministry directed (horizontal) while’s private use is for personal edification (vertical). And if in the church one is able to speak in tongues with interpretation which is prophecy he is just as equal to the person who uses tongues for private purpose. He never waters down on the need for private use because you cannot edify the church when you are not edified yourself. You cannot strengthen your brother when you are weak. Personal edification in the spirit comes by the private use of tongues.

He then set the order for public ministry of tongues in 1 Corinthians 14: 27. It must always be accompanied by interpretation or else zip your lips.

Paul concludes in 1 Corinthians 14:18 by claming to benefits from speaking in Tongues in his own person-

The Only time Paul suggested tongues will cease is when He that is perfect is come 1 Corinthians 13:8-10. Some have concluded that the written word (the Bible) is the perfect thing so once we have the Bible tongues have ceased. This interpretation is conflicting because the church is still waiting for the second coming of the perfect and the living word Jesus. In Hebrews 13:14 the bible makes it explicitly clear that we are still waiting for the second coming of He who is perfect (Jesus Christ) so until Jesus shows up to rapture His church the speaking of other tongues will still be relevant and prevalent in the church.

There is a second school of thought that hold to the view that tongues ceased with the death of the apostles. Buts listen to what the apostle Peter had to say on the day of Pentecost with reference to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the speaking of tongues. Peter himself had been a recipient of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and had begun to speak in tongues. For the first time Peter spoke of the experience and gives the scope of those who could be beneficiaries of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Peter echoed a prophesy in Joel 2:28-32 that the outpouring of the Holy spirit with the evidence of speaking of other tongues was not just for the apostles on the day of Pentecost but the promise was for all flesh and as many as the Lord our God shall call Acts 2:1-39. Jesus had also said the speaking of other tongues is one of the signs of them that believe in Him Mark 16:1517. In the realm where the great commission, evangelism and soul winning are to be carried out the speaking of other tongues will be relevant and prevalent in the Church.

Oh how relevant is Paul’s words to the believers of today “forbid not to speak in other tongues 1 Corinthians 14:39.”

Welcome to your premiere online resource for learning Asante Twi words. helps you to realize your goal of pronouncing, reading and writing in Asante Twi. presents a vast listing of English words and their respective Asante Twi translation in an exciting and easy to use format. In addition to pictures when available there are audio clips which present the opportunity to actually hear a native Asante Twi speaker enunciate each translated word. This online dictionary of sorts provides a treasure trove of the basic building blocks to learning the Asante Twi language. will allow you to learn basic everyday words in Asante Twi. These words cover several aspects of language to include: Time, weather, directions, Locations, food items, feelings, Emotions, opinions and ideas. Feelings, Verbs, Pronouns, animals, house hold furniture Careers, nature, compliments, adjectives and exclamations. Feelings and emotions. Animate and inanimate objects. Numbers, Days of the Week, Family members, Birds, Insects and so much more.

How does it work? With you will build on your foundation of the vocabulary of the Asante Twi language by interacting with the database of Asante Twi words via a user friendly graphical user interface. With the click of a button you are able to search and browse words as well as listen to each translated word.

There is also an introduction to the unique alphabet of the Asante Twi language as well as an opportunity to practice new vowels and sounds which are the key to pronouncing Asante Twi words properly.


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When God Stirs Your Spirit Her Page

manifest a change. If you are in need of God changing someone’s heart so that you will see mercy, know that He can. The hearts of men are in the hands of the Lord. The hearts of kings and queens are in the capable and mighty palms of the Lord. After all, as the lyrics of the song say, He is “the God of all flesh,” and as a result, no individual can or should be a stumbling block to the blessings and advancements of a God-fearing Christian, a child of God. It doesn’t matter how manipulative, how conniving, how abusive, how powerful an individual is, that person is not above God and cannot manifest any power above that of God.

the children of Israel lived as captives in Babylon. This captivity, as God puts it, was a result of their disobeying His ordinances. However, He had promised that after 70 years of captivity, he would free and restore them to Jerusalem. When the 70 years expired, the Israelites were then under the Persian King, Cyrus. And just as God had promised, so it was. The Lord stirred the spirit of Cyrus, directing his heart, causing him to free the very people who, as capDr. Miriam C. Gyimah tured subjects, served him. But even as He o you want to see God avenge stirs Cyrus’ spirit and compels his heart, you? Do you want to experiGod also touches the hearts of the Israelites ence enemies, who are at war themselves, their friends and neighbors. In with you, who want to stand in the the end, there is a great movement and a way of your success and peace of shifting of history that is difficult to commind, experience a change of heart prehend. towards you? Do you believe that Cyrus writes a decree and in it he says, those who cannot stand the sight of “‘The LORD, the God of heaven, has given you for envy, jealousy and sheer me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has hatred can be turned around and appointed me to build a temple for him at become gift bearing allies? Well, you Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people better believe it because it has hapamong you may go up to Jerusalem in pened before and it is in God’s will for Judah and build the temple of the LORD, it to happen to you. the God of Israel, the God who is in There is a popular church song with Jerusalem, and may their God be with them. the lyrics: “is there anything, anything, And in any locality where survivors may anything too hard for Him, is there now be living, the people are to provide anything, is there anything too hard them with silver and gold, with goods and for Him?...Behold I am the Lord, the livestock, and with freewill offerings for the God of all flesh. Is there anything too temple of God in Jerusalem’” (Ezra 2-4). hard for Me?” So I put it to you, is In the book of Exodus, when the very So here, we see Cyrus not only freeing the there anything too hard for God? My stubborn and powerful Pharaoh deterIsraelites to return home and rebuild the answer will always be a resounding mined in his heart never to free the temple of the lord that was originally conNO. God can turn around the hearts Hebrews from slavery, there came a point structed by the great King Solomon, but he of people who dislike you, hate you, when he had to submit to the power of also appeals to other inhabitants of Babylon resent you, even people who want to God; he had no choice but to let the peo- to provide the Israelites with gold, silver, see your destruction. He can turn their ple go. God Himself told Moses that livestock and offerings for the temple. What hearts completely around to love you Pharaoh’s heart was in His hands. He a miracle indeed! and even to want to shower you with said, “But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart The idea that God, the one God you all sorts of gifts and blessings. That that I may multiply my signs and my believe in, the one God you serve, the one those who once hated you will come wonders in the land of Egypt” (Exodus and only God you pray to and call upon, to care about you is a miracle that God 7:3). Even when Pharaoh believed that can touch your enemies’ hearts and stir their can perform when He stirs up their he was in control of his thoughts, emospirits to speak words of freedom and blessspirits and changes their hearts. tions and will, God proved that He has ings upon your life, to grant you your Most practicing Christians who the ultimate power. Pharaoh suppressed heart’s desire and your longing of many truly know the ways and deeds of God the will of the Israelites, the chosen peo- years is a miracle that only this loving and will agree with me. We believe that ple of God, and resisted God’s authority, very capable God can perform. So what God can change the weather; we but ultimately, he had to succumb to the stands in your way? Is there anyone more believe He can heal the sick, raise the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. obstinate than Pharaoh? Is there any ruler dead and perform countless miracles The book of Ezra further substantiates more powerful than Cyrus at the height of as recorded in the Bible, and as report- the control that God has over man. The his reign? No. No one was more powerful ed and testified of even today in our events of the book are truly eye-opening than Cyrus aside from God, and so it is to modern world. While we esteem these and faith-affirming. It is one thing that God, not to rulers or man that we have to acts, one of the most significant the Lord will touch your neighbor or look to, for it is He who can alter their demonstrations of God’s power may friend to bless you, but when your hearts and stir their spirits for your own not be as theatrical as causing a para- enemy’s spirit is stirred to bless you with good. lytic to walk or raising the dead at a incredible generosity, there are no words, Are you fighting or struggling for somemorgue or a funeral, but it is no less a just praise and adulation due God. thing? Are you longing for something spemiracle. One of the greatest miracles Having been conquered and captured cial that keeps eluding you? Who has posiGod performs is changing the hearts of by the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, tioned themselves against you? What indipeople and stirring up their spirits to


“But I will harden Pharaoh’s heart that I may multiply my signs and my wonders in the land of Egypt” (Exodus 7:3).

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vidual is the face of your challenges? Is it a co-worker who for some reason is working against you making your life at work miserable? Or is it a supervisor, a manager who for one reason or another, not because you have done anything wrong, has it in for you and will not give you the time of day or is withholding promotions and bonuses from you? Is it a neighbor who is not accepting of you and has been busily working to have other neighbors and the Home Owners Association (HOA) against you at every turn? Who is the face of your problem? Does the face of your problem belong to a family member who has always stood in opposition of you even if you were innocent in a matter? Is it someone who has trumped up charges against you to friends and anyone who will listen? Have you identified the face of the one who stands day and night, vexing your soul? If you have, then ask yourself is the person more stubborn than Pharaoh who enslaved millions of people? Ask yourself if the individual troubling you is greater than Cyrus of Persia, who ruled over many nations and the Hebrews in Babylon’s captivity? If the answer is no, then my question is why do you fret? If the answer is yes, my question still remains, why do you fret when God is greater? I am telling you clearly and assuredly that the Lord will cause your enemies to bow down to you. The Lord will stir their spirits and hearts so that they have no choice but to open doors for you and shower you with blessings. I have experienced this very thing first hand. If you believe the account of the Hebrews with Pharaoh then take my word. If you accept the historical account of the Hebrew nation‘s return to Jerusalem from Babylon, then take a step of faith and trust God for your victory over your enemies. That promotion will be had. That contesting and conniving family member or neighbor will have a change of heart when God stirs their spirit for your benefit. Trust in Him. Do His will. Seek His face and your enemies will become your footstool.

Watch Out For Volume 2

A guy who was an aeroplane cleaner was cleaning the pilot's cockpit and saw a book entitled, "How to fly an aeroplane for beginners, Vol. 1".

He opened the first page which said; "To start the engine, press the red button". He did so and the airplane engine started.

He was pleased and opened the next page, "To set airplane moving press blue button". He did so and the plane started moving at an amazing speed.

He wanted to fly, he opened the 3rd page which said; "To let airplane fly, please press the green button". He did so and the plane started to fly.

He was so happy. After 20 minutes of flying, he was satisfied and wanted to land. He opened to the 4th page.

The 4th page said, "To learn how to land a plane, please watch out for Volume 2.


na waoo for him

Source: Jonathan Yaw Boampong/facebook

On a Wedding Day

On a wedding day, the pastor asked their usual question;

"Anyone who feels the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony should speak now, or forever remain silent"

Akpors raised his hand from the back. On seeing him the bride fainted and when she was revived, the pastor asked Akpors,

"Why did you raise your hand,"

Akpors replied, "I just want tell you that we can't hear you well from the back"

Describe Akpos...

Source: Evans Awuah

Joke Center

At The Beach

One day Akpos was enjoying the sun at the beach. A lady came and asked him, "Are you relaxing?".

Akpos answered, "No, I am Akpos."

Another guy came and asked him the same question.

Akpos answered, "No! No! Me Akpos!" The third one came and asked him the same question again.

Akpos was totally annoyed and decided to shift his place.

While walking he saw a certain guy soaking in the sun.

He went up to him and asked,

"Are you Relaxing?"

This guy was a lot more educated and answered, "Yes, I am relaxing."

Akpos landed him slap in his face and said, "Stupid, eediot. Everyone is looking for you and you are sitting over here...."

May 2013

Watching TV



On a very cool evening, Mr. Akpos was with his family, all watching TV when his youngest son, 'Joshua' interrupts with a question.

Joshua: Dad(Akpos), what is the difference between 'potential' and 'reality'?

Akpos (turns to wife): would you sleep with George.W. Bush for $1 million? Wife: Of course, I will never waste that opportunity.

Akpos (turns to daughter): Would you sleep with Brad Pitt for $1 million? Daughter: Yes! He is my fantasy.

Akpos (turns to eldest son): Would you sleep with Tom Cruise for $1 million?

Eldest son: Why not? Imagine what I would do with that money.

Akpos turns to his youngest son Joshua: You see son, 'potentially' we are sitting with multimillionaires but in 'reality' we are sitting with two prostitutes and one Gay, idiot!!

One word for the family. Source: Evans Awuah

May 2013

Hawknad Manufacturing Industries, Inc Alexandria Virginia, 22312 Tel : 703-941-0444

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Nigeria's Youngest Commercial Pilot Could you explain what it felt like for you when you were awarded the license?

I felt very good when being awarded this license. I pursed it vigorously and competed with many other students from all over the world with some dropping from the school halfway into the training. Also the presence of Nigerian dignitaries at the graduation was very heartwarming. I've never been so proud, as a Nigerian achieving what I had. I felt honoured by their presence, meeting and sharing photos with them. They are very humble as against what you would read in the newspapers about them. Yet I felt very accomplished but then also realized that there is even more to do from here onwards. interview

Twenty-year-old Favour Nnaemeka Odozor was penultimate in South Africa, awarded license as a commercial pilot, making him the youngest in South Africa and Nigeria commercial pilot. He speaks on his journey to becoming a pilot and what next.

Weekly Trust: How do you feel being the youngest commercial pilot in Nigeria and South Africa?

Favour Odozor: It is not a feeling out of the ordinary; it was that of a childhood dream of being a commercial pilot which finally came through and at the age of 20. That I was able to achieve this in countries advanced in aviation like Nigeria and South Africa, is equally rewarding. But I know there are many younger ones out there who do have the wherewithal to achieve this even while younger than I am now.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am, was born in Umuoma Amucha in Njaba Local Government Area of Imo State by Mr and Mrs Odozor. I attended Adimery nursery/primary Oguta, Imo state. I had my secondary education in Lagos and Enugu before proceeding to Caritas University, Enugu State where I enrolled for Computer Science and Information Technology. I deferred this in my second year to go to South Africa's prestigious Afrika Union Aviation Academy to undergo training as a commercial pilot. This I have completed within a good time and currently licensed on a multi engine airplane with instrument rating.

What were your aspirations growing up?

I'd always desired to become a pilot right from childhood. I remember always running out of the building just to catch a glimpse of an airplane on hearing its cruising sound possibly at 36 - 38 thousand feet overhead. It usually depressed me the moment it disappears. Then my mother would calm me down by saying 'don't worry one day God will make this a reality but focus on your studies for now in order to obtain brilliant results if you would like to be a pilot'. That motivated me a lot that I made sciences my bread and butter while at school just to achieve this dream.

What did you specialize in and how did you decide on it?

I first obtained my Private Pilot license having successfully passed 8 South Africa's Civil Aviation Authority mandatory examination with all the flying procedures completed. From there I proceeded with my ground school where I also passed eight exams towards a commercial license involving flying procedures

I Used to Run Out of the House to Watch Planes Fly

including night rating and instruments flights.

On completion of this process, I progressed from single engine aircraft to multi engine aircrafts where its rating was also successfully completed after intensive and vigorous tests by the designated examiners from the South African Civil Aviation Authorities. At the end of this, your fate would be communicated to you via your academy on whether you made it or not. It's usually a tough moment for pilots awaiting this good or bad news.

How old were you when you were admitted for the course and how long did it take you to finish it?

I was 18 when I enrolled into the program and my parents had to sign consent on my behalf. It took me 17 months to complete all training.

Who would you say had the most influence on you?

My mother had a lot of influence on me while growing up, she always tells me to believe in myself and God no matter what the challenges are. That humility surely shall remain a key to anyone's success. My uncle (Mr. Uche Odozor) has great impact on me during my training, he kept on monitoring and encouraging me during challenging situations. Also, my principal Captain Allan Roebuck who could fly anything so long as it has wings would always advise us that our attitude would always give us our altitude.

Did you have any worriesor fears?

May 2013


I was never worried nor had fears in my ability to do this. Being a pilot is in the mind and passion not necessarily in age. I was just pursuing my dreams and knew that all I needed was just to work very hard. I'm glad it finally paid off. Thanks to everyone who supported me.

Did your parents object to your becoming a pilot?

My parents always supported me, but wanted me to complete my degree first, but when they saw that it wasn't giving me any joy despite my good results they had to let me go, but constantly prayed for me.

Were there times you wanted to quit?

There were times initially when one would reach almost a breaking point most especially where at about 10 thousand feet mid air, your instructor would intimidate you, cause you so much anger, giving you 100 reasons why you cannot fly.

All these were meant to upset you while carefully watching you blunder or remain calm while flying the airplane. But as the pilot in command, it remains your responsibility to safely fly your aircraft to its destination. Eventually you'll realize that it's all part of the training. I do not believe in giving up, I just focus on doing the right thing and managing every expectation well.

What airlines will you be flying for?

I have not considered any airline specifically to fly for. I'm focusing now on my further studies towards an instructor rating in order to teach while writing my airline transport pilot license ( ATPL) frozen exams.

What other interest do you have?

I have a lot of interests within the aviation space; I also have interest in watching football.

How do you think you can contribute to the growth of the Nigerian aviation industry?

I would really like to give back to my country using my skills and maybe someday as a training Captain




Yaw, The Evangelist Of Music

May 2013

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by Ghana

to serve God and has been instrumental in creating church programs that serve as an alternative to a wayward path. His role as Youth leader did not end whilst he pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia and he was a founding member of the Liberty University campus ministry that continues to thrive after his graduation.

Yaw closed 2012 with a widely successful Live DVD recording at the Whaley Auditorium at Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia. This concert was attended by a crowd of over 500 people and featured backing vocals from Levitical worship (a powerhouse local choir) and music direction by Terrell Hunt. The DVD, “My Reasonable Act” is slated for a One of Yaw’s successes is the annual “True Spring 2013 release with his upcoming album to Worshippers” music concert that he began a few follow in the Summer – all releases will be availyears ago in Virginia bringing the youth together able on Itunes, Google Play, Cdbaby and under one roof and fostering an environment of Amazon. praise and worship where young people could Yaw continues to tour the world as a guest singer experience the love and presence of God. The and preacher at Youth conferences and “True Worshippers” concert has become an annual Pentecostal conventions and is truly a young man gospel event and has now grown with concerts who has “remembered the Lord in his youth”. being held in Maryland, New York and Texas. Yaw’s music accomplishments continue to grow and his distinctly soulful voice has won him the Ask any person who has experienced the vibrant Praise during his upbringing in Northern Virginia, joinYaw’s ministry continues to grow with the release respect of many. and worship led by Yaw Osei-Owusu and one word ing his local church choir and eventually becom- of his first gospel mix tape in 2011 titled, “The His ability to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit continues to emerge; anointed. Yaw Osei-Owusu, ing a minister of music and youth leader at The Audio-Biography of a Worshipper Chapter 1: My to touch the crowds during his ministrations has (whose parents have roots in Ghana) is a man devoted Church of Pentecost, an International Passion” which featured the original single and helped many experience Gods presence. and passionate about his ministry as a Praise and Pentecostal church originally founded in Ghana, music video, “High on High” which got 15,000 Yaw’s goal as an evangelist ‘singing the good Worship leader among the large African community in West Africa but attended by thousands of people hits by its second week on YouTube. news’ is taken from 1 Timothy 2:4 that “all men the United States and United Kingdom. in the African community here in the United be saved, and come unto knowledge of the truth”. States. The Church of Pentecost has a worldwide The mix tape also features a medley of worship Yaw is excited about what is in store for him and He has affected the lives of many and continues to pur- membership of 2.5 million people in Africa, hymns (sung in both English and local African his ministry as he makes the transition into the sue his divine calling in life which is to use his voice of Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and dialect) he grew up listening to and singing in mainstream urban gospel market. worship to draw the lost and broken into the presence of South America. church. Yaw achieved further recognition for his God. efforts by being awarded as ‘Artist of the Year’ Yaw has been instrumental in his capacity as a (USA/Canada) at the African Gospel Music Yaw found joy in singing for the Lord at an early age Youth leader in mobilizing the next generation Awards in 2012.

US-Based Nigerian Couple Fail DNA Test For Twins At Embassy



But in the course of investigation, Commissioner of Police in charge of the unit, Mr Tunde Ogunsaki, was said to have detailed some policemen to accompany Elizabeth to the trado medical home where she claimed the babies were delivered,with a view to ascertaining her claim.

The CP said: “During investigation, detectives traveled to Port-Harcourt, Rivers State where the woman claimed she gave birth to the twins in a private small house. But on reaching Port-Harcourt, the woman claimed she could no longer locate the place, she also stated that she had no antenatal record anywhere as she did not attend any.

Controversy currently trails the parenthood of five-month-old twins who were presented at the United States of America’s embassy in Lagos by their supposed parents for the procurement of visa.

This follows result of a DNA test ordered by the embassy which reports showed that the couple were not the biological parents of the twins as claimed.

Consequently, the couple have been arrested and are being interrogated at the Special Fraud Unit, SFU Milverton, for alleged child-trafficking.

Although investigation, according to the unit, had not been concluded, there were indication that the children could have been bought for N1.8 million somewhere in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Following the discovery, the passport of the supposed father, Mr Adenuga Shoyibo, a Nigerian based in America has been seized pending the outcome of the investigation.

But Soyibo, who claimed to be a USA citizen, maintained that the children were theirs, disclosing that the twins came at a traditional home in Port Harcourt, 15 years after they got married.

He further revealed that he paid N1.8 million to the tradomedical practitioner for the herbs administered to his wife which eventually led to her conception.

“Adenuga Soyibo, who claimed to be the father of the twins, on his own part, said he was also given local herbs that boosted his sperm count that produced the babies.

Both suspects claimed they could no longer trace the woman whom they paid the N1.8 million for the local herbs for the babies delivery. They also could not produce anyone who knew about the conception and the subsequent delivery of the babies.”

Mr Soyibo, however, said he met the woman, one Mrs Okoro, last year, adding that when the delivery date was near, he arrived the country November 19, 2012 and four days later his wife travelled to Port Harcourt where she was delivered same day and returned to their Ikorodu abode the following day.

He further stated that he did not go to Port Harcourt with his wife, saying he was too tired because of the journey.

Currently, Soyibo’s travelling documents have been seized pending the outcome of investigation. But the couple were released on bail, yesterday, and advised to be visiting for further interrogation.

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Examples Of Ghanaian Soul Names May 2013

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Monday: Kojo, Kwadwo, Jojo, Cudjoe, Kudjoe Tuesday: Kwabena, Ebo, Kobena, Kobina, Kobby Wednesday: Kwaku, Kweku, Kwiku Thursday: Yaw, Ekow, Yao, Yokow Friday: Kofi, Fiifi, Yoofi Saturday: Kwame, Ato, Atoapem, Kwamena, Kwami Sunday: Kwasi, Akwasi, Kwesi


Monday: Adwoa, Adzo, Ajoba, Ejo, Adjoa Tuesday: Abena, Abla, Araba, Abina Wednesday: Akua, Akuba, Ekuwa, Kukuwa Thursday: Yaa, Aba, Ayawo, Yaaba, Yaayaa, Awo Friday: Afua, Afi, Afia, Efie, Efua Saturday: Ama, Amma Sunday: Akosua, Esi, Kisi

Characteristics of each day

Monday's child is the father or mother in the family; nurturing in nature, dependable and organized, and protective of his/her family. Tuesday's child is the problem solver and planner of the family. They are structured in nature, neutral in all matters and never take sides. Wednesday's child is fully in control of every situation, does not want to be told what to do, knows it all, is spontaneous, vibrant and cordial. Thursday's child is quiet in nature and incredibly observant. They are generally listeners, not talkers, and analyzes situations very well. Friday's child is a leader, not a follower. He/she is very temperamental but has a big heart. Generally the instigator of everything. Saturday's child likes to take control of family situations. He/she runs the show and make the rules, but will go out of his/her way for others any time. Sunday's child is the passive, sensitive and warm member of the family. He/she tends to be shy and likes to keep to his/her self, but is very aware of his/her surroundings and usually is the secret keeper of the family.




John J. Blazewick of Cherry Hill, N.J., formerly of Mount Holly, died Tuesday, May 7, 2013. He was 30.

Born in Mount Holly, John was a graduate of Rancocas Valley Regional High School. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. John served honorably in the Marines as a Military Police Officer at the Albany, Ga. logistics base. He was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2005.

John earned his bachelor's and master's degrees from Colorado Tech and was working as a Corrections Officer for the State of N.J. at the Albert C. Wagner Correctional Facility in Bordentown.

He is survived by his wife, Nancy; his mother, Nina Blazewick of Mount Holly; his father, Paul Blazewick Jr. of Southampton; two brothers, Paul Blazewick III of Delanco and David Blazewick of Mount Holly; and his sister, Karen Calabrese of Middletown, N.J. John is also survived by his paternal grandparents, Paul and Nancy Blazewick Sr. of Eastampton; his father-in-law, Daniel Owusu of Virginia; a nephew, Alexander; a godson, Carter; and other family and friends in New Jersey, Virginia, and Ghana.


This Couple Reunited After 10 Years, 24hours Later They Died In Accident

One of the most shocking stories of the tragic accident involving a Young Shall Grow luxurious bus and a Dangote cement truck was that of Nneka and Kenneth Ojielo, a couple who died in the accident. Theirs is a story that will bring tears to many eyes because Kenneth had not seen his wife in the last 10 years until Thursday, the day before they both perished in the explosion.

Nancy Blazewick Widow

Date: July 13th 2013

Georgina Acquah Daughter

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John J. Blazewick RIP


Joseph E. Acquah (RIP) Age : 73

May 2013

Time: 9.30pm - 2.00am

Venue: Lincolnia United Methodist Church 6335 Little River Turnpike Alexandria VA 22312 RSVP: Gina 703 655-0655

“My sister travelled to Lagos from Enugu on Wednesday. On Thursday, I took her to the airport to welcome her husband. No one could separate them when Kenneth eventually came out with his luggage. They kissed for about 15 minutes and everybody around just stood watching.”

Nneka’s younger brother, Ogonna Abako, told Punch that “Kenneth travelled to Austria in 2003 in search of greener pastures. Before he left, they already had five children. Their eldest child is 21.

“They actually got married very early. Kenneth was 26 years old when they got married while my sister was about 20 years old at the time. Everybody was joyous when we heard he was coming home."

A picture of the joyous reunion taken by Ogonna’s wife on her mobile phone at the airport showed a couple with much happiness written all over their faces. But that joy was short-lived. On Friday, they decided to travel to Enugu. Kenneth wanted to meet his children as soon as possible. The children too were ecstatic in Enugu as they kept calling, asking their father, whom they had not seen in the last 10 years, to get home on time.

Ogonna said, “I drove my sister and her husband to a hotel and lodged them there. The following day, I woke up early to take them to the bus park. We got to Jibowu and realised that the Ekene bus they wanted to take had already left.

“I wanted them to take a smaller bus, but Kenneth insisted he would rather board the luxury bus.”

The couple held hands in the bus and prayed for journey mercies as Ogonna bid them farewell, not knowing it was for the last time. He said he called his sister’s phone at 3pm but it did not connect. He thought there was at network problem.

“When it was 6pm, my sister’s eldest child called and said she had not seen her parents. I then asked my brother to go to the Young Shall Grow park in Enugu. He was told there that only two of the company’s buses took off from Lagos that day, one from Maza Maza and one from Jibowu.

“Many families were waiting for their relations at the park too. The bus that took off from Maza Maza got to the park and that was when the passengers broke the news of the accident to waiting families. Those children will never see their father and mother again,” Abako said as he dabbed at his teary eyes.

Worse is the fact that their bodies cannot be claimed by their family members for burial as they were burnt beyond recognition and were therefore given a mass burial on Tuesday in Benin.





May 2013

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Youssou Ndour and Kaija Saariaho win Polar Music Prize



Oge Okoye Championing The Cause For Special Needs Kids In Africa May 2013

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Her incursion into this kind of humanitarian projects is borne out of her sense of giving, a thing she inherited from her mother. Oge, pained by the total negligence of the less privileged in the society decided to float this foundation that has since been wonderfully performing its vision and mission statements.

To create an enabling environment for the less privileged children and children with special needs for total development of our society and humanity; to mediate between the government and the children with special needs and to protect their rights.

Senegalese singer Youssou Ndour and Finnish history and future, blood and love, dreams composer Kaija Saariaho have been named as and power." the recipients of this year's Polar Music Prize. He was last year appointed Sweden's highest musical honour is awarded Senegal's minister of tourism. annually to both a pop performer and classical artist. He also owns an influential media group, a night club and a music studio. The pair will each receive one million kronor (£98,600) from the Royal Swedish Academy Saariaho, who has written chamber music, of Music. orchestral works and operas, was praised as "a modern maestro who opens up our ears King Carl XVI Gustaf will present them with and causes their anvils and stirrups to fall in their awards at a Stockholm ceremony on 27 love". August. The prize was founded in 1989 by Stig The prize is awarded for "exceptional achieve- Anderson, the manager of Swedish pop ments in the creation and advancement of group ABBA. music". Last year's winners were US singer Paul The academy recognised Ndour as "not just a Simon and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. singer, but a storyteller, poet, singer of praise, entertainer and verbal historian". Other previous winners include Sir Elton John, Sir Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Bjork "With his exceptionally exuberant band Super and Patti Smith. Etoile de Dakar and his musically ground breaking and political solo albums, Youssou Ndour has worked to reduce animosities between his own religion, Islam, and other religions," it said. "His voice encompasses an entire continent's

The delectable actress is undoubtedly a success story in the Nollywood movie industry. After years of gaining much from the industry, Oge feels it’s time to also give back and has a chosen a In a swift dimension, Oge, who has just noble cause to pursue that. returned from a movie location in the East today, having gone for weeks, will soon The mother of two is now championing a cause join the league of producers in Nollywood she believes in, a foundation that is set to tackle as she has perfected all acts to start shootthe most challenging needs of all children with ing her first movie entitled…keep a date special needs everywhere in Africa. with us for updates.

Positive Life Children, a foundation saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that underprivileged children live a positive life and make meaningful impacts in the society and become agents of positive change in Africa.

May 2013

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America School Of Nursing Holds Graduation Ceremony

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America School of Nursing and Allied Health in Woodbridge , Virginia is dedicated to serve individuals in the Washington Metropolitan area who are seeking careers in nursing education and other health care career training programs and are interested in seeking jobs in health care. On April 23, about 12 students graduated with certificates in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program. Speaking at the graduation ceremony Mrs. Esi Gyenin , the Director of the School commended the students for their dedication and committment towards their course work and encouraged them to maintain that momentum and value the the skills they have acquired as the basis for making a difference in their lives.

Mrs Esi Gyenin, program directorof America School Of Nursing

Ms. Martha Dale, guest speaker

Graduating Students Receiving their Certificates

ASNAH April 2013 Graduates and Staff

Mrs. Nana Yaa Gyawu, Faculty

May 2013

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My husband is too fat! Dear Awo, I met my husband of 12 years when I was only 20 years old. Dated for 2 years and being married for ten years now. When we met he was healthy exercised frequently and very conscious about what he ate. That was part of why I fell in love with him but lately he's packed on the weight. All he does is sit behind the tv and watching bad tv and drink beer after work. Now I'm worried over his health and scared he might die and leave me with the kids. I encourage him to exercise and watch his calorie intake but it falls on deaf ears. Now I've exhausted all my options and want out of this marriage. Please help!! My dear, I can definitely understand where you're coming from and I'm certain you truly love your husband hence your concern about his health. However you can't help anyone unless they want to be helped. Weight gain is such a sensitive issue but its not a good reason for divorce, so until the light bulb goes on for your husband to take good care of his health for himself there's very little you can do to help. my advice to you will be learn to love and appreciate your husband as he is and in doing so encourage and involve him in certain activities. Also be creative and involve the rest of the family so that it doesn't look like he's the main target. Taking walks together as a family after dinner is a great way to start and try Wii fit activities together as well. With time I'm sure he'll get the message and change his ways. Also the could be more to his weight gain than what meets the eye so talk to him and get to the bottom of whatever issue is eating him up and you'll be amazed at what the underlying issue might be.

May 2013

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NYves Bollanga of Cameroon -Televising African Home Entertainment in the U.S.



core business is to edit, broadcast and distribute Afro-centric multi-platforms television channels. Afrotainment Movies quickly became the premier platform for watching Nollywood movies on TV in the U.S.

Yves Bollanga, Founder & General Manager, Afrotainment Television Channels By Farai Gundan @FaraiToday Contributor

Sub-Saharan Africans are quietly but steadfastly establishing themselves as one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial groups in the U.S. According to Nielsen, they represent an estimated 4 million people earning between $45,000 and $75,000 a year. Their projected combined spending power is estimated at $300 billion. This is a fast growing ethnic group and US-based, Cameroonian born Yves Bollanga wants a piece of that pie, a big piece!

“Afrotainment was created to act as a cultural bridge amongst all the Black communities: Caribbean, Black American, Black Hispanic, mixed racial heritage or African immigrants,” commented Bollanga from Afrotainment’s 7,000 square feet, state-of-the-art, HD studio in Orlando, Florida. Afrotainment also operates out of a 32,000 square foot digital broadcast center in New York City in collaboration with Soundview Broadcasting, a leading distributor of Bollywood and South-East Asian content.

In 2009, the second channel, Afrotainment Music, launched on DISH as a 24/7 music channel showcasing popular African music genres. Afrotainment Music resonated with the younger generation quickly due to the high quality music videos from popular Afro-Caribbean artists. “We wanted to capture the young audience early with music content while they are still in college and make sure they remain loyal viewers once adults,” Bollanga said. In 2011 the third channel, Afrotainment Plus launched on cable via Optimum Cablevision in the The former IBM engineer is building an ambi- nation’s largest concentration of African-American/Black: tious family of television channels currently New York. Afrotainment’s fourth channel: TV9ja, reaching over 21 million households and grow- launched on DISH the same year targeting the vibrant ing. He is at the vanguard of bridging the cul- Nigerian community. tural gap amongst all the Black communities by bringing Afro-Caribbean content to mainstream In 2012, the fifth channel, Afrotainment HD targeting America, one TV channel at a time. “There is mainstream Black America, launched on Roku, the leading an unfulfilled demand for Black content on TV streaming platform in the U.S with over 5 million cusin North America. Our vision is to produce and tomers. Afrotainment sixth nationwide channel, Africa broadcast Afro-centric original content to as Box Office(ABO), a 24/7 Afro-Caribbean movie channel many devices and households as we possibly launched the same year on DISH. Explaining the chalcan.” explained Bollanga. lenges of concluding carriage agreement in the U.S, Bollanga said “we presented our channels and strategy to A serial media entrepreneur, Bollanga founded the leading Multi-Service Operators in the U.S, only his first company AB ROLL, a video produc- Charles Ergen and his dedicated executives and marketing tion house in Tours, France in 1995. In 1998, team recognized early on the potential of the African marwith his childhood friend, Constant Nemale ket especially the up-selling opportunities and cross-over (founder of Africa24, a 24/7 African News appeal to the 41 million African-Americans”. channel based in Paris, France), he created The bullish investment moves show that Bollanga and his Telesud, the first Pan-African television chan- team are serious about capturing a large chunk of the nel currently available throughout Europe and Black TV market share in the US. They currently produces Africa. In 2005, under Bollanga’s leadership, 55% of their HD content in-house and their catalog boasts Telesud launched in the U.S on DISH, the sec- over 1000 hours of HD content, 1500 Afro-Caribbean ond largest U.S satellite operator with over 14 movies and over 40 different Afro-Caribbean TV series. million subscribers. In 2008, with his longtime Bollanga declined to disclose the amount that he invested Pakistani-American partner Shafquat in Afrotainment as its principal owner, but acknowledged Chaudhary, they formed Soundview Africa and his company has yet to generate profits. “Television is a launched Afrotainment Movies on DISH, a capital intensive endeavor. It takes well over $10 to $20 general entertainment channel broadcasting million just to turn the switch on, assuming you have the African movies (mainly Nollywood, the second broadcast infrastructure in place. However, what is imporlargest movie industry in the world in terms of tant to us, is that the Afrotainment family of channels is number of movies released), series, realities bringing value to the greatly underserved Africanand talk shows. With Soundview Africa, American/Black communities we represent and serve in Bollanga’s goal was to create a company whose the U.S.”

Catching Up With Nollywood And Dmv Actress Wendy Bangura May 2013



There's a ton of talent here in the DMV, and it's high time someone gave some of these talented people their due. For an example of heretofore unheralded talent, I give you Exhibit A: Wendy Bangura, a Nollywood and DMV actress and award winning Executive Producer for the film The Entrapped.

Wendy stopped by to answer a few questions about her illustrious career. Q - Are black Actors getting enough work? I don't think they are getting enough work. There are a lot of talented black actors that can bring their talents into the Industry; they have not been featured enough in movies, so their talents are not seen. Q - What's the deal with Nollywood is it becoming more popular? Nollywood is the third largest Film Industry in the world. As a matter of fact, Nollywood will soon be available on major cable Television Networks in the United States courtesy of BrandCast media, Inc. Viewers of Time Warner, Cox, partners and affiliate Cable television networks will now be able to watch Nollywood movies on Demand [as of February 1, 2013]. Nollywood has gained its popularity in Asia, Europe, Caribbean, United States, Canada, and all over Africa and South America. Because of its popularity it has created room for new talent coming to the Industry like upcoming actors, actresses, producers, directors and cinematographers. Q - What Nollywood films have you done? I starred in some big hit movies like Busted Life produced by Austin Chima, Koming From Afrika produced by Blaise Christian Sitchet, Twisted Brain produced by Nelly, Blood Brothers produced by Solomon Navo, Royal Dilemma 2 produced by Papa Gee and The Entrapped produced by me. I am the Executive Producer and Producer of The Entrapped, and it was directed by Nollywood Actor Desmond Elliot. The Entrapped is an award winning movie which won two awards, NAFCA Nollywood Film Critics Award 2012 for Best Director Desmond Elliot and Best Leading Actress Syr Law, and won another Award Golden Icons Academy Award 2012 for Best Cinematography Robert Peters, and best Supporting Actress Susan Peters. Q - What Films have you recently done? I just finished the movie Koming from Afrika. Q - What films you got coming up? I am writing a true life story movie which means so much to me, and I am currently done with another script. I am planning to work on another project soon hopefully this year. Q - Any plan to Direct? Maybe someday I will direct. Right now I am working on a true life story. I am ready to [direct] even though as a filmmaker it is always good to have a very good director to direct it for me. Maybe I will be the assistant director.



Culture and Arts - Profiles

New Uganda Laws Ban Women From Wearing Mini Skirts,Watching Beyonce On Tv The Bill proposes that those found guilty of abetting pornography be fined up to 10 million Ugandan shillings (£2,500) or jailed for up to 10 years, or both.

Women in Uganda who go out wearing miniskirts could face jail or a heavy fine under draconian new laws.

Committee voiced concerns about its implications for freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.

MPs said the Bill’s definition of soft movies was too broad and said it went against Uganda’s tradition of being a tolThe Bill proposes that those found guilty of abet- erant country. The Bill defines pornography as any culting pornography be fined up to 10 million tural practice, behaviour or form of comUgandan shillings (£2,500) or jailed for up to 10 munication that depicts thighs, buttocks years, or both. or genitalia. The legislation would also see television dramas and films banned if it is passed by parliament.

Simon Lokodo, Uganda's ethics and integrity minister, who proposed the Bill, said: 'Any attire which exposes intimate parts of the human body, especially areas that are of erotic function, are outlawed. Anything above the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her.' The bill, which is backed by Deputy Attorney General Fred Ruhindi, would also see many films and TV dramas banned from the airwaves and internet use monitored. Mr Lokodo, a former Catholic priest defrocked by the Vatican for his involvement in politics, said that would mean that celebrities such as Beyoncé and Madonna would be banned from Ugandan television. 'Television should not broadcast a sexy person,' he said.

The definition also includes anyone engaged in explicit activities, erotic behaviour intended to cause sexual excitement and any indecent act or behaviour tending to corrupt morals.

But MPs criticised the lack of definition about what constituted 'decent dressing' and said the Bill could inhibit the sexual behaviour of married couples. They asked the Government to stop curtailing freedoms, which they said could scare away tourists.

Mr Lokodo responded by saying that the legislation will not outlaw 'any act or behaviour between spouses or couples performed in fulfilment of their conjugal He added: 'On the internet, we're going to put a rights and responsibilities, where such monitoring system so we know who has watched matters are strictly private.' which website and we know who has watched pornographic material.' Traditional modesty: Mr Lokodo argues Mr Lokodo said the Bill was needed to protect he wants to shield women from sexual women and children against exploitation and exploitation by having them cover up curb increasing immorality. If passed, the proposed law would mark a return to the era of dictator Idi Amin, who banned short Women in Uganda who go out wearing mini-skirts could face jail or a heavy fine skirts. under draconian new laws. Many Ugandans are against the idea and some The legislation would also see television have taken to Twitter to express their outrage dramas and films banned if it is passed by using the hashtag #SaveMiniSkirt. parliament. But the draft law ran into problems when some members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

May 2013



away tourists.

Mr Lokodo responded by saying that the legislation will not outlaw 'any act or Simon Lokodo, Uganda's ethics and integri- behaviour between spouses or couples perty minister, who proposed the Bill, said: 'Any formed in fulfilment of their conjugal attire which exposes intimate parts of the rights and responsibilities, where such human body, especially areas that are of erot- matters are strictly private.' ic function, are outlawed. Anything above Beyonce the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a He said that one of the dangers of pornogminiskirt, we will arrest her.' raphy is that it fuels sexual crimes against The bill, which is backed by Deputy women and children, including rape and Attorney General Fred Ruhindi, would also child molestation. see many films and TV dramas banned from He suggested that women who were victhe airwaves and internet use monitored. tims of sexual violence were sometimes Mr Lokodo, a former Catholic priest attacked because of their provocative defrocked by the Vatican for his involvement dress. in politics, said that would mean that celebrities such as Beyoncé and Madonna would be 'One can wear what one wants, but please banned from Ugandan television. do not be provocative,' he said. 'People 'Television should not broadcast a sexy perwho are indecently dressed ... do it son,' he said. provocatively and sometimes they are

He added: 'On the internet, we're going to put a monitoring system so we know who has watched which website and we know who has watched pornographic material.' Mr Lokodo said the Bill was needed to protect women and children against exploitation and curb increasing immorality. If passed, the proposed law would mark a return to the era of dictator Idi Amin, who banned short skirts.

Many Ugandans are against the idea and some have taken to Twitter to express their outrage using the hashtag #SaveMiniSkirt.

But on Thursday the draft law ran into problems when some members of the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee voiced concerns about its implications for freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. MPs said the Bill’s definition of soft movies was too broad and said it went against Uganda’s tradition of being a tolerant country.

The Bill defines pornography as any cultural practice, behaviour or form of communication that depicts thighs, buttocks or genitalia. The definition also includes anyone engaged in explicit activities, erotic behaviour intended to cause sexual excitement and any indecent act or behaviour tending to corrupt morals. But MPs criticised the lack of definition about what constituted 'decent dressing' and said the Bill could inhibit the sexual behaviour of married couples. They asked the Government to stop curtailing freedoms, which they said could scare

attacked. 'An onlooker is moved to attack her and we want to avoid those areas. He is a criminal but he was also provoked and enticed.' While some committee members said that pornography was already outlawed under Ugandan law, Mr Lokodo said that the existing laws only covered the publication of obscene material and that the issue of pornography transcended publication.

Source: (DailyMail)


Apostle Marries Nine Women, Plans To Marry 11 More Post

May 2013


2nd Texas Paddle – Sierra Leone Community Exhibit Cultural Heritage


Dancing with the Paddle

Founder and leader of RMG End Time Message Ministry in Nigeria is targeting 20 wives to increase church membership as couples withdraw against his polygamous doctrine.

In a wide-ranging interview, polygamous Apostle Robert Martin Gumbura said he has decided to have many wives and children who support his doctrine. Apostle Gumbura said following his polygamy doctrine, he faced a major exodus from his congregation while he was based in Gweru. He was left with less than 50 people and he had five wives at that time.

Last week the controversial "man of God" paraded NINE WIVES to news reporters saying he has no reason to cheat with married women when he has many wives to quench his sexual appetite. Gumbura claims that he takes a lot of fruits and good meals to GAIN POWER TO SEXUALLY satisfy his many wives in bed. He is now spreading the word of God through his sexual power and is targeting 20 wives and many children to achieve his goal.

"These are my NINE WIVES and 28 children with me today and I am targeting 20 wives who will bear me many children. It is better to teach my children and wives my doctrines rather than struggling with couples who are against me. Men are not being honest enough with their spouses. Many are not able to have one wife without cheating or having a hidden small house.

"As I read the Bible I discovered that Old Testament leaders had many wives who became their followers and that is the route I am taking. Many followers deserted me after I preached about polygamy in October 2000 and I was left with less than 50 people. As my wives bear many children, I will have many followers to my ministry since many are leaving me because of that truth I am preaching.

"I paraded my wives to all my church branches and from there I am losing membership as women go against it even though their husbands understood the bible verses. I am not after married women. As we speak I have six polygamous leaders under me who are also following my doctrine," said Apostle Gumbura who was recently picked up by police for questioning amid claims that he had sexually abused several married women in his church.

On HIV and AIDS, Apostle Gumbura said his wives were faithful and the danger will only be brought by him, if he was to cheat.

"My wives are very faithful and protected that I trust them. If AIDS is to be found among us, I will be the one to blame and I am not a cheater. I eat fruits and good meals to boost my immune system to have power to make love to my wives. If there is anyone of them who is not being satisfied I can go out so that she can be open to speak to you over that," said the husband of 9 and father of 28 (still counting).

A cross section of Texas Paddle Cultural Group

Texas, U.S.A, May 12. For the second time Sierra Leoneans all across the United States showed their support towards diversity and complexity in a classical Texas Paddle show. Last weekend Saturday, May 4, marked another milestone when the Sierra Leone community was allowed by city authorities to demonstrate their cultural values in the city of Dallas, Texas.

The show was part of the 52nd Sierra Leone Independence anniversary that our country celebrates on April 27th. Championed by the group leader Mr. Ben Miller, the Texas Paddle is essentially a nuclear family forged in our history that continues to hold as a touchstone in our culture.

The Texas Paddle organization was established in September 2012 with a view to share Sierra Leone contemporary music and dance to the United States, showing the devil masking as a cultural phenomenon. Our costumes, music and dance styles clearly demonstrated to the American people the Sierra Leone cultural identity, Mr. Ben Miller the head of Texas Paddle said.

People from different cultural background venerated in the relics and songs of Paddle. The devil’s costumes fashioned in different style during its two performances of day and night events. Americans viewed the show as an extraordinary because of Paddle’s prevailing costumes. “This is an intercultural competence,” an American who watched the two performance show said. “Other African countries will soon follow suit as a realization of being in a freedom and democratic country,” another participant asserted.

much more interested in their local social clubs rather than considering coming together as one Sierra Leone to glorify our identity.

In this year’s Independence anniversary, Sierra Stars Soccer Association did it by playing a soccer match between Sierra Leone and Columbia. It was a first time encounter between the two countries and the Sierra Leone soccer team prevailed by beating the Columbian side 1-0.

The festivity continued on the night of April 27 in a fundraising dance. Even though there had been no provision to talk about the said Independence celebration but it is clear that the organization is constantly celebrating Independence anniversary every year. Many people in the dancing hall appeared colorfully in their green, white and blue, the Sierra Leone national colors that we are proud of. The most popular disco joker in the city, Mr. Mohamed Bio ensured that all music played was fitting to dance the cultural style of Texas Paddle and that of Sierra Stars night where he made a mixture of all African and American music. It was so fascinating and thrilling to the attendees when DJ Bio played continuously just the hunting songs at Texas Paddle.

The Sierra Leone National Anthem was sung at the “Comojadae” of Texas Paddle while only the National pledge was sung in the opening dance floor during SSSA night on April 27. Prayers in both Islam and Christian way were conducted in any opening event.

Ideally, this Texas Paddle organization came about as an innovative program that seeks to bring Sierra Leoneans Sanpha Sesay, Texas Chief Correspondent together and enhance the Sierra Leone culture in Texas. It will recreate positive interaction and rapport among the Sierra Leone community. And as we are celebrating our Independence anniversary every year on April 27, our Texas Paddle will also showcase once in the year, Mr. Miller said. Celebration of the Sierra Leone Independence anniversary in the metroplex became an imbalance as only one organizaSource: tion, Sierra Stars Soccer Association (SSA) always took the challenge. It became an impediment for the entire community to come together on that historic day to celebrate the freedom of our motherland because of formation of numerous social and political organizations. It seems that people are


Afrikan Post


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AP: I bet you there are millions of people who NEVERRRRRR knew that!! KWABENA KWABENA: yea there is always a first time to everything in life lol

AP: Out of all the songs you have written, which one is your favorite?

Interview by: Amy Ansong

Kwabena Kwabena is a highly respected and gifted Ghanaian artist. With established hits like “Bibini”, “Aso” and “Obi Do Wo A Do Ni Bi”, Kwabena Kwabena is gearing up to release another highly anticipated album ,entitled DAAKYE, which will be a compilation of various musical genres. Apart from preparing for an album launch, Kwabena Kwabena is also preparing to attend the Ghana Music Awards, as a result of three nominations he received as a result of a collaboration with Asem for the song “Bye Bye”. Nominated for Vodafone Song of the Year, Best Collaboration of the Year, and HipLife Song of the Year, 2013 is starting out well for Kwabena Kwabena.

Kwabena Kwabena recently sat down with the African Post to discuss his music and future plans.

AP: When did you first get into music? Tell us a little bit about your journey.

KWABENA KWABENA: I got into music at a very tender age, music has always been part of my family so I guess I picked it up easily. It started from the church and then it grew to become a passion instead of the hobby. It went on and on until I was able to show the world my God given talents.

AP: What makes your music different than other artists/how do you define it?

KWABENA KWABENA: I would say that everybody is different and unique in their own way and we all try to make a difference with what God has given us. I can sing and someone else can rap but the most important thing is doing what you can do best in your comfort zone

AP: At what point in your life did you realize that your music was known internationally?

KWABENA KWABENA: I am grateful to my maker for such a wonderful talent and for it to be able to reach the rest of the world. I know people all over the world listen to my music, both Ghanaians and people from the diaspora, and it make me feel good.

AP: How has your life changed, now that you are a highly regarded musician?

AP: Do you know how to do the Azonto?

KWABENA KWABENA: Yeah, I dance it a lot and I love it. This has the Ghanaian culture all over it- our way of life, humor, and everything in it !

AP: You, me, Fuse ODG, Sarkodie, will have to have an AZONTO dance contest since you claim to know how to do it well :)

KWABENA KWABENA: my music is like my children and I love all of them and can never choose one over the other because every one of them is from God. KWABENA KWABENA: Ha ha ha ha , we will see who is the best when it gets there but big ups to everyAP: Really!!! Ok Kwabena Kwabena , so there is not ONE song one who has taken Ghana music to the next level that you hold TIGHTLY to your heart?? :) AP: What can your fans expect from you this year? KWABENA KWABENA: There are those songs that shot me to stardom but that does not mean that they are better than the KWABENA KWABENA: A massive album will be others launched at the start of next month and my fans should be on the lookout. AP: What inspires you to write your music? Where do you draw your inspiration from? AP: Yes everyone will be awaiting your album. The cover is surreal. What makes this upcoming album difKWABENA KWABENA: Things around me on a daily basis, ferent than your last one? things I go through, what I hear, watch and read, and most my maker gives me the music. KWABENA KWABENA: This is the new me, the new Kwabena Kwabena. This has a couple of tunes you can AP: Do you remember where you were the first time u heard easily dance to, as well as your favorite ballad songs. your song on the radio? It’s a great album and I encourage all my fans to grab a copy when it finally comes out. KWABENA KWABENA: I was at home when I had a call from a friend who had already heard my songs and he called me up to AP: it has been an HONOR speaking with you. We have tune to a particular radio station and I was being played over learned so much about you!! there . It really made me feel good KWABENA KWABENA: It is my pleasure to serve my AP: What song of yours was playing on the radio, when your fans at all times. Any day you need me I will be right friend called you? here for you and for them. ! I am grateful and we pray to God we win and we pray for strength and guidance KWABENA KWABENA: Aso, I guess, lol. for making everyone happy. AP: You have just recently been nominated for a Ghana Music Award… how did that make you feel?

KWABENA KWABENA: Great, it always feels good when people appreciate the hard work you put into your craft as an artist.

AP: Let’s talk about your nomination for BYE BYE with ASEM. How did you create the concept for that song?

KWABENA KWABENA: it’s a good song and it was created by two great minds. Asem is a great song writer and composer so it made it easy working with him

AP: You and ASEM have been nominated in SO MANY CATEGORIES: Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, Hip life..the chances are high of you winning a category.

KWABENA KWABENA: it’s been a wonderful and successful journey so far . The Lord has been good to me, my fans have been loyal to me through thick and thin and almost every thing I own today – music contributed a lot to it and am grateful for the talent

KWABENA KWABENA: We pray we win. It is a good song and surely deserves an award

KWABENA KWABENA: I grew up with a thought of becoming an architect, but my passion for music got the best of me in life, so everyone who knew me from back then knew me as “Kwabena the Architect”, so when I got into music I added another Kwabena to it so there can be two Kwabenas. There’s Kwabena the “architect” and

KWABENA KWABENA: Well it’s had its ups and downs but in all I would say its really getting better, at least the Azonto trend has helped put a check to the Naija invasion of our music industry and it can only get better if we as musicians learn to serve to people with right music for them to enjoy and also for our peo-

AP: How did you get the name Kwabena Kwabena?

ple to be a little bit patriotic and help the musicians grow by buying our works.

AP: You have been a constant in the Ghana music scene. How do you feel GH music has changed over time?

May 2013

Afrikan Post

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Ezekiel Ansah Drafted By Lions With No. 5 Pick In 2013 NFL Draft

Ansah, whose first name is Ezekiel, didn't know how to put on shoulder pads just three years ago. "He had no idea," BYU center Braden Hansen recalled last season.

Slowly, he turned himself into a player widely expected to be among the first chosen Thursday night — and he was soon after Detroit was on the clock.

Now, the 6-foot-5, 271-pound Ansah has got a great shot to start on an NFL team.

"We didn't draft him to be a project," Detroit coach Jim Schwartz said.

ALLEN PARK, Mich. (AP) — Ziggy Ansah was born and raised in Ghana, playing soccer and shooting hoops without ever seeing a snap of football.

When he moved to the United States in 2008, some missionaries suggested he attend Brigham Young and try out for the basketball team. He fell short there, but was willing to listen again when friends persuaded him to play football for the first time in 2010.

It has paid off and then some: On Thursday night, the Detroit Lions made him the No. 5 overall draft pick.

"It's been a humbling experience," Ansah said with a thick accent on a conference call with Detroit-area reporters. "A crazy journey."

What if someone told him a few years ago he would end up being drafted fifth overall in 2013?

"I would be like, 'I don't know what you're thinking,'" Ansah said.

If Ansah doesn't play up to his potential, some people may be saying the same thing about the gamble the Lions took with an inexperienced player.

Detroit desperately needed an offensive tackle, but three were drafted within the first four picks. The franchise's decision-makers knew they also had a glaring void at defensive end. Instead of trading down to acquire additional picks, the Lions stuck with their slot and took a player they evaluated up close for a week at the Senior Bowl.

"He's the best player available," Lions general manager Martin Mayhew said. "And, he fills a need. This was an opportunity where the grade matched up with the need and it worked out great for us."

Detroit didn't re-sign defensive end Cliff Avril, who joined Seattle in free agency, and cut its other starting defensive end, Kyle Vanden Bosch, from last year's 4-12 team.

The Lions' poor season put them in a position to coach a team at the Senior Bowl and they took advantage, getting to know an intriguing player in a way no other team in the league could've this offseason.

It eased any concern Mayhew had about a player very new to the game.

"If we didn't have the opportunity to coach him at the Senior Bowl, that would have been a bigger issue," Mayhew said. "But we had the opportunity to work with him and teach him and we saw the way that he could learn, how quickly he picks things up and we saw the impact that he had in the game so we felt very comfortable with him."

Ansah should be able to benefit from playing alongside one of the league's best tandem of defensive tackles — Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley — that will put him in one-one-situations when he's trying to sack quarterbacks.

"I just can't wait to be a part of that line," Ansah said.

Ansah's athletic ability could create mismatches that Detroit's shaky defense needs next season.

He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds at the NFL Combine and had a 34.5-inch vertical leap. In track at BYU, he ran the 200-meter dash in less than 22 seconds and had a sub-11-second 100-meter dash. "Phenomenal, phenomenal athlete," Mayhew said.

Impressive person, too.

The actuarial science major, the youngest of five children, speaks two Ghanaian dialects and hopes his unique path inspires an entire continent .

"One thing I want to do is just to be an ambassador with the NFL and bring the game back to Ghana because I know that there are little kids back home that are going to be pretty good at this game," Ansah said. "I can try to introduce the game to the people in Africa."


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