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June 2013

Prez Obama, 2013 Africa Update:

From the Editor

O u r G r eates t G lor y is n ot in n ever f a llin g b u t in r is in g ever y time we f a ll . We ar e co mmittted to b r in gin g th e commu n ity th e bes t in N ews f r om Af r ica a n d th e D ia s por a. Yo u may a ls o vis it o u r webs ite a t www.a f r ik a n pos f or d a ily n ews u p da tes o n Af r ica . D is cla imer : Th e o p in io n s ex pr es s ed in ar ticles a n d s tor ies in th is N ews p ap er a r e th os e o f th e a u th o r s an d d o n ot n eces s ar ily r ef lect th e views o f Af r ika n Po s t . All commen ts a n d s u g g es tio n s ar e welcome.

Courtesy: Africa Update, June 2013 Issue Office of Representative Karen Bass, Ranking Member Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Affairs & Human Rights

George Bright-Abu Publisher and Editor

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D E PA R T M E N T S Vol. 5 Issue 6


Building Bethel Building You Gospel Concert & Fundraising Pg. 28 Cape Verde President Honors Ghanaian Pg. 11

White House Honours Ghanaian Innovator Pg. 11


An Open Letter to the Enemy

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Ghanaian-Born American Silas Twumasi Wins Goal King In USA Junior Mls Pg. 39


DC Holds First Ever African Wellness Fête Pg. 15

In late May, the White House announced that President Obama will travel to sub-Saharan Africa for the first time since July 2009. It was announced the President and first family would visit Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. This issue of the Africa Update and the following issue will briefly highlight each country on the President’s itinerary. Senegal The State Department credits Senegal with being “a regional, diplomatic, and economic partner” that shares “fundamental values and international goals with the United States.” Senegal, situated in West Africa, is home to 13 million inhabitants and has been a symbol of democracy and tolerance on the continent since its independence from France in 1960. Members of the Socialist Party ruled for 40 years until 2000, when Senegalese Democratic Party leader Abdoulaye Wade won the presidential election. In the March 2012 elections, Macky Sall became President when the aging Wade conceded defeat–hailed as a rare example of a peaceful turnover of power on the continent.

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With a gross national income per capita of $1070 and projected real GDP growth of 4.3 percent in 2013, Senegal is also viewed as one of the more stable economies in Africa. The Senegalese economy is heavily dependent on agricultural products with primary exports in fish, peanuts, petroleum products, phosphates, and cotton.

The moderate, majority Muslim state has strong bilateral relations with the United States and other Western states and has been a valuable regional partner in combating terrorism, narcotics trafficking, and piracy. France and the United States, respectively, are the largest donors of bilateral aid, but former President Wade also pursued economic relationships with India, China, and countries in the Middle East. Senegal has contributed to regional peace and stability by contributing troops to peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, and Liberia. The country has also mediated tensions between Sudan and Chad over events in Darfur.

South Africa: Obama Visit to Highlight SA, U.S. Ties

South Africa's growing importance in regional and international affairs as well as its relations with the United States will come under the spotlight when US President Barack Obama visits the country later this month.

and trade, strengthening democratic institutions, and investing in the next generation of African leaders".

Hoeane said that Obama and South African President Jacob Zuma would have "a whole range of critical issues" Obama is scheduled to make his first trip to discuss, including the view "that in to South Africa as US president when he recent years there's been a frosty relaand his wife Michelle travel to Senegal, tionship between the two countries. South Africa and Tanzania from 26 June to 3 July. "We cannot afford to have a negative relationship with that country given its "For the ordinary South African, this dominance within the world," Hoeane [visit] should be seen as some kind of a said. "My view would be that, yes, positive reaction from the Americans, there have been some differences here that America recognises that there is no and there, but it has always been in way that it can ignore SA and in his tour South Africa's interest to have good of the continent, the head of internation- relations with that country." al politics in the political science department at Unisa, Dr Thabisi Hoeane, said The US is one of South Africa's key on Friday. trading partners, and the bilateral trade relationship has maintained a consisWith about 600 US companies operating tent pattern of expansion since 1994. in South Africa, the US "remains an important trade, investment, tourism and Hoeane said the extension of the technology partner," Minister in the African Growth and Opportunity Act Presidency for Performance Monitoring (Agoa), which allows sub-Saharan and Evaluation Collins Chabane told countries to ship their goods to the journalists in Pretoria on Thursday. United States duty- and quota-free, was also likely to form part of the disAccording to a statement issued by the cussions between Obama and Zuma. White House press secretary, Obama's trip "will reinforce the importance that In August, Trade and Industry Minister the United States places on our deep and Rob Davies said SA would like an growing ties with countries in subextension of the African Growth and Saharan Africa, including through Opportunity Act (Agoa) for a reasonexpanding economic growth, investment, able period beyond its 2015 expiry,

and more or less in its current form.

Although some US lawmakers have questioned South Africa's inclusion in Agoa along with relatively poorer countries on the continent, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while visiting SA in August, said: "We want to see South Africa included in the new extension, and we going to do our best to make sure that it is done."

Another topic of discussion might be the controversial decision by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to hold general elections on 31 July.

"Zimbabwe might be discussed because it's one of the critical political issues in southern Africa. Given South Africa's prominent role in the affairs of that country and that elections are coming, I'm sure there's going to be a lot of exchanging of views on what is happening there," Hoeane said.

June 2013


Afrikan Post

June 2013

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Afrikan Post

Kofi Annan Resigns as Envoy to Syria

June 2013


By Joe Sterling, CNN

(CNN) -- Kofi Annan, whose initiative to forge peace in war-ravaged Syria failed to take hold, said he has resigned as the U.N. and Arab League joint special envoy because of "increasing militarization on the ground" and "the clear lack of unity" at the U.N. Security Council. Annan said he told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Arab League Secretary-General Nabil el-Araby that he didn't want to renew his mandate when it expires August 31. Syria state-run TV said the nation "expresses regret for the resignation," and Ban said he and el-Araby are looking for a successor to take on the "crucial peacemaking effort." In Geneva, Annan said he accepted the job despite its challenges, a task that some had dubbed "Mission Impossible." He said it was a "sacred duty" to bring about peace, end the killings and abuse of civilians, and set a course toward political change. Syrian civil war in photos "The severity of the humanitarian costs of the conflict, and the exceptional threats posed by this crisis to international peace and security, justified the attempts to secure a peaceful transition to a political settlement, however daunting the challenge. The increasing militarization on the ground and the clear lack of unity in the Security Council have fundamentally changed the circumstances for the effective exercise of my role," he said. Obama authorized covert support for Syrian rebels, sources say "Yet the bloodshed continues, most of all because of the Syrian government's intransigence and continuing refusal to implement the six-point plan, and also because of the escalating military campaign of the opposition, all of which is compounded by the disunity of the international community. At a time when we need -- when the Syrian people desperately need action, there continues to be finger-pointing and name-calling in the Security Council." Annan, al-Assad meet over Syria crisis Annan: All parties 'must cooperate' Annan discusses latest action on Syria The nearly 17-month-long Syrian crisis started when the regime brutally cracked down on peaceful protesters in March 2011 and morphed into a nationwide uprising. Among the five permanent members of the council, Russia and China have persistently disagreed with tough action against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad that is favored by the United States, Britain and France. The utter failure of world diplomacy and Syrian leaders to end the fighting has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. Opposition groups say that more than 20,000 people have died, thousands have been imprisoned by the regime and tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes. U.S. boost humanitarian aid to Syria The conflict is now internationally regarded as a civil war between an armed resistance movement and al-Assad's regime. "Without serious, purposeful and united international pressure, including from the powers of the region, it is impossible for me, or anyone, to compel the Syrian government in the first place,

and also the opposition, to take the steps necessary to begin a political process. You have to understand: As an envoy, I can't want peace more than the protagonists, more than the Security Council or the international community, for that matter," Annan said. The appointment of the former secretary-general in February was supported by world powers and the Syrian government. After he took the post, he helped formulate a six-point peace plan for Syria that included a cease-fire. The United Nations established the U.N. Supervision Mission in Syria to monitor the efforts to forge the plan. The plan called for establishing a cease-fire between alAssad's government and the opposition, allowing humanitarian groups access to the population, releasing detainees and starting a political dialogue. It also called for government forces to withdraw from city centers. Despite an initial and small drop in violence after his plan was announced, fighting raged nonstop. The terrain became so dangerous in Syria that U.N. monitors had to suspend their observation missions. In an opinion piece published Thursday in the Financial Times, Annan said regional and international players have "clear common interests" in a "managed political transition." He said al-Assad "must leave office." From rocks to RPGs Russia, China and Iran, friends of the Syrian regime, "must take concerted efforts to persuade Syria's leadership to change course and embrace a political transition, realizing the current government has lost all legitimacy," he said. The United States, Britain, France, Turkey Saudi Arabia and Qatar must press "the opposition to embrace a fully inclusive political process." "None of this is possible, however, without genuine compromise on all sides," he wrote. "Syria can still be saved from the worst calamity. But this requires courage and leadership, most of all from the permanent members of the Security Council, including from Presidents Putin and Obama. Is ours an international community that will act in defense of the most vulnerable of our world, and make the necessary sacrifices to help? The coming weeks in Syria will tell." The Annan initiative disappointed opposition groups. Rafif Jouejati, English-language spokeswoman for the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria, said Annan's replacement "will be equally constrained by Assad's failure to adhere to any sort of plan, and the ongoing complicity of Russia, China and Iran in mass killings and exodus in Syria." "The Annan resignation was expected, since his plans have failed. While this may cause discomfort for the U.N. and prove that it was unable to provide a solution for the Syrian people, it means nothing to the Syrian people. The revolution will continue until we achieve our goals of freedom, democracy and dignity. "It is sad to watch the diplomatic process die in such indignity, but millions of Syrians had indicated that Assad had no intention of implementing any diplomatic or political solution to the current crisis in Syria," she said. "Annan's plan was fatally flawed for several reasons, chief among them that 300 unarmed observers under the nearconstant supervision of regime monitors could not possibly have been effective in observing, enforcing or even reporting on a cease-fire, let alone the other tenets of the Annan Plan." Read more: Syrian regime failed to protect civilians Vitaly Churkin, Russian ambassador to the United Nations, said he hopes Annan uses the rest of the time on the job to be as effective as possible "under these very difficult cir-

cumstances." "We understand that it is his decision. We regret that he chose to do so. We have supported very strongly Kofi Annan's efforts," he said. "I'm very encouraged that the secretary-general is already working on finding a successor for Kofi Annan who would be able to pick up this daunting task of putting an end to the crisis in Syria." Ambassador Susan Rice, the United States' permanent representative to the United Nations, said Annan took on a "thankless and difficult task at great personal cost." "When the Security Council failed to heed Mr. Annan's repeated calls for collective and significant consequences for non-compliance with its prior resolutions, those members who blocked this action effectively made Mr. Annan's mission impossible," she said in a written statement. Catherine Ashton, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said Annan's resignation "makes clear how unfortunate it has been that the U.N. Security Council was unable to agree to a resolution." "The EU continues to support the efforts of the U.N. and the League of Arab States and calls for the early appointment of a successor to carry on Mr. Annan's work towards a peaceful political transition in Syria," Ashton said in a written statement. Ban, who was first to announce the move, praised Annan's "determined and courageous efforts" and said the news left him with "deep regret." He said that Annan worked within the mandate provided to him by the U.N. General Assembly and that he is "indebted to him and his team for all they have tried to achieve." But Ban also said the government and the opposition have been determined "to rely on ever-increasing violence," and there have been "persistent divisions within the (U.N.) Security Council." "Kofi Annan deserves our profound admiration for the selfless way in which he has put his formidable skills and prestige to this most difficult and potentially thankless of assignments," Ban said. Annan had been secretary-general from 1996 to 2006 and was involved in other initiatives, including the mediation of the election dispute a few years ago in Kenya. Ban said peace can come only if there's a "firm commitment to dialogue" among the players in Syria and international unity. "Tragically, the spiral of violence in Syria is continuing. The hand extended to turn away from violence in favor of dialogue and diplomacy -- as spelled out in the six-point plan -has not been taken, even though it still remains the best hope for the people of Syria." Complete coverage of the stories unfolding in Syria

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June 2013

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United States Dedicates New Embassy Chancery in Bujumbura, Burundi

State Department Photo

Office of the Spokesperson Department of State Washington, DC May 21, 2013

In an important symbol of America’s commitment to an enduring friendship with the Republic of Burundi, U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Burundi, Dawn M. Liberi, dedicated the new U.S. Embassy in Bujumbura today.

Occupying a 10-acre site near the city center in Kigobe, the $133 million multi-building complex provides a state-of-the-art, environmentally-sustainable workplace for embassy personnel.

Perkins + Will of Washington, D.C. was the concept design architect and Einhorn Yaffee Prescott of Washington, D.C. was the architect of record. The project was constructed by Caddell Construction of Montgomery, Alabama.

The new facility incorporates numerous sustainable features to reduce operating costs and conserve resources, most notably an extensive system of over 950 photovoltaic panels; a white “cool” roof and the use of architectural shading of the building to reduce solar heat gain and energy cooling costs; and on-site treatment of wastewater that is reused for irrigation. An estimated 95% of construction waste was diverted from landfills for reuse by the local community. The facility has been registered with the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification.

Since 1999, as part of the Department’s Capital Security Construction Program, OBO has completed 102 new diplomatic facilities and has an additional 40 projects in design or under construction.

OBO’s mission is to provide safe, secure, and functional facilities that represent the U.S. government to the host nation and support our staff in the achievement of U.S. foreign policy objectives. These facilities should represent American values and the best in American architecture, engineering, technology, sustainability, art, culture, and construction execution.

Mali Woman Mp To Run For President By AFP

"We must develop all of Mali, although more must be done in the north. But we have to be careful because if you focus development in the north, the south will itself revolt."

June 2013

Page 7

Africa Update on 50 Years of Africa Unity

International mediators have so far failed to secure a deal between Mali's president and the northern rebels that would enable elections to go ahead as planned nationwide on July 28.

Mali lawmaker Aissata Cisse Haidara is pictured in Paris on January 16 2013. By Bertrand Guay (AFP/File)

BAMAKO (AFP) - A female lawmaker will run for president of Mali in elections due to be held in the troubled west African country next month.

Aissata Cisse Haidara, 54, threw her hat into the ring on Saturday at a rally attended by several thousand supporters, mainly women and young people.

"I am a candidate, not just to make up the numbers but to play a role in the rebuilding of the Mali, which has become an unrecognisable country today," she said.

Haidara is an MP for Bourem in northern Mali, the centre of the conflict which erupted after armed Tuareg rebels and Al-Qaeda linked extremists seized control of the vast desert area last year.

The polls are seen as a key step in the recovery of Mali, a former French colony that was a stable democracy until a March 2012 coup triggered the occupation of the north by Islamist and Tuareg groups.

A French-led offensive launched in January saw the Islamists largely routed from the north but the Tuareg group the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) controls the northeastern regional capital of Kidal.

The MNLA said last week it was ready to sign an accord proposed by regional mediator Burkina Faso, but current Mali President Dioncounda Traore has yet to agree and the talks are continuing.

Among other candidates in the running for the presidency are former prime ministers Soumana Sacko and Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Liberia Makes First Appearance At G-8 Summit

Liberia made its first ever appearance at a Group of Eight (G-8) nation's summit, thanks to an invitation extended to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by British Prime Minister David Cameron.

President Sirleaf participated, in a luncheon meeting of the G8 Summit in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland.

President Sirleaf joined three other African leaders invited to the Summit: the Chairman of the African Union, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn; the President of the African Union Commission, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma; and President Macky Sall of Senegal.

This year's G8 Summit, took place at the Lough Erne Golf Resort in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, from June 17-18, has as its theme: "Taxes, Trade and Transparency." President Sirleaf was invited to speak on transparency and trade.

The gathering of the Group of Eight (G8) was the 39th meeting in a series which began in 1976. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has hosted Summits at London (1977,

Story & Picture Courtesy: Africa Update,

June 2013 Issue Office of Representative Karen Bass, Ranking Member Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Affairs & Human Rights

On May 25, 2013, in Addis Ababa, heads of state and representatives from 54 African nations gathered to celebrate 50 years of efforts by African nations to reclaim their independence and to work toward a prosperous future for all of Africa’s people.

The Organization of African Unity, the predecessor to the African Union, was established in May 1963 with the specific aim to promote the unity and solidarity of African States; coordinate and intensify their efforts to achieve a better life for the peoples of Africa; defend their sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence; eradicate all forms of colonialism from Africa; and promote international cooperation.

The Organization of African Unity (OAU) was founded in the midst of decolonization struggles of the 1960s and supported liberation movements in their efforts to end foreign domination and apartheid. Through these efforts, the OAU successfully guided African nations through the process of achieving self-

determination. The first 50 years, the organization focused on fostering solidarity and regional political integration.

Looking ahead, the Africa Union under the leadership of Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma now sets a target of a century of Africa’s renaissance – a period of growth, peace, stability, and development. AU leaders believe this renaissance will be achieved by modernizing infrastructure, increasing economic integration, and empowering youth and women. In her opening address to the delegates to Addis Ababa, Dr. Dlamini-Zuma stated that an imperative part of the renaissance is reclaiming the “African narrative— the narrative of our past, present and future—and to tell our own stories.”

June 2013


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Liberia: Korean to Invest U.S.$695 Million in Infrastructure

Liberia Among World's Fastest Economies

A new report released by the World Bank places Liberia amongst the world's fastest growing economies. assured the delegation. Liberia's latest upward movement amongst the world's top economies, according to Madam Shanta Davaranja, World In her remarks, President Sirleaf "Madam President and Honorable Vice Bank's Chief Economist for Africa, comes as a result of recent told the visitors that she is more President," said the Make Group interested in seeing practical things discovery and development of natural resources in the Chairman, "let me assure you that three economies of said countries as well as direct foreign investThe delegation which recently paid a courtesy happening with investment in months following the conclusion of the ments. call on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at her Liberia. She added, "I am not too negotiation and the signing of an agree"In 2012, about a quarter of African countries grew at 7 perForeign Ministry office, with the presence of interested in what may happen later. ment, the construction of the Millennium Sometimes there is so much talk cent or higher and a number of countries, notably Sierra Leone, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. said the Complex will begin." Niger, Cote' d'Ivoire, Liberia, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and construction will be done on some 325 acres of about what you will do for the " If this does not happen, consider it a Rwanda, are amongst the fastest growing in the world" Madam land, adding that discussions and negotiations country, and sometimes nothing default on our part and cancel the agree- happens." Devaranja disclosed in Monrovia Monday through a video conwith the National Investment Commission were ment." He also informed the President far advanced and nearing the conclusion stage. She emphasized that if there is an ference gathering that received huge attention across the globe. that the project, when completed, will Members Korean delegation included James agreement between the Government provide over 32,000 jobs and present Juhee Han, Chairman and Proprietor; Jungsuk and the company through the NIC, "Economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa is likely to reach training opportunities for over 4,200 more than 5 percent on average in 2013-2015 as a result of Ryou, President; Michael Youngdae Jeon, Vice the manufacturing component of high commodity strong consumer spending on the continent, President; Sukjoo Kim, Representative Director, Liberians. the Millennium Complex project Responding, Vice President Boakai wel- should consider and prioritize the ensuring that the region remains amongst the fast growing in Siheung Industrial Development Agency; comed and thanked the Make Group for use of Liberian raw materials in the the World" the World Bank's latest Africa Pulse, a twice yearly Kyonga Ahn, General Manager; Sangjun Park, selecting Liberia for its investment proj- production process. analysis of the issues shaping Africa's economic prospects, said Media Consultant; and George Dweh, Make ect, which will help strengthen the econ- President Sirleaf joined Vice in its latest global economic ranking. Group Representative in Liberia. omy and create jobs for hundreds of President Boakai in welcoming the "Welcoming the new assessment that Africa continues to grow Liberians. He invited the Group to take faster than the global average in the World, the World Bank's Briefing President Sirleaf, Mr. Han saidwhen Make Group to Liberia, and Vice President called on the need for faster progress in areas completed, the Millennium Village will be com- an interest in the transport sector, espeadvised that the quicker the move cially for providing buses to help address to execute their plans upon reachsuch as electricity and food in the vulnerable areas of The prised of an Industrial Complex, for the manuthe country's transport constraints. Sahel and The Hom of Africa, and that significantly more enerfacturing of cars, mobile phones, power generaing an agreement, the faster the gy and agricultural productivity were needed to raise the qualitors and other electronic devices; a Commercial growth of confidence from the "Follow the laws and procedures to reach Government and the Liberian peoty of life of Africans throughout the continent and reduce Complex, which will contain Africa's biggest poverty significantly" shopping mall and a product manufacturing com- an agreement with the National ple. ponent; a Residential and Educational Complex, Investment Commission, and then you will have the support of the Government with schools, hospitals and halls for major events; and a Resort and Leisure Complex, with in your endeavor," the Vice President A South Korean Investment Company, the Make Group says plans are far advanced to invest US$695 million in the construction and development of a millennium village here.

modern hotels and other recreational facilities.


June 2013

Next to Blaze N Cuts and Aburi Gardens Restaurant -Opposite Checkers




June 2013

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White House Honours Ghanaian Innovator

June 2013


Cape Verde President Honors Ghanaian


Cape Verde President honors leading citizen of the Ghanaian community in Cape Verde

The White House in the United States of America (USA) has honoured a Ghanaian entrepreneur, Dr Ashifi Gogo, as one of the 11 Immigrant Innovators at its “Champions of Change” awards ceremony held recently.

Sproxil’s MPA solution also received worldwide acclaim earlier this year when it received the Patents for Humanity Award issued by the US Department of Trade.

Fast Company Magazine also ranked Sproxil as the Dr Gogo, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Sproxil Seventh Most Innovative Company in the World, ahead Worldwide, has been operating in the USA as a technology of Apple, Google, Pinterest and Safari, some of the entrepreneur, having established the company in 2008. established tech companies. The company's innovative MPA solution has proven to be a key success factor in Sproxil, a global leader of sms-based mobile product the global fight against drug counterfeiting. authentication (MPA) and intelligent brand protection, now operates in five countries, including Ghana. The Country Manager of Sproxil Ghana, Mr Osei K.

The Chief Technology Officer of the United States Government, Mr Todd Park, said at the event that the government was proud to honour immigrants, given their immense contribution to the development of the country's economy.

“We are proud to recognise these leaders who work everyday to grow our economy, advance science and technology, and support their home communities," Mr Park added.

The Champions of Change programme was created as an opportunity for the White House to feature groups of Americans – individuals, businesses and organisations – who are doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities.

The laurel is one of many recent honours received by Dr Gogo and his team at Sproxil Worldwide.

Agyeman-Buahin, explained that the MPA solution combats counterfeits by providing consumers a way to verify that the product they buy is genuine, through the use of a mobile phone and simple text message.

“At point-of-purchase, users scratch a panel on the product to reveal a onetime-use code and text (SMS) the code to a mobile short code number. Within moments, a response is dispatched from our cloudbased system indicating the genuineness or otherwise of the item being authenticated. The user also gets a description of the product and a health tip," he said.

Mr Agyeman-Buahin added that the benefits of Sproxil’s MPA would be felt all over Ghana within the next quarter as the company launched brand protection activity for two major global brands.

On why he was singled out by the White House, Dr Gogo said "our work in emerging markets is transformational using cellphones consumers already have in their pockets to reinstate information symmetry during purchases so that Source: consumers don't get duped into buying fake products."

"It's an empowering solution that has gained a lot of attraction and a humbling degree of social impact in a growing number of countries, he added.

His Excelency the President of Cape Verde, Dr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca decided to distinguish Mr. Tony Parker Danso, a Ghanaian citizen with second-class medal of merit. Mr. Danso has lived for over twenty years in Cape Verde and has contributed to the approximation of the foreign communities in this archipelago.

Mr. Tony Parker Danso is honorary consul of his country, Ghana, in Cape Verde since 2011. He chairs the Platform of African Communities Resident in Cape Verde, since its foundation in 2009, having been reelected in 2012. This organization brings together associations of GuineaBissau, Guinea Conakry, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Senegal, Cameroon, Sao Tome & Principe, Mali, Mauritania, Togo (Benin), (Burkina Faso), (Liberia).

Mr. Parker-Danso helped train thousands of young people during the 17 years he worked at BORNEfonden, thus creating human resources and contributing to the reduction of illiteracy in Cape Verde. Many of these young people have already made up their families contributing to the progress of their families, their communities and the country in general.

These are the reasons that lead President JCF to distinguish Mr.Tony Parker Danso with second-class medal of merit, according to a note from the Presidency of the Republic. The ceremony was the highlight of events organized by the Presidency to celebrate the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the founding of OAU (Organization of African Unity) now AU. This is the first time an immigrant has been given such state honors.

Source: Plataforma das Comunidades Africanas PCA

June 2013


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President Obama To Travel to Africa

Maryland & Ondo State In Southwestern Nigeria Sign Sister-State Agreement June




President Obama and the First Lady look forward to traveling to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania from June 26 – July 3. The President will reinforce the importance that the United States places on our deep and growing ties with countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including through expanding economic growth, investment, and trade; strengthening democratic institutions; and investing in the next generation of African leaders. The President will meet with a wide array of leaders from government, business, and civil society, including youth, to discuss our strategic partnerships on bilateral and global issues. The trip will underscore the President’s commitment to broadening and deepening cooperation between the United States and the people of sub-Saharan Africa to advance regional and global peace and prosperity.

Photo (c) AMIP News Annapolis, Maryland State House Friday June 7, 2013

By Frederick Nnoma-Addison

Maryland and Ondo State, (South Western Nigeria) today signed an MOU to become Sister-States under the Maryland Sister-States Program.

Governor Martin O’Malley (Maryland) and Governor Olusegun Mimiko (Ondo) signed the agreement on behalf of their respective states at approximately 8:50am EST, at the Governor’s Reception Room of the State House, Annapolis. About 100 leaders from the diplomatic, business, academic, religious, development, and nonprofit communities witnessed the ceremony. This historic event which had been in the works for at least two years, and had to be rescheduled twice in the past two months, was celebrated by the attendees with such excitement that Governor O’Malley remarked “I have never seen this many cameras in this room before.” Governor Mimiko’s delegation to the United States included the First Lady of Ondo State – Mrs. Olukemi Mimiko, who coincidentally celebrated her birthday that same day.

Maryland’s Sister-State Program, and the second in Africa. The two governors exchanged official gifts after the ceremony, all of them bearing symbols of Maryland and Ondo State.

According to the Office of the Secretary of State, the Maryland Sister-State program oversees an array of international exchanges promoting a balance of business, educational, and cultural interests. It is chaired by the Secretary of State, steered by a devoted and spirited Advisory Board of Directors, and staffed by an army of citizenvolunteers. It was established in 1980 to provide a forum for the promotion of international cooperation and understanding. A full list of Maryland’s other sister states is available at the Office of the Secretary of State

Some notable individuals who were instrumental in forging this MOU, and were present at the ceremony include the following:

* John P. McDonough – Secretary of State, Maryland * Ambassador B.E. Archibong – Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Nigeria * Remi Duyile – Special Assistant to Gov. Olusegun Mimiko, Diaspora Affairs * Sylvester Okere – Chair, Maryland-Nigeria Sister State Executive Committee * Elizabeth Hines – Director, Governor’s Commission of Community Initiatives * Anna Yankova – Director, International Affairs, Office of the Secretary of State * Iman Awad – Director, Administrative – Commission on Middle Eastern and African Affairs

Before signing the documents, the two governors highlighted the importance of the common interests, aspirations and challenges of Marylanders and Ondo State citizens, to the partnership. In his remarks Governor O’Malley acknowledged the contributions of the 25,000 Nigerian-Americans in the state of Maryland. He congratulated Governor Mimiko for his transfor- Maryland prides herself in being one of the few U.S. states with a mational leadership in Ondo state and described him as “one of Governor’s Commission dedicated to African Affairs, aside other ethnic groups . The African the most progressive governors in Nigeria”. Affairs Commission is a part of the Governor’s Commission of Governor Mimiko also expressed his gratitude to the governor Community Initiatives. and state of Maryland for the partnership and promised to work together for the mutually beneficial interests of both states and countries. “Certain things are common to Ondo State and Maryland; education, agriculture, and our emphasis on the development of human capital. Our partnerships will forge along these strong pillars of our societies”. ### After the ceremony, Ondo State became the 11th State under

America School of Nursing & Allied Health


June 2013


Begin Your Nursing Education Today

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DC Holds First Ever African Wellness Fête

June 2013


Washington, DC Mayor, Vincent Gray, Proclaims May 25th As Africa Day

WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Mayor Vincent C. Gray has proclaimed Saturday, May 25th 2013 as “Africa Day” in the District of Columbia. In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of African Liberation Day, the Mayor’s Office on African Affairs (OAA) will partner with the Muslim Society of Washington, DC to host an informational workshop titled, Health Literacy and Wellness: Harnessing Culture for Community Health

Picture & Story: Courtesy DC Mayor’s Office of African Affairs

Thursday, June 6, 2013 T.E.A.M Africa Health Education Campaign Reaches over 1000 Linguistically & Culturally Diverse District Africans Over 300 residents joined Mayor Gray at the first ever DC African Wellness Fête

(Washington, DC) – On June 1, 2013, Mayor Vincent C. Gray and his Office on African Affairs (OAA) held the first ever DC African Wellness Fête. More than 300 District residents joined Mayor Gray at Brightwood Education Campus in Ward 4 to access health resources and celebrate the grand finale of OAA’s health education campaign titled Think. Eat. Act. Move. Africa (T.E.A.M Africa) which successfully connected over 1000 District residents to vital health information and services over a period of three months.

stigma, and lack of affordable health care. Through March, April and May, TEAM Africa’s aggressive social media campaign, multilingual outreach teams and community/faith-based host partners reached over 1000 District residents. These residents participated in mental health, health literacy and nutrition workshops uniquely tailored to their ethnic, religious, and language groups. The DC-based host partners who participated in this initiative included the Ethiopian Community Center Inc, International Ethiopian Evangelical Church, Oromo Community Organization, Nigerians in the Diaspora Organization, the Carlos Rosario International Charter School, Eritrean Community Center, Muslim Society of Washington D.C. and Howard University African Student Association.

“The DC African Wellness Fête concluded, on highly energizing note, a groundbreaking initiative which mobilized the health resources government “In the District of Columbia we take the health of our resihas to offer, the cultural competency and communidents seriously. In fact, we are often ranked second only to Massachusetts in ensuring universal health coverage for resi- ty ties of African community-based organizations, dents,” said Mayor Gray as he addressed the Fête attendees. and the medical expertise of the large community of “Still we have serious health concerns to address in our city African health care professionals in the District to increase health literacy and eliminate disparities” and it is initiatives like T.E.A.M. Africa, which promotes said Ms. Nmezi. She added, “we are deeply apprehealthy behaviors, that will help us eliminate barriers and ciative of the sustained work and dedication of the improve health outcomes for all District residents.” TEAM Africa Coordinating Committee, as well as the support of government agency partners The DC African Wellness Fête was kicked off with remarks from OAA Director, Ngozi Nmezi who enthusiastically wel- [Department of Health, Department of Mental Health, Department of Human Services, Department comed the crowd and emphasized the critical role access to of Health Care Finance, and the Deputy Mayor’s health care plays in ensuring the individual and collective Office for Health and Human Services], donors vitality of the rapidly growing African community in the [AmeriHealth/Chartered Health Plan and District. Simultaneously emceed and facilitated in English, MoneyGram], and volunteers who helped make this Amharic and French, the Fête featured over 35 government and nonprofit exhibitors, a dozen clinical screenings (includ- ambitious initiative a major success.” ing Hepatitis B & C, cancer, HIV, glaucoma, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc), four concurrent health workshops, cooking OAA will continue to engage the District’s linguistidemonstrations, African dance workouts, and themed activi- cally and culturally diverse African communities through culturally targeted health education and ties for youth. Attendees represented over 25 different African countries of origin, the largest representations being work across sectors – government, communitybased partners and health care providers – to from Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon and Togo. improve the health and quality of life of District residents. In February 2013 OAA launched T.E.A.M. Africa to eliminate health disparities within the District’s African immigrant community and to tackle glaring barriers to access: language, lack of culturally competent education or care,




Ghanaian Nurse In Uk Charged For Assaulting Patients

When she continued to mumble, Sakyiwaa grabbed her patient’s mouth and held it physically shut. Sakyiwaa is also charged with illtreating Louise Hodges, 92, calling her ‘lazy’ for not moving herself to the toilet and then slapping her bottom when changing her soiled bed clothes as punishment.




Kufuor Gets Another International Appointment


When Miss Hodges complained to her on another occasion, saying ‘You nearly choked me’, Sakyiwaa’s response was, ‘Yeah, I should have.’

Jackson is charged with five counts of ill-treatment of her patients, including waking patient Kathleen Cavannagh by shouting ‘wakey, wakey, Grandma’ and smacking her in the side of her head with an incontinence pad.

A ‘violent’ nursing assistant put a sheet over a dementia patient’s head and told her The shocking behaviour of the three women she was ‘the dead one’ during a campaign came to light when they were reported by a of abuse, a court heard yesterday. student nurse who was appalled by what she saw on the ward during an eight-week placeAkosua Sakyiwaa, 38, had already prodment in spring 2012, the court heard. ded 87-year-old Joan Mussett’s breasts and told her, ‘I’m young and my breasts are Fragile women were allegedly pulled into and better than yours’, it is alleged. out of beds by their gowns, and on more than one occasion were slapped or ‘whacked’ for When Miss Mussett complained, Sakyiwaa resisting. pulled the bed clothes over the elderly woman’s head and reportedly said: ‘See, Giving evidence yesterday, Lucy Brown said you’re the dead one.’ she was ‘speechless’ at what she saw and that she ‘tried not to think’ about what was happenJohn McNally, prosecuting, said the health ing on the ward. Miss Brown recalled one care assistant appeared ‘to have the confi- occasion when Sakyiwaa grabbed and painfully dence to ridicule the idea that anything twisted 92-year-old Lily Oliver’s arthritic knee. would happen to her’, and accused her of acting ‘towards patients not as people but She said: ‘She was really pale and quiet and as things, there to inconvenience her’. she looked at me but I looked away because I felt so bad, I couldn’t make eye contact with He added: ‘The proper role of a carer was her.’ Paul Webb, defending Sakyiwaa, put to apparently alien to her.’ Miss Brown that the behaviour was simply the actions of busy staff working in difficult condiSakyiwaa is one of three carers accused of tions. abusing dementia patients at Whipps Cross Hospital in Leytonstone, east London. But Miss Brown said: ‘I have witnessed abuse . . . you cannot smack a patient.’ Sakyiwaa, Jackson and Gunda deny all the charges Together with Annette Jackson, 33, and against them. Sharmila Gunda, 36, Sakyiwaa is charged with 14 counts of neglect and ill-treatment The trial continues. and two counts of assault against 11 patients in their care.

The patients they treated on the nowclosed Beech Ward were described to the jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court as ‘vulnerable’ and ‘elderly’ ladies, many of whom suffered from dementia.

Mr McNally described the incident in which Sakyiwaa first ‘wobbled’ her patient’s breasts before comparing them to her own and taunted her by wrapping her in a bed sheet when she complained. In another incident, Mr McNally told how Sakyiwaa told the ‘chatty’ and ‘happy’ Miss Mussett to‘shut up’ because she ‘talked too much’.

Ghana's former President John Kufuor has been appointed co-Chair of the Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition.

His co-Chair is Prof. Sir John Beddington, former UK Chief Scientific Officer.

The Global Panel is a UK government initiative which will review research evidence and provide global leadership for investments and policies in agriculture that supports nutrition and helps eradicate hunger.

An estimated 165 million children alive today will have their future potential stunted due to lack of adequate food.

Providing better nutrition to mothers and infants in the first 1,000 days is essential to give these children a better start in life.

The benefits of interventions that directly tackle nutrition are well documented, but broader measures are urgently needed to address the global burden of under-nutrition and under-five mortality.

Following the launch in London on 7th June 2013, former President Kufuor said: “We need a concerted global effort to eradicate hunger and we need it now. No child should have its potential wasted due to lack of food”.

Agriculture is critical for improving livelihoods and tackling food and nutrition security. It plays a key role in producing nutritious foods and making them available to consumers through the food value chain, resulting in better nutritional outcomes. It is also an important source of income for farmers and farm workers enabling them to provide their families with better quality nutrition.

Prof. Sir John Beddington, the co-chair of

the Panel, said: “There is a complex interaction between agriculture, food systems and human health which we do not understand well. Clearly research is needed, but such research needs to be clearly focused to ensure that its results are beneficial and transparent in its implications for policy”.

To gather and examine existing and emerging evidence on agriculture for improved nutrition, the UK Department for International Development (DFID) has launched the Global Panel, an independent group of influential experts who will gather and examine the evidence, and provide leadership to the international community in developing global and country-level policies to tackle hunger and under-nutrition.

Other members of the Panel include Hon. Dr. Akin Adesina, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nigeria, Jose Graziano de Silva, Director-General at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), Dr Mahabub Hossain, Executive Director of BRAC, Jane Karuku, President of the Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Rachel Kyte, World Bank Vice-President and Chair of the CGIAR Fund Council, Mauricio Antonio Lopez, President of Embrapa, the Brazilian Enterprise for Agricultural Research, Professor Srinath Reddy, President of Public Health Foundation of India and Hon. Rhoda Peace Tumisiime, Commissioner Agriculture and Rural Development at the African Union. The Global Panel will be supported by the London International Development Centre (LIDC), a consortium of five Bloomsbury Colleges of the University of London, who will provide expert advice to the Panel and host its Secretariat. Present at the launch were several influential personalities including Mr. Bill Gates, co-Chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Ms Justine Greening, Secretary of State for International Development, United Kingdom. Source: Ghana I

Burkina Faso’s M. Kone Honored As Intl. Exchange Alumni Member Of The Month

International Visitor Leadership Program 2012 African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP), which emphasizes women’s access to economic opportunities, elevated the role of women in her community. Her motivation and determination has served as an example for girls to continue their education. Living the mission of AWEP, Kone defied the norms of male-dominated SubSaharan Africa and built a thriving cashew business. Not satisfied with simply owning her own business, Kone overcame the logistical difficulties of operating in a developing country to secure a contract as a cashew supplier to Costco, a leading U.S.-based international retailer.

Photo courtesy of State Department

Office of the Spokesperson Department of State Washington, DC June 3, 2013

The U.S. Department of State has selected Minata Kone of Burkina Faso as June’s International Exchange Alumni Member of the Month. Throughout June, Kone’s inspiring leadership as a female West African entrepreneur will be recognized on the International Exchange Alumni website, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ official website for the more than one million Department-sponsored exchange alumni worldwide. Recognizing alumni are a vital voice in promoting our foreign policy goals, the Alumni Affairs Division confers this award on an outstanding alumnus or alumna who positively build on their exchange experiences.

During her time in the United States, Kone met with then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who encouraged her to work with local organizations to bring greater prosperity to her community. Taking this message to heart, Kone returned home to create even greater opportunities for her community. She partnered with Costco to provide training to help local cashew farmers improve their cashew crops. As a result the producers were able to access the international marketplace and to build bridges between American and Burkinabé entrepreneurs. Additionally, when the time came to expand her business, Kone used the opportunity to hire more women, resulting in a workplace now composed of 95 percent women.

To learn more about Minata Kone, visit the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ International Exchange Alumni website at

Kone, an alumna of the U.S. Department of State’s








Bank Employee Naps On Keyboard, Transfers $293 Million


A German bank clerk fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transformed a minor transfer into a 222 million euro ($293 million) order, a court heard.

The man was supposed to transfer just 62.40 euros from a bank account belonging to a retiree, but instead "fell asleep for an instant, while pushing onto the number 2 key on the keyboard" — making it a huge 222,222,222.22 euro order. The case was taken to court by the man's 48-year-old colleague who was fired for letting the mistake slip through when verifying the order.

Judges at Hesse labour court ruled, however, that failing to spot the error and approving the transaction was not worthy of dismissal.

The judges instead decided that the supervisor, who had been an employee at the company since 1986, should only have been reprimanded as she had already checked 812 transactions that day, allowing just a couple of seconds to check each one for irregularities and errors.

The judges ruled that it was clear there had been no malicious intent on the supervisor's behalf, saying she should have received a warning. As a result, they ordered the bank to reinstate the supervisor, saying her work contract could not be terminated.

Fortunately for the company, the huge transaction was spotted by a third employee later in the day and corrected before any money was exchanged.

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Rev. George Annan


In 1 Corinthians 14:1-40 Paul continues to give us hint about the possibility of praying in two realms. He calls it praying in the spirit and praying with the understanding. When we pray in Tongues, we pray in the Spirit. Our understanding is unfruitful because we don’t speak to men. In other words we don’t expect people to understand. Even though no man understands him his spirit is praying. For the purpose of those around him which may include unbelievers Paul offers wisdom of praying with the understanding also. Praying with the understanding is using your own language. The reason is that in a public meeting there is normally a cross section of people on different level of spiritual growth with different perceptions on spiritual things so when you are ministering to them they have to understand and respond in unison as instructed in 1 Corinthians 14:7. That is what brings order. In chapter 14 of 1 Corinthians Paul addresses the assembly of believers in Corinth. He reiterates that we assemble together as Christians to minister to God and to be ministered to. Each of us comes to the meeting with a hymn, Psalm, a song, a

Tongue, interpretation or a word. Paul’s concern was that things will be done in an orderly fashion that each will be edified and ministered to. To achieve that Paul says when it comes to public ministry it’s important to speak in a distinct language everybody can understand and be prepared because every sound must be distinct (clear). Distinct language could be your native language or tongues with interpretation. In verse 13-15 Paul makes it clear that when the whole church come together in one place he will prefer us to pray with the spirit and also pray with the understanding. And also to sing with the spirit and with the understanding. Paul did not condemn the use of Tongues as unbiblical but he drew the line between the private and the public use of Tongues. When time is set aside for corporate prayer or worship it is alright tol pray and sing in Tongues because that is a private time with God no man is suppose to understand but in spirit we speak mysteries. But when its time to minister to the congregation its proper, respectful and ethical that we speak in our understanding; a language everyone in the meeting understands. If tongues pop up which can happen it must be followed by interpretation and should be one after the other and not without restraint because it must be subject to judgment by the leadership and must come to confirm and edify not to terrify as has happen in some instances. In conclusion Paul highlights in verse:32-33 and 40 that his concern is about order. The church is engaged in spiritual warfare with Satan who is the author of confusion. He must not be given a room to operate. Paul reminds us that our Spirits are subject to us so it’s our duty to bring it under subjection in humility so that things can be done in the house of God in order and decency.

Twi Translator Online June 2013


Welcome to your premiere online resource for learning Asante Twi words. helps you to realize your goal of pronouncing, reading and writing in Asante Twi. presents a vast listing of English words and their respective Asante Twi translation in an exciting and easy to use format. In addition to pictures when available there are audio clips which present the opportunity to actually hear a native Asante Twi speaker enunciate each translated word. This online dictionary of sorts provides a treasure trove of the basic building blocks to learning the Asante Twi language. will allow you to learn basic everyday words in Asante Twi. These words cover several aspects of language to include:

Time, weather, directions, Locations, food items, feelings, Emotions, opinions and ideas. Feelings, Verbs, Pronouns, animals, house hold furniture Careers, nature, compliments, adjectives and exclamations. Feelings and emotions. Animate and inanimate objects. Numbers, Days of the Week, Family members, Birds, Insects and so much more.

How does it work? With you will build on your foundation of the vocabulary of the Asante Twi language by interacting with the database of Asante Twi words via a user friendly graphical user interface. With the click of a button you are able to search and browse words as well as listen to each translated word.

There is also an introduction to the unique alphabet of the Asante Twi language as well as an opportunity to practice new vowels and sounds which are the key to pronouncing Asante Twi words properly.


June 2013

Offices in Dumfries and Alexandria Call to Make an Appointment



An Open Letter to the Enemy Her Page

Dr. Miriam C. Gyimah

To you, my sworn enemy, I am writing this letter so that everyone who comes to read it will know about you and your tricks. I am writing it to expose your works, so that those who didn’t realize that you were the one behind so many problems and so much confusion will come to know your works and your ways. They will come to know how you, like a snake on a tree, camouflaged by natural habit(at)s slowly, quietly, clandestinely maneuvers here and there unseen by many, if not all, to take a bite out of the lives of mankind and to destroy them with your venom. They will know and tell their friends and children about you, that you are a liar, the author of confusion, a gossiper and a murder! First, I want to make it clear that I am accusing you of what I surely know you are guilty of. There is nothing that I am exposing here that you haven’t actually done. To start off, you are a LIAR. Yes, I said it; you are a LIAR. Lying is a part of you; it became inherently part of you when you were cast down from the Throne of Grace, when you were toppled and transformed into the devil. You are a LIAR. You lied to Adam and Eve so that they will rebel against God. Your ultimate goal was to lead them astray forever. But you were only partly successful. They went astray, but God’s grace and providence did not allow them to perish, because “for God so loved the world that He gave us His only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). He gave us Second Adam from above, Jesus Christ, so that your machinations will come to nothing. Christ won the victory that you so much desired and now He has the “keys to death and hell” (Revelations 1:18) in His hands and what is worse for you, He has granted His children, all who believe and call upon Him, power and dominion over you and your henchmen, when He assures us, “behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means

hurt you” (Luke 10:19). You are a liar who has been exposed. Although you have been outed and defeated, you don’t learn your lesson. You continue to lie. You lied when you told that women’s fellowship leader that her work was not worth anything. You lied by constantly whispering in her ears that she was wasting her time with all her hard work and that she was going to get nothing from her efforts. You caused her to be discouraged. You moved her to become depressed and doubtful of her labor for the Lord. You wanted her to quit so that the work of God will not be accomplished in her life and the life of her church. But again, you were defeated. God saw what you were doing, tempting His daughter, working to derail her, and in response, He sent a word to her through another sister. That sister encouraged her not to give up. The sister persuaded her to hold her head up and gladly do the work for the Lord. The leader was strengthened by the word from God and she rejected your whispers. She shook off your thoughts and influence and today, she has been rewarded. All her hard work has gone far and she has made inroads in your wicked kingdom. She has brought unity amongst her fellow women of the church. She has trained them and taught them the word and work of God. She is reaping her rewards. Even now as I write this, the Lord has blessed her beyond measure! You wanted to sabotage her, because that is who you are. You are an evil entity whose desire is to see people, more especially, the children of God suffer and lose their way, but again, God toppled you. You have failed as a LIAR! You are the author of confusion. Yes I said it. All you ever want is conflict. If there is conflict, people will be arguing all the time and nothing will be achieved. Your specialty is pinning brother against brother and sister against sister. You are happy when a daughter cannot remain in peace with her mother or a father is in constant strife with his son. You like that. No, you love that. It was you who brought the first division in heaven and it was you who brought that terrible division between that lovely family. You concocted all sorts of evil communication and misunderstanding. Everything a mother said to a daughter was translated in her ears as offensive and accusatory. A father is constantly angry with his son, because he continues to misinterpret his son’s actions and intentions, assigning negative meanings rather than the actual meanings the son intended. As a result, they don’t know why, but they continue to strive against each other, because each believes the other is unreasonable and provoking.

You are the source of confusion, always blatantly stirring up trouble anywhere and everywhere. But because God never sleeps nor slumbers, and confidently sitting on His throne, in one fell swoop, you were ejected from that home and the family is now at peace. Yes, the Lord revealed your plotting in a dream to a deacon in the church, and that deacon’s meeting and prayer with the family in the name of JESUS took care of you. You and your conspirators scattered so quickly, for you had lost your stronghold and now there is peace in that family. What’s better, they now know your tricks and are waiting and watching to see if you will rear your ugly head near them again. They have been equipped with knowledge of you, the word of God and the word of prayer. If you are yearning for a terrible thrashing, then try visiting them again! You are the inventor of gossip. Yes it is true and you know it and you wield this weapon of gossiping to destroy all parties involved. You employ it to ruin the one being gossiped about and you manage to use it to discredit the one behind it. All you want is for people to be pulled down, dragged down, brought to their knees in tears and agony and to feel betrayed, devastated and to become distrustful and cynical. You want people to be marred in ugly controversies and shame and you always find a willing soldier in your army to stand in the midst disseminating false and mean statements and accusations just to tear someone down, to dishonor them, to resign them to their beds under the covers, unable to rise up and move on with life. You make them want to run away from their peers, their church members, even their pastors, because of the anger and bitterness that have come to harbor in their hearts. I have seen you do it to my closest friend and my brother in Christ. Let’s be real, you have done it to practically everyone. I can also attest you have done it to me. You are the father of gossip, but those of us who have come to know your ways can identify you long before you even draw near. We see you coming and know that it is clearly you, although disguised behind the friendly smile of a sister. We know you well when you dare approach with words of concern for another but the words are hinted with insincerity or a compliment buried in sarcasm. We smell you, we feel your presence when you ask a question laden with an accusation, and we realize something foul this way comes. But you, spirit of gossip and your career gossipers have no bearing on those who are grounded in the word of God and know your deeds. As the Bible tells us, we should not allow you to take advantage of us, because we know your devices (II Corinthians 2:11). More and more of us have learned about your tools of destruction, have tasted them and are wise to them.

June 2013



Above all, you are a murderer. Yes, I am calling you out as a murderer. You can’t deny it. You kill with your words; you kill with an influence of substance abuse and you kill with any and every deadly trick you choose to use. You wound people emotionally by killing their spirit. You intentionally deposit hatred and resentment in individuals so they could unleash hurtful words and deeds at unsuspecting victims who become pricked in their hearts and often unable to recover from the injury. You gradually direct people, even young impressionable ones, towards a life of addiction, consuming substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other forms of dependencies to destroy their bodies, heartlessly kicking them into an early grave. The cemeteries are regrettably littered with your victims. Yes you are a murderer and you have murdered even more as you have misled so many with your brand of philosophies: error religion and atheism! You have led too many to hell, your only rightful residence, to suffer eternal death, simply because misery loves company. You are a pitiful murderer, a thief of lives. Christ warns of you when He states, “the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). However, today is a day to sound the trumpet on whom and what you are. You are a defeated foe. You may refuse to accept it, but the fact is that you were vanquished thousands of years ago. You are a vagabond, a miserable wanderer, working all his pathetic tricks to see how he might profit from the destruction of lives. How pathetic. How low, O Lucifer, see how far you have fallen! And you will continue to fall, even in a never-ending pit, for I know your end. So take note people. Take note, when you witness anything similar to all that I have mentioned above, be clear of who is at work. Be wise about it all and advise yourself, not to become caught up and be victimized by his devices. Be wise as a serpent. No, be wiser than the original serpent!

A Man Dies And Goes To Hell.

A man dies and goes to hell.

There he finds that there is a different hell for each country and decides he'll pick the least painful to spend his eternity.

He goes to Germany hell & asks, "what do they do here?" He is told "first they put you in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the German devil comes in and whips you for the rest of the day".

The man does not like the sound of that at all so he moves on.

He checks out the USA hell as well as the Russian hell and many more.

He discovers that they are all similar to the German hell. Then he comes to the Nigerian hell and finds that there is a long line of people waiting to get in ... Amazed, he asks, "What do they do here?"

He is told "first they put you in an electric chair for an hour, then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. The Nigerian devil comes in & whips you for the rest of the day."

"But that is exactly the same as all the other hells. Why are there so many people waiting to get in?" asks the man.

"Because there is never any electricity so the electric chair does not work. The nails were paid for but never supplied, so the bed is comfortable to sleep on. And the Nigerian devil used to be a civil servant, so he comes in, signs his time sheet and goes back home for private business."

Joke Center


A distinguished young woman on a flight from Dubai to Lusaka asked the Catholic Priest beside her: Woman: "Father, may I ask a favor?" Priest: "Of course. What may I do for you?" Woman: "Well, I bought an expensive woman's electronic hair dryer for my mother's birthday that is unopened and well over the Customs limits, and I'm afraid they'll confiscate it. Is there any way you could carry it through Customs for me.......... Under your cassock perhaps ?" Priest: "I would love to help you, dear, but I must warn you: I will not lie." Woman: "With your honest face, Father, no one will question you." When they got to Customs, she let the priest go ahead of her. Custom Officer: "Father, do you have anything to declare?" Priest: "From the top of my head down to my waist, I have nothing to declare. " The official thought this answer strange. Custom Officer:: "And what do you have to declare from your waist to the floor?" Priest: "I have a marvelous instrument designed to be used on a woman, but which is, to date, unused." Custom Officer:: Roaring with laughter, said, "Go ahead, Father." Next! Now......... .........truly, did the priest lie?

June 2013


Reporting live from the Supreme Court premises on Tuesday, Peace FM’s Naana Ntiri disclosed that since yesterday, 3rd June, 2013 till today, some unknown persons have taken delight in making their presence known by passing bad air.

The man said, “Do you think they will accept a donation of U.S $250,000 for the burial service?” Pastor exclaimed, “Sweet Jesus! Why didn’t u tell me the dog was a Christian?”

A husband comes home from Church, greets his wife, lifts her up and carries her around the house. The wife is so surprised and excited! She asked with smiles, “Did the Pastor preach on being romantic?” Out of breath the husband replies, “No, he said we must carry our burdens…”


In a singles convention a prayer point was raised" that singles should pray for their heart desires". An Ibo lady prayed,"oh lord I don't want to marry a short man. Any short man that is coming my way I bound an cast him!

And there's this short man standing next to her, praying: oh lord I'm a short man but I'm a billionaire.

When she heard the word ' billionaire', her prayer changed to "oh lord is that your voice? Who am I to say no? I will marry the ' content' and ignore the 'container'

She revealed that the pungent smell in the room sometimes makes breathing difficult for most of the journalists assigned to cover proceedings, thus affecting their concentration on the issues at hand.

The NPP has filed a petition to the Supreme Court; calling for the annulment of over four million votes that they claim went in favour of President John Dramani Mahama on the basis of electoral irregularities, malpractices and omission. Source: Chris Joe Quiacoe/


*“Pastor, my dog is dead. Could there be a service for the poor creature?” Pastor replied, “No, we cannot have service for an animal in the church. But there is a new church down the road, maybe they will do it.”

ELECTION PETITION: Continuous Flatulence In Court Room Making Work Difficult

Although the passage of gas is normal, and every human being does it at least 14 times a day, consciously or unconsciously as scientific research has established, there is an urgent need for authorities at the Supreme Court to caution people not to deliberately pass bad gas in the court room.


June 2013

Hawknad Manufacturing Industries, Inc Alexandria Virginia, 22312 Tel : 703-941-0444

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Nigerian Don Becomes First African Fellow Of Academy Of Inventors June 2013

universities and non-profit research institutes. Together, they hold more than 3,200 US patents. Included in the charter class are eight Nobel laureates, two fellows of the Royal Society, 12 presidents of research universities and non-profit research institutes, 50 members of national academies (National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine), 11 inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, three recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, four recipients of the National Medal of Science, and 29 American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows, among other awards and distinctions.

The NAI Charter Fellows were recognised in a full-page advertisement in The Chronicle of Higher Education on January 18, in the January 2013 issue of Inventors Digest, and in a future issue of Technology and Innovation – Proceedings of the National Academy of Inventors.

A Nigerian professor of Biology at Jackson State University, US, Ernest Izevbigie, speaks on how his research on bitter leaf got patented as a food supplement for the prevention of cancer, SEGUN OLUGBILE reports

Bitter leaf is not new to many Nigerians. It is a vegetable that they know like the palms of their hands. Such people particularly relish it when it is made to count Egusi (melon) in a pot of soup. Yet, as popular as the vegetable is, some Nigerians would keep a safe distance from it because of its bitter taste.

But a Nigerian professor at the Jackson State University, United States of America, Ernest Izevbigie, has not only popularised the African shrub, whose botanical name is Vernonia amygdalin, he has also conducted a research that shows that the vegetable has some medicinal value that can prevent cancer. He has also earned two patents, including one for the formula he created from bitter leaf – EdoBotanics – a dietary supplement that boosts the immune system and helps with the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

For his efforts, Izevbigie, who is now an exchange programme at the Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Edo State, has won a place for himself as a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, USA. The NAI fellow status is a professional distinction accorded to academic inventors.

The NAI is a non-profit organisation and US congress-mandated to drive innovation emanating from universities, while also commercialising the innovations. NAI acts as catalyst, a mechanism through which inventions from university academia are translated into commercial values for the benefit of the society. It comprises universities in the US and other international institutions. It was founded in 2010 to, among other functions, recognise and encourage invention, enhance feasibility of academy and innovation, and translate the inventions of members to benefit society.

The founders wanted to recognise top scientists and innovators in the world. With his new status, Izevbigie has become the number 101 researcher selected and the first Nigerian and the only African on the NAI fellowship.

According the Jackson State University’s bulletin, NewsRoom, Izevbigie’s election to NAI Fellow status is a recognition of his high professional distinction. “It is accorded to academic inventors who have demonstrated a highly prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development and the welfare of society,” JSU states.

The 101 innovators elected to NAI fellow status represent 54

Academic inventors and innovators elected to the rank of NAI Charter Fellow were nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to innovation in areas such as patents and licensing, innovative discovery and technology, significant impact on society, as well as support and enhancement of innovation.

In a chat with our correspondent, Izevbigie says the invention is a translation of research findings on bitter leaf.

“We have done some work and it obtained a US patent, including patent in Nigeria. We have translated those patents into a product that is now commercially available in US and Nigeria. It is approved by NAFDAC,” he says.

Why did he centre his research on an African plant? Izevbigie, who has been appointed as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the BIU, says, “Africa has natural products in abundance. It has been estimated that more than 90 per cent of medicinal plants in the world are in Africa. To support that, you look at even the conventional therapy. The World Health Organisation has estimated that the history of more than 75 per cent of the conventional drugs can be traced back to natural products. Basically, what the manufacturers do is that they extract, purify and modify the herbs, the original products are from plants. We have 90 per cent. It makes sense to me to develop what we have rather than depend on the western world to come and do things for us.”

The don, who recalls that he had used bitter leaf as a little boy, adds that he was motivated because he knew from then that a lot of his people in Edo State consumed the vegetable for its medicinal properties. “I used it when I had stomach problems,” he says.

On how the reaserch was carried out, he explains, “During the research, we had some breast cancer cells, which we exposed to extracts of this Vernonia amygdalina, and we observed that it inhibited the growth of the cells. That was the first test. This observation was made around 2000, and around 2001. We sought provisional patent, and it was granted in 2003. It was noted that we were the first to make that observation – patents are not given to an idea that already exists,” he explains.

He stresses that at NAI, almost everyone has a patent.

“It is an intellectual property. It’s one thing to get patent, but there are several patents that have remained on the shelf till they expired. A patent lasts for 18 years before it expires.

“The intellectual property belongs to us and is protected by the patent. When other people use that technology, it is considered an infringement, and you can sue them. After securing the patent, we still had to work and find a delivery mechanism. That is why when you do that, it creates an opportunity to put Nigeria and Africa on the world map.



“That is what we should be doing – not just talking. There is nothing wrong with the big fancy vocabulary but at the end, we need to be able to translate what we have learnt to students in the classroom, then into commodity and services demand in Nigeria. In that way, we will create employment. That is the essence of university education: to be able to do certain things to serve man purpose.”

Asked what the benefits of the research breakthrough are to Nigeria, Izevbigie says, “I will say the benefits are huge. We have it commercially available and some people are using it for different health benefits. It is competitively priced and nobody is complaining about it. Then in the area of employment, we have people working at our cancer centre, some are growing the product. And whether for those involved in packaging or delivery of the product, employment is being generated. That is the economic benefit.

“Let me state that this is not a cure. A cure is when you apply something and the ailment disappears and does not come back. Whether it is cancer or diabetes, it removes it. But there is no guarantee that it’s not going to come back. If it comes back, then it’s not a cure. The product is foodbased, and I think it should be referred to as a food supplement, for the management of a medical condition.”

The researcher would not want to be classified among people who make unnecessary claims. According to him, his product has been researched since 13 years ago. The findings and all the health benefits that he has reported have been corroborated by different universities in different parts of the world.

“Some of our universities, including University of Ibadan and University of Nigeria School of Medicine, have also confirmed our claims to be true.

“As far as regulations are concerned, as far as NAFDAC is concerned, because it’s from natural products, it’s classified as nutriceutical. Nutriceutical is different from pharmaceutical. It is a nutrient and medicine so to speak. It is something you can eat that also has medicinal benefits, a food supplement,” he says.

To ensure the massive production of the food supplement, Izevbigie says, he is already discussing with pharmaceutical companies to decide whether to start making it a full drug. “We know the active components of this stuff, and we can make it into a drug. As far as the FDA or NAFDAC is concerned, that process of taking something from its natural state and making it into a synthetic medicine is called drug discovery. At that time, we can call it a cure, because by that time, by law, it qualifies to be called a drug. Cancer can be treated, it can go into remission, but I will say that we have treatment for it. It can be used for the prevention of cancer for people who have high risk and can also be used for therapy,” he adds.

But is he saying that bitter leaf can prevent cancer? The researcher says, “Bitter leaf is a vegetable, though very bitter, and people eat it a lot. Such people will stand a low chance of getting cancer. But we have formulated the medicine in such a way that you don’t need to eat a lot to get the health benefits.”

South African Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ; Believes He Is Immortal



J u n e 2013

“I am a pensioner, however, I don’t use it (social grant) to support my wife but I give to the king of kings as a financial boost,” Sibiya said.

His wife, Alfin, said that her husband believes that he is making a sacrifice “for his soul.”

By Stoyan Zaimov , Christian Post Reporter A South African man is claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, just a week after reports came out about a man in Australia with a similar claim.

in the wilderness, where he overcame Satan and was resurrected as the Son of God.

“I was in this room from 1992 and have spent 22 years in a fight with the devil and have overcome him,” the South African claims. “As I speak to you I will never see death and I am now getting ready for the opening of the graves and healing of blind and lame.”

“I will never die, as God gave me as a command,” said Moses Hlongwane in an interview with eNews Channel Africa. The man, who lives in the northern KwaZulu-Natal town, has apparently attracted over a dozen followers, who are giving him money in hopes eNews Channel Africa interviewed one his that his message will be spread around the world. followers, 84-year-old Paul Sibiya, who said that he gives his entire pension to the man he Hlongwane says that much like Jesus, he spent time believes to be the reincarnated Son of God.

“Just a little over 2,000 years ago, we arrived on the earth for the first time. My name then was Yeshua ben Yosef, or the Jesus of the Bible, the son of Joseph and Mary. Mary’s name then was Mary of Magdala, the woman identified in the Bible as Mary Magdalene. Mary was my wife then, and the first person I appeared to after I was crucified,” 50-year-old ex-software professional Alan John Miller writes on his website, which features DVDs of his speeches and YouTube videos of him answering questions about his claims.

A Pastor at a church in Matobo District, Matabeleland South, The source added that the husbands of the women that Ngulube has been expelled after her impregnated six married women claimed to have impregnated were summoned by the church's elders and had the news broken to them. who were members of his church.

His antics were brought to light after one of the pastors prophesied that there was an elder within the church who was in the habit of bedding married women. After a 'witch hunt', it was established that Pastor Ngulube was the elder who had been fingered in the prophecy.

A source said on being questioned, Pastor Ngulube opened up and said he was indeed the one fingered in the prophecy.

"He tried to clear his name but later came back to his senses and said he was the one in the prophecy," said the source.

It is reported that Pastor Ngulube also revealed that ALL the women he had bedded fell pregnant. On hearing the news, the church's elders are said to have come to a decision to expel him.

"Some of them were threatening to beat up Pastor Ngulube but they were restrained by the church elders. Others took up the issue with the traditional leadership," said the source.

Contacted for comment, Pastor Ngulube said he was sorry.

"I feel bad and I want to say I am very sorry for what I did. If I could be given another chance I wouldn't repeat the mistake. I also welcome the punishment that the church leaders gave me," he said.

Meanwhile, another pastor at Brethren Christ Church, in the same district, was ordered to pay three beasts by Chief Masuku after he impregnated a married woman.

According to a source, Pastor Lameck Maphosa was allegedly dragged to the traditional court on 21 March this years where Chief Masuku ordered him to pay three cows as compensation for impregnating another man's wife.

"What he did is just disgraceful and a person like him could not be allowed to be part of a religious institution because what he did goes against all that Christianity stands for," said the source.

The Rev. Dr. David Millikan, a Uniting Church Theologian, has warned that such movements can have negative effects for their followers.

“The danger is you’ll be drawn closer and closer into his web to a point that you lose access to your social life, you spend all your Some of the disciples featured in the video are money, you’ll have the curses of all your famias young as 14-years-old, and say that they ly ringing in your ears and you may well lose want the entire world to “acknowledge your relationship,” Millikan observed. Hlongwane as the legitimate Jesus Christ.” A number of commentators have pointed out Last week, reports came out on an Australian to Matthew 24:5 in the Bible, which states: man who has also been claiming for the past “For many shall come in my name, saying, I few years that he is the reincarnation of Jesus am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Christ, and that his partner is the reincarnation of Saint Mary Magdalene.

Pastor Impregnates 6 Married Women In One Year

The 'man of God', Pastor Derek Ngulube, formerly of Faith Ministries, was shown the red card by the church's elders late last month bringing to an end his reign of terror. Pastor Ngulube is reported to have impregnated the six within a period of one year.

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June 2013

The Ghana Market is Important to US – Delta Airlines

New York, USASay Good bye to Terminal 3 at JFK Airport, Queens, New York, if you ever traveled through Delta Airlines Terminal 3. Terminal 3 has a historic past as it was used by the defunct Pan American World Airways, known as Pan Am.In a major step forward, Delta Airlines has moved to Terminal 4 by investing $1.4 billion and making it a state of the art facility for international travelers.In presenting this project to the media, Delta Airlines on May 23rd-24th invited journalists from around the world for an international Media Summit which occurred at the Westin Times Square, Manhattan, New York, a block from the New York Port Authority on 42nd Street.

On the opening day of the summit, members of the international media gathered for a press conference with Richard Anderson – the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Airlines. Some of the biggest and world renowned media houses for business travel were at the ceremony.

and Africa also went further to brief journalists on what Mr. Anderson had earlier said at the Press conference. He mentioned he appreciated the question posed to Mr. Anderson and will take steps to build a strong relationship with the Ghanaian community. Gail Grimmett, Senior Vice President, NY and Olivia Cullis, Regional Director, Corporate Communications respectively also shared the same idea that they will work together with the community in an effort to build better relationship and communication.

An Economic Development/Tourist Panel Discussion took place with panelists who have enormous experience in Tourism and Business. Moderated by; Bob Losure, Former CNN Headline News anchor, correspondent and author.

The Finale, the grand opening of state of the art Terminal 4 was like a movie premiere, full of pomp and pageantry. Mr. Anderson expressed his pride in leading such a great It featured some of the noted dignitaries/speakers; organization through the necessary steps to become one of the Delta’s CEO, Richard Anderson, Sir Richard Branson, leading airlines in the world. He was exceptional in present- Virgin Group and New York Mayor Bloomberg, New ing his vision to the members of the media. What was interYork Lt. Governor, Robert Duffy, .US Rep. Joe Crowley esting at the Press conference was during the question and (D-Queens, the Bronx), US Rep.Gregory Weldon Meeks answer time when journalists asked questions in diverse lan(D-New York’s 5th congressional district) and others. A guages and were translated. visit to the Sky Club was one of a kind. One thing for sure, travelers waiting at the airport, will not be bored. In recent times there have been a myriad of complains from There are many popular restaurants, shops and a lot to many Ghanaian travelers all over the United States who travel do before boarding the plane. on Delta Airlines . The press conference ushered in a rare opportunity to address these concerns with Company. The international summit and was a good platform to

Mr. Anderson was asked about the steps he will take as a leader in building a relationship with the Ghanaian community in New York since it is common knowledge that many Ghanaian travelers have had bad experiences with Delta Airlines through the Direct flight route from JFK. The Delta leadership have not reached out to the community as part of their corporate social responsibilities. It appears Delta seems to focus heavily in Ghana for the market. The route deserves better aircraft’s and great customer service. Mr. Anderson affirmed that the Ghanaian market was an important one since Delta is the only US Airline currently flying directly to Ghana and will take steps to address any issues brought to his attention.

The key points noted at the Press conference was how Delta is;

-Committed to being the best in the world

-Building strong relationship with partners in the world.

-Recognizes JFK as its leading Gateway to the US, Nearly 35% Delta’s Transatlantic flights operate via JFK. JFK is a critical airport for business passengers.

establish a great relationship with some of the executives of Delta Airlines. It was also a meeting to network with Journalists. At the end of it all, there are the right people to discuss issues concerning the Ghanaian traveler.

Mr. Richard Anderson, Delta Airlines' CEO addressing the media

Mr. Anderson & some members of staff posed for the media

Some people have shared their bad experiences with this writer upon informing them about the new Terminal 4.

One Traveler who had just returned from Ghana through Delta Airlines said Delta should give out forms for travelers to complete concerning their traveling experience or complains. It is up to the traveler to complete the form so that complains or their experiences can be communicated to the airline so something can be done about it immediately. Acknowledgement – Global Media Alliance( and Delta Airlines

Source: Charles Nimmo N-Mensah (Mr. CNN).

New York Mayor Bloomberg addressing the gathering

-Recognizes its employees and invests in its people.

-Is an iconic brand in the aviation world.

-Investing in operations and product as well as improving customer service

-Taking a step to owning an oil refinery company.

-Adding a partnership with Virgin Atlantic. The deal is going through both the US and UK regulatory process and will get it through by the 3rd Quarter.

Perry A. Cantarutti, Snr. Vice President, Europe, Middle East

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Members of the Press at the grand opening



African Proverbs

Proverbs are an integral part of African culture. Passed on from generation to generation for centuries, they are still in wide use today and are very much part of everyday speech.

Proverbs are used to illustrate ideas, reinforce arguments and deliver messages of inspiration, consolation, celebration and advice.

Virginia Based Pastor Loses Sister and Mother In a Fire Outbreak in Kumasi

The great Nigerian author Chinua Achebe once wrote: "Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten."

A child's fingers are not scalded by a piece of hot yam which his mother puts into his palm.

Jiroemon Kimura died of natural causes on Wednesday in a hospital in Kyotango, Kyoto, a government statement said.

An old woman is always uneasy when dry bones are mentioned in a proverb.

In December, Guinness World Records recorded Mr Kimura as the oldest man ever verified to have lived.

A man who pays respect to the great paves the way for his own greatness.

As the dog said, 'If I fall down for you and you fall down for me, it is playing.'

A wise man who knows proverbs, reconciles difficulties. (Yoruba)

Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.

If a child washes his hands he could eat with kings.

If you don't stand for something, you will fall for something. It takes a whole village to raise a child

Looking at a king's mouth one would never think he sucked his mother's breast.

People should not talk while they are eating or pepper may go down the wrong way.

The lizard that jumped from the high iroko tree to the ground said he would praise himself if no one else did.

The mouth which eats does not talk.

The sun will shine on those who stand before it shines on those who kneel under them.

Those whose palm-kernels were cracked for them by a benevolent spirit should not forget to be humble.

Bishop Etrue Nana Appiah Three people were burnt to death Sunday June 9, when fire gutted a six-bedroom apartment at Agric Nzema, a suburb of Kumasi.

A polytechnic graduate known only as Araba, a commercial driver Alex Frimpong and an elderly woman in her seventies, Auntie Grace, the owner of the house were found dead.

Three of the survivors including the pregnant woman are receiving treatment for minor burns.

The cause of the fire is not known but residents attribute it to power fluctuations in the area.

Luv FM's Erastus Asare Donkor reported the fire started at around 1:00 am with six people trapped inside the house.

A baby and her mother were heard crying and calling out for assistance.

Help came with fire personnel managing to save three lives.

The three bodies were found side-by-side, Erastus added.

The fire personnel have begun investigations into the incident.

According to the Virginia based Pastor Bishop Etrue Nana Appiah of Miracle House one of the residents in the house was ironing clothes when all of a sudden they experienced a power outage. The iron was left plugged in the socket. After the lights came back on late in the evening it overheated and ignited the fire that caused the entire house to be set ablaze.

When a man says yes, his chi (personal god) says yes also.

Properties running into thousands of cedis were destroyed.

You can tell a ripe corn by its look.

Bishop Etrue Nana Appiah would be receiving well wishers on Saturday June 29 at his Woodbridge residence.

The country has been plagued with series of fire outbreaks with When the moon is shining the cripple becomes hungry for markets the most affected. a walk.

You must judge a man by the work of his hands.

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A Japanese man recognised as the world's oldest living person, and the oldest man recorded in history, has died aged 116, local officials say.

A chick that will grow into a cock can be spotted the very day it hatches.

A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure does not prick its pride.

Oldest Man In History Dies At 116 June 2013

He reportedly had seven children, 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren, and 13 great-great-grandchildren.

Mr Kimura was born on 19 April 1897, the same year as aviator Amelia Earhart.

He worked in his local post office until retiring and was said to have helped his son with his farming until he was around 90 years old.

He became the world's oldest living person in December, when the previous title-holder died.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent Mr Kimura a video greeting when he celebrated his 116th birthday on 19 April.

The mayor of Kyotango, which is in western Japan, also dropped by for a visit. 'Eat light to live long'

In an interview in December, his nephew, Tamotsu Miyake, said Kimura had "an amazingly strong will to live".

"He is strongly confident that he lives right and well."

In an interview on his 115th birthday, Mr Kimura said he was not sure why he was able to live so long.

"Maybe it's all thanks to the sun above me," he said. "I am always looking up towards the sky, that is how I am."

Journalist Kanoko Matsuyama of Bloomberg News met Mr Kimura at his home last year.

"He said his secret to his longevity was eating light to live long," Ms Matsuyama told the BBC.

"At the same time, his main carer and grand-daughter-in-law, Aiko, said his positivity helped him to live so long."

Japanese woman Misao Okawa from Osaka, who is 115 years old, will most probably inherit the title of world's oldest living person, reports say. She is already considered the world's oldest living woman.




June 2013

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Kingdom Summit 2013 and Chapel Dedication



MOUNT VERNON NY (The Christian Journal reporter) — More than 1000 people gathered to celebrate the dedication of Living Faith International Church renovated and expanded Chapel on June 16. The Church is situated at 195 West First Street in Mount Vernon, NY.

The dedication service included the ordination of Mrs. Naomi Allotey by Apostle Jannie Ngwale of (Conquerors through Christ Ministries, South Africa). In attendance was Bishop Nathan Edwards (Friendship Worship Center, Mount Vernon NY) Prophet Elisha Salifu Amoako (Alive Chapel), Prophet Habakkuk Appiah (Alive Chapel International) and Rev. Steve Mensah of (Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, Ghana)

“It’s great to see the joy on the faces of the people who really paid for, worked for, prayed for this renovated and expanded church building” Bishop Dominc Allotey said In an interview with The Christian Journal reporter after the service, At present also was Mount Vernon City council who presented a plaque to Bishop Alottey to acknowledge his work in the community.

It is a beautiful place to worship, build one’s relationship with God. Happy are those who dwell in the house of the Lord. Frank Buadu a member at LFIC said

Building Bethel Building You Gospel Concert & Fundraising June 2013

NEW YORK) The Christian Journal Reporter –A host of stars Getty and Friends, Lady Prempeh, and Emmanuel Baako joined Evangelist Diana Asamoah in a gospel concert at United Bethel Pentecostal Ministries Inc. The glittering event, named Building Bethel, Building You Gospel concert and fundraising started at 6pm till midnight.

Introducing the event were Bethel Voices who sang beautifully, Getty & friends who uplifted the audience with her golden voice was next, followed by Lady Prempeh. Evangelist Diana Asamoah started with a powerful, uplifting, and inspiring worship. Her ministration was very power professing what how far God has brought her and encouraged the audience not to forget what God have done in their lives.

The gospel music icon Evangelist Diana Asamoah, who has dominated the gospel music industry with uplifting and soothing music for some time ended with exuberant performance with Getty & Friend and Lady Prempeh. It was a very powerful performance at United Bethel Pentecostal Ministries.

Getty of Getty & Friends fame and Lady Prempeh Performs Ordination of Mrs. Naomi Allotey by Apostle Jannie Ngwale of (Conquerors through Christ Ministries, South Africa).

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June 2013



Afrikan Post

J u n e 2 0 1 3 Page 30

June 2013

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Majid Michel Picks Up African Golden Crown Award In Ivory Coast



Model Agency, on the behest of his next door neighbor. The director of the modeling agency, now turned producer, invited him to participate in a new TV series (GTV), dubbed Things We Do for Love. Majid acquired his nickname “Shaker” on the set. His role on Things We Do for Love, was to be played by a Lebanese boy, and Majid attributes his acquiring the role to his Lebanese heritage.[2]

Majid Michel picked an award in Ivory Coast last Sunday at the just ended African Golden Crown Award (Le Grand Prix Africain Du Cinema De La Television Et des Tic) held in Abidjan . The award which was presented to him by the mayor of Abidjan, Danho Paulin Claude was said to be a special award given to him for his hard work in the African film industry. After receiving the award, Majid admonished African movie makers to pray for the mayor for deciding to invest into the African film Industry, by supporting the GPACT Awards and the Ivory Coast film industry. “Most of you might not know what is going on here now, but within a few years you will understand that the mayor has really chosen one of the biggest fields to invest in. Don’t forget one of the reasons America has reached where it is today is because of their films. So for any prominent person to decide to invest in the film industry, it means we all have to pray for him to do better,” Majid Michel said.

Apart from Majid Michel who picked the special Award, other African countries like Nigerian (Jennifer Oguzie ) for her role in the movie (Last flight to Abuja) Niger, Benin, Cameroon, Liberia, Chad, Togo, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, France, Gabon, Senegal, Central African republic etc also had some awards.

Thing We Do for Love became a success and propelled Majid into the mainstream. On the strength of his performance in Things We Do for Love, Majid was cast in his first movie Divine Love as the male lead, alongside Jackie Aygemang as the female lead with Van Vicker in a supporting role. All three used their roles in the movie to debut their movie careers. Divine Love was a huge success turning Majid Michel, Jackie Aygemang, and Van Vicker into household names across Ghana and to a large extent Nigeria.

In 2008 Majid starred as the lead role in the film "Agony of the Christ". This film received seven nominations at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009. Shakira

The Game Bursting Out 4 Play 4 Play Reloaded A Sting in a Tale Silent Scandal Passion of the Soul Crime to Christ Royal Battle Divine Love Gangster Guilty Pleasure Tears of a Womanhood St. Michael Shattered Mirror Save The Prince The Beast Royal Madness Her Excellency Reason To Kill Blood of Fire Final Crisis Captain Under The Sky The Three Widows Professional Lady

Majid Michel (nicknamed Shaker, born September 22, 1980) is a Ghanaian actor. He received a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the African Movie Academy Awards in 2009. In 2012 he won the African Movie Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. Majid was born in Cantonments, a suburb of the Ghanaian capital Accra. The son of a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother, Majid grew up in Accra with his nine siblings. He attended St. Theresa’s Primary School, and later, the Mfantsipim School, the alma mater of Van Vicker and also of former United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan. In secondary school, Majid was actively involved in theater and was a member of the school’s Drama Club. As a Source: member of the drama club, Majid received a Best Actor Award in one of their performances on Emancipation Day in Cape Coast, Ghana Majid entered professional acting by chance. He was invited to join the modeling agency, Super

June 2013

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Actress Hilda Dokubo Reconciles With Ex-Husband Years After Separation

A top scandal-free actress in Nollywood, Hilda Dokubo has reconciled with her ex-husband, Screen Writer Akarose Mrakpor years after their separation. In 2008, Hilda Dokubo and husband dumped each other for new relationships.

Karo Mrakpor married a new woman who gave birth to a child before the relationship collapsed. The lovers met at the University of Port Harcourt in 1986 and got married few years after graduation. The couple gave birth to a son named Tuvi then before their separation. As we speak the recently re-united couple have been spotted in several locations in Port Harcourt walking hand-in-hand. “They are so much in love now” – said a witness.

True love stands the test of time. This shows that Hilda Dokubo & Karo are meant for each other.

Clever Kids:

A police officer found a perfect hiding place for watching for speeding motorists.

One day, the officer was amazed when everyone was under the speed limit, so he investigated and found the problem.

A 10 years old boy was standing on the side of the road with a huge hand painted sign which said “Radar Trap Ahead.”

A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy’s accomplice: another boy about 100 yards beyond the radar trap with a sign reading “TIPS” and a bucket at his feet full of change.

African Youth at the forefront of the 2nd Edition of the New York Forum Africa



challenge of transforming the continent, to break free from the spiral of under-development and poverty by relying on our own resources. We are resolute towards making a break. We, the African people, must no longer be mere spectators, but rather stakeholders in our own development”.

(Photo: H.E. Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Gabonese Republic and current chair of the CEMAC) By: SEM Contributor on June 15, 2013.

Over 1,500 participants (economic decision-makers, politicians, and international investors) and 10 Heads of State are met from Friday, June 14, for the second edition of the New York Forum AFRICA ( which continued until 16 June 2013 in Libreville, Gabon. This forum aims at promoting inclusive economic development which, first and foremost, benefits young African people. The second edition of the New York Forum Africa was inaugurated on Friday, June 14, 2013 in Libreville by Ali Bongo Ondimba, President of the Republic of Gabon, and by Richard Attias, organiser and founder of the New York Forum. Integration of African youth and economic growth of the continent were defined as the top priorities.

“The fact that we are instilling so much passion and energy into this Forum is for a single reason: for young Africans, of any sex”, stated Richard Attias at the opening of the Forum. “Economic decisionmakers and politicians should ensure that African youth is made a top priority”. To underline the urgent need for integration of youth into the African growth strategy, it is reiterated that some 150 million young people were unemployed across the entire continent.

A time for Africa to shine

Whilst many experts consider African development to be the most promising in the 21st century, Larry Summers, Professor and former Advisor to President Clinton and President Obama, asked to take the floor following inauguration, underlined that “in a world where lending countries talk and borrowing countries listen, it is about time that Africa found its voice and the world listened. Senegal has a lower borrowing rate that Greece, and Ghana has a lower rate than Ireland, whilst Gabon has a lower borrowing rate than Belgium and Chile”. The New York Forum Africa centres on several major themes focusing on economic and commercial issues for Africa today, amongst which figure trade, transparency, confidence, investment, infrastructure, and growth.

Amongst the main participants present were the following: F.W. DE KLERK, President, Republic of South Africa (1989 – 1994) and Nobel peace Prize Winner (1993) OLUSEGUN OBASANJO, President of Nigeria (1999 – 2007) and Founder, Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation FATOU BENSOUDA, General Prosecutor, International Criminal Court, Republic of Gambia ISABEL DOS SANTOS, PDG Unitel, Angola THIERRY TANOH, CEO, Ecobank, Togo BERTIN NAHUM, President and Founder, Medtech, France MATTHIEU PIGASSE, Managing Director, Lazard France, France LIONEL ZINSOU, CEO, Pai Partners, France HUBERT VEDRINE, President, François Mitterrand Institute and former Minister for Foreign Affairs, France NOURIEL ROUBINI, Co-Founder and President, Roubini Global Economics, USA Founded & Produced by RICHARD ATTIAS & ASSOCIATES Under the High Patronage of H.E. ALI BONGO ONDIMBA In collaboration with THE GOVERNMENT OF GABON

“The priority of our continent is our youth. Economic growth is meaningless if young Africans cannot benefit from it. Growth should be inclusive Distributed by the African Press Organization on and people-oriented”, underlined President Ali behalf of Richard Attias & Associates. Bongo Ondimba. In the presence of Heads of State from the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), who were meeting in an Extraordinary Session on the fringe of the Forum, Ali Bongo issued words of encouragement to his African counterparts so as to “collectively rise to the

Man, 97, Gets Diploma 8 Decades Later June 2013



From: Association Press

It took nearly eight decades, but Frederick Gray is finally a high school graduate.

The Watertown Daily Times reports that the 97-year-old World War II veteran was presented Monday with a diploma from Watertown High School during a ceremony at his northern New York home.

Gray was set to graduate in 1934 but dropped out a year early to get a job to help support his family during the Great Depression.

Gray worked in a factory before being drafted into the Army in 1942. He served in the 24th Infantry Division in the Pacific campaign, earning a Bronze Star.

After the war, he returned to his job and retired as head of the company's billing department.

Gray says he never expected to get a diploma and is "dumbfounded by the thoughtfulness."


Odd News


The Coffee Shop That Lets Their Customers Pay With Kisses

'We’re not accepting your money, just your kisses,' reads a post on Metro St James' Facebook page.

While some may find this concept somewhat creepy, the French-themed shop, which opened its doors three months ago, has included a video featuring several couples earning their cups of coffee by way of their lips.

Doctors Save Infant’s Life With Superglue June 2013

Quick-thinking doctors at the University of Kansas Hospital were able to save an infant's life with a little help from superglue, CNN reports.

Ashlyn Julian's parents noticed that their daughter, born May 16, had changed drastically in the weeks since her birth. She was always a heavy sleeper but, according to CNN, her parents said they now had trouble waking her to feed her. And then Ashyln began screaming and vomiting. Her parents took her to the emergency room, 'We'll watch you. It has to be a real kiss, I where doctors discovered an aneurysm in Ashlyn's brain. The baby was transferred to the better can see if it's a fake kiss,' the proprietor equipped KU hospital, where doctors got to work.

says in the video as he hands over the Forget cash, cheques or credit cards, one cafe has coffees. a different way of charging its customers for a cup of coffee. He adds that if they try to fake a kiss, he'll know because he's 'kind of a specialMetro St. James, a French style cafe in Sydney, ist.' is running a unique and romantic promotion this More than one Facebook user on the month. social media site has asked whether customers could arrive alone and just make Between the hours of 9 and 11am, the cafe is let- out with the staff, with one writing: 'Can ting customers pay their bill by giving each other you just turn up alone and kiss that cute a kiss. waiter with the french accent instead?'. 'We’re bringing romance back! Take your partner to the cafe from 9-11am in June and surprise them with a kiss when you order your coffee.

"We did not know what the right answer was. This was not a textbook case," said Dr. Koji Ebersole, an endovascular neurosurgeon. "If you try to treat the baby without closing the aneurysm ... most of those babies can’t survive. So we had a strong reason to develop a plan to close the aneurysm." By the time doctors at KU Hospital got to Ashlyn, she had already experienced one bleed from the aneurysm, and before her surgery she would experience a second. The standard treatment for brain aneurysms is to open the skull, but in a baby as young as Ashlyn, that wasn’t the preferred option.

With the clock ticking and a baby's life in danger, Ebersole decided on a different course of action.



Rather then opening Ashlyn's skull and risking significant blood loss, Ebersole decided to close the aneurysm with special surgical superglue—a method previously utilized only on adults, according to KMBC-9.

Because bleeding in the brain is so rare in infants, there aren't even tools for the procedure. So Ebersole improvised, using a microcatheter as thin as a strand of hair inserted into Ashlyn’s neck to access the aneurysm and deposit the glue.

The minimally invasive, groundbreaking procedure worked. Just one day after her aneurysm was eradicated, Ashlyn’s breathing tube was removed – exceeding even the expectations of her surgeon.

A day after the procedure, Ashlyn was doing much better, according to KMBC-9. "I think we're driven because we know it's the right thing to do," said Ebersole on the successful procedure. "You don't know if you can get it done, but you have a very good reason to try, and when it goes your way, that means something. At least it does for me.

From: CNN

Beware, Facebook Cloning Now The Order Of The Day The scammer ‘clones’ a Facebook user’s profile, by simply copying and pasting the victim’s profile and cover pictures, contact information, education, work history and every other available information onto the duplicate profile.

These fraudsters also join and like all the Fan pages and groups the victim belongs to, with a view to making it very difficult to spot the duplicated profile as fake. As soon as the duplicate account gets the exact and same look as the victim’s real profile, these fraudsters then go through the victim’s friend’s list and send friend requests to the victim’s actual Facebook friends.

In the past, most Facebook fraudsters limited their operations to cloning the accounts of popular Nigerians to defraud unsuspecting members of the public. For instance, a Facebook search of Goodluck Jonathan would produce tens of profiles bearing the President’s photograph and his bio-data.

Just last Friday, the State Security Service paraded an ex- student of Ogwashi-Uku Polytechnic, Delta State, Mr. Philip Urieh, for allegedly cloning the Facebook account of Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan. According to the SSS, Urieh used the cloned account to defraud unsuspecting persons to the tune of over N5 million.

However, such a fraud, often perpetrated in the name of top government functionaries, politicians, Nollywood actors and actresses and other celebrities, is now applying to ordinary Nigerians.

Facebook profile cloning is a type of identity theft in which fraudsters make a second profile that looks exactly like your current one. It’s a scam that doesn’t basically require any hacking or guessing of passwords.

When unsuspecting friends get fooled into accepting friend requests from the cloned profile, they communicate with the fraudster, using the stolen identity. With this, they play the classic “Facebook friend in crisis’’ scam that involves pretending to urgently need money because they are in dire need.

Meanwhile, the smarter scammers, after perfecting the cloning, make attempts to block the real profile with the cloned one. The fraudsters do this by viewing the real profile with the fake account and simply clicking on “Report/block.’’ Once this is done, the victim will never be able to directly know about the existence of the fake profile.

Many prolific users of Facebook in the country say they are witnessing a surge in the cases of what many of them call “Facebook Profile cloning.’’

Our correspondent observes that many Facebook users now urge their friends and associates on the social network not to accept requests from people who appear to

be posing as them online.

A Facebook user, Davidson Adejuwon, says on his Facebook wall that he “wrestled’’ to get his account from a fraudster who cloned his profile and warned his friends on the social service never to accept a friend request in his name. He says, “Warning! warning! warning! Dear friend, please, ignore any friend request in my name on Facebook. I just wrestled my account from the hand of these unscrupulous elements with a stronger password security.

“What they are now up to is to create another Facebook account in my name, using my picture and begin to ask for friend requests as if I’m the one. Apparently, their evil intention is to use my personality to dupe innocent people. Please, do not transact any business with them. Don’t send money and recharge cards. Don’t even believe them.’’ Another Facebook user, Onikepe Oluwadamilola Owolabi, who might have also suffered in the hands of these fraudsters, says, “Please, I am not re-sending friend requests. So, please do not re-add me.’’

Editing one’s Facebook privacy settings such that only friends can see one’s posts and access basic information will go a long way in limiting the likelihood of this incident and prevent one’s friends and loved ones from falling victim to the fraudsters’ scheming. Also, steps should be taken to the extent that the privacy settings of each photo album on one’s profile is set in a way that only friends can see them. Changing your profile and cover pictures frequently may also be quite helpful.



The Real Brenice Blackie, Liberia’s Newest Gospel Sensation

June 2013


Ghana To Get First Saint


Brenice’s hit of ‘Father’s Love’, ‘You Na Do It Again’ and ‘I Feel Your Pain’ among others are hitting the airwaves nationwide and being played on youngsters’ ‘pehn-pehn’ bikes as they speed with their passengers. And ofcourse, they sing along too.

But with the high sudden emergence of hitting high on the market and already making for herself a name in no time, the usual critical question and skeptism have already started popping up: that she might just be using the Gospel way as a means of launching herself into stardom and then later switch to secular.

But to this, Brenice smiles and replies: “Oh, no. Like the Scripture says, ‘It is not by my might, not by my power but by the spirit of God’. I’m not coming as a perfect being. But I am not coming to switch.”

She is in no hurry for fame but her passion to serve God by ministering to people through her newlyfound music remains Brenice’s desire and a dream come true.

By Nat Bayjay Front – PageAfrica (Monrovia) Others may call her the ‘Mary-Mary’ of Liberian Gospel music; some may equate her to Liberia’s version of the likes of Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and their likes. But for her, it is just simply contemporary Liberian Gospel music brought to the fore.

With her eyes mainly fixed on bringing Liberia’s youthful population unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her own musical touch, Brenice Blackie has stepped into the country’s growing list of Gospel musicians but with a unique and different style. She hopes to use this style to take Liberian Gospel to another level and has no intention of faking anything.

“That’s my real self. I don’t want to fake anything because that’s the real Brenice”, she says.

As a longtime admirer of America’s Hip-Pop music dating back to age 8, Brenice now brings such dream home but in her own way. Her music is tilted between Hip-Pop and a little RnB if you like, yet she infuses some Liberian style like the much-loved ‘Colloqua’ and some local dialects (through featured artists). But surely, it is being widely accepted among her targeted youthful audience.

“I realize that most of the young people love Hip-Pop and I said to myself, ‘I think this as an opportunity to bring young people to God, to win souls for God’ and that’s what I’m doing”, she adds.

She explains that with this style, she is able to express herself better: “Most of these young people go to the club and dance because they are attracted to such style; so, I’m like, ‘Why can’t I just do it the Jesus way and reach it to the people?’”

Since her music hit the musical staple a few months ago, it has already begun taking deep roots, though it was earlier misunderstood by a few sector of the listening audience to be secular.

“I’m not looking for fame because if it is just fame, there are a lot of things out there that I Brenice can do to bring me fame. I’m searching for the soul and not the fame”, she clarifies.

Since the release of her debut single ‘Crucifix’ about a year ago, the 23 years-old singer is constantly being invited to grace musical concerts where hundreds of her fans are thrilled to her live splendid performances as she intersplices them with skillful dances. But her ‘Father’s Love’ and ‘You Na Do It Again’ hits seem to be most-adored, hugely impacting her 8-track album that re-introduces ‘Crucifix’.

And you can put your bet on this one: they are being played in both religious and social gatherings including the Church and its related activities as well as entertainment centers and night clubs.

Now the videos to the songs were just recently produced and waiting to be launched sometimes in August of this year.

Brenice can only but stare into deeper stardom as Liberia’s leading youthful musician looking to break the chain of ‘rise and fall’ syndrome among the country’s rising stars that often yield to detractions and subsequently get their games and fame killed.

As the entire nation watches out for that concert launching her video which contains all these hits, this is Brenice’s response to the above fear: “But for me, it [switching from Gospel to secular] is not going to happen; it’s going to be different”. Source:

Ghana is on the way to getting its first Saint in the Catholic Church.

The Church, with the endorsement of the Vatican, has started processes for the beatification of Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Porekuu Dery, who died 15 years ago.

The beatification will then pave the way for his canonisation into Sainthood, thus eventually becoming Ghana’s first Catholic Saint.

Beatification is a recognition accorded by the Catholic Church of a dead person's entrance into Heaven and capacity to intercede on behalf of individuals who pray in his or her name. It is the third of the four steps in the canonisation process.

A person who is beatified is given the title "Blessed".

Cardinal Peter Porekuu Dery will thus be referred to as the "Blessed Dery" after his beatification.

The beatification process was announced by Ghana’s Vice President, Mr. Kwesi Bekoe Amissah-Arthur, who was the Guest of honour at the launch of the Cardinal Dery Foundation in Tamale on Saturday June 15, 2013.

The Foundation aims to promote the legacy of the second Catholic Cardinal of Ghana who was also the first and only Cardinal from the Northern part of Ghana.

Vice President Amissah-Arthur, in his commemorative speech, said Cardinal Dery was not only a devoted priest, but also “a social worker, an economic catalyst, a cultural innovator and a Statesman” who had a unique ability that transcended "social barriers and ethnic prejudices".

He said Cardinal Dery, who undertook his evangelisation mostly in the Upper West region, “made the liturgy of mass meaningful to Worshippers by translating it from Latin into local languages and had it sung in local languages to the accompaniment of local musical instruments”.

According to the Vice President, Cardinal Dery remains celebrated for his abhorrence of “religious bigotry, ethnic differentiation and political conflict”. Source:

African Greetings How to say "Hello" in Africa

Afrikan Post


Interesting Africa Facts

Interesting Africa Facts - People of Africa

The African continent has the second largest population in the world, at about one billion people. Well over one thousand languages are spoken by the people of Africa. Some estimates put this number closer to two thousand. The largest religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity. The African population is approximately 14.72% of the world's population (as of 2009). The oldest human remains ever discovered were found in Ethiopia. They are approximately 200,000 years old.

Interesting Africa Facts - Africa Landforms

The longest river in the world, the Nile (4,132 miles), is located in Africa. Africa has the world's largest desert, the Sahara, which is almost the size of the United States. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in Africa; it is 355 feet high and one mile wide. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain on the continent. It towers over 19,300 feet, which is so tall that glaciers can be found at its summit even though the mountain is near the equator. Madagascar is the largest island in Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. It is in the Indian Ocean off the East coast of Africa.

Interesting Africa Facts - The continent

Africa is the second largest continent on earth, approximately 11.7 million square miles. Africa straddles the equator and is the only continent to extend from the northern temperate zone to the southern temperate zone. Africa is the hottest continent on earth. Sudan is Africa's largest country (968,000 square miles). Africa covers 6 percent of the earth's total surface and 20.4 percent of the total land area. Cairo is the continents largest city. Long before humans were around (the early Mesozoic Era) Africa was joined to the other continents in a massive continent called Pangaea. Over millions of years this huge continent broke apart shaping the world landscape as we know it today.

Interesting Africa Facts - Animals

The worlds largest land animal is the African elephant. The worlds tallest animal, the giraffe, lives in Africa. The fastest land animal in the world, the cheetah, lives in Africa. Africa is home to the worlds largest reptile, the Nile crocodile. The gorilla, which can be found in the continents jungles, is the worlds largest primate.




By Anouk Zijlma, Guide

Below are some African greetings that will help you establish a friendly rapport with local people while you're traveling in Africa. Since there are thousands of languages spoken in Africa, I've had to narrow down the choices quite a bit. I've sorted it out per country and since some languages cross borders, the greeting may be repeated. E-mail me if you know of more and I'll be happy to include them! Note: unless indicated, the greeting should work for most of the country. Angola Portuguese: Bom Dia (Good Morning), Boa tarde (Good afternoon), Boa noite (Good evening) Botswana Setswana: Dumela mma/rra (to woman/man) English: Hello Burkina Faso French: Bonjour Dioula: in-i-che

Cameroon French: Bonjour English: Hello (in the west of Cameroon) Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) French: Bonjour Dioula: in-i-che Egypt Arabic: salaam aleikum Ethiopia Amharic: teanastellen English: Hello Gabon French: Bonjour

Ghana Twi: ete-sen Ga: meeng-gah-bou (spoken in the capital Accra) Dagbani: Kawula (good morning - desibah, good afternoon - anteray, good evening - ana(w)ula Hausa: sannu (spoken in northern Ghana) Kenya Swahili: Habari/Jambo Lesotho South Sotho: Lumela

Libya Arabic: salaam aleikum Madagascar Malagasy: Salama French: Bonjour Malawi Chichewa: Moni

Mali French: Bonjour Bambara: i-ni-cheh Tamashek: met-al-ee-khah(Tuareg language)

Mauritania Arabic: salaam aleikum Hassaniya: sa-la-mah ah-lay-kum Morocco Arabic: salaam aleikum French: Bonjour

Mozambique Portuguese: Bom Dia (Good Morning), Boa tarde (Good afternoon), Boa noite (Good evening)

Namibia Afrikaans: Hallo Damara/Nama: !gai//oas (spoken in the south and southeast) Herero/Himba: Tjike (spoken in the north central and northwest) Nigeria Hausa: sannu Igbo: ee-bow-lah-chee(southeastern Nigeria) Yoruba: bah-oh Rwanda French: Bonjour

Senegal French: Bonjour Fulfulde: no ngoolu daa Wolof: na nga def Sierra Leone Krio: How de body? South Africa Zulu: Sawubona Xhosa: Molo Afrikaans: Hallo

Sudan Arabic: salaam aleikum Swaziland Swati: Sawubona

Tanzania Swahili: Salama/Jambo Togo French: Bonjour

Tunisia French: Bonjour Arabic: salaam aleikum Uganda Luganda: Oli otya Swahili: Salama/Jambo Zambia Bemba: Muli shani

Zimbabwe English: Hello Shona: Mhoroi Ndebele: Sawubona

Source: Lonely Planet Guide Books

June 2013

Afrikan Post

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Contadint Tomato Olay Body Wash Paste Olay Bar Soap Contadint Tomato Dove Body Wash Sauce Dove Bar Soap Pack Sugar Pure Diamond / Jewel / Omo Ariel Sutana Keysoap Basmati Rice Jasmine Rice Loty Duck BF Super Elephant Jet Jasmine Rice Imperial Leather Colgate Pharmapur Aquafesh Premier Chest Medisoft Life Buoy And Many More

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Afrikan Post

June 2013

Page 38


Ethiopia Win 2-1 to Go Through to Final Round of World Cup Qualifiers

Ghanaian-Born American Silas Twumasi Wins Goal King In Usa Junior Mls The talented young striker has won the goal king award for the second successive time in the American Junior Major League Soccer Ghanaian-born American youngster Silas Twumasi has retained the American Junior Major League Soccer goal king accolade for the 2012-2013 season with 19 league goals.

Twumasi, 16, netted 19 goals last season to win the prestigious award and he was again on fire this term scoring the same amount of goals to win the award for the second time in succession.

The Ethiopian national football team is through to the final round of 2014 World Cup qualifying after a 2-1 win over the South African side at the Addis Ababa stadium on Sunday.

With one game left against Central African Republic (CAR), the 2-1 win takes the Group A leaders Ethiopia to 13 points, with South Africa second on eight points. The Sunday result makes the remaining match against CAR a formality.

Bernard Meloka Parker found the net in the 33rdminute to put South Africa in a 1-0 lead. Getahun Kebede equalised in the in the 42 ndminute. The score remained 1-1 at the interval. In the second half, at the 68th minute, an own goal from Parker helped Ethiopia secure a 2-1 win

The South African side created clear scoring opportunity a minute after they were put in a 1-0 lead. South Africa had shown a superior display of a well co-ordinated football until Ethiopia scored the equalizer. Though minor changes were seen even in the second half South Africa had shown a better football. Their midfield was fully dominant.

The Ethiopian team created two scoring opportunities in the injury time but Saladin Seid and Getahun Kebede missed from the goal mouth. The Ethiopian head coach Sewnet Bishaw said that the first chapter is closed. "We are now in the play-offs stage. The match against CAR will help us strengthen our position," Sewnet Bishaw said.

Coach Sewnet Bishaw added that this is a historic moment for our country's football. "In the World Cup qualifiers, Ethiopia has never reached this stage in the past. Players in this Ethiopian national team first qualified for the African Cup final for the first time in 31 years. That is historic. Now the Ethiopian side reached the final rounds of the qualifying stage," he said.

The South African coach Gordon Igesund expressed his deep disappointment about the result. "Football has this kind of consequences. We played well but we lost," he said.

The Addis Ababa stadium was full to capacity. Most Addis Ababa people went to the stadium before 6:00 am. But it was not possible to get tickets for most of the people who were in the long queue. The atmosphere at the Addis Ababa stadium was quite good.

“Last Season I won the top scorer with 19 goals and I am happy to score the same amount of goals and winning the award again despite some setbacks,” Twumasi told Goal Ghana.

“It is good for me because this season has been hectic. I had a serious knee injury and was sidelined for some months so coming back to win the goal king award makes me feel great despite the fact that we lost the State Cup finals, we were eyeing a double.”

Twumasi added: “My dream is to complete my High School Education next year and head for Europe to play professional football and let the world see my talent.”

The Walton High School student, who is the hottest striker in the American Junior Major League Soccer, has already trained with the senior side of MLS giants New York Red Bulls. He was born in Ghana, but moved to New York whilst still an infant and has stated his desire to play for Ghana.

June 2013

Afrikan Post

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